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The Atlin Claim 1904-12-17

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 'I     JAN 3-1905      ���S'li  (^^M^  1  ?    JAN 3 _ 1905  %\  m.  r.  VOL.  ii.  ATLIN,   B. C,   SATURDAY,     DUCEMBlvR    .17,     '1904.  2%  Mining News.  Records of the WV.ek.   ,  W. C. S. Hiithorn recorded a  year's' assessment work on " Isabella " and "Barbara" mineral  claims. Boulder Mountain.  The Eugene Group.  The second years' assessment  work da us. been completed on the  Eugene Group of mineral claims,  ���situate about 2}4 miles worth of  Atlin. A solid vein of highly  mineralized quartz has been uncovered, and- indications are .of  the best for the prospect of a good  iedge being found. The work done  ���is ina tunnel, commencing with a  vein of about four inches, which,  up to the present, has developed  into a vein .of nearly two feet wide,  ���of free milling-ore. TJie group  consists of three claims, owned byj  Messrs.'Conley, Rorkeand Dunlop,  who intend making a trial ship-!  Eient Hi tbe near future. v They  will open up tke property as "soon  as practicable.  War News.  Ivondon, Dec.. .14th :j���A Tokio  despatch states tkat an afficer who  feas returned from tk<e army before  Port Arthur says that the delay  observed in the Russian preparations for gathering the dead during  the armistice showed a scarcity of  available men in the garrison.    .  St. Petersburg,- Dec. 14th':1���A  ipopular' anti-govermaent demonstration by a large number of students of both sexes begani yesterday and lasted two. hours. "Hundreds of jpolice and mounted gendarmes wlmo were \u ��� the courtyards of tine public buildings  emerged suddenly and charged the  crowd at full gallop, driving the  demonstrators, in confusion and  screaming with terror, into adjacent  streets. Fifty persons were more'  or less severely wounded. Large  numbers have been arrested. The  demonstration was planned by the  Social Democratic Labor Party, to  demand an immediate end of the  war and the convocation of a national assembly.  St. Petersburg, Dec. j5H1 -���The  general   staff is  satisfied   with the  -military situation in Maiuchuria,  being convinced that Japanese have  reached their tide. A high official  says the Japanese cannot endure  the extreme cold.    Russian  troops  .are piling up behind Mukden. Kur-  ��patkin will have half a million  men in three armies, sufficient'to  turn Qyaina's jxxsition at Shakhe  River and force the Japanese  back  into Korea.  See ike Christmas'.stock of Per  fumes, Brush .and Comb Sets, Toys,;  ���etc.,.at C. R. Bonnie's.  Discovery Skating Rink.  Discovery Skating Rink will be  ready in a Jew clays for the public.  The building, .55 x 11.5, is almost  completed. Flooding was commenced, en the 15th iust. IWsoov-  ery is to be congratulated on ber  enterprise en carrying out such an  up-to-date rink., The boys on J he  creeks, 'Spruce Creek especially,  were not bnckwrwl with Uxeir help  in bringing the building to completion. To see Iwbw ixnany of them  could iiMamipulate ia seeing ma-j  chine, would, bring similes to thei  fair ones who are looking .for a  handy on an around bonne, TJie  large stretch of'caun-vass it has'batoen  to cover the Rink neqjiLiired atoout  one mile <a>�� sewing, but patience  and perseverance brought its reward when it was' placed' .��n the  roof. The managing oaiumittee  are using every endeavor to make  the skating sea-son -ii successful and  merry owe. Tickets can" be had  from  Mr- Hairy Brown., secretary.  Latest  News,  London, Dec.' 1.5tlu :���Cambridge  defeated Qx.(��vd m footballing ate h���  three to on<e.  Dallas', Texas, Dec. 5.5th:���Con- j  federa't'e^Veberans voted 'down reso-'  lutiou   for  tendering  invitation  to  -Roosevelt to Visit Texas.  Reinbeofc, Iowa," Dec 115th :--  Robbers entered the post office, this  place, and sto2e $2,500-  ���        -^.i^ .  Washington.! D. C,~Dec. 15th: ���  The Supreme Court decidtes case of  Western Union vs..-Pennsylvania.  RallrWl a gams! theTelegrapn Co. |  Seattle,  Wash., Dec. isfli :���Secret service ,'agents  complain   that  local police nn-rkeno effort to assist J  them in   apprehending bill  raisers  and other crirhiimls.  Japan had only one iiewspaptr  25 years ago* nov." slie has over  two thousand. ��� ...  "Atlin    Studio.  Nearly  400  Atlin   Picture   Post  Cards went through the Post Office  during the   past   few   weeks ��� each  one a little ad. for Atlin.  ��� The Atlin Studio  will   turn   out  1,000 more before- many weeks.  They are always in season..-  - Photos, of citbir-s and underground pictures- have "been made  for many of the. boys on Spruce  Creek, and- the Atlin Studio Inns  received jnore   orders. Prom   that  creek-        ���....-....  We shall-visit Pine, Gold.-Rim  and Boulder Creeks after the  Christmas holidays  . |.  Al,FKIil) CARMJCWAiKI.,  .'���Save fuel���by "going to J. D.  Dune's-far Door and Window  Weather Strips.  .'"*'.  ATLIN    GOLD    FIELDS,  .InwriNVJHDj]  Th  iFaurua.  Tbe'coun'tiy.vnit'he' Atltin, Teslin anil Bennett Districts affords unlimited opportunities-to ths sportsman;ar��d tourist.    It is "beyond  dispute  that  imi tlkese umimolested itr-aots  of mionntaiii, valley and lake, ,  thene .is ;one of t<be finest game belts to be foirnd lin .Northern  Canada.  Fish, 'birds, game, large and small, .amd  fur 'bearing animals, .abound,  and ijiiFCfrven .found witihin easy reachof tlhe town-of .Atlin itself ; anfl  at no lime waad tlie sportsman be beyond theireach.of telegraphic com-  "  munication -with the outside-world.       'On t'he iPacific *waters3ied,'tlie *  rainbow trout, imalma, salmon and -grasping  are found, -while   in   the  streams  and' lakes  of the Yukon   slope, pike,, namakush, "grayling,  white-fish and  cisco  abound.    The  large lake trout are "often taken  c.  witih %'ifflr spoon and afford good  sport.    They attain ig.reat -weight,  varying from 5 lbs. to 35 lbs.  5J5t.all Game.  Amongst the game birds are the ruffled grouse, fool-lieu or  Franklin grouse, sharp-tailed .. grouse and dusky grouse:; on the  mountains are found' three varieties of ptarmigan:: the -willow ptarmigan., white-tailed and lock .ptarmigan. In -tlte autumn, when these  birds' are changing to their winter plumage, tihe ..mountain sides appear in places so white with the .birds as itso resemble .patches of snow-.-  IThese binds make very excellent shootiijg, tilleir -habits ;aud fligltt  being simitar to the grouse of t)he .English and Seoltish micors. In tlie  winter they feave thedr ttuauiirtain haunts :and frequent the lower hill  sides and willew flats, estoept it'ke luac-k ptanmigau, whioh invariably'  stays high ir.p. Ducks -of gnea)t, yanjebj' .and number, -goese,' swan, .  plover,, sn-ipe-aind waders innuimer.able, ame' visitors, to this District  when migrating-to-anwi from.tfiieir. breeding igFOunds.iu Uie -vast and  silent Noctb.     . ^    ���  Big    Gckths.  The fiordly.mipese has^iiis.pereiianeiit home:in" tilie 'wdotled "valleyc "  And on ttih-e aaKnuntain -slopes <of tbts-coumtiiy.- Xv very where,' sigms-d'f  his presenoeiane to be found, a-Mdl except in the "rutting" season or  when pursued in the deep snow., he is cuost wa'13-and-difficult ���of.ap-'  pcoadh.    Caribou -are also plentiful in certain  .parts' -of the iJBistrict.  .Beai:, black,' browni and grizzley, noaini tlie Wibole JDistrict but-afemiosl  plentiful at tibe south end of Atlin L-a-ke, in the neighborhood  of the"  Glacier;,-'.and ��an T��resa Island, opposite/libe'town, in "the" inihiediale  vicinity, while great  numbers  abound iii the  Teslin  and   Naginati "  Valleys.   Other fur-bearing .animals found are: lynx, 'wolf, wolverine,  land-otter,   fox   (red, felack,   cross,   silver  gray); .marten,   fisher-and  erjmine.    Goat and mountadnsheep abound on 'most 'of ithe miountain  ranges.    Of tJie latter,, there<are two kinds found in .this .District, tbe  ���ovis'fanini aixd the ovdsdalli.    Tiie flesh of these animals is  equal  in  flavor to that of tike -beist mutton of the domestic .sheep.    .Facilities aie  at hand in Atlin"for outfit-tiing buuters, and .pack animals .and  guideK  are procurable at very neasonaMe .rates.    The .accommodation  at the  hotels in Atlin .and Pine CH3- iseqiuil to thatof older cities, and board,  etc., correspondingly reasonable.    Jn .addition  to the accommodatior.  furnisLied by tbe betels, there is in Aitlin a .haiidsccne, up-to-date Club,  which will be found a great iboct-i to tourists, sporlMiien and visitors.  Free   "Miners'   Certifioatss.  The naiiiiug laws of British Columbia are very liberal in their  nature and compare very favorably with those of any ot'hec- j^irtof tbe  world. The terms under whidi botb lode amd placer claims sare 4ickf  are suck tbat'the pmospector is gneady encouraged in >his work, and Hk  titles,, espcciailly lor mineral claims and hydraiulic leases, .ai.e absolutely  perfect. The fees required to be paid are as small as possible, consistent with .a proper administration of the .mining .industry,-and art  inaucli lower tlian those of other Provinces ��� of Canada ar the uiineraO  lauds under Dominion: control. Provision is .also made Pjr tihe formation of Ktiuing partnerships, practically without expense, ameba party,  of niineis is enabled to Lake advantage of these parts -of Ohc Acts.at;-!  work their claims together without the trouble or expense of ifdraring-  a joint stock oocnpffliiy. Amy pers-cni .over tbe age of eighteen and an*:  joint stock company cniay obtain a free miner's ���certificate on the pay-  ���luent of llierecuiired lee. Tbe lee. to an individual fer a free aaainer'vi  certificate is ^5.00 for one )"ear:; to a joint stodk co'upaiiy, Qiaving 1 ���  capital of 45��00,ooo or less, tlie fee for a year is .$50.00 ; if capitalized .  bevond this, ^100,000. The possession of this oertif?cate entitles' llie ���  holder to enter on all lands of the Crown, or other kinds on which the  rigkt to so enter is otherwise reserved, and prospect for minerals,  ��� locate .claims aaid mine, peases of us��occupied Cronwi laaids a��ay list  j errauted by the Lieutenauit-'Governor v.\ Council aijxwi rccani?iiea>Aati.oK  e     Atlin      Skating     Rink I ��{- ^^.034 Commisdoner of the  IMstriet, after locatjotn, fey plying-a  Opens  To-Day���rSaturday. I cjral post at each comer of the ground a.ppE5��l for.  ��r... ujc ro.N'U'j.vrxiki  ������;;- '(i ■*:'«,
ATI^N,';;.©:;  C.,';;;.,;SATU;RDA^', ''DKCI;;MBERj;:;r7, ■ vr9o4'
'1.1'h A. I UN OLAJAl 13 pu«i.iRm:o,cvi:nv Saturday
■     M o n l-l I n cr.     mailcd/rncc/.To .Ar.'v   njinr or TH.:
'.. wotiLR  ro'ii so   cchts , pnn .MoMTn:...3.Ci.oo ' i»cn
w.cr.n.     Anv.nRTiGl»r. matizw: ^.i.no pr.ii ihchca'ch
:,      SKticiA L nftTrs on. aphlication, •/
■;;•'■;        ..- .)»;'. i'KilsTiNii:;     r,:; ; '
ni li.-Htrnnr;, postchis,     .-..     vt'jtTiric carob
UTTCn-HEAO'j,    .  ,',.•    r-nCCHAMMCS.       LT C.,   I'-TC.
..//..'' onocnn   phomptlv ■ e/.ccureb..  ' "■"
-.r     '-     '■ PH1C.LC   'mOHCHATC;    .' :. . . 	
■"'in.: Ati.in: Claim   I'miiiisiiinc Co.
A.. C. Ill KSCUI'K l.ll,-, I'.ltO.l'UlKTlJ H... ■-■-.-■,: ,...::
,'.. ./'.:' ■■•':■'  ''.v.'...'       .1 <y»i Krt-;Sia'if>80N^.\l,tx;Aiti?!t:
-."■.-.•-.■;■/'It--is iio\y so me- seven -years since
:rthe-reports xjf. gold 'discover.ies.in
■ the >\tlin^Gotuitry;"atii'acted;-tVie:at-
yteution'; of the ..."outside -"..world,'.-' and
;/ the '-white.'..-; ma n.'SvitlriJii is ■; civilized
"ways;, broke^ iiVtoV antlitransfprnied
Van hi'ther.Lo .wild pr.inoui;:tuius and
; swamps;, aiVto.;"; aii;;riuhab,ited: yand'
... thriy-i.iig" /District:; v. '-•■'■■ _.; .
: '•'■■;There are still' some, few reniai'n-
■ing.'ki:the;Caiup-who- can recount
1 the difficuLties and vd an g.env/which
;',then luid, to- be:-faced, ,but uqt'/very
y:.inany.. ;-Slost of"vis" know! Only' the
v;;\ybite,vPa.ss .& Yukon .Route,; with
./its easv road and.'coniifortahle steam-,
''.:;e'i'S;,;;a'iid;i\yiew'ythese'''dil5cuit'ies over
.■ ■which -the? pioneers 'plodded '''from'!
the seat-in; the car or/?f aif; of/the.'
;steaiubpat..-}^.; ..;„■;' :;■;.-'' ;'".'■ u':"":■■:
ryin "tbeVsummer of '99,\stag,e  bv
stage,.the,road .bad been;carried'as.
;far;; as..; Bennett,. and/later,::.tb   Gar
Cross; ;.(Caiibqu, .iCrossiugj;,; wherg;
,;'is'thevjinictidn7at-.-wriichV',..the.. Atlirr
"traffic'"-'fcr.iniectsVh'f- rait with.»tht;
-sea port of Skagway.- ..This is well;
known ohistpvy to. the   n.iajpnty of
■',qur popukitidn, ancb-as".-Iong ;as the;
'•.summer   lasts ".. a.nd navigation'■:■ is
available,::all is well, as'--far  as ingress and,egress   to   and., from the.
Camp is concerned.   .But when the
last boat has gone and we turn our
thoughts-\-to.-.winter  travel, it is a
very different- nvatter,. more iespeci-'-
ally to  tl".os"e,;who:hav.e to carry ©n
the coiiniiiuiica! ion   with   the  outside." . v' .: .;..  ■■'-...-",    / ■•■:. ., ■. ■■;„' ;...
TUe.satuc  conditrous.   of   travel
obtain '-today,   from   Log-';Cabin, or
Car. Cross to* Atlin,'. as. have existed
siiK:e;Llie Camy  started :. the   sanVe;
inconveniences of winter travel are
;of the Conipa'ss :;(tliaii' -it,, and- other
places, oiv the face of the globe- than
Car Cross and Skagway.       :,;".-.
; A road could.be laid; dowrafroua
AtliiiV using either the Spruce
Creek■;".or ;WcKee;. Creek roads as
part, via: ■-.'T'flie "T>ake:'■■■•'aiidv/Sirye'r'
Saiinon.lo'. the head waters of the.
Taku.-fillet, at ,a ' much less .cost,
with less difficulty and,;eventually,';
shorter than that projected ;to; Car-
Cross a ud Shag way '-,;•'■ t litis ensu ring.
:regular;i!ironglr:;mailii service ;frqtn
the'coast to Aitliii by .wagon'; road,,
'in place.of "the present: ivnlicfu'uted
metlipi-Is; of dog sleighs and .■boats;
'IMie.coiir.se-.fo l>e followed-tt> where
■.'■■■'•   ■ ',...." -■ .■■'.■■■-.■"- . -. '-1-'- ■-.■- ,'■ ■.- ■ - -.
sfea.uibpats;' cPuld;;ni.ake;aviaiidiiig.;
.Vyqiilc! 'be: shorter,t 1 i'a'iv;; from;"A.tliii-.
to-; Car.: Cross^via ALlivi. Kakejthe-
pqrta'g'e ■'■; ai!d;.;^Ioose?rArtn,.;:etc..;
i:vveiv■;fdllpxving; tlis/;, present. wiiicl-
i.iig Indian trail, it.wqukl.l>e.;equalJ
ly..;';'as_. short, as. our: /present; road,
apartiVqiw the fact tha-t  instead-;of
Miayin'g eighty odd miles.,of;:[rail;:?to
traye 1 fdr.ther:.be.fore you;reacl 1 salt
'\yater,';you   are".at the; terminus' of
tlie"pro|>6sed; route—iii'-direct com-:
munication with, the -Juneau steam-:
-ers, thiis ;.r'ediici.ug the freightfates
into our -Gamp- and transferring, (all;
that-;witjiter^trade:; a ud  ti'affic 'vfroiir
Sk a gway:i uto o ui: q\v"h"District'.j;i
:.   This, is- hot the 'firsttimcJuweaAi
lias l>ecu-looked; to. as a;seaport'far
Atlinvv'In ./.'iSaS/iv-Mri/bg'ilvie'r-con-'
tern plated, this -very route/ as; ;road
of7;rai!/ cqmtnunicatiqu; ..:frdm -'/tlje
coast IDaAVson wise.;/;;Np w■■'? that:tli is-
all-iinpottant;;questionS.has /.been
raided, ' so aietHing-^should^beef-;.
fected; before it is a 116 wed-to-a gain
ci-rdp- ''■'■;';. ■ "'/^'; : ■"'-::■'"-■ ■;-;:,::"'::::
:-/'.'..-■- ■',■,'':■.. :-  :   WlivSHK.l) OCT   V.'IIKNYOU: CA.S GETflOdllB ^s'cilEAI'  I1KII15? ■' ■'■•:';-.■ /    ,; /.   .  -
Ailing Nugget and.   Grape  RingsVniirt -iUl kinds: of:-J'uwulrr ixuuiiii.
«■•■'■'''■■     .;, riict.iii'uii im.th'o iii'6misQs..(     ■ , :.,.- t "v;::.     ;/   '-'v'■"':■'"■-."•■ ;■•-.■ -;:.'.. -'/'■■'■"•■
/   Kino  Nc\vV.Stock , of/ \A/atches,CSocks,  Jewelry ;an<l   Diamonds
'.Wiit'clios' fi":6'iir..SS.I)()..iii>.-;•'.-■'■•;'.       "■:.'"/./■:..''.';'':'■..;'■/../-.;-. :^%::''''c '";'/• '■'/■■;..;;;■;,/';■'"■""*---■/
; Siluorwase, Cut Glassj Hahci Painted China,' Souvenir Spoons. ,.
'■/:;;:"--■■■-■■        -,---■ -THE /LATEST,'-styles.-v ;;/;;;;.;"/.■/     ;:/:/y/.y;;r
fiSS^    Goltl    Saal/ Gum   Boots.
will Buy. large: block of; stock iii tlie j;
company.and the,line."will/:be/ ex-;
tended fronV-'cqast.-to, coast;as;sbo!.i .'■:-
as-possibleriV;'fhe Cd-naclriii.'-N'o.rth!-.j-*
ern:;hast:;/au:;/exte;i.siye:-:system mm
Manitoba and i-u,-.the ; Has tern Prd-1
yiiices aiid;.co.ntrols; iiwesiii/puebec
aud-:NoVaScctia^and'is/already',; tiie,
practical to-w!*ier/-:.qf ^several;: -lilies
whicii it-is asking-powertofacqaire
and iiite" lids toconsolidate .and -extend. ■.-■■-■-'tv   .-.-';■■..--"--.-■,.'- ■:-'-'t-,'.'."■:■:,.
'.-'x'i'Tie foMowing/: Sailings'/ are.;-an-;
:nou!!ced;fdn:tlieTinoi.itlY of January;
'.'Amurv";//. ://:0an.;;;iptlf'a)id 25th.;;
'•>-.yFor-furtherJu formation', ap.plyTqr;
write:to.".■-.;■' v H'. /B/ J)unn;-. Agedt;-';- v
-"/-t:-;:";-//^;;-/;/. .:vlSkagway,i Alaska.'/
:/:i.F:ull:;luies/:af-.men'shea vy; tin der-
Subscribers^ to  the^Fire ; De-
v: partrnent, '^Atiin^ B>. C.  ,
.AS.CIjTTf?,   K.   C-:
1 ''It. li. Aiujturxon'' : .
Z Atlin-Ti'utii'11'^ Co.
:! \V. liartriiu:,.. ..,-..
4-.V. ll'uuvis.■•'''.. -■■-'-';.
(i   fci. l-loiiii : '."-'"';';
7   C. 11. lioiirue
S'.'.'A. Bi;-'iiiiu:I> ■;.'• .-"'■.
3 (Jiiiiiiiliiiiiiliiink of. 53 JULrs:-:Pe.ti>i;>v'.:
ru-;ii.-i'j. Pilliiiaii
.55" IL Pinoo.
■1G 'Jl. It. MeDoiiiilil       '
■17 .). W. Mol?ii;liiiio
W I). JluKenzio.   ; .' "' ;
•19 Itoij'wt Miiluje^; -'.'''■
5'J-<J. Diihois Mnso!)
51 J no. Niitli.o.K.;...
52 Jlululosli & IMckfn-
"' SWIl     •       --T-.- ■:    ■  ■
to -be eudu'red, the . suine dangers
coiifrouL the travel Lets, aiicl mail
carriers, the same delays in mail
and express have to be:;borue today
as-seven yeais ago. Two- or three
deaths of oiiv   mail .men, drowned
V,' 1 i o
Gr.uid ll.titvl
is \y. !•:., liuiiiimi
'^'.1 {'.. llurlsliorn
I'll .1. Uasl'^tv,    ,
:ll C«|it. liurlioi'ii
:'2 Mrs. 1,1.1" lining
.".:i a. c. iiir.s-.'iiri'ii!
'.'.1  I), liollanil
:;.'i .1. iimiM-i
:>.) .1. U. .loiiust OH
!'.7  ri. -JollKMOIl '
: :i-, (liM/  A. .lonos
: | !!!i .(. Ivil'kliinil
siiininer co'/er them up, to lie found j -iti t«uh. Kii-iu.-imi
'" '   • I ", .1   |    '     •      , f.      .       ■•■    , . I'-ll .K'.'l'sllHW
again and re-told winter alter winter.. (;, |..ua , ,,„,;,,,>.,
That something should,  be 'tloiw.*'. -ct-Jii.o. !.un;r -
is 1)'..•>•(.)iid" question..   • One .attempt
on duty, cast   a.  deep   gloom
the District ; delayed  lMails  <,
Impatience .and   discontent,
unjustly,   with   the  couriers,
have so niucli to contend.with
yet.  we  have a duty, which-, il
'penly   carried   out,   would   r
Lhese ta>uliU:s in.sU:;.'.! ol ivili
mj the
"      vJonmini'ci;
10 -'A-'v-Curniiiiliiicl
I.'1'.i: (jlirist-iiiit :•.".>
1^1 1.. Coi^'ihiuripijo
i'a O. I'\'Coniuy ,
|.| K. G- DiiiiHXii    ,:
'Ji- Di.xuM Urns,
-ft! 0.■"iVoOlker / '/
17 15uiilap, it. .
tS-J.'DiAi'iu' -'"■■■"
10".fuU's Kjtgvvt
20 — Dr.I" Ke'no   '--
21 Geo. Kimlluy
22 .!. L'uiim.'tt
2:S j.A.-Knmor
21 1». liulu-iu
25 O. K.tioilila..',-.'.
l lie
til rough.
the   repre-
was    uuidc,
suiitatioiis ol our hue: member, i,-o:i-
cuned ivitii th.e-jirnjix'l and a'gn.r;:d.
to do its- share to Iv.i.ild a •.vaj.mi
i:.i;i:l north v:..i '....'.: :<-■ AtUu i,:i!;'.-
;t^isi 'i'ai;isli 'Kiv<.-: .;<• C:r C:'..:-s.
'Piiis. !iu'ive\"r'r, vra-- !ii-^;.,ii-.; ..; pi'..'
Vein b/ the iiovrei:- liiiit Ivu norlii ot
the 6o parallel 'itill we must rc-
mejJilJ>-.:t l.ija.1. there  are. oilier points J
5!i S. H. I'lumlie
157.'Diililip   Wbi-lvK   J)o-
liui'l-iuuiit, Utfcawu
5S J.T. Ueu'iiii;:.'
511 E. liiilil   /:
'.il .>'- lioiiayiiti ,
Ii2. I/. Sttlnilz.':
UTb'.-Sliiciiis,.. :..   /  .-.•"-
(H Sliii'luyUros. ......
f)5.)ioiutv^ Simpson
(it! I'-fffu. Siiii:liiir -
lu.AV.J. Si u it Is   :  ,
US. J. I-:. Spictu-
Till Slulilos'ii; Lunis'.liin
V. VViilIiiuu Ciriniu - 711 1". I.. StiplitMisou
Ti. I>. Sullivan
72 Swi'i't it Siioiii-
'<:!..1. Hola'S
71 .1. '.l.'i'JIinirc
75 IcI.TIiiiin'  ' ' " - '
70 V. Trot i!.'-jmi
77 H. Tiirliin^toii
7.S .1. M. 'i'lii'iiliiill
7'J .1. L'i'iiiiliiii't
■«:i \V. II. Vk-lii'1'.s     .
;»1 1.'. Wv.li.-jtr-i'
Ti': N.G. Wlif.t'llnn:'
H;l.!-I. M.'N. Wouils
SI ..'i>1111-1•.11 WiioiU
MiU'Scis-, .'..5 II. \'i>1111-j-
.! Dr. II. 15. Voiiiw
7 Nort li'-'t'ii    Ui'i....\-iiii^
! 'I A. ' i<-l)iiiiul.'i Giimjuiiiy
i'.S A..K. Mi'D.iiiclil <&   W .Norliii'i'ii   I'owor .t
IC, l.'.i'.-"lli l.ifrlvl (:«ii;iiiiiny.
Plans and Sjiecificntions for-Stenm Shovels', and
Hydraulic plants onapplicstion.
£ / si:;;/XH .E;i bXst^of^-g o o; ds;;:;:-';;";::/
'Dixon'.'■'&.: Sch'u'lz,
E. M. N. WOODS,;;.
Has talien an Office ut Hoora 1, Golil
House, .Di.scovery.. Officii"-.■ Hum's —
'Tiicsiluy's,' 'I'luii'siliiys ami .Siitiiriliiy^i-
from li to S p.m.,.;
.:;;:'Discovery.   /;v.-::.-:'   '
► -»-»-*-*^»-4-*->7*-®
Convenient to Atlin or Discovery.
Notice to Delinquent Co-Owner.
FrRs;r-ci>Ass rkstAurant
v.:"-    CONNECTION. -/■.'.:'. -V
tletuitiwiLi'turs  i'oi* Dixon's stage.'.■"!-
iffl&8aiJ(BeFB2 :~Luriib@B?;.(i2'.oa
i Another
T.can.. - Contin-jnta 1
.   ;5tli:	
'.N!t!i/.i/.;llli;'.l :iircrllt. Ol*   I'iiM'pulit
til is In.'!''.', itfu-r niakini; sin Ln.-.
:!;iL'i:Li...;ii trip over the 'Caiuulian
Nintlicrn Kiiilro-.id.. A liicih o(li-
cial  of Uu:   comniiny savs Moryan
'So C-. A. (is'.iuuAitlJ :— Von iti-n Ikm'cIi.v noti-
lii'd tii'itt iliirins <iiu yi.'iii's 1'Jlil. I'.l()2,l!li.:i mid
11IIM,  I In!  uinloi'sirCiieiV  litis   Rxpuiiiluil  uttiru
lli:i:i$ll!ll,('(l in lulioi' null iiiijjf<ivi!uii>uts i>acli
year  iniMitioin'il  tiliovi'.. imi ,tho  (iui.li Kta'ii
MiniM'al Gliiiinrsil iititi; on llm ivrst sliorc ol
l.illii! Ifuiini>lt, in  ilit> CJir-siin'  llHlrirt, I!. {'.,
in v.-liii'li in in in.': cliiiiii you own uu uniliui.li..:!
Imlt Lnti'i'i'sl us xliown Uy tin; not Ires otLo...|'.-
tion  anil   rri'oi-il   in   till'  uii.niiiK'   :lrrui.-il>, i:!
sniil iliNlrk't.
Tlit; sniil lub'jf ii'.tts- pot-'fouMMciF las. mid  for
I In; iiiiiintil i-i..prt"<...nt;tt iiin of sniil claim lor
llm yours- iiliovu incut ionotl tis re<|iiirt><l by
tin!  milling  lu.ws  of  llrilish  Coltiinliitt,null
Unit $IU0.I)0  lioi.nK llio iiinovnit foiiuiucil lo
liulil soi'ul eltiim Sot; eneli yotir.
Xon uru t'lirt'lter notified Hint; unless- till t\v
(inCoi'i* Vlio expinitioii of HI) tlnys lifter the
il.vst pulilleiition of this notice you uontrilj-
iitas your pro|)ort ion (if such  expeuditui.'u lis.
(!<»-Owuer, to   wit:   llio .sum of $201).(JO, to-
! pother  n ilh   t hn  fists' of   advertising  this
i -iDtii'i.,  your  intcri.st   in  111r> uliiim w.ill lu>4.
: loriciti'il to llio iinilorsi^neil (Jo-Owner, who
luisniude sueh expenditure, null will heuonui
his-proi,iert,y in the manner provided hy Itnv.
I)iileilthisil5th day of Ansrilst, Will.
It.   It. l'HIIKS.
On aiid after the^fd.i of 'April,
1904 and until fuitlier notice the
loliowiiig will be'tlie prices of Iv.um-'"
ber. "-..-'    ' - . .". -
Rough, up to 8inche«, f 40.. .
do-       do      16    ^ ,,-/.-   45. ..'■';
■ '.'.'-. do        do   .'12 "-',■: ,,   ' ■   50.,
Matched, #50.00 '     :
,/S:.l). fe.oo &'I).'D!' $io. extra.
.' 12)^'per cent discount will he allowed for'casli at time of ordering.
Atlin Lodge,' No. 15,
meets second and .faii^th VVetlr.es-
duyti of each nionth, 'at >S n. in., .at
the A'. O. U.YY llloek, -IMiirll Street.
YisHirig' Brothers-'arc cordially'
invited to attend. '
F. W. Itowi.iKd,
Masler Workman.
1,. M. N.'Woona, Reconler. (St.  ATLIN,  B. C, SATURDAY,  Dl-CHMTJER M,  T904  i moo tiers  and  ueneras  Merchants.  Staple   and    Fancy   Dry   Goods,  ' Ladies' and Genl's Felt Slippers^  Ready-Made   Clothing,  We carry a full line of the celebrated Gold Sea! Rubbers and Overshoes-  CiOOllS  DKI.IVI-.HKD   IM.'flMl'Tr.Y OS  Till". CIIKHKK.  Ladies'   Underwear;  iVcer.'s   Underwear,  Boots,   Shoes, Etc.  .oCSr~;';  ���iiwS'fiw^'  is' larger'-, than 'ever and; all at close; -casli prices./  Remember every article we sell we guarantee to be first clas  A. ri. CiiOS:-. Pltl-.f--  CORRESPONDENCE.  ^  P'hc Claim is not ri'siionsilili' lor.view-, i'N-  invsM'd hy t'orrt'spoiulniits.]  A Bushwhacker  in  Our  Midst.  To tin; lid it or A tliu Ohiiin.  Sir :'���- In ,t lie hist  is1- f The  CJItiiiu, wo  notice iiuol lift- hurnne;iic from " Ctiniidiim "  ���Ihistiine  hi! siuns  "Srotty."    Hut, sir, wo  hiivi' him located mill   know  him   to   he oui'  tiiul t hi* sumo nut hot* of  hot li' of  t ho .insults  that hi; has seen HI tn'oowardly Haunt in the  funis of a   few   American  citizens  who  oli-  hitvi'iI   'riiiiiiKsjrivint;'    "ay   in    Atlin,   anil  fiii'tlini',  sees   lit    to  U.'i'ii   in   aniliiisli   ami  si^ns another   lint it inns  iiiiuii'.     Wn  feel il  our iluty  to   further" sluiw 'this   Iiriiiulcss  lnihhwluiclccr up to the publio,fiuil especially  to Mr. Mi;l ntosh of  Discovery, who  was  the  vict im of ridicule iii Atlin nut il hi*, letter appeared.   Since t hou   tho  writer has  located  tin' culprit.    In looking him over,- we   find a  specimen ol  t ho degenerate Ciinadinii tory���  out* ol tho nicliol typo.    Al'iii.wi'   find   h'mi���n  victim of tho cradle accident, having- fallen  out, (if t ho criidlo and knocked'nil the hi'ains  mit   of  his   little,  head.    His,cowardly shots  wiii'i! aimed at a few   youue;.fello\vs in Atlin.  They ai'i: nil citizens of Uncle Sum and UimU;  Samuel issued a proclamation to his citizens  tolling thorn that ho hud .sot apart November  24th to Iks a day of festival and thatiks^riviue,  hy all of tho people oT the  Uuitod  States, at  homo ov abroad, and   recommend  that they  U'ot together devoutly to };ivo  thanks, onto  Almighty  God   for   tho   benefits  conferred  upon  us   as individuals   and   us   n   nation.  Now, sir, after we  Hint  what  Uncle Samiiel  said to us, we thought those words, "at home  or aliroad," meant Atlin also.���otherwise we  would not dare do.so hold a thine; in   Atlin  without the permission oT tho busliwliaeUinc;  tory.     AVe   did   not   commit   tho   crime   of  Haunting our line:, hut instead of the 11 us wo  Haunted  ti   lar^o   iirnoiuit oT roast1 turkey  and  other ;-ootl  things, and  wo-never'felt  any had effect after committing the crime  until after.that bushwhacking tory opened  lire-on   us.   Now',  bushwhacker,   your   all-.|  .land  route,' your S.  A. officers,  your alien  law, are  all rot.   They wore tried  in   Atlin  and found lacking ; they were then pigeonholed for 50(1 years/- I,oiifj before that time  expires. Uncle Sinn will  have the boundary  line up against the  North  Polo.   What will  you do then, bushwhacker.   J  will tfive yo'u  warning-: I.ooU  out'for  thorn  othor youn^r  fellows, thev.n're on your trail and It hoy.are  armed with old rubber shoes.    TF ever'thcy  jret their mud-hooks on  you they will bond  you Ovortheir kudo and publicly spank your  limits, and if 1 happen to he present   I shall  just stand  aloft and luiUoo: Sick'im, tyke ;  siok'im; tykr. '  Tliauiuk'r you   for this space.���X am, sir,  yours truly,  otisin,'we'state that true Canadians  will never feel aggrieved, when, in  celebrating- their national   festivals,  our American  friends  keep .within  the bounds of taste and   yoocl   feeling, and so much the more   if they,  identify themselves as much as possible with the  national   festivals of  the country they are living in. and,  instead of the  intention of returning lb the United Slates when they  have, made their pile  on   Canadian  soil, why not  transfer   their  interests to Canada and . become.-perma-  nent_citizeiis of our,colonial empire.  We should also  like   to   indicate  the use and the abuse o(   the   Correspondent   Column.    It is essentially   for   the  discussion  of   public  questions, and   we   would .suggest  thatcorrespondents avoid irrelevant  personalities and keep to the principles involved.   -'.      '        . ilijDITOR.  Atlin, if- CJ., Dee. 14th, 10C-I.  The Atlin Market Co., Ltd.  c  FRESH   DRESSED   MEATS,   also n  . ,i ��� ...  . ��� i ���"��� - uprrr       ' ��� rn.it ja ,  POULTRY   OF ALL j^NDS,  PlgsMdjtoJ)rder.  C.   DOELKER,. Manager.   :The'- KOOTENAY HOTEL  OPEN   '\OAY   &M@    NS6HT..  THE'DINING-ROOM 13 CONDUCTED   ON   STRICTLY FIRST-  -  CLASS   PRINCIPLES.  Mr.������ Editor. '. ' :     -  - Dear. Sir:���In Kobert MeKce's " Chat with  the luboriiift' men' last week," tie 'did not till  us uiiout unyiiif? two dollars per duvnnu  board, about u year aso, when l.e was mining on McKcs Creek. L wonder if that is as  much as tfethcistoiihauKh.paiilthc Jans.  .GKOvI'INUTjAY.   ,  If you want to . buy a good  Pipe or Pocket Knife, suitable for a  Christmas present, call at Stables  & Lumsden's.    ' - -      "  M'  ���;-to-  <j'  -.'&'.  .'��.'  .P  "J)��  ���VP  :-m'i  '8  ::':'-:'';:-:���->���;-:   : DISCOVERY:,VB:^C.\'^ ���:;���;���'  i'sl^CT^Sfili^i^^  JOE    ROSE,    Proprietor.  -'.&��,:  P ���'  0'-  -.:8.-.-  ;p  .'. o---  -'��:.  ?-a:  .-I'tjt.:.  :- J ���'.  w��.\Gie   ��=   Livnitr   3>.-   connisction.  ,--: H.  DISCOVERY, B.' C.  Tasty,   meals,    fine   liquors,  'good  ��� cigars, and soft beds, make it a  pleasaiit home for all    '  travellers.  TB'SE  DIXCIV    GP.OT'fiERS,    Proprietors  ED.   SfiND'S;   Propp.io'toi  Diseovory. H. C,Deo. 14th, UK.'I.  Mr liditor: ���I tliiulcX can afford to ii?uot  the imiiotout, attempts of " Unule Sam " iiiuL  Robert Mclveo, not to nioti't ion "Old Tinior,"  in their replies to my letter -of tlm ilth Nov.,  hut "Seotty's". letter, appoariiiH- in your hist  issue,.sounds tho riyht note, anil X, fully endorse his remarks as to the extension (if the  Alaskan Houndary. It is not .so Ions, a^o  that, we were accustomed to hear the briiK-  mirt toast of the American jiugro : "The  - Unitod States���bounded on-tho north by the  Aurora Horoalis: on the south hy. iuliiiite  space, on tlie east, by the iiroeossiou of the  onuiiio.ncs, tiiul on the west; by the JJuy t f  .Judgment."  'J'lte noi'thern boundnry of the United  States is���and will: always remain��� the -Dominion of Cniuula': let their other boundaries ho what they may. Anil, sir, wo may  he curtain titur when the delineation of their  hoasti.'tl western boundary.is determined uu  the Day of JudKiiieiit, they will Hud that the  Itourd of Arhitration has not been "II.sod"  with the siireness which secured for them  xiii'ii'ii  liii'^e slicu  oT our territory  tit tin;  hands  of the  Alaskan  ConunissioMers.   AS'n  ��� tuite aiiprrciate tin: mothe of our Amori-  I'lin cousins in t ryltij? to seruro more terri-  tory in the ['"ar North, for, no doubt,,  when tin- Ilnal award of the Day of .lud;;-  meiit is niiidn known, tint ���li,i,ril:ir.v of the  UuitiMl Stuti's v.'ill i.'Nli'inl into u inurh hott.i.r  (iliiiii' than our own Dominion -mid a little  snow will lit; in yi'iml dtuniiud.  ' ���':���-' " CAN.MUAN."  rii closing the al)ov.ecoulrovei'sy,  we would like lo state that, The  Claim   deprecatts   any   attempt   lo  ��� engender racial and sectional feel-  ings. Such expropsioiis have doiie  much harm-in the past and .will  continue to do so, r.o long as they  are indulged in. '-'Speaking from  the standpoint ol the broader natri-  a  ���llegv'to ���' an liounce  that .they liave reopened and are now  -ready :for business.  Tlifey take, this op-  rporlunity to'tliank  .''���-:-'.-',.,-:-'L.\^,i'_-;.'.'.''.-:/^..tiieirif()riiier,:p^trpjis  and^respectfiiliysdiicitnheir:further  l)atronag^::::^Mr'��> ^iFIM, 'y-;;  -; ;':.-;-.���-': f:v-^- -;���;.:.   ���-!--.i'.:v'?Ppb'p'i'iott,ess;..-.  ������ ���-' Pool ' &    Billiads, - Free. .  Freighting,and Teaming J        Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  OYAL HOTELS  7~     BATHS  A o bari3i.;k shop  E: Sunu.ixs & Eddy Durham.  Now occupy tlieiv'ncw 'iiuarters 'next  to the-iiitnlt of I!. N'.'A.; I'lrst Street.  The bat li foor.is.aro eMiuiIly r.s e;ood as found  in  oitios. - Privirto ; lintrnneo for hirlioii.  V.  TROTMAN,   Manager.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C.   *<D4 ���   FIRST   CLASS    RESTAURANT    IN   CONNECTION.  CHOICEST WINfS, LIOUORS AN!) (IGAKS CASH GOOBS A SI'LCIALIY.  ian:,llaiiK  *.  imerce.  ���'   CAPITAL    1JAII.)    Ul'    $8,700,000.  R-iSKP-Vl',   S3.000,000.  Branches of the Bank'ru jeatt.e,  San Francisco  Lake View. Group of Mineral  Claims.  Ponlanci  ExctcastQO s&Cd on aSS P<senis=  ;kag\vay, o:c.  CM,  DlISTl'UKClIASHD-ASSAY   Ol'LMCK    IN   COXNLXTION.  0.  U0SS, Manager  SlT'trATM IN TIIH ATI,IN MlNINC 1)1 VIHION ill'  (lASHJ.A It DlK'J'IIICT, CONKItiTlNO'lll' TUB  liAHK Vll'.V,', GltANII -VlHW AMI I.AK'I'  C;ilAN(JIJ MlNI'.tlAI, C/liAlMH.    WllKIIK I.O-  r.s'ti.'.ii-Hi'.i'wi'.iiN lliiteii ,1:111 lioi.'i.ni;!!  Ciltl'.l'.H.S. XOIITII Ol'' I'INK CltliUK.  rpAlili NOTICK that ,1,-MV li. .luinleson,  -.*-��� usri'iil for Will. Ilrown, Krou Miner's  Certillcato n"l,S!li!, and .1. M. Downiiiu;, Krco  Miner's (.Jei't ill ni In I'.M.SIM, 11 ml John Woods,  i'Voo .Miner's CJertiliruio lilll.l-.li-, intend, (ill  days from ditto hereof ton).ply lot he Minion-  Kceordei' for a Cerlillciitu of I iniiroveuieiit  for t ho (in ri lose of ohlniuinir ti ('ro'^'n Orant  of the tiliovo ix' oup of i.'ltiims: anil furtliur,  ti'.Ue no'iici", tluit action, miller section "���".  iiiiisl lie coninienceil In-fore the issuance of  such Cei'tilirale of Itnpi'oveiiieiil.  Dated this 12th diiy of Orlolmr. 1SK1I.  "   i ,-.M   I?. ,1AM IKS',IN'.  I'. M.C.  iilll.jj'JI  VANCOUVER  ENGINEERING WORKS, LTD.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  SPECIALISTS   IN  i��  .S^S,  ydraulie Mining ������ matmner^  HYI-mAULiC    GIANTS, WATHR    OATHS.    /  RIFPLK    1UHS,      .   '      STKIiL UIVKTTUI)     WW'.  HOISTS,       MINING    CAGHS     and     OKI?-    CARS.  MADE   TO   SPECIAL   DL-SICW.  VJi'He   for  gtricss.  and  cuis, ^ ��� \  "JCi  ATLIN, B. C, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17. *9��4-  We can. supply you with -the following for your Christmas tahle*  Fresh Arabian   Dates,      *   Mixed Nuts,  5 Cr. Smyrna Figs, jg   Candies,  3   "    L. Layer  Raisins,    g   Applies and  Oranges.  LEAVE   YOUR   ORDER   NOW.  E..L. PILLMAN   &   00.  Local Events.  One morning   this week���on  Dis-  - covery Street���  Tlie excitement created was keen,  As fast clown the road, with chairs  for a load,  A   run-away   might   have   been  seen ;  The horse being so "chary," and  therefore so wary,  Stopped short, at the Grand, on  the way :  So no  accident came to make famous the name  Of our friend from Georgian Bay.  The latest magazines and papers  are always 011 hand at Pillman's.  It lias been deemed advisable tc/  close the "Public School for \hk  Christmas vacation on Friday, the''  23rd iust., instead of the 16th. It  will re-open on Monday, January  9th. , .   .  Fresh Cabbage, Carrots, Turnips, Beets, etc., etc., at N. C.  Wheeling's.  The Annual Christmas Tree will  be held next Friday, the 23rd inst.,  at the Presbyterian Church. The  young.people are rehearsing   daily,  under the training of  Mrs. Harts-  i. ��  horn, Miss M. Douglas and Mr. J.  D. Lumsdeu. A novel entertainment is promised, and then "Santa"  will hold full sw.iy. The evening's  amusement-will open at 7.30 sharp,  by a magnificent pyrotechnical display b3' Mr. A. Carmichael.  MeDenald's Grocery makes a  specialty ��f fresh eggs and butter.  The tonsorial artist at Discovery  is at present suffering from a sore  finger.  Baths���Saturdays only���at the  the O. K. Barber Shop���75 cents  ���for winter only.  Capt. Alexander and R. J. B.  Wharton returned from a hunting  trip a few days ago. Accompanied  by Jack Ronaine, they leave today  on another hunting exhibition,'to  Wilson Creek.  For Xinns Cards and Calendars,  E. I,. Pillniiin and Co. have a pretty  assortment to select from.  A midnight service will be held  at the Episcopal Church on Xmas  Kve., to which all are invited.  Mew Slock   c.f Fancy Calendars  and Christmas Cards just  arrived.  C. R. Bourne.  Mr. C. IT. Muirhead and father  have left Vancouver for Scotland.  The Annual Xmas Tree Entertainment will be held at Discovery  Church, on Xmas Kve. Saturday.  A good programme will be rendered, consisting of songs, recitations  aiul dialogues. The Discovery people hope that manj'.iof their Atlin  friends will be present that evening.  Xmas Presents���Tea Sets (all  colours) at Dune's: Also, Enamel  Paints (all colors).  Mr. J. T. Regan, it is reported,  got plaj'ecl out before he reached  Log Cabin.   He had no snow shoes.  Saunta Claus will makehis headquarters at K. L. Pillman's & Go's  store this Xmas.  Mr.' Pinder, formerly of the  Bank of B. N. A., Atlin, and ' later  of Dawson, is now in Paris on a  holiday.  Remember the Grand Ball on  Mondavi Dec. 26th, by the Spruce  Creek Orchestra, at the Grand  Hotel, Atlin. ' "  Mr. R. D.'Fetherstonhaugli and  wife left Vancouver last 'week' for  the Fast.  Stables & Lumsden make a specialty of Fresh Eggs and Butter.  Mr. A. C. HiischleiH was enjoying himself in Sail'"" Francisco,  when last heard from.   "''  Stoves and Hardware at prices  that can't be beaten. ���J: D. Duriu'  Fred. B. Wrong invites all his  gentlemen friends in the Camp to a  Xmas dinner on Christmas Sunday,  at 5 p. m.  BIRTH���To Mr. and Mrs. Tom  Fleming, ol Spruce Creek, at St.  Andrews's Hospital, Dee. 16th.    .  Dissolution of Partnership  >^rOTI0K IS HKRliHY GIVEN that on  and iiftcr Jiiiniary 1st, 1905, tho copartnership heretofore existing between  1). Ct. .Stewart and !���'. II. .Mohley. under the  linn name of F. H. Mohley & Co.. Boulder  (ji-pclt, will he dissolved hy mutual consent:  after which date, all accounts due to, or  owinjr hy, suidjiini will he settled hy I?. II.  .Mohley.  1). G. STUWAKT,  F. II. MOUTHY.  Moulder Creel,-, Xth J)��e.. 1804.  ��randTorkey5Iioot  AT    HALF-WAY'  HOUSE  &&fiBf��eiay, Dec* 2<@fh  Stauts at 9 a. iu.  'U MS DEN  THE.   IRON   STORE,  J��JJA.I���iittS ' J.v  groceries * and > lien's ** furnishings  Our stock of. Groceries is the most  complete of any in Camp, and of the best  quality.  On and after August ast and until further notice, tlie following wiW  be the rates for lights ; accounts collectible monthly :  ELECTRIC    LIGHT    KATES: ��� Installation,   $3:50 per light.  8 Candle Power incandescent $ 1.75 par month nor tight  16 "     '��� ���   " ���'���������" 3^5 **  32 " " " 5.50 "  All burned-out or blackened lamps will be exchanged for new ones,  free of charge, if brought to the Company's office, but broken ones will  be charged for at 30 cents each.  MODERN STEAM LAUNDRY IN CONNECTION: ^8* "S^00^  IYKKBB.  LOUIS   SGHLU^  WHOLESALE   AND   gRETAIL   BUTCHER,  . . ���     .-   ATLIN,, -JJ.   C. . .    ���_  %!���  ��.  ATI.1X,   H.   G.  SHELF AND  HEAVY   HARDWARE,     /  T'n and Granite Ware,  Miners'and Blacksmiths' Supplies,     Doonsand Windows.  Furniture aand Mattress Factory*  Hotlftera Biwfng Company, ��fi  ATLIN, ]J. C.  BREWERS . OE   LAGER  BEER*  SMALL    AND    LARGE    ORDERS    PROMPTLY  FILLED.  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.  EVERYTHING CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS MANNER..  Un-to-Date   Restaurant in   G&nn&ction*  FRED   WRONG,   Manager.  COKNKR   1'IKST  AVKNUIJ   AND   OISCOVKUY   STKEWT,   ATI.IN.  Handsome Prizes to bs contested for  KCC'CKSMIIIC ID  M. FOLEY  Mm* FULL LINE OF STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES.  plour, Oats,  Chop   Feed,   Bran,   &c,  &c,  THE  Half-Way House  is 11 liuvcu for nil  travellci'M. Theiueulv  ore.fi'oe-uiiJIiiifr ami  flio lii'iicerii in tlie  iiur lis re/resliin^; in  tho ilowof tlie ourly  morning. An ideal  Hummer iuiiI winter  I'OMurt.  JAMES  CLARK,  J'XOJ'KI.KTO.K.  ��mwh4


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