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The Atlin Claim 1905-12-02

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 |.'<H-."V   -.  I'l//  aSBEi^SK^  M:^f^^<Mj^M^f  St&  m%:Xi :.v,d  |ft]>;-;yy; ;:  fReBcI.?anH?-Loya^  Tin? Brittle, 'f-'::fflf:.  ;SmAll-pox:??in?^aster^i?:cakada,  ^f.'rf    V'V  Id/d  .iii:".'{''.; t  Ull  >*-'.'i'd*"' '/  ejS'wT.-:.'  dBbminibn- :and:;B?-C:y;P^'iaiu^nts'?,to  7???;.????:yMe.edm^  "??;dd?1jesi��ii^  yd???' The ?;Powors'/are;\nl'Iuciieyif  7:'���;���;y':ryy-���Russians"/? at?"1 Vietbna:--Great  7i????//;/;l<ake!^WereySfo^  y--7f'-^y";y::fi[stiBciA:ij:TC) Tira orlA'rji:;] 7'7:7 ;,;7-:  y;?:?7^?yP^tei;sbui;dN^  y^s;?iio\v7;engulfedyi;?'adliirlw^  ?;Teyolutibii.;:y7rhe7entii-e7 naval Jfleet'  ,.'/atvSeyast^  y.-eers.y7y G'ov&n^  ,??are/on their wiiy/to.:thadpfacdfrpni  ?��'Qdess)i)7;d^^  ���"Se\%st0;wlr7^as-;7-cliartefed.-iadessel  :yancl?talceu pff ailysuiyects^ofyGreatj  '-[ ?Britaiti^'y f fr?f / -f,:ffj::)f ff::'f::j:  -/p:Pitawa?;?Nqv;:;3^  .7 ier/;iaSt:./iiigEtr/atteucle'd:: ?a: meeting  ?/whicldwasr.h^  ���'.' Jp urpose 'fof: pr o tes ti n g?. aga i ns t t h e'  ^y-Kft^mas^aQre,of;Jevys_in Russia?''/;;'5  ;7d;ItJs?repotted?in-;prbmiiieiit7cii-cies  . ?-thatythe7:'Dqmuiioii'Parliament will  -lneet.abput^li^^btb^ of January. ? '���������������.  y.//;Tbrontb,r-;<Nqyr^^  y seventeen.: cases ofsmall-poxin 'this  . city ancl jsome  uneasiness 'has been'  ^caused as, a result of the fact.becom-  7 ing known,' but the health  authorities/are /confident- ?of;/.being.able to  prevent the spread ofthe dread dis-  /ease.//Stringent/quarantine   measures have been? adopted.-  ?:���������-:Word was received in" the city/to-  day -that';-;there  are several cases of  small-pox iiithe towii of/ Belleville.  ��� 7 New-York,  Noy.7^30.-���Presiclent.  McCurdy,   of the Mutual Life As-1  surauce  company, has resigned his  position   as a result ofthe "F. F."  ���crusade-of Thos. Lawson. ���'-?"/  <  It -is-'?reported   in   well-informed!  -circles, and by people who aught to  know,   that  the   Lawson party at  present have possession of sufficient  proxies   to control both tlie Mutual  and New York Life companies, and  it   is   quite probable that they will  utilize this power iu the near future.  Ottawa,   Nov..  30.���The  appeal  against   the judgment rendered by  the  British Columbia courts in the  celebrated   Cube   Lode   and Joker  Fraction..mining case has been   dismissed   by the Canadian   .Supreme  -Court?  The report wliich has just been  .handed lo the government by Mr.  Fitzgerald, general superintendent  of Canadian insurance, shows that  all -the home insurance companies  are sound, both financially and in  their business methods.  . Victoria, Nov- 30.���Thirty Russian Poles and Jews, who were captured in Manchuria by the Japanese  army and alterwards refused  to rc-  lnni? ��� to -.;Rii'ssia, /liayc/arrived/liere:  a 1 id/a re' seek i i i g. e iu ploy niie n t???:-: f&f  y7;C(s)iiHl;-inlitiop:le,:v7Nov.?t:'3o.d  .i.ns'l?r 1 iclibiis��� 'toy:the:?coiiiti fa 1 ide'rs of  :ilie;:iiiteriia^^  tachnicirts,'?riVid ?'?:6TCupy;?;:Mj'-iileiik  ^yercy!;, carricrd ';'<. ?o u t ? 011. S iii id ay/wi Hi!  tIi:e?:sul^cc[ueii-t^pec'ipalion:?:0^  ���ciiatc^uis 7:aiicl ?posta 1,biiilclings^'witlir  bfif'arpu^  theparrbf'the^Tiu^  /r^Nherec/lias /beed-amalainiiindid  erease:in?the7iuHnber?bf7UHirders?bi1  ���Bui ga nan s/lay/lvliiss ti irrieii Si ii? Vel;l-(  \'et;y:aiVcly.;SalOn.iea  fe\v?days; : /??;,:77;;'?d?? f^ffflffff}  7tlSt;? ^peteTsbnrgV?: ?N1ov.:7?3o.-s:The  fiiUiatioii:!hasV:sucldehl5'|7gfbvvu fex~'  ceed hi gjly:. gra ye? >an?d, ?to 7in'a ke::riiat-:  ^r??"^v0':S-' '?"thte?Russiaii-?capital?i3  :shut.bff.fi'oin'itdegra'imic?icoinm'uni-5  eatipii y-withy-the 7iiiteribr.:<iS';a;;resii'11?  oi:tlie;stnkeybtyte!egraph?bperato;^  ;yy;Ne?w?^rk??No?y.?:3o?^T  Govern -ahdylBa^ttlihg-? Nelspii;havef  beehiy matched 7 tb.'bbx?? six ?iouhds:  in 71 h i s ':& iy'fi 1 ? Jaii iiii ry?;y f'ff:ff:f'frt  dGhica'go^;^Npvy,y'3^  vessels?" were ??'' wr��cked??;.?.pii?,7,Lakei  ���Michigan;;;-'in7v^esterday:'s  six ^others'1; are'^srtll^missihdj^inie^  ehtire?7cre\y7 of the ste^eryHalaafi;!1  were- ���;��� lost? i and.;.- many. >o there: ?��� are  kiiown: to haye.beeu either:drowned'  o.r;iroEen:,tp?deathdd ?.?'"?. ff;ff :f'\  l^^brt-ArtSur^Pnt^  ���worst; 'storm ��� ^in ,:-the:::hisfeory bfab^  GreatLakesytciok place during "the-'  ���past  two days and several Steamers  and sailing vessels went  ashore.' -at  x-ircled-,'at'f.';'5.-3p yc7siercla)dfi,eniooii,.  \y 11 ep :il 1, lhc,slj i|>s qf;tlie v 11,1 uti:reery  s ti ������rendered .7/- Oyeiiy^;006 iiiibivd&rg1;  ki 1 led 'oil -betJrsides;'Iff :h:-f:vf:ff:  ??:St;7;iPetei-Hb!!M' :iDeb7.;i?dWiien  cliITerent.-points 'on i-L'ake-Superior?  Many accidents are'reported to ha^ve  happened;oiithe:otheri .lakes.���;���,.'.T.he'  gale attained ^..velbcivy-of,70 miles'  an hbur.ahcl wasaccoinpaiiietl by a1  blinding snowstorm.;:, ?: 7 7,  :?y:;"..:'.  -. Warsaw, Nov. 30.���-The postal  and telegraph7services in this ciiy���  are cbnipletely'tied up,???''??'���???.".���?���  f London, ;Nov.;30.--It ris under-:  stood that Pj-emier Balfour's cabinet  will liand in its resignation some  .tiuie-this afternoon.?���?? ?;? , d ?  Warsaw,: Nov. '.30.���A Seyas--  topol despatch states that the rebel  ���fleet openly attacked three lo}'al  warships on -'the evening of the 28U1  inst. The latter replied briskly'  and badly damaged one torpedo-  boat destroyer and sunk a torpedo  boat of the irebel fleet. The coast-  batteries also joined in the fight  and succeeded'-in setting fire to -the,  cruiser Otchahoff, commanded by'  the rebel leader, Lieut. Schmidt.  The latter and his mutinous followers tried to reach the oilier.rebel  ships with the boats of the burning  cruiser but they were captured by  loyal torpedo boats. At-the same  time the Beilostok regiment attacked  the barracks wliich was occupied  by the infantry -mutineers -and a  desperate /iglit ensued. Fifteen  hundred of these, with 15 maxim  guns, surrendered during that Highland the next morning.  The newspaper accounts are conflicting   but   state   that  the battle  ���the ^general���,-..?pas(office?closes? at7-??  c>?cJock :?lpciay:?it: ?is??expected?7'that  ��� coin 'muni.catVQn-; ?!wi Hi???: tlie ?v;oiitside  world-yiniiyVceaae^V/ijDi-y-aii?^  .peiiiq:d?77?7?:r;;yi:,::.??7yii:'.7?77?:7y'7^  7?;:;Viciorin?-:��?;?;C:?;;7^  jBritish^;-;?:eb!:u'rnbia^;Asseuibly77>w  ���.meet'-'oiv tlie'i ith;?of January/dM  f:f:flK;pfGliN'iikAlf;-f  ?7;iTlie: Lake?of ^therWoodsidriilingv  'Gb7::\yiil ���ship;:2C)?b6p?bag;H"of?floui? to?  Japan-as an.:'experiiue-i{:.yy:::y::,?'?::??'.7?  7 y Robbers j^lbpLed^-a'j'aiyaiiesc. store.  at7l?bs:AJlgeles;?Cal???I;tsCw,^  seciired;^'i5;oob.:in:cash^i-;:-'::::S:?7.  ?7?,A?;E.?|CarscaddQU,?awaiting?^  ^fprarsbnat^arTJe. aitempted'siiicide!  :.lastrweek?a?nd??win?^  diGroe^su^  'a:?i-ec:drd -btdo's pv?was?;bc)ughtylast|,  W'eek-7'by;?d7:MiHneapolisy  '.$2i$ffif;f2f.fff!^  y???I'he:U?^S:?ary!dockI?)e  tb\yed;i)y:7th.re^,colliei's":n;qiir  :petike|bayhb?:^aiii!a7vby?\va-,^5^  Suez-eaiiSfaiVd:Indiaii:bc^a:n:d'7;7:;;;i?  doulMedy'tlie ?deteotive7;f()rce7in'itfi7  :c:florlS; to -trace tlie (origin oi?;ihe:-i(it;7  ���lerS'-wliich;are?knp\yn?to bave?conue7  i:7:tTlie:,-four��'i)dmiiuoH,.b\'ejeiec  :heldjlast?w(itk:rej5u?!te^:iiith^  eraiii'v^be.iiig?? eieetecl^nicl' tlie Jb'iiiiiii?  being' dlaimed''byjjbtli-p?artie^'.-v;?^i!  7.:Word domes .ifroui-SebVil:Uhat the  Korean cabinet hns adopted .the'"pro'-.  ;positioii?,?of 7 a ??f upaiifcse ^prdtectbrate  over ; Korea f as -suggested by Mart  quis,Ito?^:?..::���7.���":,?"���?���'?;'??, ?/'?.?     .:7;;:';:  Lord -Mount Stephen has contri-  buted;^50,odo to ?the ;_Oueen's dp-  nation, for.:-theiiiieniployed-of?Lon-  don,\ ?pf^homy7tliere?.?ai:e:-nearly  r,060,000-persons'. ? ���'���:. 7 '7.7 y-.:^-^  '���'?.:'.-A?; cheap-lodging ������'house: oil:- Watson"/-street,7 Glasgow, 'was ::burned  early 'u'r the 1 morning/of��� Nov. 20th  and:,-39'people lost'their lives ;'aud:32  others .were .seriously injured. 77-:  . A; Ph'ittsburg-, 'Pa., despatch says  the American .-Federation of Labor  has decided to accept union cards of  workmen coming-.;..:to 'the United  .Stales'frpm'. foreign countries.  A Savannah; Ga., -news' despatch  says that two additional indictments  for : embezzlement have been returned against both Gay nor and  Greene, who were recently extradited --from Montreal.  :  At Chihuahua, Mexico, last week  C.'.T. Richardson, C. S. Harle and  Win. Maiisou, all Americans,-: were  convicted of having 'murdered-two  men for tlieir-life insurance-money  and were sentenced to be shot.  During the", month of ' October  over 22,000 new settlers arrived ��� lo  make their .homes in-Canada. Of  these 5,000 were .from England,  3,000 from the United States and  14,000 from continental Europe.  It has been learned from the  police department of New York  that Prince^ Louis of Batteuberg,  who visited there recently iu command of a British cruiser squadron,  received while in that city numerous  anonymous letters threatening his  life.     The   police   department has  fro,iii thevibreigirqitiarterspf'tli^'city?:?-  It is?^tate!l .UiVitd:nuiiil.)er'of:.iinpoT-.:'  rta'ti't' a:rrests-iii;cbnnecti6!i-wii:h? these:?  letters;: will :be:riuade;sqoi:?:?;'?7:.:7f?;-,7 777-::  :yyFi-edyEleclc;?of,,Pittsbiirg?:-aii?(y  gnieer7bii:the?renpS3'lyaiiia railrbaci??-?  ���has^re'eeiyeci lrom:A;iKlrew::Garnegie;:>  a'^heck for|)r^pob?iii7pWy^  luhthiGariiegife'ate^h^FleclS^e  cab jy a t ..���'.ythe '/ti iue;-ot7lhe'Haiiisteacl 77  ';s tri k-e f:rff "������?��� ^fif j:}t":::f''f-f';f^f'^f :���:  77.A7 Leipzig,:/?Germany,:;:desp?citcl5. y  ���:states'?:,th'at:'r.:,(;'he-7'nu'penai?/^  'court'lias.?seiitieiicscl: ��� a?:Russiah? girl?;  -toyOhe:/:year7:and ������;:-ture'e??in'6Mths'.'.'iui-^:?  .Jjrifbunieht^fpr?^  'GteriiiEui;: clbciinien ts y;:tb^ a?-visitingy-^  'Tpre'ign?.6flicei:?y 'r.aif-'ffyff^f^'fiJ.^  :??lHidg:bvem meiid  received conficiehtiat'Tepbrt^^o /the?/-?:  effect : th at ::sec"ret?a r m s ��� are -stored; i if -:-:  ;\u aiiyJ/.pxiyjrte /^lioUses /-tlirpvighbut;?;:/  jSii^ba'/yjil ���'��� -ou'e1; pkice::.were;fe'uiid7?ri?'=y  jnite^?2i'carKnes%iid:3oi4ob -rouilcfe-i?  ?pf/teimu ii i.H6n,:^?J/ f f^^ffffyfff :f:  ???vA?Lb!idojV:?de��pS'^h:s^S;rt  Soli tiieaster 11 f Ra iiway'?^^rhpari'y/^  7CIB7  /-//^���'--(.i  ^���S-:  ^liahiigi^eauie|;r^ilcla;ibiui^  ^Vhe^Erencli^cpast/pii'ifvS  ,iug;-?:":Nov/?rc)Ui,/'i'a^  :-u^^,/drbYriiecl"? 7.0h ly yfi ve;? passen~,:,^:  : gef syaudy brie/ member ? of 'thetcrew'y  :^^e'^^e&^:f/f-ff':<fff:f^f^f'^':  A "Sll'Tetei-slnirg :despatch���'..-.'���sayB.*.  ffiat'ajsattalioifdf. reservists at,Go-: ���  melV has .mutttiled: and/ refuseel ''to?;  bbey.?oraers..uiitirbetter 'food is sup-" ?.  plie'cl. ��� ;'���It is. said   .that7 corruption:  aulong..lhe..cohtrac'tqTs and  officers'-'  .prevents, proper supplies from teach-:  ���ing:the'spkllers'?-/ ./d;/?d?y-/.!;//:/. :..:  /? George? ;Settle?:,a/c^  S.' assay office������a;'t.-: Seattle, , was/ :cri~'.������'?"  rested;: bii.Nov.. ^tli charged with '  '  the������tlie.lt of gold 'dust: to: the value of  $ i^o.ooo. /; I-Ieadiults'liaving,stolen: :  $35,000. ���Pie says that lie extracted   .  three;-ounces ;| from  each: poke and. 7  substituted Wack'sand.y ?, /     . y  /At 'Ottawa ' recently Earl Grey,  Governor  General  of  Canada,  iin-    c  veiled .v'th'e,- mpniinien't   erected. ?lo ������'."  Bert  Harper who lost his life while  attempting  to save , that   of   Miss  Blair, /daughter of the former minister of, railways,   wlicn   she   was'  drowned about five.years ago.  '  A Copenhagen 'despatch of the  2rstult. says: The deputation appointed by the Norwegian :;torthing  to notify Prince Charles of his election to be'king'of. Norway, arrived  on Sunday and was enthusiastically  received. Since his elevation'to the  throne Prince 'Charles, has been the,  recipient"of thousands of congratulations.  A London despatch of Nov. 20th  says: Another "poverty parade"  took place yesterday oil the streets  of this .city when 5,000 men and a  large number of women marched,  along the Tha tries embankment'to'  Hyde park, where many stirring  speeches were made. The ti'end ��T  the addresses was .to��� condemn -cha-:--  ity and demand of parliament 'if  find work for tlie people wibr,.  through enforced idleness., hsn '&���&������  come jioverty slrickets-  HIMKI ATLIN,    B.    C,    SATURDAY,    DECEMBER    2,   1905.  Tlie Atlin Claim.  'I HE ATLIN CLAIM is puhushed cvcnr satupday  MOF1NING.       MAILCD     mCC    TO    ANY    PAflT   OF  THE  wont.n   ron   00   chmtk    pen  month;   tc.oo'pcn  1     YEAR,       ADVCII1 IGING R ATK5 '���   *1-CM1 PHR INCH  EACH  iNScrmoN;  rtCAOtrir. notices, 20 cents a Line.  f.PCCIAL   RATCS.    ON    APPLICATION.   ���<*>��-   .101$ PRINTING :  ILL-HEADS, POSTERS. VISITING   CAPOS,  LETTER-HEADS, PROGRAMMES,       ETC.  ETC.  OnDCFIS    PROMPTLY    EXECUTED.  PRICES   MODERATE.  The Atmn Cfjaim Publishing Co., 1/ru.  orphans enusr'd through his unsalable greed tit I hi instead, Pa., about  fifteen years ago, lie would he  thought more of by the public.  Carnegie has a past that the distribution of all his millions will never  blot out.  W.     1,'OIiliAHI).      GlfA NT.       tilUTOK-MANACHSH.  , ,      NELSON.    *  The papers which reached us in  the last two mails contain a great  deal about Mr. John Houston, the  member for Nelson, and the questions as to whether he intends lo return to the province r or not and  what effect his non-return would  have- as regards his seat iu the  House have been fully goneiuto.  There is nothing in the law that  causes a seat in the Legislature to  become vacant by the absence of a  member during the session or, for  the matter of that, for the whole  term of Parliament. There is nothing therefore to compel Mr. Houston to put iu an appearance at  Victoria at the opening session iu  order to retain his seat.  Mr. Houston's attendance or non-  attendance  at. the next session can  only be a matter of indifference   to  the Government.    Although elected  to  support  it, Mr. Houston during  " the last two sessions generally VotScl  against  the  Government.    But the  loss of his support did   not  imperil  the   Government's existence aud at  the  coming session Mr. Houston's  vote will count for still less in a division, as Alberni's vote will be cast  for   the   Government  instead of for  the Opposition as in the past.    Conceding Mr. Houston to tbe  Opposi-j  tiou   that  party will have 17 votes,  against 21 supporters of the Government and without theSpeaker.  The  Government   still   Las  a clear majority over Liberals,   Socialists   the  Labor representative and Mr. Houston combined.  It is, of course, unfortunate that  an important constituency like Nelson should be placed in the position  that it finds itself, on account ofthe  erratic conduct of its nominal member. But as long as the electors of  Nelson do not call on Mr. Houston,  either to give closer attention to his  duties in the Legislature or to resign, it is not likely that there will  be any change iu the present  situation.  An exchange says: "A printing  office is usually considered a rather  tough place and the newspaper  worker is mighty bad. Statistics,  however, do not bear out the idea.  Of 3,Soo persons iu the Texas penitentiary tlicre is not a pi inter or  a newspaper man, while there are  ministers, lawyeis, doctors, bankers,  music teachers and members ��� of  other professions aud callings. The  printer gets a bad name because the  nature of his business teaches him  lo delect shams and he is scorned  by hypocrites."  !&M  Why ki:si> out wiircs you can <;i-:t fiimns as curat iii:i:i'?  Atlin. Nugget and Grape Rings and all kinds of Jewelry niuiiii  fact iii-im! 011 tlit* premises.  tunc Now Stock of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry nnd Diamonds  Watches from $*i.()U up. Agents lor Columbia (irauinidioiics.  Silverware, Cut Glass, Hand Painted China, Souvenir Spoons.  JULES'; EGGERT &' SON  Safety  Deposit Vaults.  5    ATI,IN   ANI1   niSCOVl'liY,  Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jcvvelrs.  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Canadian Pacific Railway. Company  0TIC!1' l.s hereby given that 30 days  after date I intend to apply to the  Ohier Commissioner of hands and Works-,  Victoria, II. C, for a licence to prospect for  coal aud petroleum upon lands hereinafter  described and commencing al a post'at the  south west corner marked Initial Post No. 1,  thence SO chains north, thence SO chains east,  I hence SO chains south, thence SO chains west  to place of commencement. These lands are  Mtnatc on the Tooya Kiver,Telegraph Creek  District, lying south of and adjoining- .lames  Stables'coal location. A. 1{. McDONAI.D.  Dated at Atlin, I!. C, Nov. iSth, ISlO.*). <12:i  ALASKA    ROUTE   SAIUNGS.  S. S. AMUR departs from Skng'way:     Nov. 4,   15, ,26,   Due.  do do do Jan.  rr,  26, Fjcjj.  1 r.  Sailing from Skagway 8 p.m.  Direct  lo Vancouver  and Victoria.  1*.  26.  26.  Transporting by rail or steamer <o Scuttle wKliout'extra chrrrg-e.  H. B. Dunn,  Agent, Skagway.  We give quick service.     No intermediate calls.  For rates or information apply to  �������  Let   us   do  .   .   Your  Xmas  ~]S"TO'J'rCl' Is hereby given that :!0 days  -J-^ after date I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of hands and Works,  Victoria. II. C, for a licence to prospect for  coal and petroleum upon lands hereinafter  described aud commencing at a post at the  south west corner marked Initial Post, No. 1,  thence SO chains north, thence SO chains east,  thenco SO chains- south, thence SO chains west  to place of commencement. These lands are  situate ou the Tooya liiver,Telegraph Creek  District, lying norlh of and ad joining A. It  .McDonald's coal location. ,1 AS. STAHIdiS.  Dated at Atlin, 11. C, Nov. 2StIi, l'JOJ. (123  r~|~1AKI5 Notice that, sixty days after date,  -*- T, Tlios. 12. Fleming, intend applying  to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of  hands and Works for permission to purchase  the following described tract, of Intnl. situate on the east, shore oT Windy Arm, Atliii  Division: Hcgiiining at Post No. 1. a mile  and u half south of the Provincial Iloundary,  thenco north-westerly -10 chains to Post No.  2, thence easterly JO chains to Post No. 3,  thence southerly 10 chains to Post No. -I.  thence westerly -10 chains to point oi" commencement.  TIIOS. 15. I'U'MING.  Dated this ISth day of November, I'.n:,.       jul3  A. F. & A.M.  Regular 'communications held ou The first  Thursday of each month  in the A. O. U. \V. Hall,  Third Street,  brethren cordially invited.  LIQUOR   LICENCE   ACT  Application for Transfer of Licence  The name "Portlaiid'dvas given  to cement by Joseph Aspdin, of  Leeds', England, who iu 1824 obtained a patent for a material'which,  in. his specifications, is described as  "Portland" cement, because of its  resemblance in color to the well-  known grayish-blue building stone  quarried from the peninsula of Port-  laud, on the coast of Dorsetshire,  Kugland.  rjlAKIv Notice that I, Joseph Tallmire, of  -*���- Atlin, 15. C, shall apply to the Hoard  of Licence Commissioners at their next  meeliiiR- for the transfer of tho Hotel  Licence, now held by me, to sell Intoxicating  Liquors in the premises known as tho  Itoyul Hotel, situate on Lot-7, Mlock'l.'i. of  the Townsite of Atlin, It. C, to It. II. Dixon  and li. Scliul/., of Atlin, H. C.  Dated this.Sth day of November, IflO.'i.  (12 JOSEPH TAl.l.Minii.  LIQUOR   LICENCE   ACT.  Application for Transfer of Licence.  rpAKU Notice tliat I, A. II. McDonald, of  -L- Atliii, U. 0.. shall apply to the Hoard  of Licence Commissioners- at, their next  meeting for the transfer of the Hotel  Licence, now hold by me. to sell Intoxicating Lidiiors in tho premises known as the  ICootmmy Hotel, situate on I'lrst Street iu  tho Townsite of Atliii, ll. G., to 1'. ItoKselli,  of Atlin, H. C.  Dated this Nth day or November, in05.  d2 A. It MoDONALD.  Liquor Licence Act.  Application for Transfer of Licence.  With a contemporary we agree  that if, instead of paying $1,000 for  a lunch which he ate while in the  cab of a railroad, engine several  years ago, Andrew Carnegie would  do   .something  for the widows and,  rilAICE Notice Unit we, Dixon & Schulz, of  -A- Atlin, 11. C., shall apply to tho Hoard  of Licence Commissioners nt their next  meeting for the transfer of the Hotel  Licence, now hold by us to sell Intoxicating Liquors iu the premises known as the  Nugget Hotel, situate on Main Street in the  Townsite of Discovery, H. C., to Hampton A  Durie, of Discovery, 11. C.  Dated.this lith day of November, 1005.  ,w DIXON A. SOHULZ.  "XTpOTlCl'  rS Hereby given tliiit'applicu-  -*-^     tiou  will  he made to tbo Legislative  Assembly of  Hritish Columbia .-it   its   next  session  for u  Private  Hill to incorporateu  Company  to     build,   equip,   maintain   and  operate a line or lines of railway, of standard or  any other gunge  with   any kind   of  motive  power for carrying of  freight and  passengers  from   the   mouth   of  the   Delhi  Coola  Kiver at the head of Uurke Channel,  Coast District,  iu  the   Province   of   Hritish  Columbia, following the  Hella  Coola River  to a  point, about 30 miles from its mouth,  thence  in  a North I'astcrly.dircctioii by the  most feasible route to Fraser  Luke, thence  Eastward along (he Nechaco  Itiver to Fort  George on the Fraser Itiver and   Westward  along tho South b.mk of Fraser Lake, and in  the neighborhood of the travelled route to a  point on the Hulklpy Valley near the mouth  of the Telkwa Kiver, with power lo construct  branches to the  Hlackwater Itiver and the  Chilcotin Country;  and  with power to const met, operate, and  maintain  all  necessary  bridges, roads, ways and ferries, and to construct, acquire, own and maintain and operate wharves mid  docks;  and  to  construct,  oivu, acquire,  maintain  and  operate steam  and  other  vessels, boats, on  any navigable  waters, and to construct, operate und maintain telegruph and telephone' lines along the  routes  of said railway and brunches, or In  connection therowith, and to transmit messages for commercial purposes; and charge  mid collect tolls for the use thereof respectively; and to (reiterate electricity ami supply  light,   heat and   power,  mid   to construct!  erect and maintain the necessary buildings,  mid   works  to generate any kind of power  for the purposes aforesaid, or in 'connection  therewith  for  reward, and  to ucfiuirc nnil  receive from any Government,  Corporation  or persons grants of land, money, bonuses,  privileges,or other assistance in.niil of the  construction of the Conipnii.vs undertaking;  and to connect, willi'itud enter into traffic or  other ariiangeiiients with Railway, Steamboat   or   other   Companies, and t.o exercise  the powers granted or authorised  b.v Parts  .rVutitl Vol' the "Water Clauses Consolidation   Act",   and   with  power to expropriate  lands.for the purposes o�� the Company; and  for all  rights,  powers and.privileges-necessary or incidental iu or to,the promise!,-.  Dated the !ltii.da,y of October, IIKM..  A. P. LUXTON,  nil Solicitor Cor the-Applicants.  Have   Re-opened   On the Waterfront.  Jlc^i'-'> Suits Cleaned and Ite^aiiTd.  All Work Guaranteed.  Goods Called for and Delivered.  Cash ou Delivery.  MrS.   M.  FeJin,    Proprietress.  TH4S HOTEL IS STOCKED WITH  THE   BEST   OF   GOODS  Sam.   Johnstone,   Prop.  /$b  DISCOV1CRY, B. C.  A Strictly First-Class  Hotel.  Dining--l-cooin in connection.  Choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars  ED.   SANDS,   Proprietor.  Hampton   4,   Durie, Proprietors?  Discovery.  OPEN-DAY AND NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  ,     CONNECTION,  Headquarters for Dixon's stneo.  '31  4  SA i.'. UftiTlA li Jir>^imw^ Mrt~r ��^--j ju.,-1, 7/  4)  ATLIN,   B. ,C,- SATURDAY,-   DECEMBER   2,   1905  ATLIN fTRADIINQ   COMPANY9  Ltd.,   /mm and msGomasr.  Our Stores in   both'Towns are' now fully stocked   with   full  .    lines  in   Groceries   and   Dry  Goods.  -��. T.;Co��� Li.il.  A. S.���CROSS, .'B^-sstiter*.  Atlin vs. Discovery.  Fight  to a Finish for the,Feather  ,! Weight Cliaznpionship.  Oti   Friday afternoon,   December  Hie ei��luli, there will   l>e   a  contest  fliudcf   ��)ueens1>arry rules   .between  '���the fcallicr weiyhls ofthe Allan'and  Discovery schools and the ligiil is to  foe to a finish.    For some liine  lhe;  youngsters have been going around'  wath   chips   on  their shoulders and |  ���giving' VGioe to their belief in tlie-ni-'  selves as lirst class spellers.  ��� Tn  or-|  der .to determine ���which ofthe two]  are the best the powers that be have!  arranged   -to   Ixiing     the   aspiring-  champions     together.        It     was  thought  at  first  that a, free-for-all!  would be the -.best,   but .during  the  past   week   <tl*e  .trainers   have, developed the befit .talent  and   picked  sides   will   be  pitted against -each  other.    A   bright -contest is looked  for aud, whatever the result,   a   re-  ittirn. aiiiitch (vvSl   be arranged.    At  present the odds in the betting are  even.  Such contests are much to be admired, ihe3* put the  youngsters  ou  , their mettle and the, training-necessary is of incalculable benefit to the  children.  A Challenge.  The following explains itself:  Atlin, B.C., Nov. 2$, '05.,  Miss   Smith, Teacher of Discovery  School, Discovery., B. C.  i'liiAK Mik.s Smi'jvj*,'���The Atlin  Public School challenge the IDascov-i  ���ery School to a Junior and,Senior  spelling match, -of three pupils in,  each sualch, -on the ,Sth ,of Dec!  Any iCQii.venieiit hour.  Yours very tally,  R.S.V.P.. AJjLAN I'diASER.  The Atlin- Market Co., Ltd  Only Too Tr-iie.  Will Soon Have Skating.  Tuesday morning some of-our ardent curlers took advantage of the-,  ���cold snap and. ha anticipation ofthe  happy clays to come, -borrowed the;  fire engine aud proceeded to "make'  ice." Some three .hours of hardi  work, followed up .011 Wednesday1  with a like period, has put the rink  in very good -shape. A wery little  more work will bring about .the  opening ol the skating and icuiling  ���season. Tie work that has been  done on the mile ground during the  aiild weather ensures ns a much  ���better sheet of ice than we had last,  winter, although every care was!  given it during the past season.  From reports received we believe,  that the Discovery boys .have also-  been doing good work, and ��their|  crink is now open for business. '  The present cold snap will give;  us about a months' more skating  than we enjoyed last year.  ��nto iDarcae Gftundy's scales a.maii|  mnay fairly throw, ior liis own bene-|  fit, Jais lineage,   his  bank  .account,'  his   social standing,  -his.looks and  his reputation.    But in the scales of,  God only his ^character weighs. . He  passes   then   for , exactly -:his .true  worth:; and -one of .the  surprises  of  the   great -day -of >reueaHng5 will .be,  the people, -who, like   bad   peanuts,,  ������have   big  -shells and little kernels,  aud the oth-ers  whose  outward  estate   is   Jtnea:ia, .but wliose souls ar.e  large and farir.and symmetrical.  Any lot is large enougJi ��0  grow,  a great life in.     ��  FRESH   DRESSED   MEATS,   also  =^"��iui�� ������. 1. :t.m KMiK2tr^u*.i-mr~-LS*  POULTRY  OF  All.  KINDS,  Dressed to Or-dec'  T -"Tif *t tr���-�� "���Tlinifrt 1 ii 1  G.   DOELi&ER     Mana&er.  &��&(  6  -%  s  N  GRAND OLD MIGHTvAND,.  SPECrAI, RESERVE,   -B.��-llXJ.'-l.<. .1 ������rt-ffgri^mypn^.p-p--^^-- ��� t.** -y  .Black Sl/lbel.  . White iLfihel.  OLD VATTBD GLENL-IVET,?.... Yellow .Label.   p*  E  ���GOLD -ixyu&Bx  oiscoy .RY, s. c.  C. H. Nissan, Prop.      -       -   fL (B. Wrong, iMgr,  , ILostaursut imCJoiiiibotioii .-Undor  New (md Capable Management.  doe  Palmer*  JF  The Reliable Shoemaker, .  -   -   -   DrscowJSR'K, B.C  Rubber Boots a. Specialty.  There Was a Limit.  An Irishman one day went into  ��tlie shop-of a barber io get shaved.  After being properly-seated and the  lather about applied, the barber  ���was called to an adjoining room,  where he was detained for some  time. The barber had in the shop  a pet monkey, which was -continually imitating its master. As soon  as the latter left the room the monkey grabbed the brush aud proceeded to finish lathering the Irishman's  face. After -doing .this he took a  razor from its case and stropped it  and then turned do the Irishman to  shave him. "Shtop that!" said  Pat. "Ye can tuck the towel-in  me neck and put the soap'on me  face, but, .begorrrah, .yer father's  got to shave me.!"  Certificates ��of Improvements.  m,i  Wedge   Fraction   Mineral   Claim.  t   Situate in tlie Atlin Mining Division of -Atlin  District- Wliorc located: iPine Creek  vitlloy, between .the Yellow Wacketand.  Wur lie.jile.  A It 12 .Notice that .J, J. M. Ituft'nor, l<Vce  Miner's Certilicute No. U 31903, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to  the Mining Recorder for a Certilicute ofiJm-  provements, for the purpose of obtaining a.  Crown Grant, of the aliiwe claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance, of, such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 2tith <luy of October, A. D. 190.1.  d23 J. M. RUFFNER.  i  CAPITAL    PAID . UP    $10,000,000..  Reskuvk,   $3,-50o,ooo.  Bra��ehes of *he Bank a-t'Jeattie, '!  '���'' San Francisco,  Portland,  S-kag-w&y, cte;.,  Exchange soWmn all Points.  ���Gotn Dust Purchased���Assay .Qefigij: in Connkction.'  <D. ROSS, Manager.  Certiffcafes <of rhriprovemenis.  Cub   Fraction   Mineral   Claim.  Astor   Mineral   Claim.  Situate iu the Atlin Mining Division of Atliu  District.    Where located:    Pine  Creek'  valley, adjoining the Yellow Jacket.  rpAKH   Notice that  1, J. A I. Uufl'uer, Free  -^    Miner's Certilicute No. B 3-1803,  intend?  sixty days from the date hereof, to upply to  the Mining Recorder for a Certlilcatoof ini-l  provemcuts, for tho purposo of obtaining a!  Crou'n Grant of the above claim. ;  And further take notice that action, under.  section  37,  must bo commenced before the,  issuance  of such   Certilicute of   Improve-'  incuts. ���  'Muted this S��it h day of October, A. D. 100.1. '  U23 J. IL UUtfFNBK.   :  Bear  Paw   Mineral  Claim.  Situate in the Atliu Mining Division of Atlin  District. Where loeuted: In the Riuo;  Creek valley, adjoining the, Ko'clc. of Ages.:  rpAKE Notice that'I, J.M. RuiFiier, Tree'  ���*��� Miner's Cortilloate No. 1135003, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to  tho .Miniuu; Recorder for a-Certificate of Improvements, for tho piu-]>ose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of tho above claim.  And f Hither take notice that action, under  section 37, must bo commenced bofore the  ���issuance of such Certificate of Improvements. ,.'...'  Dated this'iilitli day-of Octolior, A. 1). 1905.  il23' -L M-UUl-'i-'NIvlJ.  Sitiiote in the Atliii Mining Division of Artin  .District- Where located: Pino Creek'  -valley, between the Hack ot A{?e�� ,-ind  15eiu'J?iiw-  rpAfil! JSoUce -<lint t, S. IL iciilFnev. 1'Vee  Miner's Cci'tifiiKrie No. 11^590"., intend,  sixty dii.v-K ifroni the date hereof, to apply to  the Aliiiinf? Kocoi-derifor a Ccrtiiicatoof Im-  pnwenients, for the purpose of obtaining; a  -Ci'owri Cir-aut-ofthe aliove eiaiui.  1 -Aiiil further teke notice that act ion, (uuler  section-33, miist.-lic (oniineuced before the  issuaiiec -oi" such Certificate of Improvements.  JJated(this 2Ctl�� day of October, A. )). 3U0-".    ���  d23 J. il- BUl'FNEK.  ^Sultan   Mineral   Claim.  Sep  ia-ns.yoMf m .Prifiting  :au.\vav  ntOTI    COBP73K   .TUVIiTC  .TliJJvWA   KITJEK.  Tjfl  Koti��: or Aiwr.icATioj* t>��1( an- a ex.  "TSTpo'J-'ici* is iii;iii3i:i  -'-^   . plication-t\ill "jo .ni  TA  Sitiiutoinllie Atlin Mining Division of Atliii  District. Whoro located: l'ine Creek  r&llcv, aiiout Stepliendyke.  A,KE .Votcce that 1, J. J'". Hreexe, I'rpo  Miner's Ccrtilludte So. ll^.'ifTO, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to upply to  the Miiiiiifr Recorder for a Certifientoof riu-  provcnients, for the-purpose of obtaining u  Crown Grunt-of tho above claim*  And further take notiec that actson, uiideri  section 37, must bo commenced before the  issuance of -.uueli Certi/ictato of Imiirove-  incuts.  Dated this 2/U.h day of Octolior, A. D. 1005. '.  ,123 J. F- UJtliHZIi.   ',  Maybe   Mineral   Claim.  TJ  Situate in the Atliii MiniiiK Division of Atlin  District. Wlioro located: Pino Creek  .vulley, iieifi'iboihood of mouth Gold Run.':  TAKE Notico that L, J. F. lis-oeze, Free  Miner's Cortilicate No. K-3590S, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply t,o  the Mining' Recorder for a-Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a.  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must bo commenced before the  issuance of such Certliicato of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of October, A. D. 1003.  <12J! J. K. iiUI'KZK.  i*'.GJVEN That np-  imdc lo -the i.ej;'is-  lative Assembly ot-\lie.Province-of-ISritisli  Columbia ul its next letftioii.Xor ail Act to  incorporate a Ctuii|iany witli povvcu'-to construct, e��iiiip,tiiaiifiii'u.uiid tqicrivtc a.lino or  lines of railway, of standard or tttluur ^tin^e,  with any kind of motive power, ior tho conveyance of pnsh-ciiKGi-s tuid ifrci^lri, from  some jioint ut of nnsi-'tlie-Kioii-tlnof Copper  Itiver.. on the SI(Po:m River., Uoiut J>istriut,  in IhoPrcwincoof llritish Colii<i)l)ii>, b.v the  most foasiijle iv.uite to a poiirt at-or near the  I mouth of ToJkwa .Kiver, on Die .lliilitle.v  Kiver, Coast JiisU-lct, in .(ho Pn-.n-iiice dl  llritish ���OaliLsiibia; jiml .v.rth power to con-.  struct, cKiei'ate anil nuiiiituiii ,��U noces-aiT  bi-idsrs, road.:, waj-s .ain'l fcr.rics, .-ind to  liuilil, nt'(|litre, own mid ���mniirtiKii wliarvo1-  and dooits- ui ooiiiiectkiu tln>i-pv. ilk, and to  build, neiMi'ro, own, otiiKji mr.l ,.-,iiiiiit��iti  stpani and othei' vessels *nd 'liouU, and l<r  openu-o tho s'.imo-iin ���r.nj- n.avJKii3ilu waters:  and with powerto-build, C(|iili),.oiic.i:ut(5 and.  maintain telegraph cvtrrl teleiihoue 'lines in  conned ion i.vith the siUd .railway mid  brunchp-sarid (o<.ra.nsmit,jnossawaifor cbiii-  mercial |mii-|k>scs and to cliai-yu'ioMK therefor, andit��iKciteiute eleoduuit}' for the sup-,  ply of IIkIiI, hou* and |xiwe.r;oiid with-jiower  to fxproiu'ialeJaimls fori lie purposos-of the  Company, and to acquire 'uml.:, -moiic;-'  bonuses, prlvileKC�� or other lUds from.riii?-  fjoverii.meii't, -inuiiieipuJ , eoi'iKjrutiou, or  other portjonsor bodies, and io-lovy mid collect tolls from all persons ufc-injf, and on aU  freight passing over, any of tiuch roads,  railways, ferries, wharves find vessels ibuib  by flic Coniimu;.-: and with po-wcr to cc ed,  with and Miuke trufiiu or other Ji-i-rangcment*  with  railway,  stoamboat,   or   other    ooiu-  punies;  Rnd to exercise s^icli pcnversiwiwtj  granted  liy Parts  IV   [4] -and V E.r0 o'f ����-.  U'��tor  Clauses Con��oli<l<vtion Art,- .ai>-.l So? ������  aU  other  necensary or   incidental   ri^htt,  powoi-s iind privileges in I lint behalf.  Dated -..this'Ith dayof October, A. '">. tmiik  HOliWiUAi & r.AW&XS,  <12 -SnHpJtors inr iiur Ai.iji&ini��4i.  -trx^f'y ATLfN,    33'.   C,    {SATURDAY,    DECEMBER    2, ' 1905.  Local Events.  The best ol" toilet prcpriKilioii!; ill  C. R- Ilounie'.s.      ,.  Tlie ialesl magazines and p'ipcis  are always on hand ;il Pilhnau's.  IsIoDonakl'H Grocery makes a  specially of Iresh eggs and  butter.  1 sell Ihe best Eocene coal oil in  Atlin and Discovery.- J. T. Regan.  Mis. Hinchcliffe, ol Pisco very,  paid Taku a visit during'the week.  The management expect lo open  the   skating-   rink  early next week.  J. Kccler, trapper, who is located  al the north end of A llin lake, was  in lown Thursday.  The mail go I in Thursday-afternoon and left for the outside again  on Friday morning.  Joe Palmer, Jr., was brought to  hospital on Wednesday suffering  from a sprained back.  Alter the spelling match on Friday, Dec. S'th, Mrs. Young will give  an "At Home" to the pupils, parents and trustees.  Mr. Jas. Johnson, formerly of the  Nugget, Discover}-, who has been  on a trip to his home in the eastern  XJ. .S , returned to the camp on  Thursday.  Mr. E. J. Thain was elected president and Mr. R. B. Anderson secretary-treasurer of the Atlin Whist  Club, whicli held its opening rubber  on Monday evening last.  Stables & Lumsden cany a stock  Mining; Notes?'  Messrs.   Molyueaux  0 makim  md  Bealiie  ocd headway with their  mining operations on Jioulder.  Messrs. Morse, Nelson and iMc-  Douald, on IJouklcr creek, are ' get-  ling out a large dump for spi ing  sluicing.  R. McLcod, C. Hewcl. and T.  While, ou Spruce, have everything  on their lay ground in lirst class  shape for winter sluicing. They  should have good pokes by spring  if lots of hard work and systematic  mining' count for anything.  Geo. Gould and Chas. T. Coales,  of Spruce creek, were iu lown for a  flay or so this week and stated that  the winter mining ou Spruce is  progressing iu good order and everybody ou the creek is at work and  iu hopes of a prosperous season.  Alex. McKcnzie, in charge of  J. 11'. Black's crew on Boulder, was  in town Wednesday and reported  having made a good clean-up the  beginning of the week. Although  the present cold snap has retarded  the work to some extent, Mr. Mc-  'Kenzie, who has a dozen men at  work, slates that he expects to be  able to continue sluicing the greater  part of the winter as he has got  things in pretty good shape.'  S��  ur   ^peessLijty  (Mill  pyrar fJ �����  ��  H&3&PBMB  \\tnm  Delivered to any part of the district.  Goods  h'lcsh and Clean. Prices  Right.  Our  Motto���One price and fair treatment t<J all,  m  The  LUMSDEN  SV&as   Store.  ��  num Brewing .Company  iB ��������*��������  ATLIN, u. c.  Brewers  of Lsger Beer  assd Porter.  SMALL AND LARGE ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  "HE  ftS^S^S^ff  KOOTENAY  &-.etP.&*.F:*&.i Bt��:9'.S:S*v  Norman    Fisher   came  from  of  'ood 'groceries.  Mr. Herb. Young left Monday  morning with the mail for Vancouver, where he was summarised as a  witness iu the case of Mitchell vs.  Pine Creek Power Company.  Capt. Alexander and F. Shields  spent the early part of the week  on a hunting trip lo the head of  McKee creek. They report a poor  bag, aud a scarcity of game in that  locality.  Powder and Gelignite���60 and 75  ������alwaj's on hand at Regan's.  The American Thanksgiving day  turkey shoot at the Nugget Hotel,  Discovery, was a well attended and  successful affair. As a result turkey will be in order at numerous  boards for days to come.  Messrs. A. R. McDonald and Joe  Tallmire left for Windy Arm the  earl}* part of the week. , We believe  it is their intention to put up an  hotel on the li. C. side of the line  in anticipation of Lhe rush expected  in, the spring.  The dance in aid of the fire fund  has been set for Saturday evening,  Dec. 9II1, in the Kootenay hall, and  will commence at 8p.m. The committee requests all the ladies to  kindly assist with, contributions of  edibles. .'Everybody should attend  this- dance as the object is a most  worthy one.  New line of Geo.'. Wostenhohu-'s  I X J, pocket knives at Regan's.  ? Messrs. Taylor and .Sinclair were  in. lown. Wednesday from   their logging  camp  011   lhe east side of the  lake, having conic across to  obtain  a   fresh  supply of meat.    They report that, over 50   pounds   of   tliat  commodity  was  stolen   from   tlieir  tent by either a stray dog or a hungry wolf while they were absent at  work.    They' have   completed   Lhe  erection   of a good sized cabin and  have now got things iu shape for? a  big winter's work.  McKee creek Tuesday and reports  that all the lay outfils ou that creek  are making good headway. During  the cold snap most of the men are  engaged in procuring a large'supply  of logs for timbering purposes.  Norman says that the weekly concert, wliich is held every Saturday  night at the cabin of Messis'.- Ham-  shaw aud Adams, is a big feature  ofthe winter came on McKee.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  THE  DINING-ROOM  IS CONDUCTED  ON  STRICTLY FIRST-  . CLASS   PRINCIPLES.  B*K!  &/  AL'HOTEL  DIXON    &   SCHULZ,   Proprietors.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin., B. C  The Weather.  The lowest and highest temperatures and precipitation recorded for  the week are as follows :  Nov.  24  25  26  27  2S  29  30  Max.  34  IS  8  13  8  Mhi.  25  12  ~ -.5  ��� 2  ��� ���5  ~ r>  ��� 5  Proeipit'n  ��� in.  ���05  The fire fund dance is Saturday,  Dec. 9th,  at S p.m.    Don't  f'oiget!  Woid has reached town that the  lake is frozen for a couple of miles  at the north end.  Now is the lime lo procure your  Xmas Cards and Souvenir Postals  at C. R. Bourne's.  Why use inferior gasoline when  you can get 76 and $6 per cent, at  Regan's.    Atliu and Discovery.  At Dawson on Nov. 19th Frank  Allen, a clerk, fell through the ice  iii the Yukon river and the prompt  assistance of three companions was  lhe only tiling that saved him from'  being carried down tlie river beneath  the ice. -  Mr. J. Williams, head postmaster  for the Atliii district, went to Discovery yesterday and initiated Mr.  PL E. Brown, who has lately received the appointment from the  department , at Ottawa, into the  duties ol postmaster of our sister  town. The Discovery post office  has been removed from Mr. F. H.  Mobley's store to that of. Mr. Brown  as a consequence. ,  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  CHOiCCSr WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGAKS CASE GOODS A SPICI41TY.  ^A^VVVVVVVV>!*VVVVVVVftiAiV>!i'VV^ ���  vvvvvvwv*/wvvvwwwvvvwcwvvwv^  <*���  Executed  Cheaply,   Promptly and Satisfactorily.  THE CLAIM OFFICE.  JtjtJtJic&jtiJt^Ji  C  vwvyvwvvvwvwvvvvvwvvw  And Sell for the  Lowest Prices in Camp.  ii  *��� aj  M'i  ) 1  u  Vi  fl  HI  1  HA  i  1  ft?  i  u  v if  Wit*  fi


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