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The Atlin Claim 1907-12-14

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 n.  k  VOL. 26.  ATLIN,   B. C, SATURDAY.   DECEMBER 14, l9o7.  NC. 439  Dk  TELEGRAPHIC.  A Budget of Interesting News  From Many Quarters.  [Sl'BCIAI, TO TUB Of.AIM.l  San Francisco, Dec. 14���Nine  Companys of milita have been despatched to Goldfild, Navada. where  an outbreak between mine owners  and the Western Federation of  Miners is feared.- W. D. Play wood  is leading the strikers.  Vancouver B. C, Dec. 14th,���C.  P. R. westbound passenger train  ran into a rock slide near hope, the  engine was over turned, and the  fireman badly injured one 'cc-ach  left tne track, the pasesngers were  badly shaken up, but none were  injured seriously.  S. S. Marie, Ont. Dec. 14th���Dr.  R, G. Gibons of this city, is nominated, for tbe'House of commons by  the West Algoma Liberals.. .       .  Stockholm     Dec.     14th.  Oscar of Sweden is dead.    -  -King  "~T5t?tawa, Ont. Dec. 14th,���Hon,  N. B. Gunu the conservative "memf  ber for South Hurou died as 'St.  t,ukes Hospital.  Vancouver, B? "C. Dec. 14th���  At a largely attended meeting of  the -Asiatic Exclusion League.  Mayor Bethune, was denounced .as  a "jelly- fish backboned politician  and a coward". Dunsmuir is sever-  erly criticized for refusing to sign  the Bowser Bill.  Vancouver,dB. C. Dec. 14th���  The Labor and Trades Counsel  have passed a resolution that Dunsmuir be dismissed. It is understood  his resignation has beeu demanded  by the Dominion government. One  given reason is for his contracting  with the Canadian-Nippon Company for 500 Japanese- to work in  his coal mines.  Auckland, N. Z. Dec 14th���  After nine months of intense suffering, sixteen members of the missing  Barque "Dundonald" were picked  up on an uninhabited island, The  remainder of the crew Were drowned or starved to death-  Victoria B. C. Dec, 14th���The  Government made another payment of $92,000 on the million dollar loan which was effected four  years ago.  Monogahela, W. Va, Dec. 14th,  ���A rerriffic explosion of black-  damp cotnpletley wrecked the Fairmont coal Mine, it entomed 425  men, all of whom   it  is    thought  have perished. 148 bodies have been  recovered. Many- of them were  badly decomposed, Some ofthe rescuing parties have been taken ill.  An Epidemic is teared.,  Washington D. C. Dec. . 14th,  President Roosevelt declins the  nomination for a third term.  Vancover B. C. Dec, 14th,���The  mystery surrounding the fate of the  Steamer "Discovery" which left  Yakutat Bay five years ago with  100 passengers and a large consignment of gold dust has just come to  by the finding of a quantity of human'bones and the parts of a ship on  Montague Island, King William  Soundi-  Edmonton, ��� Dec. 14th,���Hon.  Frank Oliver is ��� nomohated by the  Liberals lor a Federal- constituency.  ��� ��� Latest Special to the Claim.  Monongahela, W. Va. Dec. 14th,  ���.285 bodies have been brought put  of the mine up to the present time,  other bodies' have been located, and  are'ready to be brought out.  Ihe, Dog Nuisance.  ��� )Karamika'"the editorial canine  has meet the fate of many ' better  dogsbefore him in this town; he  was killed .by.his murderous kindred  We all know the cause of;these  gruesome dog fights, for years past,  in summer'and winter, people have  complained of the unsightly nuisance; and we all know the chief  remedy, and ask why it is not adopted? Besides the leading mischief  some men and boys have fallen into  the silly and reprehensible habit of  setting their dogs on to other dogs  for the sport of the thing, this maybe harmless enough amongst some  breeds of degs; but. where, as with  us, so many of the dogs carry a  strong vein of the wolf in their blood  it is extreme folly. Moreover, there  seems no doubt, but what some of  the big cross-bred retrievers, setters  collies and ect are quick to adopt  the fighting method of the 'huskie'  which is, to kill! We venture to  suggest, that, a timely warning and  firm suggestion from the police, to  breeders and owners, to keep their  dogs under control, would do much  to stop the nuisance.  The Asiatic  ;'       Question.  Governor's ' recignation. In .the  meanwhile, the sooner the jnipcrial  Government declares its policy, and  takes action 'with regard, to the  whole question relating to the immigration of osiatics all the better  will it-be for tbe contending parties  The people of British , Columbia,  are never likely to quite agree on the  question; there will always be the  labourers point of view iu strong  opposition to that of the employer  it is the same ancient .source of  many" a sanguinary revolution���  of Labour fiting Capital��� and it  will command higher politics than  those obtaining in B. C. to settle  the matter finally.  Log Cabin Trial.  According to the latest wires  it looks as if much trouble is  brewing ahead over this very vexed  question. However, we shall require stronger confirmation, before  we can believe, that the Dominion  Government has demanded-the   Lt.  The mail carriers, on this most  nnenviably trail, are having hard,  trips; and, accasional duckings  when they break through the ice;  but nevertheless the mails are arriving in good time. Otter Lake is  reported frozen over on Taku Arm,  they/travel along the shores, and at  Golden Gate, there is  open  water.  Joe Tallmire and Norman Fisher  have started to flag the trail. Only  travellers bent on extremely urgent  businness are' recommended, this  our .only.-route of entrance and exit  at this time of the year.',' The promised road to Tagish is not in sight!  must we drown a few voyageurs before we get it?;.'"  A Pioneer Dead..  Thos Tugwell, a pioneer, hotel  man of Log Cabin, died Thursday  in Victoria of catarrh.of the stomach  ���Deceased was at ..one time .postmaster .at Log Cabin and,has, many  friends all over Alaska.who will sorrow over his death',   .    .  The Promised   Road  to    Tagish.  At this time of the year, it must  be admitted that, Atlin is' sorely  tried for the want of a wagon road,  by which safe and certain communication could be maintained with  the railway to the coast. ' Now travellers unless incurring much personal risk ami inconvenience, are  debarred from making the journey:  and freighting is almost inpractic-  able.  Even the mails, wc know to our  cost, are only brought through  with    the   greatest   of   difficulty,  Indeed every consideration must  be allowed for the -mail carriers" in  this ardours and'perilous service;   ���  But suppose we bad a road to the  railway at Caribou; travellers could  have journeyed in comfort, and  safety, with as much baggage, as  they wish to carry, and have all  enjoyed travelling on terra firma-,iii  in  preference  to , taking   chances  leaky boats on frigid water.  It is  quite    possible  that    these    .  untoward experiences may continue  for some mouths; and it goes  with-   ,  out saving, that this is hot a creditable state of affairs in  a    rich  and  steady growing mining district,    It  ,  is a  simple fact:- that  no  country  can  make' go��d   progress  without  good roads.  Probably in a few years a branch .  line'of railway will connect Atlin  with the line to Skagway; but in  the meanwhile, every effort should  be made to obtain a wagon road from  Atlin, along the north shore of the  lake to Tagish,' a distance of less  than ninety miles, It is generally  understood that there aie no physical featurs to hinder the easy construction of such road. Though a  little corduroying in a few places,  and some side grading, for a short  distances, would be lound necessary  at the base of Hitchcock Mountains ,  There is already a road of fifteen  or sixteen miles from the Tagish  Telegraph station to Little Atlin  Lake. At the Tagish River Crossing, a pontoon or iildl ;be  used .uto convey passengers and  freight, horses and vehiles, oyer the  river, "adista'nee of less than 500 feet  j The river is reported to be shal-  ���I?w, with only a moderate currert .  and no Boulders.-      ny; >       c.      -   -  About one quarter of the [road  is  in British Columbia and the remain- .  der is in the Ynkon Territory.  No doubt,  Atlin's energetic representatives in Parliament willcon- .  sjder the advisability of laying  this  matter before their   respective  gov-  e-jnments' as being of imperative im- "  portance to the mining  industry   in"  particulanarid to the welfare    and"  prosperity of the public in general.  ��� Reasons-for advocating road froth "-  Atlin to Y; T. boundry, near north '���*  end of Atlin  Lake,   and thence  to-  .wards the vicinity  of Windy  Arm.- ���  or Caribou;  No 1 That the country in which  the road would-pass is well mineralized.  '   2 That  the   Atlin   mining area,  under operation ir steadily  exterd-.  ing. northward ih close proximity to  the Y. T. boundry. .  3    That the Topography   of the  proposed route is of easy grade and  favorable  for  the  construction    of  Couutinued on page 4.  mers.  A general meeting will be  held at 4 oclock in the afternoon  of Chirsmas  Day, at the W. F.  M. Hall, Discovery.  Charles   Gairus  See-re'....* y. ATLIN,   B. C���    SATURDAY.   DECEMBER 14,. 1907.  o  The Atlin Claim;  THE ATLIN CLAIM m pudushcd every satuhday  MORNING.      MAILED     FBCC TO    ANY    PAHT   OT THE  world ron bo   cents   prn month;   to.00   rzn  YrAPt.    ADVcnTiaiNc nATta : ��i.oo per inch each  in����.*TION ;   nCADING NOTICES,   23 CENTO A  LINE.  VPCCUI.   RATE3    ON    APPLICATION.  JOB PRINT1N0 :  aiLL.HtAOt, rooTirno,' vieiTtna cards  t.��TTrn-MicA09, rnocnAMMcn,     ktc, etc.  OnDEnS    PROMPTLY   EKtCUTCD.  PRICES    MCOERAT^. '  This Ati.ih Claim Punr.isnina Co., Ltd.  W. TOLTJABD. GKANT.       MANAnBIi-nillECTOB.  Accompanied    by      the    Indian  Chief, Taku  Jack,   we  visited  the  School House,   which  was- opened  early   last summer  in   the Indian  Village, by the Rev. Father Ollard.  _ We  found the Rev. Father superintending the  education of eight  boy  pupils in the rniniture but  well  appointed    school  room;   everything  was  in  order,  maps  and  instructive pictures and black board hanging on  the  walls,   and  desks  and  benches   occupied    by the   pupils  studying     english.       The      boys  looked clean, cheerful,   and  intelligent; they average between six and  sixteen years of age. To our surprise  "six years old:' with class   book in  hand,   stood' forth,   and   distinctly  speit and recited a sentence to  the  effect  that   ,sthe  cow  did eat  the  grass'' and'then the big boy of sixteen gave- a  good example of bis  more advanced learning in the: english tongue.    All of which is  highly  creditable  to  their  painstaking  teacher.    During part of  the summer there were 20 children under  tuition,   but  owing to funds  being  very limited, most of them  had . to  go out in the woods for the winter.  We  would observe  that  Father  Ollard lor  the  present  is entirely  dependent upon  local  support   for  the' maintenance of the  school  and  board  of   the  pupils.    The  Atlin  Indians belong to the Hlingit- tribe,  which is a branch of the Taku tribe.  Hlingit, in the   native language,  is synonymous with  Gentlemen  in  promotes their welfare, and tbe reward for her humanity will be amply  found in the holiest uprearing and  civilization of her Indian subjects.  ' We wish Father Ollard all the  success he deserves in his meritorious efforts to guide and educate the  promising young Hlingits of Atlin .  OUR CHIEF INDUSTRY.  li.      N. C. WHEELING  || . .    ..   .  T*  The Lake View Group. '  CONTINUKt).  A small stream crosses tlie property and there is sumccnt wood  on  the claims for fuel and mining  purposes.    Star   Mountain  and  High  Ore Claims;  Work:  various shafts  and cuttings,   showing extention of  veins from the  Lake  View group.  The Star Group of three  claims:  The Ledge is 5 ft. wide; strike N.  55 deg.   W.;  dip,   75  deg.  S.   W.  altitude, 1. 800 feet above  Suprise  Lake; nearly 5.000 feet above sea  leval, Wonc: an open drive through  country rock,   52  feet  long  5  feet  wide, to tap the ledge.    Tunnelling  on vein: 58 ft, long 5 ft.  wide   and  6j4 ft high.    Mining:   2,800 cubic  feet.    Assa3*s from traces of gold to  high  values   in   gold   and silver.  The country rock is composed of  talcosee  slates,    miuralised   slates,  argillites and clay slates.  The Aries and Zodiac Claims:  No. 1 ledge is 100 feet wide. A  surface cross-cut exposes the ledge,  a tunnel to tap the ledge at 60 feet  level is in the course of construction  Mining: 1,140 cubic feet No.2  ledge is 39 feet wide. Surface cuttings expose tbe ledge. Mining:  2.000, cubic feet.' No, 1 and 2  ledges are large bodies of freemilling  low-grade ore, with a tendency to  increase in value with depth.  I Groceries arad Provisions  Fresh Fruit and Vegetables  Allways   on   hand  The Iron Store,  First Street.  &*44404FW404***41f04MF4*44W**4f*4f*4f^^  POOL ROOM  GOOD  STABLING  THE GOLD  HOUSE  DISCOVERY, B. C.  DINING   ROOM   IS   UNDER  THE .SUPERVISION'   OF  ROXBOROUGH.      GOOD SLEEPING ACCOMMODATION  ONLY THE BEST QUALITY OF   GOODS USED AT THE BAR  BAKERY IN CONNECTION WITH THE HOTEL.  THE  MRS.  JOHN ROXBOROUGH, PROPRIETR,  northern Brewing Company, Etl  Konrad Wawrecka, Manager.  Brewers  of Lager Beer  ansa Porter���  SMAtt AND LARGE ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  English, and from all we can see  and learn the Indean inhabitants of  Atlin do not belie their  appropriate  nomenclature.    Chief   Taku Jack's  knowledge  of ancient  history  extends    to  the   memory    that   his  Grandfather was the proud   possessor of a  flint-lock-gun,   this  might  account for a period of three generations,   just  the time it takes to  make a Hlingit (gentleman) amonst  ourselves.    We   hope  that  Father  Ollards Home and School for Indian  children will ere long obtain  support  from  the Dominion   Government.    These Indian  children,  the  representatives of a race  which  inhabited the country long before the  "pale-face"   set foot upon its shores  call  forth     the sympathy  of their  rulers, and not in vain for the Dominion     Government     protects    an  Indian population  of 108.000; and  has established 279 schools for their  benefit in different parts of Canada,  of this number   104 are  conducted  by tlie R. C. Church; 86 by Anglicans; 41; by Methodists; 16 by Presbyterians; and  the   rest  are undenominational.    Canada    recognises  that tlie Indians have   a  claim  on  li-w- j she protects  their lands   and  The Imperial mine: consisting of  four claims, known as Lucky.Liverpool,  Paris Exhibition,    Nanaimo  and the -Unknown. - The   location  is on the south side of Monro mountain and lying near the road leading  from Atlin City to Pine City.    The  property is  crown  granted to  the  owners.    Nearly    all . developing  operations have been confined to the  main loade, which appears to  traverse the whole extent of the property; its general direction, as indicated by  numerous surface outcrops  is    north-east    and      south-west.  There are other lodes known   to  exist on the properity,   which  give  good    prospects.    The  main   vain  aveiages 4ft. in thickness; it is composed of white crystalline   quartz,  and  is  matrixed in    dioritic   and  basaltic country rock; the walls are  well defined, indicating a true fissure  vein.    Work: considerable development work has been done on the property and the vein effectually opened  up by a series  of cross-cut tunnels  and    exploration   levels, , thereby  fully testing the value    of the ore  wliich has also been amply demonstrated by numerous assays and exhaustive mill  tests.    No   1  tunnel'  The KOOTENAY HOTEL  A9**A9*  WS>>9***^****.*0^*i0**^:W>*^  **AftaAK*��. *���%**��>��  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  The Bar is supplied  with   none  but the   best brands of Liquors  and Cigars.    First-class Billiard and Pool Tables.  w&e&0&saa:&aw4&4*<g#&^^        wvmmmvmv<mmwmm^  DIXON   A.   SCHULZ,   Proprietors.  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT  CliOltLSr WINES, LIQUORS AND CiKAKS  IN   CONNECTION.  CASE GOODS A   SPtCIAUY.  Corner Pearl and First Streets,  Atlin, B. C.  d  <:^4*Mr*3;#4Ht4W^ VratfW4W��tttta3WffWjtt^^  t I  ATLIN,   B.C, SATUK13AY, DECEMBER 14.,  ygo;  ^  has been run about 20 fr. intersecting the vain about 20. feet deep.  The reef here is rich in gold and  gives values of about $100. oo and  upwards per ton. From this crosscut a level has been drifted on the  reef about 150 feet, in a south-west  direction. Abont 250 tons, of ore  have been taken out of this level,  giving a result of $8.00 to $20.00  per ton; small specks of gold may  be seen in the quartz. No. 2 tunnel has been run tinder the line of  No 1 tunnel and about 100 (t. lower  down the hillside; it intersects the  reef at 113 ft. from the mouth, A  level has been run on the reel' about  40 ft. in a south west direction.  The value of the ore where the tunnel cuts the reef, is $32,00 per ton.  and as the level proceeds the values  increase to $100.00 per ton. On  the right side of the tunnel, another  level has been extended on the reef  about 150 0\ north east. Samples  taken from this level assayed $32.-  00 per ton.. A test shipment of two  tons demonstrated the gold values  to be $25.00 per ton ot 2.000 lbs.  There are from 2.500 to 3.000 tons  of similar ore iu sight now ready to  be broken down and milled. This  mine commands unusual facilities  for economical workiug,' and there  is ample water_power in proximity  to the property.  TO CONSUMPTIVES.  The undersigned having been restored to health by simple means,  after suffering for several years with  a severe lung affection,, and that  dread   disease   Consumption,    is  , 1  anxious to make known to, his fellow sufferers the means of cure.  To those who desire it, he will  cheerfully send (free of charge) a  copy of the prescription used, which  they' will find a cure for Consumption, Asthma, Catarrh, Bkon^  chitis and all throat and lung  Maladies. He hopes all sufferers  will try his remedy, as it is.invaluable. Those desiring the preset ip-  tion, which will cost them nothing,  and may prove a blessing, will  please address  Rev. Edward A. Wilson,  Brooklyn, N.Y.  ��� The'Atlin'meat market*-  FRESH   DRESSED  MEATS  ******  POULTRY  OF  ALL  KINDS,  ON  HAND,  -  L. S c h u I z.  f                                                                                                                                           1  PITIt  (  HAMPTON.  O  ' 0  ��  JAilES  du-rik.  Certificates of Improvement.  The Big Horn Mine  ��..   The Big Horn Claims, named  Flying Eagle and Flying Eagle  Extension, situated about 30 miles  west of Atlin. The owners have  built 8*4 miles of wagon road to  the properity. Work; 40 feet of  tunnelling on a vein 2 feet wide,  and 30 feet of tunelling on a vein  10 feet wide: also various open  drives and cuttings to expose the  lodes. An arrastra has been constructed and the values obtained iu  gold and siver. A dwelling house  stands on the property. Assessment work valued at $2,500.  Maeking    Bird      Mineral      Claim.  Situate in the Atliii Mining Division, Cassiar  District. Where located: ���Tn Kainy  Hollow. ���    '  TAKU NOTICE that I, Joseph H. Chisel of  Hains Alaska.  Free- Miner's Certificate He. BlUSO  Intend, CO days from the date hereof, to  apply to thoMiiiins Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for tho purpose of  obtaining Cro'vn Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must bo commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this seeond flay of October, a d 1907.  Joseph H. Chisel.  ,   N80 9t  tfte ntigget 1)0HI.  DISCOVERY   B.   C.  The Bar is Stocked with Choice Goods  First Class Dining Room in Connection.  HEADQUATEM FOR DIXON & SCHUW STAGE.  Certificate of Improvements.  The Rock of Ages Mine  Rock of ages, located ou Pine  Creek. Work: shaft 60 feet deep,  from the bottom of which a crosscut is driven 7 feet, striking the  hanging wall of ledge: a drift, 60  feet, long running down stream on  this level, and a drift 30 feet long  running up stream 011 the 30 ft.  level. The ledge is 14 feet wide.  It is low-grade ore with extremely  rich patches.    A sample  shipment  of i% tons yielded $49.97 per ton  of ore.  State of Montana    Mineral   Claim.  Situated in the Atlin   mining division of  Cassiar   District where located:   Rainy  Hollow.     '  TAKE NOTICE that I Joseph H. Chisal of  Hains Alaska Free Miners Cetiflcate No Bill  30 intend sixty days from the date hereof to  apply to the mining recorder for a certifl--  cate of improvements  for  the  purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant of the above Claim  And further take notice that action under  Section 37 must  bo commenced hefore the  issuance of such Certificate of improvement.  Dated this Second day of October a. d. 1907.  Joseph H. Chisel.  oS0-9t  Certificate of   improvements.  The Yellow Jacket.  The Yellow Jacket: property of  the N. C. G. M. Co., Ltd. is situa:  ted on Pine creek. A considerable  amount of prospecting and developing work has been done, including  a shaft of about ioo. feet in depth,  The ore is milled at the mine, by a  5-stamp battery, and very high  values in gold have been realized.  ��� Arizona   Mineral   Claim.  Situated, in the Atlin Mining Dlvlson of  Cassiar District where Located: In Rainy  Hollow.  TAKE NOTICE that I Joseph H.  Chisel of  Hains Aluka.  free Minors Certificate No n 11180 Intend  Sixty days from the date hereof to apply to  the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements for tho purpose of obtainig a  Crown Grant of the above Claim.  And further take notice that action under  Section 37  must be commenced before   the  issuance of such   Certificate   of    Improvements. -   ���  Dated this seeond day of October, A. i>. 1907  Joseph, H. Chisel.  oS0-9t .-  The While Moose.  White Moose Group: consisting  of the following claims; The  Seattle, Sunrise. Sunset, Tremplo,  Evening Star, White Moose, and  Morning Star. The property is  situated on Taku Arm, Work:  The mine has been developed by  250 ft, of shafting and tunneling.  The ledge is 4 ft. wide. Test shipments of ore have giveu very satisfactory results;  Stoves and Hardware!  IRON PIPING,   STEEL   AND   BAR IRON,  DYNAMITE AND GELIGNITE,   "  ' GASOLINE.  STEEL" SHINGLES and CORRUGATED IRON.  Jaanes T��  egaro  Stores in Atlin and Discovery.  k��>0���>* ��� ��>����������������������'<��������������������������������'>  H. E. BROWN & CO.  Successors to J. H. Richardson.  LATEST STYLES IN GENT'S FURNISHINGS  DRY GOODS, CARPETS. HOUSE FURNISHINGS,  GOLD SEAL HIP GUM BOOTS AND SHOES,  full line of miners gloves and mitts.'  Stores at atlin and discovery.  3>�� ���������������4��*0��*00����**���������� *<��Q$ri  h*  THE   VANCOUVER   HOTEL.  First St.   Atlin B.   C.  CHOICE WINES LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  First Class Rooms Well Heated  S.   Johnston.        Prop.  THE   KIRKLAND   HOTEL.  F i r s t Street Atlin  B. C.  Good". Accomodations  Neat Clean Rooms.  ALEX.   SMITH.  PROPRIETOR-  SBBWffi ATLIN,    B.   C.      SATURDAY,     DECEMBER 14, 1907.  Local and General News.  Fresh assortment Lowney'-  creams and chocolate nuts at  C. R. Bourne.  , Mr. W. Pollard Grant experanced  a hard trip out over the Log Cabin  trail. He left Skaway by the S. S.  Seattle on the 5 th inst.  1 The Princess ma3'is again on her  ���regular run to Skagway.  "The  Artie Brotherhood.  A general meeting of the Arctic  Brotherhood will be held in the A.  O. U. W. Hall 'at Atlin on Saterday  evening the 2S th inst.  Sir Thomas Lipton knows how  to take a defeat. He has the rare  abilety to hide his disappointment  and hope for better things next  time. Hc has just challenged  again for the "Americas Cup," so  Shamrock the iv may be looked  lor.  BOARD OF TRADE  r  ne tree fiotel  DISCOVERY,   B. C.  FIRST-CLASS DINING ROOM  GOOD CUiAN ROOMS-  ONLY   THE   FUvST GOODS  USED AT TIIF, RAR.  ED.   SANDS,  Proprietor.  A general meeting will be held on  Thursday the 19 th inst. at 8 p. m.  at the Court House, Atlin,  Just in assortment of Glokar  and Peterson pipes.���C. R. Bouren.  Opening of Discovery Skating  Rink tonight, Those who enteud  going will meet at Bourne's at 7  oclock.  A Bob sleigh has been arranged  for; no seats, plenty "of hay, and  town brass band . in attendance  "come all ye."  We have much pleasure in commending the Canadian Pictorial to  our readers. It is a profusely illus-  taled newspaper. The pictures are  excellent, and the reading matter is  both      instructive    and   amusing.  The subscription is one dollar a  year. Drop a postcard to the promotion manager Pictorial Publishing Co. 142 St. Peters Street, Montreal.  Appropriate Holiday Gifts for all  at C. R. Bourne's  The Curling and Skating -Rinks  at Atlin will be formally opened  next Saturday. It is expected that  a friendly game will be arranged  between teams representing the Dis.  covery and Atlin curling clubs.  ATL1NTOLODGE  A. F. A. A. M.,  '      No. 42, G. K. n. C.  Regular communications hold on the 11 rut  Thursday of each month In the A. O. U. W.  Hall, Third Street.  Visiting brethren cordially InTttert.  The next rcpnlur communication will he  held on Thursday, Dec. 27th  at 7.30 p.m.  Hy order of tho \V. M.  C. K. nOUItNE. SBCRMAttY-  Continued from page i  roads.  4 That the erection of smelters  contemplated in Y. T. within easy  distance of Atlin.:  5 That' Atlin district contains  payable smelting ores, which ores  could be treated at the foresaid  smelters.  6 That the coal mines in neighboring Y. T. will eventually supply  the coal demand of the Atlin district.  7 That the proposen road would  obviate the dangers and the loss of  life experanced hitherto by mail  carriers, freighters and travellers  using the limited and primitive  methods adopted over the lake  routes  S That the proposed road would  be open throughout the year and  would undoubtedly promote the  mining industery nnd inchance the  welfare and prosperity of the communities established on cither side  v.' ihe Yukon Territory boundry.  Synopsis of Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  A KT available Dominion Lans within ���  _C3l. the liuihvay Kelt In British Columbia  may be homostcaded b.v any person who It  tho solo head of n family, or any male oyer 18  years of ase, to the extent of one-quarter  section of ICO acres more or less.  Entry must bo made personally at the loea!  land oilico for tho district in which the land  is situate.  The homesteader Is required to perform  the conditions connected therewith under  ono of tho following plans:  (1) At least six months' residence upon and  cultivation of the land in each year for three  years.  (2) If tho father Cor mother, If the father la  deceased) of the homesteader resides upon n.  farm in the vicinity of the land entered for,-  the requirements as to residence may be  satisfied by such person residing with the  father or mother. '  (3) If the settler has Ms permanent residence upon farming land owned by him In  tho vicinity of his homestead, the requirements ns to residence may be satisfied by  residence upon tho said land.  Six months' notice In writing should be  given to theComniissioner of Dominion Lands  at Ottawa of intontlon'to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre  for soft coal and $20 for nnth racite. Not more  than 320 acres can bo acquired by one Individual or company. Royalty at the rate of  ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be collected on tho cross output.  W. W.CORY.  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior  N.T!.���Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not bo paid for. Jy21-6m  f\    jr     BARBER SHOP.  J. VV. THOMPSON, Prop.  FIRST-CLASS SERVICE ONLY  l��  The Discovery   Skating   Rink.  BEAUTIFUL     ICE.  Music in Attendance  DEC K M UER    14 th  Canadian Pacific Railway , Company.  B. C.   COAST   SERVICE.  Princess   Wisty   =   *  DECEMBER.   13    30  �� Sailing from Skagway 8,p.m.  Direct to Vancouver  and Victoria.  Transporting by rail or steamer to Seattle without extra charge  STOP-OVIiKS   ALLOW,!!]).  Ic lifts to Miy part of the world.      .. TJ     TJ     ~\r\T      T /-x-rxrlo  Kor rates or Information apply to   JT .   JT .     VV .    JUL) Wit,,  Auront, ShnRWny.  &  USE OUR ADVERTISING  COLUMNS  -���������-  Placing before the public  the many advantages of  the district is? the object of  Che Htlin  This cannot be successfully accomplished without the generous support of  the business  people and  the residents.  -��������-  SEND US YOUR SUBSCRIPTION  )��<0������<������>������f�����������������*��<  >������������������������-��+�������� ����^  TTllT BBKD OUT WHBN   YOU  CAR  GET GOODS AS C1!KA1> HKItR I  Atlln, Nugget nnd   Grape   Ring's  and all kinds of  Jewelry matin  '    fnot'ured on the premises.  Fino Now Stock  of   Watches,  Clocks, Jewelry   and ' Diamonds  Watches from $r>,00 tip. Aeciitx for Columbia Gramophones.  Silverware,[Cut Glass.JHand Painted China, Souvenir Spoon  JULES EGGERT i SI  safety Deposit vaults      Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jewlers  ,     ATMN   AND   DISCOVERY,  tsrnmmBmmama


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