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The Atlin Claim 1906-02-17

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[i''ii   '
Mi.      la
-W 1l**^a Ik
w ft ■
VOL.   i.].
ATLIN,  B.C.,   SATURDAY,  "KKKRUARY    17,   .506.
^-. .;&?,
I. 1
Sensational Diamond Robbery
'' •       ' in Vancouver.
•Washington Auiliorities Antleipato
Trouble in China--W. J. Bryan
JResigrnod—To Recover Contributions—Vesuvius is Again in
Eruption — Domingo Revolts--
R-ojestvonsky Hot a Thief.     -
-Chicago, .Feb. 14.--Wong bong,
■one of lire nrost prominent China-
inren in America, and who was formed}' secretary to six diiTerenticom-*
anercial companies in San Francisco,
•has jusl'issued a warning to all Iris
American friends .to leave Chi"3
before Eebruarj' 24th. Fong says'
that the .present impending general
outbreak -of the Boxers is likely lo
culminate in the greatest massacre'
of modern times.
.Vancouver, B. C, Feb. 14.—During a heavy fog at 6.45 p.m. yesterday a man broke the' wirrdow ~of
McMillan's jewelry store oir Hast-,
ings street irr this city aircl stole a
tray of diamonds valued at over'
,$7,000. Although the street .was
crowded at the time, the thief made
good his escape.
Algeciras, Feb. _ 14.—The' delegates of lire French-German Moroccan conference are at present in a
deadlock on .the frontier police ques-
•tion. Germany-is insisting.on putting the police in control. Great
Britain is supporting Prance in her
Algeciras, Feb. 15.—Tire dele-
•gales of the Moroccan conference
•today examined the proposed customs regulations for Morocco, aud
which contain plans for the suppression of all contraband traffic of fire
.anus. Not a word was spoken during today's session concerning the
■main featirf-- of the present Frauco-
Geruran controversy. Tire conference has adjourned until Sunday.
London, Feb. 14.—The Canip-
bell-Bannerinan government has a
.majority of over 70 over all possible
combinations of Unionists, Nationalists arrd Laborites.
Wash ing ion, Feb. 14.—The U.
•S. war-., .department is preparing to
■send another regiment of infantry
■to thc Philippines in anticipation''..of
another outbreak of the Boxers in
China. The administration regards
the present situation in China with
.grave anxiety.
Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. '14.— -William Jennings Bryan has resigned
from his position.as a trustee on the
board of the Illirroin College because
the other members of the board
favored tire accepting of funds from
Andrew Carnegie.
New York, Feb. 14.—Legal pro'
ccedings arc at present being institute.! for lire purpose of recovering
several contributions which' were
made to different corporations wilhi.
fraudulent charitable intent.by former officials' of the New York Life
Insurance Company.
Lafcewood, N. J., Feb, 14.—Air.:■
McCall, formerly president' of Ihci
New York-Life Insurance Company,,
is very ill at his home here and isi
sinking fast. There is no hope for'.
Iris recovery.
Naples, Feb. 14.—Mount Vesu-'
vius is again in a-state of eruption-
aird the overflow from the crater is-
assuming'4alarming proportions.
London, Feb. 15.—The Liberal
association has decided not lo oppose'
the Hon. A. 'J. 'Balfour's electiorr.    l
Cape -I-Tayli, Feb. 15.,—A revolution lias broken out at San Domingo. ° The revolutionists are congregating'in large numbers and the
situation is becoming more serious
every day.        - '     - • '
Sarr Francisco, .Feb. 15.—It has,
become known.that an intense anti-
foreign—and particularly anti-American—sentimentexisls at present
throughout the Chinese empire, and.
especially so in -the maritime provinces of. that country. Over'two
hundred Chinese were killed iir a
recent liot'in a Chinese sea-port city,
and it is authoritatively stated that
the presence of several foreign gunboats was the only thing which prevented the riot being converted into
a wholesale slaughtering of all the
American and English residents of
the'locality. ,
Washington, Feb. .15.—The wedding of Miss Alice Roosevelt and
Congressman .Longworth will take
place otr Saturday, 17th inst.
Victoria, B. -C. Feb. 15.—Mr.
Sproat, superintendent of the White
Pass company's river arrd lake boat
service, died suddenly iu this city,
oir Tuesday.
All contentions matters in the B'
C. legislature, are being avoided
while Premier McBride is absent attending the funeral of his brother,
W. L. McBride, who died tire beginning of the week.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 15.—"Perhaps I am guilty to a more or less
exteirt for our defeat, but at all
events we who fought for the'prest-
ige of Russian arms iir the battle of
the vSea of Japan were not thieves,"
said Admiral Rojeslvensky yesterday afternoon when addressing .a
meeting of the Russian Imperial
techirical society irr this city. The
admiral commented at length upon
tlie destructive effect of the heavy
Japanese shells which, when the}'
exploded rrear the Russian vessels,
cracked plates and opened.up many
great leaks. '
I'l'lie Cliiiin.is not  i'i'S|i(.nsililo for,views ox-,
'    pressed liy ciii-i'CMioiidiiiit1,-.]
An explosion killed40coal miners
at Oakland, Va., last week.
The capital of the Canadian Pacific Railway will" be increased to
Vicloria," B;C., ;Fdb. -6, "'06.
Editor Atlin 'Claim,'Allin, B. C.::
Dkar Sir,—As Iras been-uiy'cusr.
loin during my tcmiure of office, I
wish to' briefly outline to my constituents the progress marle.s;/ far
in ^ the preseirt session. rI was unable to be here Tor the opening, owing to thc length of my trip out, as
it took me two weeks to reach Victoria. 'However, matters have gorre
along quickly since then, and I
have beerr able to bring about some
good results for my district. In the
matter of the administration of the
"Placer Act""; I have .gone into this
fully with the department, and they
are doing everything Irr their power
to meet my wishes, arrd bring about
a just and equitable administration
of the law. A-s we all know, great
injustice was done in our district irr
the early days,' arrd it is a difficult
matter lo bring order out of chaos
all'at once.
"■ The  department has gone ahead
as quickly as they could, aud   have
met my wishes "in every waj*.
Anyone .holding- hydraulic property in our district will have lo
work or give up the ground and, at
my request, the department have
forwarded instructions to tire Gold
Commissioner insisting, upon a full
and final report up to the 31st Dee.,
,1905, and, beginning with the first
of the year, a quarterly report'ou
the standing of leases. There
should be rro occasion in the future,
when these orders are carried out,
for any complaint iir this   direction.
.1 have also under consideration
with the Minister of "Mines, an
amendment to the Act providing
for air enlargement of tlie placet-
claim, and hope to be able to carry
■this through. 'I am :tueeting with
a great deal of oppositiorr lo'il-as,
they are very much averse in lire
house to tinker with lhe Placer or
Mineral Acts. Mining matters in
the province, in general, are iir such
a prosperous condition -that everyone here, on both sides of the house,
deem it lo be inopportune at this
lime to open the Acts, but I do not
intend Lo give up, arrd hope in my
iiexl letter to lie able to report thc
passage of the clause enlarging the
During the past summer there
was considerable staking iir the Tcs-
lin Lake .'-district. The records of
such claims'have lobe kept at Telegraph Creek. As this 'whole, country is tributary to Atlin, arrd as the
present arrangement causes great
inconvenience, I laid lire matter before the department and they have,
at my-request, added the Teslhi district to the Allin Milling Division.
This embraces all the territory at
Volcanic creek, Consolation creek
and clear south lo the Taku river.
The  estimates  of the session for
ihe coming-year will be clown nestl,
week, and J' am picused to repofil
ihal 1 have succeeded in getting- an
increase of $2,000, Tor my,district,
makiiig< the total amount $it,.oco
for roads, trails and bridges. Jri
"addition lo -this they have granted
pre $t,T4o for the Allin school.
This places both our schools.irra
position'where we have practically
nothing to raise to carry.ou .the
educational system.
T am endeavoring -.to secure aid
for the hospital, and trust that I
will be successful. . ,
There is not.much of moment before the house as .yet, although
things.may develop.
I looked for a short -session when
I caine-down.'but the work before
the Private Bills commiLlee is, piling
up so that.I hardly think we will
get through before the first or
second week in March. .
I will /write .you later as the session progresses, and keep you,-in
touch with lhe legislation introduced. ' -  ' •' '■'•- \"       '•   .   '
I a 111 very busy, being chairman
of. ...the Private Bills Committee, a
member of the Mining Committee
and secretary for the selected committee appointed for the Kaien Island investigation.
I have met 1. great many of -„y.y_.-
Atlirr friends who are wintering on
.the coast, aud from what I learn
dowrr here, I do not doubt but that
we will have a very good summer
this year.
Yours truly,
PL li. .Yolikg.
-Spruce Creek Notes.
[From Our Own Corrcsnoiiiluiil.]
We are pleased to be able lo state
that Chas. Hewet is again' up and
around .after a hard cold.
When are we going to have nu-
olher dance.
Billy Brown was out hunting this
week arrd brought iu a nice bag o'f
A couple of Spruce creek ladies
have been out shooliirgseveral times
lately and got what the little boy
shot at.
John Prcscott, Archie McLeod,
Thos. Swausou, Thos. McCaw, Jas.
Johnson, Geo. Cassels arrd several
other Spruce-creckers took in the
A. P». smokes and ".Smoker" at
Discovery ou Ttiesd iv night.
Mrs. Rineberg visited Atlin on
Wednesday and attended the cuter-
.taininent in the Presbyterian church.
Spruce Creek has got down to
business again and the mild weather
has given the miners an opportunity
to resume sluicing, and which .they'.,
have taken advantage of. We understand t that' the dirt from the.
ground of Smaill, Patterson aud.
Fox is averaging $2 per car.
: L-.
< .1
An .American syndicate ha? secured a thirty-six years .-.lease .of .t'-he
Russian railways-iu Ceiiibsaj. At-ia.ia£
a yearly rental of fe^c^t/o^'ooc- it-  ;���? t  ATLIN,   B.   C,   .SATURDAY,    FFJ3RUARY  17, 1906  Iii  I ::  J1'  M  .'*'  'Vd  Ml.  I III; ATLIN CLAIA1 ibpuhusiicd r.vcnv satuiioav  MORNING.       MAILTD     fHCE    TO     ANY     PAHT    OF   THE  , world   ron  no   cp.hts   pen  month :   Co.00   r*cn  YCATt. ADVCmiSlNG RATES '. Sl.OO PDl INCH EACH  INSERTION ; HEADING NOTICE'S. ?C CCNl'S A LINt .  GPCCIAI.   flATCS    ON    APPLICATION,   : -�����>   JOK PRINTING :  ih.*hi:ads,       /->*       poGTcns, visiting  cards,  LETTER-HEADS, PnOGRAMM I"!,       ETC.,  HTC.  -     ORDERS    PROMPTLY    HXECUTED.  PRICES    MODERATE.  *s. SnteYhined A.O.U.W.  Tiik Atmn Cii.mm Puiii.t.siuni; Go., ivni.  W.   Por.j.Aitn.    Chant,,  Knrroit-MANjUirJi.  A glimpse at some of the leading  members of the 11. C. Legislature as  seen by the Victoria Colonist man  on Jan. 27th:  Towards lhe end of the week lhe  legislative ardor of thc House cooled  off, arrd is fairly guaged by a thirty-  minute . session orr Friday, and an  adjournment from then until .Mod  day. The actual sessions of tlie  week covered about ten hours, but  this furnishes no criterion of the  amount of'work done by the members, who do far more in comruiitee  and caucus than in the house itself,  "which has become more of a registration bureau than a legislative  "factory.  Several good speeches were delivered during the week, one of lhe  best being that of Air. W. J. Bowser  in reply to Mr. John Oliver on the  Dewdney measure. Air. Bowser is  a forceful and excellent fighter when  roused, is regularly iir the house,  in constant request, and looks like  C  "coming man."  Another indefatigable worker oir  the government side is Dr. Young,  thc chairman of the private bills  committee. Everything he does is  done with a business-like air that  begets confidence and respect.  Thc ministers are constant iir attendance at every session. The  Premier says little, and only rises to  a large fly, but what he does say is  always pointed and impressive. He  is cultivating by degrees a somewhat,  nonchalant air, which is not alto-:  gether out of keeping with his build  and general appearance, but it is  only orr'the surface, as his opponents well know, for they never catch  him napping.  Horr. Chas. Wilson, the attorney-  general, is easily lhe busiest man iir  tlie house. So far he has monopolized almost every silting with important aud voluminous amendments  to the defective legislation of his  predecessors, arrd whilst genial lo  all, and anxious at all times to compromise, one cannot resist the feeling  that Ire often yearns for those old  Cariboo days, when there was some  excitement really worth having.  Capt. Tallow is by common consent a model finance minister, who  talks little and contents himself with  sticking to business. He is always  in his place.  Would you know lire "deux ex  machine" of the administration?  The man who says little, yet sees  all.   Tire man who is retiring to the  verge of self-effacement, yet lias to  be reckoned with, every time. The  man who beneath the velvet scabbard wears a sword of steel. The  man who combines the inscrutable  diplomacy of a Macbiavelli, witlr  much of lhe political foresight of a  Richelieu, then look lo the seat iir  the rear where the Horr. R. F.  Green is installed.  On Tuesday evening about twenty  members 'of  Atlin   Lodge, No. 15,  A. 0. U. W.,   drove   to Discovery  arrd   were   lhe guests of Camp Discovery, No. 19, Aictic Brotherhood,  at   a   social   gathering   which  was  held in'tire A. Ii. hall.   The interior  of lhe A. B's.' home   was   cosy and  cheerful  and everything was agreeably'arranged   so   that the visitors  should   thoroughly enjoy the  evening's  euleitaininent.     The walls of  the   hall   were  tastefully decorated  with bunting and lore of the society,  conspicuous among the latter being  thc Arctic Brotherhood motto, "No  Boundary Line Here."    The hosts,  garbed in the regalia of their order,  received their guests witlr open arms  and   warm    hearts.     Arctic   Chief  I-I. K. Brown   occupied   the "chair,  while N. C. Wheeling,   acting Master Workman of Atlin Lodge, A. O.  U. W., and   Gold Commissioner J.  A. Fraser were   in  the  vice-chairs.  The Arctic Chief delivered a   short  address   in   which   he exterrded a  most hearty welcome to   the  guests  assembled   and then  introduced the  following programme, every number  of which was rendered with vim and  well received:  Selection, by the orchestra, composed of Messrs. Thos. Hanira and  Chas. Hickman, violins; Jrro. Cartmel, cornet, aud J. Pilling, piano;  song, "The Diver," W. E. Fisher;  song, "There's a Picture for You,"  C. Hickman; short speech, C. Cul-  len; reading, "La Vierrx Temps,"  Geo. A. Kerr; selection, orchestra;  song, "Rowan Tree," and encore  "Tlie Scottish Immigrant," N. C.  Wheeling; slump speech, "A Dutchman's Fourth of Jul}'," with soirg  encore "Sauer Kraut," C. Prescotc;  slump speech, "Which lie Was,  Yet," Rev. A. M. Ross; song, "A  Long Way to Go," and encore  "Running Up and Down Our  Stair," C. Hickman; remarks on  "Social Gatherings, Fraternal Societies, etc.," J. A. Fraser.  The chairman at this point declared an intermission of half air  hour, during which refreshments  were served and, everybody having  kindled fresh "smokes," the programme was resumed with a selection by the orchestra; speech, "A  Song Without Words," Rev. F. L.  Stephenson; song, "The Lass of  Richmond Hill," Geo. Cassels; recitation, "The Cow's Cud," C. Cul-  len; song, "One Single Word," W.  Ii. Fisher; soirg, "Kingdom Come,"  C. Prescolt; song, "A Glasgow  Policeman," Jas. Dick; reading,  "Mon Frere Camille," Geo. A.  Kerr; soirg, "Judge Duffy," and  encore "Between Love and Duly,"  J. Cartmel; selection, orchestra;  song, "The Benches irr the Park,"  and '.'encore "A Dear Little Dicky  Bird," C. Hickman; song, "The  Light Brigade," arrd encore "Dor-  kin's Night," K. Sands.  Mr. N. C. Wheeling moved a vote  of thanks to the Arctic Brotherhood  for the good entertainment provided,  and tire members of the two societies  gave three cheer for each other.  The singing of the national anthem brought to a close one of the  most enjoyable social 'gatherings  which has ever taken place in the  camp, and much credit is due the  Arctic Brotherhood for the success  which the affair proved.  fin -awo  Wuv ki:ni. oin- wiikk voir can <;j;t cioiiiik as i-iikai- iii:hk ?  Allin. 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This offer is operr to both present and  new subscribers  to "THK.-,ATLIN  CLAIM."  1 'sj  P5  '4. j  \\  ��&��!��W*P*&~^*&*Wf^~^  f\  mmmmm^m^mm, r^eftXiriwi'^JJZ  :^r.ffi-^^  ft  7  1 j  P i  -2/  ATLIN.,   B. C," SATURDAY}-   FEBRTJATtT   17,   ff^zS  CORRESPONDENCE..  [Tlie (Jlnini is not   l-esponsilile lor view's ex-  jires'.t'd-li.v eorrcspoiiilents.l  Sunday Observance.  Editor of Tiik Atmn Cuiji  jD.kau Sir,���A letter hour the  pen of Kev.. A. M." Ross, iu your  "issue oT Jan. 20II1, drew our attention lo lhe petition emanating 'ironn  and   being circulated Tor signatures  '' throughout Canada by the association known as lhe "Lord's Day Alliance." As the principles' involved  ���irr this matter are-wider and deeper  . than at first appear. 1 think .some of  the salient points are worth considering.  To me it seems that the intention  ���of the petition,-though couched iirr  ������language which conveys the idea,  that the legislation sought -is the  .protection of individual rights, is in  ���reality mi attempt against the free-  ���dorn of aotiorr ol the individual.  While I am in sympathy with the  principle of keeping one clay in seven  ���apart for .bodily rest and soul development, I submit that the L. I->.  A. is taking the wrong road to attain it; the name of tlie alliance is  ���sufficient proof that the avowed object is the keeping of the Christian  Sunday, that this is air essentially  religious subject none can deny and  to attempt to coeice men lo observe  ���a religious tenet savors of lhe dark  ���ages and religious tyranny. If the  ���legislation   sought was eiracted and  ��� enforced it would bring antagonism  to the principle the alliance seeks to  inculcate', and .further, it would  brirrg discredit on the church which  fathered it.  Thc Sabbatarian .law worked well  under the pr-iinilive-Israelitish conditions, but iir the 20th century in-the  -midst of our complex civilization' it  ���would be impracticable. That-these  are no idle wares, consider one clc-  iplorable result that would follow the  enactment of a Sunday law; it is  granted that the chief object of the  act is the slopping of the Sunday  tram car. service, Sunday excursion  ���trains and consequently all lhe vast  amount of work-concomitant thereto;  -these very trams and trains are provided so thai the poorer classes of  the population of our great cities  can, for a small sum, enjoy a day  ���orrce a week in the pure air of the  .country. This would be stopped.  The rich could roll to church or to  the park in their cushioned carriages, but the poor would have to  endure their Sunday iu the sordid  ���surroundings of their week day  homes. It is a very .nice, very  ;Utopiarr picture���that of a whole  nation keeping one day apart, for-  ���getting work arrd all rrecessary pursuits, to spend the day worshipping  God, but it cannot be brought about  by legislation. Far- better to try, as  Mr. Ross himself suggests, by appeal to the individual conscience of  man.  But, sir, is there any inherent  merit in the keeping of one particular 24-hours in the week? .Personally, the Pauline principle, enunciated   in   Rom. XIV., ,5  and  6,   is  ���sufficient  both for myself, aird also  to judge others by.  Apart from the religious element  in  the subject, it is universally ad-  .mitted that from an economic standpoint .men and animals work better  when they have one rest day in  seven, and, this taing so, it would,  be for the .nationail, betterment if ��'C  would 5cuil our endeavors���(so thati  except in circumstances where business necessity-or t-be immediate interests -of ���lmru'.ani'ty requires the]  continuance of work on Sunday)������  to secure lo every man the option ofi  having one -day in rUic week to;  himself. '    ��� :  In working our placer (and cs-j  pccially ��ur hydraulic) unines, where1  ���every'day of-water is of value and}  the loss of twenty Sundays i>n thej  open season might make the -difference .between profit aud loss, I be-f  ilieve thai, by mutual agreement he-;  tween the 'management an'd flic  men, every man could have the~op-  tioir of having one free clay a week.  A little thought shows that this re-i  quires only one extra man for every,  six employed. The principle could!  be applied to tram arrd railroad services, arrd, if required, made ..tlrej  subject of legislation. This would'  be a practical way of making the',  enjoyment of oire day in seven op-i  tional to every man. That there:  would be difficulties in the way, I:  ���.admit, but "where there is .a will,  there is a way," .,.  Yours obediently, |  .Ar,I/RKD   dVllMICHAKr.,      '  Otter Creek, Feb. 4th, 11906.  TLIN' TRACING ' �����*, i.fcL  *$>  ��f.      '&      "Jj  e/A*     us"     zcr3  *��<  'TO MAKE "ROOM "FOR  LARGE .SHIPMENTS OF  urn ish rnig^.  bs  s  Boo*  AJ  Whkh , will iArrive "Shortly,  ���tea?  ov-e 'Oewsoe  ITMm  %sn  fry  S3*  Prese,  yes��  -junes  m  ��  Dyer���How is it 'you never married, Higbee?  Higbee���I went-to'a baby show  once.���Judge.  Vi.sitins;  AtSinto lodge,  A. F. & A.M.  Itejrulur communications hold 011 tho Hist  Thursday of each month  in the A. O. U. IV. Hall,  Third Street.  Iirethrcn cordially invited  .'Every Article -irr .-these  -Lines   has  been   MrvKicm)  Down  ��� -PRICES   Which  Cannot   Fail to Please -Everybody.  to  -7"      BARBER  SHOP  FlltST STR15KT,     -       ATLIN.  F. SHIELDS, Prop.  J^~      HOT  BATHS 50 cts.  The bath rooms are equally ns arood as found  in cities.   Private Enti-iuice for Ladies.   -  iis your  >-��������� ��<^  Joe  Palmer,'  The Reliable Shoemaker,  -    -   .-    Discovicky, B. C.  Rubber Boots a Specialty.  Hampton   &,   Durie, Proprietors.  Discovery.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  CONNECTION,  lioudiiiiurtei'H for Dixon's stneo.  ��5��5ft��5��*:W^����>W^W>��5W^^^��5��^fir!l  .LSMITEB.  <>o.*a*o*o.<>s<<��ra<xi$a*o<K><��o:o.<>ciC'X^  "^  HE ATLIN MARKET  TD:  FRESH   DRESSED   MEATS,   also  POULTRY  Q?  ALL  KINDS,  Dressed to Order.  C.   DOELKER     Manager.  g   SDK    WZ'lf38SiiB%��ig&>  And the Whisky of B���ings  IF'1  &i  B'errwell, Peart ct Co.,  '���Vancouver.  Soj.Ji Agivnts ii'ok British Coi.uiu.hia.  *AAA/WW��)AiA/vV|!/WVVWV\<V*^^  aiik -ofCommerce,  CAPITAL    PAID    UP   $10,000,000.,  ��� ������ . Rkskkvk,  $4,500,000.       ���  ..  Branches of the Bank at .Seattle,  San Fiw.eiseo,  Portkwid,  Exchange sold on all Points*  SJc&g-w-ay, etc  Goi.,d Dust P-urchasjcd-  -A.SSAV Ol'l'ICli  IN  CONNKOTK.'N.  D. ROSS, mm2-i>.r.  ��� 1  r��l  1; 1  i  fl  I  I  AA/vyyvwyvvvvwwvvy^  i   HE IV? r-  4i  114  .J  fey  ill'j  n  ;if.'i  i'.i:  ii  ii ���  * i  ��� )  >'���{���*'l-VM >������ w JH-��n *-v,.-'����i.  j ; j*" *��� i1"-^,*^^��^^^I^wi��rf���iXt!^sw  kMWklM.lNr'Ni  E��*^-*^r '.'XT-.,. ���"���."iC1 Vi"-1'?'  ,.,'.   /-r^-ly^Hlfr   ,^  ATLTN,    B.   C,    SATURDAY,    FEBRUARY    17,    1906.  '4  ^3  Local Events.  New . magazines every mail at C.  C. Bourne's".  . The latest magazines and 'papers  arc always orr hand at Tillman's.  McDonald's Grocery makes a  specially of fresh eggs and butter.  Wednesday's mail got in ou time.  Perkinson should make camp today.  Theo. Sweet and Dan C.lacher  arrived back irr camp from the coast  orr Friday..';  -  One. of thc hospital chimneys  burned out Monday night but no  damage was dene.  HOCKEY MATCH���Discovery  vs. Allin, at 2 p.m. today. Turn  out and see a good game. -  Why'use inferior gasoline when  3-ou cn.11 get 76 and S6 per cent, at'  Regan's.    Allin and Discovery.  Arr account of thc reception and  dance tendered to Mr. and ,Mrs. J.  H. Black last evening is held over  lo next issue.  Thc passengers to arrive by Wednesday's stage were: Mr. aud Mrs.  J. H. Black," Mrs. Hill and Mr. A.  R. McDonald.  Bourne's circulating library furnishes good arrd cheap reading.  A. R. McDonald arrived irr town  Wednesday oir a short visit from  Conrad Cit}'. Pie says 'business is  fairly brisk in lhe Windy Arm town.  Those interested irr the holding  of an Irish concert in aid of St. Andrew's hospital are requested to  meet in the dining room of the Vancouver   hotel   orr   Monday next at  3 P-m-        _  At the Hospital".���R. McKay is  convalescent and if his present rapid  improvement continues he will be  out irr about a week. H. Fanner's  fractured leg has been set and is  mending nicely.  For 30 days J. T. Regan will sell  McClary's Cast Top Heaters thus:  No. too���$10.00 No. 400���S13.00  No. 20.0���Si 1.00 No. .500���$14.00  No. 300���$12.co No. 600���$16.00  Call early aud lake your choice.  Mr. Woods has received word  from W. Pollard Grant, solicitor for  the defendant in Carslens vs. Doel-  3ccr, lhat the full court has allowed  the defendant's appeal from the  judgment of His Honor Judge  Young, given last fall against the  defendant, and that all the proceedings have been set aside.  Thc St. Valentine entertainment  in the Presbyterian church on Wednesday evening was a big success,  both financially and socially, and  quite a number were present from  Discovery'and the creeks. A good  vocal and instrumental programme  was rendered, the ladies served an  abundance of refreshments, and  everybody in attendance thoroughly  enjoyed themselves.  Word reached town this week  that Win. Francis had lately been  mistaken lor a moose and shot dead  Ivy Indian Shorty, of Atlin. At the  time of the accident the men were  hunting on Takhina river and about  20 miles from White-horse. Francis,  who also belonged to Atlirr, was  n well educated Indian���having received a college education���and was  much respected by the people of the  eamp.  AMUSEMENT  For   Old.and   Young.  Curling; News'.  The Visiting' Rinlts Were Defeated-'  Ricld Won Wilkinson Cup.  .Oir .Saturday last the two rinks  brought from Discovery by R. D.  Fetherstonhaugh and C. Gilmour  were defeated respectively by rinks  skipped by J. A. Fraser and C. R.  Bourne, in the afternoon Eraser  aud Fetherstonhaugh occrrpied the  ice for three hours and fought hard  for each of the fifteen ends and, although lire score was 14 lb 1 r, the  loser'had a chance of winning the  game wilh the last sl<me he played.  Irr the evening Gilm:nrr and Bourne  played a somewhat better game  than" what was furnished in lhe  afternoon, both tlie skips and their  men playing almost' every stone for  all it was worth. At the completion of the fifteenth end thc score,  was a tie of to, to 10. An extra  end was played and Bourne captured  it and the game by one point. Following'is a personnel of the rinks  and their scores:  mscoyiCKY. atlin.  M. R. Jamiesorr . E. M. "N. Woods  W. H. Vickers      A. J.  Burnside  C. Hickman Jas. Stables  Fetherstonhaugh J. A. Eraser  ��� it. '    ���14  Yv. Morrison  A. Galarno  J. Cartmel  C. Gilmour���10  WIl.KINSON   cuv.  On Monday afternoon the semifinals irr this competition were played-off and resulted as follows:  JL Ridel 11   vs.   W. Owen 5."  Jas. Stables 11  vs. C. R. Bourne 4.  On Tuesday afternoon Jas. Stables  and li. Ricld played the final in this  competition and a sharp corrtest  look place. The score was 7 to 6  in favor of Mr. R'rdd, who now holds  thc cup against all-comers.  Cl.UB  KCIIHDUI.-I': MATCIIKS.'  On Friday, 9th inst., Stables   defeated   Bourne by a score of 9 to 5.  Monday   evening   Rosselli's  and  Bourne's rinks played a close game  arrcl tlie former won by 11 to 10.  On Tuesday Ross arrd Fraser met  and played a lie game.  ur  ia  't  Delivered to. any part of the district.  '���.-j  Goods Fresh arrd Clean.  Our Motto���-'One price and  Prices Riglrt.  fair treatment lo all.  J. Cummiiigs  WT. E. Fisher  D. Ross  C. R. Bourne-  11  e  ATLIN, B. C.  Porter  Brewers   of Lager  Beer  stmaU  SMALL AND LARGE ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  ^HE  &&��.*>&.**&  KOOTENAY BOTE!  ��**I^^W>.ff:��i��b��i��sJ��i��:��>:ft*^9:��i :WKS>.8-}  ���&P.V.K*\+P:i?.i.  .J  DISCOVERY  SKATING  RINK  SATURDAY,   FEB.  24TH  DISCOVERY  CURLING   NKWS.  SI.OAN   COMPKTITIOX.  The Discovery Curling Club has  entered five rinks, to be skipped by  R. D. Fetherslonh'augh, C. E. Gilmour, J. Cartmel, W. H. Vickers  and M. R- Jamieson, for the Sloan  medals competition.  11UOWN   TROPHY.  The following games were played  off this week in this contest:  Jamieson, 9 vs. Vickers 6.  Fetherstonhaugh S vs.  Eggert 6.  Gilmour 9 vs. Wrong 6.  Taylor 10 vs. McCartney 5.  ROSS  TROPHY.  The best single hand game played  in Discovery this winter took place  in this competition on Thursday,  when Yv*. Morrison defeated R. D.  Fetherstonhaugh. Following are  the games arrd scores as played:  Wrong 12 vs. Hanna 7.  Jamieson 10 vs. McDoirough 6.  Hickman 9 vs. Taylor 6.  Trolman 7 vs. Hamploir .5.  Galanro 7 vs. Sweet 5.  Morrison 11 vs. Fetherstonhaugh 5.  OPEN "DAY AND NIGHT.  ,(  THE DINING-ROOM   IS CONDUCTED ON  STRICTLY FIRST-  CLASS   PRINCIPLES.  DIXON   &   SCHULZ,   Proprietors.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CDTMIXJ ECTION.  CHOICEST WINES, LIQUORS AN!) CIGAI1S USE GOODS A 51'LCIALTY.  The Weather.  The lowest aircl highest tempera  tures and'precipitation recorded for  the week are as follows:  Feb.  �����<$������������������<$��� <��*�����<$���  ���&  Executed Cheaply,   Promptly and Satisfactorily,  THE CLAIM OFFICE.  VWWWVW>��A/WwVVVVnA/wVVVVOVWv^^  V*VVVVVVVSA/Vy/WWVVVVWVWOVsA<V^  PRIZES  GOOD  FOR   BEST COSTUMES.  MUSIC   FOR   SKATING.  Admission :������  -Adults, 50 cents.  Children, 25 cents,  Pn.'fiip  tittinn.  Max.  Miii.  Rain  Snow  9  ��� 2  ���17  ���in  ���:?�����  10  ��� 4  __x7  ���  ���  n  ��� 8  ���26  ���  ;������ ���  12  ��� 7  ���26  ���  1������  13  ��� 8  ���27  ������  ���  T4  0  ���25  ���  ���  *5  6  1  ���  ������  les��  t Lumsden   carry a  stock  of good groceries.  Read the A.- T. Co.'s advertisement on page 3. '..It's right.  And Sell for the  Lowest Prices in  Camp


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