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The Atlin Claim 1904-01-09

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SaaSSSmfrn -„*. ,„
■W ¥^       /■ '
*£■«<- * i >  A*--* *1-# ia-L -1*
.   „,.*      •, -  T'J"' V",^'-.-/.,
-T       •■"-■'  ~      -I.'gKi,«''fl^^
»/ '
*   .       * '        _>iFuh»irrr' »iH«'t')..'£ T I—3t|s-*>,.. ,   „,  ;.. r. J, >. —>_.; ,w..*i.);H'*-^»r*i»nifc—.-.
K.^*.«rvA«l»*»B*«BMSll««Jw««!*«A- rr.,._.»««»oa«^«* il »-««*->>**-»«-.— »—-.-o-.w^'af-^,��"'*'      ^  .f     7*"i      r ; ,       ,
.-  '     ■      -'r.i"-. '"i.,   -' "'7.'  /    r    "   e-.,      ,,   '.',''    ,f     '     -       -■',, ..    ■ - "■       /,-:•>"„ 1  ."'^•Vi'\'/ ->. '      .7       ' 7,'.   '      ,'
K        . ' "i 'i*' . ' . , *       i . ••'•'."..*'' - . -     '      *
'    '-' \ 1. '- "'*""/.        * .    '*    * \ ' •»."-, '     '    J    -.'
.    "■■ i*tV
H   i—*
VOL.   iu.
ATJ.LW   li  C.  SATURDAY..  JANUAKV    9.    '.904.
>'C  a34.
Provincial Mining; Association
. Will Form Branch   in  Aclin.
Evoi-yono IiUoiested Tn The Welfare Of Tho Distiict Should
JoinAiicI Aid The Association
In Its Good Work.
Jl is intended 10 form a branch
' ofthe V. M. A. in Allin, in addition to tlie l>iaudi iu Discovei*., to
enable all those who are interested
in the mining industry to a-^isl in
promoting the objects ofthe Association.
The P. M. A. undoubtedly de-
seives the snppoit of this community. Its const it ir ion says;— "The
objects of this Association s-hall be
. to pictect, develop and Ibstei tlie
mining industry of British" Columbia in ail its branches". "Such
wot thy objects exactly coincide
with the lequiienicnts of Atlin,
aud we must not fail to continue
the work commenced by us so vig-
oiously last winter, "when a huge
number of our delegates conduced
to the succe-s of the convention,
aud to bring Allin very prominently before the mining world. It
would indeed bi liugiateful lo ignore   the   efforts   that    aic    beim?
made by the P. M. A. 'which represents 10,0 )0 membeiH," and which
has alieady succeeded in greatly
improving the condition of mining
affairs tlirouehour the province.
Hul it is evident that without a
small Mibsciiptiou fiom the branches the •.•.oik of the Association
cannot be adequately conducted.
The Atiin branch will not conflict with the Atliu District branch,
which Ik's its headquai ters in Discovery; but the distance is loo gieat
for Allin niembeis lo attend nieel-
i'.i-^s in Discovery (.luring the winter, and a little friendly emulation
will be good for both branches.
The Annual Membership fees for
'all branches of the Provincial .Mining Association are as follows; —
Mining Companies, $10.
Retail Merchants', Motel
and Saloon Keepers,        ■. $5- ■
All other Members, $1.
All persons friendly to the mining interests are eligible to become
.Members of this Association.
Copies of the Constitution and
By-laws may be had 011 application.
.A meeting will be held at the
Grand Hotel on Tuesday evening
next the 12th. inst. at 8 oclock and
it is to be hoped that everyone will
attend, aud support this endeavour,
which has for its object the advancement of mining, and therefore the advancement of our Camp.
Fire at Chicago Theater   Creates Terrible Panic.
A >bostos Curtain F.iiLs to .-et. Apparent Culpable Negligence
Of The Management.
Chicago:—A liic bioke out on the
stage of the Iroquois Theatre and
the asbestos fiiepioof curtain failed
lo act, the flames, fanned by t'.-.e
draught, spread to the auditoiium
Ihe res.ill biing tli .1 a terrible panic ensued in which six bundled
people lost tlitir li\es, the majoiity
of whom were trampled   to death.
The buildii g was euliiely des-
.lioyed, and the employee who was
operating the fircpioo! cm tain volunteered the statemeul'lhat he had
warned tlie management 3 ,,,eeks
previously the curtain was out
of ordei and could not be depended
upon in ease of.emeigency.
Continued Good Reports from
the New Placer  Fields Near
On 47 below on Bullion, a man
named Johnson is averaging nine
ounces per day, from the lim along
the bench. Quite a number of
prospectors aie woiking; and all
along the line good lenoits aro
The Whitehorse people have
raised quite a laige sum to be used
iu aclveit'iM'ig the new placer fields,
a very commendable action aud
likely to deiive huge benefits for
the merchants and others of that
city, if judiciously done.
From Mr. Biewei's report, on
the Copper belt al Whitehorse, it
would' appear that Whitehorse
needs no "booming", and that its
Quartz alone is sufficient lo make
it quite a mining center. Crisis. Feared
at Lloyd's
War risks at Lloyd's rose to 35
guineas per cent, to the end bf
January and'45 lo the end of February. Cargo insurance j unified
from 5 to 2'0'shillings.' The owners of two-cargoes already halfway
to Japan found difficulty in effecting
insurance even at the latter rates.
Beaili Of Mr. Caplice,
One  of Montana's    Pioneers
and a   Prominent  Citizen  of
'     Butte Laid to Rest.
Many will remenibei Mi John
Caplice who visited this camp in
1901 and 1902 and regret the death
of one ofthe best fiiends a prospec-
loi cvei had.
His funeral, which took place in
Butte, was the occasion of a soleinii
conclave of Montana pioneers, who
payed homage lo their- dcpailed
fiiendjohn Caplice. "- *
Requiem solemn mass was said
a'-id all the resident and visiting
cle'igy in the Sanctuary assisted by
Bishop Biondel on his thione participated in the impressingly solemn service.
Tlie death ol Mi. John Caplice
lemoves the President of the Montana Sucietv cf Pio'nceis and leaves
a blank in tbe mining world of the
Western Slater.
Monro Mountain Mine Again
Ten Stamp Mill Will be Brought In
Over the Ice If Purchaser Is
Satisfied With The  Property.
The well know 11 Monro Mountain Muic has again been bonded
and the houdee ii expected heie
It is the intention ofthe bondee,
if investigation pi oars satisfactory,
to erect a 10 stamp mill on the
property at once.
The mine has been worked continuously since the Nimrod Syndicate gave up their option, and from
all reports received it. locks like a
paying proposition.
-jVr'iTlCli is hereby Kiven that, 'lUiln.vs after
diitc, I intunil to imply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lniida und Woi'l's for iwioi.l
prospecting lieoneo over the follotviiiK; iles-
erllieil liiiuls, .situated on the Tooya Kiver,
Cassiar District: ■' at a post
murUed "Junie'! Stables S. W, Corner",
thence North .Si) chums; thenci; east SO chains
thence south SO chains; thence west ""D chains
to point oT commencement, containing about
0-10 acres.
Atliii, H. C. XovemlierJIth. mpi,
Also'r at a post niarUed "Hubert MacKay's S. W. Corner" adjoining
James Stables N. W. Corni'i', thenco north
H'.l chains; thence east S!) chains; thence south
SO chains; thence u'est !> I chains to point of
ROBl'HT MACK AY, Locator. C Novciiilie.-l'lth.  HKKI.
Uvi i/iniineiicintf al a post niurl.eil "I), ii
Stew .irt\ S, \\". Cornet", ndjoiuiiiir Uobort
Mat Kay'- X. \Y. Corni'i', thruco north 3''.
chuin-. Iht-iii-c i-iitt Sll chin ns- theii. <• -..nth S(f
chains: t w est .-.) ch.inis to point of
foinini'iici'iiicul. ^
I). (!.STi:WAIM", l.otator
lion. .I'i   SIacKay. Ajr.Mit.
Atlin. H.C. .VoM'inbi'i'.'lih  IU.:'.
Also comiiicuciu.; al «i post m.irlve^
"I'r.iuU Molilcj 's S. \\ . Corner", tidjcmii iifi II.
(i. Stewart'- N. W. Coriier, thence i orth M'
.-ham-: thence e.isl b) chains; theme soutlt
SJ chuiria: thence west SO chains to | oiul *,o/
•■llA.VK MOIILIiV; r.ocator.
lioin'.uT MacICay, Affciil.
Vlli.i. II. C. Noieniher Jit Ii. 1011'.!.
A l-o LijiniiM'i.i'in^ at u posr mai'Ked '1*.
l)o« line's f*. \\". Cnriicr", ailjolniiiR F.'.mll
Mobley's .N. \V. Corner, north hV
chains: thence east b'lchains: thence south SO
chains, thence west i-'l chains lo point of
I*.   DOWl.l.NC, Locator.
I'ojn.HV Ma civ vy,
Atlin. H. C. November 21th. 1!« «.
Also commpiiciu;. .it .1 po-t uuirltcd ".lames .M.irio's S. \\. Corner"," adjoining !•'_
Don ling's N. \Y. Corner, thence ninth HC
chains; thence cast .SO chains: thencei south
80 chains: thonce v,est til chains to point of
J A Ml Its MUKII', Locator.
I'oni'icj Jlu'li.iV, A^cnt.
Atlin. 15. C. Novembei'2lth. lllll!'..
■VTOTICK is hereby jjivcn that "(I davs trom-
data T intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
('omnii»-io..c.*of.l and-uud Works lor a coal
prospect ing licence over the following- des-
e. ibed land-, situated on the Tooy.i Kiver.
Cassiar Distiict: Commencing- at a pos,f
marhed "A. K. McDonald's X. W. Corner",
adjoining James' S W. Conic.,
thence south SO chains: thence east Mlcliiii.i*
thence north 80 ehui-i-: thence west 80 chains
to point ol commencement, containing-
about lilO acres
A. H. MCDONALD, Locator,
(li niici: Cot n.-. Agent.
Atliu, II. C. Xovember 'lltli. li"*'.'..
Also commenciiig nt a po-t marked "D.
Koss' X. W. Corner", adjoining A. 1!. McDonald'* S. W. vomer, thence south 80 chains;
thence cast 80 chains: thonce north 80 cl.i.ii.b;
thence \ve-t 80chains to point of commence-
D. I'CSS, Locator,
Glluic.c Cmrrrs, Apent,-
Atlin, 15. C. Xovember 24th   1W1X
Also commoiiciug at a post marked,
"f'eorge Coutts' X. ^\". Corner*', adjoining-
]), Hos-i'S. W Corner, thence 9o<>li. .*• ic.i<ii»c
iIihiii'U ca-t ; lulin.u-; thence north ^"'cluiiiis;
thence v». V -Jj chain- ;o point of coinmem e-
llll   lit.
o-i.o'toi* corn's, [*..-.-.
Atli.i,  !!. C Xnv^.iilier ^Uli. l'.WI.
Al-o commencing at u post marked "A.
S. Cro—' X. W. Corner" adjoining Ceorgn
Co il Its' S W. Corner, thence south S'l chains;
thonce east 80 chains: thcucc north ,-0 chains;
thence vv e-t 80 chains tr. point of commencement.
A.S. Cli(»ri, LocMor.
d'oiicr. Ciu'Trs. Agent.
At Ii ii.ll. C. November 21th. Ilii1;;.
Also commencing at a post marked "J.
K. Mc Lo..nun's N. W. Corner", adjoining A,
S. Cross' S. W. Cor nor, thence south 80 chains
thence cast 80chains: thence north SO chains-;
thence west.8(1 chains to point of commencement.
.1. K. Mcl.ENNAN. Locator.
CKOliiii: CoUT'li', Agent.
Atlin, 1!. C. Noveinber '.'Ith. IflO;'..
■     D. li, CAMPHKLL, Locator.
Gl'OlK'K CoL'TTH. Agent.
Atlin, H. C. Xovember 21th. IHO:!.
Also co.nine.icing at it post .narked ,,U.
D. V'etherstonl.augl.'s X. W, Corner"', adjoining D. li. Campbell's S. W. Corner, thonco
south 80 chains; thence east 8llelmins;thoneii
north SO chain*; thence vve*t SO chains to
point of commencement.
It. D. I'li'l'llliKSTOXIIACGH, Loeator,
(Jkobok Coutts. AtfCTit,
Atlin. 11.C. Xoveinber 21th. 1«!ii.
■ . • I
^'       '        4'     'll
* it . r I- •ri'U<    \.       91
1      - II
't w4^" _t(i"
T""T  -*C=r
,r_.M~».c,=wco;iuKua,w.-7ripv)Hn n   '
-'"-      ■■'■-     ■  '      • V*% >c   '   ,SV'
?'    *<■     ■»
* >''
*>'-■ -.
?•'■ tl
'' ^,
.!?';,• J
•    ^        ll
- w»l
• -1
misiMiaMmsmmmaimaiacmiBmBmtssnsBSKs *.-wi*.t��n���^^,Mv-Vs nwiMm^.  ^.���jJif .*.'~'>-~��,ja>'Lni.*(>3�� v��*  u d^c.K>j-E��*:  ,A;rj.I I-s,.     K.    C.      ;:.V?L'KL)AV,     JANUARY  i.-.     !l;..i.|  ��� .J'l -  ���If ''I.-  ���'4!  y7;A  The Atlin Claim.  I'uhlislicd    every    Sat l.rih'.v    morning   l.v  T'm; Claim Co.  A.    ('.    Ill l.-l'lli'L'.I.P.    I'lliTilK,   l'HOI'llI I'.'l on.  . Mli.'e ol pol.iicalion I '.'ui'l S*.. Atliu. 11. C.  Advei-ii-iiig Kale-: i-l.HH per inch, each  in-ei I ion. Ui'mliug no. ices. 2r. cents a line.  Special Contract Kale- ou upplicaiiou.  The subscription price is i"i a pay-  Hble in udvauce. No p ��|>er vv ill be delivered  miles- t his condition i- complied vv ill..  Satcuhav, Jan.   ij'rn.,  1904.  A notice appears iu tliis issue  calling niceliiii-s lor the puipo-e of  electing Fire Wardens for Atliu and Disco vei y.  The citizen- of both places should  wake up to tlie fact that the election of Fiie Vv'pidens is a very serious matter, especially when _ one  considers the loyal tights and power;; they are pei milted to exercise,  ar.d il is their bounden duty to  nominate and elect men capable  and willing to lake office, which  olliee is a gratuitou-. one in the in-  tere-ts cf t lie general public and a  Ibankles-? one at best.  A Suggestion.  It would not be a bad idea lo  have walorprool mail sacks at Ihis  lime of the year.  Quite a number of valuable parcels were badly damaged by water  011 last Halurdav's mail.  iii  Mr. J. M. Ruffner  Says  Hydraulic Mining Will Uncover  Riches.  NOTICE.  FLECTION of Fl'UE WARDl'.N'S  (���  o   - ' '  Meetings of the citizens ol"  Allin and Discoveiy will be held  on Monday the nth. inst. at the  hour of iooclock a. 111., in Allin at  tlie Court Mouse and in Discovery  at the Police Station, for the purpose of electing turi'K i'iki* was-  niiNS for each place.  Any citizen aged iS yea is and  upwards, except an Indian or Chinese, is elegible lo vole for election.  J. A. Fraser.  Government Agent.  ' Atlin,   ftHsiigget  ssbsss/. lBsf.sspe  Rings  And,. All Kinds of Jewellery Manufactured on the Premises:  $;��?"    Why send oik when you can get goods as cheap here?  Watches Front $5 usj.   Fine Lime of Scmvcezui' Sgssians.  ' JULES -EQGERT & SON, The Swiss Watchmakers.  /TV  F H E    K O O T E N A V   H, O' P K L'.  A. R. McDonald, Proprietor.  COI'. , iMI'j'l'   AND  Tl'AINOR   ftTI'l'hTS.  o  ���  o  <*>  ���  <j>  o<>O'>,^'^o���o���o���,^<>o>>o>>,^'S'O���>c>.o���o���><!>o0���^*>���^^>Cl��>C'<>o<>|^'J���^*|^s>,;  'I'ltis (.'lass Hotel has been rimii'ilelcd ami re I iirnislied t hruiichi.iit  anil (dl'ei'h the l>e-l accommo'liil ion to 'I'l'iiusicnl or IVruitiiicui  (���nests.    A ii'.cricaii and l.iiropcan jiliin.  Fimtesi Wines'^ ��*K!.'Cf'sawrfC/jj.'srs.  Billiards    nnd   Pool.  0  0  o  a  i  T  E  GOLD    HOUSE,  D'SCOVERY.   B. C.  DININC.  A STRICTLY FIRST CLASS HOTEL.  CHOICEST WIPiES-UOUORS &. CIGARS-  .   Mixed Drin!;s a Specialty-  KOOM   SUI'l'I.llCn  WITH   Till"   1'KSV  THK   IIAKKK'I'    Al'l'tJltDS.  Vegetables Daily Fiom our own Garden.  Wreak fast,  6 to 9. I.uuch, .*2 to 2, Dinner, 6 to S.  The Rise and Fall.  to be the greatest hydraulic mining district en  the coast, and ihe returns from  this form of mining next season  will astonish even the most sanguine." said Mr. J. M. Ruffner of  Atlin to The Province.  .Mi. Ruffner stated that the past  seasf-.'i'i had been a very successful  O'.'.e in spite ofthe general shortage  of water experienced throughout  the \ ukon and Atlin disliicts.  Although many ofthe hydraulic  milling companies throughout   Atliu were as   \ el   only   engaged   on  development, there   was  no  doubt  of the ultimate success of the   operation-. The British-American Company    had   been   making   preparations all summer for operations  ou  a large scale, and rich returns were  promised next season.     For   main'  miles along Pine and Spi uce Creeks  development was being done   on   a  large scale with every assurance of  success.     Few  of the   companies  had reached the stage where a rich  clean-up couid be expected, but tha  returns so far had been quite  satisfactory.  In the  case  of the   Pine  Creek  Power Company alone some 535,000  had   been   spent    in    development  ���work last summer,   iu   addition   to  the initial outlay  during   the   previous year.    The returns from  last  season's   npeialions   had   paid    for  these improvements, aud   for   next  summer still further improvements,  and development work, which is lo  cost ia ihe   neighborhood  of $25,  000, are planned.    These improvements, >fr. Ruffner said, would   be  largely in the way of ensuring   an  additicual supply of  water  to  enable  operations  to   be    continued  later in the season.  Tl  e low  est and big  best tempera-  lures  recci  ded  for the  w  eek ending  8th.  inst,  are as folio  ivs  Jan.  0  2 below  26 above  -  ,i  23 above  2S  4  27  2 8  .5  27  32  6  23  24  7  10  23  S  '4  20  D1XCW    BROTHERS,    Proprietors  ��� - - ���   ��� -*���>��*���������       -- -  -  Pool    &    Billiards,  -Free.  Freighting and Teaming.        ��$��        Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  ATLIN   &���   DISCOVERY.  FOURTH     ANNUAL  MEETING  or  the  ATLIN DISTRICT BOARD OF  Line of Clothing Just From tlie East  THE   LATEST   STYLES.  Complete Stock of Dry  Goods  THE    LATEST    IN    HATS,     BOOTS     AND      SHOES.  g-mr GOLD    SKAL    GUM    BOOTS  Our Goods are the Eest and Our Prices the Lowest.  W1I.I.   HK   II HI. II  On Thursday, January 14th.   1904.  AT    THK  COURT HOUSE,  ATLIN,  li. C.  AT     S l'..-M.  The Public is cordially* invited.  The Canadian; Bank of Commerce.  - CAPITAL    PAID    UP    $8,700,000.  Rvskuvi',   ���43,000,000.  Brunches of the' Dank at Jeattie,  San Francisco,  Portland,  Skagway, etc.  Exchange sold on all Points.  Gold Dust Pukciiasicio���Assay Okfici* in* Gonni'ction.   .  D.   ROSS, Manager.  THIS HOTEL IS STOCKED WITH  THE   BEST   OF  GOODS  Sam.   Johnstone,   Proa.  E.   ROSSELLI,   Proprietor.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin. B. C.  - --- -  ���   *����- ���~-���  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  CHtMCtST WIMS, UOUCIIS AN!) C'lliAKS CASK GOODS A SI'l.UAUY.  -ALASKA   ROUTE   SAILINGS���  The following Sailings are announced for the mouth of  December leaving Skagway at 6  p.m., or on arrival ofthe train :  Amur:���January  gth. and 25th.  ,,    ���February 10th and 35th.  For  further  information,  apply or  write to    H. B. Dunn, Agent, j  Skagway. Alaska.  <-S&>  %2?  �� lVladiinery.  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,    WATER    GATES,  ANGLF,    STKKL    RIFFLFS .  &  HYDRAULIC    RIYETED    PII'K.  Pumping  ��&   Hoisting   iUBachinery..  Estimates furnished  on application  Tlie Vancouver Engineering Works, ������   ���  Yancouvkk,  B. C.  A. C. Hirschfeld, Agent. Atlin. B. C  '���V'  r-i >irftUw>ULH(J^*^��k'*'a'tf^^  1       i   '   /  ��MUM��^^uj^tn^r^^iiTi3n_p>^x<w^jdiI-��Mwu��IH���A.Hf,  .    "'        -'.,.'     ;; -','.'��� . i       ,   , -.�� /  . .. ���   -.' I -   - \. .       ., ' . ' - ' '1  rAX~i����tl*u*rtLz*.'l0l��'3Z?.t3r&UW It pV&rXtti. Yu^HWyvw-w^w*  !?/�����  ,v ��,-\��***.r, f  7-;  ^>t^  ��  ATLIN,   11.'C. SSATL'JRDAN    JANI'AkV    y.    roc'  k?  ft-"'  Pi  ll'S  r ^ ^ ? ?r U r*  TED.  ATLIN/.rKADING    COMPANY,   LIM1^  Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing, Underwear, Blankets, Roots & Shoes, etc-  Also Gold Seal Rubber Goods.  <c?0  a��x#   75   #!��*���   ceffsf' PowsSer,   Q&gss   &   Fuse,   e^e?-  'i lib'.  .-\TLIN  T!'A DING CO. Ltu, carry the  THI'. ATLIN  TRADING  CO.   Ltd.    is  If you want a Winter Oullit we can give \ on the besi good.-, al CLOSE PRICES. ,  I.Ai'OJ'ST I-tuck in the Distiict, and are in a i i;.-ni< u i<> bardie iaigeor smill -.-.ider-..  coiiti*..ileo In (lie amalgamated funis of A. S. CkO��S <S: CO. and N.' C. WHEELING -S*. CO.; no mailer what lias been told you to  Hit c�� in ������]���>��� A. S. Cross is Piesideut and Treasuiei, and N. C, Wheeling, Sccielaiy of the Company, aud aic in a posiiinn to deal  with tluiir friends and casio.ners even'b--tier than when c k:'h were doing business hcp:'i;,L.l.\. L> l.'i let any ��� eirou try to n'lake \ou believe  thai the A. T. Co, is controlled, by any other than officers ol the Company.  NEW YEAH  On Soruce Creek. d.'i-s not us publishing a lengthy but interesting  letter from "M" giving full particulars of bow the community on  "Poverty Flat" Spruce Creek,  (Four at the most, but as ihe little  nigger said "If you count by ihe  fun %ve liave we are most a hundred".) started the New Year.  Music, by the now famous Spruce  Creek Orcheslia, .Songs, Dancing,  Stories. Recii.iiious and an ample  supper compiised ihe programme,  and the.guests departed "Happy to  meet sony to part".  The success is moslly due" to  Messrs. \V. Kyle aud George  Gould ami to Mrs. Fleming, the  hostess and chaperon.  Northern Lumhes* Go.  Prices lor tho Season 1903.'  E. S. Wilkinson, P.L.S.  Wm. Brown, C.E.  W.V.VT3I) ��� I'*AITH..'Uf. PISltSON TO (JALL  O.N" .vtnil tr;ule uri.l njrents Fiji' n.a.ii.facM.r-  i ii *C hou s ; li Jiving \. ell established business: territory; striiijrltt salai-j .-s2J puid  tveekl> ami e:\peiis!> mone.v udwineed; pre-  vio.ii experience .....icuriasiiry: |>o-ition por-  iiKiufut: business successful, lMielose self-  ndJresNed e.'uelope. Traveler-. iI.'j Minion lll.l^r.. Cliitmsro.  NOTICE.  SiM.v ilujs f rom il.itij wn iiitcml to npply  to tlio Chief Commissioner ol* Luntls and  Works for permU.-iiou to purchase tlie follow in;; described tract oT Land. (Joiiiuif-iie-  ii.jjr nt a po-it .ii.irki'd N. L. Co's Ltd., P. \Y.  corner po-t sitiiiilcd near tlio niaiii road to  Surprise l.nKe, anil heinir about half a mile  from tin; shore >.f ii.irp.iad Luke, thei.ce  North I...11 n milf, thenee l''u��t half u mile,  thence Sou. n hair .1 mile, thenee West half  a mile top nut, ut .'oninioneenuMtt, contain-  i��t;_r I...J .ic'i'i^ uiwi'c or les-.  Noi'l.ieru Lumber Cu. Limited.  '���'. T. 'i'rougilitoii.  December'.'.Jill. llKl'I.  NOTICE.  N0TICI'" i- hereby jjfiven that sixty days  ufturdiitol intend to apply to thc Chief  Coininiuioner ol Lands -in.I Work-, for permission to pii.*u!.i.s>> the 1 olio win;; described  tract ol hind, (..'ninnieneiiij; inn postmur-  kiv.l K. A. It '.< S. li. cornel' post placed 011 the  N. iinc of l'carl Street, at the S. \\*. corner  of lot S. l'lui'ls 9, in t!i�� .tou'.n .of Allin II. C.  thence westerly I Iii feot,. thence northerly SO  feet, thonce easterly -.I;) feet, I hence southerly Su feel, to point of commencement.  Containing in all .'21 of 1111 acre, in ore or  less.  ldhvaril A. ltoliinson  Dated tliisTtli. day of Ntiv.i.i.linr. 1903.  Kougli,  np ;o ,S indies, fi^r).  do do       10        ,, ao.  do do       1 *>       ,, -15.  Matched I.uinlv.'r, 5-!.*"-  Surlaciug, S.S-'JO ].er moo feel.  NOTICES.  NOTICK ii liRi-oliy driven thai W day., a!ter  date �� c intend to apply In the Chief Com-  mi.sio-.i.M'of Lands and Works for*-  ion to ptiai'!iii<-t* the following:, desi-rilii.'il  . ract of Land.  Coniineni-iii^ at Pus. niarliod A.C'. II. ami  '1'. W. S*^. S. '.V. corner post ��� ''placed on  the Line of Lake'i'l-ect I.VI i'rief .Vol tli  from the corner of Am>imic and Lake  Su-i^et in thp town of \tlin it. C '* ��� thence  in an I'.-i.sterly diret-tion llofier. thence in a  Northerly direction to the South line ol  Pearl Street ��� 12(1 Teet more or leu. .hence  in a Westerly direction to the corner of  Pea.-l and Lake Streets���Mil iet-t more or  less, thence in a Son. her! \ direction follo'.i-  injrthe line of Lake Street l-II fret more or  J lcs-, to the point of commencement.Containing: I'. Ill Acres more or le-s.  A.C. Ilirschli-ld  'l'hoi. W. Sa'remati.  i)ate<l at Atlin ��.(.'.  Oct. :!1 it. 19:''.'.  NO'lTCIC is herehy ^iven that aftersi.\t\ ilajs  fiom date I, as malinger for the Atlin Trading Companj , Limited, will make application lo the Hon. The Chief Cominisiioner ol  Lantli and Worki to purchase the iollow'nij>:  described land : viz -Commencing nt a po^t  marked A. T. Coj's S. li. Corner, on th��>  west side of Lake Street, Atlin Tuwn&iio,  thrnce Norherly aloiif; west side ol i.iid  Street 60 feet, thence Westerly 1'0 l.-ct,  thence Southerly (i 1 feet, thence liasterb HID  feet to point of  Hated at Atlin, II. C.  thii ? tli. <l<i.v ofOctober IS1.):!.  A. S. I'rim.  NOTrCli ii herehy yi\en that lixtj iIkj's  after date 1 intend to i.ppl.i to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands nnd works forpei-  mission to purchase the follow ins descrilieil  tract of land: CommfM.eii.^: at post marked  W. J. A's S. W. corner post placed on the  Knst line oT LakeKtreet I'I" feet north from  tin-corner of Uant A\piiui: and I.alio St. in  tlie Town of Attn, IS. I'. Thence In.m I'ast-  erly ilirncfion I III feet, thonce in a "N'octiierlv  direction ll.l feet, thenee in a \Veitoi lj iiiric-  tion 110 feel, thence in ii Southerly dirocli'i.i  lollowinjjr the line ol Lake St i eel (i.l teet.  to point of commencement, (ontainin^ (Lit?  aeres ncore or Jes-.  W. .1. A nil jrMtn.  Dated ,it Atlin, It. (J. Oct. ''���ich.,   MM  WILKINSON   &    BROWN  Provincial   Land   Stss'veyars   &   Gsvil   E&z-iiEic-VfSr  Hydraulic    Mine   Inquire. i.Kj    ��i    S|seci<illy Olliee, Pearl   St., near Third  St,.  A'iXI.i,  11.0  DRINK THE BEST  66  In Lead Packets ol i lb,eaclr:  For Sale bv all First Class Grocers.  KFLI.V.    DOUGLAS   &   Co..  Wholesale Grocers   Yancouvkk, B'.C  \��-  UEL  FINKST KOUIPPKD HOTKI.  IX Tin-; NORTH.     FVICRYTIIING  C0N1HTCTKD  IX   FIRST-CLASS  MANNKR.  French   Restaurant in   GosseicGtion.  David Hastik,   Proi'kiktuk.  Corner of First and  Discoverv vStreets.  THE WHITE PASS & YUKON ROUTE.  Pucilic   nnd    Arctic    Kaihvay   and  Navigation .'ompany.  British  Columbia Yukon    Railway Coii.Pii.vy.  Ilritiih Yukon    l'ailw.iy Company.  l.V lil'FIiC'r   JAM'AltV 7 lfK'l.  Daily except   Sunday.  NOTICE.  ' NOTICE i.i- hereby Riven that application  will he made to th<rl;6iiishitive Assembly of  the Province of Uritish Coliimhiii, at its next  Sesiiion, for an Aetto incorporate a Company, to build, equip, niaint,iin,and operate  n line of Hallway, of stnmlard tralisre: from n  point, ut or near Kitiinaat, or some otlier  suitable point, on Iho Pacific Coast: thence  northerly to Ilazelton: thence to a point nt  or near Atlin Lake: tlif.ii:.; northerly lo Ihc  Sixtieth [tilth], parallel of North Latitude;  wllli all powers iuciilcriltil thereto.  I). G. Mucdonell,  Solicitor for Applicants.  Dated at Vancouver. IL C.  this Mth day of Octojior, A    1)., IDOa.  NOTICK i^ hereby <ri\eu that sixty d.-Mi  after date I intend to apply to the Chirr  Commissioner of Lands ami Works fur permission to purchase the following described  tract of land.  Coniuienciii;f at postmarked II. IV. li. I Vs.  S. li. Corner post placed 120 feet from the  corner of Kant Avenue and Luke Street on  the north side, in the town of Atliu, li. C.  and following the line of Rant Avenue towards the Lake shore 11(1 feet iiini'e or less,  thenco followiujr the line of Lake Street:  northerly 120 feet, thenee easterly ill) feet,  thenee 120 feet southerly, more or less to  point of commencement. Con tn initio <WI"  acres more or less.  Dated at Atlin,   I". C. October Dili, li'03.-  II. W. li. Cnnavan.  No.l'.N.  11.  oil e  an  S.  30 p  m.  I'I.  .w  .  11.  in n  in.  12-  2'l  No.l N. 11  1st class.  II. 'I-] a. m.  It).'.IS I     ���  11. 00 \  11. I.".  12. IS /  12. :l."> . p.m  2. HI    .,  i. :'0   .,  l.V.  SKAGL'AY  WIMTKl'ASS  LOG CA HIN  AK.  '-. s.  Ikiuni'  No. 1 8. Hoa��<t  1st el  asb'.  ^llli clllftK.  <.���������)-  . in.  AK  1. I'i a. m.  '.!. 0.1  .1.00  ,.  2. 10 ..  2. 10  .,  ..  I.M..  LIB  1.15  p.m  .,  13. M   p.n���  11.50  ,.  10. 7ri     ,,  a. no  ,,  LV  7. (Kl   .,  KliNNliT'l'  2. 1.1    ,. 2. 10   ., ..       CAltlBOU  0.10    .. 4.JI0    ., Alt      WHITE UOKSli l.V  l'asseiiirer., must be at depots in time to have Ua^jjra^e inspected aiid checked.     Inspection is stoppeil ,'0 minutes before leaving time of train.  l.V) pounds ol ba'jr^.i'^e will be checked I ree with each full fare ficket and 77i   i.niiuiU  with each half far.! ticket.  .1. G. Cumm:..'..  NOTlCli is hereby ^iven, that sixty days  from date I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works, for permission to purchase the following descrilieil  property.  Com.i.encin^ at initial Post No. I at li  pointion the .Southerly Hot.Hilary of the flora Heneh Lease on the north bank' of Pine  Creek in the Atlin Mitiiiifcj District, and folio wiu(j tho Southerly lloiltiilury of tin; l'loru  Bench Lease North Easterly live hundred  feet, thonce North Westerly throe hundre'l  feot, thence South Westerly live hundred  feet, thonce South I'nstorly three hundred  feet more or less to point of eouunencnmeiil.  Contninintr 11.4.4 acres more nr less.  Dated nt Atlin, U. f'. October JOtli. IMS-  ft. T. Swltzei.  Discovery.  OI'FX  DAY  AXD NIGHT.  I'TRST-CLASS RlCSTAURAXT  ���     IX  CONNECTION.  Mcutiqtiurter.s  'f'��i*  Hro<'l;*s  stum-.  Pellew-Harvcy, Bryant & Gilman  Provincial  Assayers  Iho Vancouver A^Siiv Office, Utrtblishr'd J.S90.  ��� -��� " ��� -*�������-    -    ���  W. WALLACE GRIME &. Co.,  Agents.  Lar��e<ir Small Samples lorw.-irded for .Unar  i)iscovf:ry, n. c.  NEW DINING ROOM}.--NOW OPEN,  Furnishing    The  I5EST MJKALS TX CAMP.  Finest ol'liquors.   . Good..stabling.  En. Sands. Proprietor.  TRY  ���I'D.  'S  l'OR  UPHOLSTERY  MATTRESSES  FURNITURE  .     HARDWARE  PAI NTS & OILS  Atlin ct Discovery.  BATHS  BARBER SHOP  O.K.  7'\   ShIKLDS  H:   EmiY  DuUEfAiM.  Now oe��tipy their now  quarters next  to the Hank of B. \. A.. First. Street.  The bath rncimsuru e.iiially n:i 'rood as found  in  cities.    IVrivute Untiimce for ladies.  The Royal Victoria  Life Insurance Co.  OF   CANADA  Capital    !$1,000vO0O.  A.C. ilirRcltield, Kgvat.  a*.  I11  i'  S   '  il  s  'fi  I  I .  r>;  v'l '  ���ff* ' I'I  ^-:  fet  l>-f' !*  >^i  m  &*���>�����.���  W'\  feu7  W:'~ ll  ft     il  ���I  % ���  , SB��6**-1  -.1.  ���J-  p��i��wv$ffi!%  fir, if: 7
*i if
I Ml
■    I
1.   -
t'     '
■     i
!'   1
I   :
t,   t
.-   '<■
i 5
"-TV ;
A'L'EIX „ ti.  C,    SAT 17RI.)AY',  'j'AXUAkY
9.     iyo-1.
C'ltui'i'Ii   ul   l'hi^liiiiii:
SI. Martin'- Church, cor. 'I bird und Train-
or .1 I'ei'U. Simla} -ervire-. a.
m., l>'\f>iisini£ "::'■) p. in. CelHbi'ii.ioii of Holy
Comnniii'...u, l-l Siiii.I.'iv iu each month aud
on Special occasion-. .''> School, Sunday nt :'• p. in. Commit I ei> .\ieelin^s. l-l
'l'linr-d.i\ iu .'i.t-li mouth.
Ki\. I". 1.. Stephen-on, Hector.
Si. Andrew's l'rc-bj terian Cliurel. hold
service- in the Chiirel. on Sreo.itl Street.
Morning service al II i-veni'iy -er\icc ~:'.'. i
Suuda.\ School nl the close ot tin" moruint:
seriice. It.'V. l./i'iirUiuirron. M'n.i.-tcr. Free
Ite.'idiu^  UooU'.to w hicli all are w eii'oni.-.
McDonald's Gi'occiy makes a
specially ol" fresh eggs   and 1 utter.
Tlie fiiends of Mr. Sands will be
glad to learn iliat lie is now considered oui ol" danger.
POST dark colored young husky
dog. answers to the name of Tom.
Notify Joe Brooks.
Alibi's fiist ice boat made several
successful tiips on '.he lake Ihis
week iiiuiei the guidance of .Messrs.
Moberly and Wallace, ofthe Bunk
of Counneice. Mr. \". Trotuiau,
the builder, It-els (inite elated over
■ the succes-ful construction of ihe
Latest Periodicals aud Magazines
at   C. R. Bourne's.
Mr. C: E. Vi'ynn Johnson is expected in  daily-   ■
During the winter months the O.
K. Barber's Shop will only have
Baths leady on Wednesdays and
Saturdays, Price 7,** cents.
Among ihe many gatherings on
ihe new year, the reception held al
"Government Mouse" by Mrs. J.
A. Fraser, proved a great social
Travel ou the Lake is now perfectly safe, and teaming will be
commenced on the Caribou- Trail
Nothing* is moie appreciated than
views ofthe couutiy you live in,
A line collection always iu stele
al "The Atliu Studio."
Circulating Library, containing
the best books, al C. R. Bource's.
LOST—Small bunch of keys tied
with string. Finder kindly return
to Bank of Commerce.
Slaughter Sale of Dry Goods at
]C. L. Pillman & Co's.
Pine line ofTea Sels aud other
C'Vma and Glassware at greatly re-
(U.w'e'd prices at H. I.. Piliman &.
Closing oui Sale; Dry Goods, Underwear, Boots and Shoes at Mali*
Pkici'". The Atlin Cheap Cash
Store.    M. POLP.Y.
Pilms and plates developed and
printed at reasonable rates at "The
Atlin Studio-'. Knlarging, and
Copying'also done.
p'or Airtight Heaters, Building
Paper, Steel Traps, Gunpowder 'tnd
Ammunition, you gel the best value
at I. IX Dune'*.
New Raymond Se.ving Machine.
Apply Claim' OlVu-c.
Stevens Single   Barrel!,    12    bore
Shot Gun.    Apply Claim Olliee.
Assa\eis Furnaces', Acids, Tools
etc.     A,.ply Claim Office.
AT  Till'
Saluiday, January  161I1.
Ha.ul.'.onie Prizes will   be  awarded
lo ihe Best Su.-Aained Male and
Female Characleis,  ami
I''or the Children.
ARM   STILL    TO   Till-:   l'KONT   IN
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes, Etc.
Tho   Line   of   FALL   and   WINTER     GOODS   we   have   placed   In   Stock
,   this   week   are    certainly     EYE-OPENERS
J ust see our shirts .and underwear
J     And socks at any price a pair.
Our 111 its and gloves cannot be beat.
Our boots and shocsso trim and neat
Cigars anil cigarettes to smoke,
But see our pi pes, oh ! my !
If once you gel your e* es or. thein
Vou cannot help but buy
Atlin-Log Cabin.
WimmnncKtiivaiuiitj' OKtimMU nimingininmriiTMHirii 1 ■i'B'M-mctpm
Jack Pkkkinson'k Doc; Tkams
make legular trips Mondays and
Thursdays between Atlin and Log-
Cabin. For freight a-ul passenger
rates apply. "Claim Oi'i'ici"." '
This gun is fully up to thc
quality of our rifles, which for 38
years have been STANDARD.
It is made in 3 styles, and in 12,
16 and 20 gauge. Bored for N itro
I'ownKi". and full)* guaranteed.
No. IOO   .
■   $9.00
No. no .
.    12.00
No. I20   .
Stud stamp for large catalogue illustrating
complclo lino, brinifnl of valuable information
In sportsinun.
J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co.
Atlin and, -.Alaska',
Atlin   Claim Block.
C. D. V.
A   MICKTTNG    of   the    Liberal
Conservative  Association,   will   be
held at tlie Nugget Hall, Discovery,
on Saturday Jan. <jth.
Important matters will lie discussed.
per. doz.
$ 5,oo
-> 7.59
$ 10,00
Larger sizes by special arrangement.
Interiors and pxteri .us.
P'or 1 plate, y:U\oz. prints $ 5,00.
b'or 5   ,,    t, prints of each $ 10,00
Copying Knlarghig by arrangement according lo subject and number re-mired.
KLKCTRIC    LIGHT    RATKS: — Installation,   53:50 per light.
16 Candle Power Incandescent $3:GO gsor month ncr light.
So tf !9 ff $1:SO ff
CllKAI'KU,    Bl'TTKK,   SaKKK,   Cl.l'ANUKK,   &   PlKAI.TIIlKR   Til AN   Oil..
MoilKICN STKAM   l.AL'XllKY IN  CONNECTION WASH  lU;NDr,L,S Coi.l.I'.CTKll    it     ))EI/IVK1'HD.
Better Work and Cheaper Rates than any Possible by Plane! Labor.
THE    WHITE    PASS    &    YUKON
Passenger and nxp.ess Service, Daily (except Sunday), between
Skagway, Log Cabin, ltennett, Caribou, While Horse and Intermediate
points, making close ccuneetinns with our own sieanieis at \\ bile Piorse
for Dawson and Yukon points, and at Caribou for Atlin eveiy Tuesday
aud Friday; Returning, leave Atlin ever.)' Monday and Thursday.
Telegraph Service to Skagway.     lXx press   matter   will   be received
for shipment to and frr.m all points in Canada and the United Stales.
P'or information relative to Passenger, Freight, Telegraph or Kx press
Rates apply to any Agent ofthe Company or to
TkM'Kic Dki'aktmknt, SKAGWAY.
Call and "get prices at
ALEXANDER    BL'AIIM,   Proprietor.
V 11
■ -:.;:--T.*Ms-<"-'i'i ^"v-^


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