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Alberni Advocate 1912-11-15

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 p  <l;  �� rf^i*  i *uu <**vta-i*.#*-r 4\tJtfl4t-*^T**>*^***" ���'--J  Vol. 2  Albornl, B. C, Friday, Nov. 10, 1012  TURKISH ARMY,      ALBERNI EXHIBITION  WAS CRUSHED DIRECTORS MELTING  (MTUBlVV*'*"**'*****!'  'J'ne Turkish army* cunmiimdi*d by  Nhumi Piu-Jut, wns i*oui|*i*-ti'ty e��u*lusl  In tin- great buitle uu UiiiTctmrlii litn*.  Arcut-dlt)|*r lu the hcmUifllein! Mir,  the Tttrtts luit lu KIIIihI itm) wounded  mui-u Iiiliu double (he It*** ttt I.uie  Utirgtt*. The HulgnrlHii* nre now pur-  "Mill!*,** iht* defends) nriny.  The Turkish   !u**f,   in   killed   and  wounded during  (he lighting  In  the  vicinity uf  I,uh)   Hiii*-*-!!* mid  Hum-ir*  hisslr ure e-iiim-tdsi   at  iVui   meti.  The Uulgariun (roups ciipturi'd  111ir*t>-  woven  liMtleiies ofri|iilek*llrlng    gun*  nnd  look S.lteO prlsmier-*,   They  aUo  ���leied four luoumutlven nnd -M.l   rail-  runil   cur**.   lingular    cuiuuiunicitiluu  htts been restoretl between  l.iile   Uur*  gas nml K,rk-Killw*eh Iiy railroad*  .   The Htilgurlnn ttrmy  lu  .Mucixtuu^  ia advancing rapidly* (Iumii Uu* valley  of Kiruiua,   The iruup* httve occupied  the Kupcl  Pa**, nnd lire cuntliitiliiK  their mito'li ii|H*n Hit* (imn of Herit***.  The sanguinary clutritfter of recent  engagement.*.,  which, il  is   ri'|Miitttil(  have Involved  lostei  to  the Turkish  ��miy of -HMHO men, lur* hi-cn dm* to  the extrnoi-dhmry enurgy of the llul*  gat-iim attack*  The view of tin* Hnlgiirlnn maR? in  that Uu* Turk** (ire <*o demuritlUctl  Uiut frontal at lacks may be under-  taken even ftgaluit tht* ttrongest posl*  lion without Mtperior futves, nnd the  Turkish -dioriaire of urUllery und hiii*  munition lid)* contributed to the mte-  Ci*.*.* of Hud.*-. lactic*, ���*- '  . Tint Hulgni Inn vanguard, 111*, snid,  > linn reached 1-tiku Perk us, one tletuch-  mom pasting bet*" ecu the hike mid  the Mfa,, Another line uf tho Hulgur*  laf) reserve Is roportwl to bo attacking  llm (ortitlcatlouii in front of Teltuslaljii,  while mill another culuniii, which mar*  chr-d (Jo**!) the main roud frutiiTetiurlu  to Hillt'erl, it* now advancing to Ilohu*  du* fur the pm*|)Oki* of forcing a passage  along Um cuttsiiof the Kcu of Marmora.  ThtUKi, however, are only flyiogroliimna  tWwain army ha* not yt��t commenced  tho slut?** on Um Tchtttwljtt fortlflea*  Uon*.  A mtvilng of the director*, nf the  Alttt'rni Agricultural nnd Industrial  A-suiclkUoi) will be helil In du* court  huii'ti* (hi*-. Prttliivr1<>veutn*A*'Ul,ivi u'chn'k,  Thi* in une nf tlieum*. iuipuriniit meet.  illi*"*'! Itu* ll**i��'lfi(|l!!l, j|* till*   llltkjliess  f*sr Hit* coming y**nr Is till to ho h!t*eked  tint, und It I* tu he Itu-Hil Hint thtiro  will he it iiun oul uf ul) director* whu  cun |io**lhly In* prceut,  Mftgi��tr��*.�� Busy.  Magistrate Hiiysuii wb-�� called it|Kiii  lo n��ljii*i m-veiiil little mutter*, this  week thttt iipprinvtl lo be in neetlnf  iitti'iitliiu. In the III**! place n niitlvi*  uf the * Mongulitin lte|mh!ic becutim  (itisM'ssisI wiih the ideii Hint us tin*  price uf chicken* v\\\ the i'u'ttt market  wn*�� entirely lot* high, ht* wutild change  hfit menu to "plmioiimt- chop siiey," nnd  procure Uu* birds by the luexpenslvi)  iu.'UiikI of shouting timm. Am Mr. Mult  Yuen fulled lo sutiM'rlbe to lite Advo-  cute, In* probably uvi'i'ltxikedtho ptihll*  cut Iuii uf the game rvgulitlluiis, nnd  Uil* Ittpfit* euiiM't! Um two bints  secured' io run to Vift each, wiih cost��  lidded. Mr. Yuen retired muttering  "Chicken belly high������ Hhu llenent much  higher- Me cutchee |K>ke iehop next  tJiiio.", l -  'J'ho next party to nppoiir won it  gentleman whose mum* Is written on  lite list of those to whom Intoxicant*  uro forbidden, He could not remembor  | who fiinilfliwl the Ihkmo, und tt flue of  j if'jo wns ImpuM-d b�� ii reminder thut hii*  llueof "buck inlk" to ,llm Chief of  Police wits not nppreciuted, especially  when coupled with miuli u poor mom  ory.  No Need to Worry  Any  Woro  About  Incorporation*  Methods Questioned Rather Than Result^--  Gnzettlng Fromfsod This Month.  Kntrleit forclii-w A. tirtd cltm-i H. In  tin* Cltri-ttnn-i-f hilllnrd ummament ut  lUiry'n Pool iixiiii are tiow open.  Canal end Barclay Sound  Acrcng-o ��riinU*u h*r within--, clh'fiias,  Mull full pttrth'uhlr**, price tmd best,  U'rtn** to Win. Murcou, room HUD, Ho^er  HIdj{., Vancouver.  SECURE  RECORD HEAD  W��w Firm.  The latest addition to ttu* bintlm.'**  llruiN of Alberni iw UiAl of ISlovwns fi  Illhhlu, whu bfttuvopfiied nn esUbllsh-  meal ns plumln'is, Ktvnmmid hdi f/tttor  Uttern, Tim members of the now llmi  urn pritutlcn.l men, who huvo had oon*  nidorablu experloneo in their huninci*.,  nnd they lnivocoiicluih'd thtn,lho|ifrutv.  Iiiii' town uf Alberni furnlihi's them  Willi nu opening for tlmlr piMfesslomtl  skill, Willi the hst-jfc umouni of work  In this line that is tliivelopiiitf }\t��l now  there should ho n ehattco for Hit* ilrm  tvo muko (food nnd ^ixiw up with tlm  country, ��nd tliey will jmdoubt -'mnko  t.t\.^i "  l|*  ll,.il-a ll.l.tiiil'lfll/l.l*''*  J.V'.���* "fa    I..*-.,      t,"*,,-*,'**,.,^,  Mr, tmd Mrs, (", ('. l.uke, who httve  Just roi'jnied from an cxtonnlvu huut��  luff trip to the Htlkliu'couniry, ro|*uri-  '\ the Iwitt of d|niri, mul a ��fo��Kl Hum  jjenortilly. Tim outfit Undcsl in- Wran*  jfitJ, ftial a lw��l wn1* titketi ui* tlm river  to Ulunortt. H w��s fuitnil thtvt rmv'i*  {fftllun wn* not open it* fur tisTulett'riiph  Cronii, The ulliimiti* ohjuct. of the ex*  |H*4itlott w��s the hem! ot the Teslln  Hiver, nnd Umi bcciIuu, nnd the pur-  tlon of tin* country lylai,' I��*Jioih1 the  Dciuti I^tUn w-wi fc-lven tt -/oiaI htmiinif  c   over.   So niucit tlmo wim cointttiurd In  . vh��* tfettliiif in and out of  tho  country  tlmt not over throe  week* of n-muil  hunUnii' wus duim dcnplU' the hid thut  tjttvur��l immUiti wore  ttpeoi   from  the  lime cIvlllrDliot) wm left   mull j(   w**  rt-itctietl -JKitln.   Iu UiU   three  weeks  however, there   vm*.  otiotiKh  dune |o  mnply re|*t.y M the Hum  uud  trouble  Ukcn.   lloth Mr. tmd Mri*. I.ukt*  Imd  the ��;tKi-,t folium* to secure  tt  nutuhiir  of trophies Unit "IU be thu envy of all  thedr frlentls for iimiiy yuoix lo colno.  Mr. Lukt* hud to luek to hi*   shootlnif  In etxh'r to hold til*** own with iho keen  Hittrkwtmmship of Id* ludy, nnd tlm thu*  ho-wlii tlntt fell to the rltle of Mrs. Luke  make tunny un old time huiiifr  -,'rccn  with envy.   Thepttrly aeeuredbetwten  Utoin Uireo carllAio, ihret*  iimoiu*, S-Wo  jf-j-attt, throo blue!-? b*'itr ttnd four jfrJe*  i\U'��,     Of   these   Mune   were   record  ho-uht.   The lurfust, csrlUm head nuui-s.  'uir<Hl'5i;1.2 Inchei* lon/��', .'{&.V2  spresd,  ���and'.. htul  'in  j-oltit*.   Tlm  blj��'  tmiuse  aujftitured (K),,i'2 luclmij with pi  ptdiiUi  while the other tffttnt} wn* of the hi-st,  Tttkun its a.wholo-.tho trip wuu a, pro-  ''t-tOUMCcd.'itticcosi,   and , Mr  Jntke feel Unit they'   woro  Boy Scoute*  The Alhernl Troop of Hoy Hcottt**  was foriintl sU weeks it|.'u by the Pit>*  vinchtt Hocretiuy nf thu Hcuuut, lion,  the lb*v, Hem��ftjie, who vlsiiml thin  Dlslrloi with u view to iitsprctlni,' Uiu  Port Alberni us-up nnd uf Ktartiui; (lm  Iuoveiiieiit tn Atbt-inii  The Oovorniuenl Ajcimt. Mr. 11. t'.  Hitywin 1�� President of Uu* Hi-outs'  council tmd Mr. C. M. Phieofhttirman.  A number of the rettldetil** liuvo cun-  sutttiHl to net us mem hers of the council,  A. U, WitherK wins uppolnU*d Pro-  Imilomtry Sruttimtuitcr, (ind It. A title Id  ���sifreetl to net it** secretary.. A, Walk*  er wm* rippoinicd'ii fe* -'coin* hi tor tut  ftAslstani HcotitnuiAtei'.  TheTisKiji now' coiiHlMitt of twelvo  itii'itiIters, illvitliHl Into iwo Pulrol*! Umj  "Kok" und tJu* "Urey Kuifln," Ute  PuHill Lenders Mn^N, ('tull und K.  ('o*(i ttiidllio f'urpui-il* K. Wuudwtmi  nnd K. HvHlfutsh Hrttitd's Hull hat.  been taken over by the Troop a* their  limulipinrtern,  fc,**i-.*i iM*  *>u*ar": ��*. �� ruuiifM t-nu. vl*  WIEATO  The iiitiss inectlnff ef tlm cltl/.ens of  Albeinl, which wus held In Uu* court  house on Hnturdity eveirih)^, proved Ui  be iiiimh murt* hitrmonluus tlnm wns ut  llrst expecttHl, mid befuro thu evenliiif  wns over tliere wit*. �� tfoncrul fnolliit-r  Unit Um lncur|>urailun nrritUKOiuentii  rtto itliunt un ifootl ii* could bu luikod  undor tlm viirioUN clroumsUmccii tlutt  hud to he considered.  There wits noum ojiprosiiloit of dt**  ttpprovul over thu iwatAliM tlu* delejftt-  tlon httd houti np|H)ltiH:d ttt a meotin*,'  of the C'oustirvnUvii Asftoclutlon, but  when It wan oxplutmxl by tlm seoi'ot*i'.v  of Unit body thut tho n.-4-iocltttlut. htvd  not bmm nctliiK- In lt�� political a��|)t>ci  but hud taken the tntttuir up purely  from tlu* t*ttmdi*oliH* of ciiiiiens, the applause 101101x110 tlm tfiuiurnl approval.  This was mther for tht) result** obtained, Ui;in for Uu* muiltod ustxt,  11 WB.S some ^lmt> Imforc those  l>ro.ii*nt sut.'Coi*dod In ihriu.hlnfc* out uil  tho dotnilu of tho ttrrangoincnw, And  tho exfwjt ntiture of tho i*uwt'i*)i grunted  under thoiu. Hovontl jiondt-rutis touum  were producod, und copious extra-'ts  retul therufrom, but lln ally the mists  cleared ttwtiy, ttndauillliitfPeaeojiprtHid  hor winif* ovor tho thronif ouot* more.  Big Miftotiitg.  Tho court house wax packed tn It*  cupwilty by tho lime Mr. Win. R (lib*  wn *vas called to tho chair, ncd Mr, H.  M, Whyto npiwInU'd -utorotary. Mr.  tiltwon NUted Unit tho mtttulng htul  been called to hear wlmt hud btmn  learned ��t Vlot-orla with regard te In*  corpurutSou, and ho thought Uio bunt  Uiimi to do w-a�� to call on Mr. To bo  for it short hlntury of tho trip t*nd It*  rcfuillN. ���  To thin Mr. M. Tebo rciilhx-l tint.,  when tlm delegation ftppesrod at Vlo-  lorla tliey found tlml then) htul been  ftonut tfiiiHit errors in the c&lcultf.tlous  of titot.0 who woro ttt tlu* public meet-  In*/ a fow, dttya before. Then it wim  thought thttt. If thorn Wim un  election  Mr. Telni cuiiUdikhI hy sityln^* that  the delei/Biluu thuujjht thai they were  ��i��kht|,'�� fair ihinl fur I'Verybudy. Hu  hopt'd ihtjit if there wus any Idea Uiut  there wbh tmy |*ollUc�� In tlm mutter,  fciich un lili'ii would In* dropped rl^hi,  now, He lio|*t*tl that sifter we found  who would in* on Um llsi and t|Uiilllled,  wit could K*'t niKuther nnd select ��  mayur nnd vouucll w iUtoitt any nccoa*  slty fur an olucilon. (applaife,)  Who Can VoU,  Homo  further  dlscusslim  ns to the  4|iiu)lltcntiui)K of vouuiii  followed, and  tho law (fovemliif,' them'   nnttters wn��  looked tip end road hy Mr.  Nelll* Ac-  3 |4ft foHl*     1 M f 111 ifc I'l l-f l 11    fetf -A 11  **��lV��l*   *********** j      ��V    r-i-Ww  All the trophicf/i will   hi*   sent.to   tlm  I  ��� 6jd.Country to.'iio inuiniod,   and 'will  then be hnmtfht back to adorn tin* hall  of tin* new home which Mr. Luke plan*  to'build in AllM*rni.  Mr. \U N. l/Jement*, M. P. for Uu*  ���"omoJoAHfii J)|*lrle(, won In (uwn liit*t  week for the puri*o��o uf lookini; over  llm dlMilct nnd |,'t*tihifr -souie Ulna* an  tu Um I't'ijoii-i'intiut* uf Um nttuii*.  Auioniv'Kt(he UiIisip* that were cnlled  tu his nUi'iiilun wan Um fact that Ah  bernl has still to have any Indlmtluu  thai tin* iii&ttorri thut wen* put bvforo  Uio Ha-ilwny Csninilailut, havo recelvetl  tho atletttloil which they liuiiiuiidcd.  This espei'iiiliy as to Um muUor of bet*  t��*r ohlppluif fiudlllti'i*.  Mr. (-lem.'hts ww* taken to (he "du*  pot nnd stailun hutise " at Ati-ornl and  ih't'iwri'jttsl.'.wjittt �����"��**�� btilnif deno to help  forward''tin*developmentof ihe district  by the i'ttilwuycuiiipitny. lln nppoaritl  ��nd .Mrs. \ to Ih* hnpri'ssod with tlm fact that niicli  well   puid,   n phtcuRhAllmrnldomundedsuiiuiihlui;  icHer than the ������facilities" fui'iilhlnxl,  and mud,* tin* atatoaietit. thut if th(��  nintier whs culled to hb* oillcUl noUco  lie would do all that was in his powor  t��o h#vo u rwinrdy auipllod.  Ii^niuit.  huldars and Utoso who ]hv>mo��si*i1 ajfro*  otnonis fur aall* to voti* at tho January  elootlon. At Victoria thoy were* told  that th!.1* wan not tlm fact, Tho dole-  Kittlon wan (old that whllo ulum-it any  iirrHiift-.mcntii could bo miulo for tlm  tortus of the (Ir-a elocilui), that from  that dntci on, tho provisions of tiio  olectlon act would tfovurn. This would  cut out all except tlie regularly ri*j,da*  t4)ii*4 (iropurty ownern, bet-iauso thu  others would not havo a ��iit)lt-)tont  lenKth of rcsidenoe to (junlify thent to  vot-o.  When this, and other things, htul  bften 4'K|.>lalne4l to tlm didv^ateK it wm  thouylii that it would bo fair to all  partloH lb mAkeanat-rniij^ement whoro*  hy till Utoio who handed in deeds for  rcKltUraUon prior to ^JDcCDiubor \M\u  would bo allowed to huvo a vote iu tlm  Ur-st olootion, and not bilnjr that elec-  tbu oil Imfui'O January, in, this way  it would allow lltut) t-U dlapse before  Uu* next el'ioUuit to brhiff all Um  riinddent'i under Uu* |irovlsluint of the  r-ifc-ultu' i'IucUods acl, Till* wn# Um  arraiij-iuut'iit sntuie wiih the, iftivorn.  inpttt tuM"urdhi-if Ui Um enieakei-, and the  deulls would be fc-ttin-UisJ   lhl�� muulh,  Vetera lAtiin,  Under ihta plan Mr. Hanson hail been  uppuiuU'd tnji prepalu a vi'tvr* list, and  on thl* wutdd Mpiwttr the numos ot ail  Uio��fi who Iitiudud In d^wls fur property  tii (he amount of ���lliu, or over, prior to  Hecenihor Ifilh.  The tdoctioii would be hold t*n lUt?  regular dato for municipal elc-etloin*  all over the province. ThU require*'  that nominations be held un thi* serond  Monday In January, and tl,vai poHIti*,-  take place un thu Thiii-ivlay tolhy*lng  this dale.  Mr. Tebo siatc<l that tin* urrtitttft"-  mi*m�� apjieto'tsl to be fair to ail pnrtie*  and that ht* hopctl. that all would be  aaU.��ll(*d''iv.lUi what had been dotlt**.  Not Politic*!.  Mr. Geo. Forrest aslti-d If the dele-  gfttlun had been Auliiorl.HVd to make  all these arraii-fcment-i, and. if w by  what btjilyi Wftts Um tno^i'mmiit-a  poliUciil one? To this Mr Ulandyj ����**>  reiary.of the C-onaorvativo Aa��ucist-iou,  replied that the tueMK'ltttlon had nothiiif;  J0i*io with the matUir of Incorporatiuti  In any jKilliical Kensu.  cording to this It appeura thataflcrtho  llrst olection any roildcnt who Is a  ISrltlsh subject of (he ttgo of 21 yo��r*i,  iintl elthur a frouholdur of *KX- worth  of property* a hounchoidor, tlio ajfoat  of u, company doinjr bui.ini-.ss lu the city  or paying- trade llconc(*s can vote if  Uioy have lived one yeur in tho olty.  Tlm qunllticDiiona for uiayoi* tiro Uut,i  ho must be forsix months tho rivjflstorcd  ownor of property of the uuimssi'd vulno  of t<I,0(K), and aldcrimm must, under  stmllnr ooudlttons, own properly to  the amount of H*VK1. Holders uf itf*rim-  menu for aulo can voto provided Uu*  jtarty, who auld tiio property (fives  ounseut,  It wan understood, however, thut for  the llrttt ek'Oiioa oltlcluls would (piullfy,  if thoy woro the holdorn of suttlclent  jiroporty on or hoforo IhHaiinlutr 18th.  Wnter Right**.  ('apt. IJtitT ru|k)rted uatothe outcotuo  of tlm trip to Victoria hi regard to tho  uiattor of Uiu iippllcatlon of Um I''. .V  N. Hallway Coinpauy for a purtloii uf  tlm water needed fur llm City of Alhernl. The caso watt so prewtiti'd hy the  couimltteo that Um rallwuy somptiuy  hod withdrawn their application, (Au-  plBtiit).)  Public Building.  Mr. Plimo thon inovi***!. mocondiHl by  Mr. HhidMHi, thut tlm following pell*  tlon bo clraulated:  Wii, Um cliim-im of A Ibe nil and Uu*  aurroundlnif dUlrict, feellnj,' that the  growing Imjiorlnnro of thin plaon us a  center of husliiuss fur a district Unit, Is  rapidly seitlliif*' up, demands uttetuion  at thu hands of tho Dominion (hivorn*  inont, would rcsjiecifuliy pctltlou;  1. That n ftiiltabltv punt ulllcu build-  Ini,'should be tn'cclcd without delay,  and that tht* biMldiii*/ should ho of it  suitlclon-. alxe to furnish (juiti'tei's for till  Doinihlon Oovorunnmt oitiulala who  havo Imadiitiartor*. ut Alburn!,  S, That (he Indian aj/ent for tim d!��-  trtat has his huiuo and nfHoo at A|hor--  nl, und ahould bo pryviiltKl with qtus***.  t��r��.     -, *'���    'i   "  .'1. That Uio Hominlon (lo^VniriSnt  Flkhertc�� Officur for thodlstriol hm l)t'  hume and iiflioftRt. APwruh imd'-fhtfu?;  ��lws ha provliSiwl with liuart-Dr*. ,t        t*v  ���I. That th�� .I,fH>{��t��!(5J) Clouertmiitti^  ti.le-.j-1'.-.ph uliice at Alhernl tnhoutd Ik? ;���  Um same billldlDtf. - <    '\  And thttt th��refor�� we* Uiotuiid^'  nifjftiod, rti*|>eeU'i)jy ro^uoat tbaula*'  tiilf be |ii*uvJd4Hl thftt  *fi\l fet*> nwttltsi  fur tht* above nctsl*, and U$��t tluu,  itiiiiton th,ivermtte|tt  prwitiisd with (*���',  oltictien of the enmo at-un ��t,rly d��|<i,j|  EUROfBII^*,  ! Mf tow  l/mdoii. *-'J'liouxlithe.*iwl-j$\ ,��i Hal*  kan wariippareul!,! fs in .���gih^'v siyon  l*lVMier c��mf1!et ih, >itih** ��aroy "��to'  d��y. Tlu�� imwturt fui- >������< Usmj/i j.^  alllniico  (Uoi'inanyi   An     ���*. liu,ti ���'���*���}*  Wlltain .  blttis) Ptmiw-i  behind Mm.  Tiu���  bo ahh* ui '.'ti��.v*l whnw ���  Ipj nnd tin f-ariy ol  chtclt*ii��  stA -tt M-is&f'Uiir.v  ,-,n��. ,..*!' 'twM,,,,,,i  and Italy) amdlvldwi into ���*  camps an to the pulley to hi ������'���11^*.*,*]" >'-1Mf|iMll,i!���*itAirActtxl Uiti��sui:itittint lt-itii*  when peace between Turkoy t,*. < uv*,| -iiiltjj* stf Ids p��r(y In both huusies of  Htilkim iillles halt been ln*oii��ht a **viU jWi^rcaiiiKiiiiislliiioly, Hi* Isonroeurd  Ahiolutoly l��iiurli)K tlm threat uf J��a V)* "lartnif that he believes when tlm  Austria hunjfary thut alio will not tui. - Xniflfv-.i-.oi |kM>|>1d cmiuiiinslon �� pi'esi.  erato Hit* Hervlau  occiipnUuti of of A I* i.-ni Ul -JifUluw out  ��  certalu   lirm  of  hanln oi- uf tt port un thu Adijittlc Sea,  Klmr Pet-erV iinuies conUuiio their tub  vanct* through tho country they woro  prucUciilly forbiddeu to miter.    ,  Capitulation ol Salonico.  The ciipllulatlon of tlm Turkl*h  forlress of Salunlca ui well, u�� Port  Karnhiu-iuu, wuu ult/nod hint nl^hh uo  cortlini,-- ui an oliloiul dlsput-ch received  by Kh>(f WtiorKo of (ii-ouco. Twenty*  tlvu Uioiisuud Turkish trouptoiurrondin--'  od.  Fighting at Salonicu.  Holla���'Tho Haltfiirliin nriny UomIivku*  Iii|,' Adrlaimplu to-tlay capltirwl Kitrul*  topo and Piips/.tepe, two of Urn outer  lines of fort** diifendtn^ ilu- city uftor  dciiporaU) nroillery duel.' The Huljfar.  Ian troops ttiihired a luri(ii' nuuihur of  canuiavhles, , u  Attacking Turkish Positions.  0 Vhmnn.l-Tlm Htiltfurians uro now  attackliiK' with ah tlmlr atrcittftti the  retunlulm.' Tu'*ki��h iwsltlous uhout  Tciuiudju nud ihe fall of thoso vital  Turkish defences In (rout of Coimtuitl*  nophi Is only a matter tif hours, accord*  1111/ to today's dlsptucheB from tlm  Holchs Post's correspuadimt.  'i'he Hulj,'urltm third army ha*, peue*  tretcd far into tin* furcisi region Houth  of Dei-ken lake, prepuratury to thn tui*  Valletta on ConstiiiiUnoplo whllo tho llrst,  army Is imi/atfed ajjulnsl- thu iniiin  Turkish ]Kfi,!t!uii ctu*l of Tchutalju,  Thin | (us it ion b. not yot cotnploloty  pierced, hut Uio uud of tho Turkish ro*  slsttiuce i*i*puiiiij to bo In night.  The row Turkish troop*, larg*<* mim*  beta of whom were ruthed fiomiJi.ui-  KtHDiihioplo to meet Um enemy's ad*  vaiit-t-, urn llgiitiiifj mtromrly, btn thu  it-Hiiiiii-iiteii veiorauit of tho earlier hut*  ties uie uirerlri,' Itttlo serious reslsl-  aiiee.  AocordlnV to prlaunora  tlm Hciolm  I'i.ijiI.   nui'!''i**H)!!delU-   !HlvJ!   t-v'.'liUS   htt-S  broken out in Adriiuiople imd lu en us.  inn ifreat devaittaUon nmoti'/' tht* de*  feiuliujr foivew. Tlmroarinilroady suv*  era! Umuitand ��iisesuf alekiUMinimdhur*  rliile tules aru hoard of, tho trouble  arlslnjf from iho lank of doctoii* In tlm  bi'ith'^ed ciiy.  lu i��pllo of umuerotiH Iosnok thoro are  *tlll fi-om *4tMXKj u* m,\m pion tniya^isi  In Um defence of iho elty and ulthou*/h  tliero aro imveral Turkish lu'tilom iu  the oily timru U nut a sliialo doctor  ttlioliim rucelyed a Kuropotui oilitoa*  thai. ;.  Although Um Turks aro physically  sU'oojf ��i��l are tiatidj tti |irlvaUob( htm-  f,'er ��ed lil.a|t��a tru doljny tn��^ro thn��i In  Um iw|i����ijri      '     i     . ������-*/  ytratt-n with j&e&4  ���vtr* r-w- i-itii} ���* Iff-im-^jiKi    ,-iKs^iirMW���}*���*'  aotii-w, tho>V'*rtuKit>liliu io mittko (,'ood.  And ihuist,* wit.- know Wllaon bust  oxpoctii ut to'tui.Vi-asjKtoJIIcivcoinmim-  datlons tu >oj,'r*��i v*d thou If that  Iwtly thiiis in., utjt io (fiiV ic'runUy tti tins  peoplo for n.ed.vl su^.-ort U* put  through the suKie 'f-d I'lat*  It was this flic., that "oU w*i Uio  DemtK'rtUio leaders tu'iskontOti'lt *��*��� lay.  The returiiH from tho irlouw n��"-'. ��-*  were ttindyKu-d aii^ thoir un .i'lii)*/ "#,*n  hud. Tlu* *V|l-.oti lattdslido (. *d IwKJts  lfrrat'iiiioii)jli U) curry Intootllct, Hiimo-'  crailo stuie tlckuu in iiiuny i-h a*>a,  I'Jvcu whoro Wilson had failed u> r-ct  ihroiixh, Um awlni? hud (,'utm on, imd  Michigan Had I IHuoIn, curried by Hoosm*  volt, eliHUt'd Domoorutlo i/uveniurs,  Uf the it) allium that oloottHlf -{ovorn*  ot'H, only-.ix���Kunsas, Mliinoatitn, Now  Hnmpvihlru, Hhodi* Iwlitud, Hotitli Duko*  tn, and Wi-iconoln���elootcd Kopuhiio-  ans,  What thi*) etroot will bo on tho Ho*  publican party wai u subject tfonorttlly  dlsciissixl ttxlny. Thivtoixunliration had  been rele^ntetl tollilitl pluct* by tho pro-  ifi'iisilvt**. White the Republican-* ran ���  -teeoud hi Now York Mutt* ami ao main-  laliiotl Uielr control of Um oSecllon  machinery iu tiiu��t of tho other ��tai����i,  tito 'Prujfrow.ivoa hail Jumpod Into  KOtfund piuuo vvilh all that this j,'��v��  them,  (.hi Novt'iiibur 10 tho Protfrt'sslv**!  I moot lii Chltfttjiro for oiviinl/.atJon. It  Ih exjit-cted that Huosifvolt will attond  tlio tiieetliijf, unit Unit tlm party orKtm*  1/rtloit wilt ho on a, permanent basis,  Meauwhile Prutildent Tuft, fi*om Cln-  cliinail, Juts oulleil on the HojiubllCHtu*  | to orfc-anlne.  The Hntslallsiis polhnl an 0timiatial|y  heavy vote everywhero, und In bouio  of the Kouthorit statcH their uattomtl  oaudldate, Kujfono V. Dubs, lod Taft,  wILl rREriiRE  -,#  #  And (hfti oopl��,> at this insUtlmi W>  ���flit to the Mhilt-tw of PuWKi Wtuk--*, 1  uud to the iPominton tnctnlH'i' >  Thl* motion km earrtvd, (Mid dm y.! 84"iia*itt*', whloh I* nuts Muk ��u=iw)kml  Ulluu wa��-very lar^cl^ aign^l st Uk | b>-Xorvlan ttsd Umck coltimno, l# tut.  close of Uli* iiieeUl)jr. - ^i*�� hc��u"ly.  ^ ��- -<��4Bajwtf3i*oi fii^t^tiil ivt^U  .vfi-j ��� t*n<��>u��>,^rlttjf Uiu srr*siiU����t  :�����'*���> In liiuilbi-i with Uiu wUuimlcd,  t?tn fall ul th*) Ttirlt��tt��truii|r|iohi of  itufcroatlcn QroiWRtiSf  Tht* mail**r of iho ofcn' to the  city uf ti purllon of the Dan. (Jlarku  prupi'tiy fur ptirnoaoi of a ritci-eaUmi  i;isiuiid v>n�� then dUcutuiiid. Mr. Pi.-itn.-  pointed -"ul tlmt Mr, Clarke had an  oiler for this property, and could sell  it at tmy time, but he felt thai the eky  stiuttld have tt. For. llil** rcn-mi) Mr,  Clarlu*''.*��(�� wlllltiif to hold the ifround  for the city provldtid therb was un ex*  prt'ishm from the clUiens to cITectthat  they Wert* In favor (if making tlm par*  chase at B later date, llo would be  willing to take four per cent Ititerost  oir the piircha-io prhlvtitlutiiig. the life of  iho optloii,'' After Homo dlsctuisiun U  Wits concluded that thtiro was nu ate  Uiut Hy to bind n.council tm lo such a'  matter, and that It would pot be fair to  Mr. Cliirke U) have him 'hold tho land  TheiuunlclpiilcotntnUu'eholdame'Dt*  lug on Timttdity  eveitiiii.'  for tho jnir-  jhisi* nf cuusidorlng thu latest develop,  tuents  tn   liiooriioraUou iiialivnn and  framing u iirogriumue fur Uio future,  Tht* flist part uf Um nmotlng' waado*  fottid to a ftunslderatlon of itioiirrango--  menu thut imd h,-im miulo for tho oIok*  lug up uf incorporation matter*, and  thertf wero fcuveral mviiibnr-i of  Um  fidiamiltoe who woro disposed to tako  twu-tt wiih  tlm milliner In which tho  wholtv m��tier had been taken out of  thoir hands,  and   art'ttiigvd   without  thrdr knowhttlgnorcijuni'itt,   Mr. Proa-  cot l wim rather of Um opinion that Iho  property ownora had Immi badly treat*  wl In Um whole ninttor, and that the  lei'insuf hii'urpuruUun nt, finally arran^*  i! aernanythltig bu| Umsemiijer which  Un* ,pmiUuti  fur   lucoitnirrttlon   waa  y ��f-fiH��*l In the first placo.   CJofi>ltlorahto  :|dl-*ous*hni ftdloived, afmig thwa A��d mim*  liar linesi  ��� MY, Muiion tavepphtil tlm ehjilr, ��ud  tu(tfoltu��*hig irmmlN'ra of the commit*  >5***o *���#*!���#�� pri*(i'*iiti Mewl'*- JUy-vuo,  Pr*W!��,-s( Murgau. Tnln and JIIcmIikm..  ' The'n**t.( t-iie^ilun ihttt caino up for  t!oii��S*iii| at it'll aftwr dm r*u|*urt ��f Mr.  Tolw was a* <u that ��t*-p*, If any, the  romtuftw't' sluiutd kike fur the |iih-|h>mi  of aiding tin* Itilniri* uf tlmUrst couiiell.  ft wa�� '*4.*lnt*sl uut fli.-it in tuilei* (4* s."  euro funds ami nrra-ige Um lerin* of  the lb-Hi a*hi.h->iui-ati It *��uiitd In- lici't*-*'  Ftm^-al -Servlcos.  Thi'itmerd  ��f* M:*-    H,  A. PuhMm,  who dlwl -ui Sutec ���'**��," ii was imld frum .���.���.;,   to j���.,.,.ftl-���' n   rwjj,  the P��v-;b,vter|ii. iliure) on Monday of jtll���'w bjj  tj|(, pmi^rty  in  week, Io t Jit*. *'j'riilhpi'-. official  Tii l-i  tvtttlid  thi  Ing. IhiCt'ttsitii it *,* ;<;i yc-nr** old, ami  leaves a hiishnnd u.-ii one litlle child lu  mmiru hwr lu->*.  Huger Crt*ek is rcipectfuily n-tjiit'sl'  .vd to bciiuvt' a litlle 'bettor.'  wlmii he had ft chance io niulic a sale.  A vote of ihiiukft' was passed iii Mr.  Clarke ft>r hjs g'ttie.i-oti* utter, htii (he  umiitlog wncludetJ '-nut t.t Mtlit* any  present ijtejwln thu matter ut trying tu  giiuranti!!* a inirt'liasi-.,.     i  The ineetlilg then adjourned, and tlm  olgnliig of the.pfiilltlou fui* a IJtJininloil  public building wbk proceeded w'tili.  (hi* mitniwi*  iiiihty, and Wuiild Itt* an aid iu (hu mat-  tt-r id uii-tt-hMiient. Thi'i|tie*,tit��i uf Uu*  risM-tsiuent v-'iti n'onslih-red, and miuiu  iiieiiiberi* of the i'urumittee thmight  Hint it would be'a guud/Uiliig ui k'Ct In  ,i��a iiitlepeiitlciit UH��4*ii*tor to make out  the jhst lists. No'iici'iijn ,'Haa tak.-n in  'Uil* inutleiv but ihe eoni'mltteo tinally  {'.oiii'ludi^l tu. si'Ciire the si'i'tlcc.** of a  1'1'irlt to prcpa't.-M a book i*i>tiing -uui all  Um lots in the-ui'riilcipahl), and the  (jwm'rfehip'iil Uie saijie. 'ThU.would' bt*  uefiled In any ..'���event, and itvprcpari*,*  tlon would (juvt) }��i'st that much tlmo  Ititi-ron....  After aoiiio. further. lUformal.U'lwittt*  ��1om the meeting adjourned,  m  m<  1 >ffi fy  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  -)���  AlUrnt, 8, C,  *v�� mi���KiS- Wi^imuimiitii  C��ri*4ta'  Nov. 16. 1012  GFTi BUSY*  MOW i.'iiati the toriiw of the ur*  raci^enientts for the iimt of  the/electlonB for the CMly of Alhernl uro understood, iv in up to  all thouo who wlnh to qualify to  K��t buuy and nee that thoir  nainea are on the list. .Uvord-  litK to the explanation at Ihe  miiHM ineelinp; on h��iitui'da.v evening, all reBidenl- Urltlsh xuhjecta  who hand in a deed for $KKh  worth of property to Mr, Kuyaon  for rotfiHtnition before December  lfith., will bo unUtled to have  their million placed on the voUjth  Hat. This' arraiiKeiuent xhotild  brink' in unite a lur��o Hut, and  will moan that those who are'appointed to ollleo will have a~ full  year in which to develop and  put Into pe,iutlt:e plnm-i for tlio  advancement of Alhernl, At the  iiieet.hiK referred to it win* the  general KenlSment that the llr.-d  oIlieerH lie aeleeted and allowed  to talce olllt'o without uu election.  Thl* is tho nana) method, ami  will probably bo curried out.  l^et the property ownerw of  etioh Hoe.Uon pick out a uyw to  reproKcnt them on the eouih'll  11011111 no that no one portion of  the town will lu* In a po-dtiou to  over-rule the other, and In a  btiHlnoHM-Mko way' let uh hejiln  to eutjiiilliih the foundittlonH U)mtl  whieh to build Alberni into what  we ali firmly believe il, cun and  will   heeonie   A  loibatantlal, a  proaporotiH,  tjlty.  anil   an   attractive  Land Act Notices  Ai.iiKiiNi i.ano nisTiturr.  Dill I'ltit tif'Itui'i'il.  TaWa uuitw lhat 1. Arthur *<t 0*>..i��ii I'lllii, tif  ,'Vtri-ula. II, O., srii'Ts! sunn, nimul to ai-iily  (tirll|t|tlll**llHI (41  liliri'llllSI'   I**** ��l'rilKif Illi'l lit  VViim (.nUt*. iMiiiiiilfi) a* follow* iiiiiii(infu*li|K nt  �� iiun ulsiitril nn tint iM'heljti/ tuiil iKbn. one mitt  oue-ualf (I |.i) mlti-* siiiitli of Ilu* vnillipitfit imi'.  inu-of !..>( III (umi lifimlri'il suil **��rmy **u**),  lli'-urni w.t-it lull)' rlialllk, llltftlfii ��i>Utl! (till)1  ���'Iniin*,!in-lit** i'til almut fofty ��'i��Imi to iaUt*  ���Ii.iii-. Ilirnnii*ti*lltf Islui aitoiti to tMUlt tiltujiii-  iiii'iiwiii.'in. tuiituiiiititf ion ui;ri*�� fwavltutt-iii-'i)  ami llil*/ hi'ii's) mora** er <r��*.   ���  iMiSiur Ht, Ooflrxo Mini.  t.'liiiilrs |'Mis��ftl lliKsn, And'-it,  ist, ��l. IvlJ no*, a ll  ai.hi.iini land niM'iiitn'.  Dlalrit-l nt ltu(-t*rt,  Tutu* Itntli f tlisl I. OifrOpil Ilutitt-r, ut Vlt*M  (��, II (,', Clilrf ,lilitlU.-j, lnuntit to ��t��lfU fOMi.',  iiiiiiiiiii) in iiiuitiin��,o itvti e.'n-*. *>f |tut'i<4t SVi-i  l.*tit\ liisHliilrni 11* |ii||iit*n' (  i'>lllll��ic*li**ltilir Sl It |'"i*l |.|iut!mt.iil U(* ift**.!(..  tuilit ikltfi, em iiiii** biiiiii; !���( tin* *,!iiili!'tt.i i ���,���  114-r ill l^i! Ill (iiln*1 liiiintliH,! himI twrivtl hi)  t)i��m*-Ji "fit  fiifl)  I'liaU.i. tiiniii-u uiuili lin{  C lllllll,   Ull'lll'.'   .'*li   llll'llil   ("ill   ��*ll*lll��  t.l 15  llll|<S *ll��llf, (llf llt'T *lull��l Vl.tt lit.I'  llilllll l.l t<lll|  ill f llllllllf Oltflll.'Nt, Ha.HtafltlllH)    l*w it.'i.ii ll-lllll'  Ut till,') (ti-1.��, flliiitf i'l i��*��  iliifilnii Ui.tntf,  .,,'  .   .���,    I'imiiif* Mm��ii) HigKi,    it'M  it-", il. It.* * Ni" sit  Ai.iii.iiNi i.an'ii eivritit'!'  Kl  I.ANI* HI"-'!!!!  4,11.-1 .Ul l��l��"|tf''t  it tV, ,M   l,iV"i "t Viil.i'itiivt'.  I* flit    ��ll��F.".-l,   ltll.'IHl*lai��>-  ,|J HI I'".* !������**���'I*'*' ���������il'.��l��V "'*  -  h I***-'   t'i**ill*i   4'>l   Hii' il-'1*1  .I...-*   t*l,">'i    *l***-i4'��l   '<* ��'*'  ' l��,|r -villlliil ��� tlii n'*,"l  tht    tl.tr  iill*  III  I..*'  t.-m.vti *,.i*4Vj ��^j  .i4iutiif>kfl i*l|**r(  ..���ti llliUfi * mill  l��*�� lit** *>��<'  ,l|,t,i HPtt,%l( t'.Ol-tftiilO*"'  *.i ii,- |ui!i| in nth an.* ,  -^. *-**. '        -   art- * ,. 4tt -  TO CORRIiSf'ONOUNtft  Allivt-itiiuuatcailuii*l*uvivih*4t d" i .ililkwilan  o*,ti��t t���� ��*x*oini'��i*itHi ��vui) 0*' "'*"���* WftK  tltfiiut Hit! *��ilire, nut ufj-cw*"* ������! i'|!��Hl'4"  lloit !>tllar k KU����niiU't��*if tftiivi ������ailli. VyBWHiiiit  uait. ilak^io Kltuii f-nf}****.-!��� J rtiiiiiiiuqwi-'.Ugn*.  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Iitirtilil(a'iiil)v!llt)lsliiii��,  If kii* SltfJina, .taiyi'Ul.  AiiKtin ��, mi  AI.ltt-.KNI LAND IllVntlor.  uiitiici or N4*uiiis.  'I'.Iiii iiuiiivi (Imi Adult ltut'liM. nr VlciorU,  li. t*., iwvtii.ittiiiit tir.-tter. (uifiiit* tu at>ii|y fur  tu'l'liiliiliiil to tmivliaii. ilitt folltiMiiin (t<i��4)iUmmI  iamls:  tMniillt'iii'liSL'' al a eon lilsUlwl a)s��Ht N iiitli-*  liuttliiti'ii fioiii M ili'ii nl 1.1 Inlii', (lii'ild't' Miiiili I**'  I'll.llis, tlll'lll** wiil soiliSllik, Ififlli'* Iiurili (VI  i*ti��lu*, Uii'in'i' ��-��ki Kirliaiit*. i-itt-U 10 tie* l��n*l.  (yiaialllliiif -i**) (tftr��, ututi. u�� li'����,  Ailolf liisi'liat,  I'liUK firill)*, Atffllt.  Auiftiil fI, 101*  AI.UIUtNl  I.A^ll  imiTlllLT.  Hint li'l of Ni>o()iR.  TmIu* iinl It'i* lluil Iti'il'fil Ji'du KfillniKii I'l-Hil.  * l�� 11 uiii!"., of Vii'itii'l*. II, t'., 4hh il|iKtiim liniM.  4.1, liiit'iiiU 10 *i<|.|r for i.iTiiilkkiim ti* imri'ii-ui*'  Uui fullim inu ,UiK'tl!n'it imitl*,*  l.'iiiiiiiu'lii'liu; mi s im*! I'laliutl slxtiil II 11  mllt-i!*; niirijiiii'it fioiii Mtii'li.lat  I.l4ii,  tlit-ititi  VVtSkl "HI llilllll*,   llii'iit'.'   1111*111  IW ��')H(||������, lilt'l****'  ���������tit **ii'liiliii.. llit-ni'.- unlit" hi (tlialni. liat'k tu  tlila tuikt, (*>iiiiiiiilu*i Alii ut'l ft, limit*, ur )���<**  lli'ilit'irl Joint llolliiiaitii i-'ratuisO.tlitrs,  J-'rstu 11 i'l in p, AtfFiili  AllllUktll, IVU.  Al.UI'UtNl I.ANI-* lUtmilO-T,  Dlsli It'l ul NiMrtlia,  T*li.< iintiivi llutl I'miif, t.iitiKjt.tif Victorl*. II.  l,'��� iKV'iliislltiiii4ii*ililiiiiiaii, loti'inU tu .i'lii? fut  ticiiiiikiiiiii u�� iiuiviiim tin? lulluwlnn tituKiritiasti  Ismlai  Ciiiutncilt'lnif at a |iviiit rinitiMl at tlia tinad of  Mut'ii.lst isliu>, itiPiiiui vvi'.t an i'liniii., tlit'is,***  mi'illi **tii|i-iiri��, llieiiii* f��*l *j i')i*|'ui, tlii-iit*'  aloiia Ulio kliori* In liHiilth of .'rfi'lt, ulimii i<rr>-k  liaoii lu till* ini*t,t>uiiUliilii>i OW m*ii'��, tiuir.i or  In**,.  I'l Kllli I.UStif-,',  rraiin Hcli'ik, Aiuint.  AilVilkt I'i, It��IV.  Ai.ui'itNi i.ANti urn'ruityr.  IllilrU'ttif Nti.Ukk  "fitlii-Iiiiiiiit llmt ItiiriuiiU i'Hl'iie, of Vlf.'l'fl'l*  II t'. iMH iii-Htluii lult.'lirr, litti'iiils in al'l'l)'for  llfl III llilllll to (Hll! Illlll' llif fill low Ilu ilt-ivi't Until  lainUi  t'.fliillli>lit'tny .1 a |-a��*>l |i!.(i|iral kt*4iu( a tiill-ie  lluMiittnkl fiiirii Miii'lisUl l.lti', llii-invi tft-iii )*.  tillkllln Hunts' tt J. 4 4. **1 i-li.iii., tliil.tv liSol lal  4*li*lu* |Iniinv niullli S-Jt'liitllii, li.i'litti tii(.|io*t,  tH.'llUllllll-t All! M'lt'k, tuul fi .li ll'**  llt'iumn I'aiitip,  I'lttui Il��)l),��, AifK'H  Aii��'uii��i, im-*  ai.iikmni land nt.*.'iioe*r.  lll.U.ll't i'f Jt'iH'lil*  'i'nUft!iill!'<>lti��l l(l*isiiiiiiSilil)|i.r, 4if Vlt-I'iilm,  I! '.", 04Vii|i��l!u|i tittl.l Iuiiii'i. Hi��i-|iK ti,|-l��-i,  liilikliiii to i-ii'WiS*" tlte fullouloif <Ji*iH-rlt>t<t  Iiiiiili '  t'aiii.tliriuili* ��l n |M**! i.l.tllnat aluiiil U lillk*  linillnifl! of Mm tUaUl Itltf, tli.-lnw t��r��| lii  Clialiiti, tlirlM* liuriti <*> clmliiii ilirutv fkul 0.1  lOutllio, llit'iH'.i *ii,iiii ntifliklm, litti'lt tiM'ii* ti,'*1.  (tilltn)ttlllH IWI Rt-I.'t*, Illlll ,1 Ol' ll'l*.  )(lf!i��i-t N-iillli*r,  I'i-uiii lii-toii, Aticnt.  a ui-u.i ii. ua��  Ai.iti'KNi (.and oiarKUrr.  Diitiit-l of .M.Hitk*.  ���relit" limit .t lliat r'.liiti l,tilli/f, of Vli'l.tjlit. II.  '(,'��� isstiii'siloii iii*rrlial tt'imiiiti. iiitiinil* iiiaiHfly  furecriiil'iliintii tiuit'liiikt; Uiu ftii)iu��liiK(lr��i;tr|l��'  c.4t lo mil, 1  ComuiifisiliiK��( a rim I'laniMl aiiiiiit iil(.��  uillti* iirtrlliwt-kt froiri Miii'liulsi litlie, llnfitt'*'  tuiulh l*10li��ti|��, lln-mw -M'd.t hi) 1 I|��I|U, tfii'inv  notili Kicliains, Uipih*" t^sit .auciialn., iiavkio  Uil. |iu*i, iiiiiiuitiMiii.' CIO kttirt'ft, iiiurt- ur It-.*,  I^fii* 1,'ittgi',  Kraiia lliiiiiii, Atftnit.  Aiiiii��t��. t��l*.   ."   ���    -  Al.lOiiiNl (.AND UIMTKItrr,';.  Ujilrlij-t of Nittnlta,  'I'-ilui miilCi* tlist Ami* J'mittii. *-/f Vlinorifi. II;'  t;.. 4ui*cii|i��tliiit Ui-i.'tii'r, liucriil* iu ttrtily for !>��������-  n)l��*lori to iiurt'ossts the fullowlinf U.-uMtrllnnl  larulk;  C.jiiiiu--ii-l;ik' at a I'"! lilunttMl .Unit. IU l-f  uill*f�� iiorlhwtaat fi'tnu Mut'lialnt laltt*. lliuiKii*  nurtli u.i tlialrt*. tlitiiica ,*����t *to clialaa, thenw  kiiiitiiK.il"imiha. lie*mm weal K). ciiclna UiM'k.to  till* 111111,.tfomalnlDif .IW av***'. uiore or l*����s  Anna I'aiika. ,  CrariK.llclina, Aacnt.  AUtfUtt St. UUI.  Heal Estate Agent  P.O.Box 28       Alherni 3. C.  I'wwwi **#)* i*1 #*ti*mmmm*****mtf*4wmtnm*9  ii mw jwia *mimit**w(*��wi  nun ������imiuw ��<*^j%i-yjpgiMiiwijj  A Photographic Enlargement  ��\/vwi^*v^*v,vs-t'jSV'>v''^/rf-*i^A*>^^  t-ti*JiJ TtttirxiblriTr ���*.  (if yuur Kavurite {-U'vnes makes n mosfwel.  cume and up-to-datu X'tuns pr***ent, '{'u ensure dell very tin nut deliiy ordering. I will he  please*! to submit, sample* and price* at my  Studio.  Leonard Frank  -  - -   Alberni]  r  The Men fs ��� Store  t,Vnie hi and have �� took ut aw Kail  uitil  Winter llood* just arrived  Nats, Shirts, Ties, Svoeaters, Etc.  fitiuitit he Hi'iii tiuyvvhere un Vancouver Island.  CAMPBELL & MACFIE  Margaret St., Alhernl  HhuiK'UH  Klr*l Avo��� Port Allmrnl  1 "hum* 73  "TK  .Wklll^,  Fartolow Miles Joseph F. Banna  The British Columbia Cruising  and Estimating Company  *&  HAN IIKKN HUiMKO 11)11 TJIK I'tlltlliKK OK  ThuruiiKhly criii*lng timber and other lnnd* vtithln the 1'rovhu-o  of licitl*��h Cultiiiibia, und furiiUhlng  GVAAAVmO tzrMATCS  by rellubb" expertN who havo had ycur** uf experience In this llm*  uf hiuiitess.   The ruuipany can, and wiil, plure lu your hands  an iMliuuti* curi'iH-t. in every duUli-tlie kind you cun batik ou  ttnd do business with. T  M*fer*HC��(  HANK 01*' MONTH HA U, l'mt Allmrnl bratieh.'  HOYA1, HANK OK CANADA, Alhernl branch.  Kor price* and uiruiii apply to  British Columbus Cruising and Estimating Co.  Albornl fi. C  TXSS*1!1*  WagAMJ  ���mrmttumt mmw*mm  WVwwralfWirla'<^ifcl|ii'VtW��'klM  III l|IN (jliyMI  The  (l��\utnded Hitl)  C��ptt��l Authtsrlwd         *         .         * 8ltf.tW.vW0  CiipHol Paid Up          *          *          * 10,000,000     .  Hoa! mi Undivided PruM*      *          ��� I6.000.tKW  Tfial Aauftta           *                   ��             ���* $a$tl,(l��^00O  Hun, Hresldeni     *     Ht, it'tn. t/��rd Htrtiihcuaa and Mount Hoyal O, il M. 0.  I'reaidcHt   -   It. il, Atigtia, |;*.|.     M     VU'i'.IV.is, .  Hlr K. H, t,'ioii��t-on, Hsu't.  (htlleral Mmittger          .           *           .           ��           ��� 11. V, ttteitwlitli  I loud Ottlce      -      - *     -      Montreal  Umduit Ofllcu      .      0 and il Thr**adnee*lle Ht��� K. V.  Savlnttd Bank Oopurtriiont  I)n|iu*lt'.   ri'Ctdveil    frum   91    upwanl* '*  Cmmiry Hiusines*- given every BUenllou,  Port Albornl Branch     -     E. S. V, McCUntock, M-sir,  tUvyvtemm'iit* ^*^*f*w*****'*>*m  If You Are doing to  Build a Hous(98 mn Oltlc-a Block, or a Burn, or  a Store, or anything elea that Is m-sdo of Wood  The Man to See Is  The Contractor and Builder  It* Will-Submit..-an- K��t!m*t��.-. Flr��t-Clae*   Workm��n*hlj��  mt  Priowa that arv. -���-*���"  Office Fittings, Show Cases, Cabinet Work  .P." O.'Box No,, 4.  j.,i*��*rt*nt*^*n* ,4***4R aartihahuHkW  -jtl*KMMWMiiliMwMMtMl*Mmf^^ /'  /  THE ALBE.RNI ADVOCATE  The A lert Investor A sks for  Something Attractive  t HwxHuUUijt tluu ia a mm e vt Inner, **h.**,* U*��* muimy vtill turn  over tjutcltly and ��t a gc>d ptotli,  This is the Class of Property 77tat Is Handled by  He Handles Nu Oilier Kind,  A,list uf ihe listct Kami nml i'lly iiroperih*** to befotmd lu the Alberni  I'lUli-ji'l,   A cull nt !i| c-uufhu'u )uu, mui lead lu luittU'*--*.  0  P. 0. Box $4       Jft. TEBO       Alberni, B. C  m��*m*m**m*m*aima*m*i  /  Frank & Debrayne  Peal Estate and Insurance  Notary Public  P. 0. Box 68  Alberni, B. C  **����� meUWIttlt.. SW un, *Uniw  /    -  MfWMWM��MUtC*NMM  ���**W��W(ti*HI^  I      PATERSON GARAGE    J  ift^*^^  o  Now Open to tho Touring Public  c      Full Lino of Auto Supplies  Cars For Hire at Reasonable Rates  CUMBERLAND  WANTS C. N. R.  A di*pi-i**tUu(i ropie-ai'iuiug ���hi'i'mu*  tki'i'lauil Huard uf Trade, ���.���(���u*l*Ufi-.l <���{  W. W. !j*��ivnt<4'* T- V.. Hunk* and T.  A- Hale, iiet-uuijuijiiis? hy Mr. W, lai'lf-i'i1,  ttultisi ti|m!i Hlr Hlihiitd Mclhidu hiiiI  -Mr. H'ill, ��-A��*ciiHti* itgent uf thn t'.'M.  H,, today iu ii'fi'iwn'e (<* Urn most ruction of the uiiiln llm* uf UieC, N'.U.  through l.'umbi-rhmth The l'l-emter  sOitittl he ****** nitit'h tmprc'sed wlUi Um  im-rltsul the n-tpie*!, tun! Mr, Hull  {���rumi-tiiHl iful till |ai**lh|t* the tvlaht?* ef  i'iiiul"4*i-!iuid tiuiild In. granti'd.  Mr. I .et* Is, i'iigliit|i'i- fm- Hn* nt 11 tv ay  etiuumny. *!iid ll ivere fiit-dhl-i iu roust rticl Hie Ihi'e Hii-ungh ('mulierliiiul al-  thuiigli It tvuiilil inttltti Uu* (irupuMt!  uiillll llm* through Uie isliind live mile*  tunger.  Tlmthdcg-itlou Inched ilu* I'i'i'iiiji'i-  iiud Mr. Hull lo vMi ('uiiiberhuul, (mil  iliev |ii-4iiiil*.itl (u du **>* provided bu*l-  ut'HS ai nuiK'i'iiu'iit* vviitilil ulliui.  Ucckcr Guilty.  I'lilici* I.h'tUi'ituni Het'kerof tho'Ni'w  V ink force,' vv us fuiiud guilty ul iiiiiish-r  In iIn* Hi'*! de-;ri*u by it jury which wan  trying htm fur cnti-dug (In* tlentli uf  Herman Hu->eulh:il, Hiegumhler. The  veisllct riiud, "MuttleC In Um lli-stile-  g rue "ami Hock or wan retuituded for  KetitencountilUCiuber.'lU. Mi**, Decker  sitting otiustdo the duur uf ihu cuuri  room, swooned when Um verdict, was  announced, bat, ihickcr did not llti,*h  when In* ht'tirit Un* vorrilet p-vnouneed  l*y (he foreiiiai) of Um jury., il. II.  .Skinner Melntyre* Hecker's chief conn*  M'l announced he would ' take mi Itu*  luiiliafi* appeul, hut beyond this he hud  nothing to say, Later Hrcker *v*ts act).  tciK'cd to go to the chair some Uum  during the week beginning Decern*  her H.  Kvcr notice how proud iim utenure  uiun is uf the things he I* gi*ing to duY  Victoria Quay  Alberni, B. C.  'nWJ$mpiTF!5SIT3te&<~*tS.  Vou gut a'Sijuurt* Heal from  our Advertiser*!  Land Act Notices  ALMCHNl LAND MSTMOT.  District of Ilatclay.  Take notice tbut William Uumard,  of OowicliBii Hay, U.Q., occupation  rctii'tftl nrmyortU-er, intend-* to, apply  tor permi-ndon to piirchtufe the follow*  ing dem-rlbed lamia :  Commencing nt a post planted at  tiio aoutlieiiat corner tind attimtnd  about ono mile* tiimt frum tlm etwt  whole of Alberni canal and on or nenr  Uio luvvfliil iiuUttieatit corner of U, 8-H),  Uienct) to Uiu huuintiiry o( h. 240 following uamo imrth to twuttt boundary,     thence KO cliiklua    'ensit, thence  ituuUi  to     north bounilary i;f i, 47t>,  Hirttrci fiithiwmg i-uint* went to nufth-  vtc.il t-tiin-*-r, tltrurt? Ut i��ilnt tif    rum  lonitviMBiit, Ii--Jiik nt��i*ut  it.?*) arjf-i-*.  Wlliittin (.'arr-iid.  W, ji, Uttimrii, Aecni,  ��ppt.  I'i.  Wi2,  A1.1USUNI I.ANO lllHTltltn",  Hlstiict uf ''Iw-r-oijuut.  Twfee tmth-i* that it\tf I'lw^.rtoa  Foul, ul Vit'Ujfln, iK*i*ti|'t��ith��i -tuild-  Irrt, (iitviida lo ("Pfily fur prrmlaaluu  tu (imrtiM-M* Hit* folio wine d***.crl!>**ii  ifiiiija ;  ' ('���-ti-j-jMK-iiig at �� pout pliiiitr-d at  tlm muthttinl luturr attuat^d uli th*  4-rtHl sliut'i! 4*f Amtfiauii I*ftlti-, (iritr Uio  otitlvt. thrtict* 3(i,(,tiain�� *>*-*al, thrui-**--  tmtitli ti> Uu*, iiuith botuidiiiiy nl Un*  1. H,. Uifciiri* futlowiiiK hotuiihiry wvat  tu Ilit* tdiuta, Uii'iico fuilovvlug atior*-!  iim* mu tie*ily tui.l t-it��tcrl>* to point  uf cuimueiir<?imiut, bring nbont SO  iert-'*,  (luy Mlni'lttuii Koid.  W, II, Uitirui'il, Ak**ii��.  Itt'tu, iltti, 1KJ2.  Ala-IHCllNI I.ANI) UUlThlCT.  District of (iJiityouuot,  Ttikt* notice tlml Kruiuca Tlmmiis  Uiu i iinl, of i'Jttliug, I/uihIuii, Knglanil,  ucctipnttou (tuny oftU-cr, ifllit*d, in*  tciitlii tu apply for permd-iiUi'ii to piir-  cluino the following tloiici'llo-il lumia :  Ouiumeucttig nt a poat plrtuttd itt  Hit* uuutlioaiit curlier uiut ultua-tad  nliuul U> ctiatna (llatant mul in woat-  crly dlrpclloii frum tin? noi'ttiettBt cor*  lier ot 1/., CI) ou All-unit Ontia!, near  tin* wcat butnidary of L.C70, thcncfi  west to the north wus t corner of Ij.CD,  tlieiu'e north tu the south boundary  of l.i,5&2, thenco cant to n point duo  nurtli ot initial pout, iheuca soutU to  point ol C(*mum)t.��ui��ut, having nu  ttron ot 120 acr��*is,  , Kranceti TiiomivM Ujirrnrd,  W. I). Ourrnrd, Agent.  Hept. 13th, 1M8.  ALHIiJltNr LAND D1STKICT.  DUtiict of Ohiyoquot, -  Tnkt) notice tlmt Hitloigh llliuidy.of  Oelna Dun, India, occupation gfittle-  miit), iiitctidii to ii|iply for permlHaluu  to purctiauo tho following Ufxcrlhetl  Ignda ,  Oommimeliig at n pout plnntod on  Uu* nortliouut corot'r of the shore of  tin* Western Iloywm Island, witunted  nt tho critrmice to Halny Day, uud  nhuiit I lnlta northerly from Nob  I'tiliit, thenco following tht) ahcr*  woMtorly, aouthuily, eaatcrly uud  northorly to imiut of cummi-iicem^ut,  titling About 0 MCi'fs, ,  KultifKli K. lhatidy.  W. II, aurrnrd, Aitvut.   .  Hrpt, 7. 1D1S.  ALUICHN! IiANl) .DIBTUICT.  District of Cliiyotjuot,  Tnko nutlcfl that Olaudo Hluiuly, of  Vlctwln. occupAtion g(mtl��mnn,     In-  tniulrt to apply for (lortniottloii to pur-  chftuo Um following doner!bed hiada :  Coimm-iicing nt a pout planted   on  Uio Mt)iitlicu��t    corner of tho immtcrn  of thtt lloyaou ItdumlH,, nituat*-? at tlm  ruti'iUKft to Halny Uuy and about     1  mlta northerly front Nob Polat.lhdnct*  following     Uiu iihoio     of the Inland  round northerly,  wratprly,  iiouliiorly  tmd t'ltstni'Iy    to luilnt of cotiiuiDucc'-  im<iit, being nhout G nerca,  Ulauito Hiiimly,  W. 11, (litrrnrd. Agent,.  Bept. 7, 1918.  PROVINCIAL ELECTIONS ACT.  ALBERNI ELECTORAL DISTRICT  Tftat notiF** that 1 Imva i#tM*iHcd obl>ctiuii�� i�� ttiltliiK to the laiautiou  of Hid folluwhig tmnits* u�� IbD Itgumtt of VoUfs for Uw Alberni ISlMti^al  oiatHit, um tin* t-iouiidi-. atut��d b*Iow i Ami Uke nolle** tbat nt & Couit  of Itftiaiuii to h** bald on Un* IClghtwitli day of NovamNT, 1019, nt Ah  t*��im, ll, o��� at io o'clock in Un. for**>��uoii, I ahull l-far ����d detwrmitta I ha  ����ld ohi-u-UoiiH, mul imtfei-) auvh innuod puraoun or #uim�� oUu>r Pruvitieiat  vott-r on tiit'lr hahiiJf aatialh*n hid that eucli obJvctlouH -*r�� not well found-  *���*!, I ahull 1-tUlki*. HuUi uriiicu od tin* K��glt��t��r.  If. O,   HAVHON,  Hotd-tnu* of VotcrK,   Allieriil   IdlciCtof-tl   Uintrict.  Iitttetl, Bftttirdny, Ortuhi-r 1^, i��13,  Tin* following pt-muiitf ar�� topotti-d uhacnt from the Uhitrlct :  NAMW. 1'IMCHI,  Unttle, Arthur Cotn-ea ...,..������. I'ort Alberol,  Uakkor, Hertt-.t  Athanil.  llelacg'*!', Julea  Montjuito lUtrhour"  UruubHrd, Qt-orKo Jitinea ��� ,,..,.Port Alberol,  tUn'dctt, AU�� ..������.., ., , , Port Alb��r��l.  Hurnell, Itup*vrt Hutttuoley.. Alburul.  Calhoun, 10iHor��ou Jamen  , , ..Alhernl,  ('nlbotm, John Ualhurn ., ,., ���..��� Alberal.  Carvell, Kdward  ������ .��� ������Port Alberni.  Unaandy, Hubert Clutriea  , Moatiuit�� Harbour  UhrlwUe, Charhs A , ���......,.Alberol,  Ooointm, Ktiriiitinle .������ ,, ...Ulayotjuot.  Duvltlwou, Janvta ,., , ,������ ....Albernt.  Davlea, Jaujen II. ��� , , , Pott Alberol.  Iblley, William Honry ; Port, Albernt.  Donnaii, Chai'lea IS, .���..,,���,.., ���., ,,.,1'ort Alberni, -  Knter, Max ......,��, ,,,...,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,���,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,Alberni,  lfirickuon, Arclilbitld William ,���. Alberni,  Krlcknoti, Itobdrt ..,.���   , , , Albernt.  Kerey, Ueorgo Itlcliardaon ...Port Alberol.  (Janttrd, William liurdett* ,.,���.., Alberol.  Godfrey, Alfred    , , , , Alberni.  Hansard, Knink Edward ,. ,..,.. Alberol.  Kilmer, Jutuea  .,, , .,.., ������....Alberni, '  LaUello, Auguotua ., , ,Alberni.  Marcop, WJlllam Herbert  , Alberni.  Matlitdon, John  , ���..,..��� ....AlberuS,  Mnuglian, Joaepb Albert , , .....V.....Port Alberni.  Miller, Joiioplt Wltliiim  ...,..,..,., Port Atberol.  MIIIhoo, William , , ��� Alhernl.  McC'orklndnl��. Luclilnn  , ,' ��� Albeial.  McDonald, Fritnk Alexafid-er , ,���������.,............Moaqutto Harbour  MtiManu, Daniel   ...... ..., ��� .Alberoi.     ,  MeMuIIen, Martin  , , ���,������ i'ort Alberol.  NiihrgniiK, Addition ......Port Albeial.  Nnrrhi, Arthur ...���  .,. ,,, , ,.,..,Albornl.  Ogilvle, Jolm ....,,  , , .,.������.������.,..,.Port Alhernl.  Petti*iiou, David  Price, llorbort  NO.  <7.  Vi.  til,  n.  no,  118.  IM.  m,  in,  Hi.  160.  m."  'i()'i.  H06.  88-1.  m.  871.  m,  319.  338.  <0l.  4i)3.  dU.  set,  878.  f.75.  6t��H,  cae.  G31.  ecu.  en,  (180.  an,  704.  7S!G.  769,  778.  776.  H0S.  845.  KStf.  857,  871.  878.  8IH,  088,  IM,..  <m.  ��ys.  1000,  1V84,  III     MIDUII llllKilll  AIK1I     Htm     lilMnii,,,!  Illlll      Illlll  111 ��� ��� i ��� * 1111131 * 11 < # * 11 * ��� 11A11 r v I DI a  ,.,.ii,,.,.,.,���,. ....Port Alberol,  Prior, Wlllliun , , ....Parkavllle.  Prltchurd, Gilbert Henry lievnn ...������..,. Port Alberol,  Hliey. Mark' ;,., Alhernl.  Rutherford, William ,..,  I'ort Alberni.  Hargent, William Ily ,.,.. Port Alberai,  HrtiKiitera, Frederick  .,.���...c. .,..���..,Alberol,  Bervlco, Andrew flrey .,. ,,, , Alberol,  Mimver, Howlnrtd Krederick... ,' ,,,,Alb��inl.  Ijtnlth, Stanley  ...,., ��� ,,,���. ���.,, Nootka,  Btcikea, Henry Victor Theo.......................,..,���.,..,.,Albernt.  Hwettt, Edward ,,.,. ,,,.,, ...Port Alfecrat,  Thom^a,, Hugh .., Alberol.  Tusnhuli, Allan ���,..,  ., ,.,Alhernh  Vftuglnui, Hupert' Henry  ,.���.. ,,',.,, ,,..A3hcin��,  WoIIm, Stephen ,., , , ��� , Alberni.  118.  156.  807.  The* following perMonv are reported Dead  Boyd, Frank Chandler  Clarke, William Nicholna  Klikpntrick,  Thomaa  Kjiittal, Jameu Nell .  Tlmmaon, Jatma   II. O.  IIIOMIfOIUHIOllilOt  ltd a4lMI*lf4IMI*l��*ll  * II t  Quatainu,  Alberol.  Albert)!,   ...Port Alberni,  ..Alberol.  HAYHGN,  -Mlalu  Heghitrnr of Vetera.  i|*����^^^^��^4*4aUa'^i,:iJi>)^*trikir*��;rf^i^,fi,S^  9     0  ���.-ofiiafi*. ��*a .wiMUHt iw** *i  On tlio Beever Crook Roud. Right In tlio City of  Alberni. Not away In tho wildornomi. Tho lml  chanco to buy fnaido Proporty at pHcctu comparing favorably with thoso domnndod tor loin tnlhn  away.  ��rW^ ^rft\ii��Si51ift  [WJ3J;* V! ^-'^ uw^*t^7**ff^^|y^ii^HiM��w|i Tv***: .'"-Jl*  " 0'  WWIVMMHkMMkMMMHIM  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  SEfflK  asmsgsitffl*^^  BS83^Sgfa��SS  ",'i  ,.'.:-. ��� .i:r.t,i*r;  fisas"  igisgaaassi^^  ��� $0  .���.-.'������. ;���; "tfts@s>v^  ms^tfl  i  "He Front-Depo.  The Best Residence Part of Alberni.    Level, Cleared Lots  Send a Check for $10 and Have Agreement Mailed to You  p  r rroDe'i  , At the End of that Time,  if you do  Not Like it for  O    ' t'  any cause whatever, you will get your Money Returned to  House'Phone, L83  w  ������U m  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  R. KARNAGEL & CO.  .'���:-*   i .'-. ���'���  Flour* and P����d  Brim Shorts Middling        PJ*| Chops,  Chick Chops      Wheal     Crushed Cuts  Crushed Corn        Com Grit        OH Caftos  , r  A r '  General Produce  Cold Storage  Port Alberni  P.O. Box 85  Tt�� Altai Atanctte cstt to awd lt��r  ItjtJ ttoftfevRMti is ill matter? cover-  iaj lb AJtai Dtttmf, all tl Rupert  District, N-Ntfci, (frptitt, Bud��]f District, asii tb blind* tut if th nertlt  ead ��I Vcno����Yer Island, Tku it an  effk-ul i-aiiaj 6r**�� line feviniBieit 0!I-��,  yfr'?i'^'''��^l.'|wj��'w|M"'-^  Ml ���&���*.!  K(/)HKNl,K li. WHIOHT, A-**i.wIbi<<  Knyiil Colltyo of .MuhIp, l-Wmdun.KnK-  Tratlivr I'lano fort**, Ilarumnv and  Thwry. ht*Kh(in*i -according to ar*  ranif**ii!i'iit,   Alhorni, H> (\  Mkmi Meat Market  Cor. Jolm*.ton tmd Ourtrudt* Mta.  Frofe Bsef, Kitten, Park, Veil,  Simps, ��tc  Alwayi on Hand  Professional Cards  GEO. A. SfflTH, C. ��,  II.' (.'. l.iind Hiirvovnr, Hnrvcyn of  Umhi'i- limit*--, inhu'sal rltilmn, and land  aiilnllvlaioii-*. Oltlro at Allmrnl. I*. O.  Mux 2...  H. H. T, HODGSON  A* M. 1. C, K.  f. ,  1). C, Land Samayor and Civil Kngintur  Olflcvtti   Samaia   lletel,    Port  Albornl  If. H. BROWNE  Civil uud .Mltilii)--' Knifim't-'i'  and  1'i-oviiicin) Laud Hurvt-vor  ACREAGE  IN  LOT  8  t  FIVE-ACRE   BLOCKS  All Alder Bottom  Art Excellent Buy of Excellent Land  Terms Extending Over 3 Years  Come In end See Us and Wo will Take You Out  and Show You tho Property  .���^W^i^^^^V-SH^ttiS****^^^^  i-r  11  i-'<  ui  I  Hi  'I'i  id  We Also Havo Good Buys in Townaite  Properties, Business and'Residential.  Jas. R. Motion  Real Estate and Insurance  Phono *') I  AllM?rnl  Phono !>**  Port Allmrnl  |    / Make a Specialty  ^g 4f If  .  I*.a4t.^*4*_I_**la^*. |,",^,,li    I,n,|i:|||  k^-ffntii and Cit*  Pri-jiuf'ty,  lhi*i Farm I��tiid In Alhrrnl Viilh>}, i I.YOU **i*r Ari*4>,  /.      I Have For Exchange  �� I'ort Altwini imd Allieriil 1'iuptri;*-,  $  ' Victoria and Vancouvvr IM-ujM'rty.  >.;  A llm ml  It. C.  I-Hilivi*!**.' hi Alhi'rnl  and Port Allmrnl  TOW BUSH        *���*        Prsp.  In th�� Townslto  mU Sell for $360 Each  F  Signs Signs Signs  Laud and AdviirtlfdiiifftiKnii! ota.,  dumt wiih Prompt I'Uiipattdi  at I#otvt**t Pi-lt-on hy  S.   EATON  MarMurot St.. Alberni  P��lnUr and Pa^r-Hon-itr  Work -Join* hv I'.rtuHloal M*>�� only.  K**thu��ti*t* Krtm.  'flwtM^Mf. j'f4"l'*"l��'"**>"ft1lf***l*'*'*taf"f*."l' 1*".'"  P. 0. Box 93 An*-*���., D. C,  ,   y.^jijiiij.,,),.,.,.!.*.. .,|nii���r i.a.jr.,.1***.*.*!**.^.*."**!!!!*!*.!;!"!!!'",  s,  sauw  anvtru.  Will supply you with nil UUuIh  ot Fit-Hi ClnuK Lumbor.  Stock Sizes or Cut to Order  Mall ordt'di aivoiidttd to  Addn*a��  ALllRHNIi II. O  Imah'r imd Mimtifut'ltirtir of Lliiit  and llt'itvy  Harness  logger's and Miner*s boots  Siicn of thu Wlilto Horcc on  Government St.   -   Alberni  1��, 0. Be* 37  1  What Have You Got?  Win. Frank Gibson  li    '   Ifeo** I'htM** U 83 Intturimo*   ' Olfhrt Hnmn 3-t        f>  l,uw*+m*mwm*mf*,im��m''i****i**m**im>**m\tuni \ i   M|-iiwawa^pWWWM��(ft^iiiai^��^i|f��'iii^iWi*|i��^>wwpHi iwil iMy-^*^*iiwii!i,.i'ji'j('����'4^^'iw*iMiii��*-^>yw*w^^  Watson's  Up~to-Date  r, i*  Hardware Store  ,   Auiitii w\\m  A Full Line of Hardware  Always m Stock  i  I '  |._  ��*.4V*-4*V\V��tVV*V  Plumbing Attended to by  I First Class Workmen  A*s��^*�������� ffl^tt*fcW^��o��:i����i��  ��    4W,s*k.jii��i |��, (i, HnxMi  FLETCHER'S BOAT YARD  ItulMors of JattUiicht'** and How  lluutn,  A(vr-t*tu*oi-it*K, final Ki1111��i^��. Oam and  l'tuldh"ii.     ([VDltiun   *.|'IK'li*ltU'*'       (illtU-  ll nu, J/jhrlcatlJij-j? OiU, uU*.  HOW ON MM  Otifulhm,, Mn'lm* and HiaUunary Kii-  ylinod,   I'lmipln**; S'lttm^ *,iippit"d uml  l>|-|iO(<xJ,  Plmt (f|a��t Workmsniidp  E. FLETCHER, moat Builder  Alberni, I). C,  p[M-W-^|^��-'*****H^^^ H'W���  V*"'!""*1" *niiw|i'��*'>*'>i''i*4*)*wj>*i uiii m u ii ���M��i'4*www|*i>iM'A;i*��*iWiii**i*��'��-i-iLi*i>��*i*M>  Furniture '  mwmsmmmmmsm  Ail Kinds of  HouselsoM Furniture  In Stock at  Mainland Prices  a; I, BIND  Pioneer furniture Store  Port Alb strut  First Established and Best Known Hotel on West Coast.  Thi* I* tit* fuvarit* Ratart *t th* Comm*rth! Nan, Touritt and Sportsman.  Ownltit oar own Jhiru ahti toultry fianeh  Inturt* a CoxittaM Supply et  Strictly Fnth AKkm Ur lh�� tail*,   Aecsmmsdetlsaa ef the Sett,  Th* S**t Sampl* fioem* In Ttiwft.  /Y*# /torn fm ami from all Boat* *��*��*���' Train*,  Billy McAUltStor, farmttrlD fifths King h'ttwurtl Hotel, Victoria, Proprlalor  tT��MT"������'��U'f?'*,*^>'.''-^  Mm,iammnf^fi��  ^%  **j* *r**J  Fc~  Oooler In  Builders Supplies  $a$h, Doors and Glass  Building end Roofing Paper  Lime, Brick�� nnd Cement  The Albornl Paint Store  PAINTING -Auytliliiir from a nui'dlu u> uu anclinr,  trout u hithy aurrlui;i> to  nn unto, frum ft hhtmk tu u pttlmm. '' -  Sign Painting Picture Framing  Paint.**-} Colors , Vcwnfalws  ���Xr. *.f-   ���'-."���t ��� C*** �� ��."*'*th,'rriJ'. Aitut, ~X ' i*1Vi**A    4*5It'., i ."��J V * / * "t. "JT* T. u^^T!T'^!i.,''l**"J-*' ^"i^H "��TXC ^ "���^r^.-t^** tZ'&TZ iFP, U '���^iJtaZSvZ  Helen St., Alberni  nwpuwiimn.-virt'* **m  Phona 01  >..i.��.y,rT^r..��,,i.i,Vi.i,iiil|..igi,giu,i,...,,_,,,^  *'".*v',1'.ji"*"Wi^iuiii.ni!iiix*'jw  l'iiiuit��vi'A<i��i*'iU4iA'iit>ivumi.tiil'iVmuivi��i,M*vivni<Avivv>i^  Alherni  Phone 29  P, 0. Box 9  B. C.  The Royal Hank of Canada  hufoi-jioretiMj 1869 lUnii Qffk-ii Mtintreal  Capital Pnid Up     :     :       $0,250,000  Reserve Fund        :     :       $7,450,000 P  Total Assets ovoi^ :     :  $110,000,000  A OKNKHAI. ilANKINtl  HtJSINIWH 'J'itANHAt.'riCU     !    .'    J  Savings Bank Department S?iHii  Banking by Mail  (Piumi ot***f��nt* r(*o-)i*4*tS  milt ui tlm lilgltfii vtirrtmi  Hy tu vvitiiiir*)**U!ir.  |)i'ivii��liii iiiti)' lui m-tilii mn, tfliliilriiwii  ������������**    ��� riititilnrti will |'lfc4'  i Ur Illlll'  IWIUl.t'll'.*.  in' until,   i*'ulli)m |i*ril4iiilt.f�� will i'N<  Ir Ih. mIvi'ii ti>- Iviu'r tt't/irttltitf nil ii��-  Over Uuu llrauitliuM and A-fmmhis,   ;Ul iir.tm-hi'K In llrltlnh Coliuublr..  Corro>*|H)iid!iiiU ThrtuiHhoiit Um World.  Albornl,Branch Port Alhorni Branch  A. O. Kkkk/.k, Mimatfttf H, J, Macj.kOD, Meusjicr  *timmwwJ.utimu4MJiJMiivmumm��m  *��*wwi*Biawii*ww��w*^ii*i*M*��w*'i>����i'4iiii**  '  *f,mmyw  "Mf  y^f^'.-Ma-ti^i^^yi^  *a*M*>,'a*i��w**^^iiuiNi|'4i*W��'4WF^W<li'HW  R. W. HEASLIP  Contractor and Builder  .ati.miaiw^nt.^Mui m M^lf, w. I*i*,i..f4.4yi ..nn.^f  ii.44.n.,i��niiii ���,*i.Mii.iii, fiii,.nai.ii wiw.���,liitiLlLi,iiun,  A I ��^ir\***-�����* T   11 rj?\ *** r ����������*'"* .--I 1-T(��*i��i/"*I lQ'|l*ClV'f.l��i��2  J. *t. miHKl-:, I'roprituiir.  is*���mf"'\ '^..���%lai:j&ffii.rH*-'��*-'"i'^-^l,*tiy   i  tjivory Hkh of nil klndm Heuvy itntyitiK uud fndghtdelivery  HOTEL  ARLINGTON  Th*< best Simi'i'li  huiuu un   Un*   VVt'M  Coast  .if   Vnneinivor  I-ihind.  All mitdurii linproi'mnutits, ('cntnilly iocatiil.  'J'ho lii'it Kishhur and Hunt In*,' on tin* Island.  Auto* fur hin* ui S|*ron( l.ak.t and tin* Ark Hotul  at Ct'ittritl l.nl.t'. tiiiidt*-* foriii%ht'd oii short  nut Ii-i' fur Himtinir I'arih'*. ul   miKlfratit ruin*,.  Free Bus To and From All Trains  McNiff 8c'-Mehf��hor, Props.        Alberni, B. C.  f*y".-'.  it,'--.-.!  *<:.  K^m^^mmts}m^asm��ima^v��. THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  The Canadian Pacific Lumber  Compang, Ltd.,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  0  I ''  Mouldings, Shingles  0  and Laths  s?wxs-*"iSirKS^'asxMM^^^  CANA0M PACIFIC LUMBER C0MPMY, LTD.  Port Alberni Branch  PIONEER   BARBER    SEOP  A Ml 1C H N I  Ooiicrnl ToiiHorlti! ArtiM*  i  Hot. nnd Cold Hut lis  Gterpt Drinkutater  a ���    i-i 1, v7 ,.v.X  JL   JLj JTv  Practlcal Watchmaknr  J*u>*l*r am/ Optician  A Hood lliu* of Wutfln*.*, and  Chain* and all kind*) of  J4**vt'lry. All kind* of Hu*  pair work.        :       :       .  Proprietor Albemi  Port Alberni  ii"i...,;..'  m^   mn  '&\\ Millinery - -  To be Clw-jrod at Greatly Reduced Frlcsw  to mako Room for  third avenue  port alberni  j��j ���p^'i'f ��y^w"-��^��i^t "r*-^���'T *- * 7-1 i*v*>��*t��r^.  -IN;  Alberni City  tttfss  L'K^tty^gyjg?rgr  m+mm*n*m��m-Km*mmmiiiiiitm  i'"   7tJT^llTSiTr>��vTrW?5C^K.!S  Alberni Lumber Company  Cms now tiupply ortli-rr* fur Klrat Chum  Sough and Dressed hunter of AH Kinds, Shingles, Etc.  Local Ordera will iwuivu *|u<t*lul iittf-ntlon.  (���iiiiiii tlm Mill oil tlio HroU'h Seulimmnt Itontl, or Pliuno  or wrlin to Um ,Miimi^t*r  Phono R49  Alberni, B. C.  liltfamWWM'M'aWillLjMBWWWBnWlnff'Mri'fllTIirri-^^  i'i iv ���in i-i i|iii,iiii iii-^ii^jiiii'jinii.iuiiHiiiwyjHyiiwi^'ywj^  If You Want It  Hurry Up  i��-----T^'*M*W'.M'^^  Street Grading, Land  Clearing of Any and All  Description, Stump Blowitng  nt   ma  K  The Clearing Specialist  :sa  For Description and Terms  Apply to  M. M. Stephens  ALBEKNfi B. C.  Land Act Notices  ���rMn****'T��IIMW-IWV^>,'i*>t��>t4 ��l^A*��ht*lU*t-��.��VMM'l��  * * i.  ilo iu A-iwayti swmy ana wining io suomit on oatimQi��  jjW{l>M^tttlW��^>^fliy^l'^p^  *w4iy*w*4��Mtia'i**ii'<HW^��'V^iiiu^ ��'*Tt',|  , -BS_<i,t+, WHW W** IW *��� ���*��� 1*f��>*i.)wP^"J*��*V  j��.��ii aii. |yi*t! *������ m *�����..* ��  nm  ��l\l  BB  Five��Acre Blocks  Of thn  ho-M, land in tlm  Allium! Valluy, uk tinted on Nnroat  f^tku ltottd, with Wator I'Yootuj,'" ��>n tin*  For Prlee Ll��t, Description, Elc, Apply to  TCfl Port St., Victoria, B. C.  Al.llKKN. LAKIUIIH'I'IIKI'  IMHilcK-I lltirilm',  T*kt) at*i|ivt tlmt j, ti. a. Hitiltli, tutiinrf-,��  HUrili ftiP A, I,.   Mllllll,   11.   A,   Unit ill   fllllt tlm  4-H��tt*4lf Wa   l*l**rlllll/,    llf    Alttat-ml.    W-VUintllOl)  IfiiiiSHiit-iSfii!', inlvfn), in njiiilr fur iitnuiUiluri  tn li*����ii tlu* fu)li)*.|a*i Oium'iUk*! itui-iii  t/tuiiiiiiitifiiitj -.I k |Kiii I'liitiiinl ��i tlm noriii*  t��*��l t Hfiliffii/ w.'tlui* Tl, likiwlur IlldUldt. lll��*llt-*��  v**.t iitt)tiiujn��, iimtuMioi) *i.i'uiti.itiif t,iiiHt��n-,  .'Ur itlii>i|lut�� Kft *'��i i>ii*.ln��, umi.. nr I*?**, i)i��*��tr��i  uh u (ti.-illhtfrlr i tiUiMf IU) to iiimiiiii, inum or lei*  m * )i*jim M*,' riialnti-���*���*(  i*! Um ���m'jiliwrit I  two* t< tit iM'ilunri, i)iim*��4>-i**1 HO (*li��lti��  i��  (It-* ��4ii,il,i��p��t t'.i|tii,-ii| |,|ii(t umi inn ;i, (iicit-v  |;.)Ul*iIni/ lit* H)ii.1tll��k ��ivl tvt(liil*4f|ttif tlirt   A|  Ifaflli! <*'l��l III ttl.lllt tlfciflllltil'llltl-iUfJitl,  ll. A-Miiltli, A. i, hii'llli, tull  K��i��Ii>.i| VV, mining,  4,, A. Kt-Jlltl, A.mttl,  Nti*i#��>li4-r��. itill. Nut-It It  Al.llKIIN'l l.AKI* Mkl'lMCT,  Dl��lrl|-|4*( <*U|ri>{vlli|  "l'*ilii>ni>iiit-. ihti I, Klliti Ji-ni.'t.t, of K*l<.v*u,  II   !', mH'lfl'l-Klill lil��*-|l*>j Wu-lllttl, ilH��lt'l*!0 nr*  I'ii fur rmniii.lifi! in i-uiviio��ii tiiu (uiitiu(ii*i ilu.  *|lfll*!l1  l��ttl|l  iVtiiiiiiniKilfif/��l m lii>4)l pitutMt 16 (!hitlrt�� ��t>iilit  fit ��*iuili��rt| rtirin-r of lm if. 'J'. 1*. I, i;l*.ft>4)utit  IU.uli'i, tliiiiitatitiiiirlli tiuolivint, liiol,* (iC Irmin  IlLOl*!!*!!, tllf|tv'l(i'l,tltt}.M't>tl0rj)',li|li|*l*O*'4(t��ll)'  (y|liit��lti* tlio *lii/if line m jifl'it t>( i*4>!iuiiciKt��-  mt-'iit, 4VHit��iii.!n< 11,11 ���ajrt**, itiortf or Ic+s,  IXftii Jt-UIOH,  I'dir J. J>, Jenttnii. ftOfllt.  .A-l *(, I��l9, Kor.lVi*  Called Away.  Com*uthlo Kin*,- has ln-i-n rt,lh-4ls**��y  to rt'lMiri for duty at CmiitM-rhtwl,.  wlmro tho Ktrlkt* ultuatlou is. nald to bt*  Ifivwlnj* aorlona,  CLASSIFIED ADS.  >*#r 8��Jp -Two Clt'itr.**.! I/;t* iscsr *U*  Uuu and H'hiHil huu*-t-, $��iO ciivlt* J5"  *'iA��h. t��tlitni'u tfti pur msuiih, Ai>piv  Krank (lit'rnai-il, All��oroi P. O,  r*r Suln .Hoed PoUtufi. Kjiely It*'-**'.  ���Klr.1 i��riim AlUurnl fair lUlt-PJ, A|*-  nly wm, Chan, (,'ltirko, tlovoriiimml  iSlrui't.  Wmtted-.Wuinunforhitindry wurk. Apply Ploni't'i" Htoaiti I^nuiiilry, Alht'int.  rorSata Ono HurM*, ^'inm) driver. Call  on W, H, tfritlhi, IioHVfi'Cis'4'k Koitd,  Alht'iiil.  F��jr Kvnt". Pivo ruum tmusu on Uu*  Hi��avt't' (h'i'ok i*oi*tI. Kuw mtniit*'!*  frum Post outfit. Apply O. A.KmiUi,  Allmrnl, 11. C.  W��nt*Kl I*4*r l'4��it Alht'cni. Toaiiia for  ntumt work; ��7 for nine hour**. Ap*  ply to A. S.. I'lllihHti.  jj��^*- -^*��  ���*****-****-*��� ��*��-*��  Just In ��� 3  *-N��f��  *��^*mt  ***���***&  Two Cars New Crop " ���  Oats and- Wheat. .  0K*V'a  fliV***^  ***^>  livv.,,  xfa**"1^  i o n e �� r,  Phone S5  eed     Co,  A, PAUL, H��tnsK��r  *Vt��Kt  "-*>����  *rfS��-i>>  '���<*<0  *WtM*4��  Wimtod- I.tttlu Pi|fa,   Huti* prlccii. H.  It.H. Ifayiie, Heaver Cri'uk.  Stevens  AND  Hibbitt  PrAcMcdl  Plumbore, Steam and  Hot Water Ffitcro.  Estimates Furnished on Application.  Margaret St. - Alberni, B. C.  *"'"ITI��g-|g-1'  E. M. WHYTE  (  OKNKHAh IILACKHMITH  The  Alberni Trading  Stores  Just Arrived Cor Lot ol  Flour and Feed Stuff  100 lb. Sack B��st Flour -      ~      93.79  00 lb. Sack XXX -   ,   -       - I.G3  Also No. 1 Feed Oats and Hag  i^HtJt tT"?X��S��Z^Z2i!ZVSZ2L  The Busy Store  The Busy Corner  **mm*Mfj**\  ���*m****P***+*m**  1 *��4W��lJy��-J*^w'���� -it*  AK hiH'ttri'd tlif Aifi'iu'y  'ur  the lllhli'lt-t   ot   ��t'hat  h*  known a.< thts  Farmer's Bandy Scuie  huliiK a Koalo and Truck (.'oin*  lilnixi. which cun ho nAt-d I'ltlmr  as a Truck or a Hcalo, and wjll  wtdifh nnytlilnir from ono pound  to a ton. A idiipimmi of thi*��o  havo boon iffolved and can lm  InHpoi'.tt'd at Um shop.  <,-*fai-*i,-.>^,*��A   J*I^,J*1 m(.  " i '."'.-.������* ;':"���i!jii'?i'im'iag|..uJ?  -J.'.- ���j.:��C7&��-*-S3��<iZ2m  C. F. BI  firocors, Bakera and Produce Morchunta  ,��^l.Tiv4.'*l.'i*l-����W**",*4*W 1*^*1- ��*.*i��-*-'Vm'  H*tll3)*H'JI*i~*.4IV a*��-**>V ���*���   A����.*n  In tlm paat ye*��r*�� our Cooking Krtill** fur ChriHinuta  Caki'fc and PudditiK-* have t<to<H! tmrivah-d. For I hit*  voar wo havo takm r*ro that thpy can't ht* brut.  Now to Hand  Klnp.it Currant'* -jniwii  Klnont Soiilml ltttiidiiii  Hultttntt ItalkhiH  12 l*2ti, j*rr 11*.  12 l-2o. |i**r lh.  l.-Va. and I'J h'At. per lh.    .  V, and II. Csndlfd Pt'tdi, R**K3nci*s,' Splrci., N'ut*, oto.  Flrat Arrival of Ja^sniuie OranrsK**, 7So. For Bo%  Fresh Pork PioK on Saturdisy, 30c. and 26c. Each  " ���?���:���- .'-���w'rrar.^sw't  .*,*,    I     4^iT*^<^,"t^4*Wl|l.J*.vrf(li.i.''Jif^,. a?H**tl*)1.rlV*M*fmil*<tMl.t.~  THOMSON'S   GENERAL  ALBERNI  B. C.  www"(n*'*?**��*f  ���RT+'*^��W>V��-y*F+>?*,��  Where you Boh'( Get  lonesome.  Barry's Pool/imm  Follow th�� Bunch  ^wtWpaygwi^Ww^Pwtiii^jiiw^yi^lM'tyii^'jVpii  Q  DRY STOVE WOOD  Alway-iot) Hand  laii'-fiVa-i'.'KKaa'mr.'it; w*;;maaBayiK^aj*/.g��'ia^^gaAi^^^  f..,ilim..M,w.'.i*t  t  Wflke  the Chlldron Comfortable  For Winter  A' ���^���^���^--.���.-^���i!^^ Aim* 3  ��'i'*!?**''''a,".">{'^jwn'ii''iiiHn  1  BBffiBtrgg*-^  /v:  i**a->-n^iwn.^i.-M-i  Liquor Act, 1610.  Application for Llosiu-c.  Niitltie It hrruli*,' ult-cn Uuu, onUiitflflt ilftr otf  Dcs-rtiitfrr nint. ��it|t||f��ilon t*lll lie oitule to tint  Kui'einuttiiiti'rti nf l'fi!��|iii-(itl )'ollc>��for i**)ii#*fiit  of Hit* iititt*! iii-nn-M-*-) t�� *<*!! lit)uur tij- mull In tin*  tiifi->l Umiiiii it. iin- Alliei-ttl iliitol. ttltuttu .it Al*  In-in I. In Un- 1-rtit liii-ii uf llftttih Columbia,  Unlit) llil-i ih.'tli, iUv nt iViolmr, IUII,  VV. \V. 41. MCAIIIllir,  Ajitfll-rint,  Appllfattwi lor ILtceneo.  Notlf't* I* tit-ri'lix ulti-ii mm, on thtsOr*lduy ot  l-opni-ilv-r !it'��i. Mii.lli-Hil.i--i hIII ix> nirni-i I*** thfl  Hiiii*��rinii-ii'l''iii nf Pi.i. im*iR| follcc for r^ne***!  ul Un* imti: iirtm-f, tm ti-ii ',|i|iior by ri*l��(l lis Hi*  tititcl Uii'iiii)ii3 Uu* .Wlliijji,hi Hun-,!. ��Itu��I* Hi  AUfnil, In tin* i'Mitlfi,'., ,il llrltinli f'oiuuiiflu,  l)��lcvl (lii* jK.tti, -lur .if I Molxtr. IPU  J, A. MuNICf,  At��i*lll7��l*l'  AK��u��t fur Fraxi'r Mill WtK*l  Try a I��8i*}  JOHN   GRIEVE  Alt   Ordmn   Prumptly   Atlrndml   Tu  wvmijmmim niaw^*w"l*i*iVi��W"^^  . Redtord  �� ere mi' * ,,'..  rrnt.li Un*!,  Mutton  end  Pork  alwuya on haiuj,   Ordt*r*��  tui*i��o fm* Poultry  otc.  Phono87 P.O.Box J8  A   SACRIFICE  A Illofk {tontitluliijf imorly Two and a Half Acn*** of Flmi*  CIiiM lajind IuhKIu the City Lliullt and flosn to Town ami  Hi'hiKil.   All Ku*��y Chuu'lutf.  $575.00 Cash  A Choice $��Ie��U0n of Clo9�� In iMe mi Hock Bottom Prices  *'-^u;-*st{ti!\T'V^-'ii?j}V ���wlwJtf-5) f'v.'fti.W't* /tr"-.vi-wl "?��:��.-is ja.:!^^.'1 t,i+-.M~r <t ���*-*x.,y.vi. <lJr ^."-.Wiii."*-i s.'. *"-tftf^-Wkt-^Hvi  Alberni  **  s~    . ff  'it   inu mumti.iiLiWiwiniM^M)'*���iiiii ininniiwUMiM^iiinwiiMiii u iiiwwimii iwih�� ��� iiiimiiiiiirnli^MiMTr���rrnrr���ti *l L  t***n��V>*xi+Bm:i��mim*u**t*i*%ix)mi*.i*tM*��o**i-**3*<**'*umimtcn��iMii>iin>n*fiiiwn uimjiBiiniu*��*--i'*Niim *****tiimi tu��Huurr�� ih-j^wh��w��im(���uawmw*! ���**���*"  ^*l*BHP,l^l*y*w'|W<(iW  ^fin-ynymi ���*���... uf i *�����������.�����  i���iwm WWII IWMM  ���^t������W-MH-i f^j HS-A.H  C. E. J. MILLIBS  Re��! Eat��t@  ;��  ALBERNI  I C.  -   -1<1   fin.   t1-��H  ��a^- ^vit-Tvr+pvcMicuijt ir'vini'Hi ���si**' ���d��i* w*jt��^.*^ni>ic^ <���*��n��*>��.��**.- MUiiK-MtiMinwi  //I  .4 CAo/��? Assortment of Flower Bulbs  Hyacinths  m criitfi Ihtan  Tullpn  'ift, % and W cent* Do-**1*!)  Narcissi  IK) and (K) cunt* Douon  OoCUMtJi         .         .  16 COWtiH Dokoii  Bno*** Drops  ,      .      .      15 cunt* Down  Belli* Hilwrlca     .  ,        i'fJccnt** Do/on  C. M. PINEO  Driu&ist and Stationer  fg^*"f^a*w;Miy��i��*MM��M  Read the API in the Advocate Carefully  A#Mrt<*V��ffi:iK-��*ra'>*tM��- MM-..' ��M��*M I  tt������nwtt*��WL*fc'firtim    -*^**www^


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