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The Atlin Claim 1901-06-01

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 V. '  y.  w  37.  ft   c  VOL.   4.  ATJ,l>".'l-;. C, SATURDAY,  JUNK  i,  1001.  NO. 98.  LODE MINING.  1  Atiin's   Prospects   in   Quum  Minino- Excellent.'  Much Preliminary' Work Being-  Dono and Somo Excellent  Showinirs Made.  The Atliii district has now made  ���1 world-wide reputation for its auriferous ��ravcl deposit.s, and befoie  many years it will Jiave :i record  second to none as a hydraulic mining-disliicl Tlie extent and rieh-  iiess of these deposits have not yet  1 j'se 11 thoroughly estimated or proved,  yet the available territory can be  roughly put clown as not less than  1200 square miles.   '  Much of our space has been devoted to the auriferous "ravels of  the different creeks'of the distiict,  but little has hitherto been said regarding prospects of lode mining,-  yet quartz mining has prospects  -,,ol dreamed of by many of us. It  has been lb und well-nigh impossible  to obtain "reliable information on  the subject, and as the numerous  locations are' beyond our periodical rounds, we have been unable to  visit, thenr personally.r .\Ye would  now make an appeal to all miners'  who are interested in quart'/, properties in the district and who have  btcn working ou them to send us  from time to time notes of ihe work  done and the showings made, both  for theii own benefit and for that of  the camp as a whole. .Several  thousand dollar's worth 'of assessment work has been ,dO')r* between  last fali and tlie present lime, yet  we raiely hear anything about it-.or  of the results. However, what we  have heard justifies us in.stating  tliat the general results are most  giatifying, and in oi:e or two instances bodies A. lich.ore ha\e been]  exposed.  AVuh tlie shutting down of the  Mo-iue mountain mine, speculation was rife   as   to the cause of do-  r*.g -:ir..i-ll valuer in gold. The  ���sriler was shown ^'oiue lock (mm  vine of theie' claims a !V'w days p.s'O  and w.-if. plca-airably sunnised at the  pruuiisr.ig nalurc of the samples. Lt  would lie foolish 10 say tliat, under  present conditions, tlie most of this  galena ore would pay, but tlic.pio-  pfci-ty from wiiicli litis sample came  is extensive'enough, and the showing would-justify the installation of  a concentrator.  On some of the iVce-gold bearing  piopertics, the use of an arrasta  _-ould undoubtedly be adopted with  profitable results.  It is fully anticipated that most  sa'ii-faclory arrangements may this  A.-ar be made w'itli tlie White Pass  Railway Company for the transportation of liial shipments of ore to  iht- ���mieltei's on the Sound, and, as  mt-.cii work has beeii done on the  mo--,i p-oniising properties, it should  not be a difficult matter for " the  miners to make up among them a  tiial shipment of, say, ten tons.  In conclusion, we may be pardoned for saying that in many instances work has been done by men  without having from time to time  had'assays made of their rock, and  we regret to say thai'much valuable  time and money have thereby been  wasted on worthless ground. What  may b^ said of. the inexperience of  lots of placer miners may equally be  said oi would-be' quartz miners.  1-rom the failure in cases such as  these much of the evil report on j  ihis branch oi mining lias arisen, lo  the great loss o( the camp. The  field of -lode mining in Atlin is still  in it-, infantile stage, though in very  ���many instances vthe "bairns" have  tlie indications of making big,  strong iiitn, il such a simile may be  excused.  The Largest aad Best Selected Stock of General  Merchandise in Atlin.  GOLD SEA.L HIP BOOTS,' $11.50. j KEN'S GOOD WGRKfKG SHOES, 84.50  GOLD SEAL' SHOES, S:i5..ri0. , '< i/IEN'S I'tUb SHOES, from ?,5 up.  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OKHIiKS PROMPTLY KILLl'D VOR ALL PARTS OI* TIIK YUKON  TERRITORY   AXD    NDXTIIWIC iTKRN'    HRITfS!!    CILUM HIA .  A T LIN.  B. C.    ���  1 Iraw   fflWDi^IK  NEWS OF THE CREE1  I     The miners at   tlie Blue Can vou,  ���on   the    upper  waters  of Spruce,  have almost   completed   tlie laying  of", heir flume and we predict a suc-  cesstul   season   for  lliem.    The aid  j SrKCIAI.TIliS   IN  I FANCY   CAKES    &   PASJRY.  I tFr&s��3 Brsaslc, Rye iBrstad, ei��.  iiig so,* and   it cannot be concealed,   and experience of Lambert & Jack  Guild  Ruoins ro Rout���Hy tin  Chas.   Mykk, Proprietor.  liny. Week or Month ut rensoiuililo rates.  ne m  s'S*]  >$��  >f  that, lor a time, a feeling of depression took hold of the quart:/, miners.  Human uatuie, however, is easily  swayed, and ere many weeks men  weie on the still hunt again.  We have heard rumours of a property, consisting of several claims,  on tlie east shore of the hike, not  many miles from town, which has  shown    up so well,  that the parties  son of Pine creek was a valuable  acquisition to tlie owners ci this  ground.  Lambeit &. Jackson are now pulling out of Pine, and will devote  m-'St of their time to Dominion and  ��pr-ice creeks. Wc hope the saule  good foriuue will follow them in  their new ventures as they have  met   wn!i   oil   Pine  '.I;'ring- the last  SHAG WAY,   Alaska.  WHOLESALE.  GROCERS  ALKO   IJEAM'KH   IN  ���44-&e*\6 Hay   and   Oats *******  We Kalce a" Specialty of Perishable Goods and respectfully solicit  Your  Mail Orders���Satisfaction Guaranteed.  E* WyBIGKLE,   Notary  Public,  ACCOUNTANT,   MINING   BROKER,   AND   FINANCIAL   AGENT.  Abstracts Prepared and Accounts Collected.  Oi*i-ic*k:���O pros iti" Provincial Government Building.  who look a lioiid   ou   il last fall arctluce -t-:i-u::i.   ���  reluming,   when  navigation opens. ���     To    Uonklei   creel:    belongs   Ihe  with a   ten-stamp   mill,     li is also  honour of doing the first piping lor  .slated that a parly of Si. Paul capi-- llie season.    The    De La ma re Syn- ���  tulisis lias become interested in pro- dica'e, after three weeks preliminary ���  oeity iu   the  same locality j 1 -:��.I will   work, began piping last night, wilh  operate extensively this season'. ' t'-.e best of prospects ahead of I hem.  Un    l-'ourlh    of   July creek \ cry , Thee is a fine and   ii.cieasing head  C'li-sidemble   work   has   been   done' o! water and   good  way is expected;  and    the   result   is very promising,   to 'be   made   within   the   next   few,  For   the   most   i-ail ihe prevailing! weeks.     Much   woru  is now living!  ���'������ocii'of tlii.*-district is galena, cat rv- \ 011 ihe cieek. A      ���- !  Tk = Bank = of = British = North = America  Khtuljlisliuil in lfi:<6.   fiH-orpot-iifeil liy Koyal Gliurter.  Paid Ur Cai-ital $4..866,666  RKSKRV1C   I'UNIJ     ---.----     $1,703,333  Mead Office iii Canada: .Montreal. JIV Stikkmax,  General  Manager,  lirauches lu all the principal cities of Canada, and agents in New York,  San I'Yaiicisco, Seattle. Tacoma, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago, Klc.  ASSA Y OFFIGE  Gold Dust Assayed, Purchased or Taken on Consignment.  ' Quartz Assayii-ig-.'ii: R^asiinabli? Rrjies,  . i V '  "X  ATLi-N,  B.C..  SATURDAY,   JLLNE,   i,   1901'  I 'i  i  The Atlin Claim.  l'ufili.slu'il   i-vury    Saturday   moi'niiijj;   bv  ��� Tun Atus Claim Puhmsiiinu Co.  A. 0. Uikhi'iu'KI/H, Kijitoh.  Ollici! (>r Diibliciition l'ciu-1 S-., Atlin. It. C.  Aih (M-tisin^: rail's nui'li' known on n |tpli<-'i-  tiuii.  Tin1 siiliM-ripl imi price K, tTi it yiv.i- pay-  tililo in iiilvniH-i'. No papi:r u ill be iloliviMMl  11 n loss I liK coin lit ion is I'oiiinli'cd with.  Saturday,   Junk ist,   190;  Win i.i'      hydraulic    mining     is  ��� naturally   attracting   much    attention   in   the ��� development   of   the  camp, it has for  the most part been  a matter for companies only to take  up, because of the  amount of capital   involved   in   the installation of  plants,   flumes,'   ditches,   tail-races,  etc., and it is one that men of small  means could   not'   take   up  single-  handed.  ��� Yet   there   is a way open  for level-headed miners to carry out  the . principle   in a limited   degree.  An article appeared   in our issue of  February i6th last, under the heading  of " Booming with a Shooter,"  dealing with the subject in hand al  considerable length.    Since the appearance   of   this   article we have  obtained  the  opinion of several old  miners who   have  seen  the boomer  in    actual   operation,     added      to  those   opinions the practical results  of one  actually in operation iii this  district,   the   consensus  of opinion  is that   a    well constructed   boomer will   pay for its construction in a  week.    The one on Alder creek has  a capacity of   3000   gallons, giving  24 splashes or flushes a clay, in low  water and   the  work   it has accomplished, even with   five feet of snow  to wash out, is almost  beyond conception.    A   boomer  is   being cons'ructed   on    the   Stevcndyke property    with   a   capacity   of 10,000  gallons and great   results are anticipated.    The   object   i--,  that where  water is scarce, by the use of a storage tank, so constructed that it can  be used   either  to  supply a steady  flow of water under  pressure or to  automically   flush   its contents into  the    lead-boxes    is,    obtained    for  ground-sluicing,    with   such    force  that nothing   can resist'the  rush,  ft   is   easy   of construction, and   a !  little thought  given to  the boomer  will soon satisfy one as lo its utility  and effectiveness.-  can    buy    the    ' Con' Virginia and  make something out of it."  ''How much do you want, John?"  said Flood.  "Eighty thousand dollars."  The deal was closed on the spot.  The history of the ' Con ' Virginia  is as well known, almost, as the  story of Washington and the cherry  tree. Before the four miners struck  the "lead" they had exhausted  their money and their credit. There  seemed 'o be 'nothing in the rock"  they brought ont of the ��� earth.  Other, miners met them day after  clay and laughed at their apparently  hopeless task. They were jeered  and made, fun of. But they kept  serious faces and sober minds, and  were hot lo be thwarted by the idle  talk of idlers.  One morning when the prospect  seemed blackest, a friend said to  Mackay:  ''John, luck has gone against  you: why don't you quit and go  prospecting?"  ," .The man who figures ou luck  in mining," .said Mackay, " is a  fool; the man who figures ou doing  a lot of-hard-.-work and - not losing  his grit will get something."  The   four   partners   did not lose  their grit, nor did they rely on luck.  One  afternoon _ the  rumour spread  over   Virginia City  that the'Con'  Virginia men had   struck a body of  ore.     It   spread   as ��� wildfire  often  swept   over   the   Nevada   prairies.  The   four   men   left   their mine at  sundown and walked down C street  amid a babal of cheers.    The .next  morning   the Consolidated Virginia  stock   had   gone   from'80 cents-to  5256a share, and in another day to  $500 a share.     In three days it was  announced   thai   the   body of rock  was   so large   that   its value could  not   be   estimated.   . In   two weeks  the United   Stales Government was  negotiating   with   the owners of the  mine for   the   redemption of bonds  whose   value   had been affected by  the civil war.    In   two   months the  financial   centers of Europe had felt  the shock, and about the same time  Mackay,' Flood,   Fair   ai.d v.0 Brieii  were   able   to   announce that they  were millionaires beyond the dreams  of avarice.  SUCCIiSSORS  raser $  TO  P. P. CO. First Street, Atlin.  For Staple & Fancy Groceries  T��&sss��c��s and Confectioner^, ��� '  > to ��rderSmt&F~Give us a call.  II  :L  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL' IN THE NORTH.     EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED AN   FJRST-CLASS  MANNER.  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They had saved some money altera  few years of trading wilh the  miners, were ready for a deal in  one of the mines, and had faith in  iVlaekay and Fair. So 'when Mackay walked into their store one  morning and remarked "Jim Flood,-i ignorant thnt the; census paper has  if you and O'Brien will put up the j nothing to do with taxation or con-  money, Fair  aiid I will   put up the j.-K-riplion.  While on: census- enumerators  aie around the con::lry making un  their returns, the following, copied  from the ' Daily Chronicli* - -  London] Fug.- is interesting as  well iis amusing:  This   is   the   censes   week, and  every   letter-box in   England, Scot-  laud, Ireland   and   Wales will   contain    its   note.     of     interrogation. ,  Courteou--   collectors   will come to!  gather   our   answers to all sorts of |  rude  -f[Uijsiions   as   lu our age, our I  diseases' and our -.nib.-c-.itl).  How * much :.������' iruth will'these  answers contain ? We are, 'perhaps,  a little too hopeful as to the statistical result of the census. The most  genial and patient of collectors will  scucelv succeed   in   persuading; the  Thermal ���- Vapour  "\C B&THS "V  Troy Laundry & Bath House  <;o to  l.nkt! Sr.. hut  ' Runt uml Watson Ave.  C. 11. CortflS, Prop  Vancouver General  Store.  CARRIES A FULL LINE OF  GENERAL MERCHANDISE,  A. S. Cross & Co  Kt.Stri.Mtt Atlin.  BROWNLEE S IJWRY  .1. II. Brownlee, l��. I.. S., D. L. S.  ,  K. C. I_owry, A. M. I. f. r.. i  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers, j ^mi-  Land Surveyors,    j'        I  For Excellent Coffee.  Short Orders a Specialty.  Rcm-.t lieef or Koa^t Pork with .MtiH'irooms.  FUI.I. ..MF.A1.,   1'iPTV    GENTS.  &9��   B~a*j&*.  N'OTAUy'l'L'lil.lC.  Ol-*riC;i-::--PiMii-l Kfi-i-et, opp- Post Oflice. '  All ICfnzis   of Mining Papers  Made   Gut.  -   Si'vi'i'ul yi'niv.'  priiutieul   oxpeririiiM!.   HOTEL VANCOUVER.  1IKST   UQUOltS   A   CIGARS  ACIM1MMODA.TIOS. ��� KliHTAUllANT    IN  Connection.  S. JOHNSTON,'Proprietor.    '  11  Alas  Skag^  Over]  '&WGK  Photo]  arui  .0.*D'*��i  FIL1  Devell  Mail!  ���ii  A. ��-if  Atus;  *fl  brains, ;iiid I thuU-;   Uu;   iytu' gi MS j    -But UwugU we uu-iy. ��;et  ueur the [     I'i-ahi   Strhi*''', Atux, B, C,     |       Cruo.l stuWip.;? i...- i:uw�� and Boas,  %  ��'WWW^?*>< W��W*��* ���:. ?'    /  ATLIN.  B.C.,  SATURDAY, JUNE,   ',   1901.  ,iK������tt*0  ipb$  l*-*-4 * * ��fr  [and  [hern  C.  Views  iin &  III-  I'/eivs    to  horn  m Creeks  Here in  rict.  PLATES  id Printed  n.  Promptly  1  to  schfeid  BUILDING,  B.C.  NMWM  ��p��t  ei  ^ari  SOLE   AGENTS   FOR  ��� ,,     Gl'AjNTt   POWDER    CO.  Con.,   of Victoria,   Ii   C,"  40 and 60 per cent Dynamite in  25 and 50 pound Cases.  Call on us for Prices. ' Cor. of PEARL and FIRST ST., ATLIN, B.' C  number of the population we shall  ccr.Uiinly be deceived , as lo its hrc.  Even men who fear being too old at  forty do not care to confess their age  to their pen except under dire compulsion.  With women the disinclination is  even stronger. Bachelor women  1 who live in residential chambers iu  London are fiercely set against revealing their secret to the manager  or the caretaker. And iu country  districts where the collector is the  local clergyman or schoolmaster  there is probably not one woman in  a hundred who will tell the tnuh  foi the sake of the statistician.  ' Theoretically falsehood incurs a  penalty; but has the penalty ever  been enforced? The- census would  gain in value if it were known that  a certain percentage of cases would  be investigated and brought to  book.   '  News-of the Creeks.  , SPRUCE:���Our information i'e  this creek has of late been but .meagre as our correspondent has been  too busy attending to his own affairs to give" much thought to the  rapacity of the public's demand for  "news" under this head. However, the old saying, " every little  helps," and we are furnished w;th  a synopsis this week, which, it is  hoped, will be followed up by something more substantial right along  during the season.   .  A great deal of work has been  done ou this creek during the winter, particularly from 89 to 1 '.-j below, and" the results have been foi  the most part satisfactory, in .-oine  instances away ab.we expectation,  hi the uniting work carried ou by  l'iicey, McNieoll and others the  winter's work has been very profitable, till " the way from )4 an ounce  to live ounces per day to the man  having been taken out.' In the case  of Pacey, who sluiced and rocked  most of the winter, taking out  enough to pay all expenses and a  profit beside--, he is now sluicing  the tailings and is making good  pay. Owing lo the nature ot his jeovery and deserve the best of luck  ground, which is more or less ��>fa'011 the ground they have acquired,  cemented   character, the dirt would j though    lhc.-,e   claims   icceived but  scant   prospecting  by   the previous  owners, being   considered   too deep  come   slacked   and    washes    more . for ������ ;LM-.derlcet."     If there   is  pay I  readily.     He   is   putting on  a few !j��� the ground   line   Dawson   bovs'll!  men    next  week   to   continue   his  ot.t_ jt. i  There is little   doing   between 75j  and    diseoviei \.     Aitkcn   and part-1  nc-rs   are   plodding   away   on   disci -vcrv   claim   ou   a   lay and have  bee�� for the last two   years.    From  The dc-U-i mined wav tliev have held  opened up for several hundred feet,  and this, we should judge, is from  3 to fi feet thick, wilh nn over-burden not to exceed 10 feel. Being  nn the south bank of the creek the  frost may bother him for a little  time, but muscle and an occasional  stick of dynamite may help to over-  come this obstacle. Wc congratulate the Captain on ' his excellent  prospects.  Billv Eaton and his pai tner aie  getting ready for the season's work  just below , Captain Mai tin, ou the  same side, and wilh the abundance  of wjiter and lhc' close nioxiiuity  and possible cn-uimiance of the s.tine  pay. slre.'ik, they should do well  this season. The miners in the  creek bed in this vicinity are now  ground-sluicing and will be able to  take out some money before high  watt r.'  In- the group of creek leases  applied for by Rufiher and partners  above the mouth ol .Spruce, Mr.  French has some men prospecting  the ground and has been much  pleased as well as surprised with  the prospects obtai. ed just above  the canyon. It is more than likely  that Mr.- Ruffncr's contemplated  drilling plant will be'brought in  find the prospecting of this ground  thoroughly and systematically carried on dining the summer.  Muirhead Brothers, who have  been working all winter with fair  results, have now ground-sluiced  quite a piece of their ground in the  neighborhood of CS4 and the prospects ol good pay are in sight.  Ward and Hall are installing  their pumping machinery, brought  in by Mi. Ward, ard laying sex-era 1 hundred feet of flume and sluice  boxes, lt is a treat lo visit Ibis  ground, so pcrfecl are all the arrangements; you can see the result ol brain work added to practical expeiience. Hitherto these  men have done well and their prosr  peels were never brighter; they begin sluicing next week.  At 10 and 11 below two miners  from Dawson are actively prospecting and have laid in quite a fine  cam]-) equipment. They have also  purchasei   some   claims   above dis-  hytiraulic ground, above discovery,  and he says he is going to pull out  with a wild this year. lie has  withdrawn,'his property Irom'the  Columbia Hydraulic Companj'���  A. A. Johnson, manager���preferring to paddle his own canoe..  A. A. Johnston is seeking Io acquire the hydraulic ground owned  by John McLennan and others,  cast of the canyon above discovery.  Me went to the coast, accompanied  bj- Mr. Bickle, with tin's end in.  view. If a deal is made, trust to  big Jack McLennan iiaving the long  end of it.  BULMER & PARROTT.  Livery Stables.  Saddle Horses,    Buggies,   Road  Carts, Pack Horses for Hire.  Stages- Leave    Atlin    for   Discovery  Daily from tho Royal Hotel.  J. B. 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Commencing on thu G'jtli parallel. nortV  latitude, where it intersects with then est  shore of Tiiku Arm or the Tiij-iali I.uke;  thence southerly, follow inf. the west .sh'oro  of said lake to its southern extremity;  thence southerly along the height of land  between the l.yiin Cuiiiil and the Taku River  to the International lioiiudary: thence  north-westerlv following said boundary to  its intersection with the height'oi land toim-  iug the watershed between the south fork ol  the Wheaton River on theeiistund the Kiish-  uah River on the west: tlie.iicc north on said  height of lump to its intersection with tb��  (fflth parallel: thence east along s.iid parallel  to point of commencement.  Notice is hereby   (riven   that tlie land comprised   within   the   uiider-menlloned boundaries   is   created u Mining   Division,-under  the stylo of.fhe "Chilkal .Mjiiin^.- Division":-  ClIJLKAT MlNLNfl  1)1 VISION.  Commencing ��t 11 point on theliOtli parallel  where it intersects with the height of land  forming the watershed between the south  fork of the Whoiiton Iciver and the Kiismvnh-  River: thence, south-easterly, following tlie  said height of land lo the boundary between  Alaska and.Hritish Columbia: thence west-  and north, following Miid fiiteruatiouul  Houiuliiry to its intersection with'the libth  parallel north latitude: thence east, following the With, parallel to point ol commencement.  ' The, foregoing alteration* v> ill rakeelleet '  on and after the Ist day of May. liilll.  iuciiAitn .Mi-mum;.  .Minister of .Mines.  Department of .Mines.  20th April, I'.XJl. ' 4t-mlS  rjRKLAND HOTEL,  I'-IKST   KTRKRT,    ATl.IN.  '"J., KIRKLAND, - Manaokr.  First-class dining room  And Elegant .Sleeping Rooms.  PROVINCIAL SliCRKTAItY'S Oi*!*IC'-.  pjIS    HONOUR   the   Administrator   of th��  Governnient iu Council lias been pleased  to make the follow ing appointment :���  25th April, IflOl.  Captain   William   John   Kant, S. JI., to be  Mining   Recorder   for   the   Chilkat .Mining  Division, to reside   and   usually perforin fibs  duties at Wells, Cassiar District.  Orders taken at the office of the  Claim for the latest picture of" King  Edward VII.  ���o<>o.c>*ooo^o*o^o^o*o<!>o^o��'0*��o*o.C'OC!<>o-��i:>*o^o^<"'^<">-*<*����>o*��"i^  I THE    KOOTENAY    HOTEL.' I  not dissolve in the boxes,  but  with  the action of the weather it has be-  George E. Hayes, Proprietor.  Coi*.. First and Trainor Strkkts.  This First Class Hotel   has   been   remodeled and refurnished throughout  and offers the best accommodation  to   Transient or Permanent  Guests.-���American and European Plan.  Finest   Wines,   Liquors   and   Cigars.  Billiards   and    Pool.  s  s  s  %  '��� <��O��O��O��O<>O��O.��O��O-��O'��O��CbC>��O����O��O''��'y��O<��O��0��C;��o^o��c,��!x��<��o��  BUILDER  AND  drill on the north side of the creek.  There is much activity 011 and  around 140 below. Capt. Martin is  iu good shape for accomplishing a  good season's work. He has a  splendid ground-sluice head and before the water recedes   should   haviy.ut  ^^ain^L   advei.->ity   they   ought  r.h's year to reap their rewar.'..  The   '" iincoiH|uered    De   Witt"  h'15 ii gam; ul men with  him 1.11 his  CONTRACTOR  :v  ESTIMATES  GIVEN ON   ALL  KIN'DS OF WORK  PLA NS ANDSPECIFICATTONS  A   .SPKCIAf.TV  BRICKS FOR SALE.  OFFICE:   Third Street, Atlin.  NEXT TO CHURCH. OK   KNGT.AND.  laid in a good bank roll. He has  liis pay channel 011 the south bench  ���the ��� old  channel  ot  the creek���  rENDOME   HOTE^.  Choicest Wines, Liquors & Cigars.  FREE BOWLING ALLEY.  J.  TALLMIKE, Proprietor. X  ATLIN,   D.  C, SATURDAY,  JUNE,   i,   -ooi.  o  The  Pioneer   Store.  pink cri'V. n. c,  CAKRIKS   A   l'l'J.I.   HJXIC   Ob-  Groceries, Boots anci Shoes, Gents' Furnishings and Miners' Supplies.  G.   ��2.  WEWYGH  &   G$3.  G   C  -J  k-^e  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Church ol  rln^laud:  .St. Mai tin's Church, cor. Third und Trainor si reets. Sunday services, Matins at II a.  in.. Kvcusong 7:"!l p.m. Celebration of Holy  Communion, Ist Sunday iu each iiioutb and  on Special occasions. Sunday School, Sunday at :i 1). in. Coinmitfce .Meetings. 1st  Thursday in each month.  J-iev. V. I.. .Stephenson. Rector.  St. Andrew's Prosbytcriau Church huh!  services iu the Church on Second Street.  Morning service al 11 evening service "r.lb  Sunday School ut the close of tlie morning'  service.     Uev. .1. Pringle, Minister.  Notice to the. Public.  The Editor begs to announce, in  response to numerous wellwishers  on the creeks and elsewhere, that  the Claim will be sold at the'following rates,,strictly payable in advance:  One year, S5-oo  Six months 3.00  . Three months       1.50  One month    c .50  postpaid to the nearest local post-  office. To outside yearly subscribers, .50 cents, and for six months  or "less, .25 cents extra. Single  copies, ,.15 cents.  Avoid all aches and pains by taking a Thermal bath at the Troy  Laundry.  The management of the Atlin  Hospital have inaguaraled a system  for the sTippbrl of this most commendable institution, which ought  to meet with the approval and support of the entire community. ��� It is  intended lo issue 'tickets of admission for the sum of $.5 for the season, or for is 1 a mouth, the holders  thereof being entitled lo all the  benefits of nursing, board and attendance while sick. A conclusive  argument for all men to avail themselves of the chance of avoiding  sickness, is that, in 9 cases out of  10, men holding accident policies  never get hurt --moral: don't be the  10II1 man.  Full line o�� Fancy Stationery al  Fill man & Co's.  Special Sale of Boots and Shoes  is still on at Newton's.  Iu our reference, in last week's issue, to the man who would deliver  and plant "trees on the streets for $1  each, we should have mentioned that it was Guy Lawrence  who made the offer.  Fishing tackle, ecc. at Dockrili's.  Are you- going to build or make  alterations?--If so, see Olive. Men  always on hand.  The Atlin Lake Mining Co. begin piping on the 5LI1 inst.  Furnished rooms lo rent--apply  Hotel Northern.  Dr. Lewis is making arrangements lo open an office in Discovery, and expects lo be settled  next,week. He will there be found  every afternoon between the houis  of two and six o'clock.  Atlin Lodge, No. 15, A. .0. U.  \YV, meets in the Ati.ix Claim  Block, on the second aiid fourth  \VVJ.nesf);ivs   df   each month.    So  journing brethren are cordially invited lo altei.d.  All kinds of Garden Seeds at  Pillman & Co.'s.  Strictly Fresh Ranch Eggs, 60  cenis per dozen ai; Pillinan & Co'-:.  Fred Sammons, well know 11 by  everybody iu Atlin, is going lo lake  charge of Cummiugs & Richardson's store in Discovery, which  is lo be opened   next week.     From  . - ' , r  Mr. Sammons' genial manner and  with his many friends we are sure  that he will make a success of the  business. The stock will comprise  a full' line of ladies' and gents' furnishings, boots and shoes.  FOR SALE: -- Empire typewriter, in good order; Large bake  oven, suitable for custom work;  Business stand in good location;  Complete sel of miners' tools and  camp equipment.,��� Apoly J. H.  Brownlee.  The Atlin & Willow Creek' Mining Co.'have been employing some  10 to 15 'men for the last three  weeks. The. frost a'iid ice have beer,  delaying active work. They have  the water turned on and expect  to be piping next week.  For disinfectants go to Dockrili's.  We Carry the Largest and Best Assortment " '  oi-  -ABIES  &  GENTS,- FURNISHINGS  Roots and Shoes.  ffsr    Gur Prices are the Lowest.  STOCK   OF   "GOLD' SEAL"   RUBBER   BOOTS.  L'/UrOHTIBrigs ��  ��<BOOSX  LEADING   HOUSE  !ii<\NCi:iS   Al:   Wliilu liursc, Yukon, iiiiil Disnnvrr)-, lii C.  rs.  YAL  E.   ROSSELLI,   Manager.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B.C."  This   New   and   Commodious   Motel was opened to the  Public,   April  16th,  1901.���Everything in il is New.---Strictly  First Class.  CMHCCSr WINK, LIQUORS AND LIGAItS CASK GOODS A SPCCIAITY.  B=B  s &v s pn: 1  IS&  4J��  At the Old Stand���Cor. First and Pearl Streets.  , But  ers  CENSUS   NOTICE.  The Census Enumerator, having finished his work in the district,  comprising Alder creek, Moose  creek, Pike river and McKee,  Golden Gate, Graham creek, Taku,  to Jubilee mountain and Hitchcock  creek, and Allin City to the Half  Way House, :~desircs us to request Tmy persons who may  have . been overlooked to be good  enough to send in their names to  this -j.:.u or" ro address, Mr. Geo.  Pollay, Kirklaud Hotel, Allin.  Tick. Gn.i.K.si'11*. Prop.  WAJ/rKK Bi.akik Mgr.  Cigars.  Finest  Wines,   Liquors  and  Furnished Rooms by tlie "Day,"  Week or Month.  uB  Stages Leave   for  9    DISCOVERY   &   SURPRISE  LAKE  ^T^ From the Hussell Hotel, Atliii ut  rui'ilo Horses for to.30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.,  a nii !".:o;i  The   GOLD   HOUSE,    Discovery,  8 a.m., 11.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Uu^gies and  Hire.        K  Freighting a Specialty.  Leave Orders at the  Russell Hotel  APPLICATION   FOR   LAND.  -RTO'I'ICI-- is herehy (jiviMi that Sixty days  after date I'intend to apply to tlio Chief  Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission to purchase I lie following described  tract, of hmil: Commeiieiiis at a post planted  on the shore of Taku Ann, uliout half a mile  Bust of the month of Wan river; thenco  south one mile: thence west one mile:  thence north one mile, inoro or le.-s. to the  shore of Tultii Arm, thence following- the  shore of Taku Arm to the point of com-  nieiieeiiiui-t.   ���  JOSEPH TAl.UIIllI*.  May Kith, W01. lim-jl  Tli t3   o  DISCOVERY,   B. C.  Comfortably Furnished Rooms���By the Day, Week or Month  AMERICAN  Dixon Bros.' '  AND    EUROPEAN    PLAN.  ��� J. I.KATHKiiDAr.i',, Proprietor.  Fine, new Four-Horse Saratogo leaves this Hotel at: '  ;-; a.m.. II. fill [i.m. and '.'��� o'clock for Allin.  sJ)  Shelf saszd Heavy Hardware,  GO    TO THU  J. L. MUNRO, Proprietor.  Adjoining the Lellaud Hotel.  El,\rE  J OH  AT  THE  PRINTING  CLAIM.  See HIRSCJ3FELD  HOK  Photographs' of M 'Sports.  New and Second   Hand   Tin and Cli'iwiitc W'tiri.'. Iion   Steel, Picks, Shovels and  llku-ksinilli's  Coal, (-until Pow iler, dips. Fuse and Viikon Stoves.  Goods   Bouqlit   Sold   and   Fxcfianocd.  c. -  r r?  I  Fish,  .    FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.    .    .  Game   in   season and   home    made    Sausage.  Noktiikrn  HoTKr. Building,  Eii-sy Stki-kv.  .1. 0. ColINKM..  Si!  H. lv. H.vYHH.  Discovery.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  1'TRST-CLAvS.S RESTAURANT  ���   IN-'.  CONNECTION.  Hf����Mr|iiitrfri'>' Uiv linlinor A- I'n mitt's Mit^rc.  DISCOVERY, Ii. C.  I'ircst of liquors.     Good 'tabling.  Kn. Sands. I'ropi ietor.  BATHS  BARBER SHOP  .'���'      !���". LtXIv Prop.  N'ow occupy their new tiiinrtcrs ne.\t  to the.Hiink of 15. N. A.. I'irst Street.  The bath rooms are oinmlly us trood us found  in   cities.    Private   Kilt mure, for Indies.  >J\\  1  ��� ���  '"T


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