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The Atlin Claim 1899-08-12

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 %  l"'  1?  b  VOL.   i.    '  ATLIN,   B..O.,   SATURDAY,    AUGUST >��,-  1899.  NO.  16.  McLennan, McFeely and C6.I joe is a dead ducki  f  (Llmitkd.)      ���   '    ,  Paints, Oils,   Varnishes,  Builders' Hardware,  Sash and Doors,  Tinware, Grani tew are, Crockery  All kind* of Tinsmith work done." "~" ^���'���~% t . .    - -  Corner of First and Pearl Street.  .... FRESH  NEW  GOODS  JUST  IN....  tP. St. Clair Blackett and ��� o  1 ,11   ,c 1    * 1 1  * t    1-  Largest an��, Best Selected Stock ok  Groceries, Shelf Hardware, Paints and Oils. Boots and  Shoes, Rubber Goods and Miners9 Supplies.  IRON" STORE    -    ���'���'...-;-    COR. - 1ST  AND "TRAYNOR.  The = Bank -'of- British = North = America!  Paid  RK9ERVB  London Office:  Established iii 1830,   Incorporated by Royal Charter. -   ,'   ���-...*  Up Capitai, '������*", $4,866,666,66,.  FrjKD    -    -    ---,.'-/-    *   "   ".-   ���-' 'il^eb.OOO-OO .'.  3 Clements' Lane, Lombard Street, E, C. " ���     .  -    ' , "    - .'Head Office  in .Canada:    Montreal.  . .  H. Stikbman, General Manager. <';<:(y'.    V, * ,  Branches in all the principal cities of Canada, and agents iii New York,  San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago.. Etc.  ��,  Gold dust assayed and  purchased at. best rates,   the bank's assay  office being now in operation.   A- general banking business transacted: !  .  ,,' /J, ANDERSON," Manager, j Atliiv,-B.VC.,}-. yl,    ,-i. -.  m m,b  .i,    I--   '���  Atlin?*;;.  GENERAL   HOSPITAL |  ���     :    - ������:'-:���'-' :  i, , ��� >,       .   .'  ���AND��������� , '  .... .. ... ,  FREE  PUBLIC   DISPENSARY.  Resident Physicians and Suxgeons. ,        \        ���'.������..���'.���  COMf ETKNT NTJtt.SE ATTENDANTS.  " ���' '   ''   '      '. ,-,-,.<  Private apartments atid wards for male or"'feiuale patients! '.   ��  Vancouver General  Store.  We carry a complete stock of;  MINERS' SUPPLIES,  Agency of the B. C. Fruit Caning and Coffee Company, Vancouver, B. C.  ,   Agency of the Canadian Rubber  Company, Montreal.  A call'solicited. ~  A.    S.    CROSS   &   CO.  /"I ORE, BURNET & CO.,  Civil and Hydhaulic Bnoiwbebs,  Dominion and Phovinciac Land  Surve Trows.  Mining Pkofekties Handled.  Office: Pearl .street, above Second,  OARD   OF  TRADE.  Wines, Liquors  and Cigars.  Wright & Callbreath,   Props.  JUST ARRIVE��  AT XIIB  The largest stock of.  drugs and patent  medicines in AtKn.  FfcRTIN & LECAPPELLAIN,  Hrst Street  FOR   FINE  VIEWS AND  PHOTOS  GO  TO  A. C. HIRSCHFELD'S"*  "  .    Films, Plates, Etc.,    ' .  < Developed at Reasonable Rates'  Pearl, between rst and 2nd.  Atlin  B. C  $20 Per Ounce  , 1  Will be allowed for gold nuggets suitable for,  making jewelry, in exchange for as line a.  gold watch as ever ticked. No purer gold or1  better English movements made. Also a  beautiful, rare design,, solid gold coral setting, ladies' set, mn and earrings. This is  something fine. Call ��t Medical Hall, Hrst  Street, Atlin,  J. Eggert, Jewel&p.  THE  ARCADE,  Pearl street'       "      "  Come in and hear the Battle  of Manila on the  Graphophone.  Archie L. Brownlee, Manager.  T7ICT0RIA GROCERY.  MINERS"   SUPPLIES.  WILSON &  CURWEN,  First street, Atlin.  Cheaper than aw dealer witS seA! them in  Atlin. Made any size you order within three  hours. Glass cheaper than anybody can sell  it. Price,: 8x10. 2Uc; 10x12, Wc: good assortment of larger sizes. Do^rs, anj- size or  style, made to order on short notice. Any  kind of a saw filed, set, etc., and done right.  Shop on north 1st street, near Discover}' St  & R. VAN VEVSE& I  Deserted by  His Most  Intimate  ,,   Political Friends.  Semlin Finds Difficulty in Filling  the Vacated' Office;  Joe Martin is a dead bird. The diplomatic Minister of Finance did the shooting  and after months of trying,work has lunded  h'is game au ground that will result iu something stable heiii'f done tar British Columbia. >    ��� I ! '  , .To every British Columbian it has been  apparent' 'that the conditions' existing  for the last six' mouths could not go on  without a check-rein being made use of at  some time or other. The paralyzed mining  industry front Kootenay to Atlin has resulted from legislation at tlie bauds of one man.  backed up by men who hud 110 mind .of their  own aud with vision less lengthy ttlutu'theia'  nose. , ' ' '  Deserted here,' deserted there. Fighting  Joe goes down iu British'Columbia to riye  no more. The very men ��or whom u spe-  ciul-bill was-passed to, provide them wiMi  seats in the Legislature caught'on to' the  popular Rosslaud, refrain and-echoed "To  hell you white-shirted hobo." , ,  "What follows'below ris/ taken from the  Victoria Globe of'August 3rd;' .;  The Semlin Government is dead. It is now  only a question of du.vs���perhaps hours���before Mr. Semlju will be {required to hand iu  his resignation.        ,  The last faint hope'of the Government that  it might surviye tholcrisl*. 'was 'shattered  yesterday, when H.D/ Helmcken Q.C., refused to accept the Attorney-Generalship. {  The Goyerwneut''cannot get an Attorney.-  General,'; Mr, Helmcken has refused. ,15. V.  Bod well will, not take Ht; neither^ will E-.' P.Davis. 7,Mr, Alex. Henderson wd'uld'of course  take it. at once, b'ut he could not be re-elected, j lIf proof of, this latter statement is required one bus-only to look to the New  Westmiiwfjer. Columbian, tlie Government  organ, which grows quite indignant at the  bare suggestion that Mr. Henderson will be  offered the yacant portfolio., Mr. Cotton is  also said to be opposed to Mr. Henderson.  The Government is lost., .'It can do nothing  to save itself from complete disaster. Its  friends can do nothing, ' There is absolutely  no hope., V. ,  '  The onl.j' question |uow admijttiug of any  spequlatiou is: Who will the "Lieutenant-  Governor call upon? ^Ie must act soon'. He  cannot permit things to ooutiuue u�� they are  much longer.';      ���       ��� , ,(-"-  One of three things miut l)ap4>eu, at once.  First���Mr. Semlin may resign; second���he  may choose.to meet defeat by appointing au  Attorney-General who cannot get elected;  third���the Lieutenant-Governor may ask Mr.  Semlin for his resignation. But the defeat  of tlie Government is inevitable���it has, in  trutli arrived.  Perhaps before these lines appear in type,  the Government shall-have resigned or the  Lieutenant-Governor have ' dismissed the  Ministry. Indeed, it is difficult to understand  why Mr. Semlin persists in clinging to office  an hour longer.  He can do nothing.  The name of W. W. B. Mclnness, M. P., has  been mentioned in connection with the vacant portfolio. It is contended in some  quarters that the Government may offer the  Attorney-Generalship to that gentleman.  Well, supposing that it does ? Mr. Mclnness  would not get a seat.   What could be say in  justification of his action'iu joining the Government? Could he endorse tho Government's policy ? Tho thing is ridiculous. Ho  would ho luughod ah  The only hope the Government ovorhad'  wus in u coalition. At 0110 tlmo that was  possible. It,is impossible now. Tlie Government is so thouroughly discredited in the  country that it is beyond oven tho power of  its enemies to save it from completo disaster.  Tho Government is doud. How long will  the Governor permit tho corpso to remain iu  office,' niid who will be called ii]K>n to form a  Ministry ?���thoso are now the only questions  to be considered. >,  'The downfall of tho Government is a gi'eiit  thing for British Columbia> No more meddlers will bo entrusted with office. There  will be no more freaky legislation. A new  policj- will be udopted. Tho country 'v. Ill be  rescued from tho mire, and its, ufVnir.s put  upod a sound business basis. ' .- ,  -,The Semlin Government, is dead. This is  great and good news for the people of British  Columbia. ��  OLD AND ONLY IN THE WAY.  ELAN & CAMPBELL  " Have received a shipment  of  Ladies', Misses' and  ChUdrens9 Fine Footwear  Also  FSno Boots snsS Shoes,  Rubber Boots, HSieeeps' P��*os��  sectors So ondlosB Variety*  Main St.,  Hne.  SIB  IMSON'S VARIETY STORE.  The latest sty lesin Costumes, Bicycle Skirts,  Shirt Waists, Hats aud Millinery.  JJj'Jwj'i-ii R.mt and Wnjtrtui,  The G. P. Navigation Company Outlived Its Usefulness.,_  The Canadian Pacific, Navigation Company���commonly known as tho C. P. N.���if  a ;idull, foggy aud antiquated institution.  ,They are out of joint iu this age of activity;  buriincies on the wheel of progress, and high  time the^ were> bouused to the boueyurd, to- '  there sleep forever. ���  Condition not theory confronts tho business men of our British Columbia cities.  Aretuey to continue for all time sacrificing-  this northern country for the sake of keeping two or, three old tubs���one boat that  up to this very duy uses caudles iu the  staterooms���alloai anil tv.vl.if; t<> <l>, business-  with lines thut have electricity iu their  make-up. Fancy jourself striking a match  and lighting a taper ou'retiring in this,'tlie  tail end of the nineteenth century. A good  "many people! and justly so, have.dubbed the,,  C.J ''P.-N.- the; candle- route. ~ Tl��is companyT"*,  lKtssiMy when the Fraser river was their ob-'  jective point, was' first-cluss; but not now.  rhey- filled 'the bill to perfection when Indians formed two-thirds the population and  when semi-annual trips were made with  supplies of rum and flint-locks to the  various points along the coast. They did  well in those days. But conditions are different to-day. If the merchants below don't-  feel like giving-the company a bonus to put-  on a line that, can compete with others���  the Humbolt and Seuttle for instance���then  let them-give the company a double bonus  to get out of the business.  This is a mutter that must be viewed from  a business standpoint. The population of  the north is a floating one, and thousands;  swarm out iu the summer and fall. ��� They  want"to go out quick; they are not tourists;  they don't want to bask in the sun 011 the  deck, of some C. P.,N. boat for seven days-  and then be landed at a port with no trans- ,  continental connection. Most miners have  good money aud ure good spenders and �� ill  lay over at Slcaguuy a couple of days in orJ  dor to avoid tukeu a boat that calls at four  or five canneries on her way down.  The following was taken from tho Colonist  of a late date and was spoken in the Board  of Trade rooms at Victoria:  . Mr. A. G. McCandless it was who raised the  question. He had recently received a communication from a prominent resident of  Skagway, he said, in which this gentleman  vi anted to know if Victoria had gone to  ��leep���or did the people of British Columbia's  capital fail to reulize the importance of the  Northern trade. As au illustration of what  Victoria is losing, this Skagwayan wrote  that on one occasion this.spring some 400  Klondikers arrived in Skagway, with upwards of two million dollars in gold. They  were<iuiteas ready to goto Victoria as to  Seattle, but there was no Victoria steamer  on hand to offer them transportation���and  the Sound city, accordingly reaped the  harvest.  While he did not wish to pose as an unfair  or harsh critic of the C. P. N. Co., he (Mr.  McCandless) thought that there was ample  room for the improvement of the Northern  service maintained Iby tho home company.  It was impossible to have a satisfactory ser-  wice while the present plan Of calling at tho  Northern British Columbia salmon ports  was continued. The conditions of the two  traffics were eminently different, and out-  Ixjund Klondikers cannot be expected to  take a steamer that will delay them in a section where they have no interest, for days,  while the steamer loads a few cases of salmon.  Nor can the British Columbia company expect to command the passenger business  unless they provide vessels to handle it that  will compare in spec.l, comfort and appointments with such craft as tho  tho City of Soartlp,  Humboldt atnf  wGBaBmmBmmEi&agimtmmmiBaBm  mm&asBssm&mn ATLIN,   M.  C,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST   12,    1899.  Tm<; Ati.in. Claim.  Published  b.V  every.   Saturday    inorulng  Cowan a Mack ay.'  Ollii.'i! ol' publication :  Corner ol' Second and Truinor St roots.  Advorlising  rates inado known on application.  Our subscription, prico is i?l a year, payable in advance. No paper will bo delivered  unless those conditions are complied with.  1 ������������������������������.���.���������.^���    ������-  (  THE PLACER  MINING ACT.  The miners  of this district'have  had au opportunity during tlie past  summer to see just' how  bad laws'  can be'made to regulate a particular,  industry.    Tlie Placer Mining Act,  as administered   in   this  district, is  certainly a disgrace to any community  claiming  to  be  governed   by  common sense.    The miners, altho'  very busy,   should  make  a  move  towards getting a petition in shape,  setting   forth   the  grievances   that  arise under  the  present act.    The  lack of power of the Gold Commissioner   to    prevent    indiscriminate  jumping, the  small size of- claims,  the appointment of an inspector and  -a host of other   points  might be  brought to the attention of the Government.    All these might be dealt  with in a petitk.11, -and we have no  ' doubt would receive the signature of  every miner in the district that could  be reached.    Unless such a move is  ,   made we question very much whether  anything will be done to amend the  Act. There have been three or four  members of the. House__inj-.hiq-disr_-.  ' "ricfdtiring the summer,   but as all  of them but one are opposition mem-  ��� bers, as politics go,- very-little-heed  will be paid to any suggestion they  offer, no matter how wise they m\y  1 be.    Therefore it behooves'the miners  of this  district   to   show   the  authorities at Victoria that they are  dead iu earnest, and we believe this  can only be done by a monster petition setting lorth  their- grievances.  THE EDMONTON TRAIL.  Sixteen Months on the Road to  Atlin.  Who Are  the P.  ���THE���  Pm     CO.?  Attempted to Take 48 Head of  ,   Cattle,to Dawson.   ,  During the past week the rival  steam boat companies running to  Taku have been doing a little loug-  ��� range sparring. ��� First, the small  iron sailboats plying between here  and-Taku were debarred from carrying passengers. The proprietors of  these boats retaliated by charging  the captain of the ScotLi with running his boats without a certifiicated  engineer, and sufficient life buoys.  This was thrown out by the 111 igis-  trate on a technicality, although he  remarked that the charge in the  main was true. Now we understand  that another boat 'is to be put on  Atlin lake. Probably before long  people will be able to travel to Bennett very cheap.  On March nth, _ 1898, S. R'.  Geddis, ofEllensburg, Wash.; Harris  Bros., of Seattle, now of the Veii-  dome, Atlin; H. Brown, of Kansas,  formerly of Yakima, Wash.; Harry  Taylor, of Seattle, and a, French;  man and half breed boy-left'Edmoii'-.  ton for Dawson' with 48 head of  cattle, mostly oxen. ��� Aug 4, 1899,  S. R. Geddis and H. Brown arrived  in Atlin.      ��� ���    ��� _   . '   ,  The story'of their sixteen months  trip, while not as full of harrowing  details as many reported, yet is exceedingly interesting.'" 'As mentioned above the party left Edmonton March n', 1898. From there  to the Peace river the trail was good,  but from, this 011 it.'was most difficult. ��� Leaving. Peace river they  followed the trail blazed by Taylor,  the man sent out by the people of  Edmonton.. - Taylor had got too  far north and- the consequence was  the party had to switch back south  about 100 miles before they reached  Fort Nelson. From there they followed the tracks of n head of  horses, which three 'men had taken  through to Muddy Post on the  Liard'.���At this point they received  instructions from the Hudson Bay  officer, and succeeded in reaching  Cassiar district, where they wintered.'" The winter'was comparatively mild. They , lost most of  their stock from blackleg, none of  them starving for want of food. On  the 4th of July they started for Atlin. Thej' had to make a road  themselves almost the entire way.  Aside from this arduous work the  trip was a pleasant one.  But the whole party did not come  through. The younger of the  Harris brothers took sick at Hay  river before they reached Fort Nelson. The elder brother returned  with him to Edmonton. Three  more were sent to the States from  the winter quarters, the other two  coming on to Atlin.',  . While at Fort Nelson a man  named John Sutherland from Chicago joined the party. A short  time after he was drowned through  tlie upsetting of a canoe.  Mr. Harris, of the Vendome, hearing that the party was wintering  in the Cassiar district, sent Frank  Smith with a letter to tell Geddis  where he (Harris) was and how.to  get through. He met the party at  the old Sylvester post.  PARSONS PRODUCE CO.  With headquarters at Winnipeg, Man., and branches at   ,  Exeter, Ont.,        .'  Vancouver, B. C,     ��� c     Victoria,   B.  C. ,  Nelson, B. C, Rossland. B. C., .  ,     ,   (Ati,in, B. C,  Bennett, B.'C, Dawson, Yukon Territory. ' ' - -- ------  The largest Produce Business in the Canadian Northwest.    Carry a  full line of all kinds of Groceries and Supplies.    Goods second-to noiic,'  Orders promptly and carefully-executed.       �� '''������,-'���"'.'���,  FrRST   Strhet. ' ������ '    Ati.in,' .li., C  THE  Bennett Lake and Klondyke Navigation Co., Id  '.,���1. ���' :    . !���! ,���..���'!.  , The Pioneer Line operating steamers Or a, Nora and Flora  1"'   "'" ''"  '���'���'���  '��� '   between" Bennett and Dawson, and  Olive  May  between  Bennett \ and Atlin  The   1. L. & K. N. Co.  ment  Bkst   of. Skrvic'k. Guarantkkd.  OTTO' H.   PARTRIDGE,    Local 'Manager,    Bennett  . advance'-freight, and customs charges on ship-  en ts via'B. X.'- & ;K.'N.'.'Co.'" :   ' ,���  THE OFFICIAL  SPELLING.  A CLERICAL VISITOR.  Rev. ��� Father   Wbclan, of  Vancouver, arrived in the city on Tuesday, Irom   Dawson.      He has been  iu the latter place for a month. The  Klondike capital,   he says, is very  cl .ill at present,   there  being a very  la-gc number of idle men.    There  were three ius.me men brought out  on the same   boat  he  was on.    At  Five   Finger   Rapids one of. them  j uni ped overboard and was drowned.  The Columbian lost its seond m^te  at Five Fingers, by drowning. The  reverend   gentleman  is  much  impressed with Atlin.    He will hold  services here on Sunday, at 10 a.m.,  in   Russell's   pavilion,   and  in the  afternoon  a   consultation   meeting  with the  Catholics  of the district.  Tiie following Sunday he will'prob-  ablv hold services at Pine.  Decisions of the Geographical Board  of Canada.  A decidedly useful supplement to  the   report  of  the   Department  of  Marine  and  Fisheries,   is the first  annual report  pf the Geographical  Board  of Canada for   189S.    This  board   was  appointed . by order-in-  council   in   December,   1897, to investigate and establish uniformity in  geographic names in the Dominion.  The necessity for this is very apparent,   as   people   living in   British j  Columbia very well know, for there j  are  so  many   varieties of spelling  various   names  of' places   in   this  Province  and  Yukon  that  one is  often very much puzzled as to what  is the correct spelling of such names  for example as  Stikiue,  Lindeman,  or other equally well known places.  Chilkat inlet, lake and river (not  Chilcat).  Chilkobt inlet, lake "and river (nc'.  Chilcoot nor-Chilcut).-. /->i%,    -, .,"���  Deep'lake is'done away'witli and  it'appears as Canyon lake. *  Fifteen-mile  river is  done away  with, Jennings river  being retained  in-its place.    .   ���*. . -;.-���; ;,'    .    ;f-,-���>,  Fortymile river ���"and town.    5   ', ' i  , Forty nine gulch.       - "    ��� '  Francis lake aud river'.  .   Grizzly  bluff. (not  Grizzly Bear  Bluff). '     ���-.-.���";. :���'   -,-  Lake' Laberge ' (not  Labarge nor  Lebarge). - ''    .' ���" ���'���   ��������������� .".)  -;, Lewes river. '  -    ,..''.-    ��� . '   '.  Liard river (not Mountain river).  ' Lake Lindeman   (not Linderman  nor'Lyndeman),      ' V .'���   ,_      -  M'Clintock river- and, peak (not  McClintock). - '. '. "'.:. -"'.": "\ "  McQuesten river. " - --v- -,"  Mountain lake (not Long lake).  Nahoni mountains. / : '���' '  Porter Landing ��� (not^ Porter's  Landing). ' ,v  Sayyea creek (not Sayia).  Skagway (not Skaguay).  Stikine river.       -   ���   .  Tahltan lake and river.' '     *~  Tatchun river.  Tatonduk river  (not Tatoudtic).  Tatsho mountain (not Tacho).  Teslin lake and river (not Hoot-  aliuqua nor Teslin-too).  The   Knob (near Stikine river;  not " Knob.'!'  The Knob (near Stikine river; not  " Knob."- , ���  Tiller lake (not Til-e-i'-tsho).  . Tustles lake (not Tus'-tles-tu).  Tustesheta creek (notTuteshita).  White Pass. ���' ������   -   .   - .  Whitehorse rapid..  Whiteswan river.'  Yukon [not Youkon nor Yucon].  These are some of the more well  known   names   dealt   with   out1'of-  some 500  places  mentioned  in the  report.    They  set at  rest' a  good  deal of vexation   and  confusion in  the spelling of places in Yukon or  northern parts of the Province.   '  LIST YOUR  LOTS AT; ���',  Rant & Jones,  .-   "'��� "': ' -"OLDEST _ ' "  :C    ���    ?-,,    .    ..ESTABLISHED  "��� '  ..  :.'     '     "BROKERS  '     -OF ATLIN.  Agents for tlie-John Irving Natation Company.,     ,    , .   ��� ,  ',   "       Pkarl St, , Atlin, B. C.  0 *  .~. HOTEL   RUSSELL  -. First-Class Goods ' ' , ,'"  ���--���;,,';'And --First-Glass - Service.--,.  V -. -. Rates Reasonable,  -" Choice: Wines, -   ��� -  \. y Liquors'and Cigars. '    ;.  JAS.   I-L   RUSSELL,   Proprietor  A  ITKEN & STRANAHAN,  N ���' Paintkrs.        ' ,  Neat and artistic sign  .... able rates.  at reason-  John Irving Navigation Co.  Direct line of steamers' :  .'   ���:" 1   ' \ ���'���between ��� ������- ��� ���   - .  . 'Atlin   amt3   Bennett. ���  <���-   The-        .    '���  ���STEAMER  "SCOTIA''  Makes ulojo emmec-  '- tionii with  the  It is conceded by all that, while a  fissure vein may be very strong and  well defined, yet it will follow the  Hues of the least resistance. Thus  the trend may show ' north and  south where it outcrops, yet it may  change very materially in a very  short distance. This is one reason  why so much suspicion attaches to  a prospect "adjoining" some well-  known property. Because of proximity' gives it no added value, unless  the cropjiugs show a good lead.  One may pros >ect apparently barren  ground and find good ore, but it is  not the rule; and the fact that a  claim is in the vicinity of a good  property is only valuable to the  promoter.���Seattle Mining Record.  STEAMER  '      For  "GLEANER"  lJcimett.  ...THE KOOTENAY...  Furnished Rooms and  Grill Room iu connection. -  HAYWOOD    &    BYRON,  Proprietors.  Elihii Root has been appointed  U. S. secretary of. war. in  place of  j Gcu. Alger.  Royalty  on Gold.  Notiji! is herciiy sriven tliat the royiilty of  1 Dor rout, on nil frold extracted is now pny-  iihlc for, the ciunrfer ending June M), lb!)!).  All parties concerned are reiinirpcl to pay  s-itne , within II clays from date. Necessary  affidavits may l>e obtained at the'office of  the Gold Connnid.-iioner.  J.   0.   GRAHAM.  Atlin, B.C.', -Tilly It. liBU.  ~4l ^y.  ,;  ,  ATLIN,-  Hi'C,   SATURDAY,   AUGUST   ia,   T099.  >  WATER FOR WILLOW  .        �� *      ?  The Claim Owners  Form,a Go-  Operative Association  And  Will   Dig   a   Long  From Pine.   >  Ditch  A large and, representative meeting of the miners on Willow'Creek  Was held last Sunday, for the purpose of considering the vexed water  question, in no adequate" supply  being at present at the disposal of  the miners, and Mr. Thos. Balenian  was unanimously ^-appointed chair-'  man, aiid at once Opened the meet-,  ing.by stating the objects; for Which  they were gathered. _, ^  Mr. Bateman presented a permit  from Mr. Graham, authorizing the  miners on Willow Creek to cut a  ditch to Pine Creek for the purpose'  of diverting sufficient ; water for the  successful working 'of their properties. Mr. Bateman voiced the sen--  timent of the miners as to'tlie present condition and delay in working  the claims,' the absolute uncertainty  of getting a sufficient flow of water,  from the^ present sources,' and the  success that v/buld "follow an effort-  on the part' of- all to* co-operate in  putting in a ditch, and at once take  advantage of the kindness of the  ' Gold Commissioner.' ' He was fol-'  lowed by Mr.,Brown,who had,'with  "a few others roughly examined the  ground through which the ditch  would have to be made. Mr. Brown  placed before the meeting the probable cost, and demonstrated the  practicability of thescheme.    '  ��� Mr. Lindsay ��� endorsed what the  former speakers had said, and after  considerable discussion' in'which the  oratorical power'' of1 some of the'1  miners was ably displayed, the( following resolutions, were put t�� the  meeting and carried  unanimously :  1. That the miners of Willow  Creek form themselves into a cooperative association, to be known  as the Willow Creek Miners' Cooperative Water Association. ���  2. That a committee of seven be  'appointed to  carry  out .the.objects  of the Association.  - 3. That the committee appointed  be empowered to obtain the neces-  . sary preliminary information in regard to the propose'd ditch,-to be  laid before a meeting of the miners  to be held on August 9th at 7 p.m.  A committee of the following  miners was then.appointed :   .     '   .  Messrs. Farrer, Lindsay, Mac-  donald, Graham, Brown, Negus and  Wilson.  The meeting then 'closed with a  hearty vote of thanks to the Gold  Commissioner, , whose action the  whole body of claim-holders on  Willow Creek appreciate ; also to  Mr. Bateman/ who so ably filled the  chair.       -< .'.",'  The adjourned meeting- of the  Willow Creek Miners' Co-operative  Water Association, Ld., was held oil  Wednesday night, when a large  number of miners were present.  Mr. Bateman Was again elected  chairman of the meeting and explained fully the subjects of the Asso  ciation. During the season nearly  the whole of the claims have been  unworked for want of water, although there are four parties or  companies wrho have obtained water  rights to supply the mines. In only  one case has any effort been made  to sapply the water, viz.: from Elk  lake, and that supply has been  practically taken from the Willow  Creek miners to supply the bench  claims on Nugget Point, the water  being afterwards returned into Pine  Creek. The charges for supply of  Water per sluice-head ir so exorbitant as to preclude its use from any  but rich pay dirt, the charges vary  ing from $7.50 to $20 per day of  ten-hours, per sluice-head, and at  present water cannot be got at any  price. The miners formed themselves into a Co-operative Association, adopting the memorandum  and articles of association, and immediate-steps will be taken to commence operations. . The miners  themselves will supply the labor to  construct a, ditch lo connect with  Pine Creek,' for distribution of water  to thedifferentclainv-owncrs without  stint,'yet Without waste,' and it is  estimated that the' work will cost  $3,000, and that supplying claim  owners At $l per sluice-head for 24  hours, will repay cost of construction iu six' weeks, besides giving  the miners an immediate opportunity of working their claims,'' and  also 'furnishing employment to a  large" 11 umber Of miners now idle.  MOKE STEAMSHIP SERVICE.  The Bennett Lake & Klondyke Navi-  . gation Co. After Atlin Business.  Mr. Arthur Copeland, representing the  interests of the B. L. & K. N. Co., spent a foutlays in the"city'last week. ,In conversation  with i\ Ol.Aim man he spoke as*follows:  r "The growing volume of Atlin business is  attracting attention and inviting the steamship companies to vie with each othor tn giving your merchants better and more extensive service.      *    <���   ' ' '~  ''The action of the Bennett Lake & Klondyke Navigation Co. iu offering to facilitate  the delivery of merchandise in Atlin by paying the railroad charge* and customs duty  at Bennett is commendable and investigation shows this company's action to have  been tn good faith, as their representatives  while tn Skaguay were iuvited'to be present  at a meeting of the Skagway Chamber of  Commerce and assist'in devising ways and  means for the development of Atlin district  business.  gV'It is safe to ussert,that the Skagway  Chamber of Commerce had no intention of  furthering the interest of any separate  steamship company but worked On the  broad business platform of improving the  Skagwuy-Atlin transportation service. And  us the B�� L. & K. N. Co. demonstrated their  .willingness to facilitate this service by advancing about $125 per ton, securing only  the small return of the Bennett to Atlin  freight charges the chamber endorsed tho  arrangement. " .  'ITho B. L. & K. N. Co. have placed their  s.s. Olive May on the Beunett-Atlin run and  have contracted to transfer all freight by  teams over the portage, making direct connections with the steel boats Elwood and  Nellie from Taku to Atlin. All freight will  be landed at the foot of Kant avenue.  "In the interests of tlie B. L. & K. N. Co. 1  have 'been in Atlin during the past week  looking over the ground. I am well satisfied  with the bn'siness outlook and am especially  pleuried with the courteous treatment received at the hands of Atlin merchants. Tlie  company will establish an agency in Atliu'uud  install an agent, who will,give tlie merchants  dates of sailing, rates, etc.,'  J AS. CARROLL aucT CO.  ^ * 'if I L  Skagway,   Alaska.  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MERCHANTS  , - * ��  t  , ' r  .i   , ,  Provisions, Fancy Groceries^ Hardware,  .   .   Clothing, Boots and Shoes . *   v  t J t\  1   '     ' ' ' ���, '    *'  ��� - j i  WritH Us ,1'oK 'Quotations   ,.0r Order ,Odp'ps',SiJ_Nf C. ,0. IV  "  '    '        ' '   Privilege   ok. Inspection;     '������'���     "      -���   , ��� ���'  The British Hostelry  LOG   CABIN,   &   O*  A full line of genuine'firsbclass  Liquors, Bass' -Ale,,, Dublin-Stout,  Pommerby, Victoria-Imager,: etc  .   TV TUGWELL, Prop.',"-'',::.\'  PHF, NORTHERN HOTEL>  First street.  -   The biggest house in Atlin.'  Everything first-class,. '   ���  Thagard- ��� &   Turney,' Proprietors.  THE  Canadian Batik.'..  .of Commerce  ���������<  Has- moved to new offices  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  ��� Thoroughly Equipped, Assay  Oefice in Connection.  Government Assay Office.  \ The Vancouver Board of Trade  gives notice that the government of  British Columbia have established  an assay office' in Vancouver and  that the banks and nierchants.,.will  ���negotiate the certificates issued by  the government assayer in charge,  W. Pellew-Harvey, Fairfield block,  opp. Post. Office, Vancouver, B. C.  CHARLES E. TISDAEE/"  President.  WILLIAM T. STEIN, C.A.  Secretary.  O.K.  BATHS ..  BA.RBER'SHOP.  ' -The hathsafc equally us good as found in  .cities.   Sido entraneo for-htdies.  LINK & PllATT,' Props., First Street.  PRINCIPAL   BATH "HOUSE  .-.AND   LAUNDRY.  '- i ���      '  ��� -Best- Equipped  Establishment  '    '    'in Atlin.  -Lake Street, near:Sawmill.  Applications ,for Land. ,  Notice' is hereby given that thirty days  after date I intend to apply to,.the Commissioner of Lands and'Works for a lease of iive  acres of land for garden purposes, commencing at a stake No. 1 near where a slough  enters the north side of Pine creek- and dis->  taut about one half mile from the lake, be*  ing 172 yards northerly from stake No: 1 and  140 yards westerly.     . ������        '.   '���.-"���.  K0BT. GltlEUSON.  British* Hofe  Cor. First and Discovery.  Fine stock of genuine-  Scotch And Canadian Whiskies  Bass' Ale, Victoria Lager;  and Stout, Etc.  Mitchell's Old Heather Dew  and Irisu Whisky a     '   ���  Specialty.  THOS. TUGWELL,   Prop.  Gold Assayed, Purchased ok  Taken on Consignment.  Exchange sold on all the principal points in Europe, the United  States and Canada.  When in  . . at'  Atlin stop  the .  .  . .First Street.  headquarters  eor  lemp's s'i\  Louis Lager Beer.  A.  BURKE,  Manager.  PINE TREE HOTEL.  DISCOVERY, B. C.  When you come to Discovery  Take shelter under the  TREE.  1'iucat of Licluors.  \. ���    *' Good stabling.  CHAS. R. OUBRIDGE, Mgr.  Good dining room run - ,.,i  iu connection���Meals at all hours. *     ������.',?'  MRS. C. H. LUCAS, Caterer. *  JULES   EGGERT  ���    Swiss Watchmaker. ( '  Has charge of government instru-1  ';    meiit's. ���   First- street," Atlin.  *        ��� /.In'sfe'dical' Hall, _���', ," ^'.'/".".V  NOTICE.  County   Court,   of   Vancouver,  Holden at  Bennett.  County Court vi'ill l)c held at tho town of  Bennett on Monday the lttll day of August  next, at the hour of 10 o'clook in the-fore'  noon.  ti. M. N. WOODS, Registrar.  $GO Reward.  Lost���A pocketbook containing ?00 In cash  and some papers of value to_ the Owner Only,  somewhere in the neighborhood of Tine.  Finder may keep the money if ho will return the papers. Return to Discovery hotel,  Pine.  ,_  E. L. PILLMAN  Funeral   Director   and  Emdalmer  Third and Discovery,    Atlin, B. C.  Bodies Embalmed for Shipment a Specialty  Orders on short notice.  All kinds of  PiiiipimI  Hupplies nt  ivneon'  able rn-lex.  ' GOLD   HOUSE '  ' PINE CITY.  ^ Good Liquors,-  '. :'"',\,r'  Good Wines        ,   '��� ,  ' '   ' ���  ' - ���'' and Cigars'. '  '.'iJ' .' "'' ���  Beds and Meals a Specialty.  LETHERDALE _, &^   BURTONf,  Proprietors.    ���  NOTIGE.  On tho 30th day of August, 1809, I will  *ettle all accounts in connection -with the-  international Hotel as conducted by Howi>  & Olson. Howe A Scott, and also the account*  of the freighting lirm of Scott & Co. All tic  counts must be presented On or before that  time. All the rt��lscts of the above mentioned  partnerships are  to  be  iJaid to the under--  GliOKGE li. WJOW.  Atlin. Aug. II. iMis, ,���<ol  4  ATUN,    B. C:,   SATURDAY,   AUGUST   12,'   1.H99.  The Glaim is now prepared  to. do all.kinds of Job Work.  PICKED UP HERE.AND THERE.  Ulnckett & Co.���Paints, oils and varnish.  There are dogs to burn in Atlin. just now.  Medical Hull for fly paper,  lllaekett & Co.���I'iiio tweed suits and puntK.  Vull Stock of Patent Medicines.   Doekrill  & Co.  Shipment or new goods just urrived at  Medical Hull, First street.  Kino lot of confectionery, just arrived.  Douhrill & Co.  Insect powder of all Ulnds.-W. It. Dock-  rill & Co.  Iron mortars for grinding quart/..���W. li.  Doukrill & Co., the Leading Druggists.  New Goods nl Cnminings & Richardson's.  Kiue Tweed Suits. Hoots aud Shoos ami Felt  Hats.  C.S. Feehhcinior, ofDyeu, president of tho.  Northern Trading and Hanking Co., spout  a few days'in town.  Fresh Kggs, ��14.00 porcuso: Potatoes and  Onions $111.00 per 100 lbs., at Blackett & Co.'s  Iron Store, First Street..  A ball will lie given, in McDonald's hall, in  Pine City, Tuesday evening next, in aid of  the tiro protection fund.  Capt. Langley is walking around with an  9-ouiice nugget for a watch charm, taken  from tlie Victoria group on McKee.  Pound���A pair of spectacles near Bunk of  Commerce. Loser may have same by calling  at this office and paying for advertisement.  Church of England services" will be held  at corner Trainor and Third streets un Sunday at 11 a. in. and 3 p. m��� and at Discovery,  ut 7:30 p. m. <-  ���' On behalf of tlie horses we beg to thank  the proprietors of tho half way house for  tho drinking trough placed by.the road-ado  on the way to Pine.  W. Rannie returned Thursday- from a flying trip to Vancouver. Ke reports that city  as being particularly active at present, but  was glad to got bue'.c to Atlin. [  Just received and for sale Custom Made  Finest Dross Trousers, Fine Dress Shoes,   tiiii_lM��i'l>laislt7'a��K-3rrlpert-Negllge Over-  shirt-.. A small and select stock. Olympic  Hotel.               v                                      .  The chief of police decide I during; the past  week to put a stop to gambling'in' the district under his cliurge, with the consequence  that all games iu Atlin and Pine were stopped.  R. Campbell, of Allan & Campbell, shoe  'dealers, late of Pirat street, but now of Discovery, cume in trom tho Coa-,t on Thursday and with him came a large, freight order.  W. .J. Gibbons, two or three claims  below  the ilume on "Willow, plucked from  mother  earth  a nugget weighing 9 oz. 12 dwts.   It  -wa�� secured by the Fine branch of the Bank  of Halifax.  A.s will be noticed by uu advertisement in  '  aiiother.Volumii, a meeting has been called  ��� for this afternoon iu  the Gold Commission-,  or'.-, office, to discus* the institution of a public school.  -Found���A pocketbook with letters .in ad-  di-e.^ed to A. H. Miller, on the McKee trail,  on this aide of Pine. Owner may have same  by proving property and payin.r for this ad-  vort'ufc.ndtit.  Services will be held iu the First Presbyterian church', corner Third and Discovery  streets, on Sund-iy at 111:3.1 a. in., and 7:30 p.  in. Sunday-school at 2:30 p. in. Rev. John  Pringle, B. A., minister.  Thoi. Tugwell, of Log Cabin fame, has  taken over tlie International hotel and  changed tho name to the British Hotel. He  is making such interior changes as will ensure tir.->t class accommodation.  The Masonic Club at Discovery will hold  their basket picnic at the fall-, of Pine Creek  near Spruce Junction, on Sunday next, Aug.  13th, commencing .it 11 a.m. All members of  the order, with their friends, are cordially  invited.  Judge Irving leaves this afternoon for Hen-  nott, where ho will hold County Court. Tho  p,i-.t two months' work has prove I very  arduous, but he has stuck to it closely, thereby disposing of a very large list of disputes  iu a very short time.  Ed. G. Garden, the well known architect,  left for St. Louis. Mo., on Tuesday "last. He  will cuter into partnership with a prominent  arcliitoct of that city. While here he made  many friends who regret his departure but  are pleased to hear of his good fortune.  Here is a good anecdoto from the Rev.  D.iviil Macrae's booklet, "Highland Humor,"  Sometimes a ludicrous turn, altogether unintentional, is given to a seiitouco by the  practice���common amongst Highlanders accustomed to think and speak in Gaelic���of  interjecting tlie word "ho" or "sho" whore  tho English does not require it���as. "the man,  he's just away." A Highland minister was  visiting a brother minister in the south, and  was asked by him'on tho Sunday to take the  afternoon service for him. The Highland  minister earnestly declined, on the ground  that he was accustomed now to preach in  English, and might blunder* His friend,  however, would take no refusal. The text  taken in tlie afternoon was:���"The devil, as  a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom  ,, he Ju��y .lievoiji  said ho would divide the subject into throe  heads:���"First, Who the devil lie was"; second,  Whore tho devil he was going; aud third,  What tlie dovil ho was roaring for." Tho  ell'oetof this nniiouncomaut upon tho congregation, and upon his friend tho minister  of tho church, may bo conjocturod.  Tom Stewart, a C. P. U. employe, in tho  only city iu British Columbia, came in' on  Thursday and is quartered at tho Kootenuy.  Ho is intornstod with K. A. Lambert iii some  properties on Pino, and no doubt will give  Charley a few pointers as to how a claim  should bo worked.  Among the arrivals on Thursday's boat  was It. Skinner, one of Vancouver's' bright  aldermen. Mr. Skinner is combining business with pleasure and incidentally looking  into some hydraulic propositions in which  ho is heavily interested.' Ho will remain for  two or three weeks iu the district aud pur-  soully inspect the various.crooks. '  Frank M. Garden,, a brother of lid. G. Garden, the architect, arrived here from Dawson Tuesday. ' Ho brings.' tho information  that Dawson is.extremely dull at the present  time, thoro being very little |\vork in progress there now. Good bench claims may be  had at a very reasonable figure just'uow. 'A  man with a little capital could make some  good investments just at present, 'out it would  bo injudicious for unyhody to go iu thoro,  now if they liuve to depend on work.  -THE--"  Merchants Bank of Halifax  INCORPORATED   181111.  Paid  Rest  Up Capitai,  Gold  $2,000,000.00  $1,250,000.00  Dust   assayed  A  general  Banking  business   transacted.  -.!',' '        purchased.-      ��   ���  Drafts .issued and money'transferred to any part of the world.  The First,Bank to Open in Atlin.  A Branch has been opened/In Pine City!'   Gold'Dust Purchased  W. A." SPENCER    -   "-    -���    Manager Atlin Branch.,'   ���  and  Wholesale   -  ���1 > Corner  P. BURNS ��> CO.,  Butchers.  and  ~  Fi rst   and  Retail   -  Pearl . Streets.  THE RECORD OFFICE.  Statistics of the Placer and Mineral  Claims Recorded.  ���   '  Statistics are dry. but in this instance the  figures are interesting to the people of this  district from the fact. that, nearly, every one  here hits udded his little quota ,to the  very large total. While it was to be expected  that avery large number of placer claims are  recorded, the fact that 371 niinerul claims are  on the books is somewhat of a surprise. The  following data is supplied by the Gold Commissioner's office: ' '  No. of  Groups Claims Total  Builders' Hardware, Miners' Supplies,  Tinware,  Graniteware,  Etc., Etc.  '  r'   TINSHOP  IN' CONNECTION.      -'      '- ���   '  Trios. DUNN  & CO.. (Limited.)   ,'     ,  FIRST STREET  ATLIN, B.!C.  Vol.  1.:   2   3   4   s   6   7   8   (I   10   11 ..'.   li.-.   IS ..;   14   15   IB   17 ::..  is....:..:.  19   20 ,  21   22   ���a   21   25   33   34   35 :  36 ;  37   38   39   4.1   41   42   ���43 :..  44   4.")   40   47   48   49   50   51    52   S3   54   55   50   57    58   59   li.l   1)1    (.2    03,   04 :  05   tit)   07   63   09   Single  Claims  ,-.-.... 159    94   '. 01    100    1U2    73   :... 85    90    98    9fl    '98    97  ..r.r.r-sw    93    79   -.. 99    97 ,  ....:.. 88 "    93    99    98    91    95    94    84  ....:.. 99    98    87    100    91    94    101    97    100    95    88    97    95    90    97    115    98    8-1    87    li.l    IU    94    114    90    95    93 '    94 .    102    94   --82--    75    108 '    9.)    113    95    94    92    9.1    94    67    94    94  .... 91    41  7  1  3  7  5  4  2  3  ' 4  1  ' (i  15  1  3  13  0  2  A  4  8-  10  1  2  13  - 0  i  6  1  2  11  4  5  , 6-  3  5  1  18  8  6  3  4 -  3  7  5  38  '10  21  17  ' 2 .  3  9  3  4.  3  2  8  5  11  4  3  .27  22  13  43  21  22  7  20  23  4  23  106  2  15  ltO  26  15  21  19  13  .32  67  10  fi  46  42  14  18  7  10  44  25  16  .24  10  27  4  69  39  56  2)  31  12  37  18  226  47  89  99  5  - 22  8.1  9  24  14  13  ��� 20  27  17  35  17  15  180  94  ���   116  1U5  1U2  80  128  117  120  105  113  . 120  ,100  ��1!6  ,185  ltd  ' 112  194  119  114  122  110  108  126  151  109  104  133  K.0  133  108  101  115  ,107  105  132  122  111  12(1  113  122  102  149  120  ll-l  1-3  150  l:'4  Wi  1 7  1:1..  122  368  141  171  174  113  112  140  114  118  1.0  1-.3  12��  114  111  129  107  50  THEE GRAND HOTEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL 'IN'THE NORTH. ;. EVERYTHING  . CONDUCTED IN  FIRST-CLASS MANNER.-     "  -t  :":Rice 8l Hastik.'Proprietors;"--David Hastie, Manager. ,  i--   "  '.; ������     .V''"  ���"/-'   ';'���> "<  '\ ���'"'.* - V ,  j. -   ���     " .;    - -.   -  ..��� -   , .       .     . Co'rnerof.First and Discovery Streets.- . '  Fred;  (p. White,  Mining Broker and Public Accountant^  Discovery Street, Near Third, Atlin, B. C.  , - Placer and Mineral Claims reported on, and Bought and Sold.    '  All kinds of Mining Papers made out and Mining business' transacted.  Partnership accounts adjusted.    Books and accounts audited.  Sixteen years' business experience in British Columbia; four year's min-  -'��� ' ing experience.  U  THE    NORTH' AMERICAN    GREYHOUND  WILLIAM   OGILVIE  .5?  Grand total.....-  8,5.")9  This docs not complete tlie list, there being  about 5W more records to be added to the  above.  Mineral claims to date recorded, 371.  Placer bills of sale,  agreements, etc.,   to  date, 1,226.   This does  not include lay-overs.-  THE  GOLD  HOY AMY. '"'���'������'  Acknowledged to Aug. 3   5,610 ozs.  Six days ending Aug. 10 "...      5US   "  Total    6,113 ozs.  A large number of people took in the excursion up tho lake on Sunday last and all  expressed themselves as delighted with the  trip.  '��� - Harry . Ollard,   Master.  Tho Fleetest Steamer os��  the  Lakes.  Atlin City to Bennett City Every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  Fare���First Class, $12.50; Including Two Meals aud Berth.  Second Class,  $7.50.  1 l       ,  T.   J.   WATSON,   Agent,    Atlin City.  Office with T. J. Watson. & Co., Mining Brokers, 1st bet. Pearl and Watson.  In exchange for the best gun in Atlin.  Double barrel, breech loader; shot and rifle  combined: short and light; canvas case;  rifle and shot shells, and complete loading  tools for each. Will allow S20 per ounce for  nuggets for jewelry.   Call ut  B. R. Van Deusen's Carpenter Shop,  North First Street, Atlin.  U  The  lligltland  minister  THE    ALASKA    FLYER  65 hours to Seattle.  S.S. HUMBOLDT"  Due at Skagway  Thursday, August 17, 1899.  Leaves Skagway'every Ten Days  for Seattle   and   British   Columbia  ports.    Buy your tickets at the office  of Pacific Clipper Liue, Skagway.  W. H. TRIGGS, Agent.  NOTICE.  Parents with chil Iren of school uge are  requested to meet at the Government Agent's  office, Atlin, on Saturday at 4 p. m. to discuss  the subject of a school for children.  Particulars at meeting.  HOTE  EL   O.    K..  ���Choice Wines,  Liquors and Cigars.  DANCE  Will be held iu.  HOTEL DISCOVERY  Pine  CSty, ���  MONDAY NIGHT, AUG,.  14TH  To which you are all-invited  to attend.  Good music and a good time for  all.    Tickets $1.50.  First Avenue.  WM. CUliOli, Manager  Mrs. Hayes, Prop.  Mrs. Hayes left Thursday for  Vancouver where she will engage  two expert laundresses and purchase  additional material.  Corner Lake aud Rant.


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