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The Atlin Claim 1905-04-10

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 it ifeti&fcbCwinasJiarjft  j^pj^p^jjSSBj^^  .#��'  ^S  ���������,:.���'.-1 ' :t������."���'('j;:  ���v.-,  A &&.���:��.  .:'.��� ���'������' /ii ���':'.-:'.-   ".  C^::  MM  ';V0rv.-.-;Vi;--::-';:':i-;;:'-;;:'v^--'-';-:>.s- ",-- - :���;.;:';  1 'T'luiislru !'ass^Apfir.:3rtr:"-rAll is;  /cpf ieU..^Tli^  ���'.bV'tlie J.ir]'i:uic^e:;eni:'ciual!y'coiK:e;ils  ;t.hc:stri':ngth^  lion's. ;*i:,;Coiltrudictbry;;reports,;:-are;  vb'cijig'vj'.ec^  ;:tiyes;*\\"liicll inc!icai;^;tliaLV llifcrc^is::!,.  ;.cpiislat^bi'.i.iQy  tbahe ;iiUi"tlr-.\vt;sl,:-as",thoiigii;;\Yilli  ;i 1 f e; i 11 tei it i o i i K) lv :eilc6l i i vgj a; I: it r i ii i ig  "���nioyenient".."at xKirlii;do^cpver^fhlT  ;begin!iii)g;-bl::^aiv>-attaclv^:o7  ;;'vostockv;-:^  ccoistruefidiuo'pa :raiirpadY;ffihn:;Sih,  ;Miii;Tiu ib;::Mfikdeirfias'begun/:.:;;;  ���."i-'iv'j-r ivi'.bi 11" ;:'_:~c;VJ?�� si i Vess::,: isVp a r a jy >����d;:-;,.  iT:lie;juajoi;ii\^or-tlie;:teuia'k;jK;)JHila-  tionjri ,:leaynVg; I-Iarbin. It'is;be-:  ' tiered ./tlial:.:;tbc;:;ja[>anese:;:ai-e.vpre-;  sparing:;a bold"turning move'iueiu;;  : v.iroba bI y -to ": t11 e" ���-:eas t ward. Tiie  ;.Pussiah"eavab:y;:H^^^  ;ly iii;order'to-JayOid a-re^titipi^bf.  ;the:surprise ���6(':-ii;ukd^iiy:-^---S-^.:K;:^'  ;;);>Zeig1ery;M.;l]^  :; fear fii 1.: ;e x p i bsiofi^:! i a s; ��� dec 11 r red;-; i ii  ���Tlie^fosepikLeit^  '���:. .2 o: nii ii er's :.:��� have.. :beei fdc iUe'd'f.a hd;;: S;  Ayijufedj:;;;;;^;;;.-^  "  ;: Lbiidon,;April- 3'nff--;-Pwiug:.tba  .vsUglit':':.'6pera'tioi^/'.;'vUie::;''Priii.ce.:>:prr  '.";; A TIJ Ny: 11 C;v;: SA T l],R:I> A y;i ���   A 1-' R i I  .',0,. too;;.;  <XO:  A09.:  Green :iu!uiits; That; Tli'ereMias;beef!.  irreguhirilJes."mi"Ltlie  ,I.yajnds.;;:and;;  ;VVoi|;s; ;d )i par Lnienfi^^^jlix^i-Js,^^^  leef ;Coiiiiu if tei;;.. 'to;; i ii yestiga te ��� t lie.  ���: lyitiuia Ireland;:: question Mnis^coui-  .i.1'1 ti Ti ce tl:;.-;j > ix>;p.e e'��!: t'ig.s..^'^ ���-..>;' ������..;/.::',.:Vj.! .U-.-:;.: -^-Y_: ���'���:"���;,  ;l'::b'Ua>v;v^  minion-P^  :ex;tensii>u of; The Prbylffcc^oPMahi^  tdba:u(iitil: after "'the^\ailbuoiny; bill  is;..;-.parsedn'anii;vfhitiirio; cooSuliedr  The5:;;Manitpba; '���:.-G;pyernnVe.iiil?;--;::'de".  ���iiia)Yd.sV;af-.-^  aiid;;-says';::0-' '��� On.ta ri<>, :��� Ay i 1 ie h;:; 1 id w  ''vA-i i'l.l'"t;LJ 't^:''--=/IS^AV^'.'  '<">  At'Iitl-'H^aratilic :;Men ^of to  ;'::'���:-f ;/Bnipl67:.Ta ps;V:;::;.;:;::..:;:  :'���     :iv:i:':tl'"roi>i the llaily Ah<shait.i ' ;  '      :;..  ;;;���Tjicre is'fubJirut^  ii-b'm Atlni;i]uit;the..liy(Vraulie::inei);  ; t> ��";.' "Li i>i l., tl i s't r"i;tr.'l:.'*.'1 V"i W e- ;-:'.cp n 1131 "i I'e-'cl ���'". .f 'o'r  ;fhe'purposerot ;eni ploying iPricn tap  ;lnp'p;r;.;.i'ii;.vti^  'rhitt7ris,;ihe;,ideclara.tidii - of; J. ,.A;  Fraserf. t he-gold commissioner-, an d  caches :jalnes-Ba^;dug!n  ,Glkinu:���cif'.A''tlinV������:;^v:^i':^���:���;������^,:���.���'���^;::;':;:.v:���:^''���'  eon s hired: !'>  ;; ^kahpre, ;;Incliii;;;. April.; .5'tli;:--:A.  v.i'bl.eijt^arLliquhke^  serio\is;-;lP.ss..-;;to:-'-::life;.-;amb|ig  tfrid'^'vi^  !tp/j5iiildiiig-'s;-'V:;-.���'v-'-';.-::;-.;: ;��� ���^'������''^fl.v.V;:'-'^''  :.:: S t:.���; I^'ete rsMj u'rg,:';'Apr i 1;; 5111': ~T11 e  [)rbsj^ects of-. a;��� ge 11 era 1 ;Yi.p511 eayab i.11  city iand,:v-couutry; are;iticreasni^g  dtulyv:?;:-:Ra.dical;:fbi"cesj;.:,::iictiiig^^^^^^^  u:dson,:are;:;tYA:aitihg;h;sigiii.iLj\vhich;  is';:,be!ieyed:;:vyiU^.be'Tgiyeh: /shortly  after:fh��;llu5siaii liaster;;[:4yyt:.iy. S:  :\\Hil&?.>.  je-eo  ;i!l!!ed,:i6.:;lu*;::i  for a te\v���.���'days'.' :':'.'���-  ���;;.'^St.;"���iretersiiurg,-' ; April .'v^vd:: --;  Trihce   Henry: of"   Prussia, reached  :Tsarkoeselo; this ;���'lupriiiiig, \ His  sudden appearance-foiv a personal  interview wiifi.the.Kmperor.loUoiy-  ��� ing his brother's:speech:id Taugierv  has creideda seiisalipu.; : ;      :     '   !  .; Stilairiioff says there hasljeeu .116  reiaxatioiy 'iii;The: preparations 'to  CDi'itiiiue.'. tlie... war.: -Tliere.: will ;be  ��� no.'������' new : iispbiliz'atio.i!. ;;i.|.o,ooo  troops have already staitccb for:..; the  -front,;and-these;afevtov be .followed  ���'bs'V-iv  portion- of: this, year's .'co'u-.  .".'���,���*. ��� ��� ���   1 ' "        '.'..'   '   c ���������'  ScriptS.   ���-.���.-:���.���-������ ������;;?������ .���/���--������v:--; ���-;������;-.'��� .-:.;-.-::-v ���������..  ."; Tokio, April 3id:--r There is  iniieli suffcrins:: anipug tlie Chinese  in -'tlie;. vicinity ofMukden. Scores  of villages have been deseroyeel in  the .recent: /hghting,' by which  ..'.00,000 hunilies ha\'e been 'ren- j  deied homeless and destitute. --."'" -:j  Soutliern;:::Pacifii:i.,W  :v.;^.fti.!a-?:-:;';tbK'SeattIe  ;;\SaiV Francisco :----\\"ilhiiixio;days  Uib-\Spiitheni:-Paciijcyx^lL run-.trains  to" ��� t-'Sari-tei^O^'er:::'''!:! ieff";K 0.t:i'U 's:'i;LivIv<.i:-:-  ci'fic;.1 i 11 e.:. The :couse 111 to f-11 e righ t-.,  ol-way^ was .obtained ; from; j'.; :J  Hill bvK. H. Harriman. ::;V'',::'.:���  ;;   Gassie WiH Do Time. ::  . ^Ii;s. ��� Chadwick';has 'been; sen--  tehced-\lo^teu years ;in /the penitent iary.;: ; M'ahy peorde ;��n1^ no;:  liui'ke the; niohey;she managed to  make out' of .the banks .'and 'Others  iti.''fifty years. V:-    ���;  Boxing:  -''i,M:i-.���'.'��� Fr-.as.er saic!'���.: ''Tt:. .vvoiVi'd'.. ;be  ,iihpbssible;for^t'lve:.diydra'ulic: po'nir.  j'Mi'ies-ytp^  eiiiploy:;A)rieiital/labor.' foi'v.fhe :;refl-  solV:that;every/ilydraulic':!ease..tll'at  vhas::-;beeiv,';-;:issued,.::'iii that; district  since: i; becaii!e;cbriunissibiier,..C'.;h-1  lai its a clause which:.'- provides:: spe-  C.ilicall\; that Oriental: labor.canu'ot  be.: employed:::;:;These ^lease's ;hi-  :clude*;;spme ;pf:;;the;:"property;;;tli.at  w\11 "lie:;;worked;:6,ii';-a\.large: scale  this:yeaia; :iThe:earlier leases,;;tlios.e  ���isstied V;iA^;iny::predecesspr,:'.:didvnot,  cpntaiii^thaticlaii.se.'.': - ;���/������,,.-.;..-.-.:,,'---;;.;-:;  ���^Tljis_jigi;eed;.,tliaf :jt::_wciujd:te nuij  ]ira.cticable. for , the. .hydraulic:'nien  tt) l'orni;a cpmbina^yjii-iio.'.vi. lor :,the  i"easoity;hat - they are;; scattered to  the lour corners ���..pi": the.; workl. :, if  it liad.,been Tri:;uied,;it isjjp't likely  tliat -it wpuld be known iu; AUi 11, as  none of thein are inthere no.w.   :  A. C.'���;���: Hirschield,' who ' came'  north 011. the Princess;;i\!ay and  left- for. Atlin, knows- 110thlug of  such an agreement and he. is in  touch with;rnany of; the hydraulic  companies.;'..  ''-���-Atlin Feels   .Lanana Booni ;:  Suirnpede To",-.The;biftle :i3e!ta   is  ::::     Greater Than Thait'CI TheDis-  eovery of. Fairbanks.   ;;     ;  rar.ioii "..Hart,'-  the '.iiiair   wlio  Wliipped-'- the' ..negro   heavyweight, j     This week ': two   of our   Boukler  jackdohnson,   will ineet Jiiu  J^l-j Creek pioneer prospectors have   de-  l-lie j eided to pull   out::for ;tiie   Tauana;  j. we 'wish them hick, but  still  think  . .j that a bird iii'tlie hand is \voith.two  :: . j in the bush.    We   may. see   them  jack again as was the caseoi inanv,  'Frqni' the' Recording Office' .'  ,';J:;;Loaslis;carleoUeiJ.::;:,..v.;;.;'....".:;.::,.-;  : ;;:'1|fie tpllowing���..'.Iiydraulic;;leases:-:  ���pbsted.;';;.p'n^;ihe.:';.G'oy  JKjard;: on : April:;iHt,o^will:;be, can-.:  ceiled; and; thro^y!!;opeii:;:lbr..:reloca--;,  f'ti^hV'-alier.^foj.irteeii-'cUiy'ff  any ;free"���������:-iiiiii'e'r-.-;���- -all" situated ;ou ���  A\;:iison ;Creek;:;;-:K:    "-%'*:���: ItSfiiyy-y  .y;;big;a;;!:'beiic!i lease,; Joi)irH.'.Ken;:  Jsite7'::;;:':;: ::;:'f-';;; '-y ^oiiii'T^Vrso'hs;:  ^;puelia,;!;,;:;;;:;;;i;^:;'v-:::>^   K:y 'yJ:A;c^Mo\ f!"  ���V.:-;:;, ;:i:;;L.';;Pr.oy.iu;;.  ' '':':-::5;f-).''"t:).:.libyle;':  ^';:'B;'Cf;ixlNe\yfiii-:;  .',';f)chref'^creekfease,;'!-; M:WatsoiL:  :'.'��� Dpll 1 te,-:':;;7   ;'������'������ :.i '��� JbllIVf''oiUl t ill 11  :  ������:'/��� :Obsidiau, '-;'���;..''^. ;:G:::Iv.;Angevilie.  t !������;  ���. i,  ��� \  tv"p  Glympic..';  psar-.^ :';-;;���;  OgygiaV";  pnyxi'J.:':  : ; On ;April; ^ici, ^notiee . vyas'-ppsle'dy'-'':'  'tluit'.iiie,;-following������;���.creek deases on:;.,  Spruce-Greek; became nto id :.:::;.  f y Ad art lan f;" (;;;;;{^M;; Tri:;:i'l cCa be'������_ :>  ;^r}rniiitii^  :' '.Coirccrci;.;:;:;;; ���;;;f^;c:::A'.;;Aiiderrioi;i;;:;'  ���.'. .*.'" J^ it; i j; el <se: / * ���'-;;;." f'": i_;'."-'";- "���;".::' v.;; :jja 11 i eiy,; ."Iii i i" n i"e';;;  :*' Empire,"' ;:; i;;; ���';..:/; fvlfHuuie ..���'���;'  .l'.' A'tiihV'-. . ;Frank;,\Veir:  :,rC'ousolidatioiiiM :.::W.;M;;Brook -.;  Sto.k.i;!: and    Recorded.       ,  The .following   leases on   MeK.ee  Creek,  have    been; .applied    for :  " Steam:Shovek'MjyiA. C.Hirscli-;;  feld ;..:.'.' Kess," by Ja.s. Simpson.  :.;;;Du;.Ruby "Creek;:��� "Craier.'"".  fractioii; placer claim, by Alfred ,T.  .A'bbptf;.'and���:'���!.Sandy,"; by' Frank ;  Abbott.;   f.,octifed, 30th'March.  Open. Up: Our Quari;z:Mi,nesf  lerierf for: the  champioush.ij).  .piir<=e"\vill be "a large one,      V  The. Rise and'Fall.  ;.  Mr. ;J.;H. Conrad: has ..now ;'f\o;..  lueiv working-on-'; the���-. Petty.: Giuitp  of mineral claims "at. Garcros-"..".'"  ���������Mr. Conrad, in an interview, ro-  niMrkeci that iic-Jfad us good ;i  showing as lie. had ever seen' in; all  his travels. .'..'..  .1   ,.!,;���   ��� \,���-il    rii, ���.yrf'irs  at-    lhe lowest and" highest tempera-  jjj f    t ;ill   wlll. le|-v here lor Aisek.  Uaibin,   Apnl ^lli .    :-\'l"\^ -al jlllrfcs  recorded   for the week are as'  tlie :-lrout  generally are   (|iuet,  ex-1 j-5;iinvs.   .    ���  '..���e|)tiug for skirmishes   by   CviMicral"! _\[.ir< -  MistCheuko's. Cossacks.,     Reporls j .\[lYi '  have beeii received that   there   i,s a I  mo\ement of  the  Jaiiauese   llyiny |.  cohiiiin   noitluvard   thiough   Man- i  churia, in the direction of Tsilsihar. j  The loss (if comiuissiariaf stores i  at   Mukden,    llussiiai,   Tie    1'ass.  Kaihuau anil Glia'u  l  '  2 I  1  .  20  2  2i>  ,1  2 2  .  -. ~  -1-  -M  ;i  '  -5  (')'  2b  hove  39 above]  1  kale wires from - Fairbanks  say:  Outfits are leaving', here daily; no  35  30  V>  Don't lie   afraid   of sunshine; it  o'fnfu has .beeuj gives   bloom  and   color.     "WhereJ -^ .^ |lu.lUll,n,(>1,niillioIi:   it  tiheav-)' 'dcpi'ivali'en to the Russian J the sun does not ei.ter, the doctor j      . Vi'.i]ciL.sl i-;,.,] "  '  army. ; ''  St.    I'etersbiiig,    A'|>ril    4th :  iiust,"is an old Japanese proverb. |  IP  A Maine woman, aunuyed by he! | L-i, inci \-.  he   .  , such excitement has ueoured since  j the discovery of i;airi::niks as the  i one occasioned by hile reports liotu  i the Little Doha.  I Already liuee to\vii"ites have  j been established, and buildings ate  j growing   like    mushrooms.       The  ' impede has depleted Fairbanks of'  is   of  onie of the staiu-  K-ders are actually   taking   in   imi-  Copper to ' Pay No   Royalty<���  An order-iu-eotiiicil is being pve-  pared Ao remil the roviilt;,' on copper for a-period of��� ten   years.    : ir  j Wiifred  'Laurie:-   ordered   thai, tlie  ; roya'ty !.:e taken Pi1-'.  j .""     --���-���-������--  j  ��� The .Boundary.  I John F. McGVaUi and l'Mu'in  j Sniifh. of the (.'. S. Coast":..mi (ieo-  ; detie Survey are on their way  I North. They uo to Sitka. Vaide/.,  '��� and St. Michaels.   "  Numerous  iirresis   continue   to   be. j husband's snoiing, quietly anointed |     'p)u.   stiike   is,    according to re-,  iiiade of parties   for .supposed con-! ;|1C; .sleeper's nostrils   with   mutton j t)0,-iSi   better   tliau that   of. Cleary I  nectiou w'uh   Terrorist  schemes to���! mHow, and thereafter slept in peace, j r'reek: the whole district   is   being  assassinate ('.ovenior General Trep'- 'tin; liearings of his  nose fieing well | hmked.  off. i lubricated.     Those, New   b'.uyland : ; ������ -  Victoria, b. C. Apiil-illr.-lloii. j women are inventive. | Mining Ilardwaie at'J. J*. Uurie's  Pete A'!e;e! and P. ii. Johns*. 11.  i-iiave purchased u claim on Spruce  ' Creek. Mr.. Johnson took' ;������ \ r.u  ! 011 the c'uiini; which went a; <:x.i  j forty cenis ii' cuar-.e gold  , ���r^f-*itii*-&zjiu.tix.iJj��-  --'>.;-J -..  m  A^iis.'Ji.-jTiiii^-,^.  �����.v*ViVi��Wvi>  XTJilN,-,B.    C., ,..' S ATiU.RJf;A;iv;. - ;A.PRrir  ro,   ; fgos  pip  '&/.>''':<?.,  IIji;  W  .TIie^tliiifGlaiii,  CORRESPONDENCE.  Z^^Z~~72'.Z'.'\ iTho Claim is. rirot-rnspo'iiKiUle lU.v vimvs c>;-  Iji.'��!.ss(;iI!ji* citrrespuhiUiii.tis.!]. -.'���:.  HI1I3 A I lulIS CLAIM isputii-isHct) rvtr.v gctuhuay���  ���''.-,;.     MOnNING,^   ���  M'AILCt)     rilCC-. tO'   AN\'!'r'f.i;T,pr..THL'  -     ��� ' WOULD    FOR- DO     CIINTS     PER    MONTH. I    '*.l1-0O     PI.;��"'  vcar.   ; AovsnTi'sinn hates p?.i. n'ri Per, nict 1 d'.cn  ins rnrioN,;  ncnoiNr. noTitt;r.,.i'r. cr.riTri a i;i?4^-  :,      ��� rfncciAi   nATCs   on 'ppucatiom. '.'��� .     , ..   <p ���  ���<���'::.-''''������, ���'': "'/:^,:':.i6i5-P?>!N'r!NG :     ,'.   '���������'. '''',���"������':";.-��� .j  tuLL-HOAtieVi   '"','-.;'���"  PosTC'risI'". visiting ;c.*> ��;.  MTTc'n-'HnAos,'       -    pnoGnAMMr.fi,'. . ltc.,' i:tc,  1 armnns.'pnoMPTU  Kxucuirro.','.' ���  ���:-nHiar.n. MoochftT.':,' P-v '"..'''���'."���  "he:..Fritz Millesv.Met3giori.al.'.  TllH 'AVri-liN   COl>AIM    PL'131.IK, ill NO GCK::  A.   (J;   H1 uses 11 fklu,' liiiiToii-I'icbviVi'ii'toi:.'  ;  '���'"���A*'---pennaiieHt.^ e:;liibil   ;of:, ������.our-;  HUarlzVaiid. bresat tbe;:GOyernmenl  yPuilding' would be of: great:. advaU-:  l)age:do; the-.Uis triet, "and "��� we  are  ��� glad, to see ".the matter'- InlrCu ;up::by  Vhe;Board of Trade.;   ft: is! apparent'  tb;all'fbat a P first-class;-orhibit of  samples from- our miiiesjand .pr'��s-  ���'������ pects would   be, welcomed   by .visi-  ���;. tors enquiring   after  Our'��� quar'tV. re-  ;���'��� 30urcespand would ;at:pnce; interest  .prospective investors.  ..-One-'of-the "chief attractions- in  ''';"���:'      :.���������':":���       ; ���   <>        ...... .  San Francisco is the- Stale ^Mining  ���;Q3ureau;:KjKhi.bit at 'yi.e.,KetPy.-'B'u.nd-  : tug.:;; Tha  great; resources 'of  the  Stale: (^���Galifoi:in'ii'-:a-re''a't-.-.-'oi'ice--'-ui;-.  ;;panan^.?y; '?P-,Pp.:p>   .,:::'.  ,,.":': IP&aMips ; v-heP nibs t: vi tap; ini pcu-t-  ; aiica- o�� Jsuoh an exhibi t - -here -would  be-the ease with which the ;ccliec-'  ;-'.bion"could:, be 'sent ��� to ;expositious,..  where 'now., it is .11 "a r'd 1 y, practicabi.e;  British;Columbia, the greatest mhi-;  ;er.aPpro\dnee 011 the-pacificM  is today unrepresentedvat'i'.l.lie.'.'L:e\y,isJ said;, and" done.,:the whialef amount  and   Clark.;:Fair;, -ac   Portiaud,   be'4cqlk:cte^^  be  P^ullor Atlin .Claim;, -: ���;''���;'''���''���.  ��� DcarSir.:���In    last   Saturday's  Claim   appeared  the 'final' conclusions ;of committee; of, tlie  Miller  MeiiioriaPFund-.    A great many/of  yo'up readers   do- not: understand  why/; the "anionlit  collected should  be.;'��� div.ieled, ; 11 lereby; inaki n g ���. ��� 1wo  memorials, when, at (.he first meeting heldfor that purpose,:\:ou,wii;i,;  uiv'ai KffnuK, it was distinctly liiider-;  stood   that   a-; puPdicPs-ubsc'riplio't:  should ;be . started foPsPnttihg liie-'  'in6rial to be pkiced to tlii;uueiaory  of tlie:dead.discovereip;fp;:: ;;.:���:.:;;;  ,.  Attei-.;the;.;money;wasfreelyjeoii-;  tiibuted, a large annou 11 tipor nearly  hal P x)f;i:it,;..Wcia.Lififflua!;;;r^'atiyes:and.  i'.close,friei 1 d�� e> f tihe deceased ge 1 itle-  mn n.rPf mnders^aud-PMrsP Miller  herself.<has not; been .consulted iii.  this-jimportant:; matter,, .especially  iwheiitiie commititee iii ek-arge   has  seen;fit, intl>eir;.wisdom);tIo take'a  large amo'init .oftlre nioney and use'  it"tor a pu.rpose:ue^'er inteiideel.  ;. ;When;such a public subscriptidii  is;giyen for a specif5c:;pu-pose, Mt  is.  unlair;t6:the donors'tiiaPpneorTwo-  men: AvitH; an;: adversep sentiment  should put fGrth; tteir J best   efforts  to defeat its:obje<Jt. ';-, .';������'���  .Tlie liiglr traiiis-portatio-ii rate's for.  a;vi; artide op;this kind', and skilled  labor which would uecessarilv have  Ima-"- AiikM  Why siisiiouivwiiES.:You'i'CAS iiv:r: ooods aschiui. iii:nir.?   :.'.:';.; .������',-'-;���,  '.'', Atlin,ii'.Nusget and   Grape 'Rings'- ��!��l a-a Ui.iiil.s of .Icwoli'y nu\H>i-  I'iicfuroil ,011 tlii' proniiaos.;: '���'���'!'. :,.:,:f  :    Ivinu  Xi;w  Stork of   Watches 1.'.CIoc.t.'.s,".'Jewelry   ami   Diamonds  '���''W.iitulii's/rroni';��ri.pO'i'ii'i- ������!.���'.''..       ���:'���, ; '���''���'"������' ���":" ���.���'���;���:.  Silvei'wci'.'o, Cut Glaasi Hand Faintoi-! China, Souvenir Spoons".  :S:::EiGP|:;&';SONv,;.ATr^K:  -���'WATCli^  ATLIN ;&   DHSCOVERY.  bo:  JMst^Frosii .tlie:  S;:-:?::!:;';ft:'fe.^THE:;:LA^  ::l;:^f.G^;niT3!ete^  ;v.y::;" ���;:���'-;.:-;:'::'';.:;:":;;': ���'flss^;;\Goid:;\seai:r'G  Gu^: Goods'are :ther;BestPand" Our-Prices:'the liowest.:^  ' ��  K<fc��: ta KI���  N.  ;.;:;-';-;,;;;.'.'''V ;.'y:;'v:AT'iAN,":;��.':;cP'.V '^.;'':":;  ; SHELF'ANI) ;HEAV V ^HARftWARE,::  T'n and Granite Ware;.      ���::   : p  R/lihers' and BlacUsmitl-is'Siipiolies,  Doors and ,Windows.  JFiST'miBteire s/nd,IWcStis��ess"-Fiaatesyy.  vpiced;   in, position; to Hnark;; the  ;-.-iiv.>i of tlie vi'.incoverei; of AiiUn. ,  ���   Yours truly, ,������'���'��������� '--'���;'���.:;: :';-:.:::;.:.::  .   J..  KlKKl.ANU..  cause of tlie:expense aiKi.difnculty;^Pr!ea! fitting, :Urark-,:of respect:,  which   attends   the -collection   and  dispatch   of exhibits.: AVitn a coi-  Lectiou   at hand.. "Atlin ������ wouldever  be ready to exhibit.  '"..���'���We hope Uia.t   the   Goycrnmetu  Agent   will   see   his   way   clear fo  give    space    in' ..the,  'G.overniueut  Building, and. we   wish .the. Board  of    Trade,    well   in    stalling    the  scheme..    Wlieu   arraneemeuts are  Boulder  .���'Creek.  ���V-A.;,\yqin a'u. i magi lies; that hephus-  baiid would save' lots ; of mouey: if  h'e: would not sindke.���-'������-���:: ~^- .P :P ;;'���  y'i;- ������'..';-" \!t^'@.> ������;k%^o-  ALASKA-rR'.OOTE^-SA'ru'^GS���^Z  ."';-.,The-:.pllo.wiiig'/ Sailings : are; an-  noii'iiced for the; in'outh. of' -March','.  leaving- ,SUag.\vn'y nL S p. 11.1. i':.'-'  Priueess VMaj' :   March :6thP r6th  "    '2:6th:aitd:ApriV5ih. ;-���-''..-  "For further in formation, ap.ply or.  write to:   "    H. .BpUoNN, Agent,:;'  :���",���',.. Skagvvay. Alaska.  Bieh's; Suits;Cleanedl  ;   ahci;Repaired.- :  Ail /.Work (iuarARteccr..;;-  Gbsifx;   Cr.ileil / For   ond  ;De-  :....:-;.livuruiii,;:':;.';;':/;..:;.;,,;;.  Cas!ivon Delivery....:.������;:,:'"-  A\r:Pand:;;:/VVrs.;;: J.:,;S. ';.Fenni;;  ��� : Proprietovs.  I It-'-rV Will  Pay  ;You  GOHLpletad,   our   quartz: men   will  .liave the-opportunrty to  have their  ��� mines and prospects welladvertised.  Donations to Our Hostitati,  The; trustees of St. Andrew's  'Hospital are. pleased "to acUiidw- i  ledge receipt of a donation of$i r.27 |  from' the Atlin Musical and' Dry-!  malic Society, being, the balance ni j  hand upon the winding uu of the I  affairs oli said society. .'.   '' |  They also wisli 10 ackuo'.vk-nge |  receipt of a donation recently, witli!''  the promise' of. more, ' from >.P.j  Archie W. S-hiels,. who was foniie'r- i.  ly secretary-tEcasurer' of, the i;r-;'.i- i  tution,. and. of the   assignment lo !  : j. B-ci'.ioii and J. McDonald a-re  leaving Monday for the Tanaiia.  'J'hey have, been working oil .Boulder for four years and have made a  good cleau-u.p.  C.- D. Xayvs-o 11, Jack Duiuh am an si  Charley Taylor '. have ; quit their  winter workings on Boiikkr,; Tbsy  are all satisfied with theiir siasosf's  work'. "'���'���'" ' '.1.       ;:.-  ti.nry -Morris isP hauling wia-  chii!'.-ry to Boulder Creek. ; He is  Liking over the management* of the  Garrison property and making  ;eady lor this season's work.  13lack & Grant are doing as well  usual and continue oifgood pay.  ';,,:..NGTIGE/.;. v.,".:  _^ SP:UCIAI>^ MEKTINGof'the  J3oard of License Comttmissioii-;  ers will be heid.i-u tlie Court Ho-iise,  Atlin, ,B. C,,   at  7.30   p��� m.,; Apiiil  25U1V.'T'905, to consider the folio-wing application ;   : .  ������-,.-  . Venn T/roiu.ian,, Transfer of Rcyal  Hotel Licence; to Joseph   'Paillwilre,  Atlin,. B.C..  Signed : ' WALTER.OWKN,.'  - Chief Licence .Inspector,  Dated :. April 6th, 1.905.  To. seiiil ".-.Tiio Claim", to your:  Trio'iuls, instead:Of loosing time  .. w-rititijr luttur*.: ft eiiiloavour.s to.  r-uli!is!i eyo'ry week all the princi- :  palinuvs of lliis .I'lTstri'ot. Price,  to any part. ..of the world : Six.  ntwatlis,. $lS>i) :oiie,yuar,. ��5.00.  0.:E  '^"      BATHS  -:  .B.liARIJERSHO'F r.  F. SrrrKi.ios & Ehdt Durham.  No\v.oocii|i.v t Iioiv" now ciuawts.-i-s next  tfitlicBaak of" H. 'N. A.. Pk-at Struct!  The l��ith roomsarc co'ially as ^-ooil as found  in  oities.    UrLvato  lintranco 1'or ladies.  ]U  the f Ttjs3jii.it ! iU)IK  LlieniLt'or Lh.e benefit of  of certaiii. sums  due  him  by Mr.  W'ni. BuavLs before Ivis deiiartuve.  To Be Success,fuL  a man.     Pay your cre.bfs-..  i.    Keep  every promise.  Be  Be  Newly Arrived.  Among the arrivals this v.eel;  "were:���Mr. and. Mrs. Jules Pg-gerl,  Mr.. H.ornel-1, S.. M.. BlodgeU, P. p.  Queen, LP G. Stewart, Lave Hasp.;,  Bob Wallace,. Pouis Ginaca, J.  Regan, A. S. Cross, G. If. C  I hind in the needy audi unfortiuiMte.  j A n\;\u'�� word 'is hits capital!; if  '��� his v..)!d is o(Kid, he'll come out all  j sight. Money goes,, kit a man's.  | lvpututiow stays behind - never for-  I get that.    Be tuethodicalt and. cau-  !      .  :  11 ���' J11 S .  Visit iiiu' lin>tliri;i  Ailinto iodgey  A. F. &. A.M. .  lit.'pillar co n i in u n ira-  lions held. on. Hit* fIi-k��  'I'liiirsday of oaeh nionlli  in ih(! A. (). U. \V. Uull,  Third Street..  rdially invited.  THIS HOTEL IS STOCKED WITH  THE   BEST   OF   GOODS  ���...    ^arej.    tJoSsiSSHOEtG,    Ps*Ogtm  m^  C.  ,i.  . jmik  oniric. : her  i ;ii>ot  eldest iuhabitaut of L.ynn'���  now 1,0,3 years old, attri-  1 large part to.  ihsfentiou from gossip  lbors.    Kiaid nature  her long li('e ii  :Si'!llt  her uei  'fni-th  is  sometimes  worse than j has provided that  the habitual gos-  UlCtiOU,  ! sin shall not live long.  Brownlee & rlcFarlaoe  Engineers and Surveyors.  .1.11. imowM.i;k. i>. i,.'.s.. ii. i,.s.,  ���I. W. Alc|.'AItI.ANIivC. K.  WANTED.  MUX /(NI) W'OJIliN in this roiinly and ad-  ioi'iilnji teiriiiiriis. to iirrsi'iit and advertise  ail old. (.sliihlislird house of solid linn iieiul  slaiidin^-. l-alary to inen S^i \veeUI,v,.to women ��1:: (1... .^;'s vvi'flil.v;. with expenses ad-  Viiiiecil ciiuh i\!<jinl:i.v l>.v elinelt direct from  hendqiinrlev-i. Horse and Imijw I'lirnished  when necessary. I'osiiion periiianenl. Ad-]  dress, lilew Uros. A (Jo. I)i..|it. "1, Moulin Hlil^.,  jOliira-o, III.. I  DISCOVHRV, IP  ' jV .STSI.OTIA'   - .  A Strictly   First-Class  Hotel.  Diniiig-Kootn in connection.  Choicest Wines, Piquors aiid Cigars  ED.   SAMDS,   Pi'opPietoi-  Dixon   &   Schula, Proprietors.  iiiget ffm\  Discovery.  ���OPKN DAY  AND  NIGHT.  MUST-CLASS UPSTAURANT  IN  CONNECTION.    ���  UuiulaiiaL'ti.-L's. for  l)l.\on's. stuy.i��.  ^M^S��Ki��aUMMMJMib  ?.M3^KwTC3^n- *-^.wj_iiawd.-sajB./j.-iiic1.c..iaiBCB,l  ^^^^^^^^^S!SSIS~wSi.  '"^^^^^^f^^^^SSSSSSS  ^"^^s^^^S^^  ATLIN,   B.   C,   SATURDAY,   .APRIL. 10,    1905  #  ATLsIN   TRADING    COMPANY,    L,td. .!��i����r��2LEiJ5^��,JiHS��:  .1^  Ladies'   Underwear, ^sSTJ^ .f.��1"*  Men's   Underwear,  Staple ��� and    Fancy    Dry   Goods,  Ladies' and Gent's Felt Slippers,  ���    Ready-Made   Clotliing,  We carry a full lina of th'c cciebraied Gold Seal Rubbers and Overshoes  fioOIIS   UKI.IVKIIi.il   I'llilMITI.V (IX  ���llli: CIIKUKS.  Eoots,   Shoes, Etc. *&&%. ��XF  our stock, or Staple and  Fancy  fkscerfes  is larger than ever and all at close cash nricesP  '/  Rcsnarr.ber every article we sell we guarantee to bs'^irst class.  i A. .S. CltoSS. 1'iiks.  Our  M.  P. P.  Ur. Young, member for Atlin, is  not only a bright representative,  but one of the sprucest members of  the' House. 'lie affects a flower in  his button-hole.���Tlie Week, Victoria..  ���    Winter   Sport.  This is the Fourth   Ice   Post Sailing  on Atlin Lake.  The "Idaho"' is the latest addition to the ice boat fleet. U is",  owned by a syndicate, the members of which are J.' IP Richardson,  E. M. N. Woods and \V. p. 1-1 addon. The boat i.-, built on the latest designs from Idaho. The owners challenge all-comers.  Curling.  Reputation, always a. factor in  snort, has a larger ' place than in  any other game. I.et a man be  known as a crack curler and every  time he loses it is charged to  " luck," while every time he wins,  it's "skill"; but of course it. is a  poor rule that won't work both  ���ways. The new player may have  the eyes of a sharpshooter, and be a  bom judge of weight and distance;  but every time he makes a good  shot theie'll be a whisper of hoise-  shoes in the air,���that is, if lie attempts to skip. So long as he is  satisfied to play lead or second he  will be rewarded with a patronizing   "Thank   you,   Mr.  ,  you  played'a very nice game." With  subtle compliment, he will be led  t.j believe that in the course of a  century or so he will be able to  play like the truly gieat man he  has been playing for, and who on  an average makes about one shot in  six. It shows human natuie in all  its various phases. There you see  that touch of human nature that  makes the whole world kin, funned  till it has made of the curlers one'  large family, with all the little likings and loves, jests and jealousies  and familiarities, that make family  relations so bright and brittle.  Hints for the Eyes.  Ki..(i|i soup mill diisl out of I lie eyes.  Sliadn the eyes from tin1 full trluri! of snn-  li-hl.  Wlll-ll  till! I'.VI>K  tll'l!    WIMlll, sl(>l>|l   nil    tlllll    i-  liossililc'.  As you viilur. your sijjlit, nvoiil nil inuirli  o.vo doctors. (1  Nrvcr rciul or um�� i Ik. ryes for lino work  iliirin;; twilight.  Wli :vi>r tin i>yi! is injiiriKl, cull in nn c\-  perii'iii'i-d oculist ut, oiler.  Never expose the isyi:s iiroillossly Io dust or  llyiii;^' purl icle.s of unv kind.  Iluvouu iiliuitduiico of ^ood, sternly liyht  for iiiiy'wiirU you iiiny have on hnnil.  Let the Iiy;lit coint'to your eyes from ouo  side or from uliove, not from in lront.  Do not work in a poor lij^lit, and avoid a  i,rla ri 11^' I in'lit, as it may ho as bin', as too little  Unlit.  Do 110I Usu a nickering lijrht for rending'  or stswin;;. Use a lump with a larye liuruur  and  Use ^ootl oil.  When tin." oyus live hot and lic.v.v. liathe  t hum in cold or tepid wator, ami do not con-  liiie tlitsiu too closely to any sort of work.  When the eyes ache or are easily fatigued,  iisctlioni as little as. possible, and look up  fiiiiiueiitly froin the work to rest thorn.  When reading, hold, the head erect and at  a distance from the light, mid do not head  the head over the work anymore than is  possible. , .  Avoid poorly printed hooks with poor  paper and poor type, and do not lead when  riding in cars or carriages, nor when convalescent from a protracted illness,' nor  when the whole body is in a weakened state.  ���Health.  LIQUOR   LICENCE   ACT  Application for Transfer of Licence.  '"nAKK NOTICE that [, Venn Thotmax, ol"  , Atlin, U. C. shall apply to the Hoard  of Licence Commissioners at their next  meet iiif? for the transfer of the Hotel  Licence, now held by me, to sell lutoxicat-  inj? Liipiors in the premises known as the  ������ Royal " Hotel, situute on Lot 7, Block IS of  the Townsite' of Atlin, li. (J..- to .losut'll  Tai.i.mihi;, of Atlin, li. C.  Dated this 23ril day of .March, 10i)r>.  VENN TROTMAN.  Last Chance Mineral Claim.  In His Own Right.  Mr. Roosevelt has been president  for the last three and a half years because the Republican National Convention of iqou deemed, it good  politics to noninate him for vice-  president on the1 ticket with President McKiuley. He has been the  proxy or executor, if you will, I'oi  the dead Ohioan. lie will now be  president because he has been chosen for the job by the sovereign people of the United States, lie will  be president in liis own light in a  peculiar sense. PI is majorities of  the popular vote'and in the electoral  college were so large that no man  or no combination of men can claim  credit for his election. Me will have  no political debts to pay. His obligations will be solely to the great  masses of the common people who  gave him their votes.���The Daily  Alaskan.  SlTUATK   IX THE  ATI.IN  .MlNINd  DIVISION" or  (JASSIAU    DISTHICX,    CON'ai.STINCI    or   XIII".  Last (Jhanoe  Minkuai. (Ji.ai.m.   Wniiiii',  I.OCATl.O ��� UUTWIJKN lilUCIl ASH   DoULUl'.K  Cni'.KKS, Noiitii op Pine Cheek.  r��-i.\KK KOTrCIi that I, M. R. Jainieson,  " " iiircnl for W. H. lirowu, l^ree Miner's  Certilicate r>3l,SiM.<, and .1. M. Downing;, i'"ree  Miner's Certilicate 1)B4,SSU, and .John Woods,  l-You Miner's Certificate, ]|iil,S!l2. intend, U!)  days from date hereof to apply to the .Mining?  lieeorder for a Certilicate of Improvement  for the purpose of obtain inn' a Crown Grant  of the above claim.  .And further take notice that action, under  section  :17, must, be commenced   before tlie  issuance of such Certilicate of Improvement.  Dated this 4th clay of March, HKIS.  M. li. .IAM1KS0N, 1''. M. C. nlll.SPI.  Qiseen Charlotte Mineral Claim.  SlTlATE  IN THE   ATI,IS  LaKE   MlNINIi   DIVISION   III'   Casssiak   DlKTKlCT.    WllKKK   I.O-  i'athii:-On  Union  Mountain,  IIkaiidk  1.ITTI.K Sl'MICB CilEEK.  rPAKK NOTICIC that I, Henry Nicholson,  free; .Miner's Certiliciile No. nltl.Tlil, in-  tend, siMy davs from the date hereot, to ap-  tily to the .Mi ii in i? Recorder for a Cerl ilicate  of ! nip ro veinent, for the iiurpose of 'obtaining; a Crown'Grantof the above claim.  And further take notice that action, iiiuler  sect ion  117, must  be commenced  before  the  issuance ol" suchCert ilicate of Improvements.  Dated this !lth day of February. A. I). IHUii.  IIKNltV NICHOLSON.  Good Hope Mineral Claim.  Situath in the Ati.in .Mining Division or  CAHSIAH IMSTlUfJT. WllKHE r.OOATED-  : lIl'.ADQI.'AIITEHS OK GlIANITE CliEEK.  rpAKK NOTICK that I, Geo. l'olla.v, K. M.C.  n'.lt.SOI, part owner iind a^ent. for .lohn  Kirkiand, K. M. C. 113:1,451, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Miniiij?  Kecordor for a Certilicate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant  of the above claim..  And further take notice that action, under  section  !V7, must, be commenced   before the  issuance of such Certilloateof Improvement.  Dated this 1st day of April, A. I). 1W15.  Thk Atlin Market, Co., Ltd.  FRESH   DRESSED   MEATS,   also_  POULTRY   OF ALL  KINDS,   Dressed to Order!  C.   DOELKER     Manager.  P�� I  va c / iw~  IStNWO  .PEART  -.SUCCKSSOKS  TO-  THOMAS   &   BENWELL  ;.i   ' !  pirn -Merc  USHER'S   WHIS$���$��&,  The -KOOTENAY HOTEL  OPEN.  DAY    J&ND    MmHT.  thk DiNiNG-is-bo^r ls conducted on strictly first-'  CLASS   PRINCIPLES.   '���  '   -     GOLD.    i-IO'tTSE,  DISCOVERY,   B.   C.  st;rj:ct:cy first c:ca.ss.  J.   P.    ROSE,    Proprietor.  flEST.VtJIlANT  L'NSIMII'ASSEI). ��� LlVKHV IN CONNECTION.  USSELL'HOTEL  DIXON    BROTHERS,    Propiioloi'i  Pool    &    Billiacls,    Free.  Freighting and Teaming J-        Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  a at  El w $i fta   h   Pa    S3  TALLMIRE   &.   BENNETT,    Proprietors.  Corner Fearl and First Streets, Atlin, 15. C.  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT    IN   CONNECTION.  CliOiCESl WIStS, IIOUOHS AND C10AIIS CASL GOODS A bS'l.CIALIV.  he   Caiiadian   mmk  CAPITAL    PAID    UP    Si 0,000,000.  Rt-c.skuvk,   $3,500,000.  Branches of the Bank at Jeatt����,  San Francisco.  Portland,  Skagway, ete��  ��xGl3sesge sofei on all Points.  .  Goi.i) Dust Pukciia.sl?d���������Assay .Oi'i'icit -va Connhction.   ���  I).  ROSS, Manager.  VANCOUVER ENGINEERING WORKS, LTD.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  SPECIALISTS   IN  lydraailic- Nining Vimhmer^  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,   ' .' WATP.R    GATES,  RIFFLP    BARS, STPHL RIVPTTPD    PIPK,  HOISTS,       MINING    CAGES     and     ORE    CARS.  MADE   TO   SPECIAL   DESIGN.  A.  C.  HIRSCHFELD,   Agent for Atlin District. \'"J, i. ���'*'Aiy'jffUZir^'JtT^wiiY-v^j i; j, ��.ifi~7pi'. ,%*!���>  I '-���     -'rv  JP.;  :!:"'.-���  ? 1p.;  ���il^.-"  ? 1?P'  . y *'���-.  IP'  lAii -  A'PXPiPLp'P.. .C.,^^  ;i-.  ���'vV'O hnp;!;;ivPi2pPur:  .o  ' t  ���'"f  pppjM8#p  ." p^kh'^p^. 'pp: -P'.-;^:V":���.':���'p...;-:  "q.w.  ���''��?<?<�����&"���, ��'��'��.' :s*iy&siS^iit&-   'Hite   P-inoos*.'��� ���.���'���������..,  Local ������ Events.  ' , -v pTlie Roy;iP: lTotel-  Dining--Room  >���;;;.������:.;;:-'.:-:.: ..-������/;./p-P-.--y   --:';��,- ..'.���'���: J.is-i.iu.w; open 'and vpady for business.-.  P-..���''; :__p'pp   -;;/ 'P PP.- -  P jThe.besPchePin'Atlin. haspcharge  - ;PPU-i'p C.i...vi^ .PpPy.Pp.P^pPppP  ���Pirsre sP^ckPcUPBill-PreacP.: .P^!Aer-PP..:;:: / ���'   V-^:P:pVpPlPAS;pS^:-P;V  ���'.-'������,- .' '���:���������,:   :;    ���-:.';,'.������.     ,.: ..,'.,.'.���'��� : ���!  1 ....  ..J .il illCS    ;   .1,1 USCCUl 1.>C 1S HOW     ,111.  lieaus, Cards.-jvnveiopes ..ami ^em P P .. : : -. ���- .'���. ,;���,,::-;;.-,;:? --..v.; ������- ��� ��� ���.���-.-���  .���������:���       ,'. ���'. , ���;   , :       , ; ; W hitchorse.:   We will soon-be able  eral ofhc:c.i;i.atioiierv.'r  .Poit.t-orclei ;' v.:   P '.' ���'-'��������� P   -      ���:-"."������   -������������'���,,- -  .:'-:. -..,'���,:���������: ,:..:: ��� :���-���.'��� v.;- v' : . . .; to icciauu ;our ]ames attain. Me  :a\var, from .noiue till, you &;el our: . -,-,- :. - .; ������ ���.,-.: .... ��� ,,, : , ��� p:  ;���'.'���-��� .-P/,,-'���,:";'.������.'":,"-::,;.:.!���-::.���. ...,:....'7 ,... P.p....-;.;.:is b.i nuvnig';l!ie:\'ieK)'.latest in;whis-  .''"'' "^.'���'���.-..���.-PP. ;���'������;��� ���.,   Pj tliu^ s'bngs ior thPcnfertaiumentof  'tlie Carcross tfaiPover  '-'o   tonP.oi.-[ '���.'."/:. ������ "p..':.-., '".P-���-.���."��� ".;":���"���:'       .���.'"������������'������  -freight  was iorPBPO. Stewart;  down in the;Ppu(ion.markets.    r:  ;.T!ie';-'PVK-.U'-;.'->S..(pkeilcr':pl:p\vIiiig  '���.���":: McDonald's-; "G.vocerv- .. niakes- a (  :stVeeialtY7ofPVesH.e^  . ���    P. -;P.--  ..���';'- Pi-. .-.��������� P'PP ���'Tiie'.-'iTO'pliv Pwas   offered ^ foiV'.-.tli.G  'Pkere-wilPbe <U7 song, -s-ervice at -j--- .:: f ��� -;   ���:������ ������..' ,-���.. .���., .;���: ...... ., -��� .'���,.,, .������ .;;.  ..'',������"���   ::.:-:;;:.������'.:...     .,,:  ;���"���'",'  ���'..���''��� ..7.'   - ���   .    PrhlitllCStSCOI"e������-,.11.111 tie '111 "the   lUOlllll  ������"the Presbyterian vii.tireh in place oil.-;    ..,. ...   ,���,;..., ,-.\(;',      n  ���-.������������-���      :    --     .     ',������������    . .   .     jo!, Ala.reh at tue Elks   Club   alley.  tlie usual-service;,ou ^unuay ���iuy;lit.--j _P   ... '.--"��� .-  tr  ���/.,���.,. .. '    ;.. ;,     "  ';;-:.':   7.7-���";-:'v,";;.'.      7 ::,:P"'J M-i'.- Pairagar s-seore'^va^ 257.:;  ;.: ^  P\JP:: (k)id:;teiii returned. 'iiere.-on;P';-        -.'���-���'���'������' "'/..p ;'.: ������'"��� ���..p--'  ;-:\Vocln��cl^:iin'd^vi  -    ;.   v    P:   ���:.   ;i        ������!'������'.." :���;���     .,   -. Pvre'ahvavs on hand aPPillnum s.    .  .-AveekS'p: :.''-r',.P<;.:-PP('''. .'.������P'  :--'-,P :������/;. ,'; p.;iPP:;P':'y>:.',r .'������.���/.'���; .' 'P-'-' -; ���.-':''r-.' :-''": ,P'.'������.'''  ���:::P."G;arden a:iid\plo.wer:Sceecls, ^  p.'"A'tliti -aclimate, at C. iv.;!Piuriie's.   another return trip to Carcrdss this  u'e'ekPlVrihgiiigsiii a large supply ol  prp ViH'i OiiSP... ...'. 7-;':...",.' :..P ;..,��� -.. ;'���:;':��� ;���,'.":.;,;.;';."...';  ���   ivirsP   Peter's-' ���Restaurant-:''and  "���rr  ^Nii-^rrT*  We''.have'..'.'''jUst:;.:-i,eceiyed::ci  large;;consignmeuP-Gr ;Pancy ^.nd  ���������������;':'''P:-";-.!'.'' ^p'':;-:-:P,- ������������;'^PSi&pIe.-'Grocewes.:;.^PP-:'.,.v  If you--\vantr:ft-esIP::^TO  "-��� '-"������p,'.'-     ':���"��� ���:������'��� '���'-, ���������'��������� ,.':'���,-P ' ''?���:,!������'c -,'J P������������'.P-' -.. 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PVe-Mvetu-7 Hbat - our    hkagway  (Joe's   in . luusinii"..  lie   will- iliake :,.;'.,.-...: ���..      .     .      .',,.���-.���.- a-.   .  :,.,; 7. ��� ---*- 7   . - "    '777!,|rienciS7 are   siieariugr ana. garong  :';ome Ol US-     S'lt'up.'    .-'���-:������ ���:������;:..-������.'���     ���..-.       - -...- . . ���.. ���-      : ������-��� 7...     -'.,-���: -' -���  ���-������������.-������ '.      '���'"',������-��� * ���������-.; '.��� I trout.,   :i his is; most unsportsmatii-  ':������... 'MrPPD.'; .Ross., lost : his:!,P"u, .'.Ion;', i like.     W.hjpW.ot-. try-A,i.De.von   uiin-  " terrier tliis week. : One ol:George\[mnv ?���,������-���.    ������_..-���������v.-T-.'.-- ���    -   ;-"'���;  Mathesoirs dogs' evidently' mistook  ��� it for a .'rabbit   and. with   one   bite  broke, its -back.     . ���  .New stoek of'���'I.o'.viiev's  Cliocti-  iafes at  X. JJouine s.  Hen Nicol-lis stilt at the ''Hospital-,  fits  partner,.-  Prank   MiLler,   however,-is   making   things   hum   01; ;���'���-..���  Pine Creek", where;; large dump is  ! much iiievidetice:    On odr visit, a  ,'Pjf7?^VP-'  Ciitii!  C11 i-iiitM-' iiiilir��j^tlu-:'r��illow!i'ijr.'Will -iiicPt.iu' i;!ii>'sP'oi-' LiirlitW : -nil iiivioimt*.'ev'lli'i;ti:i.T.  .������-.������ .������������.-7  ;���" : ���-.:���:������ :'.������-   HKill! lll.V ���';"���:���.:'���'������'*'������'   '-~'i ���������.'.    ���': ���*���''���  ���',-��� "   ��� '-v   ���'������.- ���  '���'��� ���"��� P y:ELE���STmQ':vl.m^T-:]RATES;:-PppP:' P^P-'-l���:���.;-  I nstal I ation,.. .p. ;;.:;;;���;>::-..���.;.���./...,... i :.:.y,y.:.;. ������...'... ��� ,:���... :yd- ���. - ���; .;.-$3 ;50;.:;p.��r '.-'Lig hi:  .-'-7777. ".".���'.'������ Sulisi.rijjofs f:iiV hi., .-upiili^'l :tt 7\ieror v:. :<!S.:.   .       --,, :. ���_���  Rertt.of,each: Meter, :,.......;.P. v.........,.;.;..........-.:. ;;.l....',V.; ...:;.S1.0p;per; month:  7- 7.7- 7;7 7: 7.   7;,;-   ,;.:;..... ;;,.;;.,    ,..0j.- at  ... [\llt ", ratl!S,,7uS   lllltlor * 7'   ���    ,77:;, ;, ..77:      , .,7.. ..  8   Candle, Powers,I neanrfescent,--;..'.-:'.xi-... .7��;! .Z5": pew rrion tli, per 7 Lightj  167:-'- " -.-'��������� -;. '���::���':'���-,:���' --���   ,  ���'���-" ���������������:.' . .'...'.;.;.���.'. P.'..::73.2o:;-:-   ; " ���'-. :���.'     P; ''I ":' ������:'.'��� "-.P;-  32;PJi:^:.;^'.a:.; -PP'".PP.;,..':'--....v.. P,p ^.s.SOP'/p.. ���'V:-pp.-'''!v:-:;.; -v.  I*. :   Ifrom :5ti(! -fiftfrr .?ho 3i'd Jaii'iiary, Itu:."),: uil  Li��Iit>. n ill lie ttirutMl ;tiV ;n 2' i\, inptiml to-  Jit from i} :u inP until fl^yliirhi.-   V .  ���'"'.������'"' All  I.ttirnotl-oiu oi* ���M:iclte.iioi'i- i;iy��p* :v\i��i  in-pfXclianjitMli'itriK:^ pmiis, i'vrc of ;(*hin,i:ie, ii;:  lirouyrlit to tins fJitMipuny *s ritli**.^, nut Iji'ukfit uiias will It;* cIiiirjj'iMl fttr :ir ;10 e'eut-s e^cl:.'-.    .  The   Company's   Modern   Steani..-Lauivelry lias Is-l-ii  !i-i on 1(m;m,i to,M_k -am(  MiiS.. f iiNN, \viu�� *.vi!l ooiltirr a-iiti 'I^iivyr .nil. uashinji', rijrt'ivt*. ijaymt'ti t; I'm-; nil. awis.N \u tfr ;*.n<!:  * pay all uc*cou>i1>' iu t:ountM.:i ion witli i ho Uuimiry.'   . . ';  I..J.  ATIJN?S .SIMIAKER,  I'lie-  Rev.' K." 'PurkinKiou   and ���[���pan of dirt taken '.from-the', tumid  IP   PPirtshoni   left .for- a   1 uniting [.was- washed and a. fifteen cent elean-  . trip'to" Copper .'Isiaiui. ' They are j iip obtained.   . We ' are- glad   tosee  t-xpeeted back today. ���.������.' I the boys doing well, i;   .    ,    ���        v  =.;p.:MiV.-.ana ^Lr^U'a.u'L.Jigge^t^iiterJ^ ne^P;;ls^Per  taiiieda few of tlieirfneiKls; at;:tne! % tlie Bank of Commeree, arrived  KootehawHall bist WcPnesdav.  ���     i yesterday afternoon. . .-He'-replaces.  -���'--   -,,.- '���"���'. :   ;-.:   ...,'     , .'"...'. ...., :..'.\ PlrPKavPwho is ...now at Rossiand.  Air.   !vp;g"e;'t, .oui"   local   leweiler, 1 "  -P. .  hss   arrived   with   a   large stock of.  liameiti.is and lino imvellerv..  ,. .... -  '���-.ifave    vou . ��-ot   a- cold?   "Trv    ' PshcrP'"'o  \'."'P " hot ' j K.'WIIPfPIKpl), will be in 'Atlinp  ,���.       ���'������.   V  ,. , .. labout  the last'of April with a full!  �� ne arrival ol   two   laoanese wo i,     ������.-..��� ,,. |  P.   " ".   P J lot o!'   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PROMPTLY    Plf^PKD.  ��� ���.���',.!;���!���   - iilo l.,ti   <���,( n'vfl.i ������ .ii>, .-,.       ,,  ���' mill.ion.   1st   Sinnli.y in"i'iicIi   iimntli  ami on.  .--!��..Kl.   .K.H- LIS.  ^.llUUla..   .li:e:-lli.>;..Il. |.:,,..,.;.���   ,���.,.^;i���ls.   Smwluj-  Sri....,I: Siur.lii.v.  '!"!'.'-   '���ivii-f. ��...!(��� |,.||.-    mi!...;   .)��� ���-ii'iP "' '���'' ''���'"-   <:<>i>i'"iiti'p .Mci.'tiim-s.lsirinii'Mlii.v  ......   "Ki.<-.v...k  li.11.     llll.-..> .it..,uil ��� ���,.,.,, ���l(���;t;;.     !������,.. |.-. i.. sicul ��m. H-iutnr. .  'Torry . .Inlet,.   where. .leireslitueiiUP    s>.   Aiuir.."'^   rif-hyiiM-iiu. i;inin:ii imiii;  , , ��� , , : ...fvii-i.v  i.,    tin-  ('Iiiirrli   mi    Scofiml  St rci't. I  .were served, returning   home ab-otit Mnrni,,- ->-yvh;-������, u: ..vi'iiiim-y.Tvii-c. "::m. !  Siimln> Si-IiudI :it tlie- i.iln��'  (if   tlii!  MKii-i.il.i; i  "'' ��� ���-���rvi''....    It-i-. IC.'Piu-kii.rU.... iniiiKlnr. 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