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The Atlin Claim 1908-02-01

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 V  o  \i\     -.->   ��� ;    'v      ;.;   j  ^  A  ���fccV    .aui*.  VOL. ,26"  ATLIN,   B. C, SATURDAY. 'FEBRUARY    i,   190S.  >NG  4.|6  5>  TELEGRAPHIC.  A Budget of Interesting News  From Many Quarters.  [SI'ICOIAI. TO  Tlllr,   Or,,W,u!l  Special Telegrams to the Claim.  Feb. 1st."l908.  funeral was very simple, but was  attended by an enormous crowd of  friends, and admirers ol her works.  Alvinston, Out. ;-  Soloman Hanish was killed, and  his wife seriously injured whilst  driv.ing in a cutter. They were  struck by a passenger train.  Victoria, B.C. :--���  Hawlhornwaiie's resolution for  the impeachment of the Lieut. Governor still hangs fire. His motion  will most probably come before the  House if the words, ' Has laid him-  sell open to grave suspicion. , are  eliminated.  Bowser's new immigration act is  up for second reading today; it is  not expected to cause much debate.  The Opposition will probably  concentrate itself on the University  Bill, which is also up for second  reading.  Tacoma, Wash. :-  A.-W. Thornlej', the Mexican  .vice consul here, who was held up  and shot recently died from his injuries.  A reward of one thousand dollars  has been offered for the capture of  the assassin.   -        ' '        '  Vancouver, B.C, :-   ���  U . Rutter and wife, ��� who .run a  grocery store at Gladstone, on -the  outskirts of the city, were bound  and gagged by' two men, during  the business hours on Saturday  night.    . -- ���  The robbers ransacked, the store  andsj'cured fifty dollars.  Several other daring hold-ups  have been committed during the  past lew days, the police have raid-,  ed a cheap ro'omiug'liouse aud have  arrested seven suspects.  St. Petersburg :-  Father Gregory Pelroff, the most  noted priest in the Russian Church,  has been deprived of his ecclesiastical rank, because ofihe advanced  socialistic doctrine tliat he preached  from the pulpit.  Winnipeg :-  Czai Nicholas of Russia has en-  t'.-ii-d Miit lo recover a large sum of  moiiey, invested in''Winnipeg real  estate, by his absconding treasurer  of Turkestan, who, ran avyay with  340,000 1 ��� jubl.es. ''..���'  'flic property is. all in the name  of Countess Aiiii'i Zeinan, who accompanied hi'm. '  i'lorence :-'  '���'Onida 'ylhe famous novelist is  dead-; she died amid squalor and  puYeri'y.     -The   ceremony    at   the  San-I.uis Opispo, Cat.  Four immense standard oil tanks  are burning; one exploded, and  five other.-: are doomed; the burning  oil, running into the ocean, set fire  to the wharves; the whole town is  threatened, and the inhabitants  have fled to the'*bills.  Speuces Bridge, B.C. :--  D. P. Marpole; son of R. Mar-  pole,'was "burned to death at.- his  home on Nicola.road.  Mrs. Marpole and her t.vo children had left the house only a few  hours befJrc to visit relatives in  Kamloops.  London .--  King Edward opened Parliament  last Tuesday with-the usual ceremonies.  The day was clear atid sunny, and  immense crowds thronged the streets  to witness the royal procession.  THAW NOT GUILTY.  ������SPECIAL   WIRE.  ..   New Yoik,   Feb. 1st.  :��� Thaw not guilty   on   ground    of  insanity. - -  '.  $2M,0M). CAPITAL .  Company forced to work  Atlin  mine.  1 The owners of what is known as  the Beavis mine, a mile north of  Atlin, have formed a Company  called the " Gold Group .Mining  Co. Ltd. " with the above- capital.  l�����4  I-I.W.Vance who has charge ol  the Conrad Consolidated ''Mines;  stales that the machinery for a Concentrator will come in over tlie   ice.  Extract from Mr. Sloan's  'Speech in the House at  Ottawa.  ���England ."'had   made   an   a Ilia in c  with this new wo; M power, but ihis  alliance and ail oilier u en ties or  compacts of an Eurasian complexion could never endure. " They  would, at best, possess only the e!e-  menls of expediency. They conk!  never possess elements of pennau-  auce and stability. It was impossible, it was impracticable, nay,more  il was unnatural. As individuals,  races'did not,and never would assimilate. As nations their ultimate  and individual destiny, their world  wide interests, their ' undying ambition, centered in points as opposite as the poles. -Canada recently  accepted this treaty-'made by Great  f'ritain. whether .this was done at  the request of the Imperial authorities or of her own volition mattered little. It was' claimed that trade  relations with Japan and ihe Orient  were of paramount importance. It  was found ou investigation that  trade with Japan was not an important factor. Japanese commercial aud manufacturing activities  were rapidly increasing, and those  who were then pressing for -trade  relations would, in a few years be  praying for relief, for protection  against the cheaper manufactures  of Oriental origin. The United  States was not disturbed over trade  relations with the Orient, and. why  should- Canada? Oriental trade  would flow'in the most favourable  competeing channels, and when we  consider that the ports ol" Vancouver, Victoria aud Alberni were 600  miles nearer Hongkong than San  Francisco, it gave Canada an undeniable advantage. And again,  Frince Rupert/with a harbor equalled by few ancl surpassed by none  in the North Pacific ocean, east or  west - aud he had visited all  those  of importance with   the  exception  i.  of Port Arthur and V'oladivostock -  Prince Rupert occupied a commanding position from the fact that  the distance to the Urieul was 350  mile's less than from Vancouver,  aud nearly 1000 miles loss than  from San Francisco. Prince Rupert, backed by the grain fields of  Alberta and Saskatchewan, equipped with elevators and terminal facilities, ' was destined to command  trans-Pacific trade, irrespective of  oriental restrictions. It had however, only taken a i'cw 'mouths experiment with this treaty to manifest the weakness of our position  in so far as immigration is concerned, and it had been found necessary to send a plenipotentiary in tiie  person of.the .Minister of Labor to  Japan with view to a more definite,  understand ing. That our representative lo Tokio would be firm,  even to the verge of failure, was  his hope for Canada at this time,  thus leaving the government iu a  position to carry out their avowed  policy of 1963, and he trusted rihat  legislation would ha introduced this  j session with .this,in view. Canada  I should not and must not recede  from Jus position that immigration  lo this country should be  controlled from within, not   from  without.  Other self governing colonies assumed and maintained, this position  That Canada, the connecting0 iink  of British dominion:*, should do  likewise was doubly imperative.  He noted in recent ��� press dispatches from Tokio a statement  credited to Baron Ishii, chief of the  bureau of commerce of the Japanese foreign office, who had just returned to Japan from a triy to the  United States and Canada, investigating the immigration   problem.  The essence of hisslatement was  that Japan would bow with deference to the wishes 'of the United  States and discontinue sending her  laborers to that country, but would  continue to send a limited ntimber  lo Canada. If this v/as correct,  that Japan had yielded to the wishes of the .United -Stales, ..disj-eg-ard-  ing the understanding with this  government as expressed 011. the  floor of this house, the position oi"  Canada as a colony of Great Britain was indeed humiliating. .It-  had beeu charged that the whole  question of Oriental immigration  was largely the result of labor agitations and labor unions. Speaking  for himself, the charge was absuru.'  The ������'���Isrest he had in this was a  uatiouai interest. In his coustil-  -ueucy lie had not even a labor union, much less a labor agitator.  He mentioned this matter oi local  interest to corroboorate what he  said. He had no sympathy with  mob demonstrations or mob violence, but he did sympathize with  legitimate agitation, the recognized  weapon of every free born Uritisii  subject. Were Canadians to stand  idly by and see our .Canadian national iife dragged down to the standard of a contract slave? Were we  to saddle upon our offspring and  the future generations of Canada.'  the blighting prospect of everlaot-  ing competition with the out-pourings of the Orient? Were we to-  allow our Dominion lo b_- sacrificed to commercial and corporati-jn  greed of expediency? \\ hy should  we not agitate for the future of our  country? Agitate for a 'A'hile Canada from Atlantic to Pacific? it  has been stated lhiil tin's was- a  problem for the west. '���-, ith that  he took exception, in his opinion  it demanded the highest consideration of s;atesmaii:'h..p and '-'.luia-  macy, both colonial and Imperial.  That this problem prc;enU:s many  difficulties no one can deny.  Sir Wilfred I.aurier h-.id solved  many difficult situation : with 'lasting advantage to Canada and the  enrichment of hi:-; fame for .*il.n.-j-.--  manship, and '.Mr. Sloan ' tru-.ted  that iu this the Premier , would acquit himself also With dignity to*  ���hir* country and add. honour ij his  name. This v.u-j not a qui--!.; >ut  simply for the vi'&, it \u,s cf  Canada aud the empire,  ���-,'! �� ATLIN,    B. C,    SATURDAY..   FEBRUARY i, tgoS.  he Aflifl Claim,  THE ATLIN CLAIAl is pubusmco cvEnv Saturday  rnofir*iNG. mailed rncc to any paht of the  wohld ron oo cents nrn month; sb.oo per  year.     ADvrnTtaiNc cat rr.: ��i.oo pkf. inch each  tflSCftTIOf-l ;   ntAUING NOTICEB,  2B CENTS  A  LINE.  ��� "���tCIAL   HATES     ON    A "PLICATION. /  -*�����������  JOB PRINTING :  AILL-MEADO, POr.l Cns, VISITIMO   CARDtt  LKTTCH-HCAD9, PnOGHAMMtS,       ETC.,  ETC.  onocns  promptly  executed.  PPtlCES   MODERATE.  The Atmh Claim PuhtjIsutng Co., I/td.  The dale by .which all tenders  imiit-be it), is' noon, on Monday  IvJ;u;cli i6lh. 190S.  In the meanwhile, we with confidence commend tlie foregoing proposal to the earnest consideration of  cur Government Agent; ,to the District Board of Trade, and to our enterprising citizens.  THE UNION JACK.  "FT. POl.LAKD. GliAST.       MARAGElt-Ii'nsECTOH.  -��� ���     '  a?s  mity.  In another column is advertised,  on behalf of the Yukon Government, the sale of several well found  Launches; anyone of which, would  prove eminently serviceable to ply  on Atlin Lake.  Since the steamer 'Ruth', and  Mr. Smith's ' side-wheeler:, and  the schooner ' Lady of the Lake ',  and the Government sailing-boat  have been wrecked or put out of  commission, there have been very  few sea-worthy boats available to  carry prospectors, or hunters, bent  on exploring the numerous inlets  and islands in the distant portions  of the Lake.  It is computed that the Lake has  about 500 miles of coast-line, including the inlets and islands, a  very small portion of which has  been explored or prospected. It is  also recognised, that many of the  more distant creeks carry goid; and  it is well known that a great number of mineral claims, bearing high  values in gold, silver, and copper,  have from time to time, been located on and near the lake-shores;  and, that specimens of coal and  good coal formations have been  found close to the southern shores  of Ihe Lake.  Taking these facts into consideration, we beg, in the interests of  the district, to suggest to the public  that, ways'aud means be found to  effect the purchase ot one of the  Yukon Government's Launches,  (about to be sold by lender,) for  service on Lake Atlin.  Independent of the needs of explorers, there is no telling, when  the presence of a strong sea-worthy  boat, may prove to be the.means of  -saving many lives from drowning,  ���or, people in distress from wrecking.  And, supposing, (.)'Donnell river  develops this year into a prosperous  ���camp, as in al! probability it will,  .and as anticipated by Mr. McKee  .and his friends, there must foll-w a  ���considerable passenger, and load  traffic over the lake course to the  ri vur. .  it is also frequently important  thai government officials, in Ihe execution of peremptory orders, be  able 10 sceme the services of a  ���'���..eedy boat, which can cross the  lake in rough weather.  Here wc would mention, ihe Provincial Government'.might be ap-  1'ioacliecl wilh an appeal, to aid by  planting a subsidy, towards the  purchase and maintenance of one of  t <���: Launches to lit* sold at White-  h or.se..  "Sounds, which address the ear,  Are  lost and die; -' <���  Whilst thai, which strikes the eye,  Lives long upon the tniud-  The faithful sight,  Graves on the mein'ry,  With a beam of light !"  -<���*�� A  ���urocene& an*  ISk'--  rovisnons  Briiain's emblematic flag, which  lias braved the battle and the breeze  for many centuries, is to be hoisted  on all the school flagstaffs in the  province.  This praise-worthy, action has  been brought about by our popular  member the Hon. Ii. B. Young, L.  L. D. in his capacity as Provincial  Secretary.  Fresh Fruit and Vegetables  All ways   on   hand  fc��sa Store,, First Street.  &41'tf��*4*4'<*��*'#4*^����*M'f<��*4^  5  pool Room  GOOD  STABLING  CANADA'S  FORESTS A  WORLD FACTOR.  Timber has beeu ancl will be, so  long as man requires houses to  shelter him, implemeoils which he  may use for'agriculture- or industries, one of the greatest needs of  the world. *Iircountries where the  forests have long beeu used, such  as a great part of Europe, aud they  are no longer capable of supplying  the needs of the inhabitants, efforts  ha*e been made to take stock of  the world's timber supply to ascertain from what source the deficiency is ito be supplied.  As a European writer has said,  " It is profoundly disquieting to  ascertain that 215 millions of inhabitants oi Europe constituting  the nations where commeice aud  industry have attained the greatest  power do not find euoi-gh of wood  for manufacturing purposes in the  forests of the territories which they  occupy.'''  No country in Asia, except  Russia, is able to furnish more than  its own requirements. Neither  from Africa nor South America can  an adequate supply be obtained.  Australia can furnish little. The  countries which have a great excess  ���of production are only seven in  number; live in I'uropc: Austria-  Hungary, Norway, Sweedeu, Fin-  hiud and Russia; and two in North  Aiiieiica, the United States and  Canada. The increase of population and theidwelopmeiu of industry i*i Austria-Hungary, in Russia,  and :in Ihe United Slates will soon  reduce lliem to the level of noii-ex-  porling counliies, Sweedeu, Finland and Canada are the only  countries that have a certain future  ,ij timber producers.  In the Domiuian of Canada the  lorest area has been estimated as  high as 800 miilioii acres, but large  .extents have been burnt over and  carelessly destroyed so ��� that it is  Jdoiiblfnl if halt Unit   area   is really  THE GOLD  HOUSE  DISCOVERY,  'B.C. .......  THE   DINING   ROOM   IS   UNDER  THE   SUPERVISION  "OF  MRS. ROXBOROUGH.      GOOD SLEEPING ACCOMMODATION  ONLY THE BEST QUALITY OF   GOODS USED AT THE  BAR  BAKERY IN CONNECTION WITH-THE HOTEL.  JOHN ROXBOROUGH,  P^&PR^ET&R*  KONRAD   WA WRECK A,   MANAGER.  I&ffs@wer,  &  of  LsBiger  M*<��er  ansa  Porter*  SMALL AND LARGE ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  The KOOTENAY HOTEL  Sy"%S��jifcSi9s9  *#&.&��&&&&#&&&&*&&&#&> *&���&&���!  &&&*&��&�����>'.�� 9*.p-.9&:&&-  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  The Bar is supplied  with   none   but  the   best brands of Liquors  and Cigars.    First-class Billiard and Pool Tables.  v^^^v^<^^^^rv}-0V-^<r^��47v?--d-tf^-i��4-0'4s ^^^^^'s3'^^r^s3Wi3-��^.ir'-^'<s'-c^^'-<frf-<7^xa  w-  DIXON   &   SCHULZ,.. Proprietors.  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT  UIOIUSI WINES, LIQUOKa AMI) UGAIIS  IN   CONNECTION.  CASE GOODS A   SPIXIALIY.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C.  rvj  t'-jj"  .���$������  .f ���  1"  fl r  ATLIN,    B,  C.,��ATURDA'v',   FEBRUARY  r,   1-90  I'/i  covered by forest. The Canadian  forests are, however, producing a  great deal more timber by yearly  growth than is cut from them.  If this could be kept up perpetually there would always be a sufficient supply; but fires are destroying considerable areas, almost e*.ery  year, and, as the forests of Europe  ��� and the United States become depleted, the quantities required for  trade will increase every year.  ' To meet this demand will require  that tlie forests be-thoroughly protected from lire, and ���'-���thai every  effort be made to assist ��a new  growth to follow that which is  being cut away.  } CONSUMPTIVES.  PRISONERS. AND THE  POLICE.  To the Editor,  Atlin Claim.  Sir,  It is stated iu the press that a  detective of eighteen years experience had great difficulty iu making an'alleged boy murderer confess. Now Sir, there must be some  very serious error in reportiug the  circumstances,or otherwise a detective "of eighteen years, experience "  should be prevented from arresting  another prisoner.  It cannot be too plainly stated  that the police have no authority to  make any prisoner confess a crime,  and the criminal code of Canada,  Section 591, .sets out very clearly  how a prisoner mt.st be treated in  regard to any statements he may  make.  " A confession of a prisoner is  only admissable when free and voluntary. It must not 'be extorted  by inducements or threats. R. v  Elliott, 31 O. R. 14- R. v Day, 20  O. R. 209; R. v Viau, 7 Q, Q- B-  362; li. v Thompson(iS93), 2 Q. li.  12; 17 Cox C. C. 641; R. v Jackson,  2 C. C. 149; R v Rose, 67 L.J. Q-  li. 2S9; R. v Mcdonald, 16 C. L. T.  Occ. N. 396; 32 C. L. J. 783-  Any inducement to confess held  out lo the prisoner by a person in  authority, or any undue compulsion'  upon him, will be sufficient to exclude the confession."  There aie many more authorities  and cases bearing upon this question, but, perhaps, it is 'not necessary to go into ihem, as, iu the interests of the people, the press will  probably think it coincides wilh  their duty to emphasize the fact  that a prisoner, even if he wishes to  make a statement voluntarily, musL  be warned hy the police officer in  whose charge he is, that any statement he may make will be taken  down in writing, and may be used  against him on his "trial.  Frank Richards, J. P.  Vancouver, B.C.,  ���    -Jany; "1st. 190S.  Note:-  That a case of this kind, in the  20th. century, should require publicity, seems strange. The "Law  of Evidence " is perfectly clear; and  precludes any possibility of doubt,  as to how far Ihe authority of police  officials extends.  - /   '    Ed.  The undersigned having been restored to health by simple means,  after suffering for several years wilh  a severe lung affection, and thai  dread, disease Consumption, is  anxious to make known to ��� his fellow sufferers the' means of cure.  To those , who', desire it, he will  cheerfully send (free of charge) a  cony of the prescription used, which  they will find a cure for Consumption, Asthma, ^Cata'kkh, Bronchitis and all lltroat and lung  Mai,A ones. He hopes all sufferers  will try his ' remedy, as it is invaluable. . Those" desiring the prescription, which" will cost them nothing,  and may ' prove a blessing,' will  please address  Rev. Edward A. Wilson,  Brooklyn, N.Y.  Certificates of Improvement.  SVIacklng    Bird       Mineral       Claim.  Situate In tlio Atlin Mining Division, Cassiar  District. 1     Where   located:  ���In   Kainy  Hollow.  TAKK NOTICE that I,  Joseph  IT. ChiJel of  Hains Alaska.  ���free Miner's Certificate S��. 1)11130  intend, 60 days from tlio (lute hereof, to  apply to tlioMiuinsr Recorder for n Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of  obtaining Crown Grant of the aboTo claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 31, inu&t be commenced befoin the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements. ,  Dated this second flay of Octofiir, ft fl 1007.  Joseph II. Chiicl.  N30St  Certificate of Improvements.  State of Montana    Mineral    Claim.  Situated in the Atlin   mining division of  Cnssiiir   District ivheru located:   Kainy  Hollow.  TAKU NOTICE that I Josepli  Ti. Chlsal or  iluius Alaska free Miners Cettfleuto No mil  30 intond sixty days from the date hereof to  apply to llio mining reeordor for a certili-  oute of improvements  for  tlie   purpose of  ob'laliiinjr a Crown Grant of the above Claim  And fiu'tlier take notice that action under  Section 117 must   be commenced  before  the  issuance of such Certificate of improvement.  Dated this Second day of Oetolier a. u. 1907.  Joseph II. Chisel.  oSO-St  Certificate of   improvements.  Arizona    Mineral   Claim.  Situated in the  Atlin  Mining Divisou of  CaMsiai-District where Located: tn Itulny  liollow.  TAKE NOTICE  that I Joseph IT.   Chisel of  Hains Alaka.  Kroo Miners Certificate No D 111S0 Intend  Sixty days from the date hereof to apply to  the iMininj,' Recorder for a certificate of Improvement* for the purpose of obtainitf u  (Jrown Grant of the abovo Claim.  And further take notice that action  under  Section 117 must be commenced  before   the  issuance of such   Certificate   of    Improvements.  Dated this second day or October, A. D. 1007  Joseph, II. Chisel.  o"0-f)t  Certificate 'of ��� Improvement.  Adams and New York Mineral Claim  Situalo in tbo Atlin Mining Divislon.Cassiar  District. Where located:-' Tii l'nliiy Hollow.  TAKU NOTICI" that f. M. J. O'Connor, Kree  Miiiei'H Certificate No 1111108, intend, sixty  days from tlie date hereof, to apply to tlio  Milling Kocorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grunt of the above claim.  Ami further take uotieotliat action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements  Dated this third day of November A.D.J.A07  M. .'.'O'Connor.  j-i  nt  <"*a<>o<j-c<\Ki-'>O0-o-^o*C'^o<>"'*c^ *  '' The AtSio ineaf mmrke'h  ���f.r:efvh: i37:?ksstd:d meats  POULTRY  OP  ALL.KiNDS,  ON  HAND,  n.-CKC��uirM  L. S c h u * r.  a  PP-MP&fr.^.&i^&-&&.t>:&P:>&.&fr&.^&S& '5'<ia^e'3;<^^J'5'd'��'t:'a^tfy'iSan5'4^Fa'S'l  Mir.  njuipfo:t. .   ���  JAT.1E*   el;linn.  DISCO VEliY   -Ii.   C.  The Bar Is Stocked, "villi Choice Goods  - - First C1as3 Dining Room in Connection.  Keadquati-jis for dixoi-i & Scrrui.z Stagis.  o?  Hhsves himI Hardwarei  IRON   PIPING,   STEEL   AND   BAR IRON,  DYNAMITE AND GELIGNITE,  GASOLINE.  STEEL SHINGLES and CORRUGATED IRON.  S  i'*   rf*-fc ��-v*,'S\ /'���p, /*2  is if8 fi-f: "i "1 n fJ* *K��i  ��  ie������  Storks in Atmi and Discovery.  �����������-���-�� �� > �� �� +-%-*-+-*-%-*-*-*-++-*-*-��-*-+-+*i.O ���"? * �� ��� ��� ���-�� ************* ���-��-��-��<^  H. E. BROWN & CO.  5n��.ct��.r*ra  le  i. tt. nichn.rdts.ri  LATEST STYLES IN GENT'S FURNISHINGS  DRY GOODS, CARPETS, HOUSE FURNISHINGS,  gold seal hip gum boots and shoes,  full line of miners gloves and mitts.  Stores at atlin and discovery.  THE   KIRKLAND    HOTEL.  First  Street  Atlin   15. C.  Good    Accomodations  Neat  Clean  Rooms.  ALEX.   SmlTH. PROPRIETOR.  {PSA' 10    F3 S-i !���*? fi R 13 Fi .<3 PJ  my I �� % n �� m Is M ��JI  ^  *3��i$ Printing-and- Comnaercissd Work*  Cards, P��&$��pb sssssS Hand Bz&s   ^   j�� \  Executed Cheaply, Promptly and Satisfactorily.  ' "  THE CLAIM OFFICE.  ft1  ��� r  , iy<  u  -  t}��  !&  tfi-  :  ii'-  m  i  u  fj*V-,  I  i.'ta-  :$'���'���  Sp-L-  1  m  W  m  ft  !5Bamai"ff��ff-a,ri��iiBaggB!' aft  v  it-  ATLIN,    B.   C.      SATURDAY      FEBRUARY i,    1908.  Local and General News.  "The Temperatures for Uie  Week  Ending January Uie24 th 190S.  max.  nun.  iSih  24.0  ���i-5  191I1  15-5  8.0  20th  S.o  -1.0  2ISt  t.o  -13.0  22Ild  8.0  -8.0  23rd  30.0  ft  24th  '32-5  28.0  won  POPULI*  A man whom all count as N.G.,  Aspired to publicity;  So with X. Y.-Z.,  *    And a very sore head, ,  Ustd tue 'Claim' as his medium U C.  But in spite of lii.s London B.A.,  .And a Coss of Victoria;  As we read, with much doubt,  We cashed in, down and out,  For his point wouldn't quire come  our way.  Now a word to our brave Captain J.  While you can sport this 13. A.,-  Remember that we  Are unfortunately '  But of average Anglais Parle  So if you your grievance would  spout,  Use judgment,   if sense has  ' run out;  At least make it plain.'  To a non-compos brain  Just what all your rot is about.  / ***  Why dont you go up, go up,  ' 'Why dont you go up lo Rossclli;  I'm sure that E. R.  Could convince yon U R  Quite lacking in what's termed  'gray jelly',  Limerickitus.  HI  ^<  ��  TO  THE  FANCY  DRESS CARNIVAL  AT THE  Discovery   Skating   Rink  next   Saturday Feb.   the  8th.  PIZSSES. MUSIC  Ci  DIKCOVIiKV,   n. c.  ne::.tree -fyotei  ������IKNT-d.ASS DINING   rtOO.M  conn CI.K.AN ROOMS  ONI.V- 'i'iIK -IH-.ST'U0()1>*<  t/SKI) AT THU ISA K.  For Sale By. Tender.  Royal North West Mounted   Police stern   wheel   steamer   Vidette,  American bottom, now ot; the ways  at While Horse, Yukon Terriu.-iy.  Particulars :���  Hull, Douglas (ir throughout. 98  feci- over all,       *  Beam, 18 feet over all.  Draft, 3 feet.  Gross tonnage, 13.1.  Net tonnage, 67. '  Two engines, 60 ��� horse power  each, iion-coudcnsiug, o inch cylinders, 3 feet 3 inch stroke of piston.  Boiler, shell or flue type, internally fired, made in 1905.  House, cedar, i!5 bunks.  Dining room, 14x11 and' large  galley.  Also :���  ;   Two    launches,     particulars    of  which are ns follows :���  .'   AIco Vapor Launch, Jessie;  \    Length over all, 50 feet.  Beam, 10 feet 10 inches.,  ,    Draft, 3 feet 9 inches.  !    Decked fore and aft leaving cock-  lpit.34 !oc'1 Jung.      Seating room for  20' people.  Frame, oak.  Sheeting, cedar.  Engines, Alco Vapor, 12 h.p.  Single propelior.  -   Fuel, coal oil.  ,   Speed about   four   miles   against  average current. '  Alco Vapor Launch, Tagish,  Length over all, 2S feet.  Beam, 5 feet 6 inches.  Draft. 3 feet.  Decked fore and aft leaving cock-:  pit 16 feet. Seating room for 8  persons.  Frame, oak.  ' Sheeting, cedar.  Engine, Alco Vapor, 7 h.p.  Single propelior.  Fuel, coal oil i  Speed when engines arc in good  order, about 7 miles against an average cunenl.  Tenders to close at noon Monday  March 1 6th.  190S.  The highest, or any lender, not  necessarily accepted.  No payment will he made to any  newspaper iiub'ishinjj this advertisement without propel authority.  Address lenders to  '/.. T. Wood  Assist;'.s:i Commission'.-!,  K. N. \V. M.  ���'..  Dawson, V. T.  :anadian  Pacific. Railway Company  .*:ji^gi^~"r"^.Tsa^.;;^.T[nr*E:e^A's��'ftr.'^=.Ul^ irtn:.xzvit*������a^v*-,ir:  B. C.   COAST   SERVICE  nnoess  ;������    .FEB. 13.,39.  Sfilllnc from Skagwey O p.m.  Direct  to Vancouver  and-Victoria.  frunsfiurMiig f)T Tf.il or steamer to Scnltlc r.ltlioiit extra rlmrpe  ���   STOP-OVHRS   AM.OWi;i>.  ���.'.v-A: ; o sn j   t:Hft of tlie wnfltl  I"or rntes nraiiifo  fiiinrton Rppiy t<> ���:���. r. W. .uowle,'  Aircnt. SUii��nnj-,  ���-���n*  USE OUR ADVE.RTI  COLUMNS ���  I1  ^  o  Placing/before the public  ! 1 '- c-  the  many   advantages of  - ���'- ���'.-.-  ���  the district, is the object of  eoeo*o*iS'"-D4("i*#$6.o*o* i ot o.^  sa  "rimIII    1/ l*cliKM  O' ������}/       liAUiil-k   S!U)!-.  J.'W. .THOMPSON,.-Prop,  i-'i KST-C.LAi-'S yi'MVR'i'  uNi.Y  ,��Ct<!'<Tt*>.o9':i*^��<:>5':'.��o-*C':*'5*<:��:> ��::>��.���:>-?-:>���;* <:* ?. ���:> "*���������> ���������:> *���:��� r  This cannot  be  successfully accomplished without the generous support of  the  business   people and  the residents.  >'5 ���-'.*������;  .-��.   SEND US VOUR SUBSCRIPTION  #"f  lliein mi f^iiietiial MmM  u-rT,tirr-rr.*rtir-7i-a *a.-��'jM=.r"''i *��f��4*  try..  sflMDS,  r i-iuric-tcr  del   a   I'opy   of    inc-    iii-.i-U.-:::;  1-ililiCtl        OOll^'i  Hi     ,1  ii few it-It al lion rue's.  i ��� 1 ���..���<-i 1        n -s.��r 1:111* 111  Lownev'-1      i/.'iiesi    novels    ati  ,!..-! i il.c        Ihtl.-.     nihil; l- 111 j^; ������,!'.'l!  i-.liill ii;  V..    i..    wU.li  -,.. k.  iwui^^   Jiigt^^i: j^jt.ij  :���:.-   vi't*! .'..-. i.r.-i ijiioiiji as uiieai* iieiie."  ."���-.-.'    C-T.pc-    ",'tr.r -    .'.nil   nil   liliuls  of   .Iiittdlry nmiuj  --..   Clr-c!::;,   .'tv/olry   "'"!    C is.--.-.-i-.t4s  A.:i :,!.-, for Coliimliiii Grainoiilioiics.  .".!-,;' i"'...! :'.:.r.".: Cl'iina , Ectivc riir Ej:i,r r,  AND   DISCDVK1-Y.  .i'aL��-.ii.:^..��tS   ui'iU 'iVlariUfttctuniiS   JcVV.-vJ'S  f*  %  ,.,_..( f ���;���>--�� ���iF-yr.-T


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