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The Atlin Claim 1902-12-13

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 l*^w:mam-*jJKittifci*J*4j L*��*����i^-.. *i.  _-Mtfl!.itel,'fo&r��fa'��l>ir.*-r>)i  �� ^/.t!.��t��^fl<Mii*w'a^!i3saao3B?ga^-^  nr^  "Ti  VOL.   7.  ATI.IX, B. C, SATURDAY,   DECEMBER    13.     i��,c:  NO,  17S.  OUK LOCAL COMPANY  I y  1  Registered   by the   Registrar  of. Companies..  Som-j of tin Objocts of the Otter  (IdjIi, ".'ydr-auHc Company���-  Tho Management.  The company lo:;illy organized  by J. IT. Broiviilcc anil associates  to acquire null, o lernte the lease-  b ild iro.'i'ily wi Messrs. Carmic-  11 iei and A.ui.i- on Oner creek',  iv 1-rj;iiteied 111 Vicloiia-on the  27II1 ulto,'under the name ofthe  Otter Creek, Hydraulic'Company,  Eimi'.cd, w.lh a ca'j i al slock of  Sroo.ooo, divided into 100,coo  shares of *,i c.ich. Accoiding to  the B. C. Gazette of 'that dale the  declared object*, for which this company has been incorporated aie as  follows :  To acqiiiie_by purchase, lease,  hire, discovery, location or otherwise and eithei absolutely, optionally or conditionally arcl hold within the Pro\ ii.ee of British-Colini.-  bia, or elsewhere mine?,, mineial  .claims,, mining leases, ' prospects  'mining land's and raining,rigfits ol  every description ; and to' work,  develop, inei.ite and turn .the same  to acco int and to sell or otherwise  dis ,ose of-the -..tnVc'61 a-iy of.them  or anv irtetest t'.eieui.  To prosecute minii g for all  metals and all int. etal products by  dredging, h\ diauliciiig, placer  mining and th- like and by any  and all oilier melhds of mining  which :t 111.13 tteeii: ..ci\ isab.e.  To lease or let to any other company au\ 01 all of the pioperty or  rights of this comp-un ; to rent or  hire from any oilier company any  01 all of iii pro;eit\ o: .rights and  to operate the same, and toaiualgi-  raale or cntei into pa.lueiship<r  b isiness aiiai'gcmei is with ai-y  other company for the operation < f  the plant or properly of 'either or  both Lt joint expense or otherwise  for joint profit 01 othei ui^e.  To purchase, take or otherwise  acquire and hotel and sell shares or  interests in any other company, nude: taking, trade or business having  altogethei 01 in part objects similar to those of this company.  To do all such other things as  are necc.'-aiy, ii cidci.lal or conducive to the attainment of any of  1'ie objects of tlie company or wliich  11K13 tend diiecth or indirectly to  be 1 efil the company in any of its  object-..  It will be seen from the forego-  in ; that this, our fust local, company, has been orgai ized for the  purpose of engaging in minirg  pure and simple, and that the  aii)iit- o1' i1:-; -Mii'al stock has  ���i-3 .i a.ted t< 1 fignie in keeping  with its avowed initial undertaking  l?V  Sled  Latest advice fiom the scene of  the ' supposed diowiiing of' Mail  Catnifis A bey and Mclntvre, who  hii\e beci.Q missing since Sunday,  3Ctli nlto, unfoilunateh , ccr.Mir.s  the report that they have lost  theii,li\es in the -jji foi nuuice ol  ihci duty. .Upon t!:e anbalol  .\ 1. i\ cl'iula e! this week news  was teceived lo the effect that a fm  cap, supj osed to ha\e belonged to  one of the   men, was  found  .frozen  -the   hidraulic   develo|.mei.i' ol  upper Otter creek.  The management of the company  will, for the. time being and until  the lii.^t general meeting of. I hi  .shareholders to be held eaily in  March, be in the hands of t'ne billowing of 0111 well known muiit.g  men, all of whom expiess the  gifititeht confidence ,in the .success  of the uiidci taking and -h-ive sub-  svi 1 bed at par for'liberal holdings  "of ihe comnain 's stock.  Board of Diiectors: Fiank Weir,  Chili:'man, He.iry Maluin, J. St.C'.'  Blackett. Gencial Manage:, J. I'..  Brownloe; S. H. Plumbe, Secie-  t'aiy.  The pioperty which iht new  com pan \ will tirsl operate on Ot  te: creek consists of the five cieek  and five bench leases gi anted 10  Carmichael and Moiau 111 1S99 and  1900 and since most thoioughh  prospected by them by menus of  tunnels, shalts and open . cuts.  These,-as our readeis aie aware,  disclosed a ,vcr\ huge area of high'-  ly auiifeious giavel, \ielcl!ng*an  aveiage, during the p'a^t two 5-ea-  sea��ons, of over $1 ��� per  cubic   yaid." This   valuable   prr-  pertyMias been -acquiied fiom its Diifting ou upper Pine creek, or,  owners s om very advantage?! s as Hie section is localh, known, 01.  terms, conditional u\ on the in- Willow- Park, is giving-cinp!o\-  mediat'e rnsTallalioir of aTus'l cl: t s mciil \o tl^ldrjie-Miumber���of-men.  hydraulic plant, to'be in operatic ui'^ie majoiit) of these have, since  iiot"l��itcr"than July ist "next^e, 1.' the winter courne.iced, beeu-get-  In oidcr tolurther block out V e, ting out timber- and fixing up theii  area of pay in sight, the company | q-uiters* beloie enterirg on the  has-A colony of diifleis aheady at scions woik of the winter  woik on "lavs," netting the   com-  ue  ?r.d , Dcgs     Recovered     From  Waters    of    Taku    Aim.  vthe      Icy  into Ihe ice, while ye&iciday/a,tele->  graindas received i sMtiug that the  mail, sled and the dogs  have  been  :eco\c':ed   ^ird, 'that   the    \sea:chr  pA'.iy expect to :ecove: the bodies.  Tlie accident happened jut-t at  Clolclen (iale,'011 Taku Aim, between the islands and the west  shoie of the aim. x  Local   rumours     attiibute     the  diowning ofthe cniiicis to. 2:0 lbs"  ofoie, which they took   frcm heie.  This was found'eached on the shoie.  ' .WILLOW "PARK.  Record of tlie Winter's Woik  7 and Prospects.  Many  Ken   Teing Empl'.yjd, ar.d  -.   Profitable Tpift Wcik  Going  1  '  '   ' 'On.    . -  pan\ 20 percent oi the gold rcco\ -  ered. Diifting will continue all  wi.itei and the latest lepoitsfnm  the company's camp is eucoinaping in the cxtieme. So much is  this so that the indications aie that  tht giants,    when   starled. will  be  .In the immediate neighborhood  of Cancellous propeitj tl cic i��= a  regular little color.y at woik.  Commencing at Deck's biidge. on  the lei" or noith bank ofthe cetk,  Dm can ^'cRae and Ft-rdv Moni-  son, adjoining Falccuei's pro erty,  are just commencing   to run a tun  able lo attack  tlicold  diamieWi.d|"cl. u-l��le   <'"   I'alcnei's   g.or.rd,  on by oommenciue,   opeiation,  im- j MoKiin on; J. Cartmel and anotl er  mediatel> below the cam on.    This  ot'couisc means   gold   in the boxes  f,om the stall.  The ui'opetty has this furlhei cl;s-  ti-;guishing feature, frcm an itnrstores point of \iew : it>has the ll ice  requisite es-entials for success ul  and profitable hydraulic minii g:  (,oi.n, in abundance, watiik, s 11  amply efficient volume and head,  and dumi', to satisly the most exacting. In fine, there is everylhii g  in sight to make The Olter Creek  Hydiaulic C"< mpany one of'HK  Indratd-c companies of British Ci-  unibia.  A New Bridge.  Tom Ilinchcliffe, ot Taku. reports the erection and completion  of .1 bridge across the Allinto river  in the neighborhood of his place.  The biidge is about 130 feet long  and will be a great accommodation to the Uavelling public. } 1.  Hinchciiffe deserves great ere. it  for his entei prise.  aie also getting to work. This  giound proved very good last win-  tei and thioiighout, the summer.  Mr. Cancellous pioperty comes  nexf. Cancelloi and his two pari-  ueis are following the pay up  s.ream from their 111 iin drive. At  a distance of 130 feel back from the  moaih of this diifl the parti eis  stiuck half out ce cbg^ing^ ji st  before the fiee7..-t,p. letet Anderson and -Alec. Uos^ wc! ng  on a lay from .Mr. Cancelloi are  following the pay up slrei.tu ."^o  feet fum tlie mouth of their ti n-  112I. This giour.d, during tie  summer was very wet but it s  now fiirly dry. The prospects :i e  very (air. On another part of the  s:mi. gro md, Sm th and Biown  have 1 hi\ and ate 1 mining a eios<=  cut fiom the face of a ground  sluice cut. Above Cancellor's property, N. McT.eod, Piper McKay  and Sandy'Br wn are diiftit g fiom  a shaft sunk Irsi v 11 tir. Btcheck  was reached ,.l a de, th of 31 reet,  bult'.i va'.e: gave much ticub'e  and   little  was   accomplished   last  year. The prospects tcday nie  very encouraging and the late difficulties havevbeen piactically o\ei-  come.  The   propeity    in   the   most advanced state of dc\elor ment is that  owned   by the   St. .Mattin's Com-,  pany, upc 11 which   woik   ha?  beeu  s\ steniaticalh    caiiicd   on   fci'tle  last two \ ear�� with gieat   success.  The pay stieak was fouiid to be Co  eet w.de, 40 feel of which has beeu  olocked out.     Work couliniiesday  md night with a big crew  of men.\  "ind a laige dump is being piled up.  L;rdni,thi^^poii;.t-lir,;:,<.-',theie is-k.ss ���*���  ^c_li\it>    than last, winter, !o\ving.  orohably to disputes in titles, but a  few aie working, among  these ate,  Angus     White.   Jim   Thompson,  Geoige   'Auld,    W.    Brown     and"  Davis.  On the south side ofthe cieek  Vr Deeks is running a piospecting  diift into the benches with the  view of dateimining, the width of  the pay. In his recent hydraulic '  opmations he has alieady cleaned  off some ?20o or more feet of most  profitable ground, but the extreme  siuth rim has 3*et to be cucountei-  ed, and he, naturally, does not  hope to stiike this for mat y'feet  yet. He has been 'getting out  limbers at d lagging and has now  his first set in.  On tie noith side there appear  tobe ti'oruiiS' of gold, one near  ihe face of the bench, the other  back from the cieek. van ing fiom  ico lo 300 feet. .The best pay is  invariably found on the high  poifts of bedr-ck, while the low  s-'ots aie itMialh bairen. Theie is  not much gold found in the gravel  more than two feet firm bcchcck.  As a general rule, the diiflcra  afe pulling in 10-feet caps with 5  feet posts, whicli is found to be  b?tter than the higher and narrow-  drifts of last year. Bedrock is  veiy flat and difficulty is occasion-  all\ encountered in getting-drainage.  Christmas J902.  Before  buying  your   Cbrislmas  presents see Eggert's  new stock of'  .���Sterling Silverware, Manicure sets.  Ebony Toilet Atticles, etc., etc.  '.s <'  '  >i/'jjj  >- ��� ��> 'A  ".'ll-  f<k  - --3j  -   " --iW.  I ",„ ■:   i   r
'<" ' '\"u,.  '
XT'U-S,    B.    C_;    3ATVK/DAY,    DECEMBER-1-3,   1902.
. '*'
J   ■
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pfc -1
I!  5>i.
ie Atlin Claim.
L'nlillhlicil    pvi-i-y - Siit»rda.v   moi-niii
T:nr, a,xi.im Cllaim I'uiii.imiisb Co.
A.C llii(hciiri;i.n, I'iioi-uikti.v.
I). To-tin I.ui-.m,, Manaciikii   KlHTOIt
Office of iinliliiMitioii 1V111I S-., Atlin. II. C.
AjIvtM't Jsinsr   linte-, :' Sl.PO   )wii IimiIi, ciicli
iiistii'tiim.    liviiilini; no;iocs, 2o   ci-iiN u lint*.
^s Siif.ltil L'ont viu't  Katifis 011 ii|ipllciilitjn.
Tlie uihhci'i|iti»ii prw-e ii 5-fi n ju.'i- iiiij-
ulilc in iidviiiiff.. N« 11 iprr will ln» delivered
unless tli is condition is eom illicit witli.
Marconi's System Soon to Be
in Operation.
Saturday, Dijck.mhmk 13,  1902.
Tim unfortunate accident which
' has happened to the two Atliii
Mail Carriers gives us icason to
, believe.that the mail- contiactors
for the Atlin-Log Cabin route have
given too'littl'e consideration to this
route, and that, because no accident
has hitherto happened in the service, it requires no condidemtion on
their part.
As a matter of fact, the  absence
of accident   to  the   mail "or to the
carriers is leally clue   to   good luck
-rather than to  good guidance, for
with the alternate bud  and  water
ways at the- beginning and ending
ofthe winter seasons,   the carrier
is in continual danger, cither from
"a sudden squall 01 fiona treacheious
Lee.    On ceitain parts of the route
there is always afore or less danger,
and. G-oida-u   Gate,    the    scene   of
the-.drowning of A bey and   Mclntvre, is one* of-  the   wor-st of the
water'route.-, Again,   between   the
Tepee and Log Cabin, a distance of
nearly,  i'.s   miles,   wheie  the trail
passes over a series of high, upland"
flats, exposed to- the-" fury of tl e-
wiuds—from    whatever   directicn
they may comc-and to snowstorms,
there is absolutely no protection or
shelter for .the carriers should they
be overtaken by such storms.
The winter mail' trail between
Log Cabin is approximately 70-.
miles, and it has: never occurred to
the; contractors for the-mail service
that shelters, at regular intervals,,
were au.i are an absolute necessity.
Log cabins should be built at each
side   of   Golden  Gate, at a  point
Victoria and Cape  Breton   to   be
1   Connee-ted  In    otxt   Gigantic
at Otter lake-, and at two or
three points, between-. Tepee and
Log Cabin. Each oi these cabins
should be^ furnished with stoves,
wood and a few cooking utensils
and food. With such a provision
the carriers would not run the risk
of being caught in "a blizzard or of
being frozen should they go
through, the-ice, nor would they
be compelled to turn back 011 their
tracks as they have so often had to.
do. Such a provision should be
made and that at once, and the
contractors have good and sufficient evidence from the record ofi
the carriers during the last three
weeks that the necessity for. such
shelters exists.
Mr. J.' N., Greenshields, solicitor
for the-Marconi Wireless Telegraph
Companv,   is   authority   f©x    the
statement   that   the    company  'is
about to establish a system of wireless telegraphy acioss-. the  Dominion of Canada, connecting Victoria
with Cape Breton.    He states that
not only   will the company operate
the system   acioss  the i ocean, °but
also a lai d   line  across the contiu-!
ent. ■ Stations   vviill   he erected at'
all the principal cities and to«vus of
Canada and will be included in the
system, the principal stations being
at   Halifax, * St.   John.   Quebec,
Montreal,     Toionto,.     Hamilton,"
Kingston,   London,   ,Sault     Ste.
Marie, Port Ailhur, Winnipeg, Re-
gina, -Calgary,,  Revelstoke,. JCani-1
loops,   Vancouver;'  tuid   Victoria.
.The saving of   tells will  be great,
when the new  system is in vogue,
for press messages  will be sent for
half the price and   theie will   be a
reduction of 60  per  cent on commercial  messages   upon   the rates
now existing.     Mr.   Greenshields
says that there  is  no  longer   any
doubt regarding the success of the
Marconi, .system, * and  the official
auuouueeuient'to this effect can be
expected at any time.
The Nome "Nugget"' is responsible for the statement 'that a
system of wireless telegraphy is
alieady in working operation in
that country and that- Fort Gibbon
i-s, connected, while , a station at
Bates Rapids, on the Tanana, will
be completed early next year.
in 1892,- .were $161,coo,coo, are
now $359,800,000, a rate of increase
the President sa\s,-which is truly
maivellous, when contrasted with
the number, and comparatively
slow increase, ofthe population of
ihe country.
Commercial loans have rircn to
$303,300,000 fictn $286,ceo,ceo a
yeai ago.
Al the   present   time  Canadians
have ou deposit" with banks jt'.d
loan companies, $450,0000:0, or
about $&o per head of the population.' ,    " '
There is more solid comfoitiua.
cup of lilue Ribbin Tea than in a
gallon of'mbsi leverages.
Fine- stock of ihe newest designs-
of Christmas and New Year's cards
at Ii., L. Pillman & Co.
j  IMesgget and Grape Rings r
And All Kinds of Jewellery Manufactured on. the Premises.
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Watches From $5 un.   Fine Lino of Souvenir Sisaar.s.
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THE.    WHITE    PASS    &    YUKON
-. ROUTE.    ,        , -     ,  '
- Passenger and Express .Service, .Daily (except Sivuckuy'), between
Skagway. Log Cabin.-IJeunett, Caribou, White Horse mid Inleimediate
points,' makiug'close cctiuecli-ins with our own steamers at While Horse-
for Dawson and Yukon points, and - at Ca:ibou for Atliii every Tuesday
and -Friday; Returning, leave Atliii evevy Monday and Thuisday.
Telegraph Service to Skiigwa?.    Express  mailer  will t be received
for shipment to and frun all points in Canada and tlie United States.
For information'relative lo Passenger, Freight, Telegraph or Express
Hates ap-ply to any -Agent of the Companv or Jo
.  ■■ - J. F. Lbt5, Traffic Manager,' Skagway.
J. Lifscombe, Local" Agent, Ablin. B. C. '
George E.. Hayes, Propriatoif .-
COK.   FjlKST   AND'TrAINOK   &TKliK'!?S.
Cleaning. Mercury.
V        ' T-liis First-O'lfihi Hole1 lias been remodeled and refurnished tlivoHi;)iout
$ - "     and oiler-, tlie lips.t accommodation to Transient ov I'criiituiciit
Xf -, Guests,.—AiiieiTo.au and European plan.     7 .
2 ? Finest Wines, Liquors and Gigarsn - ?
"$ - ""    Billiards- and'Pool.
discovery; b. c.
CoinflbEtabry Furnished Rooms—By the Vsy, Weak oi* Month.
The Best of Liquors and Cigars always i"n  Stoek. — Fine stable in con.
nection with the House. r
I. T. Bofen, J'nmi-ii'i.
Dirty mercury (can be cleaned by
.digesting it with dilute nitric acid
for twenty-four hours, taking
one pai t acid to three of water. In
retorting foul quicksilver, to purify
it, the retort should' be half filled,
the quicksilver covered with 'a
layer of- quicklime or powdered
charcoal, the heating done very
gradually,, the retort not being
brought to>a full red heat.—Ex.
C. DOEL.K.ER,, '
Game   in   seasen and   hprne   made    Sausage.
Fikst Stkkkt;   Atlin.
Jimmy Regan has a- good stock
of American Shot- Gun Cartrid-ges
and Sporting Goods. His- prices
arc always the lowest..
Attention is  called   to  ihe article published in  another  column
on   the   organization   of the Otter
Creek  Hydraulic Company.    The
head office of  the   company  is  in
Atlin and the   directorate  is composed- entirely of well   known men
of the district.    A   block  of stock
has been set aside for local  buyers
and we   do- not   doubt but that it
will   be   readily- taken   up  as the
people of the  district know a good
'thing when they see it.
Canadian Prosperity.
At the   annual   meeting of  the
Canadian    Bankers"    Association,
held   in Toronto   last mouth, the
President's  (Mr..   E.   S. Clouston)
address enlarged on   the great prosperity everywhere  evidenced, and
particularly shown  in banking statistics.    The assets of the  Canadian banks, it was shown, now total
'$610,928,000, compared with $553,.-
900,000 a year  ago:    The surplus
earnings have risen from #36,902,-'
000 to $41,130,000,    The deposits
of the public in the  banks, which. I
French  Restaurant in  Connection.
A. R. McDonald,   PRoraniTOR.
Corner of First and Discovery Wheels.
no it-
Call and get Prices at
i -.iyiwiS-^raMitt- i*yrm�����it ���<>���*" ing miww.  ��f "���    'if- -i^i-.u.i4MuWI  1     r|        '  'SW.-:  ATLIN.' B  C   SATURDAY, DRCRMTJKR 13.  'j^ob ,  can -give   You   as Good Value for your CASH as  any House in ^ Town.  ~"       us1' wiifa   it   sssm 'see*  Orpoerles, Prdvisjons, etc,  ' '(-Viant   Powder  on   haricl.  THE GRANP TRUNK  Have a Pacific   Terminus in  View  And Pi'opoao ' to, Build a Transcontinental Lino ��� Western  Inducements. '  Space has recently, been devoted  in our columns, to Ihe Canadian  ,Noilhern Railway, which in its  present application   for a Dominion  "charter, proposes to build blanches  north and west, to Up the Atlin  and Yukon distiicls, .Infoimation  just to hand advises us .that the  Gi��iuif Trunk Railway has had under consideration the building of a-  Trans'-conlinental line, and maiteis  have gone so far that, according: to  General    Manager'Hay,   the new  , line will probably be iu full op-  eiation within five \ears, and'that  steamship     lilies   on  -the    Pacific  'will tollow as a necessary adjunct. _  The new line, according to Mr.  Hays' statement, will have a mileage of about 3000 miles and the  construction,-including equipment,  stations, bridges, ships and other  facilities, will involve an expenditure of fiom $75,000,000 "to '$100,-  000000.       According  to  the-pre-  ��� sent arrangement, the new 'system  will run through that portion of  Northern Ontario,1 known as New  Ontario, starting from North Bay,  or Gravenhurst, Ontario, and extending through Manitobi, Northwest Tei rhories and British Colum-  bi 1, to Butte Inlet or Port Simpson,  13. C as Liter may be determined  upon. The line will be one ofthe  mo-stmolsrn and up to date, having i-i view especially low grades,  long tangents, steel bridges and  heavy rails, as well as ample station facilities and equipment foi  the handling of freight and passenger tinffie.  " No one," said Mr. Hays, "who  has-been studving the wonderful  developments that have taken  place in the Northwest during the  List few years cm fail to be deeply  im iressed with the growth of that  extensive" and rich territory, and  our directors feel that, in view o!  the apparent neeei of additional  railway facilities, and in order to  guarantee to the present Gran I  Trunk system direct connection  with that very impo: taut and growing section of Canada, the only  wise policy is to take active steps  towards this extension."  With these two rival companies  the Canadian Northern and the  Grand Trunk Railvva\< aspiring  for a Pacific terminus, the day is  not far distant when Atlin will 1 e  in, direct railroad connection with  the com.nercial centers ofthe continent.  ' Are Miners Losing Gold?  According lo'u lcpoil issued by  the New Zealand Minister of  Mines, Ihe's'iatemeut is made that  Ihe m.ijoiity of placer and hydiau-  lic miners vve;�� losing 27-pei cent  ofthe gioss j ield-of-their* mines.  In othei words, it is <-aid thai a  mining engiiK-ei "ie,>oi:s having  erected gold-saving tables at the  end of the oidinaiy sluice boxes  and ou theie tables caught ^7 pci  cent ofthe gross \ield."  With the general piev'alaiice of  coarse gold in the auriferous  gravels in this distiiet, \ ciy little  attention or thought _ has. l!>ccn  given to the saving of golel that  was not visible lo the naked eye.  However, when we are brought  face to face with the fact that  miners aie possiblv losing one  quarter of the yield; the matter i��  vvoilh giving some consideration  !o. It is quite natural to assume  th.atvvilhtheu.se oi gold paving  tables, a laige percent age-of gold  is caught upon them, that by the  non-use of these a cones pond ing  percentage is Ic-t to the miner.'  The management of the Caiiboo  Gold Fields Company claim tha*  lepealed tests of the tailings at  iheir mine have failed to reveal a  coloi,-' a-.d that'they save gald on  theii tables that pnjs them well to"  save:  -���  C P. N- ^<=>���9  iLASKA   RO.UTE   SAI1INGS���  The following' Sailings  are   announced for the  month  of Decern  hei. leaving Skagway  at 6 p.m ,  or on arrival of the train :  Amur, Dec. 6th and 20th-.  Eor  further 'info:ni.ition,  apply 01  write to   >H. B. Dunn. Agent  Skagway, Alaska  NOTICE.  Blue Ribbon Coffee is absolutely  pure.���It is sold iu all the stores in  Atliu-  KJOTICE is herein {jiv��u that Sixty dav  ^ after date1-1 mte <1 to apply to" tip  Cliiet Commissioner of Land-, and tt'orln  for pprmissioii to purchitse tlie follow in-  lesorihed trnet of land for n-jri iciiltnin'  purposes: Tliat purcpl or tract of land on  t'10 south banlf of the lhei-ror kloiifrh i im-  ���linjr into Moo��e Arm, Atliii I)hi-.ion,Cai'>iui  District, R. C, commencing ��t No 1 post. N  W. corner, and innnius -10 chains in n  -outhcrly direotion; tlienco en��tei I.v, t<  No. 3 post, B1 olinius; thence imithprlj *��  No. 1 post, 40 chains, ami tliencc SO chains, to  No. 1 post, containing !W0 iif-rcF fhoro or leas.  . W. .A. ANDnildON,  Carlliou Crossing. Y. T. October 31.19"2.  no-8-St  NOTICE.  ���\JOTICr. if liorebv ftitpn t'iRt npplicatiot  will by ina-ie to tiio PiirUunieiit of Canada, nt lit, next islltiii."., fin Imum. to ini-or.  pot-atoa Coinpiiii} to lie i-.llk-d "Tim Coast-  Ytikon K.nlwny Company," to construct,  u<t"ip and operate n rtiilmiv l.oni a point on  or near Ivitinint Inlot, l'oii"-lns Channel  Rritish Columbin : theueo to Atlin I.iIip-  thenco to the Yukon River ; thonce to tiio  international Boundary lino b��t\voen Ahislcn  and Yukon Territorj, vin tho City of Dawson. With power to constn ct and own  boats a id wharves, ((-lpjrinpli and telephoi e  lines, to jrenciate olectrirnl power, nnd to  i-olle t tell, and till powers incidontnl to a  lailwuj. ^  DateJ at Vancouver, B. C, tiiis 12tli day of  November, A.D., 1902  V. G. MicroNZLi.,  i��o-20-9t Solicitor for Applieui.U.  The Canadian' Bank of Commerce.  '' .     .CAPITAL    PAID    UP    $S,000,000.' .  Branches of the Bank at ,-ioattle,     - "        ,  .San Francisco,  ��� , Portland,  ..ti " Skagway, etc.  , -   ' Euchast&o aelel on ail Points. _ '       -  -    '���    GOLD DUST PUKCHASHIi���ASS.W  Ol'I'IClC  IN'  Coxm.ction.  I I).  BOSS, Manager.1   '  fy.u  ���f > '".?.' h\  .,<  I Jr.  -    E.   MOSSELLI,   Proprietor.   '  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C.  ,  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  CIIOICCSI ��1KC5. LIQUORS AMI) CIGARS CASE GOODS A SPfCIAITV.  1 s  Hydraulic' Minjiig  m  iVfa'ehlriery,  -        ���   is1  H  A  "   iff  I  HYDKAUUC "GrANTS,    WATER    GATES,  ���    '       'r ANGLE    ST3CEL    KIFI-LKS    &.   ,  -j  ���" - HYDRAULIC .RIVETED    PIPE.  'Pumping '&   Hssistssig   Machinery.  *��� - ����� '  Estimates fiin.islicd  on application "'-  :: "j /    The Vancouver Engineering Works,  ' .        . ' > ' Vancouver, 13., C.  _    , [.\      '    / :       A.:C Hirschfeld, Agent," Atlin, B. C  Pioneer 7Kalcery ,aitd Kestaurant.  ���!     -     ' SPECIALTIES  IX  '     FANCY   CAKES   &. PASTRY.  Fresh Bread, Rye Bread, etc.  Ciias. -Myer, Proprietor.  - :'Good II0011-5 to llont���Hy tiu> Da>, IVoek or Uontli at leabonable i.ites.  '\ <t  .Wholesale   and   .Retail    Butcher  -FIRST   STREET,    ATLIN,   B.   C.  Men's Half Soles and Shoe Nails    Henrj  Ilistoa & Son's San-  Windows, -Doors.  .   _ . Glass, and Pnttey, etc., ote.  BOOM ��� BANG���BOOM I"���Dynamite,   Caps   and   Fuse.  Full Line of Winchester���Black & Smokeless���Kifle & Shotgun  .   Cartridges.  Goods   Sought   Sold   and   Exchanged.  IF   YOU   WANT  Irsforma.tIon  CONCERNING  -  NES&  In the Atlin District  WRITE  TO  fit.   (UTj)  Real   Estate  and   Mining- Broker.  r ���    M  DISCOVERY, B. C.  Finest^ of liquors.     Good stabling  Ki>. Sands, Propiietor.  O-  TT      BATHS  ���   13L*   BARBER SHOP  G n. FOKD        Prop.  Now ocpupj tlipir m-��   fi"artei��i no**    -  to tlie Hank of H. S. A.. Fii^t Sti-pot.  Tlie lmth 1001m, jib Pdiinllj r.B pood as found  in  citioi.    Piivuto Ciitniioofor lodics.  G. 15. ll.iYES-  J. G. CotiNKI.L.  Discovery.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  CONNECTION.  llendciuaicoi-. *or Brook's otae����.  "--t  N.V \fl  >   *  I  7-  c~  AT1XN.    B.  C,    SATURDAY,    DECEMBER.    13,     1902.  . r  I' 1  li j  .   -'  I   \\  liY;  1? >? 5  IT;  1 _*�� *  If  id  ij.        y  I*;--  ii.*  \::f-  m  lis-  li;j  if  I'd  I;'-  li  V  CONVENTION.  Advice was  this  week  received  1)3' wire that a Liberal   Convention  - will be held in Vancouver on Wednesday, 17U1 insl, for the purpose  of nominating ta candidate for the  Dominion House, to succeed the  late G. R. Maxwell. .The names  oNi. G. Macl'hersou, President dl  the Liberal Association, G. \Y.  Grant, advanced by the Martiniles,  and cx-Gov,ernor Mclnnes. ihe  progressive       (Socialistic     labor)  ,,eaudidale, are the three nominees  before the Association. What, will  Atlin do?  AINS  ara offering B&rg&ans,'   A'Few price��  WHS convince you that tisis is a fact  Men's Pur Caps,  do.        Trimmed  Parkas    .  do        Heavy navy blue Sweaters,,  'do ,,      Wool Shins  do        Canvas lined Coals  do.  Mackinaw Pants  Fine S. G. All-wool Blankets, 10-lb  d'o- d'o- do 12-lb-  do d-> do i4-il>  Linen Crash Towelling,, per yard  Silk piece goods, per yard.-at half price  best Shot Cartridges, per 160   .  T & B Cut Tobacco, per lb       .      -     ..  Vanity [-"air Cigarette Tobacco, per lb  See our Xmas  stock   and   Local   Athlete ,    do- do-  Xiuns Cards���Dock rill & Bourne's. | Vanity Fair Cigarettes, per 1000  T & B Ciie.ving Tobacco, per lb ,  price $3.50  -    3.. 00  3-25  3-50  5-5��'  ��� ��� 3-��o  10,00  12.00  . ' 14.00  20  Get your lancy   Christmas  ceries at'E. L. Pillman & Co.  ���ro-  FIRE  A dance and a good supper will  "be found at the Grand Hotel, Wednesday, 17th inst. The dance is'  given under the patronage of the  lure Committee. The Committee  have refilled the Eire Hall.and.the  engine can now b^ relied upon a.t  'any hour. The refitting has cost  money and the Committee wish to  meet theii .obligations. Gcnilenien,.  $1 r Ladies, free-.    The Comuiiitee,  Battle Axe  Ovo, per tin  do  now $1.25  1.25  l.<)(.  1.50  2.75  1.25*  6.25  7-"r>  S.50  10  3.00  r.oo  r..5c'  .'���5o  6.50  ���75  r.oo  "���75  'Xi  160 Given Away  IN  razes,  Fancy Tea Sct.s Toys, Dolls, Etc.  COMK-   I-:A.UI,Y     AM)     MAKIt  ski.kctiox. ,  YOUR'  E.  IJ.  Pill man & Co  BLACKETT &; CO..  STORE  TO- LET.  '    J3.6-X 25 fett   '     ,  A-.)ply al Tin-: Claim Ofmo:  UP'IN SMOKE.  WINTER  AT  Some Landmarks Gone���The'  - Vendome   and   Vancouver  Hotels.  m  PRLG&S  ',!4b/  t  A sei ions nnd   somewhat   ,dKas-  relyiug upon the well know n gene- irons file occurred hi Atlin-ow  rositv of ihe ladies of Atlin on such i Thursday afternoen, bv whicli the  occasions, request that they will Vendome and Vancouver .Hotels  kindly contribute" cakes and sand- w.;re completely destroyed. The  wiches."      ''"  .     J.'Kirkland, I fire broke out under.the roof ol the  E. Rosselir.  'Committee.  * Tub Baths all winter at the O?  Barber Shop.  Discovery Skating Rink.  The Discovery Skating Rink has  this season bocu located on Willow-  Park, just above the Clifford flume.  It is 132 feet by 62 and is protected  by a board fence 1 mining all round.  Waiting - room accommodation is  provided. A. caretaker will look  after the link and keep the- ice  clean and iu good condition.. The  opening [o, b2 given on Monday  evening next, will be free, and  a cordial invitation is extended by  the management to.tverybody.  The rink was built by a company  of hockey enthusiasts and they intend to make a success of it at any  cojt Willi such determination iu  the interest of hockey, Atlin players will ha.ve to- look to- their-  laurels this season."  The Discovery Hockey team will,  meet (or organiz ition at the Nugget Hotel tonight al S o'clock, and  a-ftill atienduice is requested.  old   Vendome' Hotel,   which  has  been recently occupied   by  ^.''Kershaw as  a- tiu'mkh -shop,   about  2 30 p.m., al which time the alarm  was riling-.    The   fire  engine   was  being-used, at- the skating rink, but  was hauled up immediately,   Plow-  ever, so  much   time had been lost  before a stream v. as turned on that  ft was seen the Vendome could not  be saved,   so   the .energies  of'tlie  firemen were devoted to-saving the  adjoining"building, the Vancouver.  The fire was got   under  control dn  about  an   hour,   and a watchman  was left in charge.    A slight  wind  later  sprang   up  and' fanned   the  embers into flame   and   the fire finally took  hold of   the Vancouver.  The   engine   had   beccme choked  with gravel and  when  called  into  requisition a second time would not  work and had  to   give   place ta a  bucket    brigade.    \\ho.se attention  was confined to the   properties adjacent..   Fortunately,  Hiere was- no  wind and the flames' kept within the  Flour, Ogil-vie's, $3.50 per .sack  ,,.    Lake of the tWoods, Sj^o  ,,,   Olympia, S3.40  < �� ,,.   -GraJiatii���$3..5�� 0  ,,     Rye,. $3-5��  But-er,..Agens, 1 lb bricks, .50 '  ,,    2'lb lius, $r.  ,,. ,Nw Westminster, ilbbk,.50  ���    - ,,     -      2 lb-tin, St.   ' ,  Potatoes, Lubeck. sliced, pr lb, .33  ,,    Graham, dess., 5lb.iin, Sr.25  .   ,,    Fresh; per lb-. Lo cents  Onions, .,-.,,,    .".o  Rolled Oats77 Ib-saek, '.65-  Oatmeal," 10 lb sack, .90.  Corn meal,    do. .90  Ham, B.C.. per lb, .25  ,,     Rex,.    ,,        .26  Bacon, B.C.,  ,,        .25  ,,    Rex,   " ,,        .26  Cream,'St. Charles hotel, dc-z, $5  ,,    Jersey, do        do       $5 jCun;i"l<-\    d'o do  ,,    Jersey, small size,   do- S2..50M Cm si.- rid-, do  ,,    Carnation, do  ,$2.'ko 1 Cilio1 , T tu:on '& Orang  Milk, Eagle        do #0   S3 50, lb, .40     -  ,,    Rein Deei do   $2 50 | Candles, pei box, $4  The above pr'ces np-ily 01 ly '�� ���eisirl.    A <:i-cou: I u ill be  allowed to tlie Trade,   Mtneis,   Re.sla man's   Holrls "avd  'all laige caiihumeih. ' . . ���      . :  Sugai, granulated,. 10 lbs, $:-  ...     Bar, 5 lLs, Si  ,,  .Lump, ,���   $1       -  WurceMci "J-a-i'.ce, 1 ti> dcz, $,},, l"  Ketchup, perdcz. ��.fr  ,,    ?. gal', tins,-$2"  1'ea, Ricksh.aw, pei pr.ckage, .40-  ,, - B ue Ribbon, \b. do .50-  ,,  ' Liptous   -- do .60  ,,   'Star ^   do       -..60  ,,,-' Clown   7 do y6o   '  ,,'   'Nabob-      ' do .50  .Ci)ffee,. Crown, jMocha-java, lb .5c  ,,  "Blue Ribbon   per lb, .45  ,,     Chase & Sanborn: Tb. .45  Crosse & hl'nckweir.s jams, 3tin.��$r.  Breakfast Food, per package. .25  l-.eimea, per package, .60  .Tomatoes, pci doz, S4  Pecis, Beans. Con,, per drz $2.50  Ra.'-in's, new fuut,. clez pkgs, S2.50'  P  ft2   CO-  p2  50  el. per  AH  AIE  Othsr  Groceries   and   Fi ovislor.s al   cqvally lew prices.'-  Goods w-arrantccl Frc.h  and  Hist  Cls����..���Ii.Ilc  Weig-ht and  Measures.  Dry Goody, Cloih'mg, Boots and Shoe?, Koccassins, fiats and Caps  AT    COST.  M.    FOLEY,  .First  Street,   Atlin,    B.C.  For n good square meal go lo  Hie Pioneer Bakery and Restaurant.  Atlin Like has mi.l.. a record for  itself this winter���got " froze'' on  December 10th, the earliest date  iu Ihe history of the camp.  Photos  and   Photo   supplies   at  Dockrill & Bourne's.  D. PI. McDonald's increasing  business has necessitated his moving into more central and commodious premises. I-Ie wil', move into  the store lately occupied by Nick-  "erson, where he hopes to welcome  .lis many customers next.week.  walls of the burning building*.  The loss, in each case, is a total  one and will amount to beiwetn  $5000 and $4000. The Vancouver j '  H )tel, it is understood, is covered  bv insurance.  Hockey.  A. O. U. -W. Erection:  Local Vegetables-  Robert   Grierson,   .the     market  gardener, advises us   tliat   he  has  a stock of local  grown   vegetables,  consisting, of  turnips,  white   and  yellow,   and   carrots,    which,   although   haid   frozen,   are said by  those who have   used   them   to be  far superior "in   flavor and quality  to any vegetables imported.    These  are to be had either  from -McDonald's Grocery or  fiom   Mr. Grief'-'  son at a very moderate cost.  Arrangements haxebeen made  with the nun agc-ir.cnt of the Atlin  Skating Rink lor practice and  for matches:- Tue<--da\ and Thurs-  d.iy aftemoon--, fioin 2 to 5, for  j - racliccr m-.itchc-s will be played  on Saturdayr,.  A challenge   lias   beeu   se- t  lo  the   Discoveiy   team   a. d  will   be  weeks.  AH players are expected to.tuns  up for every practice. The team  will be selected fiom those who attend the practices only.  At the regular ttaied   meelii g of  Atlin Li c\^xe. A. O. U. W.. .No. 15.  which wil-- lU-ld in   the lodge reenr  on Wednesday evening, the following wcic electi d   lo fill   tlie   nffcinl-  chad lor the  ensuirg   \ear:    W.  1-1.    T.   Olive,   Master  Voikiri.r;  F. W. Dowling,   Foicir.an;  Waller  team    a. d a game [ Owv.n,    Overseei;    Chas.    Pom re,  brought   ofl'   within  U\o  pi -.suickr; S. H. Plumbe, Receiver;-  a-nd H. Young, Recorder. Mcssis.  Plnmbe, Woods ami Blacken wr;e-  elected'Ti-uslees of the lodge.  .The local' l'-d'ge is in a very ]iio-  sperous coiulitior. ns mii\ he rcen-  from ils steadib- i,?cic-;isiig membership. It was oig.r.izcd in Ihe  sorb's of l.isl \ear With f cl-ai ter  roll of 16, the menib?rs! i i is now  28, \\h le tin re aie new iiii.mbei.soni  the ������ a^ md se< cral 1 1 !i<- id -  jar^ now 111 the hands of. the lodge-  Fine selection of Christmas gifts.  direct from the factories ���gifts for  the children and' for the old people.  ���TJ. L.Pillman & Co.  "Go to The Royal for Fresh   Oyster Cocktails.


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