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The Atlin Claim 1901-02-16

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.vol,: 4.
ATUN. H. C., SATURDAY. .FEBRUARY? 16.   igoi.
''NO. 83/-
The Larofest.DeMers in -    -:'"
.General Merchandise in.the North.
fie lo them for yowr'siippiios prices, reasonable.
..   IRON   STORE Jst   STREET. ""
A General Meeliii" of Shuie-
holdeis.of 1 lie Tine' Creek 'runnel
Syndicate wn-« hM nl McEetly's
store 0.1 W-jd'ie■•(.».1 \" evci i<, ai
which 1 here was :t vervjair attendance ol'sharehnl'ljr-i. . The meeting
was caili'd unmanly foi the pur-
pos-.- of disCiissn:i'.> ih.- idvisthility
v>f cancelling ihe c vii r iet of ' Xov-
ei»!>.-r 14th la^! 'i,:.'.".,iiiVImi.,-i
holders and Mr Olive, 0,1 ivlrill
of lhe slmvhuirteis ami ihj ado >
lion of a new one f->i lhe furthe'-
"pro.-neciir.g f>: the- I?e.ithei and Rae--:
Horse groa.. of'crises.  -
PltfKCRIiHK   TUNNEL,  SV.V-l?i'.m,5ca"'..«'il'1 r»»   r°«r,io enter
'    'rfM'p'r,' .   ' i into-iru!   complete any and all,.cou-
 : '' • '        'tracts onils hchulf with tlie Trustee
oroiher ra.-pivvenlalh'.; of .tlie !e*i«e-
hnlders        „
Thai   Mr.   Snencc:   be annoimed
f-'orein >u ;ii Ih? tunnel;
Mr. A. C. Walton ra-i a/poi 1.led
See'-el.'ity. .       '
Thai   .Mr.   Rixton   he  appointed
Rev. Mr. Stephenson
That   a   Committee   of Management,   not  lo  exceed  three. 1)2 ap-
101 nted, lo co-isist of the  following
gentlemen;    Messrs    Olive,    Cro-v?!
and Mcintosh.
that I was called upon to do so 1
ha\e been unable to give the Report
lhe attention and consideration;-it'
deserves, I am therefore obliged 10
confine it to a short synopsis of the
efforts put forth and the work accomplished in the interests of lhe
disltict bv the Board since its iu-
Personally; 1 had the honour of
calling the business men of Atlin
together with' the object iu view ot
organizing a Board of Trade for
this district.' The meeting was held
in lhe offices of the Merchants Bank
of Halifax on '.he 27th o[ Feb-
1 nan ,  1900. J
'1 he outcome was   tl'e  Atlin District Bo lrd of Trade,   with a mem-
h.. called
Xulhechaif  a;:c!   Mr. Mch'eelv was
.nked to   act   u ■*   secretary.       The
want  of periiiane.it   nfTiccr-s of  Lhe
Syndicate .was . sorely    felt  b>   the
ab-teuceof minute-.of otevioKS meetings.   Those of the meeting of Monday last, kepi   1/y Mr.  iJi!li.,g   were
handed   iu t and    re-id,    and    duK- .
ado >;ed    without   comment.      The '
■committee "eou.si-;li"g    of   Me->r-=
Woods   and    Moff.itt.    re 1
the slu.rehokbis, reported that the
had consulted with llit leasehold?: ■;
trustee, Mr. Brownie::,   re   the ci-'
cell'st'on   .V   the  contract   with Mr
Olive and   the dnwing in o-" 1 ne>'
KN'OLLShl       CAPITAL       EOR
otter cheek:.   -
one between the syndicate a-id Mr.
Brownloe. Aseties o" revV, itinus
iu connection with liis ue.v co!:tr,i?i
wa- then nlaced before the n.v;*l-. \ y
and carried. T,-e-.e in b;ief.u"e..s
That <ul\ work undertake 1 h.t
under the Inanageme t of a eompet-
■e"t m in, to be a > minted fi\ m the
•s'lai'diolder-. b\ tne ->y.idicit-?:
That M;. Olive b^ released fr>m
^lis contrac-" with the- le iseholdei-,
•and relieved of all further liability
tin co:i.-tec:io-i therewith:
.That No 3 shaft b. sank to, bsd-
'rock, ,and a drift ran to cunneci
lit with the old shaft of Mr. Mcintosh, subject to-the insertio;i-of a
•clause into .the ne»v-contract tha' if
it be found imaos^ible to sink .this
owing to   excess
The fii!!.»,.,'-in» p iragr.nh is 'taken fro.11 the L 'iidon Letter to the
Ni-: vs AnvruTisiiR, of 30II1 tilt :
"The- C»!t»r  Creek,   Atlin    Limited, luisj-i^i.   been   registered   Willi
.1 capita! of £25,odd iu   .£1   shares.
Object', t > aul'iire the whole or. part
of, «>r. a-iy 1 -terest  m, 'o hydraulic
icroek %bcd_a;id' liehch leases, known
jasihe  Partridge. Kiraberley, Siiipe,
"llM? 'Oo-i-iiliflit.-d Claim?, Britannia Our
Jobs,    Cro.v,   W. W. B.   Iniss,   K.
Loi'^ and  H. T,o. g  (sicl, 01   Otter
ere/-:,   aid   co'iUs>ii<Ms ot adjacent
thereto, iu the .-Vtlin   Mining I>i\-is-;
i >n   of  Hrilish   C Jmnnbia;  to adont
•in    agreement   between   the   Atlin
e   Company,    Limited.    R.   B.
■dlrini.   and   V7.   Smith, atwl   to
carry 0:1 tne Ivism:^ of p.iiners.'
^haft to bedro:
of w iter, ucgotviiious be entered in-
'0">viili ;0.!r-. "Crowull-e ,for another
>_-o -tract for work in lieu thereof;
That the Syndicate undertakes to
do w rk to lhe vihie of Stooo, in
addition to the work required in the
previous clause, under the direction
and suoervisioii of ?vfr. Br.i.wnlee.
enled and read at the Annual Gene-.
r.d Mceti.'g of the Board, held on
i'hur.sd'iy. The Report deals with
■nch matters as came before the
"io:ird up to the end oi the fiscal
>eur iu November last. The Annual General Meeting should have
bsen held in January but was
postponed owing to the absence
of the President, Mr. J. A. Fraser.
ft is to be hoped that this prelimin-
iry report will be followed by a
fuller and more comprehensive one
givi"g statistical and other details
of the district, which will h_» n>.1'intrinsic -'aliie as an advertisement for
the   Atlin   Mining   Division, as be-
bership of :-ineteen. Between that
date and the en<l of November,
1900—the close of the financial year
—the Board has had seven and the
Council thirty meetings. .The
Board had on the laUer date a membership of forty. °
I have much nleasure" in congrat-
ulatii-g you on the efficiency of your
tio'incil for the past year and on the
good work it was en ibled to accomplish lor the  town of Atlin and the
di-lrict ia general  and I would ask
both the  Board   and   the incoming
Con -HI to relax nona of the interest
t-.j   11 m-uiife-ited      A   live Board of
Trade   and   an   energetic   Council
mens lhe  better  promotion of bur
niu"'' 1'   interests  and a large as'sur-
anv; of-prosperity for" o"iir district." "
-- Shortly   after    its  election your
Council took up the-question of ad
vertisiug the district  and   were the
means of placing hefwe the public
on the outside a very  creditable advertising   iolder on   Atlin,   its   resources  and  advantages for the investment  of  capital.'   This   foldei
was widely and carefully distributed
and we can   have   every   reason to
beiieve   that   it   will  yet do miuch
good for the district.
The Council took up with the
Pro\incial -Government the matter
of sclu ol requirements for Atlin and
Disc very, and succeeded in securing a school for Discovery a-nd tine
promise of a permanent school
building for the town of Atlin.]
, The mattei '^ of more, 1'avora.hli-
transportation rate=>. on- general
merchandise'arid mining; machinery
o\ei the White Ptfss and Yukon
Railway recehed froin the Couiieii
more attention, prolahly, than any
other matter. Coniimniicutions'-'bri
this subject were ltd dressed to the
difPreut hornets' of Track-..- atid
Chambers of Coiuinerce <m the
coast asking tot their co-operation
and assistance, all of which communications were favourably reV
Numerous ; etitions were addit-":-.-
ed to Mr. E. C. Hawkins, Geneiai
Manager of the ' Whit" Pa'-s ard!
Vul-.on Railway, asking foi •' more
liberal treatmetu, to whieh t he-
Board received 'the uksi couiu-oiis
ackuowledgnients, a>ntai:.ing.~spec-
iou's and plausible promises for
future reductions ■ and • beneficial
<:hanges. These' change^"* "were
effected at different times -but we
are a.11 " sorry to admit ' that
they were not in 1be interests off
the people of this district .• -' "
, This is a matter winch the incoming Council eviil! Ci nd"niatedal for
their best efforts."   "
lam 'p'eased to state that Mr.
Hawkins1 eftoi is fo-i''our relief in
this direction were' recognised. by
the Board' with Honor;:iv member-
ship./   /;•"'"'     ■     -" ••• '    ■'
Ih response1 to "a raiuest' from the
VictOTJa,Board pf,-Taade...tbr!..Conn-.-,
cil carefuMy prepared u list of the
most pressing- needs-of the district
which was to be embodied in a petition from that Hortrd to the" Government.
The Council, with"tlie assif,tance
of the Gold Commissioner, Mr.
Stables, M-I^A". and Mr. Lambert
went carefully through the Placer
Mining Act and forwarded to the
Honourable, the Minister of Mines-
a petition suggesting the advisable
changes atmd ' amendments. This
matter will probably receive the at-
tentiofra of the Govenuneot during
the earning session ol the Legislature.
A petition was addressed 'to the
Ciovemment asking for  a diamond
i drill  pBant, for the more thorough
The urgent need of  the early ap-} prospecting  of tlie: citmp.    Prom a.
pointme'nt   of   a    Medical    liealth | cecent oouvieirsaitioii 3 bad with Mr.
Officer, and .Coroner   for  this dis-j Robertson, Provincial* Mineralogist,
trier-was   brought,, to the notice ofj j can hojd ollt no indu'ce'inents that
the Government.' "Up  to   the pres-j this wju be-granted.
ent'time I am' not  aware .that   fhe.j     Tbe   Council  was   instrumental,
request has been   granted.    This is  trough   the    Governlneiit   Agent.
a matter which I w»uM   advise thelnere) in having raostof the tents oir'
iucoining   Council   to take up with      i-
the (Government at an early date. (Continued«m fou»jcii pi»b:«.)
comes llit; liisl au'nual ie;>ort of .■.:!;•
Board of i'r.ule •'- liis.
To Tin: Mkmukk:; ov tmi-.    ''       i
AT1.1N     D 1STRICT     Bf) -iV.V ' e' 1-",
That theSyndic.'ite undertakes on!    . Tkaijic:        '        -       i
the due date-to pay thrir proportion- •     Gknti.kmicn .-:—-Itrtheabsence of.|
ale share of 0tie third of 'lhe charge jour President  the. duty of  the pre-.
of $4082 now due on the property,    j paration   of the   Amiual ■' Report of
That M,r. Woods   be a\,d, U here- j your Board   falls  on 'me,'and as it
by   notnimitff)   a«  Trustee  lor  the!_w^s'])ractically'  at  the .iuu.th  hour
:-*n*tr-irt*'~iMmjflfiQgKocnatL. I b *  F I-  ATLIN,  fi.C.', SATURDAY;  FEBRUARY,   16,  1901  $  fit.  1^  w  The Atlin Claim.  ^rrr:  In-  . l'nlillultoit    i.viu-y  .Saturday   ntoi-ninu  ���Tub .Vti.is Claim Pimit.isihnci Co.  A. 0. lllUHCIIL-KI.l), Kiiitdk und I'HOrltlKTOlt.  Otlino of Diililictitiiin Pcitrl ,S'-.  Advertising rat on n-.mlu known <>ti application.  Tim Niilihi'i-Iptlon prii-o Ih %'.'i a yei-r jmv-  abln In iidviinre. No jmpor will ho delivered  iiiiIps^ tlifsi' (.-cuiiiitioiiH are complied with.  Saturday., Fkiiruarv 16th,   1901  Many of our readers will be  . glad to learn tint the wish e'x-  ' pressed in our obituary notice of the  Queen,' w likely -to be realized,  ihnt by her death her natal day will  no: pass into oblivion, aud that the  T.iih of May, which for nearly three  generations has .been celebrated all  over the English speaking world,  >vill still hold a place in our lives.  As the suggestion has been universal among English speaking people  .   that the 24th of May should be cb--  seived in the  future as in the past,  it will undoubtedly be set aside as a  ���   statute holiday by the home aud the  .- various ��� colonial governments.  At the coining session of the Dominion Parliauent it will be brought  up, and it is confidently expected  that an Act will be passed making  May 24th �� perpetual holiday.' -It  will most probably he known as  Empire Day, and will perpetuate in  the minds of future generations the  dt^en feeling "of love, and loyalty  manifested'towards   Queen Victoria  - throughout ��� th.e British Empire,  over which she ruled so long and  so widely.  ported-by the Amur, on her arrival  at Victoria on the 28th ult., the  above appears and is taken from  the Province of the following day.-  We have lived /"here, continuously  for many weeks, aye, years, if .you  like, but we never remember of  having seen or even heard of any  stampede to Klahena or any other  creek in the district, this winter.  We do remember seeing a forlorn  individual with his "silent partner"  returning from somewhere in that  section, some six weeks or more  ago., who told us that he" found  ground which would go $5 a day,  but he either forgot ,to bring samples with . him or he cached his  nuggets on thc way, at all events,  he was willing to barter his " find "  for a-"smile." We gave him the  smile, but his story was not encouraging or consistent er.ougb for  us to want to trade with him in his  real estate.  It has been and always" will be  our policy to state lhe truth and  nothing but the truth, so faras 0111  human frailties will permit, about  this district, but when such "news"  as the above finds its way outside  and is published in the Press, we do  think it is' time that onr small voice  should be heard. It' would be  farthest from our mind to do or say  anything which would create a  "boom" in Allin, without a  sound foundation. We wish to  place the camp upon its merits, in  which we have- lhe fullest confidence. In'onr capacity as disseminator of news we venture a ^suggestion to our contemporaries that it  would  be  well -to  withhold   lx>m-  ?%  ��� j a*   $.* w*i  SUCCESSORS    TO  P: P. Co.  !U  V*  First Sheet, Allin.  For S$&pB�� flS Fancy Groceries  ��� -1  Tobaccos and Gcnfectltm&ry, ���  Prompt Attention ���� orders-S^" B:ve sss % caES.  Til  W-  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH. , EVERYTHING  '  '   CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS  MANNER. ,  ' French Restaurant in Gc&sieGtEo'i  Rice &. :Ha.stik,  Proi'kiicTors;    David Hast'ik,  Manacskr.  Corner of" First and  Discovery Streets.  Atiisi Lake ���  Rough and Dressed  Lumber of all kinds  o  HycSrauSIo '.Lumber  F. T. Troughton  Managing^Proprietor.  'P HI <��  ��  Choice Wines Licfuors and Cigars.  Wr. would call attention to a re-, hastic accounts t.f Atlin or the  cent decision of Mr. Justice Walk-j immediate district, until they are  em   banned   down    at     Rosslaud,  assured that there is a solid founda-  Hxon  .4-  &urton9   rrci|  ��  9  ��  B. C,   regarding  the  liability of a  shareholder  of share* in   a mining  or other com pan'/, when the liability  has relation to the question o. "par  value."    A notice of the decision is  given in another column.    The pee-  ularity of the  dicision   in our mind  is that   the   liability  exists  only if  you  are the   IH13 er   of the    stock  from the  company and  still in possession of such stock.    As soon as  the shine certificate is '"transferred"  ytur   or   3iiv   one   else's   liability  ceases, according to our' reading of  the ���decision:        During   the   last  five or six  years, when   millions of  shares have been issued at .05 cents  TorSj.oo   par   value,   it   had been  universally  accepted   that when in  possession of a'company's receipt or  share cerlirica.'e,   purporting  10 ' be  for " One dollsr, par   value,"   your  liability there and then ceased. The  vast majority  of companies  doing  business, as well as their attorneys,  so constructed  it.    The outc mie of  the decision .will   undoubtedly  be  that   all   companies   placing   their  stock   on   the  market   will have to  sell at par value, l>e  that   par value  .01 cent or Sro.oo.  tion to the reports they publish.  A SHAREHOLDER'S  LIABILITY..  Importer of General   Merchandise  liners  SuppIIe-s  "Atlin miners recently stampeded to Klnheim creek, sixty miles  cast of Atlin, where it is reported a  new placer strike has been made,  the pay averaging so far about $6  per day with rockers. Very li;tie.  work" has . been- doue on ,the new  grotjiuL. as ye,t, and the true-valm:  'o'f the strike will''-not be known till  fitter the disappearance : of the  s:.iow."  In a budget of northern news re-  An-important decision has   lately  been   handed  down  by Mr. Justice  W.alkem .at   Rosslaud,   B. C, in a  case arising out of the sale of shares  in a raining company.    The  decision is of particular interest to rho-se  who  have  at any time  purchased  shares at a price  below the certified  par value.     In effect   the judgment j  may be summntTzed a* follows :    [1 1  you buy shares at ,10 cents each on I  certificates which  r��present them to;  be-of" par value of St.00 each '"uaid !  ��� -i  up," direct "from the  company, yon  must pay the difference l>etween the  . 10 cents aud the par value, because  jyou knew  at  the time you bought  that vou  had   not   naid   their  face i  - * 1  value. If, however, you have;  bought the same xhares in the open j  market, on tint same certificates and ���  at the same -price, you are not re-!  sponsible for the payment of thedif- J  ference, as you are entitled to rely j  on the Company s statement in thei  certificates that the shares are fullv i  paid up and uo:i-ussc*,sable.���Ver- i  xon News. I  OUTFITTING A SPECIALTY  FIRST   STREET,    ATLIN   B.   C.  #4l  Rooms and Beds  Best Liquors-and Cigars  H,  Vancouver General  Store.  CARRIES A FULL LINE OF  GENERAL MERCHANDISE  A. S. Cross & Co  lHt.Strent Atlin.  E. L. Pillman & Co.  DEALER  IN  PRODUCE '  BOOKS, PERIODICAL?.  TOBACCOS, CIGARS, FiUilT.  CONFECTIONERY.  GO  TO  QUICK LUNCH ROOM  For Excellent Ccftee:-  Shori Orders a FpcGicLSi'y*  Itn����t Kerf or Iton-t Pork willi Mrs'.rooms;.  KUI.I,   MEM.,   F.'Fl'V   CENTS. :  ATLIN  AN  AMERICAN   TRIBUTE TO  QUEEN VICTORIA.  SS.  PAXTON,  Victoria did more than any sovereign that ever lived to harmonize  monarchy with liberty and to make  ���royalty more ragnant than itself by  its compatibility with the best results  of republicanism.      Pemoual  NOTARY   PUI1L1C.  OFFICE:   Curuer of" Third mill Pcurl Street,  Atlin,    B.    0.,   oppohiti! Govurniiiviit HisiM-  iiisrs.  All kind.-, of -mining: papers made out. .  -���:Scvertil- yours'  primtiitii'l   i-.\ii' i-imicc���'--  OFprnis of n. aiv customs: '  GOMMISvSION CO.  Goods bought, st Id and <:schanged.  Upholster'.iig i. all  its branches.  Mattress fiictory.   Call on us.  J. D. Durii", Prop.    Firnt Street, AtH.i.  C HO ICE   T O W N    LO T  AND CABINS TO RENT.  A.  C. HlRSCHKlitT.D.  Agknt. ,  HOTEL VANCOUVER.  Best Liquors & Cigars.  Good Accomodation,   Restaurant in  ,        Connection.  Goo I :Ht��l-ilinjr,for Ho��-k<mi atv-l  1 oj>8.  ^'-^'.'r.^^7^t;:;.'.'j>rrj;v.*r.ry.,i.a^��r'.-.x.wt/r>.-.g|.-^- ATLIN,- B.C.,  SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY,   16,   r.,uil:  1,  freedom is nowhere more secure  than in her empire. ��� The equality  of all be ft-re thf law' is nowhere  more com ilete. -The justice, the  ccrtaiir.y and the c-eler'ly of law are  nowhere, \nore, apparent or more  real. Toleration of speech, right ol  '���lelitiou, iinm mily ' of thought,  peaceful ness of assemblage, efficiency  of unmeasured complaint against  giievances are runvlierc' more evident. The lines of, distinction -tin:  drawn o-i social planes. The nress.  the bar. lhe hustings, .the I'oruin,  the com is. the mart- aud lhe home:-'  are free to a degree oflencr the  boast than the fact of lands and  systems deemed to be more democratic. , ^ nclr of Ibis was due to lhe  seivniiv of her court amid and lo  the su'-oriority of indifference of he r  couiv unto political di-. i-qons, factional disturbances . or any sort of  measuio of pripular agitation. Her  court was ' as neutral, as calm,  among them all. The Commons  were thesafeiy valve and 'he House  of Lords was the brake, while over  all, respected all and revered by all,  was lhe Queen.-Brooklyn Eagle.  THK  PACIFIC CABLE.  is a ��� bed-  by ;< feet  Kmo, lipo..l  over 500 pounds thromjh one \nile  of flume irr five minutes. .Several  hydraulic mines in' the' northern  counties are et|iii->'-ed, wi:h one of  these shooter-:. On ihe Boss &. Mc-  Clarv pbcet iniur-. Trinity Center,  Trii'ity Co., the shooter box is 2ox  .|0 feet square and 6 feet [deep],  with an ;nU"tn die opening of 18  inches by .1 fe?t. There  rock flume fi feet wide  deep, nearly half a mil:  with o-inch b!ocl:s.  It was iu northern California that  the style of hydraulic mining known  as " booming " was first introduced,  and hiis since been mj*t largely in  use. Ii iY. prr.ctiseif only cilo-.in the  yulehes. These affoidinjr but little  water, it became trecsss.iry .that the  limited supply be '.e.ttrvoired..ancl  properly distributed ��� in order to  make-it effective irr,yra\ei washi'.)!?,.  The object is attained by iclai^in",  the water iu clam's arid then releasing it suddenly, with 'a rush or  boom. Near tlie bottom of the dam  built for this purpose is left an  aperture so large that when opened  the water escapes rapidly.' Placed  on the top of the structure is a small  race, through which thewa'er flows  The Postmaster General of Victoria. Australia, gives some particulars of the new cable contract not  pieviously kn-,,wn. The total cost  .of making and installing the cable  will '..e $9,728,133, of which Great  Rriuu:! and Canada are to pay five-  ei^i.ths New Zealand one-eighth,  ,ind sew \-011lh Wales, Queensland  aiiily V:eU;'ria the remainder. The  li:io i.-> lo bj ready' for use by the  end 'of July next year. The route  ���s fr m Varcouver via Fanning or  Palmyra island,"- lying' s.uitli "of  Hawai', to Fiji, and thence to Norfolk Sound, with branches to Auckland, New Zealand aud Queensland.  j when the dam is   full,   i*.r.rl  !charged' irrlo a lar.".-f    ^��''>od!"..���.,.   boN  of   lhe  THE'V., V. & E. Riy.  It is expected that construction  work will be started in the early  sprii.g upon the Vancouver, Victoiia  & Eastern Railwaj- by Mackenzie  & Mann. Woik will be commenced  at both ends of the road, that is, on  the coast end and at the international boundary. Tlie advUibility or  this line has been talked of on the  coast for several years, opening out,  as  it would   do,   all   the   southern  British Columbia country tributary ,   Ntm(JK K 1)erp,,v Blveu t,���lt ���llI)|1iU.llti0l  to the Fraser river, and  connecting' will be nmtietoth<> Lpjrisintivp Assembly <>r  the coast cities in a short ai.d d:rect  line   with   the   mining  districts   of  Similkimeen,   Boundary  and Ross-  land.  "BOOMING"  WITH  A  "SHOOTER."  is   di  ���>*''  i suspended    from    the   end  sweep, turning on a pivot, and the  upper end of which extends lo and  over the top.oi the d:im. Attached  to this end of tlie sweep is a strip of  heavy canvas which, dropping iu a  fold over the aperture' bslow, keeps  it tightly closed when the dam is  full. V.'Ikui. this siagi- has been  reached the water Uo-ving through  the race into the wooden box mentioned soon fills it, causing this end  of the sweep to sink and the other  to rise, carrying with if the strip of  canvas and ��� uncovering the large  aperture below, allowing the water  to rush out. Meantime, the wooden box, having einptie'd " itself  through numerous<mall holes made  for the purpose, tl:i-. y-r] of the  sweep, relieved of its weight, ri-^es,  and the other end drops. The canvas falls over thc outlettiug aperture, closing it as before. Then the  dam fills again to the brim aud the  operation as above is repealed. This  plan for handling water .is wholly  automatic. It tal-:*s f\rre of itself  and goes on night ant! day without  any attention orr the part of the  miner, doing its work as long as  the water lasts. ��� Mining and  Scientific Press.  A peculiar feature used in not them California lo assist the placer  and hydraulic miner is what is  known as a "shooter.!' It consists of an automatic reservoir of  \ anous sizes and shapes, that collect-, all the water not run through  the giants or monitors for, say, fifteen minute*, when a valve.automatically opens of sufficient Mze to  ,allow all the water thus collected  lo escape in live minutes, liuis obtaining the use of over 20,090 inches  of water for five minutes that 2000  inche. has furnished by cacheing it  for fifteen minutes; that force of  water will carry boulders  weighing  the Province of Hritisli Columbia lit tlie next  session for nn Act tin (���on^oliiliitecertain min-  injr lctibPts of ifroiinil situated in nud nroiind  Trond Gulch, Atlin District of liritUh Columbia, and morp pnrtii'iilarly known as the  " Gem " , " Lumpuiuu " , " Will o' the \Vi��p "  " iMiulehurdt, " "Gordon , " " Coii-,111 Jack, "  " Liineu-.liire Luil', " " l.onise . " " Pure Gold"  ������Idu" "Cliltoi-d" uutl "Only Cliuuuu" UijreHi-  it with othi'i- adjoiiiiu:; or udjaueut propur-  j tie* that may heroutter heauguired by appli-  I cunts into one holding v\ itli u demise tnci-eto  1'i'oni the Crown lor a jnu-iuil ot 2.'OL*ui'r, from  the iiuiil |m>��su:;f- of the Aet .villi the i-i^ht of  renewal lor u lurcher iieriml 01 ^jyui-Miiui  that the u titer i>vi\ ilcic-i. .it.d uajCiuieuti,  now held or tit'i'i'iiltiM-iti-uiuicd l>j ttienppli-  cunU unit in I'lii-tieiihir 11.-.- . i���-V o? .Jnvi tiiii;  and tiling ^mi hiiium-V i-i'-Ii^-j. l.uin tlu'-iih,  .Inly Crei>U,rijiuniiiii.i-t'iiioii.-.j troin in.rpiirt:-  Litliu rnd'.l>U iiiiiiei-'.'iiirliL-. I10111 Mou-c and  l-.lk LalCL-H lie held, etnplo>'j.l,'ahd enjo.\t-d tin  appurtenant to the v. iiol<- or any part of tin)  Mild holding: ami lo ��� ������nlii-ir. to tlie appli-  I'tints and their n-.-i;rii-. t '.*- s ti t 1 tiiinOliil,tti>ti  li'a-i>holds aud wiiti'r-i ti-nii. with po.wji- !o  I'uri-j atij water that th-....- i.ui.. 'lisi-.t tiom  Siirpri��c l.nUc throiifli il.i' b.ud !''oo.-,ti and  Ivlk l.ahi'x tor the iiht* ol tho appiicaiilh and  tlii'ir iiM.iuiis >old> ;n,il v. ill-, fill oiln i-i.hiinl  iiut'i'.svsar.v or incidontal rijihts, iiouui-u or  privilcjiR^ as-inay be iii-i ��is^nry or iiicidcntul  or cimdiifivo to tin- altnii n.cnt ot the abo\'e  objoctH or any of tlit-m.  HUNT1-.K AOLIVliR,  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Victoria, neo.'27th. IflS".  ��� ������ ���   s  ;-. "'   ' ' ,-    s  a  Byrom.  ���Temporary Pkkmisks Northkrn Hotkl  For fine views and Photos-^o to  ,, Dirs  '$  ^  -v*  , Films, Plates, etc. for sale. -���  ���   F'irst. and-Pearl Strt'ci^  .'^    -AtliirB. C-      ��� ���   ���   '" /  BUILDER  AND  CONTRACTOR  k.  ESTIMATES  CIVlvN  ON   ALL  KINDS OF \V.OkK  PLA NS AN' I) specification;';  BRICKS FOR SALE.  OFFICE:' Third Street, Atiin.  NEXT TO CHURCH OK   KXGI.AND.  FREE BOWLING' A-EL'EY.  >  V.  VENDOM-E   .p^,  IN,' B. C  /"4  1IF;  *s  E. G.   -Tennant  Der &  ^a  . Manager.'  ine  ")  Fish,  C: DOELKER.  FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.  Game   in   season and   home   made    Sausage.  Corner   First   and    Pearl   Stkhkts."  Atlin  Laundry and Baths.  Corner Rani & Lake strecls.  C. B. COFFIN'Prop  G. K. H/YBS.  1. <i. COHStfl.l..  6i    '  0'  ,of Conifflerce  Corner Second and Pearl Streets  Gold Assayed,  Purchased ok Taken on  Consignment.  Exchange sclfl on all the princ  p.il ijoinls in   Europe,   lhe  United  States and Canada.  ASSAY OFFICE  IN CONNECTION  for gold dust only  T.  R.  RTTXF.TT. Marr.ieer.  Discovery., r-.  OPEN DAY AND-NIGHT,  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  .   IN  Li  CONNECTION."  tieudqiiurtcru for Hulroer & I'nrrott's ktusc. "  T/" IRKLAND ��� HOTEL,  KIR ST  STRIiKT     ATLIN.  J. KIRKLAND, - Mamacmb.  First-class dining room  And Elegant Sleeping Rooms.  THE   TEPEE.  When orr the Fantail stop at  ReScfcen & Rotfo&efoer  Good Beds���Best Meals.  TULES EGGERT & SON,  Swiss Watchmakers,  And mnnufaeturins: jeweller.  All kinds of niiffcet w-ork executed with  neatness and dispatch.  Pir��r   ��t     i-nxt   frv T��m-��iin��r fiMl-MlSt^T*  ' 1  1,1  I  (  .4  ii'  n\\  M  11..  if-.  . S  Hi  t * -  \*( <  I  I!1  Hi  .-\-  '--III  r**&titt8miWKX^lMti*mi**^^ Ii   't  ���      1  i i  M      I  ATLIN,   U.   C,  SATURDAY,   VliUkUAKY.. t6,  rgoi.  ,. i  1'  hi!  LI'  h-V  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  (Jliurcli "f KiiClimd .services will bn hf;|il  Hi. r'onuT Tmimir und Third .-.tri-i-it-. tin Sunday ut II a. in. tind ?:il<l p. iii.  St. Andrew's Pi-e<.l,yt��rluii Cliurnh hold  ���1-r.VAcec In the' A- �����. Hull, Second Street.  Morning tiirjdc��"j irt'll evouintr cervirn /.:��'/  t?nVitltt'yScliobl"ttt,.tlie clone '��f tli.e ���nioriiinn  sor^^.^citev'.'it-.'Priinrii". M'ni>.t.o.i-.' ..'-;��� -'-.���  One. (if Yiie'liest tir't'ieles'lur nciod. lnVtiltli is.  it'nliiiln-ionii* loiif of breud lit IlicPtitB. umT ti  ���tPHt-ul'iiHH liiiMil ftii". fill ci-iit^nt the .Pioneer  Hiikerv. ���     ... ..,...���....���  '.Notice to the' Public!  ���'���'Tile'Editor begs-'to announce,'-in  respouse.-W 'numerous yi'ellwishers  o.t)-the .creeks' and ^elsewhere, that  the L-i:AiM '.will be sold at the -tbl':  lowing rates, strictly payable ih"advance: '' "���''.���'' '���' '  .-.':'���'  ".One; year.-;      ���   $5.00  '-'-'.��� Six'-months'   "   -3.00' -,:  -->��� ��� -'/Three"mouths      "1.75   .'. ���-  ,   ��� One mouth:,,, .75  postpaid to the nearest local post-  office..-.. To outside yearly subscribers, -'56 -cents, and for six months  oy Jess..'.25-, cents .extra. Single  Copies,;!55-cents;,   , . ,  Camming ��&�� Richardson*  See our bargains.  Making room for larger stock.  Complete line in Gents Furnishing Boots and Shoes.  :         '-.   . *.",:��� ; ''.'.'    "'��� "' "'  '', . : Y\, -  ,-'���',  ; ''���--:���::���-��� '- -l.'���*..'!''7V .. Prices to. suit, d.ie^tiP11^^  Branch Stokv. at White H"6ftstt.'_. " Hirst .St.'.Atliu.  OeDnigfiisfs.  Fortin & LeOappellain  have'.tveryiltittg In  "' the Drug & Patent FtiS&dicine line.      ���  Birth's Hot, Atlin Laundry.  Hot r.iiths, Atlin Laundry.  T.he-bc-st people stop at Halferty's.  Full lii.e of stationery at Hock rill's  Try Hot   Oaths, Atlin   Laun.iry.  Mange cure for dogs at Dockrrll's  "' Mrs.-tlalferty is cook ut the Tepee.  : The-"1901 diaries and. souvenir  cards at Pillman & Co.'s. . .  ��� There are two places at the Tepee,  yet Halferty has no opposition.- ���  Follow   the crowd, when  on -the  Fantail. stop' at Halferty's.at Tepee.  - The largest'circulating library iir  Atlin. only .10  cei-ts'exchange, at  Pillman & Co.'s.  Mr. Joseph Tallmire and Winur-  fred Dougherty (nee Truedell) were  married iir Victoria recently.  . You-can get all kinds, of stationery; novels, Sound and B. C- newspapers,' fruits, confectionery, cigars  aud tobaccos at Tillman & Co.'s.  ' It" you have a cold on the lungs  don't risk getting; pneumonia;,get  a bottle of Scott's Emulsion at  Fortin it Lecappellain's. Sure cure.  J. A.- Eraser was to have loft for  Atlin orr Thursday- last, bringing  with, him a large consignment of  goods; these he will bring in with  him when be comes.  We regret to  have to report another snow blockade on   the W. P.  tc Y. Rly. but with the  indications,  of settled  weather it   is  hoped the  company will soon overcome it.  A-meeting of the executive committee   of   the-. Pine Creek Tunnel  Syndicate.was':.held  at  Mr. Cross'  store on Thursday morning last.  It'  was decided -that   work  should   be  at once resumed  at the mine urrder  the"Hew   management.    -We..hope  to   hear ' glowing  account's of progress in the near future.  ''    The   English-  Billiard .;Tournament, held at "the Kootenay Hotel,  was  concluded on Thursday   evening.       There   were   several   close  .games-;'-'arid. ' cohsideri'iig- 'that-the  'strength  of. marry- players was uncertain;   the' handicapping:--:was  a  great deaieveher  than anyone had  a-right;.; to expect.    There  were no  ;particnlarly big breaks.    -Mn-Dock-  .rill/ ,.;i\vitbi':300,;-.'beat-.', .Mr-.    Fall;  scratch; in-'the final; ���".:":.''}:]j;' '��� I . ..- ��� ���  Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.  MMflVUT r=rK*kJtt��w��i  IiCE. GtLLKSi'ilii Prop.  Finest  Wines,   Liquors  and   Cigars.  Week or Month.  (Continued froni SHrst iiaue.)  the business" streets   in   Atlin    re-  moved,' arrd   it   has   shown praiseworthy   efforts  in  striving  for the  better  protection of the lown from  frre in many oth,er,directionf>.  ���  1 his will he  arrother subject for  ^he untiringzeYirpr'the'rfewTCp.un'cil.  i  The   Co-ui\ciL-addressedr .several  comnur.nicatl^ns,._ during   the .' past  year to,tlie* Dominion'."Government'  and .-to .--'Mr.;   Maxwell,'. *vf!.P.',' re a  more-..satisfactory mail service.    Its.  requests received, favorable corrsider-.-  atioh." '' ���   .' . ��� ���     :;.f-:-.-'������. ���  j.\It"-'ha"s  also  petitioned,, for a-per.-'  rnanent!   branch   of   the   Canadian  Customs-'��� in ' this   town, to enable  merchants-and., others to clear all  goods   at this   point'," avoiding the  annoyance.and expenserof' clearing  at Log ..Cabin .and  Bennett'"as   at i  present.'--      ..,,-'".- .'���"'"',       ;  ��� 1-would'.: suggest   that, the Council take up this matter  among, their ,  early deliberation's. j  .In" addition"to,,the matters referred ,  to,.'.', the "Council-'��� has given the .  snraller,:   matters, ��� to-j .irumerous to  detail in this report, its'best  atteir-: T^ .    .       1   -r-��      ' 1        ,1       t~\      ���  lion, all of which'matters, however. | F lirilislied   KOOlllS by  the Day,  were for the   furtherance of tlie best  interes'.s of the comnru;.ity!.   ;"  While   the   development   of tlie  hydraulic,    placer-''and   quartz  re-1  sources of the district are errc'ourag-:.  ing tc us here, the  results  are  not  such as to inspire the confidence we :  would wish for on the outside.''-  ' ���'  Until such time   a? we get'- relief!  from the  present exorbitant  trans- j  portatidn    charges,   the     develop- i  me'nt 'of   the   -resources of 'the' district will be painfully slow,- '���'-'  ���  'Even' with all the   hampering influences to be cotrtetided with, 'the  camp has shown a marked improve*  m'errf, ��� financially,   this ' season "as  compared ' with the : previous year.  This' should   be "most encouraging  16 us'all and I think it ��� speaks volumes for   the   vitality and stability  of the district:  Preparations    are     being   made  already   for  extensive winter work  irr the way of drifting,   etc.,'on the  the  several  creeks,   notabhy Gold  Run, Pine and Spruce creeks. ' The'  indications   lead  us  to' believe that  the  results   will   amply  justify the  outlay.      ' ��� ������    ' ���  Profitable winter  work is what is  required to make this district a permanent   and-, prosperous      mining  camp. '���'��� - "'  With   the  advent   of  legitimate  transportation rates we  cair confidently look forward to rapid levelop-  ment in the  quartz,   hydraulic and  placer resources of the Atlin district.  'Tlie  results and   consequent prosperity, wiJl,  I feel  assured,  justify  the .most  sanguine   hopes���All   of  which is respectfully submitted,  '-.). St.CLa'ir'Blackktt.  "'"���      .-' -'- Vice-President.  WAXTfcfe Blakie Mgr.  JIMMY  REGAIN.  Shelf and Heavy Hardware,  New mid Second  Hnnd Tin nniUGi-ttiiitt-Wm-e, Ti-tm  Steel. Picks, SlmvnU und Blnek>miUi'K  Colli, Giant Po��-di��r, Capsi F:jsp and Yukon .Stu\et.  Conds   Gounlit   Sold   and   Ekctnintjcd.  AM/W/WMAA^WWWv *�������� wvi  FINE  BROWNLEE & 1JWRY  '.l.,ll.'[Srownlce, P.I.S..D. L.S.  R. C. Loivry, A. M. I. r. r.  Civil.^nd Hydraulic Engineers,  Land Surveyors.  r  ���Peart. Street, Atlin, B. C.  O.K  BATHS  BARBER SHOP  r\ LINK Prop.  Now occupy flii'ir new (imirtai-s nuxt  to the Hunk ot 11. X. A., "irst Si met.  Tliu Iiiith rooms n i ����� pi|iiull\ :���!> j,(io I :i\ found  in   cities.    Privnti-  liiitniiic-c ''. r lirii--..  JOB .  AT .  THE  PRINTING''  .CLAIM.  PINE TREE HOTEL.  'DISCOVERY, B. C.  When you come to Discovery take  shelter under the tree,  i'i:.. si of li'p.ors.    Good stab'in".  The .following officers were reelected by. the Boardfjrthe ensuing  year: President, J. A. Fraser; Vice-  President, J. -St, Clair . Blackett;  Secretary, W. G. Paxton.  -: The new" Council -ww.iU .consist of,  the following;-Messrs.-.ShielM, De-  Gex, .Gillard . Lovvry, ...Fea.therstbn-;  haugh, Cross, bliye and fiirschfeld  Pine City B>aths and. Laundry,  ;:;Maln Street; PINE''CIJY,^.-;  ,: .'.''..-;,' ������.. HKLEN. -IjITR^CKH. '������':'  The - Bank = of - British * North - America  liatubLi'icd In lMlli.   lm-orpornted by Royiil Charter.  Paio Up. Capital   -   -   -"-   -   -   $4,866,666  Reserve .Eu'nd $1,581,666  London Office: 3 Clements Lane, Lombard Street, E. C.  - , .... Head Office in Canada: ". Montreal.  PL Stikeman, General  Manager.  -Branches iu' all the principal cities of Canada, and agents in New York,  San Francisco. Seattle. Tacoma, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago, Etc.  <1  ��� '-jrr>f; 7:"*rrt~��.'  --l���'��v^^l.^���*_^'-.^.YJM^^r�����.  **-h=raBmc-��^.-TM^-tg^.rr";-(--y.-|^;-ay*'^   m


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