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Alberni Advocate 1912-10-25

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 r  Vol 2  &���  Altarni, B. ���., Friday, Oct 28. 1012  �����>*���� WWMSr. *,  Wo* 9 ,  *jki**1��ja>��a��sa*.^lf>M as. ."**�� H��*nlS  Tim iwcpilmi tendered Mr. Thmiut.  With/, (Im Halifax in Albeinl Path-  finder, by (he Albernl Heard of Trade,  whthi an Infnriuitl tiiTidr was line dial  nppi'srcd to give dm greatest pletdtiire  to the mid) v* Im hits shown dn* way  ace,)** thu condueiH, it wit. ttt l'.'.-2a  Unit dm little Hen "bubble" turned ul  Um Nmiil-er om* l'o��t of dn* CAiit*dii.n  Highway, nnd President .bmicW H.  Motluti of tin* Hoiud of Trmlf gi'��,*|M��d  Mr. Wilby's band In iiciirty cougi-tiiillation on dm sticccssftil tcrntlnadunof  tho lun-tr (rip.  Aftertliecatnf*rfte"*|M'r(s htul rinap|M*d  thu crowd, thai  i-fUb*"' ed tu wi'leoum  iho Pmhilmler,' die party mljuui'iiod to  dm AHmm-iiI boiol where a Ming lunch,  eon awaited the travellers.   Once the  keen edge uf httug.'r htul Ik-cii rcitmv.  ed Mr. Motion, ��itt tH'hitlf of dm Hoard  uf Trtulu and the cltbeds of  Albertd.  umdcrwl u�� Mr. Witby an -**.|U'csdt>n of  tht* btt-b appreciation In which ble t-f-  fort-* wnro held by dm community, lie  rcfcrrcsl to (hi) fact thttt *. few months  ag1,* dm find post ot the Caiiadim- High.  way wim , planted ut AlbcrntF  At tlmt  llmt' it Hits imtdrcmucd uf llntt- within  so abort a time dm trip would Im made  from fur dtou-nt. Hdllft*"*, en tltesliyri's  ' uf iho Atlantic, ^.to AUH*ri)l, on dm tide  w��t**t-��of the   Pucillc.    il waa n uuttc  thai might welt bt* pronounced cum  dtiiicult, ami tbttt it htu! been made in  such good dine, wast a f-rodit to till con*  flemwt..   Tho cmniatmlly were nil intor*  cstsxl hi g<ood riHul*. ttnd felt that thin  highway movement watt one uf dm host  mnrtni tn awakon th* whole country to  the iHKwwilty uf "(paring no palm* to in*  on re such rubd"*.   S|***ukcr knew tho.',  Albernl wrtulilji-tvoclvu it large fMtounl  of dm right kind of publicity from the  ptHwht trip, trnd hi)|M**l liiitl thu ft*-  tub* would repay Mr. W'llby for the  dim) imd hard work speul on bin long  jotirnoy.  Mr. Wllby in reply staled thai In*  Colt Unit his Inborn wore woll ended jm>  fnr ft* thu trip was tsiitwimiil when (h��*  l.<*o run hor fondor hiUdhottijii wutora  of tim Paolfle, within night uf die ilrst  jKjit of tho groat highway thut Id*  hoi***} would tNifdroi Jong span the  inlirhly retwho** of the Canadian conn  Ail along the tttxno th*  WILL CGRNECT  4*)T3^<11.l|felk*,MRlul MA  try,  .   -kri(*4*i*Sli*i.au4  '   |-J % ��)i-M*"V-l*  hiicrv-ttl btvd bcoii shown In his oiTortt',  mid hn wan man rod thnt the rcmlu  would Imi found Ut**.* tn more nnd bet*  lor riiftdi till along thu Ibid tt wo* to  acornm this httorr-M that tbo trip Imd  boon tindoi-Ukcn. Such a hlgliwsy tt,i  tho unt) which wan buhif/ projin-t^  would do much to cvtm-nl Hit.* various  province-si Into one fulid coimtry, nnd  wim an ttinbltlun worthy ot uny man or  tt**-, of men. Ho thanked die Hoard of  Trad*, for tliolr wolcomo nnd dm luoch*  wx\ which thi>y hud provided, and oould  dtty that whllo iIion* hod been fid' largor  gathorhig*. (dong tho way, tlici'i> luid  Ixttus none (hat Impressed him moro  with tliolr hourly now. will rind tho  alncitriiy ot tbolr corigmttdallona.  At> to roadr* Im could nny ibui bo hod  found Uio bunt In Hrltlsh Columbia,  tmd tho bint of tho Urllltih Celuiubit*.  rotuU on V-moouvar Island, 'l'bc nm  frliju Nannlmo to Allxirul Inn) lu'tm ut  (*iu*<t �� pbiAsum bud �� ajvifprlttt*. A  piDMUri** from thi-ojciv'stkidroiid till the  w��y, nnd t* surprise to find that away  on (ids tvil|*�� of thu I'mv-ltlo wnt* peojdo  who W0W ttbht ��md >* ll*'ti(*/ Id upend tho  liner hivd money U) tn\xlUL-i sitctt tt.iw5��,  Mr, WISby w*,** rajumSly ��p!Jltiud**d M  this ootu'luslon of 111* rviitUi'it*,  Mr. J. ��. C. Wood, M. i��. P��� follow.  pd, H��' hnd just roturiiiKl fixnti a trip  Into tho Intorlor of Vancouver Iilund,  Tin* pui-ly It Ml biU'i) tipt-ndlnif soup* tlum  In lookd'tr for' plucen. to intdu* moiv  ivttd*. It would not be hm*"1 beforo die  mxub who foHowtni ftftcr Mr. Wtlby  would bo ftblo to luivkt* r* Dtlll km-'iir  ttrip mid tit U>��fe' Ihmch Had one of tim  Um*.et, *j*oW on dirt Pueblocou-st, Tlnf.ro  wtw -fdeo dio {-rout StrMhcona l'urlt  from which limy bud. lust returned.  Hurt* wtw ono of dm wondorlmidti of  Urn world, tuid it wat* dm itmuitloti lo  link ibis up with tht) other , ]>ordou.*i of  iho Cantidlski) Ulj-bway, .so tht-t, lu tlum  Urn U)urlnt would bo ublt) to swlty*  around ti cdrclo of dio i/roatcsi. und  most utiraoitvo toouory to b�� ftiund In  C'ttiiitdtt., Spt'uknr tdso wU)u*i| to ex-  tond to Mr. Wllby bia Cimj'riitillations  on the ttiujcofiful termination of tbo  Ion-* journey, nnd hoped uihaveimtuc  ���of .tho yood. tbliVf-s mtmUontHl nil ready  for hl# IntkiH-ctton when be fitfulii visits  *>d tho Albernl District,  Hrlrtf ruldroitni)")   wtiiti  also /-Ivan by  Mrtlsti*. Hlwlsoo, of  tho Albernl Advo  cate, Hittineruiuii, of tin* Vlcuirtn Auto  Club; Hctmilhrlt!','!', ilm odlcln! plmto-  Ifi-itplier of dm irip, tmd othei>.  Tim party ibea hetided fur Central  Luke vt liei e ti Utile' ttiiitt wtts spoil I In  livikhii,* over Hit* Aik Hotel., Thin Mr.  Wllby ackiimvlml'.'isl wan (ho *i��u*��t  uuliitie tlibuf of dm kind ddti he tnut j l'i.**"*-  eneountKiiHl on tim cntlro tri|K ' *"" *'"  The pilot car then hfitdc-d fur Vlo-  (oi-l-i on dm tlrst hip of dm buck track.  Vimi'tnivtir nnd VicUtrltv imwiipajMJiii  wrri�� rcpresitnttHl, nml ilm jiiwt-w.tnj-fa  wurt) stun out, Ui thu Asttoolaicsl Prrs*.  I'ltcHokvi-d of Truth* alto tsoitl u tele-  it'Cftm to the Mnynrof Halifax atinotmc*  inj- die safe arrival of Mr. Wllby tmd  cxU'fidln*,' K<ccdii}rs from Alborni, ���  .Mr. Housttjid of dm Nnnrdmo llorald  and (.'. H. (ilbbous dte well known  ���.pcclsl corrctiitondcati woro amon"- tho  new-simper men present. Mr. (.'lurk'*  tu'ted ait piiotO'iTi.piit'r for the Hoard uf  Trivdc, nml sufceeilcd'lt) KeUinjf iwtne  fino pli-turcn which wo Iiujh) lo bo ablo  to reproduce at it lulcr dtttc.  Lnst 8ta|e*3, (  Tho lusi isu��jft*ti uf the mainland uip  ore dc-crjbed tn tho Vanoouvor dlt*-  p��v(ihtm us folluwal���  HtntniKl with tho ovldcnco ot utrco"  units trove), covered wllh mud und  oil and Krotwii*, but with ei'tiry "join.1  jKincut pari perforinlnw Its , allintcd  function reifiilorly und etllelsnil.v as dm  day It left the bleak Kova Scotia coast,  llio Halifax to Vunsouvoi' Hon auto,  mobllo, la-e-trlrittf tho bimnnr of tbo  Canadian Highway Assix-ludon, with  ThoiuM Wllby at iho' wheel, drove up  In front of tho Vancouver hotel ftt nix  uilmilr** to four o' clock Monday after*  noon, coiiijilctln'' tils o|*och-u,akinjf  tramv-cortdnental jounmy boffun on  Auj-uii 'JI. Tho total dl.tmice travoll-  *hI wiisiippioiditiatcty ,i,lKs>mlli)s. Tim  Inure)* and honor which accrue to Urn  eompioror will be divided Uitwoisn .Mr.  Wllby, Mr. WIlby'scin-and.Mr. Wllby'a  ttiiHjhitnlcittti.  1 aimvini; (JlilUiwiick at a hue hour  Monday liiornlni'on dm last stuctt of  his irnus-coiidiikiiiitd trip, Mr. Wllby  iirrlvi-il In Now Wt'stmlnsiior nl>out 1  o' clock, whore ho wns met by thvclvlo  oflioluls, members of die pro-j-rosslvo  atcstx'lation it)'�� irourd of tradf, and  wlici.1 h ItmcbiHin win* provided by tbo  automobile iissochttlon at tlio West*  minster club rooms,  Mr. Wll!*y spoke of dm HriUsh CtF  bdulilu romls its |K)s|dve!y tho tlnctit  lu* hfel t!'��vci*#ctl slnot* tho eoimiH*ncf��-  ineiit of hlM trip.  l)r, Hlllolt H, Howo, rtipi-cscnttni-ilto  Proirrekti (.'Uib and dio city of Vancouver, conduciud Mr, Wllby from ilp>  lto-'iil City to Vaiicouvor. in oilier  aulotiioblle* which ttow)aipa��lod Ih".  Jtowo, worn Mr. 0. A, Ho��s, hbnoi-iiry  t.'ol, It. IL ThoiHson, who hascharifo  of thn ditvolopriicat of Slradicona Park  for the Hrldsb Columbia jfovcrnment  whb ht Allaernl a fow days a|-o. In  nn interview with tt rcpro.eiitadvc of  dm Advixvatt*, Col. Tlminson ���damd  Ihttt, lln* win'"*: of opcntiijf up vlto Park  would havo to 'ii*iX'''ik1 on cartiful Ih-nvi  aw thiti-i' woro no tuwei to tio to., and  tin* work wuu* ail "uji ht!l" for tlio  ThU wan norics��*ry txvxn th��  foot thttt rotuU hmt to t*o out to tho  summit* of the itmunSaim*. It would  tako nl) of dm rsettt smtstm to prcparo  tine plrms for tho oiMmliitf uf Urn Park  ami tlit'Oomicollun with Altdnni, That  Albernl wpuld tai wnnoot*��d with Um  Park by n j-ood waifon road was tho  Bjuurauo*) of thokponkt-r.  A��ki*d as to dm attraotlonii of tho  Park, Col. Thomson waxed onthiinluitlo.'  Ho tiftumd all of tho Sui-Kirlant {>ark��  on tho I'ttvotflo ilope. ttiid flnlshod by  utatlfl" dial tn tiiu opinion HiraUtoona  had tlu'iii all tncoolhsd. Hvcn" tho far  fuinod Vol)ow**ton<-aud YosemlUkiMirks,  whllo dicy both had upoolal foaturo*  of tliolr own, hud not Uio ^foneral at-  tract toux of Htradtcoaa.  As to tho Alp* tin-**" woro ttltto ��ur-  i-A-ucd from the* fact, that jimt m wild  and rut/'-od nooriory was to Uv found Iti  Htradieona, and tho added advAnta-'o  of iho fivot that tho oItniblii<- wa�� from  uonrcr tho stm lovcl. Thin rcnulUkd In  tho fuot that thost* who had trouldo  wlth vory bl��h attitude**), could rcrujli  qitlio a* ruff-rod country wlihootollmb*  Iniftotui dunj-oroua, ���altitude'*. There  woro plaeti". whero at an altttudo of  ..GOO foot (hero would bo found prwL  ploca from 6,01*0 to 0,(W foot high, with  an almost perpendicular drop. Thoro  woro btifttitlfid lake*, and a imrfoot t-tm  of mounutna with dim-) ravines and  valloya ttotwo-un Tho wholo mc-do a  sorlo* of ploturnii tliat no lanicuai-o  could adr>f|U6U*ly dtntcrlbc, The-ro waa  no doubt In htu mind but that tu* t-oon  iu* tho Park oould be oixmcxl to Uu*  tourhii- world it would bosomo one of  tho motit faniouitt of nil dm resorts of  tint world, tmd would brlu-- lumually  thouwunda of vlrtltora to Vanoouvor  Inlniid.  A trood road could  Im* located   to Al  berni and conaectod with that to l-*or>-"  Heiwb, thiiH tmtklnj- a trip that  would  bo without it. jioor In thi* wosL  Col. Thomson hoped ib-tt tbo, pcopk*  would haw a !!lUeiMs,t!tmooit3l;b(��work  wan onu that would Uki* tlnu* to do  rlf{bt, and was of a naturo to ouiply ro-  wntd tho.tlmo tnkon, Ho ��pok*Q with  isndTiislastu of tho ifroat vahio of such e*  r_iJ.'S*rt��*r*>'-*liaf��T*'flla  txu&ommmmmvHHOM*  AT BEA11 CRIP  Wltldn twonty.ftiur houmi after tin-  format deolsti'tt(?���� of war one million  nuui aro draw Inj*' n*>��r each other tor  dut-dly eombat, write* \Vls)ilemit*ro(  uporlat DorrL'.|M>iidont lu I**uh1o)i to dm  Vancouvor Provhtce, li has at) (ho  forncUy of a hiily war- a wartSf cre(*sls  rtiUior than niccs, ft, It dm *.'rtt*ss  ttlfttSdsl tbo Civswnit,  Tho French m'WspoiH.'rs, well verscut  tn present conditions, express iho  opinion that, If oovotuutt desires awn-  kou miuuiij* tlio nations, tho most  tremendous ��m!htj*rt��tlo�� whtoh wvor  di,w{wted tho world may bi-cak out.  It la not that tt iiiUtlun men nro fit  oiM)h odior't* throatcii it (a tho pus-  islblHtbtM of tbo situidloi). H*.*1'vIbuw,  Hulis-arlans, Montcuo'-t'hu* and Crocks,  i�� tlitt liuiabor of sis hundred thoutaRd  tu-o belujj iircsAiid forward whllo tho  Turkish armies, oflloertxt by Onriuans,  ar-ft movin"- In checks and countercheck*. At any buur dm start of  frightful tdou-a-btcr it* expected, Tim  ��i)(Torln--ii of tlio woundod aro Hlroudy  dowritHxl tu* torrllle Tho medical und  ��ui'"toal dopariincuui of nil tbo armies  havo broken dowu mt the very Inolj)-  ionoy of die ceutpaitfa.  Illlfb (ttUlUry ftiiUioi-lttoa today *ay  that tliorc ban commvttfod what prom.  tsos, tn very truth, to boa tltitnlo  BtrUifKlo such ua mod it r a ��� Kurope htu  novor known bofow. At Oravnloito  oa AUJ-18,1M70, aiSiOOO on both nldos,  with U j-tms ontfACod, both slik*�� lo*it  over forty diotwaiid men In nine hour**.  Tho Oortnar-H  loslnj- '&ttm and  tho  J-Vi'nch  over  l'-5,000.    Theso  (l-fiiroa,  plsoe many cyuntry, and tltoftdvaut antes  which would bo oixsncd up for tho Al*  bend dUtrlci. on tho exm.pledoi, ot ttio  prei*imt. road bulldinif plans of tin) ifov.  eiimient.  Kiverotary' of tho Vtmcouvor Auiomobllo  Club, Allmrtuan Iliixtor and r��t'r<"*xcut  attvcji of tho proMD. -~~r ��� ,  1 Mr. Wllby mopped fi-om tbo car an  It drew up at, tho sttma of tho Hotol  Vmiu'ou.or, nottnif -.that tho flirurbti  ahonu by dm mllotiife roj-tstoi" wtir*)  .*,K70,  -*- ry.t*WWtXH,**im*rm\V*m*en Miis* no  Mind up shop Monday, und forf-ot it,  fa (X��J1,W -*t-li**'a..**i*.*ti��ta.s**tl k>  Some) Fish*  Tho��ti ilsbiiiuon vt bo an* looklu-*/or  a plai'tt to capture tho bltf follow**, ��tuS  itl tho tdtttit* dins* itiiiko a rnwiil of  which tliolr friend* will fool tho propor  dei,')-*1*' of envy, are Hfjalii directed lo  du? opportunSdoM that aco offered by  Ifood old Albernl, Mr. It. M. Youi)*,',  of Vnncouviu", l�� (be latest of tht* oui-  ��hto sjioi-Udieu w tibow juhi what the  district can produe** in tlio way of fish,  Ho came In from dm Ash Hivor thin  week wllh thirteen trout, and tho combined wiyl-'hi of (be cutoh wa** it llulf*  over Id jkounds. Tiils makes an uyoir*  ajftiof tilKiiit tl L. pound* to tho fiah,  Kvury ono was cloan nnd jfaino to ti  dcgi'tio, uml notono pf thom oumo out  of (he water without that hard ll'-hl.  tlitd maki*!. tho blood tln*-h�� even to  think 'about l(. Those bijf trout aro  uttttib in ovldoritu) just now, ami tm thoy  utltti the fty rcudlly limy offer tho very  lliu.'iit of sport.  Work Froi(r��-*8lntf.  Mr. Hill, who btm charj-o of iho In*  *s({vlli*,tloi? uf the pipe Hot- for diolUi^r  < 'rook Wntwr Worku Coianwijf, reiwrta  that du* putdni/ in of tbo b\g pi-xi!��  pn'-.'rt'ViilR*/ tu tfuod ��ha|>v). Tho pipe  la now out of tbo bml of thts crook, and  tlmm In no lot-^ot* nny daufi-or of tho  rulnj" wotttlior deSnybi-f tho work to  any ov'tiiit, ft wan only In lid* crook  bwl t'tu.v thos-ft wan a oh**ii*Kt for tho  rtdn to brlu*- up Uio flow of water to an  exleia that would hmmpc-r tho work,  and now that this point la |h\s-ihs1 thorn  wtll bo no dolay iu iruttdny tho lino  r'rtu Imxi tbo olty at an curly d��t#,  TUcro w*>��i a ullyhl dolay la lh�� liollvi-ry  of wine of dm pip<te and Hiit* made tho  oouipidty dtut has. dm ItandHn*' ot tiu*  work a llule uuetuy, bat die trotd"]** Is  now pawed. According w |��,f*-*nv c��l-  ciiladons tl will bo only k umuer of a  ft"*- week* wbon wo will neo dm plj*o  jfani! cmnlnjf ov��?r tho eduro of tin*  schi*ol honeo hli|.  ooni|Mircd with (bo oltuth of ntiiiiborr*  likely to tako place In tbo district of  Adrianoplo aro ot small count, indeed  wo may exi'tMBt to thai the Turkish  army nhmo and liUuwise that of It**  S��rvt>Uiil^arli)!n opi^nonu exceedimf  instrcii-'ib tbo oombbied nrniles of  Fhuico and (Jermuny In tht"- Keoatost  latttlo ever fou^la In l-.uropo ��liii"o the  days of Attlia.  , You iniay, look tor tstartlintf nuwa  today tlmt tbo Dardaiinlles aro to bo  kopt upon only until Sunday ulf-ht,  ditm closml to tho coii'iucrco of tbo  woeld.  Takhur It for jfrRnuxl that tho Turks  will be tHittJwsful In tim war whloh  thoy havo imutrod, thlnldnK' Ktij-lbli-  aien an* alrciut"/ disouishi*' tho f-ravo  Intoi-ntd situation that will bo CMiiitod  In Kuroix* when tho victorious Mipaob  men jirocotidi u> ckmh tho fruit** of his  triumph. Tho Turkish j>opul(Wie ..will  ccrutniy nxtuvot, tho restoration of  MusKohuait i*ow*5i' lu thoUnlknn Httitus.  nioitod In receiityenni from their xrasp.  Will Christian Kiirotm aswenlV  Wttlton Dunce.  Harry Waltou'u daneo on thuober .*10  Is Ki'lni,' to bit a j'reitt- Hucce-ei. ("Jruy's  orcliest ra iuts booh imtfiifc'tKl, DaBchi;*-  .wili cotiimbnco ni O.p. in. With Mr- J'.  >L   Hurko  us  mastor of  ciirimionios,  Whore 1�� that man wllh Uio ChartcfV  ������k*ii��*4*4vt4n��~m��k  ovorythlni' polnt.s  to H most onjoyitblo hprhi*- ii|) at tho LtuuElmr  a.i  soon  ���-���,k"lll,l>'" | die road It* built to tbls (mint,  Smith's Landing,.  Tho old HiuUh'r* Lhddin",;o�� tbo Al-  blind catud opj��o.slto Krdimlnt. Is the  seeno of ''roBt activity theso dtty**. A  new wharf aovoi-o-I hum1"M*il foot loii'i' In  belnff built mtar tbo old wharf that  Iftivo tho place lt,s notuo noino twenty  years atfo, and It la understood that  moNt of tho,railway suppllcia for tho  construodon of tho second aootlon of  die Isltmd lino of tbo Cunitdlan fVorth*  i/irn will bo hnndlod from tide pliw-o,  dins ljrliiifltjjf it in nifrkht ns ono of the  most Important polnt-s on tbo canal.  There Is u ftno fuijiply of thubor at iht.i  liolnL C'ldy, lh'u'o and minorfdsabound  and thoro h every reason to think  that  inaiiul'ttoturlntf    Industries   will  us  AJber-d Heights.  Tho  proporly  known an **' Albernl  HoSf-hU " In sltuatod just t��!wvo tho !-.,  iV N. track,  oa a gently rising slope,  and foriim ono of iho tiosl-rcslileiidni  |X)rtloiu*of tho Cliy of Altmi-nl.   The  -itJUiral hitiiatlon (a tmob that It It* nol  pt-obabU. Hint rmy railway lino will U��  run tbrouf/h thin property, ihou-fli It t!  not further from  lha deiHit than th  buaiut-Mi contor of tbo city.   Tho acho*.  U ititucbixl wlihontorvxkslt.'j' the rail wk  ii'ivok*, and a ��vomblnndon of jfood sceif  ory, wawr, twll  and   ptoti-roi*<|tti* **u|,  roundluf-ti itiaktf thin n very de*>liab|  looitdon,   All die adviuiuit'idii of elotf  connection vtlih dm oily aro cois)bli)<|  wjih iho wchtttlon ol a beautiful *-ou*'"  try lio'ino,   Thoidi wlto art* looking t^  a io��&don of unusid tneril should vb|  thU tmedon of tho cliy In order to a|  pn-olato to iho full tin* numy *dv��(>  Ui'es OitertK.1. 4"  -itk.whiinin**svR*Bki*k. *4ncmt*,-*A*t*to>inl*. S  'i*h*�� Htilimni alw demand a lai'j,-|  silo*) of Tovkv-y for Thenksglvhi-'.  Tho atimi'd mcctltur of the Alburut  Afe'iieulUiiiil and Indusii'tnl Ahsoclttdun  was hold at thu i-unil hoavci Albertd.  on Saturday liuit.  Thortt was u  kcukI   turnout   to  tbo  1000111)--, and tho K'roah'st Interest wait  displayed tn tim etTort**   to   miiko   llio  association mora suroofihi",' In ltd M"op.��.  It wti�� polntod out thai the  ttino wits  rljio for dm wldenlni" of tho operation"*  of diy assuctatlon, and tho  tnukln�� of  tho uxhiblilon ut AltHtrnt moiti rejdes-  ontai'lvoof  the  ontliv district.   Tho  pt��oplo of Hi*' I'ort had shown an added  intcrnsi in all inaitoiii npperdibilt��*r to  tho fair, and, from tho number of men..  t'ers from thai (tolnl wero entitled to a  jfroator representation on tint tioaid of  director*-.   There wsa alao a chance to  Interest iho outlying  jiordoiis  of tho  district, and by tmmus of  more twin-  |K)tllIon�� conttuod to the  various sec-  don*, tfelouti'i'"i-or and bettor 1,'xblblts  In tbo y*)f*r*t u> eoum.   Thl*�� uppettrpd  to reflect iho spirit of tbo moot!n*-, Bnd  a�� a step alot-f- those Hm**  It  wtv* re*  solved to Incrotu'e tht. number of mom*  bora of Uio ox****ullv�� board lo  21, and  thu�� j-lvo a chftneo for those otlior nec-  itotu* of  tho   Alborni   District   to   bo  rcprcseoliHl tn thnaffalrxof tho (msoohi-  tlon.', -  Mr, K. M. Why..-, iho rudrlnirpresi.  dont, mado n short itddrcss rovloivia--  tbe work of dm pust year, and ilm  stops which had boon tako for tbo  f-(tnoru! ndvimooineniof dio u,Asocli*ttoi)i  Tho lino showlnj- of the Alborni ox*  hlbit At VJotorltt, vtm nuide dcsplto lite  fact that there woro so many thiiiifs  lefi out thai would havo *,oored for a  IftrtfO mimbcr of |K)lm-. ThU could nl!  bti attiondod to ..another your. Now  tlmt tho rules of tim "-imm woro bettor  uuderdiood, It would tn* up to Albernl  to show" that nothing loss than first  {ilitOvi would satisfy Uioso who woro in-  Uires'.*.>d In dovtvlopln1" tho resource's of  tho district.  la conohiidon Mr. V^iyto thanked  ihoso who had been im vvilllmr imd f'eu-  oitnis with tho bolji not*drHl from lime  to lime In conneollon vvtth the work ot  proptii'hiH- tho "-roirnds, and ptitdui'  diblKs Into shape for the show, These  pcoplo had t*nahlfd tbo ��iann'j(*-n)iini lo  |-ot tilts work ilullu oi a smrdi c-ost, iv.  most of tho pooplu hod voluiitourcd  tbolr services, tfo itliio thanktHl tho  other ofllolaU of (lit) aanoahulon for  their tvooporaiton, and wan retirluir  fisin; lils oftico with tho uiuuxit wnti-  deuce In the futuiii stivcess of die ksso-  elation.  The tunao'l'dun p*"(ai*d a hoarty voto  of diankt* to .ft*. Why to for hit* aorvl*  cos IkhIi In cotmeci!on with dto local  exhibition and ilm dhUrlcl exhibit at  Victoria,  and severttl member** sj-'oke  'iiiW^'st. JiJ-ilU*;*]!JV^ 0*'xhv vtiMi  1 , I   tl* S ny����*.  ��� 9  It would be (tart of tho work of tho now  Uiaixl to uecw'u tlic**��. Some of tho dl>  vision**, litioli ns |*oulti>*y, noodod *t|>*-Klla!  attention, nod there would \m apj>oitu-  ed atrontf siib^otoiiii(u*e�� (o look aftor  thi'tati tbhi-|s, Concert*,**! oitort wan all  ttitit was needed, Muccest* would fob  low.  Mr, .1. tl. C. Wood, M. IV P., *pok0  alonj'similar lines, ito thought that  humedtalo steps tdtould be taken to no-  euro co-operutioii from all jmrtt* of tho  district* and to {fivo Ui�� idea that tho  nMioclailon wa* not oontlmsd to just tht)  llttb* )*ortluu of tho country around Ab  berni. Tbo *��uccess of'" tho exbibiilon*  hiitnod tho vory boit imiani of ��t>ourhi-"  publjlclty for tbo ontiro dUtrSot. Uf  puttlnir on th6 board of dlrootora poo*''  phi from nil tho vurlous section* ofn tho  district wo would Im) ublo to lHUvrcit  these placcfi, and (cot from Uiom material that would add vory I'tuoh to tin, at.  tractions of futtiro oxblbldt, tu* well at*  KtimulBto ifonortd oomnotlllou. Ho did  not deiiro to rciimhi mortdy ait an orua*  mental ottlciir of tho ussoalatton, and  would like W tmvt, a chnnco to Join Id  tho mailvt" work, .  , Mr. Wood wan tutsurod that ho would  bo givun overy ehuiioo to ��et btiay, and  after Homo Informal dlsoutmlo!! with r��.  --aid to various inatufrtt tho meothiji  adjoiiraodi ,       ���   ���  Jt In undersiood that tho llmt moot-  Itxg of tho now boiutl will bo hold oil  Novomber Ifi, und tliHt- itettvo work for  tho now year will be bo-fun Uiun.  ���:  V  Make et Pro tew t.  H Id undetiitood that tbo Coaiaollda  mt Hack I'roiiM-llou Lea-fUr*, ot tlio A|  berni Flala, aro farudni- up tt pi-opfw  It nppoam that tho unfortuiiKU* ihiel$  havo had no thuo to feed for tho ptej   t 'j-mft.'-r* *-,  two weekft, and Bome of litem aro coy' --.-nero was r  t,Hmi  We tor front Protnat.  Tim cotiimldeit in churj-o of tho" buml.  nt'twof warntnif tho property ownora  alon-j' tho k-tonttw river of iho applications which'havo been roufje cfop tJu*  foreshore rights, hold a mo-'otin-r thin  wdek, and ns a result of their dolUwia*  llurn calm! uu (ho ooiiobidon to uetid a  let tor to each of tlio psirUoji Int-Gmtitd.  enllln-f tbolr attontlon to ititt tn*tt��r  iitid jiuttlntf It tujiiitrtily u$) to tho property ownorn to mako a movement in  dm mntmr.   Tho aotion on tho part of  tho property ownett* lslnwndod lo ��up.  plement dial of  tho lUoard of Trado,  imd when tlmuo o*aablnod otToru ����*��  before the tfovarnincnt U Itt t<i lwho|*t)d  that, thoro will bo no j-rantlB-* of thoao  foresho!"*. rl|-ht�� to tboso wlp> mt|-ht  tiso Uioia lator to hiitapm' dm dovolui*.  inom of tho olty. ���,,  The lotuu" drafted by tim coiimdtioo  roads at* follow** ���  Void' att-endon In tiallod to tlio fwsl  dial ctd-tttin applications aro now boing  inadii for dio foroshoro right** of that  portion of tho Somas Hlver which to In  front of tlio property hold by you.  At aju��)tln,if of tbo Alborni Hoard  of Tctuto it wa* rni.olv.id io prod-st  at-idi'st these nppliotttlons.and wt> wora  appointed a cdiiimittoti io tako tho mat.  ter In It tmd so far xx* svurrituy dm prop-  tti'ty owners uf iho' niovittoonl on fool.  Wo hope to havo your oo-oiavrftlion w  ftir its a proiofit to tho tfovornment,  Please send iM* |dx)lo��t to H. 0, llay*  son, (bivermnentAjfiuiL AllKirnt, ILU. ���  Hespt'iiifttlly,  J. A. ("roll,  C. f. HUbop.  -    d. I*\ HbxlKwe,  CVmndttisif*.  A copy of Ihjti ictl4,>r" wasmonl t*> all -  the ownort aloiitf (ho rlvorfrom Itoj-^r  Creek io (ho Hlver lit-nd brtdj-in, a��)d It  1* t��/s|KVt)l4>il (hat (hero v.(II \x> a ^i-msral  I'a>��p0uso to die Call for & prods.!.,    Tt|*��  fimro K"aei��l bu��liK-���� wjll t>*> bwidbKl  by dm bs)4tid a* *, whole. -  ,    Thi'i-o  1* a fsielh)'-  that  any   watur  [froni thnt U not imw ullemtU'd should  [bo reserved for tht!,pur|i��t.ip*yf (be oltv  when thu charter is i/tunced, and ibat  iiniiii of tltiiir) rli-hls should !*o dtti|K)s��d  )f IH'udidif the time when (h** imiidcb  palliy la in shape to make a r*��'U������t for  'thorn.  for a  plaining of himifer aa a ro-*ult. Las,  Sunday foartocn lxvrtloa, of frtun one t��*  four each, wore- ovtn* on tho (iats, and  the lower nmebo!* of th�� canal (-Ontntn*  ik! ��U moro. The ^xxxiH wei*o (wpplui'  on all sides, and (ho' '.'Troitblo tu the  r,i.ll."ans In th* (Spring" would lpivo  looked like a penny txpilb beside tho  utorui of shot, and aholl ttist nVvopt tho  wAtur*) on all xldos. Nuw the duok.-i  have* formed a loaguo, and are demand-  tm; thai thoy bo nllowod nt huusi one  hour per day (n whii-b to ���matoh a fevy  ��ioatl)ful�� of food. Tho dbjoot W a vvyr*  thy one und should hnvo tho ttupport of  all-'gotid sport-stnen, Olvi' dm duckt. a  chance to llKht and r*l'isi tbolr wo.try  winir*).' '  or exhibition every year,  via-s no duubi bill (bat lhi�� would coiuo  lar-foly through mt-oi'lug tho lutoroiit  of all soflilons of tbo dlsirlcl.-Jjirgor  grAnM must be scourist from the gov.  eminent, and thot*o would no doubt bu  fortnoondng as soon us Id was rdmwn  that tin* ft.ss(H*intloii wtiN working (or  inoi'ti dtau the sntttil area just .iismnd  Albcr.nl, The lissocladon bad shown In  tin* piwt that thero worn poi*|hlHt.los  along (be lines of goimral pts>tiuco dint  were ticcotid m none In die province,  and now that jtlit what" vvtw rtttjulri'd.  (4) jnnko a winning ut, the (uusldt* exhi*  blt.s vfiu* bouor known, this.pari of dm  work Coiilil bo attended, to. "-nrgec j  and better buildings* woro needed, find  bigger and hot-      ..   , , ,,     ,     ,      ,  ,   , ., So. fur no application bat* betui  uml Inert),,      ,       , ,    .,,       ,     . ,  for the tt r tn-ond  Alberu .   ItV  tti ml e  glKtki  ulr too.  A. 0. F.  .t'ogiilar   iiiiiolluif   will   I ni   bold  In  Wtiyte'-. Hall on Moudav 'iH, at K p., m.  W. T. AfiKiAllister,  Ktscrctary.  Athletic Asinoclatlon.  a\ c^tll has been IssikhI foe tt mooting  of the Albeinl AthU'tk". Association to  be held on Tuoxlay, Ootolwr'.V, foe the  ppi'po.-io of htinrlug the rc)H)rt of iho  eoiiimltU'O on l��y-lawn thai wa>i appoint.  ih! to draft r ��ei of regulations for tbo  aaHocialtoti.  o  jt-ffeinisi1  I-    W '*  l:  j.-  I*  1:  S&'.V'V."*^-^ THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  THE ALBERNI  ADVOCATE  Th** Albernl AdvaX-mc I'Hiidtt'f ami  t'u'*bfhfd( &>., Creprlntiiirti,  j, V. ULLDfiOL   *    I'd iter mul rtam*{��>r  I'illi'.li-.! al   Alls,��.!    l!i"i��ft   4-.  11.1 UU��*S��st�� i'i VlilrtS-ljlsi | lk'41,-1 ):i ,  tita Ai'i-ite imdn-i in |-*m, ,��.i  AMU,IIM l,ANI) l������.|ltl��T  ttlkllil't  t.f l   lMll--)l|l'k  '('���1.1' llllllll' Oi.il   VV    M    IrfVHI*     'I   Vfc'll.lJl.,,  |1   I ' . .H4-l-|.*1tii(, l.Mllt,    li.^iwt'i 1     iltla at.lk t.l n|.  |i|| I", |>, *,i,iikl..f) ti'imi, Ji... tl,.'t'-Ui��*i!|,.'it.  kf Ills,I  1..llitk'  i .llllllll 1>t 111*' Ul   .1 |- ..I    |>int.''1.1   till   tiiu   units*  ttlkl kl...*,' ,af I lull-.-*   lut.it...     ail.lMlait   III Willi  lltll lirti.liil   (Inl.l.O  *,i-)U,l *H I Jl��.ill ��n��-Kill.'  .]���,),1 ijl    li,     k"lfl. ill   liulii I J��*    I*    ll.t I.* a    If-fiilM*,)*"   *."������������*  ,-ltl i,,|\l,���i " '"   i"l-U.l Iil4..t.lll.l-��.tl.*tj5  (<-i>l��lt)]li*; tl'ti y  |. ti. 111,it.   ��� ��(   |l4k  I  IlMd Olfl.*;   Alt-t-rai. II. C,  t   *. j-t  Vk   M  U'   dill"  irf-l'UU  Villi   1.  't i.l"M|.*'.tl    Akt'lii  *Vl   IS II  Ai.iuaiNi i���ani�� mxrtddr  dlklllVt Of   iiilltlt  'r.ki-hnd.*!' it,*! si,!,,,., cnu, ,.i v*ttc.i��i i.  it t*. ... li|u.tliili (III.|- I ill.1l UUi tnU (a* mtj'ti  f-'l (*ri*1i<l.l<*ll (t* |>lll, llti*.' till' f.idtat. Il-tt "I"  ��1 litk.l l-ll>,tk  1'..11,1111 (at'tll.- ��t t. |.t..k |,!*��-.ta-*l I,It   till-   l)"llll  ��<vl i,!,.,(, .,1 .dm* isiHt.-i-at iiia-ii.i.iitfii.f dm k  ('las k, lit! lu*- lin-tjlt.lt UU,' ttt'-l,* *l|i>(t, Ul* lo kt  trllj, nnjiliftt), tvtklt 11> .*!.���! iti*-Ote,l|rttt*t'i Iluil  : t-i s>-iiiit >.! ii.-uumin.iit. ��t, t-'iitrtijiiii^ ii Dtti**/.  iiitiir e* ii **  ft-utu*.*, Oifl  VV   K ||ii��imii. ,*,,-��� n|  A*j|i)*t w itm- i*�����,!,>4'i ii i-i  A|>|t)i.'��!ti<il lux. In��"i ti.u.t.   )������ It.*' !'<>-!mikU i  ILliflit' I'll- lfS.l4llilk.li.il   Ul 14a.,li_'la   tti.   llkulttrt.*  ��� ��-*w��l- tif-H|" l��l"ttl ���  ttut-opitl- Hi,tie, in imtiits Hi i'..i,iti'iit tie' * 'in  !<tt)*'t)i>i.i. Atialinlttt,   *sVn v,.-it4im   V ��f..ii>..i  Isnn tin! iitlifi' jis.kuitiii* ��oit *iiniliii |i*��l,*i  l��ittit��tltiis��, t*)!l l��c inviirtl ,,|! jdii'M''1*.!)!*-  1iriB�� r  tUkeY.'sii . .        I"1  l+U Mi">llis i ' I '-'  I'OHntfl" ll)tl)l* I'llllasl Hitta'D, Mt ttltsa mul <  KllrvH'Stl St)l)l��l!lt'1 f��'7all*-|| tsmltHli* |i <",.  I��S( fill'*  ' ii.dl K\'�� la,*.'.'!* OiviliMT-  I |l,.l,U( i.| t j,��.,nnn.t  >    "astti i*u;;,.'d.ut Ail it I Uitl Kill*!**, i'f |*4i4*  j Mkii-i'M-.i,! I*-. i.-|.��ti.'it M'tiikia-r, iiui ii't��i*i,u>t'd  , I ie, |u iiu)vMi.,i  |tt  I'luclmw   klif  folloiue*} iiv  1 S,'l)Ui| imntai  C-iiiint ft,-!,u,l   kl   i* |*Mi   |i|til|ia,l im 111* I)-,Uli  i .it ��).!tM.f uu liitkiiil I.iiu*ii i>* Dmi.i l.tnuit, !  Al.Jlt'.U'v'l MMl illHTIllf'l'  dtkiiU i I'f dvilt-r*  -tVla.-i.oUiw Mut .��� *' W.SIrftl.o.iif t/*.4i4*<>*.  nr.ll *,' . is" t'|wlli��ii ttcoottlilnut, M*tr'*ll* tl) Ht*  |,|* (���>' ei-iiiilta)t��i in t'Uiu'liiiM. (t..< f.illuttitii-ili.  ��t tllk-.! Jlll.tl*1  t\il|,llll-lli-.IW .tt |l Islkt f-lailUt'a)   ��l    lliv    lk��lill'  k��i*t . villi i -,���! !^i| ,\'ti, 7'.*,. thi>ik'*4,i   lit.)Ill   fntl't/  Ai.uMtK'j Land fi��srai��*r '  Ulktrict uf i'tkiiMiin.i  "r��au* timli-4.di.t *.(��rr -.ittii-Uiitk, i>t \'sit��i*i. i  i v. i. t��s-u(��il���i,a,)k,ili--|v*t,iiikii ii)i,-ii.l*��iD|i|.|)f '  , [,-*   t��-flii),ai, 11  i.,  |,ti(Vli-ikt'  (i.i*  lilll'"*d>*"  'If   J  ; *t ijl-t-it iMi.tt*.  i     t tillilillrit4-tl.it (.(   *  |t<uit   ,<i��lll*sl  M llie*1't>d>   I  . r*it .s.Hiertif l/itKi-.l-s*|uUiii��t liikiiifl.ii'c.H*- .  i ***��*.! ���Jci)atll,��tli<itt-4a| it-** t^ltl��aiai)ulil*at*1 ts-l -  , t����_r *"t l*i<l   ,v*t, llit-(t(-B'   v,>tatli   e, khiiiv. IhilMS-'  ; I'-f-ntl/d *!l/J '.IVlUil'i!,' lulliitt l(i*- t-tn-l,. tit'.iM" j  jltltll*. lit l.-tillUtllttluaillk,   l��^l1*ll|l|d  ftfl  ��>'.'*<��, J  mtiM'i.r lr*a  *a*i| M*i)t*,*ni'*, !  Jt> IV, VV |Ui<m}��"). AtKI'l      |  Au'DKlti iiill '.  !���*!*�����;   !���#���*���-  ir��     **ii     iiim'Mt     *jb ���.����*!��� ���  iaa     ��'hh)|    miho'Ii   i        , . -    ���    .      .- ���    .c *  ��'t�� .*i .1 ll, It." VV* sit itHDmill, I P.U4-J,i* S*-I1l��*. '' I'1""  U'l'li'S'I ski Hta-lit*' i liKUii, tllllll ii ktiititi  I m..| itttiiti) litti-luid'lit jiiHUlii'th !iii��t!iini lean j ''."(> i''���'las ili.m***)*/.! ri.lit) vlittiu* tuplt-ts'  llllt.llillMr MM,'rlt*lll��t'l, IIKtlt.i   I.il)l>t>ltlk1   *tl'i|*'     ''dS.l.lll.lllMUI.. Ut,  CIuiiit.* fi>f ��K b't"��i ti'iiliv* mil di* ll"' mine  k�� lllt.M, l-kl��l'll��tliNl I.J. till- II.(" tltlll'lrtllitl/t'llf.  , sin! ititiil l>k* (mill (a sil* Htu v.    ,  to coRRii��i*ONorc;wm  AiltSiU11llUllll'Sllll|)*llkll-llltl-l1   fui   t'lliilll'Mtlull  ���nui! tt* luvomi'iutliti Hlttt iIm< litem' untl ml  tltctai ef llif vtim-i, lift iirts-kkitiilj fur imtilicu  tlua l*ui���� s t*0(*i.tiH*-4* of iush! full It VVi'tMiiiiiil  utidf rltikc In ivluitt tt'Jts'ti-it is.iiuiittliv*lli.iik  N't) rt*lii')iirt��di.lk ulll I'e ('.lit lot' I'ln'tli' isuiiii-  t>kl!lk)t)*eiec|.| !.��' ��|.:sjl��l Htl'tiliktctui'lit,  i- ; -*���"' - ���* - :'-       -       '-'" -    ���   ' ' "  ,; '���  Albsrnl, 0. C. Cso-eia    *    Oct. 25, 1012  STRATHCONA PARK.  QOl**.   THOMSON,    who   lias  oliitri'O of ttu* iMvparatlim of  planafortlmcoiHurtlonofStratlt  conn Park with thuouttdde world  Im emphatic in hlsMluteumnt ttiat  tlit* I*urlt can, and   will bu con-  niMdtvd   with   Alborni.   TIiIk   Im  Hewn of the utmost Importance  td the ('..tin* dlntrlct, and will lie  rwulved   with    wiitlwfactleni   by  Uioho who havo been lu dotibt.s  an to the siemninn of Nucha road,  TIiIm work will lal'ollnit', hut tin*  thniv will bu well Hpent. ami when  tin* work  Ih  done  there will he  opened to the  world out* of tho  very tlnem, of all the HTmit parka  that now ex int.  When tht' road  Into the Park  la eoidd't-U'd with the one to Loiik  Ih'iioh, Alherni will  become the  hub of the vast h.vhIoiii of rotulM  that In now opedlnw up ilu* won*  dorftil refaotd'ceK to  ho found in  the center, west niul north poiv*.  tluiiM of Uu' Inland.    There are  tho'iHiimlH tif   settlei'M   who !(,!'(���  only,waitIni* for thin work to he  purdted  u   JHtlo   hirtlnvr Imfore  they hut-in to route In.    TIiIn Ik  certainly the wrowluK tlnu* for  Vancouver Island.  C0Li  ^ all  HELP WANTED.  TlIO.MiSON oluhiiK tlmt  the edj,'e whSuit the Yoi  lowatono Park hita over Htridh-  conn Park la the Keyner* of the  formur place. Now we have  raomo extra line ," Hpouterw" rlufht.  hi Albernl, aud atirely anion-fdt  them can Im found noitie who will  aiiNlNt In rutuovltiK thin reproach  from our own imrtlcular Park,  There aro onxi (��' two who would  have "Old Fidthrnr' hackml oil  ' IUm<  it* t'Liiik  ef ts:iiiiiit'iH*vi;it-t'.!,   i.>kitti|.,!ti,;  il ' -ft* iit-it'4, iniirt- >.r ir*.,  t Mi** i.tiut n.iit.-iik.  Wm, x, -riit.ii.j.ki.!), ,4.,.,-m  *si'|>l. lil. Xilit, IS'I   1*11  Aiiiii'.ids'i i.ASn idsriipT  SUklHl'Ttf t'liiklkltliil  'i'ltli* III,III i' llilll Hllliill   ^-|liilll|.siillr i.f   t'l llll>.  let. II, (',. iHsvui'iUti'ii iiiui rifi "i.iiiiin, litiuiiik  ItHlt'l'l) fill I'l'Dltlkkit.ll It) l.tlU'lmkl' till'(utlllH.  IIU'lll'klVllMsl luinlk  t V>lllllll'IICI!ll.' 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Railway Coin  puny dropped their uppllctitttu  for a portion of the witter o.vuei  by tim ittwrCreek Water Wi-rlo  t'ompany,, and needed for th*  iviipplyhiK of th** town oj AHmr  nl, In a matt-*r for ronuridulatioi  nml Kurprhvi*. It in not nhvuyi  that therti' people ('an he convinced no early in the giiine tlmt tixl  " potato " in hot, octliowiiny '���--  oiinutloii to dii>p the mtim*.  "Now is the time for nil i-ool  riieit t^o ("Ollte U) the n'm)ue of tit  party  At.iiKiiN! laANd muraicr.  I lull lot uf tiirvl-ty.  'I'hIn'lintlm'Unit rime ll��t Ui*. tilVtl'Uir Is, H.C,  *** ciipatloii aruMi'i, Ifiti-nilti iu ii|i|i|f  for iicr-  ItltkSlnll It)   lillllllii.il   Kill   (ullllitltlU   tlioorll'l't)  tllllll.'  I'liiiiiiii'iH'liia tn it tnut lilntitnl hi tliii mud*.,  i-itki tviiiin, uf Tiiriittu IsImiuI. (liitt'lsy tsitiunl,  isluy itcit (if Tiiiit'l liiuiiil. 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AlitfUtit *, !VtV  A bill KN'l LAND dlh't'lOf!',  Dl.Uiil nf k'Jniis|Uui. .  Titlt^ ueiltv kli��t VVillimutdltt-n t.li'ikiisimn,  Leonard Frank  -  The Men's Store  Ceme lu mid have a look til our Kail tit id  Wilder Hood* ju��t acrived  Hats, Shirts, Ties, Sweaters, Etc.  ('annul bo Heat anywlmrt'on Vnncouvi'i" Island,  rii-UMt i** >��***��> iff, rtflv. a*^**. at. ki  CAMPBELL & MACFIE  Margaret St,, Altvernl  Phono 1W  Kli'rat Ave, Port Aibernl  Plitiaol'l  Sawk-l  ******  "TT  ���iu4'ii|it)dt'ii Ikiiiui. tutc-Mtt It* *t>|il</ fur l>er��)iis  ill ',.��� I'luvlmu* li* (tUi't Iihsc lu.  ittit-,1 Intnl.'  jllHll l.i MIIViiMt* ll)   (tlll't liHSf   lllf   f.liilJH|l)*<l!t.  " There will lie hoiii** Ih,1  ��lni*;h''handed rescue work don  at the Iv'evolfdoke conventit��n  aud not the least of the euuw.i  for sutidftictlon im the fnct that  our own Mike will be on ipiud tv,**  ���iee thai no hardened poiiiicl/iiips  "monkey with the lubricator,!*'  Land Act Notices  AKiiKi'Ni i.ANi) ins-rmcrr.  ni.trlei uf i*|aisin|iti>i  Tslo* DOtlw thnt Mb.. Mini Unlu-ili, t.f Piul  JUillUitmil,���ots'ltpstloit kt'lii-uer, !))U-iiil-iiMHtiii|��/  fur iierifitiiilnii *u |)iirvlis��tt din fuUuti'ltiif ifi-  wrlinnl Iniiilit; '  (.'(itiitiuitio.liiii m ��ini4t  |ilitiue,l uti  Du* uiiii)),  *fckt llKlftl Of ttll ISliilUltltllUVUltli l/lll|it||Slktnl|lt,  ��llil.tr>i) ill VV.'Slci-lt t'ltftltlU'l. iisri lit)' Mouutl,  suit Itlaitll 1WU IllllHltVil >lli\lrl wi'.sla-llk' flout  .Suiilli *->t(,|>tii*r IsUinl, tlttuee fiillowili.tf tiltoi't*  llus siOkiiid l.<* imllll of euouui'iis'llU'lit. litti'  l.ltllltk! tWctny.llVt) Itt'll**. lilui't' ill' less,  Ml'ssMsr'*.' Itiiliurt*.  Win, l*.Ttiiim|ii<(>ii. AiU-iU.'  Sept. lk��. IH!..    ; ; Ost' ���l,'l.  V  ^'*w"**^TndtWsT^:ATrr'fTm-i(itvr,  111*11 k't *)f !(D|,r)l,'  Ttttlt ttlldt'U   il'ltl   VV'ct-!i<)   HtOtlllJ   IlklL'llt'K, of  VtUll'alllti I". 0-I',. l*tM'll|��tdl)tl   KUti'SIDltt), IU(��lli)��  to iit'lili' f.'i tu'riiiisilun d> i'iiicli��i���� klu* fulltit*.  lli*'tli'*f rilinl Imn!*;  t'tuniiii-iii Ul*' *l n i)i��il |ittkl!lct Win lllllf nest  t.f slii* kimUiKi'rl iMniin* ef )nfkliiii ll>. 'i'.i**i!s,lili)  n. (Iii'lii n 1*1 elihtuM tiiiiilii, diet.', f t.1 el..tun ettkt,  tln'iu-t* !*���) i't)f,ut�� unrlii. lti-ili*n -4) cliiilni) ttest to  imllll of ��� iiiuiut-iic mui'iil, isinlaluluti nU tiuiulitut  htul (tilt)' IttHU at x.fl, ti)(i|<* of Ir.N  Wtilev )l��ruiil 11 t.*rliei..  Und driiulu, Auelit,  fit-l.il. U, IlilV, Oi't.lhll  AI.dKitNl  I.ANII DlhTltll.T  distill'! iif lUit't'il,  'I'llln*  i)i*|ltsi   lliat    SVitl-mii   Dnvltl   IllilU'ti, tif  V��tit*i'*ivi*r. 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Ittt'/mts (o ��'i.|.ljr for per  uijittlnii to . imrcltntP  tli-t, fotlt'*����|uK iltia'orlttotl  litiiilit: .���''....'.���  CtiiiuutilK'lllK SI  ft pout   l.iiildfst   simiil IUM  iiitlfn ikotdiitetil ftoiik Mui'liulm InKi',   ttii-tioti  mutiisu 'I'ltttitis, tltetlti-e e*t��t 10 ctmlrui. thPtieo  Kfliltll'���iH'llhllllk, tlll'IKSl   ttf'Sl  It)'CltHillS W'k  ��0  lids i*o��i, eoiitslnttiu SW itoit;*. iiiiiid or (tsfcss  Attn* ).'*|ikv,  '.. |.'r**nr, lielius, Ayniit,  AUi'iikt tt, mis. ��� tmm1.  Pnrtolow Miles Joseph F. Hannu  The British Columbia Cruising  and Estimating Company  UAH (IKKN WUIMKD Kill TUK r'llU-OM, OK  ThuiHiiii;hly crnbliii,' (liiil*er ��nd oilier lands within (Im Province  of Hrldsb Columbia,.imd furnislilti''  at/MANriTD CSrWATZS  by reliable expere* who btivo had year*' ol experience In this llnf*  of business. The company enn, und villi, pi ace in your bunds  tm est haute- correct lu ovory di*iiiih>tlio kind you cut) hank on  and do ttusim'ns with.  faftrtne**  HANIv OK MONTUKAL, 1'orl Albernl brunch.  HOYAL HANK UF l-'A.NADA. AHu'od branch.  For prlceri and term* apply to .  British Columbia Cruising and Estimating Co.  Albttnl !f, C  The  outrea*  (Kwiimhd IHI")  CupKttl Autbtrtinaxt         * ���          ��        $IttJ.OfJt>.()00  C'apHml Puti* Up          �� *                |i*l,ilVW,0<ls)  t(e��t emt v��wft*��d**d Pro.'H* *          *          lO.tyyO.O'Xl  , Total Aa*��U          * -            \   ����3y.��&a,04>v��  I ton, IV'i-sttlent     *      Ht. Hon, i-md Ksridhemm and Mount Ho.vtd (1. C. M. lb  Preulilt.Hl    ���   It. H. Aiiffil.t K"|.     M Vlei-'l'is***.   -   Mir H. S, Cloit-idni, Hart.  (b-id'i'al Mtmu^i'i*          *          ��          * ��          -          *          IL V. MorodKh  Head Cilice      - Montreal  I^imtnii Ollti',1      >      411 imd tt Tbrciidtii'islb* Ht��� 1^ C,  Suvlnris Bank Department  f)it*-o.-.Jt��   rcctilviii   from   11   upwind".  C-ountry Huslncs. *"lv��m overy atUmduh.  Port Alborni Branch     -     E. S. V. McCUntock, Mgr.  -,'mtm^mmmmmtmmiie^semaimimassim^^ma  If You Are doing to  Build �� Houui*, sin Offlcts Block, or a Horn, or  a Store, or anything 0I1.0 that in made of Wood  The Man to See Is  Thomas  The Contractor and Duilder  Ho'Will Submit  an   Jvudmat*.    i'lwt-Clow   Workitn-uiohlp at  Prlc*-)-that ai-e Klj-mV  Office Fittings, Show Cases,- Cabinet Work  P.O. Box No. 4.     : Alborni, B. C, Phono Ul' m  $  THE ALEEHNf ADVOCATE THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  The Alert Investor Asks for  Something Attractive  f.i.uiscdihij' dm, f* ft nui' �� bidet', 'ilicr,  wver I'dJcSdy uml i*t n i.'-��*il pis,*it,  !)u- i,i.iiu-(t i*di (ui-'i  This is the Class of Property That is Handled by  ���.-.-..���.--   ���   -       M. TEBO     ������        .    -a  tin Hitndtc* .Veoihi'i- Kind,  ' f <)  A Hm of Hi.' iiipTkf Kitrnt ami (,,'iit pto)��i>s'di-s lo In*fount! lo ilm Alberiii  E-ldrlcL    A citil ��vill Convince-��iu. mul Send to business,    r  P. 0. Box 54        fif. TEBO,       Alberni, 3, C  ICAP1T&L COMING  ./  Frank & Behruyne  Peat Estate and Insurance  Notary Public  P. 0. Box t5*y      -       Alberni, B, C.  ���\  \  ^�����i>4!--|t|*&*****l*H3.*^  PATERSON GARAGE      I  .   li,  ���stf^-"****-*!^  Now Open to tho Touring Public  ' Full Line of Auto Supplies  Cars For Hire ot Reasonable Rates  Victoria Quay  Alberni, B. C.  ]    (���plhiih'Ui mid coiiM)lc'K-e sti Hit* bv"*!��  {tsekA k'ltbtthv   of   V;jticoiti,'t*   tditllil If,  t-spr* si".��d by fJiii'i-nee  A,   Ilof-v*,(< et  T(i',��u",<', bt'iit-i-id m'mi.j-.'r of dm Hiild-  inliui Ibmk. i* tm  is  mukifi-,'  a  short  sliiy on (he epn*! *��t* i*n b��sp,--ction  of  the biMtichi's v( die b't-dt in dn- Wen,  Mr.' Hiij't'it,  vi ho tirrlviil ivci-dd".  was in (���iiiifi-.t-iicii with tbo  Iwsi}  ihbii-  Jiffet* in Victoria, utuUUdiilsiibsi'ijOCdt-  iy in die pii*ss thai he wtts  well  net I*.  Il.'il itiih (bo   business  (h>��i*)oplii*,r foe  i dn* Victoria   br-meii, tmd Jl  vtould In*  ibe pulley   of  die  bunk   to  n*uih!(sh  brunches on tidier purl*, ot die   island,  ��is Hdt'vetopcit,    He ii��-*.coi��lldc!il (lit*  cliy tmd district would shuiv jiivtil   de-  v-elopiimiu, Imi, il dlil M'em   thnt   tmill  recently dm chartcrtsl biiiiie, htul   mu  Itikcn dml Interest in the t*|ni,d vihich  Its tntuirni ri-soiuvcs itarritnlisl.   Mon.  oy, Imvvever viiiscuiulnji bt to  exploit  (be iiuioiichisl ttssets of   do'   province  mid island.    Hr-dmuifht prol'tibiy   the  I'l'io-ini why mure iiumiiinriur**.". did mil  lociite here was due io (be Illicit wu^es  und cosl of llvhij* tm the I'ltclllu   slope,  Jililuiii'-b a imtrkel tkitsrnpldlyirroulm;  for miiiitibtciiirers on'dd-* coitsi,  "There is ��tm ihluif," he said, "I hnvo  obsei'vid on ibis visit,'imd that Is dint  spectilitdpn It* less imik-i-tible on this  occiihlon than on previous visits in die  West. Lund vithies lire rouehliii," i*  initiirul level, I tbltik uiou**"/ in..-." con  linuii (l-'bl this tv luler on In-,' lo iiie  nuioimt required to bundle dm crop,  which villi be a record one, bid, you  will ",'ot dm biuu*tltof it next year In  uumey belli,*" liiv��"*ied nnd spent on Hm  const, The bank* nro lncrcusiii'* their  cstpllul tocopu withexlsdni;conditions  ot iiApntUilon hi die lloiiduloii,"  Mi." Hubert 'wild dm imt*'dlilccm  climiile ol dm Island could -tot fall to  ititrnct iiuiiiy I'todem vUltui-**, iittd  Minm vioulil doiibih'sstHH'oiiiot-cslilents.  It)** lowest m>iltlititi��t cmiifi id L. 1'."',  HifiH't* to (lit* huuudury of L, *������(, M  SowiiiK **ttiw iioftli lo -��i>i*di humid*  _,A_ _. __. ������_,!-*"'�� t��n>nr>�� HO clmln** i-nst, Htrm-**  FAI? 1/ KI A Itf Hi i ������������---t** d> rn-itli tioumltiiy of L.-tH.,  I Uli    ��#   lOhHiW iUu-ii-r* ..dlywniif kbidc vtr**l to iu-ttiV  ] ��r��t corurr, li)*-��i'*? tu point ol    ,-�����!�� ���  |{iitrilt-*>(Ur>tlt.  tV'ttlg AbvUL.'i'.'* **���:����*  William ��*iriT.!ti.  w, it, nanusd, Ae��ut.  HH>t, 12. 1913,  ALiHSUNI LANH P1HTH10T-  Histrh't yf ("{ayiifjuot,  Take nuHi-o tnt*! Ouy h'j'i|-.rt*)��  Fold, ��f Vle-tortr*, (XTtjp*��d<''i iii��l*l-  Uct, i!it��?tid(* to uppiy hsr i't'1 iim-**ion  to purc!m��4�� tti-) fMlltiwtu-- it*��t,ci ibed  Iftfid-i ;  (."ommrin'liid; nt r. po��t plantrd ni  Uu* north went corner wdiiMtt'il on (he  runt mioro ol Amlri-to-i Luke, near die  OUHct,   list?!!*"**   3(1   t'lllltlUil   I'Htet,   (Ill'flCf  sondi tu t!i��' north dxiuiiilfti)' of the  I. It., thene** folbtwini: boiiiuliiiy west  to thtr Kliore, tlit-nce foilowint* uliuie  lino northerly untl rte*terly (����� p'titnt  of coiuini'ticejuciit, bi'lfn: i*t't)��t 30  iiercii,  ('ujy Hltir.b-ti-u Ford,  W, II. dnrntid, Aiiciit.  Hcpt. 9th, I ma.  ALUI'KNI LAND HIHTHHJT.  lli*.ti'ft-t  nl Ciiiytii^tiul,  Tnkc iiotlt-j' that Fermi'**-* Tlu*omn  (ltdmill, ot ICitlln*,', London, Kuidftuii,  occupidIon itrtny vlttct'r, itnht"d, in-,  (i'IuIm ti* npply for pi'i-ititusloii to pur*  cliiiHi' tin* foltowlin* ib'srribt-'il iitiitbi;  Ctuutmuifiui*. at ** pout plnnC-d itt  thu tututlii'iiMi c"i"ii**r iiml HKunOd  tttioiit 15 rJiitliiH di'diml funftla wrsi-  crly tilt ih'( ion trout die dortiirust cor-  n**i* of L, 6!) on AIbeinI Cntuil, nrftr  tin* west houiiilnry of L.C70, tlirnrv  went to tho ueitliwe.it cornel of L.Cti,  tltt'iice tmith to Xh& Houtli lie'Jtid-uy  of IjMZ, tlti'tirti etuit' to n point dun  itm th (if tint bit post, (tifiit'ii aoiith (u  peiitt of coimiicm-i-mt-nt, Imv-lrtt: ftn  nr*-!*, nf JJJO nfr-'M,  Fiwmci* Tlmtuii** H-irrnril.  W, H, (Siti'inrd, Ai'cnt.  Hep-., 13th, lUia.  ���Ai  ���"***��  ALBERNI ELECTORAL DISTRICT  Tnko noticr? tliiit I Iihv*. ieci*lvcd (.ibJF-ftloiirf In wrHbitc lo (be rt-Uiitfoii  of the hiliowlni' msmea on tin* lU-*..l**trr t.��f Voter** for the Albeioi itlrctort,!  Hlstifct, on the "-remitts *.t��teii lns|uw ; And t*."*-* nottf** tlmt At �� Court  ef ItevJeiuii to be lirld im Hit* Kluhteeiith dtty of November, ivpl, ��t Al-  brnit, JL <?., ��t in o'ctot-k in il.ri (on*noon, 1 i*li����l lw��r tti*il (iete*rnui!** the  i*<d*l ot.m'ctiotirt, niiit unless nuth nam fit pet nuns or sow otlter rruvlut-itd  voter on their bctmit wntii*n*M nn* tlifit mu-lt objertbuis *ri> ni��t welt found-  **it, I ulirtt) utrlk-i otii'ti names of\ the Itet-ister.  II, 0,   ItA��H(��N.  ite��:(>��tiitr of  Votetn.    Alberiii    |fi|*>el(,rr>(    ll|**tt'lct,  Dnted, Hnttirdny. UcUdier iit, 1UI3.  Tlie followiti"- |***f**oiis ��re reported ��ti*-ent frutn (lie ptstflef :  NAMK. i'LACIC.  Hritlle, ArUiur (Huinr-* ... ,���.,���.������ ...,., ....I'ort AlbernL  llekker. Hnifi'l , ,, ,���, .,��� aiM.-Allwrnt.  Heiinuser,  Julen  ,������ ...Mmuiulto Hnrhour  Hrn-^idd, O**'!}',''' Jf(in('�� , ,.....,.��� ���,...���Peft Ail-etui,  ALUl'UNI LAND D1HTHIOT,  District ul ltnrclny,    .  THko itotlw tlmt Wllllnm vj'trrtird,  of Cowitiliti!) Kay, H.C,, oecupiitlon  retir-ul ��rmy ofllcer, fntotntrri1 to npjily  for iiermbtsltju to purcliHtio tito follow-  Ius-t drHerlti-il hindri:  COIIallUlliChtl*   tit  tt   post   |lht(lt��tl     nt  Hie nmdltcust cormc uml ���nttifitcd  itbotit one mllu euut from (be tmut  shore of Aibernl citiut! mid on or nenr  Of All the Alberni   Subdivisions  ALWSHNl LAND DlKTItlOT,  DlMtriet of L'laymjuoL  Tfdie innii'e tllitt Hit id,"Si lilithdy.of  Debut Dnn, friditi, ociuiintion -k'niitto-  iiinu, hiiemlu to tipply for piiiui-ivida  to purehitito llio fothiwhi** de**i*r!hetl  Ijdula :  ('otiuti-jiielnj,' nt a post pluuted on  Hie northciiKt corut-r of the aliote of  tho We��f*-r�� lhiyt*oii l��)tfmtt.<^ltiiivt*d  nt the DDtr-met* to JUtluy Hay, timi  iduuit 1 milt* nurtburly from Nob  Point, t.)t*m't> followim* tho tdioro  wstilorly, ijyutliecly, emttcrly and  northerly tu point of coinmeucviiient,  being about & ncres,  ,    Htdetuh 12, Hbindy,  IV, 11. (hd-rard, Ah'Oit.  Uout-i 7   lldoi  ALilifiHNl LAND IHHTniOT,'  ��� DiBtrlct of Clfiynqtrnt.  Take notice thttt' Claude Hhtudy, of  Vlctorift, ort'tipivttoit Kentl-mimi,     lit-  tends to apply for permlm-toii to juir-  cltHtt** tht) fuliowiiii- desu-iihed luniis :  Commends!'? nt h pout pl'tuti'd   on  tiiu iioutlietuit    c*iriier of the emUem  of ttifl Hoyiaon ItdnniR situate ut tht)  eiiti'inice to Hnlny llo-y itutt about    1  mite northerly troai Koh Point,theme  fnllowhiK     the Klitue     of the Islam!  round  imrdierly,  wruicrly,  maitliM'ly.  (tml eitHterly    to point of ctmimt'iKC-  ment, hell)'- nhout 6 ncrea,  Claude Hlnmly.  ,. W. II, CJnrrnrd, Auent.  Htrnt. y, HliS.  NO.  43*.  f.3.  &(,  sir*,  tin.  id,  IkiO,  lid.  in.  H,1.  IWi.  i7a.  iXTJt.  ���,'Ci.  a��*i.  mas.,  373.  m.  87*.  2*di.  3PJ.  $M.  (01,  ���IV3.  Stl.  (.(it,  &7a.  676,  fitH.  W*.  liSG.  (.Sat.    ,  (ililf,  4172.  cm.'  fil**),  70L  72t3.  T6K  773.  m,  m.  ����.  Kftfi.  ��7L  an,  JH9L  "122,  'M.  %f>.  ��lJ9.  1006,  lOtit.  Hurth'it, Aiia  Hiiritril, Itupeil lint tit slcy,  Cnitiokiti, ICnieirtoti Jtuiit't* ,  fit I hi not, -loltn Crtitiuni ,..,,  Ciiivelt, Kilwid'it  ,    Ciifjiiitly, Jhiht'it Chid Icii ....  CliiiMlle, Chftries A, ,  CiHiiiietij Frrmniite ..������ ,������,���  Pttvblnim, tLitikVi* ...... .,,   HltVieU,   aluttll'l.  It    ,   Hdley, William Hemy  , ���  .PotI Alberiii.  ...,..'....,..,���,..'..., ,. Albeinl.   ...Altuuul,  -.,. ...,.i,���..-i..���..,.Altai Id.  i.a...i......I.,..,.���..., I't'it Altartil,   ,. A.���...,���.,,.,,Mosi|UlL�� llufboUr  .., - - Albeinl.  ..,,, ,,,..,.,, ....Cbtyo'juot,  ........ ^.................... Aloei'ut.  , ...'...... ,.,,..,...I'ort AlbernL   Fan Alberni,  I'm-iuum Ctmrlen IC f , ,P,ut AtbeinL  Killer. M**u ,������,... .,;...... .,, , , , ,,,,.Alliernl.  ICiicknoii, At-tiill'tdii William ,..������..AtUrnL  .ICdcktma, llotierl ,..,; ...,..,.,..���. ..Atherut.  Ferey, tteoi*!i* lUrintrdtioi. .,.��� ,.���..., ; Ptsit AI be nil,  (bti'inrit, Wltibuii lluntette..,,. ���  ,'lb��tnl,  Hiitlfroy, Alfred .��� , .���. .,...���.,���,��� , ,.���������A*t)frnl,  llM��Mird, Fi-ftiik ICdwiird  ,���.,., .,���.���, Albernl.  Kilmer, James  ���>  ,  Albertd,  LiiHelle, AUKtisliiit ,.���r , .Albftrul,  Mitrcen, William Uerhcrt ,.,..,������������ .������ , Aitarnt.  Mntliinoti, .lotm '������.,.��� , t,��� ��� ........lAltx-rnt.   '  Mmif-liim, Jonepli Albert , , Port All����raL  Miller,  J��*.epli Wdliiun .,.���>..��� , ,,,,,1'ort Albernl,  Mtlbma, Willlims ,. , AlbernL  McCoikludtde, Uchlftn , ,. AlbernL  Melmunld, Fnnik AtetMtidor , ���..���... Mosquito Harbour  McMbiu), Dfttikt ...... ,., , f.f,.. ���..,���........Aitarut.  McMullen, Mftrtln ...... ,,.,;, ,.������ Port Albertd,  Nidirii-'Uit*. Aililtmiu ���.,.,.������������ , ,���������,Port Alborni.  Norrlt*, Aidiur ,  , , , , .....Atlu-rni.  o-yftvit., John  Port AtlKittt.  I'cternoH, I'uvlit .��.,��� , ������, , , ,.,.,Alberni.  Price, Herbert",; , Port Altars!.  I'rior; Wlilhuii  ,  , ...,.-. ������������ d'urkivillo,  I'ritclmrd, (.Itlbert Henry Uevmi .......Port Altmrnt.  ltlh-y, M��rk ....��� ,., h ;Altattil,    ,  lUilherlord, Wltlhtm , p����it Altaral.  H-irueiit, WlltiaiH lly t ���...,., Port AlbernL  HHumlerH, Frederick  , AlbernL  Hei-vlr-t*. Antlrew Orey  ,...,., ,a Alborni.  Mlinter, Ituwltinil Frederick.,, ,..���.,,,��� Altarbt.  dmltti, Htuuley  , ....,' ....Nootka.  UtokeH, Henry Vletor Tlieo..,.,,.,. , AtbornL  Bweet, Liiwjird , -.,������ Port Altarnt.  TliontiNi, llus-ii , ,���, ...��� Alburn!,  TimdiidL Allita , AltaraL  Vaueh-tn, Itujiert Ilmiry i...,., ���., , ...AltarnL  WtUa, Htrphfis  Tito fotluivlnK pen-am* ftro i'��porti-d Deitd  U'4, IH��yd, Krnuk Chiuidler  ;,  ItiC. Clrtrke, Wiilltun^Jvlletiolftn ,���  Hlrbpntrlok, Thontmt  ���,   DOT.     '   Hplttnl, Jftwu-H Nell ,.,.., ,���   MB. TiiotnHon, Jiunes 4.���'. ,..,  H.  O.    ItAVSON.  Heuistr-trcof  Voter-*,  i���.���,Albertd,  ..,������Qtl��tslao,  ....i.tAltitruL   ..Allieriil.   ,.1'ort Albernl.  ,..,,,,AlbernL  k*i^Wi.*k-��.||.)W��'*."iUi*iJi.-a.inuaw��k4*J��iijiu4����tikti.w  mm  mztsmsm  o��@  chaiiee to buy Inside Property*, at prices  SALE OF  MINERAL  CLAIMS  For Unpaid Taxes in the Alberni District, Province of British CetaMs,  I hereby jtlye notfee tlmt on Mondny, ihe 4th dny of Novetnber, A.H, ISIS, nt thu hour of It) o'clock in  lie foreimon ��t the Court limine, Albertd, U. (3. I nUidl offer for wale by pttbUt* itticthin tht* Mtnerul Clrdmu In  (lie Drtt nereliuifter act out, for Hie   Tttxen lemnlaiti** unprdd by nnid perwofit* en tbo 30th June, 1918, and for  ciHtlt* nnd iiKiienKoit of    rudd    Malo, if tlio total Amount duo tu not uooner piml,  .*-  -."'J.'S'JJ-iJT-ir,  HHT A110VB JtlKNTIONKD.  NAM1C OF PLA1M.  V IvWJiV     iiiiinit    I'diuti    iMittii  Tennicntium  ,.,   Victor Ny, I. Friict   Lebchl    .,,,  ���,...,���  ,,.,,���,  Hcolhit  ..���,. ,., ,.���., ���  Huele  Hmii ,.  ....  John Imil ,.��������� ,.  Ntd.wli.t-i   Ntildsttkft  Fffn't,  ......  MaoHt'i' No, L  Mmidor No, 1 Fr��ct .,,..  'Monitor No. 8    NAM  .Kdicar Dew  ,l.dutir Dow  ICdi-ar Dew  .SCilldir Dew  ,l*il*-nr JClow  .s��    iotini  �� of owni:r.  NOOTICA  "iiiey A Dewdiioy  ihiey & Dewdui-y  dney ,&. l)t-tv*Iuey  tlney i* D��*wthioy  ihiey ��� (ft f��**w<ji",>y  .Monitor Copper Mfu. Co ������  .Moultor ti<vpi*tir Mfu. c'o .....  .Monitor <"uih>��t Mfg. V�� ,,���  .Monitor  (*opj,wr Mt*,', Co ....  .Manitur Copiifii' Mf(j,'C*j ....  ���MoiiUor  0*,ip|,*4*r Mf��r, Co ...,  SHottHur Oopp-*i- .MtK, t,'t>. ...  OiaTHKJT. " '  Cuandlsui HyidUcAtt),..  Caoadhut Hyu(tli*r,t4���,  Cfiiiitdlnii HyuttSeate,,.  (.niirulb.il Hyndlrata,.,  Cauttdbdi tSyndkiito,.,  (**l4\, tltlltlll |,4*k,k(* -.-j-.fi-, ���*,-,  (���III       (11(1*111     'll'dllli      lAIr aft ������.",  i.m   tuiiiMi   iiu.!*!*   imifiti  ***** IS lllllll (-Ml-..*,-*. |t|ll||>-  "Hi M>*it*li If int. 11 fllKHfl  is.io�� iiiumi ii-ii.iij* i-rnini  s*?***    i*,v mu*    ��tiii*j*iti;4)Cttit  Lot No,   Tmm.      Oonii.    Tot*!  for Lots miles away,  - Corner  Inside  Terms���1-4 Cash  ��*) ��j*  v   -^9  d-**tti��     dftujklj'Ll   ,,,.,, ,,,  (mud"). .,.,!,���   Ni-w York ,  ,  Tnriiim. , .,. ....  (*'i*sy Mule   KetaocA ,.��� .���  ilowdrop   MoidiiHtophlei.  ,,,  F)r#t Clnvuri* ....  Ltmt CIiiuii,'** .,.,  Hortttle No. ). ,  Kaiile No. 7 .���.,.  ISaulo No.  8    He'dll,-    Kurekit No. 1 ...  KiU-lo No, 1.    ICuicfca No, 2, ..  lied Cromi No. 1  H��d Oroet* No, "i  He*., Croitti No, a  Hfif, Croat* No, 4  Hui'l dlmmomt No  Hed Dhtmoiid No  F. H. 0. No. 1 ,.  K. IL C. No. S, ,  dtinrltu)    KiU-l** No. 8    Vleterin      ������"fiK-Io No. 3    (3LAVOQUOT UHlTItlpT.  ..Hddirli l'dcine Uold 1-rt^wrty. Co., Ltd    .Jhitisi* t'tkilfto Uold Friipcity Co., Ltd  ..Hfitlui-i I'mcHSc Oold IVoperty Co., Ltd  .Hritisti l'ftch,!, (lold I'loporls- Co,, Ltd  illtitbtt) l*i>clflii Gold I'l-operty Co., Ltd  ..lliitlnh l**ciilc Oold 1'i'opcity Co., Ltd  ..Hritleb r-*cirte (Jold Property Co,, Ltd  .IS,  Dewdiwy A A. IS. tli)iliiK��,th  ���.,.,  ,tfl. Dew-hie y .-i A, K, HprUu;��*tli  ,  |l(*-|.tlll  tt      -111111!  1  i.  .Jrt��,  ,Jn��,  .J ttu.  .Jiit).  ,Jitt*.  ,Jtl��.  .Jftti.  .J UU,  .JlMI.  ,Jmi,  ,J|*B,  Jhh,  Jtirt,  Jmi,  Jus.  Jiut,  Jrtti,  ,JiS,S.  JllH.  Jan,  .Iiui,  A.  A,  A,  A.  A.  A.  A,  A.  A.  A.  al  ,,.  A,  A.  A.  A.  A.  A.  A.  A.  A.  A.  RUl'KItT UIBTltUrf.  Moore. ..,...,t ,. ,  .,.������.   Mooia  , , i ,,.,  Moore  ���  , ,.���   Moore  ,.,,��� ������   Moore ���..-.   Mooro , ��� ,.  ��� ,���,,,.  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JC.00  18.78  1C.00  11.25  Dfvted nt Albernl, 13. Q��� thin 8tli day of October, 1012,  Ijf. 0. IIAY0ON..  Deputy Aes��t��ior nnd OoltvCtor.  rV..  I*- *  V:  i  \  \.  x  y  f*  r.  r'  V.  �����'..  I . THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  ,Y  iBi  te-**4ii'-^-��*4-i'��44��;?����^  I j  k."*"^  ^  Allu-nd li rcw-Led by trubi f-vm Vlrw-rln. ("jjuneedon. ntv m-vde with  Vk'tytitf. i'ti!di'.ii|f (hrvuijh lo- AdM'i-iii oh **Ji>f)d"*y, Widm'i-iiay awl Friday. Hi**'  *tt*d*,-ir* hi'tr. V-d.r-'tivi'i'Clt)- *"*m *-��m>!i".��i with dtla s^abs Mt Nttmdim*.  Alberwl W nlw* r-**u*l>rd by *.tetmu'r ' from Vlrmtlh, uml in the itmsmer  muuth* th*".-* l�� im more dt'il-'btfu] trip than thi**. up dm **e*t -.�����������>���, of Viun'ou-  vtt*' Ultnid (-i-d Hlimi* dii'pli'ti.iji'vi'yt* Aibernl eumd,  nmnnii ii^H(*4W*:^t^)^-*>��i*^*4|ii-  Irftiid pi'it"*�� it. to aeri-***'!' vnrli"* from "*;**i t���� ftldU per aere for lni.it he.td,  ti'id from t"l(M to J-Itm (,,��* Sniul thtti tins hi-mi chared ttnd hrmij-ht itiider -'tilllm-  tton, I'rii-ui ur.- ,-ttvet nod l*v i(tittlii,v itiiil'lo-'t-ddii imd ettnUi' bud io uny ijtnviK  Uty.  It lis*, iiui'ii foitiiil tliat mixed furmlni.* pityta lie-*i. On pluu of f-iiin d'li i*��  I vi nniy in'ti*. fruit urimiiij., thdr.vhi-,', potihry rulnin**. boiji mul cuttle wilt uti  puy vvidh  Tjd'is;' tin' tm fru,. huiiie*.l4'tuli ux lie had.    Limit   will havo to ho pm-chii-oil.  Id AIIm'iiiI m|II In* (iiiiiut die usual lidiidilitt,*"' of u piii--i-i**..ive Went-un  Coinmuiiity lliut hit*, faith, tmd die i'inirti''i* of it�� eoitvlcdoi)*, ��� Then* lire a  nmiiberof KU"*! I>'')l,e*> ridr.viii^ u whin iiiiik" of "oods, m'IiooIh, (���hid'che'*, (ho  n��e*>p<tjH*f In **lilt'fi you firt* rc-tdln-'- (lib, rimt tt mmibur of (idtlutli* iiml cm-iti)  fbib.. .  The idiui'ili* l�� ��** Hue te* run lu��r found on (In* I'-ii'ltle Coa.d taken tb���� yenr  round, Tim ntlnfitll I*. |i>���� dtitn dutt of the Cliy of Viim'ouver, the froM*. nro  l.j-hL There I. ii'lilmii frost (<iioii*>h for ���.kttdti'.f or -mot* cnou-'li for ���dolKlilii-'i  Kitd when t'ttherof tlioM* t'oum*i it only hetts it few tiny-*, For the utiinmer am!  (lUttiitin mottliis diei-i* I** tuidtliii' In dm world loiotri'l the Alhernl wtutther.  Aibernl U dtuomiet of ono id dm lucn-iM uml mu.i ft'i-tile vrdloyii on Vttu-  eotivi'i'blatiil, lit the Dinted*! will lie found a vusl wealth of timber of (be  %,�����' kliul, t'ottl, Irmi, eoppur, iimrbh* and oilier eomumrdttt ".tone**, brick ulivy**  ami other litutt'i'litl��.  f\  ���V*  \**1l  itt  ,^\  15J  Th�� Alberni Hotel  First Established and Best Known Hotel on West Coast.  TtXlt h M** rauorlte Mttort of th* Commtrtial Man, Tourht and Sport*man.  Qwnlny our ��nx>ix Dairy aitd Poultry Runefx Intut** <* Cotxttant Supply of  Strictly Truth Article* for th* tuble.   Accommodation/ of tht But.  Th* B*$t Samp!* Hon me In Toutn.  . lYmt Su*�� to and from all Boatt and Train*.  Hilly McAllister, formerly tif (lift Klny KdtiHirU Hutvt, Victoria, Proprietor  / Make a Specialty  (tf (h'i'uii. LmUo Fiord and t "it*   l'n*pi"*-l,v.  ���He**, Farm L:tiitl in ..��!!��.in! Voih't, **if, tm *��.|. Aen\  i i *  ! Hove For Exchange  c' fori Alhei.ii citd���All-4,'i-ut Hroperiy.  Vh'Uirtu a*��l V*iiK*ouv��'r l*iH;pt*r(y,  What Have You Girt?  Wm, Frank Gibson  %**.-?  ItOkti,*** t'hoii* LH3  |it��ur��tt**e  Ofb��* Phwifl|3-.  ���Sr?***^?*^*?*^-?*"!-.,;'^^ it (f>"*-***��i'?-*i*>**^ ���tkt%i��E*4*  .- * t :$&%i?&i"xi%tf: z- x��S!H'ixs^��i  ���***-����**--a4*-*sj**-*��^  Thee** lire mmn.'i-oti** tttu-iK'tlveOpjiorttmltieH for (be tnimufni'lurer imd In-  votdor. Tbo AlU'rnl Hoiud of Trade will be jrlud to dike (hot*,* niiutorst up  with you.   Wrlto to ihi'iii for piirilculuif*.  ���uiiif*-*-ji-j***)>-pt*4-n'urm  nsmitaTTMG  HtKl|,'orityrtt Monti'iiei'ln Ht'isd<|titirt-  ,��i��n,v -Tho bttllh* follow In),*- die vapttuv  by (bu Mmit.'iic-'t'ln fotvesol tbeTurli-  Ult, iKudtlon on Hutch Itch Mmintidn autt  . dm fori on KehI|K'lilnek Hill, domlmtt*  hie tho town of Timhl, comlntiiHl. Tho  dj,'httn>u; U now <,'em<itd ulon'f ubiio-st  dm wh��))o tddont of tht* Turko-MontW"  nej-vin frontier.  Gonorid MiirdnoviU'h, with thuMiutli.  ern uriuy, In oporiidni- wldt micceK.-*  nifitlns-t dm ridreaiely ntn.).')",* Tiiikbh  ftirlrotiiH uf Tiiriil��i*i"h, which douibiatet*  ibe- Turkish fort Hojfidiie, neur Tii.hl,  The howpitnli* here aro overltowlii**  with wounded men hrouj-ht from die  biitdctitijd, Kltijf Ntchoiiit vl.ltetl to.  dny the bosplinU nnd Idsmsl i(|u.in (heir  forvbi'tul** dm iU>m\ and badly wounded  nifn. Aflerwtird he luldre-tiu'd tho  woimdiNi hi tour* of deep nmotldn, miiy.  Ir.i- ho thaakt-d nil of bin bruvo tuwips  in iho rinme of dm fntberlntid., Hi!nee  Mlrkt). **i>eond miu of Kim* Nicholas,  pera4.malty curried tioveral vvoundud liimi  tut*.) the hottplttd.  The noimi'** In I'lHliforlUtt are tieari*  render I njf.''  Tb Aifc.rni Afamte m ht aid tat  JcgaJ t&mttesmiiit in all Matter* rowing tbe AJ^rr-i Diitnct, itl! ef Ru^rt  Diitrkt, Ntttkr-, CUyt^ytit, E^rds, Dtf-  trict, &d the bJ-ndi tut ��! (he north  end ef Voncettfer bland, Thit if an  cfliciiJ rullag lrm ih G-fertiEtent OtTice.  Buy Your Saddler;/  At the tdini nt the Whltu  H(��i'*m. Where tbo f-i'mi-  Im* j-tHxl**, dp-to-ditte, are  t*old ut ii'iiMinuhli* price*..  Llf-ht imd Heavy frurnet��t <  iiiwity*. mi liuittl Hitd in.'uii*  Jo oilier tm tdioi'toul notii'iv  Hand iiittdt' Hi><)tM'iidtde Ut  , r order, perfcet tit tmd wider  tilt-lit Kiiarand'cd.  J* B. DUNCAN,   Proprietor  fiotfonimvot !.(., Albir.it, (I. C.  t\ 0. Bok 37  eorge  Dealer In  Builders Supplies  Sash, Doors and Glass    .  Building and Hoofing Paper  Umo, Bricks and Cmxwnt  Alherni"  Phone 29  P. 0. Box 9  Jlj', G.  Watsons  Up~to-Bate  Hardware Store  vmuiMWdtk'  A Full Line of Hardware  Always in Stock  tuiinvumtti  ***��*J***��t****4*J-*J*fl*^^  Grown In ASbt?rnL  Thoro !���* ii icriipi' vine liapk of tlu*  Tolaocollnt-o'itt Allwrnl tlmt N nlKiut  �����* |-iK*d tm r*dvertb.ei'.ietit of what, Ab  bond etvn pivabiee In dm way of fruit  in* could be found, ThU vim*, which |*t  of the Cnnimrd vnrleiy, nxti'iidn fn>m  mm end of the liou.e to the mil"!', imd  h* literally loaded with llm< btmehutt of  rl|*o f-rttpon. TIi*��m) lu ititvor snd up*  pfnrancit leave uotldnj- to bo desired,  tmd tho ffict thut (hoy were matured  out In the open with im cure nf nay  kind (end** to tittinv what mi'-ht be done  undm* ('tirohii milt tire.  There f*r*i literally tliiiiii*��ud��i of ilm  hunch**"*, nod dm vim* mukeHimpleiidld  tdiow kh tha aiornhi'" **im fall* on tho  tih't-tort*- of fruit. That da* vine hie*  "���irywn for ulnuti'tm ycttr* U\ tb*�� ep*u  wlttimit any ii'irdcuinr ctu-e It* uho a  (.'lhitudo i"eeoid that ll would-do liuid  U) bo*tt.  Net'l j-enileiU'Ui pleiiMt.  H |t> tmtiior to )-4trrow ittuililu tbidi it  it> to jmy di'bt*ii  A mutt Iiu* do uvi for a woui-tn who  tttutinpu Pi eonviiiee bid) lh��l be b.  wrtmf* nnd mu'oceds in dotiiK H-  Professional Cards  GEO. A. SMITH, C. E.  lb C, Lund Kitrvitvor. Hurv��*y-�� of  diidmr UmltJj, mineral clidin**, smi huid  ��ubdlvision.**; Olllco ul Aibeml, 1'. <-).  Hox 23.  H. M. T. HOBGSON  A. M. I. C. K.  II. C L��nd 8urv*yor *wvd Civil L"n#t��e*r  OHifio*!   f-4)*n*u*e   Ito(��l,    rot*( Altwrdl  H. H, BKOV^NE '  Civil nnd .Mbiini- Knirlnt'cr  and  Hrovineiid Lund Ktirveyor  Albornt H. (*.  E*tp*p( a Few Smuli Stumpa  He-it of Soil,   Two minute** walk from  Albernl Ktnilon  Contractor and Builder  Apply to tho Owner  F. McD0NALD  I*. 0. Uo* 33  At!w-rnt, 8, C.  FLETCHER'S BOAT YARD  Htdlili'ii* of IaSiuit'Iit"* and How ��� Hi'Hi"*,  AifoiitH'Ii'i., Hoitt Fitdni'M, Oat-** it-id  I'tuhlh'Ni Ifk-nldon ep*n'lnii|i's. (hiim.  line, LubriciithiK "JJH**. *'(*'.  NOW ON HAND  (Jmiolbm. Miirlm*. und Httnbmary Kn*  '-lite.'*,    Htiiitpiiijj  I'lttnls supplied itsttl  IH'l't'U��*li  flrai Ctuftt Workinsnehlp  E. FLETCHER* Boat Builder  Albttrn!, W. C.  |        Plurhbing Attended to hy  % First Class Workmen  4 ��� ���' ��� ..  **a**^��fi^  IM>JlaT*V->rV*a*a-j**^^  wf^m^��atm*amv  wxtwtmmfmo+i  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  .!. .1. liri'Kl', l'ruprlutor.  AH Hindu of  Household Fiirnitoe  In Stock at  The Alborni Faint Store  PAINTING. a\i)ydilnif froni u needle to on imt'lmr, from a Iwtiy ont-fltifj-u to  " ���        - tin isuto, front tt itliaok lo a piiiuoit.  kSIgn Painting Picture Framing  Paints Colors Varnlahoa  i-f, _ - --...    .   .   m     ...    i��ii ��4-    w^.>. J~~ i.-i   .j.,.ja..-      .,   ,a  1. , i /iiniio   i ui   f��n ik^il. uHrftkk- i MU ����� <(-w H ixff Uf ��-���* *)Mk -Jum TciiBn-kiikiTi e-nan  -I      . u*fi   k    -* , i a.      .,     ��� .   ^K*,'^    i  (a   *4     I*-.*     - *     in    'III. .   lUi   I V*/   il ��.*w    f l*.     ���  a   w IVI^-i   -TA. a    h      J I*-' a-*,-,    iti    n     i f rn ��**s-��l   i-k-a-alf"*  Helen St., Alberni  Phono 01  l*ll|*yM��l-*-Jil|a.|lW4l  ���r**sff-ir  1 *.*,    ... OM  ^4U��Ul.W,a>*����4itViidV��V��W  Ineorf-orotiisj lfiCO Houd Ofllaei rtontrtMiI  Cnpittii Ptiid Up : : $0,250,000  RosorvoFund : : $7,450,000  Total AsBots over :     :  .$110,000,000  A (i.'N'-.l(At/!lANI'!"s-ll  HdSINKstS Ti(ANaAOTJ.()    !    i    t  di'tiiiklii) nf tl u) mul uiiwioiii reOk-tiiK)  oDil l.iii-n'kt pt-iii at die tiititic.l oitrmiti  riili'.   Nu del*)' in yvitlitliiiwliit!,  IS  Savings Bank Department  Banking by Mail  IK'imall* iiiiiy Im uuiite Mrut **U|)<trtlt>in  iii' Uin-rirv*ttii\lii!*f nil  |)itilllteill*i,  i'V itmll,   i'"ul|t.*i ItiirtttfJlni. will jliiil,  ii i.i- ,riti-u I.)' uii*-rirv*ttii\lii!*( nil fit*-  Ovt'r-.HKi Ih'iiucht'M and Aifeiu'tt*..   ."It�� Hrnm'hen In HrltUli Columbl-i,  (.."orresiHtiitleiit't Tbrimi/htiiii du* World.  Alborni Branch  A. H. F)d;i:zi', Mtmh-ior  Port Albunxl Branch  H, J. MACtal'ui), Mamtt^ur  a?*\m*.i,iM.sm*Md*4ivdtmt*m*m*m^  ttl��llW-*WlJls>**-|-|-*ti|.-|ll,l ft.-!  Ijivory i'Ik?* of all UImiIm.  Heavy drayluK and jT��vlu:ht*��!��*liv��-ry  *rtiii(*iiiivta1-iiatMii--rafii  t***��**^q'>tifi��*)*��iiW--i wwrtw) **��;.).*��� *  IIIJW-a-*jllWW'*li>4*��i*-tM*a*��t*IJ"M  l***l**i*-**ata*****l*a>**a   ���  rices  A. I. BIND  Pioneer Furniture Store  Port Afberm  FORTY ACRE FARMS  A T   $A 5   VBK    ACRE  I'liyuitiudi pxltttidldi* over four ye-urt*  Harbor View Subdivision  Of On** and Two Aer�� Hlouki l��* u��>w on dtr MnrUet  KKcMh-nt laiind imd I'm dully Clemod  Jas. R. Motion  Real Estate and Insurance  l-honta ���! 1  Alliernl  I'hone IB  Port Albeinl  **! |ii*m-*i***a*-|l  HOTEL  ARLINGTON  The best  known   house oi!   dm   West Cohm  of  Vadcmtver 'isln-atl.  All modern improv-emi'sit**.     (vmrttlly iucttteil,  The'best. Fiiilib>��r and   Hunt In1,' on  the   I-ibntL  Autos for Itiiu to Sprout Lake (did tin* Ark Hotel  ; nt Cuntral   Lake.     (idiile*.   ftiriilsh*'d  on  .horl  iiotlee fm' 11 tml lii)- l'nrdes at   iiioderutd  ratt<i.  /���>,.'<��� Bus To and Front Al! Trains  McNiff & Meaiiher, Props.        Alberni, B. C,  ���*��! is����2s$  THE AkLBERNI ADVOCATE*  nx*w*����>m*m ������*, w iiwjjii wiiiji  I** T&aHr,tPz&fst~yif**x*a -sa^sLiM. .i  J/ie Canadian Pacific Lumber  Company, Ltd*9  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  MUSIC  F1/MKNCI-: 11, WKU'.HT.  A��wc!**t-)  ituytd Colle-fo of Music, Lomlou.Kn--  ,'iViU-'hei' l-inr-ia fort**, Jlariiiim*' tvnd  Theory,     Ltsuvofik tu'coidliit*:' i'J nr*  roniM-iiU'i'it,   Alt-i'iiii. 11. C.  **i*i1r^**^'***'**fT-**-*^^  ���ti-*^l^\'%W*%i2*t}&wnTii����\��  a-**- ���-��-*.��-f** *  i,Wi)H*tiw *.��*,y/^jc^  CMAD1M PAClTIC LUMBER COMPANY, UU  Port Albernl Branch  ^llhtkr*WiJaW**l��li*-lj��iii*- Mn (-H-'J-rta-Jl fTST y.Al.A',*!,. I '��*��*w*��*^'l ' Vl" l1"."-!  ll4t-WWW*af*\***M*^  nilir*]tHaAlvMi4JH*n'-)i-!4*A*AJ(W M-lW'l>aa*r  E. M. WHYTE  OKKKUAL, HLAi.'KKMITH  ***-** =3  STRAW  ���"J***k*.  St****-.  ���s-wHt*  t^i^.T.rf��^tl-^iV*k-  Ows/-,  ��}���**.*��  -Bk��*.  a-^sassj^asa  AK w-rured tho A)fei)*?y for  tho  DUtrh-l   of, whi*t  l*>  known ie. tho  Farmer's Handy Scale  being- o Hottlo find Truck ("mil-  hlucd, which Cam be tit>nd uldier  te( ti Truck ur **��� Keltic, mid will  wuli'h linytblii/- from one pound  ion ion, A ulilpini'iit.of therm  hnvo btten re��"tilv'*'d and enn tm  Initpeolfd *U die fdiop.  mimi  b. c.  Car just in.   Clean, Dry, Snort.  Give your Chickens some to scratch  nmontf-st:  It pays to make them, exorcise,  , * . Fresh Supply of Clean Pock Salt, * . ,  Pioneer    Feed     Co,  Phone 25 A* PAUL5 MiM*-��r,  ii ii.i*.ii.,n,,4*in,^aiii>...rt,*iki,,i*iiin���i,kfk,ww^t����ui.i..in..,.jl. ik.,,1,,.  fs��,  CMS,-,.  to****  ���t4W***-l������4��*a***��k*��*^  PIONEER   BARBER   SHOP  A U 11 K it N I  o'      "  *���*������*������ -*-J-4-a*��**-a-** *-*4j*t��*.  Oeuoral Tunsorlrd ArtlM**  Hot aud Cold Hudi**  *4|-*W*iW (���***-, V**imjmU  Gtoryt Mnkxoattr   , Proprtttor  **i<"*��"J"i"��"^^  wmmmmsmmmmm  * *���" irni,jir^is*>-'*5"t *' "'i-^.j"  F. LIGHTER  Praetkal Watchmaker  ,  Joutoltr r-rttt" Optician  ��� A {'ood Hint of Watehe** and  Ciiittti. and nil kind** of  Jewelry. Al! kind* of Ht*~  pnlr work.       ;       :       :  Alborni Port Alberni  At Albernl After (5 l*. M.  "3"*  -*3"a-"-i?S(���P*--5"  ,    't.'s.'! -~',if4*r-^a  *W*l,*iaM>^*k, Uk^t(,ijC  ***L1sU*^*T;4*i-1  )->>)*k(��>t��-,l4'lt l.**)!*--',-**.^^   V.-HV  JltWIIII***).IW'-*.l|)**^  ������'/> if     il    i'*       '    '    * * .    us.**   ./ -aa-Y-^Jri--*****'  ���11*,'/-" -**-*,**.  P  |.r","i'^"r---,T  ;,' ,..i=s)i,.'' ���*  '.',V-'f��  iti ���-���  In All Ssses and at All Prices  ���   Cox,  Football.  c'Lov-ii'D of football wilt bo tri-itu-d to  a tiamphi ot tbolr fitvorltiiifiiiiit'on Monday tu-st, Thin from tlio ftwt thitil-otli  tin Association imd i* ltti-d*y *��-**iao U u>  bo plnycd. Tbo jr'tniest will lu* nt the  Fort, and aro for tim beno'll of'Uio  Im.ipllnl fund, tu* thnt thoro im u -food  olmnott to hotp out a. worthy enuHii und  at thoci*iuno timo enjoy an excllhiff  afuiraooni The Aunt-luti-in i-uimt is  between tostns fi*oin Alborni and tim  I'ort.    The  Wanderer**  H,��i>��by   Club  Will flirtiltlll    tWO   tlMlt'K, OM Xl<Hl\\mt>x\  of imuuberiti of tim club thai reside nl  Alborni, end die other from tho Fort  meinl'i'i-t), A olifUjft'of '���!!"��cenU will i*o  imuhi for wlmbtibnt io tin* ���frounit'*, and  101'ontM Mddltionitt for ibe fc'i'imd **(and.  l^rultea will be admitted to tho urouadii  froi) but will Imve tu pay for udoilMdon  to tho tiiid-id.  The Place  Where you Don't Get  Lonesome.  Harry's Fool Room  Follow tho Bunch  ���MP-*-*IT4>-a'*-'n'*'l'*-yi| ���" Tp"'^1 l'i*���'!������  ���4T*.l||l-***'l.>i->-��laliJ^4M*-->-i)��a,^s��lJal-^  Signs Signs Signs  Land nnd AdvertisingHl^nM'to.,  dotit* with I'rotupt De.spnUiti  <������'        ,��t f^wtutt I'rlctiri hy  S.EATON  Margaret St., Alberni  Pfibvtur *nd Puptjr-Hivnf'cr  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALOEftNi  i*vtfi^siajssi^  Alberni Lumber Company  r  Cm now mippty orders for Flrut (-'In*!'*  Rough and Dressed Lumber of AH Kinds, Shingles* Etc.  Locid Oixlei-f* wilt recoil'e i*|m;o!uI ntt-entlon.  ff^.'-WSKliMKiirilif'tKi;!.-,''--'-,      - -vi.-Nr.,A1' '.   . -'.'-'.      ,     ��� SJ^CT.*'-Js-'.-��-"l?iB!r4SII  Cull ttt tbo Mill on tho Keotoh Ketilemont Houd, or 1'liono  or writ** to tbo Mttunger  Phone R49  Alberni, B. C.  w-i^vife'Ji'Ji'^a'iiw  mw��.wti....n,l..i-..���.M.i.,��awinii|...i.ir  tWHfjwyai'l.a; "kj-yi.jji't," 'fa" **.'  Street Gr<a-iingt Umd  Clearing of Any and AH  Description. Stump Blowing  *i*BW*,'1I*.'."'W  s  Yhj-mkwgtvlnt* Dny.  Tho Old laoim (hihblor, utrln'/y a�� a  door mat, cttst awut look uv-ei'diolnira-  yard, lau-oft uf all hit* plump eouiimit-  lont*.  "Woll, imywiiy," ho romarked, "I  nm Ibiiiikful 1 wan thin,"  Work donr* by I'riwdca) Mon only.  Hitfinfttei* i',roe, _v      ]  yi*i*,wi*.-,,)i1i,.i".,,, ������*���',. .,,.���,.*.i...i..,4anf..i.���,-.,,|iiiiii|mj.||i*j,n>w,k)  The \Alberni Trading  Stores  Try ft FI*/*- Pound Box of Voonla Te��  Fiv* Poundt* 8t. Jtrnt-f- Cofftw  Pit/* Pounds ConmopoIUon Coff����  Pur�� H��pS�� 8yru*> $1,00 P*r Tin<  ���na.oo  3.00  LOO  .rfli-l'-.mtli.rlljkUI-l'aUi*. '  Store Closed on Monday, Thanksgiving Day  unr s...,i-."j. '.* .-j"��.*',-."..'.j*!(f.i-::",.'-*.'*.-T. ,-*ii��ii;a'��,^",?iaiiOkai.t*^.-.ii^i>*ii^^^  Tho Busy Stor�� Tho Busy Corner  tj^^w-n mi ���ii-f-y^i'TiiiTiM-a-ii mn iiwtii��-��-��f**-jn--4t-,  ^tatta .�� .a    i �����- ��iijAr<t u , -ui|./ ,i     *i   ,  i,�� r  l*l|��t-|)]|-��riUf��<rWi;ifa-|lllW**lTaTaV��W  I'UMillPI <) IFW WWl-ialW W |>-||ii^l^i|J^yif*IW^  *U? *'i/iiH..*>i ,*"��,��  *** ���Kt**'-' -**�����  js^iLk:z::~Jd^iZ2E��msd��i��sm  C. F. BISHOP 8c S  o     Grocers, Bafecro and Froduco Horohanta  *���* 5 L J*kt*al!.     -,ll��-W-^l,41..*J*-���-lir �����,��*. ll*l*^>&+M*Ji+^^   l*rl* I ********   ��itl*'<n-HO-      .4-J-H-14    *Ft**"-*.-^'4fJ*��� >   *   ,',-a>Ja4*-l      I.,    1>4   ,��   ak*,*(k>4)  i!  Cost of Housekeeping on the Bedim  Flour Down 10c. Per Bag at This Es^hlishment  Fbui-, Ihi Win-it, Outs, Brea, Shorty etc, st VideHi* Pm$ in T��n U(j  Tho Housowlfontaokediip tho dUlu's,  throw rt woll picked bono or two out to  tho dojf, wondortxt If tho oranborry  nUvln would poaio out of tho (itblt'eloth  *ind roinnrkod! "Thtuik "���(xhlneviai that  job U ovor."  Tbo Kids putted th���ir li'du "turn-  nilos," wIpi'tLti ninoar off tliolr fiuaw  nnd *d>"liod " U(i<j��>bii".thom druiumlok*!  wujs flno,"  Tho C>ld Man looked at tho wreck,  tbo Kid�� nnd Hut llou-utwife. "Hay,  Mtmdy," ho msolalpicd, " Vou ocrtMln-  ly nro some cook."  And that wm Tbrmksj-lvlnj' Hay.  Mrx. A. Money, duti^bter nnd son,  rurlvod from Huporlur \VI��., tu make  thelrliomolmre, Mr, MelCtiy precoded  them by xlx mouthti,  Wli.'.!^U"ll*lW*W-*-44*J**aT��1TVWW^  Alberni Meat Market  Cor, Johnston aud GertruderHii.  Tmk Beef, Muttsti, fork, V*.J,  Ssu��s$ettT, etc,  Alwuynon Hrttid  Heltvery In Allxfrnl tmd Port Albernl  TOM BUSH        -        Prop*  4-i-��-*ii'wiiM'nt-iy-*-iii----i*^  DRY STOVE WOOD r  AI way** on Hand  "  AjfoiH for I'VriKor Mill Wood  Try u laOad  JOHN    GRJEVE  All   Oidm-K   Promptly   Attondod   To  ���p*^.-iiya***.|^l^--.l-)a*)l-*W |-ta��^iJiWa'*WyiJ*-**a>|-*--)i^ VS&  "-**a"**"?��&"^  tWt$$i!l&^&$tfl5!&^&)fritii!;  atm��m��i-ii  THOMSON'S   GENEE  ilXf." klr".'" TiVT *l",'ij,"*.i4,13ii  CLASSIFIED ADS.  The Clearing Specialist  Ho te Always H^-jrJy and Willing to Submit ait Ervt.mtd.cj  WFW  A iUgh CinsH KofcUU-.Ufi.il SutiHlfvf^luM oft Uu. C'lvafiiory  Roiwlt tuijoininff ��^v |>ni|Mf-MKt City Mm I Us.  Half Acre Blocks f2S0  For Full Partlculara Apply to  Ft>��" SsU-nTwoClitftrwt Sax\# nmtr ��ta*  tlon nod "tflmol li()ti��e, $'&M each. $10  otdib, btihtiM't* l>5 per month. Apply  Prank tJreensid, AIIhtuS I'. (J,  r��*^-i--*-;r---iii.*-a*4Wri.4ar***i'l *.  t, p��-w*tti,--j.VJ^wiltv+*a.i^'��i(��i b-a*iNimiHi >t  rirrtS*.!**. Kino Ootiii' Dairy Uu**li)t'D.,  Ciiw**lw*i*'��m(tit',*, OtKKld'fMloworki-d  up. A *m��p for du* Hji*hl party.  Adtire-k-'Walkt'C thvn., HrtdrJe Puriii,  Alburn).  T*r U*te - 8o��mJ I'otouutu. I'^rlv Hum*.  Klrnt print* Albernl f*lt- ltd bll'. Ap-  lily wm. Chat), Clarko, (lovornaiv.nl  Striwl.  J.  Redford  .',V.',','.'.'..,V,'.V S UTG8E& .'.v.'.'.v.'.v.v.v;  Frenh Hoof,  Mutton  und   Pork  ��lwn,yn on htmd.   Order;;  taken for Poultry  oto.  Phono37 P.O.Box 18  ���tlt**)*V**>)'*��*,a��at-***��,tt*4^^  -*Wi��*>^-tia.-Ml-gJ*fpiilt.iywi.J|^^  "*4*-*ajk^kWli-^Mt^iiWi*-f flWiT'4tJ-*M  "���J*������^���rt-T**-��*!-Ttp*il��'t^-,rt-i,|**-|*-->(M   -Kf tktrtJT*. IT*.*;    ittiST  Fos- lr*t�� Good, i'(dl��lil(�� Work Hora*,  rImo cook titovii. Apply John Orlove,  Alborni, li, i'.  l"or 6��U *> t**tvdd)o Pony, Hanies-i, two  Inoubators, mul Wjis-oi). Kitrm to  rent, Address Hojf M, Alliernl Ad-  vocRie, <-J;  For Sixt-��..(l(HxS work Mni'*"i I. years  old. *7fi. Kor piii-tloiihtr-i api)ly  Hurko's .Stiibles, Alborni.  m  @tni' Won se.V Victoria,  W*nt*��d - Wumcn for laundry work. Am  ply Hior.eei- KtiimiiiLaundry, Albernl.  ���aumr-fiv**. T*��t��t,v,,  For Sale Om* Hoi-tuft uooil driver*. 'Cad  on W. H. Grlllln, llimver Crook HPtid,  Albernl.     .      ��� '  For I.��nt--Kiv(* room bou&o on tht��  Heavur ("rdok road. Fow mlnuU't)  from 1'o-itOillet*. Apply 0.'A.Smith,  Albernl, II. C.  C. L I MILL1SS  Heal Eotato  Lintinge Soilcitod  ALBERNI  B. C*  izz^z  For Floor Coverings Try Our  Japanese Matting Squares  At $2.80  ���^���Si#fj*��*-vtlt��4*)^^ -  ig-i-'iaa'a-iaiw^  f ���������ni i-iim ���������mi ���***.iiiiii-*-*iiiiiiii-*iiiiiii-|ajii ti-'|-rii-**i'��iiin-|-|ii Miii ti irKn-tfTrri'-i-Tii-ir-rifrm-i i  " ������-***���**���*���---*  ' nun ���i*****niati*i*l -********--|-  *v-*r  Southgate and Pembortort Roads.  Sultab!�� for Keeldoi.tlal or Subiiivieioi1. Purjiosos  $2,100, on Emy Terms  first Class buys in Town Lots and Close In Acreage  Alburn!  r;,T7^rifcai^itaK.*W"i��CT.'��-~->?iaV^ '���- �� ���'���'-":* -."���ix.wi't.raraiaiwua  U=  ���11  -*'*virTi*'!js*i'i*y|  * *��a4aHtBU-*^i^i**.-Hs.ki !>**.��.  I rfa,-v��"-*i   * l,i_i*>M   w*i* ft".   ,.  RM0 SAWHILL  Will Mupirfy you with all  kindu  '���-.  of. FI'rMt* GUim Lumbor.  Stock Sizes or Cut to Order  Mall order** siUendrd to  Add rest*  Just in From Holland  A Choice Assortment of Flower Bulbs  Hynoiridts  ���SO con*** Hoitoi)  Tulips  ���JO, J*.*; and 30 cent,** r>o��!eii  Narcissi           ,  30 tnul (JO eaiiU Domou '  Orooitftos      .    . .  J5oont,i l)o*",on  Snow Drop-*  1ft cenlii IJokon  floilltt Mlberlcti     .  ".'ft conts l>).'.e��  CM. PINEO  Prug^ietl and Stationer  ALHKHNI, H.C  P. 0. Hex 6(1  rtlia*a*-*��l*li*t��i-f*>M-**a-**ik*i.Wiil li tiiili**>*��l*-**��llfiiiii-*l*l'***i.l,W  "9  tead the ADS. isi the Advocate ��m&l\xff  **-������


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