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The Atlin Claim 1903-01-03

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 1     - I  1 ''  I     1  ">y t;  tTI-P^p.  .  _i.  r *l  f7  i& *r/  i��L& "  VOL.   8.  ATLI.N, 15.'C. SATURDAY,  JANUARY   3,    1903.  NO.   rSi.  Today   is   (he   Election Day  to 'Fill the'Offices.  Necessary  and  important Duties  Which   Require Cordial Su**,-  1 *  port by tho Public.  - Sik :���As the. uecessaiy statutory steps lor the eleciion of Fiie  Warden-- foi both Allin and Dis-  covciy have been taken we may  expect that on Satuiday next (3d  prox.J iu.Allin ,aud on Monday,  5II1 prox., in ^ Discovery,' men will  be elected to fill these important offices. As this ofiice, like most office-; that entail gratuitous sei vice  in the interests of the* general  public, is a thankless one at^best, I  think it the duty of every citizen  fo assi-.t tlie Fiie Waidens whoever  "they may be, iti "currying out iheir  ��� plans and efforls for the public weal  and . safety. All light thinking  'people will do,this unsob'cited.'but  as there; are ' sometimes some so  shortsighted as to ignore all advice,  no matter how sensibly or kindh  given or intended,-aud who,' pei-  haps resent any interference wiih  their arrangements, for-getfubof the  fact that carlessness oroveisight on  their part may mean' serious 'loss  and damage lo others as well as to  themselves, it is necessary ,to re-  stiain ail such so as to protect  them as far as posoible' even fiom  themselves.  For tut: benefit of all such, I lake  the liberty of requesting you to  publish the following excerpts  fiom the Statutes so that yom  readers may know what legal  rights and povveis Fire Waidens  have if they choose to exercise  them.���Yours truly,  J. A. Frasicr. Gov. Agent.  Section 8. Chap. 83, K.S. of B.  C, as amended, leads as follows :  The Fiie Wardens, or a majority  of them shall have the following  powers '���  (a.) To visit and inspect, at all  reasonable bouts, all buildings and  ereetions in the town or its vicinity;  (b.) To direct aud regulate, in  "the town or its vicinity, thc po-i-  tiou of stove-', lire-places or furnaces, chimneys, stovc-pipcs aue!  smoke-stacks, anel the leiuoval,  ch 111 go or alteration of the same,  or of any of them, or the position  or condition oi them, or any of  them, and further tli reel lhat anything shall be done by way of pie-  cauticn to avert fire :  (c.) Gcuerallv to take such steps  for the prevention of tire in the  town, or to check its -.pieadii.g, as  they may think fit ;  (cl.-) To regulate Ihe storing of  powder or other explosives, and ihe  working of industries and places of  a character likely to cause danger  from fire ;  (c.) To compel the onuei o( a v  lot situated uiiliiu tl e' said low 1 ,  and within two bin died (eel of a  dwelling house, to bin 11 01 rcmovi.  all limber, In ush tn other gie.wll.  of an inflammable ' nattnc ihcu'on,  when in the opinion of the File  Wardens, or n majoiity of them,  -mcli "giowth ;s a menace t< t! e.  safety-of thc town from fiie : fio-  vided that this sub-section shall nol  apply to trees planted for frnil,  shade or ornament ;  (f.) To forbid   the   disehaige  of  liic-arms within    the   limits of the  town, 01 within such poition of tlie  town   as   thc" Fiie   Waidens lrnv  presciibe :  (g.) To foi bid   tlie   setting   fire  to standing tiees   within the limits  f'thc town ;  fh.) To loibid the--citing fiie to  brush, legs or refuse within ihe  limits of the town, unless with li e  wiitU'ii peimil e>f one 01 moic of  the Fiie Waidens.  .Section 9. If any person .shall ic-  fnse lo obey the ditcctions of the  Fiie W.iitlcns, 01 a majority of  (hem, he shall !v liable', upon summary conviction bcfoie a Justice o  the Peace, to a penalty not exceeding fifty elolhus,-are! any Justice ol  Ihe, Peace making the coiwictioi  in iy" direct ��� ihe execution of the  di lection's of, the Fne Waidnes, 01  a majoiity of them, at ihe expense  ofthe ofiendei, who slnill be liable  Lo pav the t-nme lo the person effecting the same.  P  Senatoc -Reid, of Cariboo, Submits District'Committee's Re-  *���-��� ��� *  ooi't on Pi-ooossd Aaieadments.   ,     .'  - As slated in our "previous issue,  a committee of experienced mining  men were appointed at" a public  meeting in'"Vancouver to draw up  a synopsis of the changes deemed  advisable in thc Placer Mining Act  -The ���, suggestions are , herewith  given" so that the 'miners of this  section may.tliorqughly familial ize  ihernselveVbii the points'involved."  Copies of-these suggestions will in  all probability, be ' refened lo the  different public bodies here for lati-  fication.  Suggested���    '  t. That practically no cinr-ge*  be made in the piesent Act fiou.  section 1 to section 89 inclusive,  except-in so far as is necessaiv to  prevent conflict with the changes  to be made in Part VII.  [Note. This would leave the Act  as it is iu regard to "shallow diggings " anel such as can be worked  by the individual miner ]  2. That Part VII., which refeis  to leases, be entirely eliminated,  with the exception of clauses '-103  and. 104, which refer to dredging  leases.  ��� 3. That in lieu ofthe clauses ie-  fening to leases, Part "II.-of the  Mineral Act, from section 15 to  53, both inclusive, be a'.opted in  principle, alterations and eliminations to suit the case being made.  [Note. The chief change would  be thc inciease of tlie amount  necessary to be spent annually be-  tore a Crown grant is obtained,  from $roo to $200, and of the total  amount before a certificate of improvement can be obtained, from  $500 to $1000.]  4. That the Part VII., refening  lo Crown grants, be retroactive m1*  regards .leases already held and  money already expended iheieon.  5. That the "Water Clause-  Consolidation Act, 1897," part III,  be amended by the inclusion of a  clause, enabling a record of. watei  for deep placer, located with a view  ot Ciown granting only, to be'helc'.  T.u a te-m of three years before i*.  would be necessaiy to begin the  work of bringing il to the mine.  [Note.'    This   would   give"   tin  claim holdei a  fair oppoi tunity o'  discovering    whether     h'e    would  teally require the water or not.    Ii  the ,m eon lime, the   water c-.uld b  used by others in "the viciLity^ahV'*  the rentals   would   be lepleuishiin  the Provincial exchequer.    Should  thc claim be abpndoncd or forfeilcd  the   water   right    would'   become  void.]  6. That clause 152 (Placer Act)  iave added .thereto a paragraph as  follows ;  "Tlie rate of taxation and the  ���mm expended in improvments ir  this clause have referer.ee- only le-  >lacer claims, of vvhich Crovvr  grants have been issued before the  passing of the ^amendments .ot  1903."  - 7. That a clause, numbered, 152  A, be-added as follows: "That  there-shall be levied and collected  from the owner or occupier of anv  placer claim of vvhich a Ciown  grant has issued after the' passing  ofthe amendments of 1903, an annual tax of o:.e dollar for ever*-  acre or fractional part of an acre ol  land conveyed by grant, " etc.,  etc. and as per clause 152���down  to ''against whom the tax may be  recovered." ,  ��� [Note. This large tax is imposed  only if the tax of two per cent on  tlie gross -.ulput of placers be rc-  '-ealeel. One dollar per acre would  yield as much revenue a*- Unit tax  and the icitalt on placer claim  lea'-es togelhci, and would be moie  .opular than the present manner of  raising lcvei'ue.]  Total output of placer gold in  Uritish Columbia for past five years  was $4,750,600, or S950,120 yea 1 ly,  say $1,000,000, and 2 per cent tax,  ;'520.ejoo. Supposi- g there are 500  Continued.011 Last Page.  HP  1 LIMIT REACHED.  Defective Flues and a Moral  Exercise Your Franchise.  Lessons to fio Di awn Trcm Recent  ���    Tires -----Muclv-^Smoko    But  Little Fire.  c '  Atlin has - again had some iiie  "Ightiiig 'experiences, anel foitu-  ���nilclv the volunteeis won, in each  i-a-e, ���with very little" damage to  pioperty.  On Sunday evening hurl, smoke  was found issuing from Ihe back  wall ol the Pioneer Bakery building, owned by Chas.' Myeis. The  tlarm was rung' in about 5.30 and  the engine was on ;thc spot in :i  very few minutes auc! a sticam of  water was soon playing on the fiie,  which was confined lo the sawdust  filling between the walls Tlie  fire was soon got under rontiol, but  some little damage was done by  water.  Mi. iVlyers requests us to extend  his guileful thanks to all those who  assisted in so lapiclly extinguishing the blaze.'  Yesterday morning an alaim was  rung^ in. for a Jire^ii; vthc Burns  block, occupied by Schulz's* Meat  Maiket,> The fire, as in the previous' instance * was confined bc-  Iween'lhe walls and was speedily  put out.  Both of these fiies weie caused  fiom defective flues, as was also th'e  fire three vyceks ago, which resulted in the total destruction of the  Vendome and Vancouver Hotels,  aud a very irapoitant moral may be  di awn' from past experience. Today is the day of election for. Fire  Waidens.    Sec  to it that men are  1 *  elected who are not afraid and will  enfoicc the duties devolving upon  them.  Rumour   Without- Confirmation.  Aiumour is iu circulation that  the Canadian Pacific Railway Co.  has purchased the White Pass  & Yukon syhU:iii, which, according  to the Seattle pi ess, has considerable iu il to savour of truth. At  the lime of the report none, of the  higher officials of the latter company weie in Seattle, and the others  would neither say yea nor nay.  ��� It is stated that the position  of Traffic Manager of the W. P..  made vacant by the resignation of  Mr. I,i_n will not be filled, and that  until ihete is open competition into  the lenitory controlled by the  road, the ofiice will be combined ,  with one of the other offices.  According to a despatch received  hist night, the freight rates over  the W. P. road will be revised and  lowoied befoie the 01.e1.ing of the  season.  - Ti  ��� ���:'$  F  ���> ,p  ,"p-  *��*g  '    *P  '11  VV\  . *y j. Vn.*.��-y^ rHJt&fi��> "''.to; Jr:  ATLIN,, B.    C.,'..SATURDAY,    JANUAR^.3. 1003  The Atlin Claim.  in  I'iiIiUhIii'iI    cvi'i'y    Siitrn'ilay   morniii  . 'J'".ii: Ati.is Claim  Puhi.ikhim' Co.  A. (J. HlllHCHKKLI), PliOl'ltlKTOll.  J). Tout) Li'i'H. MASAOiNn  I'ditoh  Ollii.'c ut iinbliciitioii Peui'l S'., Atlin, ll. ('.  Advertising   Kut(>s :   $1.WI   un-  inch, piii'Ii  Insert wm.    Ki'tttliiii; notices, ll.*i   ciMits a linf..  .Special f'outriict Kates on application.  Tlio siilihu'-iplion prico i* ."-"i a  jciir   pny-  nlile in ailvaiiec.     No piper will lie di-liion-il  iliileHS this cotiilition U coinnlicil u'itli.  Saturday, January 3RD. 1903  '     ' THK  ATLIN   CLAIM.  A good resolution   for the New-  Year is to turn over a new   leaf in  your   Check   Book.    The Annual  ,S inscription   to  (he Claim is now  due. anel payable.  CROWN   GHANTS  We have been somewhat sur-  pr'sed at the appaient apathy shown  by the individual miners of this  section in regard to the proposal to  petilion the Government with the  view of having" certain changes  made iu the Mining Acts, more  particularly in that relating to  placer mining.  It is both necessary and advisible  that .. the ' miners of this district  should express an opinion upon  the; ubject so that Atliu's attitude  may be known.  It   should     not     be     said    at  some  future   date that   individual"  miners,    apart     from   companies,  were not consulted regarding these  proposed changes,   and  that those  most  vitally interested   railroaded  the changes,;vvhich, in a sense, are  radical one's,' through'the  House.  The matter is one  of such importance that it demands the most care-  ful consideration.    If the law leans  to the one   it   opens .opportunities  for the   individual   miner to stake  claims, not for the purpose of working them, but  for  the  purpose  of  erecting proprietory rights  against  the hydraulic company, which it is  compelled  to purchase.   , If, on the  other hand,  the  law  leans  to the  company, it may, bring  about the  .  most elisaslrous and deplorable condition ot affairs which 'can  be conceived   of  in   any   country, that,  namely,    where   the   company .or  capitalist is able to swallow up and  ��� eliminate the  miner  without  giv-  , ing  him   adequate   compensation.  There's the rub.    Both   vvai t  protection   aud   both- are  entitled to  protection;    To'suggest'a remedial  course  is  a  .very     difficult   matter,   one  for   tlie    interests     concerned to debate and arrange upon,  not     for     the   Legislature,   even  though il does resolve  itself into a  Mining Committee.    The Legislature shoultl only be called .upon to  pass measures approved of by these  whom the change in the law afllrcl.  It is now up to the miners to express their opinions.    We  have already intimated   that cur columns  are ops-.i for the discussion  of this  important  question.    Opinions are  called for so that the views, ofthe  great mining   community   of  the  Province may be  fully known and  recorded.  Have the Board of Trade or the  Atlin District   Miner's Association  Ml DECISIONS  Affecting    Eritish    Columbia  Mining Laws.  .A. "Special" Free Miner's Certificate is a Purely Personal  Right.'  The substance of two important  decisions, recently given by' the  Supreme Court of Canada, will be  of interest to many of our leaders.'  Tlie first of these decisions is applicable, in a measure, to' mining interests in this locality :  .Harvey   Van   Norman* Co. and  Balfour & Co, defendant appellants  vs. N. F.  McNaiight,   plaintiff respondent.     This   suit, turned   on  the sheriff's rights under a seizure  of a mining  partner's  interest in a  claim for debt, the   said   partner's  certificate expiring while the claim  was under seizure   and  the  sheriff  endeavoring   to hold the same under a special   certificate. ,   By  the  judgment   given     in   the  case at  Ottawa, it-has been   decided that a  sheriff can   seize i;nly the existing  rights of a debtor   at  the lime the  seizure is made"; also  that  a sheriff's seizure will not  protect a debtor   after   the   lapsing   of  a   free  miner's   certificate,  aiiy'moie than  the property would have been pro-  tected-if no seizure had been made ;  also, that only a free miner can take  out a special certificate, orpin otlier  words, that it is   a   personal right  vvhich neither sheriff nor  creditor  caii avail himself of.        '��� ' r-  ��� Iu Chief Justice Tachercau's  notes, the following is worthy of  special reference: ���-  "The words ' wholly or in part'  in section 4 of the Act.-.of'.. 1899,  whatever eonstiuction they are susceptible of, cannot be read as defeating the clear, unambiguous 'enactment of section 9, that, when a  co-owner's interest lapses by his  failure to keep,up his certificate on  the 31st day of May of each year,  his interest is not forfeited to the  Crown, nor to be .considered as abandoned, but that it shall, ipso  facto.be and become.vested in his  co-owners."  '   '  The other case, that  of Paulson  vs. Beaniau, this action was to adverse the respondent's claim to the  "Pearl"   mining     location    near  Kaslo, B. C, vvhich   overlaps   the  "Iron Chief"  location,   belonging  to Hie appellant.    The  action  was  dismissed ,by the Full Court on appeal from a judgment ou  preliminary objections as to non-production  of a plan   made   anel   signed  by a  Provincial Land Surveyor thus reversing the judgment   in   favor of  the plaintiff at the trial.    The  appellant   sought   the restoration of  the trial court judgment overruling  the preliminary objections  and admitting the plan's filed  as sufficient  to permit of a trial  ofthe merits of  the case   to   be   proceeded   with. I  Appeal   allowed' with   costs,  and  judgment of trial court restored.  Tlie case, in brief, is, that for the  Atlin,  ftsig&eti and &rape Rings  And All Kinds of Jewellery Manufactured on the Premises.  Why senel out when you can gel goods as cheap here?;  ' Watches From $5 up.   Fine Line of Sozrvanir Spoons.  ' JULES EGGERT t SON, The Swiss Wa&hreaksrs.  ���o#oo*c,*o*o*o*o*Cf*o*o^o<i'Ovoo*c��'>c,'*c-*c,s>o*0 5��C''*-C''j'':,*oj:,'��'':  i THE    KOOTENAY   HOTEL.  COK.  George E. Hnyes'i Proprietor  Fll'ST   AND   Tl'AlNOU   STKHKTJ*-.  J TliK First (.'.lus-i I lot pi I.US ln'i'ii renin.li'li-il iipil ri'[iu';ii>.lil'(l t lu'Oll^'liout  r ,  mill ntti'i's t lir Iii'.st iii'i'oniiiuiiliituiii to'I'riinsiuiii in' IVriiiiiiiuiit  i t'liu-ti.- Aiiiiu'Uiiii uml I'.timpeiiii iiliui.  > Finest Vifrncs, Lirtucra awl Grtyars.  5. , Billiards   and   Pool.  ^���c�����c>���,^���c^c,���c,������0'5>c,*���^���o���'>^*'^<^ <:>c<*"t'*,t'4>o*c,<'0*o*;c.^';'ft^.'S-O';'>���'  THE'  GOLD    HOUSE.  .   . .   DISCOVERY, -B. C.  Comfortably Furnished Rooms���By the'Hay, Wcok or Month.  Thc Best of Liquors aud Cigars always in  '-'lot k.  ���   Fine Maine;.in con  - unction with ihe House.  AMERICA'N-   AND    EUROPEAN     PLAN.    ,-   -  ' ' - .1. I'. IvDSK, Maiim-rcr.  THE , WHITE    PASS  ROUTE.  c~t     YUKON  Passenger and Express Service, -Daily (except Sun'day), between  Skagway. Log Cabin. Bennett. Caribou, White Horse aud Intennediaie  points, making close connections with our own sieameis at \\ libe l-lor.ce  for Dawson and Yukon points, and at Caribou for Atlin every Tuesday  and Friday; Returning, leave Atlin evei.y Monday and Thuisdny.  Telegraph .Service to Skagvva*y.    Expiens' matter   will   be received  for shipment to and fr< m all poims in Canada a*.id the United Slates. ���  For information relative to Las serge, r; Ficij-hl, Telegra* h or Express  Rates apply to any Agent of-the Company.or lo  -J. F. Lkic Traffic Manager. Skagway.  Pine Xr.ee BoteL.  ���   ; DISCOVERY,- B. C.  Finest-of liquors.     Good stabling.  ti. K. Il.tYKt-.  .1. (i. CllMM'.l.l..  . lil>. Saxds, Pi'opi irtor.  O.-lv.BAR  HS  BER SHOP  G H. FORD        Prop.  Nmv iiwiipy tlipir new  (iiinrters next  ' to the Niuili of H. N. A.. Fir��t Stri-pt. .  Tliu liutli renins aro ptiiially r.t, jrootl ai, fouml  in c'uios.   Private Kiiti'iimti f��r lailin��.   *  f,'':    * .       Discovery.  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Corn, j i-r dc z ^2.50  IsasinH, new fruit,   doz pkgs, i.^.50  Cunai ts.    elo elo        /   $2.50  Jersey, small size, .do   S2.50  Ci.-rnsl'ireh, do S2.50  Carnation. do   $2.50 j Cilior, Lemon & Orange  Peel, per  Milk, Eagle        do do   S3 50 j        lb, .40  ,,    Rein Deer do   $2.50 ] Canellc.'-, per box, $4  The above prices apply only to retail. A discount will be  allowed lo the Trade,- Miners, Restauratit.*', Hotel-1 a=:<l  all large const.mcis. .......  nothing to say ?    As representative | .purpose of order it is not necessary  AH  bodies we would suggest lhat the  matter be taken under consideration  by them without delay.  lor a plaintiff in bringing adverse  suit to an application for a Crown  grant to make  a survey before fil-  Other  Groceries   and   Provisions at  equally low prices. ��� All  Goods warranted Fresh and  Urst (]tu 11.11  Weight and Measures.  Dry. Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Moccassins, Hats and Caps  AT    COST.  M.    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A recent issue of the " Mei'ntreal  Slur" contains tin interesting and  important iuvervievv with Mr. S.  TL C. Miner., President nt the  Granby Smelting Co', of Grand  Forks, B. C:v Mr. Miner said,'"we  are smelting 1500 toiis of ore a day,  and we are going to build another  smelter with a capacity of 2000  tons, and in a short time expect to  be turning out- 4000 tons a day.  Iua short time we shall have; the  wealthiest miners in the world on  our boards." 0       ,       "  '" Englishmen ? '���' \ ���'"'  " No, Aiuiric.nn. The*"English,  I am sonyicsay, 'havt: not appre-  cialeel or .realized, the capabilities  of o.ir country and tlie Americans  have anticipated llieiu."'  |iiMi'il(.|iljli. route to a point on tlie uortlierii  .lionndiri'.v.of liritiih Columbia, ut or near  l*i">lin Luke or Atlin I.alio, or liotli ; ul.o  from lla/.olton, li.v tlie nio.-,t feasible ami  lirnutiuiililu route, via tlie- KkrMim, B.iliiue,  Di'irtii'ooil, Omlueen anil I'iuliiy Iii vim's, to  Pi'iiui" Itivur Pass, or Pine J'iver' Pass or  liotli, theiiea kiisterly to Tim Kniti'in boundary of the said Provini'i', with authority  111-o lo coiistruut, (.<|iiip, niniiiiaiii and operate branches froiiiliiiy points on the pro-  posi'il lim- or lines, not rxui-odiajr in any  one I'lise one.'hundred miles iu lcuutli; and  ii hit power to construct, ae'iiiiirc own and  nininliiii.. \\ hunes and docks iu connection  tlit'i'uvi it li: and to construct, own, aciiiiire,  equip and maintain steam and other vcssi'U  and hunts, ami operate tliu same ou any  uitviiranle waters; aud to const met, operate and inaiutaiu telegraph uud telephone  lines aloiiif the routes ol said railway and  its hniui.|i03,or iu connect ion thorew irh, nnd  to transmit mossajies. for commercial purposes, aud to collect tolls therefor; uud to  aciiuire and roeeive from any Government,  corporatiou, or persons, (rrnnt.s of laud,  rights of way. money, bonuses, privileges  or other assistance iu aid of the construction  of the Company** iiudi.|'tal<i:i^r,'aud to connect with and to enter into traffic or other  arrangements with railu ay, steamboat 'or  other eompuuies, and for all rights, powers  aud privileges necessary, iisuul or incidental to all or any of the aforesaid purposes.  , Dntccl'this 3rd day ot December, A. I). 19 a.  Cornwall A Holers. c  do-27-fit   Solicitors for the Applicants.  way ami for the e'xpejiditure of 10 per cent  of the capitul, mill for the completion of  the said railway us limited liy Sub-lection  live (.r0 of .Section M ofthe Uritish (,'oluin-  hia li.tilway Act, and hy iucreasiut; the capi-  t.il of,t he siiid (Jouipauy.  Hated t he 2'lth day ot November, 1902.  . . CeillMVALLtt UoQKilS,  J-'olicitiii's lur tho Applicants.  iU-2T-Ct  NOTICE.  NOTICE.  A Boomer.  Of the Gold Road mine-in Arizona, the local paper, "Our Mineral Wealth," thus expresses itself:  "The Gold Road-boarding house  feeds too men at a, time. They  have 150 steady boardei s and. are  adding to the force. When their  big mill gets to work they will  turn out enough gold to pave the  streets" of Paris. Those 'lucky  stockholders will run over, Ihe  Bourse with the wheels of their  aulos shod with gold. The wealth  of Monte Christo is only a supplement comnared to this Arizona  treasure vault. The French have  o-ie t'li-'g e> 1 hank the Dutch for.  Von ILnnliolelt sa;d the treasure  yank of tlie worlel lay hidden in  tlie iiss 11 res of Mohave county, and  it is evident the rich end ofthe  safe has been cracked in the Gold  Road mine. And there are olheis,  from tlie I-ortales tie Oro on the  uorlli lo the auriferous Snowball on  south. Tlie wealth >-f O >hir didn't  aiiir.iut lo as much as a cornet on  p.-11 its co 11 lire I to this golden  b;ll."  ���RJOTlCIi is hereby a'ven that application  will bo made to the Parliament, of  Canada, at its next Session, for an Act to  incorporate a Company with power to  build, construct, equip, operate and maintain a line of railway of standard sriiajre  from Dawson, in the Northwest Territoiies,  liy the most direct ami feasible route to 11  point at or near the northern' boundary of  the Province of British Columbia to connect with the Pacilie Northern &- Oiniiiceu  Railway ; with authority aiso to construct,  operate anil maintain branches from any  poi its 011 the proposed line or lines, not ex;  ceedin-- in any one case thirty miles in  le'nlrth a'li'd'vi'ith powe'r'to 'eotlst met, operate  aud maintain 'all neeessa'iy bridges, roads,  ways'imd ferries ; uud to construct and aciiuire,'own and maintain wharves and docks  in cnuncetisii therewith and to construct'  owu,ac(|iiire, eciuip uud maintain all-necessary bridges, roads, way* and ferries ; and  to construct, own, equip and maintain  steam and otlier boats and vessels uud operate the same on any navigable waters:  aud to construct,, operate and. maintain  telegraph * and telephone lines alon^ the  routes of the said railway and its branches  or iu connection therewith, aim to transmit  messages for commercial purposes, aud to  collect tolls therefor, and to aciiuire uud receive from any Government, Corporation  er piM-sOns grants of land, rights of nay,  money bonuses, privileges or other a-sis-  tanee iu aid of the construction of the Companies iiiKlertukiuy, and to connect with  and to cuter into traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other  companies, find for all rights and powers  and privileges necessary, usual or incidental  to all or any of the aforesuid purposes.        '  Dated this 3rd day of December, A. D., 19u2.  MuPhillips, Wootton & Ruriiard,  ilc27-8t Solicitors for tho Applicants.  N  OTICK Is hereby, given that application  �� ill be made to the   Parliament of Can  ada, at its next sittings, for leave to Incorporate a Company to bo called "Tho Coast-  Vtihou Ituilway Company," to .construct,  equip and operate 11 railway from" a point on  or near Kitimat lulct,' Douglas Channel,  Uritish Columbia ; thence to Atliu l.ukc;  thence to the Yukon Uivcr ; thenco to the  .iitcruatiiuial Ikiuiiilary line between Alaska  uud Yukon Territory, via the City ol Dawson. With power to construct and own  brants aud wharves, telegraph and telephone-  line*, to generate electrical power, ami to  collect tolU aud all powers incidental to a  railway.   - 1     '   . ,  Dated ut Vancouver, B. 0., this 12th day of  November, A.D.; 1!U2."  -   _ -       If. G. M.VCOOf.'ELL,  no-29-Ot Solicitor lor Applicants.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce.  '���CAPITAL 'PAID    UP    $8,000,000.''  Branehes of the Bank at Seattle,,  '   ' San Francisco,  Portland,  - .    .      - 1 Skagway, etc  Exchange sold on all Points.  Goi.p Dust Pukciiaskd���Assay Okfick in Connection.  '   "���   - _ D. ROSS, Manager.  S  NOTICE..  NOTICE.  ���"���JOTtOU is horoby givnn that application  will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Uritish Columbia at  its next Session.for tin Act to incorporate  11 Company with power to build, equip,  maintain and operalo a lino or lines of  railway of standard guage, from a point nt  or near lluzelton by tho most   feusiblo .and  ���RJOTtCI" Is herein ��iven that Sixty days  alter date I intend tn apply to the  Chief Commissioner of I.anils and Works  for pcrmi.sinn to purchase the fillowiiii;  described parcel or tract of hind for agricultural purposes: Commencing at a post  planted ou the eastshoro of Atliuto River:  t'leuee 20 chains iu a northerly direction  tilling the shore of Taku Ann: thence 2.  chains in au easterly diri'i'iion: thence 2'  chains iu a southerly direction: thence 2  chains iu a westerly direction, to the point  of .���oinmoncetiinnt, containing 4 J ucri-s more  or less T. IlinclicliH'o.  Taliu City; li. C , Decismber 18th, 19.12.  dn27.$t  NOTICE.  TMTOTICK Is horofiy given that apiilicatioii  ��ill bo made to tho Legist itlve Assembly of tho Province of British Columbia  at its next Session, by tho Pacific Northern  and Oniineca Railway Company for an Act  to Amend its Act of Incorporation, being 64  Victoria, Chapter 5ft, of the Statutes of the  said Province, as amended by the. " Pacific  Northorii and Omiucca Railway Act, 19 i2,"  being 2 Ivlward VII , Chapter 77, by extending tho time for tho commencement of the  construction of tho C'onipiiny's line  of 'reiil-  E ROYAL.llOf EL,  E.  ROSSELLI,   Proprietor.  Corner Pearl and-First Streets. Atlin, B.C.,  .)     FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  i, '    . ,        ��� +*>*   -CHOICEST WINtS, LltJUORS AND CIGARS CASl GOODS A SPECIALTY."  1  ���I  Hydraulic   Alinino^  7-?.  m  M.ach in e ry��  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,    WATER,  GATES, ^   "-  ANGLE   STEEL    RIFFLES    &���     ���'���  .  ... HYDRAULIC    RIVETED    PIPIiL  Pumning  &   Hoisting   Machinery.  :"Vt  I  l*-5|  ��� if  Estimates fnrrished on application t   -  '''    The Vancouver Engineering Works,  i ������ ���     i  : VANCOUVER,   13.   C.  A. C. Hirschfeld, Agent, Atlin, B. C  . '���:���*,  Hiotieer muty t.M $  SPKCIAl.TIUS  IN  !     "   FANCY   CAKES   &   PASTRY.     .  Fresh Bread, Rye Bread, etc.  Ciias.  Mvi/k, Pronriclor.  Good Rooms to Uent���Hy the Day, Week or Month at reimoiialile rates.  LOUIS       .^~a.w^,^9  .Wholesale   and    Retail    Butcher  FIRST   STREET,    ATLIN,   B.   C.  Shelf and Heavy Hardware,  .Men's   Half Soles ami Shoo Nail... Henry Di^ton & Son's Siuvs. Windows, Doors.  Glass nnd Puttey, ete., etc.  .ROOM ��� BANG ��� BOOM I Dynamite,   Caps   and   Fuse.  Full Line of Winchester���Black & Fmokeless���Riflo & Shotgun  Cartridges.  Goods   Bounht   Sold   and   Cxchnnfled.  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS MANNER.  French   Restaurant in   Connection.  A. R. McDonald,   Proprietor.  Corner of First and Discovery Streets.  ���._��    .~j-.  ���."Y"'"'*"'v'-'*- -i**n**'*V*r**"  l'.ri?nfi''Mli?-i'i''T'llt HM,  ,i4Kjiii!nw A.tty.  ..wwcnnttnanHwf  ���&tu*um*lff,VM*rnnmvn- AT-l/IN,    K. C,    SATURDAY,"   JANUARY  T903.  PICKED UP MERC AND THERE.  'Cli-ttroh-^r.l  l",ii[;laiid:  St. Martin's Cliiirch. cor. Third nnd Train-  av (ii'Ct'te. Siin.lrtV sorviru', Matins at 11 a.  m., Kven-oiiiv ":S0 p. ni. Cob-brailon of Holy  Communion, 1st Sunday iu euuli mouth and  0:1 KptM-lul (iL'e^sioiis. Sunday School, Sunday ut '.*. 'p. in. Committee .Meetings, 1st  Thiii-fdny iu each month.  Iicv. !���'. I,, ^tepheii'.on, licctor.  St. Aii-livu'i PrcOiytorinn Church hold  services iu tIio CLuiveh un Seeond Street.  Moi'ninj.' he-rviee- at 11 evpnin;; ^pnire "i:i'.J  ^Vintiny Sehool at the ilose ol the morning  ���soriii'u. Ui:v. K. Tiirhiiit-lon, .Minister. Kreo  Ketuliuir Hnuiu. to which all are welroino.  Charlie Bourne has bought out  his hue partner; Walter R. Dock-  rill, in the enterprising drug business of Dockrill.it Bourne.  Jimmy Regan has a good stock  of American Shot Glm Cartridges  and Sporting Goods. His prices  are always the lowest.  McDonald's Grocery is now located in the store recently occupied  by Nickerson, where the "public  will find a. complete stock o( staple  and fancy groceries, to be had-at  the lowest market prices.  Go to Tlie Royal for Fresh' Oyster Cocktails.  New and strictly fresh killed  beef and mutton, turkeys and  geese will arrive and be on sale at  Louis Schulz,'s Meat Market.  Mr. G. Wallace, the new assistant in the local branch of the Bank  of Commerce, is ou his way in.  Photos' and Photo supplies at  Bourne's.  Mrs. J. A'. Eraser gave a most  enjoyable sleighing party to Discovery on New, Year's Day.'  Tub Baths all winter at the O.K.  Barber Shop.  A. G. I,ear spent Christmas in  Skagway.  Gel your fancy Christmas groceries at E. L. Pillman & Co.  J. M. Ruff.icr and J. F. Deeks  leave for the Coast today. The  former goes to Cincinnati in connection with his Company's quartz  developments.  Blue Ribbon Coffee is absolutely  pure.���It is sold in till the stores in  AtliM.  PLACER AA\fcNDAlfcNTS.  Continued- from-First Page.,  leases of So acres each, equals 40,-  000 acres ; rentals, 500 at S50,  equals ��� $25,000. Then' the total  tax, added to the total rentals  amount- to ^45,000, which, divided  by the tol'nl area of leaseholds,  gives a result of $'.. 11:  The two per cent lax, as estimated above, amounts lo .50 cents per  acre, and the ren'.al of $50 on an  80-acre le?se amounts to 62J/  cents per acre ; thee added together make $1.12)^.  All of which is* respecrfully submitted,' .     (Sgd.)  Jami's'Ui'ir-  Chaiiman.  ���   Vancouver, B. C, Dee  iS, 1902.  Local Enterprise.  The latesl "business" rumour  round town is .to the effect that  1��.. I,. Pillman it Co. have bought  McFeely's corner. The rumour,  however, is a fact, and Pillman &  Co. will at once refit thc store to  suit the requirements of their til-  ready very large business. They  expect to move into the new premises early in March next and will  have on their shelves the finest aud  moil complete stock of groceries in  the country. The p'rogressiveuess  of this firm-and the confidence  tliu** shown in the future of the-  district is worthy of commendation.  "ara ojfsrmg &$2$5*gi?2Bg$&.    ia Few nreees  Wili Gonvisice yesss that ihis is a famt  Men's Fur Caps,  do..       Trimmed  Parkas  do        Heavy navy blue i-weater.s,  "  do ,,      Wool Shins  ��� do       Canvas lined Coats   ,  :  do        Mackinaw rants  FineS. G. All-wool Blankets, 10-lb  f  do     '   .  do do i2-lb ,  ��� do do do i.|.-lh  Lineu Ciasjh 'Towelling, per ynid  Silk"piece goods, per yttid. at hah pi*  Best Shot Cartridges, pei  ico   .  T& B 'Out Tobacco, per lb        .     ,  Vaniiy'Fair Cigarette Tobacco, 1 vr lb  Athlete    . do do  Vruiilv l'air Cigarettes, per 1000  T & B Chewing Tobacco,' per lb  Baltic Axe' do   '       .   ���  Ovo, pci'Tin . .        t>J ��� "   ,    -75  '��� .'��� '���'-BLACKETT' & CO..  " .' ��� C. DOELKE.R, ., -  .":"'. .    FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON'HAND,    .    .  Fish,    Game   in   season and   home    made    Sausage.  -- - ��� - ' f  ..  . Fikst Stkkkt, . Atlin.    -       . ...  price $3.50     ,  now Si-25  3 00 ���  1.25-  '     3-25  .  .    "        '     1.00  3 50  ���      '            i-5��'  5-5��  ��� A               2.75  3 9��  1.25  IO. CO  .     6.?5  1 _:.'V">  7 ��� - 5  1.1 00  8.50  20  10  3.00  r.oo  . , 1 ���50  ���    .          ���    1.50  ..C-.5��-  *           /                      ���               \  ���'75  1.00  A somewhat serious accident  happened on 'Thursday night by  which Haley, the "powder monkey'' on Mr. liuffucr's .quariz  property in Discovery, is a patient  at Ihe Atlin Hospital. Two premature blasts caught him beibie  he got out of the shaft .and though  he was al first thought to be dangerously hurt, Jie escaped1 willi a  very severe shaking up,  li. D. Fethetslonhaugh left ft.r  the Coast last night and expects to  return iu about three weeks.  There is more solid comfort iu a  cup of Blue Ribbon Tea than iu a  gallon of most beverages.  Rev. F. L. Stephenson, desires  us to express his deepest gratitude  to the congregation of St'. Michael's  and his friends for their handsome  Christmas gift���a well filled purse.  For a good square meal go to  the Pioneer Bakery and Restaurant  There are rumours in the air of  big Atlin deals.  Schulz's   Meat   Market  will   be  open and ready for business today.  Hockey    sticks   and   skates   at  Bourne's,  . , The Carnival.'; ���  The Fancy Dress Carnival on  the Atliu rink next Saturday promises to be a veiy successful affair,  judging , from the interest' that is  being taken. Being a masked  Carnival will greatly add to the  amusement. We are informed  that the prizes are to be very handsome ones, and consist of an ebony  and silver mounted manicure set  and toilet brushes for the ladies,  aud a pair of similarly finished  military brushes and clothes brush  for the gentlemen. The children,  loo, are in the' race ; there is a  special prize for them.   '.  Rcissell    Motel,  '<v  "  DIXON   BROTHERS,   Proprietors  -.    ���  Pool   &', Billiards,   Free.  Freighting and Teaming.        &       Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  outer  Dealers in   Provisions,   Dry Goods,  Etc.,  A.   S���   &ross   &   Go.  The Hockey Matches.   .  ' We promised to give a full report  of the Atlin - Discovery match,  played here last Satuiday, but  "Our Sporting Hditor " was so  elated al the local team's victory  and his spirits rose so high that his  notes got away from him.���Never  mind boys, repeat the dose and  we'll give you a " double headline " next time.  The return game, played at Discovery on Thursday���New Year's  Dsy ��� resulted in a tie; ihe  game standing 1 all. The match  was witnessed by a very large number of people, conspicuous' among  them were many ladies, from both  Atlin and Discovery.  The game   was  very   holly contested, and though not a supremely  excellent   exhibition    of   hockey,  wai   nevertheless    very   exciting,  j from the spectator's  point of view.  The personnel of both teams is well  known.  Of marked individual play  there  is not .much  to be said, except that some really fine play with  a little practice will soon be notice--  able in both'teams;  The :.,::/��� Vancouver     Hotel  Will-he onened in -a'few  i��zy&,  A-'Handsome, New, Modern Structure  THIS   HOTEL  WILL   BE   STOCKED   WITH   THE   BEST   OF   GOODS  Sam.   Johnstone,   Proprietor.  . FIRST GRAND MASK  FANCY   DRESS ���.  IVAL  ox Tin-;  Saturday, Jan. iotii.  Handsome Prizes .will  be awarded  to the Best Sustained  Male and Female  Characters.  o'clock, to  coiihidui- thc following upplicu-  tiou:  ANDKIiW I.OULS GAULAUNO, Tlie 13.  ('. Hotel, Discovery. Ii, C, for u Hotel Licence*.  , "iYAr.xr.it Owen,  Clii��'f liiuoni'i) Inspector.  Atliu, U. CJiumiiry 2ml, 10.3.  C P. N. Co,  9  LASKA   ROUTE   SAHINGS���  A  MEETING of tho Hoard of Lici-tico Com-  lnisslonei's will   bo   hold   in tlio Court  Housb.'Atliii. B.'C.ou tho ovuiiittjr of  Man-1  ���toy     .TaiiitnVy ' lltf).'nt- tlip  hour  of  7,30  The following Sailings are announced for the month of January,  leaving Skagway at 6 p.m., or on  arrival of the train :  Amuk, Jan. 6lh and 201I1.  For  further ^inform,ition,  apply or  write lo    H.7B.-Dunn. Agent,  Skagway, Alaska.


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