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Alberni Advocate 1913-11-14

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 It*  v<  t\*'  ���\*  v^  &  ���><  ***,**���>'  ioif��iMkii��.,iiili��wni.irL'iill.��i im fMiirrtiu.1  Vol. 4  Alberni, B* C, Friday., November 14/1013  No. 12  fjllk****!!* IIIIIH.ill.,.  *kk-.J,kilk��w.uaM  OR  k gears our store has been  Christmas Gift Centre of  the Alberni Valley. We are so  busy getting our large stock ready  for your selection that we hai)e no  time to say any more just now. It  will pay you to visit our store often  INEO  DRUGGIST &  STATIONER  Clone lii town.   On wood roud, with Hnmll house.    Would  muko exeellent Chicken Kaneh  Price $1000.   Easy Terms  One Acre Itloelfx, ^ood Sand, $.11*0 per acre. ��� Hou-Wto Kent  from Si:!..'!) to $15 per month  JAS.  R.  MOTION  Heal Kxhite and InKiiranoe  Phone ��1, Alhernl Phone It*. I'ort Alberni  Thoro i�� nothing quite a.s aatiufactory to fend  away nu ono or more of tho��o    .       ...  Artistic:Photos or Enlargements  the Beautiful Alberni Scenery  Cull at the Studio ami look over the awaHortmimt  which has done ��o much to make Alherni famous  L. Frank -  Alherni, B.C.  PUBLIC WILL  DISCUSS DGBTS  ��� J-   .., a,,,,  The mutter uf iiimlt-hiiij; Itjjht mid  power lu ihe City uf Att-i-riti wax the  Item fur cuindilcriitlun itt a xpoeial  immtliifj uf the Albernt Hoard uf Trade  whieh tvi|i* helti on Wi-dnet-duy af(4��r*  tiimii uf thl*, vvt'ek., Mr. <'4��le, of liu*  lillfliit-Akiu'w I'tuvt-r Coiujmny, up.  poured tit'fon* the hu-i-m) nud explained  the various poiui* tu (he preiawed eon*  traei, Hi* iiUo Mihmltlcil plans of the  tturlt, huth lav the present plant, and  lluit which the company propoM**. in  i*ri*4-t m a future ditto If hindooM* rem  ilit Iiiii.* cult iur (111* Mime,  A Hehrilule uf mien was nliw aith*  mil (I'd, uud (rum thin It appear* that  tin* I'hiii'iff-i roiiipure very favorably  with (hone uf other rltle** on tlio count.  The nuttn'ruf the thirty yeui'iiuxeltutivo  franchise iippoim-d (oho tho only thinj,-  which did uui iippeul tu the member**  pretti'iii.   Mr. Cole stilted that tho very  low UU4**.,quuletl wuro based on   thin  Ihltly year eonuiict,, imd Unit, those  low1' rut.'**, the ti'U year period of ro��  adjustment, und tin* Insinuation of new  plant from itim* to time, all hud to l*o  considered In the uno commotion,   If  the contract wuk uiiulu fur a leaner  tluu* Urn i-uU'k would ho higher.   If  thero wiiK nu contract tho rate** would J  he ubun! double ilmito which-could ho  obtained  under Mich a contract,   lie  contended that It stood to reason (hut  If (here wo*, iht* cluinco of rival In*  -���lltiilloiiii fuitilnif Inty the Miummarket  It would bo nei't'eiury for the company  lo 1**11(1 up the orl-.'liuil cliurffOH to a  higher  (lliiit*  In  oixier   lo  prootoct  themselves, and to wlpt* out tho Interest und kinking fund of the capital  inventmeni that much quicker.    Tho  pitWiti riite**  won*-calculated'on  a  knoMit ofi4inuinj*r period, and were the  lovviM thut could bo ottered for tuuih rt  tiino.  S.S. MQUJMA  ���'���������nt.'';1, m-��B.?��  fst  J  Take your Fat Beef, Bogs and Veal to the  >ur hs; .^-.Co^ ��� lit di  '|-'3'.r^pmTT^iiTinnwi_riiiiiiiiiiji|iii'iiii|ii'ji.  oiMJHLIOMK.KTlNfh  D f  After dUeuudiiif it muuherof dotalls,  und *>omu minor elianjfm in the oon��  tract, tlu* hoiml ooucltitled that it would  be u 1,'c.hkI  Idea to aiik Ills) Worship  Mayur Hislmp to call a public motulutf  uf the eltisit'iiti, and huvt* the mailer  ttiraxhrd mil thoroiifrhly. Thl** In view  of tlm fact that by wi tlnlujf it could bo  butler loeonuhieti if tt bydnw oovorinif  Mich a cuturnel would havo a   food  chance t*i pass llm tent, of tho ballot  Ikuv,  1?jk>ii ibi*. ri*.*iir*,t holiiif nualo known  to lllw Wm-tddp, ho remllly ajfieed to  llm wiuie, and culled n mcotlntr for  Mondiiy eVenini; tu-At in tlm Tobo Hall,  ���lohiiitioni' Hiroeti at 8 o'clock.   St) now  prime up, and conn* tilon*,* with your  idriiit, und let m if.it this mutter M-tthsl  nm* way ur the other.  "Well, the now Maijuliifia hat had  her lliiit, rc��l dtiMlutf." remarked ono  of the otlicer of tin. W,��iti Cou*t Mcioncr  fullowiuir her arrival ut Vtctm-lA from  Hullierir   after an  i-KeccdliiKly   itul*..  teroim.trlp,   'j'h,. vcwl fell In with  J an Hhutiilanro of vtlntry vt eat her, and  nhi* wa* ejj/ht thiyii inttklujr tlte round  trip iu (in* iturtli of llm l-taiitl, vthleli  U rut her lutijr for u ship of (he Mu*  ipilunaS ohiw*.  Tho (.ctHftililviiuiilltJoi  uf the I't*iiict>*.u wi'it* well tt*M4Hl unit  the oitlei'r-i-.iiy (hat alu* hdmvci **plcii*  (Hilly In either lieud. follnwhi),' or heiim  lieu-..   The old Hieumer Tcci, hud n r��**<  putiitloti of belni,' Jtint nlxnit llm bent  wiilHiiii of iim (MMt. licet, hut- the  men u( Um new bout uro willing lo  l��k�� their chance iu tho Miti-tilmiu.  Tin* wemher jfvud heavy fi-om iho  islKht of NoveiiUier I, when iho M��*  ijulnnu imt to mm. ��� Ji wn*. her tlrnt  trip ulnet* under^olu^ dm oxiewdvo  repair*, followinir her awkh'nt in Alan*  kit wiitom. Tho nljflitu were very dark  on tin* voya-j-e nnd llm wind, for the  lfl**'ut4*r purl of the liitmidio wiit'ialwut  from port, held In tlio umiihcii-it. Il  howled and tit nlKhta the Muijulimu  wan foived to m���,.k saft* ttiiclioriiKi*,  t'upt. Glilaiii did not wl*.h tu take a  chance at tylnjf up for ihu nljfhl at  the little went want port dooka, uh hi*  wiwufrald tin? Miii|tiliiuu miifhi. pull  them over whon the wind hjew at, it-*  liel tf llli and lliurufoni hud 10 find an  aui*horaj,'e. .  Ijo.it I'lini* (loiiiif North.  Tho' Mo (pi Itm a iu*t much lime on  tho way north to HGlborjf, On tho  way Iiuii,n mho wan td)lo lo do better  KKiuinhttf, andalilmtiffh die wind was  hard iii,'i*im>t her uiu* wan nut foiis-d to  upend tin? nlifl)t!i ut tttschor, Oood old  Capo Khtit-ery provldeil tlm twem* for  llie woiiit weathor of tho trip. Hutiiiil*  inif in to the Htrait u tci-rlfle {rale  (truck the uhlp and a tfraiid I'aolflc aca  wan Htlrred "up. It, hatteriHl aualnut  the Manulniia'i. staunch wkSets, but fall*  e*3 to hinder hw pro^roiti, ( ���  COUNCIL CONSIDERS  ELECIlICITy  kijiurf* k^^ii-jti^ ��.,**���  Kieeirlelty in vurlutut forma, and ft��r  vm-lou* piu|i.tki.t. iH'ftipliil tho atieiit  lion uf (he City Kaiheii* itt (he retftihti*  meuliii-f of that hutly thi*> week, llif  llm way of -.mall cliuuki*,, -.iieh 'nn arc  lie.iiml iu mnivey a r.|aiki'ii im^Mtii^,.  from um* point p. aunt hoc hy# (uh*.  phone, Si wan pointed um (|i,u 't!m*,t  (HHipti. ��ho weru in need nl a plumt*  would do well (o cuiiiiiiiiiiteat.' I heir  wiuit-* to the city el-.rk, Thin would j  kivo (lm uiiy a cliimce |o, take die  mutter up, unit more pri'teuirt* could he  broiijfht ii|H)i) ihe coiuimuy than would  iVfiiilt from the ctrol-tti of u xliiylu  indlvldiuti,  hi tho mat;tm- of linger rliiink*i of  electricity, i,ut'h iti nro luctl In ihe  IWiHiij,' of clth*n, and thn fprni-ihln**r  uf j*owor for iminufiu'turin^ |>ui-|k��>i<i>4,  tlmooimellhudiheplettniroofll-ftenli)/;  Ui a lot of (lelalln from Mr. Colo, w|iu  repri'stinih tho aitchle.Atfnew Power  (.'uuipany. .-Tlila jfomlcnmn luul a  number pf di'dwiiii^ of the proia'stHi  .vork* at Nt��inp>H Va)U, and went Sum  ihe phiim'of i|ln company at ifi-mt  leii^ili. , The proimmKl conlriict with  tho City of Albornl would ho the fuosm  ni that offered lo dm Port, und It up.  poured Hint It wus ,-nttu a eo'unldo'ni-  liuii on Uk* part of thu oompany- to  have the two town* nl(fn nj> at practically dm (.iniin tlmo. Tlm mutter of  the 4-xolunlvu fnmchlw, and dm thirty  year lerta of dm contract wan dt**.  i*tit*>.ed. it, wets iwhucd out that In  oilier (o Kiant an e.ncliihlvo il^lit it  would be necoKMiry for tlm city to imv*.*  a Npeolul bill pu^nl |(l dm IikhiI hotut*  uf loidiiluturo, Thli wuuld con ����mo-  wlK.ro in die m'l'-hlHU'hmMl uf o'm*  ihmuand dollar**, AMted ttt to iho  efftHK of thu oliy not Mftnlnu up thn)  pru|H)>ud cuntract, Mr, Colo juilnutl  uui that tho company would huvo. tu  4*.*  f PERSONAL POINTERS (  ���^V4^**V^^vAw^\iki^WA��^A*rfrfWJV����^��^'Wtf-��  Mr. li. K, llo*h,'tiin of V|..(orla.   vtiix  tt Ik'u-M at tin* Alberni on Tuemdny.  Mr* J, ii, ft, Hume of Nunalttm,  wan  hi liu* city un T*i4**-dtty,  Mr, .S*. 1'. .lemi'ii of Capo He-oil,   wai  |a visitor in tlmcliy over Um week mid.  Dr. I>. K, Kerr, wii*. a j*a-��.ien/,'i'r un  Monthly'*, train tin hb* way to UuncatiM, ,  Mr, T. Kalconhildjfu of Victoria, wan  a v-iehur in the city UiIh week end.  Mr. C. Klrtli, of Vancouver, wuu In  (lm t'ily un biiwInt-M iIiIk week.  Mri. W, W. 0. McAlllMtur, lo/t on  Tut-Mlny'* train on her way, to vlxti  fi-li'iidi* lu VJrloriu and Vancouver.  Mr, O, H. Kohl of !-rlnco Ktipen,  wan a vUltoi- In the oity durlntf dm  weuk.  Air. 11. K. Mc.Morran of Victoria,  MpetH a tttvt day*! liollday In tlte city  tlihi week.  Mr. and Men. V. Cooto of Victoria,  worn rojflHtored at tint Alherni on  Monday.  Mr. A.Nt. OhdroHriudloof Vluuirla,  wa*. a silent at tho Arlliitfion on W��l*  iiCMlay,  Mr, M. K. Orlilln of Vancouvi.,*, tk.,  r��'[iti'��cnliitivi) of the Wnntorii (,'aiimla  Flour MIIIm, wiih In llm elty ' ou Wed*  noi-day.  . Mr, H, Hi-own, Provincial ruad foi'e*  mim at CeHiolot, it pent a couple of day u  lu llm city ihlM week,  Mr, M. Moi'i'l-mii, i'i'|ire-*entitiK '  Turner, Heotou ***< Vu. of Victoria l*. In -'  tho eiiy dolutr bUHlneim,   ��  Mr, A. Viiiifrhaii, ropriotontitiK  Wil*^  ��on lli-o-t. of Victoria  w.w iu ihu city  on bii-ilnena.  Mit-, (;, llilli. ruturniHl Itoiimon Mod*  day, lifter having spetu (uivonii weeku ,  M-ay -StB-9 Folly.  Acuuixilntf to (he Moi)trr>al Ihltly  Malt, HlrH.clmrd McHrlde, during' hlx  vUlt te tlu* uhl country erfectually  euiuiist'i'il the |-'.!!),')l*ali iuve-iiuf" lhat  hh tfuvernment'i. nionmirtM couibiiiiil  l*rojfi*4**i* and utfety ��mj titfuiiltd nmple  roveiniu fur it piiitr.i-ktlvi. 'pi*ui*rmuuie  wphuul fuit-aitiltiiii' thu yii'id frum die  province'* U*>M'!.-�� of die fiiitti-e. li la  K'ood io realist, ihu? Sir Ith'hurd al Jutt  m*!**. die fully of mortjiaifliiff lliltl-.li  Cohuiilila'***" revniifet, tint wo -.hpuld  Jltte iKHter anturuiii'i* than hi*, bare  word tluu he Intend** to chtin^o the  l*ti||oy uf alienation which hu hu-i j��ur��  niit-d m> pei>I*.tentty duriui,' the punt  ten years,  ��*-  RecUel.  Fireman'* 0����ce.  lk> not forj-ot the Cntnd Hull which  will lm hold lu tho Arltiift'ttii) thlxovet).  Injf for the heiiolil of tin* Albornl Kin*  Ditparluicni. Tho l-'im l.addhn huvo  tttkon a lot i>f Inmhlo (u pivpuro lov  ttiitt event, and are certainly dexirvliitf  of the mutt liberal piuromi'-e to tho  liDiiih. of the public. The music tviH  ho furnished by Orhue-t' Oii'heitra.  and Mr, J. .T. ltui-ko villi �������. n��� iluor  matiKK's-r, ��! that., all tfiteii-i cnn it!>(,  iili'stii*4*tl of u pleiisunt. evening Tho  program um wilt open ut H.ilU this uve'Vi-,  In-f, ttnd ihtjre Khuutd ho a iurfro "nirn.  pttU'-'.Couio ' uluii}.; und, luive u yootl  tlmo,  Mima Grace Hill Vaojfhim, blind,  Concert Ki*ad(*r, uf tip* Sclmol of Ms*  predion, Honion, Mumi,, will jflvi* it  nhiirt mury rectdil at the Prexhyiurian  Clmivh Hull on November 2<Uh, under  tin1 nu>|ilci'i4 of the Allterui Hi'tiueh ' uf  the | .ud I us Auxiliary of tlm Went  iVut-it (ieiieral Hospital, Ml���� Vaittiluin  ha* tuutflit and ivtul lu Ht**ton Mum*,,  Otiawa, CdiiiuIii, nnd Heat tii*, Witkh.  D-'Uiii.t iff du* piMiiiutiiiiti' will lm |,'ivt'ii  later,  Boys Kill J*��nlh��r.'  Twulud-i litwHid Cox and Tommy  Moon*, had thw unutiiial {ileahtin* of  l��iK��hijf a hi*,*' panthertlitM. Kunday,  The iKiy.'i wure out ithikin*/ for a thmr,  ttnd one of llmm tib-mrvml thu fermi  wuvinjf nut far away, Muddonly out- of  ihe laudi ihree paniher.*. hounded into  td-fhi. Oim of them fell under a well  directed idtot, uud the uthi'i'ii lust no  Unm hi tfei>!n'*: buck to covor. Tin*  Iwy.s vv'uitcd for a thou, puttiiifjf an  occuiIoiihI sliot into tin,* fallen puiiiher  to make mire that lm wn.i nut "playliiK'  IHiNtuui" on then*.' A doif or (wo In  dm party, would lutvti no dnnb". enablcil  tho luiiitcr.-i to i,'ul one or uion!* of (hn  roaitdiili)^ pitnthorfi,' hut. it's It way they  boih iwiiped.    .;. '��� Y  Oroeiie'H .Home.Ilako Hreud at Ah  bornj Trudlng Sioixi.  The Committee of die Whole of llm  City 4if Albornl, huvintf Imd tindor cou-  oldoratlon the coutraot jiro(K)M*d by tho  Hltclih* * Ajfnew i'owor Co., Ik,*1* ti> ro-  |K��rt :*-"That while .itronjfb' ondol'-doj:  llm favovahle cuii*.|derutlon of this or  any other feunlble M'heuioforMipplyinij-  the city with oloteriu H^hl and jwnvt-i*  tmdc.e etjuluililo condlduns ut the  eiirllcht |K)*.-*ihlo inoinetit, tlraw attention to iim foliowiMjf poluU In die con*  tract which would, In dm iutorod ol  (he city, wptliv alteration";  1, ContrtUtt Ki'imu uu oxeltmivo  imuiupuly f4ir .'10 veurti,  li. Nee. In, which provide** that all  Industrie* m-i**- ubtidn power from the  power coniiiiuiy, or Iihiid dieir own  plant, would tH.itpi lu drier indimlih"��  Iroui i"oiiiiuir In, m. few imvi'ly Murte*.!  imlvthtrio*. wtmkl l.i* in a i��>IUon io  build and i-ijulp (heir o'tfnb'.ili-o.olet'trU*!  plant,  .J. Nee. !*' pi',4.ivklea line now or ctim*  puny i*hull ciiH-t piswui' plant within  rilim inuntb* from dale of Ooverimient  appi'oviil of jihiiii, ihut uxoiiidlu-,! the  prui-.iii'iu*/ ut llllii iiu'un ahaiultiiidy in*  di*linite date' and ihin nivlwhledelay  in accenttuttitl by iIk* fact ut. a  .spi'citil itct uf dm l.ttj'h.'iitui'it hat'iittf  lu be pu-kteti with K.i tmltmuud ox*  peiiM* uf *��l!>f��t,  ���J, Sec. 2 ttltoutd cu'nttiln a jfruvifiion  that If dm tiuwer company failed to  Mtppiy u MKIlclciit. electi-looriei'tjy ihe  city would he ut liberty to obtuin ,-��auns  from ui)*,' other Nourcu,'  fl. Nt*c, Jl pi-ovldes llutl Mild oiici'ify  Ji* onlv to ho iihi'd by the city wlihlti  city mull!.; Ilili. wosild prevent the  chy Huiiplylnif Htiht or power u> placen  liiiiiiedltitely oulxlde limit*., inciviiiln-,'  diniuiilde.i when Mich Miburb*. were in  corpoiitted huer.  tl. Neo. .'I .-vhould be altered lu five  elty iiuthurlty tu I'i'-si-ll in bulli If  deeiiu'd liuNt, *  7. Sue. 21, nrhlirtitlun provided for  in ctiKu tif dl.-ijiute mIiuuIiI tie iiiiui" (iiial  and not open to iippm!-  8. Nrc. 22 provide*, for power com-  jniny,ttndi��rcerii!li'M,oi)illtiuisiieiit4'i'in.iv'  city with ittsuwn t.y.*>ti?in : this it .would  be tii'jter ut.itvoid.  if. Tlufi'u tthoulir he xume provl-don  in ��� contract bv 'bonds orothorvvlHo for  fiiti!'!ii)i!*i*ii!)*r'tlitt company'-* tluanelul  ubillty lo'comph'to and malnutln the  undwrtitkintr.  Orlltini Cor.tout  , Mr. M. T.'Ik) thuu-iht Ihiilfit* cutild  lntt't,-di)i'o u bit of Kteel dct*|>er Into tho  lllnty hretntt of a Iroulder thau could  one Mr. J, Welnor. Mr. Tel*o 'had-  Komi* money that Mild tho Mtum (hln^.  Iiiit while iimnoy' ofum "lalk?>" It  4KYiu>lnniilly II tui t h>*elf in errui- J ma  like eounuon people. Hi this ca.it* both  Mr. ToIk) nml hit, money worn In oriiir  In their remark*'. Thoy suit! thut-  which wiw not,  A i-uii!>i(li*t'al)!ii jiortloi) of the Inlutbl*  tsnt-s of Albornl, the Port and dm aur<-  rouudlnir HlHtrlotgathered nt the Hlver  Head hrid-,'0 yontt'i'duy afternoon to  w|tiu��.is the cotiuii*i, Mr. Wolner  MH'itrcd the Borv'ici'N of Mr, N. KvunMin  tomanlpulatotliiv -.(eel, and Mr. P.  Johnston performed u Uko -mU'vIco for  Mr. Tel-o.  The perkkl of trial wa*, tlfteen niin*  lUdHi for ein'Ii inun,, iiinl It certainly  wMUidcd like the jvjvod old tiihitni,' divyn  to hear lln* idiurp rlny of tho **t*��ol  Under dm ettirdy hlowit of dm hljr  hanmiesii. Inch hy Inch ihe drills mnU  Into dm hard rook. Hard? Why. It  w��i htmlor diun the huh.-, of Unit place  whoro so juony mtner-* find nllnftl re����-  im,' plttt'i*.  When thno wimcalkHl It, winn foutid  that tlu* uit'ti'iUl'lii^ t*tIt'k would dtHiJ>  alx)iil (lure and mm half Inchox di-ejmr  into tlu* luile dtilhvl by Mr. Weiuer  than it could be ihuiiomI lo retire into  the hole provided hy Mr, Teho.  Utitor in th" iiuy Mr. Tt*l*o ruttjji4'i'4*4l  his breath Mitlleh'iitly (o itiply ut acon-  nidi'i-ablo luii'junt of jii*u*t iitttiiit-d  bant or, Would any pel-tun like to bet  from fifty to Dm* hundred dulla*'*' Umi  he, the t-itid Mr. M. Tel*u, could not  knock down a deeper Iti.tlu thtiu had  Mr. Welucr in the late cunte-tlY Name  lime of conifte. If Mich niiti{rii)ded  iud!vldua|i< would put up tin* lonif/.'ivini  and ^li'e Mr. Teho uoiicit, ht* would up-  p4*ar al->t,uie time williin thirty day?.,  and make dint wlmiliiK' hole look lite*  n dimple.  On** at- a tlnm p|t*u**e.   Dtint  crowd,  You will uil be intended to in thim,  Mr, Tcho will beiiiiht there to hook  the- bell.  *   ...,.*   ...*,   .,.,,.,,i.iaj    miuiu  unit;    ff       *"** -r-"**.-������������ �����"-  tahllnh ii hlKher rate lov uny powt��r vJt.ltln/j' hor |i��roul�� In Nanaimo.  fumliiliiHl fo the city,   Jum, how much     Mi'* K. J. NJitimiliaii of (ho Kloo/ifur  hhfher, Itu wo* not prtifiarwl 1*1) may.  Hai-tlwaro Vu, pf Vanoouwr whu la the  Ilu in-odutttkd neVoi-tt) M,'li*HHile*t of rai-et.    '  to idiow the prlcon paid by it number  of elder* for'lfji-.it and twwur, tmd from  IhciM* il would uppottr that the rftt-vi  asked Alberni ure [tut low as could be  oxpcctttl,   TIiecoimcit'iuiloHl it niunlHir  uf 4pii.*4tiouH, nnd jiroiiilsiHl t-o inko'tiii*  iiiiitti'r liitti careful cuiinldtn-dtiotii  'i'ln* 'Puhlio Worka  ConmilitKo  re*  jMjrtisI thut the Vvork of bttlklini*,'Htdo*  wiijIck wits now.tuidi*!' way, touii that  oonbtructliijf Hhlowii)ki.,iiatl (In* upread-  Injr uf tfr*v��l where it wiih niont needed,  would lm carried out an fiuit &i dr.  cimoilanot-ii would pcnnll.  MesHrm, Wilwm and Whcelor imnt it  letter to'tlm effect lhat tho '"Water  Hy.lttw" wa** tu hand, and would lm  hurried up an {font. ����i pos-iMbh'. They  hopwl lo huvo It aluhtf iii a fowdaya.  Tim fxindon Tlnie-J proponcx to trot  out a Panamtt lUitton. Did Uio City  of Aiberisl wltdi to siipear lu tho is.-vmeV  Clerk Iiu*iructi<d to ask for furtlioi* pfti*.  tk'iihtr-41. .Sundry ttvccoitni'i wtui�� doiilt  with and tin* council mlpitirm-ti  lp*4aj��*.'.��Mk,���'.i.iii..Haiw*|i,.., .||t���l,,..^W������h  l.,!,,^^^,.,,^,.,*,,^,,  10. Nome pruviftlott should be inti-rl (-4,1  for pruvldhnr for curicelhtllon of con*  tract in Hut uvent of unv -iiibHiimilal  breach of.���the iiioro Important fcitturc*.  of tlu* cdn'truct..'    ,-  '.'Wo.'reco'imnond tlsut this report be  Kulunliuil tu tho company, and that'  ihey iio a-skiHl.to-'.modify the coiilnuu  on the 'aboyo points.  Butiineem Chsni��.  It will bo observed by an umiounet**  ineiii which ap|)oiu*-i elsewhoro In thl*  Iwitii* Unit tho W, A. lltiiiHei' ihirtlvviiru  hitkliii--,*.-. hn** himn taken over by ilu*  firm of Ilatm-r atjd Paine. The new  Jlrm pi-otnlst>,i to en|urj<4t their tdocli,  and lo make �� -.pi>c|al fcunire of n|��oi'L*  i��H foods uf ii hltfh uimllty. at wull a*.  dm hitudllu>*f uf a iferterul line of t>ho!f  and heiivy halslwarei  Coneorvfltiv* Smoker.  A larij-e mimlH'r ol dm el(lm**�� of  Altu't'ilt ami Uu* Port turned mil to  ttttejitl the CuiiMi|'vaUv'i.*i Numkor tflvtvi  hy (he local i'oi|-*t'l*ViltlVc Club tu iho  '1V*Ih�� Hull, un I-'iiduy eyenlni' lustt, It  wiih a very enjoyable weahiun, and die  oxeclh'ut pr'iuraiinntt prov!di->d was  fully iipjii't'eiiitciil by tin* itudience.  Mr. I'ullh) tio it si as chiilrman, uud  ininotiuriil tlif vttrloiih Humbor.s of  Un* proffraiuuic, a-s woll as Intro-  ducinif the sptmlter-s, The mayors of  this two town*, were in uvkit'iice with  a fow words of friendly tfreetluj,*, and  President. J. l-\ }iledi>oef of tho Alberni  Liberal At-t-suolatlun, (lumked the com-  mlttiit.* for the kindly itivmitioii tube  present. Itofroshmimt.-., Iwih solid and  lltpild, were provided, ,und tlm name  ".Smoker" wus lived up to in mimi-iron*.  hoxc-t of (/oikI clt:ar.s, Mr. Harry Wtil-  loi) |it*t".".idt*<l st tho nifiv-tliuient end,  und if anyone wuu overloukcil it wat  nut the fault of the genial Harry, ov  his bund uf���.sintl.'tnj; aswlutimts. Music,  liutli intarituiontttl and vtical, wuk much  ���In. evidence, and uf a <piitlity thut  brouyht. out rounds of (tp|ilaU8o from  tho delighted itudiotiuo.- , ,,  olty yesioithiy doinjf inisluewi with tho  local atert'liauw.  Mr, Oi*orKo Orant of Ucluolet, ��|M*nt'  a few daya lu tho oliy on Inndncnn, leuv*  I DC for homo tijfttln thin montiiiif on  tho TolliiM.  Mr. .1. Walworth of Vitacouvor,  puised Unt��iu,'h the oliy on Wctinenday  on hi* way homo fixmi n vlttlt to Uchio*  let,  Mr. J. Petch, repruiientliii,' t|ie 1*J. 0,  Prior Co, of Victoria, wan in tin* City  on Tiii'..,ilay and Wednesday duinjf Inittll*.  iiom with Uio local nierohaot.1,  Mr. 11. A, Dauforth, of Vnnouuvor,  thoC. P, It. C'laltnii Ajftuit, for thi*.  tu'ctlun paid a flyln-f visit lo thn two  town*, ou WtHlncxday.  Mr. <h*orifO Frasor, tho well known  Itor^ttulturj-iiof llcluoU*t, wa*ittf)tt��sen*  h'cr for home on the Maijiiltmit, after  iiavintr hpoiil kiivcral duya in iho Hid*  t rlci.  Mr. imd Mr*." H. Miloro of Cherry  Creek, returm\l home on Friday )a.-��l  frum a six weolui vacation Kpent viHit��  injf friend* In Portland, aOri)goii and  the Kuniitri) Provincen.  Mr. T. WlUun, of Vancouver, ln*��  pi*ciorof Indian Otvluirtls, wa* a vl��il*  wr In Hu*nDistrict on Mimtr-dtty lust,  on litminos-ti in comiootlun with - hin dc��  partnient,  'i^je Hist*, Jum, Cut-rusher-*- and wtfti,  were |m*.m*Hj,��ofi. on 'fueitlayS trutn on  tii*dr wny to Vanc-oiiver, where ilie  Pi-ofi'iuMii* will b-** .in^��tj,'t.��d for Um next  month liH'turhiif at Un* Presbyturhui  Ctilh't,'*'.  mwMM iiTw��vmv**i-miaftWtw��''l��"*i w**��n*  Hospital C��rtle.  At tt timetinif of the Kinauro Com*  inlttee of Um Wi*t| Coast Oenerai Ilea,  plial 1( wus resolved to distrlhuiu the  mi-uibershlp Uokol-i which were IhsiiihI  boiiitt time iif.'O, and mttki* a sjieckil  effort to iii'id to tin* funds uf the iiniti*  tuiion in this nunitmr. TIU"*>o ilclceis  will bu-flvrit tu the various btisine-AS  men of the (wo towns, <e> well ns M-ch  wf tho htdh*** ni care (o help in ihe food  work, and Uiomi will be aski-d to list*  ovory effort, lo huve the card'* taken up.  Tin* uwuer-diip of these cai-ds entitle  (lit* holder to tt mombcr-thip lu tho ln-.��  tit ut Iuii uml tu tt vuio at tho i.nmml  ohHvtions. Tlio fen ii live dollars fur  tlm your ami tlm cotnmttd'e feels Unit  Iiy the Mile of these ummborshlp tlcket-f  u conhldoruhltirovcnuuiuuy bo derived.  The hospitul Is a much necdiNl addition  to Uio medleal etpiipment of''tlio' Wetst  Cus'it, and It l* tin to'a 11 who have tht**  welfare of the District at huat't to tfet  in and. niipport this worthy lnjlitltnllon.  hi and support'this worthy Instiiuiton.  *;'JiS '*"'      jr\   ���>   ,  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  m  wn  ~l  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  Tti*.  Allmrnl  AdV0C��(e  I'ublinhJnf and  I'rht-llii-i tV, Ud.. rraprldlor-i.  J. P. IU.i:UtSOi:   *   Editor mid Marmger  I'.ii.'.l.i ..I   u   .tll'vim    Itiliikti   IVI'iiiiifitt   I'-  ilit itiii'i* ti. ..I \ .n-niMti'i itiiiiiiiui r.i i.i >��i i.i��'!  till- All* III* ll.kO" I  It* tM��04'*ll*l�� '       '  ,    H*-u-��i OrfiM!   Attend. II. C  ,\itH|-!..l   I't    ��!'P   I'l-klfl- '*-*' I     ��.*'*f ' *i    l*'l  t|,(U,,(|.i.-..l.  |i,|,l,lt'!l    If,      !..<���<> -It. r.i.-.l��Ut!*';il��J.  ill'III.  I  **ll!.i4.i"(*|*t!|ili., t.*|nilltl�� ll.'l'.fi.lltlt. till' ( "itill <l  still,,',! .Itf V't*|l-,lllli. \. �� ,>,��������!���������.*! St'l H ("Will  t-l'll! -11.11 ,,U.:r .iMtlttii* "'I iKl'llM* j'll*!')!  ��� t ,Mi!���li.,i|s. mjl Ik- ,*i>i'.tf.i mi 11.." liJIi'tt lll'l  (���'llli*.'  llf.-Vrli" ' IS'"  *>*jt Al'HlUl** - , .       I**'  I'.iklililt. tllllM' t"lllil*l   M'll.'k.M. *.l.l4'll'lil!.ll  |',,ii,i|i.-iii. uii'l :iO,i'i  liu.'liiii i'ci|litt|r*H ifj'.'.  ti'-U , hiiil  I'h.ii,'.'* r.'i ..il !���*,'nl um si*,-* mu iu- itii'kiiiiir  i.k iii..,..-,'*iiitiiiii,i,i in-1tirii c iiett'i,ii"j.!/. or.  iiiiii lllll*' l'l-|i,Hil III It'ltill.l I'-  to corhi;si��ondi:nt��.  All ,',,iiiiiiilivii'lllnii* ItiU'iiili'I ("I' |iill'lles'lliili  lllll*! I*" iiikMirii'iililiil ��llll Off 'iititM' unit ml  ill.'t. nt III)' lllllll, llll! IH*lS'kkilll!t (nr IHItilll-il  (Imi i-iiI hi* in'tin>-iiltl''t'nl |.'..'��l It'llU     Vll'l'<lllllll(  l,l|,l,-|ltll;i-(.l   l-'flUfl   I4i)l��'lll)   l'(l|lllll!itlli*Ni|lll|k  ,S',i��i'l'jtllii-Mtlf'il *>!)! In'i'illll |i.|'l��4ii'lli' .���..lllll  lilHliiilHI'Mi'|i| IU kpu'lltl HriMltlaVIIO'llt.  Albernt, B. C, Cciuda   ���   14, Nov., 1013  TIIE HOLIDAYS.  TT muy sound like mailing the  ���*"  season u little to begin talking  uhout  the  holdays  ihis  early,  hut   there are hoiiio things that  . should lie wiid iu Mich tiim*   us  lo give  (ho  public a i'Iiiiiu'o to  turn  the matter over In   their  minds   hoftm*   the   actual   date  arrives. ., In the'ilrst place there  Im the mutter of the "Catalogue  1 lulilt"  which needs attention.  At thh* time tliero are thorn- who  begin the tusk id' looking oijt tho  Obristmus presents whieh thoy  ��� expect/to give later on, und  it  is  tjulte  common   to   nee  woll  thumbed    eiitnlogiios    In    their  hands day after day.   This, do*  Hpih" tlie fuel that inoul0dealers  make   a   liuhlt   of  pulling  in  special  stock   to  meet   the,   i\v.  tiiiiiKlH   of   the   holiday   trade,  imd  thai  there In mouthy io hi*  found:, on   (lu'ir counters  mo**!  of Iho umh-rliils font ronsonublo  iimotint of gift making.   These  Clinic local (leiilci'H huve in many  eie-joN euri'loil their customers in  times of   "tight  money,1"  and  have tried to accommodate tiiem  In ovorv'vvay hy ordering special  goods   nt  reipiest.     The   cala-  login* order hurt to  ho. u cash  tram-mot.on, uml the money thuu  sent out of Ihe country is a Ionic  time liudhig Its way hack to Allu-riii.    In Hush limes thin may  not. make such it (.front amount,  of dllferenoe, hut  when money  Is  really   "tight" every  dollar  which is hi ml. uway in this man.  n**r onuses just that much more  dlllienlty  for overyom* to moot  their.obligations,  To those who are forming tho  ,'* Outnlogin'   llaliit"   vvo" would  , suy.  in all seriousness : "Out it  out, and give your regular dealer  'u chance,"  Then comes the mutter of  making tho Christ nuts put''  ohasois. Usually these art* left  until the lust moment, und tlu*  rush ihui- dikes place then forms  one of the reasons why all retail clerks look forward lo Iho  holidays with dread. Tho pur  chaser goDs the |iooivr service,  Jess chance for (-.election, and a  (���mailer stock from whieh to  select, when letting tlu* buying  go until the few days hoforo  Christmas, if dealers will got  in tlii'ir iitooks, ami purchasers  will make' it U hrthit to look  them uvor, tmil muko select ions  iu good time, much of tho holl-  day troubles for all part low would  vunish.  And, now, just, a word to tho  dealers. The Mail Order houses  spend .ninny thousands of dollars  ���ovory your in getting up fiuo  catalogues,,.' and in advertising,  'their goods',- Thoy build tip vast  fortunes in so doing. Thoy get  in 'touch "'with 'the' peoplt'*, and  Iind tlmt it'pays-the them to  din so. When hard times come  along do these - people'' quit ltd*  ;vortising.  Not, iniicli  They  .dig in all; the harder, and keep  tiie ball rolling. There is no  HoiiUiiiout about it. Adverti'tJng  is a liai.l Inisinos** I'.'ct with  tliem, and they follow it, up boon use It,pay** 1 hi'in lo di) m>,  Now, the AdviM-alo makes it ��  Vuie not to advi'l'Liu" iiliv outside  bouse, iinh".* tin"1 stime are re-  proMinbit   hy   hH'iiI  llgeiltx.     Ill  llii** rule there is �� Jokx of con>  ���*ider.(b|e povi'iiUi* to the |��Uper,  hut it is felt that in the long  run it  will puy better to hniid  up our own   city   rather   than  contribute to the growth of out*  hiiie places.     What   about   the  fort you say t    Well, we con'  sider the Port as a  suburb  of  Alberni, nnd when we say "Outside"   we  menu outside of tlie  Alherni Dint rid.    In any event  we fool that ihe altitude of the  Advocate  in   i't'gunl   to  these  foreign   udvettii*ement   entitles  this paper to special oonsldorn-  lion on the  part of tho   merchants iimi business men of tin*  district,   and to all of thorn- we  say "Advertise." Wlicd printers  ink on tho situation.    Don't he  -.ifraid  to let  the   people  know  what you have to offer,    Keep  hammering away.   Spend even  one-half the nmoui.t of money  iu proportion to the volume of  business transacted as is spoilt  hy  these outside   liotisi's,   and  you will get results.   The man  wlio really does not believe lu  advertising these  days  ahould  be in a mummy case along wiih  the  other curiosities   in   some  museum.   Not along with "Old  Uameses" because, though that  gentleman lived some thousands  of years ago, ho believed in ad-,  vertislng, and had IiIh 11 Uio trade  mark out all   over  the  -shop.  That is why his name ||\;en ih  history to-day.  So,   to   tho   people   we  Mi'ty,  "l.uy   itt  home";   mul to the  merehants   we   say,   '"l**t the  people know what you have to  ���soli";   and   to   tho   catalogue  holmes, "Keep olf the grass'';  and we can go further and say  that If those simple  rules are  follmvod  iIiIm  will   become,  In*  deed, a "Merry (..hrlstmas and  a Happy Now  Year" for (Sood  Old Alherni and tin* surrounding  country.  another of the bunch of hpi'cu-  AUIMINI MNl��l��|>."|-)(|.T AI,10;l(N�� .VSfM.lVl-a,,*,..  , ,      , ... , , m*(iai.ff.**���.��,{���,�� -   j liiwii-t*.init,,..,  I a tors   who  hang  like  vulture**    t.-u-- m-iuv iui 'Jini-mx ��t,u-*<* Mj.it*. ��ii  ,r..ii��'ii.*i!i'j-ii���u i.'nutjmi��-iiuir. i.i au*-uu.  , I    ,|      . I,.,        <j    I.        ...       ..     '        I,   '   IHII'lil'll.    1**.',   .MV4IIMtli.ll   (lilt,,,!.    !*,(��� !,Uk   t.ljllf,   (MftllUlilfll    lllill I i.l|     ��� HI,, ��'l.    )l|l..|lil*    1(5  aroumt llie poiitlcal iiori/iiui.     u.��j.c)i in. i^mukkjuu ui|.(,M ,,��>,, n,,. f���i��.Hii.l< .m-)i'> ti.. i*nw,(ki,it.i, m |,(ut-i,..*,,> id,- <.,i|,**iiirf  , , ||     | ,| Ily,', ,  *'* *���'�� ,!*"t I* tliti' j,ll'M'��S**^\(  Ivilrl,-  ouiy lioeiis lo can in (in*    rsiaii-,   ,-������(tM,fS,|.,w fct fl ,������, .,[H���,���j .��� ,., ,n, ���  ('���.uuoi-m-iiitf ni ��ii-'��ti''jiiu*iit��i,*iti.ii.*...*��i  il-llfl     (111     l.ii.,ll.,,ll.���ilC     (.1     cfllillH ***'��!.*"UI'*'l'f llli-<,'un!l��|-*f��liOt.tf.lit!. -il.*   I'����� ll"' "''ill'.���*�����!  ��''"��ii-��  illicit ��l   41l,l��*'.rikl  Kiil4|   UH   neavetlgeii*      to   �� (Ciiii   ,,,, wv ,l.lf.iU K, ,.,������,k ,,  ������ w,^, ���,,,,������.- *����� i-mu'f,. o-t-nv i��.ntt t*f ��-it..!ii* u,. i,,** *.j.t  ' l*-ll*1f.ltl*   If!*".'-*   .il.lllll MII'llatllB I'l Oil'  tklillt 4>l  ���41'lft =,.!.,lit (it    (kltflrill'lti/   (MU   Hi'!!*   ll.i.if.i   H|  f, .��  I'm-ii .)��������>- ;i.m  up   Uio  j    ***kfl*-      k��-.FT"*>    ���*��� ���    n*irT*ti*��       ^ (j#  ra*TI      ���fliii'i  n't u ii'i"     j  'I'll..n        Vii,. ���'OiifMii tarfiUi  iii I'lmltM. tl..'|h>.' <*iki  lifHtii-k  I**'4  '���  I   111   11 a?Il    .  Ihcya,,   v,v|t,   *,(s,yl    ||,   |,|,rtl�����   ,���   |��� ,., f,   ,1  , !���,. j *   '��"'  iviimin-k.  It'i,,III. I'.I      .1,1.,       I.K.lt      till     lli.*,     tUlllh*   ',  "'''",V"''-.1"    lM-��lt��l    l4UfVllli(if rf/.lkkl.i/j   ,!,<! ,11.   ill'  iticnarci can |*.ic�� up in** soon", j ,��� |lU,y ���, ,,.,���������(���,������,,���, ,v������rt)���.,���j ���!*.���,!  ami th** title, anil othi>r vahmbio  n-s-toU, and take a much longer  vacation ti* evptuin tin* glories  on ''My I'rovlnee," and it�� ut<  titmh* on the naval ��|uest|on. to  (.iiniuHi-.il Clubs and other III-  luforuieti iiiMlioi.  IMPKHKO.N'.VTION.  'i'ln* olher ilu,'.' a mini with u ruby  uu*!* tiie* hisuii-'ht liufiiri* n niaylftiritli-'  I'liiir^i-il  ttlih  luipeitiinuiluK (i   pullet*  UltlCi'l',  ''What huve tun fu mi,* y" u*l<isl tin*  itKi'i't'.fritti*.  "I atti liinorcnl," t'i")ilkil Ibi' uiitu.  "Wlmt ilid he ilu'i1" iihIusI Uu* niU|.'is*  tin le,  '"Whttt did he il.iY" I'xchilmitl Ihe  |tu)h'cmuit, hioii.'hilly, tv lui hud ho|ii*d  thut kiii'li a (|ii"*il.iii vvuiild nul he pu(,  "VVlit, hi' Hipped iliri'4. ilinos at du*  duur uf a 'pud' uu my bent, uml when  (he luiulliiitl slmvtsl tin*' liner <mt  llil'uti|fli (he liiill-eliiMsl di*ur he luuit  II ami draiik li.   Thai's what heilht!"  Amid rujii-k of liui-jltter Ihe ciim' wii**  di**lul*.stHl.  THHNAHOUT.  A pupiilar and tnli'iiltsl pi*!i*iiuil'liil(  artUl uui lutijif iiyo reecivi-d froui u  llrm uf uiulur.car dealer* a printed  rirciilur thut cititsi*d him no Utile Mir*  Itrlsit and tmittsriiteiita  "Vou are coisllully Invited l<i pitrll*  olpiile In i��*it* jiriinil it'i' |ii-l/i������lrii��'liiif  cum.isi. Kuril partleipaul.muy submit  oin* or more drawings udvcrilklui,' our  iiioto'r*("(ii'Kr and Um winner will receive  a griuwl iirl/.i' of i"H). Di;'awli)jfs must  be-.em prepalil. they 11111*1 Ikiui-i^IikiI,  and at) iiiisiu'4'j's-.ltil dniwit)*;-* wilt re.  niiiln (he proiuu'iy uf (lu* iiiidei-**l^mtl."  .- Now the artist, who cnn scarcely In*  peri*uadt*4J| ti* iiml'.i* driiwlmis. ut t.'l)  uplwe, Mulled over (his printed cli-eu.  lar. Then hu'tuuk a ��|teei of nuie*  ptiper, and wrote lu Ihe luuior-cur  llrm:- '   ���  "Vou lirecortllully invlied tu parti-,  cipate In m,v 1,'riiinl i'2 |iii).e niu|ur.eiir  cunti'sti Kuch piirih'.lpunt muy "iih-  mit one nr limn' uiuiuiM'tir*. full.v  4'ijtil|il*x*ti, of his iiivii mimtifiu'liits', und  Un* winner will recetvv a jjritnd i*ie*li  prt/e uf l"2 In l;u!il. Tin* iitutur'Ciirs  stibmttteil chnuld 1h* hruiiil new, und  inU-l be slitpptsl freight pi'i'piilil. The  ttusiii'ee*uiftil mutuiM'itrt till) remain  Hie property of the tmilt*i*sl|��nisl,"  fin.  'rillllllllli J*lll)l k Mmi'i*  A .ii-   I H  Jutit Id, IV!'t.  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(Ill'i-I,   Kllli  ������.Utl-.llUl!*,!   ��pl  t^'H'jl  liiurr   Hi  lull.*  ()i|'tl|    |!.lJ if  .l��ti*>t*i>J!!|-l Aiifj   I |.|  Al.iO'.nvi i.avo ihhtiikv,  iimrMitT J  ���(���!���-���-,���.,( , mi.,,,,, ni,!..* ..�� i',....--.*, ai.iii-.kmi i.avo nivranv.  "i*4'" j I!   I'   ,0Vll-|l<l*l<li llli.tllial t��lll,IJll lltK.ulk    lti,i|i   I Hlkllltl I'l OilUiSi .  1,  ||,,l...i.4r   i.f   Vuli  11.!�� ).,i imiiiittijui, |n   |i.)���*,j��,'   (lii-   f.iltt,i,Oiir       'I'iiIii- U'.t'iN' I Ilkl  -|'4,,!m��k Mi'lOtiic'tl, nf ,M  'I'all,"    Il4lti4-^'0|i>t     WililMll  t'lHlur, lit*, i��*'n|��,it!<m |i,-)|K 1. lull ml* !<��� t��i' {���liM-Jllit'tl luU.Sk  |.t,   ...,   ,��.(���ilk.i,iii (.. iiiiu-Intk*. tl.t    Mlimitvl    ,N���,���r���,lh.|,i,,B, ,1(���..i(.U������,|*,i  ,.)������ ,M  f llti   !,,Hltll .-H-li   l 111)11 I   H(   (.!'(      tit, ll.l ���..'<���     IM*!  Ori't'tiu's  ihime.lliilie  Hrcnd at Ai  bi'i-iil 'JCraniiij,* Hlure.  PLEASE EXPLAIN.  npilKSK are Imnl times. Money  1 is "Tight," and shows little  inclination to'sign any pledge to  reform. Tlte attention of inventors who aro striving' to  perfect Hying machined Is culled  to the wings which cort-uln  " Treasury Surpluses " huve  taken to themselves, In view  of all those facts will Mine gentleman In* the audience please  explain just what return the  Province of Hrillsh Columbia  may. expect to get out of the  reconfc trip of "Our Own Btr  Klelinnrv What return that  will measure up with the amount  of money which It cost? We  can ' wee some of the troubles  which have hatched while ho  was away, Wo can see tho  heads of tho various departments at Victoria ni{tmbbling  like a lot of school hoys, We  oim see the one and only How.  set- making a largo and gloomy  hiiitli of the Nanalmo situation  while Kir Hiohurd wa�� away.  Ws' can see lhat Sir Richard  wan badly needed at home to  pour the oil of his smile on the  troubled witters of the cabinet  sea, but- just what value wo may  expect from the trip abroad Is  yet to appear. To he sure tliero  is a rumor that Sir Richard had  a confiith with sundry Standard  Oil Magnates, .and that a..railroad from Alaska via Ifong  Kong and 'way ports, is. likely  to result from this confab. C'an  it, bo that this the" "sugar  coating" that Is expected to  can-y the "Howser- MoHrido"  pill," down ; the' throats of the  people at tho .next' election'?  The upsets of the province havo  been about all handed to one or  Land Act Notices.  Al.ltl.llNl I.ANO niSTIUOT,  liutrlt't ul Uui'i'ri.  'I'uliii nullii' iiiiii Hurry W, Kltt'lili., nt Ol-  lll.fl.t'lll, .Mill., It'lljllllllll! Ilflalll't', lllUl|l(,1 III  lt|i|'l)-   (i'f |ki|illt*klil|l   111 (itllVllliklt till' fillill** lllli*  iIi'myUh-iI liiiliik'  ('(llllltll'IIClllll     Kl     It   (klkt    |.||lltt<Vt    Iilmiil     llti  i'liniii* Wfiki iiful rticiiiiliik kinilli fniii; On*iiiiiili  til St   ISlUiti*-   III   I.   S.I,    Illl'lilV   t'itkl    IH   i'lliilllk,  Oifius' iiurili It' i'lisln*. iIiciksi tu**'. ini>liiilus.  tlll'lM'tl kilUlll lii Cllllillk III Dill luilllt III fillil  llll'lll'i'llH'ISt.   UIHl ltl|l|^fllil)|f Kill Ill'IX'k llillit' III  ''**' '       lluirs Wst-Uil'ilt'ltllflili',  juiu'iw, 101:1. Ainvii-ia,  Ai.in.iiNi i.AS'n ms'iitior.  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(J,,|| I, Msri MU Iflwit, nt limit  liiiil, II 0 , in i-ii|itii Inn Miiililiil miuiiihi. liili'Kil  Milium lm |i(*iniikkliiil In li-iimi (In' Iniiin*(n^  lli M'lllicl luliilk;  I'j'liiiiii'fii'iiiK d( h |iii��i iiiiiiiiiii nl Ilu* si:  iH.ii,,-, iif kiiricimt I .nt lil A llft'iu*.* Hi Inl  tun 11, OinfiiHi f��t'tl klai'ill 11 i-lutlll* lii-i-|illi^ |<i  fi'i-| |i'itiill'<l m|l| llnklinii'lliii'in fl |K!ln( liif,-.*!  ���timlli i-f Oil- I* I' i'.illll'l .if l.li Nn til, llii'li.'.'  Ii> (i-i! Iinllli In kiiii! |^u>l, Oil-IMS* rail uiiiiii H  eliiiliik In |tniii| iilnmiiiiiilloiiii'iit.  , M.U')' MIi'Iii'ImiU,  IVI.'t Mlcli.'Iki'M, Ainiil  A ilk'UM |-i. IVI*t K|U  iV \��  Kamcoats and dweaters  t  For the Foil and Winter to hand  Our Kaincoats aii* the ('olohrutcd thirrk* niuke, guarantei'd  to shed the heaviest downpour'of rain. t   The goods and  prices are right.  Our .Sweatd'rs ure of the  best makers in  O.uinda.    Our  selection ami prices to suit all.  Campbell & Mac fie  .Miii'ifiiri-i St,, Allu'i'iii  Pimm*."-  S'likt Ave,, Port AUternl  Plume 7,1  AdlllvllNI l,,VNI) IIOiTKIi'r,  lllktlll 1 i.f l(l||u-t||,  'i'ftlii. iintii'c llmi lliiri'i' 'I'liniiiii-. lli,iters,til  Ini/i'ikii'i, uniiiiin, i**i'(ii'iit)iiii i��Mi|(-itiii|���>r, in*  l.lliik 4,1 llll|tl)' liil' |��*l|lll*tlll|l III IKIII-llll-**.- Oil-  (���lllllll lll|V til M'l ll'l li llillllk*  ("lllllU'i'lli'lll,.' Ill II j,il��l |l|ltllll4i |l.< I'lliilllk  tll'kl  (mill  tint  IU'lill tii'*l   i'uI nit  n|  I.. S..I, llii'ln i-  llilllll III llcllllk, ((H'lUti ttl'tl Wll-lilllll*. Illl'lilV'  kfllitll III I'll.llllt, (lll'lll'l' C.kl Mf ('llilllll, (II (III*  IHlllll llf |-4!|lltt(1'lll*'|l|1'lll, Illlll I'illll.lilllll,,' US'  llt'll'k llillit* III  If'k*  , I tilt IV Tl|lll!l'!�� Illlll CUV  '  ,111(11*87, ll*i:l ,\Hi; |J, Kt  Al.ill-UNI I.AN'll IIIS'I'IIIIT-  Dlkllli'l nl Iliilt'liU, '��� r  'I'liliii llni 1,*.-lllill (Innicii |*iil.i|t,i,|i. 11} AllH'itli,  111'., imi,l|iiltlull eiillM'l', Illli'lulk In il|'|i),V (411*  ii.'* mint lm, ||, |iin\'l|i,*i' Oin fullutt Inri ili.-Mii ll*ail  lutill*;  I'lilflllll-lli'llll,' III I, (illkt |'|.iilllll )>|ll I ll-llilk >*it*l  nf tliti kinilli i'ii*! i'iiii|ci .if I,u| sri, lln'tiis- i'iikl  fl 4 llillllk, llll'lllti Illiltll M i'lllllll**, llll'llil* It.'ltl  Sit t'tl'tlllk, Illi-IH'i' klllllil Ml |!||ll|||i, |.f Oh'|i|l|lll nf  i-aiiiniu'in'i'iiiciii, mui I'.iiiiiiiiiliiK mil iii'i.'!, limit.  Ill ll'l.I,, ,  (Icoiue I'ttu-twii,  jiiiic m, (uin, ..tin.*, iiii.  AMIKKNI l,A,S"0 DIS'l'ltUT.  Dlktt-ict **i liiticKiy.  Tttltn dot Its* tliiil |'.<(.-}  HHU, nl Alltt-illl, ik'  ciiliiiltnii ituf 11'1Mi'i*, liiit'iiilk in ��|i|ii)' (nr l"'i'  llllkkttlll   tl)   |llll t'tlllkli    Oil*   (ulllll* llltl    lll'M'f'l*tl  imntk* ,  Cuitiiiii'ili'iin: ;tt ti 1 mul |i|iin(iil Nitiniiiik I'.ikt  nf ilie imiili t'lim iiuiii rii| Un Vftrt, Uii'in'i-i-ii.t 1  Nl ('li.illl*,   llii'iit*!!   fallllUl   1*1 (llillllk,   llll'IKyt   Ul'kl  **��� I'lliilllk, tik-ll! I'llilllll wlcllillllk Iilllll' I'llilll <>(  iiiiii iiii'iu vdii'itl. uiut tmitiiliiiiiif uiu licit-* uiiiii'  III'li'kk,  I'crtylllJI*'.  Jiuuiw, l-Jiil, A in,'. I It  The  Bank of Montreal  (.���"uiiiidt'd P--ITJI  Ccpllat AuU��*irlit**d    ,  C��pi0.i ll��ld Up  Rent and Undivldtui ProtllH  Tele) A*��*i*  9aa.00o.000  (6,000,000  10,000.000  ��230,027,CHK)  Hun, 1'ri'sitli'iii      -      Ht, Hun, l^uii NiriiUicuuu imd Mount I tut it I  (��,(', M. H,  IVikiili-ul    *   It, li. Aiifcfii*., K**i,        i     Vit'i-.l'ii.*,       .       .     , H.'V. Mmittiih  Head Office      **.***-      Montreul  l-umliiii Ollii'i-      '��� ���**   HI uml   17 Tlii'cailuctsilt. St., H, i\  Stiviii|*l�� Bank Deportment  Hi'|Ki*t|t>    reculviil    frum    *>i    U|iwuixN  ('inmtr.v Hushum*. jflvi'ii evi'r,v iiii.'julun.  Branches at Alberni mui Port Alberni  fl. I*', PHITt'H.VUl) *   ��     . * ��� Maiiiij:*'!" Allwrni Hritnch  Practical Alberni Pointers  Allterni is rt'iiehe-d hy * I rain from Viclorln. ('..iimvilumit tirt* tniule vtllli  Vh'lurlu, rimnlui; throu-'Ii lu Alberni uu every tveek tiny, Pits-*i'ni,'ers ft-oui  Vitncutivui'(-'ittt eitr. cuiuiuet vtltli tht** (ruin nt Nuniilmu,  Albi'i'iil I- u|tu ri'iiche*! hi ' steamer fisnu ! Vlrlorlii, und In the Miumier  muiiths thi'i't* I* mi mui't* dt-iiifiilftil ttl|i ttuni this up (he W4*st const i*t Viiucuin  vi'i' Isbiiul uiut itluog tbc|itettire��<'tiu Athernl ciimtl.  The Iklitiul 1 limit line uf Hu* l" N. H. Is nuv*- liulldliiK' from Vlctiurbt to Al*  ht'i-iil.  AND  Practical  Plumbera, Stemm end  Uttt Water Pltt��r��*  i.  EetltnBtifs Furniuhcd on Application,  Margaret St. - Alberni, B. C.  City-  Corner .1 ohnston Ttoitd  ami Vi(do^Quayj.^v  C. GALES        Proprietor  L  IaiiuI |irli'4>��. a*, in acri'iitfc varh"*, fisun W in UnU |M*r ucn* for hush hint),  und fi-uiu -fji���� in #inU tur lituil tliut bus fieou cleni't'tt und br^m).ht uiv-li'i' eiilllvie  Uuil. I'rli'i". art* ifDveruttl bv ij'.iitiity unit local inn, umi land 11111 he luinl in uny  i|iiuiitlty.  ll hits been fuiliul (hut iiiitivl (ui'iiili)ir |>uvs Ih-sI, On |iiu(*> ut fismi ten tu  Itvt'iitv ucii'-* fruit j.;'1 on hi},'', tltilr,t Ihj,', |hmi(ry tui*iii{.', llii-,'*! uui! t*4tliu villi till  |my ttiil),  Thi'lt* nit* no fit*** hiiim*-.ti'{ida (<�� hu hud.    I.iiinl  will liuvu (<> Itu |niis'lntiisl,  In Alhernl will he found tin* usitiil (idtuntii'.res nf u jusi-fresslve Western  ('uniimmlty Uuil hu** fuith, und the euiiriijjo of It*- waivl&'ilons. There are it.  ntuiltier uf KUisl ^lut'eM'itrrylnH-u vvide rungo of itixkIh, schools, clmrehi's, (In*  Allit'i-n) Adv'(M'ft(4i, iiews|*ii|)t*r, and n ntimt>ei*uf tiUiletlc nnd w>4'i��l clul>-s,  Tlie cllimito 1>j unthm its cnn bi> found on tho Pitcllic t'uitst, tukmi the year  ruttiiil. The rainfall Is less ihtin Una uf the City of y-meouver, Urn frosts um  light. Tiiere Is selduiu fitist-I'lum^hfur shilling m' si|ow onuugh fur Melghlng,  und vv-lii'h (liUioruf thesiicuuii'-t It only htsj.s ��. few days. For t-he .summer imd  liutunm iiipiK'iiH (hei'i* tsm*(l*lii�� in Hit* wni*ld UMi.\<;id Uie Alberni tveiitlu'r.   *. ���  Allieriil is Uu* outlet of one uf (lie itirges't and must fertile vnlhiys on Vtu).  t-uayui-island, hi tin*' DlM-rlet will bit found it vast, tveallh *>f timlmr uf 'tin*  Ihii-sl.'kind,,'cuiih Irun,'c-u-ipeiv.luurbh.* und ntht!r (���(miuieirlsil Htuni's, brick i-hiys  umi ulher iimtei'iitls.  .. ���������"���.'���'';.',  Tiiere are ntimeriits aUriuvllve u(*|iiirltmltles fur,Hit* manufacturer and Investor, Thu Hecretiti'y of the HiiiuhI uf ���'l'riiihi.iAlhiirnl, H, C, will bo gliid to  lake tlii.s.t mattut's uj�� with you.  Write to him for |iurUcuI*r-i.  Rui 1 in  &���*:  ���*i  �����-���*  Hi,  -*.' -.���:.  .��h''Y.  ����*    . "*  ,t    #u       "  -      ' *>* k  iif..**     .-  *i       *���.  J  i  Vg3K3?8^'f?ST&WXm  msmmkmmmmmms^nsisiissmm i^  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  CLASSIFIED ADS.  Wanted.    Vuiillj' i.'iif.t   ��t(*li*" jwi-Uiou  ti*. i^-ult'* U.*l|i, ur l.i (.llti-cm "..f ��ii.*i  1,1     lltU   tlllltll   ..'llilir.'ll.        P.K 'ifl.i.ltn, |  fSiitic ���,|litr>,    \V*ii4' iu M>-* I.'.vii-. J  .MIk-iiu.    ���* I  ���  'i  ,l'*r Koiil.    "liiiil'   IJiUii   llmi*.-," t.i' j  Hi'it.-r J'i*-i<l, H'"i<l: Ut.�� I'ti-ciiu, half;  ,,,,.'-.}������'���""'   -U��,l   i��'illi)i!i        Al'i'ft   U, j  ,,v (Sin*��ii. ,\;it*-iui, H c, f  iVa.l.lk'lf.      !���''     ,><"'',������     u.i.!     **'U'l    >'���*"���  till.-! Utile   ��   .{ l'l)i'||.V  i.l ;f"Ult*'l,  |*u��t  -(. ,,V'tJ,*a"iiU u.'ii In K.'u H.iui'h. Milct  ui. |tln .j I'm in ; imt it .it*. * (*��� !.���*(.'in  t. llti ,'-., .-���jiiluiuilu,' !������ nm,' ', Hiiit  "S." A,It ;i'ii'i-.  1.4*1.      A     Hull'.   I .ll'l.' I    KlMI'lvl     Itu*,  liilaVll'l*   1*.   IHlllll-   "llustl."        AlltHlll'l  lif.iSnl     lml lt.i| lui*      "time    illttl'    llli*]  uui Ii'i* tint  li,' ���������if..'i'ii!i'.|,     ! ,i*.*a<*| j  ��� ill H'l'.ll ill..*,'   l-i  I'.   1 11.14,1  i'i .ml , i  ff'KW filing.    Am (uu|.(4i*. U In  IMetiud  (illlll    I'linti-IK     'ill***.        (*')l'-tt     4'l(1*-h  wifilt.   <tit*'*n>* hiiiii).   T. Wii'teiis,  Alberni.  To Kent. |*'lvi"ruiiiii I Itm*.', I'lilei'iun  'I'iivvu*ii.*, +U |m*i- iiiuuili, A|i|*l> A.  W. Nelll*  A Knap. Mu*! ��ell. >���*'*�� I"!** Albi'iui  heltfUl-*, let el unit elenr one corner..  Price ���.IVl I wus tour i.wn let'iu**.  Ajijilt P, ti. Hut i'u, I'uil Allii'iul,  Wanted 'I'u hut a feu- aero*, cIiim* lu  Purl Alberni, Mn*l be clii'it|t fur  Ciikli, Frum uvvin r, P. (��. Itu*, till,  Purl Albeiiil,  The Alberni Hotel  Alitor 8-tde. < Uie SU-ntt-iniil llmi***-  uu Hnl*' Hi reel, um* Tlir**e'i>*oiiii*d  Iiiiii-**' on Si'tenlli A vent*.*. two lm*.  un llul** Hi reel, A|��i*l> I J. W, PniiltV  nm*. Mov'.'-'. l'uit Alhernl.'  ' For Sultt or I.'-e-rhau-;*. < 'lilelten am) I 'I***-  Kmsl, fit'iii <M."*!.'��� I'd" evti.. or *tili  utchuni*'!' fur |iif,'*. |m��ii,v or itimhI milch  cutt**..    A, II. Autli'i-Miii. rlly,  Tor Kt*nt."-Part I'miiMied I Huumed  H4iii*.|i, ��� Pittier-iiii Tutfii-ilt*', jfrnul  eitiilcii ami large lui. A|*|d) ,Atlvo.  cute i Mllce. ���  Far Rent. l*ive.)ssiun*.I Uiiute. runt re  uf luvtn. Aj.j'ly A. A. I.vnu, llllf-ii'  Iti'UiHd'eet.  W��nt��d, Yuiinjr Man. between ug��*-*of  I"J uud IU, 14* learn tui-diie****: -(eiuly  I'uinlutiiu'in (ur light i'tiriy. Answer  ��� In otto, hiiiul*triling. -Siale iiiliirv  exiii'i'l'sl,    Nhuv-ir *V  Co..   Hes;   t'i,  Allu'i'iii. HA'.  ,*     *���      t��t., *  Tor Rent or S��t��. Hiiiall' H����n*'' un  double I'iU'iit'i'. Allu'i'iii llelgli!-..  Small ������nviimnt down uud -tl'1 |>"i'  (omit li will Imt it,   .1. )!(">(,  for tSttl��. dm' Ti'ttt. H x Id l*��. VbiA,  diu'kt one Plow, (lu)iig ut tl he*  llgiuc.    Am��l���v   tu   H    T*   Uii'lii'iitls  ' Suiiiit** lltighi-.. Alherni, 11,1".  for Sutti.   'M. i.ii*itliiir Launch. .'I h,|i,  .. I'ligine. till  bi J.'"'*! eumllilous   will  luketl'J."*.   Uu-t I HI Purl Ah ni.iM*.  round. (*n the Naiiuimn Hutu), n  Valikia, (iivner cu|i hate **atne by  liisit'lng |*r.i|ierilv ami i*'i��lti;' lur  tliii. (ittverilki'imin, A|>|uy PiiO'i-miii  tiuragi*. Allieriil. H.C  Tor &*lt>. Tiiiiruugli-bi'i'd ('hieki*us,  Hlitek Mlnommiiiid Plytuunlh Hmdo  jiImi >>ti]euilltl KutuiH t 'utv. W. I luiittld,  Purl Alhernl.  Modern in  every respect.    Private Maths,  Kloctrio Light and Uot Water  Moating throughout,  The Favorite Resort -.-������ -.  Of-ttu* Commorcia)   Man,  Tourist  and  Sportsman,     Itooms privat-o   or  en suite,  o  Rules from $1 per day up.   American and European Plans  Owning our own  Dairy and  Poultry Rnneh insures a constant supply of  strictly fresh articles for the table.  Hot and Cold Waters -   -  And I'rlviite and l��oug Distance Telephones in every room.    Free Mum to  and from all Moats and Trains,  Hll,!/.', MoALLlKTI'Jl*:(formerly oftlic Ivlng Kdwanl llotot Victoria) Prop.  ���   -'     . -'  -.wry--: zs%��* % - '���^stsp^is^yC^'  ft      -f ,.,,      "'jS^fti',!'"-'ri1r "���4ri*-*i*1 t'i^*-*  Hotel Arlington  The old and ever popular henthjuari-ern for the Illgh-elass Island Trade,  has bcun recently e-  Greatly Enlarged       -<���'"���������  And now contains sixty rooms, single or en suite.   The splendid new  dining-room contains a  lino soleetion of island   views from the studio  of Mr, Leonard J-Ynnk.  .---:-.~ Tourists and Sportsmen,-*^-���--:  Will  Iind the new  Hotel Arlington just the  thing,   Oulde.i  furnished.  .y -.rr.-.^---r--;r���Sample Rooms���^���  'b'or commerelal men on ground lloor.   (lentei' of the Ihiniiionh Dlstrli-t,  Kree Mum to and from all trains and boats.  MeNIFl*' tt MKACHKIl  m+***4 im-ifc w i lyfMMWinKtwLiwiiwwiwaiM'iwwilai  Proprlotot's  t,wwwni.,i,���i4ii*>^i ii iiii. mi   j^tom  Ihiy the hi-��l    l*i'4*��ue-h UumcH.-lki*  Ititmi'l.   Alberni Trading Sture,  Signs Signs Signs  I4jn.1l uud AdvertWugHIgn-., etc..  dune with Pruiujit Desjnnrh  at Litvchi Prh'i". by  S.   EATON  Martin rot St., Alberni  Painter tutd Pe^r-Kisi.gtjr.  Wutii iiiiui* by PriieiU'lil Men mil).  l*Sl limite*> Kit'u.     ���  IF  \\i *  fin-  Gonorul T��am��ter.  DRY STOVE WOOD  Always .ui Himd  -Promptly   Alteiidi*il   Tu  Auto supplies and repairs  , i  Cars for hire at reasonable  rates .   ������  Tin* luiirhu,' (iiifilh* will Dud liere 11  ifi(in(. it'i*ii.iijiii|i|*isi iu iiiu'imI iu  their I'lirjuit* iiiiii net it at   |irlces  I lml ure tl��hl  \5HTidHA i.U'AV  Al.UKHNl, Hf,  /  \lberni Livery and Feed Stables  .1. .1, Hl'UKi:, Prujirlcior.  '-" a-"  In tho mott*r of th�� "Cr-twlUori*  Trust D��o*ii�� Act," and In tlte  matter of the Insolvent Estate  of J. 8. Rlbordy,  Take nut ice thut un .Muntltit, (he  '���MUi of Nuvemlier, IUI.I, at 'i u'chwlt hi  the tifteiiiuun, (In* u-*��ln*.'nee uf tin*  lii-tulvvm tviiat.* nf .1. M. UIImusI.v will  still bv .iiietlui) Uii-ouuh A.AV, Nelll, uf  All**<riil, ill tlu* ulllce uf (he mild A. W._  N'ell), ul Alhernl, the folluvvlii*.' ile.-  M'rlhi-tl liimls, iiitutely, Lutt* one (I),  tvt'o (*.'), ihree (:i)( (uur Mi. live (.'*> tint!  six (li), Hlitek ihirl.v.une (.'IH. of l.ut  4ine liiiuilrcd autrtvtelve (lli), Allu'rnl  '"Hlstrjcl. ,Mii|i lull: furiuerly the |>rn-  liertv uf .1, H, Itlboi'dy. nutv vested in  tin* snid ii'sljfm'.*, Aivlilbuld'i', Peinve,  Kuch lut lu be i*nid �����i'|*iir��i*,I.V l^t' ctish,  ivlth a ii'vi-vi*''jirtci* 4if llfty duliiir-*  (*."���!��) fur eiich ha-  Ihtitt! ihl�� t.th tiny ul tH'tuher, A.D.  Itil.'t.  Hudvveii *V l^iiiMiii,  , |>��ti|lel(ni-*i fur Ihe As-sl^nce.  mmQux/MHiiWHwriifiii i       nil'   "i' i*"*"1 i-Mi.ti!...!. | --an  Gertrijdo 8t.  Albornl  ADMINISTKATOR'S NOTICE1.  tu the itiiili4*r 4if tlif KnUUt'of iht> hit**  .Mary Ann Leuitun.  NtilIce U hi'i't'liy i'lven Uiu, all no*  count** lij-tiiiiM ihe uhuve uitiiiti* uuisi  In. I'ciitli'i't'tl iti ilin uh bin thirty ttu)**  frum tbu slat** ul Utl-> ))tith'<<. nml tbul  till tu'4'oin.i.-* iiuiii),' (<i siild *">tiin' uiuti-  1*4. -itild (u the uudi��r>*l'"(i��il Ilium*.  ilhilt'ly.  T, Piilei'xun,  Admlui->ii-atur.  DiiIih! Bt Alberni, IU\, this |HUi day  of October, lill.'l,  Professional Cards  GEO. A. SMITH, C. E.  H.C. I.and Survevor. Hurve.vs ul  Umber limits, iiilnernl nliiiiimi and laud  Mthtllvlkliins, Ulllce tit Alhernl. P. <�����  Hux 'il.   *-  U. H, T. HODGSON  A, M. I. C K.  1). C. Lwi Burw��*/or nnd Civil IJu-fbi-stsr  Oftlc����i   C��ri����cr  lSl*>��k, fieri   AlUntl  H. H. BROWNE  Civil uud M.lnhlif Knjdueer  ami  I'isivlnrhtl Ijuid Snrvuvur  Albernt H. V,  J. I'M Ritdiit A ,W. ktM A-1 tW  RITCHIE, AGNEW & CO.  &0(��iitH& aiij PfiviBclid Lind Suneym  Cirii, tffiirikifit stu! Mscidpa! En^iiiKfi  Eejintf�� ht Ritdiie, A|aew famr C�����  Ui.  Miiiifi*l|iiil  Wmli.  litiii'i'l   lliinlr*.  Stilt  lllVltlllllS.    t^'tVl'i-tll!!'.    VVlltt'l'MIHllk.   t'lif,  ni l^iiul Stit-vi-ylni,'  bal Office. . Fori Alberni, B.C.  P.O. Uox lit, Port AlUernl.  vw  itorsesnoer  Repairing neatly done at roauori&Mo prices.  '��rni,  B.C. ;  Mvory rigs of all kinds,    Heavy draying and freight delivery  m \a*m��mM���<+mmm  eorge  Dealer In  Builders Supplies  ( -       - ,  Sawh, Doora and Qlatrn  Building and Roofing Paper  hlmv, Brkke and �����>m��nt  Alberni  Phone 29  P. 0. Box 9  b. a  We Control the Sale of the  Following Properties  Somas Jlelghtw, I), I,, 13, HomaaJtcs  Glencao Holghtiv, 0. h. 100, flomodittm  78 Acres, with Klvor Front, D, L. 7, HomoaHen  Five*Acro TracSu, D. L. IQ2  Five-Aero Tracts, P. L. 100  Write Us for Particulars  H.1 i***-****-*^!.*  f ���  STEWART M. READ & CO.  Suite 38-39 Cmmiiii Llfo Bullilinij  Vnucouvor, Cunmlii  I ir"ii ri���r-n~r t iiti" ' UTiimrn- n nuniwwuiiniiainii  St*  Bricklayer ond  Cement Worker  iK  IU*>A QUkei n*n\tr**l  it>i 1,5(10,000  Lkeinsed  Auctioneer  Zai Avenue  Pert AUwrni  fiKW-fkyi-slittd lUtiO  CnpiUtl PnUI Up  Rcsorv-y Fund        :     ;     $ I :*,O00,000  Total Asyoisovor :     ;   .^175,000,000  A   Ul.'NKIlAI,  ItANItlNO   Hl'MN'ISiS TflAN-'-.Afrj'l*     '.     .'     >*  Savings Bank Department ^^^s&px  Banking by Mail  l).-|Mi��|U   1|,(1\-ill-  llliutl!  tliiil   ,1 it lllllll tt II  !���)' lllsl!     Kitllikt l*m tifilliUk mil n iuii  I) lit* itilii'i! iiy Hi ifi itv.u.ilii^ nil iti-  |l'Uillll'lll*>.  Over .'I'JU nrimi'hi"t and Aneimies,   40 Ut-miches i?i Hritish -t'otuuibia.  ('ui-rusiHiuiieiil.*. 'I'lii'uii,','liiiut thu World.  Alberni Branch  H. (', .Macini.nai.o, .Mtii)UKrcr  Port Alhorni Branch  H. K. IkiiiAjcrv, .Milliliter  Send  T  t*'-  '���*. S*  To that Friend Who is Thinking of Coming to Alberni  t -���  e -  f.  !������      '  I % THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  ANNOUNCEMENT  We tvl.li u> fiiforui the public Uuil the Huidwusu  Heir**, which until is-emU*. -ti.-* .��**i*t*I h,*,W, A,  11 (utter, bus lii-cii Ulken tu er ht theuiidet+lfc'iu'41, who  iu*. .-uiur'.-iiijj thi'li* stt.K'li uuil will.ivijiiliiui* lo |{Jvo  ih.. |..'i.|<).* uf the dlkti'hi thr iit'*l M-i-vh't* li'ml viiluo  KAUSER & PAINE  C  f'WW-T  FOOTBALL  AUH.UNI ti*, I'AKKKVIM.l'.,  The follow in*,, "d-it'-r-k will i*-(it-.M-ui  AJtM'snJ hi their I/am*' **JHi l'ailt��iilt��',  which *tilj be j'itttisj uu dm in*'-* field  to-titon-ow bio rntKiu at .'in'clock *ti*tri>;  A. K. ll"i*'S.t*i*i"*'i rVfead 1 H, itus'inm  and H, Wiillu-i, hticlis; H, !-.i-lete��m, ���'.  Pryde iind .S. t;, Heauctl, ImtMibelt*;  P. Wlllliuiis m.d l��\ WuoJm-j, ij^hi  ����lnjt*. *>��. Muluney, centre; A. Nemo  trull uud ����. To) lur, h-ll ttitiif.  fiiim Dfssund Ttrill R-tfcfftns  Th���� ('itiiitdl-iii t'lniiteil uf (.ruin  <t*rt**ii'i*�� hu-, di'i-ldtt! lu ���.���nd "*<�� oettma j  in iju> mm* ftuuto it ilile-.'iiUmi tviiu]  will liij-e un Uie ���tfuvmiiiiii'iil a iiiiiiiber1  uf taut tern of vtt.it rournu '<* Uu*,  fui'iicr*. Koivinov". si'ii.iu-,' ih>�� dc'��i  maud* lu'bi* made ttiii !*������ ijmi .��( l.iritt]  mlucUiiii, tm liM-isviaui.uf th*> HihUh'  |��rcti-ti'iKt* tttlift) {.er rent,: it.-eUitdo  Alt*   (tii   fuutl jp'M.-d'ld*  Hllll Un'itft-diliuill  AJ.HI'.HNJ WI.NH-l-'UP  Alberni Lumber Company  '   fun now si||)|*ly order* fur I'll**! rise.*  Rough arid Dressed Lumber of All Kinds, Shingles, Etc*  , 0 ' < ,  I*H>it! Order** will riH'elve sju'clul atlciiilun.  , Pall at   llie  Mill oirihe Ht'UU'li  Set I h'tiieui Huiid. or Plume  or wrhe (o the Milliliter  Phone R49  FRASER'  Albornl, B. C.  Balance Of  Price $22.00, out to $14.00  $20.00 ��� $13.60  $12.00      ������       $9.00  ��  it  OUR rilR SETS art selling fait, only��lew left. r Come early ini it��st  ������.   Tliey make a tplendid Xm-ii Gilt.  Somas Trading Company - Alberni, B.  The Alherni Junior Kuutbull Teiim  captured   the "Wtilion i'u|*" tuMii'i*  four Ifillimnoiu of livefiMi'u Ul*'  Hun..!**  Junior*.   They did imt (uiu* iliem tilth*  out 11 **truj;-,'lc ttnd every j-iiiiiu of tin-  *eties wus well coiite-iietl,  iiiha-illui*' tu  the spectators un eiiju,v ment tliut  hit',  rarely imen i*i|iiiilli-ii by   (be semur  ^uuu**.   The m'uii* *if iwo iu um* in  fu\or of the white  l*o,v* hy nu  mean*.  represents   (he    pint   us  ihere  were  teveriil time* when only the  -"luck ul  the fciiiue" lu*|ii Um Indian lm,**. fium  **liuutlm,'4im< through, - Hut tli.-n there  Is Hn* mi', uml  utter nil  Unit it tin*  uiiiiii tiling.   Tin* Jbiinlistif Uie imiilic  uiu due lu nil llm hoy* who  have  mu  ii|i ti Uuu terles of tfiiuinH, mid   iiIm* tu  .Mr.   Hurry Walton for llm tlm* cup  tvltlch no diiuhtsUmitltitet) thn yuuiijV  sli'i's to |i!uy for oil thut wim In   thein.  While   cun^ruiuhitiiitf Hie Aiberni  buys on their win the Adviu'itle ciumul.  I*ut fee! sorry Unit tlieserlus lia-i  lucii  hrotitfhl io uu cod, tmd hopew Unit numo  inI'BiiKement will be mude (n pluy  (he  iv(iii)liilii)- ifittiii'-*.    H would l*t* it K**u*l  litlui*- for uli hit mis,  ol Uii'diily un iitfrlcidi uml Implement*,  Imiilu.r ami reiat'iit.  tt 1-* a in et ty tuia'!' 'li-iij-u-titiu!- Hie  farmer* art* jniiltu*,' *i|* i<> �� |��i-��(ii*-  titinlst euv.i|(ii,)|.|n. Tin* al.iilHlitii uf  the dutle* on fund produci-i ni*',tln*t  which She pnrty lu jiutti-i* ��u*ei-,*hed  tu furlutikly In till) tumid ma can-***  s�� }rt'mi'Uiluus it ttci'iii'ji, ijhhunk'h. It  Hlt'.'llt   plOVl* (l llltil'!'((Hll'W'l  |41 Ml liillltl,  thu Um i*\tuiiktiiii uf ilu* (irufi'iviici. t.i  ilihi^li 4*K|Hirter* ti-(fit iiiti'r<liii|M'rtui  free li'��t|ii In viev. vtuuld ju*t iihuui  tuecljiltiite  the I'litliMlliiii*. uf   lutiiltv  liUtl  lid'  Chllllljiluiis  uf   lll'ltl-ll t'iilllll-i'.j  (lun lulu it euiiiiuInu uf lu'iiie iiu-hiii*  4'butlu. A nil .tet ii'illilui,'- tttiiilii jno.  mute {ruth* relutluu* bet vv ecu ('uniuht  mul (hu Miithi'i-hiiiil m, elTi't'tivi'l.t,  Ni'iirly llfty jicr ceiii. *if uur lni|iui't**  Ciiuiei* frum the Culled Hones, u|mui  m llii-li ii still tin! v U |iitiil. Uiilytvti>uly  l��**i* t-eot. i'litin'* fisuii the i'llll'*! Kliitf-  iliiiii. If wt> ���/niniist (iirther inrift *'*iii<  i*i*>*k|iiii* In uur uiiirltt'l*. (���* uur ltii!*iiii*ii  iifrti-,* Uiu AUiiiitic iiiiii'Ii uf tv hut we  buy frum ttu* Hliite* vtuuld cutiiu frum  Uiu old ('uuniry. -Thl* tvu* innviit by  Um miM'loil i-xjiiiii-doiiof triiile tH'tweeu  (,,'iiniidu mul Um Uriilsh l*le* which ful*  luwcd Hie iniiit^iiriitiuu uf Uu* Hrllish  |iri*ft*reilt*o Iiy Hlr Wilfred I.uurh\r 1(1  lWJi. Neverihelt***, ihe wry umntlon  nf   im   Incri'iuu"   lu   Um   |*vufcn-nce'  CITY OF ALBERNI -  mdmcipalYlectioks act  Seasonable Movelties  HoauUfttlly lOnihroldered Guuhion Tojm on brown  linen, ^*ltli corded and fringed oiuIm.    I'l'lce**, Ofie,  75e and $1 each  Table Coveru, natne ntylo and jnutorinlH, $l.Ufl each  Glrl'H Hand Knitted Woollen Duleh ik>n|)e(H,  a��-  aortod Mhadeii, 8B0 Oayh  LadloH* Flannelette, Kivnch Klannet and Corduroy  Velveteen lllonse.i, $1,2% to $2.f>0 each  K.K-tv"**-i��   �� * wn*. i-��ii Tin-,*iiMi,.iii*��)*.��k t-* *J       >*"i   ����� ��������       t.*^ ���>���      T|i:,ltwr.t >mif iriv ��� r     ~-w   i      **i. * mn-i <��� v,i-i*. i nirw unw>w-w  ,     )*l��l���t.    ^^I^^Hll J^,Of-l   ���*fJl.**     ,t.        .     ��-..���->������ ,     * *   * ���*���- 1^ 1      t k 1 *��      ..      - I.   ,   J^t-I  THOMSON'S  GENERAL STORES  VOTERS' UST1913  Notice Is hereby tfiven that till jicr*  lions who buhl AiM'ei'tiientf* ol Hale imd  wish to huvo their miiiie-** IdoIikUhI on  the Voter.*-' I^lst for Um Munlcl|iiil  HIcdUuiis (a ihimitiry, iHil, iuu**i mut-m  si/,'ned it|))ilk'iului)s /ur such hiclu*1un  Imfore fi ji.in, un Nuveniber.'ieth, lt��l.t.  A|'|ili('iitluii l-'orius cun he ohtiilncd  nt tho City Hull.  P. It. C, HAV.N'K,  1,'it-y Clerk.  City Hull, Alhernl.  November XH.i, lill.'l,  "RED LETTER CANNED FRUITS"  (The Hull Murk uf Vmilltv)  ���"-Peaches,  Feare   and  Hawaiian   Plneapp!eo~-  Royal Anne Cherried, 36c per tin  The Buoy Store  On the Busy Corner  Alt kinds of Household Furniture  In Stock at Mainland Prices -   -  Succe����ort? to A. I, Bind  Plonoor Furnlturtu Slore, Port Alb-arnl - Phono 82  Cleusing-out ol our Winter Stock  ol Ladles' and Children's Hats to  make room for Xmae Goods  Notice of Application for Approval of Plana and of Petition  for Approval of Undertaking  Thlo* not lot* thut Hm.illK-AoNKiv  Powell Comimn'y. IiiMi'ir.n, of Prince  Htiiiert, H.C, will iimily to the t'o'inp*  tiiiller of Witter HiiflU* for the up*  |iroviil of the |tl((i)�� of lb** work* tu tu*  countroctt-d fur the utlll/.iitiun uf water  fiiim Ktiimn'h Hlver, which the nm  lillciutt Is iiy Witter Permit Nn. iw  nutliorlxtHl to take, itture tuul use for  lio.vor pui'|Hisos, iitiumly, tUH'l cubic  feel ner second. The isuver |ilitnt will  hi* situittud ou r^ot 'Vw> Alhernl i.itiid  District, District of Alhernl.  Petition for Un* np|)rovtil ol the nn-  det-uiltliiv of thu coiujiimy will also In*  mtttle to tlm Ilouorubh* tlu* Minister of  I.iitlds.  , Tin) pliins ��ml piki-ticuliirH reijulretl  by Hubst'ctlun (I) of N4*ut|on "0 uf the  water Act its tiumndtHi, um! tlm potl*  tluu pluos uml exhibit*** fur llieuppruviil  uf tindei'liikhii,' us re4'uli*e*l hy Mecilun  >���� imd Pun ft of tlm \Vuit*r Act huve  been lilnl with tin* (.'oiupirolier of  Wuter ltttfh(��, nnd wiih the Witter  Hiu'uiiler ttt Albernt  ObjectIohk to tho ttjipllciitloi* uuty be  (lied vvilh Um Comptroller uf Wuier  Itltfiitx, Piii'iliiuieta Hiitldiiitfs, Vic*  toi-iti, II.C.  UuttHl ut. Prince Hupert, II.C, this  27tli dtty of October, H��i:i,  eioises tliu-tt* iri-iillemi'ii whu shrieked  'ireiisoii" when Um ri'clpiwliy (tjjri'e*  nuuu wn;. hroiitflii. down twu ycur�� uj-u  tu turn their faces tu the wtill.  The Priilrh" Piirm und Hnme, h  widely rend ittftti'iiltuntl journtil, *mm  Um slmtitluii up fuisdbly in thc*e  vv iiitls i  "Tin* iiwiikeiiliitf uf the  American  puoidi* has htlrii'd Co nud inns In (heir  loiitf sluaitH'r.   The revolt ittfitlnkt pro*  tecliuiti which'tnxw* Uu* immy for the  lienelli 4)1 tlm few, is siu'i-iidlm,' fast.  The lime is' ripe for reform.   It Is .i!*o,  Imwevi-r,tun tvlHtuui. l(silitn|,'4'N>   It I*  iikt-h's-* fur any'iiei'kuii of uny pDllUcal  ' purty (u deny (hut the inti'i'e*!* which  liuve been fediuid fo*ieri*d by UieuiriH  ure iible Ui brim,' powerful Inthience tu  bene tijuin the -fntermneni In |H)vvi*i' nt.  Ottawa.   It wus they who futiitht ibe  ivelproully  ui;reeim'��l,   mil so much  Ih-ciium* uf  Un*   iuiiiietlliit*-'  edcet-*  uf  such u?trade'iit-runtft'iufin us becnttse  of the t).'inuiiil fur further inrllf redttc-  lions  which they knew  utusl. follow  when   (lie   peuplu   hml   ia��uil  such  henellt us It offered.    They ure olive  now iu Um dim;,-!'!' which threuieus the  security uf tlmlr {iivserve,   Can uny.  utte tluuht Unit  they ure uuvv niitsulnif  their foit'i'**, ��t tin* htriuitftli of tvl'leii  they  huve  <;uud  reit*uu  to  buust,   tu  uriler to reslritln uny iiii|iul*i* the j:u��  vt*riuiicnt muy huve io retpuud lo Um  will of Uiu people y"  The WelMitiewn -and OM DtaMiiM Crown, Mm and Pr^ece Nerekuti  We have In the past Knitted a reputation for  High grade Currants, Raisins, Peel, Spices,  &Cit for Christmas Cooking  Thin* year we are eiideiivorltiff to beat put-st recoitla  New Christmas Goods  Are urrlviiii* every week, nnd othern are on their way from  the t^ltl l\��untry and elHewhei-o  Uit un have your Clu'lHtmiiK Fruit trade.    Wo will turn you.  ill"*' well served  Victoria Quay Sim, Pbne 38  Third Arenue Sim, fkm 148  Tin:  I'ANY,  Hi'reniK'AoNKW  Ltd.  Povvi-a Com*  THIRD AVENUE  Aj      PORT ALBERNI  When'Ihey.'Ask ftuestlons���Send Them The Advocate  Iiuy'tlu* l-.e,st..,(ireesm's Hoiue-Huku  Hrcnd.   Alhernl Triulhij,' Btore.  NOTICE,  Notice 1* hereby jjivvn thut K, J.  I'owlui* litis nwld tho btmlneiis Into!v  curried on hy him nt Pun Alberni,  under Uu* style uf Um "Cloverdule  Dairy," to Um "Komtts Hiifry,"  Notice I* further tfti-t-n tinti the  "Kouhis Dairy" will not hold Iim-U  liutile fur uny debt.* or l|rtli|iltli*s due  lo ur by Um tuitd --Clovordiilo Ihilry,*'  T1IK SOMAS DAI It V, '  Citrmoor Hloclc, Port Alhernl.  Klrnl duy of November, lUl.'l,   '  CREDIT0RI5 MEETING.  A lUL-etlnsf nf the creditors of It. W.  lleitslip will be held til tht* Aibcrnl  Tritdmif Stun* on Noveiubor auih, at 2  p.m.  I). 11. UlDDKUi.  A-*slj,'IU��i��.  Hollywood  Nurseries  KDWAHD M. II. VAt'OHAN  (iUAUAM MAI.ONKV  Hates for  Orchard end Gordon  Work  $8,00 par doy  Hei's, |.ld��� OuiuiniWMi'd Plotter ���Ke.*d*, Ve^eliilih' Kei*ds, llulbs, cm*.  u m�� y* mwfmm^*r0Uimtmkf  Vou -.'el it tsiiuiire I lent from  Atlvt-rUsi'i,s  uur  ���^MMBsa^^^  Those dcslrlni,; the i-ervli-cu of tho  CltyKcitvcnifor will Und siitt-O't to write  order.* ul HMtop'ii .Store, (Jrlevcs*  Btirn, ami City Hull.  AH orders prumpUy attended to.  WM. HKUHY,  City iSciivi,m)/i>,r.  '���'i   '   ''  -ll llVUttd^t** AM*** ���������*>  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  CMADiAN PACIFIC LUMBER COMPAQ, LTD.  Port Alberni Branch''  I'.  ���45  !���*���:  i  f  'i '���������


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