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The Atlin Claim 1900-12-29

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 BLACKETT &-C0.-  -    ���      The Largest Dealers iu.   -  General Merchandise in-the North.  fro to ihzm for yourr supplies prices reasonable.  ' ]RON   STORE '        1st   STREET.  THE    FIE E.'  ,     i.  The well-known" "Kooteuay Hotel" buih'.iiig unfortunately calight  (lie - 01 the !".:e was,first noticed - at  about n:30 a. in. on'Monday, the  24 th. i-ist'.  The -.*->ii".e w.' the trouble is rot  known but it ap- cars to have originated - and indeed was confined to -  the upper floor of the building, tbe  new roof but recently erected being  entirely consuroed. Willing hands  helped the ever popular Jack Byrom  zo remove his huge slock of liquors  ai:d cigar, .is v*.ell as the billiard  tallies and ''*i: u'T.re from the burning bii'ltii-.!;.; v. it li the icsult that a  v_;y !..rg<. j.ioparcion of the portable effects were .siued. At the .same  time every effoit was made to extinguish the flames. After.-about an  hour':, work the fire" was brought  unter control.  ?6:xie *.'���".,00c woi in of damage  ��� has been do--:e to ihe building which  we regret to learn was not insured.  There was danger for some time  of the fire spreading to adjoining  property and Mr. A.?.. Cross accordingly took the precaution of moving out the slock from his store.  "Jack" was burnt out but lie  was bv no means floored. Within  tlnee hours he had re-established  his business in rhe Noithern Hotel  which he has held since last spring  under lease but which has lately-  been unoccupied and was attending  to the wants of bis many- friends in  his usual cheerful way. Iu sporting  parlance Jack "hadn't turned a  hair."  'il agniii wilh comparatively no loss  and in fact \ eiy little inconvenience.  Yours truly.  A. S. Cross.  - \VII,I, 'REBUILD.  Jack Hyrom has let the contract,  for re-building "The Kooteuay" to  Mr. George Eiudlav; we understand  Jack will ,re-occupy the premises  in about six weeks, meanwhile  things are humming at tlie '" Northern "���  NOTICE.  The ir.finest 'thieves in town are  those who .Lake 'the fire pails, no(.  less than twelve were missing after  the last fire. Anyone 'having them  will rib well .to return same to the  I'\'ie Derailment.  Apropos of thi*. -ubject we have  much pleasure in publishing the  following letter.*-:  The Editor, Atlin Claim.  Dear Sir,  I wish to offer mo*-t sincere thanks to my many friends i-i  Atlin for the veiv effective aid they  'jeiidered in saving  my   "Koole-u-y .    r ,-      "-ood, the on v drawback being that  Hole "und its   contents from emiie�� "      ' *  '    -'GREAT CAM I'.  J. H. Russell, owner of the brewery, at Atlin and interested in mining  prop.-- ty thire, was a passenger on  last night's train on his way to  Seattl: where^ he will purchr.*=e  machinery for his plant. He is an  enthusiastic believer in the future of  Atliu, and thinks a government  mint should be established there.-  "This year Atlin, which-was  supposed I * be barren of gold, has  surprised the world, and next season the output will equal all  'expectations.'' said he.  "Much machinery is going iu  this winter and there is not a creek  that will not be extensively developed next year.  "Large companies with plenty of  canital are now taking hold of.  Atlin and the result will be startling.  "To-d-iv Atliu is the* bestcamn in  the woi Id. Among the 1500 people iu  the district this winter there'is not  a poor  man.  "The question of the government  mint being established al Atlin has  been raided ur.d we will work Inward that end.  '���The brewery business   lias been  od, the only drawback being that  i will, our limited means we were not  L-ible to supply the demand."  destruction by fir<: on the ?.(. th. insl  If if had not been for the sire.-iuor.*-,  ��� r . ,i    f     .V.r.  ku*-'.*.eil will  return   through  and unsparing efforts of the   geiuk-  meu who assisted on Ihe occasion  my loss wo.lid have b.*:eti very  serious.  Yours truly,  J. vS. Byrom.  The Editor, Atlin Claim.  Dear Sir;  Through the columns of  your valuable p;ip:*r f. wish to tiuu.k  mosf cordially the good people who  assisted me in removing my stock  during tne late fira a'id in returning  Skagway some lime in Eebrurary  willi a phijmieM ot' machinery  which will be taken in over the ice.  ���Daiiv Alaskan  OTTER     CUEICK.  Although \ er\ little attention has  iie-vu directed to*.'Mrd 111 i.-; creek,  good work is never!fide*-,;-, being  dime, above; the -*eeon<! canyon,  wheie iVreiiiirs. Carmicliael, Mnrau  and YaiH*han are diifliiig into'the  benches with nip'-l euc mragipg results: already   a   tunnel   of 7 =;   feet  1 ' -t 1  has been driven, on bed rock and  lise intention is to continue il to a  distance of 300 feet, the average  depth of the gravel is 50 feet;  \ The gentlemen above mentioned j  control twelve hydraulic leases, and ;  have an exceptionally good supply;  of water, with a grade sufficient to'  give them a fall of 300 feel in about '  two miles.  DA V TON -Tl-UCr'HN  '; I'NELA-Qvta E'TDEMiC. '  ' Daw-onMX-o. '.is. -Daws-n is  stricken with c f.^r-l-h* epidemic of  pueuiru-:.*;;;. The'? J;ave been 'five  deaths in as iiu.rv days from the  drc-iid malady. -*;:H ol!ier,s are suffering from it. i'l-opie are"greatly worried. Tvphoiri is also e* identic,'but  il is sub.-idhig and it is generally  believed- that the worst is o\er.  The smallpox has-about'disappear-  ed. There are now' ouiy twosmall-  ,pox palie-pl* in the en'urc dhtiict.  'I'ive thcliiSrij.*'. vaccine-points were  'received t.vaav and f' .is .���mnnunced  that compulsory vaccina'iem, to include c\ cry ma: , wo ma 5; and child  in the.cil- and on the creeks is Lo  'proceed at once. Twenty-five hundred points were recei'-cd som? tiinc  ago.   -Daily  Alsskau.    *  CANADIAN  GOLD  "i:7 SAN FRANCISCO.  San Fraiicisc"),. Do. 13.���A caic-  fuil es run ale of tlu to:al yield  of gold front Klondike and Alaska,  iucln-d'Hg Xoun.-, /or Jie present  year has been com piled'by a smelting company, acting in conjunction  with the statistician of'the San  PYnncisco mint. The amount aggregates $25,72/1,223,<Si,- diyided as  follows:  Klondike $^-,358-229, 17  "v-me  41367,80.-!, 6'  \    r��  *  f't."   '"' li or\ 1 ��"I* !"T Y' r P \r  .-\    n s\ is IV       I   1 U i\1U.\1 t V,  A. C. L'iir.'-chfi'Ul is closing out  his immense s'-Vj'-c oi" photographs  and photo sup')';';*:. Dome early and  secure a good collection of views,  over one llnnsnuci negatives lo  choose from. No iea.soi.able offer  refused.  HOCKEY. ' '   '  \   return   match   between J.   H.  Gillaid's  and   E.   V- -Aie.  Eeely's  sides was pla\-ed  on   the afternooi-  of-the 22 ud.- and a good fast   game <  resulted iu a win for Gilknd''vle.-ini.,  by-one'goal to none.   . '    ,  , - ,  On Christmas Day another game  w'-is'played liet\*.;een the same  sides  with De.aks.  in place of Mr.Piiugle,   ���  At the call of time neither side  had  scored but on continuing for another ...  quarter of an hour Mc. .Eeely's side  ���  scored-one goal and thus e<\ded  the-,  match. .  ������'���     ' *   ;.-_ .  ���  Mr.    -X."   Wheeling   refereed Mn-  bolh'games and gave such' satisfac-"';  lion to both   sides   that" he  is  slill   ,  alive and in sound health.'  -.    THE TANA N A '^'l'!vjK E. ' ���  If later  d'tails .should   confirm  Uic'Daw-on ��� report of a  very   rich  strike on the Tanana.and there is.no .  reason to believe they will not,   Uie-  result    will-be  a, great t.thing   for,  Skgaway.   .The merchants ,of this  city arc- in a positioiT tosupply   the  poiuls on the American side of the   ,  line in the .Yukon and   give better"  satisfaction than those'of'any   other  point.    They can fill orders quicker  an'd'give better goods than any'city*  on the'Soiind or  elsewhere.      - : -  1   White    Pass   &" Yukon   officials  have  said   that  should  the" 'trade  justify  such   action    the   Cana'dian  Development company   will place a-\  line through bonded carriers oh the'  run   from   White   Horse'to  lower  Yukon   points.     Ii   the ' population  at Tanana' and   other   Yukon   districts    shall    increase " sufficiently,  the trade will be there  tha\   would  warrant such service as a -matter of  course. ��� If the details    >f  the -new  strike   at   Tanana   prove -the   first  rumors'of its richness to 1)2 correct,'  there need   be no  further  delay   iu  making plans for the  through ser:  \ ices, because the  population   will ���'  be   there   by   the  time   the  rivers  open for steamer service.  There is more encouragement to  Skagwayans 'in thesiUiation at the  present time than at any 'time in ���  the previous history of the city.  With the Porcupine trade secured  the development of Big Salmon and  the Stewart river countries, the  steady but sure growth of Dawson  ai.d Atliu, the future of Skagway  is ������ssiirod. Now, as a fitting climax to these certain tie.*', comes the  news of a great sliikc- 011 the  American Yukon, which is naturally tiibutary to Skagway as the'  I'orcupine or White Pass. This  city will surely be the largest in  the North. --Dailv Alaskan.    .  r*"27 > Til *- ?*-*$\ *-  lite. - mto&m  TO MINING MACHINERY  MA>:UEACTUMER-.  1  ��� The Atliu district is I'a.it becom-,  ing a veiy imponau! mining country and is a large bavei ol Mydrau- ,  ic, Quart:' and Dredging machinery. 1  li' you w.inl to b.* i-i the swin: 1  Advertise iu  " f ��� IE C LA IM.' j  HRKWKRS OK STHAM AMI) l.ACJKR  HKHK.      XOXK HUT THK  I1TCST   IXGREOIKNTTK     U.SKD    rx   Till"    r.IAXl'KACTl'RK    OK  or"R aicicR.Tiij': om.v hruwhry i:-; tiiic arctic rkgion'.s.  ORiJlCfiS VROMPTLV 1'iU.liD FOJI AI,I,  PARTS Ol" 'J'HJC YUKON  Ti'i'Rrroav a:���;;.-  noi-tii'.vicstkk.v   J!ki'.msh   cch.u^ihia.  A T Jv i A.   -.i. C. ATLIN,    B.    C.   SATURDAY.    DECEMMKR.'    29,  . The Af un Claim. ���  Published   livery   Saturday  morning  by  The Atlin Claim Puulishinu Co.  A. C. UlltSCHFELD. J'UITOII.  Office of publication Feurl St.  Advertisini; rates made known on iippli<:u-  tlou.  The siibui-ription price is $5 u year pnv-  nblo in advance KNo paper will bo delivered  unless these conditions are complied with.  . Before the next   issue  of "Thi*  Claim" can reach our subscribers  a new year will have begun   and we  take this opportunity of wishing one  and all A Happy New Year���a year of  true prosperity.   IBOt will  be  the  third year of this Camp's existence  and promises to be one of great   development . along      many     lines.  Though  we, knowing the mineral  resources of the Atlin  district, may  have been impatient at the apparent  lack of interest hitherto shown by  the outside investor,   still  the   fact  remains that the progress made" by  the best mining camps of the   Continent has been slow: the history of  Cripple    Creek    and  of Kooteuay  shows this.    But in  time ���and  we  venture to say but a short time--  our District will excite  the  atten-  tion" it deserves.    Capital will  be  eager to find investments here and  Atlin will soon be as well known 11  the World as Coolgardie is  to-day.  The following letter appeared in  the New York Engineering and Mining Journal, of the 17th November  last. .       "  Many of our readers will remember .Mr. E. P. Spalding *M. E. who  spent considerable time in the spring  and summer of the present year in  examining hydraulic and other mining properties in this district.  The examinations made by Mr.  Spalding 'while here were very  thorough and prolonged and his  opinion of the prospects for successful mining in this Camp, published for the first time iu this letter,  is valuable.  Sir: In your last.notice of the  ������Famous Gold Nuggets of the  World," on page 513 of the November 3rd issue, you say: "Contrary lo general belief, Alaska and  Yukon has produced no large nuggets."  Strictly speaking this may be so,  but the Atlin district in British Columbia produces many fair sized  nuggets and has, to my certain  knowledge produced at least two  that may fairly be called large.  While in the Atlin district recently,  examining hydraulic propositions,  it was my good fortune to see these  two nuggets, which I photographed.  One of these was picked up on a  bench claim just below discover-  on Pine Creek, July 21st, -900, and  weighs 29 ounces 10 pennyweights  11 grains, valued at $472, The  other was picked up on Discovery  Claim Boulder Creek', about August 1 st. 1900, aud weighs 4S ounces 1 2 pennyweights, valued at $778  Bolli' of these nuggets were abso-  lntelv free of quart/, or other rock.  It a-is   notable    tact   that   nearly  everv Creek iu the district produces  for saving.such gold are employed.  Permit me to say, while on this  subject, that if the real facts with regards to this, field were known and  unterstood more fully by American  capital and mining men, they would  very soon embrace ihe opportunities  that exist there. In no field that  I know of personally, are the opportunities for large and long operations iu hydraulic aud dredge mining as good as in the Atlin District.  Iw my opinion the District will  prove a permanent and very profitable producer- of the noble metal for  many years from its alluvial deposits alone. Besides these the outlook  for quartz mining is very promising.  Gold, silver, lead and copper have  been found in paying quantities  under certain conditions, and as  rapidly as the' necessary capital can  be secured development will be  prosecuted "on many claims of real  surface merit.  '   E. P. Spalding.  *    Chicago, Nov. 8th, 1900  [Our reference to the  absence  of  nuggets from Alaska and   the  Yukon was not intended to cover   the  Atlin country.    We have heretofore  spoken of nuggets from' that  district, and published  an  illustration  of one in our issue of August   191I1,  1899,    page    215.���Editor,  E.   &  M. J-]  3. E. f ra$er $ Co. ������:-..'������������  SUCCESSORS    TO , ���    ,  P. P. CO. First Street, Atlin.  .. For Staple & Fancy Groceries  PROVISIONS,  Tobaccos and Confectionery,  Prompt Attention to orders f&~ Give us a call*  THE 61  HOTEL  FJKEKT EOETPPED 7-rOTEr..' IX THE NORTH.    EVERV  THING  CON DUCTED 7 N   FIRST-CLASS MANNER.  - ' Frsisacfj y?c;&<!ziitii*sigs? in GfiRisccfcom  kicii ci. Hast iu,   h'uoi'u ii-;t<'RS;    fV.vir* Masttk,  Manaoi'k,  Corner oi' h'irst and  1 liscovcry Sl*\ ets.  Atlirs Lake Lumber Co.  Rough and Dressed  Lumber of all kinds  r;  Hydraulic   Luml  LOWER PINE CREEK  TUNNEL.  F. T. Trougfhton  ManaFhiZ Proprfitct.  T��%  Choice Wines I  -io.uor;s an  id C  tears.  ' This undertaking of co-operative  r. respecting on the "Race Horse"  group of hydraulic leases near town'  is a local enterprise from s'-art to  finish.��� The "idea of taking tip the  ground for .hydraulic and dredging  purposes, and of thoroughly prospecting it, was conceived by the  pioneers of the Camp���by the men  who have withstood the battle and  the breeze of both winter and summer ���- and their success is w:ell merited.  Every dollar expended in developing this property, and it now  runs into the thousands, has been  provided locally in Atlin town.  None of the contributors will claim  to be capitalists, nor even well fixed.  The co-owners of the " Race  Horse" group and the co;workers  who are now developing the property are typical representatives of a  genuine mining spirit that should  pervade every crevice in Atlin. Such  spirit goes far to make up for the  lack ot outside capital that has been  a hindrance to the Camp up to the  present.  This party of enterprising  workers are preparing the way for capital |  to come into the Camp,   aud to  in- |  stall  a plant  on a well  prospected '  property that will   bring   handsome  returns to the investors and will  be  a source of pride to the town-  Most   of   the   readers     of    the  "Claim" are familiar with   the successful prospecting carried  on  last  winter under the direction   o(   Mr.  i Mackintosh.  By  sinking  on what he allowed  nothing but coarse gold,   which   is !to be a�� old channel of Pine, he got  verv easilv saved inthe riffles with- ]"W": averaging iS cents per cubic  out" the uid'of quicksilver.    In fact !>'^ for a height'of  10: feet  abovej  there seems tn be little, if auv,   fine ; '^-rock, 10 feet of pipe  clay over- ���  orfl6ur'gold  in   the  gold-bearing] b'���S thc "pay", and  8. to   10  feet  ���wave's of this district,   aud,. so far | of loose Sravel on t0P of th�� clay !  l< "iv ���b=;erv''lions went, no methods; ^ait-' Thc uext   operation   was   to ;  Pool and Billiards Tree,  Dixon, and Burton.   Pro|>s.  tbe Druggist  F&rtin & Le %$&ppeil��in have everything in  the Drug & Pate-sat kVledicme line* ���  Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.  Rooms & Beds  Best Liquors & Cigars  A. NICKERSON  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS  GOOD  GOODS.  PROMPT SERVICE.  PRICES RIGHT.  E. Lv Pillman &Co.  DEALER IN PRODUCE  BOOKS. PERIODICALS.  TOBACCOS, CIGARS, FRUIT.  CONFECTIONERY.  (jt;;ci-. lunch room.  ;-erves the Best 50 cent meals   in  the City 2 Fried Eggs included with all Meat and Fish  Orders. Oyster stew and  Omelets a specialty.  Our coffee  can't be surpassed.  OH* PICK:  Atlin,   H  ings.  \i: I:.?  Ga  NOTARY PUBLIC. j  Corner of Third mid Pnarl Strput, i  C,   opposite Government Build  I" ')T vni'��*":r "."3T*'*"-s TH".'!** out  Ssii'-vivU '.voars' < prnutiuitl   expuriHiiri!.������  OK'UCE OF H. M'a CUSTO:-!S.  ATLIN  COMMISSION CO.  Goods bought, sold aud exchanged.  Upholstering ir, all its branches.  Mattress factory.   Call on us.  J. D. Dnriet Prop.   First Street, Atlin.  Vancouver General   Store.  CARRIES A FULL LINE OF  v GENERAL MERCHANDISE h  A. S. Cross & Co  lKi'. r'treet .Hlln.  --i  iiMB"S��  1  "C!5K?Sm "XJtCWrsKfr** zn "��.y 7 TOoyrrMiy  * 1 ���jr*-ji-(tMP��*M*MMrt> wm\ ��Hirs*ia:��;-^ r,:  ^^^^V-^^-r^^x^'-^z^an^^^^^^^ M-  ATLIN,    B.   C,   vSATURDA��,  DECEMBER* 29.  'I'  'I  ���f  -'A'  A  if      '  *  ii  7  survey the four ' creek . leases and  twelve, bench' leases and prepare  maps/Engineering plans and reports  were made by Brownlee and Lowry,  and, during the summer the property was inspected by the representatives of both English and American  investors, , also by two practical  dredge operators, who considered  the "Race Horse" group the best  property, in the Camp for dredging  purposes. '  Encouraged by the foregoing,  arrangements weie entered into  with W. H. T. Olive to continue  the prospecting by driving a tunnel  froin bed-rock on Fine Creek, just  below Me. Kee Creek bridge, to one  ' of Mackintosh's pay shafts 1200 ft',  up stream. The tunuel,.is now driven  about .150 .feet, including a short  open cut, and with encouraging  prospects.  It is anticipated that the "pay"  underlying the clay will*" be struck  at less tha:; 100 feet ahead. It' is  the intention to hilly prospect the  extent ot the pay gravel, and this  will take all winter. Iu this connection tunnelling, drifting and sinking  are being carried on successfully  elsewhere in this Camp, during  these winter mouths,.and there are  moremen at work now' than this time  last year. To all' such good hearty  toilers, and particularly tothe "Pine  Creek Tunnel Syndicate." "The  Claim" wishes every success.  P INE CHRISTMASFESTIVAL  You should have been, there .-to'  see the decorations iu Mc. Donald's  Hall and tlie laden tables in the  tdiiiing room. You should have  been there to partake of the splendid  old fashioned supper, prepared, by  the ladies of Pine and Gold Run to  satisfy the hunger of the men on  claim aud trail, and remind them of  old days. You should have been  there to hear the songs and recusations and especially the address of  welcome to the pastor and people,  bachelors and married folk, read  by our "one little girl" Lorrie  Knittel. And you should have  been there to hear the cheers for  Miss Mc. Donald when her gift of  20 pies to the bachelors was announced. To James Stables M. L.  A. the chairman of the Committee,  and to those who so willingly and  well seconded his plans and efforts  to make this Festival what it was ���  a great success.���the utmost praise  is due. It was a good clean wholesome festival from start to firjish���  so say all of us-���Atlin people Pi', e  City people and all the people.  But do you know we were about  to forget the Tree. It was a notable  tree, laden from topmost branchlel  to the ground with useful gifts a  gilt for every ne, fiom tbe minister  who got a cap big enough for  even his big head, and the best  black tie in the camp, and a pair of  hue gauntlets and a doyley for bis  wife aud the leg and claw of the  biggest of Stuart's . turkeys, down  to the babies in arms whose parents  went home laden with babies  gifts.  1  The following is the programme.  Pine City Christmas Eve 1900.  1 Prayer   by "Chairman" - - Rev  J. Pringle.  2 Singing - -Joy to tbe World the  Loicl is come  ;, * A d d 1 e: .s o f welcome-- - Lo ree 11  Knitlle.     '  4 Reply and Remarks - - Rev. J.  Pringle.  5 Instrumental - Pine City orches  tra.  6 Reading Mr.   Miller.  7 Song - - - - Mr.    John    Munro.  8 Duet - - Mrs. Blackett and Mr.  Lumsden.  9 Recitation - - - Loreen   Knilt'e.  ' to Dialogue - Teacher and school'  boys.  11 Song- - - Maggie Mc. Donald  12 Dialogue - Nigger* and White  man. - - Woods and   Munro.  13 Song - - James Stables   M. L.  A., '  1.1 Instrumental  Pine   "City  Orchestra.    s  15 Reading*  Mr. Geo, Polly  Tableau.    ,  16 Expectation, Meditation,  Devotion, Reflection Hopefulness,  Simplicity.  ' ^��������������� ^ (  ATLIN   CHRISTMAS  FESTIVAL. ,  This is the brief story of another  Christmas festival similar in some  ways to that at Pine, -dissimilar in  others. "There areabcut'30 children in Atlin, the majority of them  girls, there are just one girl and  four boys iu Pine, so that there the  older people did most, had to. In  Atlin the old people got well out of  it. The Rev. F. L. Stevenson made  remarks here and there aud kept  the people on the alert, as a good  chairman always does; and James  Stables,M. L..-A. gave a short and  happy address. But it-was after  'all .a children's programme.. The  Carols and drills, and other songs  took the audience of grown up  people captive and carried them  away to other days and other scenes.  There was a song by Maggie Mc.  Donald, a recitation by Walter Blackett, a recitation by Eleanor Wollas  ton and another by Ethel Pillman.  The children gave evidence of  being carefully trained. It was  remarked by more than one * or two  in the audience, that every word in  song and recitation could be distinctly  heard iu ihe remotest corner of the  church.  Two friends had purchashed and  given the committee, for the children, the whole stock of toys etc. in  town and the children were bubbling over with expectation and  were not disappointed.  Mr. Pringle at the close of the  entertainment expressed the thanks  of all to Messrs. Byrom and Wrong  for their kindness.  The evening closed with games  by the children, in which some of  the older people showed that at  least they were growing old gracefully and had lost little of the spirit  or sprightliness of earlier days.  The last Christmas of the   19 th.  century will never be  forgotten   by  those   who enjoyed its festivities   in  the Atliu District.'  The Atlin City programme follows.  Programme.  1 Hymn Hark    the   Herald  Angels sing.  2 l-'nyer    Rev J. Pringle.  3 Chairman's remarks.  4 Hymn - - The first Nowell by  the: Ouiklren.  5 Musical Drill.  ,-. .-;,,, <r Christmas Time     by  .\ii.ss.  _\ 1 j'.g"���'.*.- Vc.Lt'I..:Id.  0$m -I J-_L.Lv fJ,Haj  TOI  Kooteuay RoteL  >'��� J.'S. Byrom. ��  > ��� ,      Temporary Premises Northern Hotel.-'      ��  ���.,    For fine views and Photos go to ,  JI. 0. fiirscMeldV    r    *  Films, Plates, Etc. for sale:  -���''���,   .,   'y ��� 1st. and Pearl Streets.  '���   ���" Atlhi.B.-C.  OLIVE   .   .  ���     BUILDER  AND  ESTIMATES. GIVEN  ON  ALL  KINDS OF WORK.' ���  PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS  A   SPECIALTY.  BRICKS FOR SALE.  PONTTT? A PTO"R       OFFiCEs    Third Street, Atlin*  V^-1-^   J- -AV-fX"^-- J. Vi/J-V      ,     -  NEXT TO CHURCH OF   ENGLAND   .  REE BOWLING ALLEY  T.  VENDQME BAR.  . ATLIN B.C.    f:  Atlin Lumber & Mining) Co.  E. G. Tennant   -    - -   -    Manager    ���  Lumbering in all its Branches  Branch Office at Pine.  C. DOELKER,  .    .    .    FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.    .    .  Fish,    Game   in   season and   home    made    Sausage.  Corner   First   and    Pearl   Streets.  7 Recitation - - -.Queer Boy This  by    Walter Blackett.  8 Motion Song - by little children.  9 Recitation   - - - Who'sa fraid in  the dark.      by Miss. N. Wollaston.  ��� 10 Hymn- - Carol sweetly carol,  by    The children.  11 Recitation - -   Harry's Christmas message,    by Miss.E. Pillman.  12 Remarks by J. Stables M L A  13 Hymn -' Once in' Royal  David's City.        by   The children.  G. K. Hayes.  J. G. Coknxli...  Hotel  Discovery.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  .Atliu  Laundry & Baths.  Corner Rant & Lake .streets.  C. B. COFFIN Prop  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  CONNECTION.  Headquarters for Bulmer & Parrott'i utare.  TT^IRKLAND HOTEL,  FIRST street, atlin.  J. KIRKLAND, - Manager.  First-class dining room  And Elegant Sleeping Ro.u;*<  Canadian Bank...  ...of Commerce  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  Gold Assayed,  Purchased or Taken on  Consignment.  Exchange sold on all the principal points in   Europe,   Ihe  United  1  States and Canada.  ASSAY OFFICE  IN CONNECTION  ;'. iv: (,. iT.n i)"-'!*    ���*��������� Y.  T.  R.   r.ILI.KTT. v!.ii!.��,:-".  <-'. ATLIN,    E.   C~ .,'  SATURDAY",   DECEMBER- 20.  \(     ,-  a  PICKED UP HEr<E AND THERE.  Church uT 1'iiKlancl services will ha held  at corner Ti'itincii' and Third si roots on Sun-  (lay nt'.ll a. in. and 7:111) ]i. in.  St. Andrew's Presbyterian-Church hold  services in llio A. 11, Hull. Second Street.  Morn in-service al l()::i(): evening service 7 ::l().  Sunday School at tho close of the morninfi-,  service.   , Uev. .1. Pi-iiijdc, .Minister.  Ono of tho host articles for (rood health is  n wholesoino loaf of hread at 12 cents, and a  first-class meal for .">') cents at the Pioneer  Hakerv.  want   any   teaming  done  Andy    Duncan.    Leave  If" you  call on  orders at Vancouver Hotel  The penny post -.will, if possible,  be introduced in' the Colony of Victoria on January i st.  ' The Atlin Mining Co.,capital  ��)5,000," lias been ' registered to  adopt an agreement with the Nim-  rocl Syndicate-  The chairman of the Bank of  Africa states that, owing to the  stoppage of the Transvaal gold  mines,' the world's supply of raw  gold has diminished by ,��15,000";000  during the past year.  '  ' For a good steel range, go to  Jimmy Regan.  Big Jack got pretty well marked  at the fire and possibly afterwards,  if you don't believe it, go and examine his "phiz" at  the   Metropole.  Mr Gilroy liacl a-hard trip hack  to Atlin from Tacoma.it tool: him  21 days, five days delay .in Skagway'  on" account of stormy weather, four  days at Log Cabin and then another  four days.at Taku before being able  to cross Lake Atlin.- Pie had io'  camp one night by a brush fire  with the thermometer at 40 below.  ���Mr. Gilroy left his-sou  iu   school  at Parkland, Wash.  jack Kirkland may not be a pro-  ressioral fire chief, but he is so  o-ood that there is verv little differ-  ence. -That we could not have a  better man in the place wa*. showi.  at the "Kooteuay Hotel" lire on  the 24 th. inst.  Three ktys, tied together-]  string.  LOST  with a  Return io,     Claim office.  THE    RINK    MOURNS.  Tlie Professor says: That the  "Rink Syndicate' hired him, 'fired  him and - hired him again' on the  same day, then he resigned;'he is  not'sure of his position, but is still  1:1 the  "rink." "  Fire balloons are at  a   premium.  "But these arc holiday times."  . The last heard of the -Professor  was that he was being' mourned by  his many friends at the Metropole,  the expense for caudles and whisky  is unprintable. We understand that  the Professor lias hired'Dixon's  termi to remove , his account from  the Bank of Halifax to the Bank'  of Commerce*.  Mm  nefe  &  "i">,} ���?      v, 1        ���:>  ��ip?'  See our  bargains.   Making.'  room.for..larger  stock.  Complete line.in Gents Furnishing: Boots and Shoes.  Prices to suit the times.  1 .     N  \    First St. Atlin/'  ne--. Gii.uiSi'rK. Prop.  W'AI.TliK   Bl.AIKIIC Mgr.  Cigars:  JULES EGGERT & SON.  '     -  Swiss ��� Watchmakers,  And   manufacturing-jewellers.  All kinds of nngrg-et work executed with  neatness and dispatch.  First  st.   next  to Vancouver General Store  Finest  Wines," Liquors   and  Furnished Rooms by the Day,  "' ���   .    "        -'"Week or Month,  BATHS     .    -  BARBER SHOP  .   J*. LTN-K Prop.  Now occupy their new quarters next  to the Bank of ]?. N. A.. First Street."  The bath rooms are equally as good us found  in   cities.   Private Entrance for ladies.  'TE  ERY  MAN  in Atlin and .Discovery to know that Mrs. Ware cleans,, mends,,  makes  and refits all kinds of gentlemen;:  C:Ul:i  ing at her'  :u II;-"'  NOTICE is hereby given tlutt in one month  from date T intend applying to,the Chief  Commissioner of Lauds and Works, .Victoria  II. C. to purchase 320 acres of laud at the  mouth of 7'pui* Creek west side of .tlio Chileat River, District-of Cassiar, SO chains "on��r  by IU chains wide, initial post is on an island  in the Chilkat River.  Dated this   sixteenth  day.of October,  1!)(H), at Hear Creek 15. C.  ���JOHN TRYING,   -  Locate r.  Shop on Second St., first house south of ihe Bank of Con int-icc-  also Dress making and iru'chine. si itching- neiith  done.  /f'>  S  c  Importer  of General 'Merchandise  *^>  rv.c  For blacksmith's coal, iron  steel and drills go to Jimmy Regan.  We regret to announce that Mrs.  Donovan, formerly of Atlin, died in  Seattle of heart disease.  The pool and billiard tournaments , postponed on account of  the fire will be played off next  week at the "Northern:"  Cassiar Jack claims to have a  bonanza on 4 above, on Wright, it  is a quartz proposition'.  Atlin .must be . very free- from  "bad characters' the holidays are  over, there are lots of son* heads,  but no Court was held.  THE PARTS EXPOSITION'.  The statistics of the Exposition,  which have inst been finished,show  that tlie total number ol pcisons  who entered the grounds was 48,  ���r *���<">. 3��r ���  JUST WHAT   SI-IK SAID.  .Mamma���Why did \ou   let   him  ki*s you?  I.'ulighter���Well he  was so   nice  he asked me-���  Mamma���-But haven r I told you  you must learn to say ',No?"  Daughter���That's what I did say.  He asked rup if I'd. be very angry  if lie ki=s?d me.-Pdiladelnhia  Press.  NOTICE is hereby priven that in one month  from date I intend applying to Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worlts, Victoria B.C.,  to purchase '"10 acres of land, situate at the  mouth of Bear Creek, District of Cassiar,  B. C, 8!) ehnins in length by 40 chains wide.  The snid land i* situate on the East  side of the Chileat River: Commencing from  near mouth Hear Creek, initial post is on an  island in the Chileat River.  Dated this Stb.. day of October, MOP, at  Hear Creek R. C.  ���  ROBERT PATRICK,  Locator.  NOTICE  Notice is hereby jriven  that an application  will be made to the .Legislative Assembly of  the Province   of   British Columbia,   at its  next .-cssion,for an Act to incorporate a company with power to construct, eoiiip, operate  and maintain a railway of standard or narrow sruajre to be operated by steam,electricity'  or any other motive power, for the carrying-  of pas'-enfrei-.^and freisrlit. from a point at or  near the .iui'otion of the Chileat and Klabini  River; ,' hence   westerly   aloujr the Klabini  River and  northerly in  the srene.-al   direction of the Dalton Trail, some point not .less  than five miles from the Provincial boundary  in the District of Cassiar, Province aforesaid;  and build and operate tramways in  connection therewith:  with power    to   construct,  operate, and maintain   branch lines and   all  ]i"c ssury bridges, roads, ways,  ferries, and  other u orks: and to build, own and maintain  wharvesand docks in  connection therewith  and with power to build, acquire, own, equip  and maintain stenm  and  other vessels and  boats,aii'l operate thesamcon any nnvijrable  water* w itiiin theProvincejaudwith power to  build, oqnip operateii'id mnintiii'i teletrraph  aud telephone lines   in connection with the  *aid railway and branches: aud  to generate  elect ricily for supply of lijrht, heut and power, and for all and every other purpose meu-  t iotn'ii in Sect ionsSO. SI ,82, and 8!!of I he 'Water  Clauses Consolidation Act, 1897, "  and   to  do  everything necessary aud  incidental  to the  carrying out of all or any of the objects ref-  ferred to in the said   sections:  and  to   build,  own and maintain saw-mi lis: an:l with power  to expropriate lands for t he puiTOnes of  the  company,     ami  to    acquire   lauds,    l>on*es,  privil.'2-i-s or other aids  from any Government,   municipal-    corp'oVatiop,    or    other  person or bo.'ies-.and to levy and collect tolls  from all parties usinjr arid on all freight passing over, any snob  roads,   railways,   tramways, ferries, wharves and vessels owned or  operated by the con-puny and with power to  make traffic or other iirrtinfreinemts with  railway, steamboat or other rompauies: and  for all other usual,  necessary or  incidental  ri-jhts, powers or privelepres in that, behulf.  Dated at the City of Victoria J'. C this 18th.  day of October. Ifl'JU,  JOM\    THVTNG.  OUTFITTING.A SPECIALTY  FIRST   STREET   ATLIN   B.   C.  A/V^tf*tAAAAAAA/VVV>^VV'viV'-:j*\  ^VVyAi^AA/V"5^V\>Vv^V*^v;-'v-'^V->\  EINE  JOB  PRINTING  THE  CLAIM."  Tl  To make room" for a large  spring slock coming over the ic=:  The Exchange will have a clearance sale of all winter goods,  commencing next Monday.  20 dozen German seeks So.65  formerly 51,25  30    dozen   Geiman    socks,* 1.60  formerly $1.50.  All goods a'ccordiugly. '  '  J. H. Brownlee,'!��. L. S., 0.1. S.  R. C. Lowry, A. M. I. f. r.  Civil and Hydraulic Enpir.ce rr-.  Land Sttrvayoi's.  -   Pkarj   5:trkkt,  Ati.i.v. 15. C.  vVHA��VVVV'</VV^VWVV^1<ii,'!'A'f-��',^!.'-��*.��,--J  If  TR-\  ft  niSCOVEKY, IJ. c.  W'iien you come to Discovery take  ' shelter under the tree-.  Tinest ol lienor.*-.    Good staliling.  nenca  Established in I^li.   lni< r| ��� red d 1 y'If.mi I CI (irter.  Paid Up Capital    - * $4,866,666  Rkskrve Fund -    $1,581,666  London Office: 3 Clements Lane, Lombard Street,* E. C.  Head Office in Canada:      Montreal.  H.  Stiki'man, General   Manager.  Branches 111 all the principal cities of Canada, and agents in New Yo:k,  .San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, S.yokane, Coston, Chicago, Etc,  m  i��  f  i  OS"'.  vm  1  J  'is l-i'l  I  h)'  vim


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