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The Atlin Claim 1902-07-05

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 0  p.;  \Mx  ii  y:  '/ATLIN ���$& G;y;;s ATXJR DAY  rur  ���'LA-  yiyo':'.  II  W:  I "tty  |j it  ���yi -L-; ���'  , "7/  M  |-r,y.  l;te  I  P;  Ii. :'  py  P:J.  If  K  llI^ifiiiiSG&Ii  :uli;!.i.:i.t*a  .y'T'/:wy:A'-i  7\  ��� ������������'! i-;.y;i,w!,-.  . IShji-ir. H'( V  Ulllf!.:' I.liis  i',v.'.'i-.v.y  Hut iirdliy" -lii'urt'ilni: ,hv  /; i:.���.{."i.-MM  Punt.imiixu Co.'���.-.  ;;..;!! iiisciiiriiLo, kniToii.'.-���-,���:. r .yy  Ti-iki- t.KE.S. S11 Ij-r liiH i'*i"r. .'  '.'.���!,U<?(-!'Un'i Pi-in-1 S-.,'A Hiii, V,. C.y  yi,y:.X<iX ::i?l.<)0 iiur; inch, ouiili  1 '.rvi-'i ii;'-' , not'li'trff,' 'i'i <-'.;nt.s a' li uu.  i'. i':ict'���, I'uti'N.ou iippl'ifr-it'ion. ..y';.  :vi;iiipii prii'P is y''*> yii;'yi*i-i'y iiii.y-  r.iiic.yy N.) pipei* .wiiMie deliypt'otl  .roiii.!iliciji is <i(:)iiiiili(*(l with,   y  pA'iyuuday, rj',"775,.yirjoa^;  ���xy 7 \Vith. it he open nig of 'they mining  :,v.: season, a:iiew orclery'ol'yLhingsycaiue  yyiuto /force, :,,andy;HheyyGpyeriinient  yOfnce-liasa newyhcad.::'-;The:'change  ������ verjr, naturally yliasymade consider-.  y:iableydiffereiiCeTiuythe*preyibnsl}':exr  y-yistingorderyyiiiy they:ynuUteryofythe  .yy''V^^  //to,. a:la)'-6vcrycprljcly:be.ygl-aIltedy:be-  ;:yfbre tiie-ppeningyofytliey:seasmi;ybut  y th is :y season,'; 7ow i n g ./ to_'��� yM r.y ;y J.:  . D.y,'Graham's7 resignation'',- coming  -;'yiiito .cffectybefpre/tlieyseasou/he could  'yy/nptyy:\v:eiry.;g''rhT  y'. 'would .come//; into ;:effccty whenyhis  y successoiyshould.yy:assnmey the'reiiis  y of ^office, /nor 'a%ain.could Mr. ;J.yA.  yyFrase*-y*have yexercisedyyany;powers  / yuntil heacti.iall'7^  y office^yyThey consequence/hasbeen  that not liiitil;' 'representation day'.''  -could lay-overs1 be.lgranted,. and) the,  y .Gq\-enrrneiity(stalT:.hasv:had"a.bnsy  yyyweek;of ityy; We have; reason "to;be-  yyiievbythat factualyrep^  .'"";liasy'been'ylarger thisy season  yythan,usuaI7y;7'''' - yytyyyy^vy'xy'i.  "From information,/.we''leiififfytlilit  :'��� exceptionally   good, grounds  :will  yhave to be showiiywh)-. lay-overs on  claims, creek yor.yberrch-r���especially  .creek���-should  laid .over- and  . : that it is the-intehtioil of - the. Gold  y Commissioner y to satisfy,; himself as  to/the merits of-many of the cases.,  July 2nd, 1902, was ytheppenihg  of the fourth /mining y.seasonyahd'if  is doubtless  highy:time, if there'be  .anyyvalueyiii claims,; that ythe;value  ��� should,ybey proved,   or, at least,yau  yattempt  should  be made to do so.  v.;We.-heartily, commend the -Depart-'- of  Mines In  its decision   in  thisymatter,-.audy;th'ough: it willun-  y c\ouhi,edly ..appear .ay. hardship "to  ' 50UK-, yyetthe fiual, of  unqucsliaiiayie;' goodyto "the camp  ;,as;;i-\v.h'G'!e.-..  .'Attention-is called to- an/impor-  .portanL " Notice," .\v.hich has been  placed upon the ..Notice .Boards in  the Government .Office, notifying  /all who.have -recourse to.the use of  these Boards, that any notice/to be  posted should first be presented to  the Office to be date-stamped. The  effect of this notice is patent, and  will in a great measure avoid dispute as to the date of the posting of  such notices.  mm  l he $5.50 per-iyTbii yRateyon  ���yyyrx^Qs;&  Not  Yet yConnrmedyby theyWhito  Pass yAuthpritles---:IiIi,.,y,A.;C.  /HirsehfoldyvAskeclyto y-Confcr  yWith -;Ihtehding-yShippers. /; 7  y-. It-is  nowybvcryiwo/yweckS'since  Supt.ySclia'rscli illicit/paid,air official  ; visit to; y All in, yyand//ycxpre:;scdy;his;<  "bpinionyUiat/yhisyi/ConiprtiVy/ywould/  be prepared 'to ytraiibpoi-t/yorc/frbin/  AtliiiywlVarfytb^Tacomafor the sum)  of/|;5::5bv/pc7'tbii,yLall;ycliarges/;Ju-/  y'c.lude'd-r^'yUppiigcnqui.r  : asccrta i 11 cdy/ f rom7th ey-lioca lyAgeii t';'  tlia tyirbyyebu fi r ni si ti oh >; h as}"'y e t, 1 )cc1 i.  rcceiyedy from-they Com pany:ybj-yhimy  "'.���:y Mr; /Hirsclifeldyydufihg/;liis/;shbi:>;  staj-yiii?Skagway ���ywasyask.ed;/b)v the  General yMariSgcry/Mry:'AyB / y-N ew-;  ell, ;;.to /ycudeaybr/;to;y asceitaiiiy/j ust  cxactlyy,ywhatvprbspectiye''Js1r  desired-b^bxi)e^tedvTand/.ifypbssible:  find buty/what/wbuld//be'ythe/prb-  ','���",,:,-'.".-;.'���'/'���:���::' ������:���-'���������:"������������:'���������.:';x:y^:-:y-.x-fry..i:-'-~  ���bable:/toiviiage.-,y">7,.;/yy.y/yyy:,yyyyy;yy..yyy.y(  y:tIfyCohteih plating yshippersy would.  ar'rahgeyya:ndy;-rapppintyy;a7time;'and  place "of meeting7t he-"matter :ymav  be finally,decided /and//byforightvto  satisllictoryyysettlementyytby^irtual  adyautageyiy/:yy.//.yy::/;v-yyi/yyy;/;:'/y/y:yy:/^  .y'0crtitieate3':ofylmproyements:^  :i-ioi'A; V.:'.CKp;*.*v..!;i"i^  '.���������. ;'.\iin'oral' ..GliiiniH,'. sitnutci! ! in- tlio; ���yV'liii',  iiiniiW .Disti-ieti'-'iitytlielySW.'coi'iiqr.''t-;.  ������.'.'.''��� I'm I.filcc,/ Uvrj//niilc-s . fi-oni Atlin '.Lake,.;  ���/'.,��� ������'n'tjar HoIj'o (Jrcclt; "''li';;'���'���'��� '���.;���;-v ���'.;-".'.'.-���-'������:;--!';. ;;.'  ���T^jOTICli/jivii'-iiiircl'iy civon -tj.i;iity.I,-' ���;Nobly Lii*.  ." ,'voriHcro.- l-:/M.C.,:-;ii.:h IS"!^, mid, iisAtt'o:--;  'liey-liV-fu'c't'i for Toil) Lavoi-clioro,.l''.M.C.,N'o.  It -133-1, nnd i-i-anl^-.!ivtirri;on3v.l*/M.O.,yN6y'li  /IS!i2, iiitoiul (SO (Uiyi from -Into liereof,' lo aii-*..lie Mining Reuoi'iler for a Cci-llllcittc.  of Iinpi-ovoinpiil.s, foi' tlio purpose of olititin-  iui- 11 Grown Gi-u lit of tlio iiliovoclniin;... . y.  /' Anu I-'uiiTiiiii^vy-TiiUe: licit i toy/tliiit; net ion'  uncle:- Section' :n iiiiist liu cuniiiieiiuu'il lic-fori!  tlio i.ssiti\iioc,ol',siic;!r',C<!i'tilioiitn.'of .Ini'Vro/VB-!  incuts.x yyyy.:yy''yy..y':yy'.:/':yyyy.yf)i'yyy-:'yy':.'  yyybuic-il this 25ili cluy or/..].i'iuc*yi!)G2:��>yyy;yyy7  juliS-GOciy; y,r,  yy .;   yyyyNoi:ijyi,:AViiitiiiBiti:;y'  yiiu'rTB,v.yy-.'uii-xK***A,'y yiuui ://vghha.t  ;y/,l?AIj|^i;^;AIiiic!i-iirGl:uiiisy Sitimto fil.'/iiio  y .Sciutli.niiclcirA t lin  l.uku in 111 o A t liu I'lSi-  : t'l-ibl, fiilitiut,; t\%'t,;f inilKs fj-i:in;t lit,  v't^irftyy^ii'ie/tii,;.;-'-; yyyj''.:r'.y:v'y.yx.'.  r^j\'K--r^-N..itU:d'-Vliftt;X-,''>r:.>i-r.-- lli-owi'iluovAHro'-"*-"."  .-���^���-y.;', r i/'i*,V ��� J ti lin'--: "Cn'i'j l.i cj c-r;i?-lM * CJ.V--S' - i l^? '* ���'':,'������ .''��� -.��>"��� '-  yffiic1. GO cluysyfi'diii iliiroja-i-col' (iri npply totlio;  Miiiiiiy-'Ly .Uot;orcU-i-:yyr6ivyC'c7i;tiliciitt-s"ijf:yIniy .  provciiK'iilH,, lo'i-/ Ilio* jiiii'-jjostj..".of; t-htiiiiiiiiK  .Crown i.G'rnnts; of At lip/' iiliovfrcilni ihh;; ;, y; ,t  '���).', A>-uT,lil.uu-i'ilK,��sTiiUpiiiotico,:'t:l!iil_.ii'c  iloi- J-i.-otion Slyimis,y-/..lJG~cb.iiinici'ici:!il;; li- ftiru-'  the-.issiuiiico of sm.-irCei-Iillorito of Iiiipi-ovo-  IH(-IilS.y ;;������/-'//-;;.7/.-i /"/-.'JVyl'j.'.lil!OWNU513i;:/y.  . / Ilnteclnt/Atliii, t his ,2nil tlny'ofi Jiiiy,:i!)02i C';  j>yn-00iiy,y,--//'yy;y"'y,yy;'-r;y'."/y:y;;.';yy,::'/;',y;y;y:'.:-'yiy  yyyriyy^Noticeyot'/Dissolution. y;/;.,yv/ /  .TVJO'riCJI'" Is lit-i-cliy .j-ivoii,.lnil-.���.tlio 'piii-tiiBi'-,  .;,;:.,,',!'Nil I il;'yilcil'l!tt.ir6.|-<iy:/OX 1st inji...'ll��t;W'n(!ll '.till!  .'uiiiU-.riiljjiicil y [," lis .'.'Ouininiii^S;  &'. I'iiiliiii'il.soii,'' tins.tliis clny liui'u/yilissiilybcl.y  :-.y.Mi-i Kiolmrilspii, \ylid <;oiitiiiiii-s  buslnoss,  >villyphyy;,[ill;;lialiilitibs.;Viii<l ,.'��i6lloiJl''..,iillyii'cfy���;  CO IIII is^.y.;:-,yv,y,y:^.////.y.^yy/:;y::y^:/''y.;/y;.;-:;.;''::: :;'-,;/  ..iyi.'iitptl iit. A tlitTy ij./.0.;y t Iiis;i;ritii ilii'y/of^liiiio;:  lili)2;.y 'y'y':X:: /"'."'.IoiiN, CusnnNtiH,'^.'; ;;./���//���: -y'/y  //yy/y/X/ll Ii.i.yatin;ltl<jiV,utn��ONy;  li.  ^IclHlMSGHFEIiDy  acrer.  ^LMM'herihjgWJ^  ;Miiyi.s/;ATi;ATiyiN,y;B>;yCvvy:\:^  yB]*ANCHy;Ol'I-lClc7\'iy;DlSCbYH^  "���'Le fiery "fe.^ihe ���:���  A COM.MUNiCATiON, from one of  the owners and dealing with the  conditions of the leaseholds on Gold  Run, is published in another column.  As the ..F.ditorial staff of "the  only paper circulated, here" is not  infallifjle, mistakes .or errors of  judgment may .sometimes be-found  in these columns, but if such should  lie to the detriment of any one, we  will always be found ready to make  amends.  y/yL"eASKnbLDRR/:fvs.-/Pr;ACERAyyyy;  /yD^Ai*-y'Sii*y:^Ybur^  2S,���-.: ^entitled//���������.''.' Leaseholder;7vs;;  Tlacer,'' is,iuaccurate,and;misleading.;.-,' It y is; just":;asy-;welly for the  general benefit  of -the commuriit}-,  in,this  belated camp,/toyyyliave ..'any;  statements //which/ youy-may/printy  inthe only  paper  circulated  here,;  as  accurate  as/ possible.;   I /therefore   take the '. liberty, to write you  on .your/article refuting the general  tendofyyour'Statemei-ts.,The facts  concerning ," Gold;Run " as Har/as  the leaseholders  are concerned, are  these;:-/y:-   ./yy    -,:;';. yyy   y;/-y::y....'yy/-  ...-. Their/claims /were staked at the:  recommendation of ythe Gold,Com-  missiorier, / Mr. , J. /D,yGraham;in  the autumn of 1S99 and granted by  Order-iii-Councilonv Nov. yy 14th,  iS99.(as -far as  I r-ecollect..without  referring). . There ; were: no miners  on the ground at the time to put in  any protest. /'���'.     /'/'"7". ^"     ' /"���'���.''���'.'  - A  privilege  was  granted to certain   miners   who: "came   .yon'y the1  ground ,later   on,   presumably ,iiot  knowing .that   they   were paying  recordTees to   the  Government for  ground '.which  was  already paying-  rent   to   them   and  an'������ agreement  made whereby these men should be  allowed to stay and own the ground  they had done'.actual'minii-'g oii.:  The common '..'justice or equity of  the then Gold Commissioner in recommending the granting of the  leases, and, subsequently, after  they were granted by Order-in-  Council, in taking the record fees  for the same ground from individual  miners is in my; modest opinion  such a breach of contract as would  render the Government liable to  damages from either side of the  case. I need say no more, as the  agreement above mentioned, where-  mmm^. *,  x-xy^'x-''^  ;fj.y7::.7-7,-i'7'-''7^Cbrri  This .yNe'y^1^" Cbmmodipusy ;H  'yy/xy, ;ri5th,;;yi9or..7-:Fyerythi!igiyiiiyi.t/isyN  x.x.  yCHOlCEST WINES,/Li(Jl-0-.S: AMpyCIGAI*S--7CASE GOOaSAySPttlAaY.  ^0;-rhakeyrbbm ;for/large; Sip^  ; y-y//y: seh yCritMatS/already  lowing/prices.: ;;iy/:;/-'y;.';''/vy-'/y,/y/.yy./;yy;i';'yyy'y,yy/7//.y';yy;yy;^  Alert Bay Salmon,yperydoz;;:,-:��2y^o  Worcester/Sauce' ';��� 7,:'y-:yrYx ''3.0b  Simco Jam, 5-lb pail y":XX: ������yy 96  Fv.yApples, ,/5 lbs ;//y ;:- e.y-yi!oo  Apricots'/'/y-;/y,"y-;xy -xy~i:-:;yy-%oo  Peaches /'y/y/y/y,,'. /;, '.yyy.x^x y'i 'x6~5  'Pea'rsy;. -yyyyyyy/'/y.y^y.y/.^yyy,/y .\/":::''.-;''::';///75':-'  Gookin'gy-F.igs':;y7#^  Sugar, 8'lbs,,;/;/���.',/���;////,/;/;_;y/y:;y/y/ U.oo7  Cheese, per lb.  / 'y-���:')��� ��� /-:'.-.;.-.y.-^^ ,���  Liibeck Sliced Potaloesyper-lb/;/30 /  :Hain and Bacony per lb ///,;;��� 7'25 "  Ladies'^&:Children's Boptsyaiid;Shoes,y.Dry,Goods,/etc.,/etc., at ccst. ,''���'  y     Crosse & Blackwell's Jams aiuf Marmaladesyaiulallybther 'Goods'yy.'"'".  ��������� -. '���.������ ':" :���������,.:[:������ '''y^y      Reduced ��� 1 o to'-foiper/centyy"^/ .-' ���"/-7  /All Goods /Warranted and if nqtySatisfactdry Money. Retur-ried.'i  �� :y'.-.S X'M$y 0    --L, ; Q3Q  1v:.^/1:E-'-::&'-o;;:q1^^  ./Georgo E.yM��ys=, Proprietoryy-   .;  Cox.' First anpTuainor^ Stkekts.  iocw  This First Class Motel hns been reh'i'oilclud nhd rcfiirnisheil thi-out-liout  mid oilers the best hoconinioilntiou tti Transient,or Perm-incut  Guests.-^Aiiii-.rictin ftinll'iiropcnit plhn.,.;     /b Finest Wines, LiquorsandCigars.y .7  Billiards   and   Pool.-  oc<<&D*<i**>��^'o-s-o.��D.��-<:(<*>c'��>:(,3*c'*> ^(���^���^.���o*>a>����^a<>a'{>'o;^c'��o��<><:��<*>  FlNKSTKQUrPPED HOTEL/IN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN  FIRST-CLASS MANNER.        .y  /���  FrCRGih   IRtcstsssiPci&t������, in ; Gomzeotion.  ����. David Hastii-:, ��� Pkoi'Ri:.-:toi*..   y  Corner of First and Discoverv Streets.  T  DISCOVERY,   B. C.  Comfortably Furnished Rooms���By the Day, Week or Month.  The Best of'Liquors and Cigars always in Stock.''���-'.' Fine stable in connection with the House.  A MERICAN    AND   EUROPEAN    PLA N.        ;  O. AV. JoiiNSTCN. .Mnnager.  IL'.��A  c r  "tw^W^^^vs^^M 1-  ATLi'N,  B.C..  SATURDAY,'JULY .5,   1902.  V'i  II  f!  r!  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Al the Atlin Cheap Cash Store,  on nccpunt of reduced freight rates  and in addition to cul prices advertised elsewhere, I quote the follow-  " ing Spot Casli Prices for New Importations, viz.:  Fresh Ranch Eggs, 40 cents p. doz.  ,,    Creamery Butler, .|o c. p. lb.-  ,,     Potatoes,  15-lbs, $��� 00.  ,,     Flour, $3.00 per sack-.  ,,"    R.oiled Oals, 65 c. per sack.  Sugar, 10 lbs, $1.00.  Peas, Beans and Corn, $2.00 p. doz  Tomatoes, $3.50 per doz.; Jams, 15  centsper   11).;   Marmalade,   20  cents per lb.  Star, Crown,   Blue   Ribbon, Lip-  ton,'Nabob.Teas,  Coffees   and   all  other goods at equally low rates.  M. For.i'v.  The following arrivals .are recorded   for   last  Saturday :   A   Guron,  M Sullivan, W Gage, \V" E Drake,'  Mrs F Muellor,   F   Muellor,  J McLaren, WcAppleton,   A E Wale, I-I  Taulhaber,   li Reinaux;   By Wednesday's   boat:    C   Thompson, C S  Thompson, A Ii Potts, C Ii Hutch-  ins, W J Taaffe,   T Storey,. A Duncan, M Smith, Mr and Mrs Hirschfeld, Miss K Huntley, E Ii Fletcher aud Dr. Cane.  Christie's and  Fancy Biscuits at  E. L. Pillman & Co.  '   Blue   Ribbon Coffee is absolutely'  pure.���It is sold iu all the stores in  Atliu.  Mr. E." H. Fletcher, Postoffice  Inspector, spent Wednesday and  Thursday in the district, looking  into affairs far his department.  Pending the appointment of a successor to Mr. J. A. Fraser, resigned, Mr. John " Williams has  been authorized to act iu the capacity of Postmaster, pro tern.  Fresh consignment of Fancy  Groceries, at popular prices, at  E. L. Pillman & Co.  Back numbers of the. Atlin  Claiim can always be had at the  Claim office, price 15 cents.  Wall paper at Fraser & Co.  New stock- of Flies and Fishing-  Tackle at Dockrill & Bourne's.  Placer Act, 1901, consolidated,  for sale al this office.  A. C. Hirschfeld and his bride  returned home I his week.  Ageu's specially selected fresh  ranch eggs���McDonald's Grocery.  Mr. W. E. Drake, representative ol the McClary Manufacturing'  Co., spent several days in the district this week.  Go to J. H. Richardson's for  Gold Seal Hip Gum Boots, $9.50.  GIANT POWDER���J. A. Fraser & Co. have on hand, just arrived a large consignment of Giant  Powder, which will be sold iu  quantities to suit.  Dr. Cane, Postmaster' at White  Horse, paid Atlin a visit this week,  and asked us to lender his most  grateful appreciation for the many  kindnesses shown him while here.  He takes with him a most favourable impression of the district.  There is more solid comfort iu a  cup of Blue Ribbon Tea than in a  gallon of-most beverages.  For Oranges and the very finest  butter go to McDonald's Grocery, .  Mrs. A. C. Hirschfeld will be At  Home on Wednesday next, 9II1 inst  , Mr. James- Stables, M.L.A., left  Victoria lor Atlin on the 2nd-inst.  Local ��� wiseacres have it that he  brings'a life partner with him !  . Cut Pinci-s���We beg lb announce that we will sell Foi- Cash  Ihe m-:sT ckaiik nf gioceries'at the  lowest prices quoted in Atliu,  Blackktt & Co.  The Auditor-General was expected to leave Victoria by the  Amur on'Wednesday last, for Atlin. . He will supervise the Ir'iiusfer  of affairs in tlie Gold Commissioner's Office, . and may spend a  few weeks in the district.'   '  The ' appointment   of  Dr.   David  Brownlee Lazier, as Medical Health.  Oflicer for the  Atliii   district,   was  gazetted -in the last issue of the IS.  C. Gazette.  Mr. Hirschfeld brings in 'the  news that tlie C.P.N.Co.'s new  steamer,-'for- the Northern"-trade,  now being built at Ne'wcaslle:on-  Tyne, will be a veritable floating-  palace, as well as a flyer. She will  be 304rfeel long, and has to marn-  laiifa speeyl of 20 knots for 6 hours  consecutive run before'acceptance  She will have a double deck aud  the hurricane deck comprises an  observation and music hall, finished with plate glass, -running from  floor to ceiling,, wilh brass columns  between. The staterooms-contain  but two berths each and are beauli-  1  fully furnished.  House lining and  oil-cloths at J.  A. Fraser & Co. - - .  Furnished rooms to   rent���apply  Hotel Northern.  Successor -'to  Cummings    & ' -Richardson,  The  Leading .House-.  NOW'S   YOUR   CHANCE:  ::     , '  -    For   Bargains     ..   ,,  Dry   Goods,   Boots   and   Shoes.  In  THE'    WHITE    PASS   ,&'   YUKON.  '  ROUTE.     . ' " ���:.   ��<->*_  Passenger and Express  Service,   Daily  (except  Sunday),  between '  Skagway, l,og Cabin. Bennett, Caribou, White Horse and Intermediate  points, making close with our own steamers al White Horse  for Dawson and Yukon points, aiid   at Caribou for Atlin every Tucsday  and'Friday;  Returning, lea ve Atliu every Mondav and Thursday.       " -  Telegraph Service to Skagway.    Express   matter   will   be received  for shipment to aiid IVnn rill points in Canada and the United States.  ,For information relative to Passenger, Freight, Telegraph or .Express  , - - Rates apply to any Agent of'the Company or lo  '���'.-.. ' J.  F.   Lick, Traffic Manager, Skagway.  J. Lii'SCOMiM',  Local Agent, Atlin, B.C.  HEL.  Choicest Wines, Liquors & Cigars.  A  VLLEY.  1  mu  &  f$$elL���  Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  ~ "" nd Billiards .Tree,  Prof>.  S��Si"5  Notice to Contractors.  ATLIN   SCHOOL   HOUSIi.  QI5AL1SD TENDBKS, iiuloi-scil ���'Tender for  Atlin School House," will lie received  by tlie iirnlerai-cnecl up to 1:0011 of July Ttli,  19G2, for the erection ami completion of 11  One-room Frame School House nt Atliu.  Flans, specifications, forms of tender mid  contract may be seen on anil after the 1st  day of July, 3001-, at the Oilice of the Government A-rent, Atlin, and at the Lauds ami  Works Department, Victoria.  Tenders will uot be considered '.inlcssupnu  the printed forms supplied for tlie purpose,  and the agreement to execute a bond, appended to the form of lender, is duly signed  by the contractor himself and two other responsible resilient-*' tif the Province in the  penal sum of $2r,0.00 for the faithful performance of the work.  The lowest.or any tender not necessarily  accepted. j. i). Graham.  Gold Commissioner,  Government Agent's Oliice. Atlin, II. C.  June 2Sth.IOCS.  ���������.-   C.DOELK.ER,.  .    . . .    FRESH MEATS'ALWAYS ON HAND.    .    .  Fish,    Game   in   season and   home    made   Sausage.  Nortiucrn Hotki, Building, First Stkkkv.  rauho  JSP  ^  mirifg  Machinery.  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,    WATER    GATES;  ANGLIC    STEEL    RIFFLES    &  HYDRAULIC    RIVETED  PIPE.  Pum&lnq  es  Hoisting   Machinery.  Estimates furnished  on application  ���   The Va?u;f^ver Engineering Works, ,  Vancouver,  B. C.  A. C. Hirschfeld- Agent, Atlin, B. C.  G. lv. Hayes.  Discovery.  OPEN DAY  AND NIGHT.  NOTICE.  A     COURT  of Assize, Nisi Prius, Oyer and  Terminer and   General   Gaol  Delivery  will  lie holden iu tlio Court Uouso at Atlin,  011 Tuesday, the 12th day of August, 1002.  liy Command,  J. 11. PKENTICE,  Acting Provincial Secretary.  Provincial   .Secretary's   Cilice,   fith   June,  100-J. jc2S-lt  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  ���   IN  CONNECTION.  Headquarters for I'uliner & Pur roll's, stage.  PINE TREE HOTEL  DISCOVERY, B. C.  Finest of liquors.     Good stabling.  liu. Sands, Proprietor.  HOTEL VANCOUVER.  MUST   LIQUORS   &   CIGARS  GOOIl    ArjCUMMOUATCOS. ��� liiiST All HANI'   IN  CoNNKCriCN.  S. JOHNSTON, Proprietor.  Good Stabling' for Horses and Dojs.  BATHS  0   BARBER SHOP  If. LINK Prop.  Now occupy their new quarters next  to the Dank of II. N. A., First Street.  Tlie bath rooms are equally as good as found  in cities.   Prlvutu liiitrance for ladies.   '  Call and get Prices at  Ste.,.y . 1,  WMW^��M&  EKW'SKSSBW  / I ���ftf  Ont Uu  S HOE    i  Is    now      tin. Wc    Imvc    llio  Cliiklreu's Shoes in'Altiu. nil.  We have marked  cverv  line  SALB  -est Slock of Ladies',   Men'  TO.  &QST  "���   Why  p:iy $6.00,  $6.50 or $7.00  liir tin* smnc Shoe yon vm\ gel Irom 11 a far .$4.00 V>r'$.���.. 50.  Hoys' $2.7iV;iiiii JVi���<">.��� .Shot's wv have marked al ^.1.50.  Call and look over our Shoe Counter and be convinced.  We are 1 'fieri 11 �� you Simps. ��� Our spiice is lirniled lo go into particulars,  sufficient that we aie going out of the Shoe business  aud we offer y-ui the Best Goods at 25  per cent  below Coast  Prices. -  ��� BLACKETT &  The Canadian Bank of Commerce.  CAPITAL ' PAID " UP    SS,ooo,ooo.  Branches of the Bank at Seattle,  ��� -San-Francisco,  Portland,  Skagway, etc.  Exchange sold on all Plants*  Gold Dust P-jkchaskd���Assay Oiu-ici" in Connkction-  J.. S.  MUNRO, Manager.  .   LOUIS.   SCHULZ,  Wholesale   and    Retail    Butcher  FIRST   STREET,   ���ATLIN,'-B.   C.  GROCERIES   OF   ALL    KINDS,   also  FRUIT   AND   VEGETABLES,   onfall   Past   Boats  EGGS    -    BUTTER,   Cannsd   and   Fi-ssh     -CHEESE  -   LOWNEV!  CANDV   -  Superior Candy   &   Cracker Co.'s Goods,  Full   Line.    .  HAY   AND   OATS  Wholesale     &    Retail  Tbe'ROSS-HI  Send us your Mail Orders..  SKAGWAY,  Alaska  Pioneer-Bakery-and Restaurant  HI'l-XIAl.'I'U'S   IN'  FANCY   CAKES   &   PASTRY.  Frosh Broad, Rya Browd, etCs?,  Chas, My.-;.*, Proprietor.  <,'ti.iil lii-oiii* t-'-lit-ni   lI.v llm iM.v, Wri-ls ti>< .Mmilti 1,1 mi-mil Wit rut-*.  .  JIMMY REGAN  Shelf and Hessvy Hm*sSwm*B,  Amu., (iluli nml I'l'Milm- llo.-ln-.v I'l.iilt-.., >   ������ Mmii'k Hull Suli-. unit SImh> NnlN-   Ili'i  . - DUtim ,1'Siiii'i. Saw*. - - tfhiiliiw-i.lli.i.f*, UI11*. nml Pin�����������', ������*<���.. ��'*(���.  Full Lino of Winoliestoi*    Mitel. & Smokeless    Riile & Shotgun  Cartridges.  (lutxl*  Uuiii|lil  .^ 11 lil  nml  I ulniii-|i>J.  ATLIN    LAKE    LUMIIliR    CO.  Trough ton  4,   Rldd,   Pi-opriotoro,  -���- -.'������ *������  .������,  Special   Rates   on   all   Contract   Orders ��� See   us   for  CUT   RATES.  ..���������.���-_���-_ **-,...,-..,-���  A, C. Him-cni-'),-,..-, Mun^r,  The Miners Win the Day  Their Rights  Are Rocognizetl ��� Full List of  Those Whoso Titles Have  Boon Confirmed.  As the above title has gone on  record, we make., no apology l'or  using il again, or for reversing ihe  order ol' its significance. On the  30th ullo the order was issued by  Gold Commissiouer Graham that,,  in pursuance to an agreement entered into by Messrs. Wilson &  Senkler, solicitors for certain leaseholders on Gold Run, wilh the  Government,- on behalf of the Gold  Commissioner, that'certain interests  would be protected on the ground  covered by said leaseholds, the following properties are entitled to  full recognition:  The owners of the Natal group,  3 claims;- the Delbert creek aiid  iilsie bench ; - the Herman  and Christiana Creek and bench ;  the Snowshoe group, 5 claims; the  -Winiia claim; the Kthel, No. 7 ;  the Pioneer group.; the, U 6 M  and IOU; the Middlesex and  .Monmouth benches; th^ Deadwood  group; the Oro Blanco; the Oregon  aud. Orient; the Agnes, Hope.  Faith, Bessie and Kruger; claim  No. 9; and the Willis group of 6  claims.  The agreement above referred to  was made and entered into in Victoria.on March'0:3th last year. The  conclusion of the terms of agreement will doubtless set the minds  of the several owners at rest, as the  uncertainty of their tenure greatly  interfered with the progress of development.. .. Wc. unhesitatingly  congratulate tlie individual owners  011 the successful issue' of this  matter.  Parcel , Postage Rates to the  Yukon and Atlin from  Canada Doubled,  The fallowing is tin extract from  1111 OfiWiut tinier received iU the  PoHtofiiee litis week- which eutue into  effect on the isl hint: "On nil uuil-  tor passinii between the Atlin and  Yukon districts, and tiny other part  of the Dumiuiuu to see pi such uh Is  paid far at Ihe letter rote ol" two  cents per ounce or fnieiion thereof,  circulars, not exceeding two minces  in weight, nml newspapers from the  ofi'tce of publication) the pohUil rates  shall be D0U1JI,U tliuse charged  on the same classes of mat ter pass-  ing iu any other part of .lite Doiuin-  .ion."  We will have something to any  next week 611 this very extraordinary ami���-unprecedented .order of  the Postmaster Geuerub  KING CONVALESCENT  Bulletins Will be Issued Once  a Day.  His Condition ��0 Satisfactory that  Only Ono Physician Remains  In Attendance.  ^"Londom, July 4th.���-Kverything  points to the satisfactory, though  prolonged, convalescence of the  King. It is expected that Bulk  Ir.ns regarding bis coiidil7-. will lv,  reduced to one a day. -; '7v .* :u-.-l:  crowds haunt tip.' ih;7.L;:s !-o-ud nt  Buckingham 77 u<, Xhi.* \>\\\r.\-  cian remains in -itLi'i-.h:i=. ������ n:. i7;  Palace during th-.* ni;'Ji;  'Yesterday the fat7u7;., 7-!77i  ���vas posted: "I-Iis j\!,<j-, *'.y -pL-ni u  comfortable night and -hi. u-im-i  now gives comparative  pain."  IUiIl  Boulder Shows Indications of  Being the Banner Creek  of the Season.  Our " Occasional Correspondent'''  on Boulder creek lias furnished us  with some interesting information  regarding the work and results on  that creek :  TinrKayl and- iinrtners ais shoy-  elliiijr   'u    money.    I'"ive   men .are  C-i'  working ou a  :- -ng -.'lit from  '-������:   them-  -liiy I'm' M<X;U. .-*,  50 to va-- ��� ii'^--.   ������    ..���  selves.  Morris, on about ' 2}:-^y i^ibw,  with 7 men, is taking out .}/��� to an  ���ounce a day to the man.  , Anderson, ou 26 below, 3 men,  hasn't got down to pay yet, but the  prospects are encouraging.  Cocking and Westerland arc  working on some excellent ground.  Seven men employed.  Piller is getting ready to sluice  aud littsa good strip of pay opened  out.  itetUtie ami Symons have completed Hit! erection of a fine derrick,  which will enable them to accomplishgood work.  vShuttleworlh und Dockrill have  u strip of 400 feet cleaned off with  excellent pny in aright.  The ehilm'H above mentioned are  all below Discovery, and our Correspondent promises to keep ns in*  farmed from time lo time of the  progress,of work.  The Soeietie Miiiierelms repi'M;-"''  ihe damage wrouiih; by i'i".- -,,���:���;.;  freshet ami ;tu* 5*.i4;--.' f-ts-j-isv -vvU--  Ki'Ht.fyini;'pi'-si   * 1 --  Tin* l':uf ;- M y - n ��\  UirseldV:J -n.7,- 1- \ h\>  "and hom-^-ivi-.i i-y-y  popularity, T=-.; '.!���'���!. h .<  said of the euisiii^ .ifi<' '-.ii*  ol'Uolh officers uud crew.  xh Mi. .vn.ix,  is.c.   s\tt:kii.\v.  in.v .  ^  We can 7? ^ou  -r ^       any House if:  3\vn.  Efii!     I^lfii    Si  ^Lc,-i as cLiiroceries, provisions;  w  sss. ('riant   Powder  on   hand.  % H f raitr $ ��o.  by    .-���!  l.'LTl.lill  luiit    nii'.ets  were   ;;iuiilcil  is  hi Iii,. l.ii-,,1.  ���riiu.<  !.>lil Ci-inini  SsilHU'l   llllli    lilt'  ciwlil-  ns   llu-K-nl  me open I.. Ihe  l>it1>IU*.  Yours I...SJ  t'.-Uilllv,  \\". (  . Mnvi:i:u���  Atlii  , 11. C. Jul>  -1 til. i,;.-_-.  Photographs  Alaska,    Yukon   and  Noi-llu-ni   B.C.  Public School Pi-omoiion:  wiiniiK- ,i,.si���R ,,:��� ,i,o a.uii skaqway lo Aliiii & Dawson  ���ub'ric School   ill-.-   IuIImwii'-.- iM ol! ^       J  \  To Junior Pi inter: J^lnt  Hnmlcrs, Willie Olive, Trewie  Olive, Kuuuv Rirker, Owrniu-Ulc  Slcphcnsnn.  To Senior 2nd Primer : ---lima  Blackell, May Parker, Ailccu Ku-  phenr.(.n. l-'runk Link, Horll-a  Doelker.  To Junior 4th Reader : Jo^ie  Doolker, Arties Smith, Herdcc  Blaekc'.t, Maggie McDimaUI, A,>:.r'.  Dune.  To Senior 4th Reader: ��� Klhel  Pillman, Waller llluekett, Jennie  McDonald, Horace Fraser.  Rolls of Honor : ��� Proficiency ���  Kthel Pillman; Punctuality and  Regularity, Josie Doelker; Deportment, May Parker.  Contemplating .Miss tlughes' intended resignation, a very numerously signed petition was presented  to her, asking her to return to Atliu after the holidays. In acknowledgment of the petition, Miss  Hughes addressed the following  communication to the Secretary of  the School Hoard, Mr. J. S. Muiiro:  Atlin, H.C., June 2H, '02.  John S. Munro, Esq.,  Atlin, Ii. C.  Dicau Sir : I am in receipt of a  communication, signed by a large' ������'���"������'-���������'  number of the residents of. Atlin, ;.-,!^.';i|.  expressing their sorrow at my de- '���'��� = .���-!!.1  parture and requesting me to return [ ~",,..'.���^,i  after the holidays. I '--���'���-  While I   part   from   my   pupils;  with   the   g-fatest   regret,  I have;       ���,](  made certain   arrangements   which. | ^  h-..  will   preve::t   my   coming     noith  again.  May I ask you, as Secretary of  the School Hoard, to convey my  sincere thanks to those who have  thus shown their appreciation oi'  my humble efforts during the pint  year, nnd assure them thut I shall  curry away the most pleasant memories of my Atlin friends mid  their kindness to mc.  Willi best wishes for Ihe prosperity of the Camp and tlie pro-  greHs nf the School.-���-1 am, Yoms  very truly, I,. K. Uihimk:-.  A meeting of the School Trustees  Wits held 011 Saturday hist to elect  u TntiUeo to rtiiccee-l Mr, J, A.  P'raser, resigned, and' Mr. J, St.  Clair UluekcU was nppniuled lo fill  the vacancy, Since that dale Mr,  Olive Iuih seat in his resign a linn,  which will necessitate calling' another meeting lo elect a substitute.  II 1RSG II 1-1-1,1)7  Pcllcw-Harvey, Bryant & Gilman  .Previi'.cia! Assayers"  !:-.(��� Wtr.r.irjvni-  i'.sov Gl.":..-, I r.l.Vj :*���.!-c-il I3BO.         -?*������  U.'.   WALLACE   G3IME   3.   CO.,  Agents.  ���tr-hy sivtm  -' Thirty iluy  of  Uti.-lh  nml   lVori-s far n  Crt'olc ���--!..tout lis-.H ii ttiilr. ft-t  hulf nmilp, tiii-iK-c  N.-imilo*.,  COAL  PROSPECTING   LICENCES  1 W.irUs fu,- :x 1,1-  siile   of   tin-  TtiJiltnn   River,  nlu.-it -('miles trc  Ail in,   ffiugg&t ssisd Grape Iftiss&s  And Ali Kinds of Jewellery Manufactured on the Premises.  S-SP"    Why send out when you can get goods as cheap here?  WaSo&as Frasss $S ftp*   Fins Lin�� of Soiavanss* Spoons*  JULES EGSEST & SON,  Tiie Swiss Vatci.makers.  NOTICE.  Hm\.  Tlii-I.,. Kiiy,  l.til,.    I.iii.,    V.Wtuv   (\m-iun,y,  inv.ili.j-  thi'  l.r Ifnv,  lion   Tail, 1Ii,.u-i;  Ti;siii-,i.-.   nml   Jut*.     i-'uAi-nnN  ATMS,   Ill-XM-TT   AM)    CIIII.I'AT   MIN  Miurrul d-iims, *'t unlet   in   I'uiny IU-1-  ING        OITIrflONrt        OK      CA.S.SIAK  h.vv, rhil.iut  Miiiimr IK-i*.-,,.. .,f russiiii-  l-LKCTOl'Al,   IJISTKICT:  DUIi-i.-l.n. <\  MIITUS in ln-rnhv  Kivrsi   Unit, ti Court   nt  To liAliNAKll   llOVt,  mi OTjii-;:i inn AiiEST  1N    Ucvisidii   will  tit*   heht   ut     tin;     Court  II.-ns.', Atlin, mi   Moiitluv, thp   s.-vt*iit!i  ilny  of July, A. D.JM.iitthr. Iioiii- c.rtfin.VWh  lui^'M^-^ui^'a^ ,lu"��U   'ISrli",',1!  ihl  i-.l tio;  I,, vtmtril.tiii: his slmi-i! "i thr axsv^twt  ���vnrU limit- mi the s-iiil i-lainm, vis..: mm  year's ns-si'ssmciit win-li. fi-otii July. IWH to  July. 1Wi��, aiiiimiittii-/ in the sum ut SliiB.'l'.  Unlr^thf -util iiitioiint he -isiiil t., m<* mi or  l,;iytif Kt>|itci��hcr in-xl I shall  l.i-nwcil, iiin!i-r nml hy vii-nu-.>r ihr-innvcrs  i-tmfcft-ivl Ijy Sfi-timi I uf tlm Mincrul  Amcii.liiirnt Act. JW-'f. rt-iwalitiff Kectitm 11  ut Cup. 43 of lilt-Slot utr.iiiri'"'.'!'.  ���IGS. W.  SMITH,  !ly.]Nu.P. I.ISUSA.Y.  Atty.-iii-l'nct,  Atlin, 11. C:.,Ji*i!<;7t*i, 1O02. Siii  NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS  First Glass  Bicycle Livery & Repair Shop  RATES   REASONABLE.  First Street, Atlin, B. C.  W. I...  Haddon, Mgr.  thut  iiftci  ��� iln:  Threw "knights of the raid"  were innonp; this week's visitors;  W. J. TintlTe, reprcsentiun J, W,  reek-St Co.j 0. II. Iluiclilnj*,**, K  Hoissenu -S:. Cim and   Montgomery  Smith, Tin.' Hluc Uihhou Twi Co.  Isun.l Wm-lis tut ix l.i-  [���oul ��u  111.- rollmviiii.-  ithsii!t-�� ��.r  thp Tuhl-  K. Mi-DmnihCs S,  i Mhirdu timing W  :>:ill��.   -milhl   tht'i  i-:, cu  ; then  KTOTIfi; UI��-iTh.vt,flvi'ii Hint nfUM'Sin .ln.vs  ,tN I'l-iiKiilalM I Inn  lu nt,|ily H. ih.i Ciii..t  rnmmli.-l'iimi'ori.iHiiU Hint Wm-li* t��v n I.I-  .4.111-1- tti|ir<M|ii>t'l I'.il' t'Ditl nn tin* riilhtwliii- h.mlM  t**t tlm  imnli  .M-* nf Ih" TitlillHU   lllvor,  nimmr'ni'liia ni  11  itnsi"Viu-(l.���.U  Mi'lviij'n N, W, i-tii'iK'v rust, llm ��� ,*s) .'InttiH  -���n-r. Hmu,  iIh'm  I'hiiln-  ntiiluh  Nil 1  Ul II  l.iimd'ilMiiy Mli, IP'S.  MOTl.T, Mu'.'i.|.,v|dvi.u liml  nl't->i'S-iiluv��  l*  I'nmuh.iM I \m ti��� utipty in Dim Cliluf  rnmiiil^lKtior .if tMWU nml W-.rkH ft.r n t,P  "ft  ttM'fn-lfil I'"' wiitl nn tin* !nl1m\lni  III. III). 11.11-  llftllll    MIIHl,  LhtrMttf   Ml  Tithl*  tmi  UIvpp, t-  niiinnit'lui" nl n (Ki��,t 1  rn-lnnl  ",l, A. I*i'in**r  i-tmlnsuntti t  s S. 1" t-iii>i-, tlu<mi<-K  Sll -'lii-l���� H.uthi   tin.  ii-n.%- Nl ..Iml.'Mini'lh t  ���Uiilux  llFl IIIIUIM-I"  H'l!l,i.(iulniulli;tmil(1i-vi  .1, A. Vi  \'ZW  Mlhtllii,  Finest East of Mountain  HAY  "or Sale in^e or Sm:;!l Bales  S7O.00 per ton.  Apply'to  W.   A.   ANDERSON,  Cariboo   CrosSittg,   Y. T.  STEVENS-  Mi Shot Hifll  esssB mmupnnm|ai-  A now ride. 20-inch linrrnl.  Wclglili ���! iiounda. 0. 13. cupa  nnd .22 short R. P. Haa an  AUTOMATIC] KAJ**-|T** ami  mnnob bo tliHi-liai-god ucciUont-  ully.  Prloo Only $~��l*>6  II llip^i- vlili'i'i mn not onrrlnl In .took  li.v yhiir ili'lllir, Hcml lil'tcn nllil wo will  u'l'iul It. lo ,v.m i'-.,iini,'ii jiri'lullil.  j Si'ml t.lii..ii. tov t-utulw. .luin'rU.t.uiOQni-  .ililcln llim ivtiil mmtuiniliH vtthtuliio 111*  ifiirimUioii In nuoiitcra.  The J. Stevens Arms aud Tool to,  p. 0. gi> CHIOOPE. FAUS, MASS.  l'.ir Drniiges nml the vgry lim:sl  biitu-i- uu to .Mclloiuild'n (Irtwory.  Copies ol Hie new I-lueer Act ol  i.)oi, consult lined witli the Acts of  iSyS and iS^o, I'tii- sttle ttt the  Claim Offou.  ,��� lln^lst..!. <>r V..t,.|... f..l- 11,.' Alli.l, it..,.-  ni.l CliilUut Mii.ii.^. l)ivi.i.,n..c,r Oiissii...  .,n,l ijistri.-t.-lm Vi<,..t,.in,Sui,-.,.(r),s  .1.  H. GK.ISMU,  Frank Mobley,  Taxidermist,  ATLIN,   B.C.  Furs and Skins dressed���Birds and  Animals stufled.  Prices can   be obUiined upon application to A. C. HlRSCUI-'KLD,  Specimens ou   exhibition  and   for  sale at the Claim Office.  G. P. N. Co.  ��� ALASKA   ROUTE SAILINGS.���  The following sailings are announced for the. month of July ���  Leaving Skagway at 6 p.m., or on  arrival of train:  Princkss" May,      .     July   9  Amur     .        .        . 7  11 - 1 ��� M 21  For further in formation, apply or  write to        H. B. Dunn, Agent,  Skagway, Alaska.  ATLffl FISH MARKET  A. lliiCNtfii, Pr-nu'lnti-i*.  ��� Fresh Fish Always ou Hand ���  llydnttdie nnd Other Companies  Supplied nt Wholesale RrUes,  TllK  Kooicnay Restaurant  la  Now  Oxen,  Miss I.VNAt'int, Prop,  The Toitilo will olwR'/i bo provided  with tho beat the Market aflordi,  W. WALLACE GRIME & Co.,  N-iinrl-'t-l'-UiH-',  Third Street, Atliu 11, C,    -  MIMNO llRUKtRS S. (H1MMISSIUN Af.lMN.  Ftco   4   Aooldcnt   Inftiiranee.  AttKS'l'rt   Hill  PK1-KMW -1IAIIVKV   A   CO.   A^ihvi'i'N.


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