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The Atlin Claim 1900-07-14

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 1 -   * I     ' t
\< >
w -
i' /
' %Mr
VOL.   '3-
14,, 1900.
NO. 63.-.
T. C. Mcfeely and Co.
Have "Just Received a FuflLine^of
fuse and caps, and everything ill the building and mining'line. °
WALL PAPERS.     .,   • , -  ,    ' .
Corner of First and PearV Street,     '', .    '     "   ATLIN*
Doyoci want
A good\suit of clothes, a'/hat ,
or a pair of shoes, or anything in
Dry good-s or Groceries,
The-largest stock, best selection at reasonable prices at
Early on  Tuesday  morning,   D.
H.   McDonald, the carrier, wfth his
well-known grey team, set put" for
Spruce witrTaJull load "of groceries
for various people'there. Since high
water,, the bridge over jPine "a^t  the
, Junction has been'in'a very  shaky
1   condition, but other- teams  having
'crossed   lately,"""MrT"*—McDonald13tlie wagon wa"*> recovered in„a dam^
the'structure collapsed into the fast-
running stream.    The driver  him-
'       ' *      *
self fortunately   landed   on    some
wreck which .stood fast. One of
they gallant greys was caught under the vvreckage„and incontinently-
drowned;: theyother, on help arriving, ,wasl .rescued. ' The groceries
and other ictas .aboard were swept
down'stream. aud entirely lost, but
Chinese Fiends Butcher Ministers,
-   . -1
, Momen and Children' and
Then Apply the Torch.
Peking Heeks* With Carnage and
-   All the Northern Provinces -
Ablaze Mith Insurrection.
thought he would risk it also; but
the bucket can go to the well just
once too often, and so it was in this
case.    On reaching the centre'span,
aged condition.' There"isTconsider
able difference of opinion as to who
is' responsible,' the majority inclining to the belief that the Government-ought" to shoulder the loss.
jh Socz/fem /s/(?s.w/?e/e3&yc/tys/7?//c$.
Dockrill & Co. have sent out for
sets of lacrosse sticks and now Canada's national game will be in order.
Atlin Restaurant, Pearl street,
now running full blast. Open till
midnight,    Fone & Summons.
Skagway, July t3,' London,* July
7.—The massacre of foreign ministers, women, children and guards
at Peking, after 18 hours' hopeless
resistance, con filmed, says* a despatch from Shanghai, July",6th, received ' in London to-day. When
the'ammunition and food  was-'ex-
hausted the {Chinese  fiends  closed
1      . . -
up on the  legation  and   butchered
all.1 'They'['then-set   fire   to   the
building \ and  the  remains  of
victims   were   1 consumed   in
horrible holocaust. "' ■    ,
-Japan is'urging England to put a
large army in the field, which she
will support!'       ' - ,
-vs Prince" Taun' butchered 4,000
Chinese for'petitioning him to control the orgie of blood and, pacify
his follpvvers. • Peking reeks 'with
cainage. ^-All the Northern Provinces "are ablaze with insurrection,
and the ruthless thirst for blood is
aroused.^^Murders „ are ^ occurring
everywhereandTalwaysf accompanied
by outrages and incendiarism. Latest reports from Che Foo say that
there is no longer any -doubt that
disaster has overtaken the Russian
force, 3,000 of which left Tientsin
for Peking June 1 ith.
,Lloyd s war rates- on cargoes
bound for China are doiible-ordin-
" Japan has 22,000 troops on Chinese soil. It is generally agreed
that Japau will make the fight, the
European nations sharing the expense, although other nations are
sending reinforcements forward.
England is strongly supporting Japan. ^?he situation is--serious at
MonkdeiL The British Consul and
Cossacks are defending the Danish
mission, while * the Japanese and
Russians are hurrying to1 their assistance. It is doubtful ic they can
arrive in time to save the place.
London, July 7.—Bulier has arrived at Pretoria. De Witt's force
is sunounded aud it is only a question of time until he surrenders.
Reitz surrei.dered to the Yeomanry aud^'Derbyshire soldiers, who are
now at acton Holme*, bound for
Philadelphia, July 8.—Cramp's
shipyard was visaed to-day 'by a
$200,000 fire.
1 Victoria, B. C, July 7.—The SS.
Tartar will sail from Vancouver
about July nth with 1500 marines
tor China, accompanied by the
cruiser Arethusa.
^ The Bauk of Commerce and the
Bank of British Columbia amalgamate. This will become effective
about Sept. 1 The Bank of Com
merce capitalization will then be
ten million dollars.
latest reports say that all the
steamers from Nome will be quarantined at Port Townse-.d betoie
being allowed to proceed to their
destination. Typhoid fever and
small-pox atNomeare spreading and
the place is greatly overdone.
1    '     BOULDER   CREEK. '
" Our  correspondent  reports that,
the Jaime    de  Lamare  Hydraulic
Syndicate 1 has  30   men  employed -
under the management of Mr.   C. ,
Christopher, and that the  ditch   is
nearly'   completed. ' The^ pressure
box has been erected,  a pipe-'way
cleared to the creek"'and a  trestle
being put up to carry the pipe. The >
pipe is .nearly  all on  the  ground
and the remainder is daily arriving. ,
Unless any unforeseen  circumstances intervene, piping will 'be commenced  on, the   20th'inst, and'another heavy  producer will be" added to swell the' district's gold  returns.    '
' On the creek, from  12  above  to
20 below, all hauds aresluicing and
making money.    -' There, are   no'
homeward-bounders amongst them,
but we understand  nearly" all, are
taking out good wages and over.
-   The wagon road is* good,   what'
there  is of    it, </but "the'   miners
think  the Government should supplement -it by running a trail up as,
far as discovery claim.'   J
,,.    MUNRO MOUNTAIN/'    l
' *The Nimfod Syndicate  has' had
a  clean-up at the'Anaco'nda^mill of
about   100 tons of ore from the Na-
naimo group ou  Monro mountain,
which *;\they: \ have  under     bond.
-Whilst*tne  exact'/amoun't 'of gold .
recovered" has  not  transpired,   yet
we are warranted in saying that  it '
was  completely  satisfactory.    The
syndicate are   now   putting   in   a
drift to cut the ledge 125 feet below v
the present workings.
Livingston Thompson, C. E., P.
L. S., has arrived in and started
the practice of his profession,, with
temporary offices on upper Pearl
avenue. Mr. Thompson is now
engaged surveying the Thron
Gulch' group of hydraulics, the
property of Messrs. Clifford, Irving,
Bateman and others. By late advices from Mr. JJateman, at present
in London, the group has been
bonded for half a million and active
development work -is* expected to
take place soon.
Jelly squares. Make delicious
jelly without boiling. Concentrated lemonade.
Another lot of fresh Creamery
Butter, New Potatoes and Onions,
Bartlett Pears.
Fresh consignments of fruits and
vegetables on every steamer, No
stale goods.
The Taku railway is fast getting
into shape. The rolling stock,
composed ot four new cars, each of
ten tons' capacity, having arrived.
A passenger coach is also due, as
is the engine, the shrill whistle of
which will soon be reverberating
from our mountains aud valleys,
making lis feel as if we are really
in touch with civilization.
r 1 I-
'     '-,f
1 .--.'•.
,1   /     *•>   >
X      'i>    f
, ,\   r'>   »**K
\ ..' .... .A.        '     £
I        ' *">"- I '>
, ',{'?y 1- ; **..
' > ,  - ' .-    /. ij.r'-vl
, /- ,-* " ji
' -,X, -if    A».
■• ■ . i ^. .'-*,
•   <<   ^./.',-v, ,*•
>   - ii.--,i -■•*■*.*j.i
'; *'  'T: $$?i
. 1.' ,;r*. -»*•
"k   ,      ■' z<\&i
,n "...*-.■'
,   ,*   .}, V/''
- * ft- y
,7*.  f    h J\". , \u
1    ■  '^til&l
""- .VA-V|
'-/v;     **f,ff,
1' "  ' v-~
'■•' '     -.  " <l< rift
■'S\  '*'..« -^1
<   ir I     <r*ti*^i
-   "  .   --.-y^/C^I
-.     ».    * -£       *J"~iL2**St I
r +" >    *-7t   w 'itTJ* I
r ■- '''-xy -itl
-* ^.-.-1*^        --• *-',-*, £.
v-    *        »T.   *     -   /*>"
'.-' ;*>l
-' .5"
* "*l
^-' *; I
-1 -t--* ii
..     -I
' \
^•*Jlfl WW*" I f  >  ATLIN,   B.   C.,- SATURDAY,   JULY  f<|,  o  w  The   Atlin  Claim.  by  Published   over*    Satm-iliiy  inornin  Tub Ati.in'Cuaim Puhi.ibiiinci Co.  Oitloo ol' publication:  t-'cconfl, bktWLOii Tiainor ami Peurl Sti't-cts.  AJvBi'tliinu. rates made Luow n on application. ,  Tho siibHoi-ii'tioii jirico is "--I n ji-nv \n\\-  nblo iu nilvanco. No ]*.i|ior will bo ili-livureil  miles.* tl-.e*.o condition-" nrc roiniilioil w i(h.  Whilst the eyes  of the  civilized  world  arc  earnestly  fixed on   the  momentous and unexpected  events  which Jare  now tianspiring in   the  Celestial Kingdom, theie  seems  to  be a  general ignoiauce  prevailing  legarding  the causes which   have  led up to the  present  terrible  condition of affairs.    It has   all  come  around so suddenly that the general  run of people wonder what  it's  all  . about. It means, apparently, something like���China  for the Chinese  -and defiance to all the world. '  ��       The Chinese are the most exclusive people , mentioned  in   history.  -They  want nothing to do with' the  outside  world and only crave to be  1 left entirely to themselves, even --.o-  ,ing to the enormous trouble and expense of raising the famous wall to  'keep  out ' the   inland barbarians.  But .they  could uot  raise  a   wall  along  the coast to keep the sea-going   "foreign devils" out, and parts*  of their    sea-board  territory  have  been seized by the British,   French,  ���Russians and Germans".     Added to  all this, and worst of all,   was the  introduction   of - large  numbers  of  -Christian   missionaries   who  have  been proselytizing energetically for  3rears.    At every place which could  be reached, there was the  missionary  preaching the, to them, absurd  and   demoralizing    doctrines   that  women were possessed of souls and  other such damnable heresies. Children were being taken  away  from  their parents and taught of strange  gods at the missions,   and,   altogether,   the  Flowery   Kingdom  was  getting in  a bad  way.    To   counteract this, a society was   instituted  some  years   ago   under     a   name  which has been Anglicised for convenience into the "Boxeis."    This  society is a patriotic one,   and  aims  at running all foreigners out ot the  country.    The Empress  Dowager,  who is all potent iu China,* is  with  the movement hand and glove. The  German foicible occupation of Kiau  Chau and late   Russian   encroachments  have   denionstia<ed   to  the  patriots  the, necessity of immediate  action, and hence  the  present outbreak.  To judge impassively in any  quarrel, it is a good plan to look at  it from the other fellow's point of  view, to put yourself in his place,  as it were. To the Chinese "all  coons are alike" and come under  the general category of "foreign  devils." Feisonally, the white man  and his -ways are as distastful to the  Chinaman as his are to us. The  Chinaman also is proud and claims  that his ancient so-called civilization aud leligion are superior to  that of the foieign devils in every  way. Now, just suppose that we  here in Canada, for instance, -were  invaded by hundreds upon hundreds of Chinese missionaries using  every means-in their power to subvert Christianity. Also, suppose in  addition that China sent warships  and troops over and occupied Es-  quimalt,   Nanaimo  and Vancouver  without somuchas "by your leave,"  what would Canadians do about it?  Why, we would do exactly what  the Chinese Boxers are doing today and call it the highest 'patriotism. Nevertheless, the Chinese as  a nation must go under. They are  blocking one of nature's greatest  laws���the law of progression. Ev-  er}' nation now-a-days must fall -in  aud travel with the procession or  else   get   run   over   by   the  baud  >. w.  Sunday, Monday aud Tuesday  saw many visitors to the different  creeks and benches, representation  time having arrived.. The difference  from last season was very, striking.  Then/it was ten raeu to one claim;  now there seems to be more claims  than hands to man them.. As a result, Atlin is now, without doubt,  the most prosperous mining camp  in the Province. No man need be  idle who is fit and willing to' work.  Lots of payable claims can be had  for the recording or on easy lays,  whilst the hydraulic companies are  always open1 to engage men at  wages" from four dollars a- day upwards. Domestic help in,the hotels  is very scarce, and any "moderately  hancty woman can readily command  from  $60  to $75  per  month  and  board at-that class-of work.      A  ���      *- *  > '  cheerful, hopeful tone  pervades  all  classes. ' Our permanent resources,  hydraulic and quartz mines, are  showing up beyond all reasonable  anticipations, and, taken 'altogether,  the merganser dangles at a considerable  altitude.    Wha's like us?  British Mmwa Corporation, Ul  ATLIN, '!B.'*0.     '   ,       .  LARGEST AND BEST STOCK OF GENERAL  ,   MERCHANDISE NORTH OF VANCOUVER.  'See our greatly reduced prices on all our winter stock.      '  See our prices on groceries. Ladies' goods a specialty.  ,   Pine City branch now open, '  A'.' I-I. STRACEY /" ,   " ARCHIE W. SHIELS,  .    Atliu Manager. Agent AtliuCity.  ' THE URANP HOTEL  ��� ;  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  ,   , r  CONDUCTED IN-FIRST-CLASS MANNER* \      '  *   French Restaurant in Connection'   . '^ ' " ,  Rice &" Hastie, Proprietors;   David Hastie, Manager.-- -'  Corner of Firsfancl Discovery Streets.    "        '       "  -    1  jl'  paper' a' success, being entirely  qualified for the undertaking. We  wish the new venture a long and  prosperous existence.  , and still another. "  , The Northern Star, P. F. Schar-  schtnidt, editor and proprietor, and  A. M. Rousseau, business manager,  will make its appearance at , White  Horse   next week. ���Bennett Sun,  July 7: ' '  "but then, stranger, the funny thing  was^ the law of gravitation was pet-  rified too, and so it couldn't work1"  Deal a yin!  As far as has been ascertained the  true bed rock in Nome  tundra  districts is a soft sand stone  or  mica  schist, and is encountered at depths  varying* from 20 to 60  feet.    Overlying this,   in  alternate  stratas of  various thicknesses  are found  the  formations in order herewith  presented: Surface covared with tundra  moss and gras.s; dark brown or black  peat;  blue   clay;   gray   sand  *and  gravel; fine ruby sand carrying metallic gold; blue  clay;   white  sand;  gra\el and .sand;  gray  sand  with  cross bedding;  gray  gravel;  gray  sand and  gravel;  ruby  and  black  sand with    metallic   gold;   yellow  sand; loam and clay; fine gray gravel and sand; course gray gravel and  sand; fine gray sand with some gold;  loam   aud   arenaceous   blue   clay;  gray sand and gravel;  yellow  and  blue clay;  gray  sand  and  gravel;  yellow and blue clay; yellow   sand;  glay gravel and  sand;  gray  sand;  ruby   sand  and  black   sand   with  gold; loam and clay;-bedrock.  WHITE HORSE TRIBUNE.  town  The new and thriving  White Horse will soon  paper of its  own.    Mr.   R  of  have   a  Burde,  late city editor of the Province, and  Mr. J. T. Wilkinson, also of the  Province, having transported there  the entire plant :>f the defunct Atlin Globe, and hope to be able 'to  make "the first issue appear by the  middle of the present month. The  paper will be called the White  Horse "Tribune, and will appear  weekly, four-page six-column.  Both    gentlemen    are    brilliant  writers and will surely make  the  CAN ANYBODY BEAT" THIS?.  A party of men were talking one  evening of the wonders .they :had  seen, but, a Yankee who was present yawned even at the most exciting tale. At length one of the  talkers sneeringly said that of course  he'would know of things more wonderful. ' '  "Waal," drawled the Yankee, "I  just do. But wc don't heed them  in Ameriky."  " You mean Niagara Falls, and  the Mammoth Cave and such  things?"  "Bah!" was the exclamation.  "We don't count caves, nor waterfalls, nor burning mountains, nor  boiling springs, though we can beat  creation with them. Say did you ever  hear of the petrified forest in Ari-  zony?���hundred of thousands of  acres of stone forests?''  "And the trees standing?"s -  , "Waal, I should say so; not only  standing but all in leaf, and some in  blossom,,and others full of nuts and  other fruit, all turned into stone."  "And I suppose there were birds  in the trees?"-said one sarcastically.  "Birds! No end of birds, sir, all  of the most beautiful plumage, and  all turned into stone. Even the  nests in the trees, aud the eggs iu  them, were petrified in the "most  wonderful manner you ever saw. I  see some of you fellows doubt me.  Waal, all I have to say is that I'll  take you there to prove it. I'll tell  you what I saw last time I was in  the petrified forest. There was a'hunt-  er who must have been in the forest  when the petrificaction took place, for  he was petrified too, and there he  stood, as straight as you please,  with a petrified gun to his shoulder  taking aim at a petrified bird. Why,  all was so natural that you could  see the shot and the smoke coming  out of the muzzle of the���"  "I've got you there!',' interrupted  one.    "The   law    of    giavitation  would have brought down the shot."  "So it would," said the  Yankee:  Alex. Gibson was awarded $1500  damages by a Skagway jury last  week,against'the C. P. N. Co. for a'-  broken leg caused by a sling loaded  with, hay from one, of the company's  steamers falling on him while work--'  ing on a wharf at Skagway.���Alaskan. ~"     -  *"'���   *," , ,  4   i        *;   *  ' The    royalties" collected in *the >'  ,Yukon-as shown by' the parliamei".-'  tar}' returns, for/the fiscal; year end- '  ing June  30, .1899, .amounted" to"  $598,943.    For   six- months 'from  Juue 30 tb-Decetnber 31,' 1899, .the '  collections; were $293,205.   -\  Skagway church people last week  sent $132 to-the famine sufferers of  '  India.      - .-  Canadian Bank...  ..-. ...of Commerce  r       ������ *, 1  Corner. Second and Pearl Streets..  Gold Assayed,  purchased' or taken on  Consignment. -  -    .       !  L   [I  -     "     *   * I,  Exchange ~sokLon all thevpriuci  pal points in Europe, the United  States.and Canada.   -  ASSAY OFFICE  IN CONNECTION'.  FOR GOLD DUST ONLY*  T.- R. BILLETT, Manager.*  OWNLEE & LOWRY  J, II. Brownlee, P.LS..D.LS.      '    .  R. C. Lowry, A. M. I. C. F.  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  Land Surveyors.  - Pearl Street, Atlin, B. C.  Bant & Jones,  NOTARIES,  MINING BROKERS  AND  REAL ESTATE AGENTS  Agents* for the Imperial Life Assurance Co.  BATHS  BARBER SHOP  LINK & PRATT, Prop-?.  Now occupy their new  quiii-tors next  to tlio Bank of B. N. A��� First Street.  The bath rooms are e<iuall3' as f?ood as found  iu ditidi.   Pvivatj j itrj 133 fir I ili*i.  '    i  i  ���J  M  '>l  > > ��l ' \       >  V *        t *���  i   ''   .      i  1 , I'  C^  / V  'Pf./'  SATURDAYJULY 14, 1900.  life.'.  ft"  ��� r - J  r'  ���t  ���c-h  i*  h'      '  I'll     '  B   " -  Li       ���<  fi'"  (7  CANADIAN BANK  '*    COMMERCE.  OF  Report  of 'Shareholder'   Meeting  'I    Held in Toronto, June 19th, 1900.  ���   The annual meeting of the shareholders of the   Canadian   Bank ol  '- -      -���  Commerce was held  in the  Bank-  ing House,' Toronto/ ou> the 19th  ult.,' a large number of sh arehold-  ers being present. The Pre.-ident,  Mr.  George A. Cox, was requested  "to take the  chair,   and   Mr.  J.   H.  'Pluinmer, the Assistant General  Manager, read, the report**of the  directors as follows:   ��� \  The directors beg* to piesent to  the _ shareholders the 33rd'^annual  'repoit, covering -the-year ending  3ist<May, 1900, together 'with *the  ��� usual-statement of assets and liabilities: ,   '' ' ���  The balance at credit of prollt and   f '    ,    ,  1      loss account,   brought  forward r  ,-   from last year ��nt   ,        _ - ?   B"},7.*8 5S  Tho not profits for tin* yeur ending      s      ' ,  ���1st Maj. after providing'for ull ���  bad and doubtful debts, miioiint-  '    ed to          76��,ri82  Making iu all  $ 822,-)21 05  - Wliich has been appropriated as follows:  Dividends, No. 6"i and 66, at seven       ,  (percent, per annum    .    .. - **420,000 00  Transferred to the rest account        2")0,C0O 00  Written off Bank Pi eniises   .. .100,000 00  - Transferred to 'Pension  Fund'    .     '.10,000 00  -     Grant to National Patriotic Fund \      5,000 00  Grant to fund for relief of sufferers by^OttaVa fire . __ . 2,->00 00  *  * Balance carried forward        .         .   34,821 05  - * <       * ^^^^^  " ^     \ T    ' * !   $822,321 05  The usual careful revaluation  of  _ the entire assets ot theBa'nk has been  - made, "and all bad and doubtful debts  have been'amply provided "for " - \  "   The profits of theyear have been un .  usually large; permitting an addition  '    tdtheReserve'Fundof$25o,ooo, and  further reduction of $1.00,000 in the  - Bank .Premises account. A sim-  ilar^appropiation to the Bank Premises account was' made  last year,  - and the Bank--has thus out of profits  ^paid largely for the extensive building operations of the last two years.  During the year the Bank has  , opened Branches as follows: At  Fort Frances, Ont., a point on the  Ontario and Raiiiy River Railwaj-,  destined to, become of commercial  importance; at Fort Steele/ an office^  worked,'in connection with our  Cranbrook office, in the East Koot-  enay District of British Columbia;  at White Horse in the Yukon Territory, being the terminus of the  White Pass and Yukon Railway  Company; and'at-'Seattle, in the  State of Washington, a city -intimately connected with the trade along  the Pacific Coast.  vThe various branches,   agencies,  and departments of the Bank   have  'been inspected durii g the year. >  The directors have ' again  pleasure in recording their appreciation of the efficiency and zeal with  which their respective duties have  Been performed by the officers of  the Bank.  Geo. A. Cox.  President.  Toronto, June 9, '1900.  '     LIMITED*  HEAD OFFICE,  ������"��� -        * *     .'       1   <  and,  the stages  weie  crowded  so'  that very, many had to hoof it along  'the dusty highway. , This < they did  cheei fully. An astonishing number of ladies1 were present, their  bright summer dresses and gay  parasols adding much to the brilliancy of the scene. ",��� Just why the  sports should have been contested  on the hot, glaring street, when a  nice little clearing, with ample sit--  tiug accommodation convenient, lay  within a stone's throw, is a question for the initiated to answer. As  the shades of evening, fell a good  many of the'boys'seemed to be suffering from well, say mild sunstroke!  but a,better tempered, easy-going  crowd ^was, surely never gathered  together.    Owing'to   the'delay  iii  getting the tug-of-war settled it was     ,      . .     .  a quarter past to ere the ball  com- for  3?,ooo' shares was also refused,  meiiced  at the Nugget Hotel Hall."/rhe  sal9 'raade -yesterday    were  A>llycroWd. attended  and  made!simP1y to get money for futher dev-  the most of it until  Sunday   raorn-  ing.    We  will' not  say, that  they  clipped just a few minutes from the  >  C-CHRISTOPHER, ^ A. C. HIRSCHFELD, "  ���    President. ,  ��� -,   y     Secretary.  1 1 '  -Atlra Abstract Company,  1 -^.  .        *   Ir l'  in, B. C  '9  >   , Searches Made and Abstracts of Title to Mineral, Hydraulic      ��  ;*aud Placer Claims Furnished."  Correspondence solicited: \  vCv-^iitfVV'yv*^^^  that purchasers had to stand in a  row at the office. When the block  was sold the sales were'closed, but  the demand still held good. jrSome  predicted the price would t imme-  diately go to, 25" cents, ^ aud the  company positively refused to sell  more at 15,.cents.    An  application  K1  IRKLAND HOTEL,  FIRST  STREET,   ATLIN.  * 'J. KIRKLAND, - Manager.  First-class dining room , -  And Elegant Sleeping Rooms.  G. E. Haym. -  J. G. Cornell.  sacred day, as the best of watches,"  elopment." '.  According to the expert's opinion, the deposit'is not a low grade  free milling  ore,   but - that  it  is  a  such as ours is, areJ a little uncer-,' ver> < rich 'tellurium. The com;  taiuin these latitudes. 'The; con-!P*"? w.as receutly incorporated, un-  tested'events and their, results were: ,der ^e l���3' of B-ritish   Columbia,  with  a capital  of half   a -million.  Mayor'Hislop.of Skagway, is'Presi-  dent, aud ' the-'Canadian < Bank of  Commerce, Skagway, is treasurer.  Mrj-Ryim, late manager of 'the famous Le Roi, will take ,charge ���of  .developing.     ,   - '      ~v    .,_  ,Putting 16-lb. shot���Leatherdale' and McLennan, tie. ,  '        ''  Throwniff 5ti-lb waiffht���Kirkland 1, Haulier niau 2.        j>   "' ,   '   ,'     '  100-yards'^race���Pinder 1, Leoappallaiu 2:  8 ran..  Won by 2 feet.   Time II seconds.  Gold-Panning Contest���R. A. Lambert 1;  time HI sees ;iiVI_cAulay*2, tinie 1 mm. ~3 sec.;  4 entries.    ' -     ,  VvQuaiter-mile race���Pinder 1, Lecappelluin  2, Bourne S, time 48 sec. Pinder "won by .5  yards. * Only'one* foot between 2nd and .*rd  man. Special .prize ifiven Bourne for'hn  gameettort. ��   ? -    *>,   ,    x "*  "Toiiiig Caber���McLennan "1, Bainferman 2.  Kumiing- Long- Jump���Johnson 1, Lecap-  pellain 2.  , '   " "  120-yards hurdle raa.*-Plnder 1, Lecaiipel-  laln2. i  Pole Vaulting���Johiibou 1, Neloon 2.      i  "Horse Race���Norman Kant 1, Teddy Rant 2.  Running High Jump���Pinder 1, Cartmel 2.  - The Association Football"match,  Pine vs. Atlin, was won by a score  of five goals to one. The Atlinites  were completely outplayed and  showed no combination work worthy .of- the' naint\ Stewart and  Owens were the bright' particulai  stars of the -Pines," but all played  well.       . - .     -  ' Iu the tug-of-war the Spruce  Creek  team   beat  Brackett's "team  ii T  after a. hard pull. The Scotch team  beat D. Hastie's team in 2 minutes.  Final, < Scotch team heat Spruce  Creek and v on. The names of the  winners are: Mitchell, McNairn,  Douglas, McKay, Kirkland, McLennan (anchor), James Coutts.cap-  taiu.  - ���The Brackett hydraulic "on Willow creek is steadily pipiLg night  and day." Whilst -the amoin\t*' of  gold won is no^made public, -it1 is  an 'open secret ���that returns are  away up in G. - .*   -  The government cable from St JVIi-  chaels to Nome, a distance of 135  ���miles, is expected to be laid this summer. This cable will have connection with the telegraph line from  Valdez, via Ft. Egbert and the Yukon.  Discovery.  OPEN DAY" A'ND NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT ,  '; ,i    -    in ';   -1  "    \':   CONNECTION. ;    -i  Headquarters for Buhner & Parrott's stage.  -��� PINE TREE HOTEL --'  '/ 'DISCOVERY, B. Cr  When you come to _ Discover}- take  '  -       -shelter under the tree.'  i-   t "���- v 1       ^- r v  Finest of liquors. v* Good stabling.  PIOISfBER  X  THE  ENGINEER  GROUP.  DOMINION DAY AT PINE.  Favored by the finest sort of weather, the celebration at Pine last  Saturday was a success from start  to finish. The weather was in fact  nearly too tropical for comfort. At  a conservative calculation over 600  people attended the sports. The Atlin delegates  showed  up  m   force,  Great Excitement at Skagway on  the Placing of Stock on the  Market���A Long Row of Buyers Anxious to Invest.  We learn that Skagway is very  much excited over the prospects of  the Engineer Group Mining Co. on  Taku Arm. The "Alaskan" of  the ^9th says: "There was considerable excitement through the  city yesterday from- the news that  the Engineer Group had been examined by expert De Roux and  pronounced a great deposit of rich  ore. __ The owners of the property  placed on sale a block of 30,000  shares of treasury stock at 10 cents  a share, and sold it all in four  hours. '  "The news of the richness oc the  property spread so rapidly, and  people became so anxious  to buy.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that tlio British  Yukon Mining, Tiading and Transportation  Company, have, in compliance w ith Chapter  92, Sec. 3, Revised Statutes of Canada, made  application to the Minister of Public  Woiksat Ottawa for permission to build,  erect arid maintain the following-described  works or structures, namely: Ono draw-  span bridge, for use of therailw ay now being constructed by the above-named company, said bridge to be located across the  stream at outlet of Lake Bennett, know n as  Upper Caribou Crossing, Yukon Ten itory.  And the said company ha\e also deposited  with the Minister of Public Works at Ottawa the maps or plans showing the suid  w orks and structures.  1 E. C. HAWKINS,  Chief Engineer.  Dated Bennett, B. C, June 7th, 1900.    '  First pub. June 1G.  Last Jti'j 7.  PINE CITY, B. C.  .   ,Carries a full1 line1 of Groceries,  Hardware,   Gent's Furnishings and'  Boots and Shoes.  *. *  CD. NEWTON & CO.  , Proprietors.  When in Atlin stop  '   .  . at the .  .  OLYMPIC. HOTEL  First Street.  Headquarters for  Lemp's St.  * '" Louis La'ger Beer. '  First class Restaurant in connection.  A. BURKE,   Manager.  <  NOTICE.  NOTICE is herolo given that the British  Yukon Mining, Trading and Transportation  Compan*. have in compliance w ith Chapter  92, Sec 5, Revised Statutes of Canada, made  application to the Minister of Public Works  of Canada, Ottawa, for permission to construct a w hnrf or steamer landing along tho  westerly or left bank of the Lewis, or Piftj  Mile River, about one milo below- Whito  Horse Rupids, Vulion Territorj. The said  steamer landing to begin at a point on tho  river on line w ith the southerly line of  Main street, of tho tow nsiie of "White  Horse" as platted and approved, and thence  running northorlj along the river bank for  a distance of one thousand feet, and the  said company have also deposited with the  Minister of Public Works at Ottawa, tlwe  maps or plans showing the said works or  structures.  E. C. HAWKINS,  Chief Eugincer.  Dated Bennett, B. C. June 7th, 1900.  1st pub. June 10.  Last July 7.  Of  Run the ouly^stage to  DISCOVERY arid SURPRISE LAKE  A four-horse Saratoga wilL  convey' passengers to Dis  covery, and from there con-  " nectiou  is made with S ur-  - * prise Lake.  They Have a Number of Buggies  of the Latest Pattern for Hire.  Saddle Horses and Freighting are a  Specialty with them.  Leave  orders   at   the    B.    A.   C.  Store, corner ist and Rant.  ECOND HAND STORE.  DISCOVERY AND SECOND STREETS.  GO   TO  Jimmy Regan for all kinds of New  and Second Hand Goods.  Highest cash price paid for outfits and job  lots.  TULES EGGERT & SON,  Swiss Watchmakers,  And manufacturing jew ellers.  AH kinds of nugget w ork executad w ith  neatness and despatch.  First st. next to Vancouver General Stors.  -      ' .    '       -r}  1    ���" a;  J      '"      i n  '        '<'     ^    ^  I    / }  '       \   '. l", .v-"  "'-  , ��� li. J" ' 1. J'  *. - ^     iu J ~   \  ,     <     " r;j\ii;  -..". -   '. '��� *  l,*Z.'  ./-.-,  Ml'1-       A.**',!  r   ,\   *  *'  '.-* ��.  '  ;-"'^K  , I.*-- -'%  ��" . ;,-"' v;^v-y  - ' / d ^>  . '", \>'^  -" , - ';-JWtf;  '   *'      ,,"^;, 'f  _���*-.���:**.*'  ���-    tr-i*:  f  -. * >���   < < -- *..  -V' ' ",  --\<<  .=_,'   ,-^i ^i;  a.!  ' . . ^ *- r  > ' .ir ," ii ���  '     a     ,-/"- *"r'  -.s*M  / I*-   ,ti  '   '���-   >-.���'<���  1 \ ���   ; * -i  y\ &  y *. is  '-���k-'I. 'J  T"   11 *   *    l*s  .v ".v*i  .   ,1  y -fa  ��� ���- V-B  .1  ���*- S'f  ~*yi^zy ^.i^jp-^.o wi.,.., yV ^ I-*- f i    iV  ir-   *  AtfUN,   B, C��� SATURDAY,   JUr.V 14,  ��S=~o-  1 v  I  t  k,THE  CLAIM"   Agency  in  blscovory -  is     at    Taylor's  Store*      _^^  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Chui'dli of England services will bo held  At corner Truluor and Third streets on Sunday at 11 a.  tn. ttnd 7:110 p. m.   '  St. Andrew's Presbjtorian ChurchchoUl  ���utrvlcf-H in the A. U. Hull, Second Street.  Morning ucr\lce ut 10:30; ovonlng service 7:30.  ���Sunday School at the closo of the morning  Borvico.   Rev. G. Pringle, Minister.  to  One of tho best articles for good health is  a wholosomo loaf of bread at 12 cents, and   a  first-class meal for 50 cents at the Pioneer  ,    Bakery. <  Go to Foley's for pitch, oakum,  paint and oils, brushes, nails. Can-  < vas from 32 to 72 inches'wide. r  He's lost that worried look since  dining at the Atlin Restauranl.  'The Rev. Father Morgan, of New  Westminster, t is, on a pastofal visit  to the district and-' will  remain   for  *    ��  about six weeks. Services will be  held to-morrow at 10:30 a. m. in  the .old post-office, at foot of Pearl  Avenue, and on the following Sunday at Pine. The rev. gentleman is  the guest of F. E. McFeely.  , Mrs. C. Christopher has been'enjoying a couple of weeks' of camping out life on Boulder Creek with  the most happy results. The health-  laden breezes of that elevated section tone up the nerves like harp-  strings and plant the roses on erstwhile pale cheeks.  Japanese napkins, bar, straws,  bar sugar, fresh lemon's at Foley's,  ' First street.  Judge E. M. -N.' Woods hears  Small Debts cases iu Discovery every Saturday.  Mr. Dominic Burns, the well-  known butcher, accompanied by  Mr. G. Graham, his auditor, arrived in last week. They brought  in 15 fat hogs aud 25 cattle for the  ' Atliu branch, which is run under  the efficient management of W. H.  Jeffery. - Mr. Burns informs us that  lie had 180 head of cattle ou the  way to Dawson. Mr. Graham will  stay about two months dividing his  time between the Burns.' establish-  lishments at Atlin, Bennett and  White Horse.  Mr.-James Stables, our brand new  and entirely worthy M." P. P., left  ior Victoria on Wednesday, 2nd  inst., to attend the session of the  British Columbia Legislature,  where, we are sure, he will give a  good acc��unt of himself and render eur district yeoman service.  Many friends attended to see Mr.  Stables off and wish him godspeed  in his new and responsible office.  He carries with him the solid good  wishes of every elector in Atlin  district, irrespective of party.  George Findlev, of Portage la  Prairie, arrived in last week. Mr.  Findley passed the winter at his  home iu Manitoba and returns to  look after his inteiests here. He  has several quartz locations and is  quite hopeful of coming out on top.  J. W. L-' McCraney left for his  home in Vancouver on Tuesday-  last. The old gentleman's health  has not been of the best lately and  he has concluded that his comfortable home, is, under the circumstances, to be preferred to camp  life. We much regret "Mr. McCraney's departure and hope his  health  will soon  regain its normal  state.    In any  case  his vfefufil  Atlin is very'uncertain.  Thomas Watts, lately in the employ of the Godfrey Hardware Co.,  whilst engaged in the construction  of the telephone extension,to Btfdi  Creek, had the tnisfortune to fall  from 11 pc-le on Monday last and  suffered some internal injury, -It is  to be hoped a few days' rest will  see Tom a-foot again.  Go to Foley's for corned beef in  bulk, Vienna sausage, stewed kidneys, grape nut food, germea, ox  and sheep tongues, McLaren's  cheese, honey, mince meat, Agen's  fresh butter, and an unlimited  variety of delicacies.  Late London, Eng., advices state  that Mr. Bateman, who wa3 well  known here 'last season and who  went to the old country to place  'Atlin properties, is now an inmate  of a London hospital, having^-uri-  dergone a serious operation . for  some stomach trouble. 1       " ' -  We welcome back "to Atlin the  ever-cheerful J. yH. Brownlee and  his daughter Eva. They look most  uncoirmonly well after their long  outing and report having'enjoyed  themselves immensely. Mr.-5 Brownlee did good missionary work in  talking up Atliu's resources whilst  in San Francisco and the other  coast cities. ' - -  A meeting of -all parties'-interested in the starting of a public reading room and place of resort, will  be held in the% Episcopal Church  tent on Tuesday evening at 8:30.  full attendance is requested.- ���  Early on Tuesday morning some  one feloniously made an entrance  into P. Burns' storage tent on First  street by slitting it open,' and gol  away with four sacks of oats.  The Pen Dugwig Hydraulic, on  Wright creek, commenced- piping  onJthe . 4th' of July. , It is rather  late In the season to secure an  abundant water supply, but enough  can be done to demonstrate' to the  shareholders the value - ot their  grounds. All necessary arrangements *will be perfected for an ample amount of water for next  spring, assuring a full season's run.  To Mr. Christopher and his staff  great credit is due for difficulties  surmounted.  On Wright creek the claims from  4 to 30 above are all being worked  with satisfactory results and in several instances rich pay-dirt is being  found. On claim 17 above, amongst  other gold washed out last week  were three pieces of $32, $98 and  $114 respectively.  The   return  association  football  match,   Pine    v.    Atlin,     will be  played at Atliu  this afternoon, on  grounds, a short distance  Godfrey foiMware ���o;  *- ,>*���'' , SUCCESSORS - TO    '���  "'"THOS.. DUNN "ft CO.  DEALERS IN , *     , .. > ' '  Miners' Supplies,  Builders'Hardware,  Stoves, Tinware, Etc.  TiNslioP in connection. ,   ," FIRST STREET, ATLIN,  P. BURNS ��* CO.,  Wholesale   -, and  ,    Corner   First  ���   Retail, ,~   Butchers.  and   Pearl  Streets.<r'     ���   <   -  OLIVE   .  '    BUILDER  AND  CONTRACTOR  ESTIMATES  GIVEN ON, ALL'  KINDS OF WORK.  PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS  A SPECIALTY. \. ��  BRICKS FOR SALE.   k  OFFIGEs.    Third Street, Atlin,  NBXT TO CHURCH OP IJNGLAND.  the  club  out on the McKee trail. The Pines  have consented to play and a slashing good game is expected. Time 3  o'clock.  ARRIVALS AT THE GRAND.  F. E. Bluuck and son, Miss O.  Blunck, Davenport, Iowa; T. H.  Griffith, Seattle; Jas. McCloskey,  Juneau; C. L. M. Jones, Vancouver; Bert Boddy, Everett. Wash.;  Arthur Copeland, Mrs. Johnson,  Miss Mabel Clair Beutzien, White  Horse; Rev. Father Morgan, New  Westminster; J. A. Fall, Dawson;.  E. P. Spaulding, Baker City, Or.  FOURTH- OF JULY. - :  f *. t -  By reason of everyone being busv on  the creeks and unwilling   to  lose a  day, owing to the shortness  of the  mining season, the list of handsome  prizes hung up  by   the Fourth  of  July Sports .Committee did not attract a very large concourse of visitors and competitors. -The weather  was  most favorable, but the sports  were not managed wittT'that thor-  oughness.which .have marked other  athletic displays here._" The "tug-of-  war .-between the Scotch and French'  teams.yon   which  all-interest  wa**  centred,' did  not come  off.   .Both  teams were present, but the  prizes  offered, in their opinions,  were_ not  worth the struggle  to  be  endured  in winning them.   Honor and glory  didn't count, apparently,   and   the  match " was   declared    off. , Three  light   teams, however,   didn't  disdain the day of small  things,   and  pulled like Trojans for the   nugget  pins  the    heavyweight 'teams despised, and now - Mr.   Fortin and his  tough team   wear' them  on   their  manly little bosoms.    The football  match, Pine v. Atliu, did not come  off owing to the latter's not having  a suitable pieee of ground, at least  that' was the ostensible reason", but  some   ill-natured   people hint that  the   awful   hammering the Atlins  got from  the  Pines on   Dominion  Day had something to do with it:  ' The ball in the A. B. Hall in the  evening   was   fairly   attended,and  much   enjoyed   by   all .who were  present.      The   orchestra   of- five  mandolins   aud  guitars discoursed  the sweetest   of   music in the finest of style.  The prize winners are as follows:  Putting 16-lb.  shot ��� Fn>ser   1,  McLennan 2.  Throwing   56-lb.   weight���Kirkland 1, McLennan 2.    ,  100 yards  race���LecappeUain   1,  Pinder 2. <  Hurdle race���Pinder i.Lecappel-  lain 2.  50 yards dash���Pinder i, LecappeUain 2.  Hop, step and jump���Johnson 1,  Pinder 2.  Long jump���Johnson   1,   LecappeUain 2.  High jump���Pinder  1, Carty 2.  LIVINGSTON THOMPSON, C. E.,  Provincial Land Surveyor,  NOTARY PUBLIC.  OFFICE:   THIRD   ST.',      -" - ATLIN,  Opposite New Government Buildings.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that claim-owners*  ire required to make their, returns of gold  kaken from their claims up to the 30th June,  900, and pay the tax  on the same forthwith.  The attention of all claim-owners is called  to Posters (Tax on Mines and Minerals.)  Penalties are imposed for" not complying  with the requirements of the Assessor, ,  *   f   1 "        - J. D. GRAHAM,  Assessor and Collector,  -Atlin, B. C, July 13, 1900.  "storage notice.  Thirty days after date I intend to sell for  storage expenses ail outfits left in my eare  and unclaimed by that date.  PETER JACQUOT & Co.  Discovery. June 23,199U.  WT��7 PAXTON,  NOTARY PUBLIC.  OFFICE:  Corner of Third and Pearl Street,  Atlin, B. C���  opposite Government Buildings.  All kinds of .mining papers made out.   Several years' practical  experience.   OFFICE OK H. M's .CUSTOMS.     ���  cappellain 2.'       '  Sack  race���Lawrence i,  Pie eating���A. Darie 1.  Poys' stilt race���Goedtel  Durie 2.  Walking greasy pole���J.  land 1.  Dick 2.  1,  A.  Kirk-  So-called fat man's race���Sam-  mons 1.  Pole vaulting���Owens i, Johnson 2. , ���  220 yards'   dash.���Pinder  1,   Le-  COURT NEWS.  SMAfJL DEBTS  COURT.  (���>���  The following cases were disposed  of during the week. Judge Woods  presiding:  Taylor v. Bourne & Carty���Judgment for $10.  Doherty v. Morrison���Judgment  for $42 and costs.'  Lewis v. O'Connor���Judgment  for $100.  Galarno v. McKay ���Judgment  for $28.  Morrison v. Brooks���Judgment  for $20.  CRIMINAL COURT, JULY 6TH.  Regina v. Hemmings. This was  a case of assault with a revolver  with intent to do bodily harm.  Guilty, and fined $100 and costs.    '  Attorney-General Eberts has written to the Registrar of the Court  here for a list of cases which have  to be tried in the Supreme and  County Courts. The said list was  forwarded by last mail.  iJ  1   m  t      4  ~ ��� *,  ���N    (J  "        'L  1   Hi  -1  i r  i  . .1  .I  ...'iSCiS'SI


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