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Alberni Advocate 1913-11-21

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 /<  YV-V'^'  v^  V^***  ���\n.W  ^"l^rA^vJ"-" ��� ���'��*/.i  rTr-TTi*iirimrTnMrwff.i-TO'iiiiiii..i,iiiimj,jl,i  Vol, 4  ���  Alberni, B. C, Friday, November^!, 1913  ���"Itli'.'tllU*,.!.   i.i,4*..j,|i|llg<M  No* 13  ���  m  'I' Ti T'i "rir "-y"i Mm'  i ii -nir���,,rili|-..iM-|iiM  Oj.tr ChriMtiium i��U>ck In lurue and en,reful!y m>lot'ii*(l, Our  mIu'Ivch uud i'i**.'.* iireer.iinnieil with tfifbt for old nnd yiMiiijfi  and we have had l*o enSurKi* the wtoro to jnaict* room for the  new Koodn.  Tho rhlltlreit aro Iii^IokIuk um to Itnow when the Toy Kooin  upnhiiri* will In* opened.   Wi�� expect to open it on Mnmhiy.  Mulce your rcst-rviitiom* early,    (loot In will be oxHiiiiikiuI  any thno bofory l.*lirlMfttitiH.  r  C. M. Pineo   -   ~   Santa's House  Close * to tocvvn.    On kimiiI roiiih with Small honem.    Would  iual((* oxeeilent Chioljon Knurli  Price $1000,   Easy Terms  One Acre Hloeks. ^outl html, ^:jr*t* |u*r nero,    Houses to Ih'ut*  from 8l2,.*itMo $15 per month  JAS.  R.  MOTION  liViil KMtnto und Int-nmiiioo  I-Muhih ill, Alberni I Phono \S, Port Alberni  Think It Over.  It l�� now up to tho City Council to Immediately make ns  5(ood o bargain with tit* Rit.clt!��~AgO-l��W Power Company an  the company will igroo to, and to aubmlt the contract  covering that bargain to tho rafopayera at ��n early data.  If tho City of Albornl allows a rival municipality to gat  In o poult ion to offer cheaper light and power for a period of  youra, wo might Just an well ��hut up shop. t  Tho power company will bo forced to become our boat  odvcrtiBhig BitJit, and to use ovory effort to bring In people  oitd plant**, of all kinds, i  It Is only during tho latter part of tho proposed term of  the contract that tho company can hopo to recoup themoelvoa  for the Initial outlay. Tho present ratta In other placet*  prove thin.  Oy shortimln***: tho tlmo of the contract wo pay for thirty  year*? service in inn to fiftHm yeara, -and got only the shorter  term for about tho aomo amount of money. Figure It out  for youmclf.  I out   -t  ***'WW'*  "JfSasai-::  Thorn Im uot-hiittf ��{iiIto um natlafnelory to nam!  away un ono or inorv of, those ' ,       ,  Artistic Photos or Enlargements  of*(hi Beautiful Alherni Scenery  Cull ut tht* tStudio and look over tbo tiuHMtirtinent  whieh hitH donn no much to muko Alberni ftiuiotw  Z. Frank  -" Alberni, AC  Public Opinion.  Take your Fat Beef, Hogs and Veal to the  Where pa can get your cash  n*MftwtQ]t**r. vw"m*wra**u mwu  o  ttf  HRSB  m*fmm*MW  yg<gffgq��  The Alherni Tennis Club will give  a dance in the Arlington Motel  hursdag,- November 27th,  At l�� p.m.  (irlmoti1 OivhtiHtra wiil uupply tlio unwic.   i{el"re}.hn)eiil---i.  Coino and havo it mood tbno  TICKETS: Double, fl.50  Single, 75c  Itmnmnber the mioiion wilt* of lyn.sl  ut Albornl Ucl|rht��, In A. W. Ni'lUVj  onice, nt U p.in, on Monthly, nt'.xl'.Milt  Inst,  Tin* )a)Ih me nil dry, nn i-Nhii.'  ground, niiMly cluiii-iitt, nud an* oiloied  at ft low upivdc  Mr. I). Hlnplmnimii of Ntiniilnio,  Chief I'ltivlonlNj (*-.))^tnMi< for this UK-  trlct was. a vNiMir In tin* oity nn Wed-  iii'.vliiy.  Mr. I>. Murray, wn.i u | uis.se i����-t)r nn  Thui��duy'u ic-utii, en ills way it* Vim*  oouvur,  A.O.F.  The ri-if,'iiliu* niiu*Mii|f nf Court *\t*  litirnl, No. PIMM, of iht* A.O,l'\, will be  held In Whytn's Hull on .Momlny islffht,  ��l S |i.in. A (nil nltciiiltmcenf Dicnioi'tt-  In reijtiit**u*il, uh there are a nntiibi't- ol  inijKit'liini. (jtiit.-iitiiii-* te reiiiii u,i tor  ron-tiilt'itttlnn. Thi*. In ulno nomination  for ofllen iildlit.  Football.  The (,'ti'iK" botwecii lln* Pnrltsvlllo  mid Albornl t.'iiin-i which hltonld litiit*  iiikeii pli��*i* ln.st Ktitmiliiy, but vvn,s  nustponi'it owliifto ruin, will be plitymt  teninrrow at I'lmke's tielil, roimiiVn-  oliiff nt. .'t u'uluolc tihurii.  "1.4't us have lliiit" wan the note  mmck at tin* pudilu itu*(*tlniir on Mondiiy evening. The-mei'ltiiK had' ln'cn  vailed for tlm pui>|M>->e ot ����n-*Jtlerlnic  tlm |ittit��>f,i-4l voiuraci bet ween tluvt'ity  uf Allternl ��iul tlm Itit��)Idil*'Ajfm<w  I'dHer t'ompHiiy,  , fhlv. Atrtiew, of the Company, wan mi  iiHtiil, anil, Imiltil, iiovvii, his renuu'ki*  uitioiiiited to "VSni vnii't eut your cuke,  titiil keep It at the'same iimi,*".  'i'lio t.'oiiipany had ottered an ��|;iihi.  iiutili wliti'b witM n* liberal ��f could bi*  innilt* iiiider ttl) tiui t'lixiimmirtnt'.w,  Any cJiiiu'jf.*!* In the wny of curtalllni/  (lie M'0|ie of tin* (i^reemc'iit would it,.,  milt in nn itdvanco lu the privsof lliiit  imd |Miv*t*r. It wit* piifoiy �� imtttt<r of  l!tn,!iie*"4, und all Um ealoulutiousth-ul  tit't'tt inivb* In l tin in*V*t t'Hivfnl itiniinci'.  if it was ihoii^ttt thut tin* roinpimy whn  afraid of t'4itnpttiitloii, lei tlte I'lty iflvt*  tttrm the iKiwiir ui come into the  nnmiclptillty, piit up tlmit- own i-ohi  iliii'tinnl u Iir-*, idiil ihcy wontd n��k  for no frimchl>*i>, and mi'i't competition  as it iiil>.*ht tii'lit'.  The tin'i'llni,' reft*rr*'*l the niittiet'  I me is to tlm l'iiy t'tiiincll, ultli a re.  tjiitHt tlmt un elliis't in* Hindi' to inetU  tho i'oiii)n��iiy in the ht<-*t H-fivetnent  lluit rottlil bo inutle In tin* InunvitU of  (In* (..'Iiy, and thoso (In* nuttier ii'Nlml,  At tin* end of the Iiniti remit] Imi'.Ii  pintd'H weif |;ulii|f simni;,. plenly of  vvii.d, ttnd a punch in either tnuitl, mi  (lie referee det-laifd llie t'ont4**it n  itrio*.  TIIKMKKTIN'U.  Ills Worship, Mayor Ultdiup, cullcil  (lie inc4��tiii^ in oixier, imd wax on me-  (ton, elroltHl to tin* clmlr, t'ity t.'lork  J iluym* wan Mileoted an semtiutry. The  JMiiyor opeueil tlu*'meeilnif by briefly  expltitninif thst it had botui inillttl 115  the reuut^t of tho lloartl of Trade, uf*  tor tlmt liiKly Imd held 11 uioetin*-,' wiih  Mr. Kohl who wuu nelll)-jot. behalf of  the Itiichle'A'fnevv' I'owor ('ompun*.,  Since Unit time tin* t'miiH-i) htul heltt  11 iiieoittiif, and u-*u Commttiet) of tin*  Whole had broii^ii In certain point*,  for ei-ii-ditWullun, Tlie��o hut! Ihh*ii  aibi't'El-tiit In the Avlvoculi*, uih! a tnijiy  of iliont Intd been liunilotl to Mr. A*-,'-  in***', Tbut |,'i'iitlt*iuan wan" pi*(**t*i)t ami  vxtulti no doubt reply to ilievob)iH'ilon>.  vthicli had beim rtflsrtj, Tiiot.'imtriiiHU  fell tlmt tlm city wiit*nuxioui* to have  ihe pituii inilH, tmd tlml it vi-i-.or.ly a  !|iifi*tltii�� ol tlm (..ruin, Me tbt'ii html-  tb|Ci*t* Mr. Aj,'iii'iv,  Tii I** iieiitienian opvue*l III** leinurk*.  l*,v -.mitt)-; iimi fur tlio pilot .win- On*  cuinpuiiy   wlilch  In*   repii'iumti*-.)   inul  but.)) iintkiiiK ilotuib*1.! Mirvt*}.-* ot tin*  i-tUtiiiji'i.   Itivt'r.     in   Heiitoiuboi*   Jn*,t  sli4>y bud C4i)li'i'i4*4.i,Mi!ti(*it-n,, dntu U��  eiiiiblo tbt'ii*  to iniiko no '.-Mliiiiit*! of  iho nnionnt of |sivi't*r wlitch 4*onli! Ii>*  dnvelupitl  tti   (ho |K)Su( (li'lt^'ltil, iiud  iho conI of  Uiis di)v-i*|t*piii4*ni.   U|��o��*  ilil�� ilt.(a  tint company  had  luitti'i! a  rfinnuet for tbo t,ti|i|i)ylii**�� of light and  power to tin* f>niTOiintliii|*f district.   (>n  ��pproii��'lilii|r tlio ("iiy  Council of Alburn! it ii|-j-i-iiri>d tluu the poopli. wi*ro  wtHltlt't! lo inuiilvlpiil ovvnt't~.lil|i.   He  jilioiijdit iblt* wut i|ulto rlK'tit.   it Imd  bi'i-n found t)iat oni-e it coiup.-my Inul  Iti polt* lliu'M  and wires ou  11  olty's  Mrei'U***,  it wai vory haitl lo tlittot-if-e  thniu.   Tho propoMtl eontruei look all  Ihlu Into coiisldi'ratlon, and  .���imuij'i-.l  for tln> eompuny ilii"t to stop ut the  city boundary.    Tin* city wovilti  own  und t*4inli'ol lis own -.ynioiu.   The two  umutclpiillllC'-i iiad heeu (riven exactly  die wniie toi'iii*, iiiitl thi'iv via* nun j,  slot) lu (he contriU't that no oilier city  slmulil be fc'lven more fiivornlik* teruis  tluin tliiifiiv ifiimu-tt It* Allt.-rnl. ,TIm*��e  tt��riiis were lower tJniu tbo*>o nf t*Jtlun-  Vancnuvci' or Vtntnrin, anil' would bo  a�� low ii�� unytliliii; 011 Vuncouv.-r Im-  lund. ThU would bun valuable font ure  tu atlvertiHlnif (be i-tii-action* of A)  Ix'i'iil. and lu a riiiiipiiltfn io brbiK* iii-  iminiifiivturitii,' Iniliintcici*, Tin* llr��i  tlain, penntock and phmt, wore ail  plamtctl for the development of liftei'ii  iituulrtH.) hoix* i*o**e,r, and wlillo ilu*  ltr-il unit Initialled would'be only half  tbut nmotmt tin* plant could be ru-  lui-ffetl lo nu'et the deiuaiittti of tin*  bunliie,*i*. at any time, o  A** to the thirty year t'lim��e lu (In*  tHItit lf>*>t,   (f't. Ik*,   (ttl* tilt.   JtVt>^l)lfl-i41 nt^a*.  If (hey winilttl (lib*) or uot, The rate.*  submitItxl wi*re ba**i-itl ou thin perlii*,! of  a coiii nml. If tbo jHtrltat win. lewiied  It would ineitu n bl^lmr mti., 'i'bere  was a piiivlxlun to hovit tin* iiiirt* uilt-  junicd 4��vcry t*��n yearw,  Mr. Aiftiew then tnoh ti|i itu* otijin**  I tlon** pin fiirwaixl by the eoiuicl) ami  trrntod lliciii at limi/th, Il wit* nhn** n  that the eompuny could only conn* Into  the cliy for tlie |iurpo��(* ol dntiijr btisl*  Hi*-** witli any blj,' pltou, -.ucli a-* a  sawmill, with din C4)ii��t*nt of tlm elty,  The elty eoultl m'II lo outJ*|tlt�� ii*kideiu->i  If thoy could |*ret they iKiwor'from the  ���fovi'i'huit'iit, ��o do w). The oouipnn,*'  iind no objectloUK. In fact ihu eoiii-  puny-' would -,'tvn (im city power to  liiindit* ail tin* liusimo***-* vvitltiu a certain  t'*>iO��onablo ratliun of llie town if they  wiidicd. An iiiiiUec-4 -itootl ihU would  CiHinlrt* a spoijlal hill belnjf put through  tin* let'lsliuiuv, bin. Mr, lliiw*.i*r bud  proml-tod to um* ovi*vy eifnrt t4) have  the Municipal Act no unii'mlt-d it-t to  five cltlt'i* the rljflu* to bundle JkuIi  lllfhi and jiow.'i- lu bulk.  Tlio company would not ho lu favor  of nlloH'liii/ the city to M\ to another  whoieMiliu*. This would only double  lliv Inttnlllnj- clitii*Kiit., anil not ho ��  ffOt-tl dilntf for tin* cotiHiiint'i',  A-v to hond*., tin* I'roVlnclnl tlovrrn*  liictil would rrt|itb<n ItoiHiH, und tluu  Hlimild Ih* ikiillii'leiii, (f,furtliei* boittU  wtii'4* i*i'i|iili'tvtt (*n tht* part ��I iiie voiii*  I'litiy, St wotilil In* only f��ir ^*r ibe  romp'tn*. to ilioiutud lionil*i fi**nii tlioj  city llist they wuuld Imvi. (l,f |��ilt>  lli)c.*t tuul win"* it-iitty 10 lake tliut ill*"  trlliiKo llm cm i'l'iil whi��n tlm company  wn,* in a jK-.-iltltm to deliver ibomiiii',  Tho coinruci lnp*-i*d If it*. |i|*ovii*ii*ut  were not 4'iiri'li*4l out, and vvu^ a fwlr  one too all partb".. il hiut Imtnn rutt..  fully reviivitl by the ilrm of Moilttidl iV  hitwhuii, fti'Sitnr 011 ttoliiilf of tht. I'ort,  ami thin thai bud t'lill.tl in tlio i,ervt('i".  of an electrical ���*.*.:|<ort (o aid tliem.  A Ittnjr tri'huk'iil I'Apliiuattoii follow .si  us to tlu* ii)itunt*r in which llie riiit 1 ������/<'���,  *vt*i*t* to In* flKitl. Hulled down, (bl*.  ttppcarei! to nirim thai with a u*>e of  Omi.lliiiit of the "1'ciiik load" e��(i*  mated, (he rates would come lo2 cent**  PL��r kilowatt. Imwr. Ai tlicto raws tin*  oity could sell Unlit uud |>o.\'i��r ijuer  (Imn Vitucouvcr or Victorln, ��n,l so  rate.*, tluti wmild compure fuionibl)  with Seititle.'a jilfl.'*'e wliK-H hud about  ilu* lovit-.Ht lutes tin tin* J'arllli*. i'tm-,i.  In r.'j>ly tu t,|i���� iiiuyor, Mr. Ai^ivnw  i,l��(t*4l thut tin* company win* wiilbn.F to  uiidiii'iitki) to huvo the power i-i*iu.ly ivr  iliillxory lit nine moutlis from the ditto  of tin* tiljtnlnfr of tlu> contract. There  woult! bit no dupiy ovor the ttppi*oval of  jijinis by tlio ljuverniueiit. ���  Mr* Itluki'oituo iSiiiuj-bi (Inn (bo city  wimuld uiiilii'i' mtiint tl'im iv*. 10 (hn cmttt j  of a phmt, Wn would liuvo di put in the  polo* unit uli-,*,*. W!i.v mu ��0 further  uiut put hi llie pbim �� lh* movi'tl  lliiit lisN miKler bi> iiiV4v*tlfH-!ittMi Jieimi.  ju'iilii-j.* furthi'i4. Mr. Jtesl mhi*ih|i<4| ibi**  1110!Inn, Hn wii*! not lu tavoi- tf! 11  tlili-ty year {||iiiiu|Mily to uuyonn,  St.viniil of tint utiilieiice miprnri-d ?o  tliluk (lml thi'iv* wai 1111 jii'i'M'in cbunce  fur Hie oliy (<i builit a pbml, The |iro.  position 1*.I*, loo bi}:,  Capi, t'mll oirer4*4t 10, uu aiut'Uihui-m  to lln* iiiiiiiiiii, "Tina llm nii'otlnir *'���*.  pre-xit'i. It* .'unlliii-HCi* lu the council,  und roferivil tlm mutter hack to them  to make tin. bets Imi'tfuiii lliey rotiiit  with tbu company," Mr, Shaver seconded thl*. amendment,  Aid. Nelll Ihi'ii came furwnrd and  |)re.*4i*nte<l tlm cuno' for tlm coiiiiell.  This via* pruriirully wlmt Hiiptmie-J Id  ibo AtlviK'tiln of lawt wnelt in* (Im cum  clii��loii�� of l lml'iiiiiiuit (en of (lit- Wbob*.  The**** Ctiiivbi-aluii** vvi'io t*lnburiu��it by  Mr, Nt-lll, und it wtr* a*, a remilt of  I'lulMiriitloiiH that .Mr, Aj-iikw uiiiib*  M*rerid Of tin* t'i��iii��(".**loii'�� (bill luive  ahi'iuly bt*i*u notisl. ��  Aid, N**lll eli4*4l tie* cum*of llm Hotfur  Creek Waierwork-* ('oui|titny in. un  exiiiuph" of the delays of (felting i/o*  vormuent appiiival of world. To (hi*  came (In* a-fit'emem from Mr. iViinnw  in imvi. ibe |i|iint in' -.li'ipo iu nine  (Honth*. from lb" dal.i of itu* sbrninir of  the c'liiiriK'l.  ("apt, litill then u**k(sl If llm curry iiiit  on of tin* work vvni cotitiiii/ent on the  Mit'itlnj,' of this contraci, To this Mr.  Ajtiiiv* 111'Hiil Ibnl if tlm City of  Albi'ini i*4��fi*t*rd to t'Mt-r* Into u cum  tract the coi'nimny' tumid only iimlse  tlu* pi'ovlNlon*. iiortHfiiiy for tlm I'ort  ul ibo prn*rii(. llmi** '  Capl. Unit did not., think lhat tin*  {fiivi'i'miii'iit would ptiK-i ihe'speciul act  ii,-ri".*Hi'y in enable the ciiy ui tfit into  t^- biiniiie*.-) of retailbi'/ |siwvr,  .Mr* It. ���-'* Mli��ei]lx.,*4tm-jvl (|��nr ({io  1 'i��rt" was ctm*>lilerVntf an' "imienthiieiit  io tbo Muulcliml Act (hut would cover  llii**. anil In* tmiuli clmupiT.' M**. Airncw  iiifnln htuti-tl tliut Mr. liuwM'r had ptiir  iiiimtl to do nil be could us hiitttf tbl��  uIhiiUj  ' Mr, Telm dtil not think a thirty year  contnii'l would put-* the ticople, and  dial it will a vviimKi of (lino to hrluj;  *.tii*b a uieiiNure before thum,  Cupt. Ittiil Iheiti/lit tint!, ll wa**tnitof  tin* (jitemlon (to put In ow own **ynu*in,  Nttiiabuii btid put out >^Vi,U0O worth of  debenture*, for this pur|>t)-,o and could  not sell a dollar of thuin.  The iiioendiueui vus then put to tht*  meeting and t-(trrii.*d, and aftei' souti*  fiii'ilii't'Ktmt'rit! dihtntwiluit tin* iiitietliitf  adjoiirncd,  ���**,a"   limn      1 ^-'nm'irmywtrwrtft-miw'imiTiriQKimtt  willlii)' (,i (uu |n u ('IttUftt* Miiilm,'iltut  If the et-iiiji'iny biiln in Niippty any t*ub-  jtittsitSol tncri-uHi In ibe nmounl of  jxiwer iimiI by ibi* city in tlm expb����  (ion of two your* from (be ditto of  iiolllb'ittlim, In w rliiiii*, 10 thai efhs't,  that (lit'iHiuiriiC! would be I'anct'lhtl.  A, Willi ri��fer(*iici�� tt* (Section .'I, wn  would Ih*'wlllitiff to add that the elty  can Mip|ih* llyht or |M>wer tn criinln  npecifii-d ill-airSi'ts (.*iit-*idi�� ibo city  Iiiuiti,  "���ii. We cannot n^ree to H1J1 altera*  tlon In Hnotlou it, and In dolnjir w bejr  to (mint out. tbut m rc-M>l! |>owor  lo a dUtrlbiitinwr company would iimuit  lifylit'i- rate�� to the pnoplitof AllMtriil.  1. We an* are wllliiiir io ajfrci* that  in ea*m of dl-*piuo tlm limit awttr,! uf  tlm (trbltratoii* wtiuld lit) ilnal nml  biudlnj?, and no apimitl to thn courtx  would '"* iitiowi-il, 'pins iiioimii tiuii  .-iclliiiti* thu |it)W4*r CiOinpiuiy nm* tbu  elty have uny rlfc-ln, of u|(|'��ou*9 hoii-mi  the awititl of the arbiirutoii.,  H. Hect Iim '.1^ (iiii,v'jflvo>illii*C(iiii|iiiiiy  tin* rli/lit to -ell powt'-r to fliidiiati'let  vv'lihiit tbo city iiinil** with tlie up*  provul of tlm oliy, and,,the city thu**  lius ml ire 1*011 trul of iiii** ulatisu.  t). This objection Ih fully covered by  tlu* Ismd which tbu |H)w*it* eoiupuny .','  bm* to put up with tlm Uovormimiit for  iho proiKii* iHiiiipletlou of the work un*  dt'rtiikeii'i however tho company would  bo willlnif to pul up a Imnil with (be,  elty for tlm delivery of jHiwer within  the uprflllcd (bttc, iiroviib*.! that- lliu  elty put uji tin I'tputl I huh! iiint they  would take and use Ml b,p. umlt*r itm  term** of tho contract on and aftib- tlm  iliile mui fm* (In* dell very of power.  10.- If the |hiw;c��* ivjiupiuiy dors 110,1  at any time Hvo up to the contract, the  contract breottm*) null and void, I lime  Is nu net'ii fo Inxeri. a spi*clnl t*)au-*n  coverlni,' Hi Im,  ,   I  wind   (hat you   wttuki  take  thin  matter un at the council meeting to* ���  oitfht, nm) lulvbie ut in wrltlni.* s�� U>  1 In* MmfdusJtm you i-t-ucb. ��� J  ri*trii*t  Ihui I 'v'ammt  pei-BOiiiilly attend, ��*^i!  would  kindly  uhIi  you   to ffivo  llil*  matter yourtimui'dtiib* attuntioti.  Voui'S vory truly,  ItiU'liie-iAifhcw I'owerC.)., hid.  Company Roply.  I'tU't Allieriil, Il.t;.,  Nov, lKih, mis,  (.'Oi'iMirutloii Of thn Chy of Alhernl.  Alhcuii, II.C.  flcntleiiien,-.Willi rnfiUVlKio to your  propioetl iilU��riilioiii-* i���� the nift-ooiuont  with im, now btifure you, I bev to advise  ttu folluw**.: .  1. '''Contract jfr��ni�� an exflltixivo  limno|ioly for ililrty yeur*." We ��K��  wllllm,*' it* enter into .1 ten yi'tjr 04.111.  haet, In which case tin* ratea would  bt* a,*, fullowt..'      ,  * t'p to lodli.p. *l b.p, month, pbm tki  k.w. buti!*,  |0U (o 'Ml b.p, $1 b,|i, nunith, pliesf*  \v'jm U.w. hone,  &K) t.i .Vkj b.p. -I-I b.p, on.nth, )i|iitf.o  k.w, liutir,  "liUfii tun it.ii. i'i b,]., in.iiith, .ilu*. 1  I*-',' k.w, boor,  Over JUKI b,p. (fi b,ji, month, pin., lo  k.w. hour*  Thtit't* winibl be no rovUtoii of rati".  Iiiiivtiiitt (ti)', tuul the If.tliJiit'ii of the  ootitriti'l would slum! m* im*fon> with  the 4*M*epi|on*. a-** not ml bttlov*'.  k*. Wi�� citimol .i/.'i*c*�� ���with your  itmoniliiitiut. in ."-it-iitlou In, m, (Intro  Would tlii-n hi* fit) cyiiti'11-.i, iin any  couipitny would limn havo right* on  your city m reels,  .'(. We are willlm,*' to iiiiiii* Unit the  jitiwor coiiipuny will dt*iiver power  within nine niotiilu. from the ttx<>otitlon  of tbo cmiiract, uud we In*/; lo point  oui that (bo city must tnlvortlso uls  u'()i*ks befiirt* loffl^liitbin for 11 hpeclnl  M4*t- t^i bt* carried tint. If, (tirreforo,  the city vvuniH itower no.vi full 1 his ail*  vitrllsniK should btxlono Immeilialiily,  ���1. Your objct'tleus tti Ht'ctlon 1! an*  imt l*y llm fatu lhat if tin* ciuupnny  full* t<i -,ii|ij)ly tdecirlrisl mergy within  lite time *>|iecHled iho ctintrnei bei-onms  null and void.    Wo will, bowevur,  lm  8��ERS0NA1, JOINTERS  Av,'Wi|WWAi^/'\^4Viii''WAit/'  Mr, Con HelMi?, of N'mtainm, caiue In  011 lm.sliiei.-4 on Satmdiiy.  Mr. M.   W.   KiioWbtiibb uf Vltitortn,  wuh a visitor In the city on Mimda,v.  Mr. A.c,  Wbltclknisii of Vloioria,  ^p^*llt a few day*. In till, oity,  Mr,    mid    Mr*.,     W.   ���foffui"**)!)  ^f  UcliUtiklexH were vl*ilioi*ii in iho. e|ty.  Mr. J. I*.. *S*,i I we! I ef l)tincai)<*, wa*. hi  the city on biuhie-ji-i tlil�� wiiok.  Mr. W. (ilulii.-lm of Nana I mo, spent  a t��*itiji!i' of day*, in llni oity tiili week.  Mr. M. II. C'larko, of the A. K. Klmltt  Ca., of Vkiiofltt and Vancntivcr, wan  tloln*,' biisinesi*) vvltli tlm local tiiiii'Gliunti  011 KiUumIuj',  Mr. I). Kerrler wan it pn-ntentfor on  Mmidiiy'i* train on bis way t*)  Van*  COOVl't'.  .  Mr. (J,  Kiunrt Keinoi)   of   Vttituria',  who bte�� Isrif;* iiitet'enti in the district,  wn* in shti oity on buitimiv-t.  Mr. T. McKtirlivimo' V'tiiicuuvpr, wa**  U liitwivl ill the Arlinis'ion on W4*dne��'*i  day,  Mr. W. H.   Uo  of  hvin-h ' Croi'k,  tspnfU II few lid)��  ill   llli*   0it,V    vhitiUh"  lii.-, bro(her Mr. Harry IVeo (hi*   wrek.  Messrin, ,1, 11 mi V. Taylor of Victoria,  ncro n.jflstterod at tho ArliotfUoi on  'I'tiimdav'.  Mr, ... McNIrt'.* of the Arllnuion, m-  turmil "htimo nu Wittlne-nlav'** train  from a trip to Vuiicinivei',  Mr. tliiil Mis, It. W, I'.vun-., won*  pa.ssen^m-, on  Tnesiltiy'it   tialn.on  a  tiitin  visit to Vnneonvcr.  Mr. !���. Frost, represi'iuinif tlie.Norrl*.  Sufi* Co, t-J  Heiittli*,   wu*j' in  the   oily  Wtl.ljl,  Mr. .1* IliJtut of Vtinuoiiviir, vvui :i  vltltor in lln* city on Monday, comiiij*  over (he |s��.o> In his auto.  Mr. M, Moll, Kinilli, .A'.-i*.ssor fur this  district, wm In tlterlLv fm*M*vet"il days  this work 4in btisim-M in ivoimectlon  with liU dejutrtinent  Mr. und, Mm, T, I'. Mel ley of  Cnmi-uim J.!iKe,- weie vlsltoo in tin-  city thl*) week, the fftmsts of Mr. mul  Mr**. W. T. MueAlliMor. TIDE TURNING.  ���"piUKS imvf n .wny of turuini-:  i.iriililli'i* lu  which  my  ���**��**!. carili'd,  im* ilurli*;: the |iust *i*a>*i.ii.   'i'lii* sea*)  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  |��,((li,ti,la|    ,.|'   ,4,1**  Uli       lltltlt-ll      |S.|lH!,i,|,i      ir,  III,  iiiii tt -,l* nl VillnS'ilii'J |t.lnliil 111 ��{��� It! Itil "liil  Ilia*   "allolid ).Iiatlli I |l> t'-ilUri'litl  AlUi-.il, I). C.  ,M.t|il,.|   ii,    !|ui    |'..<IlM ill. f    ��,',*,. l,i|    (��|  ll��lltll!i**|.lll (tUlilll'll l*H fl-Hl* ati. *l-* 'll'l .'!-,��*  illtttt'l'  tt-Ml'ta'lll  tl.'tf* t,l|ttll|ll>   >ll  4'H'J ���!*>.  llll' 1'lUll.l  Kill,''"ill    Vii-.ii.iliii,   S't .*  At-tl,|..-l    N* ttl ml tt.l  Ull't -.'ni iilli-'l t-iiHHIMi �� k.,41, kiinUm ,1-aSlnl  ll>'n!^l I'll,*, tl ilt 1*4' ...Hit.., .ill tl.H Ii-ll-lHIi^  (l ItliS'  llmi V.-air . "/?'�����  *>)* iMnitSlis . ' 4     I l.l  I'a.StHHI. Ill III.'  I'llill'*)    *��!*|ll��,    Ml'*il*. Mllil ��li  Is.'ilii4|t.'.iU ,4t���l ..liii'l (������it'V'i: i*i!t/i,|ilr�� |1 "'li'l  I* nl i'illll  .'Iniii-i* (,.!��� nil li i'-i! m-lii'i-t ��111 Iw tin'tiiii'i'  tm ilii>*,iM'i*i��|i)lt!ii-.i l<) !ln*'it,l' iwlfljNuii*. tif,  illi'l iiiti*! |tt" |imIi! Ill iiiiiiiiiii-  TO COMRKSI'ONnKNTCl.  All 4>lt!ltUUtl*il''44 IllIU lllll'lllli'll   ("11'  |>i|t>|ll**l<IIH  111(1*1   In* 4itsstni|wilUul   Willi  On* ll'ttiii' itii-t .ni  llti,a, i-f llll' Ml Ul'l, llHl lll-4S'*��itlltl ll'l'i'l,|,|l,-H  Hull IUII IIS �����KtllU��l!lt*<-l!l I'tHMl Iilllll Wl-.MIIIH'l  tltlili'llllttl'IH I.'IHH* fA'|4t"!lat iv,Hll|liilHi*ll||.i|l*  Nil ll'IIIIIIH'liUIllll ttlll III- I'l'lll t"t I'lS'Hl' Ikltltll  i>l||f<>IM|t��i*��'|il  ll>' **|V1'I'|J ,l|lltll*J|i|||i'lli  ���*��*>  A-burnl, 11. C, CamnJit   ���   21 Nov., 1013  BUYING WHISTLES.  T!*' ntoiiiory serves it wn** e-ood  A old I leu b'rniiltlisi whostuit��<��l  ibe Moiy of tin* boy who Inul u  hundful of money itlvon to liiin,  mul wus told to ixo ou  whulewr ho lilted, The lil'**!  tiling thttt tlio boy eninc ucio-sh  WUS U   1111111  Hi'lMllK thi   whistles,  The   peddler   was   I'lither skilful  iu the inttnipiilittion of t the  little  tin whistles, nnd ho cup-  tlvnted  tho youtli  thut ho Immediately oilercd nil his money  for  tin*   whistle,     Tbo  biil'Kuiu  wiih   Hlt'tu'h,   and   the   whistle  hitiithul   over.     Liilor  develop-  ' men I'm   proved   mjyei'lli    tiling**.  Ill   the  llrst plitee the hid  wus  not   ul)!**   to   draw   lip*   sunn*  sounds   from   his   purchase   uk  hit   tint   uiot'4* sltllful stiller, but  more  thun   Uiii-.   wus   the   fuel  tbut the little tin  whittle could  iiiivti been bought for iiitich I cms  iiiouey bud the hiipuilonl youth  waited to leurn iiioii* ivu'trdinif  thi* initrhof price of Iin whistles,  I .'.iter tm in  life the Mime boy  wuu rut her inclined to m-tie, when  ii   proposition   wits   put  up  to  him,   "Ik   thut  too   niueh   for  the   whistle.-'"     Ho   wuk   iiI.wj  souiowbiit   inclined   lo   reiiuu'W  of u  bud burifuhi :   "Thut nuin  lu   pitytnu   too   inuti'h   for   hit*  whistle,"   '  MunlolpiilitleH are very much  like the bid in question, In  their youth they nro prone to  become, citpllviited by the llrst  rddlftil plnyOr ou whatever "tin  whistle" Im to the fore, und to  bund over nil (heir available  funds for tho pleasure of lmvlng  U chuium bo tootle on n little  whistle of their own. hitter on  thoy leiu'ii tbut the sumo (tooth*  uotild havo been Secured In a  lower murltot, und tliut tin  whistles hurdly represent the  highest devolopiuent. in tho way  of imiah.iil histntmcnlH, however  sweetly the ovIkIiiuI peddler  inuy be iibh* to piny ou the  Miiiiie,  Then* iiiii quite u number of  ' iitunicipiil ownership instrument)*  urotind Just, now, ittul mot Initios  tin* (teen ear inb;ht (leUvl. tlie  .shrill sound of the little "tin  whistle1" unionist them. How  ever cuptlviitlllU the sound nmy  be, Ii'i us approach the neifotlu-  lions for purohiiM.1 with n deter,  snhmtloii to lean* the goin**;  price of whistles, the-dlllic.ultics  on c.u'luiii Kluied occ!e��umn,  Thi'iv Jtrtvt* hee�� it iiiiliiber <*f  limes thut appeared ti* run for n  VonsidelMilde'dishim-e, bill ot) in*  vcxiijiution even Ibe lonp'ht id  thew" htlil a lm'". ^O It is Willi  the lifi'i'f |iov��*i'nuieu!.<i. I'.e they  tftitml., bail or indilferent, the  time |s honed lo cuine wle-u  the popular itenmnd will be  for n ehttuj'o, Somethiiea thin  ileiitiiDt! ih huHl*"iied by the fuel  tlml tlu* ifovci'mucnt in power  iipptmi'K to huve lout ni^hl of  the fuel Unit Ihoy draw their  power from tin* people, uml in  the piido of pbice, and worn of  those who uppeur to l��t* helpleK**  in their ifi'nsp, tro to Kivnter und  1,'i'eutor length** In their dis.  reitnrd of piipulur Kcuthncnl.  Such it Kovoriiiueit... Is llie  liowxer ��� McHride comhimdlon,  umi tliere .ire no! wnnlintf nln'im  in plenty tbut the title of publle  ���xenihuent is hi rn inu:' Cobl.doj,'*  iitntic inul tyrannical by mi huv,  llowwr bus bi'eii driul(hi); of tlie  wine of power until bin tiUtorhai  virion cnn -see only itowt*ier, uud  Itiui wliii'illeil-  Kir   Itiili.u-tl,   who   IioIiIh   his  olllce by permission of the How-  ���en to liiin,  Hi't'lKi'tl biini'h.  bus  of  lute de-  tit nnd huv J v*''��l,l'-l  "  weulineitN lluit in us-  .Vi.lli.KNI I.ANU (lIKlUICr.  lK>llft-l til ItUi. ',A'i,  Kl 4 If <\ III*    llll Ut' * HJtll ��.l, ll,Ul>* (.. 41*1-   ,a,',|ll|  Kit  "Ull'lll,   l��lH(4llllll!j*   .11*.   !�����*��    HltHi).   ,,f  J.,tiv-j*,l, Il-IS  |;ilm jnnf. n*i*i  A*i*; iii  1 At.iucit.M i.jvnh Disriiior.  IU*lr||-tt>IStM.tliU  ..."      t   ....!...  I    I       I ,  tl     I   I ...       .     . .��� ..'Iil',"   ��"*4V   tl'HV   'l*l(l.i,H,��   Ji;i���,-i   M.il'li*    oli      Trtfel*ll'.tllt>t>.fll  I'lOl, Jiallli||!i/r, ��l   ^Ilk-nil.  ���nm - work Oil'-in be ralli-.! bin   n  |i|*4��. i i(i��ju,ii, uc, *irt>u|..ii������ r��m��.'i. im.i..i-. mi lie. .>,v��|.��tii.i. i,i�����i,t,i ��.���i,4,���   im,.���.i. \,t  ihidmiry mn-vny.   I niU *!t> ibi*, Imw. **;!'.U-*tiI"t iWiilk'!*"1"11 "-t-Mivii'iMMt,.*   o *��� l*!;^,^,1^^ '���" i*m*v*.s��*. on- ^..-i..t.i,.w  I'Ver, (but fes-��'.��'r ivifiK ulti l��e run l����l I   t'ifiitm.'.t. In,. ��i n |,i,ti i-Ibui,*! mi Oi.-tn.iOi |   tN'"'*"'******** m ��� t*<��i i>U*ii.ti l��*eli>t!iisitt,��i  tint   in* ..I     i.'in*     'I'lii*   i.'nt   t.'iisuii   i i"��"*M*"(*��i��'* On* (;��,,'n *i ���*.,,-iiwi'i'i iu ���������..   i't Ui- *'''>iii ��*'.** ti ���,(,,,'< ,.fj^,|^/|, i),, ,w,'...,.i  tllll      ��}*">**        ,!tlll, llll*       |',l*-!      t'ltSIII)      I   4,(���.,MV   IIUllll   *t.   ll.m,,.,   H���,���rt,   ��,.,,!���., ),,||..       *'. ���'���*f!!*��,   H'f'ltt    ll-llltl H* fllvilM    |��ll'.-Mt    Ul-xt  *t(0'ti><i   witli  iw.i f,*.!*.t,ii!i'��.   Imt  on-*  ' in nt'*'wiii'.ji 411 iiihImi, e,..,, *. ,-4,,, fi t t,4.ii,v.  �����'*iiii*'��!  , ,, ,, , .      ili'fl>lS'   -..UMit   ��i^��H   I'l   1-iiwlKl,   |��,1   U'li '1   1��|IIM.'     1S.4II1III-.H* '  l��i-4-llim   ill.     ,N��'M    **;i**'!l    5    !"i|ifiM    (i).'(..]!.iwnw l-t **-�����* lilWHitihiiiinli'ii' il'i.i -'i.'n    ���* ��-*  etll|llo.V   It!  Ifltftl (.'ill      *��� l^.iu.TX"' """,^t-'N,t' ���>���*����"''.' ��'*"��"  "Wi'iiti* lit iln-lirM f"i* iidne-t.    We] *JI�� >-uiu-��J*��tr*<--> m-*h i.  aiviiol iwliinj; I"* i*��"|**"'U'oii*.totm>,|   ���*���������*' ���������>������ �����!**. .vt., ti*.  blSt    p!*i|44.*ltio-i--   ���<���   lll*>'*iiji'ttt.';     W��>] Al.lliiUttl I.VM) nirt'lUtl'l'  lllll  1,111*1*   U,",'.l-.   11**1   r-.-lltim pl*t   W llltl        ���,  , lilMO.H'f Mt*|4,��|  .,, ,     . i.i . . ,!   r*i.f ii"iii-i" iiun vvmitxi. i(iau��u .** \sn  tllllbi'l    Will    lh'    llitlli'    Wiell    iV**?!!!*!    ll)   l-iftii.!.   |H'��� ��itii��tH*4ll,MI  ll..||kl*,  ll.l.i)il��l..ti|>  |.l|   lur |ai'ttt,lu(���i,  ti,  |i,||,i|���imi Hit'   l.-lti.nUi.*  ,li^.itil**t j.lli-l*'  i-.l'lllli.-ill lli^ Mi N (fit.! |.{H|lt|ta| 11,1 I'll li'.t I ll.l  i-t (lit' *T��tl, ��,-��( ..'tnln-,' nl lt.it ll,.11 1, l*i|i *  I lull ll'l .if I(ll|i4i-|l, (l,i-,H<tt k.1 .-Itiilut iinllli  II., t, i,i l.liilitmii I* I'M, li.i-l,i i> *-,i i li.ii,,-,.,*.:lli  4 3ll-.ll-,' hi 1 liilll,.. ,.,itl |,| luilllt <,|,���.-(HUH lll'lll,',  ��� ~,'li(*i||it(l^ |i|ll |��i*|. | I,ii.,<i >r| |,<i.n  VVlUltllll ili.liM.ls  ,(,,, 1, |, ill mii,    V| .'lit  ,ltll|i> If!, IDM lui/   I 11  Al,IO:i(NI I.ANI) DIKIItU.T,  1)1*1144 I ol liJit-Ui.  Ttllii' lll'lit'<> llillt Dltjtl) lltlltlf, llf jMIk'IIiI,  lit*. ���**|ai,|i��$ti'U l��l*'ltr. iiil.-irvl* tt. Hl'i'O fill  lM*i<tt).*!i.M tn |niU'lla*��-tlif liilli,a!|i,; tltmi'tm*!  iwiw*  4SKinti.'lM*!��,'al li itfaM |il��m*j1 t,|.n,( {rl,-l,-,l,i,i,  .tfltt   l.|   III,'   UtlltlM.ltvl   t-4tH!*-|   .it |���( J,| ��titl 11(1  iin* .-j.t i*,i���,h1h,) ���i \ j>, *m��,i iin'(hv.-jm hi  l'i-llntj. ilu ��ii.' innil. t��l i-lia|i;i.   |(!f,-,i,, am-t Mi  |.'ii|>!tltt    lilt-lilt'  MH-'tl  K'l'llitlil. It, |iu||i| ,.| k.ctli  HH",i.-.t..'tH,   *��4t   .SllH-llllUlrf   *S|4J  -*.! J.'*   ,UI|���     ���,  ll*Vi , ,  )iivi|M'iiii-*  tiiiiti'i   t-ifiiildi rtillim,   Thi*  u lily I'.'iii'i in iimi new to (hii* ci.uie  try,  tonihliinii, und lm** served to  ttiuisfer wjittt littli' iulluelice he  had left to the foil Klip of the  Iilllll who loiSK sitii-e siiieNtejiped  uny iib'ti of Nubordinutlon to  either Mcllride or the people  of the Province of lh'ltlsh  Coiutiibiu, '  AH   this   quite   iipiu'l    from  party politics, or curinu it jot  for one side or   the olher,  ��>  fur ns   pi'ovlnclitl   uuiltei-s  ure  concerned,   Then* ure none1 of  llie   javni   political ' questions  upon which nutions divide*- tlmt ]  are at sUiltn in tlie present sihui-  lion.   I Hurl, (itiitf or low turlir,  imvy or no navy,  these and u  dozen   other   vitul   mutters   In  l'Vdei'iilc,piilil!('K, ure not to tiie  fore in   i'rovlnclu!   politics.    It  Ih up to us io try,- the Jtovvs(?r-  Molhido <!overnuiout purely on  tiie  question  of   their  business  udmhilstration of the utl'uirs tliiU-  have  been  intrusted   io  them.  The little Uttle-lutile of the Job  seeher, or tlm job holder, Is not  what wii wish to listen lo Just  now.   Tlie question Is, bluntly:  "Wlmt bus IIowser-McHridedone  with  our nutiirul  resources Y "  "Huvo thoy ciu'Vlod oul u safe  mid   siiim  policy   hi   thoir ml-  nilnislration of otiiillo uiTitirsl-'"  Whon the time comes for tlie  people us ti  wholo   to   unswer  these   questions   we   feel   sure  Unit  tho unswer  will  take the  sliupi) of u "NO," so dmphitllM  tlml- it will swiK'i) tin* Howsor-  McUrltlo hiiniih into' the sctrup*  heap of oblivion so far us I To  vinclal politics im* concitrned.  i" i i  lluriiij.' Mr, Sf.iki's' miik be Vl��lt<i>d  lie- li;if*i-iion dl-*(i-lci, IViiuv** Iti.yat  ls!;iiiii. I'ml lltllli Cioiiit ��im| fsiiutln*;i*,l-  t'll! 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It lm noticeable that whiii Hlr  Iticbat-it   -,,'i'S*   iiiiii.v    bv  himself be  ip-mi'iilly   ituimija'es  to  imike himself  rldleiilifiifi  In the eyei ot  iht"  wei'ltl,  Mr. Ibiv*M-r'** ftintv*.ui'ti  In uttitii'i'* of  (his kind I*, really ri'iiiarkablc, ami On*  preiub'i' slioiikl lake him hIhiik" ulieii  be l rn vol**.    It would do umeli  tvivvaiil  piv**(*i'vlni!   (be   dljmliy   *if    lti'li|��|i  t'oliimblti,"  Ai.llCKSI l,A\'|�� DIKI'Kli'!'.  llltil ll'l l.t  11,441-1.41,  'I'lllii- llllllit' (tint   ,4i|,',,!l���|,'t   ,|    lillll*    <il   Al  Iilllll,    ill',    114 l'll|'4l| |||1I   iilljl, llllt      llH.llit*,   i.l  ii|.|iit  lur |*i'i nil*.*,,,ii, ,4, |ii|���--|,,���,,! 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Alirf   1-11  Ai.lltUINi l,'VN|*'|)|srillt*l'  l)i*tjlt*l n| ll.iii'i.ii,  '1'iiiii' I'nlli*' Ui.it ,lii!l,l-t Killt nl Allu-iill, || ���'.,  mi'lllititli-ll li illlltl, l, lllli'llll* I" il'I'IV (,ni |ii*i  lllltitifli In I'llli'liun' Um ft.'Kint llt^ ,l*'��i" ll.lil  luinl*  (Viiiiiiii'lit'liis.- iti ii 1'i'tl iiiitiilt-il lili.mi l-tii'linin*  IMkl nl llll' liuilii I'iikl t'nllliliil |^ll jfll   tin Lit*,'  1,11,1 Sfl I'll, ll!)*, I tiillli-��i Uiillll Ml llilllll*, ttll'ttiV  tll'hl Kl ,i|l,||||k, Ull'lH'l' Mjlltll **1 ,-ll.Kll* til (III*  l-illfll I'f 4ll||lilll*lil llilllll, illlll ,'tltltllllllllij (UU  ill',I t fill!!.- ,11   l.-k,  Jmni'i. Kills,  .Knit'W, till,!, , A,,*/. | |,|,  Ai.uniiN'i i.aki* nu-.TUifr.  Illkllllt til Ulllllll.        ���  'I'lllii' Iinllli- tliiil   llii,n   'riii-HI't* llul, i'l h.ii!  liliU'ltailll, OnliOlii. nia'i,|i,4lnm liainl, liii'lu'l, In-  lliult: in (tl'(i|l   tnt< I'l'lll,Ittl,in |��� (illielm*,! Ilu-  InililtUllt' ilin'llliitl lii:iiU'  t'tilinlli'lil'lllki Hi ii i-mtl ), |>!|i|,,(liiifllllllli tu-tl  lliilll lilt' Uiillll tu-*! i uui.'i nl I, '.'.I, liii'l,,,'  ��� Iilllll III t'lintilk. Ilit'lnt* ��H'tl Nifll-tlllk, 111, Illki  kiilllll 111 t-ttitms, llll llli* l-iul Nl t'lollit liiflin  |MI!||| nl lii|ltlilt'(!tvl|���-j||, ���|���| iHllltt.ttlltlir ,4->i  IH'll k Ul,i|ti nl 1* kk  lliilll Tliii|iii!*Hiinrr*  Join.- -Jr. 10IU A Hi* I.'i C(  At.m-uis'i i.anii im*Tiiii,*r  Illklili'l III Hll.t'l'lV.  'I'lllilt mild*.. ||,nt tlitli,',* i'Hli'i*4|ll nl Allk'ltli,  III*., ittS'illiilllitli t'lulni'l.  Ilil.,|,i|t ||, lll-l-l)'   1.1f  ueiitilkkiiiii ut iiiiu*liii>.i' ih,! ii!l|inili,j,-tti'ki-ilU'ii  llillllk I  t',,ii,ii|i'lli'iiiii tu it |Mi��i iiiiiiiiiit sin t liiiliik ivitl  nf Ilu, kiiitll-. t'i|*l I'tilUI'l'ilf ivK ST(, llillllS'i'lltl  nl i liiiliik, lliilll*' iiiiiili 1*1 fli-ilf.,., llii'iti'a, tti'ti  *��i iliulii*. Hn-ni'i'kniifiinii'liiilu, tn Un' ihiIhi tif  iVKiiiiiiiiK't'iiieiii, uuil isiitnmmin <*���'' iwifkieui"  ��� >l* ll'kM,    ,  (itt'ifi/p i'nti'ik4i|l.  Jim.* tm. una. Ami. 1-1:1  Ai.nmtN'i r.ANn ms't'iiicr.  I*l,ililii| nt llaifiut.  'I'lllii*   UHtll'4*   illlll,   IVfti)    1|(I|S, 111 AlU'lllL 1*4'  eiilMiIuit em in iiici'. Inii'iiii* m h|*|i|)   |iii'i��'t'  Illlkklnii lit iiuri'ililka;  lliu  fn!|iiit|ii(,'  ilvki'l'lUctl  llillllk i  Ciiliillli-lit'ltlf I'l il |*4tiil I'litlllivl 1.1 fi,illil* i'iikl  nt Un* llullll t'ltkl llnitli-l'Ul I,ut tfnw*, I*ii>in'i. t'itt.1  ItOl'llttllt*. Illt'lltSI klllllil HI 111,i In*, Hi,-IllSt 111 k!  Itli liiiliik, lllt'lli'li lull 111 Kii'liitliiK 11) Hi,* ihiIiii nf  iSHIIIHCIIl-i'Hli-IU, Mint tSHt|u|||||)|| llltl lll'll'* liillltl  llf li'kk,  i   ivii-i'itlUk,  JuiitiVti, ini.l Mu I i:t  ncoats am  For tho Fall and Winter to hand  'Our Kitincoiits nr��* the ('oiebrtttcd Currli* muhe. K>>urunteed  to shed the hmtvlesi downpour of ruin,    Tlm ifotsls mul  prices are rljfhl.  Our Hwi��uieis me of the best mu Iters in Cumuli!.    Our  select ton and. prices to suit nil,  Campbell & Mac fie  Mui'lfiirei Hi.', Alberni  I'hnni* 2*>  Kli-kt Ave,, I'ori AM*ernl  Phone 7,'i  mmKfiti*rtm*Mi  U*im*tm***  The  (I-'ouihI.'iI p*i:j  C��t>l!��l Auihorlv**!  C��(ilt-i| I'-ild Up  R����t mid Umitvitied Protila  Total AfMtu  $&(l,0G0,0CI0  10,000,000  16,000,000  mtMHir.ooo  lion. I'ri'ttdi'iii     *     Ut, Hon, Uud Siiiiihemiu um] Moiim Uovat (I. C, M. t��.  i'rrslil.ni   *   It. It, Anyus IS,,,        j     Vlci-Pre*.       .       .    /||, V, Meriillili  Houd Olllce      -      - '   -      Montreal  l^nidiMi imice      >       Ill and  17 Tliri'iuliiCitth* Si., M.c,  Saving Bank Dopartment  Hepoklls   1',,4't'ltill    frum   fl    ii|iwai\ls  Country llusinens -jflvi'ii evi-ry utieiititm,  Branches at Alberni and Port Albornl  U. I*'. I'ltlTCIIAKIl .... Mimajfer Alberni llmncb  l'11"*"! tfMHI'Ji'W'-'.W*'**^^^  *mt*nm*��tm*#***  Ull'lttHV   ^f*l   Jjei 4 O^illh    Un'US'   tati-Ut-lt   K^4titllll*v  Un tun' cvti.1  iM rjoiin-*, M^cot'-i'*hiitti  >*. i"imin>  AccnitHntf to ji'iiorl*.  fi-oiu   Vitiici.i|.M'l,l,.r',,'V.M "'��'��������. '(v,���.-i,(. ������,t . i���-����i,ii���^  vt-f, ii'iit   i**i[(iutl fur uilnliij; in iiii*  * if tl   ColUuibiti,     illlll    .It'liveil   f(om   il  miiiici* which huvtiiltiie'hits not in*  vi'sl4\l in minim* in tld** prov btre, Id  to lit' iilueisl lii'tt* (tic lie* ttovelopmi nl  of propcrtle* und inin��-*. a* tht* renilt  of ihu ji)V'i'*ti's'ittiti!i* ol ittdpb Stokes,  of New York, on,* ol the ln,"*( known  minim* engineer* mi tin* Ciiioiiirtii,  Mr, Sloki's  bus   jiikt   returiiisj   li'ifiu  ('iillfiir.v, whoro In* Mi*iu (o iiuitii' :i re-  j port iu tlitit vii'iiiity* lb* nuiil )it-.i  in the wuy of leurnhiK to pluy ntKiu mninxh to imliem*' that tin* c��u-  the sumo, mul tin* oxuet umoimt) mllnn Minim,'iV l'.'.\(iloratlon ('o��upiin,v,  of benefit to b*�� derived from  tlie ownership of the purticuinr  ..one.in question...., I>*t us be pus-  tk'iikiriy wiri'jful thut someotlu'r  purty, who hiis^piiid too,biu' V  pricts, does not "saw olf" his  bud bitrf-jiiin bu lis. It is bud  en<iiuKh;t<> i)i" stuck with u nice-  now' wlii|tIo but to K��*t un old,  bit tier*'diifhiir ut u 1*1^ price, is  riitlier rubbing it in. :.���;  In any event let uh do ii littio  tbinldnK lirst.'  ii tweniy. mtlllomdoiltti* forjitiratloii  (oruietl itboiil (liree yi-urn ajjti, with Sir  Wlllluin MekeiKle and WUJliiiu-Coivy  of ,*t**ei Irusi. diiiie ut. it* head.'' was In*  tt'ieRtini*- it-self it) iii-iiisli Cohimblii,  anil nest' year this iis-ovineo would ���bo  Kiveii u tlionnifk'b .siirv.ty with a .view;  to...liik.lni,', oyer and .develoiiiu*^ i faonic*  propet'Ut**., which.'.'will be '.seleried ns  die i'4't-ndi; of Investlj,'iiilons'., 'i'|Mt rtir.  I'Uii-a'Liori'-i oporwUons .alttt) i.'.vltind u>  Aliiskit,  .'���Tlilrt ',s it counlry of }i.'i*,eiu  mineral  posslbP.iilt-s," -.uiil  Mi*. Siokes',.''but'.'  ofcoui'Hi* I am not 'I'lrepiirixl. to muko  It I'lollultO MHtCIIU'Dl Its   (41   itnv   of   (111*  Stmnt'4t-k ttllii*' i.i If*,.  i,*ittiint iiiiii) ,-klliniiltfli  Jti'it'Sti. lyii Auk 14 n  As.mus'i i,imi* ms'rmot'-  Iiini,;. ( ,.f Itiiin'M,  'i'j).tt ii.>|ii��' tiuii   I'Vi'U.aU l*"i<*lt-lU-ii Wuu i*  llll.ltal' >'t III,. It,,11, t llSt.it |.,, IK��t|l|i,)|tt,l| y,.iill,.  I,hill Halt ll.lii t.i ti|*l'il ("1 t-4'll!l(**li>ii l|i jilli  uiil.*,* Ilin Instim 111,,- ill wii lint,} 1 itlli!*;  l*a'llliHi III III)'   il!   k  |H��>( |ilnlilltl ttlltllll .*! Illili *  ims'ili iii .1 iii.in it,,' nn,it, ��it��( isiiitm n| I. vt,  UtUH'lt   llHtlli-'l     IIIHIiv   Ml-kt   'JlllllHllIk, tlmt.*,.  tlllltll   IVl  4l,,ill!��,   Oll-lliv   i'.lkl   fit ulltllllk, tlll'Ul'.i  ���aillllli   M'   i lliilll* III lilt* |��'ltlt ll( tmlllllil'llU'llH'lll  Illlll |1>lllllllllll|f Hll atl'lVk Iilllll' 'II' il'kk  Cvi'ilnii l''iiisli'ili'lt VV'itli'lli.iilkf,  Jlllli' It. llU.t, ,\tlk*  lb |,1 '  o  Ai.ut;i(.\'i land oisTitirr.  I'lHl'll'f  iif  |(il|H.|l. 1  '1'iiiii* liuiitSi tlmt   WllllitiU  KnlM'it  VimIi", uf I  ||t|*a l*..l|l.    I llilill |||.    til, lllUlll lllll   |1| lllOT, llltl Hilt, ]  l.l|l|'|th   In) ln'1 llliMiI'MI   ll'tlUH'llllkt* (111*   fi.lllltt.  um iti-M'i iIum| ii,i,.ih'  lVl|lll!M-H,-||||f    nl     |('   |M,*||    lltltllttHt    iilmiil    I'M  i'lll.lll*, li,'*,! illlll tail t'llllilis ,Il.t ||| fltllll   tllll ll-ll'lll  tti-s! isiii>.<-i* li, M, I In-lit ti nurtli iWelniliiN, lilti-iiiv  i-iikl .mi iiiiuliiN, tl|it.i)i"tt f-iiiiili *��rr-ntiitiH, tlii'-iiist  ll��ikt   ��*  I'tllllllk   1,1   (III!   Ill-Ill!   llf l*a��lll!lll-|l|l.-|lil-l|t,  uiiti miuiitiiiiiiii vie it (' it-k iiii, niiit li'kk.  Wiiii'iui imtM-it Vi-ttKi.  : j imt* sti. iyi-1. Aim is-ia.  ,       Ai.iu,HNi i.ANn DisTiiurrY  nikiHci uMiiiii'i-i.  'I'ltlif. tioti.ii Umi iViiiii'i'iWiii'Hiiilthiiil In.  tfeiiiiill, 0|iiiir(u, ms'ii|iii!iiiiri,i��r|)!n itcitjiT; i��.  .O'llllH 141 ll|l|llV fill' ll.'I'IIHkkitlll in |itin-Jift-4(. tin*  liillnii'llif,'tlt-M-tilMil |il|i,i|-i j.  t.'iillSllllHli'iDjf   lit    ll1  (itlkt    jilltilttnl   liUillt     IiM  1'llHtllM Wl'lft llillt 1*41 I'lliilllk Uiillll Iiiiiii' 11,0 lllllll,.  tu-iit iiii-Biii' iif. I,, ,-u, Uifiii*., ,*ii(*t io t'lmliik,  llW'lltS!    -Illlll),   Itif  fltlllU!,,   |tl|t|||'|,l W.'-il  10|-)li4ill>4,  l|lri|l(*i lllill lull r Iuii ii*. t,,t (|,��� |��ijm nf cmiiii'ni-Mi,  lltt-IU.-Hllll isitlliilllllli,''t-M iKtri-k lllliri'411- Itlltil.  '���������.������ WiilotrOliwo-Smith.  .Juiiotv, i'*u:i,' Aiu/ICIH,'  AND  *  IVnctlcsl  WumlwrK, Steam nnd  (lot Witter ntUrs.  Eetlmat*s8 Turnl-dunl on Application,  garet St* ��� AIberait B. C.  Corner Johnston Roitd  \.   iviui yictorlujjti^v'.   .  C. GALE'S Proprietor  .Allieriil is reached by train from Vlnioria. C-iniioellons ure niatlit vvilh  Victoria, rmni'ln*,' through to Alhernl on every week day. PaH-ii'iium-i* from  'Vatie<|iiv4-r('l(y cimi'onum'i wl*:   Ms truiu at Nanabno.  Albornl U also ri'iteltiil hi -.leimier froin Vlclorlai and In Uio .summer  limmhs there |* no more dulljfhifiil irlp (bun ibW up ihe v��'i��*.t.coii**l cif Vuneon.  ver ifllumi anil aloii��' the plftuiVMpiit Altwrnt canal.  The lithtnd trunk line of ibcC N, It, Is now bulldluit U\nn Victoria io Al*  hern!.  I/iiul pelivi-. air, to aereut'i* varb-f* fisim *'iu lo $H��i per aero for bush land,  and ftsmi SiHai to Mm for bunt (but tm* bi��en cieansi uuil brought mater rtdllvtir  (loi*. Prices uisi -/oyeri*,*.! b.v-^puiliiy uud tocmioii, and luinl cun be 1utd In any  i-uitutit*.  11 has tteen found Uitil mlKtti farming puym best. On plotu of from ten to  twenty tiei-*'*. Indt -v-ivwln*/, dalryiiii.', lamhry i-titvlnif, hoif* ami cm lie will all  l*uy well,  Theie are no free Itoiiu-sti'ad.s to be Inul,    I.tind   wilt have lo be pinvhtutotl,  In Alberni will be (imiid die umiiiI udvuntaj/.-s iif a projfi-eshlve Wentern  Couiiuimliy thai bus ftihh, ipul ilu* eoinu*,'!* of ii.s convitittoini. There are a  nmiihi*r of-jtM-d Miiri's e-irt^hi'f a w*lcli> ruiiifu *if i^oikIs, nehoul,*, t'bmvbe-t, tho  Alberni Atlvwate, uewnpu|KM*t ami a nuiuber of ntitleiio and Msilal tdiib**.  The i-illiuitt-ii Is us /Imi us nu) be found on ilu* Pucitlc Const, t+ikcn lite year  i*oiui(l, The rnlnftill Is Icki tbaii that of the Cliy of Vtiiicotivtu', the frost.s ure  IIkIiI. 'I'ht'fe In -ti-liltiiu fi-tist niiim-fb for t��kutlii*,* or .miow .<tmiij(b for slolj.'hbifr,  and when either of lhi!s(i comei. it- only insts u few titty.**. I'1*)!' the aimnimr nnd  aiiiiiiiui liionths tbere Ih notlibi-*r.'In the world to'iiKcet thi* Alberni vveaiher,  Alberni J** ibe otiUet of one of, ibe lar^e-u arid ino*>t-fertile valley-ion Vancouver Maud. In" tbo DiKtrict Will in*, found a vast; ivealib of (ibuborof the  Ihiest- kind, eoal.ltsm, copper, iniirble iiiid other ooiiiuiei\*tid (itoncH, brick clay a  und other uiatoiials*,  There are ntiine'roti-i iittraotive bppori.unliles for (be manufacturer iiud Investor, Tlit* Seci'tttary 4)f tho hoard t*.f Trade, Alborni, 'H..0., will lm ��lud to  take ibCfitMiiaUet't* u|> with you,   Write to libn for Duukiulars,  i    I  .'#  ,41  ii   iti h  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE,  CLASSIFIED ADS.  I'*r H*nU "Itlvee Hunk l(.m*t-." .fill  lletiv.'j' Creek itoutl; lite t'aimik, b.ilf j  a-i-4* tftvumt unit (riiixb'ti. Appl.v (��\!  A.huiitb. AP'.eini, !(,<'. i  - - - "��� --   ���  - ��� ���    -   i  W*mt*-*J,    It,-,   ttinii*.   man   **iib   eon, j  viilcmilile i"nin*ri��*n*'i' *d |**mlti,), |*i.*( ,  (ik',\i��lkinni tit|i"bi.'St<*ii |{��mli. P,*b> j  all'    MilVl**ll    Fill-ill |     lllli    Ut*y('h   l<> lt"Vtll j  viiiii bit* t'liiiifoiiiiiiii. borne, llir*i (  "S," Aitvm'in... j  i  J^tml, A tlijifti ("ih'lur **pt��iih'l Its*;', I  mi��.ki>>e-t in ni|Ote "hiMi.lt.1" A (14 I'd*' |  flililiil Ilin Iiiti.iil}{ mine' I|fl4-l* llii* I  ���������j?in' ���)*.Ill  *��' jsro-aseiU-'it.    Jl.-w.-iiil;  ,   ��m irfiiiiiiin't" ���''''i-'iiii 1'V'iUii. j  Haw riUu#,i    Am I'lt'jiiii.il In |-'|)i-(iii.l;  , iinni I'tsittM'ul Sun *, i''lr*l . ebikk,  ���A.it-it. hoi* ui.'it irltd. T. Wlrki'in*. 1  Aitiernl. !  To Kent. l'lVe-ioom liims.*, I'itii'if.iiu  Ton ii*ii��\ tfU i��**i iiiiiiiih, Aoplv A,  W, NelP,  , ,. ���.  A Sivaii. Must -.ell, (wo luis AH't'tni  belis-Iil'*, li'i-el im.! rleur .'tu* comer,  {'lll'l-     f.ta'lO    ill llf      Illlll*     (111 l|    I.Milts.  Apply P.u.llov it., I'ori Alheriil,  The Alberni Hotel  WmnhMl   To I m.i a fct*  acre-., rinse to  Curt   AllH*rnl,   Mu*l   Ih*  cIii*h-�� for ,,   ,  ���Ch-.Ii.   Fr..tuo**m*c,   i\ o. ihu jui, Modern In every respect,    I-Ti villi* I tut Iim,  I'.leclrlc Linhf and Hot Wuter  Con Alberni. , lletiilni: throuKhout,  t ' '  , All (or 8*!��.   Cut" Kivrtioiucd   Mouse mi vi ��� ,"        t**v,  The Favonte Resort  -  *        i it  tif Die Commercial   Mini,  Tourist  uud  Sportsman,     ICooiin privute -or  '    en suitt*.  Rates from $1 per day up.   American and European Plans  Owning our own Dairy uml 'Poultry Uuiie.h insures u constnnt supply of  strictly fresh urtJcles for the 'table.'  x. Hot and Cold Water ���-...^rr  And Prlvute ttnd I Amu IliHUince^Telephones in every room.    Kive litis to  uml from n 1! J louts und Trulus,  HlliliY McALLISTKUtformcriy of thuKhiK ICdwnrd HoUil Victoria) Prop.  on Utile Stiivt, ono Tlii-octiioiinsl  Mouse ou Neli-nth Ait'itue, twi* lots  mt ibiie Stii'et, Ajiiih C, AV. Imtilk"  ner. Mo-> i'i. I'��*rl All*��riiS.  Fer Sal* or t>seb*nf-j*.' < 'hlr'nt-ii unit I 'h*  l*Visl, from il.'it |M*r ewl.; or wiil  I'MilHIII*'!' I'**' I'll.**. 1'OII.V O" 1;iwhI llllll'll  row-.,    A, II. Aiiilci'son, city.    *  ' ���*?  Per 'Rent.���I'art  l''urul��lir*l �� Ibmmied  Iiiiiii'.'.    I'iiI lt'l��oii   Towiisiie,   ifoml  (,'utili-u iiud !iir**r<* tola   Apply A tlm*  o��at4�� utlk'i',  l\��r K��tit.- i''ive.tiMiiuetl Mouse, rent re  4if town. " i*pl* ��. ���*��� I.,*uu, i;il/a*  lietti Htn'-ei,  WttnUtl, >. Voimif Man, biMween aire*, of  I'J ami bi. to leant busbies**; *it-iitly  i.||||ilnMi)rlil tm; lliilll pitrt*. Au-*Wi'r  In own hiti*,'!**i'ilIuk* State *tihitv  (���-.pirOil. Shavi'i' A Co,, litis Pi.  Alberni, 'II.C,       '    '    >  For  Rent   or S��U.   Siuatl  lh'*it**e on  iiiiiiiiiii    enrier.    Alberni    ile!i*lu*,  Simijl  pavmeiK dmv-ji and   ���!**   pf-vj  liltuilh will buy il.   .1, He-t.  For Suit*, (me Tent. It \ HI l-'J. IVW.  diu'k: line ptuu. (inlinr ���*' a hiw  tllfiii-e. Apply to 11 T. Itlclumh,  Soitiit*. tli-ii.'Ul*, Albt-rtil, I It'.  Tor Sttlo. '*>''<��� t.iisoline Launch. .'I b.p.  i limine, all lu trend condition: wiii  take UL'.'*, Hox M�� I'ori Alberni, P.C*  ' .>.���,.  found. On the Naufi|iuo Hoatl. a  Vtillst'i i lit ner Can have sum,* by  protlutr lu'oi'i'it.* ami iKi'.ibir for  this advertIsi'iin-nt. Appl*. I'liter-mii  (iiirai.'t*, Alberni, II.C,  (Tor Salt. Thorouifh'briHl Chicken*.  Itbtck MiuiiivH** iiud Plymouth Itoek,  iil-tiii sfilriidltl Kimilly * "iiit'i W. I (unit Id,  Port AllHoni,  Hotel Arlington  Tin* old mill ever popular heiiih|tmrlcrs for tin* lllK'hchtsw ImIkikI Tntde,  hlis hceil iticently  Greatly2 Enlarged  And now contuhm sixty,fooms, single (ir en suite,   The spl'nmlhl new  dluhuf-room' contuhiN ��  line selection of Island  v!ew*s from tin* studio  of Mri 1,-eoniird Fmnlt;  ::-r :r:.rd TOUriStS    aild    Spbrt80160 ====iTrsrr.;  Wlli  Hml the new  Hotel ArlinKton Just the tiling.   Obldes  furnished.��  -s^Jzzz^. -:^r Sample    ROOOIS ���;���*,:* t���;- r ":  l��'or comnierciitl men on prrmiiid iloor.   (.'enter of (In* business District.  I'Vee 1 his to nnd frohi uli tritiiis uud iionts,  McNIW A MISAOIIKU  Proprietors  Signs Signs Signs  Land and Ad vert bin*,- Hl��n��, etc.,  dune with Prompt Pespalrh  at. lajowi-tt t'rleef* by     '���"'  S.   EATON  Mnrj4arot St., Alhorni  PainKr awi Pa|*or-Hiing��r  Work done b.v   l'ritell*'ul'M"n only.  ISlbuKli's Pii'*'.  Ait to supplies and repairs  Cars for hire at reasonaple  rates  The lotirinir public will Iind lierc a  plllllt     ll'CJI*ei|ttlp|!f4J    to    lltll-'llll    lo  tliell' llif'liilts (liiin iii'iil*  I4t   pi'lci's  r   tlm! Iili' I'li/lll  Iiuy the U'si   Oreeue'-i Uome-llnko  llreittl.   AIIh'iuI 'j'radinj.' Store.  In th�� matter of tho "Credltora  Trust Dwttia Act," and In the  mutter of tho Insolvent &*t*ta  of J, S, Rlbordy,  Take notice tlmt on Monday, the  Mlh of Novi'mbi'iv It'I.'l. ttl 'i o'clock III  tlu* nflernmm, lite ii-Kkliiunei* of tin*  |ii��ulvt'iit Kstate of .1. S. Mll.*oiiiy will  sell bv unction through A. W. Nelll. uf  Alhernl, til the oltitv of the Mild .\. W.  Nelll, ut Alberol, lb** (ollowliitf (te*  scrllhil lands, nitmely. l/*t-> one (t),  (vvo i^l, three (.'I), fmir (l)( live,(ft) and  Gtmeral Toumtitor.  DRY STOVE WOOD  AIwayI on Hand,  AH' Oilier*   Promptly   Alteiuli'tl   'i'*  tt*    atr-at,  VICTOItIA (,it'AV  AI.IIKHNI, II.C.  Alberoi Livery aod Feed Stables  .1. .1, UPHKli, Propriotm*.  Gsrtrud�� St,  Albornl  *m*wn*\jn*mK*>m\mm  mtmtrmm t*mt^t*nmtv*.  mprmntftmUPtmrn  hIk (il), itloek (|iirl>.oue (.'lib of l^il  niie huudt-iHt and twelve (IIS). Alb*>rnl  District-, Map lUHt foriuerly ihe pim.  jiei'ly of J. w. ttilmisly'* mow vested in  tlu* said ashlK'uee, Atvfittiuld T, Peuivo.  Ivach lot* t4) be isobS M'piii'itielv fo��' <'��*h.  wldi a reservt* ju'lc*' of fifty dolliir**  '(���ttftU) for curb tot.  Muted this ilth day nf'October, A.M.  PJI.'I*  M(Hlwell A- Luwi'tiu,  Sollclters* for Un* Atsluiii't*.  ftfp- vmnwssimv+MMVii*  ADPJINl-SYRATOK'S NOTICE.  Professional Cards  c  0    (HEO. A. SPSITH, C. E,  ft, C. band Hurvevor. Surveyi* of  timber Hml!**, iiiliieral claims, nml hind  nutnllvlsluiis. * Olllce nt Allmrnl. P. O.  Hox  'JL'b  H. It. T. HODGSON  A. M. I. C. li "  General Blacksmith  Mvt��ry rltfsof all kinds. , lleiivy tlriiyhiK und freight delivery  ������������,���,��������������������� .j.��s���, ^ 1,r^,.iiM-MT.,^.....|..j.1..f^.j.^^fj,^-|^p^ r���._|. -  |..|..  f) ������,,,���,��� iimnnimn^ . j, in..      i  pi ^i   w*Wm*>i*wi&m9mmwo*m  Ii. C. Und Surveyor nnd Civil t.nf tr.#��r  UKUhxu   CitrmotStr  Olwb. Vurl   Altwritl  PKw��*i ��7  H. Ii BHOWNE  ami  S'jsivlnctut hand Suriiyor  11. C,  In liio tntiltei'of dm i'Mtitonf ||(,. tn(,}  Mary Ann heeson. *  JCI*. II am! Mbilnj,*'l-Jnijitifei  Notice is hereby -"Urn tliut nil to**  I'iniiit.s. iiiinilift the ii I't.'t't' i>sOi(if mii*t  bo rcmlxr-i-d to m<* within thirty day*.  (nml tbu dill<- of ibis nitlirt*. and (but  nil ai:c4tiu.t.s owtn�� (o Mild eniute mu,si Alberni  be puid to the uudt'i-.'itftit'o. Iiiiiii.".  dliiit-ly.  AdJIilnisii-at4!i'. J. ��Y��I Sitckh k .W. Aftttiw A. C Wrijlit  IhitiHl at Ail-ond, H,C, (hi** )Ktb duy  MTCIEjAGlWiCe,  Ddsitflion *n4 FreriBa'd L&ntj Survcy-sre  Civil, KytvTtBlie md Muni-dp*.! Cegiit-rent  Cnfnittrt hf Rildlf, Aguew hwtt Ce,,  Lli  Miiill.'lliiil  Wo I'll.  Hni*i*t   (IritilnH.  Mult.  ilh if-liiim, Sfttci'itun. Wiitmriiiirlik, en*,,  ��� 11' l.!i(l'l !*Ut!*l>)'ltll!  R��poirlng nesitly done at ronoonab!*3 prices  ��rni  m*^*w*WB***?*(*m*i**^**^>****Wi*wmm  tHti^mmfmfMtmwiMffmm'  eorge  Dsater In  Builders Supplies  orres  Sash, Doom tmd Gl&m  Building and Roofing Fopor  Llmo, Brkkt3 end Coment  Alberni  Phone 29  P. 0. Box 9  ��j��  *L/#  We Control the Sale of the  Following Properties,  Sccnae JM-fhia, 0. L. 13, Homeaitos  ���Ulencsii; Helahtu, D. L. 100, Horn o* I ten  78 Acres, with Rlvor Front,t D, L. 7, Hemeeftes  Fiva-Acro Tr*ctw, D. I. 102  Flvft*Acr�� TrocU, 0. h. 100  Write Vs for Particulars  ,|l������~M<tWill^t>*ir��*>'��SUI��f HI  STEWART M. READ & CO*  Suite 38-30 Cnimdn Llfo Building  1   VmHouver, Cnimtiti  ****90**Um*X*H*M  <ttnHm**���mim��iK  ;��  hxs\ OHice. , Pert Alberni, B.C.  P.O. Hox IN, Port Alhorni.  SOU  Bricklayer crnd  Cement Worker  tmwn*ori*H*>4 !����*�� ' Ibrntl 0��i��u Mwilt-**!  Capital Puid Up : : *ii,S60,000'  R��sorYO Fuiul : : $13,000,000  Total AsNuiKover  :     .-.$170,000,000  A oi:nkkai, mNUiNif MeKiNKs*. TUANst.ve-riii*   :   ���   :  Savin^s.Bank Department B^BMS^  linking by Hat  ISi  t  l)afjiiM.lt> iimv im nniili- imi) ,i|tintr��wn  I**.*   Kllttl,      I'lllll'lll   (IHtlll-lllMH ��ll| |*llll|  I)  Is�� ill* i'ii lij |i iht it -.'iiiiiili-.' uil ilii-  l'il I tuii-ills.  Over.'ISd lirmiches und Airi'iu'Ii**.   -tl) Itrunebes In Itritlhli Colmubia.  CiiiTo*.|(ontti*m.s Thisnif-bou! the World.  Alberni Branch  ll, C. Mai'ihinai.d, Miimii.'1'r  Port Alberni Branch  lb l>\ I Km Aim", Mniiatfer  Licensed  Auctioneer  2nd Avenue  Port Alberni  Send ���  To that Friend Wlw is flunking of Coming io Alberni  I THE ALB.ERNI ADVOCATE,  Kr Duck Hunter-  Get Wise  To our Parker, Fox wind Stevens Shot Gurts,  NHro Club Shells.   Decoys and Duck Ciiiiti.  Hunting Coats.  HAUSER & PAINE, Johnston Str����t.  A Iberni Lumber Compang  Can now i-mpply uiiier-* f*��r Klrnl Clu**  Hough and Dressed Lumber of All Kinds, Shingles, Etc*  la-oenl Order* will mmlve spcelal alien!Ion.  Call til   the  Mill on the Scuii'li-St-itlemi-ui lh-.ul, or Phone  or write lo the Miiiiuj,'rr  R. L.  Phone R49  Aibarnt, B. C.  if Balance Of  Pries $22.00,   cut to $14.30  ���     $20.00       ���       $13.80  ����  $12.00  $9.00  QUR TUR SETS m tftilinl bl, only a f��w left,   dm early  ���       tiie. oThey m-tke e splendid       Gift.  wcara  mm Trading Company - Alberni, B.C.  COUNCIL RECEIVE  ;     WATER BY-LAWS!  i ... !  j    Tin* C.mni'll i'ai'j,'bt  tut'li  a c.i*.t t.l  -entttiyi ��ic-i, dl   ih,- i-i>>,>tihir ui.viiitj,'  ! liiat. limy  wriv   i.i'-iMe,  io curry   Uh*'  ) bi-uvy eoit4"-l"i i':*-et!irit,> with ����hleli  lib.* air   w.'i*   ���tiii'.-liio^'iil,   iimi, 4*0111*4''  ip.iently the* iitii (>�� i>��i'.eb  mf a  4n>ii*  aiilr-ititbmi ol *li*' Hmhli'.A'.View *��lltiU'  iintl until *i liiti-r tiiite.   A foimiii letter  i ��m. ivi*vl*i*t Iiuiii   (tie eoiiipuiiy Mat*  j Iiilflu ubiit i-Nb-m Ibey  were  williiii*  I*.lii-'. i ibi* tk'itiilt'.il-i of the Council   ii*  'eipri'Mid In (he rt*|Mi!'(   of'tin*  C.iin-  'uiiti.*e  nf (be   Whole.   I'Youi  ibis  it  appeared (hat the   co��l   ni   ||*'ht   ami  liifwer for a (en year perbul would  be  tiboui three time*, (but   of   the  (hiit.v  years llrst propo*ed.  Notice tbut a "Pi-ovlsioititlCri'iliicuto"  In Ihe   iii-ttter  of  (lie   lioi,'ei'  Creeli  Water Works biclneis win. on the way  wtis 1'4'4'elveil.    An tilli'i'of J-iO   fm*   (he  "Kite lli'bentiu-i"*"', *iiui�� to curry  {lit*  cui'i'i'iU halt .villi,* bnere-al, wiim lump  t!|i as ihe Coiuieil iluiii(,*hl ihiiMi belter  pilci' I'lllllll he obtained.  Two ttiiU'i* niirkii by-law'N wore re*  ffived frmu ilu* lawyer*, ri'iiil owe.  and Kent back tiiilm|i'j.'al llfchli* for llie  final ioiii'lo"*.  A ivi|ii4'*i from ihe Itimrtl of IHri*c��  (ors4if tlie Wt"��t Const Oeiieijil Ibispt-  lilt f.u- a cheek Itt cow*r tin- ('il*,'* nm,  trlbtiiltiit'tii (bat liistKtiiliui 'win turned  ov.'i' (o ibi* Fluttnee (,'outmlllee, and  will n-oiiie up liner.  Koine p'lii'idl ill*i*us*lou ot the oler-  trieiit sliualbm fullim,tl, ,uitl tiioCiiuu*  cit luljoiiiiieil.  Club Vane a.  The Alhernl Timid*. Clot* ha*, amii'i/-  i-*l lo ik'iv.* a (lunci' at llie Ailliiciiui  11014*141)1 'i'hiirnHlay, Novvmbci' -Jllli.,  to which tin* ���/etieral public are Invited,  (Jooti iiiUhIu has lieeii utTantred for,  ��nil Kpeciltl I'tbuii* will bt* iiiiule lo see  that all (ho tfiu'M-s nf the club bavi* an  t'tijoyuhh* time, Tin* object of the club  Is to main* a furlber imynient on (bi*  club tft-otmilK, anil It tn to bt' hoped diat  I here wilt be a ifiititl luiniiiu for tin*  occasion, The tickets tie.* tfl.r-n f,n- tbi*  doulile, and "fi'cents (or dm single, and  euii be biitl*b'oiu the ini'iiilmr* nf ibe  cum mil tee, or any of' the business  ImtiKes of ibe (own.  ^2  DEPARTMENT OF WORKS.  NoTlci: 'llVcoxfltAi "T* HI.1**.,  I'liirr Ai.niii*4i Hiie'iaO" ---=----!  Keahsl Ti'iul-.tj-*., i-.ii|��i'rM'i'(bi*tl," JVndor j  for Port Alberni Kefi'Mii," will (��> if.|  4'4'jvtsl by Ihe lliiiMUHttliiti die Mmi-.ii'r|  of Ptiblie^Wiirli*. up mi itium *��f WiHJ. j  Ili'MlHy, llli* ctjxf atlu*. of jPt'i-eltihi-l.   Wl.t,  for die om'tlon uud rumple! itm t,( u  l*t4��.isMMii-*rhooi at porl Alberni in the  Aihi'i'iii Kiidoral PUtrh't.  I")an*. siH-viiirittunii, eoutriiei, nud  hiriiis 4if (.--utter umi |n< m-oii *��n uiut  alter (he, ItHb iIm> ��'l Ntivmhor. lUI.'l,  ut (hi. oiiii-.h nf Mr,.!, Klrkiip, (Jo*).*r��.  iiiiiii Aj-.-iU. Alti'.'ini! II. <", llmili'ti  (���"cirnrd, tfoorelury in iIi.*-*iebiHil llt-tnil,  I'ort Ailu'irdi or the Ili-pitrtue'Ot of  I'lililie Works, Victoria.  inleiidiu-' tetiili't'i'i"- euii, tur ilu1 sum  nf t.'ii ilolhos. (if Id), iilititln one e*i|i.f of  tin* ptaiis iiiiii K|ice!lleiitions lit apply hwj  (O Uu* tiinli'i>b;in-ii.   This Mini n III liei  I'l'linitli'il when tie-jiliiiis ini'I'-iui ii'sl  in uti'Nl outer,  litit-lt |)i'ti*.(i-.'*l mm.) ho iii*4'oui|iiiniett  h*. un ut'i'i'i'tisl blink i'Ihvjiii* 411' I'er-  iillcat.* of tli'|fiitl! im a eliiii lii ill Intnl.  id Cilliildll, Iiiiiili'jiil_Utb.il' 1*1 ibellommi'*  iililt* the iSilnUtt'i'nl I'liliHt* W'iiili*., -fni-  ii sum rtjtiiil io III it!*i t'i.jil. ut Ifli.ii'i',  nhh'li slmll be ftii'iVlii'tl ]| ibe |*iirl,v  (i-nileiimr ttecliiie loonier lutot-ouiraet ]  * Ic-ii i-i'ilbit uiniu to do mi, nr il bt' fail  in i-4'tiiplt>io (bo wink ftmliiit'l.'il for.'  Tin* rhot|iios <ii* .'i-i'iilli'iiit's nl ih'|*4>*ii  4if im**iii'i'4*Nsful li'iiitert'i-n villi be **"  lorneil to (horn ttpiiu iht* enceution ol  the eimiracl.   ���  Teiitli'i* ulll not lii'i'oii*idi'ied tiiile*,*  iniiili* tun ou (lie (onus supplied, fi^netl  ��llti the tieiiiiil 'aljfiiiii 111,1 nf tiui ii'ii.  deivr, unit rnciiiHil tn ilu* 4-uvi'lopt.**  tmiibthtsl,  T|u* iunt**i or any lendor not ne��'i'i*.  "itrll.v ��Hv��'pted. '  ,1. I,, omi-'l-'ITM.  ,,      Public Weeks Kiij'lni'.-r,  lii'piiriiiient nf Piilillc Work-.,  Victoria, It.C, Ni  *E have 7 Cars on the way  expected in any day: 3 of  Hay, 2 of Grain and Flour/2 of  I'litii* yimcoider for loinlw ex t'ur.  Fetid Flour Hay , Coal  Coal Hfty Hour       Food     t  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co.  < Ulll"*'   Pblllll*   l.v"l  A. PAUL, Menuger  He*., WJA  m mm  "RED LETTER CANNED FRUITS"  ('I'll.. Itiiil  Mink of (,��.lain.*. 1  ���-Poache**.,   I*cam   ond  HawttSiun   PineapploN--  Royai Anno ChorrloH, 36c per tin  Tho Buay Store  On tho 13nay Corner  iiveiiiln-i' llib,  IIU.'I,  SEE OUR ASSORTMENT Of FANCY WORK  1 PACKETS WITH MATERIALS COMPLETE  Now iu the time to pleU out your Xiiium  Gift* for Mendinir to the bilk* at houie,  We huvt* it line usKortment, .  Visit Our Toyland And Make An Esriy Selection  THOMSON'S GENERAL STORES  Mr. H, II, tliven of  ViUiciniver.   tvn-.  Ill (tiecity this week.  MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS ACT.  Section to, Sub-set'l Ion b,  WANTED.  A Male Ntli-M* (w.lui will tm evpirieti  to iiiake bliiisi'K |>o|)erul!)  tiM'iul) for  (In* Wt'sl Ct 111*1 (lelietul llo*|iltll|,  Miilury, -tttl.". pee iiinnlii tilth IhiuuI  mul lotl)*'bii.'. Ibiiie* to i'liiiiitieni'e mi  Deciiiber 1*1,  ���Send iippllcatlou* wlili reference-*,  experleiice, ete,, u�� .1, It, Thoiiipsun.  Si'Ci-i'lury. I'ort AlUernl,  All kinds of Household Furniture  In Stock at Mainland Prices -   -  Sttccodfiora to A. !. Bind  Plon��er Furniture Stttrn, Port Alberni -  Phone 62  wm-tu  CITY OF ALBERNI  C!oaring-out of our Winter Stock  ol Lndtai**' and Children'.�� Hata to  make room for Xmae -Goods  VOTERS' LIST 1913  Notice |n hereby jflveu thai all per.  miiis who hold Awiet'iiieiits mf Hule nnd  wUb to have their mum's Included un  the Votcif' IM for the Municipal  I'.le-cilom-'in .btuutiry, IUH, intisj muke  xiyiuil applfcailon*. for >*u(<b liicliwiun  before ** p,m. on Noveuiliet'.'lUib, lUl.'i,  '   Applicntbrn Forms run be ohtulned  ill, the City llutl,  P. It. C, iiavni:,  City Clerk.  City Hall, Albernt,  November UUh, ll.'t.'i,  NotjCi' i* hi'ii'by >'|ven llutl ou Wed.  lii'siliiy, lie* l-'lh day of Deeemliei-, 111 l.t.  lit |u i-Vli.rS' lu (he fiitttimmi, nt the  ('It v ilull. tliero w ill he boltb-ti a i 'ntli I  ol ih'V'isiiiti (nr Ibe 11111^11.0 uf ln'iiriin,'  umi tlrtt'i inhibit! iiii,-,tii,ti all objeeilims  til (in. -Vleilltt'll nf <tli^ miiii.i tn Iinllli���.  I'll Ilu lli'iibler iif Voieis. for thl)  Mtioleip-itliy of Allieriil.  Muled ul Albeiiil, II.C, tUth Nov.,  ltd.'I.  P. It. C, IIAVNI',  C.M.C,  cavenger  Tfee Well-b��wn ittd Old frtattlitM Groc*tr��, Mm and Vnim ilmbuU  Huvo to hand a large consignment of Apples  Apple* im* m'urce, und prlee** ur�� MiurhiK,    Ihiy now, nud  1.     , wt'vo inoi'iey.  We,huve iiImi Cuiiuhiif'und lh'M**ert   Peiirw which ure jiood  value,  Our supply of Xmae Fruits and Fancy Goods  Arit urrlviii|4 every wvelt.     t,iiin|ity mul  jirlem* ut'i* i'l uhl.  Rowntree'p Chocoftttosi  In   hinev0boveK direet  li'oiu the wtipli**,   huve tt reived Uilw  Weell, umi ure bouini lo pleiint*.  We Imvi* 111 mi to hand lh)�� weelt Cn.il Oil bntip;lit befoii* Iho  UilViinee, nud ul t'nrloutl I'rh'e**;.  Vieiorit Quay Store, Phone* 38  t ��� n  Third hum* Sim, fkiRt 148  Those dcsli'lm.' the M'rvices of the  t.'ll> Kcuvenjier villi llmi hlnie-. to write  ortli*!'tt in niidiopS Hlmv, (Irleve*'  liuru, uud Cit.v Hall,  ���Ail tiitlrr-it pifiiupily titiendiHl to.  WM, IiKltltV,  City Seaveiiifei*.  tlroeue'w  llniuetllidte  bread at  Al-  bernl Trudlin,' Htuee.  $tm��iiMtmmm.��mi*nnm wmi*nM**mmn\wufmu*mMnmm**mmnt*iumiumn'm*  ,'ollywood Nurseries  r.livVAlU. M. II   VACCIIAN  t.'ltAIIAM MAI.4iN|-,V  Rates  for  Orchard iind  Gorden   Work  $0,00 per dsy  Iii't'*,  1,1.1., (iiun litili**)!**! I'lovti*)' Mi-ttt*, V.'ueiitblt* Hi^ts, litilb**,  |*|C-  ^mnyi,.m,iyr*ut,vfuf.  Vim p'l ii Kipiiiii- Peul from  our All vert i*er-i  TrrtTi,riTiu.(i��^rtiiiwiii.iin.iiilnBHi��4,.iH.inrt  "V *!",'"," l'''''��!'ll*tll'**��4IWMjWt^'*Wl4#M'l'*  .l(Om &., ."IM jk4W*'���...  THIRD AVENUE  9      PORT ALUEKN!  ,,.nt".-"~  W&en They Ask Questions���Send Them The Advocate  Notle>9 ot Applies tlon for Ap��  ��r**&v��| ol Pktttt and of Petition  for Approval of Undertaking.  Tulie notice tbut Kt*ri'i<ii,....)r-,'i*\v  p4)W��:UCiiM('ANV, I.IMiiKn, of Prince  Hupi-i'i, ii-*'., will apply tn tho Coiiiji*  iiNiilt*!* of Waior IMj-ht*. lor ilu- up.  piMVitl ot ihe plam* of (he worl<s to \>a  l-Dllkp-Oi'ti'd '"I- llll* tUiibflliloU Of tlllti'i*  Iiiiui NtuiuiiV Itivor, whiib (In* nil*  pllraiu i* by Wuief Permit No.-flK  Utilhoi it-isl   t.*  lutie,   slow  uml  Use for  inAtvr purpi.se-t,  iniiiiely,   1"" ruble j  feel perMS'ond,   Tho |Hiwoi< plain vtiii  Ik* sltmittst uu )yti| *i,V;i,  Alberni i.unil  Plhtuet, i)j��tri,*t of Albernt.  I't".Ilimi fur ihu appisiui) of tin* un*-  ali'i'titlijiii*,' of tbo eoiupuny will iiImi lie  Ditiib* to (he llouoiiibh* Ibe Minister of  I.UIItit,    ,  Tin- pi anil and particular*. roiptlnHl  I iv Niibaeuttoii (I) of Meoituii 70 of (Im  Water. Acl. us umeiuieti, and tin* petition plins-s mui exhibit.-* lor tho approval  of underiiikiiiif as reipdred bv Hectlon  Ml nml Call, ft of tlu? WHt-t>r Act have  been Hied with tho Comptroller of  WittMr Uljjht*-*, and with (ho Wutor  Itecoi-iler at Alberni  Object iim*. t4i the npplicatlon may b.i  liled wlili tin* ('oinjnt'ollor ��if Water  Hli-bt-i, Pm-iiiiuient HuiliHnu-.s. VU--  torla, II.C.  I>:it4'd ut Prlnt'i. Hiu��e,*(., II.C, ib{*  21th day of Oi-tolier, UlJ.'t.  Tin; iin-eiiii.-aA'iNKiv  I'AMY,   I/i'l*.  j'owiiu Com.  Iiuy  the bi-st,   (ireenu'ii llonm*Iia,<o  llrxud.    Allieriil Trtulln^  .Store.  The Canadian Pacific Lumber  Compang, Ltd.,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  cincf JLcitlis  CANADIAN PACIFIC LUMBER .COMPAHY,  i '  Port Albornl Branch  as-w,^^


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