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The Atlin Claim 1903-02-07

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 J      1      /  tt\  . VQL.   8.  ATLIN, B. C, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY -7,'' 1903.  N0:,'.if*6*'  A STAMPEDE  Caused By Ruby Creek   Being '-Thrown.-Open.  Ov.e^ Two Miles of'-tho Crook-Was  Staked. In (Uro First Rush ���.  Ill-timed Assertions,-  The quiet serenity ol" these short  winter days was 1 trifled by a ripple of excitement during the early  davs of this week,, and for.once iu  marry months we hear of a stampede ! The people now domiciled  irr Lhe.district seem.so���well satisfied  '\yith what..they, .ha.yc. already,,in  sight that but very little thought is  given to the-possible opportunities  of the territory immediately outside our present surroundings. ��� In  the \piesent.'instance;, an old and  well known creek, whirh has been  held under hydraulic', leases, was  declared "open for location " on  Monday last.   '  A set, of four creek--, arrd. two  bench leases, taken-up bv. P. Wv  'Law,.in ,.900, on. Ruby cicek, hasi  remained.uuw,oikeel;,wjth the rent-  als.iiiai,reai.s, foi ir period, of ,ueai-  Iv two vears. -. Bv. order o'"j,he���De-  partment, these weie .declared cancelled, and the order took effect on  the 2nd inst. After thc postiirg  of the,Notice on,theX)fficial Bulletin Board, a stampede^ ensued. A  " discovery," it seems, Iras been  allowed, arrd this has fallen to Jack  Kirklarrd and Alec. Brown. Lums-  den and Pilling have, Nos. 1 arrd 2  below, and McKay and. McLeod  Nos. 1 and 2 above. , WTherr ��� the  news spread around during the day  the rush began in earnest/. Some  iS or 20 claims in all. have been  located.  Ruby creek, in the early days of  the camp, did not, ve tr* well recompense those.who held claims upon  it. The ground is . known -to be  deep, but Where 100-foqt claims  would nut pay 250-fpol ones may.  The.creelwis .within the.','auriferous belt.',' but tire creek valley may  not'prove of equal value.as a gold;  bearing creek, with its close neighbors, Birch arrd Boulder,,.for the  reason that its bed i.s floored with  basalt, the outflow from an old volcano, whose remains, a mountain  of scoria, lie immediately west of  the creek valley near its source.  If those who have now secured  claims enter into a little combination i'i their piospccting, il is not  .unlikely,- that the cteek.-will be  found to contain gold in paying  quantities.  Political agitato.rs have sought to  make capital out of this stampede,  but an examination of the records  will show that veiy few of the locators are even voters, while the  majority of theni.are from ���Pine.and  Boulder and., are, generally representative, of the district.  MACPHERSON' AHEAD  The Wires Up Yesterday Just Long Enough to Tell'usSo  Majority, OveivJSQi'.  ' A feeling of distiusi was very  rialuiiilly fell against the Fales  which deprived,'ii*-; ot 0111 right to  \;ote .with. the. rest of tlie constituency on .Wednesday last. Now that  the .election is praciicallv decided,  when the day is seftfoi this district,  tlieexcileme.it will have died down  and a feeling   of apatl.j be the re  sult. ' However, there is this satis-  inclioir," the -best inah\'has ���vvon.  The wires have 'been- down sirrce  Monday, and were "OrK" for-a  few minute's' yesterday, at noon,  just long enough to get a wire irr  arrrouncirg the fact that Mr. -Macpherson had a majority ol over 150,  with ir.any sure place's to hear from;  Chinaman vs. White Mian.  Interesting   Statistics    For   Those   Who- Would '-���Employ  '*, Chinese or Japs���Profit and-Loss.!.  The question of the.employment  of Oriental labor in,, the mines of  ��� British.Columbia has been hitherto discussed from, the standpoint of  the , possible, displacement .of'the  wjiite laborer, together with-the  universal bitter feelii'g against such  labor. 'Tlie following.-expression  of opinion gucs.onc.of. Ihe^tiongest  ���possible arguments againsl.-thcem-  'ployent ot Orientals-in mines from  the employees view point, and one  .which puts quite a different phase  oir .the the question. The authority  is Mr. J. B. Hobson, General Manager of the Cariboo Consolidated,  orre of the best known and reliable  mining,men ou the.Pacific Coast :  ���'He iiad.no use for Mongolians.  A careful account had been kept b\  his company, aud he, could .compare the,, Asiatics.with white labor  very readily. They bad been  forced to get Japs a-id Chinamen at  times when no other labor was  available, but  'it   was   the dearest.  they, could ;employ.- On-' the Cariboo (Consolidated'! and*.'Horsefly,  the ordinary white .laborers, .such  as .would.get. from <$r to, ,#i-.40'a  day on.the/.railway, \yere,,<:paid>$2.,-  50 a.day., They- were, charged 70  cents a ,day< for. board.-; These  white, men's -average <. work <.was  nine, cubic yards of excavation a  day, which,^ cost 27, cents "a yard  therefore . to the ^company. - The.  Japs had been paid $1.75 a day.;  .Their.,average day's work, was five  cubic, yards,;.;which cost.the company 35-cents ,-:a ..yard.; Chinese  had also .been employed, sometimes,  as., high , ai 20.0, .when no other,  labor was available.,. These -were  paid $1.75-a day.. Their-average  day's work-was four -cubic-, yards.  This was all you could .get out of  them,,, You might jdrive. them-all  you liked,,that,,was, all that could  be accomplished.,' This, 1 cost -the  company 44 .cents'a yard. ' Would,  any-man hire a Chinaman at these-  rates if he could-geta white man?.--'  Educating the East.  The following statistic^ aie riter-.  es'.irrg as showing the ppicac" of tl e  " Yellow Plague " eastward, .while  it will ha< c arr enlightening tendency, and it will have lhe effect of  educating our Ivislern friends to  the scourge which has for so long  hampered this provir-ce ;  Ottawa, January 20. ��� Seven  thousand five hundred Chinese  have paid the per.capita tax for the  fiscal year. This is an. iircrease.of  rooo over the previous year. The  total revenue derived from their  entry was $363,272, which costless  than one per cent to collect. The  census shows., that* in 1901 there  were 22,050 Chinese and Japs in  the Dominion at that time. Records show, that .more than one  half of those who land in British  Columbia, ,make .their way to  Manitoba, ��� O.rtaiio Quebec, aird  the Maritime Provinces, where  they seek employment.  1  Coal .Famine'.'  The,Eastern States are suffering  from a coal, famine, and, the price  of anthracite, has .increased $3.'5P  per ton. Many turbulent scenes  are being enacted.  An' Exchangt" from Illinois says:  "About 200 citizens' of Tuscola  confiscated ten carloads.of coal at  the Illinois Central yards yesterr  day, and it was distributed among  the sufferers who'are out of coal.  '  "There is not a pound'of coal in  any of the coal yards, and when  the people saw the loaded cars here  they determined to relieve the situation to some extent. Mayor  Roberts threw obstacles in the  way and the Board of Health-"-passed a resoluti 111 stating that-it was  for the preservation of the health  of the people.  "Business men and bankers and*  prominent citizens joined in the  raid, but the coal seized ��� was paid  for, a committee being, appointed  to collect .the money, and hold it for  the railroad company.". .  Macpherson Elected)  Some NutsLF.ontheU-Foleyite's^to��-  Crack.;:  VakcouyiCKv. Feb.' 7.. ��� Pre'sent.  'majority,  168, .with. Skee'na-  river  points to hcar-'.fromr.which will'add -  arrother-ioo. ,Best;wishe's for'Atlin.  ! '.      R. G. Macpherson.-  ' The above telegraiii.is sufficiently -  convincing "-hat.Mr. Macphersorr is  the choice,of therelectorate and the ���.  voters of Atlin will' do well to'cast.'  their-votes with  the . majority and'-'  should.,,give   no   heed to the'hase-'  machinations of two' or three self-  constituted  Labor ." heelers," who'  have not the- interests of Labdrat f  heart,- but. simply   to; "down I'lrfe-  other .party, are, trying .to'use'tlremS  as,, tools,to..do .their-dirty work,'  Electors of Atlin..will best conserve  their own interests by swelling the ���  majority for Macpherson.  ', Aspersions .have been cast upon  The Claim during the'last three  Sveeks by. certain .unprincipled ad-  vocates .for Chris. Foley, with 'tire  'object- of gaining., votes for their  "side.,. A}1* *may-be fair 'in-lovcand'  war���and -.'polilics-^but.,7when '��� it .  'comes do.w'n to" try ing to'take away  our gopd name, we 'must-"forcib!>--  resent it..,  Iiuour .opinion*,- more-'-good can  and will, be ,accomplished by honesty, of , purpose 'and-'1 honorable  methods,>,thaii by such base deceit  as has been used by" these self-constituted champions of Labor. We  are informed, on reliable authority,  that one of these self-named Labor  champions went so far as to state  tliat a certain " political* -dodger-,;-'  printed in our- office, '��� for evident  distribution before-the election,* was  " given " to him and' hisassociates  gratis, and that- the sentiments  therein.conlained were'the unqualified sentiments of The'Cca'im.'-'  ]' In denial o'f these statements,"we  would say,'in -the" first'place, that  the IClaim-. Publishing Co. is ever  ready to dispense Charity,* when  the object is worthy, but in the instance mentioned,- it was' bard cash  ���C. O. D.���that told, not charity.  In the'second-place, we can always  find room in the columns of The  Claim to.e'xpress our views, with- ,  out recource'to "dodgers,-"-and  when there expressed--we will always be-found ready to standby  them, t  ��� Iu taking 'the stand ��� we have  done/in,the presents-political cam-  paign���v\ve did'so for'the reason .that  in supporting Mr:'Macpherson, we  were.supportingitbe candidate 'Who  could best-accomplish'the ends and  wishes of the constituency of Bur-  rard, and who' could' obtain for  the .elector's the' greatest good,  The;policy he'..has taken and his  Continued on page 4. ��� T -" r~  ATLIN,   B.. 'C,    SATURDAY,    FEBKUaKT    7.   .<;'���'3  The Atlin Claim.  PnbllHlic.l   every    Sntnriluy   nioriiinir   I'v  ' T'.ie Atmn'Ci.aim Punr.rsrirNd Co.  A. (3. llrMacirFiiLD^Prior'nmTOn.  I). Toui) r.iii.-.H. Manaciinc! Kiiixoh  UIHco of publication Peiirl S-., Atlin, H. C.  .VdvortisliiK   Rates :   $1.00   per incli. ourli  Insurlion.    lleiulliii; notlcCR, 2.r.   cents a line.  Special' Ctnitrneti Itutcs "on nppllvntion.  Tlio.Riib'scfiiStioii price' is $!*> a year pny-  utile iiiii-lviuicc.-" No ptpoi* will lie itolivorcil  unless tliis condition is eoninlipcl with.  Saturday/ February 7TH, 1903.  It is to be deplored  that the in-  ��� dividual   miners of this camp���the  mostimpphtant in  the   Province���  do not take a greater interest irr the  proposed 'formation'  of the British  Columbia Miirirrg Association than  r    they seem to. do.    The  misfortune  is that they have got the  idea that  the  scheme, is  gotten  up by companies and 'large .operators for the  sole purpose of hampering the individual  or'poorer miner, and, in  consequence, sit  back and let "the  other   fellow"   have   all  the say.  This is far from'beirrg the case.    It  is the chief object of the * Association '''to improve . the .conditions  which now surround   the   mining  industry-.of   the   Province,   and to  further the interests of the miners,  mine-owners aud all  other, persons  whose  business   is   directly or indirectly affected  by the  prosperity  of the mining  industry  of British  Columbia."      Surely,   if it is the  wish of the* miners of this or any  - other camp to  have a voice  in tbe  deliberations   of  the   Association,  the* time, jls^how 'opportune for'the'-  miners of the country to get together and organize their own subsidiary' Associations'and appoint .their  own  delegates who will be in Victoria at the ''"Provincial convention  to be held on ��� the   25th  inst.   'Attention is called'.to the recommendation of the- Committee,  which appears in another column, and which  was adopted at the  last meeting of  the Association, held in the Board  of Trade roonis  in Victoria on the  16th u!to.    The recommendations  as therein seV forth cannot but be  appreciated   and. .-endorsed  by  all  who  desire  the  betterment of the  existing  mining legislation, while  they clearly show  that; the aim of  the Association   is   to'  uplift  and  strengthen   the   mining industry,  not   at   the   expense   of any one  branch,   but . to   the gain and advancement of all. interests and con-  ' ditions concerned.  Regarding the altering or amending the mining laws, there is no  doubt that there are a number of  matters calling for remedy. The  two per cent tax is undoubtedly a  COMMITTEE REPORT  A Series of  Worthy JRecom-  ' " mendations.   .  The B. C. Miners'- Association Has  Got Down to Business���DiS;-  triet Organizations to Be  Formed.  " Thefollowing report of thc Committee of the B. C. Mining Association is recommended to the careful consideration of.our readers :  Victoria, B.C., Jan. 15,' 03.  . . Gentlemen :��� Your committee,  appointed foir the purpose of suggesting plans for the formation of a.  Miners' Association, beg leave to  recommend that a-general call be  issued to the mineral and placer  miners and all others interested in  the mineral industry throughout  the Province, arrd requesting them  to organize local associations who  will appoint -delegates, to meet in  general convention to be held irr  Victoria on the 25th day of Febru-.  ary next, and for the purpose of  forming an associarion, to be known  as the Miners'.Association of British Columbia, having headquar-,  ters iu Victoria, with the. object of  improving the- .conditions 'which,  now surround the mining industry  of. the Province, and furthering'  the interests "of the mine owners/  miners.and all .other persons,.whose)  business is-directly or'indirectly  affected.. .by the .prosperityjsf the  mining industry, of British- Columbia.', ,    ." ,'      .'','''  We recommend1 that such, district cr lo;al association include  iu their membership, not only  all miners, mine owners, mine man:  agers,- mine foremen,- but- all raer-.  chants', bankers and professional  men, aiid -all persons who may be  directly or indirectly interested in  the mining industry.  That each district or local association shall be entitled to send one  delegate for each twenty members,  and any association whose membership is less than twenty shall be  entitled to send one delegate to the  general contention.  That such district and local associations shall issue to their delegates proper credentials, which  shall entitle them to seats in tbe  convention.  We further recommend that a  committee of fifteen be appointed  at this ineetijig to draft preamble  and resolutions, which, after approval, shall, together  with a copy  Atlin,  Nugget and Grape Rings  And All Kinds of Jewellery Manufactured oh the Premises.  -'j��flF~ - Why'send out when you car? get'"goods as, cheap here?.  --. .Watches From $5 up.   Fine Line of Souvenir Spoons* '  JULES EGGERT & SON, The Swiss Wa&hmakers.  \ THE    KOOTENAI  HOTEL.  %      ���-��� ���  %  \  o  Cor.  Georgo E. Hayes, Proprietor  l'"lK.c'l'   AND  TKAINOK   8TRKKTS.  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'-���"���   '���-���'���'Discovery..  OPEN, DAY AND NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  ' ���    "������ IN  CONNECTION.  Headquarters far BreoU'�� stagr*.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce.  CAPITAL    PAID    UP    $8,000,000.'  R-2SKRVE,   $2,500,000.  Branches of the Bank at ..Seattle,  San Francisco,  Portland,  Skagway, etc  Exchange sold on alt Points*  G01.U Dusr Purchased���Assay  Office in Connection. ,  D, ROSS, Manager.  of the call for a general convention,  hardship and ought to be substan- |be circulated .through   the   mails  tially reduced if not entirely  re- and   press to all   partic  moved.    The Minister iu charge of  the Department of Mines is very  seldom, if ever, a practical miner,  and cannot be  expected  to  frame  perfect measures which will  meet  the requirements of everybody.    It  will be the work of the Association  to give careful, consideration to all  enactments affecting   the   mining  interests of the Province,, and present its conclusions to the Government, when, no doubt it will have  the influence it deserves.    The Association ought, and no doubt will,  exercise the most "beneficial influence on   the   industry, and before  long obtain  for it the attention it  Reserves from the world of capital.  press .to all parties interested  either directly or indirectly in the  mining industJy of the Province.  That the convention of fifteen  shall supervise the circulation of  the call for general convention and  shall have the pqwer to select and  employ a competent secretary to  carry out the instructions of the  committee.  Your committee further recommend that a Finance committee of  five shall be selected at this meet:  ing to solicit. and provide funds  to meet the expense of circulating  the call and pay the salary ofsecre-  THE ROYA.LJFIOTEL,  E.   ROSSELU,   Proprietor,  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C   ����4 '��� '���  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION,  CHOICEST WINTS, LIQUORS AM) CIGARS CASE GOODS A SI'ECIALTT.  Hydraulic   Mining  inery,  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,    WATER   GATES,  ANGLIC   STEEL   RIFFLES    & '���  HYDRAULIC   RIVETED    PIPE.  Pumping &   Hoisting  Machinery.  Estimates furnished  on application     .    ������  . .  The Vancouver Engineering Works,  .   ���...,-.'   Vancouver, B. C.  A, C H-tfschfeld/A-^ent/Atlin, B.C. /  2^.  ATLIN,  13. C. SATURDAY,  1'TiRl-iUA'RT .7.  1903."  W-C~Can   gi*?*f   Y?u   25 Good"Value, for..your GASH as Groceries, Provisions, etc*  v* ^*      any House in Town. ': ������.-...   .<-~:i  ���   J :. .  Trjr *#s   vir//l��  if  am*  see. GViant   Powder  on   hand.-"  3. Jl. fraser $ -Co.-  tary,  stenographer and contingent  expenses. ���    '       -        "���-.,.  Respectfully submitted,    .-���'  J. li. liobson, '  R. D. Fetherstonhaugh; **  C. Christopher,' r *  R. Ii. Skinner,  L.H. Qriffitli.'  The organization of this Associa-  at the begirrning of the year is'the  corumencetnerrt of an era of pro-  ���sperity for the miir'ng .industry of  the Province The plan of procedure is similar to that adopted in  organizing the California Miners'  Association in 1872, -which started  out with a membership of less than  10,000 and now has a membership  of over 150,000. As a result of  the efforts of the California:Miners,!  Association therehasbeen invested  in the industry $150,000,000, yielding an .annual profit of $15,000,00a  Mr. J. B. Hobson, of Cariboo,  who is chairman o( the B. C. organization and a charter member of  the California Miners'-Association,  pointed out at a recent meeting in  Victoria that British Columbia has  ten times the'area of rich auriferous  gravels that the State of California-  possesses.     .  , .   . ,.,'".   .���"  Great interest is being .taken irr  the ��� new Association throughout  the Proviuce. The C.' P-.-'R. has  offered return tickets to-delegates,  (including .their wives)--a-lja'sjuigle  fare for ; the < forthcoming^conven-  tion. The Association is absolutely  non-political. Liberal subscriptions  are being received from all sections  to encourage the movement.  " Speaking of the. election for the  Yukon Council, the Vancouver  *' World" says: "Remarkable  were the results of the elections in  the far north to the Yukon Council. Such opposite- men tap Rev.  John Pringle, the ' leather Pat' of  the Klondike, and Joseph Clarke,,  the greatest agitator th? north has-  ever known, were successful. The  latter was elected in the creeks district, heading the poll, while Clarke  had so. many plumpers that he,  easily led in District, No. 1  Clarke's election is all the more  noteworthy because of his "defeat  by former ��� Governor Ross in the  contest for the Dominion House of  Commons.1'   ,.  The World's correspondent at  Dawson says business men of that,  cit}r are"* much disgusted, that*  Clarke should represent them, especially as few of them voted for  hint, his success being due to over  200 plumpers, his mining friends  ���out on the creeks being determined  that he should win. ?  The East and the West,  Prosperous Finances.  The Dominion Fina-ice Department, in its statement for the six  months ending with December,  shows the revenue to have increased  $3i579.ooo over the same time last  year. The expenditure was over  two million less, so that there isa  betterment in finances over the  same time last year of $5,6*88,783.  It has been a' niallsr of misfortune for the frontier* that the residents of thickly settled districts become so intensely provincial and  self-righteous. They conceive  that all the virtues center' in  their uwn .communities and tliat  depravity leigns with a graded  and increasing ir.tensityi that is  tuejisured principally by its distance  from their licraon. They come to  believe that civilization, immunity  from danger and well-order<d conditions maintain principally within  th: circumscribed radius in which  they live.,. They dp not keep  abreast of ,lhe progress of newer  countries. Years after Texas became the most orderly State iir the  Union, the-New York and Massa-  ehusettes'' provincials believe:! it to  be a howling hell of disorder, arrd  after Oregorr became a great ��� commonwealth they still c'uwg to the  ideas absorbed irr childhood while  reading Thaiiatopsis iii their school  readers. It should not therefore be  a matter of surprise that Eastern  people, c.eir tliough in Congress,  should mow base their,conception  of Alaska upon the ideas brought  out by the debate upon the question of. buying the country _ from'  ��� Russia,���a-ud*the*latef abnormal conditions prevailing at the,time of  the Klondike.stampede. It would  be hard for these people to grasp  the plain fact that crime is less pre-'  valent iu Alaska than in Boston,  New York or Chicago. That, according to the population, there is  less illiterac3r here than there, and  that in Alaska there are more  churches, schools, hospitals and  newspapers irr comparrison to the  population than thtre -are in the  most populous States and that the  people are as law-abiding and intelligent here as elsewhere. ���  Alaska, aird its contigous^.terri-  tories, Atlin and Yukon, are too  generally supposed by people in the  East to be a land of snow . aud ice,  of Laplanders and polar bears, and  they can hardly conceive that the  " white people " ���their own flesh  and blood��� have in the last few  years, materially helped in the pro-,  sperity of tlie continent by adding  to its gold supply -nearly $to��,ooo,-  000 1  with ���lower to ron-.triict, ucqiiire own .mill  maintain wharves mid docks iit coiKioetkiu  tlicruwith; nnd t'�� cniiktrii��4. 4iwiu acquire,  L'<|tii|> uml maintain kteimi nud other vessel*  unci bouts, mid opi-rirto tlio ��atnc on any  ���mviffublu w.uturs; and <o <joiistruct, op-  crute nndniniutaln telegraph und telephone  liin>s ulon-r tin- rotrU'N of said railway unci  it!, 1,1-iu.clios, or in connection therewith, and  to itninsinit messages, for commercial purposes, mid to collect tolls therefor ; nnd to  ncfiuiro nud receive frccm uny Government,  corporation, or' porsoiiv, tri-mits of land,  rights of way. money, bonuses), privileges  oi-��<fther assistance in iiidof tlio construction  of tlie Company's" iii.dm-taUii.jr, mid to connect with and to enter iiito.trnii'ic or other  nnraiiffenients with railway, steamboat 'or  other companies, nml for all rights, powers  nud privileges necessary, usual or incidental to all or any of the aforesaid purposes.  Duted this 3rd day of December, A. D. 190G.  Cornwall A Rogers,  de-2V-6t   Solicitors for the Applicants.  NOTICE.  NOTICE-  NOTICE.  TVfOTIOli is hereby g'vcu tlmt application  will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Proviuce of iSrirish -Columbia at  its next Session for an Act to incorporate  u Company with power to build, equip,  maintain and operuto n line or lines of  railway ai stundard sruajre, from a point at  or neur Huzelton by the most feasible and  practicable route to a point on tlie northern  boundary of British Columbia, nt or near  Tesliu Lake or At-lin Luke, or botli ; also  from Huzelton, by the most feasible aud  practicable route, viu the Skeena, Ilabine,  Driftwood, Omlueca nnd Finlny Rivers t��  Pence Riv��r Pass, or Pine River Pass or  both, thence Easterly to the Eastern boundary of thc said Province, with authority  also to construct, equip, maintain and operate branches from any points on the proposed lino or Iitic6, not exceeding in mi}'  ono oaso      ��o  lmnda-e-u tnaloe in Jrnjrt-li:. .and  *"\J0T1CE "is herebj given that "application  -will be made to 4lie Pni-liaincnt of  Camilla, at its next Session, for an Act to  Ucorporate a -Qonrpnus- with lwirer to  build, construct, equip.' operate und maintain u lino vf 1-uitwny of standard giiugo  from Dawsoo, iu the Northwest Territories,  by the most direct aiid "feasible route to a  point atur ucur the northeru -boundary of  tlie Province of llritish Coiiunbin to connect with the PnciHc Northern & Omineca  Hallway ; w ifh uuth<M-ity also to construct,  eperato and maintain branches* from any  points ou the proposed line ot lines, not exceeding in any one case thirty miles iu  length and with power to construct, operate  and maintain all necessary bridges, roads,  ways and ferries ; and tq.construct and acquire, own and maintain wharves and docks  in connectisn therewith and to construct,  ��wn,aoquire, equip and maintain Jvll necessary bridges, roadg, ways and Terries ; nnA*  to construct; own, equip nnd maintain  steam and. other boats and vessels and ope-  .rute the same on any navigable waters^  iand to "'construct, -opora*e and .maintain  telegraph and telephone lines along the  routes of the said railway nnd its tirunches  -or in connection therewith, and to transmit  messages for commercial purposes, and to  'collect tolls therefor, and to ucqiiire and re-  .'coive from am- Government, Corporation  er persons grants of land,, rights -of. way.,,  money bonuses, privileges .or otJier assis-,  tauce in uid of tho construction oT the Com-'  pany's undertaking, and to connect with  aud to cuter into traffic or-other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other  ���companies, and Tor alt rigirts mid powers  iand privileges necessary, usual or incidental  tto all or any-of the aforesaid purposes.  Dated this 3rd day of December, A. D.,1S02.  McPhillips, Vv'oottou * Barnard,  de27-8t Solicitors for thc Applicants.  "RTOTrCE Is hereby given ��� that, Sixty d.oi  after dnte I Intend to apply to tlm  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work*  for permission to purchaso tho following  described purcel��ir tract <��f land for ucri-  cultural purposes^ Commencing at. a post  planted 01. the cast shore of Atlinto River;  thence 20 chains in a northerly direction  ulmng the shore of Talui Arm; thence -C,  chuius in uu (Nisterly direction; thence -D  clmius iu a soutlici-ly direction; tlieiiee*.8  cliaius in m. westerly direction, to the point  of coiiiiiieucerueut, containing .40 acres more  or less. ���     ��� , r '.      T. Hinolicliffe. .  Taku City, B. C , December lSth,-lB08.  de27-8t '      V.  '  '' ' "  NOTICE.  KTOTrCE is iiereby jjiveu that application  will .be made to the Legislative Aw  acmhly o'f the Pro\ince of British Columbia  tit its next Session, by the Pacific Northern  nud On.ineon Ruihvu.v Company for an Act  to Amend its Act of Incorporation, being <N  Victoria, Chapter SO, of the Statutes of tli*  said Provi<icc, us amended by the "Pacific  Northern mul Omineca' Kail way Act, 190!,*'  being 2 Edward VII , Chapter 77, by extend?  ing the time for the comuteiicemciit of the  ���construction ot tlie 'Company's lin�� -of inir-  way and .for thc.exjpeudi.ture of 10 per cent,  of the ouiP&u'l, .tvnd far the completion oil  itho snud THilu-ny ih, Amited by Sub-soctlon  five (,r.) of Section U of the Jli-itish Coliini-  *bia Railway Act, and by increasing the-capital of tiro said Company. /   ,  Dated the 29th day of November, 1902.  Cornwall ���& Roubrk,  Solicitors for the? Applicautu  do-27-Ct , ' -��� -     .      ,  NOTICE  ISJOTLCIi is hereby given that application  will be made tetlie Parliament of Canada, at its next ut'tiugs,'^or, leave~ to hicar-  ;a)ornte a Company tote called "Tho'Coast-  ; Yukon'Kailway -ComiMiny," .to coustrjiat,  ��qui|) and operate ajaihvay 'from li .point oil  ���or near Kitimat Inlot,'. Douglas TJliaiine'lr  British Cohimbin ; lheircei.*o Arfliu I.tflies;  rtheuce to tho Yukon" Bivor; thence to the  internntioiial Boundary,liuehetweeii Alaska  and Yuko-n Territwtj', via the City of Daw-  sou. With power ' to construct and .own  beats and wharves, telegraph tnid-telephone  lines, to generate electrical .p-ower, .and .to  ���colloct.toJls.aud all powers incidental to a  railway. .(  ttated at Vancouver, B. CL, this 12th day of  November, A,D., 1902.  D. G. Macdonell,  no-29-9t Solicitor for Applicants  Pioneer Bakery and Restaurant  ''     " SPECIALTIES IN  FANCY   CAKES   &   PASTRY. ,  Fresh Bread, Rye Bread, etc*  Chas. Myer, Proprietor..  Good Rooms to Rent���By tlie Day, Weok��r Month .at 'reasonable rates.  LOUIS   SGHULZ, *  Wholesale   and    Retail.   Butcher  FIRST   STREET,    ATLIN,   B.   C.  Shelf and Heavy Hardware,  -TVIiiaows, IDoo-M,  Men's Half Soles and Shoe Nails. Henry Diston & Son's Saws.  1 ,. Glass nnd Puttey, ��tc, ��tc..  BOOM ��� BANG���BOOM I���Dynamite,  Cap3  and   Fuse.  Full Line of Winchester ���Black & Smokeless���Rafte & Shotgun  Cartridges.  6oodt   Bought  Sold   and   txchanoed. -  mi liiSAN-D HOTEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.    E\T5RYTH1N��  CON-OTXiTED IN  FIRvST-CLASS MANNER.  Wrench Restaurant in  Goetnection.  A. R. McDonald,  Proprikto-k.  Coriwr of Hr.st awd Discovery" vStrecaa,  '        J.^4  "        '\  ' ���-:���  - i'S  -:. 'I  ���'   ~A  SEMfflRBS-eS  xmmGfMmm&SsmmBs&amax ATI.IX     B.- C,    SATURDAY,     FEBKUAA'i     ���/.   . -^>j.  PICKED UP HERE AND;THERE:  Church ol Eiifflaiiil.  St. Martin's Church, cor. Third and Trulu-  ui-.trout-,. Siiniluy services, Matins at 11 a.  m., Eveusonir 7:30 p. in. Celebration of Holy  Coiuniuuioi'i, 1st .Sunday in each month and  en Special occasions. Sunday School. Sun-  clay at 3 p. in. Committee MoetinttK, Isi  Thursday in each mouth.  Kev. F. L. Sti'i>heii-.ou, Koetor.  St. Andrew's' Presbyterian Church hold  services in the Church on Second Street.  Morning service at 11 evening service 7:3)  Sunday School ut the close of the morning  service. Kev. Iv. Turliinston, Minister. Free  Keiidiiif; Kooni, to.w bicb all are welcome.  At the' adjourned meeting of the  Licence Commissioners, held last  Friday, the applications for hotel  licences of A. I,. Garlarno, the B.  C. Hotel,* Discovery, and jack Parkinson's Road House at" Hales,  were duly granted,        '  Discovery - friends are cordially  invited to contest for the prizes at  the Carnival 'on the i^lfpro'x.  Mr. and Mrs. D. H. McDonald  take thisopportunity of expressing  their most grateful thanks to,their  mai'ij? friends" for tlieir "kindly solicitude- and offers of services during "Mr." McDonald's enforced indisposition.'- ���    ���  A,few Subscribers for the year  are in arrears, and in consequence  of greatly increased expenditure-'  by our "contemplated enlargement,  .an early settleme'nt.'will be appreciated.  The Licence Comin.issio.ness of  last year were re-apppinted for this  year..      .-:  , McDonald's Grocery keeps an  ' excellent stock of staple and fancy-  groceries. They have "their own  teams' ��� and ���. deliver goods.��� on- the  creeks at tlie most reasonable rates.  They have--a new and fresh stock  coming in immediately.  Louis Schuiz, who has spent  the last two weeks in Whitehorse,  was" ' to' - leave Skagway, ^ by the  Amur", last night for the 'Coast'.' ,  ' ^Blue Ribbon -Coffee is absolutely  pUre.���It is'sold .in all the stores ih  AtJni.       " '  ' '"  Mrs. G. H.^Ford, wife, of Atliu's  Barber,'- 'arrived';'h'ereyias't Friday.  Mrs.' Ford had the pieasiire of experiencing some of the coldest  weather of -vthe :' season %on  her trip from Log Cabin to Atlin.  Several' cases" of new laid eggs,  just arrived from the ' Coast.'' For  sale at E. L. Pillman & Co.'s.  For a good square .raeal^ go to  the Pioneer Bakery and Restaurant.  To Smokers'��� If you "want a  really first class imported cigar, get  an-"El Ecuador."' For'sale only  at McDonald's Grocery.    "  There is more solid comfort in a  cup of Blue Ribbon Terr, than in a  gallon of most beverages.,  Fresh/'Eggs at Fraser' & Go's.���  Big shipment of fresh goods ha/e  just arrived. .  Frest stock of Iinport?^ .^"-l..1?0.".  mestic Cigars at C. R.'Bouriie^sV' "  D. H. McDonald; of' Atlin,' met  with a painful accident," last Saturday, which at the time, was threatened with serious consequences,  but, fortunately, with careful treatment at the hospital, these have  been averted. He was burning a  lot of rubbish in a "heater." when  the cover of the stove blew off and  the   flames   severely   burned  him  inrazk'&pfl&h'&ton &i��&i&��  Continued from page i.  method of campaign here have been  clean arrd straight, ai.d, in endorsing him, Thk Claim has been  careful to make no slaUmciils it  could not .-ubstatrtiaie or prove.  The Foleyites maj make tire  "strong ploy," with "hot air,"  for the cause ot Labor, but, we are  fully convinced that the cause of  Labor will Ire best safeguarded ,by  Macpherson, while, apart from  Labor questions, he can do for lhe  constituency what Mr. Foley "ever  could do.   ' .      '  ���T A N T,  We beg to quote the foliowing .".Cash"' Prices "until  Further Notice -  Ogilvie Flour, per sack . $3-25  Patent,    do        do       . ' 3-25  Cream, Hotel'-ize, per doz   .    4*75  do    Famih size    do . - 2.50  Milk, Reindeer do .    2,25  Clams, per doz     .        . -      ���    2.75  Canned-Corn, per* doz . .    2.40  Peas    .- do      :        .    2.25  Bearrs      do      .     ' ���    2.25  Tomatoes' do    ',        .    3-75  'C & B Jam's, i-lb tins, per. doz 3.50"'���     ,  g0T. ALL    OTHER,   GROCERIES  I) G  Sugar, per lb  Agen Butter, 1-lb-tins    -  Rex Hams, per lb -  Co'nnneal, iolb sack  Rolled Oats, B & K  Blue Ribbon Tea, per.lb  T & B Cut Tobacco,, do,-  do     Chewing ,     do   -  Ovo, per tin   -  I Salmon, per doz      -.  '  .10 c.  ���5? c>  -,23 c.  ���85 c-  ,65 c.  .50 c.  $1.00 "  ���    -75 c-  ��� -75 c.  2.25  DATE OF ELECTION FIXED  Atlin, B. C, Feb, 7.������" Advertise dale of Election, MONDAY;  Fkbuuakv, 9T11,'1903."  Chas. H.'Mouatt,  '  Returning Officer.  J. T. 'Wilkinsorr,  Deputy Returrrirrg Officer.  REDUCED  Big Bargains still left in t Dry Goods and  Men's  Furnishings.  A fresh supply of Gold Seal Packs have just, arrived.over-  ���    ' '   the Fantail.  BLAGKETT &, CO.  Fish,  about the face.. His eyes were so  burned and filled with ashes, that  for a few days it was thought he  might lose the wse of them. How-  6\-er, he pulled through ail right,  and is now, able'tp. again attend to  business'.'  . - The first of .the  season's crop of  oranges' at'E.' L/Pillmau'& Co.'s.  ' Latest Novels at  C. R. Bourne's  Circulating Library.   ,  .-.**.,   _j . ���������. "' .  Cheap Fares, Atlin to Coast.  ' The , following telegram was received' late last night: "One fare  round trip rate" for Atlin district'  delegates" and wives has been ��r-  'ranged' for tlie forthcoming Mining  Con veh tion."  C. DOELKER,  ,.   FRESH.MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.    .    .    .  Game   in   season and. Home,   made    Sausage..  1      ��� FlKST S'fKKKT,    Atlin.  Ra��aell-:-"Mb.t^.k  DIXOty   BROTHERS", -Proprietors  'A '�����"��')   ������"���'���>      ' -  Free.  Pool-  &   Billiard^..  Freighting and Teaming,    '. ��*,     Horses and Sleighs for Hire.-  ,�� *t  Uancoii-oer  ���    E *  Dealers in  Provisions,,.. Dry Goods, Etc.,  A. s. Cress &  Co.  Meet At. Discovery.  ' The.Gen'eral'Monthly Meeting of  the'Atliri District- Board of Trade  will' be held "in Discovery next  Thursday 'evening, 12th' inst,, at  which'a' full attendance of members  is- requested, as business of importance" will be. discussed. The meeting will be open to the public and  those desiring to come will be welcomed.  DISCOVERY!  DISCOVERY!  DISCOVERY!  WE have discovered that we are in the lead.' - And the lead we mean  ' VV to keep. Guarantied Goods���The Lowest Prices and courteous treatment is our motto. ���  We quote rro leaders as baits,, but come and see us and be convinced that we cannot be equalled in the ' Hue of groceries and  miner's supplies gen-rally.  Yours .very truly.  ' d'.'G. STEWART.  Discovery,' B. C, January 24th,  1903.  SECOND GRAND MASK  FANCY   Dr^ESS  ON   THK  ATLIU SKATING RINH  T* 1 ' '    / "J r     ������     *��� -       '       ��� "     '  Saturday, Fkb.  14TH.   +&+   Six Handsome Prizes.  0�� R^N^.Cq.,  -^ALASKA   ROUTE   SAILINGS���  The following Sailings are announced for the month of February,  leaving Skagway at 6 p.m., or on  arrival of the train :  Amur, Feb.,6th and 20th.  For  further information,  apply or  write to   H. B. Dunn, Agent,  Skagway, Alaska.  The.  Vancouver     Hotel  IS, MOW- OPEN,  ��� t  A,Handsome, New,, Modern. Structure^   ���         ��� ������*   THIS   HOTEL   IS   STOCKED  WITH   THE;   BEST   OF  GOODS  Sam*  Johnstone,   Proprietor*  ���ii,    . .      ���   DRINK THE BEST  "NABOB/ TEA,  99  In Lead Packets of /a-lb and i-lb each.  For Sale by all First Class Grocers.  * ����������   KELLY.   DOUGLAS' &   Co.. Wholesale Grocers,,yANCoyyKR, B.C


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