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The Atlin Claim 1899-07-22

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 Ill      h\
'       ","
*•]'      < >  f
J)     -V
r >
•I  * r
VOL.    i.
ATLIN/ ii.   C'.,-  SATURDAY,    JULY1  22,    1899.
NO.  13.     '
McLennai}, McFeely and Co,
«      r '      (Ll.MITEJ*-.) * '    (<
Hardware, "Stoves   and   Tinware.
, r Just^receivecl two crates of rf
All kinds of Tinsmith work done. nu r   *
Is   Not .Allowed  by the  Com-
missloncr.   -
No. 12 Below on Pine 'Proves Xo
' '     be a Unique Case. '
,   ....FRESH  NEW  GOODS   JUST  IN....        ■.
J. St. Clair Blackett and Co.
,,' *   -     • i -
V   c  ' Largest and Best Selected Stock of ' - *   -
Groceries, Shelf Hardware, Paints and Oils, Boots, and
Shoes; Rubber floods and Miners' Supplies. •'..
IRON   STORE    ------    COR.   1ST   AND  TRAYNOR.
The = Bank =jof -British = North -''America
London Office:
Established m 1816.   Incorporated* b.v Roj al Charter.
Up Capital*- ,- •-„-   -   "-   -   -•-•-' $4,866,666.66-  l
'FUND-)-',   -     -r    -      "     -    ,-     -     "'   "     $1,460,000.00      '
3 Clements Lane, Lombard Street, E."C. « '*     "      '"'   ' -
• Head "Office  in   Canada: ' Montreal.
H. Stiiobman,  General Manager.1 H'« -
Branches in all the principal cities bf Canada, and agents in New York,
San'Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago  Etc.
Gold dust assayed and  purchased at best rates,   the bank's assay-
office being now in operation.   A general banking business transacted. 1
*J. ANDERSON,'   Manager,  Atlin,  B.-C. *     -
Vancouver General ^ Storel
We carry a complete-stock* of-
of the'B. C. Fruit Caning and Coffee Company, Vancouver, B. C. ' > >*,
Agency'of the Canadian Rubber
Company, Montreal.   ^ ,   v        _j
"A call solicited. v
.   'A.    S.    CROSS    &v CO: '
.«■—"- ■">,>
ClVIL and Hydhaulic En&imiehb, „
Dominion and  Puovincial Land
Mining Phofehties Handled.
Office   Pein.1 sti eet, above Second
The Leading,   A ;
OUR^   . „,   \     ,' -   .     _
DISPENSING, ' \   f.   *      s
.     IS COMPLETE ,,'
Tlie Discover? Branch is the couutei pai t
of the Atlm one.
"OOARD   OF1 TRADE.      •
Wines, Liquors
and Cigars*
Wright & Callbreatii,   Props.1
Peai 1 sti eet i
Come in and hear the Battle
of Manila on the
Archie L. Brownlee, Manager.
Fiist street, Atlin.
GO  TO    '     x
Films, Plates, Etc.,
Developed at Reasonable Ra* es
Pearl, between 1st and 2nd.
Atlin, B. C.
G. Brownlee, M. 15.
Alice Houghton.
Brownlee & Houghton
AT mil
edieal Hal
The largest stock of
drugs and patent
medicines in Atlin.
^irst vStreet.
Meritorious Quartz, H3 draulicand
Placer Mines bought, sold, managed
equipped,  operated,  examined and
reported ©n.
Pearl St.
Atlin, B. C.
Mails  f&c
Fhave a job lot bought at a baigam and
•will sell them in job lots at lie pound/all
sizes    Glass, all sizes, cheap.
Van Deusen's Carpenter Shop,
North First Street,  Near "Discovery Street
Stevpndjlto diseovoi v—This, ono of tho
most nitoiestmg cases'bofoie the Commissioner afttn the Northwest stakmgs, was
disposed^!"on Fiiduv and Sntu'rdu}, iesult-„
ing: in a decision thai no discovery, had been
allowed. Tlie Commissioner ni'u'triving "at
this conclusion, lemnrked that ho could not
help thinking that the men who staked this
discover} had Willow cieek in then mind
whenthevchanged then oiigmal locations
from bench locations on Pine to creek cln-ms
on Steveinhke, (inly in this "case thevrtoolt
the boldei stei> of itakinsr without .making
am Pieteuce of obtamm/ "the Gold Commissioner's allow ance ot their discovei ^ He
tlieiefoip allowed the claims of Freeman and
other-,'who would have J>een within discover limits if diseo\ei^ liad been allowed,
but disallowed Bonnuir>-toii's olann, who had
staked over Murray's ou^iunl Iocatio i.
fiiidai, JULY II.    ',      ^    i        '
Orders nisi foi ther issue of recoids -weie
K-ianted to. J. J. Burns,Shafter, b9iich claim,
Pine, L A. Dunning, "Nicola, bench claim,
1Villow,,JI. E. McEnani, Ida, bench claim,
Pine J A Patteiso'i, Hai ipan,cieok claim,
Otter, J W. Blown, Fhei,cie'ek claim, Pme
Mis L B Cooper, the Cooper, bench claim/
Pme, Mis Ebza Sheppaid, the Sheppaid,
bench claim, Pme. ; "
,    "' *      SATURDAY, JULY 1\' >^
Theordeis nisi-granted tin the following
cases, icturnable toda\, were mado absolute
Hans   Weston,   Red>  Hemlock,   Spiiice,   M
Mntheson, tw o claims named '
,   ,   , .f   I MONDAY,, JULY-17 * (  '
1 Northw est claims, 21 'and 'li above,,—Toda\
Hw asAaJjeiuup w ith tlfe consideration'of these
'two'claims.jTW".,S.'TLawlence claimed No '21*
and his son Paul claimed J«o. li abo\e. When
it nas asceitamed last 3ear that Pine cieek
w as in Bi itish Columbia it -n as arranged be-
tween the abo-se two claimants and thiee
otlier,pcrsoiis to take up the lOO feet and
di\ide it amongst themselves, but as Captain Rant said that the Noithwest people
were to remain as thej weie, this a<;iee-
ment w as not acted upon Before the Commissioner it,appoared that thei e had been
no claimants to the low er 100 feet of W. S
Lawionce fThe uppei 31 feet went to Tinn-
son the next 100 feet to Wai 11,31 , the fraction, if am, below Waruei, went to Mis
Moh ueuN. On the right bench was staked
the Ontano set of five bench claims Theie
was a contest between Warnei aiid the Ontano gioup as to the front 10 feel These
fi\e claims were origlnallj staked as the
Thurston set but as the^Gold Comnnssionei
thought it an mf 1 mgemeiit of the Alien act
he lefused to record jt. The stakes le-
mamed up fiom Juuuu.13 till ipul, when the
Ontano companj took ovei the same(set of
stakes, but Waruei's claim had in the meantime taken oft the front 10 feet of one of the
claims. This 10 foot sti ip, it w as decided,
Wanier could hold The boundanes must
be settled up bj a pioper survey at once
tand Austin is to haie $60 costs as against
^Vai nei.
Oideis nisi foi recoids were made in the
following cases H J Lj-nch, the Happ".
Houi on Pine, and the Jessie' M on Willow ,
J A R'lveuseioft, the Silver Boj on Willow ,
■T C Dihow, Rags on Rubj "the Rainbow on
Rose creek and the Dew ej on Spruce
Oideis_nisi for iecoids weie issued as fol-
Iows-W.'h Athmei foi the Little Bob, Black
Swan, Black Crow and Blossom on Wright.
C. H. Staibndge foi the Lillj and Luck}
Boj on Spiuce, B. H White for the Skoo-
kum on Willow , Charles Wood for the Blackjack on Spruce. A Kimberlej forthoRojon
No 12 below—This was a mihiue case among
the Northwest claimants E. E James, the
original 250 foot locator took up this claim
on the 25th Jul}, 189S. At that time, it will
be lemembered, theie weio no mining officials, eithei Dominion 01 Piownelal, m this
counti j, and as James w as in need of gi ub,
he took lea>e of abscnce,gi\en bj a iniiieis'
meeting, and went out to Juneau for prow-
sions. He did not get baok till tho 27th of
September, having had a hard time getting
in. It took him 22 daj s to get ac ross from
■Bennett w ith a loaded boat. In the meantime his claim was restaked In Sullivan and
twopartneis, who, how'ever,lefthnn as near
as thej could judgfe, 100 feet, Accor ling to
British Columbia law . James did not record
under the provincial law, or m fact do an>-
thiug to secure his title Other sinkings
w ere also made over him, but in  v iou  of all
tho o\ l lance the Commissioner made an oi -
der that James would bo allowed as against
all pintles the fitst or upper 100 feet, measured from his pouts. The owner of tho
Dad will bo allowed as against James his
chum, so far as it doos not extond bo} oncl
Ins stakes or oncronch ou James1 100 fret.
The iBoiiau/a will be allowed, as against
James and Mrs. Boll, ICO foet, but not to encroach ou James' 100 foot i.Mis. Boll will bo
nlfowed, as against tho parties 92 feet, measuring from thp upjjoi lino of the' Bonanza
to the line of her upper posts. The mtei-
mediate piece between her upper post uml
James'new lower line In not deultwlth, an
,no peison has }et pi oved himself entitled to
it.' Rees,i haying been brought into court
ou account of the neglect of James, will receive from James the l>2'i court foe and James .
w ill also pa} Roes' proportion of the cost of '
the survey mader Jame< will also repa} the i.
com t fee to Proeman, w ho does" not appear
an the ground       '      „   ' " '
'The Comnnssionei'stated that die'had' en-
deavoied' to  follow   out the  principal   ofi
iniueis'justice m dealing with this matter A
and lames would have to stick by  his posts*,
as laid down.'   Ho could  not move up and f
down the creek at  will, and  would  have to
tuke the upper 100 foot.    Patterson^ Sullivan
and McKeow u m staking as  the}   did hud
shown great consideration and honpstj- to-   '
vvaids James, who  had gone out.vwithoufc
le iving an} notice or representative to show,
w hj   he, had gone out, oi  to maintain Ins
title to the ground during his absence,   ii !-+
,    WEDNESDAY ,   JULY l'J ,
N W. No 6 above w as settled ""on tho fol-
loiviug basis, which was submitted to "the*
Commissioner arid continued b} him: Rocco >
takes the first, or  lovverl(K) foet    Todd  the  '
ne\t 50 and McCluskv, the N. tV. stakor, the
uppei^lOO feet.        ^ '
*Noitliv\est,  No.-8   above—This  case   was
settled ou tlie follow iig basi >\ an 1 w .is count med b} '■the Commissiouei   Weeks takes
tiie lower 100 feet;   Wiuslow   the   upper 50"
feet and Hajes the remaining lOOfeet or less.T
McLean vs. Story-^Shoe fraction on Spruce.
In this case it  was decidodHthut Stor}   hold'
ibis full 100 feet, and that if, on* a 'survey bo- > *
ingmude, uu> fraction is shown to exist, it'
goes to McLean.   McLean to paj.the costs'of "->
i I
'     V'>
A  %.
■ <> j,,<
"■     v *"&
' *<)T
*   '>*■ *"v
1       *" "*J?
~  \A
Si>   «?*
<■   . - -I'vU.
, I "^H^
s     ,     ^     J       \
A   ■
the respoudont^Stiry...
•AT.-'D, r.;^* i??!A'i- ii «S.l '£ 'pLfeZ
Dawson Notes.
The following is culled from ^the Yukou"
Sun of Jul} 11.  '     ' -     '   * p i>
Consul McCook giive a banquet at Dawson
on the night of'the fourth which was participated m by*the leading,British and
American citizens of the town, all of vv ham
spoke w ords of the most cordial friendship.
1 I        •       t     v. f
Dawson has been visited by another Are in
w Inch about 20 cabins w ere destroyed. The
fire took place in the distriot on the side of
the hill above the A*. C. vv ai ehouses. '
A communication from Ottawa directs
Commisser Ogilvie to settle the water front
dispute as maj seem proper to him.       <-
Definite news of an important strike on
the upper i lver w as brought dow n by Jerry
Galvin,"who came clown on the Merwin,
Thmsday of last week. Some few weeks
ago Mr. Gulviu and John Winters vv ere sent ,
up above the Stewart river b} Dr. Merriman
to blast out and buug doiwi a bout load'of
(liiaitz front a leu^e known to the doctor.
When the} reached Thistle creek they got
news of a sti ike ou the South Fork of the
Big Salmon, from a man named Wilson, who
bad just come out from the new diggings,
aftei one da} 's sluicing b} himself and partner,^ which had cleaned up about SS00 A
paity,of 15 started foi tho new camp and by
going up the Hoot aim qua about 16 miles
and taking the old burro and ox trail across
the divide reached the desired location, it
being about 25 miles across from the Hoota-
liiqun. Heiethej found seven men at work
sluicing ou a small crei-k about four miles
long, and from 150 to 200 feet wide. This
ci eek is called Ketteba and is a tributuary
of the South Pork. A local recorder had
been appointed and when Mi Galvin left the
entire gulch had been taken and a« he came
out he met some »J or 40 people pushing in.
David Matherson, the man who had his
hands and foet frozen off at Fort} Mile last
w inter, and who w as brought up from that
place to Dawson on the Bonanzu King, was a
passenger out on the Low last trip. He w ent
on his wa} rejoicing in the possession of
something near £-5.000, raised through the
eftoi t of Tom Chisholm, Wm. MoPhee, Robt.
Towne} and Hariy Edwards by subscription.
V 7 'r
*■ < s    VJ^.
I     'rlfh   \"   ■'■
"   ,     .'     s-
l,,,v yh
,     \~-   j'C*
■51-    S
' - &« i
Tho following cases came before Justice
Irving in the County Court on Thursday
Joseph Scott, et al. vs. L. D. Klnne}, et al.,
to enforce u hen.   Adjourned to August 5th.
H J Millei vs. Robt. Mcintosh. Judgment
for plaintiff-.
Robt. H. Greggor vs. A. L. Gularno. Adjoin ne I until August 27th.
Robert Reid} vs. Moore & Ratinie. Ad-
jcnii ned to August 11th. I r  1/  i>  ��< &\* ,'S^rdv'^.if^^fcV>5i^nfr^.r��2r^^r:crt^rlr5HiJi  U^hl-.P...  ^.k.  *^"^~^ft^  '^M^ssccjfcs^ettKfiajiisJiKjiitiaiK,  !i/j#.iil&S *��&Ebi!s��Jlk�� .^ifo M^��.��i.VwLilN&d&.V Ojl.ir. i'lrl<L>����jrir��'.��yi.'.A.^J  HI  ft  ���HI  !  I  i  .     f    <  In  1)  A  1 r i  8 ' ",-  i*..  v "���:  if-  u  ATLIN,   B.C.,   SATURDAY,   J-ULY'' 22,    1899.  The Atlin, Claim.  I>.v  Published     every     Satiii'dii.v    mornin  Cow as a Mack ay.  Otth-oof publications  Corner of Second uml TrnliioT SI rents.  Advertising rates mado know u on application.  Our subscription price is ?l u year, payable in advance. No paper will be delivored  unions the.sp conditions aiv complied with.  A COWARDLY TRICK. ,       '  The delegation  which   was sent  to Victoria by the miners to lay the  grievances existing in this district  before 'the  Provincial  government  have returned, bringing the information that  they  had   been   promised that the close season would  cease five diys after'official,infor-  .  -mation could be got  to  the Gold  Commissioner.      The   Gold   Commissioner, we are informed, received  word to the effect that the whole  matter was left entirely in his hands,  to open it or leave it closed as he  ' saw  fit.      Mr.' McKinnon,   one of  the delegation,' states that he asked  Mr.   Hume,    Minister    of   Mines,  whether he  had  been  advised by  Mr. Graham to continue the close  season.   He replied in the negative,-  ' adding .that Mr.' Graham  had  advised  against doing so      Finding  < themselves in a tight fix they now  throw the* whole responsibility o 1  Mr.  Graham.    Cojld anything bt:  more contemptible or more cowardly.    First'they take from the Gold  Commissioner the powers given him  by 'the Placer, Mining" act,  at  the  instance of their heelers*- (As to the  legality of this the doctors of the  law disagree.) Then when they find  they have brought a storm of wrath  down upon their heads they turn  and   'throw   the  "responsibility   of  opening the season within five days  upon  the Gold Commissioner.    It  must be  difficult'to ..serve  under  such masters:    ���   -���   ' ���������"' _,  ljona fide worked by the holder  thereof, or by some person on liis  behalf, continuously, as nearly as  oracticable? during working hours,  and shall be deemed to be abandoned and absolutely forfeited when'  the same shall have remained -un-  worked on working days by the  holder thereof, or some person on  his behalf, for the period of seventy-  two hours, except .during the close  season, some lay-over, or leave of  absence, or during sickne.->s, or for  some other reasonable'cause which  shall be shown to the satisfaction of  the Gold Commissioner.  P.    P.  Go.?  PAKSONS'  COMMUNICATIONS.  With head'.  Exeter, Ont.,  Nelson, B. C,  Bennett, B. C,  the,  ���THE-      , "   ,   <  ^QDUCE eo.  and branches at  uarters at Winnipeg, Man.,  Vancouver, B. C,      <      Victoria,  Rossland. B. C, -    Atlin, B.  ] Dawson, Yukon Territory.  B.  C���  The largest,Produce Business in'the Canadian Northwest. Carry a  full line of all kir.ds of Groceries and .Supplies. Goods second to none,  Orders promptly and carefully executed.    r  First ' .Street. '    -    ��� ' Atlin,   B,   C.  The business men of Atlin could  not do better at present than form a  board of trade. By united action  on their part much might be done  that would be of great benefit to the  district.  Premier Green way of Manitoba  has promised the people of that  province prohibition if they will  give him another lease of power.  From what is known of the legislators of Manitoba it is to be feared  that "awful thirst" will never permit them to commit such an act of  folly. But then it is an ante-election promise, you know.  A MAMMOTH EXCURSION TO ATLIN'  SUGGESTED.  ISnrroH CriAl\t:l~Sir,���It  must bo satisfactory to all  well-vviiliors of Atlin district to  observe that tho reputation of tho camp on  tho outside is beginning to recover from tin-  effect of the us.-iaultx made  upon it by people who left  here  in  a  dissatisfied statu  of  mind some f��\v  weeks back.   These  people  denounced the district ai "no good"  fr-im  a  mining standpoint .mil   th<��sn  denunciation1.  ��ere   scattered   broadcast   in ,tln*   oiifsirlo  press".   That thf.se disappointed people spoke  u hat they believed to be true may be admitted, but they spoke in ignorance, for at that  time the  minimi-, capabilities of the district  had not been testod, and the shameful  offi-  ���ial drawback-,'under  which the c.i.np l.ib-  o'ri"it   w'fre   sufficient   to dishearten  almost-  any man. l But to-d.��y the conditions are different,  .iud I am s.ifo in s'tyiug that there i.  mo'"man  who kno.vsithe conditions  in  the  oiines. and i.  aware  of  tlira  success   thnt   is  being  so sfotiuiiiliy  tiMt  in  gold-gotting in  the di-.triet, but  b"lieves tfi.it, Atlin   lias   a  long period of steady_aiid strong prosperity  before  it.   Its success From a mining standpoint is now beyoMil question.   Tlie  remaining mouths of the  present Vear  will  show  most satisfactory results, and mpjU year will  undoubtedly be a year of gn>at activity and  prosperity. ��� ������  The opinion1 (if the outside world ���thanks  mainly to the letters of some good press correspondents here���is being improved as to  Atlin, as I have said, and no effort should be  lost to completely retrieve the good name  of the camp. With this object in view I am  going to suggest that the enterprising people of this city should consider the advisability of organizing a mammoth excursion of  mining and business men _ to the district  from the outside this fall. I believe it could  easily be mado successful, because the transportation ^companies ou' the coast as well as  in the interior here would "uo'doubt 'gladly  co-operate to make it so. What more charming excursion could be planned than a September trip up the coast, and over the  White Pass Railway and connecting steamers to Atlin! If a sufficiently low fare could,  be obtained (and I believe it could) hundreds  would come simply for the pleasure of the  thing, while still hundreds -uiore would  come on business bent. And it is, of course,  these latter that we specially want. In September our mines vv ill bo showing up better  than ever, and the weather will be delightful. Let some of Atlin's best men get together at once and push this thin? along.  Wjt.  HaI��jT,IE.  Atlin, B. C., July 15.  could lick tho editor by way of variety, that  town of hi.s would be thoroughly up to date.  The boys on tin? river are noted for being a  whole-souled lot of I allows, and Hilly Me-  Bridc, mayor, city council, postmaster, and  somn other things we've forgotten, of Port  Guiclion, B. C, is no exception to' the rule."  Hilly'is known to many here, and is a brother of R.".\lcBridi>; M. P. P., now-In Atlin,  helping miner* through the court oi ,t><|iilty.  LIST YOUR  LOTS AT  Rant & Jones,  v    AN EPISODE.'  Ono of our most respected citizens feels bad  over something he saw and this in how he  gett even: v     ,  When Peggy's arms hor dog imprison ' ���  Oh don't I vvis.li my neck was his'n;  How olten woul 1 ] stop and turn '  To,get a p.it from hand like her'n;, ���  And whmi she kisses ToWsor's nose,     ' ,  Oh don't [ wish that I were thoso! '  I see his last appendage drag,  And wish that I'd a tail to wng.- (      '  Why must I long and pine for that        ���  A dog can ne'er appreeiat?  ^\ ,        <  Hut I will never own to her'  . . _,  I'm jealous of an ugly cur.  Ah! Pegjy.> Is it really true  That j on do jus! as ot lers do? ,  You hug and ki��s that dog of yonr'n  Yet wish tlie while that it would turn  According to a better plan  Ewto a real'good-looking man.  And while I'm getti'i' ou so swimmin'  l'd.like to know if yon young women,.  Hug your dogs, and,hug again >  Just 'can-e jou uiu't'got ne'er a man?    ,  If so, you girls are sort o' mellow  To hug n dog, vviieu' any fellow  Would gla.llv get down on his knees   ���  Just for the tiniust little squeeze.   *'   '  I'll bet a'coon I'll not be missing   ,, ,  When you are in the mind for kissing.  So Peggy, it in w rong to vv aste,  Your huggin'/Ojii an ugly baste.; '       \  A.man can hug'you back���he's stronger  Don't practice on your dog no,longer.* "  ' OLDEST     , t  ���    ���     ESTABLISHED  BROKEKS  OF ATLIN.    ' - ,  Agents for the John Irving Na-  gation Company'.,  Pearl St., Atlin, B.* C-  I^HE INTERNATIONAL  HOTEL.  Good Liquors,       Good Wines,  Fine Cigars. 1  Howe & Olsen, -Pr.-.prietors..   '  Frist and Discovery,        -    Atlin.  Government Assay Office. <  The Vancouver Board of Trade  gives notice, that the government of  British Columbia have established '  ah office-in Vancouver and that the  banks and merchants will negotiate  the certificates issued by the govern;  ment assayer.,1 \ ��� '��� A* . <  ' CHARLES E. TISDALL, .  " ,    -     i ' c  i  , , .,      w      President.  New; Consignment  af fioods  CO     ������  The lastest style  in  Gostum&Sp  BicyGle Skirts,  Whatever may be the outcome of  the present critical situation in the  provincial cabinet every resident in  this district should see to it that  his name is placed on the provincial  voters' list. Unfortunately the  nearest place at which votes can be  registered is Glenora, thanks to our  far-seeing government (?). Mr.  Graham, the , Gold Commissioner,  informs The 'Claim that he will  accept and forward all applications  to the proper officers. Let all apply so that they may be free and independent electors on election day.  A PROTEST FROM LOG CABIN.  To the Editor of the Claim:  Dear Sir���In your paper ot July 1st you  state that hotels under canvas rooLi have  had to close down. How is it thpy are allowed to do business here still. Notices were  s-ei ved on proprietors of hotels here early in  the year notifying owners if they did not  have wooden buildings by June 1st thej  would be closed.** One hotel here complied  with the law und there became a fixture.  The others did not and as a consequence  have been able to move over to the depot of  the jerk-water line and start new hotels under canvas, as business has moved to that locality. At present they are allowed to conduct business under canvas with impunity,  bo that it is much the best to take no notice  whatever of such orders. This is particularly the case If you are prepared to graft some  one of the .Martin grafters who are dispensing tho law in those parts.  Ohhkkveh.  Log Cabin, July II, ISOfl.  The very latest  in  ���S  Between Rant and Watson.  RUNS THE TOWN.  The Northwest Republican, of Blaine,  Wash., has the  follow ing interesting item:  "When a man is anything ut all in British  Columbia, he i.s the whole show. Hilly Mc-  Bride, who was associated so many years  with Tom McNeely, a' Ladners, is now the  tow u of Port Guichon, 11. C.; that is, Billy  runs the postotfiee, the store, the hotel and  the saloon. You're your own licker at the  for all interested to i stlimI"el'v: at the bar. you use Billy's liquor.  At the store, you'll get anything you need,  and at tho hotel you'll get more than you  need. Ii he only had a newspaper, so that,  when a customer got tired of the licker at  the stamp shop or thp liuuor ;it  the  bar,  he  As the time draws near when the  close season will cease (we presume),  it will be well  bear in mind the following:  Every placer claim as defined by  this  act shall be represented   and  K     BATHS  ���   BARBER SHOP.  The baths are equally as good as found in  cities.   Side entrance for Indies.  LINK & PRATT, Props., First Street.  PINE TREE HOfEU  L    '       DISCOVERY, B. C.  When you come to' Discovery  Take shelter wider the . ,  TREE/      '   ���'      "   "      ' "  , Finest of Liquors.  '"' Good stabling.  CHAs! R. OUBRIDGE, Mgr.  Good dining room run  in connection.  <H. CANCELLOR, Caterer.  ..HOTEL   RUSSELL..  - First-Class Goods  And  ,First-Class  Service.  Rates Reasonable.    , '  Choice Wines,'    -. .  Liquors and Cigars.  JAS.   H.   RUSSELL,    Proprietor  A1  ITKEN & STRANAHAN,  Painters.   ���  Neat and  artistic signs  able rates.  at reason-  FOUND.  Purse containing a sum of money.  Owner may have same by describing and paying for this advertisement.    Apply 'Bank of B. N. A.  THE NORTHERN HOTEL,  FIRST STREET.  The biggest house in Atlin.  Everything first-class.  Thagard   &   Turney,   Proprietors.  John Irving Navigation Co.  Direct line of steamers  between  Atlin  snd   Bennett.  The  STEAMER  "SCOTIA"  Makes close connections with  the  STEAMER   "GLEANER"  For Bennett.  HOTEL  IRVING.  Newly Furnished,  Eirst-ClaBS Accommodations.  Wines, Liquors, Etc.  A. R. McDONALD, Proprietor,  lUscovery St.and First AveuiiB..  lv v  I' ���'<  4  *1  !-  I.   '  I)  I' J,  I1-'-  i >  _ " ' W Wf* 1 ""!��"�����  ~y���<w.'-.H��s��jg,WKn)��T�� TWfrMWWSTOCTM&jlvMawKSoaaj  CT^J^IWiwr����t^t.cjffirArt��^n3CJ(aff��.-iiariatJs.>-j ifift  "27  ->>.'  ATLIN,   B. C,   SATURDAY,   JULY   23,   1899-   .  I' <  >  IA  /  BUSY AS A BEE HIVE.  Spruce Creek Has an Average of  Four Men to Each Claim  Between 83 and  142 Below���A  Good Assay. fl  , What follow h below is the result of a  Claivi iiumi'h trip on Spruce oleok from II?,  below up to 8H below.'' lt will bo observed  that the average number of mon ou each  claim visited is four. This docs not Include  many men ou benches who aro unable to  Work on account of not having w ater facilities. Mauv minors give information fi'nely,  but tho (>reat bulk will (IIhcIoho nothlug.Aot  uvou theii bank account. On one claim, 101,  J. Willison, (Unclosed the most, perhaps because his Inner man had been satisfied before  the Interview. Ho has4 IB men working and  pavN *fi a day. This I* xulficlout proof that he  Is taking out good gold. Mr. Willison told  tho w rltor that the gold assavod bv tho Rank  of B. N. A. oir his claim went $17.34, and this  Is tho highest in tho district.  Prod. .Miller on Pine Is paving ��S uud ��.S n'  ' day, the latter working on bodrockt A good  manv men aro working for ��4 a dn.V on this  creek, and also on Spruce creek ���.just exactly what it takes to'keep a work hoi'rfe* in  oats and haj for one da}.  Tho first claim visited win on i  LITTLE til'HUCr.'.  The Henlj group���Taking out *���{��� u daj to  the man ! seven working. ,  SPIiUOE. ^  142���II. A. Wagner and AV.'V. Spurrell���  Taking about an ounce a day to the man:  two men. " ,  142, bench���C.E.Cartpr, A. T. Carter and  C.iTwedip���Little gold: doing lots of work:  five men working.      - 4  v     HI, creek���Tom  Phillips; some   gold;  five  men'. ��� ���   i   , -,'   '  '     '   ���  140 and l��i), creek���.T. Mitchel-ou ;,pros|ject-  ing; good showing. ' ��� '  14ft, bpnch���Little Charlie group; takiii"  out good gold: four men.   j'J,      ' r  139, beifch���A. Godfrey and Mr. Eaton���Will  put on eight men ; w ork night and day.    '     (  138, creek���Col. Mnllett; getting sluices  readv : four men. ' .-    -  138, bench���R. A. Brock, J. S. Kennedy and  E. B. Northrup���About ?10 a daj to the man,  ten hours' w ork: four men.  138, eneek^rCoI.^Mallett, .Eng., taking, out  verv good gold all along: four men. ,*   J '"  13fi, bench���.1. L. Busieffiot ^working.  1S5, creek���T. Campbell; .taking out gold:  doing well.  135, bench���Capt. Martin; very good results:  four men. < l  Working 'in   con-  excellent results:  134, creek- N. Hartley;  junction with 131 creek;  four men. ��� r  i 134, bench���Capt. Martin, Wood and Scott;  big pay; excellent claim: best in vicinity:  three men. v ������ ���       *. .  13'!, creek���J. Olsen; just arrived on claim;  starting in with four men.  133, bench���Blakie Brothers: good results:  laid off last tw o da j s: two men.  132 and 131, creeks���P. Kemp and E. C. Cut-  cliff, very good: three mon; put more on  when able to work them. ,   ' '  1.10 and 129, benches���J.'Root and C. Bur-  dill; makitig fairly good wages; four men.  ISO, creek���G. Thomas; good results;'two  men.  129, creek���J. Anderson; three men: will  vv ork more if w e can make it pay. t  128, creek���W.   Hansen:   doing well; first  clean-up was one pound of gold, three daj'S  ago; lots of hue quartz nuggets; six men  working.  128, bench���J. Fortius good prospects.  127, creek���Joe Mathieu; taking out two  ounces a day on top: not got to bedrock yet:  ' last fall took out ?30, ��.22, $14 and lots of ��5  .nuggets; from 132 up to 124 the claims are all  good; Spruce ereek w ill take out hiore gold  than any other creek  in  the district;  have  six men.  126 and 12"), creek���(Where the big nugget  vv as found): five men vv orking.  124, creek���Bob Shaver; five men.  123, creek���A. G. Tracy; nine men working,  night and da j ; making good wages;  not on  bedrock: claims working on bedrock doing  ^ w ell.  123, bench fraction���Taking out bacon and  beans; you can't put my name in the paper;  two mon.  122, creek���H. .T. Donnelly and J. E. Scarlett;  three men working; 80 foet stripped; soon  enough off bedrock to say that lt promises  well.  122, bench���Black Dimotid; prospected and  showing good.  121, creek���F. Kirschner; four men: finished putting in pump on Saturday; good pay  bo far.  120, creek and bench���H. L. Tingling: three  mon working; havo had dirt run as high as  S25 to the yard, and some didn't run at all.  On bench there is a 42 foot shaft: going to  run tunnel from crook.  119, creek���C. L. Parish and Joe Rudder-  ham : doing lots of dead w ork; look for good  wages; threo men working.  118, creek���Just changed hands; commence  w ork on Monday.  117, creek��� W. W. Stunner & Co.; five men  working,   doing well;   (one  man  who   was  standing by said he saw a wluskv bottle full  of gold off this claim), clean-up evoiy night;  taking out ?100 a daj, steady., *  116, creek���Ed. Jury: five men woi'klng.  115, oreek���P. McNichols and George G-ould.  Mrs. McNichols said: Nothing extra so far,  though prospects Verj good; four men  working.  114 and 113( craek���H. Rhiiiohart and Mr.  Rennick: good clean-up on Saturday night,  three men. ' ' '  112, creek���'Ed, Jury; doing dead work:  four men.  Ill, creok���Si Hi Yeoiiiunii: vi'titei1drowning  us out: throo men working. <  111), creok���Mrs. Freeman; in dispute.  108, creek���J. B. and E. M. Clay; dead work  principally: good prospects; two mon.  105, creek���Tom Pattison; finished putting  pump on to-day, Satin' lay; four men, ,  10< and 103, crooks and benches���F. Fraud-  sou and Ji H. Percival; ton men working,  night and day shift; startod to sluice ou tho  crook; havo boon working bench: If creek  shows as well an houuh I'm satisllud, took  two iniggctH oil1 bench..       - >  102, oi'ook���In dispute.  102, bonoh���'J. Hi Poroiviil; good prospects;  bnuchos all along hero Hhow'ing up Very well.  101, creek���J. Willison and E. Laaberman;  111 men working; nine day and woven night;  making very good wages; cloan-up evcrj  two daj's; gold is very tine, paying ?.) a day  wages; gold assays at BiB.N. A., Atlin, ^17.34,  the highest in the district.  101, bench���J. Willison; starting in to w ork;  bringing water in.4    . '    ,  100, creok���C. Wood; six men; if thej get  to bedrock thej will get paid, if there is anything on bedrock for them.   ' ,'   ��        *  90, creek���Mr. Sieglei threo men working;  good results.        > ,   '  G. L*. (). Prowse; two groups of hill claims,  13 men 'working, principally prospecting,  with fair results,1 testing claims for best  method for future working.  92, creek���J. L.Smith;- changed hands the  other daj.       ' >  91, creek���J. W. Reece; four men Working,  not washed yet; putting in pump.  9.1, creek���John Wallace Brow n and L. McNeill; four men working; good wages; prospects better. * , nj ,     ,  89, creek���Mr. Clarke; tw o men w or lung.  88, creek���S.J. Marquis; getting m shape  for sluicing. ��� ���  87 and 86. creeks���C. A.,and P. Ii. Lindsay:  .even men working; just ditching.  84, creek���D. A. Cootes and T. Tidemau:  prospecting. *��       i,  83 and 82���P. Tarron ��� three men; prospecting; getting ready. ,      i  FINE  AND WILLOW  NOTES.  Dr. Mitchell has started work on his claims  above discovery on Pine." '   '  Fred Miller.cleaiietHip on Sundaj'morning  for the first time since tuniinjjfcthe creek an'd  the result was very good. He says the ground  on the other side of the creek is "richer thaii  that previously worked. He is working 18  men; two shifts.  On bridge and Bloomfield, 2 above on .Pine,  started in working their claims on Tuesday.  D. Menzies, No. 1 on Willow, clean-up for  twadays on Thursday of last^ week was 36  ounces.   He has 18 men working. '  STOP   WHERE   THE,  MINERS   STOP.     "  Um C# Anzeir9& Pisco very Hotel  ' Cor. Discovery and Second Streets, Opposite Merchants Bank  of Halifax, *  Private rooms for ladies,   ' '      Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  -���   FINEST    HOTEL    IN    THE    NORTH.  Auction sale of claims every Saturday night "at 8 p.m,'   Music every  night at 7 p. m. under the direction of���Mr, Jack Harrison.    '''  Nothing Too Good for the Prospector. '    v  Have your mail addressed to R. C. Anzer's Discovery Hotel, Atlin, .B. C.  Skookiim House, Log Cabin: Honuott Hotel, Bennett! Qtiinn Cit.v Hotel, Quinu City, B. C. *  A. G. Brownlee, M. A. I. M. E.  R. C. Lowry, A. M. I. C. E.  BROWNLEE & LOWRY,  CONSULTING   ENGINEERS. <  Civil,  Mining  and  Hydraulic  Engineers.  ��� Mining Property of all kinds carefully  examined  and reliably reported on. ( , x ,  "Plans and estimates of cost 'of equipment of Hydraulic and other  -Mines carefully prepared.    s    '    ','      >    .   ,   - ''   A '    0  ���  Surveys'ac'curately made, Levels'Run, Plats, etc., furnished.       ,   '  Water Rights Guaged and applications made for same. ���  Agents for the Atlin 1 District for * v i  ���>  CAMPBELL'S IMPROVED HYDRAULIC ELEVATOR  ���AND��� , < * '     -  SIMMONS' BALL-BEARING HYDRAULIC MINING GIANTS..  As well as for all other Hydraulic Plant. >   >     ;  Opp. Post Office. '   "Atlin, ,B. C.  Correspondence solicited.        1  Pearl Ave  1  0  ^NOTICE.  County  i^'.  Court,   of* Vancouver,  holden at Atlin. 2    * y  -THE-   t  Canadian Bank...  ....of Commerce  Has moved to new offices  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  CbuntvCourt will be held at the tow u of  Atlin,.. 011 Friday, the 11th day of August  next, at the hour of 10 'o'clock in the fore  noon.  i  E. M. N. WOODS. Registrar.  GOLD   HOUSE  ���     .     PINE CITY.    ',      "   s  Good Liquors,  if 3  Good Wines  and CigarsV  Beds and Meals a Specialty.  LETHERDALE     &    BURTON,  ,  Proprietors:  Royalty   on Gold.  Notice is hereby given that the-rovulty of  1 per cent, ou nil gold extracted in now pay-",  able for the quarter ending .Tune ISO, 181)9.  All parties concerned are^ required to pay  same within 11 day-, from date. Neoe-,suiy  affidavit-! muy he obtained at "the office of_  the Gold Coininisbiouei. ,  _"      ','.      '' '      '    'J. 'D.   GRAHAM.-"  Atlin, B.C., July H, JS99.,, .. *,     .J"-  ��� Thoroughly Equipped Assay  Office in Connection.  Gold Assayed, Purchased or  Taken on Consignment.  Exchange sold on all the principal points in Europe, the United  States and Canada.  The British Hostelry  LOG   CABIN,   B.   G.  i. ,  A spot where the weary sojourner  can find rest.  T. TUGWELL, Prop.  Bennett and Atlin Lake Mining  Divisions.        <  Notice is hereby given that an extension of  time, during which all Placer Mining Claims  legullv held in the Atlin Lake and Bennett  Lake Mining Divisions are declared laid  over, has been granted to the 1st August,  189?  J. FRED HUME,   ���  Minister of Alines.  JULES  Swiss  EGGERT  Watchmaker.  Has charge of government instruments.    First street, Atlin.  E.L.  Funeral   Director   and  Embalmer  Third and Discovery,    Atlin, B.  'C.  ...  THE KOOTENAY...  Furnished Rooms and  Grill Room in connection.  HAYWOOD    &    BYRON,  Proprietors.  Bodies Embalmed for Shipment a Specialty  Orders on short notice.  All kinds of Funeral Supplies at reasonable rates.  ATLIN GENERAL HOSPITAL  ATLIN,  B. C.  Competent    Nurse    Attendants.     Moderate  charges.  Private wards for male oi  female  patients  In the County Court of Vancouver*,  Holden at Atlin.  No. of plaint 1,1899.  Between  Joseph  G. Scott, Samuel  Frume,  John   T.   Lee,    Robert   Lurge,   Charles  Ehrenfeld,   Isaac   M.   Scott,    Harvey   F.  Clark, William  A.  Auld and William S.  Bennett, plaintiffs, and  L. Ji. Kinney and  George Sinclair, defendants.  The tenth day of July, 1899.  r  _ Upon the application of E. C. Kenning, solicitor for the plaintiffs, and upon reading  his affidavit and the exhibits therein referred to  I do order that service of the summons  herein, on the defendant, L. D. Kiime.v, bo  allow ed bv publishing a copj of this order in  the Atlm Claim in tw o issues immediately  follow ing the date of this order.  I do fm ther order that service of the said  summons on the said defendant as above  mentioned be as effectual for all purposes as  persounl service thereof.  And Ido further order that tho said defendant, Kinney, appear to the said summons on  or before the Tith day of August, 1899, and in  default of his so doing the plaintiff be 'at  liberty to enter judgment ugninst him as on  default of appearance.  And I do further order that the costs of  and incidental to this application be costs in  the cause.  Entered Julj 1(1.1899.  (Sgd.) P. JB. IRVING, J.,  Acting as County Court Judge of Vuncouver.  (Sgd.)      E. M. N. WOODS, Registrar.  P  RINCIPAL   BATH   HOUSE  AND   LAUNDRY.  Best Equipped  Establishment  in Atlin.  Lake Street, near Sawmill.  '*���  (  I  A  -1:1  - .* i.  ,. /'���<..���'.  . a> i y  - i \ -'-*  j  i 'j - -  , ,S< - "7  -,     iiV'-i!  1,'    *i    '*  .*:   , <jJA '���'I  * r   k'M  A      >,f|  f >       i_iiy   ^l  y v'+y/>*  f ~y"' '~'j'ii  'V     /- '1  :Jy .^Ai  /   'a r ;y ���  f ��� T *���     ��    f��'lll  -- iu ^- ���**    |JT  1  1  > "VA  ' -1  ^. >-*���!!  >.--'' ��� a-mL  "-    ,* ��� "������  / *,!  y '     ~ v- i  *     V^v,  A::/f  .," "���  2 *v i  ^   - ''A*-! ^*R*^-]?^"->5^-^^^^  ATI,IN  B.C.,    SATURDAY," ��� JUI^    22,    1899.  PICKED UP HERE ANDTHE^E.  i  } '  i ArA  \\y>"'  i-a  1 V  11  ! V  lllurlH-M A. Co.���Paints, oils and varnish.  Modical Hull i��'' H.V paper.  "l'laekott .*. Co.���Fine (weed suits and pants.  Full SIojIi of Patent Medicines. Doolu-ill  A Co.  Shipmoiit of new goods just arrived al  Medical Mull, first sti-oot.  Fine lot of coiilufiionpi'.v, just uirivcd.  IMolirill <V Co.  UuniiniiigM A Richuidsoiilorilnogent'.stiir-  tiishings and boots and shoes.  .lust received at Cuiniuings A. Richardson  ti Huu lino ol clothing and hats.  The KiihU'i'ii and Louise wore recently do-  'sli-o.vud b.v tire in Victoria harbor. *  Tout for sulo���Now, ncvor buen put m:,  11x21.   Im u.uiro at Tin: Claim olllco.  Mrs. J. Lathordaloii.iJtwo.jliil.li-oiiuri-lvoil  nv Discovery from Vancouver last week.  The Arctic Nrothernood will hold a special  mooting Tuosduj evening nu.\t in the post  olhee building.     ' "  Among (lie new buildings in contemplation  or erection beioro the cold season sets in, is  that ot the Hank ol Halifax.  Tho'Austruliun club has gone into assess  lor the summer months. Tho .sum ot ^lt)."ni  has been donated to thodestiliiterelioi luud.  Commodore living lnioi-mcd u reportei  that he intended lo use steam siiorth to  trauster passengers and height across Taku  uortiigi'.  Church ot England services will be held  at corner Trainor and Third streets an Sun-  daj at 11 u. m. and �� p. m., and i��t Discovery  at'i -HO p. rn-  Jesse Murph.v, Atlin's well know u auctioneer, left for Seattle on Thursday. The object  ot nis trip is, we iindeistaud, to ii\ up his  political fences.  The White Pass ic i'ukoa Rail.ia.v have  1-eduued their races to .1 cents per pound on  car-load lots, and ,i ..-4 ce..t, p��r ,joiii.u on  small shipments. ,  ,7. T. Bethuue, of the Bennett Sun, spent a  couple ot dav sin'the citj diu-iiu the w euli  He a. i-ompauied Licut.-Governor .lieLiiii-  on Thm-sdiiv's outgoing s'tumor.  iffter spending considerable time in the  Sound cities, ou business oent, a.id lenew int.  old uwiuaiuuiuoeo, l'"*��> Burton, ol tl.o Cold  Hor.se, Pine1, returned on Ti.esdaj last.  Se-vices will be held .in  t'.u i'n-st Pi-esbj-  tcrian cluu oti, corner T.iird and Dis.-ovei>  streets, on Si'iu.laj at lu:lja. m:,  and 7:i.J  l>.L  m.'   Sun.la.v school at 2..1.1 p.  m'.   Rev. John  Pii.iglu, U- A., uiu.i.lor.  W. 7. iiuck.iv, ot the Claim, was a passen-  gui on Tuesd.ij's outgoing boat, lie will  extend his trip to Vancouver. While uvv.iv  I e Mil arra i^e lor a hrst class job printing  plant, and bring it back with him. All  Mackav expect, to be gone about three  w eeks. f  Huriy McGregor, the bustling representative of the C. P. R- in this northern oountrj ,  paid Atlm a visit during the past vvebk. He  'was not in town ver.v long before he bad the  place vv ell posted with cardsannouncingtiiat  there was such a railwio as tho Canadian  Pacific R.ulwav, and that thr-i furnished the  finest oi accommodations. Kant A. Jones was  appointed their lo-'al agents.  Win. Baillie, the special correspondent of  tlie Victoria Colonist, started on a tour or  tho different creeks in this district dining  the past week. It is his intention to repot t  ou e-ieli claim, on all the {-reeks When completed and published it will be of immense  benefit to this sx-tion. The letteis which  Mr. Baillie has already s-ent to his paper have  had a splendid effect in turning the tide in  Atlin's favor, lt is therefore desirable that  tho owners of mines should oiler the gentleman everv facility for puisuiug his investigations.  IN THE POLICE COURT.  Magistrate Woods has beon kept busy during tho week disposing of the many eases  which were brought before him.  A. G. Tracy vs. Thos. McDavitt. This w as a  charge of stealing gold from a claim. Dismissed and prosecutor has to pal .ill coirs.  Joe Hlnnchcll was fined *") and costs lot-  using abusive language  towards the  police.  Another man was reprimanded tor setting  fire to stumps.  Constable Robinson laid an information  against R. IMilligan lor cruelty to a pack  horse. The cruplt.v consisted of overpacking  the animal. .Milligaii pleaded guilty. He  was lined $l!i, with a reprimand, His Honor  remarking that he would dual severely with  this class of oll'etidcr.s.  WILL OLAI.il DAMAGES.  L. F. Shaw, representing. Col. James Hamilton Lewis, tho eminent attorney and Congressman from the State oT Washington, was  uu arrival from Seattle jesterday, whither  lie went in the interest of many American  miners to place in the bands of Col. Lewis  suits in damages as a result of the alien law.  Mr. Shaw states that the cases will be pushed  with vigor and with all possible expedition.  THE GOVERNOR BANQUETED.  a _____���  A Large Number Attend to do  Him'Honor.  On Tuesday cveiiiii';, in Russell's Pavilion,  Limit.-Governor Mcluties was ttjudorotl a  complimentary baiiiiiiei by the citizens of  Atlin. Thu tables were in-all} arraiigod and  hold a most sumptuous and tustj repast.  After tho inner man hud been' satisiled, Rev.  J. Priuglo, the Cluurmii.i, proposed the  heiiltn ol the Queen, which was outhiisiast-  icall.i drank, as was also that ol the President ot tho United States, and the Governoi-  Genornl ot Cu-iada. , ,  The chairman thou, in a neat an.l complimentary speech, proposed tlio health ol Our  Guest, ut l ho same time reading an uddress.  The latter i elei-r.id most iliitteriiuly to (lis  Honor's service as a public man.  His llonoi, roplvln,-, said that ho had not  socn thoaildi'CHs btsfote. He took it that tho  compliment was really meant for his  gracious sovereign, tin- Qiteon. It was now  some lour weuUs since he lull Vioioi'ia, anil  as ho had freuuontly romnrkuil, his entire  trip had been ono Ion,! series ot surpiises.  Fiom Sluiguuy hero it was ono oi tho most  bcauliiul sights one could son in the, habitable globe. Fiom the time he arrived al  Sknguaj until now, ho has felt complelol.v  at home vv ith the people Atlin as a tow nsito  could not be surpassed for boaut'v and natural advantages. The strocts heie wci-e hl-  tually i better than some ii Victoiia. Pine  was also a great siuptisu to him.- Last fall  when no heaid ol the strike here, he cousid-  eied it hisdutj to uomo and see tho plaoo  for himsell. He did nut coma ntsi e at tho instigation' ol any minister, nor in u publi.  utuucity, but siniiilj as'.i Lin... n. n-wouli  uo   unvthiig   in ui>   pow.i     o r.ict lv ui i  llllsl.lkrslll.ll   'l.l.illLil    nin U.     J^v./t.-ailkfn  ilu citi/.oiis very  much for tUo .manner i  wliieh the toast  had   been   diauk.     Tiii-p.-  cheers and a tiger woie then ..iv.-u tor tee  Governor.  A. G. Brownlee proposed the toust ot The  Army and iNavj, wlueii was abb replied to  bv Capt. Rant.  The Chairman proposed the toast, The  Legislatuie.  II. Helgeseu.-M. P. P., referred io the attentive work which .had been'done m tiic  past by the legislator* of���t.ie Piovnice, and  ielt that tney woul 1 take rank with auj of  the rest. ,  R. McBride, M. P. P.- vv as glad he had oome  to-.Vtliu. He was now in a bettt r position to  judge ot the w ants ot this district, and vv ould  do what he could to have uuj mistakes  rectified.  J. H. Russell proposed the toast, The Bench  and Bar. _ To this Mr. ' Belyea, Magistrate  Woods and Gordon Hunter responded.  I Mr. Gregorv sang l-A Warrior Bold."  i Our inning Interests vv..s pioposed by J.  b. Giuliani. Tins couutrj, he said, hud as  vet only been scratched, and m the opinion  ot capable meu w ith whom he hadconveised,  people "generally "did not realize how r'uh  thisconntrv really vias.  Dr. Mitchell and" A. G. Brownlee replied,  rha latter leni'arkingthat all our laws should  .inn to protect the original locators.  J. St. Clair Blachitt proposed bur Financial a d Commercial Interests, which was  iespo.id.-d to bv .7. An.ieisou, Jas. l-rasei and  T. R   liillett.  Our bister Colonies, pioposed .b.v D. Men-  /ie�� and replied to bv  L'hos. Bateman.  The i-hairmau propo-ed the toast The  United Statps. ai.d Mr. Thagard, in repljing,  aoped tlie time would .vet come when the  two iiags woul I Jlv foi.-etiier over a united  nation. Cape. Spdticei said he inidshown his  i-jspocT ioi Luinuu by choosing his wife  Iioio.  Son^ bj' iNormuii Rant.  .ilr. Betiiune m a neat and Uattering speech  pioposed tlie health ol The Ladies, and was  ieplie.1 to blushingly bj Dr. Monroe and Mr.  IJocUnll. ���        _.  The chairman pioposed Pme Cit.v and J.  betherd.Ue leplied, otlering seveial sensible  ..iggestions relative to our mining laws.  .ilr. Hdlgoseu sang a song of '19, winch was  w ell received e   M igistratd Wood proposed The Press and  ii. Cowan leplied. ,  Capt. Langley recited a pathetic poem of  his fellow count ij men.  Mr. Thagard m a very appropriate speech  proposed a toast to the Rev. Mr. Pringle,  which was heaitilv drank.  Aftor cheers for the Governor and God  Save the Queen the pleasant eseaiiif was  biought to and end.  '     ���THlSr  lerctiunf��' Bank, of Halifax  "TNCOHPORATED   I WD  Paid Ui> (Immtal  Rest ���-   '-   -   -.   fc, 000,000.00  -   -   -   -   -, -   - $1,250,000.00  A  general   Banking  business   transacted.      Gold   Dust   assayed   and  purchased. ��� -  Drafts issued and money transferred to any part of the world.  Tito First Bank to.O&em in Atlin.  W. A. SPENCER  Manager Atlin Braiichi  URN3 ��> CO.,  ��   and   ~   Retail   ~   Butchers.  COUN'KR  ' l-'lKST    'AND     PKARL    STRICIvTS.  ��  ���iBuSldBr&'HarjiiimfarJs, Minsrs' Supplies,  , Tinware, ;  Graniteware,  Etc.,. Etc.  TINSHOP   IN   CONNHCTI02C.  & CO. (Limited.)  FIRST STREET  .ATLIN," B. C.      ,  1 1  nam.  FINEST EOCJIPPED HOTEL l'< THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS  MANNER.   ,     '   -  Rice- & Hastik, Proprietors;    David Hastie, Manager.  ,- Corner of First and Discovery Streets. ,  DELEGATES' REPORT.  THE PASSENGER LIST.  THIS NUGGET LIST.  Boulder creek, !��� below , on Wednesday, 121 h,  Hoiu-h and Haines, 11 ozs. IS dwts; pure gold.  AV right pi'"k. fiiu'lJon above Dincovery,  1.1-t w7-��k  R. W. Gibbs. ^.'."..(.'l.  AVillow I'lv-olt. .No. i. !-'ri lay, 11, I). .Mcnzics,  ���"���j! n'i_'gi-t.  The following is the list'of passengers arrived in Atlin during the past week on the  ' "illy IS.���Miss Koloy, Walter Church, C. JV.  Caplemuher, .Miss Haiiiols. II. O Ball, W .  G. Mackay. ti. P. Bell, J. Hepburn, ltev. J.  Sinclair, Rev. I). ��. Cod:, W. C. Marberger,  A. Stein, G. K. Light, Mr. and .Mrs. Wood, D.  Chisholin, M. G. Orr, N. Stl-ell, H. Iliirpus, C.  Bibbs, VV. Wallace, .I0I111 Gavin, A\. M. Bul-  mor, IJ. McPhersoii, Win. Bleoson.  _  Julv-n.���.1. Ilendrick, Willie l.lettison, C. E.  Giluf'r, Mrs. Morse', li. Cummings". Alabol  Howling, Mr. Foley. l<\ h. Streot, li. IJrow,  R. M. Anderson, H. H. Case, airs.; ilrady, A.  llruekcr, D. L. Brockway, Phil Abrahanis.  .1. M. Teag. Frank Hales, A. I'. -T. Sola, -T. O,  Donovan, S. Wiseman, -LB. Brockway, 1. H.  Harrison, C. -7. Stovvart, D. 73urtou.,   ���  ,���     "  July 19th.���A. Hacke, E. ICorach, Al. M. Taylor, Jack Taylor, M. L. Vaudeville, J. L. Mmr,  D. F. Boyle, Burt Farrar, Miss Parrar, C. A.  Adiimson, W. A. Wilson.  Julv 21.���J. McClusky, H. -Farney, L. F.  Shaw*.  GOLD ROYALTY.  Pursuant to the notice of the Gold Commissioner, tlu- mi-iersiu tin-district are coin-  miMii-iiif, to pay in Iho royalty. Within tlip  ik-M few days it i-s expf-cted M-at rnturns will  In- mnilr from tho priui-ipa! mines. Up to  ilu I ,-��� royalty lilt', b-'i-n imid 0:1 I,*-'-! ouiii-ks'  'Delegates  Were  Deceived  by the  Calflnet Ministers.  Thinking an occasional nugget from Pine  would not be amiss in jour claim I take the  hbeitj ot sending tlie following, trusting  vou will find time lo wash it free of mud or  i-ockj mattor and space to present it,,to the  public. .        "  At the school benefit concert in the B. M.  P. A. tent here on the evening ot the ltth  inst. the following programme was pre-  sentel:  Part f���Address, Rev. John Pringle: song,  Mcrrv Sunshine, little folks: recitations, A  Little Hov's Speech, Willie Campbell, I Love  Yon Mother, Ha/el Petrie; song, Twenty  Fiogiries-, little folks; recitations,The Little  Questioner, Lueile Lauriu, The Birdie's Se.  cret, Mary Curtis, Grod Bovs and Girls,  Lome Petrie: song, Come Little Leaves,  Wesley Attebery.-TohiiMerrifield and Hazel  Petue; recitation, Somedav , Nicola Churchill: song, Babes in the Woods, Wesley" Atte-  berv and Nola Churchill: recitation, Oui  Hired Girl, H. Curtis; recitatiion, The Bootblack. Marie Lauriu; medlev, Mary's Lamb,  by five little girls, solo, When Other Lips,  Mr.Lumsden: Scotch solig, in costume, When  Ye Gang Aw a Jamie, Mrs Merriheld and  Mr. Stables; giamophone.        ' ���     ,  Part II-Solo, We'd Better Bide a Wee,  Mrs. Watson; recitation, Memories of the  Old Kitchen. Mr. King Dykemuii: recitation,  Miss Edith, Helps Things Along. Miss E.  Atteberv : solo, The Bonny Banks of Loch  Lomond, Mr. Stables: recitation, William  Tell, -Mr. Davies; recitation, Jamie MeNeal's  Ride. Mi,s Ethel Attebery: solo, The Bloom  is on the Rye, Mr. Lumsden: dialogue Courtship Under Difficulties, Mrs. Merritield, Mr.  D.ilteman und Mr. -^ottat: tableaux.  The hall was comfortably filled with an  appreciative audience, and the. I*}'"^'""'?'  though u lengthy one. was earned out to tho  entire satistulliou of all us witnessed by the  unstinted applause meted out to almost  everv number. Where so much was good it  might bo unfair to, particulari/.e, yet the  hie of the evening was undoubtedly the duet  "Hunting Tower," b.v Mrs. A erntield and  Mr. StabTes, while Mr. Stables brought down  the honsM by the Hong "Courting by the lure-  side," given in response to uu oneoro. ,  Another important, meeting .was helil 111  the'same place on the evening of! the lHth,  uamolv, u mass mooting of miners to receive  the report of dolegutes just; returned from  Victoria. Mr. Jas. Stables was, appointed  chairman and Mr. Walter Hamilton seore-  ttu-v. The chairman then uskeil'. ��l��v Alc-  Cra'uey, us the senior, member of the.delega-  tiou to take the platform and give an account  of his stewardship. . Mr. McCraney; 11^ his  opening remarks, spoke of thej cordial reception accorded them by members of the  Cabinet, both individually and as a vyholo-  He then went on to stute that tho Ministers.  0110 and all. were utterly amazed at the state  ofall'nir.s in the Atlin district, and readily  granted the concessions asked by the delegation, at least in so fai ns they; could right the  wrongs already done. Whilp he, Mr. Alc-  Crauey, was not entirely satisfied with the  result of hi.s mission, he believed he had done  I bis best, nad that time alone could remodv  1 mam ol ttuw->.i.ti-ig grievances. In elooing  .Mr. Mr'lr.m'-v pi.-id u high' tribute to Mr. J.  HOTE  EL  o.   k:  ,       Choice Wines, ,  Liquors and Cigars.  First Avenue. ��� WM. CUROE, Manager  TTTAL/TER CLAYTON,  - Notary Public,  Mining  Broker, Etc  Opp. Gold House. ' Discovery.  ALLAN k CAMPBELL  Headquarters for   ���  Fine Boots and Sfao&&,  Rubber Boots, Mtesers9 Pros-.  i" r  jpeGtiops in endHess Variety*  West side of First Street.  Cheaper than any dealer will sell them in  Atlin. Made anj si<!e j ou order w itliin three  fiours. Gluss cheaper than anybody can sell  it. Prices: b.\l(). 2uu; Kixl2, 2.ic: good assortment of lurger si.ies. Do^rs, any size or  stjle, made to order ou short notice. Any  kind ol a suw filed, set, etc., and done right.  Shop 0.1 north 1st street, near Discovery St.  B. R. VAN  DEUSEN.  TO AMERICANS.  . All Americans who hold free miners' certificates issed prior to January .18, 1839, will  learn something to their advantage by seeing L. P. Shaw, P. 6. address, Atlin, B. C.  A. McKiunon, the junior member of the delegation, for tho able .maimer in which .bo  curried the delegation through ull the legal  and technical phases of their mission.'  Mr. J. A. Mehinnon, on coming to tho plut-  form, caused some nierrimout by his oll'ort  to make the audience believe that notwithstanding vvhut Mr. MoCrniiey had. said, ho,  Mr. McKinuon,was no lawyer. Ho then  charged tho members of the Cabinet, with  fulsehood inasmuch os they had .given the  delegates to believo thut the season would  be opened five days after the receipt by Mr.  J. D. Graham of 11 dispatch from said Cabinet to said J. 1). Graham, asking him to open  it, and afterwards leaving the opening to the  discretion of Mr. Graham. After some questions hud been put to the delegates and  answered by them, short addresses were  given by the ltev. Mr. Sinclair of Bennett,  the Rov. Mr. Cock, now ou his way to Dawson,  the Rev. Mr. Pringle and the chairman-  Votes of thanks were tendered the delegates  and speakers, and the meeting closed.  Fuee Miner.  1 V-i  Tr^tf.r^t^ZZSii^i^ilSI^.  TTSSSZSOaSSSSBZSSSSBSXiZ


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