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The Atlin Claim 1900-02-17

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 IV  /���-<*        -.,,. r.,ft  \    H-/-W �� '  ; O"   '. .,  VOL.  ,ATL1N'."B. C.>SATUR1MV.-. FEBRUARY^, 1900.    ,  NO. 43.  1     1  ff> fc/Mcfieely;and"'���6.  11K A LICKS. IX  Paints,  Gi��s,   Varnishes,     '[\_\   -' -i"<''jV i  Builders'Hardware?  Sash and Doors, \-/'%\'  Tinware, Graniteware. Crockery  AlLkituls of'Tinsmith work done.' V'Sr ���' *  "   :    k'',,''- ,                 ,  Corner of First and Pearl Street.  FtlAOHfiMITU'*  fit**I* '    ���     ' ��� ;���  ���     - -.-  RI1J I PP  QTII S   'AT 'FT '!vv0lk -w5U' be/completed,;by   fall.  DUt?Xi\  JliLL A-1 .!&_.  (This'news was'-published" hi   The  Claim last "week.)      .*     ���*��� �� -  J. St. Clair lllackett and Co.  ���   "-    '       : IRON STORE, FIRST ST*  '  " ~��" J   'J      ' . *'.    ,v  ....  Haive'thfe-Most .Complete Stock in Atlin.  t  A.  THEIR. PRICES ARE RIGHT  FOR ALL CLA'SSES  OF.GOODS/  ������     ..  TvHEY ARE OFFERING*''  '.   '   "SPECIAL BARGAINS'  ���lNLWINTER'CLOTHING...  After a Day's Fighting orf Malm's  -   Drift Retirement Across the  , Tugela   Ordered.  The Cannonading Plainly Heard  " t at Ladysmith."  *    ; -, (Atlin News A-reney Kopm-t.)        ���     '  'The late-^tTrpni the" seat.-of wai  ���diows .Buller,'' 'after two da\s'  heavj     fighting,   'to     have,   been  , AX UNKNOWNS SUICIDE.      *  .,On - Weducsdaj t forenoon,   in   iv  cabin on Discovery Street,   a   grue-  .some.lragedj came to light. , rTiie  cabin belongs to  John, McAudrews'  and has been occupied lot sometime,  bj a.little, quiet,old   man,, who  <ip-  ��� /.iientlj did not associate wuli anv-  i rod \.   i -    '-,-'���,,)'    .,   1  ' On \Yeduesda\ .morning some  of"  tlie neighbours having noticed 'that  no smoke came   from   the  chimney  ;>u t'uat "or. the piece ding   da\,   sus-'  , .'   <-..      c        .1 ���/ J'  '1    ' reeled something'might, be   wrong  orcecl to retire from the position he' -   tt      �� - - ' >��� - fa  i'  1.       ���     1  _.,��,������ land  made ��� an  entrance.   ,The  old  had    gained.       1 his   news   comes I ��� ���>   ���  ���'--'-,, - i'v  ��� i     1    ...   ,   man was found,:stiff and  stark  iir  10m Boer sources, but is' admitted!    - - *    ���        -,     -   f-_  ���' '���,     A-<  ,.   1 w-   -    , ���    death. '-> He ��� was..stretched. on   liis  in London to be true. ,-' < . i / ,  >', Mv.-    . . .        .      ���'.     . ���",.. 'bunk, a   44.-caliber-Maiiin ..still   in  1 he British had   gained rthe  hill' ������ ���   ."-->,  his hands:   -He had placed-the nuiz-  THE EVEN T'OF THK SEASON.  -The   "Chefs'"   of   Atlin   Entertain  in a Royal Manner.   -' '  The highest level vet reached , in  entertainments^-happened    on   the  e\ening ot St. Valentine's dav./fhe  up in snow-white jackets'-ancL caps  anii were'assiduous an ''their attention' to the guests. < Mrs.'Burke and  Mrs." McKay acted--as reception  committee Ho the ladies" ��� and- 'did  much to conduce to the great1 'success'Jof "the *function:'-'"Dunug   an  occasion was the grand-, free ball andh i,itervaL" which was soeciall}-called  supper given by the chefs of 'Atlin. ; in',the'dancing;' tlie iatter lady' sang  "The c Pardon - came 'too late,'-'" in-  '" Rumor- had   betn    busv   for. some I  ���" 6^ days"6\ er ,���the  approaching  event,j sucli "a ,sprlei:d5d"'manner   that  thc  "{"as it--\vas.known, the chefs , would . hail-rang with" plaudits.    Shevwas  Uave 10 ' stone- unturned- to- make-Engaged diereH and' then,."will   ve:  ' - the festivity, a record breaker.- How nill  "well they succeeded is now a matter' ruitree  of history.    The evening was a nip-1 pear"at their' concert- next  Friday  '"-ipiirg one arc! Jackt-Frost! was  get-' evening. '   "-Pahnaii    <iui    meruit  tirg in some.of .his "finest  touches, i fuerat/'-and'to theal)ove-men'tioned  .. .     ->    ..^.- '"�������.    i_      -.     .      .   .    _ . . - - .  at Malin's diift Tuesdav noon with  a loss of 22^ kille'd.- ' lighting- continued  all  dav,   hui  on the -follow-. ,  . ��-/,    1 .,      ,, 1'.   1      1 j '.r    trigger  off   with, a .piece  of stick  mg dav the   Boers  bomlrirded   the 1       ' < ' <.  ��� ..: ,       '', .,        ' ,- "1 <i    k which was al^O'toniid onlire  bunk.  British and the\   retired ''across /the ,  - *  A Coioiier s iii([uesf\\as,lield   ou  zle in-his-mouih, clasjcd the stock  between his "kuc^s.ia'id-pushed the  with, a  Tugela river. '        - "    .   '  ';   'At'Chievely,  2,000 ^British   with  an  armc)fecl,traii',/*inade a sortie to-  wards' Colenso  to  land   uools on  *.  -" *~ *       * ���. ���- i   '  the right of'the'Boer position.-, Tlie  'Boers'immediately1 crossed "the rivet  and   attacked'  with'  attillery. and J  fJLlie same afternoon.",(' -It was -com-.,  posed''of'Messrs Paxton,; Eiaser,  ti.istie, Wliite, Mcaci and thowiilee--  .01 email. ���'A'-.erclict'ol suicide, ivas'  tenderediii"accorduncewith tlic"plaiu  facts of the case./ iThe fbocl\ r was  aftc'rwanU deceiitlv'inteued in   tlie  but that made  no  difference.    The (chefs   'and   'their  ladv' friends  we  30 dared, the  rigors of; the  Arctic  1 Hi  a-  d  cjne, down   ftom    Pine  Grand Hotel ^as oiie blaze of.light, , cheerfully award the pahn for hav-  and at the appointed hour the'ing engineered, planned and put  guests came trooping along in pla-l into execution by far the most sue-  to :ns and companies. \ No less than \ cessful social function evei attempted in'Atlin. It was impossible to  secure anything like a complete list  of those"%piesent,' but- we noticed,  inionst others,' fromTine^Cit), X.r.  H'. Caucellor, Mrs. Letneidale, Mr.  McLeod, Mrs.' aud Miss Chisholm,  Mr. and Mr.s'. Stubbier!eld* Mr.' and  hall at'9.o'clock and was carried on''Mrs. laylor.'Mr.'Jack Taj lor, Mr.  . with few inteiruptions' until near'lj"' .and Mrs.- YairWort, 'Mr. H. Va:  .4 _a. m.- jS'ot the slightest con-]'\Vor.t, Mr 'Whittington. Mrs. Co-  tietemps occuned to mar the.,plea-j wie, , Messrs.. Deslifle, Kunetell,  sure and even thing,   from   first  to'piattnauer,-Simmons, J.   McKiunou  rifes, .'"iorciug"Hhe   withdrawal   of'',.  ,   .,   '    " ,  , - ���    ���. -   ,,, .      ,    ��� cemeter\.'   No clue could-Ire louird  both troops and tram to   Une\el\   :,.-', -  .   - .-,-,-     :,It, is   reT.b'fled "that  Gatacro   re-1 ^���^s-mcides name -or, history,>  y'e;"bythe enterprising   coin-j-;^^.^-^- an^nTTock-airclT^1^!^^ ^-V-1-eM>'   P?^"!'  eepf the Patnotic ^Fuiid" to ap-1 ^rds;1^,-(?raml. hol.fs   ^   ^^.und emplj��lv  to  ���. ..i     4.. .   t?_..i_.. , t i the'tause ot the niiseiable-tragedj-.  , McDonald is preventing the Boei- j . PRESBYTP:RIAX HOSPITAL/*  from blocking the main drift at Kaa- j .,'The baikling'is now iiea'rlv 'ready  doorberg,   and  holds the  positio- J for occJpauts, and ,wili, be   fornudh  "L iv ii: ccg^skcls to do hor.or t~  the occa=io-:. E-ich ar.d t,ll declar-  ��.c il ifLfCA��s to be iLOie than *ie-  paid ��for trouble. Dancirg  commenced-"in the big dining room  last,   \\e:it  with" an inspiring vim.  'I he orchestra, - violin,   piccolo   and  piano  rendered efficient ser\ ice anc.  earned" showers   of    well-iu'eritecr  praise,    '1 he atterdau'ee  was -full;  15c, ai dv\\ the time-' for suppei  airi\ed. the organ'z'.ng  ab.Lties  or  the cl els t-1 one  out conspicuouslj  as -the   \ast  crowd  were  handled  neatly and expeditiously,   those 'ai  the last tables be'ng equally as well  and'-C. McK-iiuion.    Atliniles were  loo numerous to   mention,   but  all  classes" w'ere  there,   bank  officials,  i  government do., cleigy, merchants,  miners,.-! newspaper men, "butchers,''  oakeis    and' candlestick   makers."  The    unanimous    verdict   was,   A  Jrand >Success!!  despite strong efforts  of the ^ Boers J openeil   ,;,,   a  fe%v, days;   prob:ibly  to dislodge him.   ' ' ^ ��� wi(h a receutio.i aiid musicale.   The  Butler's cannonading, heaftl'.in | erection is x'iaL one from  Ladysmith during the' progress of j evei.y. point.-"oi view, and' eminentlv  the battle, is describad1 as terrific^! adapted to the purpose-, 'foi which  and caused hope to run high Tor I lliUMS bl]ilL .The irrterioi is com-  rehef of tired garrison.   At one,time jjacl  and well,'''nav, elegautlv  it was thought that the iong-ho "red  /or co'.isum'mation was at hand," as  the -Boers coald be ' seen taking  away cattle nnd supplies, as if expecting to retire"' towards Drakens-  burg jjasses.  The   Lrilish   mine   set   for   the  Boers x in   Ladj smith   was  prema-1  turely exploded.  was,  CONSER V AT IVK M EETIX G.  A meeting of the executive com.  entertained as those at the first 'As ! mittee of the-Conservative Associa.  for the supper itself, nothing could ' lion was  called at  th'e  president's  REPEAL OF ALIEX LAW.  B. C. Government has intro-  uluced a. measure repealing m the  Alien Exclusion Act. Joe Martin,  in reply to Cotton, charges Cotton  .sith being a fugitive from justice  I'rora Colorado creditors. He said  Cotton left the  state on   a   freight  nav, elegautlv hn-  ished. Utilitananism has i^cu the  main object held 111 vie\v and ha.s  round htling expression, everythiug  necessary for the running of' the  hospital will be so "handy." Mr.  Stables, as designer and builder, is  to be congratulated on tin niirg out  such an example of his abiliij , and  the institution will be an ornament  as well as a blessing'to the town.  *  -    >   '  Mo-si--, l'rlroi. iv KoUin-o.-i \u\\p oiiciu-d tlio  Ptifttue iKitfl. o|i|>o^itp T11K11 Oitj on tljo  ^o\oi nnipiit ti'nil. Uinl .iro pi-epurntl ti> n���  pot\t> uiitl ti<*dt t;tic%r-< \Mth tm1 iri-Piitf���t of  fclertt v  \V. .11. Cninipron is iii.tkinv .ii-i-aii^i'incM-ls  to o 1 ��� ��� ��� 11 a i)liift> 10 ini|t��>. tliis -tit" tyt  Lu/ Ciliin.  U illiutn G! Kramer, late of Atlin, dieil ut,  Vaiu-iiiiv pr City hospital on  i?i��|i. 'lid,*i  ha\ebeeu. coucei\ed  more lavish,;  ai d  withal,   elegant.     The  table1-  were decorated with  exquisite taste, J.uues   Brown  was  elected   perma-  and    faiilv    groaned     under    thernent chairman of   thc  committee  office on the evening of the   :oth   to  consider    special    business.      Mr.  i-i vein--.     DeuiM-i'il   lia.i    lii-i-n    in   lio-pttnl  train after locking his creditors in a j mm.  ,ia>-,  in.tWi^oin? tiratrnpnt   for ��  room.    The   scene   in   the   House  l,,oUe" itv..��ici"��- pi-o.;rc*-,i..^m.iM faxoi-  ably,    ft  ut ]>rc^t>tlt (i|iiiptir-> tnal .Mr. Frai-'-r  was verv dramatic. hml .iilus'-of w>mpriiiiiir.iclmini<,������pit>cl l>.t tUe  The franchise for a railwav across i,"u,':f' w'lth Hll> "-"'ttimt ht.<ii,ri,  . - ^frina   three,  ilnys in jr.trn-.i. .i^oii;     J iu  i aku is to be granted, also to Chil-j uimippiiy i->-tiri-p(i o\��m-tho lanicnrabi.-nf-  coot  Rail wav   to    Bennett  and   to!'',",'l"a ew','yi>,l"','t u bPf0{r lw"1 T" |JuoB  ' tho lilnnio ��nciL' it \ielonis'.  Porcupine route.   ���   ,  weight of ���good comestibles. The  four chefs who were mainly instrumental in getting up the festivities,  Messrs. S. Muir, AI. Winters, W.  Dyson and W. Drake  weie  togged  t'he subject  of the  association   of;  getting    control,    by   purchase   or i Telegraph Service, with 15 Hn  otherwise,    ot   a    newspaper,   was ^    l ' ��  thoroughly discussed and means taken    to\\.i"iU  the consummation   of1 the   construction   of the telegraph  the end in view. , line from Quesnelle to Atlin.     The  Thf  liii- pxtiiijs.i.Uhpi's ptirchiisp't hy Oli��i"f  Ltllit*. lor flip  Hsu uT the tlopartm^nt, x\ore-  Mr.  CharleSOll,    of   the DoilliniO'l j hrmudit in liyNiirman Riint tiiiN ��pi>U.   Mr.  ' Lilli" sucurfcd the lot. ei/tht  m  nimiliPr,  iu  . 'Sk.i^waj   lor ^YLTi.  IS Oil htS way to   Atlin to Commence!     Upmu-p to -o.  one and all. to the tfiiind  fonppi't iii aid ot thp Patriotic fund iu  Hn>-tip'-. liall ne\t Fridii\ p\piiitiir. i'liw  crpuin nl Atliu lulput \\ ill nssKt.  '<;-X  ^3g^5R?aa^?T?^=g^gg!359e^g^^^  ??,-a?=3C3rF^trcs,j;.  aaes^sffias^s^iis��Kssws If'  (.1  V  |  ���'A  A-rr.rx,  w.. <��.,. SArrjRiMY, ��� February rr-  i(l  ;��  ' i  ill-  R- -  I!.';  5  3-  1'  It ���  Thk, Atlin��� Claim.  Published    pvpi-.v    SaliU'duy   nini-ninf*   Piy  Tim ATr.iN Ci<ai.m  PijhIjISUimj Co.  Office of publication: .  SppoikI between Irninnr mill F'eurl St-mutti.  Advertikintr rntoH made kumvn on apviKca-  1 ton.  Tlio subscription price is .-?! a yeue pav-  nblu in nilvmiro. No paper will lie delivered  iiiiIpsh these conditions lire complied with.  The    Canadian   Patriotic   Fund,*  although barely started, is growing  in a  manner that promises ultimate  magnificent results.,   Amongst  the  subscriptions   already   in  we  may  mention  the C. P. R., $15,000; the  Grank   Trunk    Raihvaj',   $15,000,-  Bank of Montreal, $10,0007 Toronto Globe Fund, over $11,000;: City  of Hamilton, Out., $10,000, and,so  oil  all   over  the broad   Dominion.  Even   little Calgary, with a papulation of 4,cob,   has subscribed $-2^-  ��00, and claims  the  banner as* t!��'  amount subscribed per head:.     The  total   is away   over   the $ioid,.ooo  ���mark  and bids fair to reach a quarter of a  million.    We  have faith  that  little Atlin,   per capita,,  will  show up with the best '*f them. '  .formerh' chancellor of Upper Canada  has been speaking very plainly on  the"subject of rumors that members  ofcertain Irish societies contemplated  an invasion of Canada. He said-to  the people- of Longford, that if he believed it was true, he. would , have  borrowed a Mauser; have learned  the new rifle practice, and have taken .passage to Canada to "help defend my wife,, children and' grandchildren from my brother home-  rulers. ,r The foi mer Caaiadiaialeader  has no sympathy with the more advanced section of his party.  According to an English, engi-  , neering journal  the horses- of the  *ScotS' Greys now at the front in  . Africa  have been dyed to .resemble  the color of khaki,, rendering them  less conspicuous in action.  TO HADES,   HE SAID.      ,  The Highlanders' attachment to  - the kilt was once  more strikingh''  shown by the events that have lately transpired in South Africa.    Correspondents describe with an  air  of  wonderment how - at the ��� battle  of  Elandslaagle  the  gallant Gorefans  declined to fight without  their tar  tans, although the commanding officer suggested their doing so to make  them less conspicuous objects to the  Boer marksmen.    The  result was  that a large number of the officers  .and men were  killed  or wounded;  but it is not the least bit moreprob^  able that the Highlanders will   voluntarily discard the kilt in any future engagement.   The obtuseness of  the British War Office oil this point  has frequently threatened  to cause  trouble, ��� for the Sassenach never  could properly appreciate the esprit  de corps of Highland corps or the  importance thej- place on matters of  dress.     It would   be   well  to have  read to military officials periodical^-1  the letter which Col. Alan Cameron  wrote to the Horse Guards in   1804  in reply to a request for his "private  opinion  as  to  the  expediency    of  abolishing the kilt in Highland regiments,    and    substituting  in  lieu  thereof   the   tartan  trews".    This  was the Col.   Cameron   who  raised  the Seventy-ninth Highlanders, and  whose colloquy- with   the  Duke  of  York is    well   known.    "To  draft  the   Seventy-ninth,"   he  said,   "is  more than j'ou or your royal   father  dare     do."    The     Duke    replied  that  the   King,   his  father, would  certainly send the regiment to the  West Indies.    Col. Cameronv losing  his  temper, said;    "You may    tell  the  King,   your  father, from me,  tnat he may send us to h if he-  likes, and   I'll  go at the head of  them: but he daur na draft us.."  A STRONG COMPANY.. -  The total investments.'made by  ;the British America Corporation in  B. C. amount to $6,198,761 down  ite�� Hacember 22nd, 1899. The  jfisflltewing amounts were invested in  obtaitniug the properties mentioned  ���and expended upon them for,development t�� date:���  Le RoL $3,950,362;'West Le Ifeoi  grotiip, $92��r675:East LeRoigroup,  $559.. 1^5 r . Columbia - Kootenay  group,. $471,165;; Caledonia group,  Sheep Creek, $31,291; Teotsie- and  Whoop Up, Sophie Mountianr $��7,-  944T Hosfeims- groupP North Fork  Salmon,$6,722; Wlid Horse group,  Ymir,. $4,185; .making a total'of  $5,978,060. Expended for examination of mines, and mining properties, $42,832. On surface improvements and other expenditure, $39,-  682. Supplies carried t in -stock,  $32^000.; Cost of administration  $106, i86ror a grand total of $6,  198,76 s.  see him in the day time you  wouldn't think"',that butter .would  melt in hds mouth. Go. and iiiter-  view him with soft words arid a  club.. Point out the ��� error of his  ways and. implore him, to reform.  Appeal to his finer sensibilities and  all that is innately noble in his dog-  hood.. If be persists in turning ai  deaf ear to'your humanitarian representations, then, and not till then,  lambaste the.everlasting stuffing out  of him.      i   .   -  Housewife.aaks.��� "Can yroui give  me ea recipe .to keep white-fish from  smelling? Why, certainly. ,Cut  their noses off.  ���THE���      ���  Canadian Bank*.  ...of Commerce;  Corner Second and Ptaii Sheets..  " ' '    '  Gold Assayed,  '   Purchased or Taken on:  1        <  CONSNG-NMKNT.1 .    ,  AT K UMBER LEY. -"  "TTiese 'are my jewelss'-'-"said  Cecil Rhodes as he pointed to three  ash barrels and a piano boot all labeled '���'Carats." ." . : ��� , -" '. ' '  "And'how do you propose to  get' them ..away?" inquired a cor-  ������f th*- great    destiny  THE. NIMROD .SYNDICATE-  TheB. C. department'on the London Stock Exchange,, says the British Columbia Review of Jan 13, remains almost stagnant. Theonlj' active shares are B. A. C's. Le Roi and  Stratton's. Independence 'but these  on .balance show a trifling improvement- Ninirod Syndicate which have  lately been introduced,, are^ 2 dewn  at 4, As readers are aware tJmis-undertaking- is identified witku Lord  Ernest Hamilton,, who has secured  a number of claims at Atlin. Being  practically ��>f a private character the  syndicate is- probably a preliminarj'  effort towards some more ambitious-  undertaking- B. C. Development  are firmer; the rest are simply stat-  iouarj-.  SPEAKS PLAINLY-  Edward Lla'ce, i:atioi:.!.Ijum'.niber  .tV.-iU-iL_���-.;���'. :;:  5c/<r\   r.r.:v:brd,  ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS.  Miner, Pine City-���Your philippic received. One of our maxims  is to publish nothing in this paper  that would firing the blush to the  mast hardened cheek- We would  like to oblige you, and wilL if you  re-write your letter,, toning it down  to a'presentable form. Don t confound ^vituperation; with sarcasm or  vulgarity with wit-  Nerves writes-. "I reside on Second street and am very much annoyed at a wall-eyed dog that follows me along said, street of evenings barking and growling at my  heels. This animal is- a perfect  nuisance arorand mu neighborhood:  when loose, he is snapping and  smarling at people, and when tied  nap makes night hideous with the  most unearthly howls. What am  I to do about it?" We know the  varmint you refer to, and have undergone the sain-:: experiences..    To  respondent  shaper.  , The diamond king carelesslj'  picked up a handful of the larger  stones and-jnggled'with them playfully. < "      '  "Make a handsome tiara,  wouldn't they?'/ as he -let, a . big  sparkler slip til rough his fingers and  slide down a rat hole.  . ."A -regular.-tiarar-boom-de-aye,'''  I enthusiastically replied.  '"Good!" he ..cltacklei ' "Here,'  catch this yellow sparkler, with my  compliments,    isn't     it   carroty?"  and he tossed me a diamond as  big  as- a campaign button.  "It can't be beat, you know." I  answered, with a smile.' I _wanted  to humor his mood.  "Well," he chuckled, "I guess  it's equal toquiteabunch of celery."-  He pronounced "celery" as if it  were "salary," and of course I  laughed with great appreciation.  ' 'Notice the rays of light,'r he added.  "I expect a light raise myself,.''  I remarked, "when I return, to New  Yorkr.'"  He laughed again.  "Here/' he said; "that's worthy  of something better than a mere ha-  ha. I'll trade you a white stone for  the yellow one."  I handed him the glittering- gem;  but, alas, he appeared to forget all  about the transfer  "And how did y.ou saj' \-��tr propose to get your diamonds awa\r?''  I inquired >in a gentle attempt to  lead him back to the main question.  1 "Oh. yes of course," he said with  a sly wink. "But I cbmrtmind telling you. They go with me in the  balloon. As ballast. See?- Dazzling idear isn't it? After dark, of  course. If I need anj- light, I  ! take the cover off an ash barreL  ISimple, isn't it? Then I toss- a  double handful of these big pebbles  in the air, and the Boers down below will think it's meteors. If I  want to startle them still more, III  take the bark off'an uncut 20 carat  fellow, hoist it to the balloon peak.,  and they'll all yell 'Comet.' Oh  your Uncle Cecil is cute!."  "And where do* vou propose to  laud?"  The great financier's right eye  almost closed. Then it slowly-  opened.  "I'll let you know next day" he  politely replied.  This e.-ided the interview,, and it  grieves mse to add that he let me go  without; any further reference' to the  whib/ stone be had so cheerfully  pswn i>.d tiic���Exchar 1 g;c.  KxdiKWige sold on all the principal poirhts in Europe,, the - Unitedl  State* and Canada.  ASSAY, OFFICE  -  IN CONNECTION" '    ���     ' '  '      ' FOR 00LI) DUST ONLY'.  BROWNLEE & LOWRY  J. H. Browwlee, P. US., B.L S.  R. C. Lowry, A. M. I. C B-  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers*  ,   Land Surveyors-  Peart, Stkjwct,. Atlin,, B. C.  LIST-YOUR^  LOTS AT. -  Riirt & Jones,  - OLDEST  ESTABLISHED,  -:  ���     .-. ���    '   "BROKERS  ,   OF ATLIN..  Agents- for tlie John Irving Navigation Compajniy..  Peake, St., ATLrN, B. C.  \% Stiot-Guns, Riflest Revol-  $ vers and every descrip-  �� tion of Spirting" Goods  I at         /          .   .           f  1 TISBALL'S fill ST8REI  O VANC0UVLU.                        %  <*v GaAjiloKue mailed on application.           fy.  E. L PILLMAN  Funeral   Dikector   and-  Embalmkr  Third and! Discovery,.    Atlin-,. B'.  Hoclies Embalmed for Shipment u Specialty  Orders on ��h��rt notice.  All kinds u>b u'uiieuuill Supplies, ut  bcusbh  alile riitPb.  c.  XULES   EGGERT  Swiss- Watcmjiaker.  Has charge of government instru-  meiri'lls.    First street. Atlin.  In A. S. Cross' Store.  Comfortably furnished rooms  and excellent board at reduced nates for the , winter.  Call and iuiivestigate.  BRITISH HOTEL,  Corner" First and Discovery.  Direct   to   Vancouver   in  Three   Days  5TH,  A.  H.  16TH    AND    26TH    OF  EACH   MONTH.  1  BAKER,   Agent,  C- i<- R- Office j Skagway.  reass k  n  n-  SATURDAY,  FEBRTAKV r7, ryoa  t  l*'i  .A  *v  v.  or  r'/  fc'fc  $  l'1-'  u-'  THROUGH A FRENCH.  ,     ���    'GLASS.      .        '   ��,  *     ' ' <  i    At   the  present juncture,   when  certain.   French    newspapers  have  much to say with regard-io Britain's  colonial policy ih  gereral  and  her  South African j olicy in   particular,  J     it   is  refreshing to turn to the writings  of  a   Frerch   journalist  ai d  tia\eller, who, while by   no  means  enthusiastic in   love of things English, is  at  least   honest  enough to  ,set down fairly that  which   he  has  learnt-from enquiries "on the spot."  Ivl. Paul Blouet,   better  known   by  his pen-name of "Max   O'Rell,"   is  a. French critic  whose descriptions  of John Bull's methods of' Empire-  building   might  be read  with.,in-  .slruction    bj'-. our volatile frieuds  c, across the Channel.!  Max O'Rell, in the  course of a  tour of the British colonies,   \ isited  >  South Africa in 1893, arrd his impres-"  sions are given in   "John   Bull  and  Co."    published  in   the   following  year.      "The     Boers,"     he   said,  "have    a    bad   habit,   which  his  "' - constantly been the'cause  of quarrels between them and the English.  >    In the eves of the Boeis, tthe, abor-  lgines'ofSoutn Africa are not human  beings to be-conciliated, - but .wild  animals, to be tracked and extermi-  ^nated-,.whenever    occasion  offers.  W ben they did not kill  them they  madesla'ves ofthem/and drove.them  to work with   great .leather  whips  .    that they would* never' have' dared  use about the oxen that drew  their  carts.    They' never sought  to civi-,  .lise nor instruct' them,- nor- even  to  convert thtm, for they do not admit  . the negro can ha\e a soul. It is now  well known that the Transvaal  and  * f - *  the surrounding   territories  are' all  ���   underlaid with gold, but-it is quite  certain that the Boersnever will dig  for it.    In a very few years the country will be-overrun by' gold-seekers  from all parts  of the world.    The  Boers will continue  to scratch   the  surface of the earth,   but  they  will  not dig far below-it.    They occupy  immense tracts of land, which they  do not cultivate, and in their hands  the country makes no progress.    I  have seen farmers whose farms were  as large  as   Devonshire,   and  who  contented themselves with pasturing  cattle on a few hundred acres.   They  are ignorant,behind the times, stubborn, and lazj\    They refuse to till  the earth with modern implements.  They do the kind   of farming  that  was done in the time  of Abraham,  Isaac, and Jacob.   Their houses are  often like  pigstyes.    Before  going  to bed, they take off their boots, and  call that undressing.    The floor  is  their bed.    Skins are spread on it,  and  there    all  the family ��� men,  women, and children���sleep higgledy-piggledy.    Take all that is dirtiest, bravest, most old-fashioned, and  most obstinate in a Breton, all that  is most suspicious, sly, and mean in  a Norman,   all  that  is  shrewdest,  most hospitable, and  most   Puritan  and btgoted in a Scot, mix well, stir,  and serve, and you have a Boer, or,  if you will��� a boor.   No, the world  of to-day gees round too rapidly  to  allow the Loer to   stand  still.    He  will have to   "mend or' end,"    For  a long time the  Boers  refused  to  have trains  in  the  Transvaal,   because this kind of locomotion is not  ut: itia ie:l iu. lh* Bible., an..!. iL   w as calling therailways "steam  tramways" that lhe>- were induced  Lp have them at all.   The Transvaal | at' Tagish on the- way  to   Dawson:  Parliament, the Raari^has refused tscows, 411; boats, 417; canoes,    37;  to have the  Government Buildings rafts, 15; total, 880.'   Belwee-iDaw-  irsured against fire,   because ' "if it son and White Horse there were 2 1  be God's will that thev shall' burn,   steamers     ernploved    in    the   last  chere is no going against it."    The ;  writer goes on to say that "the most |  marvellous monument to British en  ergy aud perseverance is Johannesburg, thecity of gold.   Johanesburg !  is not only the most important town |  of is the  most  im-  portanttown of South Africa.   The  Hoers cannot boast of having  contributed  either' to .its  birth  or its  growth; Johannesburg is  a  cosmo-,  politau town, 'where every   nation  seemed to be represented except the  Transvaal.    The Boers are  farmers  and    sportsmen ��� nothing    more.  Their ancestors  were farmers, and  they    do  not conceive    that  they  themselves could be anything  else.  Ignorant, bigoted, behind the times,  these.Dutch   Bretons,   transplanted  in Africa, cultivate the soil like the  contemporariesr, of the -patriarchs,  and refuse even to1 look   at'agricul-  tural   machineiy.       They  do   not  change their ideas���-nor their linen. .  They are hospitable, slaves of routine;- '. dirty," .brave, * aud  lazy; they  have much religion and tewscruples;  they are content to live as their an -  cestors lived, md ready  to die on  the day  that  the  independence.,o:  their in danger."   ��� ���  4.6^3.    The'  following     statement | asked after the baby.    The lad j- was  shows the number of craft registered'! suffering from a severe cold.'  which  j made her slightly' deaf and she mis-  ! takenly supposed that he was inquiring aholit  her  cold.    She' replied,  that though  she   usually   had   one  every winter,   this  was   the  worst  season. ' that she had ever,had; it.1 kept' her'  awake at night a great, deal at- first'  and confined her to her bed. Then,  noticing that the scribe was .becoming pale and nervous, she.said,- that  she could see by his-looks that he  was going to haveonc just like hers,  and asked him if he wished to lie ,  down. The paper came out as usual  the nextweek, but the editor has  given up inquiring about, babies.���  Medical Record. '  OUR   " BOBS."  (Kipling's    Latest.)  There's a little red-faced man  Which is Bobs,  Rides the tallest 'orse 'e can���  Our Bobs.  If it bucks or kicks or rears,  'E can* sit for twenty-years)  With a smile about 'is ears���  Can't jrer, bobs?     1   .  Then -'ere's lo Bobs Bahadur,  Little Bobs, Bobs, Bobs!  'E's our pukka Kandahader���  'Fightin' Bobs, Bobs, Bobs!  'E's the dood of Aggy Chel,  'E's'the man that done us well  An' we'll follow him to 'ell,  Wo'nt we, Bobs? t  If a limber's slipped a trace,  'Ook on Bobs.        ���    t t  If'a marker's lost 'is-place, '  Dress by Bobs.       '   ��� -,  For 'e's eyes .up all-Ms coat.  An' a-bugle in 'is throat,  And you will not play .the goat,..  - Under Bobs. ' . '  'E's a little down on drink,  Chaplain Bobs; ,L  But it keeps us outer chink���-  Don't it; Bob*?      ? -���'"  ,- So we will not complain,'   -   '������  Dollars Taken Out\Tho' 'e's water on the brain,  WINTER MINING  One .Thousand  of a Claim.on Willow Creek  With a Rocker.  < AS an evidence that our placeis  are not necessarily unworkable during the winter season, we may  mention the case of Mr. Churchill,  who has been drifting on Willow  Creek. He has taken out well on  to a thousand dollars this winter  with a rocker.    This includes  one  1. t  nugget valued at &roo, and many  handsome ones of smaller size. Mr.  Churchill has only been able .to  wash a part of his pay dirt and cal  culates that what he has now on  the dump will exceed in value the  amount already put through. This  is a verj* encouraging showing and  we are glad to see Mr.' Churchill  reaping the reward of his pluck  and perseverance.  A GOOD SHOWING.  Major Wood, in charge of the N.  W. M. P. at Tagish, furnishes an  interesting report of the, volume of  business that has passed up aud  down the Yukon, between Bennett  and Dawson during the past season  of navigation,which means virtually  the entire traffic. Passengers going  to Dawson by the Upper Yukon  since December of last j-ear, 5,434;  those out-bound 4,683. During  the last winter, to the opening of  1 navigation in the spring of 1898,  1,740 passengers passed in over the  ice. Since the opening of navigation, 3,694 passengers went to Dawson. This number included passengers on steamers and private parties  going in bj' scows, eanoes and other  means, making a grand total of 5,-  434- people entering the country.  People coming out. by. fcteamer dur-  ing     the   same   period numbered  If 'e leads us straight again���  Blue:light Bobs.    -  If you stood 'im on 'is 'ead,  Father Bobs,-  You could spill a quart o' lead  Outer Bobs.  'E's been at it thirty years,  An' amassiu' souveneers  In the wa\\o' slugs an' spears��� 1  Ain't yer, Bobs?  What 'e does not know o' war,  Gen'ral Bobs,    '  Y:.u can arst the shop next door-���  Can't they, Bobs?  Oh, 'e's little but 'e's wise;  'E's a terror for his size,  An' 'e does not advertise��� "  Do yer, Bote?  Now they've made a bloomin' lord  Outer Bobs,  Which was but 'is fair reward���  Weren't it. Bobs?  An' 'e'll wear a coronet    --  Where 'is 'elmet used to set;  But we know you won't forget���  Will yer, Bobs!  Then 'ere's to Bobs Bahadur,  Little Bobs, Bobs, Bobs!  Pocket-Welliu'ton an 'arder���  Fightin' Bobs, Bobs, Bobs!  This ain't 110 bloomin' ode.  But you've 'elped the soldier's load  An' for benefits bestowed,  Bless ver.Bobs!  A SLIGHT MISTAKK.  This is an instance where a bad  cold caused a startling conversation.  A modest young newspaper man  was invited to a party at a residence  where the home had recently been  blessed with an addition to the  family. Accompanied bj' his best  girl, he met his hostess at the door,  aud    after    customary   salutations  Philin Hamntou was arraigned  iu the Police Court on ' Monday  before Magistrate W. K. Bickle. on  a charge of supplying "intoxicants  to Taku Sam, an Indian. After  the' evidence1 of the prosecution had  been submitted, His Worship took  the case under advisement for eight  da\s. The accused was .-released  on $100 bail. '       "   '  Certificate of Improvements  War Eagle Mineral Claim.  Situate in the *tlin Lake Aiiiiiu-r l>i\i-.iou of.  Cnssiar District. Where- located: Pint*  Creek,    i, , ���     , ���  TAKK 'NOTICE ' tli'u'f ' I. 0. "Christopher,  Kree Miners'CVrtifioatP. No..HHS18, intend 60  days hereof, to'appl.t io tlie Miii-  iujj liecorder for n* cer;ifit:.itc-,;oi iiuprow-  nients for the purpose of oltt.iiuiiiir a.Cr'oWre  Grant of the ahovp rlui'ni.      '���       '       ,  And further takei'iiotk-e thut   notion  under section 1!7  must,  he  commenced  before -  the issuance ot such certificate of improvements. " _> .-   >  Dated this Z:\rA day ol Ouiiuary, 1900.  '     C. CHRISTOPHEK.  IweTShotel.  DISCOVERY, B. C.  When yoii coiue to ^Discovery take  shelter under-the tree. -  Finest of liquors.    Good   stabling.  When in Atlin stop  .  . at the .  .  OLYMPIC HOTEL  First  Street.  Hkadquartkrs  for   Lump's St.  Louis Lager Bekk.  i  First class Restaurant in connection-  A.  BURKE/Manager.  THE    ALASKA    FLYER  65 hours to Seattle.  "S.S. HUMBOLDT"  Due at Skagway  Thursday, fob* 22,   1QOO*  Leaves Skagwaj'even* Ten Dav*  for Seattle   and   British   Columbia,  ports.    Buy your tickets at the office:  of Pacific Clipper Line, Skajrway.  W. H. TRICttfS, Agent.  ~1d."ma in "  &  GO.  DEALERS IN FLSH AND  VEGETABLES.  Lake st., between Pearl & Tray new.  a ':  WANTEE  liable  D���a good and reagent for a Canadian  Life Assurance Co. Apply through  letter to "J. E.," this office-  ---V^^"r^'-^sSiibVii��ii'<-t^-^-fe*',^lg: !<^���'l>fS*Smijiin5*  ffimia&itoBBBSisk  mmmmmmmmimmmt ���('l  S^i  Is h,  '-��. i  ATL'IN.    B.   C,   SATURDAY,. FEBRUAR,Y..i7.  XII     I  1 '   ���  '   t  'ii  y  ���*tr  |r*,  I*-:;  rar  p  ���i.  J'T  I'll*  la'  J (I ������  U  ^ ^.��  1' -'  St. A->brew's Pusbjw i inn chnrcli hold s-ei  ���m e's in 'lie Arctic Brotherhood Hull, Second  ��!tri>el between T nil nor Hurl   Peail, on  Sim-  Un>- rvl 10:31) u. m.and "7i".��i p.m. Smnli|> school j  ut :i;ij p.m. Kcv.John Prliiyle, 11. A., minister.  Church of England services will be held  at corner Truiuor and Third streets 011 Suii-  dlt) at 11 u. III. and 7:M p m.  PICKED UP HfcRE AND llifcRE.i; Willc.w Ueek Gckl Jnn.i;R Co.,   o!  1 Victoiia, with a capital of $500,000:  If, at any time soon, authentic  news reaches here of the relief of  Ladysmith, "a consummation devoutly to be wished," and we may  add, prayed for, it is hereby sug-  gested that everybody meet that  'On Tue=day evening a sleigh- sarne evening at Hastie's Hall and  load o'f coasters on Pearl street celebrate by speeches, songs; etc:,  caine ivto rolli-io-i with Mr. T. j wnlll wm undoubtedly be the  Gregory, who was on foo'. The-1 i���-eak.inR of the back none ol" the  sinJc: was very \10lent, Iv.r. Ore-, ]iocl cause. p\. ���e:n cilies are all  ���gory being precipitated quite a dis-j on- ti,e L[U[ ^\ve for the welcome  tance, and rather bruised. j nev s ai:d-are ready to respond to it  Burns,   &.   Co.   have  received   a! in the way ird catcd  above.1   Kec/>  huge    consignirrent -of  -geese, ard j this in mind a-d let the evening be  at  air,,e\er .men-orable ono.  ' iii$w 3tinerica' corporation, u. i  ���j    - \   " '* ATLIN,    T,   C* ���'   J  * ���< LARGEST AND, BEST STOCK, OF GENERAL  |  1 (   MERCHANDISE NORTH OF VANCOUVER.  &    ' *''   See our greatly "reduced prices on all our winter stock.  2 See o'ui"'prices ,011-.groceries. Ladies' goods a specialty.  *         ��� * ' -,.      , Pine' Creek branch* opens in'March.  "^-    AVjH. STRACEY ���   .     -   ARCHIE.'W., SIU1CLS,  ���  ��    '���-    .* ^Atlitr.J'auafPr.'     ���'->���, , ,      Acenl Atlin Citv:  p::-IIURN.5-.���*:CO.V-  are   polling  Nothing is too  1 > ���  - Tt  turkeys which' they  , reasonable figi res.  good for Atlinites.  One of articles for good  hea'th is a, wholesome ltJaf of bread  at 12 .cents, and a first-class.mcal at  50 cents at .the Pioneer Bakery.  Big Jack arrived in oii JVordaj  evening fiom'Log Cabin per dog  team, covering the ,distance in n  .hours.    .How is this for the record?  c 'A farewell party was given to  Mrs. White at the Olympic Hotel  on Saturday evening   on  the -occa-  -xrasioh of her departure for Bennett.  .r About 40 were present and had  a  j pleasanfc'lime.. .Mrs.  White  leaves  =.��-host of friends in Atlin.  "Fresh. Fish,' Onions, Eggs at Par-  ��� -sons Produce Co.\ P. P. CcOs store,  Fix;st street '     r   .  ."The Atlin 'Snowshoe Club  held  /their first run out on Monday evening and are 'supposed  to  have  en-  , j oyed themselves i m mensel y.   From  "the-gait of some of the  members  next day, we  should   have judged  they ..had  been patting  in  a five-  years' ball and chain sentence.  Hay, Oats, Chop,   Bran   at  Par-  ��� sons Produce Co.  - -'-Mr. Jules Eggert has presented a  ���clock to tlie new hospital and Mr.  Jas. Ftables has made a handsome  stared to hold it. It will be an  ornament to the institution.  Alexander Dunsmuir the millionaire coal  master- ol   B.   C.   died a  -New Ypik Jan 31. aged 47-"years.  Don't forget that j cm, ..can get  Fresh Fish, Onions, Eggs, Labrador Herring, nice Pickled Pork and  many other things at Parsons  Produce Co.  1-IKM   CHAiNGK,  The Tim of McLennan, McTeelj  & Co. will in future lie known   by  the title of E.  E.   McrFeely' &   Co.  This   old   and popular house'is;one  of the best ki own in British,Colum-'  1 1 1.  bia  and 'has  alwajs  been"' i_o'"the  front in establishing" "branches  an'd pushing their. trade in  embryonic centres of this province.  The name of McLennan, IVcFeely  & Co.,' has always been synonimous  with* alacrity, enterprise and fair-  dealing, and the large volume of  business' transacted^ annually sustains this enviable reputation.  .Mr.,F,   E.   McFeely,   who   has  managed_the.busiriess,of this house,  since   its  inception   in  Atlin,   and  E.  J.,  his brother, recently.axrived  "from Vancouver, are the successors.  They   are   both   young' men .audi  'we  predict   for  trie  new  firm   tiKfr  same measure of success, that  has-'  characterized the old one in the past*':-  Wholesale   -  -���     ���"     -      >      COKNIvk  f ..  and., "   Retail   - , Butcher s.  First   and' Pkari.   Stkkuts.  a;  Builders', Hardware, Miners', if up plies,  ? ..   tinware,  \ ,f       ;:   Graniteware,  ."~"W':Etc, Etc.   ;  ,'.-,'��� - ���       >���     --  -    '  TINSHOP -IN' CONNECTLOTv.^ ' 'v  ;  TH05. PUfslN  , -     & CO. (Limited.)  - FIRST STREET.  -ATLIN; B. C.  THE GRAND HOTEL  FINEST, EQTJIPPIvD HOTEL -IN THENORTII.' 'kVERYT.HINO  '-r'.  .CONDUCTED" IN'-.FIRST^CLASS MANNER.  1.      "���-���      " ^ "''   'r - *   .. . -       .    <,      ���  Rich, &, H\stik, 'Pr6prik't6rs;  rt)Avii> Hastib," 'Manager.  -     ' ' v ' " '   "       1- -   i    -. -'        -     Corner of First and DisSSovery Streets. r'..i~  CA>Al)lAi> l-A inltvl 1C r'UNl).  , A'iftjss itieetinjr of eiti/.ens was neld at  Hastie's Hull on Tiie^. la> nUht for tne purpose of ot" iiiuzii'is; ��"n> . and means of assist-  1.1^ tins ^ruud u.nrioial triitute to ouv nal-  l,n.t Cuiiuiliuiis ��-ho uri> h^htinj for Queen  ,1 id umpire in Sout.i Alnua* J. U.Hiort idee  >\as called to the rliuir nnd'opened the meet-  lii^; with some pertinent rmuurks iu tiis  tioiial fclii:itoii�� manner. B. \X. KiuKle.Gov-  tirnmoiit A^ent, outlined iu clear terms the  object ior whieh the meeting was' held. Kov.  John Pri'n^le advocated the formation of a  Committee to muke a house to house collect-,  ion and stated that he would ;jri\oall heeoi.ld  nH-ord htni-Selt add ur^e upon other-, to do -,o |  \V. Ii. Pa\t��n thought thrtt ��i\iii^ a coi cert  or-eries ot'rliem would [ro a Ions w.ay to- liuipin^ the iuii.l. Dr. G. Ltjw is tol-  ' lo.\ed in tac -..lmy \ein but thought a aeri.s  I ot pl'ij-., lectures etc., nii/lit be |>rotitabij  1 appiu-cl also, ii,. II. 15. Cameioii utve.i thai was nu Ui-iMaiuii tor iiisaiii^ tiunji*, a-  more tii.iu -;l.i.,n.ii had alreail} beeu M.n-  s.'i-ibuil 111 tne coui.tij at l.ir0e a.ul tlitrc  ,i...|Y no w ido,\s or orphans to Irt'OMiie tor sO  r'nr. He ad\ocated tne tormutioii ot a ci.ui-  i nlat-i\o tund. tncsubsci nitio . lists to be ltept  I  It  will be seen   from   our  report! ��"u" |" t,.,e )nrUn-*:>"'^.����o.u,,,itt-e,ior-  _ ' lined  to  di-\ist!    eniei taiiiii.oiits   and   otlier  0." l-lie meeting hekl tO Consider   thei .netnodsor.pioeurinss lands and a preneral  best way   of helping   lhe   Patriotic  Fund in Atlin, that amongst other  "things a series of concerts  aud  entertainments is contemplated.    We  have plenty of talent in Atlin to  mike these entertainments successful artistically, and as every dollar  collected will go the fund, there  being no charges for rent, printing,  ��� etc., it now only remains with thc  public to moke them a success financially. That this will be so is a  foregone conclusion.  Mrs. J. M. Stewart, wife of Chief  of Police Stewart, of Vancouver,  diid on the 29th Jan., aged 61. This  estimable lady had many warm  ' friends in Atlin who regiet to hear  the sad news.  William George Paxton bas> been  appointed a notary public for British Columbia at large.  The B. C. Gazette contains no*  ties of incorporation of the Atlin &  .     IN   MISERABLE ORDER. "  The tins' ti'sfactory state of the  tele'-hqne service between Atlin and  1 ine City has been a subject of considerable annoj ance' to the , public  of both towns. The wire' is down  and has been "down for inorths  past a:-d no apparent effort ha:-"  been made to 'remedy this chaotic  condition by tho^e whose duty it is  to live- up to what their -chartei  cails Xor. No reason under the sun  cm ba advanced for this gross negligence. The distance is not over  Sivtn* ltiileV, 'an'd, we' understand,  t\-o m^M'in-to clays' time,,could so  reia-.r the'liue'-as to place it outside,pa!t. of'similar annoyance in fu-  -t'r=.  t' is ldbor wnTilot, surely, need the  sruction of the Imperial Parliament  or any other body!  Another point we  would like  to  draw the attention of the  company  to   is   the excessive and almost pro-,  lubitiverate at presentcharged. Sev  wide-awTake, enterprising burg. This ,  last" concert was believed by many  to be end of the winter series of entertainments, but we have been informed that stich - is not the case,  aud that these pleasurable functions  will <��� continue uninterruptedly for  at least six weeks yet. The follow-  is the programtne( of the Tuesday's-  co.: cert.  30.lg  dusiral Selection '  Recitation  Sons:  Soiifr ,        .  1  Sous;.. .  Musical :  Vleiuon  Soii|��. with aiiuinruiiin  SloiiK und dance  11-t.ltUlluii  fcoiiK  houf;  The   'expense   entailed  bj   sonjr.  Mr. Bain  Mr. Lavalle  .V  iss Cliihholm  y,  r. ^ atUraur  J 1-. M>.I.U*>  ir. ("1111c lior  . )r(u���'vn.  tl  ��� in  fJ  'l-l  . (j. l.i'.u;.  *M  .��li. Husk" s  s .   ',<ih..u 1  ')  '      l.lU.'i  s  n  SJ  > a,I !.......  Mtlisci iprion, say ti\<i months.hence when  out iiopnlaiio.i will be much larger und-'u  sum obtuineu i* hit h w ill he woi"tli> of Atlin.  .Ur. Tlios Grej;or> made at short speech coinciding witn the views ot the former speakei.  lTZ���v?^JZ^~* ��,e ] enty-fixe cents for a message of one  be appointed with p)einu-j powers,   .\ioved minute's duration  to   Pine,   is  too;  "      ' rwen-!mul^ltion-       '-  1.    r- .   ���      1    1.       mm        1      '     Tne present  tramway  TRANhPuk'lA'ilOiN  JSCJ'IKfc.  lteceut  coriesponctei ce" to  hai.d  indicates  that the John Irving Navigation   Co. have been   granted  a  chatter for a  railway   across  'laku  -_ j Portage,   in 'opposition to the exiling  tramway,   on   which   the John  ! living-lease expired at the close  of  .�� Uewlohn Priori,- seconded b> Mr.  David ^.^ ^^ ^ ^   ^ ^^  Hastie tliitt sajd c-oinnuttee^be conippst1  i)r. Ciiiii*:io.i,   \V,  Ci. PiiNlou,   Dr. (t. I.ewi  \V. Uu-klu. and  that  ly-five cents is  plenty.  we  ha\e  , 1 been iinoimeci,   is  to   be  ec}tiil ped  with steel   rails,    n.cderu     Height  ill  be  01 the john lrxiiig Co.,   at the low  I'lioiniis Gre���orv and I'j. *>. oit-Kie. aim   nun . ,.     .        ,   . . . , . .. ^  'iehisteiiJeVaiament towards the rund's | Uoii ol the latter rate wotild see the,  Deiicht bcfri\en o 1 i'i ida> 't'iie 2.ini jin,i.. in j system p,ptilarized  and  made  llbe. .  rliistie'^ llall.   Gi.ri-ied.        >���' ri i 1 r -i      i.       f   Cai'S, ai d W ill    be    TUll    ll.depU.C.eilt  '.,';. ,,.,,,,..������   ���������,���..���,, t��� of bv a arqe number of residents of ' '  A liearlj \ote ot  tiianlts was tumuri ed to | * �����      . |  ..r.'Ilastie  w ho  wein roi.slj   oilers  his  hnflbolll tOWTlS.  Will it be SO if   the 75C  ..all free o'f expense for all i.TKetin-s conned- ! .        ,. . j.    ���summer?   We \ est 1 OSSlble rates  ed  *,tn the-, und.     Tne ,,���.....�� ti.on ad-   ^ite IS ..dllQea tO thJS Slimmei.    \^ ^ ^.^ ^ Railwav au,hori.  journed. think UOtv   ' , .  Another letter ha.s been lecejved by W, G,  Paxton tiom his In-other, Serjeant Paxton.  exti-iicts from \\hos�� fii'ap-hic letter from  Natal appeared in our last issue. We are  sine our renders will be phased to hear-  that thc gallant ser.ieunt is o.irale.nreiit and  is b> thiptuno a^ain at tne Irynt,  R. P. Wollaston has returned to At Jin.  Mr, i\, H. Stracey lett outwards tbiu morn-  in,;.  Mr. James Brown left on Monday inorniii^  for Vancouv.-r. He was accompanied to  Skaitwaj by .\. r. DeeUs. The bitter koiiiIu-  nian leturne.i here on Thni-sda>, hi.>iiitr  inado the round trip in l<nii' il.n s.  PINK CITV  CONCERT.  The Pine.Harmony Club ga\ ean-  othei of their pleasing entertainments  on Tues-tlay evening. It was, as  usual, a bijlliant success aud was  attended by a large contingent from  Atlin; Thus Club has done much to  relieve the winter monotony in 1 ine  City and deserves the entire com-  mu.dations of the denizens of thai  ties pracUCHlU- contiol the height  bus.utss ot the camp, at.d as they  have large mteiests here, in addition to the trai sportat.on t roblem,  they maj be confidently looked lo  lor reliei lrom a lepetition ot the  ur.s-atisfactory ser\ice ot_ last jear,  especially thatol the old tub "Kuth"  on Atlin Lake.  Whilst t ie nail is in kuoii tonoition muils  will leave every Yonduy nud Ihuriiuas  juriruiut; ttniu i.fiw 'u>.  i  1  *i'


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