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The Atlin Claim 1899-04-29

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 if  '<,>  m  ' -   <       -      ' ^ ' >,      -   /-��� y- '     y-     .   ,       '       . ,      ; *'       y . '     -       ,    *     -      ���    ,  ���       '  ,y      *  y      ' ,   / ""' i  /    ' -y *3  '{  - /1  I  It-  It �����  Mil  If'  li  II*  r I  (v   I  Il 1  11  If  I'I  I'p  '"I  w  I"'  t  *r,  -J (1  11  ���!  .j  M  McLennan, Mcfeeiy' and Co.  (Llmited.)   ,   ��� ,  ' . I-  The First Hardware "House in Atlin Carrying a full'line of    ��� ,*'  *    *' '  " ���    ��  Miners" Supplies,  Hardware,  Stoves/and  Tinware,  Headquarters,, Vancouver, 13. C. "'I'"' ", v V'^y, .  Brandies in Atlin and Bennett, Br C, and. Dawson; ytf! \W. T.y  CaiMdiaro ^a^k of Commerce  Cai-iVat.  $6,000,000.00.  ATLIN   AGENCY.  . 1,.  Gt��ld purchased. , V      Exchange bought and sold. ,  .A o-eneral BankYiig business transacted.  '     _     .   *    -y^y   j't: r   rtt.lett.  hy  ���T. R. BILLETT,  Manager.  the - Bank =of)^ British =  = America  ., * Established Wi 1880.,? Incorporated by Royal Chaiter.  ( PAid Up'CApitYi,'\-    - $4,866,666'  Reserve Funtv',-  '-.   -   - $1,460,000  .   .  Ldndon * Office:'3' ClerKents' Lane, Lombard Street, ��� E. C.  ,v      /.,     . Head  Office.in   Canada!    Montreal.  ./    tl. Stikeman,  General Manager.  Branches in all jOie principal cities of Canada, and agents in New York,  San Francisco, Seattle, Tacorna, Portland* Spokane, Boston, Chicago, Etc.  GOLD DifjsT~ PEffSGHASEB*     A general banking business. transacted.    The Bank's Assay Office will be in operation shortly.  ' / J. .'ANDERSON,   Manager, Atlin, B. C.  WheVi you come to the GOLD FIELDS OF ATLIN  (   "   y reside at  ''  'Bll^f Accommodation in the City."   French CHEt\  Finest Liquors,   Cigars and Viands,  Rate $4.00'Per. Day.  -     SMITH    &    CREED,    Proprietors.  Vancouver' General  Store.  1 *  ]  We (tarty A coniplele' stock of  f MINERS' SUPPLIES  ; Ag4ncy of lhf B. d Fftut Caning aikd Coffee CompaiiV) Vancouver, l/L C..  Affrencj'- of the Canadian Rubber  Comjpauy, Montrdal.  A/call solicited.  S.    CROSS    &    CO.  C.    AUBIN,  CUhTOltS AND JllMlfi UUOM'M,  KKAIj LblA'lh, SOTAKY PUHLIC,  FlH.NCH I>TBl!l,M**Kil.  Ftrst Street, Allin, B. C.  STORE.  GENERA!,  !M��RCIlANiJ1.4iS:  First Street Neal- Discovery.  EDWARD G. GARDEN,  architect.  Draughting.      Pearl near First St.,  Atlin, B. C.   '  JOE CLARKE,  Mining and real  Jvstfate Ol'FlCK.  ^iscovci.y S^��J��4,  Atlin, B. C.  ���W. % Dockrill & Co.  The most complete Htock of '  STATIONERY,  CUTLERY,  .    and TOBACCO  In Atlin.  ATLIN CITY AND DISCOVER Y  The Difccoverj Branch is the counterpart  of the Atlm one.  FOR   FINE  VIEWS  AND  PHOTOS  GO  TO  A, C. HIRSCFEILD'S  Flinn, Plates, Ltc,  Developed ut Reasonable Rates.  First Between Discovery  Atlin, B. C.  ASSAY  OFFICE.  W. J. R. Cowell, T5.A., So., (Canib.), F.G.S.  Member N., Eiiff. I. M. M. E.  W. J. R. COWELL & CO.  Mining   Engineers,    Metallurgists,  and Assayers.  Lake STisBirT,  Atlin  TT^RANK J.. HUTCHESON,  Barrister at LAW,  Solicitor, Etc.        v  Office: 1)ISG0VERY ST., oppooife MefchAiits'  Brtnk of Knliiux, Atlin, B. C.  KE  ELLir��   DOUGLAS   &0.k  VAnCdnvei's leading  Wholesale   Giocers.  MAY I7THTS THE^ATE.  t|rull/Valuation' for Improvements  "-''    ' ,   'to2be Allowed.    ,'  Discovery, Taku City and Surprise  Will Follow Suit.  -  ' a.-  ' ?  Jteprrt,*/itoi] \yf W. A. C'r.AiiK  Mu,V 17f h is tho dsite decided upon by theGov-  ernmciit for the s,ale ot citj lot-,. ' After thut  date the present chaotic condition ot uffaiis  will cense to exist, building will reiive with'1,  11 rush un'd upon nil sides there piomises to  be 1111 iictivits* that will^meun much for the  future of 'Atlm. Many intending- builders  are holding- off commencing operations until  the ownership of lots is settled, but when  once the light und title to propertj is hxed  for a certainty, thej promise to push the  work to as oarlj a completion as possible.  The Government is making heroic eftoits  to (Httublish a relief to the present condition  of ahairs as speedily an possible. Mr. J". H.  Brownlee, the'Government land surveyor,  and his corps of assistants have already accomplished much m sti (lightening out the  tangle. In the ListiGO dujs they have surveyed, _the entue townsite, laid out tho  streets, etc.     ' ,'  We publish an authorized interview with  Mr. Bi ow ulee, w hich fully explains ltianj  questions that ha\o beeu giving considei-  able trouble and anxiety to intending pui-  chasdPs of propertj toi sometime past. Anj  one making impi ovements pun count upon  receiving full value ior his labors m case he  fails to bid 111 his propertj und ow neis of improvements can count upon being given every posmble advantage over outside competitors w hen the sale takes place, w Inch  should relieve the minds of many whohuve  expended confideiable laboi' and capital in  making impi ovements.  "Where Improvements, have been made,"  said lli'i Bi ow nlee, "the lots w ill be sold subject to the improvements up to tho time or  the salei Bona lide occupants of lots and  owners rtf improvements maj be assured  that outside competitor-, muRt pay them full  valuatinu for impi ovements in addition to  the price bid tor the lot. The valuation ol  the impulveirients will be made bj nijaell  and un experienced builder selected lij the  Gold Cflmnusiouer."  "Huldeis of lots are invited Io conxtilt the  blue print mat) of the town und to send in u  brief statement to me ol the valuation of  improvements on the lots not later than  Mu,v 10th. on blanks to be furnished. In cases  wheie the*'e i�� ntoie than one claimant to  the inii>i-tt\ omCnt" on a lot and it is sold to a  thinl purt.v appraisement will go to the pur-  tj proving hi�� oluim after the sale is over."  "The tow 11 ��f Discovery on Pine Creek  Vill neVt bo placed on the market, probabb  not before the llth of June. The general  conditions applying to Atlin w ill also appb  to Dixctlveiy, Taku Gilv and Surprise City,  which latter sales will follow after Jliseovorj  iu the Mi dpr named."  "With lefeieuce to the upset prh.e at  w Inch lots w ill be offered it has not j el been  decided by Gold Commissioner Graham und  mjsielf if we wilt announce previolm to the  date (If the sale the low est price at w Inch the  Government will noil the lots but further information upon the subject gj ill be unnoticed in timo for jour next issue. It is  the intention of the Government to reserve  horn sale ut least two lots in each block.  These lots w ill be leased to occupants at a  fair rental, us will also uny lots that mav not  living tho upset price at the auction sale "  "It is the intention of the Government to  muk6 considerable impi ovements iu this district, such as constructing trails, grading  streets, etc. Tho appropriation for this  work has beeu very liberal, but ut tho present time it is not uvailahe tor expenditiu e  I huve reason to believe, however, that the  Government Agent and Gold Commissionei  will authoiize certain urgent expenditures  111 lhe Very near future, such as grading the  business' portion of First street and constructing a wagon toud from Atlm to Discover. Additional improvements will bo  imtdo from time to time as the lands are  available."  "Anwthor matter I desire to speak about  lit this juncture w Inch I am couitdout will be  of <*Cmsidorablo infoi est to w great manj  nrinrirs now here, is the survey of the With  pAVAilcl Or boundurj between 'British Col-  uttVbiu and the >,orthwost Territories now in  IWligress. The inter-provincial boundurj is  alWnt 28 miles due north of here. This w ork  is in churge of mj. chief askistunt, Mr. R. C.  L<H\ry. In tins connection I might sav that  Mr Wliito - J.'ru/cr arrived in Atlin on  Monday and tins established an ob'er-  torj 111 town. Both Mr. Winte-Frnsier  And Mr. Low rj. -w ill nrt.v direct their  eua'fgios to establishing the boimdarv at  flu^prisf f.ake, and  alter c o nplotiug thwiv  labors at that jiomt, Mr. Wlute-Fi user will  proceed to Teslm 'Lake.* The bouiidnrj at  this'pomt crosses Teslin about twentj mileil  north of the south end of the lake. I shall btS  pleased to supply some further survey infor��  matiou at a later dnte "  1 '       i,  - "/i  C '  ' Eeautiful Atlin.  Oui j'oUng citj* has had such wideadvei'1*  tisement thut the w ord Atlm is in the Eng*  hsh sjieuli'iig world's mouth to-day. In ev"  eij tontr? tjf the United States and Great  Brituni this burgh has hud much attention!  Theie is no better advertisement foi anew  citv than lhe simple woid gold. Attracted  bj the magic power of the jellow metal meil  leuve~hoiiie" And native land and eudiiiin^  the most trying hardships huve gone to thd  uttermost pftitvof the earth. Under such  lniliicncr the thousands have taken the bit  111 their teeth and come to these shores ill  pursuit of wealth. Thus'a healthy city has  risen as m a dav on one of the most magnih'  cent of *eite��. All thut nature could do lia^  been done. In situation, m access, in beau' <  tiful surroundings, in the possession of ns!  cliai'iinus a body of water as there is for iN  size a.ij*wheie, and in other natural/eu'  tures she is unexcelled So since men and ?  w omen have been Hooking in, though onlj* n^  few months have elapsed, enterprise ftud ln��,'  dusti y have been doing the rest and the new'  comer already stands surprised at the rapid  strides which have been made. Everything "  of com Sit cannot be done m a dav, but much '  ia bring rapidly accomplisod and onlj time  is needed till the rough cabins aud the tun'*  vas tents will give wnj to-edificcs of coin'  manding ajipcai mice and comtoi table (iuui *  ters. A great deal is already being done in  this line. Some citizens with faith in thd  distuct and iaith m Atlm us the centre and  "di^ti'ibutiiig'poiiit are not slow'to put theii'  hands dow'u in thoir pockets and dignify tlit?  citj by erecting iirst-dassbuilding*. This, n)  the more commendable because it iii nil  laiighi'ig matter to eroct a good building in  Atlm. "' ���     .  The outside commeicial world has been  atti acted heie aud so fully' ai'o the dcin.tiuW  met bv the supplies al hand that vou einl  have just w hat jou want fi om a needle to il  fully-eciuipped hydraulic plAnt. All toVms  ,of business are repiesented bj' men .w l't)  want to win honestly. To nav4 tlAt this nl  imj particular is a boom tow u is to misre'  piesont the facts. There m no evidence uk  pi eseut. no nuittei what may occur in the  Inline, of the sembhiiic&of a boom.' And so  may it remain The w'<yri thing that couhi *  happen would he to havo a set of sharper-'  put properties on the market at inflated  priopst Tne collapse always comes und the  end is w orse' (halt the beginning.  One tiling that icquires immediate ntten*  tion h stioet iinpro>emcuts. But it is sup'  posed tlie GoverniKent will give due atten*  tion to thi�� mutter at an early  date.    ..  There ure two other things, however, that  tequire the most serious considoratioil  and --That i�� done should be done at once. The  llr^t is proper sanitary regulations with re'  gard to accumulations of all kinds of filth  and excrement, aud the second is some me'  rliod hy w hich the people can sfecure fresh  water.   If d*��e attention is not given these  mutters we mav expect iti the course of time  a sweep ot disease that might be avoided,  but ii it��omes will havo very disastrous r*i*  suits.  <'   .,"  '      ��  . 1.  T  r  !   > 1 -"''���*  i-CA"  ���  S  f  r* =  j y1 ? i~  ,           f  s.f  "  ^  "   1  1-     *  r-,   M^^  i\���  1  J-  'tw\&&  ,V  i  \A  ���* ^ *.y  \  *~* I  * ' V  ;K^> ,--  ,    r  I.  ,-C*   !���  -   "��  1       J      T. *V  n  \  1 /  h-  7           (  ~   U  1-�����     t  *  t  "'.  ~kJ  -_'/���<:  >    J  f;  .- >.'  \      ^1      ^  m!  'II  7        "  I  James  Freeman  Shoots  Him$2lf  Through the Heart/        *  A short time before Tm; Claiv wcilttA  press news was brought from Discovery thhf  a man named James Freeman had committed  suicido by shooting himself throng 1' tha  heart. The deed occurro 1 at 12:30. No de��  tails are at hand as to the motive that in��  spired the rush act. Deceased w as u married  man and lived with his wife at Dis;ov6ry.  BROKERS' ASSOCIATION ORGANIZED.  "Among tho first branches of business to  complete an organization is that of the  brokers and real estate ngents. At the meet*  ing foi'-orffAniiSutioii purposes last ni^ht the  following officers were elected: President,  Mr. Vickers; Vice-president, L. D. Kiu.iey;  secretarytreusurer, Joe Clark: executive  committees Messrs. Maitluu 1, Thain and  *.Tonos: committee mi rules, Monsn., Aubiu,  Campion ilnd McLsod; comnlittea on i>rivi��  legrs, Messrs. Jnglehait, .fones and Vickers.  With Hich a stall* of officers tne haudlm;*  of tho mining and real estate business should  be kept on a healthy basis and nothing will  conduce moro to a feolmg of rest iu the dis��  triot than to know Ihut oui commisioil  agents are striving to do w hat is lit'st for tin?  division as a whole as well ns looking to tli*  immediate pros"nt. '  li.C itslji-scn,  iMsti'i(*U  M. P. ti&s mi a visit I* tUC '���i <>  , 'i  y  y -v.  to  't.f  4 "i.  V.<  ' !���.���"' '  2  " ATIJN,   B. "C, ( SATURDAY,   APRIL" ;-y, - jjo-j?  Tuk Atliic Claim.  ���Published  every     Saturday    morning  by  Cowan a. Mackay. '  <  .  Office ol publication:- " /(  Want Av. between First and Luke, Atlin, B.C.  Advertising rutes made known on application.  Our subscription price is S'i a yeur, payable in advance. No paper will be delivered  unless these conditions are complied w ith.  " I hereby claim ten thousand feet,  straight up in the air.'' It is safe  to say that this claim, at'least",' will  not be jumped.  of pneumonia at Taku. The ��� remains were taken back' to Skaguay  for burialr  LOCATION NOTICE. "  Take notice that we have this  clay located this newspaper' as a  paying proposition, to be known as  The Atlin Claim, four- pages,  sixteen "columns.  Its general policy is to furnish  such news as the publishers can  gather from week to week.  We have done some little prospecting on the foregoing property  and secured some colors. But we  ��� have just scratched 'tlie surface as  yet and have no doubt as work continues a good showing will result.  Yet, while we have established  The Claim as a business proposition it is our intention to serve the  public to the best of our ability,  We desire to fulfill the first duties  of a newspaper and that is to supply the news. Too main- papers  think the first essential is to supply  advice. In our news columns we  will print nothing of an unreliable  nature, and will certainly refuse to  be a party to any schemes that have  for their object the booming of  any particular 'section of the district. Nor will we lend our ear too  .readily to reports of rich strikes, except gaod evidence is produced. We  may make mistakes. They will  not ba wilful ones.  Our editoridTtolumiis will espouse  all that makes for the good and welfare of the people of the district of  Atlin. We are bound to no party  ��r set of men, and will commend or  censure as we feel tlie occasion demands. Oar columns will at all  times be encu to intelligent aud  honest discussion of any question  that ma\' be agitating the public  mind.  In conclusion we lio">e   the fore-  The' government are daily deriving a very large revenue from  the people of Atliii district. It is to  be hoped that at no distant date  some of the money will be spent on  the streets of the city and Discovery  road.  A 'mischievous report was set in  circulation during the week t^-'the  effect that the sale of town lots  would be postponed for another  month. Enquiries at the Commissioner's office elicited the statement that it was a canard.'  Our attention has been called to  the fact that there are a number of  sick people in the city who are in  need of proper attention. Whose  duty is it to attend to these cases ?  Something must be done; if not by  the government then by the citizens.  , An PIONEER.   ,.  On Saturday April'15th 11 7-lb.  baby girl'was born to Mrs.'Lo wry  at ' the' pioneer hotel, the ' Atlin  House. The event is especially interesting from the' fact that? she is  the first white baby born in Atlin.  The little^ stranger is lusty and  healthy and seems proud ''of her distinction. We understand, it is the  intention to name the' child Atlintoo  Marie.' Quite a number ��� of people  are of the opinion that the government could not dp better than present the little one with' a town lot,  and*in so doing honor our youngest'  pioneer. Dr. Monro was the attending physician.  ,    .       1,    - the - >   i       -  KOOTENAY - HOUSE  A ( ' J       t "        '  I .'        t  'A Home for all the Old  Timers'* of Kooteuaj-.y.  HAYWOOD,   BYROM    &    CO.,  { ^ 11'  Proprietors.  H  OTEL CLARENCE,  Customs Collector Menzies informs us that goods may now be  bonded from any port of Canada  direct to Atlin. The people will  fully appreciate this. A trip over  the Fantail is peaches and cream  compared with running the gauntlet of the customs officials at Log  Cabin and Skaguay.  The month of April last year "was  an exciting one. It witnessed the  beginning of the Spanish-American  war. On the 19th' Congress, by  resolution, declared Cuba free and  independent. Minister Woodford  received his passports on the 21st  and four days later Congress passed  an act declaring war to exist. May  1st Dewey achieved his wonderful  victorv at Manila.  To Mini; Owni-.ku and Isvnsioiis���The undersigned old and (>xporieucod Placer, Hydraulic and Ledge Minors in California, British Columbia and thp'vYiikon aro prepured  to investigate 'mining properties, make reports on the same, give information how to  open up mines, endeavor to, protect investors and at the sumo time do justice to  ow ners. Charges reasonable. Wo solicit  your patronage. Knquire ol A lex.'Godfrey,  manager for T. Dunn & Co., or at this' office,  .Morgan <fc McCruiiey. Atlin. IL C. '.  It has been ordered that all gai\  bage and manure must be removed  to the nuisance grounds which 'are  located as follows: One south of  block 22, corner Vicar "avenue and  Third street, and the other block:'  32, corner Sixth aud Discovery.  i Newly Furnished,  Eirsl -Class Accommodations.  Wines, Lhiuors, lite.  A. R. McDONALl), Proprietor,  ,IJiscovoi.v St. aud First Avenue.  PINE TREE HOTEL.  DISCOVERY, B. C.      '  When you come to Discovery  Take shelter under the  TREE. ,   '  Finest of Liquors.  CHAS. R. OUBRIDGE,' Mgr.  Good dining room run  A horse died of glanders on Discovery street last week. To prevent the spread of the contagion  the horse was cremated.  THE   DEATH    LIST.  Abo.it three miles from the city  and 011 the road to Discovery lies  the silent city of the dead. At present it contains the remains of five  persons. The following is a list of  those who have been buried there.  A man by the name of Sinclair  while skating on the lake last  winter, was drowned and was interred there.  Sam. Oustiu, while on the trail,  took sick with pneumonia and died  at Golden Gate.  Wm. Cronk, formerly a section  man on the C. P. R. and a resident^ f Port Moody, died on March  Notices have beeu posted on the  lake at certain points notifying people not to water their horses within  fifty feet of these holes, they being  reserved for the domestic supply.*  in connection.  fl'.. CANCELL0R, Caterer  H  OTEL   VANCOUVER.  The Board of Health would advise all people to boil the lake water  before using it for drinking purposes.  N. W. F. Runt.  C. Hentley Jones.  REAL ESTATE  and  MINING PROPERTY  HANDLED.  Notaries Public. !.ti\  Peakl St., Atlin, B. C.  .     V .Everything First Cluss.  \Rutes Reasonable.  Choice Wines and Liquors.  JOHNSTOI^  &   KEERSTEAD.    Proprietors.  * . HOTEL [RUSSELL . .  First-ClasS Goods  And   First^Class   Service.  Rates Reasonable.  Choice WinesX  Liquors and Cigars.  ���      ���       }  JAS.   H.   RUSSEliL,    Proprietor.  H  OTEL" O.   K.  Choice Wines,  Liquors uud CiguV.!"8-  First Avenue.  WM. CUKJOE, Manager.  B. C.  going sentiments will commend The ! 29lfi of pneumonia, three days after  , m . .' his arrival iu town.  Claim to the be^t consideration or  the people of Atlin.  It will soon hi time for the citizens of Atlin to prepare for muni-  pal organization.  Atlin is a model mining camn.  The writer has seen but one drunken  aian on the streets. But perhaps  this may be accounted for by the  quality of the "good stuff" supplied.  We were honored the other jjay  W a visit from two old Victoria  printers,. Messrs. Cullenaud Warde.  loth belli", anxic us  lo  set the fii^-t  Valuators  and General  Business  Agents,  Sale and Storage Rooms  Pearl Avenue,   above  First Street,  Atlin,  IL C.  Daniel Robertson, a reuin who  spent six \ears in the Klondike and had acquired a large  fo/titne there, arri\ ed here April 1st  and died the sa:,:e night. He had  just been on a \isit to his home in  the east to recover his health and  was o 1 hi-s return to Dawson. The  tr-iil being good he concluded to  come iu and \isit this cmip. While  o;i his way he took sick and arrived here in a state of collape. He '  h*is   one  brother  in   Dawson,   and [  another one passed him on the trail I     'Hiirty  years' experience  om his way out. .leading mining camps of the world.  Another sad event was the death      ,,      . .     ,      ,.   ,    .       .,  , .-,,,     ,,v -r    C1,    ,�� Consignments   handled    to    the  or Mrs. 1 urncr, wife of Dr. .Turner,1 ��  de-list.    '; he  lady  was taken sick ��� best advantage aud prompt returns  with pneumonia between Log Cabin  made.  A.i*    ti 11 1      .   1 ..1     and here.   .She arrived here on the!    .,...,     ,,      .... ...  type 111 Atlm they collaborated the, +lh iUld exni].cd OM  the ^    u h j     Will sell publicly or privately, as ,  following: .    I s.iid -Mrs. Turner wus tlie first white I desired, all   kinds  ol   merchandise,.  While wc were strolling out one! woman to \ isiL A tli 1,  having come, houses ���* and   lots,    furniture,    live  alcrnoon on   -he lookout for 'slra\ 1 here with her hasbar.d hist August stock, mines, etc.  111 cl   staked  a  claim  on  Pine near  Dl'.ooxcr..      Among    those    who  HOTEL \AND  RESTAURANT,  Open. \  mg new,  rst-  Now  Rooms, Heels and every tl  clean,  quite   and  in  ��� class order.  Meals at all hours.  Accomodation for ladies and Ifamilies  at   lowest   living  prices.  No lrar.  FOLEY,   WEST   &  CO.,   iProps.  )INE  CREEK  HOTEL  RESTAURANT.  AND  Thirtv  in the  G.  Meals at all hours.  C. Hall. Discovery.  The British Hosteqy  B.OG GABM,' B* G*  A spot where the weary sojourneij  can find rest.  T. TUG WELL,  Prop.  'tSt  items of news���a d i ivitalion to  41 liq"or u 1 "���our attention was  tailed to souid claim stakes with  fear'uI and wouclr-iTul heiroglyphics  inscribed o-. tilicin. < J"e ^roininw.t  stake bore fee: folio ���.vi :g inscription":  ATLIN LAUNDRY.  1: id\-' her she was  vcrv hicihlv   rc-  Business    conducted  guage principles.  Watch this sp >ce   for  011   broad  CORNER   LAKE AND RANT.  ���ioeclcd.  Lust- week   Ex-Leputv Collector  Floyd, (jf the  U.S.   customs,   c!icdyulld dates en' .sale*.  I J'lrst-eluv-, work done in all its  1 braiiclus; specialty Mimical  flltUl'e  ads   mending garments.     *  1  ���Ml  i  ''(1  ?�����  &  1  if  Mrs. Hayes, . Proprietress'. ,i < 1.1  iv  f  f -V-  Mi  li'//''* ''  R  t  I  I  M  h  1 j  l-f  l\  u  V  V  H  H  h  k  -i    "      .     ,,.,.    "'. >w..   ,/���.'.*  rr >y y -5 -|',-, y yyv ,-    .y- ;<'-* \'       {'".r-y '\S'i��A'--.-.'Ji-    ''   - *t   ,���/   .-    ,',  v V ���'' ^'k'1' jV''V  '  V '   -' i-     '    !: i    ���'        h!OT,  ,"r.i        I*-"   'y'<     ?       "'"'     ���"    ���<���<-'    .       sf'~     ,y,   ./iW  Ut/  *\  *   ,'  - ,  ���.   ..���,.   ~^ii '..* ��i,  -��� t'    >.<   y- fr'^V,,'-.  -A     /  /��/'  1    i<  'ATLIN,    B.'C,   'SATURDAY,    APRLl,   ay,    tSgg"  OUT FOR DISCOVERS  ' Behind Dogs Scheduled one Breath  in Sixty - Miles.  Miss Simson Tells of How She Tried  to Brake Her Sled with French  '       Shoes and the Finish.  cents. I located live claims," she concluded,  ���(dialogue between Tuku Jack und Miss  Simson in the fi ont part of the stoi e. .Tuck���  Miss Simson. you are the only, square woman in the country. Miss S.���I never knew  it, I alwuys thought I wus round.) "audi  um thinking of selling out my store und go  prospecting. The creek bears my nume���  Simson creek."      ,*���''"'  Miss_ Simson is,u Victoria, ludy, and is  receiving the congratulations of her utiin-  ei ous fi lends. , '  A WHISKY FAMINE  T>IONEER BARBER SHOP.  First-Class Work Guaranteed.  G.   H.   'Anderson,   ^Proprietor.  "T have lived in Loudon, spent tears in  PariH and made occusionul trips to Rerhn,"  mild Miss N. Simson to u Claim man 'on  Wednesday mori.ing, "but'mushing' it on an  Atliii dog teum is royul sport indeed, w hen a  discovery post is in the balance. 1 hu\ o"hiid  more sport in six days than potentates extract from pouching in six months.  "I'm a fullfl-odged minor now, and mv native ii lends have christened inu Gleto-Huuto  ���the Indian fo'r snow-llsh. Since mv advent  ht'iotho dusky w urnoi and tho inaidon too  have been frequent visitois to inv stole and  one dav last week one of their number more  venturesome than the rest���Dick is his 11111111',  by the w av��� vv hilo inipai ting lulorniatioii to  a customer, a man of merit iu the west, diew  mo into conversation and piospooting was  thothomc. r  " '[take you," said Dick  "Locate a claim  for me," 1 etui noil   Miss  Kiuison.  " 'You not come you not get," ho replied.  " 'Will vou lot me have discovery if I go,"  anxiously asked Miss Simson  "'You can have a hundred discoveries,"  echoed the guide in u niised voice.    ������  "Plans w ere perfected und last Saturday  found us on McKeo meek. Seven comprised  thopaity. At McKee v\e found a man down  with pneumonia. Fiom thore we struck  over to O'Donnell creek. At this point mv  pleasure commenced. One of the party volunteered to carry me ovei. No, said I, if it  is good enough for you it is forme, and  in T plunged, com tmg the w ater with no dislike. "At first the water was cold and the  Hensution uwful, but us the^former rose my  spu its iose also. Up to my waist 111 water  thus did I ci oss the hist stream. I hud no  gum boots, not much, just these liiuoceut-  lookiug overshoes covered my pedulextie-  t unties, pointing to a discarded friend under  the table.  "We crossed and recrossed u dozen creeks,  I think. They ull appeared alike to me until  w e reuched one w hei e foot holes hud to be  made in the bunks to allow of exit. I led oil  the caravan in such pluces. Whut fun. I  luughed till theie was 110 laugh left in me.  We usuullv started off with a song hut the  apex was leuched 111 funereal silence.  "I wus asked if I could handle snowshes.  Nev er did, I answ ered.  '��� 'Here's your chance.' suid Dick.  " I put them on over my arctics and spent  an hour or two hunting for u level spot on  vv Inch to serve my apprenticeship.  "I'm getting ahead of my storv, by the  w ay ," continued Miss Simson. "The morning w e left w orkmen on Mil Rose's building  noticed our departure and advised .Mr. Rose  of their suspicious. The men wanted to  stampede. They said if there w as a \\ 01111111  in it it wus something good. Mr. Rose told  them thut u woman with pluck deserved no  interi uption." This quieted the human torch  and the men resumed work. Another man,  of Scottish descent, got wind of the strike  and left that morning. I am peisonully ue-  q muted with linn and is a visitor to mv stole.  He secured other information, I have since  learned, from one of our pai ty.  " To go buck to the snow shes. T took them  oil* and rested awhile.     We weie ull icstiiig.  Will Spread Its Wings Over Atlin if  Detention Continues.,  Thousands of Gallonsat Skaguay.  "Whisky is to u miniiigcunip what iron is to  11 manufacturing one," said W. Huvwoort on  the"Pali 'Tail on the way 111" ti0111 tho coast,  "and if liquor cannot be gotten 111 before the  trails bieak up Atliii uud the sin loiiuding  distiict will sco 11 famine. About 1,000 gallons aro lit Tproseut absorbing Skuguuy  aroma in a bonded warehouse, awaiting tho  pleasure ot some local officials w hose heads  have become eulurged 111 consequence of the  heuvv truffle invMird. Private putties, for  pnvuto use, ulso havo had their Scotch tied  up It is really provoking to have Canadian  liquor detained ut an American hulf-wuy  station when an order from a Canadian orh-  cinl, for the pi eseut at least, could have remedied the. evil until such time us the Federal  authorities had included the boundary question in. their deliberations. We are ubout  4,000 miles aw av from the governing centres,  and although we have red-hot wnes lurge  bodies move slow lv, and if precedent is any  index to the future, we'll huve to wait foi  about a twelvemonth before we can get oui  shipments through        T <  "Yes, we massed three shipments into one  at Vancouver and sought to outw it the  American uuthonties by having the three  shipments come through to Log Cubm w ith  one convoy, but we weie outlawed, as it  w ere. 1  "The w hole trouble urose'" he continued,  after taking a fresh hold of the gee-pole,  "over some pursimoiiious adventurer whose  money line wus not fully developed in the  pulm ot his left hand. He was bringing  through a cuse or tw o of ry e. At the Summit he refused to puy further transit to Log  Cubm and appealed to the Canadian  authorities. He w us advised }hut it w as not  compulsory to pay him and theieupon the  convoy wus relieved of his churge and sent  buck. Aftei _ u succession of these events the  Skuguuy ofhicials grew quite tired uud finally reinsert to lelease liquor unless u w ntten  ordei wus given that convovs would be unmolested in transit to Log Cubm. This order  nevei came and theie the matter rests.  "Duvvson liquor, going in by SkuguaV, is  similarly treated. Jack Carr, the currier,  w ho w on renow 11 hy bringing out from Duw -  son the story that Andree had been seen  prospecting tor a balloon 011 one ot the  northern creeks, likewise litis a lurge shipment stored ut Skuguuy with u time-limit  contract harnessed on to it. Carr said if relief did not come soon they could keep his  liquor uud put it up at auction."  Since this matter w us iu ty pe Mr. Huy w ood  received 11 letter tiom his partner, J. Kviom.  at Skuguuy , w ho left hei e lust Sunday , stating that the liquor hud been released.  rpHE  ARCADE, -, "     '  JL        Pearl street %  The swellest little spot in  Atliif~wherei.il1' to buy  anything in the Fancy  Line. Smokers' Supplies.  Archie L. Brownlee, Proprietor.  SHELTON & CO.,  UPHOLSTERERS,  Impoi ters'and  Manufacturers of  Fine F111 niture  VANCOUVER, B. C.  1JRINCIPAL   BATH    HOUSE  AND   LAUNDRY.  1    Best  Equipped  Establishment  in Atlin.  . Lake Street, near Sawmill.  NOTICE.  J.  STOREY,  Wholesale Dealer in  Saddlery, Horse Clothing,  Pack Saddles, Etc., Etc.  Hustings Street. Vancouver. R. C.  .     (   C. H.JONES.  TENT AND SAILMAKER.  Wholesale Dealer in  CANVAS    HOSE,     COTTON,      DUCKS,  DRILLS,    ETC.  9 to 13 Water St., Vancouver.  Y  rUKON   LUMBER   COMP'Y.  Sluice   Box  Lumber  a  Specialty.  ���J.   D.   Sinclair,  Corner Luke and Sinclair, Atlm, TL C  THE  GOLD   HOUSE.  "I'm looking for'a name,"   said  Jack Leatherdale  at Discovery  on  Sunday, "and I  can   hardly  make  j up my mind to it.     It is no trick to  ' build a house in   this  countrv, but  ATLIN LOUNGE AND MATTRESS FACTORY.  Wire Woven Springs in  Stock.  First and Discoverv Street.  SALE  or  GOVERN  MENT  LANDS.  r*  7 1 -  1  is  /,;- -J  f  1            .-    wt  ��   ',Yr  *-   / ^,  i    'V  y-'-.j.  ^    3  ��� ><V ������'-  -v  .(���-%  '**- �����/  ' ��.��  1   .  / =1  A              J  *"  ^  *-   ^\  -~ *  *     1  ���*    *  j       _  ���*     *  * \v r  v  -A        -   V*  ^    j. t? -C ���*  \ l'.:rvi  s  IMSON'S VARIETY STORE.  Currying u   large stock ot  Stationery, Tobacco, Etc.  Ladies'   Wearing   Appuiel   is   a  Speciul  Feuture.  First und Rant Streets.  I   had taken  a box of chocolates with  me j  by w uy of variety and we consumed them all j to pick Ollt a Suitable name is another  thing. The ' Gold ' House sounds  well, and its affinity to Pine creek  leads me to select it. Yes, that's the  name, aud next Saturday^ evening  will find her armed to the teeth  and reolete with even thing that  even a Parisian could wish for.  "Forty by 50 feet and two stories  high are the dimensions of this, the  ' warmest baby' in Discovery.  Dave Burton, my partner, who has  earned the reputation of having  hauled the heaviest load that was  ever brought into Atlin, will manage  the hotel bar aud diniugroom, and  it is safe to say that under his cunning hand no guest will feel ill at  ease in the Gold House. Jack  King, a man of merit iu the culinary Hue, will serve that department.  "I'm going out prospecting after  the opening," he went on. "While  iu here the early part of tho year,  iu company with W. Haywood, we  secured something like ten claims.  These we propose developing immediately aud for this purpose nine  men will hi taken to our claims on  Spruce to do the preparatory work  of whipsawing and building sluice  boxes, and other work incidental to  opening up claims."  011 the side of the trail. This chocolate box  was like a stranger 111 a strange land until  this Highland Scotchman came along. When  his eye tell on the box he yelled out liureku.  I'm 011 your trail, and away he went. He  finally joi.icd us, though had we known of  hi-, coining tninjs niijht have been dilteiont.  The dogs we had weie ot the he-,t and aic  scheduled one breath in (II miles.  ' We moved on from here and after swim-  miiir, llouii lei ing aud diving under tree-, vw��  emerged at an Lnglisliinau's camp, whore  two loggers were keeping him couipuir..  Heie we camped and here I learned mv first  les-,oii iu how to w ash dishe-, a lu miuei. \ou  take the plate or dish to be cleaned and  place it 111 the snow . Leave it there till boiling tune uud tho trick is done.   Quite easy.  ' The loggers, 111 turn, became restless,  and half an hour, after our depart iu e thev  were whistling and wuiting for their dogs.  T was the rear sol lier of our party and was  hist to meet them. Thev took pity 011 my  snow shoes, tor they invited mo to 1111 the gap  on tiieu sled. Thi'V were travelling light ���  a lunch, pick and shovel. Our boys being  u cousi leiubu distance ahead I accepted the  invitation. I never went thioiigh space before on so short 11 notice. Thev yelled to the  dors and uwuy went the team like a ball  from a cannon. Tho only w uy t could retain mv hold was by striding it. I tried to  brake it bv pultiii'r mv heels on the snow . T  had I'Vouch shoes 011 afid at the conclusion of  tiie 1 ldt) t'lcv bore uuothm' name, ifes, they  travelled fast. Iu vain did I try to ieel my  tfaime'its. At the finish thev looked like  cuj/vas on 11 storm-tosso I bark. The climax  chilli-, however, when rounding a bend on  the ti ail. Tin- uiisMsppf t��vl joi k tossed me  into a six-toot snow banh and there T 1 e-  uiniiieil I ill lielp ciiino.  ' v t>*. I ,'iit Oisi ovirv. aud the surface dirt,  w n-hf I   in   11   sumli   \\\\t\i   p.m.   welded  "i\  A  Send  NDY LINTON,    BOAT  BUILDER,  VANCOUVER, B. C  your  measurements  and   he  will do the rest.  Second  Street.  Fresh Baked Bread Daily.  Mrs. Spencer, Proprietress.  MllH.  Sl'I.M'I.II.  QYDNEY   AITKEN,'  Sign Painter.  Lake St., between Rant and Watson.  NOTICE is hereby given that a  sale of lots in the townsite of  ATLIN,   Ba   G.,  At   Public Auction,  will   be   held  at the   ��  GOVERNMENT  OFFICES  ,   on the  17th Day of May, 1899  Particulars and conditions will be  announced at the time'of sale.  J. D. GRAHAM,  Assistant   Commissioner  of Lauds  r     and Works.  Dated April 25th, 1899.      /  '       '.1  K.  BATHS  BARBER  SHOP  The bath rooms are equally as good  as found iu cities. Side entrance for  ladies.  LINK ^ PRATT. Pi ops.  Fiist Street.  ^LBERT  C.   MUIXER,  Watchmaker,  First Street,  J. L  Atlin, B. C.  SMITH & CO.  Pull Stock of  GROCERIES  tui'l  PROVISIONS  At Lowest Prices.  DISCOVERY   ST.,   ATLIN,    H,  C.  The sale will be held from 10 to  12 and from 2 to 4 each day.  Terms: One-third cash, one-third  in six months and balance in one  year.  Parties having improvements on  lots are requested to send into the*  Provincial Survey Office, one week  prior to sale, their valuations of  improvements on blank forms to be  furnished by the Provincial Surveyor, to whom they must be returned.  ��� J.  D.  GRAHAM,  Assistant   Commissioner of  Lands  and Works.  ���,3^*mMXmmmmm^iMUAnhim<mmMi$t��tflBS)i& -,' 1  'O  ATLIN,   B. C., "SATURDAY,    APRIL   29,    1S99.  We luiMj inudeuiTuiigentents with John Mo-  Ciirthy lor tho exclusive .handling of Thk  Claim on the creeks und at Discovery. Permanent subscribers at the latter will have  their papers lelt at tho Gold llouso until such  time as the luxury oi u post-ollice is afforded them. 'Our subscription rate is .?"> a year,  payable ahead ot time.   Single copies 2lic.  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  The Atliii General Hospital will be o] enert  Monday,.May  l.st.       r <  H. H. Cameron, auctioneers, open at their  new quarters on Pearl street, Monday .  There is a loctll handicap ou'ithe event of  "Jim" Russell's arrival, lie is expected in  to-morrow.  Mr< Mv Williams, representing the Col.  Pearse Hydraulic Syndicate, left tor the  coast Thursday night. '       .    ,  Fox, the watchmaker. Atlin, First Street,  near Discovery Street. All work warranted;  charges moderate.  G. R. Annibal wild M.' J. MivuGregor arrived  in town during the pust woek and will depart  tor their claims shortly.  The Oddtellow-s will meet at Kinney's hull  at 10 o'clock to-morrow to attend divine service at 11 in the First Presbyterian church.  v R. A. Lambert and R. A. Jackson have completed a 400-foot w ing dum on their property 011 Pine. They intend running her day  and night.  A. C. .Tame:,, special postal agent, came in  With mail last i<'riday and left again Sunday.  He states that he will make every eflort to  get mails in as long as possible.    1  Fox, rthe watchmaker, Atlin, First Street,  near Discovery Street. All work warranted:  charges moderute.  The very latest iu regard to the mails is  thai they will close at i o'clock on Sunday  afternoon. -Nothing dehnite can lie learned  as tO/Wlieu the last mail will go out.  Services will be held in the First Presbyterian church, corner Third und Discovery,  011 Sunday at lu:8i) and 7::i0 p.m.: Sunday  school at 2:.10 p. m. Rev. John Pringle, R. A.,  minister.  C. Milne, of the Parsons Produce Company,  leaves tomorrow tor the coast. He lias succeeded in nioiiug the mansion from the hill  and now is next door neighbor to Tom Dunn,  on First. *~  i Cx-Alrt. Shaw, of Vancouver, i.s ut Discovery. Like many another he is waiting for  tire snow to go. He expects to be uble to  leave for Dixie m about two weeks, wnere  he w ill put, six men to w ork.  Mr. .Michael Reynolds, of Spruce Creek,  was brought to the city on Monday siiiruring  from a very seveie and paiulul attack ot  scurvy.- He is recovering uiirtrr the treatment of the Medtcul Health Officer.  Oscar PoclPuey *and partv are meeting  w ith success in vv ovking a bench claim about  lllii below on Spruce Creek. Although the  groun has to be th.uved wuh tires tliey are  averaging nearly >11 a. da? to the man.  The survey party deHuing the Ollth parallel  or boundary between Hvitish Columbia and  the Northwest Territoiics are expected in  town to-day. They then proceed to Surprise  Luke to establish a borndar.v up-there.  Hy .the last mail Mr. Tlrownlee scut a large  sepia drawing of Atliii to the Government ut  Victoiia: also a topojriuphical map of Atlin  mid.surrounding district. Possibly , the'ouf-  side world will think we are somebody'.-  .M. G.  McLeod, manager of    the    Russell  ���  Bouse_ during Air. Russell's absence  on the  coast, is branching out into the real estate  business.   He is  well und favorably known  uiul should secure an ^extensive cliontu<je.  Chus. R. Oubridge, proprietor of the Pine  'free Hotel, Discovery. is applying lor a license to stretch a net across Pine, at the  mouth,,so Uh.to bo ready for the 1st ol June,  lie will.thou establish u wood yard out of  st akes. t   ,  Aammbeivof parties are co-operating uud  opi-iiuu up \\ atsou avenue to Discovery on  Pine.. The roadi is, already op<?n lor three  miles. Twenty, men aie at work-. The  builder?, suy.it is one* mile snorter to Pine  anil three to Spr.uue..  Sonic teutless vandal Ihvunlcd with Jack  Percival's tuut one day last- week, while lie  was at breakfast., lie docs not iniiui losing  tint tout, he say.-,, but if thobori iwi'i' will return tli" blankets and the- ni",htsliirt he  would ask no questions. .  Little Willy Holmes, formerly of. Vancouver, takes niter his father, and is a iimucy-  iniiker wherever he goes,, lie got rid i.f five  cluinis on Spi nee'.1st week. Outside parties  were the buyers and tlio money twine  througli tlie Hank of Commerce.  The lalit'id�� ot Atli'i is lilidog. D-tnniti. N.  Longitude L'.S ilog. 'XI Y-i min. or nearly an  hour slower tlutm Paciilc coast time.   The  cm i' for the old men, hut they were too far  ad\ am ed in years to survive  their  sickness.t  Saturday 'is Gregory & Co.'s lively day.  They, sell by auction ,on that day and bargains may be'had. >���    v  Clarence N. Ruvlin, represent ing the Pun  Francisco Chronicle, arrived iu the city last  Saturday. .The gentloinaii in much impressed with w hat lie has seen. '  W.'R. Dockiill ifcCo., druggists, on Discovery street, have u handsome place for an invalid to step into.'If you need u pill, prescription or u writing, pad, he'll supply you.  They liav�� a branch at Discovery.  Tho law of nature that "every thing that  conies after is an improvement on the hvst,  may he justly applied to hotels. The transition stages may be viewed fiom Log Cabin to  the R. C. Hotel on First street. This house  is new and has the latest improvements.  Humors of the trail. Wheiua farmer goes  to tow n ho usually blows out the gas. This  is habit. When a nineteenth century city  man strikes Tepe No.'1 on the Fan Tuil, and  is last to retirp, what do you think he does?  Ue fumbles round the candle looking lor the  electric key. This is habit also. Campion,  I'll let some other girl tell the other story . ,  Mr. Rosselli, one ol our local lumber kings  aud carpet manutacturers, is a man of many  parts, tie can adapt himself to niauuging a  sawmill as well as, cutting wind on a year-,  ling. Tin' Vancouver ��� Jockey .Club lost a  good mint when he left, lie is at present  making extensive ultoiatioiis uud improvements around the mill. Men huve beeu working all week 'clearing and grading Lake  street in thut.viciiiity. When these changes  ure ell'octed access may be had to the mill by  thta now thoroughfare.  INCORPORATED   ISliO.  Paid Up Capital  Rest >   A general  Banking business, transacted.      Gold  $t. 500,000.00  $1,250,000.00  Dust  'assayed  and  J . purchased  Drafts issued and money transferred to any pari of tlie world  The First 'Bank to Ggs&n in Atlsst*  W. A.''SPENCER    -    -    -���   -  Manager .Atlin Branch.'  Wholesale   -  Corner   First  *~ Retail   <-  and   Pearl  Streets  FREQUENT QUESTIONS.  C?<  The  Commissioner   Briefly^  swers a Few.  Arc-  About the busiest man in tow 11 is Gold  Commissioner Graham. Fiom early inoru-  iua till late at Light he is pressed ior information. Added 'to this are his regular routine duties. His staff "of six clerks are only-  able to keep up with the *tt ork by working  overtime. It was necessary for tho representative of Thk Claim to ttlake a date a da.V  ahead before he got an interview w ith the  gentleman. Mr. Graham stated he was quite  willing to uive any information that would  be oi interest to the public.  Asked when the itidge would arrive to  settle the disputes over claims, he said he  did not expect him before June. He had no  knowledge w ho would be selected.  Ncurly 5,01m claims and groups have been  recorded and about 100 mineral claims.  '"There seems to be considerable complaint about having to take out u license to  cut firewood ?" queried the reporter.  "I only insist on tho-e paying licenses who  use the wood to make profit, such us hotels,  restaurants, etc."  "What about street improvements?"  "Appropriations were made ut the last session of the Legislature for this district, but  a havo nut received any instructions from  Victori-t."  '���Can aliens work for other pui-tios mi  iclaihts?"  lT see no reuson to prevent them."  "What are your chief complaints?" '  "Against the puynient ot the differed!  licenses.- 'Phis is a niurter iu which I have no  discretion. The law is laid down for me and  [ must follow it.;'  "When do mining licensen expire?"  ������Those taken out litfafe tho 1st of May  run one year lriiin tin! date marked thereon.  It taken oat after Kay 1st they expire 011  tlie Hist of the same niAuth. Thereafter  licenses will run to the Hist of May ot tlie  foi ior. ing year."  The Commissioner has been very* wick during the past w eek w ith nu attack of la grippe.  Builders' Hardware,' LWiners' Supplies,  Tinware,.  Etc.  EtGm,  TINSHOP  IN  CONNECTION.  & CO. (Limited.)  FIRST STREET,  ATLIN, B. C.  Carrv a full line of  St��p2@ &ffld Faszey Supplies*  Qualify First Class,  licited.  First   Street.  Prices Right.     Correspondence So-*  Inspection Invited.  Atlin,   B.   C  (Limited.)  ROUGH and  DRESSED  LUMBER  E. Rosselli, Manager.  Of  All  Kinds.  Licensed' Mining a$d R.eal Estate   Brokers'.-  Claims atstd Real Estate Hougitt  and Solo.  The Largest- list in the. City/  'First 'Street.    "-  mill whistle is ne��.riy local time.   The n>ills  MIN litis* PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION.  Sevouty-hvo miueis congregated* iu-'OhiiM.  II. Oubridge's building at Discovery' last Saturday niiht to form a miners' proteetiv'e 11.,-,  ���cuciutiou. Space compels us to limit tiie pub-1"  bfution ol their aims and objects to tiirciw  sections: "(1) This as-sociatiou shull be knoU-ii  nt t-lic IJritisti Aimers'Protective Association.'  (J; 'tfais oiynjuration shall nuvi for its object  this mutual iiilormannti. benefit and protee-  11*hi of the fiee miners of Atliii district. (:i)  Tins ��>rgu'ii/.iition shall lie composed cxclu-  .iNcly'of Hritish subjects."  GREGORY   &  Auctioneers,  Aution'Stfles  every   \Vecufs��lay  and Saturday at 2 p. 111,  Good prices realized on outfits.-  Tks 0p4o'Date Drug Store.  Prescriptions" accurately dispensed,*  Pate'nft &ledicines and Toilet-  Articles.  FORTIN  &-   LECAPPELLAIN,'  First  Street,  A physician informs us that the  general health of the community is  very gO^d,  li-ECTURE   ON'  u  topoleca a?  Ry  slioulrt get time rtukty trout the Provincial  sui'voy oihee.   Notlnng.hkc hemg accurate.  No wholesule house oic earth en*s less tnuu  the type supplier. One lu-u thousand is the  av��ra,re. We touud this chance w hen we unpacked our tiiruiture and. discovered that  no spacing for our ud. ty p^ hud been sent.  We .ire u��Iu,jl the "dtiit of odt,o"' to (ill tlio  vacuum.  W. A. Clark, repiesentiug KcilV, Douglas &  Co.j Vaiicouver, \t no took sick on the trail  while 011 his way 111 and ��a�� in the hospital  for 17 days, is ahnoit his former-self uuuiu.  Ho'in tickled to death over liis bench claim  011 .Siuuon creek, fin hasn't got the biggest  thing on carta, but 'opes ro nave.  Gf o, 11, Crowsp. secretary of tho  Ivhvi.like  PIiichi*  .Mining and  Development ConvtMuy,  Ld.. Windsrir, Out., recently arrived with a  pui'tyi of ten   men  aud six  tons ot supplier  Under A.C. Van Meter, held superintendent'.  work, will  be  at  once begun on the coiu-  jpuiiyj's clainik 011 Pine and Spruce.  AtlUi is minus an  undertaker.   Wo  would  ��niK'hi prefer this to continue. Hut snuc-  ���rteath.und tradei'V licenses are sureties in  any coiii��.-uuity*, it w mild hi well to acquaint  you u klh the iiuiue ol W. C. Kolb. He U a.  new arrival, an uurtortnksr, funeral director  and euibiiliuor. A" ything hearimr on this  Jinc vviH hud him, if left at this olhce.  A 'lyot.e n ho heard Hon. Clinrlos (L Caton'n  humo'iiHiH l"ctiir",  ".us.   Gi'imdy,''a short  tiuic n'rcj, will i|.vuil theuisches ot the opportunity of hearing hi^ discourse  on   Welling-,  ton und'Naii'ileoti, Friday evening.  May 5th. i  Jn the Iti.1i'ley hull. lion. >lr. Guton is a word- I  tiai'itrr.'i!   the lirsl wnter, and we bespeuk a I  tiuiiip-'^house lor the worthy cause he is us- J  hi iti u,.'._ I  We r.srj'et to have to record the death of j  tw o old .ii'en (luring the week. The first or-  cui'i'fl o*> Wi"ln"s lay .iClei'imoii ub'itit 11  ��''.'lo'li. bpinj iitnnn by thy iiiiniu or V.ince, j  of Portia id. Oiv., 11 rc*l <���' y 'iirs. He hart I  Mil!'..re I f'Ws-io'ni time with orys'iuelH"<. On .  Thnr.-i.ia.vJolvii Polcr-i, it native of Holii-o-  land. a;e;l alxint 7 lyi'iu", dl'.vl from pleiiri<sy. j  Both we-rs-Kiclf for.v.onici fime ut tiie lutariia- 1                ._   .. t  tio ml iiolel h*.foi*.- b=i*i..; tukou to rh�� howpi-    r^V-i. 'M r.i.*���^.w,�����..  tttl.   ife aud*. jie*. OLseii d,idiM,ll tl.ie.v could, lo .; -^ I^L *U��i. 1 tlSOcWery,  mg  ��  beliver  Goods delivered fo' rtny part of  the city or s'uliui'lw-  A Specialty made of' &UPPIYIHG  WJ&fElk to Hotels avi'-v- others at  reasonable rates.  MESSRS'SAMMONS &'^riNDLE  First Street.  Kon:.Cha3:<ft1 G"4.ton, of CliMbagrj',  Ih'ttJ.l of the  Destitute.i^ifcK op the Cm-v-'  At  KTNNE^^S   HALL  Corner Tray nrt/^srfM Third Stsy  ];'i&i.DAY EvJCNiJf^ii May 5:11^  At 8  <i'i.'Al4*k'. ���  "1 O-iits.  Ti"l."T  7li& INTERNAvTI-EONAIv-  HOTE^-  Gt.��ari;iquor.s,,     Gdbd''VJ0fe%';*  Fine*G%^s--  HO\T'i:���i.& Ol.SEN,r %fc-pxteViK'iS'.'  M.- G- McLEOD..  Notary Public**-* Mines and R.<Sa"t Es  tate bought-:fitrd sold, Co moving, Etc." StHSis faction guaj't  aiiifeed.  Corner Lakfe" and Pearl.  Also'ilwit forth-) iV>tfu Like Luml)Vl-*,(f5o.  Ordors'falccii,  Applieationsi) for Land.  Sixty'diiys-from diittrli^rfeof I intend i"Vyip-  ply to'the Chief Ccmnfmisijiowfi' of l^a-iwls  forpendiiiftiV"! to Iease.-o'r'if'di'i.'Aase thr^lPfM-  lauds fbi-'a^iiiciilturul jVrii'in;'Sw��( I. horo*tth  ackuowli5dL"S punipiuw*''ufuf.iwm, rights ilfcp-  viouMly'niJjlHVrf for) coa'tiflimii*-* twenty-ffiflie  n cresmOrcrilM'les.s and .^tuaty^Wosite Vflni  ,tc>w:nsile iii' ��>. westerly*,dirncUWh on .Wli.n  Lake, each iMiuu.1 ������lmWijr'' n.ttiJv;W. ��� witWiVii  initial post oli'lMs noi'tln'ostcrii i^n-jijiti *t>-,j'-'  W.V.- S..C.'IU.I5!lAiW...'  A��*(iir;lU-e.'.-.,v\h''rl 111. )*���'*)���������    ���  111  m  '��V*,;i$.  1  ^m-.^^^^^  wtwcmwi-a ww^^rnnMTWynwa.-n-vi mnmr/owi 'yUiy ww \nmmv


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