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The Atlin Claim 1902-04-26

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'''.���<:'  .'Ecll'tpi1 fiil-;Cp in in en ts-Ui o t ;i n {Accord  yyyv With ���'.the;; Mining'Sentiment.  ;y������.';y/.ouitlVlL,nce;Jiiclieial Powers  "y^.Witiioiu^-ayiCfo^  Ai   &* ������&&&$��   &   Oo��  y" a������ &^*ta$ft alt  -   -     . SI'KCIAI.TIKS   TN  FANCY   CAKES    &   PASTRY.  Fresh Bread, Rye Bread, etc.  .   '    ' >-.'"'*'        ' 'CiiAS.'.Myek, Proprietor.  Good Rooms to Kent���Hy tlip Day, Week or Month at. I'cahiintiblc rates.  ���< ei  Shelf asndfcH&alwjf Harelwssrhp ��� ' ���**  Acitio Club imil Genuine Hockey Skutns. Mom's  Hull' Solos iiml Shoe Nails.  Henry  Dislon it .Son's Smvs. \\'iii<Ios\s, lioors, Glass ;unl I'nrtcy, etc.. etc.  .  Full Line of Winchester*���Black & Smokeless���Rifle & Shotgun  Cartridges.  Goods   UouqEit   Soli!   <ni<I   Cxcli.inoeil.  The = Bank = of=--British' * North = America  -Ilstiihlislicil'lii ISIli.    Iiiciiriiiirjiloil liy 1 toy a I (Jhai'ter.  Paid Ui- Caimta-i. $.|.866,666  Rkskkvk Fund    $1,776,333  Head Office in Canada: .Montreal, H.-SyiivJ-man, General   Manager.  Branches hi all the principal cities of Canada, and agents in New York,  San Francisco, .Seattle.,-.Tacoma, Portland,.Spokane, Boston, Chicago, Etc.  -Cold Dust Assayed, Purchased or Taken on Consignment.  Quartz Assaying at Reasonable Rates.  y.The 'foi lowing ;letleiydeiilhig:wi tli;  Puyrcnuirks:^^  :With7;;cei':,aiii: :clausesyih;a/petition  ���seiVt'ipyy^  the^enliineiitpf liiaiiy of 'brti'-'read-,  ers ^regarding ^  liesyol'iyG^  .the sirbject ''matter y wey'wil 1 ���' haye  ;in'ore,ilp:.'!3ay.; liext -week7:;'-n-;y7i:;-7';-'7  yyDrCiYRoSn-::-^^  19U1'7iiist, 7jiriV:refereiice:y(:o7 tlie  Miiiers^pelitionyy'oirseein tof think  the-rniiiers;7liave'.;''Tun: up^agaiust  ���theVreaKthiiigV-,7iiiya 41 ope less-'effort7  'tb:;; influence7:^  legislate in it Heir interest. y7y7:yy>7  (yis '���.: i r y11 01- ���: the y pr i v ilege; of- any  ���i.iumber-oif'Bfft^  'tat'e:'-;'and':;^^  good ibfjtheigreale^  y yPliis y;beiiig:ystrictly7^  iuoyement7:tt  of- ��� cOl 1 ti^bri'-yvil Ir^a nyyp'artyyudi'b  "act -'hypocritically 7'or-;rnerr whpse  syinpatliies7are'^iipt7:wrtH::tHern;a!id"  wha refused to sigiytheirpetitibh'yy  yWhere a''hydraii lie7 lease':is''fori.'  ���felted^^ for..irregularities aiid a h-iiner  Avishes. /to���.'.-'stake-ciii the groiiiid it  rheaiis a foot race or guess work  with him as far as obtaining information from lhe Recording Office is  concerned, against actual ' knowledge, and it is re-staked once more  as a lease. ....  I did.not think there was an'edi-  tor in the Province who1 could not  enlighten His readers as to facts  pertaining lo Gold' Commissioners  and from'whatsource they received  their appointment.  If you 'refer to lire "Act of Union," il is self-explanatory, whereby British Columbia has lhe exclusive right to make an:I amend  her own mining laws.  You deem it unnecessary to have  our Gold Commissioners empowered with authority to settle mining  disputes in view ol a County Court.  Judge being appointed for Atlin.  From a monetary point of view,  this is going from bad to worse:  whercus, if a Gold Commissioner,  capable as ours would- be, had the  power lo acl without restraint in  every instance, and received a liberal salary, it would offsel the necessity of County Court, solicitors  fees and other excessive charges  occasioned therein' in connection  with mining matters.  I would ask what good a salaried  Gold Commissioner is to a camp  where His only power,"when a dispute arises, is to restrain all parties  interested    from     working     their  ground,."and. yet .with jib ���/���power 'to  render a/decisiou..y��� ��� y>.,y'yy y'-yiy"  ' -Solicitors' > 111 can ;,sometliiiig ,lo. a7:  pbpr-.nidny$5o;.^  for'r!efe'nde)itV:^  cirleiilais,; to ;sli\y iiothingof a'ii acl-:'  jou ruin e.i 1 li- 61'.-11 ie Gqtj r t'lic I pre a cl e-;: ������  'bisic.n';,i.s>  loss '."of vtheV ���Steiibgr'apliei-'s : iiotes of  111 e7 e \; id e i 1 ce (���Y6 u'rs,7:etic;, y-'7.-;7:/i"'.'���;7-  '7'A7'"yyyyjyyy. :--John:;-K11^"ici;ani)y ;  i'.::;'.';A'prii'<25th',=ii96'2.v:V:;-i;v'i:;^        iy'- 7;y  y ;7'^  KM  "m  Lumfcierii. Gombirie,7Willi  Be 7attHing- 7of iitfie rPast;7v7ii:-;  y7;.''Jt'siaii,:ill'7\viiid-;that^  Jiioflyig:q6'd-..V-yy.Th'^  ing:;therl')ei'iefi.t-Jv.'!bTytl^  tweeirtheinieichaiits blithe:1 town;iii7^ ,;:  ma.,l'ter'/Ql--th'e'cps.t,;ot-iStap.lev  ,Ta,ke .;'���; as?.7; a ii vi-i ns la 11 ce7 "yfl 0 u ry 1 as t': :7 *::.; a  'year^at/th.is^thnbiwji^seljhig  a^ai*k-^iib\y;.it��cariv;be/had=.for  ;No\y,''..liie.'i;niiii.ers^-.iiaye  .profit '��� by the ;tracle7 riv.alry.'.between'.,:':y.  mill:pwriers// -"The^.iV.cbmbiiiatioh^My'7y  .which; \vas7 fowned ;'e��T.'r.iy,last.'spri n g, y: ���.������:���'.  runsVo'u^^^  credital^ly}inlbriiied;;tlrat;it::\vili not :.::  ibe'.''reh.e.\yedy.'i:...B'y\  ���which7 ;:;.rfiisedy;: tlie,7 price q flu&l-er^7:.7.  ahnost:,; :7tby a ':Jiprbhil4tpry.;^price^y^  miner"* ''werejiipra'ct^ia!.lly7cpnrpfellecl7:y:;,iv:  tb\dp;yvitlr ;whateyer;:,|oid  ���tliiey'icbuldxplc^  The^position today, is/thatwith eacli J  of th e. nii 11 s: ready;: tp. '��� meet itlie; cu t:.:7:  o_f the others .vyoucarr geti:lumber7at y-.:  y'our: owii7 pricey: -Jtiis: more tluiii '7 ,y  possible:the reduction,: in price will    ���  stimulate.���'.':the-:,building:/industr3'i;; :".";.i  and we would   not   be  surprised to  see a few houses go up this season.  ycj:>  :: ':'':-[��� :*':"'\''^  yy  &f!$Z*)  '��������� :>y.  yyyy  y,t-;-  ym  y:yy:yyy^'l  yyyyAyiynr,  yyAyymyym  ��� s:��y y --syywy ^1  A New Business.  ' A partnership Has been' entered  into between W. E. Hadd'oii and  Tonr Sagem'an', who will engage in  the bicycle "livery business. '1-ii'ey  are -renovating- the' store recently  occupiedby Muscat &'Soh on .'First  street.' ��� They have a slock of high  grade wheels coming in by the first  boat. ��� Among other drawing cards  they will have two or three Ping  Pong tables, and this popular past-  time may be indulged in their comfortable rooms by ladies or gentlemen in peace and quietness. We  commend Sageman & Haddon for  their enterprise and bespeak for  them a goodly share of public patronage.  . Two shifts are working for tlie  Sociele.Miniere on Boulder creek.  It is said that the Company's Manager is well satisfied with the outlook. The drift commenced by  the Norton Brothers early in the  .winter is being continued with tlie  view of determining the widlh of  the channel. It is expected that  this drift will be continued all summer. Hydraulic operations will  not be begun until, the snow is off  the ground.  I p*JWlfc*"U��-��  .l^.j^.tf ja--a tr,-;  ��J��&^KJ��in->k~  ���^wto%srif:L5?a^^-^a^^l^^<4fw*-  siiteracf^MftEJKw-v-a 'Aj^wn ATLIN, .B.C., SATURDAY,  APRIL   26.  1902.  The-Atlin Claim.  I-  'lUln-tl    t-vei'y    Saturday   morula;;   bv  Y'IK  ATI,IN  CJl.MM    I'UHUljlllNO Co.  A. (I. lllllKl'lll'BI.I), KlUTOH.      '  I). Toiiu I.KKM.Siib-Kclltor.  Oilier "I niililleniiuii Ppiii-I S'.. Atlin. li. (J.  AdvertisiiKi'   Itntus :   SI.00   jier inch,  each  insertion.    Iteiulinu notices, tili  cents a line.  Sueciivl Contruet Kales on U|>|iUi-atioii. .  Tlie sulisei'i|ition price is $r> a yeuv |iay-  aliln in advance. No p (per will lie delivered  unless lliis condition is complied with.  Saturday,- April 26, 1902.  A notice Has, for the last few  weeks been appearing in these columns calling the atlentiomof the  public to the fact that County Court  will sit in Atliii on June iotli next.  It is expedient that all those having disputes oil hand, nece'ssitaling  the intervention of the Court,  should file their .complaints with  the Registrar, Mr. E. M. N. Woods,  at the earliest possible date.  During the sitting bf'the Supreme  and   County   Courts   in Atlin last  year  and  until  this   date, several  cases were unsettled.    In  some instances it was owing to absence of a  Sheriff, while iii others'  it was from  failure of the  Court Stenographer  to extend  and  Hand over his notes  to the  Court.'-- Up   to   the time of  the death  of'the. Chief Justice, we  have reason "to believe' that  these  reports of unsettled cases and other  matters   relative; to   that official's  visit to Atliii "were never handed in.  Whether or-uotHtnsettled cases will  have to be.heard',, over.again, we do  not   profess:-to-'kiibw,   hut we do  know that such a  condition   of affairs as that  oi  last  year is a posi^  live disgrace,   arid .it   behoves the  Government to look - to ��� it  that  a  like condition'does not occur again'.  The   want ��� of  a  sheriff is a very  serious   nialter  aiid.is  pertinently  shown   by last   year's   business in  the inability to' execute such judgments as were-rendered,   and now  that many of the  parties .have left  the country the loss falls upon  the  individual without recourse.  AROUND CAMP.  Items of   General  Interest  to  Everybody.  Bad Rumour From Victoria ��� A  New Company Being- Formed  With' Extensive Powers.  We  note  with   pleasure in a recent   issue   of   the   Engineering  & Mining Journal, of New York,  that Mr. W. M. -Brewer, the  B. C.  representative  of that journal, Has  associated  himself with the North  Western   Smelting   and   Refining  Company,  a .Montana  corporation  interested   in  mining development  in this-Province, Alaska, Washington, California and elsewhere.   The  Company is  building a large smelting and converter plant at Osborne  Bay,    Vancouver   Island,   and intends lo develop   a   large   custom  smelting business   on   the   Pacific  coast.    Mr.   Brewer   will examine  and  report  upon   properties,    purchase ores,  etc.    His   duties   will  take him all over, the Pacific coast.  He has  always   had   a   favorable  opinion   of   Atlin,   and if  quartz  developments  prove up what is expected from the camp-we may look  for Mr.  Brewer's" company to have  extensive interests here.  Tin-: time is- ripe for the fun-  makers to devise ways and means  for. a-fitting' celebration, of- "Victoria Day," which conies four  weekij from today.  According to   Mr.    W.,.. Queen,  who   arrived   from   lhe  coast   on  Thursday of this week, the instructions ol John   Cunningham Brown,  quondam Minister of  Mines, in his  telegram of rSth of .September last,  to the Gold 'Commissioner   requiring   him   to   not give effect to the  charter of   the   Pine" Creek   Power  Co.,   the  Government,   in its  evi:  dent wish   to   legislate " Pro bono  publico,"    has     substantiated   the  then Minister's action.    If this report be true, it augurs  no good to  the property owners   on ��� Pine who  were   depending    upon - the   Pine  Creek Power Co.   for   their   water  supply.     We  give  the information  for what it is   worth,   but. have no  definite confirmation of tlie-matter.  It is  reported   that a company is  now being organized  in Vancouver  and Victoria  to lake up a bed-rock  flume right  on  Spruce  creek and  other water   and   timber  rights on  Pine creek. Work, it is understood,  will be begun early in June.-.. ,  Preparations for sluicing are now  being made on both Pine and  Spruce creeks to put through the  dumps taken out during the .winter.  Opinions "differ as to .the prospective values contained iii the dumps,  but it is coirceded that the instances  are rare where they- will hot pay  wages.  On Spruce ereek, below ioo, it is  reported that two men in sluicing  over their tailings,-.-took out $78  iu two days' run- In theneighbor-  hood of 100 below the miners have  banded together to construct a  flume with a capacity sufficient .to  carry all the water iu the creek and  the necessary lumber is being delivered on the ground. From the  experience of last year, in' cleaning  out a flume in another part of the  creek, the sum of S280 was taken  and it is expected that the present  combination will make a satisfactory profit as there is a very large  amount of gravel to be moved tributary to this flume.  The water on Pine creek is said  to be too low for the best results to  be obtained. From 'systematic  prospecting which has been done  on some of the drifts throughout  the winter, excellent clean-ups are  anticipated, but, as above staled,  the amount on the average will result in good wages all round.  Gold Run, in spite of the many  difficulties with which miners Have  to contend, will, it is expected,  make a satisfactory showing in the  camp's output. Stukey & Co.,  Crichton & Stubblefield, Thomas  & Smith, Martin, Clark & Co.. and  Howard & Bruuer are all on bedrock, managing to control the  water and taking out good pay.  The last mentioned partnership  struck bedrock last week with very  bright prospects. :'  Hydraulic    Mining"  *��?  Machinery,  HYDRAUUIC   DKRRICKS ��� From 3 to 10 tons lifting capacity.  HAND    POWER    DKRRICKS   of  1   to  2  tons lifting capacity.  HYDRAULIC   GRAVEL   ELEVATORS:  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,    WATER   GATES,  ANGLE   STEEL    RIFFLES    &  HYDRAULIC  -RIVETED    PIPE.  The Joshua fiendy Machine Works.  Nos. 38 to .pi Fremont Street,  '   SAN    FRANCISCO,   CAL.  Write for prices, circulars and catalogues, or eall on  ������   A. C. Hirschfeld, Agent, Atlin, B. C.  AtYm Lumber <&> Mining Co,  A. J. BAKER       -        -       Manager. '  Lumbering   in   all   its   Branches*  MlI.'I.S AT  Ayi.i.n,   B.   C.  Branch 'Oepice ay Discovery  THE ROYAL HOTEL,  E.   ROSSELLI,   Manager.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C. \ :  This   New   and   Commodious   Hotel was opened to the Public,  April  16th, 1901.���Everything in it is New:���Strictly First Class.  CHOICEST WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS CASE GOODS A SPLCIALTV.  ClK MM Cheap Cash Store.   ��������,���..���1._   , ���   ,  '"PO make room for large Spring importations, I have decided to undersell Cut Rates already Advertised, and, in additiorr, quote  ihe   following prices:  Alert Bay Salmon, per doz  Worcester Sauce        ,,  Simco Jam, 5-lb pail  Ev. Apples,  5 lbs  Apricots ,,  Peaches ,,  Moccasins,  552.00 per  pair  52.50  3.00  90  1.00  J-.OO  65  Felt  Pears- ,,  Cooking Figs,,  Sugar; 8 lbs  Cheese, per lb  Lubeck Sliced Potatoes, per lb  Ham aud Bacon, per lb  1.bo  25  25  Overshoes   &   Manitoba   Arctics,  Ladies' & Children's Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, etc., etc., at cost.  Crosse & Black well's Jams and Marmalades and all other Goods  Reduced 10 to 20 per cent.  All Goods Warranted and if not Satisfactory Money Returned.  Mo F o I c ij<  �� THE    KOOTENAY   HOTEL.  George E. Hayes, Proprietor  First and Trainor Streets.  Cor  This First. Class Hotel 1ms ">een remodeled nnd refunds-lied throughout  and offers the best nccummodntiou to Transient or Permanent  Guests.���Ainnricnn nnd KuroiHiaii plan.  S Finest Wines, litguors and Ciffars*  f Billiards   and   Pool.  THE  ��RAN  >TEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN*   FJRST-CLASS MANNER.  French  Restaurant in   Connection*  David Hasyik, . Proprietor.  '/'  Corner of First aud Discovery Streets.  THE   QQ.LD;"'HOU8.Ej  DISCOVERY,   B. C.  Comfortably Furnished Rooms���By the Day, Week or Month.  AMERICAN'   AND    EUROPEAN    PLAN.  ,    ���   J. P. Kosk, Manager*'  <������*.��� :.��M..*t-��>��*wW<to'  X 0  IS  ATLIN,   B, C.   SATURDAY.   APRIL   26,  1902.  ���Wc can gi��� You H Good VaIu2 for your CASH "'Groceries, Provisions, etc.'  TT ^       any House m   I own.   ', ,-        ��� ,  Try   us   with   it   angg   see.  Griant   Powder  on   hand.  3. Jr.- ? ra$er * go.  PROSPERITY  Manitoba's  Wheat-..prospects  ���Encouraging.  Cowardly Affray In Kansas���Blizzards Occurring In the Northern States.  GLOOM  Queen Wilhelmina's Condition  Serious.  Vancouver, April 2ed. - The  officials of the Land ' Department-of  the Canadian Pacific Railway Co.  say that the conditions'are extremely favorable for another- immense  wheat' crop this season. At present there is a huge immigration  pouring in from all.parts air.l there  is a steadily increasing demand for  both farm and ciLy properly in,  Manitoba the Territories and British Columbia. In Manitoba lhe  acreage iu wheat will far exceed  all "previous years. c>  No Truth In Press Announcements  ' of Peace in South   Africa   Disastrous Firo  . Loniwn, April 22d. ��� Sir  Michael Hicks- Hench says Ihal lhe  l'ress of. the country is decidedly  premature in talking of the virtual  conclusion- of peace negotiations  in South Africa. These negotiations arc cjiiietly proceeding and the  outlook, fortunately, decidedly  hopeful.  Vancouver, April, 22c!.���Press  despatches report a serious and  cowardly affray at Kansas. - A  gang of young negro hoodlums attacked and stabbed Prof. Charles  Hue3' of the Kansas Normal School.  Prof. Huey had driven,lhe negroes  from a fence at the Emporia while  a base-ball game was in progress.  Hue3'. is severely wounded ' but  every hope is entertained for His recovery. '     '       -  London, April 22. ��� A disastrous fire occurred in the Barbican,  by which over a dozen warehouses  and shops have beeu completely  consumed aud damage 10 the extent  of ten million pounds been done.  It is said to have been one of the  biggest fires since the Cripple Gate  conflagration in 1S97. In the des-  struction of a printer's warehouse  in Hackney, last night, a man, two  women and four children were  burned to death.     .     * -  London, April 22c!.���Continental despatches slate that owing  to the condition of yueen Wilhel-  mina being ' unchanged, slender  hopes are being held out for her  recovery, and the possibility of her  death shrouds Holland in gloom.  Atlinv  Nugget  and! Grape  Rings  And All Kinds of Jewellery Manufactured on the Premises.  jftSBF"  ,'Why send out when you can get goods as cheap here?  Watches Front $5 us��*   Fine Line of. Souvenir Spoons*  JULES EfiGERT' & SON, The Swiss Watchmakers.  Certificate of Improvements.  KOCK   OK -AHUS   MtNKKAL   CLAIM,  SlTI.'ATK  (IN   1'INK    (iliKKK,   ATMS    DlVIhloN,  OaSHJAII IllHTHlfT, II. (J.  KTOTICH is liiM'f>l>.r tfivoii Hint IVu, l'\ A.  , Wise, \V, ii. Mitolmll unil N. II. Itiin-  1111IN, intend, Sixty days from date, to  apply to tliu .Mining llerorder for a Certl-  II en In of Improvements for tho purpose of  obtaining!! Crown Grunt, of the above mineral claim.  Ami    Kciitiiku,   Take notice ���that   action  under Section 117 nui.st  he commenced before  fit*; issuance of such Certificate of Improvements. - <  Dated this !lrd day of l-Vbrunry, 1S02.  P. A. Wise.  W. G. Mitch km..  nu-1-iiOil N, II. RiiSSALU.  I-'OK  Pbofograpb$  OK.  Alaska,   Yukon  and  -   Northern   B.C.  I'ROM  Skagway to Atlin & Dawson  GO   TO  HIRSCHEELD'S  Notice.  C'OUMTY Co'l'HT OK VajJCOUVKH,   HOLDKN  AT  " ATMS, U.  C.  Victoria, April 22d.���A new  proposition has been made to the  Government in connection with the  construction of the Coast-Kootenay  railway. ��� The proposal is made by  C. PL Lugrin on- behalf 61' New  York capitalists.  N'kh- York, April 22c!.���It is  reported that J. Pierpont Morgan  will finance to the extent of several millions the projected underground railway system, iu London,  which is to compete with the Yer-  kes' system.  Bkusskls, April 22d.���Although  the agitation started by the Socialists in connection with franchise  matters has,by no means subsided,  work throughout the city and vicinity is being generally resumed.  ���RJOTICE is   hereby given  tliut application  will bo made to tlie Parliament of'Cana-  da, at the next Session thereof for an act to  T\JOTJCE   is hereby given   that the above   incorporate n company with power to build  ^    Court will sit at. the Court   House, At-   equip, mniiitaiii and operate u line or linei  lin, U. C, on -Tuesday, the 10th day of June  next ensuing-,,at the hour of IU o'clock, a.m.,  for the purpose of hearing all cantos aud  other matters that may be set down for  trial. .   ,  Dated at Atlin. B. O., this 12th day of April,  1902. ' 15. M. N. Woods,  Registrar.  Pacific Coast S.S. Co.  Pioneer Alaska Line.  For B. C.   and   Puget   Sound  Ports.  The   following   Elegant   Steamers  leave Skagway:  Cottage City April 20.  'City ok Skattlk , 21.  City of Topkk'a 26.  Cottage City calls at Sitka southbound and at Victoria. City  of Seattle calls at Vancouver.  Victoria, April 22c!. ��� The  charge made by C. W. Savrers  against Gold Commissioner Graham  in connection with the saie'of buildings to the Government for an isolation hospital is still being- considered by a special committee.  Among other witnesses examined  was R. C. Lowry, late of Atlin.  So far no startling revelations have  been made, and the commission will  likelv fizzle out.  Chicago, April 22c!.���.Reports  are coming iu here thai serious  'blizzards' are occurring throughout  several of.the'northern States.-  I STEVENS RIFLES" AND PISTOLS I  An E GUARANTEED TO SC  SAFE, DURABLE AND ACCURATE.  THE FAVORBTE RIFLE 1  O. R. JN. Co.  -ALASKA   ROUTE  SAILINGS.   Berlin'. April 22c!. ���'-- Kmperor  William has signified his intention  o'" accepting the trust imposed upon  him by the will of Cecil Rhodes, relative to the scholarship at Oxford  for German students'.  Placer   Act,   1901,   consolidated,  .for sale at this office.  is an accurate rifle and pnts every shot  where you hold ifc. Weight 4J pounds.  Made in three calibers���,22, .25 and 32  Itim Fire.  price:  .    No. 17, Plain Sights,    .    .   $8.25  No. 18, Target Sights, .    .    11.25  "Where these rifles are not carried in  stock by..dealers we will send, express  prepaid on receipt of price. Send stamp  for catalog describing complete line  and containing valuoble information to  shooters.  The J. Stevens Arms and Tool Go,  P. 0. Box CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS.  The following sailings are announced for the month of April���  Leaving Skagway at 6 p.m., or on  arrival of train:  Princess May,        .        April 21.  Sailing of the  Amur from Vancouver, April 16th cancelled.  of   railway from some point, on Kitimot Inlet in Coast. District, in tho Province of British Columbia, thence hy the   most,   convenient and feasible   route   to'   Hazel ton   on  Skeetin   Kivor   in    the. Cassiar- District iit  said Province, thence from, said   Hazeltou  by the most feasible an'd practicable route to  n point <iu the Northern Boundary line   of  the Province of British Columbia at, or near  Teslin Ukror Atlin Lake or both; ��� And also from said Huzeltou by tho most'roasou-  able and feasible route to a point at. or near  the Knstern Boundary line of the   Province  via Skeena, Babino, Driftwood, Omineoauncl  Pinluy Rivers to, Peace.Iiiver_ Pass,   thence  Easterly to   the   Kastern   boundary   of tlin  Province; thence   to u point at or near Edmonton,    iu  the   Northwest Territoiies of  Canada,' with   authority   also   to construct,  eiiuip, maintain and operate branches   from  any point in the proposed line or lines,   not  exceeding- in  any  one ease  thirty   miles in  length; aud with powertoconstruct.acqiiiro  own and maintain wharves and docks in connection therewith; and to construct.owu,acquire, equip aud maintain steam and other  vessels and boats, aud operate the same on  any navigable waters; and to construct, up-  ernte and maintain telegraph aud telephone  lines along tne   routes of said railway   and  its branches, or in connection therewith, and  to transmit messages, for. commercial   purposes and to collect tolls  therefor ;   and  ta  acquire uud receive from any   Government,  corporation,   or   persons,   grants   of   land,  rights  of way.  money,   bonustjs,  privilege!  or other assistance iu aid of the construction  of the    Cdmpuny's undertaking, and to'cuii-  nect with and to enter into traffic or   other  arrangements   with ruilw'ay, steamboat   or  other companies, and for   nil. rights, powor*  and'privileges uecessury, usuul  or inciden-  I tal to all or any of the aforesaid purposes.  Dated   this 4th day of February, A. iVlW*.  J. A. Gemmi]l,  Solicitor for Applicants.  LAND ACT, 1901,  Frank Mobley,  Taxidermist,  ATLIN,   B.C.  Furs and Skins dressed���Birds  Animals stuffed..  md  Copies ot the new Placer Act of  .1901',. consolidated, with the Acts of  1898 and r 899, for sale at the  Claim Oflice.  Prices can  be obtained upon application tO A. C. HlRSCHKKLD,  Specimens  on   exhibition  and   for  sale at the Claim Office.  Back numbers of the Atlin  Claim can always be had at the  Claim office, price 15 cents.  Initial Pout: ���British Yukon Navigation  Company,   Limited,  South-east   Corner  Post:'  *T*AKK notice that, sixty days after date, ['  on behalf of the British Vukou Navigation Company, Limited Liability, intend to  apply to the Chief Commissioner of Landu  and Works for permission to purchase for  terminal uud industrial pdrjjoses, on behalf  of the said .compa 113', the following described  tract of land in the Atlin Mining Division of  Cussiar, B.C.. containing 4(1 acres, more or  less, commencing- at a post planted on th*  shore of the west side of Atliii Lake, at or  uenrtlie outlet of Atlin Lake into the, Atlin-  too Kiver, uud on the northerly limit of said  outlet, thence running west ten (IU) chain* -  thenoe north forty (40) chains, thence east  ten (10) chains to itu point of intersection  with tho west shore of Atlin Lake, theneo  southerly forty (40) chains along the shore  of the said lake to,its point of commencement.  British Yukok Navigation Co., Ltd.,  per P. F. Scharsclimiilt, Agrent.  Doted this 19th day of March, 1902.  nir-22-S-t  "   1  i  L       "    I  I       il  i   il  .   W  i - ������,'i  \r-a����{m^Ttf~X^?rT'X~*~~'^(?^^  '^..' i^:^'.ii.'^^it^^-^^^^V>l-.>yUU^.!.^^..^..^'M.~;:,.W.yj-V't".>.vJ^  -y   /f ^LTisyJre:^  PICKED' U P ;H E^E AN D TH ERE.  .-'��� Uliurulr/oj' ..'Kiiglhiid': -.-./'' /..../'/..;���'���-  St. Mil it in's Cliiirch,cor. 'I'll in!  uuil Tniin-  or strocrs. i.Siiiif.ln.v,. sprvjces. Matins at. II a.  : ni.,.Kvi��.i),sbilgT:!ili, p.-iii.Si Ololinirinn of Holy  .. Com m union', ,"ls"t/Kundn.v in cjicli mom ii it ml  on,%)tM.'in'|V.'6V;ras'inns, .Siiniliiy  School,  Siin-  (la.vnv- !t; i>. .in;   .'Couiiuilteo' Meolin^s,   1st  .Tliui'stlii.viii'nd'-'b mouthy7 '//..���;  ���/,'/; tv::."...// '!,'.'  -'���: .. /   :     ���;:y Rev.; l'\ L.,,Stcplioiwon,Rector.������....  SI.   -Andrew's   'l?rosliyteri:iii   Clinrrli   hold  ih scrviocyiii ���;r 1 iV;..C'11 m'ch . on-   Second .St reel.  Mi'ii'iiing .service,  nt-1 lyereniiig ������.service 7_::'.'r  Sunday School'iii t hr*  close .of ,-t ho-hioruiiif,'.  -.service,./ lieV.' ���?.: lviis.ell, - Minister."   i\rec  ������''IJcndiiijr' Rncmi, to which all are welcome.,  'yy.. ;;v',.;:yy'y y Notice, 'y/ 77'/y .>/'//,  .. '; A^i111:the'ciftl o f" :'V ] >f i 1 f 111e'H1111 e-r  :; tiii'contrac't.-\viih the piibUeex; ires.  ' tlf it is7 the //desire /of o'iiiypati'Oiis  Vtliat''tlie;Lelegraply;Seryice ��� liecoiir:  ;. tinned '���;: we': n iust.;: look. I or a ynor^  /generous /ibspiiiye7' /tliaii : lias - lieeo  ta'ccprdedxiis/Mr^^  ascription 1 is1;isnow o}>yyand; as \ve  "lKivcy referred/ Uie;-;--/maIter- ;lo/;the;  ���; people 7.\\ve.'lea\-'e .:7'it.r,.'tb,,;;th'eih'-,'ris(: id.  /whether- by. not/l hey desire/a telegraphic service77- /-//      yy] ������'���'.  , ASSAY" '���WfFl'GSc,  The Assay Office7 of"the, 'Caiiadiaii  Bailk; of��� ���'Coininerce will  oh the7?:st of.^lay..:7:7,::;:���  ie, opened  /'/"���- Go//-tbyCumiuiiigs &/Richardson  ^:'\'i7ibr:,/Goldv7,SfeaV-77:Hi'p'-;7Gtuh;:--I3obtsl  .,'/ /-////FOU^Tr) 7'r~y/ An/identification  y ���check-of'the7';Ide'iitification./&Pro-  y/tectioiyCp'y)F Canada, ������������.���No./25,103;.  yy �����/iviief' .'caii ybUviit7 ./sarue /by .apply-'  y/ i'nytu-liie;Ci,A:i^i <)ffice.7 y /-.v.:  :%;:y^ ylue',;Ribi.)Oji.Goltee is absolutely  / ,7'':piue^yIt.:iri:,spldUii till-the:stores iii  y:.?/AfJiiV;''/c:;:/n^ /./7.////*;  /;/ y::ppihple'te-7liiie7ofjFancy .Station-:  ;y-:-ery7ayPil,Huan''& C^  /'// -yWork//hasycommencedy.6hfc-the'  ���/-/Hirschfeld' group /oFbeuch.-claims  ; .on Pine./creelc. ,'' A. -shaft 'is   being-  // ���/sunk to  bedrock.. and.'..prospects at  ' 15 feet are higlilj" ehcp'.uraging/ y ..  /Furnished rooms/to./'rent���apply  s; .Hotel Northern. '������- ']".  ���   A. big real'/estate ; deal, was com-,  pleted  this  week,   whereby Dr.-F.  . / T...|Trough,ton . becomes .'owner / of  -the  Royal' -'Hotel. building..:; ..The  :  :���-deUr/was- co'n'suuiuiated ' by   wire  "'. .with the previous owners, the-Bank  y of. Halifax.    The  consideration  is  said to 'be'.- satisfactory to ' the purchaser.   ���        -.' ���    .       '/.:'/'/���//'' ���   u7 '-  7 :;-Fresh ��� Ranch :Kggs,.just; arrived;  ���; /.atF//!,. I'illmaiy&'Co/s; :y/y/'/'7/  -Fresh Garden; Seeds  at /Dockrill  .:  & Bourne's//     ;���// : y"7;    "���:'-'" 7 7-  -v    At the Royal   Hotel   the diuiug  '.: room will be  opened   on   A'layist,  with Mr. V. Trotinau as :Manager.  The service   will-, be  first  class.ih  every'respec.t:_    A  separate room'is  to be retained .for  ladies  or family  parties.    .;      " ..'" . .'  - 1  J. .B. Norton, :'sticcessor to J.' Bi  Norloii '& " Coi,: ��� wishes-- to ���iitfii'f-hi  the'.'public that he will fe-bp'eh the  General Merchandise 'Store'.-on'  Bo'ulder'creek ,ancl ,\'yit.l; ���.cai;ry..a full!  stock in alMiiiess.-y"'" '. ;"_ ]]'\]]''.^ ���  :"." Get. .your..Show ��� Oilasse* at Pill-  ' ���inrtn-'&��� Co;s"' "' ���'., '.',.'���'.:*���;���  ;.-.!i" >,'-i ������'. <��������������� '."'',...  .   Copies ol   the'new   Place'r Act of  1901, consolidatedyvitli. the.-Acts-of  '   1S08  and. ��� rSQ9,yfor" sale''  kt.'r'lhe  , .Cy\iM Office.",".: ... ...\ ��� ������ . i >:m . i.>-iS  ' ���  'At the O. -K.- Barl-)sr''Sli:61p;"''tTie  ��� ���       , ... ..-..������      I'M     ���.���l'..'liO?T/.J'��.-.:��...--  ;.. baths .are now .qpe,n...,  ... :..n  '', ,'Sho w" Case ' for'.sale'.'-,--,  the Claim'.Office. .���;��� ������; ��� ���'���'  y.Plaeer7 A:ct,-:i.9pi,:7consolidated,  fqivsfile?at,this office..'! /."';���.: :,;y  .'-./.��� Back 'litiiiiliers - :bf 'the .Vv\;ri,iN  Claim caii always be.; luuf al. lhe  Claim office, price7,15 cents.���-,;:']].  : ;; New'gi;riss\butter.yFresh. :r;iiicli  eggs a'.'id'iFi'csliVfr.uit iil?;.; '7'y;,  y.-:���', -������"���'. ���'.-;���'.- ArycjcRKRsox's^ -:7  -FOl^ ;SAlyF-^ivai-ge7;Slieet"Steel.  Cooking Stove': suitable y(or a niiii-  ing cainp/: pi-':;,resl;iuraiit;;-7^plei!clid  baker: .i 11 .'good .c'o'iidi,l ion.y-1A ('ply  at .the; Cla im Office/-:; :.y; ���;.--.-;7y.; 7.]yy  ���- -M.r.-yK..^ Rosselli;',- Che:--; popular  m'ahagei;;7oly'lheyRbyai7;7;Hbtel,:-h;is7  ;iss"u 111 eel:: a];iiew,;'rcjle : 1111 d';oii-Hi 1 e  It i'st'o f'.: Ma y ' \y\\ 1 -; - b e; ] P r p'p r i e I or. b f  tliat-popiihu'^IIostelry77-^  .��\;eyin'Uic'vlead;^  tipiis'/toSlhe :TIoler;rtuid^wilf7';)oi  cloubtlaJilyVhpldy.iip7tlie repitlatVoii^  which' ��� lie-Vihade7'"for Ihehouseas:  its Alaiiager.7;.:77:: ,-': ;:.V :.--::!77".'���  1  .. .-.   .O   .      ..,������.;-.."������:-���    ���.:'-.���.   .'-:-���      -���:. ���,.���'���' -  ���  ;Thei-e;is:;hipi;e^^soiid; ������.-com fort-ih:'a:  cup.'p.fvBltie'^  gallph br:iiipsi:bevei'Hges:77v;;7"  7Gai'deinSeeds;at^''iliinauV&;c  'y^Mrsi^RV-A;, Lambert jaucF.child  arrived V yesienla\yanvorniiig 7fronf.  Vancouver:7 ; Mr: /'Lambert'ris tcx-  peeted :in.;:'tliirf' .nioi'iiiiig/V/Ile :will  again: :]]���>&���:��� ������ loremau :fby7the;;'Atliii  Lake:yMihiiig. Co.'s/ :prpperly::.oii  Birelv::creek.������_ Mr77aiid7,:Mri.7Lam-:  b.ej't will:7niakeilieir;:;liome oil Birch  for'thesummer/y,7:- yyyV .:;'-yy^.A  : ;R;;A/-Jackson has/been appoint--  ed:Iualiager of:'the:'AtliiiTLSke7Gbr/  to.succeed Mostyii..Williains:7.'"-PIe  is due to.arrive this = ihprniiig.'';:/".  To; Amateur : Photogi'apiiers ,���-  Toniiig /and fl.xing7 - solution a for  Solio-- and ollierypapers,,.in.bulk,  ready for use',' atHii-sclifeld's.  ; y Messrs Clark , & /Sutlierland, the  discoverers ' pf Boulder creek, and  several other Boulder, .creek owners  came in'this week-end; ���-,-'.':' ���;; .-:���_  /The Princess MayancltlieSeattle  both" ���arrived'"iii- Skagway. on Monday, bringing up- a: iiumber of At-  linites who are/scattered all /along  the trail between '/the 'Cabin '/and  here./// "',-.':��� :''/77'"/^/;i//-y;:': -,  :;/We"regret to hear of \S. Marquis.'.,  painful accident-; which necessitated  surgical /treatment at the hospital.. V  Louis. ;Ludering, who, has been;  under treatment since .early in.' December': last with hands and feet  frozen, '.was. "discharged; from the  hospital last  Friday.  ' On  Sunday  die left for  Otter hike to look after  :bis-,assessment work. :  "Bad''^e'uii left Stiiiday night for  Otter lake to   .do   assessment work  on spine of his property there.  A crushing of about  ten tons of  .Rpc'lyof -Ages ore \vhs put  through  the   stam.p _ .mill   this ��� week,   with  most satis factory results.  The   A. .cry."W.^.wiilM.gi\:e. a  sociar'bnllic,'S'ilV''p^r6x:/'tb:cei'ebrale  its first    ati-li'iVei-safy.'7' "it will be  held in Dixoir's I-Iall.  xT""*  %&te tin trt j'li gs-S- .c!:  :<^��^  ��S>.  ���&. '.Oft-.'"  ~  4 Th&:'%^disi^  /":'���,./ ''��� // -' Gold '.Seal Hip Gum,: Boots''" y ': ;,!;./.  ���-;,//       /yGood: Sea'l;;;Hootees- ���:\.''yy\y,'A.;A~y.U]yy  y/i      -: ,W  - / i'     CALL"/ AND-y-; i'NSPECT:: 6UR: // NEW,''   GOODS;  -;7,/;:$9:56.,y  ^���s://:'-/t  ������������  ///;y/3-50-::,'  RUBBERS  Choicest/Wines, :Eiqu6rs';^  :(��li��:i:ee/W  Fish,  .D.^;i^:k��Jii\)^y'^y:^^  K'/;iERESn':i^EATS:/ALWAYS'::Q^  ;������ Game7; in \ season and/ home//made/ ^SausagcP:  :No!tTiriiR,x/Ho'i-ia./Br'ii;i>i:vC:/7:FiRST, Sthku'i'.-, .;;:���/'7"  finest7  M/t/  fiiesy  rg-ars7  :]^urHish.edseRG^iTig;::ty7^  ::-.'/'7-V-. :W, :/: :- y ���!"'������ y1 Week or Si on i&  For;  Call anct: Qfet Prices ^t:>  1      G. lv.llAYIiS.  IF   VOU -WANT  CONCICRK'ING  1INES:&-IININ&.F10PER1Y  / '    //In' the Atlin Distinct  J. G. CoitNKi.r..   y Discovery.//  OPKN  DAV AND 'NIGHT/  WR1TI-:  TO.  l-l  Real   Ivstate 'and   Mining-..Broker,  " y P. 6. Box, 36, Atlin, B. Cl     :  /)' 1  .-aii  ;���..:!' Cn:  < i}i'} y-A '���  .-e-.:r:  Mil; SH  Tl'i.'y. Hcirri iltoii  i"   'yv,J/b^vcler; Works.  v THE   IRVING   HOTEL,,  i "   ��� "   '      Pine City,.B. C.  Has lhe Best Equipped Bar.  'i'he .Mfllonnlil   Kntcrtaiiiinent   Mall iu Collection.  / ,  . It. McDiinai.ii, I'rop.  ��? MP."."-:'- " '  : -j. .j .1:'.' �����#���.!���  '*'  Orders taken for   Powder, Caps   and  :��� : :F.\Jsa.::''-:-;\Nviie for Prices  ',.-������   ,:.   STEVENS   &   BIIVDLEY,-  .,  ;\\'iuxk . Iloiisi-:, ,Y:.-.T.-  .. 9  V. LINK  BATHS  BARBER SI-TOT  Prop.  ��� Now occupy their new ciu'iirturs next  .lo (Im II1111U of li. X. A., l-'irst Street.  The Im Hi rooms nre eiiunlly ns (jooil its round  iu  eilies.   l'rivutc  Kntruiico lor luilius.  errst-class restaurakt  ./.'/-/'-/; .'.;���'"���'.in--../'-."���:"'".  <' ������:   :connEction.y  -Muudqiuirturs for Buhner ,t I'urrc'itt's stu-;e.  yPiNElffiilOTEL,:  DISCOVERY, B. C.  Finest of liquors.     Good stabling.  , Ho. Sands,.I'rojirletoiy"  HOTEL YANCMreirv"  UIOST    l.lfJUORS..&.   CIGjlRjS ,c  Goon   ACCIOM.MOIIAtnixy'.-' ItKd'l'Alllfiv'NX   IN  CoNN;i;:(|XK4N.t:.i,-.;l ^.shliV  S. J.(,niXSTUN',,l?rpiiiiK!tt?r.   ���  Good Sliililinn-lor Morses nnd. looses.... ���  VI'.  WALLACE ��� ;'GRIME  &  Go,,"  mimm; i:;r��kins i commission Ai;f..\fs. -���  Third Street, Atlin B. C.  ���p*^V --5^


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