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Alberni Advocate 1912-11-29

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 % ftff  .   j>*^  "V*!. 2  Aiborni, B, C��� Friday, Nov. 20, m%  No, 14  EDISmiMTION  NOT CONSIDERED  'I'lie utiiKsiotl front I he speech hvilk  (In* diroiie of all referent*.* lo the inrlff  i-.i)iini!����ieii li(l| ttbieb itas Kllbd bett  year io, die senate tumid iippenr lu be  a pittcitf.il eotilli'intitioM of di" rnattir  thai has been ciuieiit for siiiiie time  that the tiieltMile ttoitltt hoihoppi'd fur  this v,CKsj)in, No oillciid cphtiiutloii is  fordu'oininy, hui ll is thought likely  lluit, (be eoverltuii'ltt fears (be senate  Htitild mu cliitnt't' its iioiiiiite muitid  dm measure. Tlie fact lluit die speech  from the thiitite contains no reference  uf any kind to tho larllf is taken tn  iitean iltMt there ulll be no tarlfl revision uf a coiuprebeiisive character in  this \i'ar'fi biideel. thotiyh some mliior  cluiiiycs nili luuimibtmlly bi* made.  The fuel tint! diore U im refcretit't*  tu i-tillstrlimdou k also taken lu iip-itn  (lint this immure nil) ma b�� brotiybl  donn ibis session, It, U evidently not  , the present 'Intention uf the yovein-  meet iti briny it down. At any rate u  ib'lliilii' derision may not be reached  ttntil lis supinators have been consult*  ed hi caui'it...'  All hutti-atli'ii thttt dte M'ltslon will tie  ti lively unit (s itiltii-ilitt by the prelluil-  nary butch of ipd-stumi, nu less than it  hitt'luy tili-iitdy been plitctd on the  older paper. ���   .'    ���  The lirsst ronolutlun on die order  pttfierlM b,t li, M. Maedoi.nld, of Pic.  ion, as billows:  '���Thin iu die opinion nf the hour-e  tin* Ih'itisti priderenthd lurllf should  only apply to youd* hi-nuyht dh-irt tu  Ctuiada by the ship tu it Canadian ��eti-  purl." '  The opouluif K"*'iie wan one of yrcnt  upli'iidor.  'J        t- -o  Mr. V, M. Plutii) wfin outside thbt  weel(, paithiy (he tlnUldoy touches on  Ids jueptt rat Ions for a hi-,-holiday truth-.  It uitj'ht fill |o be in ih" On/clto this  week, necordiuy tu tin* re|Kirt niiide to  (be tiH'(ir|Mii'i|ituit Committee,  RMi ESTATE  % C. Applet).  oattirio's apple tritde in Western  Ciuifiihi has fitljcn off so much' la the  past inn or three yearn thut the yov*  eminent uf that province has t.cni a  (.pedal Ciiiiiitiittstoiici' iu Winnlpoy nnd  other westernrllhiH tu iiscertttin nhat  the (rouble may be nnd report at once  in t|io ���.'wicrnmeiH.  Tin* special cointnissloiier in Alexander Kai'le, of t'l'iH'iaoit'. oat,, Western  market commissioner tn the Ontario  dcpiirDtmnt of tiyrli-uUnre, nnd he Iiu*  beeii (|iitcily mukiny onipilrlci* la the  eity for the pnsi two or three days., As  n result uf these eitipilrb's Mr, l!ttrle  will mtt|i" rt'i'iiiiuut'iulations to his yuv*  erniiieiii eduiciillny a radlotl chimjfi*  In thu system of o\pnrllny apple* and  frnlCfnun uutarlo to the Western (Ui).  vliiccn, which he hope* will remilt In  rMustiidii'i Ouiiulo fruit In it* fin-nun'  pliici* la die wi'��l.  Pek|ijtc do* fnrl Shnt llu�� ���* ��'ftl her  hist knock ��us "nil lo lite btul" wi fur  ��h rain was conferm-di the dealer* In  dlrl report thttt it coed hiisiitcas tutu  tr��j.*i*,eted all nlony the 3lm��, Then  c-kiue the i'b'itrer "ociitlier ami dilny-i  looked up in n most, uraufiliSK manner.,  Tho nut l-esuli has been tubllliy on tilt-  hook* the records; of �� miiiihei'of trans,  ni'thin* In r*al estate thiiiiur dm P'cd  two weeks. The bulk of the business  has been la small vtetenyo. A number  of iniUlli|s|ons of rtoio'ln tu't'cM^e were  throw it on tu ntttrtiot diii'lliy ihU period, niul imts( of these huve been very  mitvovifttl. One or two (paid tidily** in  the way of luslile-iiibdivlduiiiilinve also  outfaced tin* tttiendou of the public,  (itttl nil have tended to help roll up it  yotnl volume of btislncsi.  Mr, M, M. Stephens, who in hnndlhiy  the "old Smith Homestead" U nil  Millies over the fact that die bulk of  these loo. have been mild, und dial (hit  hii-tlni'M shonn no fdj*lin of totdny up,  He also report* itcvernl otiolde deal*).  Mr. Win, >'*, (tlbsoti U huvlny a yood  run with "Alhernl-Ih'likdtl'ii," bat tti nu  nitii'h of the property U now Mild lu*  hits had to tutu Ijlti attention to aero*  i-j-e, In thin line he rt'iHiri* n yood  business.., .  Mr. C. K.J, Mlilins completed hlit  list of ��t ifiu'i lens-, ami took a run out*  side with them n short tltne ayo. His  trip was highly -tucccssftil, and now he  U a run nd ti"yh".y to Iwok. ��otno furtlmr  tump., to ill! dm orders which he bus in  band,  Mr. if. It. Motion h�� mntclnif �� drive  (his week on the subdivision of I*ot 8.  Tlili hind k located jititt bchuid the  Hlver It^nd brldifc, and m It U nil iddcr  bottoia the ttvo-ucri) block*- Into which  It (�� now divided nil) pri-ivhu* vory tu-  trtunlvi'. A nuniberof dtese have been  sold, and those who wish to j-ut hi cm  (b(s deal will have to hurry.  ' Mr. A. L, iSiitlth tladu hU biislntHN.  nlNitit' eijtially dlvlditl Itetweun a.oreft|fo  am. inside lot*, ami Is dolnj" well with  l*oih of these linen.  .Messtjj, Prank .t Dcbruyne ri'port nn  exoellunt run o,f biislinniis, piutieuliu'ly  in die way of loukluijr up otmiw for a  line ef nuodtUi IntyerK, and (hU IIrm ox-  press die oplnfou I inn tho iiiarkct hi lu  excellent sdutpu JtiM now,  H\t nil tiloaK' the lino tin* t-t'ports urn  fnvoi'iihlc, iiiui the vitrlotis ilriioi dolajf  bm.liH'h'i In dm real csint** line al! appear lu be well sal Idled with llti* vol.  nine of trnnsftcdonN which liavi* pnsstul  ihroui'ii their bands.  EKATORROSS  IS NOW LEADER  TURKS H  GR1 FIGHTING  FREIGHT  F0  At a catictiN of the l.thcrtd .acinlM��r��  of tite ifciitdi' Sir C1etn''��t> W, Pus*,  former Libera! prouder ot Otttarlu. was  rboscn b'tuh-r tn (he iipocr house to  (tuccmst (ho Into Hjr Hlch��iil Ctut*  wtii-bt, HU chief rival Utv (he |>ost  was tho Hon, Howltt llntttuck, of HrlU  islt Cobunbla, who NtH-iirid - twenty  vote* ns annln.t. twenty-live cast for Htr  (lenrjfe,   ' '  Tin* ifi'tn'raloKpis'tMlot. wai that iho  lewb't^idp would 1:0 to Kcnntor Hon-  tuck, but Sciiaiot'Hos>i,develo|nHl tittox*  pectod NtictiK'th, Neither of dm can*  dldules wan in ni tendance nl die cauciut.  Anslatont Loader.  Hcnnttir lUiiuhirimd. ex^penker of the  upper bouse, hr.* beeii reminded by  utaay a* a |��oss|bhi Micci-onor 'u Hlr  Ittclinrd Cnrtwrtirhti but. ho rollrcd In  bivurof Henninr ilimtock. Kcnntor Dun-  dainud will act im assistant leader.,  The electltin of dm foriner Ontkrlo  premier citato as n surprho, more par-  tb'itlarly ,��s hl�� health has not been  flood h) recent year* hitil he wits unuble  to at liniil thesltlliuiiiof tho upper houso  Inst Kessloa, Ho In now Hotnewlint improved in Iti'itlthi   , .  Redlttrlbution.  The Mttletnt'iH wat nuulo by a proinl-  mmt IdlHU-til incaihi'rof dnn<eiinti�� dud  tho bill in liierensu the r<<prenenuulon  In tho thrtto western prtivlneo�� would  not bo allowed to pass unless dm bill to  provldi) fol' a rt'dlstrlbotlonof dm coin-  mon Kcuttt is- MubiulitiKl to tho purlin-  itient till* session,  The ripjHishlua umjorlty will contond  that the bills xhmild bo mibiultieii nt  tho Haute session of pnrlhuucm. lu thin  coniH'Ct,lon It wan stated'thut desnlle  (hi* fact that a redistribution bill was  not refurrod to In tho upeech fi-om tlio  tbrono, one may bu IiuiikIiiuihI,  Tht* liiitldir will be eutmtdi'rctl nl the  llrst- Conncrvatlvo cntieu*),' and If tho  western wiipportoro' ui>ti��UIor that it  would be advislbli) to have (bits le^fUltt-  don ��u throii|,'h ht dm pn'seid- taiMdon  a bill may be littrotlitoed aftiu* the  (,'lirlstmtts hnliiiaj's,  DEVELOPflOT  FOR ISLAN  nmnnmii u��nlkni  Twenty dioa>*ist|tI of the eli*h(y thuu>  tiitml Turks iUiu tb'fendiHl MoiutMlr  were allied or Moutabd bidiebmr  dtty.'battle diiit prt'i'i'detl tilt* cwpturC  of the city io die Servian itney, it wbm  usditiut'd (t)tiity. The Servian loss  wusithiioti itn Ki't'tdi Ja lln* dvfeii'Vi  of die fmovis llti* ItibulilumO) of the  cpy ftMijfht with */iv��t ferui'Ky, nidi* by  ulitt! >iitti dm Tiukbb rciftilurii,' Tlmy  bad heel) at mini it it Si till*'* provided by |  (be rej-ubtr ui-my. Tho Turlm bud |Oi  iftins,  'l'lte brunt ul die attack oa the for.  , ires*, wus ttiiiittt by the Hor*,Inn infantry. The moo Mtuliil breH-sl-deop In  the it liter uf til** hiirrouiiillni,' iintrf'he*i  tmd took position idler posldui) by  iibeer doeectJ di-terinhiiilloa.  The Turkish troops. t,n Ttiestlity of  thiii week etude a lust dctpeltde effort  to Ineali throiufh the .surrotuidhi','' Ser-  vlnn��' coidiin, and In a measure mu;.  needed, The (!*>hthi|.r was wvy novvi'i'  and In.iho end the Turkish troops were  absoluteiy beyoiid the control of thotr  ollb'ers, each inan fleelni- dm way he  Ihotudii.best. It is 'diotiKht iitaiiy of  tbei'ii fell into tin* hande of (he itrei'k.s  from Saltink'tt,  The buttle is described by hoiiio of  the olllcerji prrsont at* one of tlio blood-  lest ����nCH)tintcr,s of the war. It extend,  ed Ofer nliuo.'ii)iaUe)iluii|{-. Tho Turks  la reply to each assault the ,'Wviann  tuitde, litado (lereo counter aituck*-, but  went alkvay* rvpulsvd.  . The cuiiuult(co In charge of looking  up the auttsei' of freight for Alimrn!  hut. alrcndy iittule kiililt'leiit ptsif-ri's* to  prove tliul Hii'dimer KIiiiiiioiim wii�� lit  tt deep til-cunt when he reporiid thai  "the freleht fur Albernl In ailewll��,db)e  ipnmtliy." Mr. M. M. Whyto Imu  III*lire* dial Sntlicato snmu thirty or  liiuiv citi-fc ot frnljiht ri-'Cclvcd for Al��  buml dtu'lnu' tho pitst six wt'i'k*. No  doahi dit'st* fl|*ii|'ei> iMtiltl bo Inurc'iBcd  If nil iho Mind, nt lilt wtes te|**��t1e<l.  Ihirhiif the past week tlie Pioiicur  Peed Coiiipany hts rcceivtHl, and un��  lotultil at the Hejicr Creek Kidin^, xIk  (uii'iiof fri-iijlil, ��"f Pti'M' f��uir wet-ii  tottiled with i" in In ami f'>��ld s(u<bt, mm  with hay mid the other with coal.  These tiro tu U* uitiletl So die udier  tlj'titvn iiitub' up him weeii.  The Ideti dint ii pliico where miiih*  tlthiM like an avoi'ttijo of one cur ��t  frele|it per day U I. colVed does not i'c.  tplilit ai))t!iliitf more di��,n uti open shell  itmi'a plattoi'in on tthlcb t<* dtimp the  (v'oicbt, rotilil only bave or|j>lmmd in  a mlitii v'urpi-d by mudveii ether than  those of foi'iherlni/ die budncsv. uf dm  ruiiiptmy, ThU freight U not cared  for In any way, aadoiu-o It fsdollvered  (.0 tho tilled iu iptestlot) it Is til the  mercy of any pusslny trump, That  this in the case is amply douiofiMratoil  by dm fact that t>cvor,d .shippers have  had lessen tu rcpon of late.  Hut thou uf efnir.se if tlio rdihipcr* do  not like this iirranffouteul they e-.to  iilwityw havo their j-ootlii delivered at  the Port, nnd-.by this nu'itns increase  the yohnne of business for'that, place,  and li'ddul'tidiy boost tho value of the  otilidni hitldlti'ifii In dun littrir.  In theinenntInns Mr, SlinmoiitsKtideh  that, the ''frolffht for Albernl U.it ne^  il'wlblo tptttniity."   Don't forget tliat, //���'  Now Storo.  A muv store, In which will bo handled a ifcni'i'id lino of jrrocci'lcn und dry  ciuhIk. Im nUintto In* opened at tho corner uf Victoria Otiuy and .fohmuon  Hiiriib Tho workmen aro hinsy In put-  tlui'nn a fow toui'litiH dial, will brlmf  die old store bulldln<f Into nioro modern t'oitdltloa, and at soon iik thU work  U coatploteit tlio ittook will he phtciid  oa the shelves-,  ThU corner Is one ot the oldest  htudimtt* site* In Albernl, und bus been  alio si'eite of tt number of very ^uroo*^  fill veuoireii almik' llue��wliiillai'lothose  now beliur tinili'i'iakeiu Ctipl, d. A,  llktir at Ota* tline ran a cenund . ��t^r<,��  hi this phiee, fulloweil by Mr, il. Law,  Mr. l*. M. Plniii, and , oihitrti. There  appeftra to tm tt lucky streak In tin.  old ��(oroi um every ono of the former  tcitaMN hiivottlihor retired la comfort-  itbbi (jiiviuaMitiH't-N or linvo hcaachod  out lute a liii'(.'i)|- way of hwdnoHH.  irrTLiTsFARkls  FROM THE WIRE  Tha't a yory i��xtva��lvo jiro^riutuiH' of  development for Vtmcouver Ubmd U  (inw ptatmed by the Camuban .Vordiern  l'Hli*vay romputiy U more- clearly Indicated than over by tht* folluwloj' which  ��pp��'i.r�� hi iho H. ^'< fJt.s'ette.  "The Otitirutltin Nordiera Pncillc  Hallwoy Coiiipuny liitvinif MibmlttkHl  In itecuixlniu'O with dm provisions <mu.  tttlinnl tn xuhncodfUtn fl) uikI ('J), nwlion  Kl, chapUir lid, 'Hrithih Columbia  Ituilwny Act,' It. H. it, C. I��H, a plna  sliowipi' pro[M)swl locution of Hue of  railway front Mile 210, Oulnrmuj Idver  to Mitflhulid. Arm, Noolkft, Sound, Mile  270; aim) branches from Mllo 215.6(0  Dum-Mi Iky, .Mllo ^il, and froui Mile  *k!.lrt.f�� to Httttles Lake, MIle'JH. Cotuos,  Say ward nnd Nootka l)l��trlct��, andtbl*  plan, so ���mbatliicd, htivlntr boon approved hy itiii,   ,  "J do horoby In purminnco of. tho  provision's of fttihsccdoa (fl), M*��don IU,  oltapUu- lid, MhllUhColutnblti Halt*  way Act,' H. S. H,(,',, Itlll, h-jiao to (he  C'ttnitdlttn 'Northern Pnclfle Itailwity  Company thU oiu-tltlcitto of *|tprov��l  of tho plan above mentioned,"  lu oidor to curry out thlfiproj-rntmno  It would ttppw thut- tho lino in to bo  continued to .Miichalat Aria from dm  point whoro it crosses the Qulmuoii  river. Thin given tin outlet on Nootka  Sound:  "Tin. routo Udt>��erlh<>dioi pftHslti|�� up  tho Klk river to ihodimuntli and tbeneo  down tin1* Oold Hlver on tho wen tern  side* oJ tho runK����- 'Mum who lutvo been  ovor this' route utttu) thnt ttSttfowH a  Ifiadloct. of not over oik* per cunt.  From this lino, nt Mllo '^18,5, * brunch  l* sppfttimdy lo bo built Kiuthivaiil to  fJultlp^ l��ko; Jflvhur Ri-ceiej toStittdi-  cottf. Park. Another branch In to ho  built from MlhC'lfiif. to Duncan tiny', %  dUt'inco of live nnd a half mllux, , Dan.  cut) Pay iti known tot tho moil convon-  itmt |k)lat of cull for *��hlj>pln^ hi tho  vicinity of fcSoyuiour Nnrrowt*, boh)''  only u> few''nilh'K tliorofroiu. At. die  Canmllan Nordu'rn hits nlrondy aetjulr  fOOTBALL  tV^vtrnnnerll. mmi*ti.in3~iitL^niiai tWf-'  od the ciuirtor of tint Vlcioflaiuai Kail* nto rtlwnyn iflnd to nee tho Major  any  ��('��, which In pro/eotod fruiu Suyinoiit  Nnrrows onttwrnih the braach tu Pun.  can liny may yet form it link hi rail way  commotion with die mainland.  iu tho ovoiu ��f Much a pronnianno hn.  UiK ciitTled outi uiid thoro uppe��rn to bo  tittle doubt tttiout the mictter now, U  would brlni' Ailwrnl Into a vory ("one  me.iHiinjjr jHiftltlon nn die renter of a  Hytiuun tlmt taken la alumni tim whole  of Veni'otivcr Uinta!. Thoro would be  wnitmuik-utloa with tltluclty oast, wont,  berth oad Mmtht and from dm j*\-k>��  tfrimhlenl tifttiitdoa which we hold Al-  bttj-al tihonld bvcotiio dm toy to the  v��uit di*vo|oiiiuent dint Is plnuiiwl for a  roifhin ih&l |��s>**��*i������i*'s n wealth of lutlur*  at reitoiirt'Ch ahi)o��t lwyotid caloulatiou.  A K'Htl ���.'���mu*. w|ih lul* of ihrllU bu*  the btjf crowd, nml evi't-y man wci-klti-*  hard fitiiiii stint to ibtidt,' Such wis  Iho vciitlel of those who attended tho  tutU'h on Satunbty last, tvben (cams  from pArkivflle nnd die Port clniltcd  In n j-ntne with h pmcdcnlly clluched  tho cimmplondilp fur (In* Keasna. The  Porf'look home tho bnctni wPh t�� score  of four to oiio. Of these ftnp- j��is)itU  two wore won vlcntt nnd clcnr, one w*ti  a flfl on n plain "olf-nlde" piny, nnd  dm other wtoi handed up on a ten (rtty  by dm P.irkiivllh* uroal keeper, wiio allowed an cftjty ono to tilip thruti-'h bin  iloifcrti ht n inont mttonlshhi','' muntmr.  Tho urwtil of Pftrktivllht wntti tmrnud. no  thnt nn a mat (or of fnct n two-one score  would, jtistnlKMit roprciiuni tho piny.  Pttt-ksville *���.! art ud off very well, and  for a tline appeared to ho nhli) to hold  thu husky Port \M>yn down for an oven  brotik. It wiu not lonjf, however, before (wdi weight tmd condition botfim  to toil, nnd die Purldrow tttendlly tiwny  front the Parks villi* bunch. The oarly  fuaihio oa dm part of tho youl man ap��  penrwl to mko dm hoart out of the vlx*  Jtlnir wmu, nod for a tltuo their piny  wns iutlc**s. It wtei only nftor a (tooro  that tho Parkiivilio boyn Imi can soeboiv  dIkiin of life, nnd for tt fow uiomttnU  nuulo tlilne�� look utot-aiy. Thin tlatdi  (mnje'd itwny^and from tlmt (tine to tltd  clone ot tlio ifamot tho Port hud tiling  all their own wny,  Hy wimtlnif this {-mac tin* port prnc  ttcnlly annexe"! the chfimplondilp for  this ttcnson, as thoro in now no hopo for  thoiti to bo headed otf. Tint Port Intit  put up n Htroiif' tenin for novum) sen-  wins ptiisl, nnd aro wlnnlni* tliolr trnincs  on tho fuel thnt (ho tnouihcra of thu  team know ouch othor'ii play,  Tlio AUmrnl Utatu hut* htul to ctmiitfo  plnyor* almost ovory i/mao, und the  men, while (,'ihxI Intlh kiutilly, havo had  nn chaDi'e to jret nhottd with coinblnn-  tlon play.  Major Mickey wn.i a vUltor u> Al*  bornl Inst week, llocaim) over ���> frt����n  Pnektivllln to help the boyn put one  ovor on tliorPort tooibidlorn, but thoro  wtoi nothliur doinir hi  that  lino,   Wvo  E. a N. COMPANY  STARTS WORKING  An entire   week  inootinif.  without a public  .Mr( Andt'eiv CaraeHbi celebrtUen Id*  hi'*.cuty*t.i>\until iiti'tht.ity.  Oixler 1ms been iiist��r��*d nt the coal  lolni's in dm Cuitthcetttiid distrlet.  'rho ikkiiKs of nt'itce and war in I'ltt-  i-tipn haii*' b,\ it very klitinler tin cad.  I'.inhU'i'lt peiMiiiN m-oliijnrt'ih no vera)  fadtll.t, dtirlnj" it (Ire on the Ihtioklyn  wateihont. i  'i'lni NiU-iu Hon iii of Police l oiuuil  idti'iors hti,s   deebrcd   tli  chief of police vneisiit.  Iimuij't'idoft for snieii nmulh-s hIiohs  nn Increase ttt thirteen per cent over  the eorrespoiuHutf puriod of litstyci'.r',  l*ei.'��lM��f train erasho-i thioui'Ji n 10.  foot trerde Hear Maishileltl, Orcjfou.  and three men urn killed and three fatally Injured,  A inuveiitent has been luiui|>iirtiti-d nt  Oliiiwn tnivhii* for l(�� olijui'i die bi-  oroii*c hi the sessionul ailujviincpof ft.*d-  c.i'lil Uieatbi*'i"if, ' .-" .^ '".���.';���.'  ���'-, .Witmlpt'*^' hiiiiher mortdiiint. deelarcH  thnt the upeitiiiK' ut (lie l-'iitiuitin'Ciinttl  Water WorJktf.  Mr. Uot'lso-dor si'itorbi that lite pipe  line of the llniitiis Creek Wst^r-WurkN  (.'ouipnny In now nithi'tiotntwlmre dm  rckurvolr U to bo built, nnd that tht*  dlwh will bo In town In dm novt few  dnyt*. The |ilpo Is now on hand anil no  tliim will bo total hi ttinniiio thrt)u|,'h lo  Utorlvty. Tim hlwli wmurof the lu��t  week uppetitt> io have hail nn eftet't on  thiMhitn or Ihm uh e5*��i* ai completed.  Tin) bad weitther cmised a number of  men to <pdt work, and the prciuml  iroilblii into yet httsir, but oxct<ll.*tH  proKii'Mi l�� belmy uiudeconnUh't-ln*' the  nnailitu' **iuph.iyml.  The umiiient die now main pipe U  pat (hroufdi the town nil the present  way, und  etui  only   wish  the  bunch  better luck nest dims  Rugby.  Loverm of tlio ''(loot! old ynino" will  linvo n chtuv.'o to spo nuaio hard playlni-  tomorrow when dm two tllvUlotiH of  thu  Wiuulurorii clash.    Th|n  Hu|fby  uJltb iti Mjintioiied   of   ulwitlL   nrj   oiiuni  auinlier from Alhortil nnd tho Port,  nml the result It that n (rood j-nmo !��  In nltfht. wiitiitovor Utey lock liyrnti, It  hi oiidiirnUKKl thut both division* are la  wood hlmpo for thn jraiao tomorrow,  itnii thnt tlio Port will try to win hnok  tin' lament which wore wro.stiHl froin  lln .a nt tho last yaiao, I'lay will ho  otlltnl at l:.'ki p. in. ot Clarke'* Held,  Alhoi'iit, and la nil probability Dr, Hilton will carry tip) whlttilo ���� roforoo,  us ho |-nvo tixcollont "oitUfd��tSon nt tho  ItiKt tfiuno.  Tho K. A N, Cuutpuny U wutkinjciin  tho cut id thc.f'Wt of the wheel liotue  hill. The plan !*��� tu clear away 'enough  of (he bnukti of the. deep cut ut tht-*  plnco io allow those p��*.bu�� uu ,bibu-  Mtua Hmid to jjret, a ���'limpso of tho train  at .leant n fow feet before the uiick Ir  renehod.  Away J��tt fuiuiiiii'i" the railway coin-  uilsslori dent In   aa   cnejiioor  to  bxik  over tho kIiuiuIoii.   This eitj-iuocr tt|**  pea rid to fall   under the  .uUueuco  of  th<! nicKinerli' s|h'II of one lloftsioy, and  weni around hVit (i*��neo till thetliuo he  wits hi Albernl,   Thoro wwi one thlnir,  however, tlmt wa-tfio |-lnrhi|; thnt oven  Chief  Hypnotist    Hcntdey  could   not  emit n spoil deep mmm-lt to cover il up.  That wits the fnct thut the hlyh dmnk  on the nldM of tite rond at   the  M;huol  oroMlnif forme*.! a conMiint  iiionuou to  tho ��tifoty���of not only the Konorid pub*  llo hut of ovory child thnt. uttendiHl dm  urbool.   This wa*i no plain  dint  oven  the  burdened   liuiudoy  adiidttcil'>tho  need of a ohtutyo und proutUed to have  the until.�� taken down.   The  eiiirltmer  fadml away Into uitlerdurknets, and Ir.  duo ilims re|K)i-ted that- ilito work wutild  ho done nt ontmby therttllyiiy coiupnny.  Then tho weeks boytm to drop away  ono utter tho other, and the committee  In rhrtrj-o of tnuutclpnl ikjrulr.i ihuuyht  tt about thno to put up   tiimtbm'  pin-  tent nlKitit thoiio  biinkw. -Thin  pi-otent  was frained atal torwunliHl u> dm Pout-  hiloa  uiomlmr, and   He*sloy  awnkc* ���  from hU i��wtn��tilrcr.ia of ponco   with n  IM'oinptniw^ nt,' oiici) ��<ttoid)ihhiir and  Ifi-ntifyhUf,  Tlio work ni wo I'einni'ked before, Is  now bulny done. ^  Mr Heiuloy is re|iorted to havo said  on n uiu-tnhi occtotslun  dun  "Albernl  would learn tu her rust, what happened  to those wlm hud dm norvo tu buck tho  C..P. H."   Ann mnttcr of ftmt Albernl '  iuiN not at ��nyf' tlmu   been   "httchlnjr"  tho C. P, it,   it I-t n   muiiII   btmoh   of  Instltfiillli'iuit plndietulN, phchforkisl Into  oMIclfii poiddoiiM at nome   (ltuo   tvpi'ii  Kate wits in tt muiloiile moud,   dud we  hnvo beua "btu'khiy,"   Sonioilay thoim  '  wltori'tilly ooindttito tho (,'. P, H. will  iraiut up (o dm fnct that  tim   westeui  oad of the nyi-tom i-t In tho  hamlh uf tt  biinoh who do not hmdOUo  to place  petty i*p!ui tmd porniiuul vonsldi'ititlnits  .  nlmiid of thi�� real btidltioHS of thotuitd.  When (hU dny coinns tlptro will be an-   ��  otluii' oh'itnlnif up n-ltstiir iho Huns rendered ftwnout! by Mr. Heroiiios,  In tho  amimthiie   wo   will   have to  keep up tho tfood tl^ht as best we e��n,  All,  ar maims  BLITOTDM  TO  /PRS  Kksteiii will be coiinectml op with (hi  pipe without widtlii|f for tin* new later.  n|s,   Thin it ill iilvonn hniimdltiio-.oi"  position of i v'c'11<> ,',1">" w'lu "*v ,u)w '���"'���������"lu'd by  , litn cutupimy.  Mr. Leonard Frank It kept'huiiy'dica-i  day.s; with ottlerii for tliepriHlncu) of bU  4udiu. 'Theto art-liithi photos ferns a  vory itpproprJrttu tihrlstiiiiut |iroifo'nt'..  will f.t(iiitilftte the lumber iiidttstry of  Ih'idsii ���(.'ol'tutihla, ���.  ������'W'hitSo.tUlie'rtiOtr the Knlklitnil Island  const- dUpluy .ifiillaiitry lu 'i-CNi<tiluy pitv  fieiinerw and crew of tim wrtM'kiKl lirit*  ld�� Nteattier Oriivia,-  The debate on the upeech from die  throne Is eoiumenct'd In (ho Uoiihi> of  I'oiiittioiis, Mr. Ibudeji, Sir Wilfrid  LatU'bir and   Mr. Oliver purllclpntiliy,  Hospital Mooting.  The annual j-i'iiend iticotiny of the  dtibscflbers to dm Wmtt Coast Uenorul  'It'dsplitil'wa.*i���hi)|d al. tim Port yetitor-  day ci-eninjf and adjourned. The tf'ov*  emiiii'id ii'ii|��roj)rlailpn"of .$lU,<Kif) it* now  iii ttititi!, and is boln}- paid out us"the  work profc-ressort. The Instiiutlou should  be.ready for u��o early in the now your.  l'Vtutt four   to 'twelve workuH'n art*  ...       ,    .   ��� Idlled and iniiiiy'othoi-'i wo fatally in-  H. train on the CrowV Niwt'lino /,'uei ' "rtl  PiwuotfiCJompnoy   ta  Wtiuko-  liito the ditch In Albertn. j-nii, III. ��� '   ���  All Kiti-opi* livinhlot* on   dm abyss of  wmv   Not hi numy yeitrn  hns  th<* po-  llticnt nonosphoro been so stihry   ami  very llitlu prvvia'atlon   would  ��tai-l a  ootiltiiyrtiiloii thnt uif^'ht lay  n continent lit ruins,   Tin* Sturm  cent is*   iu U  jfouoi'idly kitotvu Is the dnlkius*.   'j'tie  Allium, lilloliei) tv|lli triumph  over   tin*  Turk, expect,   tui'rllorUtl   ruiii'i'i��ilum>.  SiM-vU'�� tismp�� in the colu-im  nf   iheir  caiiipnlvn hiivo ocvuphsi   Albanbt,   on  the Adriatic, mill seeins l.teut ttpou re-  i-uidiilny there,   This Auntriu will   not  poi-inlt for eronond'* mitt imtiuntd   11*11.  biinni the prlaclpid of which   nr��  that  Alhiiidn coiuiiiftni1*t Austria'* ttivnstt to  tho Atlriutle, nml  that behind Survht  llmie sUmU the Kilin tlftu-e of dusnlu.  Thi* iwubb* between   Korvbt tual Ails-  'tiiu would b�� do*  huiuodluto cuuiio of  ti yt-t'ut KiUHiponn wnr.  Willi Atintrln nre die other two mt  tlontt in tlio Triple Alliunco , (lerinany  and Itnlyj tm oitetislve ''and defensive  nrrniiKoiuoni. Willi "Uiihsla thoro  would bo drawn into it 'j-pnorul cuiillbjt,  Krunco niul, very likely, ifJreitt Hrtttiln,  the piirtnom to t-tmTrljilo liniente.  , A dlnpiuoh to' tin.' Times yestertlny  nintwl that-thoAdnU'o-lltinKiirliuiiiraiy'  witH beinj'mobilized, 'l'lte niobllbntbin  of Hustiinn troo(iti liatt tioen iti p'roifrtiMi  for Homo tliitio, . "���  Now ' coiiKi�� word . thnt .tho Knisotj'*  K'roat war inacbint) is bolnj* placed in  roiulhmss hn' lin'ntedluto action. Verily  (he do1/* of war are ��tr��lnJi.tf.. ut drnlr  IohdIiom.    ��� '  The-iltutdlort nt- Cuiuberhintt U sdll  ktrnliii'd, and tho uuihorltii.'S have bud  to idiow the ktroiiM* hitiid on several \n-.  ctislim-t wheit) dm striker* nppikitrcil to  be- ycttlny beyond control, Stipl, (.Vinip*  bell iippo'n-'t to think thnt there will be  no iroiihlii la linudliiiy Uu* siinadon,  hut tiiey are takiny no ohiup'os, uml  front preiunl linlk'i.iloni. (hov prupo��.o  lo initke snub a tsltotv ��f Mr-myth a* tu  convlniU'i dm Mrlker*..ihttt any ti|i|>eat  10 force will only result In defeat, .  On Thtirwlay considerable disorder  prevailed, nien jvorj womcii tdm litt(or  wives, dioiyliti'r*. and fcinnlo syinpte  thhtirsj jcerlutf those worletrs wbiiiiave  n*iurne*l todmtioiiiploytiioni, lii'������nk|ay  D few vtlndo*** itsut odternUo dUlni'h.  lily the pe-H't* of die town,  No itrrosU wore iitfuto, Chief Cw|>��ia-  lib* Siei't-m.011 t'4)ii('f)iitli��y hlnikoli st pit  btstibii' u kinruinv viileit miein |,e in-  torpretcd ��n in the imiureid nn uliiimj.- .  ttsii, tn (Im i'Hi'i'( dial aii,t furdier tin.  iiioiiktrnd'-ii-* of this utder will I'tsuih  In iirroai-s nml a trip for dm oifemierx  lo NniuiIiiiu yuol. Mr. Hievcnsou tfn-n  bad nt��out f��i constables m bis com.  niui'td, tmd ihisi number wjin sireit^ih.  i-hih) tutlhy by do* urrival at Cumber.  I tmd of |U other ollieors. S|\tt luoie  men havo heeu ithket* for, and as tunny  ns art* adJndytHl necessary to copo v. itb  tho sliuittton will be promptly furnished.  Holiday Trade.  The holiday sceion will lie hero in a  short time now, and the metvhuuis of  Albt'rnrare.'ih'eiidy -iwlaylny into line  for this trade, A (dunce over i-oitie of  iho-itd.vnnciMttdc-k'isitnoiiyh to convince  nnyont* that there will be little iieed'-tu  send ouuido for ClirUtntas presents, or  nny of the yeod tbii)K"i thnt yu lu mtdu,  up dioneoessfiry fesijvitiestif tlti*'st*it.  twin. Cut out the '���.catitluy-iio binduoss"  nnd yiyoyoiirhui.no people a chance to  innko yoOd.  *S����lrtkt(|WN**ll^(��i����(k^^  \mmss^ssttnsss^  ,     . I     J|-��     ��i!/,>U.,)j',M('s  fiW^?��teffiffl  %m THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  ���vmmmumxaim  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  Tim AI Irani' Advocat* Prlntbi** tied  I**-': ,hfti�� Ct��., rrt��|irl��l*ir��.  J. }', ��tj:i)��Oi:   .   latlvr oml Hum.,"*-*  |*i,t,S kl.lSrt   kl   /li|.f,(|l.   Ullliktl    ft,! ili.l.'.i  tti* loif !��n�� i.f *. nmsmu-t ikiki.tttii ,i  Itik A*l-*iii\ PmOlt't III l-Mti-'itlio,  lUktl Offlt*!   Altu-rol, II.  fold,     if sub*'careful about open-  oil'' a ncw'.'iccmmt.  VtVij-h t'iiiefully   ami   let yuili'  i  Al.iu.'lis'i i���ist> iu-*'iioei  J 1'iSt'H-t 1*14 J-lt.k,Ui.|  j     'I'ki." IJ'ilK.'lilul W, M   l.i).oi ul  V..I.1..M..,  ,U   ('. is."i|'��,l|i;1. limit',   l.wj.rf,-, i    liilt tiiih lu ^c  leu im ...iiiii.si-.o it.iiuti-iiikA'Oii ti.tj.��k��iiii it.  ! M tltrfsl littulk'  etiltt-ltiNitiil he ha*.e<i on >sO|i|i'tluni; j   i-miHii'ik'ni,* *t �� i��.u i>f<i,,ii.| ..a iti*>i.>iit'i  , , ,       ,. ,.,        ,       . I We*l s'li'lt't/l l'.i|��.t k   IkUlit    killlnU.I  Ul l\. .1  oettn'l'tli.tli pn-judlei",   little lerui >rt��ii t.m.ini iimnns *��.,.,n, i Hi.-i ��i  tli.l.'.i   i'i , ��.   ti     i ,     i        /    ti   i .    f*-*'Uit tit ln.tii l^u   (��    nui,,,   }i-,:  i.i|..'t.e..l ' l�� to  litll idinl't  Oi  till' fUllililty of i il".i-m|-t.)i,t el ts'i'iiitt in i im ���)'. O'tits'taiii'liniv  i        . . j m u *. t)i.i|. . i i.  rdi/.i'ttMiip,  .1  *>*W   |W Itfltf  I .Ml'III.  Uiii   I,  j Atiiciisi i,*.".(> inrvotn-i'  j I'liUiet t,|   J(ll|-i 11  i   ,-'"'���''*'"U<s��tli!t1 Mutruy  I'liil *if  Vulsfiun-f. ,  ,11 I' , lSk.,,t,��tli|tl llldtk. imkII, 11.1. It'll It. ��tl<*'  , f'll i*4-)*<lt����l..,iti) j.Ill, link! ll.t' Jffli" It.** **t* J  j  k( ��OH,S lk(lltk r   l  j       I Vllllllfl.flllk- l,| * (,..,�� {iIhIiOn! ir��l    Uli      ll-'ltll    )  :. M4-M t(*liii'i n-Mlttfti j*lk,i.lnt ll.t ji.ciiOii.Miui It ,  -It ,.(.f ,.;i|. i < ,.i i,, ti., ii.tj |i,i,kl-.,li'p.��,. *f,<i^ kites,. I.iri **' -I   '  v:iiif ki,i-ie ; uli, keuu��* j j),. 4,41.4, i *.,���>,���{,',��� its* ut -it..* u-"i'  l-> t'l'S'it s'l,4-tlt|ii.ri��i-iiirrii tii.itm.iii.k' 11 (n'f*. {  luelt-v�� Jt-��v ��� j  "lulli-tl, I'll!). j  W  1. tlisj.ki.i. ASt H     ;  /"-(lfklkt I*, iVlt iKI.uv* tl I*  .uk i.iw.i^mi.  I l.lm,|<k.,(,   ,l,-��-(li  ��*-(    (Stf  At'tiili-ittli'i) 1,4k tn I'll niuli' tu (In- |*..kt)i.itkli'i 1  UjhrieJ fin ii��i'<i..i����iiiii il.i..n��ii u,i- iimtlo ,i�� 1  ��*��,'<>ii'��.-|��k| IHkUil ,  1iv)t��.-lt|.(lt.l)k Ittptallil* In t'lii'ffilii  4l.i  I mini  KlilKSt'lii. ,*n>tltil|l��.  Nit.  A-tltO..!    V Hl.mi'il  IktlO   *'l��)   ��'Ul.-(   I'llllil'.tH k    H,(l,   .;i...  jt   l��.n <l  l����ii|��Uii,i�� f.Ill !*��� ,*i*s out en tin fiilli***'*,  ltUtli,  Oli<-.rk( ' Ir *"  i*U kln'iUt* 1 <���'  l'iiii*����! l��iln' i'tnii.t Mm. s   iii'ttiM .mil all  1,'uit'Wkn ni'iit eti'i 1   '..uiiii (siiiiil,11 �� (11" I" 1  '��**) ����tlk  Liquor Act.'1010.  Applkelhsn lur LiMitc*-.  v.  !��.��  .<!,.- Ik III lilik pttrlt l)t,ii   i.littitt lilkt litll ���*<  'llllk I li. kl  ��|>|i|ltkttt��'|   Will I* lilkilc |i, ItlV  1 Ai.tti.us'i i,.iMi iiiMitier  j D.ktUl 1 I'I 1 i')i...,i.o|  I     "Ikiif (n-ilii (Kill MtvkKtitil  |<,ilik-n��,,,( ,s���n  , ll.timifiut iku.,j^,,-iiui ��i.|l,��o ,, iiitt'i,i!��t.ntj'|.lt  [ lur pt iiiii..ii'i|   it.   etiitltkkn   ta.i   ("iS,!.. j,!^ t!f  -4 I.,!m1*i  I'eiH.lifl.i")!,'   tt(   ��|��'i!   I'lslilrJ .illltir Iteitti  j lur Is  j ttt'-ey  1       t.'il..... ,���    ,,,     7,1     Wj^'r,    ,'.���,,,..,,..,,,,, r ,���., ttt    j         .---.  1 lllkl  blill, |.(   nil   mlk-llil    ItilllMllHK   |*��1(,|   Itjlklfl, ! ��"*l I HI lit'  Al.UWiN'i I.AK|�� OU*. ill*'I'  Oiklfit I til !11l|.l'Ji  T*h��'��'"�������' tli��; J 1' *tli��it*k">( nl ValkiViti  ifi, il 4'. .si��� uimiimi kn.Hi,n.ji,t. est. (et* itike  lit- Shi ,n iititt��|^i,i |u ,.111, link-,, tie' i.'lti'.il:i��i itn  si, liiu'tiJuifik  ('t-lllltH<tl.'lt-.k!  ^  �� ,IUk^|.|H|l',|.t    ��l     t'��'     ilMlU>  in ni neiiiit mitm mill 1* itiatif |n ttiv J klt'i.iii.l 01 ii,i-i\ fkii'iiii'iutiin. t, |t.,t. |��> tvnniui.  *-ii|h 1'lit* iiii liteI I'totim lul i'iillr��|nt ,,-ii^t.sl; ���a-l.<)"��ii "iif itoie la kciiil't'iir ilti*'.-iiini fi.im  .if tlie li.iit I llts'tit*- !u sell |t.|ti.i| l.ff Mint) tittl.r - ��*"i*U* "f Mfi.k'ic Uli fi, Hit at c l.iliiiHin^ k|,n,t  liniil ktti��tit**tlii* AUsniltl ||i^rl.*llilk1ritt Ai<'"'W   '"  '""'*   '���'  'S'lnliti"ii.'liii't)t.   i''(Uliiiti>ii^  *"letl<!** Ii)l ��ll ll'tfsl lllll'k'k Mill   Ik* tie- sioii.  k�� Ull.iH'1'.l.l'l'kl'lvl ') Illl'll  (' Kllll'MlUil  i'llf.  ������tuttliuiil l..i [-��l.| it) ml t imi tf  TO CORRCttPONDIJNTN.  Ail I'liiKiilniilt'ttlloas liiti iiili-it fin- I'uliHfjitlnti  MU,l   li4i   HtSSMlll'lilltl'tl   MlUl   llif   liiliDI'  iill.l lilt'  ttiftoitir tin. * 1 am, iu>i uisvsvniir i.n |utiiiti>,i  lion t>ui *��a ifOHisol*��^*>r-.'SKI (mil'    iVi-tMlMim  llllttf|(kt.ti Ui  irtHOl   lijii'lnl ivillllllllllll'ltllntlk  Kit M-iiiMiH'runim till is' imiii lur ihh'Ui* ctiiri  I'tttllfU*) C'tWI'l !<)   *(*<��*l��l HlUtOlt'l'tltflitii  AlUrnbUiC, CkitsJ*   ���   Nov. 20, I012  14 im, liitln' I'liuiaiti nl lliliifii < .i!i'tn!>!  -     lliti.'.t llllk ,*>j|(, tl��i 4if ivt'Ost. Ii'lit  IV,  W, O. Mi Ailtktt.,,  j At'l'lnntii,  FOR CONSIDERATION.  WITH the npproiicli of the  time when a Helet'tiou hiu.hI  he iimdu with rvK��i'd lo the men  who'aro,to repreHt'dt the citlzcna  of Alborut (lurliifj her lirstyoar  of municipal life, ll Ik ipilte in  order, to mt^fjf'st- a few uiidter/s  Jot eonalderatioit.  Ah the biu-da of this foimidera-  Hon the Advocate KUKHeHtH Mime-  , thhiK" l�� th(* nature of a text  llrwi- hy whoiii Iho  nor yet the hist to  lay tho Old uaide."  In other woi.Ih zeal, without  hiiowledKu of the riipitretuentH  of tlio (lifdrlet, Is* not enounh,  while length of ivsliient-e.'ujjlesa  couneeted with other ipmllllea*  tloiiM, l>* eipmily Ineldnu: iu fur-  iiIkIiIiikii tvnMon for .-select Inn- any  imllvltiual hi ourry on the work  of i'Ntidilif'ihhiK' the i'oimtltitlonN  upon which to huihl the fntiti-e  prospority of Alherul.  (liven  then   a .Millie  debet' to enahlt* a noto  the him! conditions am  Application tar Lkenr*..  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When a nian  lie-in's to tell yon how iinudi he  has dotio for Alberni, look around  and {see if Alherul hiiH not iiaid  hack her do'htw to that .man .many  ai.io kn-j t.is'o iii's'i'ioer,  III,Ulll .!f  *  ill>il.HlUl  'ln'.f ival.v (iinl I''i*tki4<k Mntt.lt) liitirit'*, ei  l',,i| t|t(M.|l',l tut ll|-ktl.>il Ui.ll.lt. lllti ililk I.I ,}i  I'll I'll I 1 UtiUklull 1,1 ltMlllllll.it Ul" Mjt'liteik' llt-  kt ltl^l���i Irilt.ik  I '.llnlltl II.'IIIU ill A |.itkt J 111 lit I ,|   till tluKll (tillll-  V��l��t<�� lulu "a tl.ru i-iiiitlt It flu, III. tntii,till  i kkl iiitiii'i ul l.eldll lllt'iie ttast i<i> flitltiia  (lit-llie tu!tiiutti|l tiullji kliutti t>f |.tilikt nl i'.,'!|i  Itli-tli villi tit, ittunit Ml ai't-l'ik. III,,If ut |i kk,  I'lKllts �� Kkll't" lliillli-k,  11,'kiil.i-C Is, iVlt Net   M|  AI.IUUIS'I I,AMI) Ufs't-tlliT-  Illkllll I ef ltll|��r|(  'rkt*i"lliitli'i' (I'kt (I. 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Mmiiy llllinn,  ���    (���- A, lli.viilk'e.ti-, Av'iiit:  Alli-ilkl Itt, lillt,   -, ..-' .   ���  A'bllKKKI LAND UIHTIUfrr.  UltilriitlDf i(iitii-|l. j';  'I'ttlii- nutlet lliijit .Olive ilkr-vlot!, of i-'boniiiin,  l':i>i*i'tiu<l, tii'i'iiimflna s|iliiNlt'r. Iiniinia tni9t||i|y  iiie prt'iMlkkdiit in t'tli'i'liuac tin-   fulioitiim it*  kflillf.l lutlilki  (,'t,liliiifni'tni! klttjswt |i|(iti(i"i ntk-Hit' must!)  ktluU'ef �� klllitli iktitllil kilDHll'it lit Jllllitl) CiiVr,  t'lintsltifi Sntio.l, Snt'lliinV, ttuinnlltl* II. Uittnif  (..illini I nil I Iik.kl)ii|s*lllH'fct lllllll tt it tcr unit tt itii(|)rt  Miiit |<,lH��i| in imint nf tstiiuti��*iit*ttnit*nt, txnitiitn-  Inn ten hcu�����. itKi-uor.Uw.1.  (illvn OlltlliSt,  ii i      ItkktlK. (itirvlii*, Agi'iit,  J ily *v ant,   I'   ,.  rartolow MJlcs. e JoRcph' F. Hannn  The British Columbia Cruising  hi r��sv rev*  has m:i'N i-Mioinii x\m -nil* t'i'io'i*;��K or  Tiiui'oiiylily ert.ishty tjittU'r and other hinds tilt bin die Prevlncu  nf Itridkli Culuiuhiit. and fitriilshluy  (WAkANTZCD ESTIMATES  by reliable .Dipcris who have Imti years nf evpei-lencti In this line  of business. The iHiinpuu,*, can, and ml!, place in yutir bund*  im estiiniHi' eutrect In overy di'iaib.ihi- klntl vutt can luink on  mid tin business whit.  MtftrtHcte  HANK OP MONTHI'.AL. pun Alb-riii bntiich.  c HitVAL HANK OP CANADA, Albernl branch.  Per prices niul terms apply tu  British Colombia Cruising and Estimating Co.  Aihtftxi B. C  wznfrvwmnmnwi mmx$ wmimtomptuttMMmmwi  T  h e  (t'Siiiielcd W1}  Hull.  C#pil��l Audt&rUvtJI  Copilot P*bi Ut/  Kt,t kttd OrKdvbJftMJI Pr��fit��  Tola! Af��#t* ���  diti m  ontre  916,000,600  je.owf.&oo  Itf.OOO.OOD  t>aau,fit>a,oo<>  Preddt-iiS    -   It. lb A��iy��>, l'.��-|.  (teneral Mmiiiycr *  Ht, ll'io   i^'ht HOadieutid no.', Mutiut Hovel   O, C. M. O,  S'ic.-iPt'es.  Sir I',, S, Cltittsmn, Half  j|. V, Meredith  lontreitl  ,, K, C.  Huiifl OHloy      -      -      -  LimS'iu ����iJ|ee       .       id nrnl   IT Tiucaibn-edb' St,  Snviuns Dunk Dupartmcmi    r  fi'tm   *1    upwuriis  atientioit.,  K.'S. V. McClintock/Mrfr.  |)e|tiislt.>.    tecetVi'd  Coiuilry   Ittislut'ss yltcn every  Fort Albernl IJranch  W3wmxmmmei&mxm��asssiiamsal  If You Aro Going to  Hulld a Houso, an Office Block, or n Barn, or  a Store, or anything ef bo that i�� made of Wood  Tlie Man to See Is  Thomas   MeKinnon  77w Contractor and Builder  K9 Will 6'wbsnll  Kit   C��ilnutt��.    fbet-CInkk   VVorkmtut��bip   at  Prints that ��re Bight.  Office fittings. Show Cases, Cabinet Work  P. 0. Boa No, 4:       Alberni, JJ. C. Phono MI  *������*  i "���  ���   I*1 kiS^S^i^ab0iii&i^��i  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  (P  The Alert Investor Asks for  Something Attractive  Kouit'lhhiy that to a tuiii- u inner, where the money will turn  over .piirkly nnd nt n yiM*d profit  Thia i* thh Class of Property Tliat is Bandied by  kw^ murtiUvp     nk'-vMcu-  W. TEBO���  It* Handles No Other Klin).  A Hit of tie' tines!, Knnu nttd City propcfde* |u bo found in the Albernl  Hlkirit't.    A cull will t'onvltice you, nitd lend lo iitifchiA"*.  P.O. Box 54       M. TEBO       Alberni, B, C.  ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS VERY  OFTEN ASKED ABOUT ALBERNI  t * ,v>? ���* -'������'-���'V���fc- -t ��f  Albcs-pi in rchcbcd by tr��io fiviii Victoria. Ciiinmi'ihois mu indite with  Victoria 1'imijiay ti.iout'h tu Albetul on Monday, Wednesday tmd KHdny. Pa1"  xfiiyor* from Vttnivtivi.j'Cliy can cutuieci with ltd* o-aln hi Nnnithno,  Alberni in nl*i* reached by oteamor from Victoria, And in the ktimutcc  mouth* diet''.' is lit) itioredetij-btful (rip than (bis up die -test const of V'at,ce*o  H*r Uleifid atid atOuy tli(*pii*ttu-t',vp)t> AHm'I-iiI cuiinl.' ' '  fht Alberni Advecile an fcu uidi for f;'uU! V\. {,0fU' ,��,u"oi''? l>* -������-ra.  (bi'ttrr loltowiui; tiftnit* wr��t to no-Mii-  I��i��I sdiertkitrflcnti in tit tastier, cmr* w**t ����"*��-r, new* to point ut   wna  * uirfin'iutml, tw-iiit uttowl 820 t,t,'i��&.  iiif tiie Alkrfii Dutrict, til ��! Kmn - winim* u��rr��rd.<"  * '                          ' W. lb (iiirtttnt  Atyvnt,  Oirtrifi, Kt*th�� aiytfittt, Bwdijr D��- w��ri. u. m*.  tnct, md lit hlisdi mi %\ \x\% uirtfe ammckni uauu wafHior.  ,     ,   ���                 ,,    ,      4,,,   , Dletilft *.,f ''inyoijuot,  end   t?!  V��flW��W   iflimlk     Tin* U ��t rmkt    ��������,.���    tut Uoy Mli>**Ttoi.  tied*! ralwiIranlb &wi.b��.Qltk*. f^rflJfifW^M&T^u vtii,i  \  _/'.  />a/i^ & Debruyne  Real Estate and Insurance  Notary Public  /  P. 0. Box 68  /���   Alberni, B. C.  I .j, I id price*! its to m��teny-�� vftH,-h from (*lVi tu fjdtl pel- nero for bush land,  nnd from ifb��'l to 9|(kl for land dim hits been cieio'eti nnd hroiiybi under cuitiva-  lion. PrU'ettire yoverm-d by ipinlily and locution and ran tit) htul in any (p)nii-  dty.  It has been found lhat mUmt fitrmlny pay* best. On plot* nf front ten tu  twenty acres fruit yrott lay, iltdryhiy, poultry midiiy, hoy* and entile will till  pny well.  'I'lmro are no (roe hiiiucsioiids to hts had,   Land will Ittive tn.be purchased,  t*��tfutmmax^xjuaM\ tw.fvto wn  tht) t  ply for  ���,  oilo trim;  mttudoa  d^rii*-}  In Albernl will be found the usual advnntitye-i of n proyresslve Western  Coiiiumnity thnt hit*, faith, mid the cotirttj.ro of lt*i convictions. There are n  number of yood Mores cnrrylny a wide runye of yoodtfi M'hool*. churches, the  ttewftpaper In which you tiro itMtdlny this, und tt iitiiuber of, itdilelk' and social  clubs.  ���i.i....mw..ki.iiikwiTii^,yi.k>..,.iii..iiii..k *nini,*kw**ik��ka.i in im . nn r. n  nm ,.i, m..wM*k��k>i.i mm. iik.ni).,.,.!. Muliiiimnini .iii.i  * mitxx w-kW wi��w*8^^ ttftik.  PATERSON GARAGE      "  Now Open to the Touring Public  Full Line of Auto Supplies  Cars For Hire at Reasonable Rates  The ollnmle is an tine it* can be found on the Paelllc Const, taken the yenr  round. Tim rainfall In h'kM ihnn tlmt of the City of Vniieotiver, dm frtwlts aro  llyht. There lu ischium frost ennuyh for skntiny or snow enmiyh for -dolyhiny,  and when either of tho-m ooiiuw It only lusts a few dityu. For tint (Milliliter nntl  nutttmn utonth** there Ik itothluy In tlio world to excel tho Allnu'td weather.  Albernl hi the outlet uf one of thu Inryeit nnd iuo,������t fortlio vtdloys on.Vtui'  couvor Inland, hi the PlMrls't will ho found n v��st ,weitlth of tlmbor of the  thiioit kind, coal, Iron, copper, marble nnd other commercial Monet, brluk ohiytt  und other tiuttorlidn.  lu pUKban*  Jt.tidei;  Uunuoi'liri***;' *��t ��. pokt plnnt,4 nt  tb# iio?(hw��*t rororr t>lta��Ud on tb��  (,kt,*i ubyiki o( AnitiTrtou Mh*?, (if-tr (hi?  outl��t, tbcnr* ib) rbabtk ��*4t>t, Oujii:*  nuutl. to lb* north bouadmry of the  L It,, tbtfiice foltowio^ bouiidttry wt*��t  t<s ttiD kbotT, dtpt)c�� followiuK itbnr*-  itn# liortbcrjy ��nd ��n#t*?rly to point  ut    voitummc��m>]at, l>e!uj' About     SO  ��C|#��,  Ooy Hinjdfton Von\.  W. II. Oiu-ritrd, Atefct.  Hrpt. 9th. im,  -1������ ALUISItNI LAND DlttTKIOT.  Ohitrict of OJaywpjot.  ECI rrrifPO   R^m* -a.,i|jAtl     Tftke aottc* Pint   l<*r��nc��t�� Tboiatui  . t-LbitllCiK, BOOt WttHOCr  arttT��i-d, ol lCnliny, London, ICuylruid,  FLETCHER'S BOAT YARD  lbilbb-i>- ot iktttiatdit's nnd |tuw HotO��.  AcjsekimrJek, Ileal PitOn*,*--, Oai* feoii  Pnddlcs, ly'ntdoii k|>eel��Hjes. Un-kO*  line, Liibrienduv oil*, cu\  NOW ON HANI)  (iitkolliie. Mmine and Muuionnry Km  yliivi*. I'mnplii|( Plants inpplliMt nnd  erci'ied.  rfi-i*. Ctk��* W(t*-kmnin*hlp  Albernl, li. C.  Four Large Lots  In tli�� Townsite  Will Soli for $360 Each  K McDonald  P. 0, Uox 32 Allmnii, If. C,  occupnttojti nriny officer, redtcd, in--  lemlu to nppty for pfrrrUnsloii to pur-  cbntJt! the following deKCt*ibt*d laudu :  Ootnmtmcfotf nt a pout pliuitmS ni  tho k)outti��*n��t corner nutl uttuatod  about 10 clmluti dlntant nut! ht westerly diroction from tho northennt corner of L, C'J on Alb*rnl Ominl, n*��r  tho went bouiiilnty of L.C70, thei-to  went to tho ttorttiwtatt corner of I..C9,  th-tiro north lo tho kouHi bouni.wy  of L.C52, thenco cast to a point duo  north of hiitbtl pout, thuact* wutb to  point ol commflticemi-ut, Unvltit. nn  nrna. of 120 etcre*',  X-Ynncei-. Thorn an G*trrurd.  W, U, Gnrrnrd, A Knot.  Hept. lStb, 19HS.  -i-M*  Victoria Quay  Alberni. B. C.  "^'.-.Tr1*?!'1"*;"'  rrrr  Vou yet it Sipjnre Deal Iron;  our Ath'i'i'dsttrit  mp kw.ii���i,.n.w^kkt*  B<S4"-4**ar�� SIVI  ���*2!5!  , Thoro urn hiiinerous tut motive op|K)rtunllles for (hi) iitanofactorcr und Investor. Tho Albernl Hoard of Trial*) will bo yhtd to take ihoio ittntt-er** up  with you.   Wrlto to (Item for particular*.,  R. W. HEASLIP  Contractor and Builder  ALDKRM LAND 0I8THI0T.  ====r-     District of Olnyottuot,  Tnke notice that lbdolub Olnotiy.ot  Ooliiti Dim, India, occuiuUlon ecntl*j-  uuui, intendu to apply for p��riuh��tiloii  Will supply you with ail li.t-.dH JJJ^cb'u!0   tb0 -����0">n��* ����*��itic<i  of Fimt OlfiKH Lumber.  Ooinmoncjiiy at n pout plnutttd   on  tho north0(i81 corner of tim etior**   of  *sVn^Ji-   ��?/-��/���� nr A// ttt firtlor the Western lioynoa Inlmod, mtu*t��d  Of OCA OUCS Of  KsM IO vruur ttt ti���, er,trft��c��    to Hnlny tow, and  ftlmut    1 mllo northerly    from Mob  Mnll ordoi-n moulded to  Addreh*  ALH1.HNI, lb C  P. O. Hox 60  p*****"*  Land Act Notices  ALUKHNI LAND 1M8T1UOT.  ,  Uiiitfict ol Dnretny.  Tftke nutlet) tlmt Wllllnm Garrard,  of Uowicbno Buy, U.O., otxupntton  rotlrod army officer, intemiii to opply  (or permltuilon to purcluuKi tho follow*  big d����crU)0d landii;  CotiMnsficIOB At a pout,plantod nil  lb*) tmuthettkt corovr iujo nltuntcd  iktiout one inilti tmut from tho o��u*t  ulioro of Albernl ennut and on or noar  tho SowiMit nouttiDttNt cot'imr of h. H6,  tlienco to tlio boundary of L. 246 fo!*  lowin*.; twuu* borth to Mouth pound-  wry,     thtnifct 80 cliwiun    fount, tltincfl  Point, tinmen following (bo iitiotrti  wctitotlyi southorly, enaterly svud  iiortborly to point of comiDoneomout,  being nbout 5 neren,  ItttlMgh 10, Ulandy.  W. ti. dnrrnrd, AKfot.  ...in.*win 'Ww, t.i*'nimi   Bopt. 7, 1913, '  ALUBltNl'LAND DrBTRIOT,  District of Olnyoquot.  Take notice tlmt O)��ui1o Dlanily, ot  Victoilft. occupntlon tjtmtltunaii.     iu*  tendtt to npi)ly for pori.il-H.ton to pur*  vhntie the folio whin: deucrtbod, InsdM ;  CommonciiiK tit n pout plttntcd   on  tho Houtlienut    corner of the eitHcra  of tht) Doytien 2��Iu��<1m, ultimt*. at (ho  ontranc�� to Jttdny day nisni About    1  mllo tiortherly from Nob Polnt.tl'.i-Rco  following     tim nitons     of the Xnhaiid  round  northerly,  woaturiy,  ttouttierly  and (Uftntcrly .   to point of commeoce- '  luoat, beiny about 5 acme.  ,  Glfsuio Ulnnity.  W. II. Oiirrard, Aif*nt.  Sept, 7, 1919.  T+* ��-"��-41k*l>\j**4M*l-4n,i,  JX.  K  ���a^iWJWll ���kikssf'*- * t'f ' r- Ms*** ��  Where Is It?  What Is It ?  On tho Boavor Crock Road, Right in iho City of  Albon.l. Hot away in tho v/HUorrtcoa, Tite last  chance to buy Inoide Proporty at pHcos comparing favorably with thotsw demanded Eor loto mileu  away.  All Lots Are Cleared  Term�����S-4 Caoh, 8, 12 ond 18 Months  iiwin'.--iiiwii>ff(��im>%ttft��  |-t*W��'ttkMii��l|il|a1i*Mrill  IM) ���ai^l'UIWalBri.skkj,'  *!!���!   ll---*-t*-a--->*lf����-**-H|tltll|li*MII---*^^  -jn        ,      -*-  ,   iy  ������ISk.     kf��->���      .* ���  '     ' .1  b  t mummimsmmsm  jw*amfflrai^^  THE ALBERN! ADVOCATE  .4.1.111 l(\'|   t.AM*  IIIHTK.I-'r.  l-|fcifh'i e? .\-,'..tJsis  .U.llrnVl |, *,Mt |i|v|'(|,-t  t'Hin.H .-1 l'-k) ,..n* o  1.1, a .i.e. tij,i .,,ti.||   It,,., li��t. el   V,'(.'<���<���-   '      ���'''" "���U" il,ul"   "   ���'-"*''��   *' 't'"i'-" M j      P''<-bb-tMTn<(4.Ji>j.t-|ili>  ,-,   l     .������ ���i-.,ii.��tt  li,.,.,,     litli-r,k   tn  M14- t  l'i     ''   ������"si.t*1*, I. *�����*.-. i, ���'*��-t is li. *n��,  f'.��l>'l   i .  .���4i,....IM, loi-vtalik*. I l.f   |....l.k,|(���  mi-Ul.  -     I"''**)"  l--*"i---i*      e-     O'l���llrW 1 I H-l j ��V ,* hie t 1'M'f ,1! lit*    III    tit  Yew, Mr. Toft.  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UPi the iirtili radon ti cades  with ,u't-tnce tti.d Oe-cKt Ibiwin, in  spite o'lbHt fuct, hi'it-skisl Ids iiodietiCo  lu hclbn-e that !"��� ��ott'J leave olbi'i-  i"'',h the tleepi'kt l^r-sti' ,��t|��. to die Ann  ��� i'lc!t-* people im* die liiutur dti',1 bad  ^i.,"' h'lii, 'Hid Midi the belief thai  eiioui;i. i'rt��yress bait lu'eii invoiitpllsh-  ed lu his .I'bntnist rill i'.'ii to tv.tt rani bis  fei liny that he bad done lesil liuisl for  "���'"cunnii-).  Uj>*T��'Dato,  Mr,  il.uA.tl,'  L��'t   me   I'll.' ,..eit it i  picitire of a I lite Hotitetn, n��k|n' twisted  its .So',,imiti's daj ttud btsOti down lo  (he iiu*,*. of unr ymoduiuthorii." Mere  M|". liowdb'tpiolml i'iiplottk(> h'oiit die  dili'ty*llist chapter uf Pru.eilu.  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H,.t\  lOMHINKS the ht?��t fosturota of  Modorn TypowHting rtochlnery,  nMsomhlod under conditions mode  poHMlMo o^*ly by enormotift output  onu uhwvlutd StaiuSitrtiUaUon.  For dctnl-u c��lli upon Uic Local  A'f>*ntt or write for Deecrljfitive  Uu*mture.  Sold for Cutih or on .Torma.  The Fox Visible Typewriter is extremely simple in oh lit* partd, and the operation of any  particular part Im easily undertttood, no thnt an accurate  knowledge of the Typewriter itself ceo very quickly be  secured.  Your Druggist and Stationer  . "i "���"���" "Bj  i��������aa��*i��5ikikak*  Whllo you wore recovorlnpr  from the uffotsta of yotir hint  tJhrii-tniio. dinnur wo woro order-  Uuk Htoel. fixjin thu )(.-u<I(iik nn.it-  ufiu'turlni; eeidi'OH of the world  for thtHHeitriou'f.Ghrft.tmttai Trade.  >Vo aro apuoialhdrt hi thin line,  nnd have o^crrUi'd the utmost  *3round forothouKht iu aafumih-  iiuu the choicoM and uio^t miit-  ahlu titRxIa for your InxptH'tion,  Beautiful Antique fdronso fVom  Austria,  Perfumory twin tlio host Knu-  liah, Kit-noh and AuiwrUian J'or-  fuitiur!*.  Honlcuro t?otw, 0no����intf Cwtw,  Orttoheu, Perfunt�� Atomiser*?, etc.,  from Hueh world faiuou** imoop  factutxM't. ��a I*��;M>nod of Parl-sand  li'ent of i^ondou.  Hitfh Criade Cortf^ctlonisry, *�������  pec'inlly paeked in KriKhonf for  our (.'hritkhtifti. Truth*,  A Toy Do par t men t, which oo  ruploH u room hy iwlf add ein*  hnteoM a lui'iio raiiKU of artitde.-t  dour to the hourii. of uhlldren,  A r-hultfu itollortlon of Ohrlwt-  miiH Cart 11. add ifooldetii,  s�� -IS Oa,*, -M,-*,.|l>Vat>��  Let, u�� I havo your ordor for ��  IhdotKinan I'lauo or a Victor-  Vietrola f.nwuaphutKb  N��iw < JoOtiw arr| vJi��k oonatiitstly.  ^ ttt *-s*-*'=*,'Ji *ilf *H***  Your Druggist and Stationer THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  //'  MINISTER TAYLOR  HEARS DELEfiATION! , T :.:,  Professional Cards  GEO, A. SMITH, C. fc\  .^ai^'^^l'*'*^*'***^  iSuiit'ior.   l-bit'ie,*.*-  oil  ' A dt'li-y-it|uii   ut   die   Vp'tuiiit A trio  tnnbiii* i\��.st��t''u��di)it  loc'lid'*  wnhtsl-eiij ,'  Htm, Tbuiutts'I'aiior. \Uui��t--ro| Pol*, j  ill* Wutlks,, lor thi-pi|r|4.��uuf (Isviiksliiy  with that eendeinun tin* mnu'i'i't (he  itll lOtik tSCtlll  l'C4|1ilt4.|UCll(*i    Of     . itllt'Oli  vci- htltnub  | timi"-!' liniil*, uihe rul eitttnts, ui.O land j  ��i.itkJi,Moii*. Ofl.'"unt Alburn. P. O. j  lion  'il. j  H. Mk Ta HODGSON  Ai M. I. <\ 11  ..I  tiiC,I**����J ttiirvtiyei" Kiel Civil l.M$ii��***r S   Li  Amuity��i dm  Important   Ihliiyiihitt   0|||��gl   {iowiikat   lh*f��l.    fftui  Alfeatt-nilj   |v  raiite op for c*��n��iit"ia(lon tt'etv tbt  *iiy iu-��i bms  That pou, Ttttlut' used hi* liiiiucus't'  iu tn ye ttptiit die O.iiuitiliiit yoit'io-  tm nl die tteid of llemtiilottaliOor Provincial t'Ulubi lilsil tlmt *'S jieliiS,! lite-. n|  klH'tl ftllnls lie itppel'lliiitisi not by I hi*  |ri*4*iibilioit uf ti proiijn'c, Init h|h,ii (be  amount iiiilt'h that prut litre ^pcmls  ii|m>ii politic Hotlis; insfeatl tif (.upkihi.  don,   '  Tin* mabilcuiiiice timi iuipriivrinciii  of nil eUslifie  Vitocomel' idaiul roitdn.  The linrd.stii fneltty (pivfri-iihlt. pav*  liiipuf the (h*-t few milt", of Milttd  Iflyliwn.v uul nf Victniia. ���  pAelopiiii'iii uf romls leaiiluy pi iiutt  lu Ktiallicoiis Park  A roitit* froni lioin'iiii to (In* Albernl  Omul via Cuwlcbati l*nki', elis ���.  Ittmil consti iit'iioit tteltieeti  Albernl  tilltl CllljUMplOl,  The yrtiibittl e*,ti'j.siui) uf die West  < oust i-iitid btutmd the .loitirtti Idler.  Assbttatii'i- lliiitneially for a cuiuptc*  henstvc tour-In* >k of I'lincoiner Island,  |u In* ptiblisbtst lt(i tbe Auintoubllo Association,  Tim hapruvtuiiciii of die West Snan-  li'h itiktl ut Mount Nekvinn-  .i The cuiisirtit'tiuii uf snUjeieiu new  road to laiik^nctiiuii'i'diiy link bettteen  Mulaliiit sKidon and the soitiii eud'ul  Hhntitnic'iii) |jil.e,  Appreciation was etprcskotl uf 111*'  read tmrk and careful tmiinimiaiici'iliir-'  iny (he past m-usou on Vnncotiver is.  land loads.  The *uyyi"*IIon ibat Poinbtlou up*  proprbiilons fur I'lovlucbd touds be In  prupordoii to dm Prminrinl public  works ostpoitdlluros and [to! to population, found tut enthusiastic sitpjiorlfr  hi Mr, Taylur, who promised to ifu  what he could In bi'uiy li to du* alien-  tiou uf those ai i niawa, lb' ihntile'd  the uskocittdoii for l(s iipinoviil of the  kt'h'cdon of Col, Thomson a*. ouyjao'T  of Suttdicnnit Park, cs|.eclttlly its there |'  bud been adverse crldi'isiti uf title.  tie -itid iitiil before I'()'., 'i'liomsoii was  chosen, tliti CoVirnmeiil htul liiiesd-  ynlcd the roeoisb of ��� men froni (lie  caih'i' Piuiiluioii and dm Stales, t,*nd  was convinced of bis ithstdiiO'ly yreut*-  est ahiiliy. As di tht* utihitv paid, he  dpmyht It no more than I'omiiieiisiinui*  wil It services rendoivt..  Albi-riki  i i  ���If. H. BROWNE  Citil and Mlnliiy Put*liicor  and  I 'iti* hit'lii! I .itiul Hurt e> or  !  n. c.  Signs Signs Signs  Land um\ Advei lisliu; Hlcn*. etc,,  done with Prompt llesptttch  ul Lo**e��i Prlviw by  S: EATON  Mnrtiiirot St., Alberni  I'Mltiivr nml Pupkr-tbtniJer  Work done by Prutfdcni Men only,  J.k,UiiiKU'f< Pree.  J. E. DUNCAN  l)i*iil.��r and Maiiufaciurer of  Llylit  map licit vy -  Harness  logger's and Minor's boots  Nlyn nt the While Horse on       l  Government St.   -   Alborni  p. 0. Ho* a?  If you arc Looking for  A. C RE A G E  Come In and Sot* un about  LOT   8  Thto l�� lo rive-Acro Mock** end Im Cmptionttlip flood  Lt*is*J, feeing all  A LDKR   BOTTOM  Txj/rms Extend Ooer Three Years  We will be Glud  to Take You Oat and Show You Tliln  We also huve the Vory Best Residential and  Businetft) Properties in the Town.  Come in and Let Us Show You  Jas. R, Motion  Rettl Estate find Insurance  t 8  ii!      **#  i'i!  'I!  ��!l  Iii  'Ji  kV**4  ��'  \  \  Choice Five-Acre Blocks  U\ Lot 16J3, near tho Beutver Crook Rood  $75.00 Per Acre  Wm. Frank Gibson  I  f>"  tfJ  1  ��u  lloutjo I'hviif b K8 httturttiK�� 01 fit* i'ltvite 94  ti*>k��**��-^**i),*s>��*��%*^  Phone JI I  ' Albernl  Phom* lit  Purl Albernl  9  '  ��i*'  i  jit  '4  n  I  f  Watson's i  Up-to-Date  Hardware Store  tttUlOtlttttllV  I  4r  A Full Line of Hardware  Always in Stock  a  tutiiit^tukkkt'  Furniture  1 E.��? J"\. ���*-�� �����*��� >"S. SV4i J-J  nJ ,      XVCUIUI U  sureal'ft   ,  Kre-tli Peef,   MiKtuii   nnd   J'urk  nlvmy-i on hand.   Oi-det's  titlica ful* Poultry  etc.  Phono 37 P.O. Box 18  All Kind�� of  Household Furniture  In Stock at  Mainland Prices  A, L BIND  Pioneer Furniture Store  Port Alberni  Phone H��  I  I  ()*k>*****a*����a>*��i^-*W|4*t>*��>ll*|aa4^^ M�� >tWk***��JrJ����M*<^ll kltaiMajtluIMWII���,!!>>|>j#|fa  Plumbing Attended to by  First Class Workmen  1  Th�� Alfoorri. Hot��1  first Established and Best Known Hotel on West Coast,  * �����       '"   ���  Wt /# tht ftivertit ftttori of (he Cammnrcfal Man, Tourlttand Sportsman,  Owning nut- ptO/t Sutra and A����/irj/ Ranch intumf a Canuxanx Supply of  StrlcKy frath Arlieht for tht tab!*,   Accommodation* of th* ffetl,  Th* Btut Sampf* Room* in Texan,  fYo* Outtt to atxti from all Boat�� und Train:  Billy McAllister, fwmerlp afthv Klriff ti<(nwr<l /fatvl, Victoria^ Proprhttot  Tho Alberni Paint Store  PAINTING   Aiiydilny from it needle |u nn niiehur,  frnu* n baby enrriaye 0*  mi auto, from a shack lu a palace,  Sign Painting Picture Framing  Points Colors Varnishes  Holon  St., Alberni  '����� ��tWI i*lli*��4*l<a4r.a*klaa����Wl  i)*ffMaW|*<Wa**��l U**^ll��l|.yK>IJ��rt*alinililt>W|l|llMfl  i-'aka^UkTnJWijni.i-kiw imty.fl���i c-ni*kSt*4-*T JrwtT*"  DRY STOVE WOOD  Alv\a><tou 11 ami  Ayeni for Pr*t-er Mill Wood  Tty a l^nul  JOHN    GRIEVE  All��0(deis   ivompdy    At(*'inb'��l   To  ���'���*k'"'a*��*akf*��*Vt>Jlai*��V��a^  Alberni Meat Market  l 'er, tlolnmttin and Oertrude Ht**,  fmh Beef, Mstten, Pork, Veil,  Ssuugej, tic.  Always on llnnd  Peliituy In Albernl  ami port Alhm'id  ran bush  lit����*)l^lallM>PIW(llil  Prop.  aakfl>W ><itf*kk)A*��a����da��*|  >tMWa%**K��  tsmmAnmMmtsrtmmmmgsm  R. KARNAGEL & CO  Flour and Pe��d  ���  Bram Shorth Midiilin^K        VU\ C'Iiojj.*?,  Chick Chops      Wheat      OilsIkuJ Oiiik  Cnitshcd Corn        Corn (irh   . .    Oil Cuhes  General Produce  fe  Q  7~7 t  r orrest  Denier In  Builders Supplies'  ',''��� ' " -      _     ,     u  Satah, Doort. and  Q\mu  Building and Roofing Paper  Lime, Bricks and Cement  Alberni  Phone $9  /��. 0. Box 9  JL)*  Ok  *MltltlttUalil>tVl>*>tUUSUO'.>>te.tlt;t*Utlktttttttte,lttnttUtUUtm*  Tlie Royal Bank of Canada  , Imrorporntaitt KJOO ��� Head Offlctt; jMontretd  Capital Pn'id Up : .: $ ll ,.100,000  Reserve Fund . ������: $12,500,000  Total Assets over :     :   $175,000,000  A ...'���Ni.KAb Mankind llcsiiNii'ss TiiANSAi.'nai   :   :   :  i.'tirrrltl  Savings Bank Department g.^��;KiS:F1;  I0ah!,!��.^   L.i   rW^kl l)u>ns(u tutu lu- inmlii nml itttiittrkMit  IlSnSlinS   DV   I'lfill I'limMl    I "titU-t. t.��n(!4^1��rH will tfl��<3.  w���*,B,M-6  "J   *��ut�� ik lie ,'ik.-ii i,,' it-idrit'ktNiitiiiv si! du  li.iltllli'Dtk  B      Over ��jr��Mi llriniehe* and A��eueb's,    P> drunehes hi lirldsh Cohnnblii,  �� CoiTi"*|Hinileuis Thriinyliutti the World.  i    Alborni Branch Port Alh^rnl Branch  g      A. (L Kiu:i"/i:. Mimayer H, J. Macj.mid, Mnnttyor  >%utiniumiuuiuunii��titkattikitiuitHiu4ittituvu.ituitttiit>ttitr<t'iu.*ni)Ji|ii^  illtl'*��*a^��lj**)a��il��>ji|-��i iCM'^MVrMmi^tM  Port y\.lberni  P.O. Box 85 Phone 132  ������iSTkJawlia'^  IWjiailMMa*.**  "iTliTiiypi<ir*iTiiriiniijhk|inin��j.f niniit j  *mHm��*'M��**H*lt**  m<^m  wktiM*M#m*#v*i*mt**  ���MtMOwef  mmam  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  J. J. 1IPHKP, Prupiletur,  1/     - ... ,M-?,7,-,,-^,;  tJi&y.- ys-11 Vyffcig��^  Id very rlp;s of al! Uind.s.   Heavy drayini- ami freight, delivery  HOTEL  ARLINGTON  Tin* best   it in i >i ii  biiuse nn   ibe   Wet  ('oast   nf   Vitncouver  Island.  Ail modern iinpruveuieiiis, Ceniraliti lucnteil.  The  bi's(   I-'IsIiidj;   unit    i I mil ill*'   on    the    Islitmt,  Amu-- (t)r hire to Sprnitt L.'tJu' itml ibe Ark t'lutel  at Ceniriil Lulu-, tinlile^ fm nisfn-il on sboi t  notice fur IItniliiij:' Parti"-, at   nush-rutc  ra'es  free I tits To and From AH Trains  McNiff & Mca,4hcr, Props, Alberni, B. C.  J.^,*,WtVK-��^��l�����vm|flS������*l��lt��,��M��IJ*<**tft����^ THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  The Canadian Pacific Lumber  Company, Ltd.,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  CANADIAN PACIFIC LUMBER COMPANY, LTD.  c ��� t  Port Alberni Branch   ..L'-tk^c ;^mmmmmm?nmmmmmmmm^  intbt, i-rrtsriditttdtt-wurkotidief. N.|**ir ' '���*��������       �� , "    *��.    . ,..'���-"*  Coal at Wholesale Prices!  tpSW-  mmammmmmmmm8mm  PIONEER   BARBER    SHOP  A I, II I'1, l( N I  r    tieiieral Tunsorliil Artists  Hut untl Cold J tut lis.  George Dr/txlxxvatir-  Proprietor  F. LIGHTER  Practical Watchmahor  J*xv��l*r amd Optician  A yoodllneof Winches and  Chains and tilt kinds of  .Jewelry. All kind* of Ho-  pair work.       :       :       :  Alberni  Port Alborni  Ladies' and ChildP��n's  Millinery  Going at Half Price to Make Room for  Christmas Toys  Fred   G ���  Cox,  TWKD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  Alberni Lumber Company  Cnii now 'itlpply orders for Pirst Cltum ��  Rough and Dressed Lumber e! All Kinds, Shingles, Etc*  Ijocal Older* will recelt e speclul attention,  Call al   the  Mill nn tho Scotch  Seltleutenl Itoild, or Phone  tn* write to dm Mimtiycr  Phone R49  Alberni, B. C.  Reoord Salmon Pack,  The salmon puck uf the Klldonnn  cannery nt t'ehttokloslt, on the Albernl Canal, ditrlny (be konsun just cloved  was the inryeni uf any Indlvidtiul enn-  nery lu liritlnh Coluutbla, AHoyoihor  'fd.buo entu*t* were put up, anil half of  ihtiMo have already been whipped. This  cannery Is operated by tim Wnllnee  PUlierlcn, which took It over front the  Albernl Pnckiny , Compuuy about a  yenr aye. lu tulitition 10 the exietikloi,  of tho Milium, c.innlny Inisluow. the  Wtdliico I'Tkhcrles. also estubllshed one  of the htryi'M nnd most modern cold  Mornye |ihiiit�� on die Pnellk- Const,  Thin plitnl will ht* lu operation nil  throuylt the whiter months, tun! deep  ken llsltlny wti! he coinuumced nboul  (he Jii-st ofuexi yenr.  No Et,*8.,  There' h room iu Albernl for n ylftcd  ItidlV'Idual who cad cuovluee the haly  fowls that It Is (|iiie (u (ptli dlsi-iissiiiy  the tvrenys' of ilielr sex, and yet down  tn business lit she way of produelity a  fow oyyn for the local ltiitrket, ilust  now prices are nt a point when' even  a M t audit id oil muynate would have to  look ovitr hi** lunik accouiil before or-  derlny a do/en, und even ut dial coin  of the realm hi unlimited ipitttuUlcs  often fall* to produce nnydiiny other  than ancient k|iccinH'iistiiiti((cd for any.  thlny but exhibition purposes.  Wlieru are nit our 'toultry esperisV  What hits become of thnt protni*ti*d  "iKioni " in *hOlot*V I'phidnu'ii lot  at nt the price l-tiinrdcc tutliul (ban  prospective eiuididates,  ST:  It. I'iyht of ivny P. 'ptvyi i-k-loy nt i>  fnst rate, nnd I h Modi the cttunis (in*  i>einy yrtnhtn!!*. bisuiKbt tip to ibelr  loll strcnyih. Smith"* Lnudlny ��p-jC*Z  pc��r-s to Ik" headijiiartei-s for the cnnal  ���toi'k.-ttsid fiiun ud�� i*uhit ilu'ii* Is- a  line u( i iittip* iM'tb tuiiii. Av fttr n��  the weather will permit, die noik wiil  he ritstii'd all m Sitter tn mi adciitps to  tie it|i nitb die porUoit nlteitdy cylii.  pleled.  4��k*��i-,��ai*-^��*-*'J*t*k>4i-��ikl^^  Land Act Noticed  Ai.tinitN'i i.tsn niKTitx-r  liiktili't nf NtkitiiH,  'I'dilt'll'illw tlikt tftsit|*i. I|aiilurt'ili \lt'l"istill,  iif l��iu���),('   S  A , ikS'iiotiUDt) Hltl I'klsle   ttMilil.  liitt'ititk iiuiri,)) im iiiiiiniksieti ii>|.iiii>tiitst< Hi.*  f.lliikktllitl ili'kCljtii'tllitliilk-  I'ellinifln'iliv m * im.( ,i|m)li'.l elmiit Ivlt-liklllk  tt est nt tin, knutliii.'M m,|ii,'i et')' I, IJ i, mul  ��lltii<tts| tin (in. tirjt ai|i,itc uf tin' ��ii:itli enn  |iiiil|iilt ul Miii'liii|i(l--=*ii7*;r*=is=Hi5tis^s-���.lii''li'S'  It! s| *'' l>llkiltk, lilt (ll'|. II,-Hll Ml CtlFlIlk, tlll'tStS'  I'HK, .Xl'llltllllt ll. ��||!IIt.    |lil|.,  llll'lltS'    IHH    klilllll  Htul I'MMi'ily (III,.'lluli .timi,* (lie kliuif (ll.i'ln  (ii.ltll el I'.'lllllll'lHVIIIi'flt. iVttt'lillillk' ��"*) Ml ii'S,  li|i>|ei*,')t ��k  I.COIUC l|��ll ltl.:tn|l Alll.l'lsilll  iv|ul.('( |��, nut Niii.tii li  AMU'.UNI l,A!.ll lilHTIIKT.  Utktllct nf Itkiel")-  Titlii* teitlis-Untl Skik t'miu',Inn Mii.'lO)  nf  Viiiit-eikt-*-, II (', etS'tiiiniinii  niliki', liitr.itti, til  oeiil> lei (iioiolkslen lo l-Uteiinse Uic f,;))i��n Inn  iIi'm liiii'il Itiiiilk  (MDIHK 01 111 |f (it k lUlit l.tkiUl'kl Ht   III.' i ilktrllk  klmiii til lli.vti'll Ulitaii,  tiai.ilto kiinniii, ilit'iit-c  fillitll-.-tmi l)||i a.t|l>?-(. lint-III )|||> killll tklttllit III fill'  'Mini iif tvii.iiii'iiiit-ttit'iit, tsiiiitatktiik tlir. tkilt��ti>  IklHlid. tsiliUllulllu Ikl fu'li-S, llttile ui tt'kk  hitln t'   MucltiiV-  Nuri'titlii'r IU. HUH, Nttv w I if.  s��syajr  ���*0  ���kit}  We hnve Hici'oit>.iNi our Hunker?', mi thai *r,t run now m*��iv  *-Syhty t����ii�� \>i eo*.d niul urdond clti'aply.   Oar prlco. are  Ue��t Household Liump Coal, $8.00 P-ar Ton  Witshtttj Kin *\i��l. iPle'A    IV,- Hit'if Ton-. fl.fiU.    1 'or Hack; -.Vie.  ���*k*9  Pioneer  Pitone at*  Feed     Co,  A. PAUL, M��n*tger  -w*k*��4>  3  7mmmmntimimimmiiK  CLASSIflED ADS.  Tor f-ittlt�� Twti Luis near slat ion nnd  M'luail heu.se, tl.Vi each, *Mt> cash,  Inihiliee (Ti periiiontb. Apply Prank  Orooniird, All��(*in| P. o,  For Sutle   Seed Potitioes.    Karly Hose.  - Phs( iirlite Albernl fair ltd Id'.', ' Ap-  idy W iia Chan. Clitrke, Ooveriuiieiit  Slreei.  rorBale   One Ihn'st', fued driver. Call  on W. li, lirUtln, Heaver Creek jtiiiui,  . Albernl.  W*����t*d- For Port Albernl, 'IViud*. for  t.Uvet work; *(T fm nil o howi-N, Apply to A, L. l-:il|s,in.  Wnntttd- Little P|y>.   Ktnteprlce*, M,  U.S. HnyiC'*, Hi*uvt��r Creck._  VVsmttMl   Teninlny Work of all   kinds.  T, Wlcktms. Albernl, H. l.\  The  Alberni Trading'  Stores  Opened Up This Week  Too Soft*, Dinner Sotu, Cupa nnd Sauccra  Try Our TETLSV8 G0LDF.N TIPS, 7*5e. p��r lb.  Froah Pool, Rmlshto nnd Currants  The Busy Store The Buey Corner  C. F, BISHOP & SON  Grocers, Bakoru and Produce Merchants?  .,:*:.,  The best Values in Teas  Peckiijulli* *JVa       ,       .       .       .���      .'A*, per lb.  Unhide.'!' Tea -,   ,       ;ifn��. per lb., or ."1 lbs. for ">l  We also KtiK'k Voonln, Tctley'k, Hldywuy'k, Lipten'.* and Hlue  Hlbbun Tea  ���:i  Wmmm  imsmmam  mmnmmm  '���^CT'S^iftSAAi  SfllfJpiWtwk-"  m'mwauitttfU^fi imiwt  Street Grinding, Lund  Clearing of Any and AU  Description, Stump Blowing  The Clearing Specialist  He In Alwoyw Ready and Willing to Submit an Ettlmat*  Stevens  AND   '  Extra fine Mexican Coffee, 50c. per lb.  Oiusl Codec nt I.***,',, Ks.'. nnd .Uk-. per lb,,  Hwy, Fcn��d and Flour in Tort Lota at Outside Prices  ,.  -- ,. ,     .^,-^. ������- ��-...��.-.. ��-. -   -"',rv ' ���;'!��**���" r "*." 'V ,"  ��{i*^^kf��Ha*ffli^*-^^  I THOMSON'S   GENERAL  rta*-4*)*4V) rJvi r��iii����*k.mi  ,V H4k-4ki>(tk11(h*.is rr>. BtArilnikk.  Da Your  /\  Practical   Plumbers,  Sftsam and  Hot Wntor FHtcrss.  Eatlmatea Furniohod on Appdlco-  tion. ,  Margaret St, - Alberni, 8. C.  ,V-"4'-,-��l,,*!����(.W�� WI'kMiajataiiia  JN  mq*L**#m**��0*p*  Five-Acre Blocks  of die  best   land !n die   Albernl Valley, slumtod on Sprout  Lake Homl, with Water Fruinayo on dto  Somas River  For Price Lint, Doitcription, Etc., Apply to  lalJWMIIM IlllilllinilH-* ���  '"I*  Christmas Shopping Early   p  And Avoid tho Rush, when You Got ���*,     ��� |  iho B��st Attention if  *S��i(.*r*iJ��f��**,M��';*3!S-k^  MMM|W  miwmt^mnmmtxom*  fP  GILT EDGE INVESTMENTS  A Large Corner  Lot, with'.w feel  fronmyo on LHthnin ltoittl,  and s'"s feet, frutitnyo en Nordi Adelaide St.  $878, on Terms  FiVO  AerCS,   wldiSiveebnlixfionihye on the H.uivor Creek Monti,  n tulle tuul a half from tim I'ltydwimdnry.  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