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Alberni Advocate 1912-03-29

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 i     *  .���  [^s^jjiilffi^^^^^^gS-^^'^^^^^Mg^^^mg  O                                    -f  J  r  .X-f      .^      ,    tr.m      ^\  *  --=  ���f '* , ' J  f*    APR   1 WIS  i*j-Jli  -y;" rijtV"H, f l-l'IritWidT a*  ��ol l  Albornl, B. C. Friday, Plareh 29,1912  ���Llill*||��Vll*>*l��WIW<*iniiW flMih-tM.llajRi*^^  6F WATER NEAR AT HANS  Kapsrt ol Hydraulic Engln-ser Shows That New Com-  Xxmy Will Ploet With No Difficulty in Securing  Good Supply for tho Town.  The report *��f Mr, W. Ai-ilefktm, the  bydi'Mtillo eiik,'iii4**,M' who win* employ ed  to look over the proj-wtl ''xton-doii 4if  th<�� AHt-priil w*��u<r work a, ban In'eii, re-  Oidvod by the ooiinnlito** In chargo ol  Uita work, I-Yoni ihU re|H*rt It up|*eurs*  thitttbcro will Ih* uodlfiimiliy In the vt-tty  of tbo projiOHivil oiiliti'Koluoiit nf the  ptvaent plant. Tho following oMi-iictM  from tin* report will bo of but.  *��� Tin* pt'ett'iu water rmpply of the  town of Alberni IsohtoltpsUrwiii Hoger*  Creek. A low crib dion hit* been con-  BtrtteU-d at tt |��ilnt about hulf utilo up-  atrcam from where the K. A- N, eco-vi'**  Hoger*. Creek.* Tho clovttlluu of the  dmn t*lM��ve lht�� towiihite level It iilmut  2ft foot. The aupply of wtttor i* Inuiie-  quale for the"prcactit |Kipiiiatlon, mid  it hiu, 1*0011 proponed to iiii^eiine ihla  by tapping tliowlreum at a higher 4>le��  vj.:,w'o, and ioatttlling u pipe lino of  larger diameter,  "Wv wow Informed by Mr, Uayr-on  that it wtwt tho intent ion of the wutor  worka company to obtain, if prtictlcit-  ble, the water from the fall*, on Hoger**  Cf'4H*k,   which   I**   Ml Wiled.   4||| l^n 1,'lil,  . and wttmiucd to i��o a dlaton-yt* of ihrcu  to four mllofi from Alborul���  ���' Uy tho reading-* of tho barometer  w�� find that the'elevation of the profit-  of tbo falls ii* aVl feel'1 end tho hoijfht  of tho falls about .'Ki foot. There In mi  ���axoollenb alto for u dam Itnhiodlutcly  abovo tlio ��*H*>> tbo rock bulr,g oupooc*!  ibi* InlerwH'tiiJii nf all vroaa kireet* for  ��'iiiuii*4,-liiti^ii four Inch lutcrnl nyaicni,  For the p'ri'ient purjmM'H m-il pnptila-  tisin tlio two Inch pipe uli'<-atly iiMtilhtl  mtiy bo couuiH'tetl with thenU Inch pipe  pi*il|f,etisl It) ttfltilll'lowii Johnston lllllll  tttul may in* auKUieiib-d by nililitioitiil  twt* |ni'li pipe*, which wilt tie reicn.*.!**)  from the line which en-meet-, (ho town  with the prcicuulttm.  "WeiMlmutittbui tlm nix liu'li wire  wound wiiikI Miivt* pipe eitti In* liiiii In  place for **o .cent" per lineal fool, ami  tiie iiiiiil longlb ot lino froin iliiut to  water (rout would not o>ccetl two mile*.  Tin* total C4��it, iiieltiillntf thorium,  wtittiti be in tin* unlghliorhooil of  ���JmM*.*i." *  Tin* re'vorf tlorn go-won tinttnietliiit,  be (ore going into (lie jiro'Hi-diloii of the  high pivukiir',* '.system Mich nt'that  which would result fiMin Koliii,' to the  InlUon Hoit'ora t?rci*k, It would bo well  to look up the ijiieutliiti of lirlii'fliik' in  water titim Ktamptt Knllt, its there-,I* a  potkijijle rovcnuti pri-duclnj; populutlon  olonV the HeitwrCrook roiul, lil��itlfo  |*\*liit<*4| out that, tin- niipply of Water  from HoKorn <.?ri��ok will only bo nuHI-  oient for a iHipulnfluii of from \��>{W U1  ���.'.WXi uulei** olTortt* are inmln to lmpound  the woier.  With tbU re|H)i*t in littiul thocomiult.  tm* h*'ld u tuoiitini; nt wblcb It wa*> i,4'��  ttolytHl to keep within the pro|*o>,otl erj-  tiH.ttit'w. and only itttoiupt to-,'lvo tlio  The Advocate Viouldlike To Know  So W-t aid Ssme Others.  Wlmi ii -i-oKt t*i ilt't- rf" tii*1 iSomti��m Klvory  Why Hit-tvurli wnHHlOHiioil y  If it. i>* urnptwt'tl t*> throw it way wlmt Iiuh bocn hihmii i��i��  to tinfoV,  Whoti Hit; ohfttuit'l ivili fw�� hnoyotiy  Wlmt. Klml of ��t*'tii!��*'r!< <mn wt up tlm oimnnol whoii it 4  \h htiftyi'd y ' ��� I  ifllti* iH'iii't'ntitittilivo of tlty DiMtt'lt't. Itt ihi* Dominion  <#  lotisi' Ihim tiny knowii'tluti of tin* juvrioiit vontlillon of tho  U  t'lllllJIH'l V t      ���    " f)  If flu* iMfiirlfi tif'lhoHo who wmihl  J13j < * to htnv tho rlvor  5  gt, Imt'lr (ti i.lif 4'timllllott  It wiin in  U'\\ yoitrn ago tiro still  f)    liolllK HHOil l<i jitjiy t'l'i'oi'.l y  f)        if so w'hon will thf.v I'ull t* huity  fj If thoy won't i'ull UiIh halt, who will full it for thorn y     Ji  % (A'utl Komi* uthor tiiiiiK^ which will ho iinltt'tl lutor,) s>  t.iiianiiiiaiiiaiiiiiir-fii-liiiriir mi   iiiir"ii'" ���r-irT^'T'--|irtirt~nJr" 'i ij���IT""1'^"  mm\ for m ro  *k*k<iii|^i">/rrvVF,y')rti. -rt*rJ-��i--*jri��O.T,i(wi**.  Ceremony of Markinjj Wtswtorn End ol Canadian High*  way Will Tako Place on Hay 4^Ai$^Ji��mente  to Entertain tho Many Visitors Expected,  *n>/ft>h��^i.jt*i^nt! ��<*>*** *���  -qaainx raiJ-WWkWiMtft***  feorow tho InxI of thoorock and on botuv.tow'n a duinoatlo xervlct*.   It, wan fur  bunks.  "After tfolng over the -sfround and  looking ��l tho project from all itttRd-  point**, our rocoinmcnd*tiou��arou-* fOl-  Iowa*.  " Wo would rtwjommcmt thorjoniitruc. data compiled rouanlin-k; (lit* oxact head  Hon of a dam in tin* creek at an oI��va  lion of from 5U to tk�� feet, which will  ���jive-all tito prcaauro n��*Poi��v��.ry for a  iSoiiit*atio wrvloo on tho (,'onoral IcvoS  of tho townt'ltt*. Tho wator to ***����� con.  vt-yed from tho dam by a ��lx Inch wlro  ���found wtxal atrtvo pl}>o, and the itfi\l,  ��� lini* to bo laid down Jobi-titon rinu! xH  tlio water from, and provision imido at  vht*f ilephlcd by tho coiumlttoe b*Mt.  core tho -mrvit'OK of Mr. H. H.' Hrownc,  ii. K., for the purpoM* of havlnjf Ict't'lh  run front tho |*4��lnt tniiicatt*tl In Mr.  Andot-aon'ii roiwrt, uutl moro ttpcoillo  and Icitjrtli of pipo iliio retpilrod  Thin work U now Iu hand, and dtir-*  l��jf tlio week Mr, Httovite has been  busy runnliiir tho various lltiea nooca-  dttry to jflvo Uu* t'OinuiliU'c thc'rcipiir.  tnl infkirmation. Ax whhi hi tltla l�� In  hand u ifcm*rtil mootlii-f will be called,  iii.d the entire uiatter put befoiv tin*  kkihkct-llKir* to ilio n*'W wiiter company,  , i  ivEGAMG nmm  Undor tlm nyw rt��(fu}to.io���� of tho  fi*dcral tlcpartmciit of il-diorl****, which  will hcreaficr tfovom all it'K'ti |0'oct,��-4l��  Inip In connection with fUbt-ry law- in*  fririitlnnw Itt ihla province, the open  kWtiAor, for irouinnitinjr boitii-n uii aiBj*vb  H\ oontluulnji' until November Jo.  frnwmuch ��,�� thero htw been oonaid-  orabio diltorcnet* of opinion oxprt-hkiHl  tu* to tin* htutus of the MccMiciul al-  tlioujib Kolontlaw uro prtM'tloally tinunl-  moua a�� to lw IdcnilllcMtUm with tlio  trout family.-"-*! ap4*4<lttl setitlon hat* Imuui  ioooriairatod In new IXmilnion rt*��,iilit'*  tlont* for Hrltltth f.'olumbiti wpecllleally  dutliiinjf tho open aeaaon for -.tiwlhoml.  Tho aooilon tleaiina' with lhn'xautt*il.  betttl In numborwl twmuj.and pivvldc,a  that no ono " ahull taU�� aiccliicitd*  from tht* 16th Noveinl,*i*r In each your  to the Milt March foliuwluif, Iwth tiayw  IncJurtlvo, In tho noti.tldul wutcralii  HrlHah Columbia, end in the tidal  wtttor* thoiNtfOf uu one i*b��ll t��k��' tteeU  }"i��*iul�� froin iltojhi Jan-jury tii tin* 'i'nh,  XtaK'h following, iwth tt��>.��* Imiualvt*,"  NS'lth rvipt+cl, to Hi** float* acte-on for  trout, trttotlon *i t*4*'*t4k;  ��i l~ No omi��� ahall uk** l��*out of any  kind fi-oin tho Wlh NtivvmlMir in eiteld  yrnt-r lo tlm^tl-^March foJUkwiii-f, tnitb  days jritiliuilvt*, oxcepi In tin* watora of  tbo Inuwlor portion o* pro vino** cant of  tho l#> iiH'i'idtan, where in* tmo o!m!l  tako trout of toty kind fnun lite Ifttir  JtJi)V4*mlK��r in each year to the ^tUth day  of April followiiijf, t*oth dayi* lnclu>lve,  "g���No trout of *u��y kind under h  incbet, in letifftb abail b<* taken from  Uu* wnt4*i-�� of Hrilbth Columbia, soul, if  taken, ahull l*o bitmedlatoly returned  to th�� water, ollvo and uninjured, No  trout under tlifoo p*uindn In - weight  alutll Ih* bought, aold or exposed for  ualft Jn tb�� pk'oviueo of Hi'iilt��b Columbia, nor shall tiny trout bo houtrhi, w*!d  or oxposiu! for i+alt* durlnjf tho cloned  tttwu provldc-d thorofor.  .".Uj���FJahlnif for trout UmniL'h Uu*  ��� loo 'li* .pi*ohil>it4i*>d.".,'   ���'��� ���������.. ';j:'. ���  It Is uoderfHot-Ml that tho B-rraiiigo-  isnints of the* llfthoritj-i departrtuint of  Canada utHtor tho now aduilnlMtratlon  provido for Urn t>.*4i��bll��huiont of roaiv  InK poudi. in cmitU'ctloi) with tho ���.���ami-  11-th htitehei'v'at Cowlcliuii lako. whero  trout of all alncM may be cared for,  from lltiKorlliiKii tip to iinh of one your  old,  it la ttlao umlortvttMl to In* the intention i*f the department uuthoi'ltl-'k lo  piMV'Ido for u aerlca of moat IntefoaihiK  and aiivanui'.'eotw tHkporlmeutM at the  Cowlelmn hntelmry In Itm' feedint,'. not  only of trout, but of nalmon, in fi'i-xli  rr^.. *������.  ..  >.k .��. ,..   ..,.,..,.,��� L.u.t.��,tf iu,,  wmt'r, trim �� mm k>�� itr��'t-�� v.,,,�����������,. ^,.���  best cottdltlon for developing tlic>,t' two  ttplentllil libit and detorinliitntf luiw loin;  tho aalinun willllvelnfi'csh wateruuiler  -tiip-tj'.ttdvtuiiflK'-oM*-' ,''),K�� cotidltlona.  Hitch t��]cpcrliuanb* have never here-  tofon* boon trillion tlio American confluent, aliJioutth in I'ut'ia nalmon I'ttvu  been prosorviil allv** ami In jp��ihI con-*  ttfiion at tbo TitH'rtdei'o tfurden*-. forte*  Iouk a*> live ycara In liv��h water,  The puaidbllilioi* **f i��Uk'4'*ik'' in litckis  o-<]5t��rlment*�� which, It I* etuoctily to  Ik* hoped, will !>o uuilemtkt'ii tit the  lirat ti|��portunlty, will at, once luipre***.  ihi*iiiM>h'Ch ii|-4*u all likliornieii mid *��lu-  dent* of plm'ittoi'litl seietiee.  I'uhing S$M$lt,  Tin* tlkhiiii! -.etiwm opi-nml In Albornl  M'ith huveral o*.ceil>itt cittcbe*. It ��p-  peiti't tint! the lUb t;re ti? be fotoul -if*  lilonif the H**mu.ii fiver from the Itlv'et  Ibmd Hi-id*.'** up to Npistat j����*ke I'ttila,  Tlio tly ibut mudcH't'b'plh*'' t-ttlcn wsto  tbeifootl old intiivh bj-own, which ��t  ibltttime *if the your cn��i ��lwny�� be I'i"  JliHlon to do kr|,<H�� work.  Heventl of the trout taken U��ii> Wittk  Jmve run from tint* to three peiHuK mid  oit'�� line follow tieltfltln*,' lour potmtU  fell to the tackle ot Mr. W. H, Carter.  Mr. H. II. Toy vvas anothtir of thoao  who matte a ttuceoM-.i'til try of tbo river.  Heveral pnrtlea ttnide the I rip to McCoy hike during tin* week with koiaI  result*. Taken uu a whole It can be  MUllltlllll tilt* M'tJMlH upeiieil in 1,'Otxl  Hbnpe, and tbiK. tbelntllctkiiotix toe that  lltiire will lm (fool spurt early this  year.  Tho Klitti M.iithosllHtCimrch, of Port  Albornlk ban let a contract-' to MCHsr-i.  Wood i^ Htory for, .tho ork-iloti of a now  oboroh on tlio eorimr of Argyll* utroot  and Fifth Aveinso.  Koed Mutlcit.  Tiie Albt-rnl HImi*1c( U to have two  lar-fo routl rolii't"* at work thin teunm.  TIicmi have bet-itiiitlereti by tlii'ilepiH'l"  inen'i iiutl nil* nut* mi the ikiiy In. tine  of them villi be n���>(.<! out itroiinil i'arif*,.  vllle and NitiiooM^tintl tlii^iitiiei' wlll.be  brouubt over the tmiimiaiti for u��e in  Alhorni, unit the vai'loui routln h-uiili)1/  thei'oto.  Mr. W*��*tt, member ftir Alberni,catue  In thl*t week with n new 4'iir wlileh lm*-*  boon pim-huncd for tlm tn>e of tlm roitil  nuperluicmlent. it wa-t felt by (lm department tlml the work ul jreUlnu1  around Mich a bir-ri* dialrh't' tva�� loo  much to accomplltli by tlio tiiillnary  inoun*i oi travel,mid Mianew Mel.iiii^-li��  lln 110 h. p. niiielittiii iiiti been put into  commbhlni) for ilieosciu��lviiii*��i> of tin*  Hiiper'f'iiti'iuletit.  It would itppeiir ii*> If tbo kimwhtli/it  which Mr. Wood lini of lite t'otid nei-d-i  of tilt* iliMi'iet l�� belli!/ pit) tnViiiiii te-,'.  and thnt be bait iilreiuly been active in  at'curlnj; b��r liUtll-ili'U't ��ev4iriit ib!iii:��  whicli hav-41 been nci'dcd fiirnome tlmn  puhl.  Weil Cmt Newt  ,I'Voni a correHpoiali'iit <m tlio We*t  (..'oitxl we learn (lint ihln:,-" itt-e lnoklu-^  up all nlti'i*,' lite line mul tliitt an i-M'el-  leiu, M'ttMlti In  expeeti'd   by   till.    'I'liej  Road (o Long liench.  Mr. iii t*. C. Wiaal, (he moiiibor for  Albiuiil, ft'tui-tiril from n bitef vUlt to  the capital thi** week, One of the lm>  poi'titht miiiler.iou which he luttl lo re-  pun wuii the bulltllni*' of (lie road be.  tween Allii'i'tii and I^ili^ Hunch, it  appear-* that,the government, iitit decided lo cttiiMi a careful Mirvoy,of the 1*01110  lo be itiiitto thl-4 tuiiHiiei'i ami that it In  furii-fr inteiiil^il in bei/lu tho work of  liulklliiy tbo iHiittl ihi'oiijrli to Unit,"  iit'itcii next acii-on,.  'f^iilM t'liud will run thi-onifh 0110 of tho  intM utiriK'tlVi* pun** i*f Vaiieottvtir 1����  littnl, aiid iu ciniiieeilon with the run  from Nimitbiio, will make a trip for  atitiik that wili be M'coud Hi utitie in tho  Tin* buHtHiij- of thiM roiid will prove  of lite titiiite't valiii* to Alberni from tbn  fuel that every vialtor to ih\* pint of  the Inland bei'oiiii'iiinpr<**ipoi'UVo I11V0K-  Hir. It li nniliiinr out of iln> common  for thOMi who mnlfe ihcfe I rip** to combine lni-.il' ;' tvlib pIciiMH-o, and tbo  prtipoteii t.ifnl will run tlit'otiub a pur-  ', >nof tho country that will multo ovory-  iitm who truvein over it iMt��er loam*  more o( die Miri'oimdlui,-' illMrict.  Then ni'iilll the keener,*' In of Mich tt  niiliiri' n*. to ciitiiip ll*.ti|f on lite nii>m-  ot.v of nil t*bi) inline tint run lllrouifii  tu I,uiij,'lli'iit'h, niul li In .life (4i nay  (Inn   every   pei'Miu   who  travel*, that  The ceremony of plant Ini*: the post  that marks tin* ,wot��tttrn end of tho  *;j-*<at Cuiiiullur. Hlifbwfiy will take  place 4tn May 4, una.  It Eh now utider.*4t<Kal that the place  Mileeltnl for thU veroniony in Albornl.  This Ik nt it ahotild be,  Tlm Alburnl liourtl of Tend** baa ttjo  atfiiir tu hum! and bat urranged for tho  matter of carrying out tbo detullr* of  the pri'Mui'v piioitt. A commitltmou on-  tortulnment hat boon aolecttMl coiiHlkt*  lug of,I. K. Ulcdi-oo, II. C, Hayw,m, A-  W. NcllI, W. K. tiibsot. and M. Tola).  In tiie IiuuiIm of UiU oommfltoo will In*  left the arraiigutminbi for tin* twoptltm  of tho ooiniulttoo of tho  Highway A��*  !iLM"tiSSJ'lH!i3Hi  Port Aibcrni O��ctioa.  b'ov the coming your Arthur Kdwatxl  Wttt*��rlwuMV will not lot mayor of Hurt  Albornl, and will havo to uitxi-it him Ui-  hitidelibitratlonit no aldoiinaiilo board  uon*,thi in-f ol (Jeoi'go II. Hlrd, Frank H.  Swuync, Aloxandor H. Molntyro, Jom-  cpli A. Mclntyt'o, Hubert 0, KUImiuhI  Aloxaudur I), (hooper, *  Such wat ihti roaiilt of tin* lirat municipal i*lc')tlon In Hit! town of Hon  Albornl. Heturnhitf Offlimi- It. Y.  itliimly biul iittlo ut do. After reading  the prooiumutlon whicli uuthurl.-'t'd tlio  elect Ion, ho found only one ion:, of namca  propoaed and was thctoforo In it jhihI-  lion to di*elari* tlieut elected without  calling for a pull.  ' Thin rcKiilt wtw in ought aiwut by tlm  fact that tho alt teem* of tho Hon hold  hovoi'iil mceUngA and by a pitH't'-m of  nliiiiluatlon litol nrrivtid ut a choice lor  tho vut'ioux olilcori* and agn*iHt lo allow  them' to Ik�� (-looted by ticolamation, A��  thero uro only twenty-four ro-jInWired  property ownora In H-brt Albnnil tbo  tank of agrot'ing to it progranum* win*  a cuiupacittlvoiy oiwy 0110.  aoclation, and tho looking nftor tho  oomtortof tho crowd of vUlutrs whleh  in expected on tho ooctulun of thtt ixwt  planting,       ���   , \  it has bsten given out that not low  t ban fifty itutoa intond to makt* tlio run  in <m that purtioular day, and thbi ylU  mcan(u big crowd. '. ,  In tbo itimtor ��;if publicity tltia ftino-  tlou will l*o of tho utuioal lmj-oi't*n*j&  to Albornl, and it in to bo liopod tSiat  4ivoryouo will, tend a bund to aid tlio  ooniDiHttie. Tmi m xoml tlio vtaltora  away with tho idua timt Albornl haa  alwaya tho glad hand ot hoapiUtllty fo?  her frleiidi, and can bo trtiatod to do  thing-* right on iiuch owiotSonK,  fact that tlm govorumeui !��, pr"purlngj ,.���m| will becmno an agent for tlu  Hi spend ���Mtj.tibii on the IVhieb't'tJI'tyo-Lpreiuiliig nf tlm l.tme of Alberni to tho  tpi'K ro-'ni li�� calling ittietiiiti'i to thl-| tvnrltl. It U to lm liopi.tiihiK ibo mem-  purl of ilioci'iuii, ami ii la leinlmt tbl*ji���,r f,,.- Albeitii will -.pure no efforts to  will citiiae -in ln(hix of  tb-.< line of ihti I'l'iul,  hi'ttle'r-.  along  hiive the gtivertmieiit puali the work of  rompletht'.*' lbl*> i-tiiid   at   the   etirlii'��t  ritesiurveyof ihorniul toUmg Hcaeh  |iut,i|ble tiate.   Ita value to Alberni turn  from Allierul ifc iHnitlier Item In the ili'��  vieiiipiiieiit. prtigriitmuo thai will be tc  eelvk-d with approval by ilmao ��lin  have Weal Coiiii liiieiv-ii". A largi>  ntimber nf Itilitl Incut |tinn bavti been  uiiitle recently, mid gtiiierully all itiill-  ctitlnim arc for a bti**y aeis��on.  i...iw|...k.  ",'J*"Ct!TS"  mwn  w.,aiifa��..il.WMff^.M,^Hfcy  itcnrcely In- eaiculatt-ti,  Capt, ti. A. I hill U vlalting Victoria  tIti-fk. y.-4'k'k Iii connection with the tm*v  btikbit'i-t vtlilcli lie propotett to eMntillhh  mi the vvtoer from,  wi**Mta>^f'��ii��->��i��*i��viWii*^  nr*��r  Weit Cmi H-^itol.  The atib-tt'i'lborn to tie* WnatConat  HoHpltal held a meellngon Wotlne-tltty  afternoon for the purpoa>*of arranging  the Kiiverhl biittlnoaa tiirMcNniiw pending. 51 wits deeUleti i'i prooi<e<l at onoo  with lho Incorporation nf tin* holding  company and a bouitl i*f dlrecttn'w wai*  api*t*liitcd in* followa:  For Albetiii...1, C, (I. Wootl, J. F,  HiotWr,.), It Motion.  For Fort AlbornU-H. J. Htiitlo, Hr.  C. T. Hilton, C. A. MuNtiiighton.  For ihi* Woat <,'ymit-.-l)��nviir* On-  born.  ���In iuldltlnn U> Llii3H>* tilrot'tfli1* t.b!.>  Hroviniiliil Huvominout will apjjulnf.  two otlmr-4 to repi'i'Mont It. on tint bunrd.  From (be report uf tlio oollooiion  committceM it nppear-a that  tiieroaru  A mooting of tho Albornl WtiMilwll  Club wiw buhl In tho court hotuo on  A'AioiwliiW-ilvoning. Thorn wua a good  turnout, and a oonaldorablo amount of  important bunlnOiVt w/ut traiinaotod. 0  Dr, A, D, Morgan wai, ulootod to th��.  position of Vico-Hi'osident of tlio olub,  and tho nntmm of Mcnmiii. ft. Why to, J.  ,1. Hurko und Hilly  McAlllHtor wort*  sulded to tho uxooutlvo,  In'tho ninttor of. olub oolora lt'wHa  ileeldod to adopt groy and dark bluo for  tho unlformH. MOkni-k. Toy, MoAllUtor  und Frank HIihIkoo worn ap'Kiiattxi *  linunco commlttoo to ntlond to tho itiat-  lor of neottrlng funda for��tho olub, and  it woh rewlvwl to nik tlio hualne-ta won  of tho town to oontributo to tho lussd  iitH'iwuni'y for Uto buying ol imiforms  nud playing mntorLai.  A reitohillon wtw jutsstvi to ttio effostv  that an ntttimpt bo imuJo to figure-*  jiiutcl* with tlio Hurt Albornl olub mi  later than May '2.4, and Monday, We-d-  fiet-day and Friday of oitoU wooii sot  fttldo for practicca, It wm urjiftsd th��t>  ttvory inombttrwliotixpwlUidtomttkotbt* "  t*>am would turn out to thoso [traotlt^w*,  The olub will innko ovory offon to jfiv,?j  tho Hiwii good bail thin sumHusr, and It  la to be hoped that limy will rocai-70 tlio  aupjKirl which thoir ofVorw fiaaorvo.    ."���'  Victoria, Ms��slv20.  >tp4v-,*ittl lo Albornl Advoo-ito.",  Mo far u*i report** oould bo obtainod  up to ttiiio of going to jm'c-jn It npp*?ar,v  that tho Mcllrtdo governmout ha*  made a uloan -tnwooji of Ut'e HrOvlnow  Iroiu one otiti to the other, lo tbo Op.  poiUion Harkur Wililatnuttmwai-ato bo  tho only cnrtalnty, with .T, li. Uothor-  ington, Hoolitllht candldato for Groon-1  willUtli'iit ftimla in hand to fully war-  woixl, a poaxibllity. '  ���> ^' lmHMi��r��lln.., and that there J��&���S^A*" ' C"��"  !  I'pon  i�� a good chiinci* now for tin* total Hum  rained to reach not iewn than ton thou-  nand dtiilitni. Mr. Wootl, tho memlier  foe Alberni, Iiiim promlkcd to uun Jilti  b>*>>5 onileavorn to liavt* ihogov'iU'mnent  mid anoth-,0" two thoUMCihl lo tin* proa-  out ctiiitt'ibutlt'm, and ihln with the  private aiilwcriptiona, would reach the  kum itik'ntltittcd.  Work on the rond into the ground-*  l�� pit-Kri'kidng nipiitly, and an��oon��a  the plana urn returned from Vlcuirlo  oettiul bulltiifiK' will ooiyjuenci* mid be  ruthed bicompleliim ftt(*"n early date.  MtW -J-*** -*��|-*l��lll*IW'��ll��*V***  T&* FukSpi Of An 03d Undsurk  The aervlce*, In Kt. Atwlrovva Church,  on Mabbntb uesi �������! ?��ke the form ot  a fiirewell to the old building.  At I he morning aervico tin* nilnbi'er  will prrueli from tin* text "And when  they had nuiig a hymn thoy **��mt out"  ��� Mark, H:-tl. und in U���� overling from  tho words "Hemember the former  thing** of old; I nm f.od and there Jh  none like me"-. Inaliih, -iii'. >���.  The ltidb'ii uf tlie congregation, bnve  decldtyl on a -nipper und ontorulnment  for I'ltislcr Monday, liio piticewh to g*'  to the orgttn fund.  Victoria ntilocps "tin* big four," Con-  nerval J veil.  in Now WusUnlnatorOKTord in olnot-  mi, whih* 1'ooloy won out In tho ilvo  ci.-riu*rt'<t tight at lC-M|Uimult,  Ho lac tho iTuuHfl uppvar to last  Mr. J. if;, C. Wood, Rfocfed hp Acclamation  Alhernt Electoral''District  Frank Hoyd,  of  Ijlnir'ntono   lolnnd,  (JuuuhIuo Sound, dlevt  on  tin*  atoituier  Tei'Mon liio down  trip.     Tho dotitor  ���MiVijIieartdlMtsaitc a-itbt* cauno of detith.  |)i'<<t��aw*d.wu-i ,'H year** of age, wait bud  been at tbo "ho-ij-ltal In Victoria for  j f.rcittm.ont.   llo won. nsiuriilng home  jwlionho vvtot tnkt?n ���tuddoii.ly  ill und  j died almont iinroodliitoly  lilr  AllwrnU J. O. 0. Wo*.i4, CJ, Aco.  AtllnT-.Ur. Young. (J.   ' Aeo,  Critnbi-ook-.-It. liavon, 0, Aoo.  C'hlUlwmik-,A. W, Cttwloy At5��,  Uruntl Forka.-IC. Miller, 0, Aoc.  KhjiIo . N, Mncktty, C, Aco,  OkttmigHn   H. Klllkon, <'. Aco,  Htbhniond-Cartor-Cotton, C,        Aoo.  Hovolatoho -T. Taylor, C. A��o.  r��imlikai?iee��. A. Mhatford, 0,       Aoe,  VlcKirlt* {il 11 Mcill'ldii, (;.  IL H. Thomi**>(*n,  V.  M. F. W. Hobm-fen, C,  F, Hitvey. C,  Vnncvnivor (01 --W. J, liowsbY, 0,    >  "H. Wm-Min, C.  Chariot* Twtall, 0.  A. It. lb Macjrowwi, O.  Hr. Mrtlulro, U,  Nunulmo-' J, I Mac it, H.  t^iulmali   H, H. Huolny, C.  Vlct4��rbt, H. i\, Matvh W,  Hltico and William*, Kocf��lt*t��, only  memberu on Op-Kititlnn eitx'-Unl,  Jardlno, Oliver and Horry lo��o their  dejHiilit?, HrowNtor runs* .'Unbehind tho  lowott c<m*vervKtive,  Ciilumhhi- -CSeo. Hai'Mins, (,;.  Cowlelmn.  \V. H. Huywttr>l,C.  Hewduey.  J. ii, Mnnnon, C  Comox'-. M. Mitnhon, C.  Cii!'IImm>(2)-..I, A, Fraaor, C.  , llr. (iHlitthun, 0.  Fertile-  W. H. How, a  lirernwiMxl- ,|iickion, C.  Inlands   A. K. McFhlltlps,, C.  KitinUnipt,   .1, l\ Hbnw, U.  l.llliioet,   J. McDonald, C.  S'ewcnMle-^U," H. Dyor, G.  NewWoittmln'iieiv.T.Olitord. C.  N-tdiileh'���-. 1). M.: Kberta, C.  HUn'itn-AV. Hunter, O.  8keetm���M. Masison, 0.  Ymlr-,). H. Htibolield, C.  Vuk*i��Altix. Lticna, C,  /  0   v 1)  ��''  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  AUERRI  -z&l  ��� .* "*s  -> >t.'j  Tha Alk-aml Adveetst* Printing and  I'ultlithbti ��>��� l*rkti|nt*tor��.  Jf. r. BaaEDWB  l^MI-.h-tt at Alht'tlil. Ilrltlnt. d'linnt-'kl, In  Hie intfti'kt* ef VaniMiiTt-i Iktmytiii iii iniral n.5  ta�� AlwPlit |flktr��'4 in iMkrt;eiit*r  !{*��<*'OHfe*:   AiUml. B. C.  IP -J*   -*M>   rt*    Jf   .* 1      -f / T". ' )   -  -   Al'I'lMatluik Ilk* tm-ii inwti' In Oiii I'iikieikkii i  tJ.H.nmt In! ilklu.llii-v.K'i! llll','iii,-lv 11* '>>**!* *R  wstiijilt t'tkkk iiiMVi'f  htil-��i'rliiHi>tk* Iii |a-li>ia le I'muffli, i*��*> t'nHuil  !-tll>tftU--kil. Ail��i>*S!��l.   }*.'*  ifinttfli'),   {*.'. ** l��l'"Hl  t*��itf anil nilii'f ei>nnHit'�� -allli kiiiiklai |H.n��l  frKktlktlitllfc, will in? r.ivitrtl mii Hit'ln'ltiKinn  l-Mllia* ' - '  OHM Year ,       ��       -       I****  KUM-Mttlia .     ,     .lot  i>4i*l*y�� l,t I hi' Oliltwl HUH'*. Mfll'vi muliill  (**l*44>|H--*ll awl nlli-ir fi'tt-tiOl tvniitltll';* |l.l**|i'l  ��e��r*-��l��i*,  JUMft, J* IE. ����(I  TO CORKUSI'ONDENTB.  o  AIU*o��iiiiusil4SOli>i�� Inu-niti-sl fur put'lli'toiim  nnittl lie -uvn'mutllleit "III, Oit> (mine antt ml  ���iff-,*-.! Hie nr.li'f, inn nttv-kkiotii.' furtnitilli'k'  tiwil'itl.aaa'fiiBranii'i.nlite.HWauii. VViM'ttiiitui  uniltiHaiiflu K-ttirn lejit-ti'tS it>iiti,uiiili*i4ltniik  Nu rtunuin-KOlun alii i*- i��a|it fur i><mH'�� ismoi-  liwUi.iiBt'i^lit lo' n-KlM aiiHtiut'tiirnt.  '  Atfctrnl, B, C, Canada ���  yyyi-fkkW-y-naa-aitij tanuktmaii ^luiaaittiiJii **�������**���  INCORPORATION.  ��������1113 petition for tho incorpom-  tlon of tho town of Albornl  Jiuh boon prepared and in now  being ch'0.ulu-U;��l. It In to be  hoped thttt every property owner  of tho district thttt it is proposed  to includo within tho limits of  tho Incorporation will sign this  potltton, There are mo many  things.that are vital to tlio future  , of tho town that cannot bo liuu-  dlod In a satisfactory manner un-  toss thoro Ik tt botlyj corporate to  take charge of thorn, that tlio  bulk of tho arguments appear to  bo strongly hi favor of Immediate  Incorporation.  These argumont-H havo already  boon presented, but a brief ro  view of tbo luiila ones will bo of  Interest, ^  In tho matter of clearing up  tho streets,  forcing tho "cutting  down of tho scrub timber which  forms a menace to tho safety of  tho  town,  adequate   sewerage,  lighting, water system, roads and  Nldowalks, a pound law within  tlio city HmltH, tho compelling of  non-iVHldunt owners to clean up  their lots ami not uiako rubbish  und thistle patches out of them,  hoUil rOKulatlon, utrotit oikIh ami  bfldKow, ami tho uonural Hpt-nd-  Inu of tho rovunucH within tho  cK-j iimltN, wo Html matt-tu'H that  . ..* ivil b�� hotter handled through  lUky>rporntlon than In any other  way.  If wo aro to havo u town hero  that wo can point to with pritlo,  it will como through uitmlclpal  work. Why>i�� tho petition comet?.  around nt^lt ttj> nntl haaten the  gootl work,  CLEARINa THfc! STREETS.  ' piv^reKn, pt'opb' who will nt-lther  s-o'll ntiriiuprovo, Khoiild Jjo^ivon  it dose of "lot'ttl iiin>roV4*mi'nt"  jtrn-tlMut*. A dorto blttior enotiKh  Kdiior *��nd M��t\H*f to muko tbeui dmittfo tln-ir lao-  til'-K.  H ta time the n'MkleiilM of Albornl liiut!" upiholrnihidx u* put  \m *>nd u* this 4< waitingoitatuo M  on the part of tlio oiil-hldo hpef��.  lator ami. by ineorporatinwr. get  tho poW4-r toeomjH'i the removal  of iiiniiy of tli��*uimluhtly��tump��,  und the mmuI* Umber, iu and  around theae lotw. The Amler*  wm Land Company e*��peciaily  rtihouid be mado to i*ut back a  part of their pi*oliU Into decent  street** forIho'se who have boti|{lit  from them, and thorto who pur  clu*HedJii.thjj-OJd,dayM and have  been holding ever kIiico nhould  come in for a nhait* of thenitmej  attention, Tho mere ptirchaao  of a piece of land doon not, en-  title tin* owner to play (his dotf  in the manner Kitute, That line  of arutninonl, the "it'n mine and  I wilt do un I tike with it" reply  to all romont-itrniioor-;, Ih a folio of  the old cave dwelling day*.  Such an attltutle doert "not lit in  wlt.h modern civilization, Thonv  who tnke litis attitude should lie  nont back to the euve dwelllnu;  poritnl, In the meantime, ,an  they have little mind, unci Iohn  eonsclenet* to appeal to, the thing  to do Is hit them in the niont vital  Mpot-thelr pocketa.  March 20, 1013  I  AMIKIIKl I..VM1 UIWTltltri^.. ] Al.lifitlNI I.ANIl WtVriWtT,  Dlktrk-I tlf limn tt. "* j JllMtleltif k.'.��it��)��:  Tuito in<tli>FUlkHli"J>r��;i' I'i t��* ICrtirlt'j', ��f Vnn-i 'I'.il.i' nmlisi thm r'ttutt-.-iri, Vli-uir' l^nnt/xtatf.  tviki*k*?r, It. (f��� 4M<t'u</atlimcl,*lli*4,'Utt,lii1ktiiati|ilr ('��f Vleinr'a. It.��',. t*4t'tit<��lti/li eri-lilli*-!, HiiiiHin  for M-nnlktiiin to i-ur-riiaae tiro -foltowlutf ut*-1 lnneiitt li.r |u*.niiikki>ii| ia rut, Iim-mj tlm tvllmt.  kerUt'sl Ikii'lk! I ii'k' i', n'rii��l iiktiii��  4*<it(iiiii'ni*lti>i a;) h I'liat |'la(il**i5 *r','.Ut i'liatiikj I'K'i.H'K'iu'Hiie ildi'-iit eUfit^l 1,1 t).n |.n,ili  *��VI!|| nt llin wiiiHli'vi-t iK-ttirr  ���f   H.tk|liu,  tl. MMi'l ul iilii*liilMi tit JiSiii'liataltwin. iilkilit iilii'lli)V  TtlM*iklll|iII, 0,4-lH*.!   * ? W   illllllia   (lllflU, HK'/IM'I W>HtllMI*t   (IIH,, Itll- lll'M|t|l��f l|lli.| lil.r. Uli-tHt-  4kl4'|l��|llk ttt'kl,   |lirli,K<   ��1 l't.,HI(k  kokltll, 4tliMMS> J |i> <��� I'KlUlfVkl  illtt*4'litlli   Mll'tltt  tlm tlll'un.ll |IIU(  fHlfi Advocate Sm 'ploawed to  note tho fact that the work  of olonrlnft tho atrcoU in going  on with a awing. Tho lino weather tuakcM thin an excellent time  for tli.H work, a�� tho retpdred'  burning can bo don-u under favoj"  Able condillonH. Tho aid which  tho government h giving to tldn  work wiiouUl be taken ndvantego  of by ownera of town bite. By a  v-ombinntlon of yUtdn kind we tutu  get tho town frifanotl up, and  malte It look ntoro Uk��* a town,  and lom-j llkt* nbacltwtMitli-iprtipo-  nltion.  There in one thing lurking,  however, and Hint In the mo-inn  te make tho>o> who own lot** take  their Mhiiro of thin work. There  are certain ownerw, moatly non-  rerddonUi, who appear to bt* t��lay-  lug the old rteltlHh gamo of renting on their oara, ami letting  otherw do tjnv work which will  InorcitiHO the value of their hold-  !nga. There ahonld be some way  of glutting at thin cIiinu, and tin*  ttoonor that way in dlncoveretl  tho better.  One of the boat argument-*** In  favor of incorporation 1�� the fact  that tlilK vMhh can and will be  made to bear tlmir JtiNt proportion of the coat of the work no-  ccH8ary to tmtlto thin.--what it can  oaaily become���one of .tho preiV-  ilcnt little towm-i in the country.  Thcwe clogH on  the  wheeln of  SCRUB TIMBER.  npHlC Advocate Iiun called tho  ��� attention of the. authorities  to the fact that the Horub timber  atandlng all around the town in  a menace, to, public safety. It  nhoultl come,,down at once. Ah  the HCitsan advances it will be  dangerous to try te burn thin  stuff, ami another year will have,  to pass without'relief from this  danger,  "Clour up���or clour out "������  should bo the slogan of those  who havo in hand tlio ^matter of  getting tliis timber out of the  way.  It Is ttmt! the man with tho axe  got very busy,  WATER NOTICE.  Wo, tiltOU jWi'lOkltPN, Mmltffl. ��f V-ini'ii'iver,  II. 0��� ur oi*uui'ki!i'n ti en**ur t-tum-am-i uivn nn,  ilmittiiil wii juii'iiit en Hie mill. tti>)' nf Aeril  iii'Dt. ul t'lnvtin n'ldui'li In itin tnrt'iiimii, tu itl'lil*'  to the Water t'liiiiitilaainiiar at lila unlit, ut ,\|.  Iiernl. II U��� t*<r i. Ili-fiiist mi tulte und u*i> \W  enlilti lit'I nf kviitfr pur ktHuiml linin Kuvllkli.  niiiii'ji Itlver, in tm ilfvi'iinl at a 1'Hlni HlMkut Ifii  fts't ikliiive He' ti|i|Hir fill I�� nf ttn< liver til��nit  tw�� atnS a trnlt inllti* iin��|i'rl>' nf Mnirl*un'k  ittntili,'  Ttinwalfrvit!! lm tikdi) nn K, * N. Ititll**.i>-  1,'iiiiilMitiy'k limit ifriirii f>ir imwcr iiuit��i*si'��.  I Inti'inl it* iiflilv at Hit> mtine tlini' fm- I'i'Hiil*"  a|nn in attirt* ���-. ai<rt'-f"i>t nf tliti*tilil vtiittir in  tt rfk��rk'nlr nt aaltl ninn'r fnila,  Oliilll '���"-mli'klvi'k, l.iiiiliiil,  DHtea uiik if th. nnr ��f r>Mrf��ari-, i��l��.  Land Act Notices  Al.mCUNl liANI* IIISTUII.*!'.  IIIMili'l nf Unt'i'rl.  Tatni ntitlis' Unit I, llittili't' A*liti>', nf Vatitmu.  vi<r, It.��_����� iKktu|iii|iiii| iiiinrltil kkiiinun, Inlriiil*  teaiieb* fur ln'rinikktiiii u> |iinv!iiikii Hin fulltikt.  Inii tti'seri'Mil It'iiiiki  4V,i>iin-"iki'lii�� in �� t��ikl |iltiniiil mi t'iii ii-Hii'  *!iil> IIiip a<< iitinnn ttt.�� 4-niriii** iii'*i "f Sin'timi Of,  'Alwilklitt. tl, llmijoii **1 elia|n�� kmitli, Sl|i'iii'i>**i  C'ltUtEkStlkkt.  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Hiktrti-tuf i:iiiiiu|ii(ii,  'I'nhe nuti,v iimi I, liiiiiiiiieik WmKi'i l*lmti-r,  uf Allie'lll, 1-1,4)., t��1'i||iHlli,l! liiuiihi'l, ilili'liili tu  ii|i|i|* Ini'tii'iinikklun te |itio��|iii��' tin' (nil.mun/  lt<'M'lili.-l1 iuilitkl  IVi|ijllll'l),il|l^ tltlt ji'ml |i|iil|ln( nl till' tuitltli  t-ikt tyiiimr tlinlx'r lliult 1*4.1, llirnC' ��i'kt *u  t'litilna, Hieneu nniili 4i> I'hiiSiut, Hii'iiii' ttt'kl In  I'lltlltkr OlCfllMi  klllllil   Ml i>itutllk,   llll'lHli i'ilkk ���*!  ehiiiiiN, ilii'iiit' iiiiiHi iiti(i:){ Wi t'lmliif. itu'iu'e  nckl hUiiilji Vii'lmlii* lu Hie kiu.ithkM'kt euiui'i  |ii| inf. tlii*li|i.i nuilHi iiliuiil 141 i'liiiliik, Illi'lli".'  kki'kl lk'l'i I'lliiilln l.i Hi" aulllliik'i'kl I'lilliiT tul  inii, Iht'iii'ti imilli aliiiill In eliiiliik tu eulnl i'f  i'lllllllll'lett'llu'lll. iMIIlHlllllIK nlmul .kuliieiiik  , Il.Uiiiiinik VValli-t MihIi'I'.  Wei. t'lulill HltiKUlk, Atfi'lil  IVtirtiat'}' r��, Iviir,  \a@^\'1  mt^mmmw ,'m-^ij.''  The Fletcher Boat Yard and Gara  llullileri of biemcliei unit How- lloi'.l��l, Act'cenkorlek, Hunt Kit-  tiiiK'M. dura unit I'uiltllea.      Ij,'iiittnn a|iec|iilili-t.      Cn-tolluc, \  LtiibriciitiiiK tills t'lc, will lie kepi In0 >>t4>cl<  tltl�� M'iisim^7  H4��|ireM'iit Kcrro Mftrlne untl Hiutionnry l-.n^Sitcs.  A|,'i'iitH fur (lie 1/iHiili Four t'.vele .Murine K'j'-liie.  }  Firt?t Gloss Work Guaranteed    5  r^-a, nam akoif a^Ha.t*^''!** k. >  II one wltlatle alie alioulti lilovv, U> aliirltoitrtl then your Ixov miiHt ijo,  Anil inpi'iti.!*',-' on uct-oa" tint title, r.lie'11 iiit-e. u> jK��i-t iilmiif ymiraliie.'  If two wliltitle*. !>lie hlmulil l-low, tlieii to jhu'I your t*uw uiu"! k**i  " Ami If lite npiicc l-i fur ami wl-je, you'll pat** along lief aiarl*o,ii-��J  filtlt*. k ,  Fur tlii'ee aliort IiIiiMm ,'tl*i yonii* to lettriii tlml alut ia (,'uliic lull apeetl,  ii*iti*rn.    . *  Albornl      E.   FLETCHER B.C.  ttkttmmffHemtmim  f ������**v*'V-,'*V-**'vV^^  tt wm���>*r>f v<* H -*vi w.  Advertise by Photography  Next to the thin^ itself a good  Photograph will give a bettor idea  to a purchaser than any amount  ot description. If you want It  well done consult  Leonard Frank  -  -  -   Alberni  ^yJ^v\j*p*ys**^*\fj>^S>ASJ*+sS*\s*^~'V^^  Partelow Miles  Joseph F. Hanna  The British Columbia Cruising  and Estimating Company  UAH HI'liN  I'OIIMKIl 1'IHt 'I'HK I'llHltUtK Of'  'I'iiiii'.Hi^ltly criil*.it!|7 timber uml ether littuis tvltiiin tlio Hrovlnce  nf Hi'itUli t'lilumliiu, iimi fiirniahliu;  at/ARANrm) ariNAru  liy i-elinlile experta win* littvi* l��ml yotirn'iif experieneo jt> tiiU lilu*  ef liuslnD-v,, Tlu* compiiny citn, unit will, plnet* In your liand-i  nn eiiimuo* correct In every ootull-tlm lilntl you enn hunk on  und ilo Im.sineit't vi Itlt,  f-  >(,i-i'>.r#rtCii'*  HANK OK MONTHHAIt,, J'ort Altiernt linitteit.  HdVAl. BANK tiKtJANADA, Alhornl hrmiclt,  . l"i*r jirlccH ami tci'iiiH apply to  British Columbia Cruising and Estimating Co.  Alberni  JS. C  :i  j  -^���-4?* i-'->i*-iir-j  *      ��*�������������*��,**���-*.      j*^.     *-!  "t"  -r���,���  -> i "ir*. THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  iwilimikum'miiu-jijiijukiaiaiwT.iinn-!*! .lii,ii,iiw.kki,iktiinnn,ki,-mr-i������' r ir-irnn i-nn-rr���T'irn  tSSfSBSBSKSSBSSMi  <ii     ,  4 ��  f\  -?*  ,  **  Jfaatt -it*!**,  a*T" ���-  M  \      *  \,/  ZooA* Out For 'Our Next Week's Ad.  'P.  0  <8  !��-���>���  mra-i \snt&nitrt*L**H!M*treiM\  .  ^  Auctioneers.   Real-Estate and Insurance  Insurance Agencies���Commercial Fire and British Columbia Life  exit 1  >j ���  (U!iiMaii��i>��*��>*w>>Mi��ai>>w^  *'*  E. M. WHYTE  OKNKBAL DlaACKMMITII  Monwahoolnir a Bpwlalty  N-sw Carriage*! of mil Dcacrlp-  dona Built to Owler.  Publlo Hull to rent.  HuHaWo  for Dunco-i, Meettofc'a or  Samplo Hootu  A18ERNI       mi      FORT MBimi  PI0UEEM  PAMBEM   SHOP  A Mi K It N I   .   ���  Oetioral Totiaorlft! Aril��l*��  ;    Hot ami Cold Hatha    :  0��#rp* MnkttMtir,  rrepH*t$r  When fonllng �� little* lonoaonm,  or kftvlng a touch of tin*, blues*,  drop Into Udit popular resort.  If aa hour hero does not euro  you���baiter -too tin* doctor.  XM riwir Hill  'I|li0 humca-ilng of tlm lido* ia u  pi-obliiiii, which wo itro apt to eomtldar  ilin Uelwiging lo tho ninoteonth and  twentieth oiuiturlivif., butronltiont* ulung  the Now York and Connect lout ahorpt*  of Urnjf hdunil Hound art) fatnitiur with  nn ln.Utu-**llngold mill, mill Inuporallon,  which win. crct'tod ut tho clom* of titc  Revolution, and hft�� .won In morn or  loan con-aunt o|M*mtion uvt-r aitum.  Ot'lgtmitly thii iHiwor wiwi tli-V'.-lopod  through two under shot wheel** which,  In couivm of time, won* replaced hy  turblni'��. The witters iin* impound-ad  nt high tide lu tin tu-tlliewl I'lt-tln, and  tire rt'UuuuH). when the tide t-utnmencca  to (nil.  nmximutn rlso  nciU'ly  40 liorao j*owt*r Ih ttovolopod  hy the turbines.  I.>...*, ...,..*..,.,,. mI.,....1       tuT/mitts   tu  UI..J    i*,.riv,,*t',    w..-- *r*%*        r,.-*,".-,f      .���  than tumid ut thhi aeu.von ol the yottr.  ���,.������.��� *.,w r*-......���*-���     I^pltodl^m'tt^monu ofUmpioil  Although only m-v-m f^^*��a*wwi��g totrowpprtttiIon httodh  und  mil tiro iivfcuq^ * niLpSMwot tjw' big mttrkot  '  cjt^d^-^fho aonlh,   1018 will ��oo it  Ifrotttly Incrc-twi-d acr��*a��f�� In iho'throu  grottl grain growing provlnaoti.  Nlntmm hiindr-cd and twttltm* looktt  ttt tho preaeiH tiuifl like it risionl  breaker..��� Winnipeg Tritium*.  Time >��� Wefo lip  Cttnttdiv acema to ht* auffmlng from  tlm * turn* acnrclty of food In w)im�� llmw  tv* tho United Muitoa, Elutter thwro lift*  rmtcht-d audi �� p-rSco thut It lm* been  fotiml profitable U> llnisii'l tin* New  iWlimd product*. Home ;K>,tH>�� pound**  from thttt f��r dlatunt lund rotwntly  iv-whod Montrettl und werit ��l onoc  dla|x*acd of.Whcn the United Htattn*  tire forced to hnpur* p��t*tt*ic�� from  Jreltoid und rVolhtnd itnd ('itiswla j,'*k.��  clear tn New fc'ttlitis) for Ha Imtter the  urhati dweller it,ay in* pwidoiieti ft��'  lielievtii-filiut it iatlme for mil'iitemer*  t4i wtike up. ..Hhllittlfltiliiii Uncord,  Whtttevec tlu>mvtlei��l ohjcctlona to  tliein there nmy Ik��, niwlnwi WK'tnty la  conlrtnitcd with InduatriHl uml ecoiiomlt?  condltlona thntdcmimd relict for the  MX'ittl oxiittiott,. Hpokunc . Mpnkoiinitn*'  HuUy One!-- Wo wi*ndei'*Hl wlmt wita  the mutter. ThU mnkea it very clo-tr.  Vihy He WAfaX  Mtft-dni-r thtit hi** ropoitttMl rcipieittN to  look plertiitnt only cnuwod hU aubjwt  to nc^>wl more IKntiuly, (ht*|*|iouiK>'H|di'  er omttml U> look plniwttnthlmnnlf, "If  you ctm't cheer up," hi* -mid, "we mUfht  iv�� well cttll this ���jlttlnif off. You acetti  nn. niialnbjo aorti of chstp. Why citn't  you look pletuant when 1 toll youV"  "Heo��u��i�� I don't want to," Httild tlm  man l>wfor�� tho Wmera. "My wlfi- ts  d0.ln.(f to Bti.nd thoao plpturo'i to Bomo  roltttlvcH of hens whom I havo novor  aocii, ftlon^/wlth an lnvlutloti to vlait  u�� wKin, find it la .my intention to look  llkt* a brlgiMid,'do thoy won't come."  U*h Bri|Eit  The npi'lntf outlook f lu We>tu>rn  UfttnUa i�� imrtiotiltirly bright, snd then*  Ik very liltlf* picking for tliomi ut n  )it>Dtfiiiil��ilti turn of mind. Hullwity  bulldlnif' pmmlstfia to lm cxcc|itlonivlly  hci-ivy. Tho rti|K>rtr< from Oltuwi��Lrt��-  gutivlirtg thoIIiidtKinHay lint* uro to tlm  elTi-ct limt tlmi'D will ht* no further  dolity In JwilVt* pro-mention of tlm jf't'otti  work. HmilnenM e��iennitni�� on it )nt'K<1  M-tile httvo nireitdy Imnn *itinouiictsl,ttiid  with tbo nornutl t*ittt*n��lon��i of rcHldcn-  Hal dlati'laim, tho huildlnii'trmlcMlnivott  l..-.^-w   itk*.*aji.atkii-k  Mtaiaiaal Kf/mitV     (|(       $rt\t\P  i*\9wj   r*-tar��a��atJ**    w*������- *r~rm       ���.-���.---      -���      ..^_.  IllfthSy lntt*roatlnif dlwioverlctt lutve  been mtule In connection with the ox-  t'MVtttttm*. In the ruins of Hoinji'll  recently, A atwwt b'udinif to the  KViftiin wlildh wtta tdoit<(t ttt Iwth nnda  by atom* pillttra for tin* pttrpow* at ox-  eluding c��i*rli��Jft*��,now provea to hnvtt  iH?en on**-' of the chief tliiiroiitfh(tit��M  at tht* city. It la lined wlih tihu***i,the  witlla of wiilch *>hww In-tcriptlon-i ����'uil  mttrbli* lalilow which im�� well pre.  wrvwl,  A nT��'��i (jonntity of mvhiw*uliitfU'(il  treiuuroa of {fdvttt blaiwrlr viilue lm-*  found ttnd tho invcutlfe'-tUiri* httvt'  IfuthoitHt up iv ijiiioitlty ef (letrlflctl  fruit tttiit ntmit. In one ahop n htrge  torracottn IdudmnaUivn wHatlikc<.tV4ired,  nn tht* lop of which rc-a-ivl tm ovitl cop.  |K*r iKillerlnperfect cunditlon, contuln-  ttifi' water, which, tin* Hciontlt��ta wny,  hr.-j U'-en tlic-rt* ."Inco (itt* time of the  oruptlon.nuurly   two   thouatmd yeitri  Bfe'O,  Tfe�� H��iTf Hcakt llsak,  Thla ajdendta vveuthcr Ih tempting ft  number of ttwto ttnthualuals to try the  rofwl-*, und the (/-oault hus been to bring  aovorit) purtk'N into Alberni during the  week. .They all report tie? rotul in ok-  oellont'condition wid m Imvlng tmd it  flno run over from NttnRlmo.  KOXt BA^K-aO inch Wood Btovp, box  piittorn, now ftntl in flrtifc' c3a.SK cotidl-  'lion.   Apply Advi>eato oiltet*. Albornl  wi>f*��-**��-ai- ^-jkA-kt-H**!**" m> .  *'$km eral line  nection  a gen-  in eon~  Plumbing  people  ict for a  Plumbing Estimates at short notice  and all work attended to Promptly  bg Competent Workmen.  ;J  c-^c -sr-3* <c-7 ��r-T�� itr^i* ttr-pa ��r-p�� ttr-T* titr-Ti ��rr�� ��r-5a  njl    U��w   WkNtJ    IrfO   L��v,J    (Low X^mJ    >U*W   t-aftj   UcktW   L-W   *mi  Tt,     -W.I- �����<| �����  ���>V-u^   i. y-..��  ���-   m. VV, ��** IT'T. T "  -tup-,--  r-fa   kk-w-i-ai-a.,  ,��-*���-^>,>Mir  ���knit-l-l*   ���d*"*,*"-,'l*"-****   *f*--"  ,--|-r^-��� -a--    -..." Il'SSnT  ,wiir^^c?Tw��T^rH"'^T^  t*     /kl:.     i ****.*.r>'i .?i   .���-.-*. M i--i-ii *,, *.7.*V      /r.    ��1 lar-rf , ��������� Vi-,* "-n*i '-*\'i jr ,*-A..  .?,������--.-.;*[v. vw&gsmms&mm&s&s?  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  SPEND HILLIONS  Httilwtty connlrucilon and oaten-don  wirk attch ����������� tin* world hu* never *t����'U  hi k>.aliuilnt'|>erti-dofil!t)49wll| tin iii��d-*r��.  taken in Wttatmrn Can-ada a* won tuthti  winter hroaka, accoiillng to �� r**jM��rt  during tho year for cotihtructkn, In-  clotting over IKX) inllea of brunch |iiii"*>'  alreiuly grnth-d uml ttwitltlfig the *-i''t*l,  W�� W4-H lei over .'Ml mllet of the iiiiiln  line t*�� I'tituM* Hupett, pitrt tibe-nly  graded, Thin wniimtvonlxititSiX'itiiie-.  of main line U) bo ivmt'h'UtJ iu lt'1.1.  it U cMimnlcd th��*2 k^S?!,^ will belaid  through from \Vtm>if*.'g to I'rlnce Hit-  pert, and tranip^Tfu po-v* over that line  by llie eujJt^T'TUtJ  whtolrfciw juat been made by MxixJZ^^���^"^��� Norlhjrii expect* to  ���acon'.ubgt'tieriil  M^nd *i*,0i*i,iO) In Western ('iimulu  Join***, tht* United Hut*  ut Winnipeg.  It I* oatlmated, Mr. Jonea auya, tliut  the CHnMdl-r.il Hnellic, the Grand Trunk  I'taoUIo and the Canadian Northi-wi will  a{*4*nd during the coming ivumitier  month** no Icm limn ���MOO.UM.O'.O in ex.  tonalvt* work, with the rc-ault that many  now ditktrtut-4 will lm 1-onclltc-d by rail-  way uutlota.  "One of tht* jlifit. groat works to bit  ftttmnptod by the Canadian Httcillc,"  8ityw Mr, Jonca' iitport, " will In* it  modern coal-handling plunt ut Fort  William. Wlien the present plunt was  oontitrticted It win* designed to meet the  demand for twcnty-llvt* years to oonm;  but ot-ml trunk: nt tht* Cuntidliiu lieiul of  the lakes litei wlnco doubled. The wini-  pasty will also erect, rt 2A,(XH>-ton freight  ahrxl, and tt, new dock for hike ah)p.  menu*. .  "Thodoublo-triick system now com-  plotod from Fort William to Hrundon  will bo tlttod with n block" ayHtcm, the  first aootlon bolng tlmt lintwoon Fort  Wllliinn and Winnipeg. Tlio brldgn  oroanlng tlio Hcd river will In* enlurgtHl  ���und 11 doublo truck laid, Tlm most irn-  l*orUnt oonatruotion, however, will ht*  a now Winnipeg tormlnttl. Tin* double  truck will be continued from Hrundon  wont to take cure of tralllo where Itetiv-  teat; double trucks will bo luld between  Heglurt and Chaplain, Hnaktttohnwun;  botweon Mnrharg mid Mumdtul, Alhe-r-  t��, fttid from Vancouver to Hammond,  11, C, a (Hiint thirty mile-* oust.  .  "Tho company la also propuring lo  start work on ft number of brunch linen  fur tapping recently nettled t-tti'tlon*.  Tho lino from Wiiyburn, Suakatohowun,  will bo extended went KKI mlleti, To a  lint* bulldlngc northwtiMt from Klwft  Current, Kaakuudicwun, olghty-llvo  mllnn.wlll lm udded. Tho I.tUlibrldge  lint* will bo extended twenty-live miles  and probably thirty to tifty miles'com-  pJotod of tlm bcnnclt southwest from  Medicine hat. To tint uliivator ut Fort  William will bo added it now l,r*PO,(XK*-  biiahol aeotlun, muklng tht* total elevii-  tor capacity thorn (*itX>0,000 hushd*.  "It lu estimated that ��'20,(XiO,(XX) will  I**) apcnl by  tho Orund Trunk Piuililo  during It'l'ti for betterment-* hit tivec  Uie lllit'i new alee}, better station*, and  ne��* tomtiti'il*,"  Bernard Frank  tt*  .rJOTAItV  euni.iu  Coijveynncliig-��Legal Forms, t'tc.  4>   r���""���I ("- v"1!." "���"���; ���"���".' i" ' i "���" ���  FOH ANYTHING IN TI1K WAY OF  STOVEWOOD  00 'J'O  JOHN    GRIEVE  Survepfng  OI-X>KOK A. K.MiTH, C. !*:., Htltiili  Columbia Hand Kurt ���*> or. Korvi-.vi-.nf  tiiniiur ilniiti, mineral t'jalm*, und litini  *>iils<!ivla|oi)k. tltllci. ��t Alberni. I\ W.  Hotc 23. ->  IL If. UR0WNE  Civil und Mining i:ii-,'lu��t'i-  ���   niul ;  I'tNiviticiul l��!iiv.l Hiicviijur  Alberni ' H. U.  trtwpMirvH*  . |)HY WOOD A 8PK0IALTY  All, Ordtira   Hromptly   Atlondml  To  EXPRESS   SERVICE  ARROWSMITH LODGE  to D. A. F. & A. M  Hegufni' Commtmlcittloii- lite tiilitl  \Vcdin'N.ltt,v in eucli imnilh, In the  Mnwinlo Hull, Alberni, ll, t\  Visiting breihreti cmtlliilly lu*--|tetl  to ut tend.     "  I), Hloplu-nsun, W< M,      ll.'Htmiii, silt'.  THE ATTENTION  t*,kk**nut4u*V4��k*-t��m��n4n4tv  ot Hi-oidciita nod Intending Kettlt-rw  in Alburtti, I'i.irt Alberni mid lhcdl>>.  nict girncittlly I* invited to t<ie fact  (lint th.�� I'HiiNI^H I'UHNITtUU:  KTtiHI'liH, Alberni und Hon Alberni,  cjirry bAHOH STlH.'KH of alt kimta  of NKtmSA.lY IfOUHKHOLD  l'4lMtNiTt?HI;: nt prlv*'*. which coin-  pure fitvoritbly wlilt iho*** pivvulllng  in i*ny phtco iu iii UUli Colttmbiu.  INTCNHlNt'tSI-riTbl-JHN,  ekpeclully.  will llllii (llflU kliiivvh-4lg4*  t4*  tlO'll' ��ii-  vitntitgi- Iniiiuiiich �����* they need not  IH> t<* the 1 rouble niid *1X|iciih4* of  brlltglitg witli tli-'in iWeli' iioiikchold  ' elTeet'. which iiiily^cnciiiiihi'i' liit'lr  iniivt'iiit'iii'. uml f*A*i/ilom ni net Ion  whllt> liHikiug for -//tuldihii- liH'iniou,  A. I. BINJD  Shine  'Em  Up  Hetweon   Albornl   and  twice dully.  Poet Alberni  HurcolH und light freight carried.  Delivery i-gcnt for Dominion KxproiM  Comp-tnyt  tj 1  Agent for  Nanulmo   Imperial  Rtoutu  Liumdry.   LliiUt on ttppHumioo.  Why wear muddy boots when the  Alberni Shoe Shining  Shop  will mnice them look lilte mirrors  Khoett Culled For uml Delivered.  'ST A Nil AT Till*.  ALBERNI HQTt.'L AhuTRNI D. C  Pioneer Furniture Stores  Alberni    and   Port Alberni  Lee Yuen & Co.  ... .Chinese Merchants....  tiiHH'ery iSlore itiiil Kmplii.v incut.   ���  Ai-i'iiH.      f'oiiln-ctor   foi*^ nil  UlutK of work.  Block 115        Argyle St.  Port Alberni  1  i"'D~0  Y O-U-K O D A K ?      ���-. a ��   *>  The Ciunern Scnson is Hero  Alberni, with it*, beautiful und varied svni'i'j, I" ptirtlctihirl.v mlitpttsl  In the iirt of the phuHigriiphi-r.  ,������.._,,   ..���-     -  ' T- ...,.,  O  Any Infiii'Miiitloii,we enn give .von li'-jiiiillu,,' plctnro inking ���'��'  plclui'4* muklng iv111 be clii'erfiilly Ivirnlklieil        !       :    ,  :   '   .'  (��� A ,��� i, ���   ��� r     w u i t.i;     i" ii a '  *' * t a '!��� <> o h i:  F. LIGHTER  Practical Watchmaker  JeWtttr and Optician  A good Jinn of Wntchef und  Chains mid till klniK of  iTivwelry, All kind** of He-  I in I r work.        :       :       :  THE BRAND SAWMILL  Will supply you with all kinds  of First Class Lumber.  Stock Sizes or Cut to Order  .Mull orders uttundrd to  CfM.PINEO  Your Druggist and  Stationer  AHHKHNI       ;    ,    : J :        POUT AI.IIBHNI  BW+**�������'IW ***}*  i^y V!jti^i<^?-!^i'yjsiyffs!!!  George  Forrest  Contractor and Builder  Sash, Doors, Glass  Frames, Moulding  c*+r*      , *   .   ���       ��       *       ���  ^ ->;���<��,  ��  1  THE ALBERN! ADVOCATE  ���-1 *:;  .���."-*-���  ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS VERY  OFTEN MED ABOUT ALBERN  ALBERNI AN0PT. ALBERNI"  ELEPBOSEEXCBAHOE  Albcml 1* ivachcd by train from Yjrtoila> Conttcrtlniia are imtdo with  ViPioria running though u�� AliWtii mi Monday, Wetlne-Klav und Friday. I'a*��  sengem from Vanis-jiveF City van cin*n**<kUrii;iih i)H�� train ��t Nniiabno.  AH*4'tni i�� ttl-no reached by' liteuuifaOVmn V!<*nute, und in the summer  immlha tii civ l'�� m* more tli-lighifu) trlp'lhau this ��l�� the west 4v*ksi <?f Vancouver Island mid nlong the j*ii.'t��ri>wjut�� Al>-<*rui chnul.  Mkj-��>jkjki-iii-��**iii rtto%i*i?m'*xJm*M#*iiV<a*  !��und price*-, tu* to nnvugti vitrie* from* ��2��t \n *!<��* >*-r ��t*re for bn*h larrtl,  and from *P*> ui *H<*�� for lui'd'iiiiit ha* h-'Vit rlem-cd "(id liiimgli! untf*<r <.'tilil->n-  tion, IVkou uru'guvorncd by liuiillty mid locution tlml can be had l:t ituy ipmie  thy. , ���  ' ktjni.ikW,-��iWi4    ��� ��  ''   **���,> *^ -    '  " U bus tK'en lound thnt inned limiting j��il>�� Im>m. On plot* of from ten iu  twenty uet-e-fruit gmwlttg, dutt-yiog, poultry calking, hog*and c-mih* will nil  pay well,  ���*"*"*���"* * -    ��� ���  Tiiere arc ihi fri't* hoini'tti'itil-. In In'Itini. , Lund  will liuve to be piirchu��i*d,  In vMls'l'ltl will be foUftil the  ten'itl  i,i|*-iii<itr|-'* of �� proi'tvssive  Western  Coinitiiiiilly that hie,  fititb. iimi  llio'i'oiir.'ige of ,*.!*��� convictioti*. ' Thl'ie are it  numln't'nf giasl-tlore* ciiri'.khig ii vtJile, ruugi. ul go.kl��, MnsiK eliiuvhes, the  ne-aapuper In vtltlch y< m nn' retittlng this, u;id a iiumhtnif athletic und mh-IuIJ  cjluh*.  Tlit�� cllmiil.' i* w> Ihti' hscih'i i��e found on the l-nc$l|c CuitM, tultcn ihoyciir  round. The rnluliill I*. lev. thini ihal of tin* City tit Vancouver, the fii��sl->. tiro  light. There It neldoni fr*��*t enough for "kilting ur -mow enough for -h'lglilng,  and when either of tht">e coniet it 4inly licit tt fen iltt.vt. For llie *unnii**r iimi  untiiiiiti month* tliete ii tiothfug iu the world to eK>>>>l the Alhm-ill weather,  Alberni Ir- lite millet of one of the lurgeM niul 1110*1 fertile valley*, on Vancouver Mimd. In the District wilt be lumul 11 vu*t weiilth uf tliiibt*r of the  iliiest kind, coitl, iron, copper, tmtrble and other cummei-cliil suine*., brick clujs  <nnd id her ii'iuli'i'luls.  If you itre a tonrtkl or spunmuhii come In, Alberni will present 10 you 11  U��t of vtonderiul tittriti'tltiux in the ����J uf ll-lilngi kbootlog. grand scenery,  gtssl roiiil* and excellent hotel*. Tlit'simm-iM meld" und the htght**t skill urn  retpilreil to take lie* large mid hard-light it*K trout Hint it re to In* foiiiid hi tin*  Ink en and sUi'iou* neiir Alberni, Nullum* alumnd,, and tin* limiting in ai'ii*on is  uf the bekt.  There itiv nnincroii-. attractive, iipj*i.rninlUe* for tin* iiiiiuufuciinvr and in-  Ycstor- The Alberni Ihmitl of,'i'ritiii' will be'glad lo tuku thtiat* nttttler* up  wllti you.   Write to ihein fnr punicularr., ,   ^  O  SKKSIffiH  ,.jg��.W  ZSZ&T  Here We Are Again!  Wh0 h fftrt Again?���Why (kit ENTER UR0THER8  Hack lu the Stump Hulling Husln**-"* with a Pig Plant uf       ���    -  Modern Mnchluerv. ' Wo Clear An>thing from a Uil lo  a Tuwnalto : :     ;   : t  ,,.'������    t        5  Leave order* or ask for ('*tlniati*s tit lliiyne A-  Wilkinson'*, Hurl Alberni.  ! ENTER BROTHERS  5 KATIKFAtTOHY CONTHACTOKH g  r^U��j*|^tt't,t4aHV��ttWi*W��ttl*  ic*i'*'!',ai!'ii!*;jw'!  ���*9I  "^"fyf&TFT*  ^gf-iBlk1!  o t�� 1 For  .Dominion Hotel, Alberni, consisting of 15 Bed Rooms, Large  DininfTJoom, Office and all  Modern Conveniences*  ;-Q��;r��EW KiS^iS'X-K-S  r��|riu�� w       a ��,��> ��<r��      r-n.-^.-���... VSiiV .,  As St v*lit S>*�� st-UK* time la-faroiiew  Halts^t-.. prejiiHi-ed Jiy * !��*�� Tcfliphmjit  Compttiiy 1 the following bat of 4ujl*crlti-  err tijt to it��t4i wli) In* f.auni] convenient.  Hang tlii-�� put up idoiigcidi* tin* tple-  ptiotio. You ***iil n��.d Jt iijo^j- uj��"i��-  df��t��' than the t*4S*k, " >;��  �����|.   Attiirrnl Adv-icata.  !>t,   Alberni Hardwuro Ntur-.*-,  XI    Alla-nil Trading Ht.,i-e.  .Id.   Alltcriil Hotel.  f*<t.;"Ai'liliglon H.'teb  ,T2,   Hunk of Mtuitretil.  S'i.   Hind, A, l��� Port AllK*rni,  SIS.    Html, A. !��� Alberni.  I**!,.   Hlt*dMtik, .1. Y��� featili-m*!*. ���  St.    IllmUoi*. ,1, F., Ollli'*'. "  ill, iilrd.tleo.il,  r,;t'<. Hlkliup .V Hon.  1132.    I5i..*tlie, H.1L  ,'hV   .Hiiltle, it, J.  SO.    Ilnrke, .1, .1., Darn.     ,  T*.   Hurke, .1. ,i., Hcldi'iice.  2*.    CiHiipbell ,V .Mueilei Albt'tul.  .;��.   Cninpliell.V Mm-lte, Ht. Alberni  lUi.   Cumtiltitu Piudlle Heptit;"  ."iH.   t 'luiiiitbiu I Villi* l.uiiilu'r Co.  hill, , Citriiilcluiel iV Moreheiui. .  i'i,    t '-u-tiir'r. tieimrai Klori*.  ti."*., Cutter, \j, W., realdi^n-t*.  12,   Coleman, Kphralin.  II,   Coojier. .N. H.  Hltt,   t'opp, C, <\.  1,,'rti.   Com in, T. c    .  ,*it,��� i*4,x, Fred. li.  ''  .1." Cine, Clmvi Hi��-*ldt*ni/?i>\ ���*'  t."i.   Uomiuion Hotel.     J^.  Hltl.    Hrltikwnter, .1. Af^ \  211.   Forres!, Ceo,  1j.m;i,   tilbktm, F., t'chldencer     c*  t Til.   Ouverniiii'iit Cilice     ;        ^  ,11.   tlrey, H. A, "  ."ill.   Hurry's Pool H00111. ,0  In XV  :ti.  S.  ,'HI,  Wl.  H.  . 1".  f  1lf.'J-Hnvne,v. WHkbiMHi.  '   *21.    Hlttvii, Vr.V. T.  fi'M.   iluwltt, J, ��  tW^ Huff.��. A,  t.   King |'>Sntird Hutch  HM,   l-iiiiHuy, H.tW.  ^--, Mucliitytv, A. Ih ���  X,'��l.   Mtictmytv, J A. ���-  #,   Mrt'iintwii, K. K. V.  ,  -J-3;   Aili'-'f, 1'.  H5T.   Miller, J, W.  it'  Mllllkeiiiti, a.  '- W.-^fiftorgiiM, Hi". A. I),  'Motion, .litis. H., ivaldcnct*.  Motion, ,lus, HM Urtlce, AHieiiil,  Miitl4in,,I.H,,OilUt4i,Pt,Alhi'rui.  Nolll, A. \V.  Now I,ec.  Hini'o'a llrug Store, Alhenil.  HIi-co'm HrtigStore, Ht. Alliernl.  Hlom'cr Nt w*.,  HollroSOUlnn.  Port Alberni Meal Mui'kcl.  It,   Hurt A?l��*nil 'IVun*.fer Stiiblcs.  H.'t'i.    HroM'ott, W. H. II.  1,1:1.   Haywm, II. C.  ���XL   Iti-tlfortl, .1.    "  M.   H4ilph, Nut.  Itt, ' HuselHirntlgli, S.  it.    Hoynl Hiink i*f Caiindfi, 1'. Alberni  21.   ito-va! Ihiiik of ('iimulu, Aihm-nl.  1.1,   ShiHiiriH'k Stables,  f*:t,   Hjulth, tleo., Olllce.  2tl,   Smith, tii*o��� He-ildence.  id,   Sonne.-, lloit'l,  21.,. Spencer, (I. A.  -ifi^Kprout, A.  HO,   Stevi's, Win.  "L   Stum* A- Hlttiuly.  81,   Story, A. W.  W.   Telcgriipli -Oillce, Ooveciiment,  ���ll'-' ThulUMiu--. Cenerul Mlore.  LIP.   ThoitiMin, .)., Hlvei* llend.  L71. .Venttbles, H,  12.   WulerhoitM* tS; Co.  H,V" WittHim, H. A.  2.   \V*<ht CotiHt Meat Miirkot.  HiV.I.   Wood, .1.  L I, ;W4**Ml, It. II,     (     <  mm *e* )Oit>jit*k*>>w*����*ii>k��*ai*��*w-^  iMmmmmmnrnimmmnimmtnmK  Peas   Produce  Profits  %   3  tZZ.. r '���'��� V'  s^r'-'-.W'  tja*-*-  ,��t��*����i-,'        .  4lk#iw��A  Plant Only the Best  I}'     Fwiiitd Nm tb^ XIWXU Tim COWfANY     |  4MVH.'  fs&itStfifSsm!-  -pw...  , VV-a handle Only Hlfh C|s��a i'-n��duH��   -,'������*.������*. }l* y and  G r�� I n   ti'."     r..   '��� ' ���.:���,;������".. ��������� ,'  PAMlbY i,UM���� COAI. In Urtf *��r Small lota.   (tevmlyT*M��  In Stock  'i.^t^ktJ  ��� -^m  '. -WW '  ,!-*M*f  ���'�����<*���  ~-Nk*  ���jtyv*-  4J����-"-  io2ieer    Feed     Co*  mmiimmmmmmmm  "rrs  We Are The People  WI10can Mitlafy you ��lib ��bt�� bt��*t value In Clents Furnishings.  Como und try us, We mtike suits tii order and gtiaranUm  Style und Fit. Cr we give you ti Hetuly Mtide If you tut* in a  hurry. Or perhup-i you want your old suit pressed and  rlciutisl,      Wo can do tt.  Campbell & Macfie  Tnltora ninl <��onl�� Kurnlahor-f ,  Mnrgiu'i'lSi,, Alberni  Hhono 2S  FlrHt Ave, Port Albornl  Phono 13  You Get All the News in  The    Alberni    Advocate  ssssSssssssgi_  ��>  tf R. W. HEASLIP  Contractor end Builder  *vtvno*vtvvv*v  Estimates Furnished on All Classes  of Work in the Building Line  HHiMtWV-M-iV  Alberni B. C,  ^TSl'JSSS^ST.  .^^RumMvi  mwwttmmtmmmwnmimm  WIEI L00KIHG FOR '  First Class Acreage or Well Located  Town Lots at Prices that are Awag  Down, consult  T. PATERSON  "//t? can DellDLir tlio Goods**  Alberni ,   WM   o  Bi    C *  iS-oESH  iir^&iMi^^ ' ���  ?.w"w.iw '>,rTfy!?t'.'-."^M|ffl:iw!' !'ii--'^ifwa^*^^'-^f^"-r;,*'-'-!.wyit. wai>y*iB  Man H�� H>i>J I ���! '>10">>Vl**l Wl'lTt?. ���/>! ���vramiyi  i,-r*at-*kw-��i>a��>*^k>i I'.MiiaaMtjHi ikwyanwitt  " ���'  We wish to announce that our Saiv Mill Plant  will be (n operation In a few dags, and we will  be in a position to supply the requirements of  the Building Trade in Rough and Dressed Lumber, Laths, Shingles, Doors, Windows, Mouldings, Finishing, Etc. All orders {,iocn prompt  and Careful attention    ..*  Kti^eilHWw***''*'**'''**!****1'- '���  The Canadian Facie Lumber Company, Limited  ^^M,j.,.(l|-1.^^^|1TIWIW-I..|ll,  iw|ff��.j|;il��.,M*;i.y��l'!.  W'*^V?'jiV4Mfryj,'*OT7'_j%-.^  Invest  Your ��j  Savings  1 IN  ALBERNI FARM,LANDSS  P _���_      w  Sva Five Acre Mocks from VM, p��r tier** up.  Hnclearcd I/itnd (rum $2n, per acre up.  Cleared Lund In Five. Acre Mock*  oloao  to  town *;t��-<�� and tWitlO per ttert*.  HttsluesH uml lle>>lde)Hlul lot.N In Fort Alberni,  as.    R.    Motion  m Real Estate and Insurance  Alberni Port Alberni 1  ..:        -���        - IMi'ono l��'M  mas�� msw^MLiSimm ^mmMmm^mkBm  I****"!* *Mt\ft^i<>p!^<��1iMm^mH.n.mtmnmmi  jo��llL��W��iWM>ltWi��W'ttJt^^  ��  O  Meal Estate Agent  Alberni B. C.  ack Into Business  HUFF'S WHARF WILL BE THE SCENE OF RENEWED  ���rr^���-:��� \ C TIV IT Y ==  Ctirgoe-i of Coitl und Comcni will be brought, in by l*oat  for the new yard mt the Wiilm* Front.  Tho public .will gel-the hem*lit of this saving In frtdght  cluirgos , '  Watch this rpuce for Important Annoimconmnt*.  G. A. Huff    Alberni, B. G.  Katwi��atja^i��j  QW��jlM��i��**IWlWW^  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  J. J, HtUtKK, Proprietor.  ��� ���' Acco^iiimotlation for AutomobiloH  Llvory ri���� of all IdndH. Hcitvy dmyInland-ft'dgbidolivory  itttrntmum  HOTEL  ARLINGTON  .���Ofy      I     h  ������^���^OWftli-aiitf^**!     *^>**a-**>*F��������i����*  Tht* best known hotine on the We>t Ctm*>t 4,f Viiiicouvei*^ (stand,  All modern Impriivementi. Centrally ItWHttni.  The besi Fishing und Hunt lug on the I*land,  Autos (or hire to Spiout I.like und tin* Al k Hotel  ttt t'entt-ul Lake, Oitliles fiirnished on nlmrt  notice for Hunting  I'mlles itt  motleruttt  rates.  Hetul Chef, formerly ol King IXilwnril Hotcb In chargoof tilt) kltclieit  Free Butt To and From All Trains  1V1 A. Ward, Prop.  Alberni, B. G. Aji  THEALBERNI ADVOCATE  to*����''?4U<^tWttffl^  I Hotel Arrivals |  ibwumw*u*w��tmmtMiMMnm^!6!&  ArllnfU-n  O. H. Si'ttiou. Or, Stirling, A. Martin.  1��, W��Jlact**, J. M. McMillan, Carl Peterson, -lultn Hetervioi*, C. Ditnlelwm, C.  ruvnwfl, A. Craig. J. M. McMillan,  Yw.1 J- H. Stirling, K. J. Tlnjfloy  A. N. Tlngloy.O.C. Wo.nl. Htilb Wood,  J. Donahue, J, Mayor, II. Palmer-i,  Vlotorlu; -A. Dearie, Sidney; .1, A.  In-lnkwuU't-, Ark Hotol, Central Luke;  J. M. Hawthorn, Seattle, M. M. Slcph-  cna, Hull, York, Bng.; B. A. Mown,  Lincoln, Kitglt��ndi H. O. Moure, Uelue-  bt; J. Lawrcnsoti^Ouutslno.  Alberni  J. Tuiuba, Harold McCowah, A- B.  Wilson, J Prltdturd, J. W. Beavers,  G-*u. K. Poston, Jr., B.'Hoy burg, C. T.  ,W. Piper, F. W. McCrt-xle, I). T. David,  II, Jackson, Vancouver: G. 11. Smith,  W. A. Houruc, Mrs. Montelth, Hog��r  Montclth, Hlxley Montelth, Mr.*. Hunt,  Mia* Doris Mason, Arthur Core, J.  fmtttV.U. Mitrtihull, W. Pinion, W.  Plotohor, J. W. Cuiutlt*, Horace Hal-  tnor, K, H. Carter, T. Polh, A. Mac-  lachlan, W. Davis, Victoria? H.Oricvi*,  Toronto, Out.; O.Grlovts.OuelphiOnt.i  W. Foru-dl, Sidney; li. M. Auctln, Bs-  tjulmalt; John Anthony, Kecbikit; Henry llollul, Nttnahno; Noble Cornelius,  J. I>. llormody, 0. t*. Dormau, Pi. Albornl; T. H. Androw, Comox Lake,  0����o. Ht. Pet4��r,.L O. Mock, Uchuclcsot;  J. OlvciiaunK, C. N. H. H. It.s .1. <h C.  Wood, Danltd Clark, Miss Josephum*  ClBrk, MIsh Mary Clark, Win, Clark,  Mian Davy, N. Clark, Miss Constance,  A. A. Lynn, Albornl; W. Whllctleld,  Port Albornl; J. Miner, Courtney; T.  Yongn, Seehurt.  delightful. They were guests ut tho  Albnrnl Hotel during lbvii**.Uy iu tin*  district.  Tin* annual meeting uf tho Alln-rnl  District (title Club will l>e held lit Fort  Albiirnl on Monday m*xi t*i the otticu  of Mr.1-!. H, Mm ion, Bight j*. m. In  (he Jimir, ami a* not tody tin- I'lecdtitt  onicet's but a ntiKilier of h'**miittni  iiialtem will ctiint* up for diM'ii*-ii���� ll  to lie hoped that then* will be a good  tttt'iumt. The club is mi hiMltniiur.  thttt dekerve* the Mipp*irt of evi-j-y man  in tin* district and nit who art* hit>nd>  big inembors, as welt tv* those who  have already Joined, ahuuM attend thU  meeting.  FOK SALB-SO Inch Wood Stow, t*ox  pattern, new und In first class condition.   Apply Adv'4.Hr��t4> office. Albcrut  MUSIC  W-ORBNCB 11, WKIGHT, A*<wciai-j  Huj'mI College of .MijoIc, London, Bng  Teacher I'ianu f<u-t4*, Harmony and  Theory. IjCiMms according t��> -itr��  ruiigcmont,    Albert,!. II. C.     22-1 m  I* I't-JWraj 'jj'iiif'tjk*! ���**' wyat vy jya-Ua .iMm'J���^arw*  "1  S.   EATON  *W.Hn 1X. -Vk.1 tlm-��� "*iV ****. *��  i'ttititrr, tefttihzpr  ��r.i3 DeeersUr : : ;  Margaret St., Alberni  For Sale and Rent  Wan tod, etc.  NEWS NOTES  Tho ^it-aver Creek School will In*  opened un Monday, permission having  been grunted by the health olTicer.  Mr. Leonard Frank returned from  Victoria this week. Mr. Frank Is very  enlliualtuitlo us to tin* probabilities of  tho tourist trntiio tills t-uiuinci-, It appear*- that tt lurge number are preparing to make the run in foe fishing i\n  soon ut thoy hear that liio trout'aro in  evidence  >^iPtif��iaj|*j  NOTICE  M.^rr. mtifif&Ati  JtrtHUMllt -is>y��>* -���-   *-*  THE ANNUAL MEETING of THE ALBERNI DISTRICT  CIVILIANS RIFLE CLUB will be held In J. R. MOTION'S  Office, Port Alhernl, on MONDA Y. APRIL FIRST, at 6' p. tn.  All members, and Intending members, are requested to attend,  The Election of Officers and other Important business will come up.  .    A. C. MACFIEU  *��� ��� Secretary,  Jei%4*w IV CttMtrln|  TK.N"HKHS for clearing and grading a  po* * ion \)l an Alht-rtti **Uv4*t will be  j-iH'tdw-t* npto M��ivSi 2**, JUI2, For  pai'tlculai-n apply %o M. Tela*, AS-  bend, ||, tC,   |^iMi>*t tn any Prndt-r  not iti-HWA-khriiy ftccptcd. , It  i  FOK I MM KIM ATI'} HA LB,,  2 Uelft't-a from gtnal dairy cow*, will  frekhou liit<> noM-i'iunth, Pr-ki* *i"  each.  Hun* html Jei=*ey Hull, 11 mouths old.  to),  ill %  |   Something of Interest to the n  *���'<  I L   a   d   i   e    s  Ail on  view  ut  1 Alberni, H. <\  tlio "I'mirlo   Fit nn,  !t-  Kuvcral of tho vacant farms in the  vallny have bnuu taken by hi*w snttinti.  within tlm past few  days, and there lu  . tjvory   uvidnnci*  of   ri'iicwcd   activity  along those lines.  Then* is a rumOr tluti ail is not tjulet  along the Hotoimtc. Soveral uidormun-  lti"u>|raa" urn said to Ik* tinsiitltifftO  tory'i and lliore Is a rejKiit (hut, one of  them will bit returned lo tho tailor.  *aaMM*a*MMti  A U C T I 0  *��taitXit��'w,7iMi St&SZSBjSjt. *^a^*��iitMk'i*.i J*Z* ~*rtH-jwk#.  SALE  / ��/n inttracttd by Mr. A, Q, StrVtci te Stll by Auction at hit Ranch an Monday, tht  /3th of April, commtneinp at Ont O'clock, all hi* Stock, fmpUmtnti and flirnitur*,  tic, a* falleuitt'  YOU KKNT,. " room linttse on lleitver  Creek road close t,i All-orul. Appl*  A A, Smith. "     & "if  COHDWOOD for ni1i��.    Dellveritt iu  ol'iiwn Kt or If inch long.    Apply  to  '  Ft: FlockeiiHHitt tie Alberni Trailing  f**t4iri'. if  Ft)U SALB   lliiiiM'iuid 7 1-2 itere- on  Hi'iivCr i'i It huiid iit**>��oi liiiirn mile  , from town,    Apply (l, A. Smith.    If  WANTF.D Bmpluynient uu Accotttit-  Hill, Hi*ukkeept*!' or nnyihlng'lu clerical linn. Kxperi til-Mi )n typewriting,  shun hand, reeiutls of nil Ikltids, Ap-  ply F, W. I'lidertsoisl, Arlington  Hole), Alberni. tf  14'*? are tum> Shouting our Spring  Shirt Waists, Lace Jabots, and a  Nice   Line   In    Neck    fittings.  tj.. . ,,.. ......  THOMSON'S   GENERAL  jlj   . ���.���..  ...... ,m  iii'an -jajMktiwi-st *;����� ��^s;f* ��*;  STORE  ; r-<.-  ">^*Wixx:zim^#&��m^��#mmmm  \  The  t  Bank of Montr ear  (Founded \*11)  Capital, alt |>aiil up  Ha*t -  a  Tola! Aa����(��  ^  $10,000,000  $ 10,000,0*00  taao.aoa.ooo  Hull. I'resliietit . Ht. Iimi. I^utl Stratlu'oon und Motiul Ittiyal, (I, C. M. O,  I'resldent. ��� H. ll. Angus, I'.kij. j) Vlce-l'it-s, . Sir B. S. tMnitstun, Hart,  (ifueral Miuitiger        '. - - �� - -      ,   II, V, Meredith  Head Oilice  I/Olldoll  Olllce  Montron',  ���III and   IT Threiidni-iitli* St., B, C,  FUlt SALB   Hum bred vthlle Wya,,.  p()rt A1|)0n,| BrilUCll  dottt* cocke,r��*li> for breetlittg purposes.  High eta** foul*, Cull tut ur itrlie iu  C. A. Illundy, Alhernl, H. C. lm ^mmm^m^^n^^^m^^m^^mmmma  Savings Bank Dopnrtinent  |��i'jiiislts   reeei\4'4l    fi-oftf^l'   upvutitl-...  Ciuintry Husiiic** given I'v-Kj-y ann'iitlon,  5. V. McClintock. M^n  i'XlH SALB-One gotxl wtw, Jersey,  Se( alnglo harness, Huggy neurl.v  new.    Apply Mrs. Liiltelle.  flUNIJ.^,|IHII��.>��k.kMin��pHl.p^UIM..II.HHVMMWI^n,^^nai��k����PMW  MiyiiffwiNkM^i.  ���JffT'-yAf.'V?  Tho Albei'iil District Hriua Itttnd will  glvo a dance In Whytw'u hull this, Frl-  tiny, civoning. A�� this Is one of thu  meonii which tht* band ban for obUtfii-  lug support It Is to ho hopcdlhuia good  turnout will greet them. Lunch will  bo aurvod and a good time is assured to  All who attend.  Tim Editor uf tlu* Advocate has to  thank M>, Cartnr for a* lint* string of  trout which came Just in time to save  tho Bditor-ial llfo. Tied to tht* uttlcif,  the rcjiorU ol exoelleiit *|*orl all along  tlm river would have resulted futfllly  had It not been for this timely aid,  Private touring cars arc In ttvldentw  thla week. Tho run from Victoria was  m-ado by Mr. Arthur Con* and a party  consisting uf Mrs. Moiuieth, Mrs, Hunt,  MtaaMuanu, Mr, Full and Mr. C'umhle.  Tin* party ru-Ktrl that thu road* art* in  (Ucnllcnt cundlilun and that the run U  Land Act Notlcee  ALHBHNl LAND D1STHICT.  District uf CluyiH-utit,  Takt* notice that Blluabnth A. t'hn*.  t��rnmn, of Toflno,  ix-cupatlou murrltd  woman, Intend** to apidy for penni��slou  to  ourchaat*   tht*   follow   jtvnuai  ring described  One Mart*  One Coll, .'I ytiat's old in June  TwdJtM'sey Qratio Cowa  12 White Wyandotte Hens  1 White Wyuntlutto Hoosmr  1 Wfigon and Hay Hack  I set Double Hurncsfi  I Jtttifgy  I act Singh* Hurncst.  1 CutuitJ  1 Molotto Sttpuratop  I Mflnn's Ot'ceit1 Hone Cutter  1 Kiecl Kltclien Hitngn'fltu-d wiih Hot  Wtitoi- Plpca.  1 Hot Wuter Holier ami stand ���  I Bmuiiellcd Iron Hath  1 Washing .Machine and  \Yrlng41r in  good oixler  Inlaid Linoleum  Together wills all Agricultural Implements, Tools, Household Furniture including Ueds, Tables, Chairs, Kitchen Utensils, uto, India Htibber Hum* Pipe,  Iron Water Pipes Wire and Win* Netting, bet* Hives, Spray Pump, Timothy  'Hay, Oat Hay, It'llles, Several dowi Fruit Jary, Plough, Cultivator, Stumping  Powder, cto^ottj, o  J.  Redford  :::;:::���;::.,:. serenes;::;w':;::::  Fresh Heel,   Mutton  und   Pork  ninny*, mi huml.   Ortler*  tiiki'it hir Poultry  eld  Phone 37 P. 0. ox 18  iimiKwimmwiaiji���ij-i-T--rn'-'TirT-iTnf*-i--r*T n*i��� r*" t   ��� ���������������n n-ri--"- "'"'U!I.".'1ZII T""T  ittr*i^-t*��rt��<t^^  llasti Offlw: Ktvntreat  Commencing at a jkhi ulanted ni (lie  (outli4>aai corner of Lot sk**, Cluyixpiut  Dikti-lct, thnuen south lo J^ot 2;U, thence  west to a point directly south of south,  weal corner of 1>*1 7.'H, thenco north to  southwest corner pf f^oi TM, thence  ��Dat and north along boundary of J<ot  liH to soutliwckt. ourner of l^ot  thetUM* cast along Ismndttry uf Lot 2HH  to jKiint of commervroment,  '   Kllxaboth A. ChoMtcrman,  Joint Chtist-urnmn. Agent.  Mfci-ch 13, ll��12,  ALiSKRNI LAND DISTHtCT.  7i)l��trlot of Clayoquot.  Tiiko notice that Truman K, Haxtor,  of Vaneoiivor, ixsoupatlon mordhantt- in-  tonds to apply for ptirmlsalon to pur-  ohfMe tl.t'6 following dcscrlbt��d lands:  Commencing tit �����. post, planted 40  ohnlna aouth of th** southwest cornnr  of Lot 2SA, 1>3W Peninsula. Chvycxptot  Distrlot, tbonco west 70 chains, more  or leas, to high watermark, thence following high water nmrk southerly and  ��a*torly to n i*-*lnt directly mnifh of  point of 43omuu)ot!emt>nt, thence .t-jortli  to point of'. oojntnen-jom.onti aud, con-  tAlntng -HXS acres, wioro or h*��s,  Tritman B. Haxuvr,  By W. W. Khodtis, Agent.  March2o, 1912.;.  $6,250,000  $7,450,000  $110,000,000  Incorporatad 18(59  Capital Paid Up  Reserve Fund  Total Assets over  A  OKNf.KAI.  HANKINU  HUKINIMS TUAN'SAl.'IKH  Savings Bank Department S^;xBiS  Banking by Nail  ITM-|ii>kttk 4>f 8l,(ll and upu'iiittk itY't'lkiil  ��t I'urii'iti  ll'lt  tlt'lMikllk nmk' t* iinnii' unit ttlH.ittuiin  tn Ill-ill. Kullt'*t l>ai|lk'Ulaca ��lll -fluit  l,v lui iilveri lo l.-114-r iVKkMtiiirf till ,K>  J'liUijH'llt*  Over '.'(Hi Hranchi*a and Agencies,   :i(l Hi'smchea in Hi'ltbh ColtittibiH,  CoiT4*s|H*ndi*nts Throughout the World.  The Alberni Paint   Store  Wall Pajwsr  Colors lu Oil, J it pan Colors, Dry t'ulor*.  White Lund, Hoih-d and Haw Linseed  Oil.  i  ^nh-AttkHn-S  l'stluiiitci   PitrnMird   on   bisldo   ami  Ottt-side House Dt'cortttlng,  V. SHA VER\  Box 42    -    -    -    Alb&rnil  The Alert Investor Asks for  Something Attractive  Something tlml U :i Mire winner, where tin* money villi turn  over tpilckly and tu a gtsal profit. L  Tltis is the Class of Property Tliat is Handled bg  lie IJiUldles ,S'o (Ither Kind,  A list of the lltu'st Farm anil city properties t-n he found hi the Alborut  District,    A call will coitvliiee you, and lend to l-ualut>H-4.  P.. 0. Box 54        Mi TEBO       Alharni, B. C.  r.'jB^.*��j.i  rifflT-'g;  T T     ^  IIUl  1  nwprni^  for Good Friday  Kindly Lntve Your tlrder* for Almvo'ln tltiisl Time, aKo for Cakes,  ^H?elf4Tretc., mi (hut wt> cttn Dellwr in (itn-d Time.  |����S*��3^^^  Alberni Branch  A. (j. F��t*/;r;/.iC Manager  Port Albornl Brmich  S. J. MAt'l.MU.*, ^SMiiii-kj.*!*  ^U*>iWWHIWJ^fiW��W>i*^'tlt*^  The  Alberni Trading  Stores  Today no credit comes to you  For being noble, wts��' or great.  The adviirtiaora say It's due  .    Britlrely to tlu* fo<2ds you at<*.  Ail iippotlto far good (hingft'to cutis iKirn in one. If ihitt, iippc-  tile Is not proi'tirly eared for nQthlng will "tivste right*'', With uv  you can lind tlio best the grocery market allot-ds,  ��� Our Halo of Voonilit Ten is incrotusing every .week  S)b, lltix ��2.00  The Busy Store on the B.u9y'C6rner  *--s  f  *,-*


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