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The Atlin Claim 1899-12-16

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 1  (J  I  t  i  S  p  VOL.  ATI.  I'..  C,   dVUJd'JAV. A~>fC>'XiliVM, , j��i.    ,boo.?  NO.. 34.  lcLenn<an9f: MJeFeely and  /   (Ll.MlTKn.) 1    , s l  Paints,  Oils,   Varnishes^,  '' -: ���        "     " '    " *   -        BuiSeffsrjs' Hsfrdw&re,'  Sash sand Doors,.     , c . r  Tinware, Grsnsitew&re9,Gronk&a^y  ���'"-"���       .     " -       . ,." "     '- "       "���   -  All kinds of Tinsmith work'clone;'   -"   "*'".<; L-',''   r "^ '   ( '_-  1 ' Corner 61". First and Pearl Street.  Bl.lfSVSMITWS GG4L-   ,-... " ' -  ...FRESH   NEW   GOODS   J&ST   SM. ...  ��  J.'M. Clair-  v    ���      -  IJvr(ikst,'anij''BksiT'S1':j,kctud Stock of    -' ~l  j  Groceries, Shelf -Hardware,'Paints.ah^'OHs,1 Boots'-aiid  'Shoes, Rubber Goods and Miners' Supplies.  IRON   STORK   -    -    -   '-   .-    -" -    COR.   1ST   AND   TRA-YNORr.  *   PINE'S CONCERT. *  ���The-great event-'of^Piue. City���  tli'e gratuity' concert  last  Tuesday  evening'���  ��� is  ciei.t   historv,  State. ''After this , humorous reacting came'a duet bv Mr.- and- Mrs.  Jeffries, "Mary Gathering the Myrtle." 'with vioiin'and guitar accom-  i, thing ",ofr an'-s paninient/'that Mnost certaiuly.de-  ������. P^Hi   dead     ai-,';served the vociferous "applause ,ac-  buried; but/iwill neverbefofgotteu,\corded." 'This  was  their  first'ap-  . ���'! ������- - 1 , ,- - -. ��� ��  never, re\er," nc\ei. "Ihe talent.'-p'^arauceandit is to be hoped will not  member for member, outshbhe if\-1 be the last. Harry Fo\es,came next  thing, ever attempted m-* AtUn, laud' it does r ot - require much  and for length it was the longest on \ di\ ination to -' ���'tell what was in  record. -To say-that it was a finan-1 store." It was' one'ot those warbles  cial success" is putting" it mild: for; that can be.listenecl to for.ages.and?  Atlin al~>ne, regardless of Surprise j never tire. , Mr? Lumsden followed  Lake and'Spruce?creek, contributed ' in one of his capitafsongs, aud then  44, or two-thirds of'her population, 'iu turn * Mr. Wells, who always  This is no random assertion; it was commands attention when he is up  by actual count. Inside the hall for- a recitation. This brought  standing room was at a premium, ! the announced programme to a  "and so oppressive'was" the-heat at'h close, with the exception of a  times that several people at the'tambourine dance by Miss H. Lu-  rear fainted and had to be taken I cas, ai d an old-time , hornpipe . by  out to the air. It-was indeed for- 'Mi. Wm. lYcCluskj. The absence  tunate for these latter that the out-' uf Mr. J. Stable's name from the  ' side blast was a 30-below /.ero'one, ��� list ot contributors was very notice-  otherwise  resuscitation would have able.-  After  the-benches had been  'LATEST "FROM AFRIC.  The   Highland    Regiments* to , Be  Withdrawn From the- Land of   ,'  the" Burning Sun. ,   .  Durban,. Dec. 16.���Lady-.Smith  -is ailO. K'. It Has- been* learned  from a Kaffir .who" hAs just arrived  here that lie says he' was told' b}  another  Kaffir who had it from1 an'-'  other, Kafr.r that the   British   made  k 1  a successful some on the -12th   and'  ��� ,, ,  a  loss   o.  1 , ^  ,  starvation. It shows, up in a lorc-  ible Hghi tlie 'gross,, negligence  which has always characterized the  comliiissai y"department x aud .some  of the heads of it /are likely"-' to - be",  court-martialed'in consequence.  ��� rDurban, Dec.. 16. ���The 'Basutos-  have taken .the warpath, against tlie  British. .They have taken thdwar-  ���iiith" against the Boers?" "'The Basa-  10s are tiniet." Thev intend' to re--  main quiet. - The Basutos'are in'a  .eirnc.it. r They are eager for war.  ihev were never moie peaceable.  s  routed  the*  Boers   with  "sieah" men.  "' Pretoria, Dec_f 16.���There Ms" no"  "rnih riii the rumor-that the numerous Irish prisoner1"- in ,Fretoria,, re'  King on their-numbsrs. had formed 1 , . , ..     Ar v   ,.   -     . ,. .  . " ��� '       .,   '       ,   graphy, with lust a   lew  additions;-  a conspuacy to oust Oom .Paul and  0,>",..d ..    -      .  ���     -      -   ,,.  run the"Trau.sv'.iab as  an- Irish  re-  < r V  (.All the aooye d.sp.u'ch'es aiecthe  ^xclj^ne property of''this-paper,,  leceived bvdviarconi   wireless "tele-  public.  .- Clips  been'  cUfiiii.clv  O nn    Paul   'has'  nroved futile     After this  skirmish  had lost its force   Rev.   Join-   Piin  remoi-cd    aud   preparations    weie  ui<idt lot dancing, liowever, he co: -  gledeli\efed an'address, the signal sented to .a song, and gave "Oof  for attention. This was followed'! Kail Yard," much to the satisfaction  by a splendid song, from Mr. J of the audience. v  Bickford,    the    name     ol    whicn  Among the visitois from Atlin  who attended the concert weie the  I resbvterian   church   nurses,   Afiss  the      writer     d-^es      not     'know.  nor  could   he  find  a    programme  with it on; suffice  it to  ^ay?  how-j Bowen aud Miss   Mitchell.     While  ever, that it was  applauded   to tlie, at Pine they were the guests of Mr.  echo.    The third number w.is a re-'and Mis. Stubblerield.  citation* bv Miss Chisholiu,   render  ed in a ven effective manner. * The  BEAUTIFUL.  gem of the evening, "Only'Tired," 1 The weather during the past  sung by Mis. ot. Clair Blackeit, ac-Uveek has taken on a decidedly win-  convmniedh} Mr. Pilling, on" or | \_ry aspect, the glass ranging from 5  gau, hud artistic merit and was ex- t0 23belo\v.The lake is getting reads  tremely  pleasing.      After  this  delightful  rendition a recitntiou from  Miss  Letherdule  mid a all the l?oys  and girls laugh,   and  led   tbe  wav  for  01:   f'ro n   Mr.   .VI.ie*    eutitU'd  "Kelhe'.s   Dreaoi,"    th'it   bred   m-  fect.0.1 tu tiio old^r beads, and then  wo; it  giily  0.1   lo   the   sweet  and  cleu ���itr.U'H 0" a biujo sdIo,  rendered in a   most effective  manner  by  Mr. C. H. Muirhead.    This feabt_oi  music was brouglit to a sudden eud-  ii?; j/ 1 32ii-.-scory froiii i<j%-. John  P.* 1 -  1     via :l     iv     f 1 vr  - York  to freeze up and presents a most  imposing appearance, dense volumes of va;:or rolling along its sur-  sface or rising in spirals for hundred  of feet to the rarified air above. The  scene is truly grand and is as near  an approach to Dante's conception  of the bottomless pit as can well be  imagined.  G.  Puniey, of? the Northern, and  W. J. Mcfntyre left for  Seattle  ou  ec-- 16. ��� It has  ascertained that'  ch'illengecl joe  Chamberlain to a 25-round ''contest?  Marquis of Queensbirr\\ rule's, for  the Transvaal and the,sate mji'nev.  ,Oom savs he will make it. hot. ror  lanky. Joe if he dare"accent the chal:  lenge. " Joe's' reply ' is anxiously  awaiteci? L Cut rent" opiiiioii 'is'" that  he will funk it. . 'Betting is alreadj  two to .one on' Dutchy.  Capp Town, Dec.14, delayed in  transmission -���The. Canadian con-  lingeht lias'beeu brigaded with- the  Seaforths and -the Black Watch.  The astonishment ofthe -Highlan-,  ders was immense onrfiiidLiig that  the Canadians could talk English  and were not firmed with tomahawks, and wampum belts. They  promiseto.be good friends to'bur  boys and teach the young idea how  to shoot. ���  Mudderdo, Dec. . 16. ��� Private  Dennis Macgillicuddy of the 1 [9th  Ro\'al Irish -Neverfuuks, has been,  recommended  for the Victoria cross  1  for distinguished valor in the  field.  He saw a Boer and didn't run.  Elmore,- Dec. 16.���It turns out  that the defeat of the British aud  the surrender of Lhe Dublin ' Fusiliers and .Gloucestershires   was" di-  "edited," as it were. 'We will  pro\ide a fuller and more complete  servicedhen  Bu'ller arrives.���Ed.,)  ATLE\:'S WHIST CLUB., ;    -  ,Ther inaagiiral   meeting, of thisv  club was'he'ld  ou" Tluusiiiiy   evening at tne residence or" ;i'r. 'baftens^  on Second street.'1 The  attendance -  -was ,%ery.huge, over-40   oeuig  present, including mauvriadies.^-'/A-t'ier. -  ���> '        . ���    >"   ,. ^   *  a \eiy   pleasant  evening^ s,;eiu  at-  tne tables, .succeeded bv.au .elegant -.  refection,.,the meetmg was called to  oider. aud  the .election   of officers  .-roceeded with',.the ,result beiiig as'  rollows: _, Piesident, r Rev.   Fr-  L- v  'Stephenson ���- -Secretaryr >Mr.A- Gardi- ^  ner;. committee,  -Messrs. * Brown,   ���  Paxtpn and,Dr. Cameron?' d  .The meetings will,take place ev-  erv Thuisday evening!'4 the next  being in the Bank. .of. Haluax  budding, by the invitation of .the  emDloves of .that institution'.  \     ( >h.  ^ ���*���.  THE OTHER SERVICE.  : The following despatches are published with permission of Mr." Mansfield?   They   are the same'as* those  published iu' the coast papers.  Loiidou, Dec. 5.--U  is' rumored  that   Lord   Roberts  will5 leave for '  Africa" at  once   to take  full  command of all  the   Britisli   forces   in  that country.  Late reports  say/?the Boers have  rectlv traceable to the uuruliuess ofi abandoned the siege ot Ma'feking.  1 '  the mules employed in the mouu-i London,i .Dec. 5.���Latest dos-  tain battery No. 10. The guns are: patches from the Cape describe .the  fired from the mules' backs and thcl depnrture of the Canadian coutiu-  blasted animals would keep ou j geut for the front. The city was  turning round and round, shooting' ���aiiv decorated aud on ' the officers  amongst friend and foe alike ' with , being presented to Governor Milner  disgusting .impartiality. Blast a|the soldiers sang the national aliunde anyhow. ' them.  Modder River, Dec- 16. -���The! London. Dec. 5.���Gen. Methue.11,  Boers this morning, under a flag of. in'reporting on the battle at Modder  truce, sent in to Gen. Methucn a. | riVer, on, his way to' Kimberley,  written protest against the employ- \ placed the number of British killfed  111 ent of Highlanders igainst them J anci - wounded at 438, while the  on the score of indecency. i Boer    losses     were     \cn      much  Word    was   brought  by  pigeon, heavier.  post to-day that'the   German   artil-j    lery officer captured at Belmont has '       MA^IEOBA ELEL'i 10>S.  since died,   not  from   his  wounds,       .uautieal,    Dec.    f>.���'1 he  latest  but  from hunger.    The British ar-' returns ol the Star liom   the  recent  my do not  carry   with   them   such!   Kaiulol a elections shews that  the  things   .is  tiebenvon-t,   smeer-case, j   Ur.jti\&l.\cs ha\ecawicd 34 s-tfcls.  Wednesday.    From   there  they go I bolognas aud  sauerkraut, and   the'  ?-l-<:i   the    Liberals - 14,    vuili>  wo  Lo Cape Nome. , poor   lellow    literally   expired    of'doubtful.    ��� ATLIN,   B.   C,   SATURDAY,    DECEMBER if,.  r  TlTK    ATI.IX   Cl.ATM.  J^iiIjIKIk'iI   (.-vorj.    Mil imluy   morning   by  'I'llI--. A'm.in Claim   l'liiu.isnisii <!o.    ,  <>Hic<. of publication:  .Si-<:(.iiil In twpiMi T mi nor null  Pearl Streets.-  Advertising, rates iiimlc known on application. ' /  Our subscription price is s| a your, imy-  inble in iiilvimco. No pit per will bo ilplivereil  unless these conditions are complied with.  It must be'a great satisfaction to  Canadians generally, and the relatives of the men, "'to' find that liy  the, arrangements 'of' the commander-in-chief in' South sAfric'a the  Canadian    contingent'is   brigaded  ' with the ' world-famous Black  Watch and the  Sealorth   Highlau-  . ders.    No higher compliment could  , be , paid the' Canadian" regiment and  the rumor 'of their disposition to  garrison duty is effectually disposed  of. With "our boys shoulder to  shoulder with these two grand  fighting Highland ' regiments, past  masters in the art of campaigning,  they will have a glorious opportunity of making a recoid, ��� for be  sure that wherever  the   fighting is  ' hardest, there, will the Highlanders be.    We  shall be awfully dis-  - appointed if our lads, in such company, do not make us sing "The  Maple Leaf For Ever'" with a new  y.est before miiiiv months are  over.  ing for the Transvaal no,t long ago,  said: '.'I a'ni luckly'in having five  of my regiments Irish, for the knot  that five Irish ' regiments cannot  untie must be a difficult one. If a  commanding officer, in charge of five  Irish regiments fails he must be a  bad specimen, for if you handle Irishmen iu the right way there is nothing on the face of the earth th'e}  will not do." They have already  shown their powers in the Transvaal and every true Briton -will  accord them -the merit due.  A Bombay despatch says: The  Loudon Times' statement that-Russian troops have in all, probability  occupied Herat? near the Rus-  so-Afghan frontier, is calmly received'here. "The-coiitiugency has  long been foreseen, and the British  Government in India is fully prepared tor any emergency in Afghanistan.'   ,  , Whilst giving the citizens of Atlin all praise for tlieir generous aid  extended1 to the  public  school,   we  at  the' same  time  think   that it is  i  putting a little too  much   on   their  shoulders in view of the perpetually  recurring, demands on their pockets  for charitable and worthy purposes  iii 'asking'them   to carry their own  burdens   with ' the    Government's  ,k>ad superimposed.     The   maint'e-  riahce  of our public school  is   as  clearly a duty   of the  Government  as is the 'collecting  of  taxes,   and  surely the large surplusages of collections    over   disbursements  from  this  district -should justify   us  in  asking from it what  is   indubitably  "well within our, rights,  namely, ,a  placing  of the  school  on   a status  equal to that enjoyed by  the  most  favored  communities.      Tlicre  are  "numerous  calls  to   be   met in  the  ' near future, such as  furniture,   fittings, liVing, etc.,   and   we   have   a  light to demand  that  the   Government see to it that a suitable  grant  be awarded, sufficient to  cover,, all  'such necessary outlay.    Atlin   does  not propose   to   be quietly   ignored  and  shelved.    She  is not a played  out mining camp iirany sense.    On  the  contrary   she  is   young,   lusty  'and- vigorous,   with a,great future  before her.    What she is justly entitled to she wants,   and wants badly, and she wants nothing so badly  at- present as she  wants   the   Government to do its plain duty by our  free school.  " FROM 'FRISCO.  C. A. Ravlih, who it will be remembered spent the summer in Atlin as the representative of the San  Francisco Chronicle, writing to the  Claim from gay 'Frisco, says: We  hear scarcely anything of Atlin on  the outside. Cape Nome is the  piace that is getting all the booming now and the indications are  that a big rush will be made into  that countn' when navigation  opens in the spring. Fully a million dollars has reached San Francisco from that district during the  past six weeks. The gold is richer than that of Dawson, averaging-  about Si 6. Spruce creek gold has  brought the highest price here, the  dust I brought from there briugii.g  $19.30 per ounce.  In international matters the Boer  war is the all-absorbing topic.  While the ultimate outcome of the  struggle will eventually end in a  great victory for Britain, up to tlie  piesent time the British forces have  met with some very disastrous reverses. Several entire regiments  have been captured by the Boers  and the casualties among the staff  and line officers of the British army  have been appalling. The same  mistakes that marked the American  army preparations in the early  stages of the recent war with Spain  are occurring in England and the  war department is being severely  censured by both the people and  the united press for .its tin preparedness for the present war iu South  Africa. When General Buller gets  his full army together and the actual fall campaign is started, it is  believed that the end will he short  and decisive. The relations between Great Brit iin and the United  Stotes are becoming closer every  day and should   anv   of the   Euro-  echo, and when shown side by side  with, our own Stars aud Stripes, the  enthusiam-of the people is' boundless. These two instances but  serve to show to what extent the  alliance with Great Britain is being  permeated into the affairs of this  country.  That America and Great Britain  are" working hand-in ".hand is evident from the arrangement a'.id lo-  cation ofythsir navies. ��� England is  mobilizing her immense navy iu  South African ' waters," while 'the  American navy, the cream,of it, is  now gathered iu close proximity lo  the Ph ill i pi Lies', .within easy reach  ofthe British fleet aud also oF Chinese wateus.  From present appearances the  war in the Phillipines will be of. a  very short duration. Thelatest advices from the seat of war is 'that  the cruiser Charleston ran onto a  reef in a typhoon aud is ' a ,(total  wreck. The Charleston was built  in San Francisco in 1886 at, a .cost  of over a million dollars. . She sank  in ninety fathoms "of water, too  deep for- the diver's to make any attempt to raise her. , '  In   sporting   matters,   the  recent  battle between  Jefferies,-aud  Sharkey   is   the    most. prominent  happening.   'The'battle   went   to  the  full limit of 251 rounds and Jefferies  was  declared  t'ne   winner, * a."very  just decisiou.    He  knocked' Sharkey clown twice, broke two  of the  sailor's ribs and damaged  his   face  to the extent that his  own  mother  \vou1 .in't    have    recognized    him.  From   the  twentieth   to    the  25th  round Jefferies showed up the  best  aud had Shaikey all but out   twice  when   the   gong     sounded.      The  champion    will    rest    for   several  months   and   will then   take  on   a  battle   with  ex-champion   Corbett,.  possibly  at    the   Paris  exposition.  Fitzsimmons and Sharkey were both  after him    for    another , chance  to  make goad his wrord.    The receipts  for    the     Jefferies-Sharkey     fight  amounted to ovrer .$125,000 and the  film for the kinetescope pictures  of  the fight was over 14  miles  in  extent.    Of the  men now in the ring  Sharkey  is the only one who has a  license to  stand   up  against Jefferies.     He   has   now met tne champion twice and each   time  has  suffered far the worst of the encounter.  Jefferies will simply make a grease  spot  of Corbett when the two come  together, and as   for   Fitzsimmons,  the   lanky   Australian  will   suffer  even a worse fate than he did in his  last encounter with   the champion  San'Francisco, Nov. 20, 1899.  J  ULES   EGOIST  Swiss  Watchjiakkr.  Plas.charge of government .inslr',  ments.    First street, At!i*\  'f In 'A. S. Cross'Store.  .THIS ^ALASKA    Fl?dd  65 hours to Seattle.  '"'S.S. flUMBOLBr  Due, at Skagway  JThursday,fJiSK.'4-,,   i,SGO.- .  ������ .Leaves Skagway every Tk.\ I ?.-\ ���> .-  for Seattle   and    British   Columbia  ports.     Buy your-tickets at the office  of Pacific Clipper Line, Skagway..  ,   W. H. TKIGGS, Agent.  Comfortably furnished rooms  anil  excellent   board   at   1 ���: -  r  duccd rates   for the  winlei.  Call and investigate.  '      BRITISH,"'HOTEL,  Corner First and Discovery.  Ef. JU.  ���  FUNERAL ' DIRECTOR     AMD '  ,'   IvMHALMER   .  Third and Discovery,    Atlin, B. C.  Uodies Embalmed for Shipment a Specialty  Orders-on .short notice.  All kindi nt   Kuiipval Supplip-; nt   riMson-  ulile rate-..  When -in Atlin stop  d . at the . .    "    ' .  OLYMPIC HOTEL  First Street.  Headquarters  eor  Lemp's St.  Louis Lager Beer.  First class Restaurant in connectio:..  .A. BURKE,   Manager.  1 Direct   to    Vancouver  Three   Days  ''  SS. 'C.UTCI  5TH,     16TH    AND    26TH  EACH   MONTH.  in  Of  A.   H.  BAKER,   Agent,  C. R. R. OEice, Skagway,  BROWNLEE & LOWRY  J. II. Brownlee, P. L. S., D. L. S.  K. C. Lowry, A. M. I. C. E.  - Messrs. Brown and Jones canvassed the city oretty thoroughly  during the past week in aid of the  j Presbyterian church fund, and re-  I port having succeeded fairlv well,  pean powers attempt interference j if thev had only brought Mr. Robin    the   present struggle  between inson along also their  team,  would  The    approving    cheers    which  greeted the passage in Mr.  Edward  ' Blake's speech to his constituents of  ��� South      Longford,     in    a   speech  there  recently,    when   he   praised  the loyalty,  devotion   and   heroism  of the Irish soldiers in Africa show-  'ed that the 'people  there   were  not  in sympathy with the irrecoucilables.  Irish regiments have  a record   for  .bravery not surpassed by any in the  ���service.   -General Gatacre, on leav.-l  England aud the Boers, America  will be found right on hand to back  up her Anglo-Saxon brothers. The  ladies of America have raised over  $100,000 and fitted up a splendid  hospital ship, outfitted it with American army surgeons by special  consent of the President and the  war department, and despatched it  to South Africa, to care for the  wounded of the British army.  Whenever the British flag is shown.  iu this country it is diceri-d to ' UK-  have been comnlete.  LIST YOUR  LOTS AT  Rant & Jones,  'Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  *   Land Surveyors.  -Pea-ri- Street, Atlin, B. C.  rptui NORTHERN HOTEL,  JL .      ,       . VIRST STREET.  The'biggest liouse in Atlin.  Everything first-class.  Thagaid   &   Turney,   Proprietors.  Shot-Guns, Rifles, Revolvers and every description of Sporting Goods  ���at    ���",  OLDEST  ESTABLISHED i  BROKERS 'o ' ' ���,-�����.,  .���6ii.ATi.ii-.    jfTiSDALL'S UN S10SE  Agents for the John Irving Nu- "  vigation Compati}.;    d,.  \    i-^U-it .S.X., A'ixin, B. C.  mxmsmmm 1  .-I  c 1  fe��  SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   i6, 181,9.  A  J  1  AROUND TOWN.  "Where in rthe devil are \ou  going at this hour of the morning,  Ike," asked a'Cumi man on Monday, as Ike was seen steering south-  soutLwcst from(Third and Tray nor,  and making his waj t6-thc Mining  and Invesiineut Bureau 011 Hearl st  with hands high up, ��� fur-coat ou  arm, seal cap trailing, and blowing  half a dozen large ice cakes before ;  him.  "Don't bother, me, Mac; don't  bother me," he said, in a 25th  round voice. "I got a tip; something rich; fortune, was .around to  my cabin this morning." ' ' '  j7"The devil you say!"    '  "Flow about" a short"' cut across  this lot; any holes?"  "None; clear ground. all the  way'."  ike' climbed the fence and landed on an up-turned'gold-pan, and he  paralleled the ammunition wagon  Geo. Steevens described iu his account of the battle-of Elandslaag-  te.   .   .  ���'Break my fall, Mac," came a  dim sound from   thejjieavens,   aiid  that,, I think, about a dozen   and  a  half, stringing into vour office."  "Yes; \ou're quite right, Ike;  but you only saw a fraction, .1 very  small (oue; there must have been a  dozen dozen of them."  "So many?';..,  "Yes,  all'of that."    \  "Well,  what do you call them?"  '"I certainly would not call them  souls."       .  "WhaUheii?"'       " ,      '  f "For  s'hort, ��� F would say 'album ;  ralflers; scenic reservoirs.' "  ' 'The devil you 'say,''   said   Ike,  with adrawn tip expression   of his  explained   itself   sub-  mouth -that  then   arother,    but    less   audible,  "I'll let you in on it; I'11 let you in  '    on the tip."    '  "'"The devil .you say?"    ,   '   '   -,-  Ike landed the followingr morning  and upon my word I thought he had  struck   a  clothes  line, ^ or  sent his  pin-pool ticket into St.'Peter."  "Yvhere did \ou go to, Ike?"  "Up to Fire!"  ' Any friends .there?"  "About 40."'  "How  Wdi   it up there;   colcP"  "Just 30 below.  "Any air-tight stoves?"  "Jr.stor.e;   i didn't see the stove  proper; onh saw the stove-pipe."  ���'Plow  far off do you think   the  stove was?"  "About 13 knots."  "The   devil  you  say!      Was i}  travelling that fast?"  "Well,   I  reckon;   I   timed   the  sparks,_ aud counted a fraction o\er  13 in one second."  "Hot place, eh!"  "Never was in hotter"  "How was the wood "pile?"  "Wood!  Wood"!   Wood!    Where  did I hear that name!   Oh yes, you  mean cord-wood.    Of course,   they  had wood there;   how do you think  they could  generate heat  without  wood; -they   have no electric plants  like what we have and  are   'going'  toha\e;did you   think   they   used  gas-oline; not much,  the   freight  is  too   high,   and  moreover  there   is  great danger iu handling gas-oline;  it is liable to to up iu one grand explosion���unprepared���and   what a  sight would  heaven   present' if its  cherubs -were flirting around wingless with linen duster  and   the  gas  turned down.   Say, I could tell you  a lot about that  wood  pile;  it  impressed me greatly, and  the  vision  of that  clean-cut, knotless bamboo  towering away in   the "distance   reminded me of the botanical gardens  of   Rio Janeiro,    South   America.  I suppose  you want the tip, now?"  "Yes; I'll take it!"  "Anybody around?"' he asked.  "Hasn't been a soul  in   here   for  13 years   Ike."  "Now, you are joshing, old boy'  for only three davs ago I sa.v a  string of h ill" a   do/.^.i.   \\x.m   thm  sequently^with    gustissimo  gusto?  ,,   "Have    another 'drink,--Ike,   I  know   you're    cold;   a day   more  of less,   don't  matter;   the  tournament is, past, and that million and  a   half  lumber, contract- is - all  on  wright;,   black-jack   is  quiet,   and  poker is in the run; while the Anaconda is waiting for one  drill,   and  what  a  time  we'll    have  openin'  wine   when . that diamond  solitaire  starts to bore oh  our $2.15 copper  ore!    Don't'you think "it is about  time you were untying  that tip j ou i  were "going! to   give -me."  What  is it?" some  ground- 'floor'   mining  deal?' 'some'    hydraulic- tunnelling  proposition' 'with a Freueh string at  the other end; of is it a  propositon  to drain Atliii lake" and then, fill her  with tailings  from  Surprise;  what  is it?" '  I     "Guess again."  [     "Ou   the  elections; and who the  wind-jammers are?'?   '  "No, no, no!' <One more try."  "I'll be blowed   if   I can g.K'.v, it.  I'll give it up."  "You'll promise not to 'give it  away; not publish it."  "Upon my word."  "Then give me $1; it will secure  to you an undivided one hundredth  interest iu the best paying thing in  Atlin to-day."    -  "Here it is*; any more necessary,  Ike?"  "That's enough. Sure nobody's  around," finally , whispered this  man, at the same time opening the  door and surveying the outer entrance.  "Now for the final guess."  ' 'There is not a guess left in me.  Well, what is it?"  "An Album; the last in the series  will be,raffled to-night."  "The devil vou sav!"  ..THE K00TENAY.M  BAR  ELEG ANTLY FURNISED  BACHELOR    APARTMENTS.  Rooms with Brussels carpets, *  a stove in each, and all accessories-  Billiard aud Pool Tables.  JACK   BYRON,    Prop.  d.  ���r\  Fine Job Printing at  The Claim  PINE TREE HOTEL.  DISCOVERY, B. C.  When you come to Discovery take  shelter under the tree.  Finest  of liquors.    Good   stabling.  J)/UNCIPAL   BATH- HOUSE  AND   LAUNDRY.  Best   Equipped   Establishment  in  Atlin.  L;.ik.e Sl-.re.et,   l.iea.r Sawmill, 1  d  ATLIN,    n.   C,   fpATu'RDAY,  Ul^blaXj^lV r.f.  I* -  I?-  li  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  . ��t. Antlrfw'., Pri sl.-> li-rlun nliureli liolil bur  virfiS in tlie Arvtic llrotliurliuotl Hull, Sernml  street lietweon Triiiiior uml IVnrl. un Snii-'  ilu.v at 10:'.'.') n. in.nnil li'.l.J 11. in. Suiiilny si-lio'jl  at 2 .HO p.iii. Rev.John I'riuxlu, li. A., iiiiii.UUr.  Olnireli ol" linnhviid Mjrviu!-i w ill lie lu}l:l  a? corner Truiuor nnil Tliiril -.1 routs on Sun*  lin.v at 11 a. in. nnil 7:3U ii. in.  Mr." G. W. Sawers has been, appointed treasurer ol the Church oi  England vice Mr. Wolleston gone  .out. " '"      ' - -  Fresh Fish, Onions, Eggs at Parsons Produce Co.  One of the best articles for good  health is a wholesome loaf of bread  at f2 cents aud a first-class meal at  50 cents at the Pioneer Bakery.  Combined Episcopal and Presbyterian services will be held , in the  A. B. Hall on the Sunday preceding  Christmas. Rev. J. L. Stephenson  will conduct the morning, and Rev.  J. Pringle the e\ening.    'This  is as  We have had no mail in since  Monday last and do'not propose Lo  make a kick over it either. . It is a  long .way trom Vancouver, with  very .frequently lough oeas to contend with, and we-mustn't mind a  little thing like ��� a 'three or four  cLus' delav in deliveiv.  ���" f ~ " "i  Commissioner Graham ' Ji'as a  splendid memory. Before leaving  tor the outside he promised the office staif a turkey or two. He kept  his ,'word and 'in consequence the  officials are iu ecstacy over the 'arrival of "three bouncing alien turks,  1 1  Andy   Galarno killecV'two grouse  with one rifle bullet last Sunday  afternoon. ,<The better the day the  better the deed apparently. .This  is Andy's.statement and as we saw  the.grouse we guess it's all right.  Messrs. Donnelly and Scarlett: le-  turned from their hunting trip up  j the lake on Tuesday last, Just escaping the cold snap. They report  hunter'- plentiful in the section they  v'sited and game as scarce as.hen's  teeth.    ' - ���' ���  ��� Another album fell to the Olympic hotel last Monday. This makes  four that have landed iu; this  house. Mrs. tVhite won the last  one.  The"invitation "published exclusively   in- Tiik   Claim   from   Pine.  ��<a ,.  Wholesale   ~ *&M  CORNKR    FlRST .  .and"' -PeakX ' Strkhts. ,  ' BuM^ers"-Hardware, Miners' Supplies,  iranifeware,  - ' * * . 1  "ii 1  TI NSI-TOP 1N ' CON NECTION.  rtSL  & CO. (Limited:')  FIRST STLIEET  ATLlK'B. C." '  it should be.  Oh! say! That was nice pickled  pork T got yesterday. Where? At  P.-P. Co.'s; where else?  vS. A. Smythe, the photographer,  tells one ou himself that runs back  lour years while he, was out on a  two months' trip photographing  ���among the Mormons of Lee's  Creek, Southern Alberta.    One aft-  ternoon he left Cardston for a | City to Atlin .in the .last issuedl  drive to a ranch iu the foothills of I  the Roekies and toward night be  came to where tlie trail branched  off in three .different directions, and  being doubtful as to which was the  proper one to follow, 'he awaited  the approach-,of a Mormon boy,  about ro.years of-age, who politely,  directed him which trail, to take,  and to his enquiry: d'Has there  beeu any .photographers (or album  rafflers") through this part of the  country since yon, came to ��� live  here," he asked, "I don't kuqw sir;  there's lots of coyotes, and some  wolves, but 1 don't know whether  there's enny of 'them' or not."  Don't  forget  that   you  can   get  the paper? and read by thousands of  people proved the efficacy af printers' ink and the superb judgment  displayed by Pine's business heads.  ittE::��ANi> -nam  FINEST- EQUIPPED'I-IOTFL IN-THE NORTH.    EVURYTHING  CONDUCTED -IN ' FIRST-CLASS :MANNKR-: ?  RiCR"'&'HAS''riii, Propriktors;'    David Hastiic;- Manager..  d   "'    ? ' Corner of First and Discovery Streets'.-  JUSTIFIABLE..  Coriimissiouer���Well, \ oung man,  what-were  your  reasons  for  murdering this man?   'Vnsoner -\our  honor, he. tried to Tope  mc 'into an'at; a   good  round  figure  Album Raffle,-, aud- .    Commissioner���--justifiable   homicide.  ' Call  the next case.  .ySP.RUCE CREEK.'NOTES.' . ..  Grim winter has now laid his icy  grasp on' usdn-, earnest1, and very  little' active-:woi"k is_i being..done.  The-populatioii"uumbers, barely 40  souls.-- About?one-half of this .number arc drifting . ancl. meeting with  fair success?;':  , 'The parties working t<tq below  have struck very good pay and are  jubilant thereat.-- Number-117 liave  blasted fully 30 feet of' solid rim  rock and have rpached^the back  channel. They .are* confident they  have the same run as 119.'- This  claim is now  being  negotiated for  Chris  THE. WINNERS.  Monday   evening  saw the last of  the  pin-pool" tourn  xi'ssen, the foreman, got struck  ��� - ,?-   .GRAU; OPERA CO.. '.  The Grab Opera Co,', was in .Victoria on-,the. 25th ult., doing the  largest busiuess ever doiie ..in that  city by any company. Here, is one  of-the verses sung in Olivette:  ?. Not^Be'gga'rs alone-"-/',-"'. ; '-.  Such elephants own'"- -.     ',,    . -  'As'are are fold in a merry song,'  For'presidents, too, ��� ������ ' '  Have learned to rue ;-     '   ,  ;   Lvxperime'nts that go wrong.  Ooiu Paul, you bet,- -  -Is wondering \let    - "       ���  What got in his pipe-that day  When he made decree  That Britons free  best players   won.  were the winners:  The  following  on  the knee-cap .-about ten clays ago by |'   Should--' t vote, but the taxes pay.  a flving niece from a blast and  has  For he quickly learned       .  been laid up ever since.' T.he many j Whe�� the lion turned,:'  friends- of Chris wish him-a speedy ���;  recovery..   His .gang  have worked1  .  .-.      ,;ii*-M  Trni'in*  in  irP!   nt-   t-hir 1^,0-I And he's in the pligh  anient   initiated] llrv-e    lroElnb  to  ge;   at  tliat Pack' -        ..    '   ��  The channel,   all   .winds  and  weathers  defying,   and a little success is only  now their just clue.    The residents  describe themselves as   fairly   cpm-  fortable within doors and the   Rev.  Mr. Sinclair of Bennett has sent  in  a box of books and magazines  ex-  assisted at the concert in aid of the'l    v"-���'"*    ^ ������=*.���    ���-���   t��� pressly    for    them.      Any  Spruce  school fund   on Friday evening last i^^anof eastern oysters; value, ^ 1.   ^ ^^ ^ ^^ a  few  by  week     The omission of her   named     ampDS  ' :calling at the Ci.aiji,  office,   where  iu our notice of the concert was en- i   . Third-Silk    shirt,   necktie  and I thcy cire held for cHstrn)lltiou.      -'  tirelv accidental.    The  fact  of the ' Pllir of '^e*> value, A9  &   .M>y j. Byron two   weeks, ago  Fresh   Fish,   Onions, Eggs, Labrador Herring, nice Pickled Pork and  many    other    things    at  ' Parsons  Produce Co.  First���Lady's    watch,     1    bottle  chain*>ague, 1 turkey; value, 321.50.  '  "We feel  that an   explanation is;w_ Dicken���011.  due Mrs. St. - Clair   Blackett,   who', " ?  Second��� Pour-nugget    scarf  piu  That the cubs  come  from  everv  land  - t_  Of tbe luckless "wight'  With   an elephant 'on his hands.  STRANGE DREAM.  The neighbors of Mrs. R. Malo-  ney, of West New York; N. J., are  talking of a strange dream which  caused the woman to jump terrified  from her bed and rush out of the  house to a ditch iu   which' lay   the  \V. J. Paxtou.  mangled-body  of her son Daniel,  Whilst  Mr. Baxter of 89   below , who  had been run over by a pass-  das out visiting the other evening, j fog   train    while   his   mother   lav  Fourth    Silver-plated soap dish, ' Vls tenL caagllt  lke aml sya& totally ' ^ ^^ & ^ of ^      -h  imrror,    scissors,    comb,   perlume, |COnsumed.    His blankets and other ui't.      Mrs.   Maloney says  of   Jier  ictas  were  considerably  damaged, -dream;    "i  saw mv bov fall under  performance taking place late on  Friday evening necessitates a hurried critique iu order to have it  ready   for   the   press   ou  Saturday |etc.; value, I9K. .  morning.    This   is ��� our excuse and ���     \\ . J. Mclutyre. His loss is serious just, at this  sea--the wheels of the train.     I  saw his  explanation.    We   would   be   very.     Fifth    Pair military hair brushes son, but the neighbors extended all \\-bite face and the look i.-, his eves,  unwilling to slight a lady who   can * in case; value, ��7.50. 'the  help in their power and he will : \    saw   ftie  wheels   grind   him   to  sing so well aud devotes her talents      L. M. Richardson. ' pnll through all right. 'pieces.    When   I   came   to my sen  se   ungrudgingly    for     benevolent i  purposes as Mrs. Blackett.  The   usual   weekly  performance  L. -V. Richardson.  Sixth     Fair felt' boots; value, ��6. .     Caot.   Edward   and   party keepises   I was screaming aud shivering.  W.Harris.                '           '            , drifting on Little Spruce. j I put 011 my dollies' and   ran   from  W. Brown,   well-known   in con-  the   house.      It    is  alongside  the  .Seventh ���Elegant  briar pipe and j  C. L. Culliu.  Eighth - Razor    and   case,  pocket knife; value, 54.  Alex. Godfrey.  took place at the A. H. Hall last one pound na\y cut; value, ��5  evening. The audience was huge.  The first part consisted of a shadow  performance, and considering the  paucity of stage properties, went  well iu all its pans. -Mrs. Gregory  and Messrs. Lv.msck.-n and Pavey  supplied a musical interlude, all iu  their best style, and a series 01" Ro-  mau statues, excellently well reproduced., finished the programme.  A. social dance followed.  j nection  with dog teaming last win-  ! ter reports that he is suffering from  one! an incipient attack of scurvy.  1  Game   is   very    scarce    indeed  round this locality, and bacon with  Ninth   -Photographic  views; va-jbiaus is the staple article  of food;  1 ue'03. ! u ith- mo-t .moose steaks  are   ouh  j. S. Byron. |conspicuous by their rarity.  !     When the balmv davs of summer  Total value of prizes, '&--,.  Notices  are up for a si.co. d ti.ur- (-'oine again it is pretty' certain   this  uaiiu-iii aud tin. c'ui\ h-t w .11 closi- cr''i^ '"^'i bead ihe list of the golcl-  ni: M-jini,:, piv.di.eiim,i';veks of rui--disti.et.   '��� ���  track. -I ran along iu tbe darkness  and found the body of my son." It  is certain Mrs. Maloney was the  first to find the dead man. He was  killed ^caicely a hundred y,i:ds  from his home. He was running  along on top of a freight car when  be slipped and fell between the  wheels.  J.   Byron   has''taken   over'dhe  Kort'liein'lioWi.


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