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The Atlin Claim 1900-12-22

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 ���"���P*"""1  X  It  i  v  AIM.  VOL.   3.  ���ATLIN. V, C, SATURDAY,   DECEMBER, 22   igoo.  v  NO.  75-  - . i&tackett - and" Co.   -  \      r,Thti Uar^-est Dealers in.  ��� ".'General Merchandise in the.North.  ��� * *���  fio to tfceni'for your supplies prices reasoirabl  L   IRON   ST&RE    Vv-Jst   .STREET  "p ..--Uion and reminds me very | "tlenients form .convenient points  "strongly of the dike which accom-, "for supplies from'which pros pectin �����  "~anies the Louise and  other   loca-   '"<-''��� n  be carried on.. .     ; The  "ohjecL has l)een chielly'io draw attention to a new and wide.field of  ���'linn*: near Conllerville in Mariposa  Lountv,   California.    Manv   small  "p.ts have been sunk by parties who  ".-���am pled the'outcrop and'are said  .1 -it'  "THlv QUARTZ LODES OF-  the ATu^Di-rniroT, -B.C.:*  '.'stron��, .well-defined \eiii ILk bven  "opened (by tunnels on a \er\'steep  "hillside) the product ol" which' is  "now being'red need at tn'e 5 sump  "mill about? 1-2 mile South ot the  "town. The ore is a compact,"'ma*.--.  1 "sive, white quartz% very slightly  ' ''-.ni-ieralised and stained in the  1 "joints with green chlorite and uio-  In   theNe'.v York "l-'ngiuee'-ine-  and   Mining  Jotirnal"ol .\\\i. c;  lh  September, last 'there  appeared an  article with the above heading writ  ten   by   Capt" . R. H. "Streth M.   E.  The article is accompanied !>.?-a map 1 ...   ',,,,     ,      ,,-.,,  y   r..-.-.,.     ;  w     u 1    '"..' , kel{?)aiid vellowish-browu ochre  (a  copv   ot   the Bro.viile-v & f,oo,'r\ !  Map )o' ih.- District an 1 sketches'1  of the "1<" 1 ri e:\-" mine:, these we  regret we are uiuble to reproduce.  We give below, however, extracts  from Capt. .Stretch's interesting article which we have supplemented  by information which was not avail-  'en'terprise.  .     We trust that/other gentlemen 6f  :to ha*, e   determined    a.. . ave, age J Capt. Stretch':*professional standing  ���'���dti^o. <*-.S PCr ton   for'the mass.', will, examine -Arris  00,1,1 tfy" in'' 'the  " carerul.way adopted,by him "during  .the, coming .summer. The�� will find  it well worth while" lo'.do so      *-    -' '  'able at the time of Capt,   Slret-ch's  tour. "- l    ,  As   the  Article  sa\s  the region,  treated of is "60 miles fronV'East lo  "Westt^.d ..o miles  from 'North to  "South with an area of 2406 square  "miles- "and"onlv   two'  Years   ago  this region was entirely unexplored  Even now -much -jfil is iniexplore'd  ii ��� '-'        - ' *  and but an inappreciable fraction of  the area h is b^en -irds iccted.  The   first   piospect   referred to in  Capt.-5M1 etch's jrlicle is lhe"Engi-  "neer   Group,   owned    chiefly    by  " . . The prolnbilitv is'that the gold  "i*- moderately coarse a .d not   uni-  "lormlv_dtsirib.it.ed." Sever-il   htin-  dred feet of tunnels to and alo-tg tlie  vein have been driven, :>\d the 1-sHe;  at a depth ctVroo ft. below tne   (Kit-  crop is found to be over 4 feer wide  hi the   "British Columbia   Review  of October 6 th.,last is published t'ne-  reportsubmitted totheNimrod Syndicate  of  London,England  (\YTiieh  syndicate, opened   up   and .control  this mine) by -their Engineer,. Mr  A.H.Broinly M.E.   The property i-;  there  descri!)ed   as   the    "Imperial  Group " and   is   *-aid   to   include a  length'of 4500 II. along the ontcro  of the vein.   The. average value'jor  274 tons crushed is given at  $S per  tou:The cost of mining is estimated,  at   $2 25 per ton,  ol milling So gr>  per ton,  and of management $0,50  !n tvo sludiow shafts I. found  'bodies of clean crystalline quartz  'impregnated wilh galena, and in  "others, at the north end, the charac-  "te'ristic ehalcedonic bluish-tinted  "quartz of" the Engineer Gioup,"  "giving eruaily good assays. The  ' -".cilities a.;- excellent."  A lociiio ��� a^ -u-c lly net visited  by Capt. K'.Trrch, is the Anglo-  American Group fifckiinis situated  abo *l 6 mill's, us the-ciow fl:i'*-,fr-m  All, 1 to.vn i*i .ii.oiuii-ensr.tjrh dircc-  tio ��� i 'the (,.ici.u:ci.t basin ofihjri.ee  "Kngireers in the  employ  of the.  "White Pass & Yukon Route.   The! per ton" Tt is ProPose(* *�� use water  power in cownecti ->u \rith this mini.  The assays range in  value from .- ,  group embraces r.- location.*, 01  "1500 ft. square and lies 6ii the  "eastern sharp oi Taku Arm,-about-  "10 miles south of what is known  "as the Golden Gate, at theeiitrann?  "of the East- Arm, and about 60  "miles by deep watei 110111 Cariboo  "on the railroad, which  is 67 miles  to $149.80 per to:-.  Returning to Capt.Strelch's article: "The Yellow Jacket Claim i��-  "located o.i Hue Creek about. S  "miles fiom Atlin . . .,Usclo*.<_  "association  with  the bed of   line  "from Skagway and ocean steamers. "Creek *��."gge��ts it as one of the  There is"A wide body of choice-! "sources of lhti i:,acer .?old-" Many  "donic quartz which runs about I! very line gnld sPeciineil*s have been  "South 4odeg.East from the water's |t:iken fro"* lhis v'"in'  "edge '. . . Six crosscuts aie! "A snor* distance to the South-  "said to show an average width of' "eiist of the \'ell.)w Jacket we lintl  "70 feet; and a 2qo-lb. sample fiom  "these cut.s*..is said'to have "iven an  1 "undeveloped quartz    outcrops,  in  "many    respects     resembling    the  "average value of #30' per ton'. . ., l?qnartz or* the Big \'ein at the V.v  "Into this main body two veins enter1 "Ki'"-'*"*'Crou]i, wt:ll located for work  "from tlie South with a course, of 1' "o". .** moderately steep, massive  "about North io cleg.. East. ���"���Jot-lj-ol'! "'"���'ountajn *>;iur,-and-.easily accessi-  "these are strong and ;weH-define'd , "^Ic* lor hertJ^aS'throughout the  " ��� . . and weld teautifuj-.^peci-! "-:i**|'i,' Region proper,' the hills, as a  "men*-- of cry-la Mixed '"gold in thiii.'i "r'''c 1"a'*e moderate slopes and alti-  'coirib-like   flakes.    .1.     .   .-r>ear [--'-t-nde.*,.-  The*-e ores show but little  , "ihe lake le* el a-tuni el w,-\i -tartetl  "10 ta i the-e veins ..... This  "lunnel which was expected'to have  "a leugth of 145 ff and to be some  "100 ft below the surface at that  "distai.ee" has been completed aiid  Ihe vein matter cut into git es go d  \ allies. " i'he 01 llook is certainly  "very favourable for a big mine."  The mine is now bein*: worked.  "On   Mi.'i-ro   .Mountain,   about 5  'ii any, 'gold to the eye but yield  "wtl1 -in the horn spoon. My tests  "gave- from $20 .to $30 per ton'in  "free gold, mostly fine."-  The Anaconda isagroup of claim's  ���in .the immediate vicinity "of Atliu J  town   and "cover an extensive out-1  "crop of altered rock, .partially ser-j  ���"penfajd, yello.vi^Ij-brown in coloj,  "with nuiH(jrjii5 f_faurbs wei-.ile*^, as  ' at the Yello.v Jacket Joc.ition.' The  '..'r.-ei-* This'gjoup is ownc/i in  .\'e--.-r. ' e::r.st .1:10. Biass who have  been ex ten-ave mine operators in  Western Australia and Queensland.  Considerable de\ elopment,- in il,e  ".-.h:t|-e or'drifts and shafts lo exploit  the vein*, - has been done by these  gen.i.lemen on the ,-ror.eity m the  CL''ne;:t year; the ore.sampled is of  very good and steady value and is  free - milling.  " Again"in' the vicinity -of the Engineer Group, a property known as  the Gleaner Oroup'is"being-opened  up:">The'ore appears to be similar in  nature and value to that found on  the"Engineer Group. We have seen  some beautiful speciuie-js of gold  from the Gleaner Group.  ;;0n the west shore or Taku Arm,  -' a lutle north nr'the Engineer Grouo,  "ire a lars;e number of claims in-  "cluding the White Moose. But lit-  "tle work has'been done, but the  'outcrops are strong and well mi-  '-eralized with copper pyrite, gray  "co..ner, galena and copper carbon-  "atcs associated with gold and sil-  "ver in"'a quartz ga'-.gue. "  Other  prospects  were examined  by Cap.t.  Stretch in the vicinity   of  Atlin. "Bennet and Tob-chi lakes and  are spoken favourably of.  The ahove aie the piincbal gold  and silver _ prospects sc fi.r 1.:*-,o*\n  to us,'.,on .which an appirosabk-  am/niut oi' development' .work has  been, done.,'  ."...'  ��� The e:'pert������th'jn refers. )n his  article! l6'_.*,everal locations of copper ore'in the vicinity of Atliu hike  vind concludes:   '  ''T:ie*-"e :.*tola1ed   16c*lil;es   in   all  "j'i-obalT:y indicate bm-'a very small  'pionortiou of the    actual outcrop  A N OTHER     PRO PERTY-  'BONDED. ���      '���_ ..  ^ On   going to   press we hear that  "v'r.M. Clere has bonded ihe Valerie  Copper Mine   at   White  Horse, for  the De I.amare Syndicate!  VIOLENT DEATHS OF    *.   *"  R U��sr A 'ft ROYALTY.  *5���*;���.���Czare-.yiioh" killed'in.a  fit-.--,*'  "f pa-'sion by his Mther, Czar. I.va'n*"  the Terrible.       '"  : "���'.*;   /;���:.',' ���*'  1591���Grand D'uhe I)imilri;'"heir.' \  presumptive, assassinated In-' order'  of his brother-iu-law, Boris" Cochin-" '  off. ' <     '   '        .   '  ^ *592---Infant Czarovna, child" of  Czar'Feodor, poisoned by Boris.    '  1605���Czar Boris poisoned.' "  1605���Czar Peodor-ii.   and   his  mother murdered".' '" :.      '  '-''    '���'"���  -.  i6o6---Czstr .-Dimitri     "murdered  in revoltr ���   };������"���"     ���'--  -1721���Czarewitch Alexis poison-'"  ed by his father; Peter the Great.  ���763���Czar Peter Vir.  ass'assiha- "  ted  by order of his wife, Catherine.  17 65 - Czar I va ii v 1. m u rdered by  prison guatds.  1801���Czar Paul assassi-n'ted.  r866���Czarevvitclr Nicholas   died  as the result ot  a   blow  struck   by  *  his   brother   (Liter  Alexander  in.) ���    ��� v  1881���Czar Alexander 11.   killed   -  by Nihilists in   nitro-glycerine'  explosion.     . '..-',"  And now the Czar is dying,   said  to have been poisoned.  '      \: ."���  "which .wi'll )A- discovered when set-  TO MINING MACHINERY  I MANUFACTURES'*.  .    The Atlin district is. fast   becoming a very important .mining conn-.  try and is a large buyer of Hydrau-  ic. Qiuirt'. and Dredging machinery.  li   vou   -vant   to   b=   in   the  swim  Advertise in  "THE CLAIM."  A  RARE OPPORTUNITY. " .  A. C. .Hirschfeld.i.s  closing  out  his immense.slock-of photograph}",'  iud photo supplies. Come earlv and  secure a good   collection   of views,'  o*. er    one    th itis'uiih negatives    to  choose from.   No   reasonable  offer  reiused.  miles North east.'ri   . rom Atlin, a   'Sock is probiniy o,' t'u -,.i,n-j cj n  BRKWERS OF STKAM AND LAGKK  BKEK.      "VOXR IlfT THK ���  ��� "   ���  MKST    IN^RHHIKXTS      USKI)    IX    THK    MAXfKACTrK ,C     OK  <.UUK MBER.THK   ONLY   HRIiWERV IX THK    AM IC   KKGIONS.  ORIJKRS  PK0-M1-TI.Y KII.I.Kn K0K "AI.l.' parts Ol-' THK Yl'KO.V V  a-FRKlVMRY   AX!)    NORTH\\ USTERX   .UKI'IJISII    Cf��U MBIA.  ...     - ' A TL I N,    IJ.  C.  7) ZSST  .-T-K.f-L'���*��*-'��T*fr-^��fJ*Jk��*^ "TI.-  ATLIN,    li.    C . ��� SATURDAY,    DE6EMBER.,  22.'  Thjc Ati.in Claim.  Published ,every    Patiu-dny   iiioriiiiiKr by  The Ati.in Claim Pubmsiiixo Co.  A.C. Hins(!iii*r.fj��. Eihioii.  Officio of uiiblicalioii I'curl St.  Ailvri'tisiiiK rutps nuulp Know n cm npiiliru-  tioii.  Tlie hiibwuriptiun jirioi* is *?ri u your puv-  ubls in ikImiiii-o. No p.'ipt'i- will lie; ilplivui-pd  inilesillip^p conditions arc* coniplioil with.  Jt was with regret, that the publishers of    "Tine    Claim" ceased,  for a   time, 'their weekly   issue  of  the pioneer paper of the district, and  while   all   felt   the   absence  ol   a  live paper of our own, we tc-day congratulate    ourselves' thai    " The  Claim "has taken a new-lease of life  and is now under entirely new management. Tn coming5 again before  the public of Atlin, we ask what we  believe we are entitled to ask : the  hearty  support of the   entire community, and, receiving this , we have  no fear as to the future prosperity  of the paper itself .  We propose.-to conduct "The  Claim "on distinctly non-political and  non-party lines, believing, as we do,  that the best interest of the district  will be met by adopting this policy.  Our columns will always be open  to the public and. our aim will be,  the promotion of the mining and  other interests  of Atlin. _.  It is our firm conviction that we  have a great future before us in  this camp and we urge upon every  one, . especially our Pioneers, to  bear in miud**that "Rome was not  built in a- day,", -and .that Atlin  expects her sons to stand to -  gether and pull as "one man. Our  future is in our own hands;, .by uni-  ' ted action and- mutual support the  early development of'the District is  assured.  led that hydraulic workings will be  instituted iu the year 1901:- the  projects are now under consideration.  Ground lias lately been   prospected  in  different  part's of this   "Division (e.   g.,    on   Pine  Ceek   below  Surprise Lake, on Pine Creek within three miles of its mouth   and   at  the head of Spruce  Creek)   which  carries good values  and   will   yield  handsomely    for   working  by   the  method   of dredging.    Owing    to  lack of.grade this ground is not altogether suitable for  hydraulicking  and hence it-is proposed'to.mine -it  with modern dredges of the contitm-  ous'bucket type such as are so largely  and successfully used in  New   Zea:  land and California.  ( The  quartz   of the District   has  not  been  so much    prospected  as  the gravel, but from what is known  of the rock values it may  be safely  prophesied   that   Atlin   will  be  an  Important  gold-quartz    camp.     In  another column of this issue will'be  found a reference   to  the  principal  prospects    and ' the   work   done  in  developing some of them.  Nor does  gold  alone   represent  the   wealth   of the-camp.  , Silver,  Copper, Nickel, Mercury aud  Lead"  have all been found.  Capital has never been offered a  belter opportunity for-remunerative  investment in inrnng ventures than  this  Atlin District affords.  3. fl. Traser $ Co.  SUCCESSOR!-*    TO  P. P. CO. First Street, Atlin.  For Staple & Fancy Groceries  PROVISIONS,  Tobaccos and Confectionery,  Prompt A ttention to orders$&~Give us a call*  TriC  GRAND  HOTEL  FINEST .EQUIPPED HOTEL , IN THE NORTH.    EVER YTHING  CONDUCTED 'IN. FIRST-CL'ASS  MANNER. '  French Restaurant in Connection  ���Rick & Hastik, Proprietors; - David Hastik, < Managkr. '  Corner of First and Discovery Streets.  Atlin take Lumber Co.  ���' ��  Rough and Dressed  Lumber of all kinds  ' *���     ' u       * t      .  Hydraulic   Lumber  F. T. .Trbughton  Managing Proprietor.  /i'he Atlin District is one of the  most extensive as well'as one of the  richest mineral tracts on the Continent of America.' 'The extent of  gold-bearing gravels alone within  itslimitsis immense: the prospecting  work 'done'by placer-miners in every  direction has ' demonstrated ��� this  fact'. From bed-rock in the streams  to heights of- 150 ft. or. more  above'it, alluvial gold is found in  the'valleys; and- the values'being  discovered during the present winter  by: miners'.drifting "into the benches  of Pine, Spruce and Boulder 'Creeks'  at many points, go to confirm the  prevailing'belief'that the benches  are even, .'richer than ' the-. Creek  beds.,: The coarse gold is distributed  throug-houl-the- gravel   and   is   not  The following extracts are" taken  from the report of the third ordinary  general meeting qf the White Pass  and YuJ^fl'n^Pg-iJ.wa'y CoXimited.  The^o^S. Carr Glyn said !'The  earnings have_ been very satisfactory,  and Lwill go further, and say triat_  I believe that when the accounts,  of local c mipanies come to-be made  up at the end of the year it will -be.  found that the net earnings of this  year, after deducting all charges for  operating and maintenance, .have  exceeded ,��200,000."'  ...  Mr. Graves said: " The" boats,:  steam tramway, wharves, and other  property formerly belouging to the  John P. Irving - Navigation Co., by  means of which the traffic for Taku  Arm and the Atlin district was carried forward from our'railway, have  pass.ed into our hands, so .that this  traffic has this season been carried  on entirely by our own ��� boats.- Jtj  view of the .qnartz- development in  these districts I consider it of very,  great importance for the railway to.  have secured this line of boats   "The.gold   is   found   not only in  oul-.. ���found-  on-.bed-lock, as    has  been, supposed. ��� When   systems of; the gravel beds of the innumerable  fi QUI Russell  Choice Wines Liquors and Cigars.  Pool and Billiards Tree,  Dixon, and Burton.   Profit.  Che Druggist  Fort in & Le Gappellain  have everything in  the Drug & Patent Medicine line*  Prescriptions Carefully. Compounded.  A. NICKERSON  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS  ���      GOOD  GOODS.   ,  :    " PROMPT SERVICE.  ���.....-     PRICES RIGHT.  ^ E. L. Pillman.  :.'' DEALER" IN.' PRODUCE  ' 'BOOKS-PERIODICALS.  TOBACCOS, CIGARS, FRUIT.  CONFECTIONERY. '  BROWNLEE & LOWRY  .1. H. Brownlee, P. L. S., D. L. S.  ���     R. C. Lo-vry, A. M. I. C T.  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  Land Surveyors.  Peart' Street, Atlin, B. C.  mtiuug  .bv  ..economical   methods jrivejs    and    streams,   but" also  in  are established ancH'.trger operations quartz veins which are being, opened  begin-,,this-camp-will- undoubtedly luip.-ii; many places,-,especially-on"the  prove    iLselt   [a. be-,-.a. great   go'kl-  1,'pper  .Yukon.   -In-this    respect  most   progress-,  has'- probably  been.,  "made in the  Atlin   and , the- Taku-  Arm districts:.-I. personally invest-i-  ciinV'.tvvear .^ a ���'timbcr.of promising quart/,  of-Kv(lni;ulic-.mining-:in -.the: Atlin .veins,.'--some- of which,,;were being-  Mini: g Division. - Plants have'*beeir -worked/while work-'oniotherslm'aK  prrxluceJY hot .ey.en./'ec'oud^ to the  far-i'alneci Kl mi dyke'; '."    [' '.. ,\   ���".  'X!'.fe'U'"slart'juii been- ni'si'd'e in'"tlie.  iiistalled'-dn four creeks-Pine, Birch-,-.  .only '.emporarily-deferred by '.HUga-:  Boulder .itiicl -Wright-an'd .the pros-! lion .as to,title. The veins-run'from  peels fmi'rtdr^vfe'-p^ii^: of large'3ft: or 4 ft. wide up to^-as 'ranch as  relurns in ��he coming yeais. Onjjjfl. wide, which is the width-of  McKee Creek" a hyHra'ii'lic" plant'''the vein o'f'the Engineer's' Mine*on  will be at woTk---by 'next '-July -ton j Taku-/ Arm, -'and .the ore-���shows  property which.is: ow*-e/A and, will [assay..values ranging from .^0  per  OKKICB:  Atlin, K.  ing;*.:. \  a 'G*  .'������N'orA.nY'i'u��r.ic.  - Cur'iiee.of Third Mini Pearl Strnet,  C,   opposite Govfirmnfnt liuild-  ��,,     A.1I Ui'liln of mining-pnpei-s, inucle out ���  ,���:SevpriU  yeu'r-,'  pl-uoticiil' cxppi-ioiicc.���  -.:    .���'���'-.o'F^ICE OF H.'MVi CUSTOMS.  Vancouver General   Store.  ���Carrie's A'pulllineof  ��� general merchandise  '.- r.- *    _        ... A. S. Cross & Co  "1 ,-- -'   lat. Street Atlin.  Notice  is   hereby   given   that in.  virtue of the   Act of the   Dominion  <   ,4 ' ' "1.  Parliament,    63   and   64    Victoria,  Chapter  103  and Chapter   104, tne,  name  of. the   Merchants  Bank of  Halifax will-be changed to  a  lie worked bv tlvNimrcd Syndicate! ton   upwards.    Besids  these -more  of London'^' TCiigland." There" are j valuable ores; "'t'bere'is' au: immense     _  other places.-loo. wliere: it is-tf&pec-Jqoamily of lowrgrade-.'.ore.   all bf jKinest o.t.liqnqr.-i.  TREEHOTEL.  . *' -! ������ discovery; -B; .c  WheiVyo'u'coni'e.'to Discovery take  " .'shelter.upder. tlie'lfee."'  Good, stabling.  The;Royal Bank-  of Canada"  rom   and   aftei   the   second day of  January, 1901.  ' I*/ L. prasi-:-.  1 Cieneral Mauiiger."  Halifax. 1st November, 1000.  (iife  ^1  i-nwnv.-i'ftiw*  .1 itf-i A i<tut.W "UfaJUJJ't 1 -  2^.W.^3ICirX.7.!i*K'^.5*rm^,---3��^^^  ���ygflSSJ'S'fflr.TCa'  i"^:!7*ra��-KraKnvn*si*wrTTn**fl^^ -^.w. 7^  ATLIN, B. C, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22.  I  li  h  ���r<  which will be ultimately worked as  wages and the cost of living  decrease. It is not merely gold ore  which is found throughout the enormous territory which is tributary  to our railway; but as -before  , stated, nearly every known mineral,  especially, copper.  .  .   ���  '"Valuable corner ore has also  been discoveied in -everal,places in  the Atlin district. . . . The country  i-i yet iVi i'.s infani'v; but ,1 heads  enough can bt *<een to warrant tbi.-  contident anticipation thai before  many years the production, of gold  and cop *er ore throughout the,-territory^ tributary lo our railway will  equal that of any*' country" \\\ the  world.", ' ,.    ,'  THE- STAMP' MILL"'  The Stamp mill belonging to the  Ximrod Syncjic.ite has been''moved  to Monro Mountain ' and is nosv  ready for work. The dismantling,  removal and erection of'this mill  in the short neriod of three weeks  verier*Is 'great credit on- the*-S*yudi-  cil-*'s cergetic superintendent,--Mr.  R.   D.   reatherstonhai'gh*  Last Wed'ie-daX-V mail" brought  I o - * 1 r I'.. 1; I j r I' 1 iy. ad n .fw3 "of the  sudden death ,ef his brother Mr.  Walter Hirschfeld, who was"'buried  from ihe. Masonic Temple, in San  Francisco-Mhe 8th ;i.st.  His demise was greatly regretted  by   -his      numerous    friencls     and  acquaintances and  we deeply  sym-  -p'athise svith his brother Mr. A.   C.  Hirschfeld. . - - ���  \*r Clere, who left berejast month  f-*f Paris, was induced to .entertain  a proposition to buv stock' in:the,  Engineer^ Group He left for Seattle  and ssired his principals-re the proposition, they promptly wired money  and. Mr Clere returned to Skagway  where he purchased a'block of slock  i 1 the Engineer Group.  Air Clere, who is an expert raining  - engineer came here to examine the  'Lunare property on Boulder Creek  and to-fike up other concessions he  approved of. He has secured'seserai  \ ery valuable options, it is therefore  to be expected that more French  capital will be invested in oiircamp  thanks to Commissioner Graham  for his kind gift of a* cabin which  bas been moved on to the ice, and  to Mr. Smith of the Hotel Metropole  for a stove.  Below is appended the names  composing the two'teams. t  N. Sawers \V. li. 1 inder T. I.e  Cappellaiu J. L. Wallace J. Fall  J. I-L.Gilhrd.  F. Gorrell A C. Moffat Hen Nicoll  K. 10, Me "sonzic C. Bourne Rev. J.  I^'inRicT.^LriVlc Feels-.,  Me Fecly's side won ,by one goal to  nothing. Judge Woods efficiently  perl'orured lhe;duties.of-referee and  lack Bvrom acltcd as timekeeper.  ���c����*��*o*������*cf*a*w*i��*o*aw*��* *osa*K<*s^o*a^^*o*��r**->*2*o��  THE  J, S�� Byrorn,  1  '���    '    - '    i> Managing Proprietor.      ��  '���flfo-*o*o*o*��*��*����o*v^'?*o"Cf*��:* ������' ��***c>*a<��o*c^^^<*o<s*a*c��*>c*  ..WHY.   ATLIN      WANTS   ',-  '���     '    T'l-Ili   m'int.'  Because Atliu is the-centre of the  greatest gold producing belt on  earth - or hopes io be': -  Because the Klondike. Omiueca,  Cassiar and Cariboo gold fields are  all tributary to Atlin; barring railroad connectio:'.  Because the ' Atliu Board of  (.fade wont take up the. matter and  petition the Governor General in  cou'licil as requested.  Because we wont ship our gold to  Vancov'ucr, or have it coined at all  if we don't get the mint.  Because Jim. Russell swears we  shall have the mint or he'll bust the-  Government.    "  Because we want it, bar the  Board of Trade  '   ��� ;' For fine views and, Photos go to ~  ' ��� ������������'������ ���-.,-Films, Plates, Etc. for sale. ���*. ��� '  .  ; - 1st. and Pearl'Streets.  ���'    '      Atlin b/c   ���;"      -:   '*  U -    ' '   I  OLfa ��� ga_       ���       e  BUILDER  AXD  ESTIMATES" GIVEN" ON  ALL  KINDS OF WORK.  PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS  A  SPECIALTY.  BRICKS FOR SALE.  PO'NT"R A PTOR       QFFtGIEs    Third Street, Atlin.  ^"^^ ^ NEXT TO CHURCH OK   KNGLAN**   .  FREE BOWLING ALLE1  7  SKATING   RINK.  The inhabitants of Atlin wilL be  much gratified to know that a ska-  ting rink has been opened , and  judging by .the number of -people  interesting themsels-es in the matter  it bids fair to be a great success."  A hockey match is the drasvingcafd!  for New Years day, to be followed  by a pyrotechnic illumination of.the  rink and ascension of  fire-balloons..  Prof. Barnes, late of the Hanlan  Rink of Toronto, teaches skating  daily and guarantees proficiency in  ten lessons. Terms on " application  at the Rink.  HOCKEY    MATCH.  On Wednesday afternoon' a'hockey  match   was   played-  between.? sides  chosen by J.H.Gillard and F.E.Mc  Feely.    From a scientific   point of  view, the game showed little merit,  but was an excellent exhibition of  oi brute force and utter ignorance;  it consisted- chiefly  in'a series vof  scrimmages    wherever   .the   puck  happened  to be,   and looked more  like a whirlwind of feet,'clubs', heads  a lid skates'   than it-1 hockey1 nbfateh. j  Hitherto, the mortality in thec'aihp '  has been insignificant,   but   with a  similar game only once a week,-' sve  give the tip gratis, there should  be 1  a first class opening for an enterprising undertaker.  We should suggest that the play-.  ers pay a little more.regard .to  the  rules, and when scouring the woods j  for a club, choose one- suitable  for  the game for which, it is- intended, ;  and less as if they where going to!  take fencing lessons with an ourang.  outang.  The ladies of Atlin ��� tender- their  VENDOME BAR,  ATLIN B. C.  ^Affin Lumber & fining) Co.  ���i. *������-*���    - ; ��� .    '    '.._..- '  .:������*--<-        E. G. Tennant   -   - -   -*   Manager  Lumberio^ in al! its Branches  Branch Office at Pine.  C. DOELKER, -." ���  FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.    .    .  Game   in   season and   home    made    Sausage.  Fish,  Cornkk   First   and    Pjcarl   Stj-j'kts.  The latest. Stock  Exchange joke  is'worth rcci>rdi 11'g.  Here it  is;   Kruger   is' dead   and  De Wit ' has'  been   captured;    but  Both'���a ( are )lies.  We are indeed sorry to' have to  -announce the very sudden ..death of  Mr.Godfrey, or as he was more' familiarly knosvn Alec.  As is generelly known, Mr.'-Godfrey hft Atlin at a moments notice  for Dawson going down the-'river  in a scow and taking- his stock with  him; little did we in Atlin know as'  we wished'him Godspeed that we  should see his face -no more, and  when the svires brought the news of  his death from pneumonia at -Dawson City last Monday, we could  hardly realize the situation. ;   ���  It was well ;kn6,wii by')Ar,,:C>bd:.  fray's closest friends  here  that  he']''  deeply felt leaving our city, for- he!'  had a firm conviction that its future  was. bound to be a- bright one,'.and  we all felt  at   the time Atlin was  losingone of its  best   friends'.'and j '   j*^ ^ on all the princi-  most pushing .business men. '������:���'.       -.- , ,. ,,      '    .L  ,  Mr. Godfrey was .a -man,  -/who | Bal- R����,Ls.'"   b�����i*,   (he   United  when he was ,\vifli us,' had the 'con- i State's awl-' Cannda.  fideno**'of ihe public.without excep-   : ..' \.     "���   -'.  .���ion  ana   had - lli*.^remained  w'ould 1 ;���.,*.    . ��� .  ..if been' lor^-l' into 'public life- as J'JySSAY. OFFICE  a m.unral-. conj-ei'picnce."' ���      '; ���, . "V ���      y .;'���/'' ��� ;  ' l.\'c. aif- Mite  that' -we -voice' tbe j ^  CO.. ^hC TiON        .  fe-rliiigs of.lh'* people ue're'wheri sve  - ...     ��� i-or ��oi.n t;ust oxi.y.  express Our deep sympallvyvfor' his. y~' ,.<   ���������-������     ��� ������'���-���  :md young family. .._���       .;       ������������-���  Canadian Bank...  ...of Commerce  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  Gold. Assavko,  PlJRCHASl'I)   OK   TAKKN  ON.  Co.vsig XMKNT.  G. Iv. Hayks.  .1. G. (Jokxei.i,.  rmmi - not  Discovery:  OPEN DAY AN*D .NIGHT.  ��� KIRST-CXASS .RESTA.URANT  IN.    -   ���   :  CONNECTrON.-'  -  llr'iiilf|iiiii-tcrs for HiilVrnT X PhrrottV <tii^e-  irT"IRKLANl.) HOTI5I,, .,  ���'���    ' '   I'-IK.ST 'STRKIiT, :!ATLIN..  J,' KIUKLAND, .-"Managkr.  First-class dining room       ,   .    ��� '  And. Elegant'Sleeping Rooms. ATLIN,    B.   C,   SATURDAY,   DI-CE.M HEK  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Church of l'lijrluiicl services will Up held  ot corner Truinor and Third streets on Sunday at II a. in. and 7:111) p. in.  St. -Andrew's Presbyterian Church hold  services in tin*. A. H. Hall, Second Street.  Morning service at 10::l0; evoiiiiijrservi��-o7:30.  Sunday School at the close of the morning  service.     Rev..I. l'ringle, Minister.  One of this host articles for good health is  ii wholesome loaf of bread at 12 cents, and a  ilrst-eluss meal for fill cents at the' "Mom-fir  Bilker v. ' ''"'  The yearly subscriptions of $5',' for  ��� the Atlin Claim, are now due,- and  the local  supporters' will be 'called  upon very shortly.  -     _ ;J>   ���'"  r\   Let her' go Oallagherl-wired' (Jim  ''���Russell).our futur.e;mayor, we wish  him a pleasant trip' and   a  speedy  return/  Mr Duriefwon first prize at the  Kdotenay Hotel .raffle;.we- understand that his friends are invited  to eat the turkey and drink the  wine.  For a. .good steel range, go to  Jimmy Regan.  Mr. J. S. Byron* is with us again  after an extended tour to Europe,  his- continental excursion included  Paris and "the Exposition. He made  a loi.g sojourn in the gay Capital;  Jack has lots to narrate if you can  get him started,but prefers not to  have his adventures' published.  Glad to have you back;there is no  place'like Atlin,,after all. eh! Jack?  It is encouraging to see the  confidence in   Atliu   and its   future  as  shown by the. leading mercantile establishment Iilackett & Co.    They  state their business for the y^ar just  closing will undqubtably double that  in-1'8'99, ar.d they  are looking   fcr-  -ward'to a more "extensive trade  in  1901.'  They, are"'ma King extensive  internal improvements in their store  and   contemplate  still; further im-  '' provemenls in the way-of extra space  to accomodate their rapidly increasing business, this is" all fur the good  of Atlin and   shows enterprise  and  confidence worthy of imitation.  Mr Olive obtained the contract  for fixing up the. new Atlin Claim  offices. They are undoubtedely the  finest in the North.  For blacksmith 's coal, iron, pick  steel and drills go to Jimmy Regan.  Mr James1 A. Johnson from  Weldon, 111.,one of the pioneers of  the camp, has returned from a prospecting trip near Vancouver Island.  His partner in the prospecting trip,  Mr. Jim Adams, left for England  where he will try to float a company  to work' some dredging leases on  - Otter Creek, Atliu.  from  Wasted sympathy. Did you have  turkey for dinner to-day?  No mum. '   -  Oh,you poor little chap!  Here ^s  a quarter for you.  Tanks lady. We're goiu' ter have  our turkey fer supper dis year.  , Dr.Troughton   returned   from   a  ten   days  hunting trip,  we understand that he is loaded svith g'Jme.  , ���     >  Mr Hinchcliffe and wife  crossed  the lake from Taku yesterday stayed over night and returned this  'morning, they intend to open* itp',at  once the Golden Gate Road Mope.  At the Church of Eugtfiucfa midnight service will be held on Christ-  '  �� ' r      **' '  mas Eve.' Hymns suitable for the  occasion will be sung.  ' The annual Pin Pool. Pool  and Billiard tournaments are now  being played off, at the Ko��..tenay  Hotel. Prize winners will be giveji  in our next issue. .;  SPORTING    BLOOD.  Ephraim Geehasv (of Hay Corner, complacently)���"I knew how  the fellow must have felt that bust  the bank at Monte Carlo."  Si Oatcake (shocked) ���" You  hain't been playin'vcheckers fer  money, hev you, Eph?"  Eohraim   Geehavv���" No;   but,  1 r  b'gosh! I put "bennies in a slot  machine svhen I was in tew town,  yisterday, till the gol darn shtbahg  wouldn't gis-e down no more gum."  CUMMINGS & RICHARDSON  See our bargains.  Making  room for larger  stock.  Complete line in Gents Furnishing Boots and Shoes.  Prices to suit the times.  .First St. Atlin.  IKI". GlI.l.KSl'IK.  Prop.  Waltkk, Blaikii* Mgr.  Finest  Wines, " Liquors .and   dinars.  Furnished Rooms by the Day,  ��� ������    Week or Month.  WANTED   EVERY   MAN  in Atlin and Discovery to know that Mrs. Ware cleans,  mends,  makes  and refits all kinds of gentlemens  clothing at her Tailor  "'Mr W. B. finder  returned  Victoria last Tuesday." ��� '-  "Go to'Ciimmings'&'Richardsou's  for   gei ts' ' furnishing,   boots   and  shoes. ' ''  '  - The people 0! Pine City will held  their Christmas festival in Mac-  donald's Hall '011 Christmas Eve.  They a re-sparing no efforts to make  it surpass their entertainment of last  year and that is saying a good deal  The creeks   will   be  depopulated j sj���  on that evening and the  contingent  of visitors   is   assured   of a ' hearty  welcome and good treatment.  On Wednesday night there will  be a Christmas Tree entertainment  in the old A.'B; Hall, Atlin,,,'���  Puck.  Our Local Hop.  , On Wednesday the 14th. a ball  was given by the Darce Committee  at the Grand Hotel and was a great  success; there were several ladies  and gentlemen from Discovery and  all seemed to appreciate the efforts  of the Committee and the management, of the hotel.    . _ .   .  The next dance will, be held on  New Year's Eve,   commencing    at  S.30! Gentlemen $2.00,  ladies free"  Come early and avoid the rush.  notice  Notice is lieri'liy {riven that tin application  will he made to tlie Legislative Assembly of  the Province of British Columbia, at. its  next session.for an Act to iiieorporuteucom-  pany with power to construct, equip, operate  and maiutuiti a railway of standard or narrow guage to be operuted by steam electricity  or any other motive power, for the currying  of passengers and freight, from a point at or  near the juction of the Chilc-at and Klahiui  River: thence westerly along the Kluhini  River und northerly in the general direction of the Dultou Truil, some point not less  than five miles from the Provincial boundary  in the District of Cassiar, Province aforesaid;  and build and operate tramways in connection therewith: with power to construct,  operate, and maintain branch lines and all  iiec-ssar.v bridges, roads, ways, ferries, and  other works: and to build own and maintain  wharves and docks in connection therewith  and with power to build, acquire, own, equip  und maintain steam and other vessels and  boats, and operate the same on any navigable  waters within I he Province ;and with power to  build, equip operate und maintain telegraph  and telephone liucb iu connection with the  said railway und branches; and to geHerute  electricity for supply of light, heat and power, und for all and every other purpose mentioned i n Sect ions 8(1,81,82, and 811 of the' Wator,  Clauses Consolidation Act, I8U7, " and to do  everything necessary and incidental to the  carrying out of all or any of the objects ref-  ferred to in the said sections; and to'build;  own and maintain saw-mills; and with power  to expropriate lands for the purposes of tho  company, and to acquire lauds, houses,  pri\ il'-gt". or other aids lrom.any ("overii-  uient, iniinii-ipul corporation, or other  person or hodies;and to levy and collect tolls  from all parries using and on all freight pas-  g over, any such roads,'railways, tramways, ferries, wharves and vessels owned or  operated by the company and with power to  make traffic or other arruugemeiuts with  railway, steamboat or other compuuies;-aud  for all other usiiul, necfcssury oi: incidental  right-, iiowt-J-ii or privolegeH in that behalf.  Dated at tho City of Victoria H. C this IStli.-  day of October. I9J0, '      ���  ..JOHN.   ntV.-N(".'-  '���  Shop on Second St., first house south of the Hank of Con merce,   ,  t  also Dress making and machine stitching neatly done.    .  Kee|> your Eye on tfois SJMce  for  $oa{��$  ML EFoIeij,  ���FINE  JOB  AT'  THE  I-KIN TIG  NOTICE is here by given that iu one month  from date..I intend applying, to the Chief  .Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria  'B."C, to;piH-chuve 1120 acres of laud at the  mouth of Hear Creek west side of the Chileat River. District oT Cassiar, 80 chain'! long  ��� by 40 chains w ith;, initial pp-.t is on an island  .in the Chilkat River.  Dated  this    sixteenth  day of October.  ���1WI0. at Hear Grnek M. C. -  JOHN IRVING,  Locator.  NOTICE is hereby given that in one month  from date I intend applying to Ohoif Commissioner of Laud and Works, Victoria il'C,  to piii-chuM- 820 acres of Iuiiri.,~6itiiute at the  mouth of Bear Creek, District of Caissiar,  B. C,, 811 chains in length liy 40 chains wide.  '��� The said land is '.situate an the Kast  side of the Chileat River:.Commencing from  near mouth Rear Creek, initial post is on an  island iu the Chileat River.  "Dated this 8th.;-day' of October,  MM', at  Bear Creek JJ..C.  -���  ROHliRT PATRICK,  ���' " Locator.  CLAIM.  v^lV>^vy*^l^y*���vM��^VlAvvvvvyv  *.*vvwvwwwvvw*M^v*/-/*m��  THE EXCHANGE.  To   -make ��� room   for a   large  spring stock.coming over the ice:  ���   The. Exchange will have a  clearance  sale  -of all  winter  goods,  commencing next Monday.  20., dozen   German   socks  $0.65  formerly .#1,25 _,    _. ..  ���   ,',o.i dczeu .German    socks $1.00  formerly $1.50. .���,,..  All goods accordingly.   ���  The vBank = of - British = North; America  listablished in 1J-8H.   lneorp<iratcd by Royal Charter.  Paid Up Capital   .------   $4,866,666  :������    ���     JKkskrvk Fund   -   - $1,581,666  London Office: 3 Clements Lane, Lombard Street, E. C.  Head Office in Canada:      Montreal.  H. Stikkiwan, General, Manager.  - Branches-Iii all the principal cities of.Canada, and agents in New York,  San Francisco. Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago, Etc,  :���'���'������������- yy.--:,- GOLD DUSTa  <i  m  M  1  V'STf  ,1  ;*as^^W"*wwwt��Mw:a.-r  ..u.     (-*  t-mwupiwnr-t *,*iFMil*,n> uir"   -*ntw ���wuxrawMc r  T'3?  ��� II


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