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Alberni Advocate 1913-10-24

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 ,t01.**  W  V*��T  it  V��ti  'i?T  //  /  i.Mii.im'.^-MigMk*?*'-",  Vol* 4  Albernl, B, C., Friday, October 24. 1013  No. 0  lUIWIIllktWIlilJUIllJiUilUIWSMWI  THE COLD WEATHER IS APPROACHING  irnrur. I  H-iint-n ���wii-u.iiiii.tiii'i-wWtMisji ii  ARE AMANGING  WARD SYSTEM  (lot it Hot Wider Motile nm! nle*��p wnriu o' nlnlil*  jiuvt roeoiy*��d a t-oimU-iiitu-iit of  We huve  SYRINGES, HOT WATER BOTTLES, ETC.  , 'Uiii'i't fi'tiin she fiiettir.v  .  Ut aftnis m tSwUldr fmtv, ttnt ���f-tlity tfct *>nt, est! (lie ftku rigid.   Cm* Utllc  flUlflltftt Iff jjtlto tkifhl K (w'tttir f����f KIHtkl, WM&H t* '��*Ji(f  C...M. PINEO  DRUGGIST &  STATIONER  Close io town.    On j-nt-d mud,  with Sumll lioutte.    Would  ditilf*' oxeeUi'id Chicken Knnt'h  Price 91000*   Easy Terms  L O  (hie Aero iilorlo*, ��ood luiid, ">.'le(lpei' noiy.    Hoimow to KVid  from $12.:*) to Sir* per utnuth  .   *��� r *,.=,,. ,     (  J AS.  R,  MOTION  lionl J.sinto nnd IneniruiU'p  I'hone.'ll, Alhernl * Phono IS, l��ort Alhernl  A phut for dlvldhi;- dm City of Ab  berni into throe ividtls tins discussed  at (he rej'iiliti' nii'elinj.' of the t'oiutcll  bekl on Tiiesdivv I'venliii'. Sevoritl  sti-iuesiloiis m*re niittle, Ijul the dlf*  llinilly wu*' pi llnd it phut that tinidii  lllti* ubiiut an even itmoum of pi.iporiy  values, unit ul (he same time divide  the popitlllllull eijtittll* The iissenMii"  nit* histrueird lo fxxuixw inn fm-lher  s|iiij,'|;le villii die problem ittul report  tit the in'vl liii'i'ilit};'.  The "tjttiibble between die various  local ileitis a. (it die vvottliii'i of wiiiin  of dm bt-Itili s still piociiHls merrily,  but the Cmmt'll resolved to meet the  I'lsjiilri'iiit'iii* i*f the lunik's btwycri*,  pity Ihe bit), nnd (jet on tilth the hind,  llk'ss, || limits tt little ns if (ho lawyers  for du* hunk '.'View with nliinii" the  Idcii of iiny*M)edritwln*.�� by-'ftw*. except  ihciiisrtvt's, and (hut this fuel, ruiiW  limn juiv rent weidiut-s. lu the hyditits,  li* cmisiiiji mo*! of dm trouble,  Tin* nuttier of various sidcwulks wtts  iiikrn up. and ttfmr some dUcits��lon  was (tuned over lo (he Public Wbrks  Committee, .Special ttiletttlon wan  called, to the comlldon of (tip widk  from flu* City Halt to (he Snuifis  Ti*!itlitii| Company corner, and the fnut  (hut die, Paiei'sim Towntiln* neediHl  bstkltui tifler.  In lliiiiticitd hud tor** a hll) for Is) cents  was all tlmt cimm up, tmd (his was  ordered p.dd, after due dellU'i-iitloii.  The inttKer'of oloririo Unlit* wtu  ajfitli! hi dio fiH't*. A counter pro|Kwb  (hm w��s Mif-*-o.t4'(l In (he way of tIlls  'city put tlnu In ihe pole Him from the  Port |Miwcr houtte, and !iiivhi*-(!u* Port  l����i"** fur the sitiue in �� Inter ditto. Until  with ivj-uril to (Ids villi l��t* nuked from  dm Port eleculckm. . ft wan nlt-n  dtoii'iht l*e,s! t��j mtike **miii- liHjidrltjs  itn tu ihe cost of pud bin In a siwi'li  IihvdjI plain, dtut itoiilil sum (he Mirpitj*  water fi'oto die pipe line of die Hojittr  Creek Wtttec Works Coniptiny-. now In  lirot'fkj-. oi |,(-ihi|- taken' o..ir by ilm  cliy. This M'ttuld hrldj-i* the (flip be-  (w.'cil (his it'lnier nnd the tline'when  (he Hllelilt*��Aj|now people,ikoeld Ih* tu  ��tiii|ie to iletlver Unfit and jn)wer\  Tlie hulldhi-! plan* of Mr. I.. Frost  wore nppHHi'd, nml the Council adjourned,  NOW PREPARiG      THANKSGIVING DAY  VOTERS USTS     WAS CEEBRATB  Cliy Clerk Hay lie is iitt��y th'-.o tiny*  pil'piK'lll.f llstat   of    lilt'   Vlll'lllllS    pl'llpli*  who ate entitled to vote id itn* eutiilm*  Civic   I'liH'lton,    The    llet'lil* of   |hi)*,*  vi Im ure entitled to llnd their indues on  (bci.e HmU will be fotiiitl  In  Ihe inker,  llseini'iii' ikltlch iippeiir**  In   lids   Is.tt,.  of Ihe Adiociile.    if yoii'iiti* the reals-  lei-til oktiier   of  properly   within  ihe  limit* of dm ('orpw-itl.oii   of die  Cliy  (If Alhernl l( Is not neeesMitry   for   you  (o even rend die advoriiw'uioni.   Mr,  Hay i.e tt Hi  place  your   ntitne on the  Ibt without further euro on your pan,  but it Is just tot tkelj to drop hi and ask  htm if It Is tbi'i-e.  H not a rojiisiom} prupei'ty owner  'tiler*'lint several nny* in which you  cttu .till "/i-t on the voiers lUtK bid  you will huve jo tippedr before Mr.  Itaynti und explain dm mutter (*> him  In poi'**oii, in tmveral of these case* It  will be neccustiry for .Vmi to utleiid lo  die mutter before die end of (his  month so dim It will be ns well for you  to read (lint ml. tn once nnd net In lint*.  There will lit* no "it/vent"*" around its  in it Proviuclii) or Dominion election.  You are the one who Is" vitally Interested, iitifjl dm dihiji* to do Is to  march rljiht down to'tbo City,Hull and  fidend lo the imtttor ut once. "Cimdb  dates," imd "plunks," and "|*tillt'tes"  and Mich, can Ih* u! tended to biter.  '1'hel'e lire vm,e p,*ople ll ho (u-ft In  ttoiibts n.s io iheesm-k amoimt of dibits  for it'hleh limy have to he dmuhfiil,  'Phi'ieid,' others vthuureipilie jitisiiive  llmt they biivi* iiedibu,' for vihlcb to  elve i hunks, 'i'liert* Is iiunln a tinii'h  lureer t*|iiss who know tjulie well I but  (bey dure mttuy- ihlln.'** In be dumkfiit  for. All (be uiembm's of iht'si* variiMs  cliissck iai���if (j hiiliilny op aMoiiitay in  otsler (o think dp* matte." over, mul  f i-y (o illscover If (here was nny t,-auon  to chiiiie,* dit'ir minds aUmi. (ids Inel.  iiessof ihiinl(s*,'|vhi*/.  Quite it number formed Unit* pun it**  and went buiiilntr. Most of die.se lett  the uniiiti iii(it coiitltllmi to hn ihiiukfiil,  ��s they never touched huir or feat her,  >\ few imri*diiceil ret}.��i"ei,s Into dm wild  tribes, und the humor hud n ehimce at  the (htmkfii! stunt.  A coiishli-rabio jtortlon of die pubtie  aMr. L. Frtlilti ������i-Siiriied boitie yek,p(..  dny, from u hiisbiiis*t nipdi Vmieiiiiipr.  Mr. C, Aiiilei'saiu, of Vfeiorla, ��.isii  Miii'sl tif (he Arliiij-lon en Sunday,  , Mr, W, Johnson, of \'iiiii'iiiivei>, via-.  ii'lllsteistl nt dm Arilmdmi mi Miuuliiy.  Mr. T. Hoberl*. of P,*rksvl||e, nil,, it  visitor hereon Weilnc-dtiy.  Mr. W. Mlicheii, of Vlc(oi-hi�� ��vm����  vii*|lor In die cliy ihirbur xht- week.  Mr. M. MeMlliim, of Hnmliekl, spent  Tlmrsdriy In Alliernl, mi buslnes*.,  Mr. II. Lee, Houd Hiiperliileiideiil,  ri'iurmsl homo op Tuesday from a vMi  lo the east coast,  Mr. and Mr., M. Caiiuiiiell, of Vic.  torlii, spent it feit- t)ny�� holiday hi (he  city this week,  Mr, 11, c, Wlihehiiusti, of viciorju.  TO THE CASS1AR  W'le'd Siv, ittul Mrs. C. C. Luke leh  fne'tbelr much bt South America they  Wont ��'ia Js'eiv Vork. llert* (titty ivt*is<  '' ftintii' '.i' i* i'l'isii'ler for the New Vork  Tidies, nml (be fiilhivvld'i interview  vihlch appeared In dutt paper of Oct..'I,  IN.lki'S i|ileiesdll|| li'lltlhi).' for tht1 wide  circle nf fi lends which the Luke* hu villi their .Mberiit limnc  "The number of those 'who have  t-iiitche. in l'idit'.'Oiilft niul dn theirj  ���vhoodii".' licit*- dm Atvtic Circle, is!  . smtill, in fuel mi fiic'.'ts |s iditttvii, the  only member*, of iIn*oitler id-e Mr, ami  Mrs. (', c. Luke, who v*idiii' down from  Hrldsb Columbia die other dtty, and  left yt'sieisbiy for Himnos ,\yro!>,  "The best blu.t-ume hum inj,' rejflim  1 kinitv," sidtl Mr. Luke, n( I he Wot.  cod, t�� wlint f. ltiitik*ii ii�� ihe Cusshu*  loiiidry, in die etktremi*'north of Hrlo  Lb Cidtduidis. Voti'luivo lo 1,'ike a  ' ftO;iit-it-r tisitti Vitiicotivei' lo Wiiuiifell  fr-lutid, Alitkliti, umi dun precctHt by  jlit.Milim* i*iml to tin* StUtluo Hlver untl  tip dial to TolciMiipti CiecU, (he hctul  i>| iiiikiettiiiin, Tiien ton ,idti imi'tte-t  up uloii"! the river lor K��u mlbti,  "'i'lii'l*' Is itll UbiidihdtCe of -.'tbid*,  told iiliick beafi of j'otit, of (wo |ilulls  of sheep, die Stone und .(he Fuiiilill,  of I'liiilkiiu umi nt itiiMi.e, Not many  humeri* have tuimtl their viuy Into (he  |-��'*|liill'lis yet, diou-jll unille have been  tittiixxj there foe us many as seven  yeitr.s.  "Here Is tt picliirn of u moose I noL  'J'lm iipi-oud of die tinders measured  (Id I'i Indicia, and tltey hud twenty*  olKbl point**. Here are three firkiKlh-s  thai 1 Kol- within one tnlmtu>. The  ���Itilde spotted diem all three (.'-lollier,  It dml< ihree shots io brbiji down the  old one, which was tnlrly. yards nwuy  when she rolled over,  "This caribou," wild Mr. Luke,  -Utklm,' ii(> iiuot her plot lire, "made (he  recoi-d spread for. Hrltlsh, Cohitiiblit,  iviib .Vi 1-.1 Inches, nnd horn** ftl I--  :Inches )on)|, Mrs, Luke lt< dm .first  vi'iilnidi who shot, It .moose tip there.  Till**.In ii -picture of Moose Camp, where  the hunters, who have boon up.ihi|i:e  tbirlti'i tim lust seven years, have left  their records on the trees,   These' re  cords are written In lend pencil on  btifdsts und nulled to ibe trees, nut I  Midi Is dm dryness of tho nlmosphere  Ibid tltey are still cleitr. Of course,  iheri'i'oi-ds ���.how (he number, mime,  st/e or peluisnf the intimitis killed, It*.  IP'thcr nilh the mtme til (he limner  imd his nuide. Ami it seems Inert*!-  thh'i hut nil lite I'l't'iifiis :tre coi'reci,  "I was up dii'ist jurat six weeks This  lime, imtl -*ol lifieeu head of Uin -,'ume,  The vvlioh* rcuioii fnlrly tee,in�� wiih  piiirmljiau, which make Him eutlnn,  tmd m-e tljlllcult io sh(H*( beciinse they  ehim**i�� thucoltii" of theirpltmiiiifti with  the setivtn, bi'ctinilii}| snow wjirte in  wilder. They litok very iinii'h like  willow "-isiti.ti,"  , "|K�� you find "tilj/ i>aiue slitM)dii<."  diiUrlori.i'H for (he hun-teri"'' Mr. Lu,ke  wits asked.    He siuiletl.  "1 ctddtol see where the dani,'er \�� If  the ytnimi'is at !e��s( iwomy-l,ve yiiiiU  oil, imd you lutVikji (('Oi,| rjite, ( ran  conceive duo if u nrlii'ly jjiit vildtln  live yutds of you utter you Imil wouip  tied him, be ml-ibt make IbinjtrAa li(tle  0Ut't-lllfl!t'iul'll>."  "I have t��t>iin ��� r'tuehint,*- fnurlt*!'!!  yt'iii* In die Arwcndin* H��'piiblh*,'"Miid  Mr. Luke, bt iiusiiei'dMt ijuesduii, "To  be ostU't, (lei Itx'titleu tif mu' ranch 1*  In PjiOtipmlfi. 'i'here tire ihrci* of us,  uml w i* tn tu* turns of a year i-m-h on  the phtcc. When wo boui-hl the \��\h  perty t'ltiht***'!) y euro nj|o, vve pukl sj.\(y  cello* mi acre for It. Now (here Is no  land fur Mile In dm vlvluKy.  "Peopte ore inttkbi'' u.i*<*inI Income  ft out their lauil, and they have tm  Ihotd'bt of sellhiji, H is tt fine urii'.lii"*  coimtry, untl vve have :td,ddd head of  KILLS TWEiWY-ElGHT  dmep'  Annua) Meeting.  Tin* timiiutl iiii't'tltii| of the Atticrn!  A-|i'lculiuriil ttnd Industrlitl, Assoehi.  tlon will ho held In the City Hull, at.  Albernl. on Hiilutdity, October i!*di.,  at U..'ld p.m. .Tho hiishit'M* to bo trans.  iiouh! Is tlit*���'r-oi>dvl��jjof repori.s cover-  hill thif pa|t your, and the elect Ion of  olllceis fiir the eiiNtiln>> year. The  itiisliios** of the Asspciitflod Is ���jfi'iywlnjf  rapliliy, ��dd ll is to bt* hoped dint there  iviil lie tt. 'jood turnout ut. themmuiil  i.Utibtbiif, ft l�� up'io' dmsn who have  tim weHitre of the District'ul. heart, (o  ���live this Assdcliidon every siip|K)i-t, In  their |)oiver, and to take,, tin active jin-  teresL b* ItJtlt'un-iitclbpw.  Ttventy-eiiibl .pel-Mill*, wort' killed ii  few days ttftt tii'in- J.ihidmbdial, dm"  miiiiy, III flu* e-iplosioii titlti full of  Count- Zeppelin'** latest dlrl/iihle hn)*  loon, the 'Midi."  Tin* (in'.dv-cl||h( men represenb-d  the t'Miit-e .ii'i'soimc! nf the admiralty  boiirti viiiich was tti coiuliii'l (fit* tlmii  tt-lul.ui"the dirigible, Inolllit'' to Its  iiceeptitiit'e by the /mvcrmiicut us a  new milt uf ihe Ocrimm iterht) navy,  (lie pilot and crew nnd Invited fiucst.,  t-b-ery pursoii that went aloft In the  bill' iibi'lilji Is dead.  Tweniy.seven of (belli were kilh-d  iduiost Insi-iudy by- the ttsplosloii of  (he tins In the ballmniedes or Iniriicd  to death ,1* (Im* llituihin Wt-ecli fell to  th-*'Hi omul from it hol-dd of t.-i feet  und 1'iiveloptsl lliimi.  One mini, Lieut, Huron Von Hctif.'of  Ihe (hieim a\ delist a ureniidier iiuaiib,  u -iiit'ttt nf die udiidriily l*na(d, vittse"*-  ii'iciiiiiit alive h-oui *bc 111(0*0' twlsitsi  **|-*"ck��jfe. HI* eyes were burned mu.  mid he .uttered dtlier IcrribUt butts,  Hcyifhiii his resciiem io Iv iii him  mul eitil bis kiiili'i liin>, be was diked  to a bospidd, where bodied,  Tilt' "Ldl," hiltl It piVVisl ..ilt'eessful,  Mould liitke been (itiui'hmi to ;lm uei'lftl  corjui of the navy, which ttfte ��� (n-duy'n  ftttitlllb's, has only itvo men trubied for  coiiditimiicrhhlps,  Rifle Match.      ,   ,  The'I'liiukksjilvinii' Hay rille match  tHiiwccn (ho Hrhikwiiler   Hoys of ,\|.  In'rnl und a picked loam from tliclV-rt,  rosiihod In u win fur the  Port  after  Minie of tho  finest  shtvillup  dial  litis  been m��en on tho  rimj|e.   Top   w'ore  (or dm sou-tun was nmtle by >L .'oltits.  Urn, nnd all die,score*, wore, of die  wiiiiiliiy class when It come**  io  itsiiii  work,   Tim Hi'Snkwiiler Hoys certainly nave a hoihI iteeount of llietttselvtM,  tmd are .iti-dm'*. to have uimdter try ul  the (jitmo, ttu tjim Oi- (wo of lld-ni cmt'i  difnly shot hchiw  thole normiit  form,  cud   shotild   do   bet (or ituitihor tline.  The ruiiifo wits not p��,rdculitrly, fitvor-  tilde for hl'di scorhif.' which mule's die  (otitis all the nmt'e cri'dltiible,  TIIF, SCOHHS.  PlUIT Al.tlKKNI   HlFI.I'J Tl'.VM.  iL dolmsion ,  Saunders  H. ArmstiHinii  P. liritkos  tittrrttitl  ���.���no  fat II  m)  vd-i,  ytln.  yds.  Tl.  .'Kl  ;f.'t  ;ki  tl.l  ���jk  .'Jd  \ii  W  :m  :h  iyi u  *r��'  Ki  L'd  '��1  .11  HO  ���j-i  Ll..  a i  a*.  ���ti;i  DitiNKw.vTKii HmrrniniH.  of the (wo iowiin went Uji (oClarke's  Held Id witness die Ml'iiflifh'** of two  scratch tenuis, miu from the Port, and  the nt her from Alhernl, white (bey  settled u llltlo footlml! ar-iiimcnt.       c  The Pen leam look dm ifdiiin A to 1,  mid die Albernl Uiyu hud u duiiici* m  be ,diiinkfui when tht* jiimit' wii*j ovnr.  So hml the /icnern] |iuhlie because It  enabled the "Scnlurs" lo j-ot out of  the wuy, mid ullow the Junliirs to  come In and show them how foot Imt*  should tat played, ThU junior name  with the second of the series for dm  "Walton Cup," and Iho Alburn! l*ovs  clashed with the Hi'inus .limloitt In one  of die prettiest s��ruj{i��hij* dtut bu�� eviii'  been witnessed on clurke'** Held. In  the (li-ft half dm Alliernl ynuiIe* played  rbiiis iii-P.mid the Heserviidim laitds.bui  hder on (be Miperior coiidld>iii of the  luitt'f mid, .-imI die fluid mis ut'tcti to  dm Albernl end, 'i'lnie ufte��* dmti die  Indians nili*��fd scoring only by |lu>|  nitrrowe.st .ntitrifhi, niul  It   wn* really  IIS   milch llllist  hick thttt belli  the mid a. an  wit* tt l*i 1 hi ftiv  as u whole (be boys are well tittdrlicil,  and (he series ��dmn|d develop some  line (���nines. Mluht. the Advoonte sun.  ��-i*M thnl (he Albernl hoy*, ���'Pi mil und  do u little mud work to Improve dielr  soiyiii'i dualities. |f tills u not (Ium*  (hose 'i|iiiiriii<rni'i* llttlile (o {���ive (hem  li-oiihle yel. Keep ut It l-oys, Vtiu  (ire doliur tbliv  The weal her was line, and nluuM  everylMHly fimiid It nn excuse to /|ii  sotiu'Where, so tlmt ilm UonnlH vviw  ���It'liertil, nml tin* burdens of Wo* u lit11c  l!-dit*��i< for the brief "play spell,"  wiii   I't'i-lfiierrd  ut   the   Alhernl  on  Monday. ,  .Major I'litibi-ior, of Victoria, tins In  I hi* cliy for a f���w days ihln u,*,i|{  ���|,��  business ��i?,l plitiiHtire combined. "  Mr. I'/l. Henderson, of Henttl**, die  Wfll-kitown thnbuc I'fiilM'i", vUlted Ab  berni hist Kidurdiiy, -.  Mr. W. .1, afeirerMm, iuiinii("i*i' of dm  Kikloniiii Ciiiiiieryiit Ih-hiicldt'sli, cumif'  In mi Suturduy on business,  f-  ���Mi-,  W. Hiihsott; of Victoria,' was in  Alliernl on Hatimhiy, doln*,'' business  with  thiMttciil ineii')i!ifit��i in tb,i in.  li'i'et.(s~finTlTiiisay Hroi..', of Vanctuiver,  Mr. H. it. Irvintf, ��'f dm i'ubflc  Works Heparlmem. of, the l-rovhu'lnl  (litvnrnuiciit, was In ihn'iHr.tiK'i hi*!  week on iillicliil hiisbitiss,  Mr. W. II, Lticey, representhit�� (be  H. p. Hlthot'Cn,, of Vlc��irlti, tvus in  Albm-nt on Wednesday (loln-a- busiues*!  wllh (In* Ipeul inei-cluints.  Mr. Hlnwiiri M. Heitcl l�� spemlhiir �����  "  luck thitt heiii (hem iu f,.4V ,|UV44 |,j ,w, ,|Nl,.,.��� ������,.���*,,., .���,,.,;  yl,hb)j| else. Iihimh. ,,,��� (l,i,,,y |,M,|,I(,��� imerests tviiieh Ills  ���tvor rtf A1'"*!-    ����>"��  Urn.' have, l*o< him he eliy idi,i up i he  valley.  Messrs, O.   \V. Appeldorn and   IL- -  Oid'iiiidi  left, on Siimhty-   for Hohlsux  Ishtiiil, at   die mimdi  of   the  Ciinitl,  where I hey   will bidltl n imiuniei" iv��\-  denee fm< Mr. P. Miles,  L*Oil  .'*i)d  din  v*  Ills.  yds.  yds,  Tl.  Alfred  ���'ktll  1.11.  ':-.��  Hi  .lllllles  , .'II  ���i*  tw  8*  \U>ii  St  ir.  vii  * K(l  Fivd  t-'il  ;iu  '.t'l  10  (li'di'fe'e  UA  >t-i  HI  11  ltd  St wm Laundry,  Buslneau Chanfio.  The ItiishiusH known ie* die Paler-  son (iiit-ir.'.'o has passed into (ho hamls  of Cup!. (1. A. Hull, und from now on  (hat "-cmlfuiim will have ibe pei'sotiiii  inami'ioiui'm of (hi* lusdtulion. , The  I'lipiuuilou of Cupt. 11 ntt" is aj'iiaritntcf  of careful attention to biinlness, mid ��  iookiri"! ttfter dettdis. duii Will assure  jiau-oiiH, that, their wlint.s will be  promptly ittioiitleil to In a sattsfttotory  nmiiner. The loouiloii of tbo' danilie Is*  very , I'oiurnl, and the totirisi and  'sportsiiiiiiivho comes lu (orn vl>!t will  llnd supplies of, nil ���Muds," and u skllhsl  nioehnnlo to iitleml to any needed repairs. ,'i'lm public iietii'ittlly villi; be  stipplh'tl tilth cut's id rc'tsojiahJo rates,  imd in tin* hands of careful drlvei-H.  The Albernl Steam Laundry It tinttlu  miller vv,ty, and liU'iilit1,' oik lin. en;,  celiem line of work. The hmndry Is  now uodei'1 tin* Hiiiniiifeiiieiit of Mr.  l-ktwin Wyint, (tint ihe work will ho  done by himself and wife, Mr. niul  Mrs. Wyitll huve hod ��t��iiie iweiily  years en.pi*ileiic(i id (hi. cho,-,.��( nork  in Imdi Cimidii mut (be old Cmmtrk,  mid tire itbl" to (tintout U c!u��*. of ttoik  dial l�� ijtiHe up (o thestiinihiisl net in  tlie bl|| eilles,  of the lititt'dry will be dom< every Men.  dtty mm-iihij,'. and ibai jnomjit delivery  will be made oi dm Mime, Mr. W'yuu  ttssiit'i's the A'^'ocut" thut dn* finest  ���dlkw und woollen eoods will In* ijiiltu  safe in his hands, iukI (hut dm ladies  can send idoiiji such (lood* with full  conlideiu'e (hut ibey will lie hiiiidh*d in  fm expeil niunnei-.  A Mount laundry is one of die ro-  tpilrciiit-tu-i of the district, tmd It.didy  liecds- u.y;oiHl clfi*,s of work to lie turned  *mt, lo command the *iti)>por(. of dm  nntli-t*- smimuiHlilcii of l*oth Alherni  and the Port, us well ua tho ��u.r��  roiiiidhid country,  'I'iin Advtx'ttlc kvlsheii the new btisi-  iiess every success.'.. ���.;  ,;"..'''. nq/maliOk*' . ;���',"' ;���'���.���!  Counsel: f'Then yon think he '*(ruck  you Willi tuidlce tiforoiho.it/iht V"  Witness {indl/infintly): "Von can't  mix'nm up. like ihitt.'. I'vv told yoii  twice lu* hii iho itith'ii brick. There  wasn't ue imtllets nor nodiiit' of tho  kind about."       ,  Hunting Accldcsnte.    <  aMberiil lulls been forltnmie tn the  fact xhM there huye been no soHomt  hmdbt|| iiccltlenis since dm openhuf of  (he season, .hist how ft.rttinitte will  nppt-iu" from luokhiif over (j?iv piipi'i'M  txn ihey come In. Ah-cmly scvtij-itl  case* Juiv** been re)Mirtt*d iu which die  lu'cldeuiid dlM*hurj*o *if (itins In die  IiiiiuIn of the uvvmei's have ii'.-ulti*d hi  serhms wounds, mut iho tisim! (piotn of  "Shot by friend hi mlsoike hn* it deer"  Is hojiliinhdr to ftppeitr,  Hcsitlemt, tif the Albernl Dl.trlei  will do tietl to remember (hut tli)**  UUirlct K in* loniiei'ii'i It wits a /.iw  yeiipa. ii||ii. Theit hiitUnrs front (he  outside i-mldii'iii came here, mul She  settler* bad it lu��ner chftnee to avoid  these ilccldfut*), F.veii then the hi*.  [ut'y of (hi* old. dny* is ��u( bmldnii  In seveiul (riijilo hnppenliii"��,    A*   (hi'  pn-si'fii tiiiii1 ti ih "Oil iftiiie ii!il.f;i'r">us  tn an winiderliiii ihisitinh iiu>~i)ii*,||.  Since die strike ul Nimiiliiio Ilm eoun.  try at the MimitiU of the mmmi'tin hits  heen n numph)'' (���round for a htrne  idimln*r of hnntei's, A himlh)",' puny  leavlmi Albernl I* nni wwiirc of die  fuet (bat ti parly from the other dlreo  tlon Is 111111(1)1(1 over the Mpiie jfriiund,  und i-joru cure is needed In lu-luj^ t-ulio  siiiv of the nut ure of the ."(hiitio" hn.  foro llriuif. Tliore are men who will  iv under throiifih the woods flrhiK ut  tmylbinj."-   thut    moves,   Such    people  Messrs. ,1. H, Pjlmuti mid IL I-.. Hray  were hi die city on Mouiluy nnd Tue*i.  day. (lectiriulntr the Imvil .merchiiiiis  windows wllh White Swan Soup .lis.  pluyx,  Mrs, ,\, SiimpMiit wan tt pits-tt'iijier on  Friday's train on her wtiy to Join her  Idisbiind, ui dm h'-d Miie House tm*dte  Ciirihihi Houd, ut kiliieh point he was  recently uii'mlnlcd (tuvcrnineiit Akhiii,  Aiiuiit','st the audi parties io spend  dm holiday hi tin. district .tore.,Mr,  uml Mo, .), W, Major, Mi's, L.(iarrutt,  Mis** Waujih und Mr. Jim, Honor's, of  Muiitccutt ami J. V, Mo*t*m, 'I', Mitum  untl i>. l>. McTiivlr.li, of Vleloriit.  ^���IS��4*S*t*<./'4rt*��A^*'\rt)>*%k/AlS<0^^  \ FOOTBALL I  *Wn*s��^��sv^A^*-v^^^',^��**A*^  I'ort fMberiiis were ayidn vletertous  In (heir iiiuim wllh Piirksvlihi plnyed  id die Perl hi,s( Sutinxbiy, when they  won by a MJoiv of ,'l (p li 'I'lu* vis-Inn-*  were biphy hmtdli'iipi.'ed by I he absence  of si couple of (heir tii*.( pluyerst The  id'At IetKi-iti* 1,'imii* w||| im plftyotl to  the Port (o-moi-iinv at .1 p.m., when  It'Oil leam ��i tl! Hue.up i>/pi|ii��t (Id*  Port.     Tin*   f-iliowli*'-    jil"*yi*i-s   havo  lll.iiti   pit.In.J   (O  rept'll-,4ll)(    iilik. iallril.'    .  (loal, A. I-!. Hrbikwitter! fulldMieks, H,  Walker mid S. Kvauwin; hti!fd*.u-ats, S.  (', Ht'iinc-ti, It. F,rlek**oii imd .1, Pry tie:  fiirwidsts,    (*.  SViniitiey, |��,   Soub',    IL  Si'Otl|,rnll,   H. Mi*i"*"uy_��sjiilJ**. Wldebite.   Hi-serve, II   Hlbblit.  Tho Hunting S-saaon.  The stitd in eve hud drunk Ills llil,  And lidijihcd beside tiie'rlpplln-i rill  While ltimici"s through  the wtssthiiti!  npi'd  have  no business   with  a  licence  toJ-And shoteiu-h other full of leml.   ���  curry (lrtuirms and It- In to ho lioptit  lluit the (ilium Warden will see dim  uny accidents are followed by an In-  vesti(|tdion tdmii! these"lines, and bodi  dun and Hcenco.'t'Jtikon from those who  in**) not lit to.hiivp tlio suriie,      ji    .  .Mciinthm.) ��** there are ivlurjiof mini-  her of liimtorti Jn this District than  ever, before*, it Will he well to use (ho  (���retitcHt care vvhlb* out '..idler, "lunie,  A red hut orsvi outer Is tin excellent  llil'iill to wear, nnd they appear u* huye  n�� effect hit he wilij' of frij-litrnhij! die  deer.' ���' ��� I'.' ������  "How triad 1 inn,''  tht' stti(|lt-i hjtoKc,  "Tbut I am not. tt human bloke,  For rtfty-seven other men  Would follow   nm through  (iliide and  ���', ���'Hbm  '���'.���'���  Add.idii/sU- i.i id fifty' lbn.es erinore  And lot ..mo perish In my ium',  Hut, betnjf as Itiiii, ttdeei'i  Tlicro ls."nt nnythinii to feur.  For hiintei-s coldly pitsi, im* by,  And look itt mo vv|||> vacittd eye."  And throutih the woodland' j-hides'lie  -sped,  To leiirn how iiiimy guides were dead,  ki *W^.4*.*1*r**^*>*-T*ll*.y.��.t^.w,**i.... v*7~fte*.r .uKfU  fi. '    '  'i* J? '  Slet \ I-.*'     '*.   ., ia*i Hi THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  THE ALBERNI. ADVOCATE: l;-^,-,:,^;;;,;���\��  Thu AlUrnl Adv*K��i#  l*ubt|f.hhi{- nnd; Kxpeiiliieidni   Isii'ld,    Till si hmd  Print!*.* Co.. Ltd.. xY^HwW:        L^ '��WH���te,| lor linluhtrtlil i'U��"  J, I'. liLL'DitOK   *   ��.��JK��P m��d ������-*���?��*" 15,OM"      k*,m   .vj,,.,.    t|���.w.   j,,.  i "  11 tint lie-*, were lo nrt'iv*' on the  ���scene did not nppeur hi llio  svnidhi-.' id the fe*(Utv*t for ex-  (���iiipltoi!, Su'hYiont be it to Miy  tlmt it otdmideruhh' nuiount  of  |'i|it!,klii.l i,t .*|l.. nit, dtdiali < ..lull ' It. ill  lite li'ta ,t*A*i<f Villi * .1,111 l.iialiitliit* I" Mis"!  iiif AIU ,))< l'itt.)i'4 tti |Mitit'i))��(  llf ml Offlcaji   Alt"��rel, II, C.  A��t-t'!'<l| 1)1 t|..' f..'.llll��l-)H .li.lli'latl I'T  tltHlkltalkkinil llOMIik'tt lli..)iM-i��l*.*i��s,lkllt't��*.  i*��lllt>-|.  jtiixen   Melt*   reiidtli'd on    the  ���k*,t.*'i.iui..'i�� in limn* -ii i'.��i*tnu, on-oiiiifi Mtrej)i"th of   vvhitt   tin* railway  lllti.'ili'lii. ,ViiSlrtl)J,t    S- ti  /*-4'-il"l.  S. ���**.'�� ml                                                    ... .          i      .i  company   w'm��     K-dii|jf to do,  Imitl uli*! .ill)-'*  is.iD.iin .  ��*'li Hiii'liO  |��i*l*)  tlVtlUOIilllk. Hill    III     **..!,**(   ">l   d"   lt<lll��**ll.,'  t.'llll-;'  lltil' Vi'.-O' > ' t^1"  *.|k.   Mlllllllk , .        I <��'  |'ii*1��*1<   I" lllt'llllll''.l   UIIII**    Mf. list allMl 4*11  |.:.|l.i|.| .ill llilll t'l III |    'tlll'll/ll   iSlllllltllkll l"l"<  ti'ur i'kiifj  eiinijikf.ii nil |i'i/���l ))i.tiis. itili 1-e tin1 .shim  Ht,i|i,..ci'kttil.ttktte.l li* li'i-ll.*' ijflttt^HISi'ilt.',  UlllI lllllkt  III' |l!llll lit  II-1* Mill.' (  TO CORKt.SPONPKNra  Alli,t*llillltilllt'*illi'i".iill'I*1-"'   '"��' l'��l*ll'"*U''JI  lllllkt   tt"  ���llS'ill|l|,>lllll'U   *lllll   I')*'   lis"' siiU.it  al*a.k��i)f iJi,i��ill*r, inn *))xs-kkiit>i|** fiirpulilles  tlnu imt ii.it 1/iini.uitirnf i-'iuxl I'lU'i *������ i-i'aiiiii.'i  uiltlfliNlit'lti ri'dlli) t.'ju'ii'.l )s��))ii)**iiii'��di.|i*,  Nit e'liiiuii'iaiiliiii itili I*' i'lii'l ("��� l"**-dt' tsuitrl  tuitimiki-kts-t't di' *.ji*4*|itl Hii<aiii��'iiitut  Land Act Notices.  T        ���     t    r  ALIlMIN'l UMI Olsf OUT.  Ol��liJ'-1   I-)   Il,ll��ill.  Tit*.** rLilliy- dml ,l,-i  il l', i*1��-iJi|,t,ti.,si j,.!m--. i  i   I'.irkl Hi.-   t.f ,\tl*i fill  ���i. ,,iii mU t��-i>|'l�� i-  -M.llCdM |,AS"I�� 0p4||(|i'l'  DUtiAt-t ���| N'l.'-lt-tt  'liii,.' nt.|.,S' d.ttt  *|'||n���ijfc j,iii., k  Mid ..   ,.f  |{ liMllli.t,   III,".   *K��-.lp,,tlilll   ill,il'l I      lllil.'lk   li*  si|-|'l*   (nr |a'|i|,|k*ti.ti t,, |,tin 1, i.i il,i f,.';.-�� li.j  , til ki ri).,* Irilit!,, '  *-.,iiiiiii iii Hit,- nt �� i���,m |.j���,,i,,i,., ii,.-it,��e.  Kl    . *k;l,*U|.iatl.l��� ,,.ili-4 I, ������.   a.Ua Mf. I..-|.-'ll,  1-i ,��� ,( ,4,..,,. , (l| I lie (Jl��� 4,| , I ,!,,   |l���i|.- It i(. M ) ..",  IM*tl.I*kl.lllt,l|.l|,|)l,i��,   II..    l-'.ii.H lll,l   'i   *l*|l*.l (|,| |���^    (1,1,1),   Mi   ,*,,.|l,k.   il.li.4a'   ���,.|��it,l, ,.||n.  ll"'*'                                             ,                        ,,,..,     . ! ll*.'US' ati'klitl   f* III*)')*,  |i,i|W4' f,,kl   1'��*1..ill,��,  * .���lllil.NH IlliC nl li |- ���*' I ik'H-l S's'ilU'l't-ll till* ,,��� mv ,���,���,,, ���(,��,���,   j,, , ������,,,��� ,., ,��� h,,,  ,,,, ,,t.���  ,   *  __ . , *1  ��"4*4  t"aj#     ���*>���*.'���**     HlUMUil    -If   hii   r^l'-l   (M    -I*"l -I H'-l  iiutll   aai   a 1.4111.   Iltl l,S      J(.   {,UlU,  ���,   ,,������,���, ,���,,.���������,     ,s,���is,,���,,.r   V.'.ll'  .-     ..ilia     J*. I   I    li.all.1.   Ill   llaaflll '  .'����i   Uf  Oil- -HHttl.,,.' 1- ii-'l, "M*-1 SIX   t la, ltd   , |���|.���kt4���rf  l��,A,,|,   *,������,��1 ,�����,,, ,.4,��.tl4sU���4S   4-rtkt   **,�� 1 ll,itl.k    tin... .    lentil   ���.��  I l.-ltll.   Utiles      j...   j,l,a|j,  **��1*l   *��." t'lmt'lk.  t'l.ii*    s .lllli a��>t'latlltkli. |*ail||  , ,^, ���,.,, ^  nf l-��.*l|IIU'lkt-4-Hil-tl|   ,.i,.li..,11.lllillilll'ill i> kltllll*   '  IT S-'ka  ab'iiii iyi��,*iii*  JimitV, lui*   ' .*.������.'  I l-l  ,-,|,|i: liM I.VN'O l��U*Tin*T.  J),��ii ,i i -il tliiielit)  Jtitii- tit. 11)11  *rf.tlit).(* ^tIII.i , **!-*aiik  Vfr'     f   O  iU,ili:i<VI l.AS'1) Oi��i-ll!liT. :  jii.tjii l iif Huii i| ]  'iiil.e iiiiims* ilita=iViia,ii.. iii.iu.H,  ..i  V'^'i i  Tttl.il *.i.l ..s   ll,..l   ���I'��i,..ii.ik Mi-Kitiimti, nt ,\i  ,*-'")"��� UO,. ia)��'iU'iilla.it iii'lf. ���, .nl* ihU ��".'!  Umi.   in      ...,,|,.ii���n cite-��i|i,.   ilil. iu!*   I.. ��� I'1'   *'"   I"'" J��s'*'H  l<> |.iiu'!ntu- I Ik-  l"!ii-i*'iii' ,  tl|-,-i)    |..|   |- llll|k,l���j|  tt* I'lill'lllIM- tilt- >l.ll,,l*tl,*i  ill'-ot'lllssl l-ll>itk'  |. kl'lilia.l iildU' =       I  "|Mlllll'��llll|'*ll �� l*"kl  |l|nlllf.| O.I..I),llli��  I'lki  The Ailvn.'itLi tiitlitJetl out ut the I    ' ���"" "*'"'' Mt " I""1 .'I'mml ��* ii*i*n..nii !"',', V"' ."'"'l" .1*''*' -""?'"��� " t"vu>��i ���' '''"l'i" I  lilt    Ail\(H Hi.*' l��()ill!l'U OUl  ill   HI'   i      ^ ,,,,,,1,-, .., |^,|  j,*,,,  II*. tki-4' hi.otli *..i liiiliis  I I'lsll*'"!   el   lllil.'K-   llii-itis    hi  ,-l���,|t)��   l���,l. i,  W.   HEASLIP  Contractor ��nd Builder  Estimates Furnished on Alt Classes  of Work in the Building Line  . mtuuiti.tikv  ivmit thm*.' tux*'*. "������ "��*��-��>-'nt-uii.i,.^4---vn'.-v;:,.':;;-    r* ,""> ������,,*i,!;;,M4,,,,,.M**..,-        !  ittmtrleK eiiiiie   into     ���"*���-."�� . *'"���"��    I   j..,���. m mu ',""'""\\O'Vii    |  +W  ��e  Alkurnl, U. C, C*m��d*    ������   OeC 34. 1013  THANKSGIVING.  AiND tlniilly, iny dour licurorK,  iik we lool( hiiclt on tho put-d  ,vonr, how inuoli. wo r��'iilly hnvo  'to ho tlmnkfid ftsr. How thitnlc-  ftil.wo should .ho thnl xo ofton  wo lulled to uti'twhnt wiiHcoiulnr4'  U> tm. How ofti'n tho pwlftly  wlihwInH hrli.'k of inldforluno just  inlisHOtl tm. The fuel tlmt it fow  of utii nro Htil! nllvo kIiowUI bu  ���sulHclont." Cid-o hill's .''il.., *��nd  tlOH-riittlinK tint, to tho UiIIn of  cunlnoH who would ho otliorwUo  ij|idU�� httppy. I (i't hn tulco "We  Should Worry" nn our goldon  toxt for tho coiiiliiK ymir, nnd ho  tlmnltfiil thut, thotiKh hIIkIiiI.V  iIIhIIkiiihnI, ,\vc nro wtlll iu tlio  rlii(4.  .M.Ill'HM  I.ANII IIIHliOi-l'.  |)l��tll,'l t.f |t,li. lit  Al.ddltS'l laVNO OlVf Ult'l- .-  ' lljkllti-t III II I.,-1,11, \  'I'itlu. lliillt i'Otiil Mlintli-I'liulii-  nl   I'm in ii��  i    Tnlit' m-t��i*4* tiiut ,*t|i-*.iiii|i i ,1, U.IJik, ui   ���,!  ���  It   ��', lk-f',l|IM|liul| ItlHllil.l ��.llllllll IHO U,l*    IIIUI'   (lu'llll,    111",   all t'li|l,il Itlll   ,   iltulllll     Ulll llllk   Inj  (���It fm ix'ilitl.kliill ID   |.i>|tllBii'   tin'   li'lliiHiiia,1 j al'l'd   I'" Is'ifiilskl.iti til I'iilt'li.iw Uu ("lieultli' j  l||-M'ltl'ts| ll.lhtk' ' 'ill WMlktl lullllS j  I tllitlHI Ili'Dlil lit it |i.i��l |il,llltr.l *4l   i'lmlllrl l-,|kt j     (Vlii1lll.Ht.llll/ til i| |kik( |ilnl|!.vi tt.tftntlll- i-Mkt j  nf till-klilllll l'rt��l l.llliil uf I 4't   Vii   tin'Din   t .|kl in) III)'  Hindi ��'**-(  I,l|lli'* mi Ij-I "**), lit. Hi*.' t'��kt  **) I lllllllk, llll'lll,' 11.11 i |l M.I'llllllik | lii'lMS' Ul kl   ***    kal .'lllllllk,  llll'lttsi   kullitll   kit I'litilllk   llil I.I a' Ml ,I  I lliiftt*. (Ill flic kiilltfl 111 lllilll.    til   till' (siittt    III ' nlCitllitlk, IflCIIIS. Iliilltl Mlilliiatllk li) III.- Iklflit   iif  .���lllllllll-!)l-.'|,l|,,'|t llilll. i,lllillilll,' till!    III'IC,    llllllt   .. tV.iillli IHVtlll III.  Itllil  e,|litttlllllM ('I'I cllli'4 Hi!.)  tit ll'kk  Mlllllll't'lillttl-  Jlllli'W. IVPl  Aula-   I t.i  NO CARS.  TT ir. tuidoridood that nevontl id  kUUHVtt SlMflilHI k*4JKS*t 1  MINING MATTERS.  AN ohLthuo tnlninir mint, -ivho  hiiH boon mon* or Ioch In  tho   Kinno   for   tho   lust thirty  yoarn it round the I,rovlnc**,r Iuim  JtiHt roliirnod to tho count nflor  p. trip throtiRh tho intorlor.    Uo  llio hijWHt hunber iiiUIm on H.ftl((}| ||lHl j|y ,mM ,)(um Hi,vom[  Vhiu*oiii'(M' Isluutl oltltor havo  inhtit down, or nro uhout to do  no, on Hi-count, of tlio MhorUitfo  Of tmi'M In wldoh to Hldp tholr  products to the ICttHtorn niurlcoU*.  Ak this purtlouhir hranoh of tho  K. tt' N. win* hiiilt hiru'oly with n  viow to tnldnif out tho woullh of  tlnthor in tho Alhi'rnl Dlt-trlot, it  would l(M>l( id- K tho"*o in o.lmrKO  of the lino hud boon uwltiop at  tlio Mwitoh whon thoy havo  nl lowed' a HliorUiKi. ofwiVH to  eloi.0 down noino of tho ehlof  HonrooH of incomo for thotr line.  If Htitno of tho olHHuin of tho  M. iV- N. [Vwould tako a tilth*  Ichm t-lnio for their vurlotm tnor**  or Iomh prlvato real ontato donlx  nnd Hpoolul "town hoonm," und  pny it littlo tnoro ntumtlon to  tho railway bimlm'm. for which  it, lu Htippot-ed thoy uro pnhl  Mulnrlim, St in uioro than lilody  thut local iuIIIh would ho able  to neemo a nnpply of carfi hi��'  foro they wen* all urahhi-d by  the nioro uh'i't iiniln Mhlppurn.  EXPCRIKCNTAL FARM,  nPill'* i'Jxperiuieidul Karnnioi'o.sn  the Koimii. J.Ivor iw dohtl,  rrnino otfceih'td work In tho way  of demountndi��>K what can he  done with tho noil und cllnmn*  of tho Alherni Vulh-y. Wh*-n it  yriu, propoM'd to tuko thin itroa  Into the city limit). th*�� Alborni  I-und (.'oiupuny promised that If  thn lainl witn h��ft on Undo of tho  cliy tliey would put in an <\v*  porlnit'idul plant, and do work  thttt Wouhf be of vuhio k) the  entire district. Thin proiulmi  ittifi been kept up to diit-e, and  tin' company in Kill! p room "din k  with tlio pi'OMJ'iiniiK*. it up-  poiu-ri that thin wJiiti'r another  hirf-o area in to ho clonn.'d nnd  put under cultlviitiou, and tlmt  the plaint of tlio company aro  tjuito- .up.,-to any promimm that  vvi't'o nmdo by Hir ivouuoth An-  dot'HOn on the occasion of| his  hint viis it to ihi** plnco.  All thin is In rofr<'��hin'jf con-  triiMt- to this attltiido of tho r.iil-  ���wity company that nuked; for  nnd rocolvod. an oxomption from  AI.UUIINI I.ANO OI-sTllll-l"  Oistilet ul U.iH t.i).  Tiiiic Imtlis' tlnu Kil/,1 ,l,iiii 11 itn. nf Altk'itil  III'. I*t'll|iill)l>ll 111,111 lilt tti.DIDII. lllti flit, 1..  Ill'lll, fill |U'lilll4k||ll| til liDlt'llilk.' ilil' li'llllMIU,  lll'kt'lll.tl Intnl.! 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Well, the llnd  tiling was an atU*uipt to dleal  pi'iictlcnlly all tho waterfront  uionir the river, ami mo th* up  tho foit'Hliore riuhtK an to haiip;  Allu'i'iil up on a piirtlcuiarly  hlfih iluil) for all time to come,  Tills mutter lnxtill peudiiiK, hut  may ho adjusted nflor u hard  il-jlit on tho part, of tho Council  and tho Hoard of Trade.  it Ik NiiKK'd'dod that this name  railway company ho wlvcn K  (���hanco to como down rejcaitlinif  forcsliore riithtH and tho matter  of a turuhu; basin, or inihudt, to  tho payment of titxen junt tho  Niimt' um common people,  Um-hI polltlclaiiH In neatvh of  "I'liinkis" pleaxn nolo,  ,  Alberni B. C.  Al.tlCIINI I.W'l* 0(M'll(l(T,   ,  |l|k||1|-|   |l|    lltlt.-illl  'i'.tld' tl.llli-t' Iluil 'I'tiUli,.!, II     I'll kilttl. nf '*ilk  tiiKiuHi Mnsti   t^S'ii(ial),inllnlili Ili.ilinfi'l'. (iiu i|i|k  lllill'l'lt  I'll 11 |i'.IM-|if Oil' full klliDti f|i,1l|lli|. ill)  tin- liilliii*in,, ,|i will.1,1 Imi.tk-  Ciintm ii. 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II C.  iHtfiit.ittlDii cuil.t'iil.T, Ititi-iuls i<i ii|i|ilv fur |.,ir  HilNkiiDi Iii iHiit'liaaii  (In.,   liiiliiiiliiki  ili-kcnlss.)'  lutlllk !  l"i)iiiii!i'ii('lit** itl iiim.ti'liiiitisiitliiiiit limi'liiiPik  fttkl t>f till' lll.rd) i'llfil Ciitilir I'f but '.'?!, llti-tMS'  t'ii.1 *���) t'fnlllla. ditli(*i> liiirdi so I'.lliiiiis. tliriiiv  tti'kl   Mt i'llllllik,   Ull'lHS. kkllltl)  Nl t'llHlll* (till)!'  |i4,ilil  ti(  iMiiiiiifiitviiii'iil,   untl  cotiliiliiliii;  Dttt  lH.tr*'* IIIDIV WI'll'**.  juiiii mil*.  Junt'thl, llil.', Aii*-.|-I��.  ALIIiaiM f.ANI) DOaTKIlT,  lllkllll'l nf 11,11, Jill',  'J'aliP lii.ilii' liml I, .if I'll' Mlt In lat |i, ul I tn il I  f!i.|il, |11,', in t'lil'udiii) itMititvl ktiiiuitlt, tllli'litt  lilill'lll)   fur   pfflllikkltlll   t.i trilkt' tli-. I,llllllt I'm  tit .CIissl litiiiin;;  I'liiiiiiH'iit'itiif ��t n i��i.t piiiuiiii m die ..nidi  i-wki cumi'i nr i^tt ut Aiiit'iiit,. iin'itiv fi��|iii��tiiiit  dii'.lii.ii'Uiii'iif l.ut Ol ui �� ii.ioi) i-itkti'di tit  i,iiili.ii��tiMiitiifiif nt,,in ;,iii.iiiii. in die iiiifttt  I*ill'll- tin- kl.llit! Illlti Ik ItltClki't'lltl ll)  llil' D'.lllll  iM.nik.iii; ii'i l^.t a AlUriiS.  r'liii.'m-i- ,i. iiiui  Job if. it)i.l. An-.' i n; ,  .vi.iti-itNi i.ANo iiiyniioi'. ���  illslrli'l nl |l,ti4'lii"ii  'I'.lli.'lliltll'll tlllil lilt'||.Otl  l'Jilllu'1,,1    l'tli'tll'llil.  Ji.*-. i��vti|iitiii*ii ittitit >it|H.r, diii'ist* to ui'tMi  t.ir i��'iiiiio��luii ie iiiucriitki' tii..f,iriiiwii)tf tii-si it-  Issl lull.!.'-  t'oillllit'ltrilltf nl 11 |<i>*t (itatlllisl ut die *!<>.it(i  .-imt ISH'IH I'of la��t   �����!, tiil-ilt'l'   I'ti.t   Mi* rlltillis,  llll'lll'l'lll'llll Slil'tiHllll.. tt,t!|ll'l-    rtt-kl    ��l   I'llllllik  tiielf nr !i ,�� In i-��*1i'il�� tlisuilitlil'l ail A. I',:* llil  tllt'lll'C  !*ll ll'ft lllti OlC I'llkl lllltt klllifll  lkl!lLl.l.ltil'k  of A. I'. :.��.*ii|ii Its   itiii')��!-i tlnu  ttltli   l/il ��il.  du'ltts-kiiiidi itistiit ftt vlxilii.  i"  di" |"'Ht<   nf  l',lllltllt')llS-)IHIlt, lS)lllllililll,( l.i)   lUH'k   lllllll.   Ill'  It'**,  Hiclittfilt'iurli.'-  Jlitii'f'i), iiu.t. Ao*.-. IU,  yeaiN Hluct* tlu'ro was nn tfood  Indication of tt revival of inliiiiiK  intoreMt at* that at tho pivHcnt  timo, A ntitnhor of tho intorlor  (���titinpn are taking on a now leano  of life after tho depronsion of  tho pant, and proportk'** that  hnvo been idlo for yoaif. aro  now preparlnj? to whip ore, On  tho roiiMt tho Ktime lhlia|-r In truo  to it asoiudwhut nmallor extout,  hut Ht 111 onoutid. to Hound u not*'  of oiicouruK-'i'iout to thoMi" who  have heen WiiithiK for a ehtdiKo  hi the mlnlni" altuutlou.  it now nmulK but a few nhlp-  pi UK nslnt'N on tho Inland to muid  tho hall rotllnitf una In. U><mily  tho openlnj- of tho Htanulpran  mine.-i will do much to revive  I id (t rent in thin Mention, It Ih a  known fact that all over what Ih  known im tho "llj-s lntorlon"  country thoro nr*' hnuu'imo do*  liotdtM of copper ore. Mtmt of  them* aro rather low ki.uIo, hut  will sort or concentrato to u  liood whipping ipiallty,. An to  tioniutKo there can be U<> ipies-  lion. f*��r In placm* Itrinoi lltorally  to hnndrt'dN of tiuHmamlK i-l��lit  lu uli'ht. It if. only a unit tor of  ���Mtiuir thiiiKH In dhape to net  the (ire out to the HhU'lH'l'f*.  The country i-* rotiifh, and It  Utlu'H a company tlmt hart a  hill'*' nuiount of cnpiial In hand  to 'linke (( "*IU"C��Ua�� of the do.  volopiiiont of Much propertiew.  Thin (act accouutw for many of  t,hei.o olnhiiH lylnff Idle for j*o  louivf, Ooppor uppi-iirM t<i ho on  a dtuhlo LuhIh for isonie tlnje  Ux coiuo, and an the commercial  uses of thin niotul ki'owm niore  rapidly than Um pre-s-eut "production, ther** hi no Veitwon to  doubt hut that many of therm  largo low p;mdo elainm will be  opened following it nucocnh at  tin.* Ptarmigan. Within the next  year or two we inny confidently'  expect to llnd the mountains of  the Aibernl Pidtrict again full of  proripiJotoi-H in Noarch of mineral  wealth.  (Jreeue'-"* Home.Hako Hrcad tit Al-  Imrni Trudhiji Sunt),  Al.lliaiNI I.VNll Ilis-TIIItT,  |iikiiu<t ���<( d.itt-J.n.  'fui.!��� tintfi'.i tlmt .Imiti'r. in)'*, nf vtlviikl II I',,  ws'iU'.ldiiii la'.eiistt't, itllt'liiis lit in.jilt- lur in-l  l.llssli.ll  til  I'lllt'tl.isi;   till'   fi.||'-li��i!lil   tlivil'i ItM'tl  , I mils*  Oulltliifili llil** ��l  it isikt pluntist itl Die HO J   ('.iiititii-iiciiuiHl it l-.i.t iil-iiilt-iliitiniii iHtcliiiliiti  istiiiur nl kurkt*)isl UH  Oi A,  IIhims-   *H fwt - M*i nf tut- ttii,III ,'iikt isniiir-ef |,i.i itl Oifint.  We Control tlie "Sale of the  Following Properties  Soman Heights, D. I*. IH, Hotnnailett  (ilencoe Holjlhts, D. L. 100, HomeiiH*9#  7G Acr��K, with River Front, D. L. 7, Hometfltoti  Five-Acre Trncta, lb L. 162  Five-Aero Tracts, D. I*. 10(1  Write Uu for Particulars  STEWART M. READ & CO.  Siillt) l)H-;il) Cumuli) Life BuiliUiii-  X'iim'oiivt'f", Ciimttlii  hillillt, tlit'lHH'  Vti'kt tt*SII||   ||  I'llllllik  llM'l.llll/ (II, |'���ki   a.) l-lt(tillk    Illi'illS'  It", 111 Ml i'llllllik, tlll-lkl't'  It'll tlltlMill>| tllllllllt.kllllll'lUII'I'! II  llilll,I III fl'tt j Ml-kt   hU  CllHi)lk,  till HIS'  .ll'llll  141 Clliiltlk   111 till'  .tllllll tif tin' X K. tsiiiii'i nf I li. Nn, in, Hit ii.s.; |.,,iu<  ,,!   i.iiiiiii.-isii-|,i|..|(,   ,ii,i|   isiiilniiiiiiat   rd"  -(I)   (1*4-1   III.lUl   III  killll |U,kt, tllt'lllS',-,lkt lllklllt  II  t'liwllli In t'tillll t.f t'.iliiiiiriit-aiiii'tit.'  M.ll) .Mli'li.'l.l'li  '     Pt'tcr Mti'iii'lsi'ii. At/nil.  WUlfUit IS, IMI,!   , ( Si'|ik. 1.13  AtaiumNi i.ano rnwi'inor,  murti't nf l({i|M't|.  'ruin* mulct' oiiit llnitr W. Ititi't.l,', of do-  ta.ilkiei),   Aln*,. e'U|.ul lull   tioiltk'r,   lllli'tt'la   tu  ��tl|.|) fill' ISi,ll)l*��lil|) III llUll'llUkl'tllUlli.'lllt* Itlll'  tlt'kt iIIhhI (itOilk  r*.iiiifiniii'iiikt st it t'l'ki. |ii.-tiiii.i iiiititit no  i'h��llik mr��i ��fii| -riel,uin* ki.ulli fmiu tin'nt'idi  Kent isilllt-r uf la H.I. dll'IICt' Ctlltl IV) f It.lll*.  tlll-llt'i. llllllll )U i'llllllik, tltt'lUsi kt��*( t*)fl)i��ll)a,  tlll-lliS'   Kllllttl   40 t'll-iltt.  to   ttlt*  (Hill)!   llf  tSllll  nn iii'fitii'itt, iiiui iviuittltiltii* **',) sere* iDiitt' nt  *'**' llailj,' WicHllTii Itili'Itlii.  juttt'tm, imi. 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I'tii'itiiii |i*iisii iit'i, Wilier  llllUM', lit llll/l'IWlll, Ollt.lHH IH,*tl)illdllll lll'lllll"  ItllOi,   lllti'lulk HI  Ii'iil,    Il'l'   |K'lllll.kiti1i   111 |.ll).  nlmw iiie (i!li,iwiti/iliM'i<!-..i itni.tki  (,'iiuiliit'tit i'ltf i>t ii l'i>sl i--ln)iltsl litmiit it iiilli-s  mn ill k*nkt fjn'ii tin' iii.uli ikikt tuiiiii i nf I. ft  ltl,|.ll' Oikllti'l, Ilui,,--. tti-kt Sill'IIHlll., till tltS'  IliDlll  *���' i'lmllik   lln His' liifcl 1-" I'lilillik,  iliiiitsi  Mllltll   **)   * tllliits 1tl till' |Mll|)l llf lUllll|lil'l,i,'Mii lit  ioii! t-tiiitiiliiiiiK |t,i*it**( * nmta-nr ti*.  i',-1 Hull l'-|isll'llll-. Wlllflllllllkt'.  jtint'S.', nn i. ,        Ant* ifi i.<i  Ai.umisi i.anoomritliT  Ittk'tll'l III |(tl|�� It.  Tti In- itiil liii llnd Muri/ttti't L*ii') llivft-l, i'f  Ol iitiil,   MirliViill,   lflS-:l|..ill',M  Ilii.lM'ttXr.  Ui  tl.ltltk III .i),|,|) I.'I' |H'l1i[|kklt.ll to |ni|. 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Ilicllt'ii ��rut 111 vlmltlM,  OtolHSilturtliM' i IidIus in Ilui [i.iliit iif(siiiilj)iili*<i.  uiKiit. mul ts.iitiiiiilii*' ;tJtiii)')4'!i tiiiiitiur lr��s  VVuncrofcHri'iiiilui. ���  Juitfisj. XV\X ' Aui; 16 13.  .1  Jiilli'-,M. |l)l,l,  ,iui,ii'i dill*  A (li/, It.  AI.lldllNI bAND IIIH-rill'.T.  ItUtlilt nf l(|i|H.>ri  "l"ulii< nutlet, dutt   Iliiri)- TtatilDUa di.Mi'is.tif  IlltH'i.k'U. llllllll!'.. iKV'll.rtlielt tmuil.iitS'tS't'. lit'  ii'iitlk in iii'tij) fm iii-tini.ktiiit tu ifiiri'litiMi du.  fl.lll 1VI (Ul* lil'tk*tl|.|4lllkl|t||.t  I'tllllltll'lli'lllh' Hi l> iSikt elltlllctt lt(lt'll.ilkl. **t'*ll  fllllll    till*    llllllll-ktl-kt    IIIIJll')-   ill   1,,   ft, l|l| tut.  tktiitli iii i liulii*. I In it***' ttikt ni I'liitiii,, I Iiniiii  fe.ititlt Itl ciiittlik, Iiii'iii ii .'it nl r-> I'tiiilils liiiiu-  liiiiu uf  ismum-iKS'iui'iit, mul is.iiiiiiiiini; :ou  llt'li'ta imn i'er lent,,  liter* 'I'lu.tint*tltivii'tt*,  ilmit. �����, nn-i. Auxirx.i.  AI.IIKKNI I.ANO OlsrailT.  Jllsttl,'I ef lliiu'lit), <  Tulic mil let' tlml lliH.rwt' ("ntcisikii, uf Ailw-t III,  IK", ms'iiimtliii) t'tiils,-r, Intiii-ls tu ii|,),|v fur  pt'lllllknllltt III I'lllVllllM- till' ftillieOll*- lll'*��'|il*,l  In lul*'  t'.iiiiitii'iti liia itl ti I'eiil |.|;ivilitl Si.li-||,iltik t-,t*t  nf tin- kitiillt i-iiat i uiiii'. iif lent ji;!, (|,t,i(iH, ,,itkt  Ki i tntliik, l|||i|t,ui liiiiii) ml I'liiiliin. tIn-Hit' ttt'.t  ���si 4 i)rtkit*.,  t||l.||(k.k|.||t|))Sl)fll)tlllS tu lllti |��ll|l| nf  ivuililtlti itiu'lit, unit isilltiilullikt id'i aw'ii-1* liiiiii-  er It'**  1,'i'iilUi' i'.iti.iaiiu  Jlllli'��l. IDl.t    , l AllH- I IM  Al..llt:i(Nt LAND OlSTIIirr,  lllklilt'l ef llmcliiy.  Tiiiic tiuiii'i'iiui i'.-iti milk,uf Aiiit-nti,ih>  iil|llltllll|   I'tlliM-lltl'l'.   Ultlil.lS   III   *|.|i|t    fui   |H-I  llllkktull   til   |llltt llllkl-    till!    fltllllttilli/   (ll n'fli.isl  IbihIs! (?*  I'.iUlllll'lll'lllkt lit II |M,k| |l|tiil(l*l t*M I lllllllk I'llkl  111 till' lllllll) t'ilkt ts,illi-| iif trill SMl, till'lll e I'rtkl  wii'liiitii*, tlii'titti vmlili ki i liiiiii*, ttiiliis* tti-*|  rail liniil*., Ilii'tii ii nut di afitO-ittliiK (n tin- |mtti( nf  ISMIIIIIl'lllflDl'llt, iillli CtliltlllUlm/ Itl.lM'M** litut*'  ill la's,.,  , I'lio miiH.  .Ililli'Vll. IUI:1, AUtt, MM '  Hdincoats ana 5wea  For the Fall and Winter to httnd(       -   -  Our Hnincontss ait' tin* Celebrated ("urrle make, i*u��riiut*'ed  to -died tho heavletst downpour of rain.    Tho ���.-trod'** anil  ���pi'ieoH are rlirbt.    '  Our 8weat*M'd aro of tho bo-it innltor-* in  Canada.    Our  ���selection and prlcer* to suit nil,  Campbell & MacHe  Mut'aV'.iivt St.. Albernl  Phone 'l'i  Kli-sl Ave., iMii AlU't-nl  I'lionc "3  tXHBf*%  isre���w��&  The  (.'.umdtd isl")  Cdpldit Audiorlutd  Csplttd I'.ld Up ���  K��st end Undivlitsd l*rvtl(��  Totrtl A����#Oi *  M<t,00Q,WD  10.000.000  16,000,000  s��aas,8a7.0vM>  AND  *  Pr-ictlcet  Plunib-jr**, Steam nnd  Hot Water Fltt��r��.  Eniimutk.". Furnished on Application.  Ibiit. I'l'isiilettt      *      Hi. ibui. la*ud Siraibi'omt ami Mmtnl ibiia!  O.C. Mil.  I'rcslib'iit ,.   H, ll..��\iift*ii��c Ks'|.       1     Vici-l'res.      .      -   *'H. V, iMcrcdlth  Head OIHc��      - Montreal  l^inil'in Oillce       ���       IU uml  t, Tliri'itducedlc St., I'M',  Savin-4s Bank Department  Ht-posils   rccciviil-   fisim   *M    kiptkiiiits  Cotmtrv Htisliik'ss (jlvcn I'l't'i'".. iittcnduii.  Braiiuhes at Alborni and Port'Alberni  li. !���'. PKI'lVfJAHi) - - . - .Miinwifkir Albornt Hrtmrh  l|HM Wll ���nilll.MMWf*4��ya*a>Hf��4*-WWW^  ���Va^-W-M  St.-  Cornor .JohnHton Road      :  11 * lii���v * llL^lti:1*: ���  C. GALES        Proprioto*-  Practical Alberni Pointers  Alberiii Is reached Ie iralu from Vlcteiln. Cuimecilims tire iiiudt* vt'lth  VlcUii'lti, rumilit*! !liisiu��h in Alberni mi every week day. t'u.-oiinci'!) front  Vtmcmiver Cil.v citi. comieci tilth di!* iriiln al Kiuudinii.  Atht'iiil 1* also reacltis) bj Mt'itmet' fisiiu Vlctoritt. und Id dte suiuu-cr  immlbs diei'i' Is no uitire ilellebtful trip (bail (bis up die tt'esi t-oit-st of Vumum-  ver isliiiul imd ttloilp de'pleturewpie Allu'i'iil Citiitd.   ,  'l'lte t-abidd (itidU line ot ibe C N, H. I* now buililiii(| from Vlcloria 10 Ab  Imtitl,  l.idtil jiifce*. us lout'iejti,'*' titties fisiiu ">*i0 (o *iOt pec acre for Itiisb hmd,  ittul lunii *|f'l (*) Id on for lidttl dutt Im,* been rh'tirot! mul !irtitt|flii uudur rtilliv*,.  Unit. Prices aje f,'iikei in'tl l)k- i!ijiillt,v mid joi'iitioit, uml lutut cmi be imd In any  fpiimttt)-.  It hu* Ikceit fotiDil dint misisl fittnilo;,' puv* be*t. On plots of from (en to  nveiilj id-re. fruit i,'i'*tivhid, duir.vbi-i, imnltcy iidstuv, lmjf�� and cmdc will ��ll  JIM) well,  'J'tioe ure no tt-i'ii ItomeMetuls to Imhtitl.    Lund  will have to bo purc|iiist*d,  in Alberiii ** HI be found tin* usual (t-dvuntii'-cs of u proiircs-dvo tVcstmn  CoiiiiiiiiuK.v dml bits faidi, and dm couni'ie of lis convlctloisH. Tlicre ais* n  nuiiitiui" of ||o(Ml stores ci(rr.vlii|| ii widti rimii'V of -/imsIs, mdiools, ciun-olms, thu  Albernl Advoctue, noiv.spitpi'r, and a iiitmbcr of udilodt" and sociul clubs,  Tlio cllmidro'-. ns iiiitvascidi bt* found <��> tim I'lmllk'CouM, taken thu yenr  round. Tim ridnfall Is less tlnm dint of the City of Vancouver, dm fi-osla m-o  llfrlft. Then* it* seldom frost enm-idi for skadtijior sanw enoii'ih for slci(|hlii(|,  and vvltttri either of these comes It only htso* it fu'w- days. For the summer M-id  autumn nioullis dmre it* iiotbldd in tint world to excel ilm Alborni wt-tithur.  Alberiii Iti ilm ondct of one uf die lid'-jct*-. liml most ferillo vitllcys on ytiti-  cotivm- lslur.il. In lite tVistrlct will be found it vast wealth of timber of tbo  lincsi kind, coal, trdib copiici", uinrblo mul (tlhitr comiutnciid .stoimti.bi-lck clnyn  imd ot'liDi' mtUorlkds.  Tlicrii ure liuiimroits" iUtnudivo i*]tportimltIi>?t for ilm niuuufiuittiror uud Investor. Tim Si'cri'liiry of tht* llouhiof Trade, Albm-nl, H. C��� will be -find to  dike liitititt imtuei*"* i*j> with you.   Writ*) (o him for purttculwr*.  IPS  i?-**,  te  >.* .,.'  a ' '"*���:  s. - .i  ���.���"  *"/  I-.'*"-  'U-.-f  ^���>v-*  i?i'  -?:  .ft... .*  ���* ���    j  '.-���}     e  '���   r *l  14-  ������  fs'l      .  A  m^^MmmMmmmm^^^mmmmmm.^^^ House nn Selt'ildi .Vit'lllle, (tin lo(->  oil dole Street. A pell la, *tV. Fundi.  lici>, Ho* .'.,'. I'm I Albe'rid,  for Hah* or "���*eltim|��. Chicken add I'I if  I'Vusli tuiiii t-l/i'i per cut.! or will  m.i'luiiu'i* fm* pit,'*, jmtiy or i*ood mllcb  COWS,     a\. 11,  a%U*ll'l"*OII, clt.t,  l*��r K��in(,"-l'ttil   KiiruKliisI 1 Kttomml  Ibiitkt',    Pidtt'i-koii   ToHtjslte,   (*msl  ,l   --iiMli'n mul In I'd*' Im,   Apply MUxt'  caie Oliu-e,  l"pr Rtnt. r-'lv'o-TtamiusI lloi��.i', I't'iittv  of town.   Apply a\, a\. Lynn. Fll/u.  |i|*thStl'i>i'L  The Alberni Hotel  Wonted.    A (Its*ti Milk Con.    Apply  , A. V*'. Head., Sunny Hill.  W*nt��d.   Youiii.* Mtin, bet ikt'iMi lines of  I'j tllttl   Hi,'lo   leill-ll business, sternly  ,employuii'iil for rljilu party. Answer  In mvn hiiiidwi'ltlni/i Slide siibirv  t'.vpeet***!.    Shiivcr *V  (,'*'*���  Hn*   L.  I'VpCCl***!.  Alhernl, H,<  For Sent or Suit., Sutiilj Hoiim* tm  (limbic nuiii-i, Alberni' Hel*|liis,  Stitiill piiuuoit tlotkii and till per  niundi will buy It.   ���!. I lest.  IVrSnU. otic T.-iit, 11 x |(l I.*!. HJai-.  dwelt:  oite Plow,    Colii'i ut a low  "     ll*,'*..*'.      ApI'l.V     I"    11.    'I'-    Hicllillib,  Koiiiin* IHI-'hi*-* Albernl. II,C.  For Sal*. Camp oiullt. mm and  l*(|uf|iiiki'Ui compli'le. on view lit  ('ruin's Hunt House. Apply Mrs.  Wink, Spriiiii Luke. ��  For flab), Hot. (iasolim* Liiuneb, .'t It,p.  1'llt'Hte, till ill ff-nl I'i'llilldoli: wilt  Iillli*-Ji:'...   Ho,*. IIU Port Aibernl, H.C.  Fouiul. On ib" Nnitiibno Uoitd. a  Vi.llki*. On uer can lutve sinue by  piiivlitu pr*ipi'rty untl pat lot' for  (bis uilvt'itlsiuuent, Apply Patecsoii  liiti'iij-'O, Alliciui. H.C.  For fJttlu.   Ittdlet cliimi c*ihliu-t, Hook  Case, Pite Si'toeli llilll Kite H.tj,'*. Itl  laontl* Dry Firewood. Apply to Mrs,  A. Sittnpkon. Alliernl, ll.t .  For- S*l#. Tlmixjti'ili.brisl Cldckeiis,  Hiiick Mbiuivits and I'lymoutb Hock,  hIm) spl,'iiilidKttuill) Cokv. W, Imiitiltl.  I'ort Alliernl.  Modern in every renpect.    Private llidlm,  Klootrki I*-1kIiI iiinl Hot WnU-r  Heat inn throtitihout,  ���~-~ ���-.--     The Favorite Resort--- ������-���-,  Of the Commercial   Man,  Tourirtt ami  Sportmnaii.     Uooum prlvato   or  en uu I to. [" ���      '  Rates from $1 per day up.   American and European Plans  Ownlnt- our own  Dairy and  Poultry Hunch Ii-murex it constant mippry of  (strictly, fnmh urltclen for the't.ilile.  v���~ -- Hot- arid Cold Water ^.r-.--'.'.:  And Private and I*��H|*r Pintunco Telephone,*"In every mom,-   Free J hm to  nnd from,all Hoaln and Tralnn.  llll.r,Y McAliLlBTlOU(formerly of the KiiiK Iftlwiiril Houd'Victoria) Prop.  Signs Signs Signs  Lund imd AdviirdslniiSii'ii", i*tc,,  done with Prompt Dcspmcl.  ��i laoircait Prion's by    "'   '  ��� i ri  S.   EATON  Margaret'St., Alberni  l*��lnt��r *n4 Pep��r-H-uigar  Worlt done by Pracdc-tl Men only.  ''NlInndc* Free.  akkkai,...,*  Hotel Arlington  Thp old and ever popular headquarters for tho JUkIi-cIio-m Inland Trado,  lit!-. hm*n recently  -.:, .:���:��� ,:..v,'. Greatly Enlarged ..---��� -..  And now eontahm -dxty rooma, rdntfio or en milto.   The riph-ndid  new  dlnlOK-room contahm it  tlno mdeotlon of jUluud   view,-,  from the studio  of (Mr. Leonard l-'niuk,    ,  ��� rr-���::, Tourists -,' and Sportsmen ~-~~~:  Will  find tho  new  Hotel  Arlington  Jtmt tho  thing.    v'oIiIom furnlHhi'd.  ,-���; ������������ Sample Rooms^���--������=- ���-- ^  For commercial men on urotmd Moor,   Center of Mio'Iiiinihohn Plwtriet.  ,    I'Veo Hun to nnd froni all train.*, and bout*.  McNIKK vt MI-.A(.UI*U  Proprietor-i  aaMM*ktkJk*ikk>  1*.       A'aW*  VHTldHA LM'AV  Auto supplies and repairs  Cars for hire at reasonable  rates  The ioiirlmi public will llnd Iteiv u  -  plant    kk'e!!-.tjilip|.is)   |,i   itt lend   to  t lit'lr vnrlmi. iiuio needs at   prices  tint! iii'i' rlnlil  ', Prop*  ALHKSLS'I, H,('.  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  ,-L .1, HimivK, Proprietor.  For Ibda, Suiiill Onsollnc F.iij*luo suli-  nble for tnimiihi-,' wider, nbo putiti),  otiiintitv of pipe el*.'. Apply Ho*, I*',  Albi'iiii,  General Ten muter.  )*S(tl4>-at��llfMI|l|a>*<*lJtCtJai-4i  wmnmm WMH-Ji-t  - Huy j he licst - Ort'i'iii*')* llouie-llitkc  Hrciitl.   Albitrul Triullu*,' Store.  JDRV STOVE WOOD  AHvtiyson 11 and  All   Orders   Proiiiptly   Atleudctl   Tu  k*^it*)t*MM***aia-4*��Tki mmJitimx*!*m��Mmn  HW ilWW'^WI'tlslJIIII'*-***  In the mitttor of tho ''Craditort.  Trusit tkmnixt Act,'* and in the  mutter of tho Insolvent Estate  of J, S. Hibordy.  Tstkp nm lei' tlmt on 'Monday, die  tilth of Novi'tiiber, lUb'l. at 'J o'clnck In  Ilm iiftet'iiiMUi, tbe asshnruei' of dm  Ittsolveiil Fstnii* of .!, S. Hlltoidy will  sull Id aurlioi) IbtYiiijjIi A, W. Nellt.iif  Alborni, nt tin* tititrc of die "itId A. W.  Nelll, at Albt'l-itl, dm follow bl(,' *!*'���  scribed lands, miimdy, 1-ois one (I),  (wo (li), tlirt'C (:i), four (I), live (M unit  sis- (11), Hlori< iblt't.k'-ori.' (-11), of Lot  mm btMulml tnul twelv'n (ILM, Allxuiii  District, Map U'tl; foriiierly dm pro.  jmi'ty of ,i, H. Itlbnrdy't iiovv'Ve.ied Id  tbesttltl iis��tnmc AivltlbuldT. Pciiis'e.  Kricb lot lo b*> sold septit'tttelk' for ctcb,  Hlth it ri'sei'Vi' price of fitly dolUd*  (*LV>) fur eucli lot.  lUtcd lids i7ib tbiv of October, A.H.  luiii.  Hod well A Law will, - - i  Solicitors Im- lln* A-kstjuicit,  Gertrude St.  Album'  H-*��-il*4^'>*Arxisi-aT)t^'i>��*>iW'^^  ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.  lu dm mutter of die K-iinto of (he lute  Mary Aim la-ci'sud.  Ndtirt* is ln'j'cby j,'lveti dutt all tm-  I'ouuts itjidihist tim itlstvo esoito uiitsi  Im rontjered to mn within (libty tltiyt.  from die ditte of (bin nut Ice, run! (but  alt le'coMM*. in* lilt; to said endue must  be pitltl (o dm iiudeisl(|ncd intuit',  dbi'.tdy.  '1'. Pltlei'slUI,  Aduilufstriiior.   -  Dated to Allteriil, \li'., litis IHtli day  of October, I Hi,'*.  Professional Car^n  GEO. A* SMITH, C. E.  H. C,-Lund Surveviir. Surveys of  tliltber Jlulits, mlncriil cUilms, tnul Iain)  snUllvlslons. Olllcput Albernl. P.O.  Hits Zi,  H. HL T. HODaSON  A. M.'l, 0. IL  S, C, L*md Survnyer ��i*t! Civil i;��sbv**c  Othc#*��i   CarmtMr, Uitwk, Port   Alburni  f ht>nt> 8T  li 11. BROWNE  Civil iitnl Atlnhtd KiiKlnt't'i'  und  I'rovlut'hd Ltmd Surveyor  General Blacksmith  and Horseshoer .  ������  IMH WWW.Ml"��lillMlil)l)f  Repairing neatly done at reasonable prlcm  *ernif  Idvery rl^a of n.l IcIihIh.    Heavy iliiiylntf nml fivIf,fhti|e|lvory  Wat*-**. xpftmm'atyintjH  mmafmm>*xytm-tiim  L  *-vnMWv**tvv*!t>  c  ��|  Wi(.'*n'iri*-|*IBW/)ftaWWJ-*1faW  **,x*mmriy*itm.,i*i&tM  *a*Mm*xxitxmmwK*m^MmiimmM\4*9mxwmm.im��mvm  Al)n*rnl  II. C  J. Tn4 Ri'-cMe A .W. A'scv. A. !L Wri.lit  RITCHIE, AGP a CO.  Doisitil-'i an. Pwlnrial bad Siirvr"f��ni  Civil, tlj-drsaUc ui cfitisldnaf Ceiinffrt  E-'isccfs fer Ritchie, Ajn-Uf rower (>���  Lid.  MiUilfl|inl  VV'iuli.  .Idfi't   Oikiffki,  *���;��!>.  illlt��lui)U.  Saiwa-risife,  VViili-t��*i>ri.*, ele,  in I.mul Mitki'i'Jlii,'  I*t*i*al OfSce. .Pert-Alberni.,B.C.  I'.O.Hox HI, I'ort Aibiiiljd.  tUkmim^mtMOmiham  orre  'i-'-iywy  Vmhr In  Builders Supplies  i>a��h, Doorfj m\d  GlarjM  Building and Rooliitig Pap��r  Limo. Brick*, and Cement  Real Estate and Insurance  ' ��  AKonth for Till-; Uoyal Inhckanci, Co. (of Liverpool)  ,   The tio'|.'i-st Hro liisiiriuii'i'Co. in dn* tk'nrld  c  Tun (5i(iL\'r  Wkht I��ifi: Ashimiaxci: (-ilmhanv  Mvimt citwv��dttf Alberni, B.C.   Is*-*** ����� m.&��(*��  Alberni  Phone 29  P. 0. Box 9  ��j* \s*  M*mr��**mmm mxMViXiwmmmim  Bricklayer and  Cement Worker  Licensed  Aoctionaei.-  2nd Avenue  Peift Alberni  l**flswii��**ii*v,.t*4l nwnmi-w'-w.  hwrfwisjittt ;*33�� ih^j o��k#: Mwttfsjtd  Cupitnl Paid Up : : $i l,5��0,000  Reserve Fund : : $i;],O00,0()0  Total Assets over  :     :   $175,000,000  A  (tKNKII.Ma  H.1NICINO  HlltatNI'Sli '('UAMSAOi'm*     ,'     !    :  Savings Bank Department r??KH\lSH^r'-1:-  **�� It lute,   fs'ti Oi t.i) ui VYlltnlriiv*In*.,  B-trtl-ind  hv Mnil '      |''-i'''��it�� aij*)' i��- uicut.* dim ttiiintt,t��u  SiiKiilK Dy riail ''/,*"'   i'����i"si i'i'iii*"ii'.isvttii,.-it,.i.  vi 1| In. iiltt-u li)  ii-tit-, n-KMrtliu*' ul| i|���  I'lirliiii'iiu,  Uvoi- ;|-��(l Hrditi'lifs und Aipuicli's.    511 Hi-;in,*|pw lu Hri'Mi ("oiuiiibiu,  ('otTespouttenis.TbroiiKlmui tbe World.  Alberni Branch  H. (A MAf'lio.s'Abli. Miimt;'i'i-  Pnrt Alberni Branch  H. R DoilAKi'V, Miiii:t*.'fi'  Send  To that Friend Who is Thinking of Coming to Alberni  **���  VS:  f  i THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  HtJfttlng Stovcf* of All Klnd��  A (bejiiuce Is ici i nice, but it i- iO*o tt't-y c*,pen*he  THE FRANKLIN OPEN GRATE  )* Just a. Dice, niul it'. ifiiMiijubltv dt price  ��  WILL CONSIDER  i BUILDING NEW  REDISTRIBUTION:  CHALLENGER I  la**i)doii, OcL 4.1)'   Tin' ttiult  n(   i-i.k.  O'lTAWA,   o*-i-   'ii-    N*'\l   Maiiitl.t*. ibi'Mb*'**''���'!   of   SI,   ���|,|,.���ia..  L"p'��'*  -i1 ......II ��. a . t     ,  pinolcis' mul iillolli.'y'jfi'ltt'ltll. htiiu  every province tu die Dommiud tvlll  tisM-iiililo in die capital u�� dkcuk* m  ciiiift-rciic** t|iie*|io��s of Lodi nutioitnl  unit  pioOiiciii!  imiatti'iHiuM',    't'lte  in-  ('90lllt*l|),'f!' hii*     1*4.-4-11     lit,-,)))     Illllt     t   itji-  I'tili Tiliiier, it bo bus Item ,-ii",t;;.i( u��  (be pit.lf-.iod.tl coitditdoilei, i- nm*  btis.v *-ci('i*lbij.* a cten', Ntr Thoiiui**  Im* stun*ti liL conlidfiii" bi  ."inieriei'ii j  vH.iiIoiu. toitilciid. U*tic(lby Sb',��it!iti-s-*l*','>imu'sbtji l.y dbpl.tiliic �� cone  Whlliiet ami Sd- Lomer (,'imht. bavei1'"' "���''��� "'"del of ibe clinlleiij.-e ��� t-i C.ip.  bieii (ic'i'ipletl by ;d! die iirtUilers mull''''''  Hid Iii'miIi   of   Sn'i   '���'rimci*co,   lit.  Phono 34  Alberni, B.C,  MM *��MH*a  LUiraery a  Latest Styles at Lowest Prices  Make your Hoiections early and get a  wider range of cholco  Somas Trading Company  ishop (��L. Sorx  Tite Well-known snd Old fcUbluheti Grocer*, Mm end Produce MerchinU  Car of Flour and Feed to hand this week  Hams, from 20c per lb., and up  Bacon,   ���    22c      ,. ���  Fresh Moat Flos ovory Saturday, 8c each.   80c per  dozen  -, MJa-V.*^*.*, >. ii  Victoria Qtity Store, Phcne 38 ���   ���   ��� Third Avenue Store, Phone 148  *m*!m**f*umMM*t��M  All kinds of Household Furniture  In Stock at Mainland Prices -   *  i-Snk*. -*. *<1J ��Jt"fS.T��"inJ***!***'"W���4'*  tSt  GEFF-EN  Successor.* to A, I Bind  Pioneer rurnUuro filtoro, port Albem  M *l  Phone 82  IMU-, trimMmm&nWmmM Ml WaS-l���Mi-WWIIMM  mt*W>*+i*#Ul*>m*itm��*mV#,tW**.*>tVllt !��Vtm'^>mmmtmmMmilM WM"*l"f f"aa  Mies' Stylish Ready  to Wear Hats. . . . T  THIRD AVENUE  9      PORT ALBERNI  Sir Hlfbnrd Molli-lde. HrlU*b Co  jlumbla, nri-lved In New York from  I'-.ii;,'lund  to-day   and   ulll pmceisl  in  Dtliivkit t*> nltond,  (��!���' LIVK I NTH HI.ST.  Alberni Lumber Company  ('sin now Mi|i|i|y oiil*.'.'* U\v Kir*, il;**-*  Rough and Dressed Lumber of At! Kinds, Shingles, Etc.  i-ecji! Ordcis n Hi receive sprftal an en'ion,  Call id   dte   Mill on (beScoli'Ii   Selllelueiil Hottd, or Piiuue  or .* rid* lo die .Mimai'i'i'  R. L. FRASER  Phono R40 Alborni, B, C.  (il'i'elte's   lltlUii'-lllllii'  bi'i'lli T) llllllll.* Slnle,  llli'ilil   ttt    Al  CITY OF ALBERNI  Municipal Elections Act  VOTERS' LIST, 1914  *t*d of it .liiiiii- ik lit) ]s  no.t   li!   Lutulmi  in rniiiit'i'dof! nidi llio i'ldtatmi expos!.!  (imi.  I 'llptiiill lllil'iiesmt iculil (bat, it bile be  could imt   ,||m'|o.i'   (be  del nils ol   (he  _ lllisb'i. Alllcrlcillt tli*'.lj;llei k kttililil Ittive  A mull*,- (be bnpuriitm i|tiestloo��i to "|fo snim��" |o beat Nlcliol-on'* tb*-  which ulll be tllsciisstsl uill be I but j *-b/i). (idilliii/ "A�� a pr.iedciil s.pn.i tnul  tif parlliiiiieiuiiiy repn senlutioii. Tills: ��iiehl*muii. I vvutiid ����.v dutt In Lipiod's  ntieslloii Is of^veiy live luleivsi at ' model I've -ecu the most itiuiilerlul  IU'esetit lu view of die poiulhiif re. t Ibluir in ytii'bl--. It combines beamy  dlstrihtifii-it bill minle iK-cissiirr hy ihe Jul lilies niul speisl,"  tleciiiititil census of I'-MI,   Tlie mill of, ,     .  re|tt'esi'ii|ut Inn is iKeil by lite I'rovliice I  of l,iui'bcc.  Acconlmi: to this dm Maritime pin-  vinct's, n busi- popiiitdlon luisi)i'cfii'u*cil  tbil'ilte die plisl ilet'iule, ll'ill lose sevei tti  vents, a* uill also old Ontario,   while  lite    West.-iu   province   ktill   lltei't-lt-e  their i'e|.|'i'M'iiltil|iiii. Tin' little pto  vine,'- timin by die sfi itlll, ilnsiuph  ilu ir pri.iult'i>, lis dtey huve dun.'  diroti'rii little i-t'preseiitntlim In piti-lin*  meiit, ilciiiiind tm ui'1'iin'ii'iiti-tit tilti'iv  by lliey mtiy be entitled in pit'.erve id  least die repri'Miifiilion which I bey  enjoyed at cDiifislfiiitiui).  WILL MAlv'l. DllilFCTIoN.  'l\i this claim, It Is believed, die  Western premiers will mit'd* '��tri��n|*-  object lull,  Tin* tpu'slloii of.it ii'tidjiisiiimiit of  provincial subsidies villi be a furdier  subject of discussion,. It is put con-  sldi't-cd likely. hint'evvr. dim ibe Dominion i*ovi'i'imicul villi Imlil our muds  fiii'oiki'ii^i'iui'iii uli'iii' ibis Hue, IttViCkt  of Increased iivpeiidi! mo* and deoreii-mil  ctisUnii I'l'Vi'imcs.  Tin* tbrcc priiirb* provihecs will advance tin* claim der tin* possKssUm ol  I lu'lr nut unit resource*.  CLAIMS <H'* I'HoVINCK.  I'iill'i'i',1' sttlisldit's mul Isnmilt's in  liii)ti��ii'ln! Ciiuci'i'iis will also ctiine up  for itlsi'ii.sloil. K Is iii-o expecied dud  ttio t|tiiisiloii of Incoi'ittiradun uf ci.'tn-  pilules, by ilu* provinces, ctiitecruln''  kkblclt dm stipreiut* cuiiii >'iivi< a dc>  clslon recently, will ho discussed:  A liii'",'i�� mmibi'i' of ijtii'siliins, in*  cludliiji* (lie ileiiiiiiid for subsidies hi  tv'blch Ht-ldsli Cotumblii nt the lust  confei't'iice in UMI, tins Inteo'sli'd, has  been turned over io special I'liuuiiN.  slims tn In vest |;fiile.       ,  Al ilm close of die t'oiitertmt'i* dieii'  will be a discussion of (In* pulltilUui nf  itavii'lMile walcrra.  Dried Brewers Grains  to keep the milk on  your cow���and Rice Meal for pigs  and poultry  Better than Bran and Shortn and 20 percent, cheaper  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co*  A. PAUL, Muiuifjer  ���Ulll'.' I'hone L'.'.'i  lbs., It;!."i  For TuHty Mild ridding Try--  HEINZ' WHITE WINE VINEGAR  Molasses, Sit) Tin   .  Corn Syrup* Sib Tin*  The Buuy Store  Huy dm lies!   Hreeuti's ilouiedlalti*  Hi-cud.   Albernl Tnulliiji-  Ship*.  .lust opened, next city Hull  Troll loc-l Beef, Veil, Fork, fill.  Oyttett, Uhmn, Poultry. Etc.  (live usil trliil.   l-lverylbliiu Ireslt  NO COLO STORAGE PRODUCTS  HANDLED  CR-KECrE, Alborni, Phone R. Ml  Notice U hereby nil ell tltltl albpei'.  sons, oilier I bun rcifl.tei-t'il nwiieri.,  tt (shine io have du'lr iiuiue. liu'ltuliil  mi die Voter*'' List for lite Miiidcipul  Hiecll'utff Itt ahimiiu'.v'i iillli Intel ai'ilte  ���ali-ncd tipplicutlttr.s diereft'i- en form*  in be obtuiiit'il lit dlt'Ctlt (lull,  ' 'aVppI lent ions from "Hmoai'liutdcrs"  and from "Holders of Trades Llivuci-s"  itiiikt  lu* untile mi or lieiori' October  .'ilsl,  l!l|,|,     '  Appllcjltlolis fllllll "lliiiiler.nlAlfl'l't'.  iiii'iu*-nt Sitbi" (iilm are enlllb'tl to  vole* under die lUl.'i Ameittluiem to  lite above Ac!) muni be tiiltkli' oil or  bfloie Novciuiu'i','hnli, IM...  "I Imi,.'bulili !���-' di-i!' I'.siiiitl i��i and  iiicliule any perstut of (be full mp* uf 'i\  .tent's iiiui iseeiiph's it iht't'llhi'jr, tenement, hole) or lioui'dlnc; Imtisi*, ttim  bus be.-ii ii resilient In the nmult'ipiiitiy  from (he lltsi ilny of .iaimary of the  current yenr, mid vthti shall, tutless e\.  t-iupleil by the provisions of tht* |iis*vbo  id die end of Sitlisecdoii lo* of Section  ...'I of (be Mimiclpiil Act tti'liii'lieveiiipis  certlhed eltli'leid mllldiimt*u ami per-  t-oits ifvcr the ujro ot I'*" ".curs fiinti  pn.iliik' I tut'I uu), have paid tli redly to  (he .Municipality all rule-, uiies or its.  sessinciiu which are nut rlicii'i-ciiblo on  hmd,'which i-ittes, taxes or as-icssim-nts  so paid sliall iitmmnt to tml Ics* liiiiu  ttiti dolliii-s, iliu* to tite Miuiit'ipiillty  fui- die current y'l'iir, iitber ilntu wuter  rides or ittM". or llct'iice fees for d*'if..  "No person wbo i-�� mil it Hrltlsh  ���aiibjcct .shall huve his mtnie plueed  itpoii titty iiittiilcipitl list ol "voters, nor  shall such pci'Mim* bo idliiwi'd to vote  nt m\s Mimlclpal Klectlon lu (bis  I'rovliK'i'."  ���'No   Chltit'se,   .bipnnese   or   utluu'  Asiatics  ilr lu.lhms shall   be  entitled  In vole ai any Municipal Klecdou for  die election of u Muyor or Alilci'imm."  I*. IL ('. HA V.NI..  Cliy clerlk'.  City Hill), Albel'dl. Oct. '.'I, IHKi.  .   3Sc  .   40c  On the Buoy Corner  *J1�� l**!-*-*, I llllllll WIS  The ��� Very  Latest Styles  =^=In 'Winter Hats====  NIfl..-   Soft   Hi.uf,'li   Heaver   'l-'luMi    In   fl*| "IP'   .A  broitiis, i.'i-i'.is ami (,'uvns, at ,.     ,'     .   *?I.I v  lydtli  Sewn   lleiit her   Ml Mitre Tiit'i'tb,    0|  Ofi   *Qa4,j|  ^V^::^::���^^'."": $2 & $2.50 each  Id shade* i,'ivy, brtiktii, ���.���re-'ti untl bluck.       Mule' an curly (selection nl  THOMSON'S  GENERAL  STORES  EDWARD M. B. VAUGHAN  R��t<j�� lor Orchard and Garden Work Reasonable  SOUS FOR FALL PLANTING  L  I nui prepared  In  procure to oiile'r, on short  utdice,   hit'*  ported Mulbis,  I'lantN, Seetls und NitfM'ry StiK'k of tlie bent  iptality.  Aireiit for "Cnrter's Texted  Veicetalde aud (!i,i��m HoihIm,"  '"l.ct'K, Idd,, tiiiiiriHiteKti-d I'Moxivr IsVi'tls,"  Mm  Von /jtei a Siiiuire Heat from  our Ailterilscrs  mmmmsmismmimmmmmtimmmm  "UQUQR UCKN8G ACT."  (Si'ciion :si),  ��� Node,' ik bi'ii'iiy eli'iui dutt mi dte  v>lh din ul Deiober it,'*,! an itjiplit'ie  1 Itm *k iii In' iiuiiie 10 tiit*Supi'i-litlciiili-iii  of I'rokiticlti! I'ollce for (lie ;;i'iiid .��( ti  license bu' ibe sub* of liiptor I'V flnil  In und npiui tbo tueiiiUti. Ivtumii us  lllikkli'kt Hotel, silliilli* a( Poll Httisly,  In the Puivincu of Hrl(i��li ('oiumblu,  (ii'tin tin* liiuij. dcst't'lbi-d us Lots ll uml  II, Hlocli ,'(, ueeimlitit"' lo dm hitlnl.vision of Srolioiis .'lUitiul .'11, TuivDshlp (I,  Htipert Histrlui,  Haled  thin   l"(h day of September,  IM.I.  Hardy Hay Tradiii',' Coinptmy, 1,1(1,  ,    Applicant.  ���s-Jr  When They M Questions���Send Them The Advocate  Those dcs|rln*r. Hm scrvici's (if Iho  City Scu-vcii'.'cr wilt.tlud slates ti|f write  billet's ut Hislmpy .Mttit-ii, (Irltives*  Harn, uiid'City Hull.  All orders pruinpily idiciided t*',  WM. HKH'HV,'  City Sciiveuj,'*'!'.  )'  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  cincl I^Qtiis  CMABIffl PACIFIC LUMBER COMPANY,  Port Alborni Branch  ' -  i  i -   ���  ! ' -  ft   '  ft  "1.������  2        -i'i  i"   Tn^n i     l  v     �����  "��� ���***.     ��"��   <��� fi*   -��-    ta*i��  -fi     I  -Vi-tr   -1       "���a**!*.". �����   ���   "��  ���WM   mm     ���-���,      ������      * *l ���"   ���*���    ���*���        "a***"-! ���  ���������l* 1 ���-*-��       -H+V+~,*  lf|4#*       f|     fl        I-   a


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