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The Atlin Claim 1907-08-03

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 y��"��  yy,  xv  LWrnMLMimM  Liil*  y,ym  LLM  sfjT. .*jSE  7 ::5S  El:  W-y&tf^^'  ������.���-.���''���^���.'������������'s&a''-V'''7--'(<'-  :-7|f' ''M:;7-7y^  .'nrtSHr  '''*' ������?6ff'-7-i'*!!*'i.;-'''-''-' *?';'  ,7:;Fr:';i%.''.;r  \^'��yi ^v7!7,  : y-^i"?:^  ;��y-���-,-,:.:,,&  Ai  .���y,y:,..y:,:yi*  m^^Myyyy:/^  %$*fx^|Sj  ;.'*<ii>>' .;; >>Wv��rf25�� .J  YGikyo7":  yATLINSB.i'Cy  :lNGy42t  ^ig^^  i .A-,. 'B'Udgct76lx:fc ter esti rig'M? w s  ayMany; Quartersyy;  i-lrf'MJur/.i^ro-.Tii'l: c.i;Aisi'.l.;.7.;; V:;:,...:  '���J^i-  ��� .���-'*. . .. \./j.  yVaucoy yor ;y :A,iig:;:"y-yMrs^7Eyc-  y 1 y-Vi. T11 a wy nii fly; 1 i o r;;��� m ri.il i cr.;: are,; i n ���  y.;y 111 e 7c i l y ;y -i v; 11 ii? ir ;iwgy 7t Q^Ga 1 i (6 riij_a7.;;  y^Nbclbhbiy^  ;;.ynuc]y>iii;;;;^  ;:::;7.lliG;'pOi;sti7:;bf.yiicse viBuclirliilkeclwpU  ���-: :yAvqjive'!L.yy:-ly^  yyyy :ft;lcoveso!-,^l-e>uiHyA'ig;';:2yr:'lUie  yyiLy^iyslbeeiijfsnlijecteclv ,lp a.terrific  ;7; lieat���-:in'sitatiou lasring.yyei-^aii-libu.r.;  ���>y'.It-;k-i 1 led' a;,1arge.- n u m be yb f a 11: ki u d s  yrof   animals,"^  /7 iperspn^^ were7pvercbinfcy  vyE'Vjbmei^  ::7.aud' 1.79 injthyiinyy 'l%e,iiheiipni.-;  7: enbuiyas yei;''u'i!explaiiied;V^ii7.7y;vr;.  ./y-'.'CVan  instated;-that7^  ;,.;yRaii'.\v^  :;ythe,West;Goast -of >Vanc^iiver-island  ,';.-' "aiid7 that.-"'' some:7;poiut ��� bsi Guatsiuo  yySou'ii'rl^  "y'wilf; 'gireiyiiT'liHded7r;bSsytb''ri.iie  y^rice^-pf.' property7 in -that vicinity.:  7 7 The fu11iiy of -Va n cquyer.'.is 1 and is a7  y great one.: V7'--7'7.'.-.-'���'? '; yyy'' Ll'L'L'  :y:iy. Vancouver, ; Aug/:X���This.., city  y -yvilLsobnbe  inundated" with: people  /: front the laudbf the.Mikado.'. ���; The  77yteau!Ship.KuniericArrived a day:or  * .y t'wp.'ago.v.'iLli\'i,'205Japatiese:   7;' ;;  yNew York, Aug. 2.��� The  bodies  of7 two .unidentified' women,with' the  lharksoi" a stsangleronAheir throats7  ,;   have been'found in different parts of  y   the   city..  .The, police   belieye'lhat  both the.crimes have been committ-;  yed.. by lhe samemail.: .--..,.,;, ..,...'..; L,  '';.;...;  y '���'���;;Viuicdiiver, Aug. .2.���It is pretty;  '.".we'll' understood that .''Joseph Martin  .will.run againsyW; jfBqvyseiy the  newly ���* appointed   commissioner  of  .'.lands aiid'works, when Bowser goes  -.   to his constituency .for endorsation.  . The nominations took place Friday,;.  "   August. .2nd. ���;' '.'.'���';'."  y, San Francisco,-Aug.. 2;���-Third-  Officer Hawse, of the.ill-fated steam-  ��� er.Columbia jias been charged, with-  iniiuinan.conduct on account of- his  refusal to give his coat to a woman  who'had'been rescued in a drbwn-  ing .condition.  y I'rescolt, A'ri/.., Aug.; 2;��� Thomas W. Lawson, of Frenxied Finance  fame has won out 'in a gigantic  mining deal, thereby securing con-  Iro! of the: 1-i umboidt Siuclter Com-  ijauy,.which is capitalized at seventeen and-a-halt niillions of dollars.  Vancouver, Aug. '2.���J. Ii. Rogers, who lias been connected for  years with the White Pass Railway,  ���has resigned lo accept a position as  trahic in.r.iager of the Tanana Railway.  But-e, Mont., Aug. 2.���George  Lo-*.t*r, \.'lio was arrested here for  complicity' in   the hold-up  on   the  :Nprth7Gpast^I,iniiledywhk  :red:lasir!M;ay7tliirlias\^^ y  y Vancpuyer,:i:Ai.|^  .cpi 1 ve r: AV p rl cl it, w 011;: a ga iii s t;; Gree 1 i,  in.'1'thylihel:sniLyig;aiiist tlie jihpey7  /rlie;j u ry "we're;.; pu t;;j ust7;; forty; m hy  ;nicsv-;;:;<Tiie";j'.u'd  'seatliiugly: denbuneed :7'the7nptbrio!is  lraiisaclidlis^';bf;"Ga'rbn77;:'G  biiiMs;7"7>7.;7y:;;7.7';7' yyy\-yyxy- yyy.y  7;-;Keuo.ra7bhuy ^ug.7:-;27*^Si'x7i7of  ;nie.;;j)ri!idners'*\vhb;.were;sei^'inglqng7  ���'terjii^sentei.ices7;---hay.e  the jail;; bj^^igging'^ituiuielyinder.  the';,wails.;: y-iy-::y'A:r.y..'.y'-y^.y-:yy{.yyy.  ySpruceyGreek^Mur^  Jy Th eh Spruce.; Creelc; Po wer':Co.iii-.  :"^a'ny7".ha^6-tceas^  seasb!i,7.;7ahd;;now;vWe'ye;water,if7not  iy burn;;ai,'ieasi;uibre;thay;suffi  for-yibmestic7 pu'rnbSes.;!yWe;all;ap'^  ^r'eciate^thecbinixuiy/givyngus what;  ;beiongs.:vtor;us,ywithput:making7us:  ;fighyibr:iyb^  tli'er:tfse;;-!br:;it':;x:;.,>,y7yy  V;';7Pat;;'f Fpieyy;;- W;7;:;ivIcKechn^e;yuid;.  Alex:;; McCriih uipii yare-giyuig^an  exhibition of the dexterity;:and grace  vvithjwhich'a No.. 2:-;half;spring;cah  .;be..used ,011 ;a;tailings.pile.;.;';i; 7!,.;; ;;  yMr.7; .Mc]?;herspu-;;cauvassedy.tlie  creek last: weefe; in: order7: toobtaih  an estimate;pf:;vyhat;;the;miiie^  sidcred their properties worth. y.-We  have7 set';;pury'price7so' many; times  lately \ve'are confused.: The next  .���representative''of-capital making enquiries will be.Preferred tb:Mr. Mcpherson, as it is. highly improbable  the price will, vary much in the next  few 'days. '���..-.��� ���.'���'..'���'..:  J.' CartmeL was up the creek .011  -Wednesday.7; to hear ;;pyr-,:tronble;S;:  Just oiiyblopniiiV luck,;;lpr-when we  hadya.;; chance lyppur pur woes; in1  his. sympathetic .ear,. : our. sorrows  ;lia"cl." ceased only .a few- hours,' still  we were delighted Uys.ee him. : He  was one of our. shining lights before,  he substituted: tlie quill for the pick.  He who lingers is lost, aiid he  who leaves his work to chase after  tlie elusive.rubber sphere loses the  chance to labor. ,-    '".���.'.  Mrs. Samuel Bund,-of Spruce, left  on Tuesday for a long visit to her  old home and friends in Montreal.  Mrs. Peters, of Spruce, wan a passenger l)y the same boat. The two  straw widdOwers have the sympathy  of the boys on the .creek, who don't  "understand how it is," but who  think they do; For instance: it was  hearlieudiiig to witness the disconsolate and dejected attitude of the  two men, as they washed up the  lonely simper dishes .Wednesday  night.  Mrs. O. L. Headley, of Seattle,  arrived in Atlin last Tuesday. She  is living.-with her daughter Mrs.  Paul Eggert, of Discovery, and will  probably remain in camp for quite  a time.  :EocaI7ancl ''Gierierat-^fe^vTSi  V-7 McDonald's- f.G.V<)CCf^-'yni/i ^^^ ^7  specia 1 ty'.0f:fresh eggs:"aiicl;-;b'iitier:;  ;   TheJ^tttest^^M  Bburne^s.y;;'-.;7;.-;;.-.;^;-7-7;::^7;::;^'^ :-.:7'-f  77:Fres!y:Cabbage'r^  i:p fei": ;Pa'Vs hi ps, :".:;Vi>'icV'} S eed );Pb ta toes  at7Pilima"u-'s7>--y77?;.;J;'::7:'7;:.:v77;77^^^  (L J u d ge-:-;: Y;o u n g/7: r &t hriie^;tpj^|}iiv  frc>m;Port Siinp}'^i^yfi!S(2rda}y; 'yyy  ?J M ri77J;: L&iyi AhdeifiDii^prbviheial'  a\rfitor-geueraif;ai:rived7:^  Fridayybbatyonaebmbi'ned 7bu  uess aud7pleasure:lyp;7;y:y  y-Mrsi'j7 Tallmire;- eameyiyoh':Fri-  day aiidjAVillBiibe; morp) take up: her  abbde ;ih;;;Aflin. :7;7 :'':y777;'; y'r^hyLL  ; y T h e;rbad Vto,;;Wilso y creek; is libpiit  completed,-amd^  ed'js':a^gppd;iMec^..of^yor^  ������'^ISf'r^Joe'FIohsel^sha'srj^u  a^man-yS-fpot;;; skiff hfoyhG^hhSny  ciair;,-to;;be:used;7as;rr:;teiider;f^  steameryBlair 7Athr)I.;7;:The-:;bc^t7:is  of ^tyexcfellent-7ciesign :;.:-audv;a;credit:  , tb.-, th e; b u i 1 d e r. hy    v y;-.; y'Ly L.-''yhhy;  ^ :';G eprgeSlii rjey :;^brpug li L in ���,SQ;me  splendid;samples;fronV his ranch7 of.  rye^: barley/;; red topi7 timothy and  clover., yTheyvWOuicT dp credit !p..a  .farm; in. .QntariOj...-..:;.; ,.:;;;;.y, '';,c..y ;,;'.;y.y  , -Dry.Chai.les; -Ay; Eggert -intends  leaving on Tuesday's"bo'at;JFor Mob-;  treaL: when he--Avili: take a position'  as :".house :surgeon7at7the7Montreal  General Hospital. ' y."  ���:;;,;.  y.;:C.:E.:'WjMin-Johnson left;Atlin  Tuesday fbr Skagway. ' .Heihtends  to return 'shortly,"and]-.';so;it is said;  startwbrk on soaie of the properly  heMiasinterestsin.in the camp.     -  -'��� ;Col.���'-.'J...! H: 'Conrad���'.'paid Atlity a  hurried - visit yesterday.;; ;;;He;\yas  riot iirbii any mining business 'altho  he'������'��� wras shown; several7 samples of  rock7'"*'.��� While here he bought two  two teams oi horiy frpra Dixpn &  Schulz, and wilhyvbrk them, iii; the  Porcupine couutry.: The 7Colonel  says ; the prospects by, Conrad aud  surrounding -camps,, yever-were bet-  .te'r'.'thati at present..  ��� ' 7"Happy','Dnn Snil:vaii;hasx:ause  for .-joy.. As :.��*.' weil.-known topical  song goes: "v,Iie''j.u.-i.Miad a wire ; to  say so," "fronlib Old Couyry, informing him that ho,was the grand  daddy, of a line healthy boy., .Dan's  jovial,face .was wreathed in smiles  when he gently broke the news, at  the same lime opening'a'couple of  bottles���the kind that is .wired and  has big-headed corks.  Ormoucl Rorice .writes in from  Butler's to say thai he and his two  partners, Butler and Lawson, captured and have npy on exhibition a  fine specimen oi a mountain goat.  The animal, with ano'.ber, was taking, to the water.early in the morning. The buys gave chase and succeeded in getting one into the canoe,  when he made it quire interesting  for a while with hi.-; kicking aud  plunging.  7.;'-;;.7; TKe";Cemete^  ;ySubscriptidhs;ypyTh^  Fn)'d,i7u.p'<;tb.;'-Friday. affernob;n,;,:are;;;v:.;:  a s;iol 1 ows":y EL! Y p uug;|i;;j.7Carfe;y7  mel;f i';|W ���';; '&; P^tpn j"i:; ;;Capta.iii:;-;-  Hat b pfn; f r ;:Dixon ;&; Schulz :$2. ;5oi:y ~L  Ai;;B.;; Taylpr;$i ;;A;tlii^GlSim  T.~ Kirklaud; Ji;;:=My '^;��Peii^h:J^^|'v  fiampttir'&:;fiurieT|5^  iespu::!5;yS;;^  Roxborbuglr^i^o;^  ,W:7:Sweet':|2.75b:;;.y7;;y:y-y-��  y;The subscription listjfbr;the;,abbye7.; ;;  fuhd7is:bpe'n;7at tlie office :pf.v The7;.  Ci^aim, ;:w here, alL may'; li a ye. access yh:  tb;put.;theiryiiauies:;;dovyh ;'7fpr'some;-7 ;  amount."-;;;.';;,7;::- .yyy yhL.y L^y-hy-s^L  ~-*-a *.-,.<-.-  ;Arriva Is^per;fStr f Scotia'.  'iyjulyhy^���^iyoyi  .'Miss;:E.(:F.;; Graves;7:Miss:;R;-Grav'es|';':  iiiss.-N^M  A7777 Graves,7:---;;;Mrs.- :-^A;''^R^--Graves^-';  W/7L:'���'Williams, --Mrs>;W;7;EyWill-;  ian^"y>MrsVO:77Sfc^  Iu.tyre.-;;7;';;'::7y;;y'':y;?;'--:v3;^  : 9:Aug.;;.2.;^Judge-:^  Mrsr;;Yoting, ;;Capt7 77MyF.77 Cutlery  M rs.: C u tier:; a lid ' Mas! er "Mi:: Cu 11 er t:  Ty7W. -"Allen,;:;Mrs.;!Allen;:Mrs." S.  R.:Stephens1;;:j;:A^Aiid^rson7'Mrsi  J.;7;Talimire;;-:;Fy;iH  Conrad; y',:'..-7i.;'7;-v':;.y;';-;:-..7.,:" '������"���' .' ;7., -.."V  -���.O-*-^-:  Wilson; Greek.  -  On Wednesday'- uiglit, last there  Avas  quite'a stampede-to: "Wilson'  creek,   and7 by ;the  evening.of the ,  next.day it;was; ;staked;;below;:.Dis-  covery as.far7as .60, and above for  quite;;- a  considerable distance.    Iu  ���tlie 2o's as...7high,:as;.75C;.to;the pau;  has been  got.    .Pete' Peterson   got  even "ybetter ythau7:thaty;The'; dig-;  gi'ngs  are  shallow,   in some'places:  there is'only eight: to 'ten inches of  dirt to  remove,   making ,it an" ideal  placer,   ground.      Andy G'fier ls'.r.e-  'ported;as   taking7 out  $42 a.day to  the shovel.; '.'.'���"'���.".'  : Arctic Brotherhood Picnic.  We have been requested to state  that the annual picnic'of the Arctic  Brotherhood, Camp Discovery, No.  ig, will be. held, on Saturday,".August 24th. The steamer Scotia has  been chartered and an excursion  will be made lo the north end of the  lake. The ladies are to be invited  to lake pait in the ouiing.this year,;  To the Editor:  Sir.���I was'pleased to see lhe letter of "Seeker After Truth" which-  appeared  ih   your  last issue,   as it  strikes the key-note aiid   voiced the  question that has been long simmer-"7  ing   in   the   minds   of  many of us.  Now that it is out I hope the whole  question will be sifted to the bottom.  There   is a very   old   saying   that  ���'Truth is stranger/than fiction."  WATCH ER.  Atlin, B. C, August 1, 1907.  y.ya'i.  wri*y^^W**��^*F^Z&^ ' - (-(Mutinumwi^t  ��� LL  .���.6;A.tw.. 'i-i'.-g  !.l ����� ���' i'-  y,T,..Uy  7B./ C, '/./ SATURDAYy-'AIJOU^r"i 3," r9o?!^; -  ������.T(ti;-ATLIN-CLA!r,'\i;ia-��,,��.;Ahi:k.v<.:!;.v.'��.  .f^onniNC.. ,; m..kcp   rnr t. la   a;..-/v. pa..-.--  '."--enu.i ran ?o   crriTa   f��cr wcrrrn:   ,>i..yVi. rcn  .-yXffl.    Aisvcf-JTifiina HATrr.*. c,i.ao pr.h'irjcji t:.\c.n  :;. (;Jf.E!>Tiorj : ncV.Df mc. rK-.T)t;!;r.. .v.: cr.-rrii a LtilK.,  ;: .;:pf.ci.i m*ti:s  on ��� A-'i'-ioATlopt.-; ..'/, ,'..':, ���' '.  y.:: ,;.7>y by i>REf>rniNcy ^  ; oiLL-iir....Da,   -.   ;:   . rnnrttts,:;; ; -   visi-ririr. cf.Pton,;  ,' ETTSR>HCAD3,, .    .;/ PHO&i'.AKr.'Ci.-rTC.i CTC.   :;  -,..'��� \- - , cinnc?'.;: -pno.-..ftly. Kr.ccuTrfj..:.:.:.:;     ;.  .:,'-,-:'-;::.,.-'r^icri voocha.tc. .yyy  ; -������ 4 y-  nc-1 "i!C  1'HK -.'A'J'IJIN ' CLAIM; Pill! IjlftMXi;s '.Co';, J.:  7 'CHAHiys .1,, CuLLIK,;  Kuicbii-M a -..- ac; iyy  ^;y^;y;; "Tourist^  ���y'.,'yy\fy'liy^  'Tor anything else, 'cannot: we' have; a  ;'7;Vsteady;"stream-;;bf;;:toiiris{.s:-7cbmiiig  .;; and; going; "through 7;the7AtUu,dis-;  ;y:trict?7':;,;'i';;y LLLLhryL[:y.yhh,,A  ,,;.;:,; Without'exception'^; those visitors;  ;' 7cwhp;have7had;the good luck; to ;pay;  : ::aiS:y;,passing<(.cail:;ihi8:^umt3ier:sea7:  ':.; spiycanspeak yothingbutwordspf  y7praise;;bfpur-delightfull3'v7cluirmi.ug  :; /country." 7:The.;!:mountainTahd':'lake-  -.;'-. scenery,:; .the7/aiiy.the; everything,;  y; seems ;tb appeal-strongly-toyheru:;  /../There is: such 7a;diversity,;of sights  ���':--;7and'Escenesi';y  ;   direction bue/iooks there is ;aiyeyer-  ;r cha 11 girig" panbrama;"of ;beauty7 ahd-  .!t:.:.;magyifi.cehce. ���7TcAyering iubutitaihs  ;witli   their.-,;. snow-clad ; peaks7- aiid.  f tigged; bold  outlines meet'lke eye.  h<-   No better /programme  for'glpbe-  .. trotters can .be' provided 'anywhere';'  '.-Within'easy reach by steamer is the  famous 'Llewellyn   glacier,   nearly  one  hundred  miles; in extent,' this  ;'.:-.visit in itseif is   worth... the price of  admission   alone.   .'The  trip down  .through the  winding ways of Tor-  '-rey-Inlet,:.with./mountains towering  on either  side, their  dizzy   heights  7 mirrored.in the placid,, blue, waters  ...of.thejuiet, offers; to  the traveller a  picture that   strikes ; the7bekolder.  dumb at-the immensity,   tlie   awful  greatness and the sublime grandeur  of Nature's  moulding, and   handiwork.   ������;:���' ', / .,':'  Another pastime that wbuid /appeal to many, is mountain, clitubing.-  It may be indulged in.thany ways,  and by degrees; from the knoll'of  .'a few hundreds-'to'Use snow-clad  sentinels of thousands of feet.' And  when Ihe summit is readied the  scene that greets the gaze compels a  reverential awe and marvelling.  .01 local interest their is tlie inspection of the mining industry,  carried on in our camp in so many  varied forms. The hydraulics, a  never failing source of wonder and.  interest to the uninitiated. The  sleam shovel, and tiie workings of  the*, individual miners, both under-  giouud and on the surface.  The drives   to   all   tiie creeks are  good,   as   good   as  any country similarly situated,   ami  belter than nio:4.     Then   the dim--  y'iind enpughlife-  n-;i;.' iy:?'l-y .properties in it  i,heri:i(nj^.-7 the:'haltand all*  /.No ; oue^'gels; sick here,'  ���\yc- haye no epidemics. /,; About the  only times ;w)ieh a doctor,:is-ueeded  is when'; ail7 accident 'occurs .at the  mines yoi; "a.; new-comer ^'arrives  bur midly; Ohe.ihedico. ieft th'e .district yaying;-the-country ,was7"top  dauihSdvhealr-ky7'^  ;,/vWc are;gping; Lp/ scatter ;the gbs^  pel; of tLiis':,:Nc?rthlaud abroad,;aiid  weyrfyibe;::heity^^  A toiyist.; a3:jociatioji;;;sl.ibuld;be;or-:  :ipiiji?.e.d,ya'ii'c^  transpcrtatioti companies, huiKireds  audin:tim& thousands bfytrayellers  might/be ^induced- to./ spend /'their  bulingsaud holidays   in; bur beatiti-  fiu'aud/fhvoreclcpiintry.; ./:,.'.Ly'::L  ;  J:ust pause, to thinkwhat -it; would,  -tncai) toys,;to;the7;pcbple;pf;Atlin;  rdid; the ''.district .generally;; '-Boat  loads/of wealthy/tourists cbniingdn.  every lrip;7making short/or lengthy  sojburnings, y It; wpuld; spell ;pros:\  perityaud-weallh,.: not/losing, sight  of the possibility/.and probability ;pf  some  of -these/ mbuiedyvisitprs;bei/  coining ,.i nitres ted -in;; the;,place;and:  iiiyesti ng;/their ;;cash;iu7our; mining'  ^prouertics, yiiereby/ helping ;tp develop; and make  the country :what:  it eventualii'/will be���a miniug;c'en-/  tre knbwivtb;the worid.;       i-'h^i-  ....     ��� __^^_ _. / '������:'.  ���i-     -:/' '/.. ..    ..-:,.  -'���Aye sometimes esteem, people less  for what tuey;are.' worth", than for  what they aire worth to:us.. .';y  -It is the man who determines, the  dignity of the; occupation, not the  occupation which; measures the dignify of the man. '".'.-���.'..������  7 Women make their advances as  Time makes his. At twenty, when  the.-. swain'?, approaches; to pay his.  devoirs, they  exclaim,   with.am air  /^ ��� ���-.'...,..:��� ������'..,,      ,":���,_'.���,���.  of languid indifierence, "Who is  he?" . At thirty, with "a prudent  Icok.towards lhe ways and means,  ihe queslioti is, "What is he?" 'At  forty kiuch anxiety manifests itself  to make the hymeneal selection,  and the query changes into, ' 'Which  is he?" But at the ultima thule of  fifty, the anxious expectant prepares  to seize I ha prey, ysaid .-exclaims;  "Where is he?"   :  ,1,-owneyV,    Chocolates     arriving  constantly at C. II. .Uourne's.  6i&.&&&&3&!k&.&&ifr!W&.^  I,  1:  A'  ::M��  'iffle'e :  \-\  M:iiSfc^ElSCi^  ^fi^irlisi'lii:^^  :&,/   '/  !-77  $yA^AAAr\:yyyA.y.<yyh.ryyy.  My five'. 'Ir0aystesir&,  A:. ���/-::!���.::-���-;;."- ��� ���������������������,-'��� --:-vy���-,/:.,.���  _r..--.-,,.,,-^,:-,,,-,,:.-.-.  /^'"  ;s'  .��?'  'S��7'  A,  ,V,  ;;?.;  .H9.  .S5  .*:.i;  y;  )$:  ifrfa%f:h��$d9��0$��y %1  POOL   ROOM  GOOD, STABLING  S;*y.y$;ft  THE/!-DINING---RC)  MRS. o,ROXBQRpUGH.i: >  ONLYi'THE^^EST^QUALIOT  ;v;>7;7h ;^a;kery-;iN;:conn  VUS^MM^.^^^K  : KdKSAD vAfewEEGKA. "MANAGER.  .���.*t*A'.-.  fB*&W��8*S  a?ff��  @&@V:.  n  SMALL AND LARGE ORDERS PRO.MPTLY FILLED.  'TEx  H  ��'l:iii.  T  ���J>.V&.Pfr&*.&:&.Bt&&&t&:&  ���  OPEN: DMy:.ANK :NIG-HT::  The. Bar; is; supplied .with "none   but  the   best brands of-...Liquors  '"������"��� and ���- Cigars.    First-class.' Billiard and Pool Tables.      yy   y  w  EB.^3  ST    h&'wm W M.f-       R^^es-f3 IV  ji-     ��t& MF  11. ;/?^.y-.   -,-S, fe. W 'is  BL  DIXON   &   SCKULZ,   Proprietors.  1  i-tov; 70 ::,kcuxk nuivr.  I':iri'.;er::, contractors, , manufac-  i;.:-re;-.������.; and all ornplovers of labor  desiring married or single men, will  do '.veil to apply at once to Major.  C W. Creiylitcu, Salvation Army  Immigration Department, 439 Harris Street,. Vancouver, B. C, or  Ruyrl Street Winnipeg, Man.  ly-ink   ap*.iiicv.iic):i iorms will   be  vill be found in jsniylied   and   eaoh  arpiicatiou will  ..ive careful   attention,     No men  . bv jr-c-nl unless a|u>iied for in the  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   ISM   CONNECTION.  'CHOICLSMYINES. LIQUORS AND CISAI15'-��� CASL GOOUb A   Si'tUUlV.  uornei' Pearl and First Streets,  Atlin, B."C.  &  I  I  I  ^^^-<^^^?-^S'>SVf^/r^*tfva'^ &2'-<2i^G'<^'*S:��'<!%����&^^  i HOi!  ate! ye gods!    The  *. cry best there !._ _.  man:  There is a champagne taste and J    Send us in your subscription  ���*o.o;c>'$.a<&o0D:��'0$ci<$:o.s>.o.<>c^  ThrxAtlin Market Co., Ltd.  FRESH   DH1SSED   MEATS  LMLJ-jiJ p J ;������ tf.' n -^ 1. JMfjw . r w h w.-^- . :-rj-n , . . ... ����� uii.l.lMr5y  POULTRY  OP  ALL  KINDS, pressed io Qrdzr.  nzesxstjgx'.s.��xw/ar *vi.--..v^ u a  1,  ;-,'i  - Vi  M  A*!l  ,i:.:|  .;M|  'm  i  ���m  .' .'ii"!  ���ffl  ���'"���1  m  m  m  CHRIS.  DOELKER,   MANAGER  i  !l!.i,.f ��  ?  ATLIN,    B.  0.,. SATURDi',^,  JGUS'-  1:007:  Prsm/er   McBride.  Whatever the opposition press  may say, Premies McBride has on  two occasions liseu above the level  of party politics and shown that  when vital public issues are at stake  he does not view them from the  , standpoint of a,politician, but fiom  that of a statesman. On his return  from the Ottawa conlerence he  struck the keynote of his altitude  ��� in an address which (or moderation,  sagacity and breath of. view has  never been surpassed in Western  Canada. On his return Ironi'London where he' had preferred the  claims of British Columbia belore  the highest court in the Empire,  in tlie same capital.city of his native  province; he outlined, the salient  features of his mission, and the atli-  ��� tude of the Imperial authorities, in  a manner which can provoke no  parti/.an protest and which cannot  but be gratifying to every loyal  British Columbian.  In his address the premier demonstrated to the satisfaction of a critical and uon-polilical audience, that  his mission had not been fruitless,  and that the Imperial authorities  had endorsed the vital constitutional  principle - that no part of  the King's Dominion is too  insignificant or-, too uuiufluen-  tial to obtain a hearing iu Loudon  and to secure at least a measure of  justice. That the. colonial office  would interfere iu any way iu a dispute between the Federal and a  Provincial, government, is out of  the question, but in reasserting, a  principle upon which the very life  of Provincial government depends,  the abrogation of finality without  the acquiescence of both parties, the  British government has rendered an  invaluable service to the cause of  self-government. The case may be  stated iu a nutshell, Ottawa said:  "Here is your million dollars, take  it and go," at the same time slamming the door. The lJritish government said; "We will express-  uo opinion as. to the adequacy of  the million dollars to settle the  claim of British Columbia, but the  door shall not be shut."  The fight will continue to be  waged, it is not one between politi-  calparties, but between the people  of this province as a whole and the  Federal government. If Sir Wil-  firid Laurier persists in his refusal  to give practical effect to his own  admission, his successor may prove  more amenable, but the Premier of  British Columbia will not forego  the fight. He may even have lo  carry it to Ottawa in person, aud  from the floor of ��� the Federal house  insist upon due recognition of his  claim:--.���The Week.  A fellow was mistaken   for a deer  ��� il*.'.- oitmr day,   and   was shot    He  died game.  CORRESPONDENCE.  Wc do not hold ourselves responsible for the opinions expressed by  our correspondents.  Jumping.  To the Editor:  Sir.'---As the gold laws stand they  authorise many actions on the part  of Free .Miners, which cause a lot  of trouble and worry to the mining  community; and are exceedingly  detrimental lo the progress of the  mining', industiy. Let itbc made  illegal lo stake any ground already  slaked, until the said ground is de-,  clarcd open for location by the government. ' ���       ."  It is passing strange that during  the past ten 3'ears, neither political  power in office has succeeded ' in  straightening out the various anomalies . in the gold laws. Remedial  measures have constantly beeu sub-  milted to the government,"but, apparently no notice is taken of them;  and, consequently we find the mining industry hampered in many  directions by impracticable laws and  inefficient administration.  No. wonder that capital is not  rapidly-forthcoming to develop the  mining resources of 'the district;  when the government tolerates  abuses in the gold laws, aud takes  no steps to obviate the necessity of  litigation, which immediately crops  up, when there is any prospect of  furthering mining business, or raising capital for mining purposes.  It is indeed high time the government opened its eyes to the futility  of the present system ol administrating the gold laws.  There is no occasion to 'tinker'  with the laws; but there is every  occasion to elucidate and simplify  them, with the object of obviating  continual appeals to the courts,  which result in very costly expenses  to mine owners aud claim  holders.  FREE MINER.  Atlin, B. C, July 25th, 1907.  I '       , '  Pi    rrk-\v, ':������ 7;  B    rip A''? 7: ."*      A HP!   T"TVT"   nPT>   a T^TT^Tify  y  J311?��'~- ru����.'  :z2zzr&X!SZGz:<uS3E&^  m  TO2 STHTAOT   n*ftMWnMI  Ys  ��� It has been decided, at a meeting of the  11  shareholders  of the   Atlin Trading Com-,  . ���      -     ' <-*  pany, Limited, held on Tuesday afternoon,''  June 4th, 1907, to wind up the.affairs of,  .the'company.  The .entire stock, etc., will   be sold, eti  block or otherwise, without regard to cost,-  a =���*��� <!  R=,  ed-ef wiilhSBi sixty days*  ALL PERSONS INDENTED TO THE ABOVE COMPANY ARE  REQUESTED TO CALL AND SETTLE WITHOUT DELAY..  .A.. S, CROSS,  LIQTJXD-A.TOR.  Bf��v��& aoMl Hardware!  IRON   PIPING,   STEEL   AND   BAR IRON,  DYNAMITE AND GELIGNITE,  GASOUN'K.  STEEL SHINGLES axd CORRUGATED IRON.  NOTICE.  Take Notice that I, A. McDonald shall apply to the Board of  Licence Commissioners, of the Atlin  Licence District, at the next regular  meeting on June 15, 1907, for the  transfer of my hotel licence for the  Wynton Hotel, Wynton, B. C, to  W. H. Simpson, of Wynton, B.-'C,  Signed  A. R. McDonald,  t  Atlin, B. C, June 6th, 1907.  II  ffit  S��/  DISCOVliKY,   B. C.  FIRST-dLASS DINING ROOM.  GOOD cr.KA N ROOMS  ONLY  THK  BEST GOODS  USED AT TIIE BAH.  ED.   SANDS,  Proprietor.  ftMKies le Megan  STORJ-.ri  IN   ATI.IN  ASH   DlSCOVKRY.  H. E. BEOWN & CO.  Successors tcs  J. H. Richardson. '  LATEST STYLES IN GENT'S FURNISHINGS  PP.Y GOODS, CARPETS, HOUSE FURNISHINGS,  COLD SEAL HIP GUM  BOOTS AND SHOES,  FULL LINE OF MIXERS GLOVES AND MITTS.  Stores at atjlin and i >i.sc/oyery.  i--/y-- ''<-������: !i-'-;��,     ^:-���-.���,-'*���>������'���       -lyU &���������'is *�����>��� laS^v'JiB    .->��J8 V *j/>?��<  Why sr,s!> out��� *.viihn you can gist goods ab chkav hf.he.j  Al!ir>, Wwygst and   Grape   Rings  nnd all kinds of  Jewelry inning  fttct'.'.icd on vh'i; j-.rc*iiiir:es. ��� , ;  Fhia. X.-.'V.' fjrdt'k  of   Watches,   Clocks,  Jewelry   and   Diamonds  V.'iiirhpy from ���'���X'il' <u>. Airuuls for Columbia Gramophones.  Eiivsrwars. Cut Giass, Hand Painted China, Souvenir Spoons.;  hl<%     ��&>iL��ili.i     '&    2m%    ATI.IN AND  DISCOVKUV,  aft<* Deposit vaults       Watchmakers and ManufacturingJeWc.Vi.', ML  %:i%iL?\ 'hi -h<L ySATURDAY,y:AUGUST;��� $1::'J��?j.���:.-: h\  -y  The/Gold >Lawsyyy  7y   ''Free I\Iinefy':yu ;a; leltey which  '''������:3S.-,-. published,; in 7 this issue;.yiiahcs  ������some very pertinent suggestions ��� ay  ������-'���ue-sit--th'e'gold lyvyof .the pioyinC'y  ; as}tipplyin'g7.to';:;.lhis:<iis!i-ict.;f'yiyo-  ''.hably theihinistef of vraines'liiiiytli  y\vduid\acdu#vledgy  yty-that the^cSd: days-are. Jiol by:  ���. any means perfect, and,: we havyho.  'hi. doubt :;7-lhat :;aiiyygood'7',suggestion  -made to,lhe:right- particy,yould re7*  yceiye^ consideration. ;and:-. possibly  . ^adoption.-y:7However:a. lliere'sr no  yharni in..tryingiy-.-���'���;���������;/��� yyy'y^yyy;  .\7.-;The evily''Free; Miner", points7to;  = might, he stamDed:dut7and; entirely  '-���-.    ,;���*::^ - .  '"--' --.:'-:.^-. -.*��� AAA aaaaaa - A; a;aaa:  Vdoneya\yay /with,;   if.7.soine7 suclv  course as he suggests .in: :his:;letlef;'  : Ee,addpted.7':That  yyLL JQiJcLri .  s^eitjy  l'r-;.'.|l!'Jrfl-'v:-.i':  U'ili!;:, ..-.(���.-,.  'Jy\.  yy veiny.  yyVyyv,;-!!.,. Cyyh'i'y y--;  <���'������..--.-.;'-1.... ���(������!��� i l(U:i;iV or contents  ���; :> i-;r..-:''*. ������:-.'.'..-';ii'ii>u.-.-- J?leuty,.-of  ; i\,.: i Uti ' Jim', rcsluiiriuit or  .J- :l;.s\y ':::;:'. piek out tiui good  i->,"i--?i i i>V;;-v.- Ut iio'suld elioi'.p. .-. ':  ;-,'-})*i.'*,'\:!<ir.'-.-iit-ruii'iitM to syttlcs aro  . <.-;>,'��� '-.iti:a'i'!;f ir'-'ciivllost, coilYeii-  .yyyqim: N ewsha ryi y;.;  I'ri'&.ty,fliau ��� <'.'- vDnrie;'7':7   Proprietors.  ':-;;V-7^-S^^^^i^^:\..|S/%^|T>-'-7-  ^;J;P^l5^^ajVsl^ft*  ''.y :;^.-^'3V^^'2P?3COVC?y;! ;7';: 'y;  77 :'eP.i��-M DAY7 ANd)' N-IG'HT.'"L  hyh-'^ENhl'^  y yUadoiy^^^  r   ���'; .'..-K.-jniid'ilurtnrM. lorJ./JN oil's,sitntfo.   ...���;;.-.  Gaiiaclxan ;-Fa|i^  -r_,snir*!n-ryrwj?r-"-"-T'T ���������^���m.-mm ��*&�����-.��..ns?i*\ v.jla**j*- u. t^��/^^c.%-^-  ALASKA   ROUTE7 SAIi.lWG.Sy  :-7>,;  ��� ��3~*Tw     ���    ���    SI  -  V'/V.'V- f)!'T"i?'  j'���ij. k J.y>y ��  .'.-   ���^^y-  ���y$$- a; s-'icv-'''   ll^iv  yy."---y -7  iMdliiiyrroni' Skagway 0|J.rn.   V       ' fy'; :     . .:/.  '���;'''���:'���:.;', "'/'Direct.'to.Wancptiyer77and;:Vicl.pri;a;-;;;;;yv;yy^:  Transporting liy rnU',oiv>toiimor.tp,Seattb; w.itlionl. oxtra oli!ir;;o K  \Vo i;ivo fiuieic sni'vivo!.,; No intermediate calls..'.,;,  '   For; rates or info filiation apply to  :*."��� /V'ltoi'iI. S'lt'iiKway. "-.  'ATLiNfO'lODGE  -.  ,/f56\V;..;V,:.-'.'���..... ....,,-/.,.;;:.'..:���;: ,._���  '-'"���'��� v^^v'-'ry;y;;;^'.;y;���;& a;:m:���'-;-7-  %#i?S/^7'' ��� "Ko7y, g7r7il e/5;  7y'^;^^^. 7' ' '   -'y ���" ���"���'���''���'���:':.; .'y,:  ���*��� >'--;."\Jiy/!' v ;''.'������ -". :3ie':r''.UVi*  eonmivinicn  .. -:;'"V- y ,-'!    ti";- j Iiiild on tlio": first  ....,,,       ���  d-Thui-st-ii'.'yol' (TOliinuiiiiiii tlie.A. O. V. \V.  degalfpr; anyone, to-, re-stak^  until sudrlimy^  --.';--:----:--: ������;���-���-,--,-!:--''-y--.;i;-:--x--'V---. :������   :��� Tlrc-vicst rniru^v fomn:iin:i:atio:i ^'nliho  :beeh ..declared open.     'This rseenis; heldoaThursday.appv^niiiyi'iitii,a. (..so.i>.m  ������; 'h fair.'Tf:! here is7 any; ground in the  y;7 district thatVis .liable ,.lo. be thrown  ;-:-open fdr7re-16cation,'-^and a-noticeoLjy  y��same were7 placed; on;;; the botird atj|  y the go verhiuentoitice' where alhiwho  ;, wished7might .read;; it :wpukh..give  7 Lb: one; advantageVy Should, anyone  :yh lake it ,u pouyhemselves'';Up Trespass  yyi.ppn;.ground';:not-declared,ppe  v:ywbiild':iiie"liable-t*y-a.'fther'-y  -    Again,,if there was.   iiytheV mind  7'������'-���;.of:'a'ny one, a donht.'as to,lhe.right  7    of a certain: individual, :dr:conipany,;  -holding  ground,   and   on that' account the  ground   was   re-staked,  niake   it   im.pe.rative   that   a certain  , sum of money be xleposited with the  gold commissioner,   as an. evidence  of good  faith; and . bona  lide-,in*ten-  '���;  lions.aud incidentally   tocover any  expense.their might .be  in proving  or yUsproying;title. :. This.-might  have the. effect of stopping irrespon-  r-:sible and sometimes ignorant p::;7ics  -���"������ from  jumping   lo  cojiciuslons, and  -then jumping claims.^   .'...-.. y..:,....y.  '...',    If there is any open ground iet >u;  all   have a fair   start  and   an ;evcn  ...chaiice  to  get   a  piece of it���give  favor  to   no  individual.      On   the  other   hand,' if .an   individual or a  com[)any   is. in-'- proper   and   k-giti-.  -   mate possession   protection '-shouhl  ���'. ��� be extended.  13y oTtlorpf tho'-W.'.-:*.!.:- .���-.*���>: ....::-,.;:,  . 7 G.vU. iiOlitllii:; SKCliKTAIty.V  �����7:':W^;^tJ^TJBEir^6t;^  ���.-"pKii'n iriKEivbs;-pkov.  ih B'ATrIS7;FIF'Py ^GJ^NtS:;  Private  Siilrunei* for .-linilina., ;j-  ;.^iI.j=;i-t.-J^-*:i^it��.-.tr=����  ^jL^h^iML^u  Synopsis bT'':'(;r.-;a'J--.iii Uoiv.yEteaii  Regulations.  A NY av-VUr.lii'.; I>o;niiiioi'i Hands withlu  _��3_': tin.* P.-.ulv.'*;.v llelt in lli-itish Colnmljia.  may bo hoinijsti-aued 'byauy person wiiq, is  tlieuo;:* liwul ol'a fimiily, or any. male ever IS  yenr.s of u;je. io tlio oxtont of one-quarter  section of.-lCii ayres moro or less.;  .Kntry miist-bo made personally at tlio loual  Irtnd ci-.k'Gfor tlie'diatriet in  whiuh  tlio land  issituatc. :,.-..;������. ".  The homes'leailqr.'is .roniiired to perform  the.i-uiidituiu'i comietitoil thc-rewitli under  one of i-ho lO'lov.-i'.i;.- plans:/        '.  (i) At leyst six montlis' residenco upon and  oulli'.'!*.t:o!i o.f.tho land i.ucacli year for three  ywars.- ��� "- ' "   . '��� ';."-;'  (:-:) Ix t.ho lulhi.-i' (or niothor, if the father is  dijaurtsoii) of tin-: i!-'.':no-*.teiiiIei'. resides upon.a ^  Vara',  in  tiie vj:.*:f:ii..v of Vlib laiid.entered.for.  the   ������.-un'Jv;.'jur:it  as   to i.i'HsUlenee may  he  s-.tt-isiie'd -:>y si.r.-.':~,iiurstKi-i*e*-.Uihi}?. AVitli. the  father or m;.-. :.n'.  (3) If tho Ke/tU'j* ';:i-i' ids permanent rcsi-  (ienno upon' t.V.-mii.p: land owned by him.in  tho vicii:itj-.;ol'.. ids. .Uon:i:i-ti'iid, thii.-vetiuirp-'-  iiiP'-i.-.i a'J tt> ro-dy*;*���:>>'. ma;.' be'-satislietl'-.by-  re!-i.i*.'!ii'c '.iuo'i I-'..:..:.;*,:���! land.  S:.X nu:::ti::;' notirs. ill writing slioilld bo  ^ivt:i.i:ii.L!i:-..;7!.:i.;i!i.-^d!.::-t'Vol-UaminionX.unds  a* t;-l1*f.-.'.-.'.'i>" ;:.t-.j-.;f:u:! to apply for patent.  (:...:;! iutid.-.;.'!i*.y i:r-pnrcimsod at ."510 por aere  foi'f.o'i'tcoiil ii m!>>:\' {<,:��� an tli racite. Not. more  th:-r. :ii: a'u-irs vx:t: I>;).:n::iiiirfcd by one iiuli-  vi.i-.tiil oi* enirj)r.!i.v. U.u.i ally at. tiie rato of  ten .-.'.":.(.;. per ton of 2,'::i j-xiuiids shall lio.col-  lf.Vi-*d flU'vho J.;l'0*;:-.:'.:.tt[J'lt. ...  ,   '������.',-: w.couy,   ;  !.'.'.:iu-.ty of t 'i'.' .' iiui-t'-r of. tlie Interior-  X.;j. ���j.KA,t:;:.V!Zi d ;i::!dii*.*ltiou of this n<l-  vr:-.;.,<";:'*iii ������'-'���' :i!''. -'���.��� Vaid for. '       jy2l-l>n>  ��� NOTICE.    -  To.The  Hon.   the Chief. Cotrivni.-;-i  sionc-r of hands and Work'*.:  .  hiyh  ly'iy;^./1/af II tkd*  1 hereby   make  application to  piu'-j.  'i.'';u:'un'h-.!-!vigncd having beeu re-  'it-'M'eu ���":���"���' h'.y.UH'  by simple means,  ��� suiiVriu i ':������;���: '.icveral )*ears with  i   uercDV     iiioim:    .i;;iii....i'.li./ii   '.-��� >    !"[;.]    '..\,;.;ti:    li'ii'jr.*.    '.'��� >��� .*--UliU,     mill     Linn.  chase lor townsite purposes a pk:v j(-r!_.;,(' di.;-::':*c Co'Ki-.V'AM'TioJf, is  of ground 'beginning al the N. ji,. j:iIJxi;'.us lo .nuke Iciiown to his fel-  t:cru:;r of the Wynton town.-iic l*,^,. sufferers the lueans of cure,  thence in a northerly direcli;.ii * a |v0 t.iH.tse y;ho. desire it, he will  distance of about too feet to th'- cheerfully send (free of charge) a  boundary post of British Columbia |C()(.y (;f ^ p;-escrifitio.*i used, which  and ihe Yukon Territory - tbencc j ,:,,;:y ,>v,j] ;y(| a cure fvr Co:.SUAU'  westerly 1,506 feel tln-mce'southerly  >r:vL,    Ayn:t:.iA,   OAM'Aii^ii,  Buon  i&i  AJp^iy-AAAA  >���-�����<��� <S>  iililsiMi  IMS  ���o&t���  y/yvVyyM  ���:;y:v::v:yv7J'li;e;;:;man  :;::��;;J^:.tHej.dis  This cannotyte success-- ��� ���/.-;?[��� y  fttliy accbniplis"h^  7    ;      y O  y;   :; .the 'business ^people:and ;;    ;>  the residents.,      l  ^ot~~  .SEND :US ^OUR SUBSCRIPTION  Q4-*~*-+-4-<>-+-*-+-*^-4-*-*-++-*  ^���->-��-^-<-<>-<'-��-��-��-*-*-��-*-*-*-*-*-*-*:-^<S>  0&*  ' about 600 feet to the Wynton town-  site thence cast along said townsite  line to the place of beginning.  ELI. J. PEOULN.  Wynton, B.C., July 2;.;! h, .1907. s^S  CiU'i'iS and all throat and lung  MALAuny. He hopes all sufferers  c'i ���.. as it is : 11 yalu-  ,.'.���!;.;.*��� the presmip-  :.*(��� *. ih-:''.*:i nothing,  ;  :.  ���<[:��� ���������ing,     will  ��� C ��*^-V"n-r -Xtt*i-t  Toilet Soaps a-: red  #., .Rournr...  need  will trv his  ren  able.   'TIuy-*. '���':  tion, which wi!  {and    may    ]������:���-:  ; plea:-:*.' adrir'iss  . "'. r'son,  (..yyya, ��� N:��,  TBE WHITE EASS&YUKGN ROUTE.  Through   Lino   ft'om   Slcagu-J.y   to   Atlin, 'White   Horse,   Big  Salmon,  Dawson ;:.nd all in ter mediate' points.  Finely appointee: trains ciciiiy, except'Sunday,  between Skaguay, Caribou  . ruicl  V/l;it��hcrco'.   Cerry Passengers, BRggs<���.e, Mail and Ejcpross.  TIME   SCHEDULE   O"   FIRST,-CLASS  TRAINS :  2>'o. I.- A'orili Itotind. I  No.-.~.Soutii Hound.  I'.MliJn. I.v.       fill Af-iUA V '   Al*.  .l.'.'.Oii.m.  H.ltMi.ni. I.v.       r;AltI.HOU       l.v.ll.fi'Ja.ni.  ���I.Ml p.m. A'r. WillXK HOi.ioi*; I.v. il.:;il a.m.  "TiP/iE schedule: lake steamboats:  1 e-*vn CAIMHO'J .1 p. in. Mondit.vs,       Arrive A J. I.T^' H-i.m. Tiicsdny.s.  .1 p. in. TiinrsilMyN, -       " "        9 ii. hi.. I'l'idiiyi;.  l���"ivi' ATl.iX fi p. in. Ti'kmIuvn, ArriYo OAKI.ilOU 7 a.m.  \\ I'din.'Kun.v.s.  "       r, p. m. Kriday.-i. " " 7 n. in. .Salni'days.  Ir,u pounds of liam.-iur<! will lie flicrked frcic vvilli t'licli full faro t.'uikol and 7,1  imund  with cacli imlt fiiri! lii.'Sift. ��� . ,   ,      .     .  I'liineiiscrs iniiiit Im nl. ilcpi.-ls iirlmu- I m luiv.' iMtfrfruwu uispcclod an<l uiioulu-n.  Tiiim Htrli'.'iliil(.'��'iiri! iiiihji-di l<i clinn,:(.' wil hunt uariot'.  ��'&?'    E2a0cjac;c   Bonded  Through.  It'.'.r  information   niliilivu  to  l>a.ssc;ii(.y'-.-r.   i'l-idivht,   Kxprebs mid   'J't-.'Ji-jir*i*��� h   llr.tea  apply to tiny a:-T<*nt of tin* Company or to  A.  I..  IliUlllOK.   ��<'ii.   Myrr., J.   U f-'SCO iV. PE,        J. II. IKifl M!-'. 'iyd!:.   .������;...:.;...���:-.  Vancouver, H. (���������'���. and Auotit.  Ktltn. ^ uucoiiv.* r, II. (...  i.iu  ���6l*.iiltuu.y,'AUwik;t. .     aliauuiiy, ,ua��Ua.  1


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