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The Atlin Claim 1907-04-06

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,. ■     " j';; ■; ,:' 'i...    .!'■..!...
VOIP    2ft
■% '---ra: '"7" w-l:p
*&:■-■■■'3 ./:■¥-!
-JSL'isti'    f:'   lU
Aa^LI..N,y;BPCi:;;;;:SA'PU,RDAY;:;":APRTty6, i..'907":'■'-;:'
r NO.y 404;
;; ' A-Budget of Interesting; News
;; ; : .From > ManyiyQuarters.;.:,;;,^
'■■■'/:■ A-"P '"P [Hi'1-ior.M. -rf> th i!.:«i/A 1 M.Vy::  7 y p
PP.7;.;-:!CoItP.n,p-Ciil.:/fA'-pi. 5.---A;slibck-
;ing'l rain Iwiecku occurred 7 near tli is
■"■:'7 ■•place';'yesterday -wlien '-'ii Sonthern
".[f Pacific passenger train; left the .rails.:
; uips11 3^pTta 1 iaiis/:;PTwb7metnbers 'of
V.,■th'e';-Florence'Roberts theatricalcbni-
':■'. pa'ny1 and in any ; others .were liad ly
■ ■ ''■•' i iij ir red .• ";■ P; -"^^ ' - ■■"■;; ■' *'y: ■ ■"::;■'- ■■
:P Vers, and'carpenters.; of -this city have
■P.: gone"; pi;.; strike';.; for an '-increase Hbf
P PwagCS..:;P^.PPp7;p-^^^^
P Ottawap;-April 5:--The;Montreal
Pi'Witness says IliatPLord; Strathcoila:
.'0 Sir,: Wilfrid- Laurier- will, be-:appoiut-;
:'. ;sed • Hig li Com in issioner and raised
';;:.;;■ to .;■: the PpeerageP under; the; title7of
,;'P/Lord pAthabasea. p}    -./";!P y), 'p.'pp, ? '■
■P    :  Vancouver,,7:A.prii■ 5;—-The Pepi-,
; n~d eln i cPp f ^uien i n ^
p   Seattle,; ^Tacoma yand ■ other  coast
P citieshas made its, appearanceher.e.
"Three deaths have bccuredp Deaths
in.Seattlehave happeiiedat tlie'rate;
. of. two orthrecya day.';;.
Vancouver,"April 5.- -All   work
at Prince Rupert . has. ceased.; peii'd-.
the settlemept of: the Indian reserve
,'   question.      Many of the'people  are
leaving. ";'■ ."■   Ppp'P;--"''PP.
',;■".-• Ottawa, April 5.—Mr. Bourassa
has accused Senator Cox of gambling with the people's money, and
G. E. P'oster of using   trust funds.
-Afterwards he. pitched into ■-Fowler,
.Bennett and Lefurgy. ;
;":■ Ottawa, April. 5.—Emerson, 'the
minister -of -railways, bus resigned.
Sir Wilfrid '.Laurier read the letter
, of: resignation in the house /last
Tuesday. Emerson has entered
suit for damages against the Fred-
riekton Gleaner, and the Toronto
World for defamation of character.
San Francisco, April 5.—Theo-
; dore Ilalsey, a Pacific Telephone
.official, wanted in connection with
wholesale bribery -cases, has been
run to earth in the Philippines.
He will waive extradition and return.
Constantinople,   April 5.--Earthquakes have almost totally destroyed the town of Bitlis, the population
of  which   is  about   25,000.      The
.'dead have not yet been counted.
Calgary, April 5.-—The conference of miners and operators has
adjourned sine die. No agreement
has been readied. A settlement is
up to the government according to
the new law.
.    New York,   April 5.—The commission  appointed a short time ago
tb.i'':enquire y.intpP the', condition' /of
Mai'ry■ T11 aw,P; 11 as/'■:p 101io 11 1 iced hiin
to/be quitc'sane. ,'P.;V ';;,;;    -.P-pp, '■ '■
'■:.:'■[ '■Vic'tona',''.;Aprii;''5';-~0.wiiig:-; to/the
proposed lrip':c>f/:Premier/; McI3ride<
to -London thcpestiinates will ;< be
brought dowii:::imnicdiately;:ancl'the
other business of -the House rushed
along7;:so:yas::tpPallpwybf;;aii early
closing; r'-Py:''.:'^
,PChicago,;April .5.—-The trainmen
li a!ve.:yi'elded:'au'ciV acceptedPtlie;;co:i-
cessi011 s ,0 f, th e ra i 1 r'pads '01i, t he w age
scalej but they demand a nine;hour
day. '■■' 'lhe govern men t, commissioners:; are; 'now',endeavoring : to settle
this:questiqn. y-/Py/VPS:; y-.P;Ppp.;'■'.- '■■■■
P\ Vancouver, /April, y5.—-Leopold
b6urg';'ahcl ;G6tha',Parfived:;':bn ::tlie
»Em press'of Japan;- 'on a trip,around
the. wqild.f ;P.P;yP-yPPpPp:^;Py.;PP ,.:;.;■.
p London, .April 5.-—The project to
^iiunely ;they English channel/.has
fallen..-through.;';'- The' 'measure was
thrown 0111. of the House."//py
;;-Juneau;': April .^^-Troops/have
been sent to;the ;Tieadwell milies~tb
pr0 tec t the., p'r 011 er t y o f the c bin p a ii y
iu base the 'miners go"oii strike.-
Local ^and General News^
A. B. Donation.
McDonald's   Grocery    makes   a
specialty of fresh eggs and  butter.
The trustees of St. Andrew's hospital-take pleasured!'!' gratefully acknowledging the receipt.of the sum
of fifty dollars ($50.00). .from-.the'
Arctic Brotherhood, Camp No. 19,
Discovery. T'nissum is a donation
towards lhe,. maintenance of , that
worthy institution, and the directors
feel impelled "to again express their
gratification- at the, manifestly" increasing interest and .,.-sympathy.--
This.P:and kindred acts on ; the
part of the said Camp No. 19, of
the A. B. cannot faii to commend it
to the favorable consideration of all
classes in the community.; Alleviation of the aches and.pains of suffering hinnunity appeals as being ail
exercise of the best .-impulses of
I1i1ma.11. nature. The A. B.'s were
organized simply as a social order
and for the promotion, cultivation
and' protection of the interests of the
Northland genearlly. Yet they are
quick lo see and ever ready to help
distress or sufferiu"-.
Arctic Brotherhood Installation
of officers lakes place next Tuesday.
A social evening will be held after.
It is the privilege of Brother Arctic's
to invite a friend to witness the installation and to enjoy the social
following. The nominations are:
Arctic Chief, J. Gibson; Vice Arctic
Chief, J. Dunham; Recorder, W.
E. Haddon; Keeper ol Nuggets,
W. Morrison; Chaplain, G. Pollay;
Trustees, Jules Eggert, Sam Johnston, Chas. Hickman, H. E. Brown
and W. Morrison. Konrad Waw-
recka, the wizard of the hop and
malt, was guided over the pass last
Tuesday night. He expressed himself as highly pleased at the treatment he received onthe journey.
p. Holmes' Piueb left Thursday for a
trip tpSkagway'.yP ': • P'
: : I.<ost.^--A:::; Paul .-■; Wirtiiylbuutaiii
'p'e'ii',;'P finder- please '■"'.return-   to 'the.
7 ;;^piiis,7Schul^:;is. coufiiied ::;tb tlie
■house: witliianaiuioi'iiig. and.pa
attack:of.lieute;iHieuuiatismP;P ;
;;pMiss:;vAcla:; Cashyintends^to opeii;
and; ruu a diniiig;rpom'iii-connection
with tlie;B.;C.;;Hote], in/piscovery.
p.: Word;, was received; a;"COuple of
'da\"s Pago yby; ;Mr.7Jules:PEggert;.of
his;appoiuttnent:as a;:Justice pf;the
;PeacePP-; :.yv "." 'P:', p'p -.''.:;;■'::-';■;"'..;'"';;
.PGeb;.l:W-' Travis,; representing WP
HPiMal k in,-; b f" Van con ver';;;. paid',; a;
visit-to Allin' aiicl; Discovery; during
:the.:week'."'.' 'yyyyr.7:j':'y:':y:''l-:::y-:-;-^^
e/The ; property; ;and|." effects of-the
Bank.of Coihmcirce;areiipw for sale;;
for information,;; etp.,/.:appli' to the
■manager.,,P 1;;■;;. :.. -'.     ; 7./.;';:..yl '■■
-..'•jAttdiition vis .drawn/.tb'vthe/.fact
lhat the;Registrar of;Vo'ters7is;strik-
and/is informing/: by .circular, /those
interested/ P
"-■-.'■' ■" ;;;■ 7.::- '■ r'.'-:-'':'     ■ -.'■'■' ■".-'■. P---'*
/■MrPE. Oueen,.who has >;fqr;many-
years.; '..beeii doing business ,;iu the
camp,p has made up his mind to
close"but"and' seek, other, fields of
bp.era.tion'.!:-■'.'';.■ V ' '■''.P"- P
(The"].Jrihcess May will run on the
Skagway route alone for some time.
She -will- make ■ three "trips - during
April,;the .next two being lhe 13th
and 23rd. .When the Princess Royal, now under construction, is completed she will be placed on : tlie
route.;    ,;
' ■ TheP-Britislr Columbia:' Gazette
■publishes the following: 'Hugh A.
Butler, ' Esquire-; ;of 'Wynton, Atlin
District,; to. Be Depnt}-; Mining Recorder for the Atlin Lake Mining
Division, with Sub-Recording office
at Wynton, in the place of Geoffrey
Butler.  :
Miv-Dairy, • of Taylor & Dairy,
of .Wliitehprse;' was in town during
the week, 011 his way from the Tes-
lin post to Whiteborse. He is taking out a few furs, among theniis a
black fox,, the equal of which has
never been seen by the oldest inhabitant. It is a beauty and will
run away up iu three figures.
The recent arrivals in the district
are: Mr. Jas. McLean and wife,
Mrs. J. Bender, Mrs. Davis, Miss
Eva Jiladow, and Mr. Bert Walsh,
now at Discovery. I. H. Nelson
aud wife, H. O. Morse and wife,
W. A. Scliafer and j\!r. Morse, a
brother of H. O. Morse, all of
Boulder. ' Fred Taylor, Robt. Mc-
Nca aiid J. P. Lamb mushed in over
the Fantail. Mrs. Tom Machcll
came in by dog team and Mrs. Cal-
laghan by the last stage. ;
;P^Fkthkj-;stonhaugh:;Stanks: ;■,
"^Following /is-a list of the cbmpet-,
itors and their ^'scpres' opposite. • ,/ : '
AVilliains; P"",3P;:>"Eggert: /;77. •^■■■■■yz^
Hickmaii;„,P   09 PBragg1;-..,.■'.,-'■  / 724/
Smith /'', P/z'/PagP ;;Kershaw;, .'■;. ."21
NicoitP/V^PP^g;; pSiuclair//-:;/'-:,//-2i;
RosselliP;/ ;i '^S ;yHasletf ■';'.,p"'/'/2o;.
Andei-spn'P;PP267v iGonroy :;y-" ■:'iP:2b:
Cummibgs ;yy26:- vHainpfph;/.P.:; 'tS /
Ybung; ,P;.■'■:.':';iafc.\..Rpss-PfSpPP,;is-
.Cartnielr \:v,-'li6/ Dovvling :y'^.-,.-J;'T?:
: ^"'-"yz/^'/'/zPRosspTKOPKy.;/::,':/: :.p;.y". 7
P/Fpllo^wiiig is:the-result of the/last.
game iii Atliii: ,/ /c'yy,[ ';■;, -y. p'"'P;p'P
' : Fetherstoiihaugli; 1 o;': Fraser'S.   "
game:.iii*:Discovery: :yyyyy:\ P^P/Ppip'-;:
PyGilmore; i2;;:Cartuiel;Sp:v ; y,y; ;' ; "
:-■'- Result P'olV."s.eiiii:fi'rial.: played'in:
Atliii:;;p.;-- -yv ;.p-y yy.:y ;''7.';/,;;;:;y;';p;/■'.;:;;.;.
'Gil more ii-yFetherstpnliaugh, 7.P7;
P- The:last finalto be'played'iii:Dis-;
y;;:.:   ";MARKIlii>' ysP:'SlNGi,]iry!:P "":;
;' .Married.--^Fetherstonhaiigb'skPpi,;
Gummings, William'spSinclair;^/'•'-.'.■'.■.
;, Singie. --p'.Suiitapskip,,. Cartm:!,
Kershaw, Jamiesou; ic. -   /y
just arrived at Pilhnan's: — Fresh !=^-5
butter    eggs,   lemons, oranges  aud
;" j; M. Ruffner;;! manager of the
:PineP Creek:yPovyer Company, .is reported as.coming inoyer. the. ice
about the'middle-of the month with
about thirty men; ..'He is bringing
along a steam' shovel 'with which he
intends to enlarge ■his ditch from.
Surprise, lake :to the pits on Pine
creek, afterwards continuing onthe
ditch to Spruce creek.. ;.
 — «©o-r- r-	
The following is; from an old At-..
■ l.iriiteP who, once in a .while, feels a
tug at the heart-strings", for-the
scenes and. struggles'of the North.
"■■-. Ta'ffiy AuldFreens-—The Atlin
Hech! chiels, this is an ay.'fu town,
We hae neither frost nor ice,
But fog,   and   slush, and rain,   and
'mud, '■■";'
And ither things as nice.
We never hear the burl 0' stanes,
Or music o' the beasom's swish ;
But din o' cars and auto jars
Are thick as ony man could wish.
I'often wish'to. don ma bonnet
Au lay aside all care and sorrow,
An daunder down to see 'R. D.'
Aud hear   him   t-.ay   'just take that
burrow.' '    -
But when I slick ma nose outside
And catch the raw wind aff the bay,
Nae   neighbor's   cuat   that   I can
An in-turn's what I like, to play.,
They talk about the sunny South,
Gie me   tlie North, 'ma'ng my auld
Let them play baa's, bailli base or fit,
(base or football)
Gie me the lion net, beasom, siccus.
The   latest   magazine.-,   al   C.   R.
^^S^P^^^^Si ;A^LIM,E,;:C.,'   SATURDAY, .APRIL -6, v 1907  The Mn'iCim  TIIK A I I.IN CLA jAl (B i'iii)i.ishi:o cvniv T*.vrunDAY  ,;/MOnNiNc.    MAii.rp   ,*ni:t:   to   any   part c-r.Tiir  would  ron so   ccntb   prn  month ;   ��3.oo   ncn  VEftfl.      AOVEnTIHINO HATltD :  tl.OO PCM INCH r.ACH  ,7   (Nr.ERTi'on ;. rtCADIMO  NOTICKr..   IG  CINTK  A  LWJC.  ;  w^r.ciAL nATCs   oh   application, '���  -�����*  ,:    JOUPKINTlNCi :   P;.'.'-.'P'  ;  ILL-HCAOS. .    POSTUHS. ,    .  ,      .VISITING   CA11 OS. .  /t-CTTL-n-HCAos.      ;   /pnoonAMMCEl.     irrc.nTC. .  '���'���:���. onocnr.  promptly   cxqcUT.cny, ,  .       ;  ...PniCCS   MODERATE.       :.7.;'  Till"  AXLU-  Gl.AI.M -PuilMSUIS'(i:pp.,'liTU.-'  W.   Porii'iAiin'. ; Chant.    Kiiitou-Managkh.  1 hirik ItOver.  '���' ,.../������.' Que of pur subscribers^ took us. to.  :,/task:.this:.week;loryfai|ing,ias hereP  : /marked, to publish all that happened.    Sometimes discretion demands  -.- the: omission   of   unnecessary   and  :/unpleasant items."';'. Slioukl. \ve pub.-"  ��;;/;��� lish all that, is. told; us we; won Id ' be  strumming   on   aPha'i.'p  among- the  /.aiigels iii.about twenty minutes after-  7 ;; pur papers, were circulated. P ;.: /     P  ;; ::y  We; try; to "printy.items that are  ;..''.' -'.news, or that   win encourage,  help,  or cheer   any or all of us along the  7 ...trail of .life.     Especially,where it. is  -. ;ioiigii and steep,;-and.sometinies not  ;V too \vell Mjlazed;';:yAYe:;all dqirbtless  7 , ivbiild enjoy reading ''all the news"  '.."/ ..when'" it's   about "the other fellow,  p  ; but bur policy is to turn over to1 the  ;"P gossips, the   spreadingPof/scandal.'  ppSuc.1i talk that leaves only bitterness  .and heart-burnings in the path.  " ;      The editor   who   can   suit everyone is not suited   for 'this earth,  he  is entitled to a pair of wings.   TIu-  inan   nature  is so constituted'Unit  some of  our   readers would like to  have us-dish up choice anecdotes of  ' their neighbor's doings; some would  like  to   have us   tell   the plain.'unvarnished truth, while others would  " be   caliiped   on   bur   trail   witha  'sawed-off  gun, if we did.    It is a  comforting   thought   to   know that  ">the   Lord   liimself   did  not please  'everybody  during  the time he tarried on earth.  - We labor to entertain and please  our patrons and subscribers, but  that -we' occasionally fail is to be  ��� expected, at the same .time always  bear in mind that���we are willing  \o be forgiven.  city. dailies or weeklies to, follow  thisTule, as their subscribers live at  a distance an<! are not personal  friends, as is the case with the majority of our subscribers. Our subscribers ''.should deem it an honor���to  know that wc do not doubt their  iiitegrity-iiconscquently'wc continue  to send them the paper, after their  lime lias expired.  Should any desire' their paper  discontinued they should notify us  andrreiyit to dale. ' Do wc make it  plain?  ; p   ;  ;  '���;. y ; yThe Prospector.  In  the  Iron Store formerly  occupied by,Stables &  Lumsdcn.  mcij  Again, wc were asked "-why the  -���.--.we kept on sending the paper  after the subscription date had expired." Here's the explanation. '  Every weekly newspaper, especially  ju a district like Atlin, is forced to  do tliis. Should we stop subscriptions when the lime expires many  ol our subscribers   would   give us a  ���KnightPerranl. of a century that  knows no ������romance, the prospector  hits tlie trail alone for the tall uncut, y-'R'azbrless, he perforce must  grow a /beard. Persecuted by the  ubiquitous-mosquito, suffering all  the ills ofcCxposure and privation,  he eats his dough boys, smokes his  twistand is content. Impelled by  an urgent: faith, he perseveres and  fails:and is forgotten, or, he finds,  aiid is famous.  .'���: Unsuccessful, he is spurned and  flouted;.',; Successful, he is fawned  -upon', flattered, aud not in frequently".'.'spoiled!/ /p  'A .badly regulated thirst is not an  unusual concomitant of the first  flush of achievement. For this,-the  one specific is a return   to the bush.  But, lcyity apart, his country  owes to the fearless, tireless prospector a surprising debt of gratitude. Were it not for his perfervid  enthusiasm Canada would not now  be leaping the rich haivest, nor  would she be taking her place with  the great mineral producers of the  world.  Laws are made with an eye single  to the glory of greedy corporations;  lobbies are vocal with the clauior-  ings of special interests. The broker, tlie banker, lhe miner, and the  operator howl to the' .legislative  moon when all things do not fit  their fancies.  But the prospector, unprotected,  uncaring mayhap, is silent. He  cannot organize, he does not strike,  fie dies strange deaths in lone  lands. Hymned by no bard, unsung of poets, the prospector is gird-:  ing up his loins against another  season of peril and flap-jacks. We  wish, him God-speed! Prospesity  be with him! Prosit.���The Canadian Mining Journal.  Canada's population during 1907  is going to increase by leaps and  bounds.     Steamship agents  estitn-  M3' Goods are all  Fresh and  of lhe.best quality.     Prices  moderate.  'OIS  ���-���nl  First Street,  ^^VVVVWVVwVWVWVVAAA��>Vx,ArtNAiAA'^^  wrtwti Biwiiifitiffl i/fa^ts&w fid  Konkad Wawkkcka, Man'agkk,  Id  ���J  ewers   of Lager/ B^er ��� ssssd Porter,,  SMALL AND LARGE ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  nn  HI?  T.r  -TTENA.Y  HOTEL  OPEN DAY AND.NIGHT.  iPi^Pil^ft^S^-Dic;- {^St^v0*.  The Par is supplied   with,   none   but   the   best brands of Liquors  - and  Cigars.     First-class  Billiard aiid   Pool Tables.  DIXON    &   SCHULZ,,  Proprietors.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C.  FIRST   CLASS    RESTAURANT   IN    CONNECTION.  ���gsnifcCTTAI  CllOIUSr WINLS. LIQUOKS AMI) CHJAItS CASr.-COODS A SI'I.CIALTY.  IRON   PIPING,   STEEL   AND   BAR  IRON,  DYNAMITE AND GELIGNITE,  GASOLINE.  Stores in Ati.in and Di.scovkry.  "calling down" lor insinuating that'ale that 12,000 foreign born Iabor-  . their credit was not good. So, rather jers will leave their native homes in  than cast a reflection against tin..- .1 few weeks to come to Canada to  honesty of a subsciibcr to pay a i work 011 ��� railway construction. It  small debt, it. is next to a necessity I is not expected that any of these  lor a home paper lo continue to j men Will buy return tickets. They  send the paper after the lime: lias expect to save money and settle ou  expired.     It is not necessary for ���.lie, fanning laud,.  IOB  PRINTING  AND   COMMERCIAL WORK. .  CARDS,  POSTERS AND HAND BILLS   >';'������*'���  Executed  Cheaply,   Promptly and Satisfactorily,  ���''... THE CLAIM OFFICE.  QO&r.>&OQOQrjV0QO*fy*O.Qft*^^^^^  The Atlin Market Co., Ltd.  FRESH   DRESSED   MEATS,   also*  POULTRY  OF  ALL  KINDS,   Dressed to Order.  Tf""-***"'"'**"*'*" vifirtr  '��.,   OOELKER    Wl**na cr. m  ATLIN, ;-B/rC.,;SATURDAY^P  House Proceedings.  i.....���.;P ;:,',-l-',i,oiii:oiri',.Si>ecJaI Corriwiiiiiiiloiit. . ,,.  ::.Victoria, B..C;.;?';Ma'r. 23,?,i907.  The expected -'debate you Preun'er  P McBride's ,;'.'PetterPr^rins''; -resolu-'  : liohP(licl.'uibt.'tiiiiteiialix.e'��� this.week;  p FrotnPMonday. it was i postponed;'ii li-  ���-"til Wednesday, -aiid again lillTrri-  ': day.'"PTheii'������ the? matter 'was'-laid  ; .over, til lhext week. P'cP-'/y PP: ;:P/.y  ���P .-'.Theyreason plbrp;these  repeated'  postponements; ?bfy discussion -on "a  j .nialtei"':of such v'ital. iiiterestnndj 11.1-  ,fcportMuce;:;to:;;tliis;..pi'bvnice; jsiibtja  '''.y'su'rpr.isiiig-^  p;it-allMs7that.>Mr. :J;;Ai McDonald--  p 'niale,and;(biuale', ;McI)ouald,,as-he  ;;;:is genera lly: called; iicny-a-days--and.  .,; his colleagues:of tliebppositibn .arc  pbirtliiPlibnisibf adileniinaPy^'P;-;;;:;;  ? pPIf they endorse-premier .'McBrid'e'.s  -- resolutions/ho Wy are ? they'going;:.'''.'f'c':  explain: their 6l.)jectioiis': to: -'"Better  yTerms''Pas shqii.tecf: byPthem in; the  P���cam'pa'igii /speeches bftseyen"y weeks:  y ago? 'p-py .-y;;;p::-;';"���"���'Pp /'P' y/:ryy :*:'/>���:/  .-';���'; And -if they/refuse to/e'ndbrse iPre-i  ,.mier iVIcBride's resolution,?;how;on  -earth -are P-theyp goiugPto '-explain  '':frliieir.-re^vsons;;to.P.tlie^Pjudignaut:.peq;:.,  pie: bf-Britisii^Ciolumbia? ?P ;',Ppp7'?-7  :. :p These/, t hen, rare' theft wo horns :oi'  the. dilemma," upon .which the? leader  , pi: the '.opposition .'jukI his colleagues  -���-���!��� /������iv'-f.:-.---.-'': :v.v-       y-,y.v.,y.-y-,",,-,:,,.,���    ,,7-,��  y^.'  ;-.a"re.;;\vrigg!iug.p;;p.--Aii'dy;..:.tlie..;gpv_er  ;nientpsits, an(l, smilesp grimly^ as tit  - watches.their? torments/p"p:^P Py"' ���'  p- ���Wha t makes p the --matter, worse?-- is  t h a t t h e be I ter? term s - reso 1 ti t i o ii se n t  to Ottawa   three 'sessions' ago   was  ::'framed'-by/Mr." JPA..McDonald and  his colleagues.    ; It'-was a resolution  such  as   no , self-respecting, .public-  :spirited citizen need  be ashamed of.  But it made a whole   lptiPof trouble  at Ottawa.'aiitLMr^J, A^McDoiialct  and his liberaLfollowing got a ?'caIlia g down' -wliich,.;,they have,not yet  forgotten.yPThe great leader ol the  liberal    party: said    things   which  scared   them   cold.      And   now the  government-, quietly asks./these/un-  "-.',/.Si*. .UAiiii.N's.On'���jiir:ii''oi.,,|!Npi:iA-'Nu. ....���;'���':.  ;,' Sunday  morning si;i-vic��is;:ii-i* rendered"lit  I l.:o'clqelt;. iWiii. 0,>, llnl lioWi'. lay render/������':  p.;;,.,:. Pii'i5Kiiv.Tisi"(iAS;;Onijiici'i;P;7   /Pp  Siiiiilii.v, iii6riiiii(!'.sui-vi(!i;M II ii'idoi-!*, .Sun-:  iliiy .Kcli'bi)|,.;,iit:';-12.1fi;-  rlivetiiiiji   servic'irT-M..  Afternoon ^service, ut '.'.Diseoyiiry'.*..Smidiiy  school at. i: !l(i.',.".   . PP '  fortunate gentlemen to once more  sacrifice themselves for the good of  British Columbia; by again?wofinding: Sir Wilfrid's tender sou! with a  ."Better..Terms'.'...resolution.'.. Is it  anyTwonder they are unhappy. ?  The eight-hour, smelter,, bill'passed, ilsyseeond ���reading, and was reported in committee on Friday, with  only one yslighl alteration.' Premier McBride supported the measure.  He pointed out that his government  had consistently refused to allow  the proposed act to pass during previous sessions; their objections being based, and rightly so, on the  fact that the smelting industry of  British'. Columbia' was not then in a  position which could be deemed ripe  for such legislation. Now it is  diffeiem, The development of the  country justifies the passage of  a measure, the enactment of which  at an earlier dale, would have been  a serious set-back to the principal  industry of the province.  The socialists and ,the liberals:  claim the now assured passage of  the ���measure as a great victory for  .Hawthornlhwaitc, who, to use their  own language, has 'forced' this bill  through the house.  Nothing could ,be wider from the  truth. Hawthornthwaile is not���  and never has been---in a position  to    'force'    anything   through    the  house. PAlrP.McBride .and/his: colleagues wercvaty ho lime opposed?? to  II ic/;-Gig hi-hour smelter, bill on? its  ''merits",P'i'.ud/'did nol hesitate,UP.repeatedly -tell PllieP house ?/sop?? The  una pinions y concurrence .Pofy both  sides of.ihe.hqiise���rthcre:was not:.a  dissenting voice1 on the.second rcacl-  iug-r-in -tlie; views?expressed :by;;.:Mr.,  Mc'Bricle.Pis/^i^siifiiciei't. guarantee.;  that the time ;has now grown? ripe  ftirpPtlfe-Puieasn^ PlawP  'iMierev\va's'ii6*v.'q"ue's'tibii'.;6t  pi;,.''.-'force!-'; about yitP'Plt is. simply a:  inaUer"bfra:;strpng aiid/busiuess-like'  governineiit/passingPair .act "at.the:  proper, time;;.^p'-P:P?-?P;:' f"'P" Pp-''PP,;:y.P'  V'-"';:���':; ���'- '���':':'I'.:.���':"��� :Mafch;25th'.rv"  ;;���" ;,T h e" lb 11 g-fex pec" t ed ? d eba te: '���; 6 ii: the?  ''Better. "Terms' '^resolution :P.cbm-;  meiiced'-thisPafterubonP;?; ;Mry-Mc^  Bride',, in a ?quiet audi temperate, /but  convincing speech,P: went fully, in to  the question, relating the,-sleps:tak-,  en:b\' liiuvas/the,; represeutativePof  the ,:peoble ;o:f;;ihis;proyince:;at.;the.;  Cbnfereuce; of.^-Premiers at ;;Ot!awa'i';  and givin"��� his reasons for his '.with--  drawal frbiii thedeliberations.P .The  e ffec L'.'"6 f 11! e, :p 0 \v e r fu t, :'a r g uin e n t s: h e  adduced/ihplavdiv ofPhis.resblutipii  aiid. ii'r-suppprt ?6f/^'BetterPTenus''-  ���:beingyevident "WiTenPthe leader-of  tlie,'pppbsition.rose..to reply.  ���'.'., Mr. McDonald's: speech was pro-  bably   one"; of   the, weakest; efforts  along: the libe of oratory which ; he  has ever inflicted on the house. ��� He  produced a resolution of his own as'  ���an/amendment, udiicli-.'was a niost  remarkable   -document./";'?-  The; 'first  part ofit. was���-that .the' house had  no confidence, iti   McBride; and tlie  second part  endorsed the Premier's  action at the Conference of Premiers.  It can be readily imagined how difficult was the' task   of speaking   in  support" ol "such a resolution.;   'For.  an .hour; he ? flop ndered from bad   to  worse.?fin-illyPdragging in ;lpcal pol-  i.ljcs, accusing the  Premier ofbeing  unconstitutional,    and   reproaching j  theiiousefor  having a conservative  majority and'the country for having  elected it so.  Thic Manin-tulc Gallkrv.  Premier McBride's resolution   on  the "Better Terms" question carried  by a vote of 22 io 9.     .  FUfcL: LINESpOF-  /purM^re,fQrG^  ?//(Jarj>ets,i; yQiMlot^  .SOPMICT-  yg,W.  .'������ ST-'-  WHY SEND  OUT'WHEN   YOU OAK  GET GOODS AS GHEAl' ItEUR .���' .  . , .  : -'Atliii, Nugget and   Grape-Ring"-  nnd air kinds of Jewelry.. munii  f<i<-tiircfl 011 the Dfcinisiis..���'"���' ',,   ;   . .    P.  .Kine:Ne��-,.Stock  of   Watches,   Clocks, Jewelry''.nnd' Diamonds  Wiltclios from?:",.00 up.        , Asonts for Columbia Gramophones.  Silverware, Cut Glass, Hand Paintisd China, Souvenir Spoons  JUiES:viEMERT:^:S0N,  Safety  Deposit?Vaults.  jPATJvIN  AND  DISCO Vlv.RY,/y,P       p :  WatcKmakers and Manufacturing Jewelrs.  The undersigned having been restored to health by simple means,  after suffering for several years with  a severe lung affection, and that  dread disease Cox.SUMi'TiOX, is  anxious to make known to his fellow sufferers the means of cure.  To those who desire it, he will  cheerfully send (free of charge; a  copy of the prescription used, which  they will find a cure for Coxsumi--  tion, .Asthma, Catakkii, 'Bronchitis and all throat and lung  M'ai.ai/iks. He hopes all sufferers  will try his remedy, as it is invaluable. Those desiring the prescription, which will cost them nothing,  and may prove a blessing, will  please address .  Rev. Edward A. Wilson,  Brooklyn,  N.Y.  �� ��� ���������� ��� ��� ����������������������������������� ���-���-��<$o<s  P���".'���'���'/.-    They   are   Waiting   for   You!  IN  a!T13;  �� ; Hats aotid Dry Goods,  J? CXOMCCVVBOI H   111    him IWIIIT f npill      IT~n   Wf  .Carpets', aims House Furnishings.  FULL    LINIy   OF    BOOTS    and    SHOKS,  also    GOLD   SEAL    HfP    GUM  BOOTS.  Successors to j. H.  .-���-�����-���-���-���<�� CK  ^ Allan and  ^��f   Discovery,, B. C.  Richardson.  The "C  k   of   C  The Atlin Branch of this Bank will be closed on  April 15, and all deposits undrawn at that date will be  transferred to the Skagway Branch.  Customers   are   requested  to   close their accounts and  withdraw   documents and , valuables left for safe keeping  ,.      . . ���* .  or   escrow; . . .  ATI.ix,  13. C,  March  i^th,   1907. J. A. SMITH, Muii-^cr. ATLIN,    B.   C."    SATURDAY,     APRIL   6,   1907.  Fancy Dress Carnivals.  AT DISCOVERY RINK.  A very successful and largely attended fancy dress carnival was  held ,011 the Discovery rink last  Saturday evening. The weathei  being fine there was a large attendance Irom Atlin and the creeks.  Gilmore's gramaphonc band, was iu  attendance, and Air. Robt. McKay  also very generously gave several  soul-stirring'selections on the pipes  Prizes were awarded as follows:  best fancy costume lady, Mrs. Davis  as 'Paper Napkin;' best dressed  gentleman, O. Rorke as "Courtier;1  best dressed girl, Miss Maud Iias-  lett as 'The Fencing Girl;' best  dressed boy, Robt. Roxborough as  'John Chinaman;' best sustained  character, W. Morrison as a 'Klondike heater;' and a consolation  prize'eonsisting of beer checks made  into a watch fob, which was presented to Policeman Hanna, who  earned the prize.   .  A race for boys resulted in a very  close and exciting finish, the first  prize going lo Harry Br'uce(.and the  second to Harry Costigan.  Lack of space forbids; otherwise  the costumes worn would be given  in detail. Considerable amusement  ��� was afforded by a series of mock  trials held on the ice, in which the  judge, the policeman, aud several of  our piominent citizens figured���the  last named as prisoners at the bar.  squad,' Ben N'icoll, iu his laughable Dutch comedian make-up made  fun lor everybody. There was a  laryc . number of spectators who  seemed 10 be enjoying themselves  about as much as the skaters.  There is some talk of a dance being given iu Atlin sometime during  this mouth, under the joint auspices  of lhe A. O. U. \V. and A. B. societies.    Tnc idea is a good one.  Canadian Pacific Railway Company.  AT ATLIN RINK.  The fancy dress carnival held ou  tlie Atlin rink last Wednesday evening was a very successful and brilliant affair. The Discovery people  came down in force and helped to  swell the number in attendance considerably. Bandmaster ' Holmes'  furnished sweet music a la grama-  phone, and Mr. Robt. McKay set  the blood tingling with his melodies  on the pipes.  The costumes were many, and  varied in their design, and made a  beautiful kaleidoscope effect as the  merry skaters flitted hither and  thither ou the ice; and the building  echoed and resounded with the peals  of joyous laughter, fun and frolic.  Indeed it was remarked by more  than one that such a turn-out would  have done credit to a large city. It  must have taken many a busy moment to design and make up some of  the really handsome costumes worn  by the ladies.  For the best dressed lady character the prize went lo ,\Iiss Dicki-  son, whose costume was that of an  Indian woman. Miss Kathleen  [laslett captured the young ladies  prize, as a 'Kate Greenaway girl,'  aud she certainly looked quaint and  dainty. Mr. Sam Johnston as 'The  Kentucky Colonel' was awarded  the gentlemen's prize, and Master  Marry Costigan as a typical cow-  puncher, was given the boy's prize,  jack Ci'.rtmel as 'Buster' was very  good and came in for the consolation  prize and���incidentally���a generous amount of clubbing from the  two very energetic and zealous officers of the law, Messrs. Hanna and  Rorkc,    the   two   'dandies   of   th.e  NOTICE.  NOT [(JI' IS UI'.UKl'V CIVKN that -i-Miliu-  utiun will he made t(i I lie be,'.-islat ive Asscin-  lil.v of t lie Province of BritUh Columbia, nl  its next session, for an net to iiinent! the  I'lii'ilie, Northern nnd Oinineeii Itnilwiiy  Ai:t, IIIUU, lieinj'-lil Victoria, eliuiiler 50 of the  statutes of lhe I'rovinee uf British .Columbia, liy u'iviny; the. Oomoauy power to construe!, Pi|iii|i, operate and maintain a line (if  railway alsoifrom t hcjiinctinu of ihe Skeena  aud Copper river.*., or (he vicinity thereof, in  Coast District, to t he junct Ion of t he llulli-  ley and Telliwii rivers, or the vicinity thereof, in Coast District, ami to amend the  i'lU'ilie. Northern and Oiniuccn llnilwny Act,  Amendment' Act, l!IO:i, heiiiff .! Kdwnrd VII,  chapter 1(1 of the statutes of the Province of  Uritish Columbia, hy ex tei id inn- the time for  the completion of tho work of construction  of the line of railway, as limited hy section 2  of the said Act,, until t he :llst. dayof August,  1910.  Dated at   Victoria, II. C,  this 2-ith 'day of  February, A.I)., 11)07.  iiODWELL A-  LAWSO.W  Solicitors for the applicants,    mltitapli:'..''  Hampton   &.    Durie,   . .    Proprietors.  Discovery.  OPHN  DAY AND NIGHT.   '  First-class Restaurant in connection  Heudiiiiurters  for Dixon's stime.  ���  Visiting  ATLINTO LODGE  A. F. & A. M.  "'No. -12,  G. It. H.C.  lteprular commuiiicn-  tions held ou the first  Thursday of each'month  "in. tho "A. O. U. \V. Hall,  Third Street.-  brethren cordially invited.  r.      BARBER SHOP.  J. W. THOMPSON, aiANACMJK.  BATHS  FIFTY CUNTS  Private lintrance lor Ladies.  Lowney's lie^h Chocolate.*; ^i.ooj  ncr lb., at C K- Bonnie's. |  Synopsis of  Canadian  Homestead   Kcnuhilion'i.  /\ XV available Dominion bunds within  .jC3_ the Kailwuy Melt in Uritish Columbia,  may he homcstcndeil by any person who iq  the sole head of a family, or any male over IS  .vein's nt iii-i', to the extent i>r onc-<niurU;i-  seeiion of IllOueres more or less,  Km rj* must be iiiiule pei'souully lit t he local  land olliee for tho district in which the I it i ill  is sit mil*.-.  The luiui."deader is reiiuired to perforin  the conditions coniieeled therewith uudor  one of the following plans;  (1) At least six months' residence upon nnd  ii ill ti vii I inn of the 111 ml in each year for three  yea rs.  (2) If tlur father (or mother, if the father Is  ill-reused) of the homesteader resides upon li  farm in (lie vicinity of the land entered fin-,  the rei|uii-emen1s us to residence may be  satislled by such person residing \\*itli the  father or mother.  (:!) If the settler has bis permanent residence upon fai'iuiii'.: land owned by him in  tlie vicinity of bis homestead, the j'eiiuire-.  meiits as to residence may llo siitislied by  residence upon the said.land.  Six mouths' notice iu writing should he  (riven to tlinCominissioner of Dominion bunds  at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent,  Coul lauds may be purchased tit $111 pur acru  for soft emit and $20 for anthracite. Not more  than ;12II acres can be acquired by one individual or company, Uoyntty ut the rate of  ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be cot-  Meted on the gross output,  W.W.C'ORY,  Deputy of the ��riuistor of the Interior  N.ll.���UiiiiuUiiiri/i'd pulilii'iitiiiii of this nd-  Vort.iscutetit- will no' be I'liid ft,--, .j'-;'|-t>'.tl  ALASKA   ROUTE   SAILINGS.  , ��� Steamer Princes   May sails  April - 13th,   and   23rd.  SailliiK- from Skagway 8p.m.  Direct  to Vancouver  and  Victoria.  Trnnsportinn- by rail or .steamer to Seattle without, extra chur^o  <  Wo hivo uuiolc service.   .No internieiliato calls.   '        TIH"      1?)      T"\  Kor rates or information apply to   '  JLJL.    _L).     JL/Llll'llj  A mill I, Skagway.  ���-*$>  USE OUR .ADVERTISING  " COLUMNS  Placing* before the public  the many advantages of  the district is the object of  ���^���a��o^��^o^ct��a*c��*o**D."->:c>3^w  ���a*o.*):(*.ct*'o.*>'0'��o*o^o.'��<:t*ao*i:'<sC'��c^c**o*L:t^a^o*o*i:>*c'<>  This cannot be. success  fully accomplished without the generous support of  the business  people and  the residents.  SEND US TOUR SUBSCRIPTION  *-*-<��><��>++-+-<  ���-���-��-��� <s>  ED.   SANDS,   Proprietor.  A Strictly   First-Class   Hotel.  Only the  Choicest Wines,  Liquors  and   Cigars used.  DLSCOVURY, li.  C.  Atlin View  Letterheads  We still have a few  pads left. The only  Letter Paper to use  when you are writing to your friends in  the East.  To be had at The Claim office.  t-4


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