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The Atlin Claim 1908-01-18

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 fca Jy        iA   . s^>���~m��  t.3 W3 (f|      fft ^  ���iii  }&�����2!$  ���,������..������ 'V5/'v  "        ' ^' ^  " Fcer  1908  /A  ,',^��n���-"'���'        oi<v._^wvjf  .4  i ��*  .iM.  l  I v?./  ^  !(  VOL.   .'rt.  ATLIN, U. C. SATURDAY.  JANUARY  ���;oS.  ���'.'14.  TIvU'GRAWHC  A Budget of Interesting1 New;  From Many Quarters.  Iii'juiu.tii tu* cijMu.)  Special Telerjrsms to tho Claim.  Jan. ,'6th.1000.  Ottawa. Out. :-  Lcrnicux returned from Japan.  He wns not MtCcc.vtful in making a  conclusive ngicemeul with ihe Japanese Government; Ire left Japan  before the negotiations concluded.  Japan is willing to restiict Immigration, but if they do so, it will be  simply ss a matter of good will.  The new immigration law, passed  recently, forbidding the lauding of  Japaneee in Canada, unless direct  from Japan, will be strictly enforced,  therefore, excluding ihe influx  frhm Honolulu.  British Columbia's members had  .a conference wilh Sir Wilfred Lau-  rier ou the subject.  Los-Arigelos, Cal.':-  Cries of "lynch him ' were made  by a maddened mob, infuriated by  his attacks on a drunken mine  owner from Gnldfields; F. Kano,  Japanese, was bjdly beaten before  the police rescued him.  where neighbours came lo her assistance. She iv:m so. badly burned  lhat she died shortly afterwards.  Boycrlown, Pa. ���;--  During a performance iu the  Rhodes Opera Mouse, an oil tank  exploded, instantly a wild rush was  made for the exits, the people became'jammed in the doorway; men  and women fought like demons; five  minutes after the explosion Ihe  building was,a roaring furnace; it is  estimated thai 150 are dead, and 75  injured, many of tbe dead were  crushed to death.  In efforts to fpilet Ihe audience,  Ihe people on the stage upsel an oil  lamp which set fire to the scinery;  several stores, residences, aud ihe  bank were destroyed.  Fuel and Lhjit 9-9-15  , Druj;*. ,'v  PthilpuK-nt ''-I-97  Fiiriiituie 6.10  iYliih.leuii'.re, groceries  laundry etc. ��� 1 195.8:;  M lseri'auvniis. 'Pi a veiling Kx.'s. Mi-:, /'hues  &,Mi.-ii .Mf'rrisori.  Insurance, Telegrams;  Discounts, etc.' 201.66  Victoria :-  The Proriucial legislature opened  tod ft v. <  ' New Westminster :-  There was almost a panic iu the  Royal Theatre during a "moving  picture show; caused by an operator  setting fire to some films, the fire  was quickly extinguished, but the  house was filled with smoke. The  audience rushed'for the exits, but'  were finally quieted when told tlie  fire was out.  Watford, Out. :-  East Lambton Liberals have  11 unlimited Mr. Fail banks, of Pet-  roles, for the House of Commons.  New York :-  Four firemen were killed and  half a million dollars worth of  property lost In a thirteen story  Parker Building; the fire was the  most spectacular ever witnessed;  there were many thrilling rescues  from the upper stories.  Washington :-  So deeply has Japan's pride been  touched by continued reference to  the undesirability of her subjects In  Canada and the Stales,that lite Japanese Government will start a propaganda, showing that her subjects  are not to blame for the recent disorders iu Vancouver and do not Impair tlie chances of white labourers.  Tokio :-  Several ministers and Premier  Saienjis of the cabinet have-resigned; their places are filled teinporily,  further resignations are expected.  The trouble is due to the financial policy.  4545-44  The  Disbursements   exceed   the  Receipts by   ��5 8.5,   leaving   a   uett  'gain, for   the   period   covering   the  last four years  - 1904, 5, '6, 7, -  of  Tlie receipts from tickets sold is  not ns much as it might, and  should he, 'being little more than'  half what il was fur 1906.  The receipts from Paying Patients  is also very low, In comparison with  the. number of days service rcrrdered,  being oiily'.-.n average of about 75  cents per day; but it will de remembered that some patients, who were  in Hospital a long time, were un,  able to pay anything.  The number of patients treated  during the .year, as per leturns, was  162, being 44 Indoor, aud nS Outdoor patients, and the total number  of.dnv's treatment was 1115, being  901 days for indoor, and 214 d.iys  for- w.u-ili.'Oi pAlk-uts, or an average  of about z}4 per day for indoor patients, and over 3 per day all told,  South, aud Fist, that would mean  considerable outlay if procured in  any other way.  Fiom St. John's ' Presbyterian  Chuich, Vancouver, Table Linen,  Oishi's, etc.  Fron- Dunn Avenue Presbyterian  Church, Parkdaie. Toronto, Heel-  spread:;, Linen Towels, Pillow-cases  etc. a considerable quantity.  Aud, from lire'YVornens' Home-  Mission Society, Toronto - who  arc paying Salaries and travelling  expenses of two Nurses, - Nignt-  shirls and other necessa^ articles  for use in the wards.  May ihe good work continue and  may the'people of Ihis Camp, for  whose benefit this is all dohe,appreciate and respond in like manner.  r.  CORRESPONDENCE.  We do not hold ourselves responsible for the opinions expressed by  our correspondents.  <."::  31. Andrew's Hospital.  Financial Statement for 1907.  Aylmer, Out, :-������  Tlie Liberals of East Elgin have  nominated Dr. Miller and H. W.  Rutherford.  Vancouver, B. C. :-       .  Miss Susan llagcn, aged 24, was  burned to death while pouring coal  oil into a stove to hurry up the fire;  the can exploded enveloping her in  flames; she rushed out of the house  Summary of the Receipts and  Disbursements in connection with  St. Andrew's Hospital, Atlin, B.C.  for the year ending Dec. 31st. ^07.  Receipts.  Paying Patients S28.50  Sale of Tickets . 338.00  Voluntary Contributions  314.75  Prov. Gov't. Grants.       11S5.0.0  W.H.M.S. of thePres-  byterian Church in Canada, Toronto, Out.    ,   -."1586.44  Oilier Sources, St.Patrick's Concert  Steam  ��� Shovel Dance, Refund,  Wm.Beavis' interest in >  Min. Claim, sold 2S6.90  4539-59  Disbursements.  Salaries, to Domestic  Help, to Nurses by Local Board, to Nurses  from Toronto  2097.00  The Trustees and Nurses of St.  Andrew's Hospital'desire lo thankfully acknowledge receipt oi tlie  following donations rriiich are gratefully accepted on behalf of the said  Institution and will as usual be  faith fully applied to its use and  benefit and that of its occupants as  occasion may require.  Received horn J". T. Regan Esqr.  cash, p?o.  From Mr. William JJeavis, formerly of Atlin, cash, $36.25, being  the prncecds'of a sale of an -interest  in a mineral claim, and presented  by him to tha Hospital when leaving here.  From,tlie Allinlo Lodge, A.F.&  A.M. N0.42 G.R.Ii.C, cash #50.00.  From Messrs. F. W. Markus and  Frank Lille, donations in the form  of labour in carpenter work and repairs, tint mean dollars and cents  to the .management. Mr. Robert  Webster being another contributor  in this way.  From Dr. Harrison a quarter of  Moose, and other good things not  always found on the Menu Card of  the Institution.  Messrs. D. li.'McDonald,- E. L.  ���Pillman, aiiri.N. C. Wheeling contributed liberally1 of those things  that appeal to the inner man about  Christmas lime, or any other time,  aud 'Mrs. Doelker, though absent,  furnished  the Christmas Turkey.  .They also wish to gratefully acknowledge donations of useful articles     from   sympathisers   in   the  To the Editor,  Atlin Claim.-  Sir, ."  The brilliant article you  saw fit to publish in last week's  issue orr the " Asiatic Question"  surely deserves a few passing words  of credit, due you, for having the  courage to adopt the stand you have  taken, in this seemingly, most perplexing problem.  I trust lhat the inspiration trhicTi  enabled the ���riter to express his  ideas  in   such   a. convincing,    and  pleasing manner, was original,  but a lingering doubt assails me rs  lo the truth of ibis.  As I follow the arguments set  forth in succession throughout his  whole contribution, they, one after  another, seem to relate to, and savour of, the " London Times "  Western Correspondent and others  of his make-up,  Now. Mr. pro tern Editor, do you  think you are upholding, In entirety,  the pilnciplcs and feelings, so frequently expressed in your columns,  heretofore.  Is it right, that during your short  occupancy of the Editorial Chair,  you should permit the use 0r our  invaluable local sheet for such an  unworthy, and lamentable purpose  as expressed by your pro Jap agitator in last issue.  You cannot fail to realize' the  stand yon are taking., practically  alone, and entirely apart from the  prevailing sentiment of tlie Camp,  for you must surely know of the  strong ami Asiatic feeling which  nlwavs has exi.sted, and has every  assurance of continuing so.  Again, Mr. Editor, reflect before  circulating such another decidedly  pro Oriental spasam.  ^ If you are against, do what Is obviously expected of you; if you   are  C'ONTIN'UJSO    OX    'I-\AC1M    -:.  s^p& 'VlUOJlo^  ( 8061" I A3 J      -/J;  v  /Oi      '"     ���""���' v vCi-   //  \>CP   nv,���.��M*A-\   ^^  'a  <'h:  M  s*5  I  M  ���'*?  I  II  I  I  j  r  I  f  '.i'i  fa  i  >:>s  Jill  \\  m  k'  'ii ATLIN,   B. C,    SATURDAY,   JANUARY i8f 1908.  rpn a j 1*        /it     3  3 ist/ rttSiii visablsla  '�� A'vr  r.  1 f����N C1���A!AI is rfftLiaiict) cvcr.Y satuhdat  1* on tunc. tnr.iLv.ti rt*.tc io amy cmit or, the  v-rttu ron co' ctMT'i Ptn .inorini ; ,-coo **c*  t: * -. Anvr r.risirto r.ATr�� : ?i.eo vr.n inch cach  inn: '.TiorJ; nr./.cinc noricn. jr. ccm ra a Line.  irrc  ��� l.   n.VTE'i     OM    A'TLICATIOn   -*Ot--   JOB PKSWTIlNf] : <  atit-rtS^nit. rosTi r.n, vhiTiiw  c/.ftwa  CITTtn-lltADI, ''PllUSIAMMfB,       r.TC,  ITfi.  omr.ra  rnovrri.T  r7.tcurr.o.  psicf.-t   rnoarr. ��,Tr.  Til ft  ATUB Cl./.iril   PUIIMfilUKG  CO., I.TD.  "W. PoIjIiATID. filU 31*.        SlAriAGlWl-DllCfiCTOK.  TRANSPORTATION.  THEi WEALTHY  DISTRICTS  OF THE PROVINCE WANT  OPENING UP.  In a recent issue of his progressive paper " The Empire '', published at Prince Rupert, Mr. John  Houston prints an excellent article  on the requirement,of the ' North '  with, regard to transportation facilities.  After explaining, lhat by the  ' North ' he means Bennett Lake,  Atlin Lake, v Teslin Lake, Linrd,  Stickiue, Skeena, and Omiueca mining divisions, an area of more than  half of the Province, he goes on to  ask :���  " What are the requirements of  this vast area, an empire in Itself?  Bennett Lake, and Atlin Lake  divisions are   reached   through   Al  aska via Ska*  Th  eir require  ments are well known to ihe   member of Allin, Dr. Young"      ���  '  Up   to   the   present  time,   the  only industry   in   all  five   divisions  has been placer mining, as   hunting  for big game can   hardly   be   called  an-industry.  Ail five divisions are inaccessible,  and   without    other  transportaiioti  facilities than river steamboats during the summer months, - less than  half the year."  He goes ou to say :���  The   northern    districts   of   the  Province should not be subjected lo  the treatment   meted   out   to   the  Kootenay from 1SS8 to :So8.  These districts  need   legislation,  and the one thing the  Government  should consider, is,   not   how   the  legislation will affect  Victoria  and  Vancouver, but how   it   will   affect  tlie people of Skeena and  Atlin and  Cassiar. ......  The people of these districts are  not asking for special legislation.  They are-simply asking that'they  be given facilities to transact public  business independent of public offices hi Victoria and Vancouver."���  " Will Dr. Henry Esson Yo'ung,  L.L.D., of Atlin, do as Lietilenaiit-  Colonel James Baker of East Kootenay ? Will Dr. Kergiu of Skeena-  be as complaisant as was James  Kellie of West Kootenay r or will  Dr. Henry Esson Young, who is  provincial secretary in tlie iVicBride  government, resign office if the  Government does not give tlie  people of the North what they are  entitled to NOV/, not ten years  he vice ?  Or will Dr. Kcrgin who is iu  opposition to Ihe Government,  as James Kellie was, get ou his  feet on the floor of the Hoi-se.  aud demand lhat the people of the  North, not being' mere hewers of  wood, and drawers of water for the  people of Vancouver and Victoria,  shall receive everything to .which  they are fairly entitled, irrespective  of the selfish wishes of the people  of other districts ?  The people of the North are asking the questions."  ���This northern district, practically  unexplored as it is, is the principle  source from which ihe revenue of  the Province is derived, and the  proper boos ting, and opening up of  this rich area, 'the practically unlimited values of which can only be  surmised, would mean an overflowing ��� Treasury and, general prosperity.  It appears to us however, that  the short focussed vision of many  of our polititiaus, when directed  to the building ol roads, elc, is  obstructed by the question which  is continually defore them -  WHAT IS THERE IN IT FOR US ?  In our- minds, there can be no  doubt as to ihe answer"- that will  immediately, present itself to the  voters of this district, who showed  their great confidence iu Dr. Young's  interest in their welfare by returning him with so large a majority  for his second.term, when they, ask  themselves the question ���  WILL Dr. VGUNG RESIGN IF HE  CANNOT GET US OUR RIGHTS ?  N. C. WHEELING '     f  c&  Fresh Fruit' aud Vegetable:  A11 ways   on   hand  $ T$2& Ss'oh 3&&3��c,tl  First S��s*q����.  POOL  rtOCM  GOOD   STABLING  THE GOLD   MOUSE  DISCO VILRY, B. G.  THE    DINING   ROOM   IS   UNDER   THE   SUPER VISION    OV  MRS.  ROXBOROUGH.      GOOD SLEEPING ACCOMMODATION  ONLY THE BEST QUALITY OF   GOODS USED AT THE BAR  BAKERY IN CONNECTION WITH THE HOTEL.  ?A  Board of Trade,  Transportation.  Freight Rates.  The following are the three letters which were confirmed at the  meeting'of the Board oh Thursda}'  last, the 9th. inst., and have been  sent to William Sloan, Esqr, Dr.  Young, and the General Manager  of the White Pass & Yukon Railway Co.  9th. Jan. 190S.  W. Sloan, Esqr. M.P.  Ottawa.  Sir,    ���  In accordance with a resolution passed by ��� the Atlin District  Board of Trade, I am instructed to  communicate the request, that." you  will favourably consiber the proposal to open the Atlinto Riwr for  navigation of steamboats; aud, thai  yon will kindly inform the Board,  whether any official steps have been  taken by the Dominion Govern,  ment in the matter ?  The Board would also ask you to  use your influence, if possible, with  the Yukon Gov't., to complete the  road towards Carcross, via Tagish,  from the boundary line near the  North end of Atlin Lake.  lam, Sir, '  Yr. ob't. Servant,  R. B. Anderson,    Sec.  itmmvrd m%.wiw*�� yuw&$ru\&$7  Koubad Watvrecka, Ma sag mi.  B3r��iffl&rs   of L&��er  existed      u    t>*tf   Lijsti  b  SMALL AND LARGE ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  The  KOOTENA Y HOTEI  ���a-  &&���:��: 9bpy?vft<*  J  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  The Bar is supplied   with   none   but   the   best brands of Liquors  and Cigars.    First-class-Billiard and Poo! Tables.  91I1. Jan. 190S.  Hon. I-I. E. Young.  Victoria, B. C.  ���     ���      '   '      . (*  .'-..- &'  ra^.  DIXON'  i.-.   SCHULZ,    Proprietor:  EW-    5>  H^vsy   H'-A^Sfl-.     li B W'11!   li. Ljf  i.  &  i  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN; CONNECTiON.  tllOiaH! VilM.5, MOUORK AND CIGAUS CASL (iOOUS A   SI'tCSALIV.  Cornoi' Peai'l and first Strecm, i        Afcllu, ��. C.  iimaiiiimi^amimimmmm ���-"~: Vo'VV.  ^TLiN'^v; B; ;���; C;,;;: SAT OliI>A;Y  :^;.';.;'Sir,V,r.':v.iv;:-v ���;/���'���.'---"-'.fe-i^-^v:^'^^;^'-':-:/  ;".,'.!- x'vvR In accc.i;dancev.with aV resohr-  ���-!,tiorepassed*!.'by;;:lhe:i\Atlin'; District  .; Board'of Trade, vl have the- liouour  ^td:request,,tli;itv you ..will beVpleased  vto useyOur influence,:with .'the'' Pro-  , \Miicial aiid .Y.uktjnvpbvei'iuneiils to  . obtain, the construclioiiWof a:5,road  : front; Atlin.-. .towards^ Carcrossv-vyia  ^Tc&isliY^K--^  ,v . ,Ydu;rtre' aware pflhecii'CuinstanX  ;'ces.v wjiicJi'VneccssilaieUhe;, construe-:  ..^tioir of the ''proposed road; Valid:, lhat.  .v al*tliisV'Uiiiie.-'pL;'theVy.e:ir.-: Atlin ! is!  V :sofely,U-ied ���forvtii'ervvant of :r- - i orul,:  .', by'.wliicli.Vsale ;ind certainWcoiiiini'i-r  -ri'icrituiiKcoi^  ' , tlir^rrtiTwiiy' to!iUi<^  ;^;:v:There.';^  -. fifteen-ruilesvfroiri "I'iittlc /Vtlin; Lake  ���'���; to tlieiTagisli Telegraph Station;;.'-'f[  ~;'^'';Ai'!M  '���-������ scow could���''.ije.'-rise'd-;to  convey. ;pas-'  Vseng'ers,vfreight etc.v()\'er^liey:river,':  " a dirit.ance"of less Ilian 500.feel-. The!  ri vervis -reported ::to 'be ishallo w;;. with'  .'. dnlyva ' mpderate;~vcurrenf,' 'and.: no  v;bqu]clers;.^''^::^--j'-7v'i:Vi; ���S.---';V;;jv;-V-:S'vv "'������'��� v.'  ';.',������;.;Tbe .; information v derived:: from  , men ;weilVaccpia.inied witliv the';:pr6-  . posed route, slates,;: thai--therevvare  ���:--i.V6!-idifliquitiesr vto v rbejVcoufended;  ;:against :.excenting!:forya -short-��������� dis'-f'  ���tance-near-Hitcii^  assail open;Ievel:country frburvLiitle  ' Atliir Lake onHp!;Tagish; that,' rich';  .meadow'������';'. lands' Jextend;i.;for;:!uiiles  ;afouud';Liltle:Atlii'vLakeH; thatv\tl.iis  Xlaiid^wpuldvbe; takeh.:;;up;;if!tliere'  :-werevavroadvtb;!Atliu;-mbreover Aitvis  recognized vHhat    payable    quartz  ��� ledges.are being   tinned '.iiear ITag-  ish; and that tile cor it em plated road  would greatly tend to  advance  the  mining industry of the   district,   as  it would enable miners to   transport  smelling   ores   to   the   railway  for  shipment to coasf smelters.    '  The Board takes this opportunity  of thanking you for your careful  cousideratilin of its representations  in the past, and wishes you a Happy  and Prosperous New Year.  I have the honour to be  Sir,  Yr. ob't. Servant  R. B. Anderson,    Sec.  wiittiiilES  ���������iv/riic:tiiiders!gned,!;hav.iirg;tieen restored ,; to; health by. sim tile rncrui?>1  after!siifrei'iiig'J()v!::ieveral,!3;earswilii  av:'se y.er'c^'fuiig.-! a fFectibn, ��� -:ih'd.';that:  dread ^'disease ��.Co*St!mi.'TipN,- Vis;  'li'iixib'iis to '.i.iiiit:c';.kriq\vn'.!vb^.':i.ii.s;-,fel;;  lbw-.i.sii'frefe.r's.i'-j.lie.'.-mea'iis/  'I'o!::those.!'ivho-;'. desire!! ii, :';'.-.Tis.'J-wiil  cheerfrill)'v.send!; (free of .'c!rar��e):;;;v  cbr.Vy.pf.the.ptcscriptibii used.'rtwhich  tli<iy!:vv.\yilL.���!.fi'iicl'::"iiVc 11 re'!.fdr Consumi?-;  TtQNi-yAsTHM A j!r!GATARK II,7 BUON-  CH tTlS :v!v a ridL: <;: ri 1lvv U h rpa t ;a rid d iii/gi  Mala di:ics:v.;, He hopes^ alb sufferers;  will; try;hisVremedy,!;;as:.itj;;is'iuyain  .���able/r-v "'niiosejdesiriiig ������':t-hcqjresei'i.p,-  tibn.v'whieh ! will co^t the'in! iiolliiri'g,  :aiidv!!;;rhay"!!^prbye av; blessing, -''-will  please! ;a'ddrcss-,.'���-'v::v-���'.;-!; ^;-:;:[::- -'"���:'������:'V:,:-;-"--,v  <?zim��>mra<W:<>mtt$&er:te&$^  %��� ������������-&��� H&--- :/k��M  wm&vmwmiii  W- SB"  NFKIH;  -v.E^;r^s:d:v;;i3Mj3SSii)r):.; meats;  KHKxm^m?jvjt ii-r^tiriE; tz rr.s-*. e t-rrrxtfzzr.vsxifi  ^ffOLILTRY:7:QF'^  -. mtUMJ*. 1.1 ��ri ��M.*>��fa.tnin��'jj ����v����mi ����� c nwur-ji ���=!  S'v'K; :"���'^': ������ ;^'"'! vv^^C^.^ ���-: "-^v^ :���;? v?T^^' "^r.r ^:!" ?''"-d; v!:;;!; ^'^: J^-;'-S/jC!' K; .^;T-fi5.;".V'^-1- ^'V ;i^  "W*3'  ;!CerliHcnt��5 of; tmprov^mtnt. : 1  Situate In;Uin.^  ;:; .i)i.strict.- ���;; VWlisro"'���-looateii:'.���I11V JtaliiT  ���!>tioiiow.'.^':?^  tarli !notice;ihii A,; Jiispti: n.; tihisei; of  Hnlns AlnsltR/ =.;;'.������"���'- ---���;-- '������,������..''���''-': ;V,---1'--'V"':V.',''i;V:-'^'"V  .;;yi'ssV^i!tiet''s>;.CcnlS<;sto!' rr>.';",.,:;;r.lt:lso  IiitcnUr, CO tliij-.t '���from ihe Jf.ro.;��� hereof,V't.q  apply to ilicMiiihi-' ltio6i'ad!'.,-r��'r ft Corrlfi-  ciite of .IiiiiJi't-yniiiSiil's for.-'. t.hn;-;j>i:r'i'mse .of  ql/ra.It|I^iK-OrtiwiV'Gritt.i..tVor''th's.r.l>o,TecJalai's.';  .Anil.fii"rtlisV;talt'o' iiotlcs.Uiat;''a.c.tto!i',.itai"er.  K^cttort .37; mtisli. ho coinmcriccfl ��� ?)cfo�� s the  :isstir.rias iot stich Certificate :of y.lir.ijroter  .nients.''.' .���.;:V:V-"-:--\'-':^';^ '"���'���'������} -,-/-^:' "..'.'V VVvv  '':'���.���'���  v:'"Diitsit tiits sseoVifl'aRypf Octbrisr',-** i'!07.'  ���' ':��� '���'!'"''Jossplt'tT.���C.lilssl.   .'���.:���:;  ���"���: -Nso'st. .:.���:;;:   .v..;v.v���v.-r,vv;.',;;������;:;;,:.'^'.���������������l-' '.::'���'  GsrtiFicale of Improvements.  Stats of  Montana    Mineral    Clnlm.  Sifti.itu! In Llis Atlin   mining  tiltIilo:i of  Cusslnr   Wist riot  r.-hsro locate:!:   Il.tinj  llollor.-.  TAKKNOTiOGtiialt .TosspTi  R.  Qils.tl  of  Haiti's Alitsl-.a t'roc MliiiTsCcMflcnle No j;lli  .10 i 111r:: 111 sixty il.-i.vs from Uir; date liii'fof   t.o  apply to iho inliiiii;; recorder  for a certificate of   improvements   for   the   purpose   of  ouliiinlii;; a Ci-ciTVn (5-rant. of the .ilitirs (:!.-ilm  And ftu-tiicr take notice that artion cmter  ScclioM H7 1:111st   ho commence;!   Iiaforn  the  issuance of .inch (-'ei'tificatc of improTcni'iit.  nntctl (his Sucomi! day of Ocloher .*. n. 1EU7.  Josiiih II. Ch!.iel,  ofJ-Et  "wmm :'..buft'xas.  ;:vv!v!;::,:;!,'!.^^  i;v -;'?!;!!v;'.���/'��� First'.-.CIass -t!)iutiig Rbbhi!Ih:'Cbnriect!ohi.  !!itlSAbQUAt��:^S !!j?or ';Dix6w/v&;Scnur<K;STAG��. ���':!-  39-  :-S^.  :v;-'r.!!";;:!:;'!x-:i^GN?i'I^  vv-Ci^rilv-bYNAMi^IvE : AND,;.G:EIvIGNITKr!! -^ &��>:0^U  '!-'!.viv!:!'!STEKi>:SllINGt^  ^'-fV;:--'"r'-'-  Stores ik Ai'Ufi ai*jd Discovkrv.  :Mm  Csriificak  oi   fmorovemeni  9ih. Jan. rgoS.  The Gen, Manager,  W.P.&Y. Ely. Co.  Skagway,    Alaska.  Sir,  In accordance with a resolution passed by the Allin District  Board of Trade, I am instrucli'd lo  submit to your consideration the  opinion, that your Company's lan'ff  for Atlin is regarded as being-.unduly excessive.  The Board would point out lhat  in seme commodities the rates to  Allin are'the same as those to Daw-  sou, and, in the others, there is only  a slight difference.  The Board therefore requests that  you will lie pleased lo give the matter your favourable consideration  with a view to your Company granting a reduction iu the Freight Tariff and the abolishment of .the 10 per  cent increase rate for Atlin.  I am. Sir,  Your ob't. Servant.  R. B. Anderson.    Sec.  Arizona   foi In era I   Claim.  Situated in the  Atlin  Mini:i~  jlivlioti   of  Cassiar District where T-.our.tsd: Tn Rainy  Hollow..  TAKJj KOTICK that T.Joseph ft.   ttiliel of  Ilains Alalca.  I'Yce Miners Certificate rfo r. I'ISO Tiifeint  dixty ilays from tlio datu hereof to apply to  tho .Mining: ifccorder for a certificate of Improvements for tlie purpose of ohtalnl^- a  Crown Grant oT this iibovcClaim.  Anil further talte notice 1 Im* .��.ef!cjit r.ni'^r  Srction ".7 iniisl- he comnitiici-d lirfore ths  iisuaiire of such   Ccrliiier.tc   of     rir.prove-  IllCllt.l.  Dated this s��co:ifl il.-.y of Oeto.'jf.r, ��.. r>. l!7il  .Tosriih, ll.Chl.-cl.     -..  ���oM-Jt'  Certificate- of Improvement;  Adams and NewVork Wlinornl Claim  Situate In tliu Atlin Mluin/^pivljion.C.iJslar  District. V/liero locntcd:- In I.ainy llollor.-.  TAKK NOTtCli that I. SI. J. O'Connor, Free  .Miners Cortillcnle No HI 111)8, in trend, ��lxtj  days from the date hereof, to apply to ths  .Milling Kccioriliir for n C/'ci'ti/I'.'r.tu of Im-  provcmi.'iita, for the purpose of olitainln;.' a  Crown (xi'i'itit of the above clniiu.  And fiirthor taho notice that .-.ction. umlitr  sncliou B7, nilint 1)0 uomuioiicril before tiift  issuance of sucli Cortih'caio of' Improvements  Buloil this third day of Novemhar A.D.1507  J.1..1. O'Connor.  .11   9t  H. E. BKOWN & CO.  Sa4ce.t��sdB  te ��*. fi. Piltr.&r��s.a.n.  LATEST STVr,KS IN GENT'S FURNISHINGS  DllY GOODS, CARPKTS, HOUSE FURNISHINGS,  COLD SEAT, HIP CUM BOOTS AND SHOES,  FULL LINE OF MINERS GLOVES AND MITTS.  STOIIES AT' ATLIN AND 'DISCOVERY.  THE   KIRKLAND   HOTEL  F I f �� I  Street  Atlin  B. C.  Good   Accomodations  Neat  Clean Rooms.  ���������-'��������� ALEX.': SMITH. '      ' PROPRIETOR.- ���  E?:ccuLcd Cheaply, Promptly and Satisfactorily.  THE CLAIM OFFICE.  i!S' ��  ATLIN,    B.   C.      SATURDAY,  JANUARY 18, igoS.  Local and General New?.  The Tciiipcr.-ilwrcs lor the 'Vv'coV.  'IStiditig January tlio 7 th iyuS,      &  mas.  ui!n.  nth  28.0  LvC  '���  12 th  15-5  t6.o  13th  , *;.o  7-n  '14th  34-o  ��� 21.0  15th  Si-3      ���  ��5.o  16th  34-$  ���2 2-0  17th  ��� 29.0  20.O  Continued   fjwm   I'acii   i.  lialf over the fence, fall bach again  orr to the right side, and if you are  for, reserve a little patch of white  in a prominent, corner of your paper  ior a red bull's eye and Rising Sun,  and engage a " Yellow P.oy " as a  useful and characteristic addition to  your Office Staff.  Yours truly,  Holmes Piueo.  Note.  We must regretfully decline to  recognise tlie foregoing letter as ii  fair criticism on our late article on  the Federal Election' aud Asiatic  Question. ���  We admit that we expressed  some views .similar to those of the  Loudon Times correspondent; but  such simple and common opinions  have been held by us for many  years, and are, probably supported.  b}' every man in the Biitisli Empire, who posesses even tlie most  elementary knowledge of, international law.  With regard to ' the principles of  The Claim', r.-e liave much pleasure iu reassuring our correspondent, that, we are ever ready to shed  all our heart's blood, and all our  printer's ink, for the preservation  of glorious Canada ��� iu the true  sense of the word ��� as a While  Man's Country !  Nevertheless our patriotism is  opposed to blundering into mischievous legislation, which would only  have to be repealed, like the late  Alien Law; nor, needless to say,  have we thc'slighlost desire to pose  as pro-jap agitators; or, inclined lo  feel 'pro-Oriental spasmus'; or,  the folly to flout the Japanese' colours; or, even the gall lo hang a  '- yellow boy ' on our office staff.  Iidilor.  Can ad i ah' Pacific Railway' Company.  r nr ��� -�� ivifin-tunii'iiiiWiiriiMnrrirnr ���miTfrriTTTri���"n n���ifirm-v,- ^^(rra.'-Tt'wk-��^,-j^vr**^^^��iii*yrit^������*\��^l��Au,XJ'3*ii��-Jt ��ww��K3n  B. C.   COAST   SERVICE.  A KT fwalhihlr DoniltiToti r.*n�� ��rithl�� .  _/..\_ Ihr Jiiiilwny lii-lt In IU iiii.li Coluinhia  ��irii h? litj!i]����Tm(!rtl |,j n.ny |ir.r��un % Im li  lh'- ���tilr lienil 1.1 f a f.-iru ll.t, <jr nnv m.ilr mfr IS  )'i-.\n of n-R, to Tlir e.Mrnt of on**ijtiAri��r  Action cjf IGL> ncrti iimrs nr !�������.  Entry mint hr tiisrte ]i��r��utm71y al TTir.To**!  l.-.tiit once for the illitriut In *lili:!i tlit lmitl  Nilluaf*. "  Thf tiof.inffsffrr Tt T^fit:Tr��(f fr> p��rfnfm  ihr ri/ntllrlnin ciitiiirr.tril T'.i��r���� Itli uut1��r  on a of tltr folior.'lnj: pl��n�� :  (1) At Ir.-.it ilx. niimTfi*' r��<1d��fir�� wfinti mill  unlllTatlon of th* l.iml In ����ch T*��r for thr*��  yean.  (2) If tlif fathf r (nf nu>fTi#r, IT r fir- Tsftmr U  (lr'fraa��ii) of tlm Jitmirsf cmler rr^M^s upon m  farm in the vU-lnlt.T of tlie laml pnlefnl for,  Ihc I'riniirrinrnti as to rrtiilMicr may tin  latl-iflfil h.v -iiii-h iitrion rfihllne ritli tin  fattinr or motlter.  (S) If tlie srttler hft* lits rsfffinriefit rul-  ilrnrr inioti farinln;- land or.'iinl hy him In  thu i icinit.v of liii liomo-Trml, the rennlre-  ni'iili as to resilience may 1j�� il'.tkf.nl hy  residence upon tliesulit Ijinil.  Si.t iiirniths' notice In writing ���Tloiilil h��  KI veil to tlieiUoiiimUsloiier of Dominion L*m1t  at. Ottun'ii of intention to apply for irntaut.  Coal liimti iiin.Tnejiiircrinrfilut, ?10pep terr.1  for soft otial ami ��2Ufor anthracite. Not more  than UiO acres can he nctnilruilliy one individual or company. Koyalty at the rate of  ten cent:- prr ton of 2,U00 poiimla ��� hall h* rol-  lectnl on the ltuji output.  ��� ��� rr. tt. coftr,  C��jm?y of t?i* Minister of tfit Tii?��flur  iT.T5.���rjiiautTior!i:ei1 pntitlcfttloti of t1il�� ��rt-  vr.rtlaenieiit will not he pr.ltl for. Jj-'il-Bin  NOTICK.  Take Notice that I; Grant Reid  agent for the late Thomas Tug.well  shall apply to the Hoard of License  Commissioners of the Atlin License  Disltict at a special meeting to be  held on January 3rst. 1908, for the  transfer of the hotel Liceuse of the  " Log "Cabin Hotel ''' at Log Cabin  15. C, to Mr. Thos. Tugwell of Log  Cabin. B. C. "  Sij-iied       Cf*nt TMd.  Agent, ';"  H- 4'  It was with great pleasure that  we learnt of the recovcay of Miss  xMcTavish from the painful effects  of the accident she met with last  week.  Ask at your Library for  'The Love Story  of Giraldus."  A Romance of the Twelfth Century  BY  Alice Cunninghame. .  Fresh assortment .Lowney'-  creams and chocolate tints at  C. &. Bourne*  Pint tree Rote  BISCOVKUV,   B.C.  Finsr-cr.ASs mining nooM  GOOD CI..EAN ItOOMS  OStJ   THK   BEST GOODS"  USED AT THIS riAlt.  ��D.   SANDS,  Praprloter.  O. K.  BARBEK. SHOP.  J, W. THOMPSON, Prop.  FIRST-CLASS SERVICE ONLY  Get a copy of the illustrated  editicn " Songs of a Sourdough",  a few left at Bourne's.  Latest novels and magazines  arriving each mail at  C>R. Raurnes*  Princess   May  ' .." JAN. 13 29.  flilllnr rrotn Ctejr.'ey C p.m.  Direct \o Vancouver  ami Victoria.  Ti-ltitltoftltif- hj ����t! of tt.r.mrt to Srattln n-ltlioul  (lira ctisrce  STor-OTi:ss a 1,1.0"-kd.  i!t��f��   fo    ��ri7 iiiTt of tlio wd��liT  I'  rt of the wofM. y-A     t-^      X7\T ���    T  r\r    t  ;-'ur rattc or liifoftntTlon ftlitil)' to     V .    J^ .      VV .      L^O vV 1 C,  A t'lit. Slinetvny.  USE OUR ADVERTISING  ���    COLUMNS  Placing, before the public  the many advantages of  the district is the object of  \v n �� %��      �� m i. h k RA     W j M C'M % $Mh  >^y ta /  v        ./, {a v " b lav J4^ ^ VV 5J a & d  'tnt.Ci*!:��.��o*.Cif>o��o.��o��o��i:i��!:iCt��o.��v.*'o*o*v.*o^otot-*'��<:'*i:'.*  This cannot be successfully accomplished without the generous support of ,  the business  people and  the residents.   .  SEND US TOUR SUBSCRIPTION.  ��-*-���-��-��-���-��<-��-��� ���������>������  Isefsil astcl Hiiiaiiieiifal iools  1       tTrtr sf.sri out truss rou cas crt noons ab ciitAi'iiKUBf  Atlin, fluggel and   Gripe  nintjs ami all Mh<1k of Jewelry monu  fACliii'L'd on tlio premises.  Kino Now Stock of   Wntehes,  CtecTts, Jetvetry   n����t   Diemonda  dutches from ffi.UO up. Aircu.ts for Columbia Gramoiilioiics.  Silverware, Cut Gloss, Hand Feinted Chins, Souvenir Spoon  JULES". EGGERT k SON, atun and discovury,  L3ar��ty Dopeoit; v��aitfi      Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jcwlcrs


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