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Alberni Advocate 1914-11-27

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 Vr*  HWM^  tfV^'  <?V  moj.iMi����iiim��)ik��iki  i*.*.*unwwi r��� iwwwii k��*kk��rii> t "*���  .1  .Vol. 6  Alberni, B,C<. Friday, November 27, 1914  No. 14  T  2)iri?ctf Importation from England.  �����   ��� ,.....����.< ,.��� '- -  * v   . ���-       ���" ' "'" "  ��,..���.-.    ��...-��-���.!-       -J  ... ,   -        I - ������ -      -r   1~-��.>.- ���      > ..,���.���-���    -*.     - l���"  Dairy Milk Chocolate  Nut   Milk   Chocolate  Bourneville  Neapolitans  Boxed Chocolates from Ten cents up  PINEO & TRCSWELL - - Druggists and Stationers  mmmmm*****  On Good ttoud, OIoho to Oily, For sulo,   Price $KX) pur aero  Seven Roomed House To Rent, Close to Station  Twelve Dollars per Month  Kooiiik, ftimlHliod or unfurni.sltwl, Sultublo for OMcpn, in  Motion lilocli.   Houwom to Kent  c  Itetil Kwtnto and Ihnurnnt'o  Phono ill, AI born!  P.O. Itox ��8..  NAVAL BATTLE       |BM00K KOPET  EXPECTED SOON    CULTUS P0TLATCH  Somewhere, otf the. South American  coast lirUvot'ii tho Aij*i��iilli)i' mid Hra>  zll ti liriiUlt ilfi'i. and a Uormsiu Heed  an* expected to clash at any hour,  Thofl'nrlugoio (Jovermnont will cooperate with tho A11 lot when desired.  Thursday, Nov. l!d.".. It Is auuounetd  in London (hat tho runt of tho Oormun  and Austrian armies* is complete.  It is ollloiidly announced in London  lluit. tin* lirlth.li battleship ''llulwai'li"  has been blown up at Nhoernei*. Tho  'd.lulwark" was liftI'oii thousand ton*  displacement and was twelve year** old,  hiii* parried a complement of ?oti men,  of whom, only twelve, wore saved.  The explosion IhTHtTToi't'd to huve oiig-  InaietUn tho.uuigay.liK'.  i'otrograd ..Thu x correspondent' of  tho London Daily Kxpyoss telegraph*  (hat tluMiormaus aro retreating along  the entire eastern front. abandoning  uiitlory, maxims and traiisjuii-Ls, ami  loosing thousands of men taken prison-  or*. ' ^  Nothing-  of Important"))   from    tlio  western fiMiiti except 'tliat tin*  Allies  huve njfitin talton Dlximidc/ and thut  snow    l��i falling   on  tho   contending,  urn.ios.  nkkkki.il  ii  ���kfimwii  Incorporate 1300  Capital Paid Up  Reserve Fund  Total Asfiets  Head Office: Montreal  $1 1,560,000  $13,000,000.    .  $180,000,000  A Gt.N..UA.. llANUINd  IIUMNKHK TllANMAIiTKU     :    !    .  dcpnslisof iUMiuul iifttiniits tfcnlviil  n      * tt      I     Hv l   ^      A.   |)i-tiiisHsiif H-Oltitiil upitiuutt tfcnlviil  Savings Bank Department ^lM1^:rr>\*.^'^\^WsU^v:^;or,^,u  anking by Mail  DcpiiklU iiuiv lie iiuule ami wldiitrinva  by niiitl. Kalb'M pin-di'iUni-* tttll "huh  ly i*t> illicit li.v Iciici- rt'iiiiittlttu all ite-  ptti'imcniNH  Over ,'JW) HraiicliivM and Agencies,   Ill Hrunelms In Hritlsh Columbia.  '     Cnmnipondonts Throughout Iho World,  Alberni Branch  1<\ o. Hikkw, Manager  Port Alberni Brandt  1��\ W. HoiiKitTV, Manager  R. II. Annum. L'mq.  Hon. Kobt. Meick��y,  C. R. Ilountr, Ji��u.    i,Et  ESTABLISHED t817  IJOAIU)   OF  ��IRECTOKU   -  II. V. M#r*dUh, Esq., President.        I  E. B, Groennhlold*. Eeq. Sir Win.  Mucdottuld  Hlr The*. 8lwu$hno��*y, K.C.V.O,   Ihtvtd Morrfcv. *.��q.  ��� ._ ,...,.       A. B��um��iirt��n. E��f- �� ��. ����rdc.it, K��q.  H.RtDrummand,E��q.  D. Fori*** A��su��, E��q. Win, Melliiaior, tfr��  Sir FREDERICK WiLUAMS-TAYLOR, (Joncrul Manafier.  HnukorH In f'aimda and   l<undon,  Kng.,  fur tho fanmllan o'liveinniont.  J.rftwliott Mttahllcliwl thrvujfiiout Canada and Nuwfouiuliantl, at onoh of  .which U a  Savings Department.  whoro doiKwit* uf n.W and uptvanl art* riTtdvod and Itit<*rost idlowinl at  higho.itcut-rout ruti*.   Httvlngsl)opai'tuiom luvotiuts given��.piviiil atloutlun  (!. R l'HITCHAKl),  Mtiitaiii-r  v AbllKKNI,  O. SWKKNY,  .Sunt, of llritIt'll Uolimilitn Uomehen.  VAN<X)UVKlb  Good Work. , .  London, Nov, ilfi Tim Ot'rinau al*  ti'iiipl lo i'f>tulilit.h a nttvitl b.'iM* on thu  t'iiannoi win, fruntraiod Siy thu boiu*  liarduiont' of, '/.uhruggo h.v a MrilWi  lloiu, Thu I run worJih witco hjutvn up,  nnd Miutloiiit of fdx silliiiiurluos, '/opp*  Ilui, udlltary sloro-. tnniiltlousuml sttp-  pltoK doMi'iiyoil.'  When H a "I'uilatoh" not a polluted  and hoiv ��� "unitui*" dm-s iunuod to hu  liofol-o it will inttul with tho approval  oi the Indian i)i')tui-(iticnt,  All of I licit'mid Mum'uioro ijitcNlionu  wore iifUi'd at tin* trial thin week of a  few of our liidiiiii ut'lj/ltliorn who woro  tifi'iisod nf anlli'lpathig tho Holiday  Hoasoit wltli a few, prtKhitcd s-'hrS^t-  lua.s drifts, lb all ranio ovor thu roooat  revival of tills anclonl trilml tradition  on thi'locai I't'M'i-valion, and sdmuu'rud  down to a miIouiu wasnlug fruiu the  cuurt to "Koput niauiook mmuu'hlo  doialo alia."  Mr. (Jall�� wanted to know if '.'alta"  could Im trniiHluicd ai iiiuutiliig utoinor��  row M)inotliuuM hut was wurnud tliat  "ilolatu altu's was accepted by exports  as moaning "right, away" and. had  bettor hit *>o taken.      .'   "  J .(dor hl^ns wiTO posted warning thu  ''Wlilln VWiorH" that tho fun whk  "all oif",and that any further proiM'tnl*  lnfj!* woru "del lit it. IpMwi."  A Ponio.  IkOiidnn, Nov, 2.*). Writing of tim  lighting in i'olaud a l'eit-ograd coi-ri**  hpuudeiit says thai- the (lei-liiuu ariny  Is In it dlsorderod lll^hl which l.i hotintl  to ciitiv ii panic iu the whole (ioriitun  Hinplru.   -  Cracow Invcwted.  London, Nov. 2-'.- Tin* (lonuun advance In t.m Wai'ia and Vistula count,  cy Ims lii'i'ii clii'ckcd, anil the (lei'injun  In Mast 1'ruiila have heen ehcclted.at  Lanjioiinlg.   ('arrow   is bc-llved   to hoiltlN, al ton oViock In the furotinon to  Wedding.  The luitrrlage of ,MI*m Clara Nicholas, daughter of Mn. IVtor Nicholas,  mid Mr. lUehti/d OreMlen Marnliall,  fornmrly of iirtiuduii Manltoha but  now resldunt of CouHiiey, wjtM ijulctly  soleuud/.ed at- nine o'clock twof-day  uioiiiiUK at the residence uf the htide'n  luuther, "Chiverdtde!'. The cimuuony  wan performed hy the i.nv. .lax. Car*  rut hen, of St. Andruw'st'huivh. The  The hrldo wore u Kitvellng dress and  whs ainhicd by her *ilster>< thu Mlsios  lllldii'aud LUllim Nicholas wlill.i Iho  gi'iioui was snpporied hy Mr, II. W.  Aruihirong of Victoria. Thu Sutppy  couple tiatU the uiorniug (rail) foi"  theii" new Inline. The Advuouto Joins  the many irieuds of the young .pimple  In tilhlilng for them alt (ho happiness  which they no r.iohly deserve. .  Slightly Mixed,  Tim tSeoruuiry of the Albernl Hoard  uf Trade Is in receipt' of a cuuuuunlcu*  Hon from the lb"'' l>f Huilwny ^oin-  inisslnneri whluh conialiiH the fullowliig  notice of slttingij*  "Tlie Hoard of Hallway Commission*  ers for Canada, will hold a sitting td  tim Cliy Hall, .Victoria. II, ('., on Wed*  nesdiiy, i he second  day of, Heceinher,  TEAMSTERS MOST  CARRY ANCHORS  Invested on three sides,  Auatrluns Captured.    -  i��etiu��rud, Nov. 2'-'. The Oeriniin  l oil'orls ni-e directed townril tin attempt  J to bi-calt our line's helWi'in (he Visiula  jisr.d (be Waria. Our iiU'oiiiUe was  j parllculaii.v siicci-ss|n| ami eaptiired  jut tin* north west of Liul/, a battery of  1 heavy artillery and ten luachhie jitiu��.  S There    Wits a   htwiimiri.   iT^nsiSikiii^iT-K't'T.'^t'v.y-- S!  Uv.cstochowa, llft.v uilh'h north of Cm*  L'ow, operations at which (dace are  idnvolopiuif normally, (hi Thursday  j hut. wo captured .'MM Au��trJ��ui, and  j occupied Wisidex, (Jolllce and Diikla In  i Ottlliciu.  *��J��SCJ*--*il-V-*V��k*'i  mmx\XAHmiM*#**��m  ���>��wwmii>iwt wwnwr.  **~J |  I Nothing Doing.  ! Nov. 2-V-The i-iiiis- Daily Hullotln  | si at f's lluit-a rcnuest-.tor tlie suspension  | of hoslilitli's by tlie enemy has boon  i refused..' ���  '���  Programmo Changed.  London. Nov.,21.   (Jeian-id  vtin Hin-  j denbergy ai-my of -UXMKX)'men...malting  ill SVl'OfU  hear-ihi-' foilowinw applU-atlon in  which ,\ou an* luterest*it:  Apidlt'iitlon of ��he Hoard of Trade uf  Albumin It, t^.. for an order directing  the l.><pilinali and Naniiiiuo Itailwtiy  ('���unpaiiy (C.tMi.) to install a peruutn*  ���'lit station ����ent at I'ort Albernl l\A\*'  Did yon get. thaiV "A permanent  station  Uifi'tu at Hon   Alberni. II. ('."  \\'lilh* we an- nort-y So leaiu (hat our  old friend Mr. A, T, 'i'l-onnulli is eVi*  t ii "pni-niitiiem station ajji-ni*'  at the I'oijt. olid this action of the  Albernl Hoaiil of Trade may ho a help  (o him lu holding his job,  After which friendly'notion on the  purl of the Albernl Jhmrd of Trade we  wn hope that oar I'ort neighbor*, wilt  in turn it-isist in along similar lines.  At- the hist meeting uf tho City  Council it was resolved to have the  tho City Police cull iho attention o*��td  U'tdiiHtoiM U' luu !����*��� thai, rigs shou.d  not-he left untied when halted aliout  town, It h a mattor of wonder thxxl  accidents of a more aoriuus nature  have not occurred owing to lids rut*  gleut, itnd (ho Council has come to the  conclusion that. It. in bet tor txi prevent  than to cure.; 'J'hey have tlio power to  act .under existing by-laws, and this  powiir will be used tuilmt.s gi-nuier care  Jh taken by the drivers of rlgn.  Tile rouiluo business of the session  was broken in a very pleasant manner  by a visit, from Hoove Lnwsuii of Went.  Vancouver, who wai introduced to tho  uu'inhurs of tho City Counoll by Mayor  Huir. '  Tho matter of tm. tippllcntlnn hv R  station agent al Allium! was hrotight  up on t-t'cclpt of a notice from tho  Hallway Commission forwai-dud hy��tlM��  Hoard of 0Trudo, it was cwnoluded  that lu vlow of thu pro-seat Htato of,.  trallk) it would hu as well to withdraw  the application for the present.  t  Mutdcal Rocitel.  Tickets aro now Uoing m\t\ fur-��,  musical reeltal, ti^boglvun by tin* pup*  Us of Miss Wright, assisted by tho, limsu  talent of hot It cities,'  Miss  Wright hut   dining the  past  year or two done a  great ilea! tu ud* -  vaueo,  the  musical  education  of our  young" people.   That work lias boon  quietly and olHulontly douo.  -In ovary city it luts hern tim custom  for musicians (o give tho piddle, tm  Idea of llit* mustual talent-to l)e found  milling themselves, Up ui thu iirciont  Miss Wright has abstained from thin,'  but no(v at the rei|tiuKt of iiuiny ��he has  vouhentod,'and on Tiiu*Kli��y, Dooembor  M, she. with her pupllH and friends,  will give a Ciieltai well worth homing.  Tim Mttsieale will bu held In thu hail  of .St. Andrew** Clulivh and tim pro*  cecdsdevotet, to the Helglau Fund.  Hamalol Wreck.  Kan Francisco, Nov. 2L-Nineteen of  ���the .sixty persotts on board the vessel  Hiinielol, wrecked on the coast of California; ''lutvo-bsvii r^^uod."  Tenitltt Club.  There will be a Ctmerttl   Moetjn'g of  1 advance on Warsaw, has boon (the Alberni  Tennis Chili on  Moiidny  i badly cut up and   thousands.' of prison*, .at  7 p.'m.   Il)   tho ..Court  House.    All  *irs taken.   The renialudor of the a'rinyj members are:rei.|uested  to bo in. alien*  j- is In ret rout f roii'i the frontier. lj donee.  j    'On the western front till'Cerinan at*  j tempts  to break . tiirougn the  lines of  \ the Allies  have   iieen 'repulsed.    The  jdato of the ��� taking'of. '���Calais  has now! '.iL'ondon,  Nov,   |��:i,    De  Wet's -coin*  ' been   ipostpoimd   by   the  Cornians  to! Miami bus been defeated anil broken up  Broken Up.  i Docuuibor Id.  iu the Orange Free Kate.  St, Andrew's Guild.  The second illustrated h'Oiuru under  lite auspices of the (Julld was delivored  last Thursday evening. Hit* worthy  of notice these lectures are Increasing  In tlielr popularity. "'I'iil* last ono had  "Standlog; Hoom Only" before tlio  time arrived lo hotfln the lecture.  The subject was "The laud wt> etaiio  from". Vlewt. loihi'iituuhorof eighty*  M*veii were thrown on (ho sheet, and  the uialb'nce got a eb-ar Idea of (hit  woiiderons arehiieeitirat bounty to bo  bund iu tim Hellish Islet..  Uterury Society.  Tho soeimy Imld its bbutonthly meet,  lug liisi Friday evening nt the house  of Mr. I'resoott, Iti vet- Hoad. Al*  thtmifh the road ami weather were  anything but propitious yot there wore  a goodly   number of member,-, present,,  Mr, Hhiudy read a most i'.u*eHent  paper on Klplinir. Mr. Mlundy alwuyt*  gives the society excclJenl work hut in  this, ins'.aiice he uxrelleil hiuiself.  Wristlets.  The following directions '.have he��n  handed in for the makingof military.  wristlets, now so'.much in demand, It  will ho observed tlmt they act ias'u  comhinat low wristlet artd shooting udi*'  ten.   They are to he; -'/  Nine Inches long, Cast on5(5stitchetv  If tnude on four nenlles leave a hole  for t he thumb and join again farther up,  Knit phdn and'poid as foe the top of u  slocking.  if made on two boodles, join/up l��av*  'lnj||.'a- hole for "the th.iimh, and then  join iib'ah) farther up.  if'made''In this way they will protect''  the hands without Interfering with tho  shooting etc. .though'thoy can bo worn  an ordinary wrisiiets If preferred. THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  kMiktitiwi-tfiiirkitiiiuiawaffilgtMa,  TIE ALBERNI ADVOCATE fc UH���^r��� ���"''^' PRACTICAL POINTERS  OUT ALB!  The Altarni Adv<x?��t��  Publishing and  Printing Co,, Ltd,, Proprietors.  J. F. ttLCDSOS   -   Cdltor and Mtm��ger  t'ut)ll��h��v1 nt AUhtiU, Ilrltlsti I'obiiiibin. In  ih�� lul��re��tt nf VMuwuvor Inland hi iicnrrnl mat  Iho Allium! Dlicii let In imrileulur  ilnsd Office:   Albernl, U. C.  Actxtptot. by Hit* I'tmiiiiitslvr ticncrnl (or  .r-tmmli��loa ilituUifli the umtlw as mimihI chum  ta��lt��r.  Sulntorliuleim to iiuliitii in I'liimdit, tin- lbij(c*l  Kbiifttem. A unit alia, New /.unbuilt. Ni-Wfomut-  Unit ttful nttier eouuirluN witli similar i*t*stul  K'KUlntlmu*, will tm it'iiilvcU on llic (elbiwlnii  term*:  One Vim r     ,   .      .     .     *3im  Hit Mnuibjt .      .      .    I.W  I'ottnue to tin* dill tort Slates, Mexico anil till  fSuioiK'M) Bint otlior (itiviun vounlilo* Jl.uupor  ��oarc*lra  Cti��rue�� fur nil Itynl imiitwii t�� lit do die saiito  tot (bomtovltiullNlits, bydtell.O.OniiiltilOs'olte.  unit inuit tattmlil In advance.  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  All ooiHinuiili'MloiiH Intemtcil for tititilloitdun  must an mvuiiitmnUiit ttilh the iiiimc ami tub  ttreiaofUu'nrltor, not iiwcsmuily far publlctt.  dun but an h tfiitirnntceef nouU fitldi, Wcouimut  itnilorUHc lu ictiirii ruleeioil ooinimmloutlonii.  No laiJiimut'Htloii will be pnlt) for audio could-  butloDi except by Kpooial arNUiKcimmt.  *�� >*��*��*�� kWfkum >*��)�����) new**** ��  Alb��rnl, U, C��� Canada  .   Nov. 27,   1014  CATALOGUE HABIT  WITH  tho approach of tho  holiday season it Im now In  lottlor to again i>oSnt out a few  . thing*, with regard to tlio "Catalogue Habit." and tho harm which  -   Much  methods work In a little  place like Albernl.    In tho lirwt  place the  "bargains" sot out in  big typo In these, catalogues tiro  vory HoUlom real  bargains,  an  those   houses have it cIuhh of  goods  that aro made* especially  for those "bargainH,"    Cheap,  Hhowy stuffs that havo noithor  wear nor Hittlttfaction  hi them.  When itcomos to .standard goods  you will Unit vory little difference  in tho prices at these  "Uargaln  Houhoh" and those asked by tho  ordinary merchant.  Tho just complaint which tho  local merchant has is in tho fact  that all UUh "Catalogue" buying  1h strictly cash.    When credit is  needed tho local  imm cttn carry  tho ouHtomor, but tho cash goes  outside.   Tho entire business Im  shortsighted'to adogroo.   ISvory  dollar spent with those catalogue  houses hurts tho local trade, and  kills just tlmt much of tho credit  of tho town,   A good live store,  doing a fair trade, has a value  that Ik high In tho fact that it  adds, ho much more to tho value  of ovory  propriety in tho pluco.  It helps junt that  much to build  up values In  run I  estate, and to  create that volume of business  which   attracts   others  to   tho  place, and tnudos for good standing  In  financial  circles.    Upon  thin Htaudhig depend** our chance,  to pluco debentures,   got ahead  with needed  improvomonM and  shako off tho reproach of failure  to keep abreast of the times.  JOver.v dollar taken from legit*  hnato local business kills u  certain proportion of this ability to  advance.    How Hellish   then  in  tho person, who, for tho Having  of a few con tn here and  there,  will pass  up  their home town,  work against the best interests  of themselves and neighbors and  make a practice of Bonding away  for every tiling that can be* had  in this way.   What a  pity it is  -thatthere, is not just one  more  class of bargain houses*    Place*  whore a community  could  send  and got! "marked down" specimens of humanity to tako the  places of some of those who aro  ��o fond of sendingj their money,  so far in search of "bargains."  could (ill a page of tho paper  with them In a short time, but  from the beginning we havo  made It a rule to refuse all such  business. 'Plus from the fact  that, in order to live, it little  local paper haw Ut depend on  local business, and it In not fair  to assist in bringing in thin com-  pelillon, from a distance. The  growth of a catalogue house In  the Kant to however great, a  business would not help Albernl  to the extent of a dime, but the  addition of a live business to the  place would help materially.  The money sent out of this  place would bring lu not only  one or more places of business  but would enable those already  in business to materially increase their volume of trade.  The whole thing goes far  deeper than the first few cents  saved in tho catalogue trade.  Think It over and cut oUt tho  habit.  Alberni Is reached by train from  Victoria. Cmuoelions are, math' wlih  Victoria, running through to Albernl  on every other day. Passengers from  Vancouver CUy can connect with this  train at Nanidmo.  Albernl In also reached by steamer  from Victoria, and In the summer  months there is no more delightful trip  than this up the west coast, of Vancouver Island and along the picturesque  Alberni canal.  The Island trunk line of iheC N.H.  \h now building from Victoria to AI*  hernl.  Land prices tut to aereago varies  from U20 to HUOU pur acre for bush land  and from (MOO to *1(X) for laud that has  boon cleared and brought umlorottiti*  vntlnn. Prices aro governed hy quality  and location, and land can bo had in  any quantity.  EDITORIAL NOTES.  Another leading light In the  ranks of German "ICuIttir" proposes to "Snort Glee" whatever  that may mean, when bombs arc  raining down on London, but It  will bo noted that for tho present  he is doing his "Snorting" in  Berlin.  i*�� ��{��� *p  So far those Gorman "Professors".have furnished the world  with the very best auaworto tho  question of just how much of  tho higher ideals of civilization  can be found In tho "much learning" that is the boast of these  same '' Professors.' f  Most of them have acted like  fat headed, stupid, boy.* who,  disregarding all warnings, have  stirred up a largo hornets* nest  with a vory short stick, it Is to  laugh.  ���5* *b Hh  �� The well known appetite of  "Undo Sain ' for turkey should  make all fat "gobblers" very  careful how they got In tlio lime  light at this particular season of  the year.  It has boon found that mixod farm*  lug pays boat. On plots of from ten to  twenty ucruK fruit growing, dairying,  poultry raising, hogs and outdo will all  pay woll.  *k**k.S H.^T^TwWtW.iW  in Alburn! will bo found the usual  advantage-.* of a progressive Western  Community that has faith, and tim ouur*  ago of it�� conv|otIon��. Thoro aro ft  number of good stores, carrying a wide  rango of giiods, schools, churohos, thu  Albernl 'Advocate, newspaper, and a  number of attdotlo and social clubs,  What an opportunity for Uncle  Sam's "Colored Troops." Just  show them the coops, and whisper "TurkM" and there would be  a charge that would make tho  sJossitcks green with envy.  Come along now, Uncle Sam.  What we wattt' to know is, "is  you is, or Is you iiintY"  Tho oilmtile Is uh lino as can bo  found on thu 1'acllle Coa.st, taken tho  your round. Tho rainfall is lm.s than  Uuuof tin) City of Vuncouvor, iho  frost* aro light. Thoro Is atddnm fro*t.  enough for skating or unow enough for  tdolglilng, and when either of those  como.s jt only last)* a fow days-. Kor  thoxummor and autumn months there  Im nothing In tho world to excel the  Albernl woathor.  Albernl Is tho outlet of one'of the  largest and most fofs'tllo valleys on Vuncouvor Island. In thu District will be  found a vast wealth of timber of thu  flmi.it kind, coal, iron, copper, marble  and oilier ooimnorclal stones, brick  clays and other matorlais.  Thoro are nuumroua attractive  opportunities for the manufacturer and  investor. Tlio Kdltor of tho Alburnl  Advocates Alburnl, H. C, will ho glad  to tako tliuiio mattorff up with you.  Wrllw t^�� him for partSoular^.  iii^wwWMW^ititwtiMiwwtnwigiiii^  CITY OF ALBERNI  HeMCIPALELECTiOMS ACT  *k>M  to  i��  1)  il  12  ft  I  ���I  ."{  .'I  7  12  12  M  1  1  H  12  S  .'i  20  11  ��=,  a  io  7,  5  12,  j  4"  4  1(1  Id  4  ��� S  :i  io  id  ifi  IK)  ��� a  ��  Sunlight  soap  Van Camps Snap  Van ('amps Pork nnd lieu us        .   ,  lleiii/. Cork nnd Honix    '  (,'anHdit Flt>i Pork and Means  Keliogs Corn Flulies  Cream of Wheat       -,, '    ��� ,,,...  Quaker <)at�� Largo  Hiihiit liiitslCiits Largo  Caiiiidlan Whoitt  FiidO'S  Ciiriinnt lou Wheat. Kialo's  Tins, Herrings in Tomato Sauce  St. Charles Cream, 20 ox.    ,  H. <-, Cream, 2<�� o/,. ...,,��� ..,.,.'  Helndeer Milk   ,    .   ,    Magic Milk  Canada First Milk ' ', ,  plds. HlllsIllS IU ok. ,,        ,'....  (.'tu-rants, Vosil/.xa lOoz          ,���    -,  Hot. C*. iV H. Pickles    ���  ".. . .,'.','��� V..,  Swifts Pride cleanser, etiual to Old Dutch,   rug. |0o.    ,, ���������  Old DuUdi Cleanser ,   , UtiK I'uru Held linking Powdoi') reg. Aikx. ���(...,, ,<,.,. ..  ,. ,  tlul* Cristlos Hodiw... ,-. ��� t    tins Sunflower Salmon, largo ,, , * ', ,.,  , tins Tiger Salmon,  largo,,.   , , ,    thiK ilorseshooSalmon :��� ��� ,���., ' ,   Una Norwegian Salmon .    ..���.,..,���  .   .,.,..���.     .,..  thus Uuno* fruldi, rpg. 4(K'<  - ,,������i,  , '   , ���  Helny. Catxup,  largo ,. ��� , . , ,   llluo Labol Koteliup, large   ��� ,.. ,.,., ��� ,.������ ��� .,,  pki��. Jelly I'owdei'H, assorttHl   Jus. Kvaporatod Poacho?i  , ���', , , ,��� ��� ,,.,., ���  lbs. Imported Hlsculta, valuo toWkj. IU, Huntley &J>aJuier��,  dueobH, Crawfoisils ,..  lbs, Hem built Tea, equal to best pkt. teiw totMH;,    .,.   .  ..,  lbs. (5ood Coffee, freah ground ���, *.,   lbs. bags, HeutiH  ,   lbs.Croon Peas,   ,,, .,..,.;..,   lbs, Saudi White Heansi   ��-"..,..���.,;   lbs. Ootid dry Onions   '   lbs. Hlue Klbbon Tea '.',  . V..  ,         ".,  lbs. Colden Star Tea  ,   ., t. ,   lbs, Koli-bnoor Tea  , .���., -..... ,.,,, ;  lbs. Granulated Sugar .,  , ��� ., , , ,  $ l.oe  i.  ��*  o  it  o  it  o  K  ti  u  ti  , it  it  ti  ti  it  it  it  ii  it  o  .1  o  11  ti  li  if  o  It  ii  I.  li  .1  t.  ti  ll  il  ti  II  ti  ���i  it  HOYAL HOCSKHOLD KLOUH     IOOIIm. COO!) FLOClt   , ,.   , .  20 lbs, HHSTCHANULATKDSUCAlt  ,���1.80  .... 3,(K)  .... l.ftO  MONEY SAVEES   ���-���  -  J***����*'����rw VMS*  "Kaiser again calls on God" Is  a heading In one of the dally  papers this week. This would  appear.to indicate that the Kaiser has determined to d is regard  the recent notice of the dissolu-  tion "off tho , "partnership" in  which he always claimed to be  the senior member.  i   ...       .     .ii-.-. '.    -. ��� .   ;  , . ���,  .....  ^*        .. .j. . ���  ���     4.'  It now appears that the firing  from tlio Turkish forts on the  U, S. naval, vcHsels was "not  hostile, but unfriendly." AH of  which reminds us of the Irishman who remarked; "Sure Oi  didn't want to quarrel 'wjd him,  Notice Is hereby given that all per.  .stnirt who hold Agreement* of Sale ami  wish to'have their names Included on  the Voters' List, fur the Municipal  Flections iu January, lillo, must make  sio/ucd applications hxv such Inclusion  before ."i p.m. on November IHKlt,  lid I.  Application Forms- can bo obtained  at City Hall.  P. It. C. 1UYNB,  City Cjork.  City Hall, Alberni,  Nwvuutbur (till, 1014.  Artistic Photography  In All ��Ita Branches.  The New  Studio,  next to tho  Lord-Host Huildlng, Is now  Equipped for Huslnesa  Landscapes, Portraits,Groups  and  Commercial   Work  Dtvtl$|ii<i *rui Printing Ut timUm  Fkters' Ttmht  J.    C h E CJ G  fSSS  Homo Production  TJioK. Hrund Mill Is turning out  shingle* and lumber 0! all kinds. Tho  prloco are right, (live hint a call, and  keep the money at home,  Hardly a week passes without so Oi hit him a clip wid me stick  tho Advocate receiving one or and walked away  MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS ACT  Soctlon Jf>, Sttb-fioetiou b.  Notice is hereby given that on Thursday, tho 10th day of December, 1014,  at Jo o'clock in tho. forenoon, at tho  City Hall, thoro will he-lioldon a Court  of Hovision for tho pttrixiso of hearing  and determining any and all objections  to tlio retention of any niimo or natnos  on tlio HogiHtor of Vol cm for tho  Municipality of Alberni.  DiiUsdat Alberni,'. H.C.,  10th  Nov.,  1014,  P. Ft. C. DAYNICji  '  C.M.C. ..  Electrical Wiring, Fixtures  lies  !*t ��(*���S*.����|��1��-  Practical work at fair prices  Estimates ferftisM m all Mcds sf  .'" Electrical Work   i  St. and.6tib. Ave.,   Ttrt Alterm  mwnai fivmms, mm  mdmtmmmms.. 1  ���^twk^kkk..^...���.>��,  ��� -., ij" ni,,, 'i.M.'n.m   mi   1'j.n. (  Eftkstes faraislsed en Applkatint'  Phono 18; i  P.O, B��x.*iO. I-v  &  ClASSfflED ADSt  WORK AND WORKERS.  Until further noilco any person do*  niring employment, hnd those who  wish to biro help of any kind, will tint!  the columns of tho Allwrni Advocttto  open to make known their want* to  the public without ohurtfo.  The Hervico is free. _���M��ko u��o of It.  Tor lUht or 8��l��.���Smull House on  double corn tic, Albernl Helgho*,  Snudl payment down and #10 par  mouth'will buy it.   J, Host.  mi*.��*--���...*)sx-itwj* fn******-!  FW Ront.���Klvo'i'ooiu Cultitgo.   Apply  J. Hills. Albornh  * -JUW.lWtkSWSk-k..*  Tho old. and evor popular headquarters for the High -class Island Trade,  has been recently ;, ,  And now contains sixty rooms, single or on suite.', Tho splendid now  dining-room ..contains a tlno selection of Island views from tho studio  of Mr. Leonard Frank.  Tourists and Sportsmen  Will find the now'Hotel Arlington just the thing.   Guldos furnished.  -Sample Rooms*^==^*^^  For commercial mon on ground Moor.   Center of the business District.  Free Hub to and from all trains and boats.  Who will out IIrowood furu young pig?  Inquire ut Mr. von Hrondoi.  W*��,t��Hl,���lIou��ework or washing by  thu dayr by u willing.and capublo  woman. Adtojw Mrx, Duff, euro Ad*  vacate Ofllco, Alberni.  ^4S.L|HM>��*UKh,|\4MU*|  for R��nt.*~Ttt'6 room building mtxt  to Albyrnl Hotel, Apply to 0, A,  Smith, Alberni, 11. 0.  irynL^tf-nrnrtu "it i* umi imi �� . nil uni.i i.uj.i.iiiuii  MoNIFF & MKAOHER  Proprietors  Signs Signs Signs  r*nnd and Advertising Sign*, etc.,  done with Prompt Despatch  at Lowest Prleon hy  S.   EATON  Margaret St., Alberni  Palntor ��nd Pap��r��Hiti.g��r  *iWB)wirii*<mwwwiiimiiW(^ii*rtw  wituwti'kW'fffiatiWrtw.'tft'w-*^  Work done by Praotical Mon only,  Estimate* Froo.  ir'.:.'j,'"-' ���j".y;"'i)r''"ei  "K-K  BUY YOUR WOOD  at the  ALBERNI WOOD  No.l Fir ifl.55 per rick delivered  Second Growth Fir $1.-I6 per  rlek dolivered.  Auto supplies and repairs  Cars for hire at reasonable  rates  Thu touring public, will liml here a  plant  tt'oll-iiqulppcd  to  attend  lo  their various auto needs at prices  that are right  VICTQUIA QUAY  ALHKKNI, il.O.  L  tUtuAtlftA W��ntiiKl.-��.Cion��rui Uouttuwork  Apply to MJwt Athorton, caro of Ad-  -vtwute Olilco.  WWyrMaMMtMrki,  Fit nwi'* SKorthuxt.^.-.-Individual ��� In*  Ktnuni6n, *fi per month. China of  three pupllu, or more, ut reduced  mrms. ���Mr,s. Clurko (ctn'tltkuitcd),  Government ��troet.  -4ri--.wKA.ilk.inwi  Dr����i��m6klng  ex per'  i(.kln|.��.tind repairing dona by  ���Jot-cod   worker.    'IVrinH   two  dollar**   per day. AdclritHH-'Min,  H,  Vuughun,,Urandvlew Ave., Albernl.  These   Little  * *   _tJ\ D o    11  Bring Results  nwrrmwwfcwt'WWrB  Gertrude St.      -      Albernl  ��� -I-L.im i;.H)ii,i       I        nn    .  ���- "'T  Professional -Cards  GEO, A. SrHTH, C. E.  B. C. Lund Survavor. Surveys , of  timber limits, mineral claims, and land  subdivision!** OMcu at Allwnl., 1'- O.  Box 23.  Australian - Tract**  Tho Canada 'XY��<tt* CotnndftSilooem At  Molbourno report ibftt with tho wo tin*  unco ot tho war lint great, opjwrtuuUy  tor incriittitsd trado U-Lwevn Cftiduta  and Australia Is becoming mote ����d  nioro apparent. Then? la, ovwi now, &  big murkot for comet In. Au��tr��..la  with tho Oomian supply cut off and  Canadian initnufuctures favourably tdt*  ualod for sltlpping can market largo  quantities. The sumo apptlc* to  enamel ware and to lube cutting, iron  and steid wire and nuUinir,  Although tho oxiMirnuion of wheat  Hour and nugur from AuturnlU Is pru��  htblted thoro will bo no dlllleulty in  getting permlKJilon to ox port fro��en  mutton and tneutsto HritlVu Columbia  us horotefore provided tho shipment*  are gurantued to bo used only for homo  consumption In Canada. Iu connection  with tho oiforta to duvelop elpsur inula  relation botwuon Urlttttn and -Un��d�� ,  and tho prospective, large Increase in  the trade bolweon Canada and Hiuuda,  serosa tho I'licH'.o'tt In learned horo  that apodal study is being given in  Iiondon and Potrogrtul to tlio <|Uosllon  of trade, ronton", tranKjvyrt and apodal  branches of trado, It hi expected Hunt  thht trade will result from tho cutting  off of tho trado, bot-woon KuhnIu and  noriiKioy and Austria will Jwcoum  permanent and continue after thu war*  Australian Fleet.  Mollwurno, Nov. l6..-.Tltb nilnltitflr  of Dofcnc-o, Stmatpr Puareo, upoiiktug  in regard to the annexation of Samoa  and Now Guinoft, uaid that Atutralia,  hoped to got Huniuthlng moro it the  war continues hut hu roftJHt'd to bo  specific. ������',!.. ,,  Inturruptiofts t-o otwort- tho Austral*  Ian and New Zealand expedition* t>o  Now Ouinca and Samoa are blamed  for thu failure of tho Australian Hout  to capture tho Gorman vessels in the  Piudtle. Tho Au.itM.Uun Hoot are the  only vmjkoI.s on tho Pacific ablo to coins  pare with the Hermann on a point of  speed.  ���wnami  ���wns  ttia'ata-M  Thoroughly experienced in Cutting,  Fitting   and Making Up  Alterations nnd Renovating  e way  9  Call and moe'ino before buying elsewhere.  Prices to suit all,    Terms arranged   with  responsible parties.  PHONE 15  Or P.O. BOX 10  MOTION BLOCK  1��ITh'��f*>*S*l*.lk>*l+IT.k^l��<  C. GALES  i  Miss Forbes * - Margaret St.,  At Homo or by tho day 'XVrum 83  KMlKHMBHWmJWWIIW'll (<>��wil(ili,��|(M<WII��t(*kikWI  NOTICE.  Notice la heriiby given that the linn  of b\xx A Hotchkin* carrying on l��usl��  noun an dairymen, wua dl^aolvod on this  duto by mutual consent and tlmt tho  business will ha carried q�� by H. J.  HutchlitMi.  Alborni, Nov. Im., UU4.  '"Tr"r""Tl"'r"1 ���"''>l"1".1 Illlflt''?" "ii|iiWj<i|a Jin iiiiyMV^w ��Mii��<i)yiri)iii^iw��iMiw>ifiii in inii willow  ��->���*. **���-��� >.**.-nM       ,   ���        ^i ^     's  i el  S '        '       --j.t.1 ��iC I VJBtHtiwI.tf-^iA'k. ���*   -*r <*���    i- sSk , ���s*V��?Sti���*'** ���! Vk ��AniW��|kHtj<ju>>i,mMk-*f JJ.1 ��TIHkfcA-^J4����ftri��ki*kSlk*v.��. .��kHi��p.��ijm.ii  iMH.wMk.Vktkki.uk*!  H. HL T. HODGSON  '  A. M, I. C. E.  I       "*   ffl. C Lund Survaycr ��fld Ctvtt Enj|ln��#r  Offle��i>:   Carswcwr  Hltwk, Port   Allwim}  Plion�� 57 ,  11 .      H. H. BROWNE  Civil and Mining Kngincor  and  Albernl  Provincial Lund Surveyor  I ftd Ritchie A .W. Aga��w A. t Wri|it  EITCBIE, ASKEW t\ CO.  Dosaifilsa end Frovicda! bad Stanfejrsrs  Civil, iljpJruGtk ui MnQtd^&l Eagtaeers  Eniiueett ht RitcJik, A$acw Petyer Co.,  I.td.  Munluliittt Work,  Sttreta OrArtoii, Sub,  illvb)lon��. SonreriKiC. W*iUirworU��, tile.  or Land SurvctylDV  Local Office . . Ferfc Aiberai, B.C.  P.O. Uox 144, Port Albernl.  dancing 'Qlaases  Mrs. Gibson will open Dancing  Classes in the Scout Hall, euarp  Monday, from 8 to 9\ p.m.  A Public Dance will follow. Admission 50c, Ladies free.  wfakkk  iktwiiSilBkT*/ili.il..n.iki|tiiiimtlwkH**kik*likili��l  ���am  tH&hr In  Sstih, Doors and  Glum  Building and Hoofing Fapctr  Linia, Bricks citud Cem<mt  Alberni  Phoru? 29  >* 0. Box 9  >ifct)iiii<w��n'i*.^wwiiw(iiiiy.Hw#w*^(t^a>��>g^>  ��n hmii mM*wm:mta*��tmiixi*imi��mdmwi*hitH*w*ti n*win**iii^li�� w  ia��tH|fiiftwpiM**im*imtjM��i'Mi>  watM mtM\MtMfmtmvn'u<t *iw  Horse Tooth.  Now Is the time to have your horses  teeth attended to, bad tttoth cause indigestion, indigestion causes colic and  when trouble beifliw-Soo Dr. H. Hid-  lake, V'otrlmiry Surgeon,' Albernl.  Bricklayer and  Cement Worker  jpuji m���w^dmwfcw immmiw m* iI����.kwhjH��ww.��ii��wwm  wM*OKiMMi*m.'ktm**  Auctioneer  2nd Aveaue  ��mt Aikmi  *wmmm��m��*H**M*mt\ w0Hxw#mwmm*i<mxmiu  Jtmmm  *.H*>lnk��tf����l,AM.w- ���  ^-*l��**)*��*l*jW��^^kS**l��ftfl��*<  kk Intkk-kCk l��W*1IMWid ��S[kjV-*M��W��i#-.Wrt^s(��iB'*i��lrf M^*MK-^<(i**r*^U**#S^V^t*>>Hi**i(** t^sS>����lV!jM(MtHs>*t��>isJtkUkWk-tvfcl,w,  ��^r.Vk*iu(rM**i^9V��ttVjr>dvUM-lktM  ���*��* U����*B t.-WHUJll 1H*~e-Vtt*iM, Pit lsU>l*snt>'<i.>.i-H*MlSjlSl4*l*wai Wk/kkl n^pxujmmmrnw*ruiintVxHlmiVn:f*  wttm<v**n��&�� *m&m*N*to-mtotmh*m��mM*mmt*^*WMxxx** nm*m  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE,  -i  "'��� ni" ri    "    ���     '''''iria'iwiiiwm.iMrjiiw^^  idfTiwimhiTiwi tmnmmmnmMnmm��<txu0i*i* h*w tm*r'-**v*��*c*mt*> 'm<mmifXimon��pi mmmxwm>t*mm*tau*mmix>*mKWi**mmi*M'tx ww*-*1  At The  PI M*.\M :H  - rfs; wc sell for cash -  fOR  SATURDAY���-with troory dollar purchase or  mora���your choice���scrub brush or whisk broom*  o  SPECIAL���-priced granite warc���soa our windows  GOODS EXCHANGED      or      MONEY REFUNDED  E. R. PAINE - HARDWARE - SPORTING GOODS*!  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  MfSMM  jmuMMimiHUtniiwuiiiwig^ >w��Qt��i  **mm*  mm. mmitummmxw  make room for Christinas Goods  Fait Hats to clear at Half Price  Somas Trading Company - Alberni, B.C.  *utmtmm  Ladies' Home Journal Patterns always In slock'  Can now supply order* lor Klrsl Clash  Rough and Dressed Lumber of A!! Kinds. Shingles, Etc.  Local Order"* will receive special attention.  Cail at   the  Mill on the Scotch  Settlement Hwad, or I'hono  or write in the Manager'  i  Phone R49  Alberni, B. C,  ���naaaagsEgwataifaaaai^^  Homo Guard.  ���    A*im����)ii iii i(   was, learned  (but,  In  mder io form a "Hume Cimrii" In ilil-  . dlMrh't, It   u-o'.dd be   jieresiiry   (.i   u-e  the machinery ut (ho   present   ('Ivllhiu  j Hide Ass.ii'uolon, t|,e milliliters of that  ��� <irK��i)i/all'��n uere ajiprtiiichid atid (he  i pinioned  mude of upeiution o\phini-d  id,  llti't;t.   The   Hllle   Club   i''s.t'0*itive  i held a meeihiji at which it was ro��.ulveil  to foiiu the prejitisi-d  lleitti- Ctuird but  j in she  course  of thi"'dUcie-sbiii It mis  jdecided betser lu  uttill'l   (he   return of  j Mr.  .1. (!, C,   Wood,   M.P.!'.,   v. ho  In  j luvi'Ntlf'idiiig iho mailer lu   Victoria.  i'bt hi"  return a committee   ��lll  be  ] formi'd  fip' the dS.sem.shm "1  dentils,  and laser a public iti.'illuj'   .*d< la* cab  led fur the purpose of cuiiipledng the  hii-siiiesH,   Tin* Ultle t'lttb nlll welcumo  the mliiition uf diov.ii  ii iiu u jsh to sl|jU  oil Us itieinbi'i's fur (iii.ii'd pulrpoMt's and  a very   hourly splril   *if cu-nperat km  has developed hot ween the two tuwn��  along   these   lines.    Thm-c Is every  iviiMin   lu  beileve   that   the< "Home  Cimrd" will prove u prunounced sue-  i ��� ��  Cl'ss,  tNow Studio.  The new studio of Mr. .1 ciegg, next  thi* Liud \UM Hiiildlug, has been  opened, and this ac'ltd In phomgruphlc:  work hnis KfiuipSii vletvs that would bu  u-rivdlt to any city, however large,  Mr, Ch'gg has raptunHl more iliun one  medal lu the (lid Country for hit* pro*  'dui'tti, and,a ��lance at tho attractive  ftpccliueus ' now uu hand nuikc* it Hoar j  that lu* I* "milled die high pubiilim in  hits Held uf work, Uuth In portrait  and in hwdi-eiipe. photography M>t  Clugg l** <ei an 1st ami any work uf ibis  kind can In* safely eutruMtd to, his  care. Uive hluia call and, }ouk over  ills line collection uf local scenery.  Fearful New��,  (���undue, Nov. ili'l. ��� .l.epuiin from the  nurth of Holland Mate that unusual  activity prevails. Indie neighborhood  of the jPun uf Kindou, KlMiormon dub  |y cruising near Herman wuteri* lutve  received the liuin-ession that tim tJer-  man Jleet I* pivparini*' for derisive  aetiofi In the North iVeb.  Prince Henrji uf Prussia vhitetl  l-'mdcn on Saturday and Inspected the  torpedo ami -.tthiuiirlho onrft.  It Alt Helpfl.  Monday, Nov. Hit, . A Hrltlsh tdreraft  d topped hoiubs uu a/'eppelht shed at  l-Yodrleledinvcn, idlhiig" miuio people  and doing considerable damage,' The  CeniiauH claim "Do uf tin* tt,iut<M> was  brought xUiwiXt uiiiS captured after a  light.  An Austrian steamer Mruek a mine  in the hat-bur of Sttlonlcu. .Must of the.  pass-eii/i-crs and crew were killed.  Mounted Reglmoni.  The mounted roj-jtucni tn im raised  in Hr-hUh foluiuhiu-wll) be tuuhullste-ii  id Victoria and the mon ivhohuvo been  tliuiiitli/ed iu Vernon since Au|pl��l laid  j will be (ransjerrod tliern, Llctttd'oh  Jr. 1,, Hutj'uf Vt'i-iitm Jui-s beep appointed tncoiumand iho r^glmeix,  Botm thwrtu,  Herliu, Nov, ".'I,1, liiW Kolder, ptv-  ftisnor of .lui'ispi'taien.ee, lneturlUK in  Herlin ttidd, "Curauiny I'au only make  pence with Knuttmd when the latter  hie* been br-.nif'ht tu her knees, and m*  dui't'd to a second rate state, When  thu bombs ruin upim London we shail  all .siini-l "(.lei*."  j��> Wi��i tMnxm^ift^f^mwvafxwwmtmmntmxwm  ��� 'mi       %9 ,  e AiDeriu iracui  �� W*t.^irt<kir-il->ni>rm  -wkwvavw % j*ti.ih-*l.^fl4-^tskjv" w  NOW IN HAND A FULL LINE  '- ' ' c  OF        CURRANTS,       RAISINS       AND       PEEL  c    14  I  Tho Buey Stor��  BEEF   *  ON       FRJDAY       MORNING  -,*. t, -l"l'-l��.   ������. *,.,*.* ^L   1*-^.   \. .11*.*. IT-,-,-,       ^,1^.       ,kir        ,    ,   ,v �����.K-���^   *-. r. ,������  '        *f -   O    .   -   -     ���   - - -     .-,' ,   l       . ^   ..     *   \( t . .1       Vk  On tho Busy Corner  Now-Stock of Apricots, Apples, Prunes, Figs, Pouches, etc,  .fcWlf(��irK-kM,>>��W*<lv.MMkikr*.>*r U  Wo aro Glad to Announce that Sugar is Ch&ap&r  mm<nnk*M*'*M '  k* u*kf (i WVIWPi'i  Call and see our il, &. Applet, and Local Vegotablos'  They tire Good, and Low in Price  '0  The Wftii-howrt end Old llstablbhed Grocert, fakm and Freduce fcbnU  Victerie Ousy Store, ?hm 38 .. ���   ��� As^yle Street Stori*. Pfesnit 148  WML��iawwiit(iMjWf*iiinM^ mm*kRi*xwm  i-nmiKxkxmu^mtmmn  For the Overseas Mail  Gonls lOxcoldu lianiiki'i'chlefs 10c. each. "Albcnil" Souvenir. Silk HitiuHcerchii-fs Ufw. ettoh. (JhildreiiK Fancy  Handkerchiefs In FancyBoxeH. G.ftnts ivoathor .Travelling  S.lippe'rs In Neat Leather Cases.  |MB8CTp-ws-����a^^  TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  Nodce is hereby given that the As-  se-thtneul- Wurii on Claims Wos. J, U, .'J,  ���I, 5, 11 and " of the Hardy liny Croups,  and Clalnit> Nos. 1, U and .'I of tho Hum*  Ing Dayll-fht Croups, tdtniiled at Klk  Luke, hu-. been completed and recorded  ! by me at. ������untslho, II, C. '  j   '       (;KOjt(.'K H, Ct.'LLKN,  Sooreiitry-Treas., H.H. tV. H.U  For the Wef Woathcr.     We have  a  hir[4�� selection of Waterproofs,--'..jv-  Rubber ConttS, SlicUertrJ, Etc., Etc*     ���  PRICES   REASONABLE,  Mot ton Hloelt, Alberni  1 'lume HI  it  First Ave, Hurt Aibomi  Phono 73.  nrr.  When They Ask'Questions-'"- Send Them The Advocate  IMPROVED FARM WANTED  '���,'One liundred to 'throe hundred  acres good hind. About fifty to  one -'hundred acres under cultivation. Must have'a running  stream or.river frontagoi  'Owners, jpleuso send-'immediately full description .and lowest  price to*���.������  Oa'rmichuel & Moorhend, I'.itd,  (K)B Uelmont Botlso,  Victoria, B. G.V  jwgy  "PUNGLE* According to the ".Universal Diction*.  oryt�� is a word which is uaed in approaching those  subscribers of a nexvepaper who are in arrears with  their subscription dues. II this mean& ytm,'don't  get mad, but:  imewo^iww*w"*'i.*"�� iwiiimin (�� rttHHmmmtaMm'mtmn wktmm nemmtwimmm miliw  Von got a Htitiare I)oa! from  our Advertlfier.i


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