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Alberni Advocate 1913-09-12

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 .,Vv4'i,  ���*c*s  . vv*-'  ���*-f-f*Mi'**ti-**-*i**w vtitfimmMiitmiVtmmimutimt ��'m��.  -*-��*mi��>**m��MilaJ*>��^  Vol 4  Alberol, B. C\, Friday, September 12, 1913  No. 3  **v*k*nr)iikii**i*.i!*iaai!wiu  i>*.a1*.,ai*fcii*aia**kNMrtwi  atTWIWW)  WUl*->T*MMIllWiW  mum  \ht you fxpetl \o hnvo n cold tht,. full y  piopect, I* it'/  Not a very ph-iiM-iut  EMULSION  OF  .ECU  :���- Will put you in eondliion hi renin! it : :  Two sizes, 25c and 50c  DRUGGIST B-.  STATIONER  Mr. .iesse L��u*-iiclil, Pitmo Tuner for the Oitieon Mick*, I'limoCotiipniiy,  will be In (own in it few du'**>    t-enve ui-ders tilth us'  mummmamm  UGHTS  THIS WMER  From prew ni liidlctttl.m* there will  Is* tm electrie ili'lil service In working  order ul Albecni befitre Ibe titiit**)' *���*��(��  tit. This Is Die ivlhh of die CUy Cmu-  ell, mid at tin' hist meed!!*- of thnl  IsMly It/np|ic,iiN-*l thnl everything wn��  ptiiilti'ssliie; lavuriibly lowiud (hut cud.  A coinitici uill he entered tutu with  the t'ort to furnish Ileitis from iltelr  plltm. for u period of t it n yonr-i, nnd ut  the smut* 'Hme uu uri-iitigemeut villi be  nii'de whereby nny , lowering of (he  present cost of prndtietlon to the I'tirt  iiy reason of euutructs tvhh uny othor,  coiupuiiy will result in u lllio reduction  (o Albernl. The prest-m. cuiitrncl will  hnve ft life of twti yenc*, find as soon  (ttt the pupi't-N are signed, mat tho red  I a I it* wound up a Utile, din work ol  gelling in (he eoiuieedun for Alberiii  v* ill be tmdciialum and rushed to com-  pletlon. It Is lii)|.t*d thnt tbo lights  will he nirned on'before the wtntor  months- nru ut htmil,  Thin arriuigiiiiiem leiivtv* the Mltchh  -I  m���n+lvi'im*w atV.ati -anMr.njmif*ikf|.  One Five-roomed House, furnished  :   $15 per month  One   Seven - roomed   House,,  un-  . furnished', $1S por month   .  '( ill  Two other Nice Houses, at $15 tmd  i $20 per month each       ;   ;  --)  Two Nice Homos for Sale, centrally  located.  i  For further particulars see---  IAgnew Coulpany to denl direct wllh du  J'iict-xlnrlng the, life ol the temporary  WOULD REGAIN  VEUABIE A,  A( the lust iiirethigiif Urn Hoard ot  Trade it vitti resolvis! to tako huttied..  nil. s'.eits inttitoi regiiining ntie of ��� the  viittuthle titsets nf (he Allterul I'lstitct  nhteh lint been Ium for,lent**, This |s  I he wKiteyo run In (he Sumus Hlver,  In tin* eitfiy dnyn of die Nctdemi'itt of  the Albernl valley It is a known fact  thnl die siH'keye run in the Humus was  ono of the lurjjesi on the b*lniid. The  large hikes nt ilm heutl of thl** river  tt'ford.*d the flues! khid of ftpfiivuhtg  grnuntls, uml It |*t dmopinlunof c*i*perK  thut lhere tire tm bettor grmiudr* (o be  found bstny, Then ciiuie iho building  of the old pnper iiillldum, and for yours  (lici-i* wiii nochimce for dm ilsh to got  up the river,   (Jriidtittlly the large rims  GEraNG READY  FOR TH FAIR  'CXO��  Real Estate and Insurance  Phone 1)1  AIIktuI  Phono 1(1  Port Alberol  o  Sproat  Lake, {  *?m]  nal*),.  *M<4t*KII*l^.  ihtmU-F.    l.l3lrilKJ-r~,(,H>fl.)t��MT��>- -lt-^4. >*l 4 *t{| ' UHS>*>) > ��������*-***��� "-ti-nfa-U.  -it  .*  ".-.���;���."  ���zzzrszzrz.- '  West Cc  last. Pro]  per  iif |*ta��c��'  contrtiet-.  Mr. Motion wii* given unill thu llmt  of Novoiiiber to eninplelo the, (111 In  from of his nuw block, imd koiiu*  Chinese iiiugnntes were Informed dial  they could build onOovermuenlHircot,  'itt thttt no "wash hoiiseV would be  toiurated on'ho astreet.  , The lire by-law* uud the wmer by*  law were referred to die solicitor of  the Hank ef Mont real for llr.nl approval,  uud us Mion un this Is sct-nrcd It will be  published imil brought before (be rate  payor**, ��� ".  The nl root by-lnvv was llnidly pttniixl,  and (be heiiltb hy-ltivv was eousldvrtxj  in Com in I Hoe of the Whole.  l(t'sldt'iu��ef Ian Avenue were Informed lluit tht* ("ovormtieiit nnd Mr* Motion  would grade (hut street from the Nun-  uhtie Houd io Alli.trnl Holt-id*, tmd  thai tht* Cliy would gravel the tMimi-  so us to iniike a good road hi ,0* this  addition. ��� '  li wus re.iilv"Ht to iiitilti* a lb'.t pny*.  mem on the tuuk kite Ion., uud this  Itiir-hie.sM uill I,,* titken In buml ul once.  Tilt. Coiiiicll dieii adjourned.  TO 1PR0VE  Wm. Frank Qibson  ){*��������>��. PI***** L 93  Insurant**  Oil'.** PhiMis 84  ^**y*l*Wl��***1l'*fi(.**f**��iW^  BEAU COMES  Si  On Wrthieashty evening n ttum mum**!  l'i mom Cinifton en-no to hi* th'tuh ��*  . tbi* fenttlt of it Diriig'gh*' In die wnO r��  of die Albernl Cnu-d.   It nppeiti* llmt  Ct*i'3i��.in tmd xx pui'iy of iriend-i **vri*'  ���jolug doiiji to tin* C.N.it. e*;uiiti'iU'dim  (-mu|'-* o�� Uiaisl do; cuuipany Iwui. "J.  (I. Cofs.''   Cmlsiiu hnd i��*en   pSnytng  with n dug thut -itus un Ujuel, und bi  huiue iiitumer lost  bin footing loul fell  oveiisiiitxl.   He ttppeured to be it strong  {.iilnmier, niul luimcditilul*  struck em  for the shore.    He htu) only tttude it  hide prugivsp when he stvw (but die  bout wus pintlnjif buck tor liiiiii nnd hi1  then cliiuigtsl  bis ciimiao  uml nit-nok  back for (be 'n>:it.   Ho was nwbniulng  stioiiff >*ben tniiight Iiy dm men on the  boat,  uud  lifted  over die side.    It) ��  few moments It nppcared lluit- ihenwlm  bad  been too much for tbe uiiin, and  dosplti. ell elfori-s lo revive him Caii-  wm rapidly sunk into a collapse from  wbltjlt Ito-lu'v-t'i' recovered, itud hi a  short..tliuiv'wii!' found to he dead.  The Isxty was brought to Alln'rid.en  Tbi)i**dny inoreing, nnd taken to (he  iiinlertsikliigestahUshuitiiit ef Mr, Oeo.  I''ori'e,stt under direction of l)v, Morginv,  nn ooroner. The'death of Cttrh-oii'-l.s  tbe second ftculden*. Jn the family��� within a few days, as hi* brother In nuw In  (bo liospital ut Vaueoiivtir with t*  broken leg.  ILD-D  Himdesof 111 11 Miner- Wbni do .vim  know iit*��ii( pitttt A leu' "hoki up" of  the oiuvt niiprovnd type, (Juns, (duck  -.loiielt hdi-', "Miinits up", ,ibi> ft'hkh'.g  of Iho vh'tlii) bn-hU tvill, nnd ihi* rei.  t'tf.iiciu of (be ".Hiiiidhs" pi (���oinl  ���.lidei't  . AM of Oils kwk (��* iiiwUi* upi* chapter  hi (he ItM'itt history )*f the I'ort (lint  gui'M fm- to pbvi'hig thut tnt(<r<!-idnh'  htirg *m du* mii|> kt*) dm ivid. thing in  the "Wild tim! Woolly Wet",  The detail, wp, e'ir to ho that one  tins Hemlrieiiisim itppeured lieforo the  liM'td oillcer and i��tH("v1l thut .whllo on  id. wny for �� hii-" "nife'ht cuj*" in pre-  piinulun for (ticnSng bt for die night,  he vvtu* held up hy three men mul re-  llov-cd of his money to tht* uiuouot. of  (wclv'ii thilhirs". He could glvti only u  vet')' genera! dt*'sitrlpiIon of the men.  They iippctircd U) he eletiu shuvei!,  Wore bhtck bni"*, uud looked (ho renl  thtng In (he .way of blgbwti.viueii,  The iHiilCfi* are looking for the intiti,  but mi far have seeuresl Utile to guide  Iheui hi llieli*i|uesl for -tht* bohl.'buu.  tlltS.   -. ���.���'' ���)!   ���''*.' "'  Rental Work,  '���Dh-li. ,!���., Kerr, Denilnt, will lu) In  I'ort. Al!)t)i'iiiOcUt).it*i' bit nnd folliiwlng.  dtlJ'S.   -:';'���'.  "Twenty j'i'Ur-* iign", remarked Mr.  J.'U. C. WihhI, M. 1*. I�����  In an Interview widi the Adv'iH'utc,  "The Stuiiii**  rivi'i' wus one of the  llnesti snckoyti  Mi-euois on Vancouver Islnsidi nnd an  unset tht* value ot whicli it   would In*  lutrd luovintistlnmie,   Then ouine die  building ef die ptip*i,<nill| ium, and dm  stream win*eldied tight its a bottle for  the rim of thee lUli,   The remd,. bus  been that, the Ilsh could oot reach their  milnrul i>|>!twnli)gKroimd-.iU (heSprout.  ! and Cent iid f-ukes, uml in* they gntberml  nl (lie foot of tin*dmiHbey wt-ivsiaugh-  uu'i'il lu ttioiit-nnils,   Nnturidly utmost  till ol the old rim-* lutve tieen killed ell,  itaid uf lulu (hero'itrti  pi*K'!loil).V noiu*  ol thtvio Hah In evlilenue e*,t*e*i( tbe few  h*ft ovci'-ii   As n iiintterof fut't On** duo*  sbO\)Sd be endieiy okturod wtt, and die  rivers, ImiiIi Miump's and dm f-st'Utus, no  )tHptWt,Hl diikl du> 'Id*  *>t>it|(ii  luivi* ti  clear run us tbe luki^,   Kspurt siirvo*, s  of both of the-st* lit����'�� slttiutd   Ifi* tnattf  niul on dm I'm* l��e��t Hoed hm die pin--  |*i��se u huteiteiy sh**nlil be er-i*efeil,    lu  ii few yeiii** We   .iiiukl by   this   iiietiu*  r(**(oi>> uiieei diem..*! vututibSesiteaiii  to ius oi'lglmd coutlltioii wi bu' a.' th*>  ii-.il iti-evoiioi'imvii uiiti ut the witne (i.in-  eui'-otii-.-ii'.' die os-iDblUhitititit ol it  cnu-  ncry ��( the 11end of the-Cumd.   This  wot'kl I'letin ono liioro nddtduii to du*  list of Iikm! indent! ins, tttid nn' hieivu--o  iu tim -tuyisill of the |ii*(t'irt   tiiiti  U  much needed.   To eumltnie  (o   titt*(i*  suiii an op|iortunt(y Is iti'^i i>)inii*i;.>iit-  vtl, und In my opinitni iiit> Mnmer tht'  mutter Is taken up by  die uiithoridoa.  the hi'ttor."  dlminlslii'ilt and today they aiitount tu  nothing. ;  Tbe   Hon itl it|i|Hillited u  coniiitlltee  consisting of Mr. .1. O. C. Woisl/M. 1*.  !���.. Cupl. ll. A. Hutr, tmd Dr.  A.  U.  Morgan, (o take up the who!*' matte)*  of the improvement uf llio river,  tho  removal, of nil obstrticdons,  und the  beHeringof cuiulldtHts generally.   Al  tho sume time Oioroinmiitef will look  into tim mutter of citabllshlng n hutch-  xix'y on one of (he bikes,   li Is foil that  by thin mean** we could restore Ida Uw  year.** iho run of Ilsh to tint river, imd  thnt  thl1* would bo   followed by the  erecdon ef a eitimory at die bend of the  Caitul.   All of which would add mitteti-  idly to dm locn! paytoll, and be to the  ln��t Interests of the endre dUuict.  ,; Tho huiiii"* iroiniuhtci) will also tukc  steps to .eotirti ihu report ot un expert  from dm Dominion Deptn-inK'nt widi  regidd to the Viuious food Ibbe-i to be  found on tho west const.   H l�� felt that  this is a, very hniKiruint ustuier thm  bus lieen tiegh'Clt'd.   We hnvo it wealth  of thc*e  vntitUi-o  llslies hut   III He  i**  known wllh regard to (heir hnuidon or  hubtts,   imd   pruciii'iilly nothing hit-**  been iinderinken vt lib a view to protec  ling theiii for ftiiuro generation**.  *i siiecbd ciiimuliti-e wns npixiisilod  to take up (he mutter, of light nod  iwaver for the di.��iritjt, niul id meet tbe  City Council with i*egiti*d, tu these  things. It witH /ell- tliut kihilti (luno  wan it pressing muni for this llf-ht. unit  (tower It would not- be a gtiod (hlng _(o  ctiiiiitdt tho why to a long letm In iiu.i  comriioi dint- iiilgbl be entered ��� Into.  Thete wax' no meitiis of uscerinlnliig  'list whui ml'-lit be io dm fore ui, the  end of miieli a period as thirty years,  which wan the term of ihe eootmrl  rtsked for hy tho (towee company. Any  cmtipiioy which oji'petjtotl tudobiinlui*..  ttllli (lie city nhuig thu Jlne* of light  nnd .-"���' ' ', jiikl be willing (o line up  w' ,* i<- stifiidlle piMgi'i*ss of (lie  vi-), Id fro. jjn it, ({..ie, und, If unable  to "hep ii'* itii dn* uiiit'cb of.t'venu,  di( u out, of it' * i"tii'c it itliin u ��'i'itM)n��  able lougiSY i)f !������'. <bi die niliur  hand It was f* *'. (.u t it u cniuruct, eotikl  hu made with t.e"v |��* eislons, It would  be a good thint', r*. tt"�� Ki'mn-at tei'inn  wore favi)"ul��h���  Home i''-jusskm wllh rogmd to tin*  mutt"!' t ' ibllcliy hi the Vlctmia l',al|  Kxlilhido,! wus then buhilgttd In uud  die Hon til adjourned.  Al tbe last itn-t tio}*-t��f tbe ("Mi'titlvi*  of die Allfrni AgrifiihtUii! A***H'ltit!(iii  It was i-i-atilviHl it) p*il (Sit* griiimd', iiiui  building in siittpe, ami louod up die  outside aititb'n to prepitiuiioo btr (he  l-'all l*'uli* to be hehl mi Wet!iie*.duy mid  Thtii-Mluv, Septetiiber 11th imd Ouh,  l*i*oiii (he lists iiiui ure coining in lid*  pi'.)iiiSf>e�� to becismte lilmut (be bi'wt. llmt  Itus been given In "hU Ihu* In Albernl  and lilt* two dityc stint huve been set  aside will given butler chimce foi' all  part'ox io not only see, but to hnvo (heir  prod-ici*. *u*on,  The special prlxes are inutiy, tmd will  no diiitbl result in some keen  romped,  t hint*.   The ('uimiiltiee resolved (o give  du* "Hind tubht" contributed by  Hind  and liclfeii, of Port Alhernl, <*to the  lady K'orlng the highest number ol  jKiints In (ho "iiouiesdt* Stdenco" clus-  st*.,   Jleimle.Heeds villi rewind  iliosu  who present   dm best HssorOiicnii of  vogetiibb's nibed from these surds,   A  l*ox of powder goes to the owner of the  best horse in the show, und another to  the best  in die cat lie tltvlnltm.   Tbo  pair of fowl scoring the highest number  of [stints in ilu, exhibition get*, die  "Advocuto Clip", preM'iitcd by the Al*  bond   Advocate   I'ublWiIng   Co. "A  special t<"*,(X) |irl/.e,'presented  by Mr**.  ���!. It. Motion, go,is for dm best collection of "Kiuicy Work".   Mr. ,1. U. (.'.  SS'innt, Mit*. I'., present* u silver cup  for  the bescMiidliidtiul eolb'ciion ol  vegetables.   Flour, tins been  donated  for various prbtet, in the "Domestld  Mtieace" clitri.es, and tliere li* enough  of It to keep a finally  all  winter,   the  Alhernl Trading Store, putting up  11  sack*, Lake of die Wisxl*. I suokj*, uud  I'luiteor Feed and t,*onl Co, fi sucks.  Then* ure u number of ot her -.pet'lul  prb.es, nnd liiinlly the "I'resident's  Cup" pri'M'iiicd by President. J. F,  Hied-���').) lo ihi* tndlv'khiul exhthllor  M'titing the highest number of politt-i  hi the emlroc slioi.'. Thet,e, will he  coiinie��tat the late of lliret* iHiluts for  (II'M, two fiir ".I'i'oiid iual one foe . ihhd  (ilttt'o lu each c-diihlt,  (lei u bsi fiiiin Hecrotitry Wh.vie,  look l( over, iiiut get in ami wht miiiic  ef diese pri/oK,  FAIHOPKNINd.  u There are two duy** of the Fair (his  yeiii', nml the opening to dm general  public wil( be at two p. m. on Withies-  duy, Heplciitbir Hill. Thlt. will jjlve  die jiidgex a chance (u coiuoluli* till  (hell" work beforo (be gtiiiernl inihllo Is  utbiiliitHi. The grounds (mil building*  will hu open nt ll o'clock on Thiii'sdny  iiioitiint". und dm otneiul Opening will  tie at l.iitiThui'ikdny itfiernoon.  '" '���* n<i)tiesttid thut �����>' iiiiiny of die  lull'.tors us can llmt il fnuivtiii'iit he  tut' ml on Wednestluy inoraiiig to us.  vis! toe judges-, and help III the ilnal  urrnngimieiii.,  t  Good Fkhln**,  ~.lus( now the llsheriiiuiiof (hedi*tiii-i  are hiivbig good sport wilh. ihe (v.-e  subnon us t|ie,4ti are riimiin",' In Inrue  iiutubers nt, the liend uf dte.Ctina!,  'About, ninety pounds, is, iiie largest  Ilsh reported to 'date, nnd dio .record of  hiMt. yenr reitiulns for r-uine one to shutter. A tlsh over 1.01 potuitiii will do (he  trb'k. (,!<��(, out, and have a (ry at the  record.  (Ireene's Ihmie-Hiike  beruI '.Trading Store.  Urond at A!-  An Improvement.  Mow that the tiM'ehtts been etc"-down  ll'iMti die frum "��� Hie oeiv Mudoit bush  liens bl.-nii thoii* is n ehuncki to get the  gcitt'ttd tilb-i'i. pt dm tjiilidlisg. Whllo  it upp-.'iir** too liifui to hnve lo re mow-,  such .n (li'i*, ihi.it' Is no doubt but Unit  it tki;*. a vij*t liitprou'iiieiit in ihU p.ir.  tU'tihic t'.nv."i and (but (be fisiiu iittice*  \i\ the li-.iiidiii^ villi he iiineh i��i*it* net  nji(ib!e uu tlt'Viitllit of the e|u)ti{>i'.  c*d��i yoppi**.  The I'luueei' Fuidtind Coul Ctimpnuy  expeelN to have in n enr of untbr-uitu  emit thl�� week. This eoinpaoy also  reports Hint they e*peet. to bu abb* to  iirrnegi* for tt stock of Vuntietiver Is.  hind euttl for tin* ttlniitr, hm will eet*.  tnlnly stock tint audiruolie, whJeh,  while higher la price, will, owing to  tin Mipmim' ipiulhy, cotnp'iro favorably  tn ri'siili** with (he local eoal.  Football Ncetinu.  MU CROF,  SHOW ICR  Mr. I*itltiit".4'!,, nf Vii'ioriti.   ��tu* In  dio city (hi*, week.  Mr,. W, Hugger, of Ysuieouvei", ciiuie  in oil biediie*** tluriili," llio week.   ���  ���Mr.' H. ll, Whipple, of Vielerh). re,  glMcrcd ut iho Alberui on Monday.  .Mr, A.  W,  Lee, of Vuncniiver, tin.  in Albernl on busbies-, ibis nock.  Mr. F. W. Moersei, of Vlctorbi, was  la Alherni this week.  Mrs. Chit*. Wbr-un, of Victoria, win  a giii'iHittho Alliernl this week,  Mrs, II, MoMoniiglo roiiirned lienio  on Tuesday from u visit to Vunooavor,  Mr, W, Murshull, of Vitnceuver, wnw  a visitor In the city on Tiit!si!iiy.  Mr. W. .1. SVoollurd, of Iliuuillmi,  Ontario,'wiii In tho district dining dm  week,  r  Mr. J*. Woodward returiied hoine on  .Moiiduy, iifier having Np**nt a fow days  at iho Vancouver Show,  Mr. ,1. .1. Jhirkc ri'turned home on  Monday from Viuieoiiver, where he hiin!  genu I*- hod the Kxldbitton.  Mr. J, C, Sander**, of Victoria, ftpem,  a few days thin wtiek looking around  tlio district.  r.Mr. Looniud Frnnk left for Victoria  on .Monthly wllh bis auto, tin a business  nil).  Mr. und Mr-). I*. J'roetor, of Viincuu*  ver, vv'ino registered at tbe 'Alborni on ���  Kiindiiy.  Messrs II, II, mid A. .1. Welch, tif  Viiiicoiivei', wore visitor.* In, tbo City  fm* thu wenk cud.  _ Mr. It. .I. Wallon, returned home on  ���SiiHuilay Hfiocwpeuiltiigii few ditya at,  tho Vancmivt'i' Mxhlhlllon.  "Mr. W. (Iruhiuii, proprietor of the  Cent ml I Intel hi Nitnaluitr, wits a vl*|.  tor iu town oik Hittm-dny,  Mr.I, l��( It, Mcdill, of tfniiHl-in-, was  in town un Satuitluy doing hiisiue**-*  with (ho liwnl iiHTuhimu*.  Mr. Mnth Wltmn, of Merryvllle,  H.  ('., fui'iuiilly of Albtti'iil wtiN ii visitor hi'  (he Cliy ttiti* week.  A im'1'd.tig'Of the Albernl I'VKUbaH  t,.)uli vi ill bo held Jn ;,l|itt I'retthyierhtii  C'liliivh Hull oa Tiicfidiiy next at B' "p.  m, All (lios-ti hi'orosttHl, und'any 'pro.  spituive players nro Invited to aitoud.  It, it*'so innoli ottsier u> iltitl tbae to  do what. you. want to do-'thii-n '-it is to  Uud liiim to (lo what sointibudy else  wauls you. to do.  The I'ehitlon hiitvvi'i'ii t-oixl tlinen on  the 'I Vine, and ���� hieri'dse Jn (ho ln��  vettimt-nt huslnc of Hrltlsh Cobmtblu  Is well knuviti. Thi'i'o |s, Hit-*i"ofoi-,t|(n  dii-dnet iio(4i of encourrtgeinent in the  hdlowing optlitdsiio stntouiom in* m  (In* crop eoiitliiiofi* hi die iki'sbi'tu  wbeitt bell, From the s,oji��,ut>. \\ up-  jH-tii'-s iht't |UUlOi)o,Oi''ibusjieU��)f whein  tiloUe i-Ol im hiii'Vesli-d lis the (hr��'e  I't niiit' Pi-ovinCDs tttii. yon*', u* nji^btst  (.���is* ilini* JsO(*.-0,tV��t iii.-.| ji-tie, in i|,i.  tapiniiiit of Sir Wlldttiii Whyie, Inriuer  Vi ..pivaldeiidmd in pi't'veni a director  of (be (M'.H,, vi|u�� iirrlvtd in Wo-  (UMivi'v vi (ih a dls(bi*-iil*htt(| pui'iy of  C,i��,H. director-- ami oflliinls.  That lb" iti-O'emeoi Df j,*ralii will  (,'V-eatly idlevlule do' limuuinl sUin-  ���"t'licy in Cuntidh, nils die eKpresslonof  opinion of several of die well-known  llminclei-..  Mr. Matheii**, who Is u, tllrecun' of  several (Iminchtl hi.tltiitioniin Kustm-n  Cumittii, ibHiltii'isl thai the luuney sitett*  lions in the Ciitiiidlaii SS'est would certainly be relb't'i'd by tht) crop move,  meiit, which fur so,early In Ni.|>leuiber  wits unprecedented. Nothing bud occurred "during the lust., few days to  ehimgo former ostiniutcs of �� record  breaking .crop. S|r I'"diinii|il Osier ulso  sttjd thai .the llnniu'es id the country  would soon feel,Hie helpful Inlh'ii'iic.e  of. tho grain inovenieiK, i'hrouj'ltout,  tbo .'trip ;fmm the Hast, the directors  hud seen every, evidence 'of.'idniiidfint  pivsperliy for dto fui'iu'or.  Mi'i A. I'!, I'Uiiiuoiiit, was it pftfisen-  gerun Tuesday'** train on his way io  I'lince Itupert.  Mr*. (J. A. Smith, iiccumpanhsl by  her tun liny-., were passeiifrers for S'h>  toi'la on Tiie*.iluy,  Mrs. 1',1'lcksnn, returiKsl luuiie on  Weilnt'ttliiyV irulii from ii week npenl  In S'ltiieoiivrr, visiting lu*r mice Mrs.  SV. Ituudnlliif di"jt. place.  Mr, I'J. Mi Wbyle ri'turued htmie on  SVediii'stlny from Victoria, when* be  had bt-en ultavuillng n meeibig of (be  It. C. AgrSiuillurul AhiimjIiuIoii,  Mr. M. M. Head, of Vaiu'tiiiver spent  a few dtiys In the City this week, looking after Ills hti>ijtics.i lincro-its, tn ittul  arenuil ihe llfstrhu. ,       ���       ,  Mr. c. It..ltnlil uml Mr. (-(uih, IVlut,  ticcouiptmlm! by their  wives,   wei-e  visitor* hi the City over die week end  from S'entHiit, Caiitot'iiiii.  Mt'ssr-*, C, tlrodieur and II, Hllver,  are twi, -tilling imd ciitei-pii-iinggentle  imn nhii urrlved on Friday's, irnin to  look over die prospect,-! of optmltig un  l'*lei)('i'k'ul Fittings shop,,  Mrs, (��. Heot (.uud family, who hnve  iK'k'i) s|u<ittthig (he. hist foriuiglK vUii-  Uig Mr. und "itr��. T. i'mei-Min, b-ft fur  their Iiiiioi!  dity's ti'idu.  iu  Vnui*otiver on yefter.  Mr. lb .s*. Chuiiem**, M. H., 1', (L  Tnylor toid -I, 'l. Ciiunhigbiuiij uf the  I'lshel ie* lit-pm-tuiiiiUi |*ii.ss.*4l throtigli  ihoclly on Wediii'Mtay, on u vj.slt of  iiih|n4>()i)ij tii"|to Wen Coital.  Libera' Cenventten.  At a meeting of the Albernl Dhli-let,  Libei-itl Ah-ui'billon l'i,eem{ff.) |t win*  resolvi'il to buhl tt eonvi-tiliou of tin*  purty In till.district for the purpthse of  nelct'tlug ti (-(iiidtdiilii to coulesi thu  rldhi'" in the next, pisivlncltd  I'lecdoii.  The dltti* unle.'tt'd for the convention  Is Twe-ailuy, Stipleinb.'i' Illlili,, and Ab  bend wus mimed us ihe place of meet,  big. .Heprcsentutlotim, (heconvention  will iKtHt'C'-'tling to die provisions of  SiMUloiiri If. to 22 of lhe,(,'oisstimt|ou,  "A regithir meeting of the Albernl  Dlsliict, Liberal Assoitiutloii' will b**  held dlrootky after the citise of the Convention. '.'��� '  Ihiy the best-., Oreetu'.'s Honio-Huko  Hrtiitd.,  Alberni 'ifradliig Store. THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  Att.|'l��-t   t'k    Oil'   I  tt,.i!��il,IA.:.t.'li  1ti**rll|   tl    tilt   ri.^'lf*   ,k  ,11 ..t .4 I  Hm- Yi-tit  lllk Mi.int.,  ' ' ('.'*!<���'���' !���> I!" I'lilltil t.|,|ii ��, tt' tin' -.��>���) "'I  i:>ll>i|H'-ll| umi tiKlt'l full **,' l�� tSilintt'Vs J!*"!"!  t. .11'I'll i-t  i'ttlll,,'. , *.") DI fi t-'llt IHU li'i �� l*ilD>" III* ksll.t,'  Ilk lt)l.,IM ,(,!!.IInlu-,1 llVttll' It I' ��llll*.'i.||llllrl ill'.  Hl|,| |l,l)���l   |l>|.l.lll Itl   Diil'iO). I>  TO COKKi:.S|-ONOi:NTt3.  .Ill .���i>lllUUIUl��lllil.l|S (lift'l.l.t! (I'I I'.ll'llflltllHI  1|))),l    l.l>   IllS.l.llirifillll'.i   t*lll!    Hi.'   IIU'I'.*   Iillli Mil  tin fcsur Uiii Miller, ll.'l liii*'*'. tnlk   fur liiililli-.-i  ttllli till! tl* II t(l|!0'll|ll-l'llf *.'!-IMt III,til IV'l'l'lllllli.t  ll'll'>. I'lll*1 It* *.'IDII! !*'"H*!**I |.l.lllllllll|ll'll|i*lll��  Nil ll'i.lllll.'llltlllll itllt   I'I' I'lll.I fl-l   I'l'l'il.' tSllllli.  Iiililull* i'*iS-|U ti>' kiis'tlil iifmlli/i'llli'lll.  ^B***  Albertd, II. C, Cnnttdtt, ���   Sept' 12, 191*1  FALL FAIR.  glCKOItJO the next Issue of tlie  Advocate appears the ,M*  born! 'A".frieullui'nl, Kxhlbltlon  will ho iiiiuihered nuiontrst the  thiuKri of Ihe pent so fur iik thin  year Is concerned. This ' is,  therefore, just- a foreword ns to  th*. desirability of i-elliny: out,  just iik Iih'm;*' u"inuuh��;rl,of hltfh  class exhibits ns run be i-ull.orod  in the district, Thorn is lit!!**  doubt Imt Uud. we enn produce  us line it lino of llold prod lift h um  enn he found in Ilm Province,  hut-it will uol. servo lo ho always tulkinp, tilonj- thus**- lines,  und not (KrouMtonnlly. product* the  (,'ooils to show thut. our talk tins  a foundation in fact.  Tlio District- lOxhlhits 'slioultl  he worked tip ton hic-fi'i' extent  than lias boon the eitru* iu times  pits!.     There  is  no douht   hut  Hint   there  is   line   ni't'h'ultui'iil  litnil  in  ninny  of  lie*   districts  IlloilK (lie WOj-it ftm**i. uml ut the  uoi'fli  end  of tlio   isliiud,   and  there In no hotter way for those  sections' to advertise  their nil*  vunhin'i's to the world  than  to  send  n   selection  of-their  hest,  produc!* to iho fair ut Allmrni.  (hiI. of this thoy will wet u tin*'  of udvorUsIn-,- und attention thut  will l)o of value for u tontf timo  nf tor tho exhibition is over.  Lucidly It appeacH Unit there  svill ho it Inn-rur showing of  poultry than over before, und  that some of tho classes will !u*  tilled with a specially thu* class  of fowls. Wo havo always con*  tended that Alberui Valley is  one of the ideal places on Vancouver Island for tho purpose  or hrhiKhipr poultry to u hitfh  state of perfection, and that hip*  poultry fnmm should ho ostub*  .   Il-thcd ti*-ht hero,  One or more- of those are now  under wny, and a (l'enion>dr!��tion  ox\ it iiii'KO scale will result, but  in the meantime it. is by Means  of just, such couipe-tilions as  those of the o.Nhiliiiion tlmt we  eitii determine just tin* eln**** nnd  Idnd of fowl thai ctmies lo (in*  n/i't'.'Hest, perfection HI tht** pur.  th'iilur loeiility, If po-inibh'ut ir  Intel' iiule ii would hi* a p,i>od  thioK '<�� ''sfuhllhh an "Itux lay-  \U\j( eoitti'st" to bej."lii msuie time  before the fair and wind up on  the lust- dny of iho exhibition.  This would Klve un udded at.-  (ruction to lii*' poultry seotlou.  It i*�� tim intention to sem' n  selection of tho best lhlup,s llmt  appear ut, the Albernl exhibition  down to Vii'torin. where, there  will-ho,, u scries of exhibit-* from  tho various parts'of.' tho Island.  ., It is not the intention to. Imvo  Victoria 'outer for tills coin petition, so that, the outside dislriiits  will (ill start wills an even show:  lit tho. prize's, Lust, time Alberni  wit**:tirst with liold proiluel*-, and  . took iirst pliii-i* in the Province  with'.'po'itchot.,-' lint it is to in*  hoped '.flint we will have a wider  raiiKo of winiiiiiuf exhibits  this  TBE ALBERNI ADVOCATE \h'u��* 77'^f; '���>';�����j;f;  tbe met ihid we Imd not enough |  'r,".A'���'��"''   Advj-wl.  1-uMUhlni und  ..l,.,.,,,,,^       *�����*,,.   .",.j,-v     i,r.imi|e>.'  I'rliiOn*-(.(*, l.(��*., 1 i-v-priolot-fi. *  vyi'li'   ('-.'uvS.ilfl*   Ui'i-lefl*-*!,   Mid-  J. J\ llbbDf-OI'   .   -J4jl(��-* -tiid n-Mt-iccr   ,, ,     ,     , i    ���    r ,.   !..��     i  ISIOs   bed   Um  :i   litnitiii'!" OJ  poillU. '  l*,|l.;j.lt.  .i     .,1 lllt-illt |1lltil.tl       l*r.i.ilH��-i       J��I .11 I     ,        . I ,     I     * 4 ...     ,,!.,'  u'.  i.i,,4..i..,iv,.,.s.'.;,n,i,.,..o���ki.>i....:..,.,-t   ������ outtht  tn b" nbb' t<* H'liieity-  A" "���'���-*������'*���' -!*'*!*"*'1"'"      " -",���,-���   ,,,   ,-,., ,,,*,,���,-,.   ,*vhibition,j  llt-nd OHifoi   Albvml. ��S. C iit()tj j)Uj,| 4tl.,, mv|1 uj-li ,������. ,���-!���,,. j   ii.ihii, *..*.....i  ��.... {'.ections. ]  *     , i*    "rl  -V*   'Il'l)   *'*   I*-**,    I ,       1 1  * I    It  K a  mutter.of duty  with!  .,,',,, ,.'*'verv hvyal cHlw-n ��il !hf illi-trlft ���  r,!|l.,rt-,l,.lliiii* 1*. ,.i.int.. ))t *   ,HMti i   liii, t  iiltaaSl ' )  i;in,.!.,.),, ,i)i.ii*ii,i *,.��/. jiiifi "*.. ��i'it,.>,t ' j., tirini*- ilm very best they can i  l.i.il   ,i���l ..in.,)   tsmiitiiik  fill,  kimi'-ii  ��*����������� kil " iii  ,.,������ifi'ii.tt.. ..it! i*' i-s*'.t.it -'�� ii-i'ii'-i'-isii, ] priithii'i.,  ami   try  to  iinik** ttu*.  ��,���.** exhibition u   little   hluKor  audi  ''*' eoiis!ilii|id>ly   itotter   tlmu   any*!  thini,-  liinl. hits been  ifiven   u*" '  fore in  tim history  of  Albem!.  it   will  pay, und   pay  w��-l!,  fori  all (lie clforts retpilreil.  RAW MATERIALS.  TT hits oflt'ii been stated that,  the Alherni District is rich  lu a liirK*- rang;*' of raw utnierials  that only await, tho con vert inp-  Imnd of the iiitiiiufiti-ttiri'i- io  tnidfe a Mpleiuliil iiddiiion to the  wealth of tin*, Province. Putting this contention to one side  for the iiioinenl, it would appear  tlmt- tin* Alhfi'ni Hoard of Trade  has ivi-ently taken a businesslike stand for Iho pre*4(*rviu|* of  nl. lensLono source of wealth for  tin* district. Years ago the Somas I'ivor wiih one of the tbiest  Hockeye streaiiis on the Island,  Vast iHiiiibers of this splendid  fm id ilsh iniuli' tin* run up flic  river to tiiu spawning grounds  on .Sprout, Lake, Then cauu*  (lie hitildln1* of tin* paper mill  dam and the fish wen* nhutolV,  As they p-uihorcd at the foot of  tin* 'daiu and stt'(i',ri*i(>d in vain  to io��t over that olistruetion,  they fell easy victims to all anil  sundry who wished to take  them, and as a result there are  now very fi��w of Ihe 1M1 left.  It'll* the dotoritilniitlon of (lie  Hoard to try to have this, and  any otlierolisiriadlotis, removed,  and a hatchery huilt on the lake,  so Hint In a few your** ,ther*�� will  n-jain ho it supply of Kocltoyos.  If till*, is done there will, no  doubt, follow tho ostnhllshtiiout  of a cannery at tho head of the  Alhernl ('annl, and another very  doidruhh' addition to the payrolls of tho (listrli-t. This nt-  tempt on tlio pitrt of th" Hoard  should have tlie hitcldni' oi the  entire country, and any olllclal  who can further thiK work can  rest, assured that his efforts will  lu* npproi'lnted. .Mr. *J. (J, 0.  Wood, iho local member of tho  Provincial House, has just put  himself on record ns in accord  wllh tho plans of tho Hoard, and  every effort will ho uinile to interest, the olllclals of tlio Dominion Depart ment--so far as the  mutter falls within ihcir jurisdiction, ,  Tlio efforts iilonp* these lines  will not ho allowed to rest at  the 'river, hut the same committee haw heisn asked to try  u> m*t an export from lie* Do.  minion hNsherlen Department to  come ami nudco a study of Ihe  vnrJou'-i kinds of food ii'*he,% to  he found along- tlie west coast.  ll !*�� known that there uiv litrK����  i|uatitit.i<"S of Ihcau life!'-.*" to be  tumid at various poh-i.-,, but m)  fur uotiliii-.' luih been tjopt* lo hi'i*  timt their u',!iii!��'i'ts ittul habit'.  ua�� i-eported on hy those who  are in a position to know wh.tt  they me 1,-dkin-'' about, and no  special regulations have boon  framed loolclun* toward the protection of these Ilsh.    The'work  Royal Mail  -Service-  The Gasoline Cruiser  Witt h-.tve the-(JoveriHiient Wharf,, Alherni, at  7*30 a.nv of (he Sth, 12th, 19th and 26th oi  Every Month  To iiiterniit*' with the l\ P. li, West Coiisl Steainer in carry  in*," Hi** Majesty's Mulls between  Alberni and Ucluelet  And fulling; nt nil Way Ports on Alherni I'ihuiI and liurkley  Sound,    AcciuuuusJntiou for Pohseuger*, ami Xuiali I'Veiwiit.  Real Estate Agent  P.O. Box 28        Alberni B.C.  We Control the Sale of the  Following Properties  Soma*- Hel-jhte,  D. L. 13,  Komotdtem  Gtencoo Helghta, D. L. 100, HomeaUei.  76 Aerew, with River Front, D, L. 7, Homotdtes  Five-Acre TractH, D, L. 102*  Five-Acre Tract*. l>. L. 100  Write Us for Particulars  sfEWARTM. READ & CO."  Suite :'8-,'i9 Cnmidn Life BullilinjJ  Vunciinver, (kumilii  Alberni Lumber Company  Citn now Mi|iply order, for l<'lisi Ciiis.  Rough and Dressed Lumber of All Kinds, Shingles, Etc.  G  Lorn! Orders will receive sjieelul ititi-itiloii,  Cull ut   the   Mill on die Scot eh  Si'ltlein.'i'.l ttoiid, tic I'liom*  or write (o lb*' Miinuger  Phone R40  Albernl, B. C.  Cirocoro, Bakore and Produce Herchanta  Flour and Feed  Bayers of Flour   ami Feed will Hail otir raa��4e  of brands unexcelled,   Our prices are rlfjht,  A (-uil'Ktiiiititil reduction nuide on ton lots.  Preservliiji   Peai^liet"   are   duetto arrive next  *~ 0 t i  week  Appeldorn & Co.  Contractors &  Albeinl, II. l*.  /?, I //-**-, k-41���  Mlllllirrn-  Good Work tit Reasonable Rut**).  fiiStimutes Furnished  is needed, and tlie action of tlie  Hoard of Trad** is an t.'Xt-i'lleiH.  one under the clrciiittstaiu'cs,  year.    We sulfeivd   ut,  the   last, ,���.,.���('iViidtu.'jKioi  STATION AH V,  , 'l'lte ' |itti'suii emtio, ni'ross u liii.y  felltnv It'iitiiui* up liifuiiis! ii fenee oite  (.'V'-eiiln1,', ttnd. sUipphi'f, ..iiski'il - hhn  wht'.ru In*' mi-peeled io ^u ivhen be  tiled V  " :. \ . .''..'   .,   '.,'���  "Well," re|.ili.-d. die ili-iink.,. ["U I  ('ttii'ti (^el-,'idon*' uti',' lifiiei- than I do  now, I sliun't iro uny whore."  (Jr.eetii''s   Hoiiie.Hukii   Hrend   ill  AI-  Those ileslritij,' the nerylees of  lite  Citv'Sctiveiijri.r ttjiil ibid slat*'*. i*i vtiim  urtlei".   u(   Hisltop's   Miiue,   (Irlev*'*1  Iliirn, imiK'ity Hull,  'At! order* promptly uttetitliHl (o,  WM. IH'IMV,      .  City Weill uii*,fer.  AND  mr��if v  Signs Signs Signs  Lund inui Advertls|n|fS|--ii-4, etc,  ilotie tt Itit l'roiii|it lles|i|i!eit  tit Ldwe-il Prices hy ,  S.   EATON  Margaret St., Alberni  Paittit-r niul I'liper-Htnt-jor  Our Bread and CakeH are baked by a profOH-  sional baker in our own bakeshop  3 Loaves bread for 25c  4 Rolls or Crusties 9t 25c  Made from the best flour  The  (I'-iiUI-ded Isl.l  Cttphel Aulboriicd  CttpiOd Paid Up  Host mid Untilviii*>d ProlUti  To!��! A��***l#  93K.OOO.OOO  10,000,000  10,000.000  ja;!0.027,ooo  Hon. Pri'siiii-m     ,     Hi. Hon, Und Stiiuhcouu iifid Mutiii! Hovitl i��.C, M. ll,  Preskleiit   ���   H, 11. Aii��"us, Ksi,.        \     Vlee-l'res.       .       .       II, V, Meredlih  Head O'flieo      -  Lltuloll   Oilll'ii        . lit  Illld   ("  Savings Bank Department  Montreal  liireiiilneetlle Si,, II, C,  DepOsii,.   I'ci'i-Ut'il    from   itl    ii|ivtuttls  Cntintrt Hiihlnes*. *,;iveii every tuienilon,  Port Alberni Brtuieb  IS. S. V, McClln'tock, Mrtr.  Woiit dune by Prnct'leiil'Meii only.  K-tlliiiiues l-'ree.  j,i.ai.iin.iu.iiii���a.ii*n.��i*i.1ia.t.ii..  ���  t'orner tlohnsioii h'ond  .   and Victoria (,hmy ,    ,  C. GALES        Proprloioir*  Practical   Plurnberf.,  Steam and  Hot Water Fitter*..  Entlmate** Furnloihod on Application.  Margaret St* - Alberni, B. C*  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP  ".Thu'purfnei'shlp heretofore exiMtiii,'  bet-tvi'i'ii'l'.l'itest.H, I lebruyiieuitd Albert  Hiehinoiid, ilnlnjj biis|.tu>),s .under Ilu*  tlnu. mono and style of ''"iiie'Albernl  Nhlnjtio ,MiH(,'tiiii|ijniy." litis -been this  l.WfUiy-tlfdt titty of aVuj.'iisi, illb'l, din*  solved'by iiititiutl eoiisi'iU-,'.  The.business it III in future be curried,  on in the niniieof i''iuest H., Dehrtiyne  to whom nil ui'i'iiiuiis initst, lie ri'tulereil,  und "vv ho it.kMiities nil the Itiibllitiei'.of  the btisbiess froni this,iliiin',  K. II. Ilebrc-yne.  Alberni, l.l.(',, Auiflist *i.*itb,'ItU.'J,  -^t^*W'^���**^^^^a^W^'^  ���*^a***f ��*���<, **V-*a��>iJk>-W' ���****�� ttf win lia-tum-l' IS at n*l*'*i**i t* HWt" Wm\mMAtrftr^Hrtt  R.   W.   HEASLIP  Contractor and Builder  fatinutteti fhmisfwd on Alt Classes  of Work in that Building //��.*  nitiiuiutttii  Alherni B. C*  ���3^a��tMr-*WWrla>lV.  20 ACRES fine-black  loam, river frontage, partly  Clt.HNC* AT A WACIUI'MtM'.:.'  Central Lake, B.C.  ��� J&e Drinteter, fropiutir  kw;.*" just th* Tdlsi'(.b�� S'Wrtwiii h bdiag T��t ���~"~  fe::  �����'   -4*  t  I.,  RATI*0 .Rtr-om nnd Board 83 .**��.r D��y  i<if--    -t, *���,-.  J*  li  n"  i  ^i-��.��....  i-' ROSSLYN SUBDIVISIONS. L. 9, Albernl, Upjwr Portion, Lots from  $180.   Easy T��rni9,  R0S3LYN���Lower Addition, D. L. ����� Albernl. Comprising Lurge Water  Front Lotn. Rlvor Rood Runt* Through thlt. Addition. Lot*.  from $260*   Ett��y Torimw.  D. L. 40���Acre BlockH���-Reaver Crook Road Runt* througlf Property.  Portion of (-ame Cleared and Cultivated. Lot�� from $260.  Eetsy Tonubi.  Apply Direct or to Our Agent, Pi. M. Stephens, Alberni  Winch   Building*   Vancouver  A  SURE  NVESTlfENT  The main Nanahno Road and pity Pipe Lino passes through,  the property.  Close to school.   Well located and fine view lota.  ROCK BOTTOM PRICES  Jr l��atl*rK4>tt*4-n4t4 **���*, imjiW*** Vltsi-faaia-iUM l  .EASY TERMS.  i't  j-     Tho  Advocate doe* not   hold x  f,.   hwlf (t'*.j��!)Hslble(for theo-iitiioita f/-  ���!'e*sisll by f��iV4|s��iida-!ii-, I,  Tho full men*1 milsl bo hiritl*h. j*  ft  i"4lf.��i'|uil��lU'**0��niivldi*Hii*<itt*'r ���*���'*.  5  of <�� |n>UUi-ul pBtUls'. j'-J  *  tltthlsxg Diapute.  (To Hie I'illUu- Alberni Advocate',  Hen!" Hlr, A* I .u��>e Hp mijmis  pttj-cr*. < iioth't' dtlterent' ojiinion. re-  ���r,mlhi*r ihi* ILbbn' i!l��|iiito ul ('chuck-  (     W.llilll   tittl*    (Villi    t<*  iilluw me tpni'i* lu .vi'iir ptiiier t*ii*lve  (ti the publ'*' (be trulb find the reitl  sitli* of thin *ji��i-*|lii|i, pfthiip* yon  bitVe lintli'ni ill) tlleli huve l>-"'0 ill'-  rested anil hupi'Loiied for I'shlm* in  prohibit***! waters.  Niiw, I hold In it)*'|.iis:*i"*sliiii nil the  rules  und  re-"!!!!!! tuns   iv/fiudl!!"*   (he  Oshfiiei. of HrltWi ("ohiiiibk*.    fusi-e-  iluiis   PI  und  11 of the .''i-boHes It**-  jitilittton* you will llnd,nn itivoum of  till prohibited witters, und  I  nil) defy  inty ('(.vormuont olllci'i' or lawyer or  nny other uiiin lo thnl no/whore in dm  iilim* tiu-iitInued sections thut t'chuck.  lcslt��IliiilK)i' Is prohibited.    S  will nl-o  defy any ianu (o |ii'ove tbitt where lite  slake Is out. nt t*iiiiit'li!t'f.l( Hurbor I*  n tldiii Isu'indnry.   iiie tide rises unit  ftdls til   h'tist   two  utiles  utiove   (hi*  .(like.   Then, you uiny nsk, why vvere  (best* men arret itl for tlshlntf In du*se  witters ��    l,el  u* we on whn( ifroiindt  iho said olllcer wrested my. men.   We  will llr-a   tukit  Siiperlnteiuli'iit- (.'tin.  ninirhnui,   of,, the   Hiit bit   Cobnnblii  Fisheries,  New   Wesiiidr.ster,    When  this trouble llrsl tu-ose I ���vent tu'N'i'w  Wi>*.Hnlu-.tiii', a nil i vvith (he u-tsLtunco  Juf my lawyer, I h'U'i'viewrtt-. Wiiperln-  jiemlent CtiniiliitibuinHnil tlied to its.  certain Mini") rensut) ns to why my men  were nrrostcd,   lie cetild show no law,  rule or rt>;'ijhtdon  thut   allowed   his  oltlceis to arrest my men.   He nsked  me to *,'o to Nimiiliiin with hhn nnd set*  Inspector Taylor on the t|ue*,iju!i,    l  met oltlcci's hi tVimiihuo, imd die only  dihu* Mr. 'Taylm' could preK'Ut whs  Chtieie 17 of tho Khlicry Act.,   It roods  tlllls!  "The Minister, or liny.fishery ollicer  Vpr further pnrtieulars apply to���  inance.  7*33 Fort Street,  Victoria.  duly- itUtboi-tftsl, sliull hnve -snu'i'to  dellne the tldul In-ut-d-.iry-**f Hie estuary  lishiti-* for (he pot---,--*!'* nl thU Act."  Wo have uu doubt duo uny uiUccr  duly, iiinhorl/4-d hn* |*t.t��k��*i' ��%�� th-iine  taUl tsititidnt it *. imi thin Is in)), it (iiinl  t��*uiid,u-y, neither did Mr- T����-"orpin  (bin siiike ibem tt* n (Idiil bnuiwliu'y.  If ho did Im vtn-i rftillenlly wi-nii1*, Sh  Hie tide Hm*. .i"*h! fall** "**e mile* titv-ive  Oil* btllki'a ''  '  Now, no will i*t> i, Huh* hii'ihec'tad  sv.i whul defi-lU't) tlfiiCet' ,\Vt*od puts up  l.i   ��.,Hitm��l    |th*lti')i,     lit.   (jtiit's   Chliffce  which l�� (In* '"I*!ihu, mid White  I'lsii Aci," iittd iklibit hi-km*.'. (o'l'ij-  tario, i.'UelH'C, I'riuce l-Vlivtud Ishnul,  Sa��kli(��,'he*iuii iitiil MuttiUib.'t. Hotels  do��iit in the Ixitloiit i>( itiim Act' he  ink'eij'p'ir! of Cliiii'c ;t,i, -.tiiU'l, iejtd.it*.  fnllotirt,  "(tj)l tit-in sliull not l*/tiKt*d vilihbi  two mUiv. of uny r-i-lidu-.- ���'round,"  Tbi* bus on tuiiii* to tin uiih HiiOkli  Cobiiiiblu tbiin sl.'U'kiii'hs Ine* lotto with  ilii.iilf.iii, Hot to he Iriuhful, I think  it Hiiiiiii nil-it t'oiild'm. put put I belt' feel  under (he (iuVerimieiK'pi inhte the*,  vioitld huve to ^'et it looklitj-.jdni-ii tmd  Wiiieli iheiiiselves stui-vo! but vvhitl  enn vit* expect, uiitler the present con-  dlduits, It l�� just it flintier of eonOtui!  jnillbuf. We wiini to llnd em why tbli  vi bole iru-'blu aiiino und see whether  wo enn liud i* reitl ctiuse. ll Is n mutter  I'Mietly the sntiie on tlie Albernl Canal  as il wn* ut NuiijiIiuo; the Seotcliniei)  hnd |ios*es��lon nf tin* Iieriiiii* iniiu.ir.vi  hm the combines tnul die ('overmucnt,  oftlctiri* worked tounther hiirinoni.aiwly  until (hey cliiiked the Scolchiiicu froin  N'finuhnociiiuph'lely, The snux* thin"'  Nlttrts ui Alberui, .iohit Ken-lull mid  Ids men ure in the wuy of tbo Wntbtco  Fisheries, nnd beliveen tin* Wallace  Fisheries und the (tovei-miieitt. olllcers  (hey huve itiHlerliiken lo nm me tnul  my men out of die Citiutl, All dmy  vviiiii. I. to pin.'(lu* Industry lu the  bunds of the coiublites uud.lni'*. Tn  prnve (his we will j��o a little farther.  When my nets were sel/.etl Ihu cannery  melt ilshid I'Miotly tht* snme in I.check-  le*|l Jluristir, which wus otubiied by  the (iovcrnnieiil oltleers }o Im pt-o*  hlblieil, imd more ihiiii this, ovory  lime they used thch'seln they violated  the iitw. I "ivlll quiilo tlio kivi- ihey  vtolaietl;  Ckttise (b) "No nets of uny kind shull  be so used ns to emilose nay buy, cove,  t-rt'i'k ��r hdoi: und ht nit cum s uu-  third of the width ��f wui'h !��iy. covt.*,  Cl-i't-lt nr llilel shitlj t"*.'midn njien hihI  Ul|iili.trocti'4( f.i|' (l|e iii!*.,t!i;e nf |J��|i,"  I'vijey tbu.' tti"ti ihicw ihelr m��Iii  itii>* la** wus vlidnt***' j ntf*o ii*iu*o Jo  i.f ibe I',lkhi'ry H.'^uiaOmis *-ayt-;  "Nt, -atihitnH Hitler i hi et* itotuidv in  welj-bt -imil be ndiKU by Oit*i*).- ��*f te*t,  tint) if lahi-n *|iiili,l>i4 ivtunird to tbe  WHO'i" ahve."  ll didn't   mutter  whether  !���  tin. n  jkitiiml or tl (on lie'**oi*s   Into  (be cni*  ju*t   the   Milne,    Utl!t'4U*,    Wiss|, ( ���;))���'  lli)l('btlll) Mid Tntt |t*|*,|S(',i j��**�� fs'Vtly it e)l  itivnt'e thut ��� Mjien in*' yloht'lfi;" (liiit,  tor dny iit imd dny otu. If (his  dilii",-' is iiui (ur ilie iiem-tit of the Mild  ciimbbii'ss, why don't (Su* wild mlScers  uri-fsl tin's., men for linhtiloi* nf s.-tjti  lutts,' Tliere |* mi! tiiiiiii fi'iir uf di.'ii)  dob*'' mi under the present str/tln ot  dlhlif-a,   Ullles.   ll|e   pt'ii|*|.i   111  Albe*;iil  inui Purl Albernl lis.* op us iniolih/cnt  men otii'hl to do imil tlciuiiiufjiisdc*' (n  (iilm'It*, cnui si.( uud nee-1 lint overt  ttlille uiiin jjel* nu cijlinl |)i'iv!le>,'e In  Ilsh Jn (he AJI-*'-.d Cnmdii.'id Jinixiuy  Kiiimd. "  I tin not know whether the emu.  iiitmlty Intend, to inuke (his their.  ,bii**h)��">. or imi, but If (lie law deosi/t  nrotect tue hi (he truiir��uetloii of my  business I luii'iul io Hike tbo iiiw In  my own bunds.  1' vvlll put the  pli'tkto   shlji   ".May-  lioiViil'"   lit dock,   I  Will put  it Ibst'l'llls-i  ritin ut her betul, imd 1 will j-n **.**ptuio  myself and put up ju**t its .lick work *ui  the Albernl Cuiutt as Ciiiualn lielile  did on di" Aliunde tici-nit, uud before  I nm llnlstu-d liiltte Ketnlnli wili muke  It, mlifhty hitiiresibii- for some of these  hot-.milkers, us t ihlnk I lliife jtt.i its  (,'oikI it,,iijfhi. to eiitorce my lint its any  (ioveriitnt'iit olllcee lots lo eiifoico his  law.  1 hnvo hud about thirty years'ex-  |ierb*iice; I huve ul**o bundled till ItluiL  of iiels, iiuiu imd traps, und I Ihnrmu'h!1  tintlersiitiid the duty of any Ushery  otllcor, unit I will support any oKleer  In liii* curry hii* out of the law, but  ilu'**!' ollicers have Hot' Hiiil to etiloree  the law. All (bey have beei) trylntf in  du Is put me out ot business, limit  jiromlse Ibeiii fitlthftilly I hiit t will  Muy by ihein and (itn* the end.  Vout'x, it** siptiire iik it hi lok,  .1. A. KMiN'HALI*.  ���  The Canadian Pacific Lumber  , Company, Ltd.," .  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  emmm pacific lumber compary, lib.  o _ o  Held by  Port Albernl Branch  ��  mmmmsmmmmmrngmmmmmmm  Land Act Noticer*.  Aiaiii'ttNi LAND niKrairr.  Illklilt'l llf ttlllM'll,)'.  'i'ttliii omli'.i t'mi Juiiii I'tirsVil))1. ef Alts'nil.  II,U., Otvuiiutliiii initl.t-ii'iii), Iiui-ihU tiiii|,|.|y fui'  |lt'fllli-l!l|llll tt) |tUlt'l)ltkt* Uli'  fulllllk III),-  Ilt'ki'l llM4i  limit*!  4'|.||IIII|ilH'l|!i[ i,t tlt'.l!>t tlllllllnt IllHUIt JflVll'llltlUS  *-*ist iif Ilm tin,(ti eiist iSifHi'); nf irfil %1X, tin-Ins.  . i'imt SU cltiiliift, Uii'iiii! no,Hi n) I'IihIii., ilf'tuii  wii.t Kl rlindiH, Iti..Jitt! uni.-Ui t*J. i'llllllik tt> |s>Inl  nf (H)iiiuii-ii(s'iui'ni. nmliNint.tlnliiK niiiitiTi'siiiiin'  ur li**.  ...     ; Jelui Komi'llit*.  ���.ninii "W.ivil*!. Auif. Mil,  AI.IIIU'M LAND niHT'OCI1.  Oblrd't ef llittflrty,  Tsilii' itntliti tlmt 'i'liiiieiift McKltiiion, of ,M-  IhtuI.  (((",, iK.*ii(i*tl|iiii citrei'iili'i',  luiriiila   l'��  ttl'l'ly f'.r |.|.i;iiIhbI��i) O* inirt'littsii tint folltittiiitr  ilnkt-rfhisl IiiihIh:  C'Dlllllll'III'llll.'   h|   tl   IDSl   llllllltllt   |U   lliU llllllll-  i-tiHt I'iitiiifr lit I,4il tnX.  Il)i-lli.<. kikutlt t��l rlis.Ui*,  Illt'lllVl   l<Hllt Ml ItVDllll*,    tlll'ill-il   llilll tl   Ikll'liulllrt.  tlii'Dfti iti'st Kielmlu* tn lln iu.i|,,t uf tsifiiiii^otn..  uinu, mul t'tiiitttlnJkit/ Hi" iti-it'it miKit ur li-cn.  'riiiiiiili* Ikii'KliDiiin,  Jiiiii. w, iym. * ,\uif. i-i:i,  ,M,iii;iir--| IiA.md iiisTiotrc. .  Olhtu.'i nr |tk;ti|ii>',  't'liluMiiillrii tlnu MiiiiiIh CliO'ltt' uf l'.irii"iiii,  11. (' ikS'tl|i!illi'lk Ulitillv.1 HidiiIii.i loli'llds tu l.i'-  |.|.k filrikVi.llknlilll III JlilM-llllli- lilt) fllllliktllil'  tfl'M'tllllki I'llllt*,'  I'l'lllllll'lll'll)).'Mt II j'l.-it |'|l>l)t<lt S" CltlllllS I'llkl  llriltllklllltii I'ltst lllllll.)'*)! l.��l tlX, llli'lllS* ���'))*(  Sill llllllllt, Illl-IIIS'llillltl r��l(.|||llll*,tlll-(llS' tll'Sl *-*)  I'llllllik, ll)i>/lis.*t.llllt Si) illllllll til till' fi.lilt I'I  ���Sill)li|i.||C4i||jil|)t lllltlt'illllllillltllt ItlH   Ill'll'rl    llltiri'  er It'**,  Mliuiln I'lmlit..  Jiifii'lM, IIIUI.   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Illll'lhU  (ii   ltji|l|v f,,l  |,i-riiiUt,|nii in I'Uii'iiii.ctlii, ftilliittliiii id'ht'iiluil  liiiHla:  (Nililllii'lii'llliriit ii |Kit,t |i|>iiuisl iitintll i'l.-lmlii'.  i'lisi ni tin. tii.iiii i-iikl iviniii' nl l,<il ?ix mm ud  (Im eiiMt iMiiimlnry nf ,\,|., :*ni��i, t lienee mist ix>  cliiilie*, tli.'iii'ii fin)i|i n.i fliHlii*, llii'iit'i' iti'*.' su  1'linlnn, itii'iusi MDIIIl Wii'IiiiIhn til |l<lTl!t nf l"HH  ii|.'(k-��'liiiTH, line I'Dutitliiltiu' (li'i Ht'it'D ititiit- er  ||.*n.  Iiiui))' Itityin'.  JlinoW. WIS, Auj.M-IN  AMIKItNl laAND nUiTHICI",  Dlklrlt-1 iif tlriieliiy.  'I'.tlii* iidtl.s. tlmt Jiilm llltiri. iif Alla'itil. II (',,    ~ t     (3   V      *       * g%n  ;w'';--Ke-,ry^^^ ildmssssoi!, 25c  t'lii'iiiii'lii'll.i,' m ti|iiikt|i|i|iili-il')l��)iit li*li'li;iitih  inikl nf iliti iiiiiiii i-itki nirinf iif l^il"'.'l, llii'iu'i  i'Hkl Ik) I'tlllllltt. tlll'lll'l' IHlllll Si) CllHllih, tlii-iir*  HH41 h,l I'lllllllri, Ull'lllS' hi,,|111 ��> |.||ltll)|l tl.tlM  |.lllll(    llf   l'i!IUIIU'IH'i'll!lil!,   Ullli   flllt'tlllltlk'   DM  IHIff* lilDli* IT less,  I till* lllllll.  Jllllii**!?, IUI3. Alltf- I-U  Many Special Foaturoi*.    Splcrndld Kogular Lltvt.   Special Cupti.  Spocial Prixos, will bring out the html that Albernl Dletrk't can  produce.  Help along the Good Work by Entering the Competitions  Entry Fees: Horses and Cattlo, 26c; Sheop and Pigs, 10c;  all  other ��ntirtea. 8c each.   Entries puaitivcly close Monday evening,  Soptof-nbtir 16 th  Children under li Vk  For (further information 8o��, or phone, Secretary E. M. Whyte,  Alborni, B.C., Phono 116 or X 6  rw-**?j��-?-Hirf*-i^^ THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  Water Act.  Nt-tit*) i,| A|>p!ii4*il<*<i lor Hi** A-i-ouVdl  ul Woik*.  '(  .1.      I!..,. I   *  ��> i i  )     i* (,' ' i  ,, , i   ,  ,1 .      ui.  ,i  ,4 I I  V   I '  4-    II  vv   ���' , *  >i. t   ,j,  **i I *   '   i  '   1. tl ir ,    *,   ,  .v    I,   , *..  I   ,,1 1       i   I..���     ������. I   i   1    t   i.   ><  a   II , ,     ��    ���   ���    I   I " >��'.W  * 1 r     ,-   ,.i      "     J*   a j   l.a)   .  I, ,-1    ,     *,, > .   ....       ,'i!       I ���  (t���    * . a.,iil.   ,'  I .    I  '     \\ j,', <    1l,  I li t  �����,),> )(,.    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'I'.ilin imilii mut Nn Ii Id i)>l .iiiinmt nt Vln  imi,1 II I', nl. tl|,it|..|i in Hu 11 'i,It .nt* I 1 ,t|i  (ilk U'l |u inn* ilim In i'i>)tf)ii*i tin I,,Hi,14 mn  ill .l'i tin il liiiiitf."  I'lilun,) iii'l.),) ill t) I", I I I ml-,' iil-m' 1 til mil,  ttlk *:%  )o!  THE ALBEaRNI ADVOCATE.  CLASSIFIED ADS.  I'i**- Hunt. I'tnilj Knrt.dshfs-1 ���> IPxiiticst  tlouse, city vitilt'i'. Api'l,*' A. A.  i.ytiu.  A *--i4.*,��. Most M-li, (su* jitti* ,\tik,-rni  hi-iyltt*. |ti>v| ��,'��! cb-nr on** forfiff.  IV'cc *''**> t**o; ymil' own (orius,  A|*l*Jv |��. u  Itt***, iif, I'nvi Ah*">i-id.  Wauiliiti   "I'u  buy u lev* ,e-r*>��, ,'!ii��.i> tt*  I'm",   AIlM'iui,'- Must In*  i-heitp for  1'ii.h,    I'lsiiM ovtrtier. l'i O. Hon   I'1",  l'io-> .Miim-iil.  For Salt-.   Two M, i't White l^uhoru  i'iaelti-iei*., |'J (unotbti ntii, hrCtli fi'otit;  bi'iiik Inn In,'si mm.    Kor imiib'tiliii*  iii-ldv  I'red,   i'li-jhi, Mitt Tnvvii, Ab]  U'ctd, n.c, ���  Will I'-uln-iif.**. Hmd Albi'tttl t'min'r.  ili>* fur Kitsrniiclieiiun l-'itt'iu l.itinL,  Wm. I''tlink (tlbviii, Albt'iiii. 11,1'.  All lor Halt*. One iSU-iii'iiiimt Ibiiisn  nil HtHi" Hi reel, one Three, looiiiisl  llinik.il im HeU'iith a\venue, (nu l.i|*  on Huie Hi reel. Apid' ll. \V, l-'utilk-  lii'i*, I (ok UJ. fori Allmrni,  f i.r  Waitttd Drlviiuf |Miiiy, Musi not hn  iifrnld nf iiiutnr eiirs, Aililic** *\, It,  Aiidi'ifsuii, .Vibei'ltl, H.(*.  The Alberni Hotel  r  'erl-at* or t**chiuttSf, .ChU'iVetl mul I'h*  r'otsl, (iinii ll.'J-i 'per cm.! or niii  i-Kchtitij,'!' fm* -il-'ti. pony or^iss't nilleh  , cows,    A. lb Anderson, city.  . -...     ��...,,.,.   ,-. Fur M��rit,���lint Kurnlsluil 1 itooiiiuil  lloiisi*, I'ttttei'son Tun n.lie, (,'issl  (.'iildeii uud lui'K'*' lul. Apply Advo-  cute Olllce, ���___  Room lo Rant, siiitubb* fiii'lil-"hl House,  koeplnif, iniviil** emrnnce, Apply to  Ku\ 11., Ailvociite.  ,  For Salt.   Hiiviitir  Mnre,  ijuiii,   not  , tit iu Id   of   ttuto-t,     Apply   In  C.  H:  Aski'w, Alhernl, \\.l\  > ("* i- I- a r   -  I a Salt (hi)tcrul t'tii'|mso 'Peitiu, vtii-  k'uii uml Ibtriie.s. .tiltiihle for -.'i-ud-  xxxu ui" heavy work. Any restsoniibti  I tin I j-tven, Apply ll. lb Kiln, Coil  Albernl. ,  ' For Salt *\ few choice upple trees  three vi'tir. okl. or would exchitui-c  fur White WyuutloHepullet'*. lAirln-  fiiriiiiilloii apply to .Alhernl Triultm,'  ���Store, or by ie,t"r in Ki Windsor,  th'sivt*!' I'reek I', (i.  i  Far Rant. 1'Ve.rotitiied Hoii��i\ centre  of town.' Apply *\. A, l.yim, l-'lbtt-  belli Street.  For Bala. Or trade "-odd Ort'-.-oi) und  Wn.hlii-.'tnn Hunches, nllt eMiiuti'fo  for Albernl property or ijoisl lim-M's  or cukVN,    Mt .1. Cniitphi'll Alberni.  FurSalt). .Musical ln��triimeiu�� I'luim,  Violftt, Hniijo; et|iitil to uetv, (tux  "('," AdviM'tid'Oilli'i'.  Modern in ever.v reapeot.    Private HntjiB,  Kloetriu l.lj-ht and Hot Water  lleutlm*- thron'-hotit.  .���,'v..'-T.:v;,The Favorite Resort^V^-r-"���"-'  Of tin* ('oinmeri'lnl  Man,  Toiirlnt and  Nport��iuiin._   Kooiiih prlvut-u   or  eh mi it*.).  Rates from .$1 per dny up.   American nijri European Plans  Owning our own Dairy \wt\ Poultry lianch hiHtniiH a ''om-itmit mipply of  Htrlctly frenh nrtlclcH for tho tithlo. ��  ^^;^-.:.:^z Hot and Cold Water ���������-���:  And PrlvnUi und l-oii"* Dinhuico Telephone*, in ovory mom.    Free, Una to  xxtul front all Pout** nnd Trains,  III MA McAI-LISTKUdomiorly of the JUn^ Edward Hotel Victoria) Prop.  W  Hotel Arlington  Thu did nnd ever popular lieiid-piurtorH for the Hij-h-chinn IhIiukI Tradn,  0 linn boon recently  - Greatly Enlarged -  And"now contains nlxty roomn, Hliip;le or t*n nuita.   The nplenUld new  (llnin-f-i-iHiMi contain*- n  lino Holcetlon of Island   vluwn  front tho studio  of Mr. Loonni'd FritnIf.  -t.tj==:=== Tourists and Sportsmen =  Will  find ,tho  new llotol  Arlhif-t-in jUKt.tlu,*  thini*.   (Juldi-H fttrnlnhed.  ==^==Sample Rooms=  I'"or ("oinniurciul mon on j-round Moor.   Center of the liunineHt* Dii-ttrlut,  I'Veo Huh to und front till trnhm und hoittn.  McNIFF A MlOA(;m-!K  Wanted. A HiUM* .Milk Cow. Apply  A. W. Ileuth, Sunny IIIU.  -1' j     '  For Ran(. A ' tew minutes witlk from  station, Nicely r'liritl.hi'il ���> HooiuihI  Hotue, -i'iii per uionth. Address ,M.  .1, Cimipbcll, Albernl, H.X'.  For Rant. CihmI new I HikiiiiihI lluuse,  Adilrcss M. .1,, Campbell, Alberui,  H.C.  Wt*r.t-,d.. -Votini* Mniit bet ween ujies of  12 nnd bl, to leitrii business i steady  tuiiploynienl for rk-hi party. Answer  In own httiiilMrltiiiiif. Htute suiiti'V  expeoiiHl. Slinver A Co., Hex *��,  Albernl, U,C.  For Runt or Safe, .-.until House on  double- corner, Alberni llel"*hts.  Hiittill piivmeiK down nnd ifl(i per  inutith will buy ll.   .1. HeM.  To Rand i'lu' fiilhitihi-- Houses, fm*.  nishetl or unfurnished: Mr. Duwson's  und Mr. laord's, on (Sovernnienl Hi.:  nnd Mr, I'. A. Wutsun's, on Klbuheth  HI.    A. \V. Nelll, Albernl.  F����* Salt.-rOne Tent, 1! x Id Ui, Vint.  ihielt; um. Plow, (lolni*- ut u low  ll-furo. Apply m 11. i', Hlclituds,  Huiiim M'dtfiUi., Albernl. H.C.  HOSPITAL AUXILIARY.  'I'lie (icm-rii! Monthly Meediij,' of  the Alhernl Hrimi'b of the Hospital  Auxiliary will take place on Friday.  Hopti.uibt.r 1'jii*, In llie.Knii-lfdiCluuvh  Hull, ul -.'..'lii (i.tii.       .,  K. Ilodi/Min,  Hecrvtary.  *f��;:w.:*^��i*-��-*{:;44*K{m  PATERSON GARAGE  NOTICE.  Any person or pei-sons futind iislu*-  er niolesitnj.' in nny wny iiliv Hoiit or  Cuiliie Ih'loill'hl'f ������) IH"i vi Itluilll per-  inisslon, ulll be prtiseetiteil without  Imt her uiiritlitt,,  W, H. Curler,  Alhernl. n.C.  General Tearnster.  DRY STOVE WOOD  Alivuys on lluuil  All   Orders   l'ttmipdy   Aitcntlctl   To  Now Open to tho Touriiifi! Public  Full Lino of Auto Supplies  Cars For Mire fit RoaKonabio Rates  i  Victoria Quay  Alberni, B. C.  Proprietor**  *'��� a��..,k.|.r|lH*.��|,,l*  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  1 .1. .1. I It: UK I-i, Proprietor.  "*^-l****-I**|<>)*M|i'*li****w       - ** i  vhi  -AND-  Gortruiio St.  i*tmmm*p+**i��mmM0Jinwti/tmmn n  Albernl  i��� it-��nir��-i-awyii,i|i*,i--.  > For Salt. Five weeks old I'll,'., from  tint* litii-e Vorkshlre sows. S*'* eiu'h.  1). I'iockeinim, Henver C"**ek I hmd.  NOTICE,  No hilts iti-till!*! die Alhernl KbiiiK'le  Mill Ctuupiiny villi he pttld ulih's* lie')  ure cotitriu'tisi under im oidec .Ijijiiist  It* JJ, il, llehi'iiyne.  I'iibttt* uml lieitlei'a i(eiiiirn))). pleti.t'  noie.  Ajbet'ol iSbloi'iii Mill Ci,'.ii|uiiiy.  Her ll. H< Helirii'iiOi MtililiKei',  Professional Cards  it.**,'-      i, j f ��� '     -  GEO, A. SUlTHi C. E.  H. O, Itiuu) Hvirvevor. HurveyK of  timber limit*, mhtorid cliitms, uud luud  isiiUlivlslons, Olllce ut, A Ibeviii. CO.  Hex '-!.'!.  H. M. T. HODGSON,  A. M. I. C. 1*1  IV*  Farmers' Handy Truck Scales ::  r'orHiiht at lti'dKi'ml I'lici'M  Ganoral BIocksrnl-:J'..nj* and Horaeshoolng  mqimMmKjk^tmttMiXfmmm-nyxvfmmv  Mvcvy rltfM of all IcIiuIn.   Heavy UntyliiK nnd ftvl^I.idclivury  <tMt'-**l>lf*t*-aa-*^^  f*-*-ft^-*a**-*a*ii.i��-*(--��--.-i  Jluy the l)*'��t.   Oreene'i. Hotiie-Hulti*  Hreud.   AI bm nl Triultni' H'ure.  It often rests 11 lob of money ,/,�� leurn  soiiie dihi|r*> you don'l Wlint to know.  Homo men ure nlwnyit conlrftry  beeuuso ll Is the only wny they Itnov/  10 ('('ill uttenllou to theuiselvcs.  B, C. Untl *?tir��ay<*F n*v4 Civil K-it-inaar  OlhtT*,-*)   C*tfmt**sr  "JltKU, J*��r(   AttmiTtj  Fhwva 87  h. h. imowm  Chi) iiiit) Mlnlttff l',nj,'li>.'''i'  uud  I'rOvbiehd f.iititl Kurveyni'  Alberni II. t!.  i. rnr-i HitcKic A.W.Afr.tw A. H. Wri-'Eiit  RITCHIE, ACNEW & CO.  L^niiBijB im) J'reyiccinl Land fJunttycr*.  Civil, Hr/ikialic and ftuniripsl 1,'it-iru'n  t>"i'itt��r. lor RitcMe, flfntw feWff Co.,  Ui,  Mniili,lp.il  Wtirti,   N.tri'i'1   (limit....  Snli  OtvUliflla,   SrHi-rtiL-ii,  WuliT'iii) lis. I'll',,  or I, mi) Nut t<'>lll,'  Itvstl Orttc�� . . Port Alberni, B.C.  CO. Hex 144, Port Alhernl.  'es  Dealer Itt  Sa��h, Doom and  Cdcum  Building ��m<! Roofing Paper  tihno, BHgUu and Cement  Alberni  Phono 29  P. 0. Box 9  Jlj,  O.  !-*�����**-*-������>����� aitaw, la  Real Estate and Insurance  AmmUi for Tiii'i Kovai* Inkhkanck Co. (of rdvcrjiool)  The hirtftiKt, Klrii insiiriimio Co. In thu world  Till'*   (Jttl'lAT   WWKT   iHl'J* AHHUHANUM (a'O.MPANV  -.1- - ��� 1   -      '        4.   ''���.',.^.^-i       'i J  ��>--i-..V,    ' ���'- 1*1 '  ii*  N.t��rrMI!(  ^mr*��d*| Alkifni. B.C.     MmW   f.O. ttt 68  Bricklayer and  Coment Worker  11    -  son  hte*>r()ora(ad l&tUt H*m4 QtUcm KoFttr**!  Capital Paid Up ,�� ���: ��i J.HOO.OOO  Rotiorvu Fund : : $13,000,000  Total Ansotwover :     :   $17.1,000,000  A lS''.NT.I(.M, HfAKKINU Hti*i"Ni;s*4 TK.VNSAtri'Kl)    ;    ���    ;  Savings Bank Department 'r&ffig&^ipi  Banking by Wail  t)i-|in.sli* iiiiii In. uiiiiii, .iiui itnl.itriini)  l>k (null I'.illiil (mt I li'nj,nt, itiii u |mi  il Is' Klimi lr>' l.lti'i it'iinKlliu in. t!��  I'm Dm iii*  Over ,'IL'U I'riuiehe* uud A'-emio**,    le Hriuiches in Hellish Cohuiiblii.  Coriespoiiilents'I'lirniij-lintil ibn Wntid,  Llconbod  Auctioncior  2nd Avenue  Pert Alberni  ���tkJfS  Alberni Branch  II. C. Maciminai.u, .Mitnn.,'er  Port Alborni Brunch  It. F, Dtut.viii'V, Mttiiiiji-.-i-  J  Sand-  To that Friend Who is Thinking of Coming to Alberni  w*  m  "it  K"*,i|  e��;  i-�� *������������.  K'  ��.    ���  1 ��� ���  wmmmr&*t*#tms*r.* t^iJiAiam,\m  ��--.^T*r-4*-*'*;**Wi*** ���  9 THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  xmimm*m+m<mixiimt***i'i*'*<l *���  uHmmivmsmnxamm.il u+  iiv.titai, wn*��wi ���***������ m  **jk,  nk*4*j***m>.itiii .im a iiiiiijutiiii  14..! US,.' .,'���' in .ai'iink^^- A.,,..w*j.m  k.kWUW��i*^t���rl^.lll*.  P.io-to34  'kit?!)<mm>. m^mmM  ;  ; SHOT GUNS ANtf RIFLES  ���j***' *��i***Wll*>^i*r-******--*lH4^^ L**j--|-��ltfrlll>"|-*y!>V*il)lll��^ M ItaTlllalltlklllWfWII  ,. -��v# ���-  *S*>  Alborni, B.C,  \\  FALL AND WINTER STYLES IN LADIES  WEEDS AilD DRESS MTERI^  r*tTm^WJ.ttWr^l.llkVIW1IIJU.-j  ;.''���',, hmVlr-'vi'*.. iiriwv, fiiuit., ���; ., $*�� Iv ��f*i tuy.coUl  ,l*Ut*'.*i.i .M^b'-siu Meu'H.Svvcider ,(Wl**,' Mun'KlCed $J��el*if>.t*vv,  ,:,..���;���'-; Shirt'** fur hiuiihitf.  i  lomson s denera  '.���MMtl  j-  "'���"'"'"."' 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Ml"  Ladies' Fall Blouses, Sweater Coats,  Tweed Coats and Fur Sot si Children'��  Sweaters and Coats, Men's Sweater  Cgats,  Flannel and  J^chmdw   Shirts  m.mm����m��Mm,.�����mmmm(>l{\ j   ��� j,, |   {,, l( I   ( | * '(a |) (��.m..,..���.���,.....��. iiiim,.. i ii ,������*���  Somas Trading Company - Alberni, B.C.  % Pays To Feed The Cow  And-:>Keep ��� -JheSMilk; Up  '.Efr..:,at:j.Vi��.'.i;  Dairy Chop.    Dried Brewers  Grains.   Soy Bean Meal  ;'-v''; '���;.>.���  .'A.J"AUL,;'Manei*jr:''    :   :'^''  Hes,, H*^:;  era iraiiisig Mores  Kuhher tJootlH in all ItneK. We hiivi? iuiiy>Ui*!d(*Hl  Vv ::rf-vs"-*!��������������������� t" Vurlourt  OOt  -:   ^tylcM-::;  On tho Busy Corner  Quick Delivery  JustM^  re  -���������'; %* O.ya, ��*,  THIRD AVENUE  PORT AkBERNl  Thi'   Weil   dl^^^ AVl'U  'U>W)iib" hi itlitl hcc (ix uimtit their .''ALii SPITS     ;  ?   before buyiti).* clHeNvitert". ^ Wodo itll ihe work hero  ly Alhernl hy llrKt.*('in��H I'.-ad Ion'. 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