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The Atlin Claim 1904-12-10

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 i.\:W  .'dT  Wi  :���=.>->'  T.O.Rl&>MWW::  :>  ['::���  ��� WOT:f:if.  iW^.':M^m  ^:T::T^7;T^fT  m'',7!'^.T-/.wV;/;��l'  m^r':/T'#--^  pVl'LIN,yljrC.-,,7SATURI.')/\ dp DUCKMIlE!^  ..rp.ypipoa:;  .'"82-  7.'!?j.  pMMiit);g;p'Ne  Records Tof the 'WRek^  m  t"-V-  . 7d.yM.in'oraip.Locitiioris. p., y  TT7';\v:iiitc:; Siar'Vaniueral claihi, sj.lii-  7 yiiate'abunl-j-xjyoi;a inileeasliof A Llin  p^Tq.wnsilc^  drecoi'dci^  -. d-Cirkliiiiclp locutorT- .d;/:;.p:.':-:  y;yddddSpr.u^  T777-Ari^uigeineiits :.lnive:; b'e".enrT'nwt'cie.  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T 77;7;  ilff^fff:;: ^^ff^^^ffFffPff:^  d 7;IT) ec. ^ 3 rcl d^Ap a p fjiciril ��� a mi on11 ee-i  7 rn ent ^IrogiyTpk; \p^Mg^ff^&f\^sif  :':.t']o,'.TJapaneseTThave"7,occnpied:7;tlie  T;siiminit7pf7^o37?Metr.erT^  ��� iinpqrtaiit.yposilion:7 luisT beeu:pthe  -. 'object_.Tp\f������'���.-...severe..'���7ah'dT-y'co'iilinii'6us.  -'-. -fightingy and  cabled': reports .from  lime: tb -'tirueT have Vindicated that  'there yli'hs'Tbeen"';'heavy- sacrifice of  life   to 'capture:it.''7 The 203 'Metre  Plill is a doiuiiiatiuir height Tin ;tlie:  rangewhich lies   to; the   westward  ��������� of..:the7towuTof  Port TArtluir, ai:d  /according to   reports  it   commands  an artillery range- of Port: Arthur  yand-a, portion of the iriain;townsite.  '"."������ to.kio/Dec/T;5tii!:.--The: first ar-  niistieebetween theTconibatauts at  TPprt'Arlhuipwas  declared   on: December 2nd for the purpose of bury-  ' ingtlie,deacl, an d -it lasted; for six  ���'hours'.-   ��� --T -  The,general opinion here now is  ���that.the Port Arthur:fleet .will attempt j\ sortie wheii-. tlie harbor becomes .untenable, or when the  Russian plans for escape mature.  .Iris evident' that most of the  ships are badly damaged- and unlit  for service.  .Mining operalionsin the channel  continues-��� presumably,' clearing  an avenue fur escape:   ,  The'  ;au   a  f;;:f:& RoM'kp-Caribou. * -T7T7?  p. At ":.t h_i s-: t i in.Q.-xi H:"}; L1 V.ei "���':". v.eii r: ;Ki.-i7':'i 11 ii is L-  Mv'admilled;-' lluitpdliinp ispisorelyi  ftri��l-fbr'tbe \vad  bypivhiehdald andpcertainpeom-  1111111 {'ea lib if- could   be'- in al Vital tied;  Avithrytbe-T^  No \y, y t raycl 1 e f s,TTi iii 1 ess;; incurring'  nuich; |)erspnal. risk TaudTincpuveiii-;  :ehce,:y;arey;"debarred7: -froiiv Tiirakhig  tlie. joiiriicy:;T-ahd.pf.Veig-liU.iig'>isVfil-'  ���.iiib.st;:i.iii'prac.ti.ca.iii.e:,';.;:. ;^V;77.yy vi-pyT  '7 Eveh 111 eTinailsv;';weTk\io.\v-.;tp;y 0iiiT  cost',- are 'oiily lirought thronghTwiilr  111 e;p; g rea t es t,': d ifii Cully, ;a 1,1 d:;:; a re".  genei'ally-Iafe. 7yTjideed,; e\-grycoiiy  sicle'rafiqii/ni-ti'sf;- beal lowed 7ijor;-: tlie  .huiiicarriersp:'i.ir-;?tli;is;'7p  penloiisTstryiiie'Sd  :;:y;But,'7siipposinw  Ayeiiad^aii'bacLii^  tli.eyTailwa'ypa''^  'pas.t:T|-fe',w;7y\\:.c-;g.i^  ���iiaveUi'n-iygd';|ii:iiclfu'a')j:y^  ;'cou ld:phaye7j;oiiiiieyecl; ii.n:^ ccimfort;  ;;'a;nd;safe'ty,7Av  :as:ilhej7.\vislied tb;7cafryl;yaud'!''cq.idd.;  -h'a.'ve-'Villj'.ei.ijq'y.ecPtfa  ;firiua7TTiiu:T7p reference v:;i6T;;Ttaki;iig;  ;cliances TiuyieakyTboatsyoiiTiVigid;  datef'sT77i777y:-'7T^T^;:7-T77:d'd;"-;7  y7 ic ���is^quiteV'-pdssi^le'  thadtiieSe  1111 toward experiences'may con tin ue  for sonie f 1116 lit lis ;:   and,    it; .goes  without 'saying,"! li at:  this y is   not "a  creclitabld^ate.bf;7afniirs.-.Tin;:a ricli  and steadilyy growing - niiniiig. district.p  It is.-:'a';.;simple  fact:  that ho  countiy   can Tiiuike  good .progress'  Avithout good.roads.  7 Probably', in a few j'ears,- a braiiCli  line-df i; ai hvay   will; con uect   A Hi 11  with the line to .Skagway"; butr'iii  the meanwhile,' e\rery effort  should'  be made  to   obtaiira; wagon   road  froth Atlin, along.; the   north   shore  of.the,Lake.. io.TC.aribou,..a.distance,  of  less   tliahyninety ::iniles.7'.I.tT is  generally .understood, tha.t.t lit re are  noipliysical features. ;t.o--hinder-the.  easy.T;construction    of 'such    road.  Though,''a little  corduroying   in a:  few places, and some side grading,  for short distances, would be found  necessary at the base of ,H itch cock 1  Mountains..   There   is   already, a  road of fifteen or sixteen miles from !  the; Tagish    telegraph'    station   to '  Little Atlin Lake.    At the Tagislij  Kiver Crossinu, a pontoon   or. scow-';'  ihprii'ticularaiKl 7I0'the; welfare iand  jVdpiintyTorihcT])nl)nc;,in;;geue  Tdid-i T7p;T:7..':;-;7;:.;A;>Si.ijiSCK.rjiii-R,7-.;;:  ;;...���.:f :.   :l:p;I)i.Hijo\\e.ity';':,.i'iy.c., y;.r:.777;  d'dddT'd.   -::; TiJiii!��.ii'il��o'r 7< !i, itlll-l..  Mr. hditor..: ��� .;::     :..;'/:.;: : i:.v .V-V :..':���;;.:..-..: .-..��� .;.���=  :.-S.i ���''.:; -������'$: letter::-iip'|i:,'ii.ri'ii^-.'- in yyiiuiv issue pi  X<>Y.;2lit.U'y[ihfm-':Ctiitnti  .tioiiolVubeAinjirican.i'riialih^  'uust'' have siriiijlc7.i_i.oi'ii't.!,--t.o.'..:ji��<I^o;';ljj''''tije.  ;li'ttei's in,, ieidyf I'oin;: in liiyiVlint: Ain ei'i cans.  ;\Viiile:fliavu iio diiiilip'.'Uu'niidiaii"  is* voiy  ^1^e,^;1i?H!d<7fi.icso:j,;ti;tii;s,iivoiiiil liko.lo  >ay, a-feuy \v<irils ,;on; tiiei.v.sw.ljjeut.T.-friHii   iu  :iieutral 7itii'ndponii:7: ItTseeihs  tp'^jn'o- til ni'  .America us show a lament a l>lo \vaiit:'of taste. ���'  tp-sayyihe-lcastviwlicii: tiiey:flaunt itiieii''  llaHspiiidhiddJireiiT^iiiLicjiiaiThoiidays   iii in  fpreigl77eountl���yV:77^iley'^;iu^l;d,alily ;ca!17 il:  liiitriiitism, liur. 'niiy;unprejudiced   obssrver  '.wu'iild.-ciiir.it'-i^iioi'aiiit.ifull'.'.'.   7T   7 i ^T'    :.  -:"^y'W.;;usTt;ri'."0^  by wHli'siietit'eouttjmpt. 7 -;  ''-.'   7 '��������� ' 7.^  .T:^1'.7"1elCeo's7ramblin^y,;poiiitiess ;eii'iision  u'euld .siiif^-est- to'.-. one[.thai  his ���.'own '���;'. iieau  V;'i?��-'tieii.-,it .���;Jiitle'-iixi��i'i^':-v.-'l..y.'ij��ii(Lulrtj'-K-oiit-  .',?' ^"oKest.r.to-.-.hiiii'...tJiatVusiii^  u   .'' iioi-.). de  plii;ineT7is;uipre;;iioiiijrabio  tiiau-Tiijiing-iiis-'  siuised profanityHu a publio ie.t-ter.;! ������r-:-::-:  .-But you7'.'-.(i^iulo Sain;-' .vbu aru the typical  ������Vl.in'i^hr..yyAiiieri.i;'iiii:iiir-''.iM  foryou, this p'o.iiiiti-y .would   lieTa.'bbiiiU on  chc;.iiuip;. 7 A pd,;'isa't7it,:taat;yt>u cau't;t;el.1  others'.;-;to   view./tluiijjs' in. tiio. sanio. li^lii  as ryoii.; : 1.'. tli iii It ;'tiiiit. Mtis; to  Jlr. 'iii: ior,:  arnativu:born,Gcriiiaii;'aiid;his; pfirineri iliv:  -VlauUtreii, a'HOO.'ljCaiiiiiliau, t-liiit.Aliiii oh.is  '}���}? ''I*1'?;'^^.-.: TilTeaidsceivviieVe America  couiesiu. .; :. ������;������:.-��� .:-.p':-        ;;;.������:-���...:.';..   ....  ;-;  777'V0,;wild thb iJpo'er the Giftio tjiis. lis-.: ���'.';;;,  ,..,.,-..;, '.I oscj oorsels.as it hers see us." ������-..- ...7 .;:.  ���71.sii'i..iit thp.suinnicr;u|7lfeS, bati\:ee  diT'1^"';!-^'' SiiuVii.iiti'atii'oi'ifj'Ai'iVeriijiiiisVfiiiil  .'���'vy.^ilH^Ued.lar'-i.i'ote  ���'"I'lTlT^ad near,! ami ;ivinlp,o;init:cn. oiynik!  wiiatrpiiilyjf; see;: 'Why,''-bj-rVpa'.S^ii|j6rt'.'t.ii\vii'  ^t'erroriz^  one; nian^,w!uL hisJcoli^i^uos-pmepl:>y!'P.iii,  byilip waj7 \vas;tlioTUiihed: States bldiii'���  rohhedytlie i>fao)ilij,-with.'.in;pli-nity',::'-:iv';iiie  orhur eirizpi;s;,ofpthis ^reai.rcouuti'y iuKt  lujial. toll-H-ate hold-ups, -distri'jjutea ��� over  the White I'iiss, en forced,tiio,'witl'ii; i'pudoil.  ritlcs! ami this in'riin luiici;of-lt.hu brave and  the free.'.'" -J'- 'usku'd ,.-tlttnii where- was t.'icir  lioaa-tud Li berry���and liulio  alonu  answered  wjiere.":;:-���   "..-.-":-" T .7.7". -;p '"'"~7p; pv'".' :;:  * And now, ��������� Uiicle SaiuVyoii wiil fiiid, one  of these .moriiintfs, that ".hick Gunuck" itiis  too niueli '-yet up'! ahoiit him to suit' you.  Take note 'of tho .Mounted Police e.Nnodi-  tionsio the Hudsoir Hay and tiio moutli of  the Mackenzie. ..Make the most you cuii out  of the. measurenieiit of ���..y.<'iur'-'l'toii murine  leagues"���it's till you will overset of Canada.-  A ml when she give'syou a '.��� liolaudfov-your  Oiiver.,"aiid isaiies luiiicr's'iiceuccs only to  Hritiah subjecls ; .when she has tfoverninent  assay offices in: Dawson, White Horse and  Atlin.;. with ���.niiyiilIrCiiiuuliu.il railway-, to  Dawson : then, Air. .Mo'Kee, it. will hu" hands  oft'" betwuuii (jaiiiida  and Amei ica', at least  iii this nort-hb.'ii- country.--  ���������-������ - - -  '   And  now; .'��� Uueie Siiui,"  '-Tak'  a'thocht  and ineud."   Qiiitiiuldiii^ your Tluuilcsfjiv-  inj;-; it's : worse than a mocliery, any way, as  y'ou.obsoi.viyit..; Sit-,; Ior,a. chiui^e,  on  the.  stool of repeutaiice.iind.tr.v unii sue. yourself j co-^'C'r^���.,���  as others see you.'p" ���. .';   ..--,  .'. ':I am, etc:,  -.  ��� "ScoTTY."  A Chat  With   the   Laboring-   Men.  th,, iil-J-1.  employ   another,   man.     The duties  of this-,'���  in a ii were laid out and wnTrcs/ fixed  at. SI Ot) 7  ���|itr iin.Mi.th; Without, hoard.' i'.isdul ics  ai'e'  ii.rkeep Aviitpr-holcspjic.ii. nil alon*.- thii water-p  Iron t.iilsi) ni^ht: wiitclimaii, v'uls'o -itre jehk f ".  and.: piiliceinanpunil" has   i6-;'->vcnr7a y;tni':' \  '"'iey ��� wiuiled ;a; :coi5)iiote;ut imin-.-i'i'iid'- itAvas:;:  decideii. io call for:appliciinti7  'J'I;tw: was  nil- "  iloito, liiid oini of t-hiinpjdicanl.s.dlily..clei.tt'd"  'and is no w in hisiic-w positi.ui.;. Ilis-wajjes is  ������S.iliO pel'; month anil; ijoards  liiinsi'JT.y Jsow7  here is  where  tlre:v,:fiinnjy;anii't':eoines'pi:r.::yi  ;'.l'iierp;\vei;o ' I we I ve :applications; liy. .t we. lyp. ;  nicii ;;sohie'.of these have ���l)e;bif��'enij5lp-'y.o'(i,'|).vii'^  tfie u.riiiii' at- difiei;enf;.;t.ini(.'s iii: the-Cvarnp;;;  and A\'ereVp:i iii. fifty cents -pei:-libur for ..the ii'-.;  labor. iiS'ow. tliesetwelve nVeii.canio but: and.'.-:.;  bi.'f;jred the citizens of Atlin -foi;, a job at':$]'M  per. .liioiith.; pVvith on t-. board,"tliis   is   less '..  \viij4-es than l^etl.iers(o:iluiut;.li paid the;.laps.,:  7  and some of these m'cu   helped  to',:;dl'i^'e  the. -;-;  '3 lips yoiit-' of;'ilie;Caiui)C-; :X6w '���'.. they ;;!iiave7.  iipeiied the^jrate-Ai'ide open for t-h'eni'to corne   :'  hlicli,.and .theyare: cpmiiiH;. :uj.-:sp6:i'.:ds, the :..  .season opens, aiid :;t-hey ; will'stay this iinie. '.'.*"  Tlii; lawspf Gi'Va'tlii-ifain w'ill pi'otect thein4 y  and we-ipbli to .(.Treat::Rrituipfor-'our pro-' :  toctioii.,; \\:he:i tlie ,iiips anil '(Jhinanian be-  g'iu to jlock'intothis Ciinip, M'iiat are :^'e to;7  do .-?:!.vTl caii only .iiiis.wor foiym.vsel!', iii id   111; 11 -  iisthis: : Yoitwill see niSyitiiiidin.-i- ,lliit-root-  Pillfo'r-liiw and order lini I .will take inyfjiiu : ".  'and fi.e;ht.fbr it- unto death ifrnecessiu'y."."  :7-I, si r, remain, y Piirs truly,' ;:;: ; ,���  7777T" T77;'y^ :.': '7';;. >y ;Koi.!KiiT Mck uk-.T  The :Kdit<ir,TAtjiii (JlainiT 7 ..7-T:ii '-" ' 77p.   ..7.7:  p;'Sii7:��� Iviudlymllow liicTspiiciriii; vour viilur ' r  able paper for ti.c followiiijr'.'VKiii.ti.i;lis���:.;;.;. .7v:.7TT  '..;Iii yi.iurisytin.of; tii(> 2t)tli -..iiisl. 7 .ii. coi'i'OS-;  jioiideiir, si^iiin"<i"1 ii11isoIf,''Ciiiuidinn,"thinks ,  lie hiisa'ii-rieyancere celeb rii I ion, of (Aimjri-; ,:  ftiri] ���Tli��iiIts^-ivsriy:^Uii.Vi---'.rv-Ti-"iv--''oiiu,--fail.'l-1f��.-->--"  .setvwhtM'ipahy ;eele l> ratio ii -.wiis. held, aiid if/ "..  siicii ' hail   been   the   rnso,p why,: should' not  ,  tlie-iVjiierioaiis. have  the  same -privilege:; of \���;  ci'Iebratiiif;-idhet^nimdiuns. :;^;: ppy.j .7.-': :,:: V  , ;Ni> pefsbiiiu ..his sane in ind would th:i|k of -'.  'wri.t'injf2siii:h   aii articlb  to ,i he  press, .aiid ���..  your eorre.spoiirle.iit.;shows;lii nisei 17to bq very .;.  blMotadiu.lip luisoitheiybeen :asleep:,jluripfj-;.p  ThanksR-iviiiii'/Ji'. 'else ..smplciii;^:.sonic :pe- '7  eiiliai*. Ip-iiudToI'.-tiop: kiio\\' --OiilvTtc: ,iii nisei I":  "  He   certainly   Svas   not- voieiiifr   the -senti-  uien.ts of the Canadians who-ii. he-wrote  the  iirtlclp.7.'-:   . ���;;.':".���'.������. .-;'������..  "My reasoii for,answerinjr'at this ,lad.'- ilato  is t'.iii.t cbrtai.ii .parties have, asked.il' l-ivus :.'���:  the correspondent. .1 .consider ni.vself too  broad-mi ndecl to have such views, and any.  lime l wish to appear in print, it will not be  under a uon-de-pliii.ne.���Yours truly,  7 7:V: "'->\'. JlolN-rosit.'���.   ���  liiilmoral Hotel, Discoverj-, Uec. 7th.    '  .    .--:.''   ;:���.���-'-������-:��� 'X-        ,T'-'.'\ ������  Anbther letter has  been   received, but too  late.fdr publioittioii.  Discovery Skating and   Curl-'  ing Rink Association.  K1IS-  lo'r-  - ;\lnkden, Dec. 5th :  sian siege arlillciy bc^  rilic liombaiilineiit at noon and  continued ' llirqughout the afier-  110011. in tiio region near Sliakhe.  A large trainof sick and .wounded  has been sent north, indicating  that the' Russiiiiis .'.u eie preparing  for ininii:diate casualties.  .Antwerp, Dece.inber, 5t.l1  -i-.il!-:  sia1 i-i ag-iin seeking steameis for  the despatch of-provisions and ammunition ���to Viadivo-i.lock, offering  as iiigii as $2^.50 a ton, including  risk of capture.  -  ATi.is.-i!. c. ,l)v  To the I'M i 1 or. Atlin Chi iin.  Ueur  Sir :-Willyou  kindly  publish, this  letter to rIn; hiliurii.'i; men ol  tlie Atliii -Ai'iu-  iiiK-.District, us there has been a new scale ot  wu'trc.s. Hindi!   for  the   laboring  nicn   of   all  kiiiiistif  labor iii.t ho Atlin  '.tlii'iiii;;  Disiiici.  and is now in cll'ect ��1iicl' !��e<:.  1st,i',i,.l.  'the   ellect   of   tids  letter   is in' show   the  _ wa^ro. workers  just   how  much  (he  writer  i'eigilt,     llOl'SCS    aiid    VelliclCSpj ha-, dom-rowards thecsiiil.lishiiiL-o! lii.-ncw  scale of wa,iri!s noiv i.i up >i'.iiioi, in Atlin.'  To hi'iiiu with (lie wii.'cs of tin's camp:  The writer employed his first lubur in .Nov.,  IM'i). 'I'lie '.vayes lie pit ill liic rcniuiiider of  Hint year was��� ��n'i and hoard per ,iny. [;,  JS'.'il there wi'iv all kinds of wa;;,-s in the  (Jump, iMii/iiij.' from $2 ami board to :r.'i ami  hoard per day. Tlicsc liases wen; not saii-,-  luctory to either employer or laborer. Ti,,.  JVr- ! u'!'ill'r w."s einployiii;,- ten men tiiat sea,on :  . j lie ll.\i-'il their h'iijis at ."1.1 cenls psr hoiiraud  ritOl'V.'.        y     ; they board dieiusWvi.'s, ami this scale f have  No   doubt/'Allii'i's   energetic 're-   '"'"lined ever since. a,.d tnis:,.... l���-..n ih...  ,.--���' wa.,'ti scale ol all kiniN o|' labor in   the   t;i..-  prtsenlatives   in     Farhainent   will j ,rict ..x..-;pt skiiieo h,i������., .;,i,iri, i);i1 i.,..-..  consitlcr   the. advisabilil-v of laving i l,i--l"'i'- "'' '" '1',"'"u "'' l;". ''���'��� '������ v. i - ������ ��� ���������  . ' ..." '".-���'   i llew.scillc v,-a:-'n.;i.:Cpti-,l,  tins matter before  their   respective;   r\���- i,i.-t,, ,-y ,,i the ���,.,., ..;���,.. :, , (:J.,'. i.,.,-  ��'overnineiil.s, as beiuo-of i'ui;;ei-ati-.'e   N'"vt,",,mr-tl,e ���d'^em. of -.-niin ..an- the.-  , ,        , .    . .      , "ere short one Hum in i |M. l-'i,-,.,),.,���,,-,,���,,.,,  importance to the .mining   industry ! A mceti.,-,vascalled and it  could be used to convey..passengers  unci  over- the river, a distance of less j  than 5uo feet. The i iyer is report-;  'cil to bo shallow, with only a uiodcr- \  ate current a-nl no boulders. '  Ai)0ut one quaiier of the pro-1  posed road is in "iiritish Columbia!  and the remainder-in   Yukon  - .The Rink at  Discovery is almost'  coaipleted.; yM.u'cli grat-u'itp.us; work  has   been'--. per fori tied   by-in teres ted  ni.|niej;.s'.';;aii.cl;'.business ' inen��� of |)is- .'-  Season ;tickels.7have: been. /  printed and are now for sale.     The  follbwingare the officers and committees :   .'. ���'  'Preisident-'���'Walter Sweet.   ''  ;-.Yicc-lJresicleiU-:-fA'.'Tj.ergei.-';  ���Sec'y'-T.i.easu'rcr���-H. K. Brown.  -  Coniiuittec    ofMriuageiuenl --���  Alexander,   lior-  ofilCCiS'.-  Cuiiing .Committee -.������ Messrs.  jainiesoii, Wassou -anil  JCggcrl.  liinaneial Coininittee - - Messrs,  Alexander, Hurler and Wassbn.  Messrs. AVassd'u,  luck, Jamieso'.i ;ti  i  iieiliugham, Wa.-ih.,'. Uec. 3rd : ���  Slaivatioi; stalks in the homes of  at least 200 people of lleiling'nain.  Perhaps, uevei, in-th'e history- of  this cii.y, lias this gaunt visi'.or.  inade itself so appaien;-.'-' '���-'������.T.,:;i..-g--  ' iy U \:.; lie; v i'.;i I be win'.'. 17, :::;������.:' ::.'l3  ��� -i:t;-Tuciicii     it:-ti!     si-'.-iii'.-;-!;   -    - :Je.  ���;������;;-.   fpiui'i .-���..       ;v,;    fii'i.'    7 ���'.:���'���!���' .i.16  : :���������: Li'   V-T  ::,7 ��� [>������   w iii-    i;.- ������:   .- --'.e-  1 iiuitic '   fine.:   .except     the    rika^it  ; County   fluiuan-;'  Sb'-.'iet;' and   luq  v:ii i!.;t'i..|i;ii to! Salvation ���\|II1J'  U  Sitahtxsi^^iitjSjtZSi  1, wmm  77/.;  A'TDIN; '��� 7R7   cf';. SA T*'K;f>A^.T; 7TJIiCEMBER-!T' t o,.7-?: 1904,'i  :. Latest? ANews,  ;i;i!HATi.lMC!.A!Atisi  I  rUIJll^MCtl   CVEflY  .i/.T-y(MDft,Y  , iflonNinr..    MMino   rnri;  t^, -ah'v   paiit-oj.tk?  ",,wonui  tor. ca'.cCMT^LPi;!! niohth ; :^g.o(i   trip,!  --.-..- -vcaii. -,A,nyi:H,Ticinr.: rates : jr.oapuii inch CAC-.H  ..:;  ,t4f>':nT'ON I   n^lO'f.G  NOT'CFS',   70 CrtiTli   A   LINT.  '   UPECiyil.    nATrO.ON::.A PPUC/TION.       ." ' . .     .      T'  ~-'-7? 77??l'>ldRINTIN(i :d' y   77'    -���  nu.i.-Hr:ADr.,    .    .; ,' -portciis, V      . , vi'xi-riNo' c/moiv  l,nTTi:ri-',li;A'DS; ...wiUilillAr/IMCS,    rCTt,, HTCi,  -;.;;.-'..,.      OMing; pfioM.PTiy-cxccvfcn,   .,'  -77   :.'.,-.   eiiic^s MODcn'��'TC.,-;,'.-; -.  :;Tyi5"-ATi,i,N Ci.AiM   Pun inn til.so Go.  ; troops  we vat  A,. (.:., Iliiifjoitifuvi), IMioi'itiHTOii.   :.���" p,yp7��'p  ,:''���-.���'���'..    7- '.:7;'<Iasikis':Si>H'S0N. M.\NAciiiK'  7p7;i/\,ti;the7 month. lyaneetiiigyTof; the  ;;TBbard of TlVade, ;bii:'Thhrstlayiast,  ;7 a most. iinportarrtniatler of "general  7 interest-to the-; wlioleTTpi^trict ..was  ���pTbrprightiip; by IDdYoungpftdcUs-  ; ycussioii :7An Taiternafe route to the  ���dccYist'^^  ;p.Inlet7T.;As;4li'e' .lievvybusiness 'was  . ."brought up late -T-in" -'.tiie'pe veiling; it  '������';-.-was; cleciclecRlo hiake7it-:theT theme  bfidiscussioipat-[he  next? -general'  Tmeeflng,.T7..Clieapytransportation Is  ,77?il3p'Utpt;lreimost iuiportcijitpiivattef  7 to-.tliisi-'TP.istrict,; and. every;, man  "7 in teres teclTIuT; the i7 welfare TTofTihe  ;;; D i s.t r ict will \v e Icoui e; a n y e i1 dea v o u r  dto:eslablisliitdThe proposeclTrbitdp  ���'. which   williieT'onlyTsome':���'��� Sb'Trhiles  TT.lbii'^, ;d^  yi'puteipfiiigressaiidyegressylo: the  'District,- .aiKl7dii.ring;7Tt:heT7\viiitei-;  yvrnbnl.lispa 7 safe and- reliable route  y; for the .niaily c ariiers.,'; We ?dcsire  7;7voTdraw;;t.daLtf  7pf ��� Juneadihat 7the:ailjje(:t is nod  punder.discassIonp:forit is a lnattter  -.that is'of; coiisiiierable"T hiomept? to���  7;.th,ciu- 7'The- A llin -.-District  Board  .7of , Tvade: "will deserve credit, if  through them the-roadis;built, d  This matter is a lit subject for  our Correspondent's,'- C.oliimh; and  The Claim believes that it 'would,  be welcomed'by.the Board of Trade.,  We will be glad .to publish any letters on the subject.,  ���';���.������-������;;-   Cp#.l miners  and  , war in Carbpiidale,TJL1.  '  Admiral l)e\yoydeclines7,lQ serve  a�� the NdlhSea. comiuission.  ,77 7  ".'''���Alaska istoh a d?.d polled force  mofleletl'iifierTtheipolict:   raiioers.'  ..:���--���- v- "7 ���--���-��� - --,-.. <��� ..���-:-��� ^   -,.  ' 7 NelsbnT'TTCiiicagtd\:7\vhirlWincf  prize-fighter, "lias defeated ; Young.  Co.rbclt of Denver in Sau Fraiici.sco.  i-.. Chicago.iTDtiCp-5th d-7-Alrs. ;.Cil-;  bertK:ageil;;83ptheiohlesti-aetiess.bi'i'  i h e; A iii erica us tagei ;d i.cU 7 s u'd.cle'ii 1 y;  from; a :slv6ke ;of apoplexy: J:-'d-7;7  7T'iMiciy-Freiicli .governiiiend has;  naiuecliAclniiraldpuHiier.lo rrei-ire--  selit' d rance:��� .6ii 11 ic?-JS'.prili.-.;Seli cpin -:  iuissibu7,-'iK?: ac.cepts:7yy;7; p;7;, 7'.-y  Frank -Qliveiy editor������''p.fp.t'heTivd?'  mouion Tribune,-hnsTbcen7pffereel  Office'^pfyGpniiui^sioner of iVu,kon.;;  HeTTis' regardedT:;rfS -Teapabled' Mr?  0,liyer;,iwas:,;tlie;;-fecentlv^  liiber a 17' ca hd i d ii t e 7.6 f: 111 eT: Al lie r t a.  :DistnctV���/T;d^Tid7;^  1v'-;::';W^;S:r'Pir|t;i?W:��:'^^  #s: 0a'MblmMtiGfSjfh*  Jffiil  ' uvrnturtivnw ic��r^yjn wi*t n��r* *���** ��**t��***��M"  MB  :.-yWiiY si: si>' -otn.' Twii'em you cak: ciisxaoous 7vs -oiiBAi'-'iijiKis.?;-.:'.      T ' -7  :-.''.dTS"A'tiiir^ yiewejry nuiiiu-  7 iaiitiU'ed on the''premises.,- [;>,��� ;.;���,: ���������''.    - .-'..-���    '7;, .'"'!..'.���''���; 'T,i7 7i: 7 7:7:     -p'--:'"-5;.'-''  Fine  New Stock  id ; Watches,   Clocks, J ewelry   aiid   Diamonds  7; Wntylics- ViVhii'rSfi.OlS'.aiii.'���'?:-.;''p.---.py.--,p..^;-'.',;,-'..- ,'-.������-:'.'.:- 7---L;-. y.^-'T;.;;. ..7:p;.:';-';���,-.-.-.:',- 7..;,;. 7y..:  ;   T   Stlvorwcsre; Cut Glass, Ha lid ��� Painted-China'-, Souvenir Spoons.  'WA'rGHMAKERS::iAND-T:^^^  Wf:-M,  ATLINd&- /DlSCOyERYV  - ;.���^ L���^-.���-*^��>.r_.^���'^.__.7;:  filiiiiCT'ifSiiW  TH E:7LATEST. STYLES::  ;(Bo:iiipletc::;;S^  JSSE:; ������������lAfEST:-  ���������.���������M  ���'SN-;f:HA Y&, :;-r:&aGrS:f;AN&f  Gb!^7;Seal TGum'   Boots; 7 7;:.  Qur Goods Tare- the? Eestiand'Our- Prices theTLpweSt.  ���iV.i:.i'.'['jv','-.,.n'il.   C,:  0s3m@lf^m^w0^PJ{0iB��  Piitiis nail Siiecificftiioiis for Slsfin: Shovels niui  .5   Eiydrtiulic.PJiinis or npidicfitlon.'   7  ,  ^;?&f;����ms^S'S;.  sugmngj  ljJC-2  M?M*.?t'.f!  A3  OT-  ^4\  W-:^.Wy,';-y��yii  "Cortveriiont toVAtlih,or Discovery  #'���  NOTICE;  Appiicsticn  for  Transfer  -7 -.Licence.'  of   Licuor  ..     Since? close  of navigation, over  ..five weeks ago, tbe.citizens of Atliii  .District have, not enjoyed the -mail  service which they are legitimately  '-entitled   to���theinails arriving -uicl  .-departing at ..verjdrregular i:iter-  ,vals. -'.In.fact,- on one occasion, '.en  days   were  required  to  inake-  -he  Ttiipfi-GinLcig Cabiii, and e\en th.en,  the carriers who   .started   uith   the  mail did not bring it in.    We under-  sta-Md tilia-t   the dominion Govern-'  ment-pays $,i ,000 a-month   for  this  service, and as the people are paying this amount, wliich  gtrarantees  a bi-weekly service, it  is, time   for  the Departtueiit to   inveslicate  the  cause of this  nou-fulfrlniei:t of the  terms   .of .contract. ?   If   the.-contractor is proved  wilfully, negligent  in  his -duties, v;e   believe   the   authorities  luive   power   to   impose a  fine of $200 for each .mail uiineecs-  sari'y   deltiy.eil.       The   peo|'<le.  c;fi  Atlin District   do   not   wisli   lo   be  hard   upon the mail carriers at this  . season of the year or   expect   them  to run  unnecessary risks; but if it  i-; a question of poor  equipment or  .lack o! sufficient carriers, it   is  certainly   lime   that   lli;   goverinncnl  lake some action.  ,:j'7-.,',iO��KPH-;.p;- RO^K, or ihe Town of :.l)is-  "'���? Discovery, Urii isji'.."Ci)iui'i>hi'u, hereiiy  apply to tin; lioard ol' Licence Coihmi.-isioiievs  ior lit riiii.sfer of.tho llutel Licence vow held  !iy John Wnite'rs,I tosol! in toxica tii'ijr I.iii no rs  under tin; provisions of the Snitiiteo iii that  hehaif, in the premises known and descrihed  as the'"Oiold" House, .llist'overy, situate on  .Main Street, Town of Discover^', -to couir  meiiee an the first d;iy of January,-lSIUu.,":'"  rtiy poyt.e.ltice address^ is :. id.sc.overy, IV. (J. .  'J'lio name anil address 'of tlie owner of the  jiremises proposed to lie. licenced are :. .'Ion  P. Liose, Discovery. H.'C.  :Dated;this lath day ol'.Noveiiiliev, lUU-l..'   .  :   : ������'.'' .loK   P.'K'PSK.'-:''  ���Sifjiiaturo of the holiler of the Licence': v  -: 7       - John Wot/rim's.  y. The lirilis 1 i but 11 es.1 iip Dbininiou',-;  latii)cliedTiif,--Uarrbw ;a?;sli,pi Itinie ���';  ago, is:6he olTlhg: largest battlesliips]: T :  everbnilti T'Slieca fries 7guus7;wiih  ;a;i^:mile':range: fiff^fi.-,; 7.-7777:7;';  ^�� . ������-:-�����.���:  '��.--���'-: Jl'v*^.e '-.-,'���=��', h^^ o. ;���  AL'AS'kAV-.-R'OU.TE-''-..-SAI.l'I.N,G'S:d-.'  .;'-I,vul.l: Iines, of? mend heavy uuder-  lothiiig; at the Iron' .Store.;   ?T7   .'���  L^UbRT^CENGE'^iAGT^  /ippSicstjcn   eVdranster of Licence.  'rpAlC'li KOTiUl?that: idtiANcis TT.TitoeO"--  ��� : ' ;ToN,of At I in,. 15. 0.;-shall ..apiily to. the  Hoard -oi'.Licence ' Coinuiissioiiers at their  iiext .Meet i up; 'j'or. the;;,ti'aiisf.ei'. of- the. Hotel  l.iceuce, now:.held: liy.ine, to,sell intoxicating il.iiiiio.rs in the,primuses known lis.the  " Kdyai" Hotel, sitiiii'te'oirii.iit'.'T.'ililiieiv'/ih'o'C  the Townsitei-,iif.--Atl.$ii,-H.C, to YtiNN Titox,-  M,t's'iof Atiui,'h.c.������:���������::'���,}/' ;;7;, ^ ��� -;--;;  yJiiitVa this 1 ~.1.11' day,of November, 11)04.?  7."  ���'������."��������� i''ii.\NiJi.s'T.'TiioutiiiroN,  ' ,.77 Ky G. Dijhois:Ma.SON, Uis.Afi'ent.  i;?..'7Tlie?,fpllp\ying-7'vS'ailings'''7are'\ati^  nbuiicediforaheTinpntli of TDecein-T  bei-,-leaviiig SkagwayTatiS.:p7m.: 77;  :''Amur,';T???iT?7;?Tp7Dec7?ioth,:^  TTTl*1 or;furtlieri.n formatibn?Tap,ply or  :wriiei6T7y;.H. B..7DUNN, Agent,??:-  TTT 7- T7?'i?-77 ?7y7 Skagway,''-Aias.ka^;-?  :I;loiLiyl'iijiI;i^?  T H IS H OT E L? 13 ?STC C K E D VJI TH  ff; T HIE;';;B EST ;; ;0 Fy? GOODS f f-  ���-..���'���\'Sani.   ifsshBisto-KS;,������[Pi-ow.  NOTIGEr?  Application  for   Transfer   of   Liquor  ������ --.-TV'Lic'eHc'e.���':,-.������'������--'.' .'  ichulz,  Proprietors,  NOTICE.  Appl(nation, for  Transfer-.  L ic incs7  I,  Al Ii S. A. Ni.  JlfLLKK; of, the Town  of  Discovery,   liritisli  Coliimliia, apply to  the Hoard of  Licence Commissioners   for a  transfer of the   Hotel  Licence   now  helil hy  \V. A.. Anderson, in the pi'cniisns kno'-vn anil  described  lis   Uie  " lialmorat"    llutel.   Discover^*, H..C, to comineuci-. iin   the .first day  of January, HlOii.  .My post ollice address is :.Discovery, II. C.  '.1'he niiine anil address of tin. owner of the  premises proposed to l.e Licuiecl are : .Mrs.  A. M. Miller, Discovery, li. C  Dated tiiis Kith dnv of November. I��;:-I.  Mas. A.  jC. .Mli.l.Kli.  Sijiiiatliro of the holder of tho Licence : '   ' '  \V. n. A Mu-aiSiiN,  Per YVai.thh Owns, Chief Licimicc liispc  ixr li,.K. H. lusox and Louis Scnur,Z;of the  ;. -.Town of A:ttiu, hlritish (Joluiuliia, here-,  liy apply to lite Moaril of Licence Commissioners for a transfer of the Hotel Licence  how held by ,1. G. Covnolito sell intoxicat-  iiifr'-i.Kiiici.i's' uiider theprovisions of theStat-  ntesintliat h'.-hali', in the premises known  and described as. tlie " Nuclei." Hotel, IVis-  covery,situate on Main Street, Town of IJis-.  p.'jyer.v, to commeueu iin the first day of Jun-  i ,is',ry, tl'l'5.-  ���" 7-..  ,: : 7 . -..  1'itv. iiost o)".ce ad 'cess h: Atlin, II. C.  '.I'iiu :uiuie 7 'id in.'. Iri'is   if  the owiiiirs of  ���.e pi'd-mises : ropoa'.d lo ' e ..Licensed  -.'. re.:  ixnii & Schiil'., Atli i, !i. C.  Dated tiiis )r,tli day of Noveiiiber,.19ill. ���.-'������:  '-" ���'.- "' ������'v ' ��� ���������- :    K.H. --Dixos,.--  I.OUlri   St'llUI.'/,.  Siii'natiire of the holder of the Licence : .  '..'-,     .1. ti.  OollXKt.I,.  Discovery.  0P1SN?DAY AND NIGHT.  HIRST-CLASS KESTAURANfV  ���;":--T?-y,-:-?'?; ?-'7-IN ���?-'.?.-77;7,,,.??':.  connegtionN? ?? ?  Hcuiliimirtors  for .Uixon.'a  stauo-. .  tv?  ;??ifiJ��Me^ii:7^':T7;7?I  Notice to Delinquent Co-Ov/ner.  -? NOTICE   OF   FOP.FE-ITURE.  NOTICE.  Application   for Trannf-'or   of   Liquor  Liccsnco.  f'resitlenl R..,urievtit ha.-s declared  hin',���;���.-It to lie .strongly in fiivcr of  reciprocity with C.'inaiia.  MltS.  'I'UOS.   l!l.\(:lll'l.l|.'!'K.of   TaUii,  I'.ritish Coin Libia, apply to  tiic   lloar<l  ] of Liceucc'Coiiiii/i^.-'oncrs for   a t ranslcr of  '- ! rhu   Itiilel  i.ieouiM..  now   held  li.v   I'l'aucis CI.  A. diton, in the i>reiiiisis,,luio\', n un.d described  it--* the " Uhh-smii " Hotel. Tukii, H. <J.. to coin-  inetiiu! on tlie lirst day of -laiiuai y. lU-.."i.  .My po.t (illice address is : Tiil'.u, ll.('.  Tlie nanicaud addri's.-i otthi' owner of the  pi'cmi.vi's |j|'opoM!il to 1,,. Licenced  are : .Mrs.  Tlioi. Iliiii'lteliil'e. Taku, li. C  n.ited lid.. 1'itli day nf .Noveiuhi'i'. lii'L  Mi,h. Tims. II i Nc-nii.ti'i-'i'..  Si v.! in I lire of the luihlci' of '. he Liceuc" ;  I'll ���..M.'t.-i (I.  A-Sirio.-J.  I'l.-r ',Vai.ic:i O-.v:;:, .Chief Licence I iispi.'.. ter.  'i'u C A. (ioiiUAiili :��� Vo'u iirc hereby noti-  Ilcd that it.uriiik' the years'''lll,;l, liill'i, 11JUI and  lillM,  the   uiiilcr.diiiicl   has   expended   more  I than .^UiO.l.O in labor aiid iniproveiiii'iits each  ���"������:  ! yi'in   incntioiied  above, on  llin IIoi.u H'I'aii  '"' | .Mineral Cliiim, situiile ou the west shore of    i Laiie lleiiuett, iii the (./'a-siar District, it.C,  ! in �� liich iiiiuiiur cluitii you own an undivided  I half interest as shown b.v the notice:, of loca-  j iluii   and   record   in   the  inliiin;;-   records of  said Ids! rii't.    Tlie said labor was performed n- and for  l!ir iiiiui.ul ropresi illation of said claim for  the Mars above iiieul ioni'd as ri'nuircil liy'  thi' mitiiti;; laws of liritisli (.olumhiii. and  that .-.Mii.i.HU beiii'4 the aiiioiint reiiuired to  iiol.lVaid claim for each .veal'.  Vou nre further notiliid that unless at .or  In.fore the expiration of '.Ml days alter the  lirst publication of this notice you contrib-  uto.voiir proportion of.-:ueh expenditure as  Co-ilv.i.er. to wit: I he s mil of :}::(lli.liU, toilet her with the costs of udv'urlisiii^ this  ���uitice, your inli vosl in the elaini will be  I'm Iciten to the iiudersi^ned Co-Owner, who  has iiiadi! such expendiI lire, and will become  his property in the manner provided b.v law.  Dated tiiis-J.'ith .lay of. A.ujrusl, lllifl.  It.   If.  l'KlltN.  Ki-III-VII    ' ���       '  ',  7Gn and after.the 23id.   of-'-.Aprils  1904 and  until  further  notice? the  following will be the prices of Lumber.''-' , "-.'-"������: 'p-    -.- " ;'.,?.   '7.' ''  p. Rough? up to-8inches, $40.: ,-.-  do     '  do      10.     -,-,-'       45.      7  do        do      12      .,',,       50.  Matched, $50.00'  Si I). $5.00 & 1). D. $11.-extra.  i2jd per cent disco ti 111 will he allowed for"cash at time of ordering.  Atlin Lodge, No. 15,,  meets; second niitl fourth Wednesdays of each month,;al S p. in., at.  the A. O. U.W Block, Third Street.  Visiting Hrothers are cordially  invited to attend.  F. W. Dowi.iki;,  Master Workman..  IC M. N. Woods, Recorder.. A'^iT^-'-rv't'"^"**-'--:'  m  K??T  '- '-.  ' . '   ���'!  ::ATLlC:vB:?C;-y78ATURP  TA^Ei^I^?  -.'< Staple:- arid,  Fancy 7Dry   Goods,  "Ladies' /ancl Gent's Felt Slippers.,  "Ready- Made-Clothing,'  Ladies'', U nde'rw'e'ar,  ;-.. Men's T-.U n derwear,  Boots,   S ii o'e's,"--- Etc.  ���importers? arid ?Genera!    Merchants.  Our stock  .**;  We carry a full line of the celebrated Gold Seal Rubbers and Overshoes- 7      Remember every article;wo seM Aye'git a ran tee to be first clas  /: oi'pS^pieT ;^anq -;??�� ancy iiyHrcceries  is,"larger .than ever and?all at close cash 'priced?  , CillODS  l)ICI,lVHItKD  I'ltO.Ml'Tl.VillN TH'is, CltKUKH.  A. S. CROSS. PiiKS.:'.  ?:?'Sacces&{ul,?Sale- of Work.  7, T A blaze ?of .light   ahcl color inet  7 the eve as   we, ������ entered -the  bazaar  ;;Theldyin:;the. PresbyleiiaiipCluii'clr  -7lastpruescla\; evening: i'liie booLliis'  ���were prettily"decorated, aiid  o\yiug  ;7to both.llie. beaiit)-...of;the ,\voi'k: njitl'  the,persuasiveness of ihc'cliarniihg  -������: s;iles\vpii<eii;Vuid .girls, iiotjiingiivas  ;��� lackiug'toinake ??tl)eT,sale-'ol7 \voi'k>  ������ -ia success?.whicli:indeedt-Itdvas iii  ;7-every:;i-cspecl;;pT77;7;.ippyd77:.-;;y:-.p7,  : ;d?U n Tt h di g li't?q |T.lfi ii^  p\v;is ythciy;fish;,;poncl;7Avhich;vwasya  TgreatytifiractiOiitb b6llf::yotiug7aiul:  7coldi77?'i,lie;?A'l iss es rJiertliaTDo^lker^  ;?;iNelliep;;S^  -"lliiffllpHiircslvorrd' audTirKat-hiesn  7Tikliisleli-..were :lhe;7pretlyy!iierthuids  ;.;7:that7baited.7lhe7hooks,i;\\iii!e Miss;  T;^laiicl.-Hasle.tt;collecied-.;tpll7?  i.'niysterioiis ;fish,7ui)kiVb\\d.tb?iAtlin.  ;i;ake,::;\vereT71ipoked?7lhc: Thacli'elors  7ealchihgTbaby>dolls7'hat;;7pins';aiid:  ,.t li i mbies���-ta iid- q iviteTa few ';���'���'. suck-;  y''e'rs'-p--Avere':.a.ls'6������'.- caught,'7777:7  7y7TNext came the ,caiiclyTstal 1 '.of-.the;  :;"'Girls';7;Aid;7;presideddver7fbyTt\vb  iTwelliciiotvu -young * Atliii ladies, the  Misses EthelPillman.aiid Josephine  '-.fDo'elk'er :'������'��� ;;7Here,7for;a;sinaU?outlay,-  Ti.lelic'ioushoiiVe-uiadeTcandies.cotild:  77bs'77pui:chased.7;7:Ne.ed less?7;tpy: say,;  :?;t!iisibbofh; didTa;,lhriving:,tfader;;7 7 ,;  ;?;7;,The;;yisitpr.:was?next;7  ytheTJuiiiqryA'id^lVincyTwork-stallyiir  cliai'ge   o f?-...'. M r's. . W i 1 li a m s,-; t he w if"e  : pi.our popular postmaster';;; .MissC.  ���.Doelk'erVi--.-..U_ieT;''-:AMce,-pr'e'sideii'tp.:\aticl;'  T.Miss Jennie McDonald,'secretary of  , the Aid.    -It" ;was indeed a surprise  to the visitor .to  see.ythe intricate  and tasteful embroidery.aiid  other-  works of art, all ofTwliich  was the  y en viable   handwork   of the  clever  ' young ladies of the Society.   7  ; The?magnificent: display   of?tlie  Ladies'  /Guild,; exleiidiug7across  the' full Tvvidth of; the liall, next attracted the eye, for? never before in  '..Atliii was a finer exhibit of;useful  -.asywell.as ornamental articles to be  Tseen.  . And   when, we ''mention' that'  such? adroit   salesladies   as    Mrs.  ;?JainesyvStables^|i\Irs.';,.D.,IE   Mcy  - Donald,'    Mrs.Tijggert   and    Mrs.  Doelker presided, we need not add  that the pocket-book .suffered. 7  Turning to the left, the bachelors'  stall of Miss Douglas'was "next encountered. Th is stall;; acted Tas a  magnet not only to the '.bachelors  but also to some' of the .married  men and others. Our local doctor  might have been observed taking  notice of the purchasers at this department, but it can'': be said that  his services have Dot been.required,  ���so light and crisp was the pastry  and so good the cakes. ,.  ' liy the time the last of the booths  was visited, refreshments were appreciated���and we were glad to  visit the tea table, which fairly  groaned under the delicacies with  which it was loaded. It was here  that all could enjoy excellent lea  and coffee, served- by Mis. W. S.  Taylor, Mrs. Hartshorn and. Miss  MeTavish.  The Women's Auxiliary and the  'Girls1';;:-. Aid? .of T���lhe7 Presbyterian  Ch ti re 1 i ii re to ..be ?��� co ii gra t u 1 a ted 6ir  the success of1 the ; bazaar;,- yWe  understand ...that,- over -^340.007is  thefinanciakrepoi-t Tpi7.tlieir?eiiter-;  p'rise?;;������;7,7-;7T.7v??;-;??. >:-.;.':���;-''-.���'--.-. :':;:.:':"'.  rsd  be mumn; imariset  tBtd.  ,'7:Londpii?;.Dec.;?/isl TppEaH 'Gi'ey,  ;\vhotsticceeds;tlie Ivaid of;; M,in to'its;  Gqyernqh-vGei^  star led Willis inoruiiigy/for:7his,?pCst7  acconi:pahiedyT?liy?7.ilicdGountess,  their,-two'daugiitersTand l1Y0aides-  d e T'ci ll i 1 p7i??' ;-fTy7.7 ;7; T7;- 7:: 'p?7TTi.y''?::, 7 :��� 7.7;..\p ;;7:;y;  S^IM^!^ W-fM 7:7.7 'd? t'vp?; ';,  '"-'?;'": -���':.'-~ mr-'-'--- mruB^ernatgiiftisiia  C.?;;b;6ELkER,?;K/Tancgot-??.?:-  Wi  T'il-'ietiirci-'b'sFCai'tls-���AjiliniVievviv  d$3���Pb..;pei7iddz^7iSpecial7pictureS.  takeh;-iiiid7prddticed,;on iVost-cardsy  $4:00Tpei?-cloz.;;Treilneed 7|>ricesTfori  largei:-nunVbers.,;;;7:;77 '7-;??'.;;;T7:,p; Tp  .:7;.Gl.iaraclefistic.sels.of A-tlitr \^ie\vs.T  1 ii 1 la rg i u g-, 7? e t c?p-7 A11'; '���- alp pop iii a r  pri;ceSi'77-?.;-T777.7:;!7;y-77;7;'iy7;;;;-7|::::,y-.yv;pp  777;7;7T .;;:7p7--T;77>7.;;7T; ,T.;77^-|.A'NAi:;HK?:  K^  ?BISCOyER��,7B/T.Cv  N'll^^ -i;;4'������%$&f:-^fam&\  \��� ��������� -1IIV.;;;-7;-^i!#Vy p7i|��l>>  lvasty;;?hiea!s, -.iiue7:-lienorsjpigood  7�� cigars, a ii t.1 sdft^bed sj ;inake?i t ���;' a; ? 7?  T.77'" .Tpleasalit home;f6r:alld77p,;  7-"?-:-7k T7nir:7;7-p.;-travellers:7-.7 ^/^Tpi^vpyy;  EDiiSANDS,    Proprietor  ie.  p7 .; ?Beg y to? :aunoui)ce  '���Tptliiit lliey  have   fe-  ;...''.    bpeii'ed.'.aiid are now  ..read}', for -biisinessi  S12lrfrVV: ���^ lake"U,isQlv  UllUlJ;:v: portunity,tb?thauk  .;      .7 ;Tthei.r former patrons  and respectfully solicit their further  patronage." f/Mrs.^Mf.FENN,-   ;'y  Proprietress.  ru^  M':!MfIiIf7  *i&  TH-K|blNING7ROO.^I-7;iS?GO^  ^?i!;?"?':'T7'7.?'T;--;77??";f'7?T-;pp:Tc:I?A:SS7?'P  E. M. Ni WOODS,  ? BARRISTER-AT-LAW.;   ?  J litis tnkoii iiii.Otfil'U nt. Uooni 1, tlolil y,v  17 iloiiHO, .DisuoVijr.v. OIKfO Hours��� ^  J Tnii-iilii.vW, 'L'liiirsiln.vs iinil Snt iirdnys, ^  ^-.froni t'�� in i> p. in. ::.'     .;:....,  j._  T- ���    RATHS 7-7  V��   BAR HER SHOP  V.- Sh.iki.ijs 'S: Eddy Durham.  Noiv oui'iui.v tlioir iuiv   iiiiiirtors next  ���������    to tlie Itiinli of It. N. A.. Kii'st. Strnot.  Tin: Imtii rooms nro i!.|iiiill.v iih wooil lis foiinil  in 'isitifis. -  I'riviito  iiiit.riincu lor liulies.  Lake View Group of Mineral  Claims.  .Sl'I'CA'l'K IN Till'. ATI.IN .MlSI.NO I >l VlritoS O I'  (.iAlJrilAII UlfiTHIOT, CO.N'HIhTi.NIi III' 't'llli  IjAKB    Vl|.;H',   (fJIANII    VlHW.   ANII    I.AHT  .OiiASi:u-.Mi.vr.iiAi.l!i.AiMS.   Wiit-aa; 1.0-  cATi'.n -Hhtwhics Hmmi anii Hot:i.tiKti  (JltKliUS. XotlTlt lit' I'l.NJ.', C.'KKKK. .  rilAKIv NO'l'ICIv (lint I, M. II. .Iiiniiosoii,  ''�����-��� n;ri..|il for \V. ll.Hrowii, I'l'i'ii Mini'r's  Ci.'i'tilliiuti! ���lilM.WIIl, nnil .1. M. Uo�� iiint,'. I''ri'i!  Miner's Ortiiii'iiti! i.ll-I.S'.ll. anil -lolin U'niiils,  i'riTu Mimir's Gi-'i'tiili.'iiii! liiil.WC, intuinl, 11!)  iln.vs front ilnti! Iioriiof tinipiily to tlin Mi 11 in;;  lli-i'onlnr lor n Onrtiliiintn of lin|irovoini.'iil  lor tin: iiiir|ios�� of olitiiiiiinu: 11 Grown liriiiil  of tiio nliovi! ^lonp of I'lninis:  nnil  fiirtlior,  tiilii)   notii'i', tliat   tiutioi ilnr  si't'-tion  ">7,  iniist In; roniinoiii'i'il   lii'foro  tin-  insiiuni-i' of  sniili Cnrtilii'iiti' of I niproviiinunt .  Put oil tli is lith ilny of Ontolior, I'.lill.  A!, li. .l.VMIi'.SON,  ,'   -     -' ,!''. AI.(J.   tiill.WM  .*-:-::'.  lli '���' ���-  S&0aMS  WBBMf  iDISCpyE.RYi'-JB.-.'-Ci-':';  ���s,J2Hj^S3^^:vra^S^  JOE'   ROSE7 Proprietor.  ftsa'Atiji:....��=... i-.i-v.ii:i,iv... in   t'o.vNKijTiDN.  D7,"  , ��77v  K':  0   .-���'  vD7'.-'  0 ������:-- ;  :-^77-  u.-:--  : H   ������������-'���  ��� 'it .-i"-..;'  ��� 3 .'���";��� -  ��� M I::-.  ���;B->'-'  ro- 7  '. H-      -  ���a.,'-,'  HI  v ��� ���  u.  .-.��-.:..,.;  - J 7',-  M .;'������:  mSMMM&M^Mi   ?;7 ^T;,7? "b,! X CJV ?:''.e n0TH E RS ,;"';Fir'op'rieto'rs;"'  -Pool? ? & ?'^SiTiiads'^^iifJree^  Freighting and Teaming ^��        Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  ;    V.  TROTMAN,   Manager.! '6  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin,'B. C.  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   !N   CONNECTION.  CliOICrSI AViNCS," I.IQLiUKS ANir UilAilS���CASt G(>��l.lS A SI'LUALIV.   :  lie?.Canadian ^Baok m  /. ..?.';    CAPITAL-  PAID    UP    $8,700,000. 'd-d  .-���-    ..' R^SKKVU,    53,000,000.'   '���-..���  Brandies of the Kaiilc atvieattidi  San Francisco,-  ���''"., , " Porthind,  Skag-vvay, etc.  Exa&SKge scstti!. on aSB Paissis. ,'  (jOi.d Dust Pukchasi-ij���Assay Oi.-i-icu ix ;Conkkci'ion.;  "'.'    .    ...'''..:..". D.  ROSS, MaiuiK(;r.  VANCOUVER  ENGINEERING  WORKS, IT  VANCOUVER, B.'C  SPECIALISTS   IN  rlyclraylBC wmnmg iflaehaner  -'  -     HYDRAULIC    GIANTS, WATKR    GATIiS,  RIPI'DK    BARS, .    STPVEL Rn;KTTKD    PI Pis   '  HOISTS,       JmIaMNG    CAGES     anij     ORE    CARS?  MADE   TO   SPECIAL   DESIGN^  Write   fet' ���gs'sces   assa   caSs.  .'���;-.'������-,-.':::v'-i:  *$A  7't.'.7-  Ti;7-:  ppdlgl  \m  dd-ip  ;"7';'iT-  777';  ������;���-..���>! i|  ..v.-;ii dd:  :-.'J'v  "3p  -;i'���'-���  ���AT'LIK  B. C:,T dATl.IRI')A^77.7I)J7CJ'7yi;ri-Jd  ;i90fl-  -.-..   'i-r. fr. -  6V.'  /^s.��i!f:  ;ed;;��:  '4  1^1  tllfil^  i';^:.-:i  JMSifis  iCV|  Ci.?:;��  dl��  W.  ^ ���;���;������  '*-*-$<���)-*>-��":  .'c can stippiyy.r.',!;.v>ith the following foe yd/cit  ."Chri  table;  Fresil ;Arabian?-'.'Dates, .7,  ^5;; Cr;. ''Sniyyiia: Trig's,; 7 '??.'���  ' 3 "v".-.-' ��?.?'HLaver'7'Rais5ns^  $.'���  7Vlixed;?N;uts,7-;,-- -?y d  Caodies,'p7i77yy :/t:;:t..;7 77.?  Applesi.and ������Oj'anges.  LEAVE   YOUft   ORDER   NOW.  :1:  MB  lA  f.)   T  ��?  l??6cal''":Jlvents.  ~aP  e latent muga/unesaiKp papers  datT'il.lnwuid '-';;  writing 7 to '������'��� Mr.;  dThdl  are.alwavs .on hau  Boles  ;N7CTd'!iecliin  : Ex position,' 7; says;  frdm^he Sty-Louis  r.epai'dino- -the  i."U  kbi  tp.11  d Atliii illinera 1 idlrib 11  ic.-.'Yukqu 7c:!isplayTis  id id,'  small.  . iMvtpt hey pub- tront 7.iA^t 1 iu : ids  ??C??:BdCbftih's   exhibit; of 'rock' is  considered?;: .."very. - good. ;'���': p- ;Gapt;.  ? E6ley?say.rifthat ifShirleyTBros.liad  TilieirTdo-d team dBthe; Kxpo'siliohy  they could iuake a-fort une;; exkibil-  ?ing tliem.:.;.;.;/".     ;"':;-".,i? . ::;'?:���  ���7-T  iMcDanald' s;-G rocery- T, makes,. a  :  specialty��i" fresh eggs ..-and- butter.  T7 dijlappyd talks' of iTiiishingTa  ; weekly'/stage to Boulder and / guar-  y?a;iitees;;to';idurapj Ihe^passc-ttgersany-  ? '/where?; ali>ng ythe'������'route, especially  ? divT\vo6cl-piles;:?\\rihethgr? they like'it  or not.';-,''���".      ?7y ���:-,-���.'��� /-,;?- - '.' 7  ??,? :^?:you;7\yaut"-^  /Pipe drBocket Is/nite, suilable;:for:a  .-���  Christmas present, call��������� at ;Stables  -;:-;&i;.Eu-ius'den'.Sy-77T77 "-'iff ,/?77..?---'"���  7 7 Mr:'Thomas- TKirkland,   one; ;of  ?'���; At tin's  enterprising   :youngTTmen,  left /on .Wednesday. :nidrning?fdr a  7\vell  ;earned : boliday7-f}f   several  .-.months on the coast.- W'lieii; he returns to Atlin lie.;��� will bri ngTTwi th  him hydraulic boseaiid nozzle 'with  ���'���.���'���which.:to work his ground on -Ale.-.  7Kee. Creek more effectived 7  ������''.-Bathsi���Sal unlays': only���alTthc  'the O.   K? Barber Shop���-75 cents  ...-���for winter only.'.-  :--;:-; d'--::"7  . Dr. Cameron has left Victoria on  -v.'a'. tiip..'.'to.Hdnohiiu,. vyherp, shaded.  ..by. i.he.'.-pnhn . trees  and   iariued  by  'the -balmy' breezes of the great Pacific, he /will enjoy; a , refreshing  holiday.  7 r For Ximis-Cards and  Calendars,  if "I;. Pill man and Co. have-a pre;ty  'assortment to select from.   / ..77' TTT  Dr. .Cameron and.ChiefCoustable  ���'Walter- Owens have-, planned to  Eeave 'Vancouver for Atlin. 'by..the  Amur, 0:1 January; 5U.1. 77 '������ ''.-./.  Save- fuel���-By going to J. D.  I)i;:L-d for' Door and; .Window  :W'-'.'ither Strips.  Mr. Jarr.es Began, hardware merchant, left on Wednesday lad to  spend ,Ui.u Christmas holidays''in  Tor>::U.'!. 'lie will return   ovoi  tlie  'Fred .//IB   Wrong Tin.vice's,  all?  IMS  gdu.1 ieineni,fri.eiiilS:iii;ilid,Canip to a  .Xinas'cliiiucrTonCln'i^tina^Siyudtiy,  af'5 p. tn?'7: ���:?;?;.;?-. /'-T..'?'?'-- '.y?::T?'; ?T?v?T  7Ali ? iceT;bo:it   is   l>eihg ?built'Tby.  M essrs. Wa 1 lace : a iid; M bl  Kih;:  It  edto 7ha v'e'i: a. cdnte?t7 be-  lS'proribS'  t\vee:iHtand?'';'Plnrd;of;'l);ecehibiji-,p.  tlie -ice-boat, belougiiigTto M.r.R. B.  An'dersr.ai,Tfor::the?;ehaiu'pibnship 0!"  Aliujr'-T'''*??.:- -:.;>;��� p;-;;p77.^v;u 7.7., -,.7,.-;;,-7  :...  ..������;���.��� o'-.',j'���-.':.'-,',:���:'��� '���./.-.'���'. .":"-..:"-7-.'.,.-.''.'7'     .-'.-  7 Stables &';Euins(.leii niake a spe-  cialtv-of Fresh::  iS'undTllutter;  .Tiieyoiiiig -people .now.. iVraclice.  th 1 ec times a \vee.k,' furT the ?Xii'Vas  Treeehterteii'miieut of; DeCv' 23rd?7  ;7;Reniembt:r; the ?Grand7:Ball 7biv  MdndaypI)ec.-;26tli,7by\be7Spruce  iG'reelcT'.O.r.cii^estra'i,..-:^ 7. ���:���:.���:���?,:'->���:TT7i;-??.  T-Xivias;- 7Presentsd'-rea ;?Sei-s (51-'  colours) at IDurie-s: 7 Also,;Enamel  Paints"(allTcblbrs).?; 7.7'      ; 77,:.yd;  '"; 7'Pbe;two7last outgoing mails did  npt;arriye;at:Xpg; Ca:bin,;last:;nigh;tr  according 7;tp -,; telegram; .received:  A fresh?lall?df"2^ileet- was on-the  trail. ? ToeTalmire-liad started backT  7. St()yes a'ud?-Hard\vareT;at;;prices  it.hat::cau'-t be beateu.dj.''I).vDyiViii-;'  ..������.'���-"'���'Ask-^him.'tlie,' reason?: wln?,!?pMr.  :'-'-l-Iappy;dvi'hilejgatheriiig-a sleigh  parly iogethe'r; Sunday .last, lost  controlT.of horses-drey bolted--  sleigh -upset--occupants7thrown,  I but   none   injured--rig .damaged.;  I Pluckv ' ��� Flappv" hired another  .uid'.with '.'..another,"'.again upset.  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