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Alberni Advocate 1915-05-28

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 FirorLifer^*ccidont Insurancey Houses to Rent  My* '���;X-:-:*>'% ���,:,,.  '\;.::;".;.'���:;'������ /-HtMiVK^tatQ^ntl fnfl.muteo   V  Phono ii,'yAib��ri)l y   "���,.;���>. '-^.-S ��� "���'   I'.O. 1-to* !W  SOARO   Or   DIRECTORSi  H. V. MUKEDITH, E��<i,, I-Wd^l.  It.' B, Absom, f.��<t, K, II. Ur*-***uj,|��ldi, En-*,,  Sir WillU-w MnoJoneU, Hon, Hobl, M-*.**U��r,  SlrTftM,3!n.utjlkki,��My,IC.aV.O, C, It. Ho.m-.f-, Kmj,  A, B*URiifWt��&i, Kw. CO; Cunlot*. Emi.  M, Ht, DruretwoB-l. Kt��|, D. Ftobtm Aunt**, Ksi*.  Whm, M*M��*t*��r, E��it, ���!.,.,  SU tft*4titMt WlUI������ni*.T��yJo*i-, Gt������tal MaiMMlW,  Capital Paid Up      ��      $10,000,000.  K*��t .      *      W        10,000,000,  Umilvldidi ProflU  ���'��� J*m,��$m  Totel AcmU (Oct, 1014) 2Bf)t4ei,0"j3.  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ttr*�� s tttfo imd oouviml��nt mcmm ot tritumitioinif! muitoy to tiny point  In Cunmla or the United Bttttoi*. Niioh Mrnii y Ordor? hl��y he  obltthttid til unf llruiioh of Ihu hank of Moniroat,  wwai��i��*i()kiiiiiii*itJi<iii'Mi^i��w��  E. S. V. McGHntock, M^nnnor, Port Alberni Branch.  G; F. Pritcisard, Sub. ak��.�� Alberni Egrnnch,  !*MWi��Wi<WWW"'-'WMUW     fi^Kl^'ail^ i|i|'WMHMI  ;'HAN,.UFACTORING JEWELER AN!) OFTICIAN  ;:.'��� ;''>'NANAIH6t B..CV  (TlVu oliU^tWiiiUllftiii'tl .lowoloi'i* ou yniicoiivtM' Itihuid)  ' Wa make a specialty ol oil kinds-of  Our jpriceis are modern to and w�� guarantee all work  Estimates" Furnished,.;.. Prompt Attention ���  r*,.  01 our Optical --Dopairtrnent; will visit Alberni fro-*  qtiently. Make appointments by letter//and he will  make ��xamfnationo and Iwritisli estimates free of  ,��-.'������  Tlm Atlroufttti Is plouscd to ho tihlc  thin wook to prmmnt un million which  is dovoti-d almost entirely to now.1* from  tlm front. From tho soot Ion of Vun-  iimivoi" Islund, in tho Immodluto  vminlty Qf Alhorni, somo i-t) mmi 'huvo  vohmtoorei. for Mirvlco ut tlm front.  'Nuliiriilly uny now-* thut Knioho.i iho  forMinos of uny of thoMi is of intense  huurost to ovory purson iu tho imltfh*  boiiiood, onil vvlll ho roml with <ci\^r-  niwi hy till. Htit'h nows will bo /,'lvon  lrmti tlmo to timo us it n*aoh<-s tim  AdYouiUo, uml wo spot'lully mpto-st  (lint wo ho jflvt'i. tt ciiunco to puhilxh  uny such loltoi-h. Hcmombor thoso  htiyn muy ho your hoy**, hut thoy uro  utii'ii also, nml'Wt* vvuitt to hour t'Viu'y  lust wind tinu* di'tils with their forum,'**,  nt tlio from.  From Colin Campbell,  Tlio llriit Ion or which h'ii' pi'i'M'iii. is  Irmii I'll.*.-1'ol In <!itui|ihi'll, of tin* tilth  llul,, uf tlio f��i>th Uordou-.. Victoria,  This tt'tn,, it rim u it* hin lirotlmr Mr, M.  liiniplitii, nf Allu'i'iii. I'u rt id the  lm icr iintl'-* Moi-v iho Mtf buttlo, um!  |��ot-t. I*. writit'u^iifioi' liu* iiifiii imd boon  wmimh'ti uiu! sunt to u hospital ufior  tlm lljki'ht.   The loiior rinidi*:  lh?lj,'lmn, April 22.  Dour Ih-othisr.-.      ���       (,  Vour vvoh'oim* lot tor  to himd it few duy.s tiffi) J nut un I wus  jj-uhiif into tlm iruiK'iit**., und ^Iml to  li'iiru ii.v It llutl, you vvoi'ti vvt'll, ur* thli-  h'livi'h nil* iu Iho  hoNt of houlth.    In  tho llr��t fihu't) 1 mu.v hit you know thut  wo iii't* in ti  tlilTtU'ont. pun ot tho lino  now.   ' When  wo cuum   out  of tho  Iroochofi thttt tvi* imi.) rKKUipieil  hoforo  wo iiittiolH'il 111 milon lu our hiHot**, umi  thoii wo ro-tliit.  for u U*w (luys, tho vvo  m b re lied unothor Kl iiiUun umi  ruslnd  for ti nlj;ht. nuxt uiominKr wo jfot up  ut "i:!fi ti, in. uml wo )?ot- btirSSOfi for U  iiilloi. uuil thou muruhi'tl uhout 11 mili'.n  to tho tri'imlii*!*.    Wo ��ot thorn nhoni  lli mhlnlirht.   Wo .roHuvod u Frctmh  t'oiftment und ^tuyril on tlm, lli-lntf lino  ntotidlly  for four duy.s uml hud u most  tttxvtilnjf lliuo.   TJio Oormiiii  tronolms  wuri'iinly uhout HTi yat'dln froin ourN, so  you oun timh'rMihul how ilnoiforooM u  liusltim) it i<s,   Wo iiud loin of. wild, to  do who., wo wmlt in.    Wo hud lohuih)  tho I'ltr|M��t-i nhunt, .'i foot In our fori,  thoy tiro nil' liuill of wind hunt--,    Wo  uro ulvvtiys .(opt vtn-y himy ut nijfht.  A jitttiy hin* to j,'o out for rut Ions ijvoi-y  nljfhi ulso for u hiipply of wuum. From  ihU pliMiilon wo huvo lu i;o uhmii two  nilhiK for our ,supp!it��n.   In thin pit i't of  tho Um* ll Is mo-itiy (mis nmi uummtin*  leutiou trounhdn liutwuon thorn. Titoro  uro ru muuy mou In  ouch fort,  ii-ju'oril*  lug lo tho kI/.o.   In um* fort thorn w'oro  twonty men und u Kortfonnt. Thuro uro  (hiKuiits in ilium for iho  inon to hleop  In.   .Mr.  Uuyhiir.*>L und I  hud om* to  onrsolYO** und it wuu very, comfortubln.  phico ovory duy.  HBAyyCARUALTllCS,'  Wo hud more* cusi��itUlo�� this tlrn-ft  tliuti ut uny provlouN timo. Yon can  hour nothing oxcoj>t tho rour of tho  /,'tinH duy and nljafht. When wo hoar  thu -duillM tiomin/*f wo dontknovv wlioro  thoy uro Kolnif to burst. It!�� no tfood  try I n jf to mlsH tho uh wo ml{fht run  rl|fht Into thorn, Hm.iVoon tho tronoheu  is Mtruwu with dcitd hiKllos, u�� noithor  will clittnou goiuii out u�� hr.r.v ihoir  iloud. 1 hiip|)().so tlKU'Durotwohiimlrod  doitd boh hid our lino**, thoy uro j^ottln-gf  vory Mtroii|Vf miw with tho hofit; Wo  found ono hurivii In our fort whim wo  woro tliififliiff, wo pulled up his boot on  tlm pick.  llljOUOHT DOWiy,  l^tist iStuuhiy uftoriioon wu Maw u  lliiit imiwoon it dormitn und a flritlsh  iioropinno. f wuk looking nt tho Oor-  iniin machine through it toloscopo just  uh ho cro.VM'tl our IIiion, ttnd ult of u  toulden tho llritlnh iiiiiohitio ctimo dyvrn  from uhovo tho oloud-iimd uttito*c*d tho  Clormtin. Ho opunod liroon him with  it imichiuo ifiin uud broiljflit hlni to  ourtli in-less thin, u minute, it wew  vory oxoit-lnjf for it fow xocondM and  wo ifuvi* our Hum u (,'rtint ohoor. Wo  Koo prosit dl'i|iluy.H horo with aoropliuioK*  Mimotliuos ovor u dor.on at ono tlmo in  tlm air. Wlmuovor tlio (Jonnttnn ��oo  m Allied iiorotilum* oouiln(f thuy sooot  away to thoir own llnut*. LHuitThuw*  duy ono piumod vory low hoi'osr our  himd no vvo oponod Uro with our rifion, ���  rapid Uro, and I hour today that wo  dttmutfod it.  I wuu on louvo yostorday for a fow  hours In tin* olty of *���.. and I ��aw a  holo miulo by a Oormun Nholl,   It wua  Wo sloop niontly In tho day tlmo us wt* J17 foot ihmp und IM foot wldo.     I   uluo  ar<�� busy at nijjhl.   iSoimiilimw  vvo jj/i-t  two liours in bod at nl��iii.    Wo havo  rovolllo at .'h-lfl a. in, and wo .stand to  for uhout un hour, mid tho namo ut  ni^hl.   If thoy mulco un ut limit ut ail  it is olthor at dawn or ut dunk, so wo  havo to koop (i jfooiji ioukout.    Wo hud  u vory oxiiliitf," (him in Ihlt* tronch.   ll  is uhotil (Ito wornt (iitrl of tlio   lliitlsli  limis. .Tito (loi'iimn** impt .shuiliii','- iho  yx&  amimmms^.s^sT.  mlhy M Questions-  Advbqat-i  The Nopta hml Forever.  Ho llft-od up, O Cnnuilu,  Tlio NittloiiM pi'oml itintmn;;  Nor mourn Uto.uion who, wiHeUon-.-wtriKilc  Whom i-ihot (tiui ���shod won* Huiiff,  No ilroopinn: cront nIiouUI volt your brow,  Nor tour boilim iho nyo;  Thoy im* not tloud, thow Doathloun *Soijh,  Kor J>oftth hits pa��neU thoiii by.  Oo.ith rodo ttloiiK tho nlu'Ioltin�� bhtHt,  Donth struck with bloody glaive;  l;lut could not Htriko thoir Horo Soul��,  Nor Hml for thojo a ^myo.  vyiisit. tnon havo done, \vh,ilmoh may do,  Thoy .'inaUjho(it'wltlj..'daunt.l(;.��!ri ..breti'st;'  "The Mapio Ltiiit" thoir buttlo cry,  ,    As on tho Hull thoy |)reHHed.  Bo J if ted up, O Ciinndu)  Your Soiifi, across the wavo,   : ;  ilttvo wot;i thoir .spurs of ruddy jLjold,  vffi  rito Ufitvo,. mnoii^f tlie Biitvo,  sttw u piooo of a sholl that was fired a  fow days hoforo. Jt wiim llrod out of a  Kl.fi inch j^unund wbi��,'liod (35 lb��. Thoy  uro i-fhoniiur ihit* city now, all tho  oiviliuii-j woro told to luovo. 1 think  thut lint Oormilnu roullim that thoy  uro htmton. so thoy uro ^oin^ todostroy  us inuoh us thoy can. Tlioro wero  Koim* mujfnlilcont buildings dtistroyod  lu thlt* city.  Wo \itii u frt'out dlspluy of lire works  lit tilj-ht, Jloth hldos koup putting  tliem up all nif-ht. It makes it vory  hard to jjot in and out of iho (ronohoM  oven ut uijj-lit.  (Ilor.-! I'limr*. u hroak In tht* lettor,  umi iho next' isovv�� |�� fis,>m tlie ho.spitai,  Tho lotior conilntuw-:)  YMAtlH.  C*aWilli, Muy 3.  Dour Jhothor;.**.  As   J   W��!��   wi-ltlntv;  |your iottor  wo #ot ordon Ut full iu  hind yet roiwly for mx atiiusk,    Wo saw  tin* Krmiuh soldlors oonu* rimniiij/' from  thi*  iroiH'htui,  so vvo  vvondcrod  what  wa*. wi-onjf.    Thoy told  us  that  tho  fioriMiius Woro lining poisonous  kom^h  and tlmt it wiu* choking   thorn In tho  uiiiiehos.   Ti)o  rchull- was thut thoy  rt'tlrod and loft, thut  part of tho  lino  open for tin*  onomy lo coino throutfli.  Our loft  flunk  wus in it danjirorouH  po-dtftlon.   I moan tho Citnudhm division,   if ulf of our hti^udo was in tho  tronehos und  tho  ro,st   wero bllll'to'd  hohJnil'tho lino.    Tho first thiug  wo  did  vvu.s io di-j*���'. oursolves in alohif , tho  cnmil 'incaso tho Oormuiis should Coitus  iilonj; <ho brink.    Th-un we, jjot ordors  '  to niartih  up toward tho UrlUfjf linu.  By   this timo  this the Oornuuis  had  takcm/. lip a '/food. .position-' in  s , wp<x!i.  Whow, wo .����ot abimt (ittit.ynrd:t from tho  Wood, wo woro told -that tlio. Oormamf.  woro  soimnvhoro In tho wood and that  wy woro to 'drive.thorn out.     Wo  loft  unr pucks all in a heap iimi thon. 'ivo  ihovcdfurwartl, our''battalion and  tho  10th buttuHon lendinji,' tlu* charge.   Wo  did not ifot tm\ when thoy hoard  us,  und thoy.'oponod a most  .'".. MUltDKUOU'SKlUK  on us tylili nrtiilory, uutchlno jfuris and  {(.'tmilnufld on \mfra i.) THE AU3.E8LNI ADVOCATE,  MW**  rna*xni-iiv*rniii.,j,'Ik'3|i  -*-t-   ��-tU(J^/*  1�� ALBERHI  ,, , ���      ��� ,  1 inotii'ii you in* u brothor, und loins.  PrtnUn* C��.. Lt*l,. rw*pra*t��r*��.       sioimuuboi   the .-nun   who win* uk  �� "1,W!"- v ��� ^"���^'MPRACTICAL POINTERS  PrtnUnt  J. r. BLED-SOE  Editor and ftintM|***r  ir��i*ii��u��<4 ��i Aitinni. in-Jini! Oi'iuiiitiiti, iu  tfc* toV*r*������ **l ViDkiOuverinlniiimKi-iU'rttl uuil  il* Alttrcl Oittf lui in I'ttrllcut-ir  H����d Officii:   Ait>��rn(, fi. C  Ac.o��Pt*<l ur tli��  l'4*��uii����l��r   Ofiiri'*}!  1��r  ���r-VMMOoloj) tliwugh itH? uislU s�� -Joceiul olmi  aeifiir.  Kl  n*��V��wltaloii* i<�� ftlftit* l<�� <-��ns<l����. ��hr Onlicit  lM��omfAMiHll**, Ni** '/.����iu..i. Ncwfimni.-  u��<T ��o��� oilier iiiuiurlci ��nh smiil-jr l��w��iil  ����*"jMloiit. will iio rcwlvtrt ou OKifulliotliu/  ,*FB,,! to 1*1  On��Ve��r .      *      *      ���>* J  Six, Monilik ���      .    i.w  H��o.i*(iet(iilu>t'iilifd Sunt***. M.*��io.��iinilivll  �����*���*"��� *o M*rt etlier toitduii oouutrle.ll.i-oi'iir  *��*t***t*  whito" uh thoy mitko thoui, ..  ���M3a.CT��IZt^^  CLOSING IN I  ABOUT ALBERNI  S  Alberni itt roitelit-d  by train from  ,   .,���* v    ,    . ii     i       i Vicbu'iu.   C/nhectloux aro made with  1,-unm,   but*   nono   IPO los.s   yicttmla, rumdng through to Alburn!  on every otlmr duy. i'mpsenjiori. from  Vnnt'ouvor City cun connect with this  tinlii ut Nnualmo,  fr  nt,.,.,. r,sr *)IUk(-tl IliUil'fil* *v ill  llf ISlf-tiiMlie  ktta mm) to |i��l* h�� wt.*ut'(*.  "      "to^correspondents.  At! wiuHittiilcaH..ti�� �������������?��!,'�����; 'ittiiLd!  mm**   III*   b4MMtllll>Ull till   *>  Hi   tWO   111*lll'l*  t��IU   Hll"  TJtll Ztthivrim. uil neiv-Miir r for i��il'li*��.  ilu bS!�� ��� *u��r��iw"��r a(��il f��lti>. ^oiimiol  MsdMUket't* roturi) reiitcli-rt tf4,iiuiiui}l*<iilti*ii��.  R wi?uwr��tloii *tlll t'c irnld f��r i*i����no cotitrl*  AliVcrnl, P. C, Can-sde  -��wwttw��-R'--*j'l'r'1 .���.. '  '.'      -   May 28, 1018  OVR LETTERS  T in, with Kraut ��� satlHfuetloii  that wo tiro ublo to this wook  proMftnt'to our rundorw.a nmnbtti'  of letter* from the* boyn itt tho  front, ThoKo lottors toll tho lule  of fltflillnft niul HufTorlnK " For  Kins and Country" in u wny that  no deapivtoliut from tho war/.ono  could do. Wo know those boyrf,  and aro proud of thorn, ovory  ono. Wo know that thoy uro  doInK thoir "little bit" for all  that Is In thoju, wtd tho tflhnpaos  of just how thin work b beli.H  carrisd on uro of tho uroatost  tntorowt.  It kq hitppunod that wo wore  In receipt of a number of thoso  letters which eutno hi just in  thno to cover tho big ftKhtinic In  which tho Ontmdlniw took thoir  plAC�� uniongrtt tho lighting chum  of tho MrlblNh Umpire, Wo fool  sure that ovory word from thorn  will bo road with (loop Inloront,  and hope to havo inoro of huoIi  from thno to thno.  KILLED EN ACTON  ���JDEoPlUSAD regret will  bus folt at tho nuwn which  camo In thia wook to tho oifeet  that our old frlond I'otor John-  atone has fallen In action, tho  Hmtof th�� hoy*�� from tho Alhor*  nl (JUtrict k> b* rocovdod a�� Ulll.vd  In RvCtlon.  'Whon'tho war broko 'oiit,.l��oUi  JdhiiHtonp. wat* ot.o-.6f tlm first  to.hoad dlract for tho i\ioruitl��K  .ofllo*i aiid tt wfls.not 1oi��k until  we hottrd that ho -was at tho front,  :''Ho;K*Vo up a good .ppMitlon ai*  Flro Warden to ijo whoro hin  country callod, and all who know  him felt Buro that ho would jplvo  a good account of 'hiniNolf,' A  apiondld man In ovory .way,, ho  had tho malting of a i)orfeet8oi-  dler. Poworful,-athletic, and do-  tormined, ho was tho voj-y  -plcturo of tin*. Weal BrltiKh''Totn-  'my*"-and wo all folt that tho  German who faced Foto'H bayonet ���was a "gone, coon.'"  It was npt'loriirT until we heard  that Pate had caught the eye of  his commanding olllce.r, and IUh  iirst atrlpo followed. Now comes  th�� news that he in numbered  with the dead. He died as ho  would have wished to die, hi|i  face to the foe, and, hot it mart  trill doubt that more than one  German wont to clear the path  before him.  I Good-bye Poto. God i'<?Kt your  Hijri'ly, the ring of iron Sm  clotting itronud the Gorman Nation. It in only it ({UoNiioij of  tlmo when the oikIh will jnet.'t,  and one smashing blow, will complete the wold. The coming of  Italy Into the war game will no  doubt hasten tho end, but it was  suro from the beginning. It is,  and has been, only a question of  the price. With, two millions  jjiore mon in thu Hold, und these  in'en lire pa red lo ihe utmost,  there should he some smashing  blows struck at the very foundations of "K'ultur" in the next  few weeks, and there are not  Inciting those, who should know  whoi'eof they write, who predict  a speedy end to the on tiro war,  This should of courser ho taken  with due consideration of< the  great, dittleulMos that await the  final struggle which must take  place on Gorman soil, for 'thorn  Ib little doubt but tho Powers  will not rest until the Germans  havo been given a taste of what  It means to have the war carried  to thoir own doors! The conclusion of the war without this  would only mean that the work  would all have to be done over  again In a fow years. This the  world will not agree to.  A glance at the reports from  tho various leaders In the countries of the Allies makes It clear  that there is a firm and abiding  determination to make a clean  Job of the present undertaking,  and put for all thno tho dark face  of German uK'ultur" under the  feel of Civilization.  M, Ilanotaux, for many years  the French Minister for Po reign  AlTitlrs, and the father of the  Pnuico-KuHHiun alliance, has  voiced the opinion of Franco.  This was given weeks ago, and  shows the close attention to details as they have since developed. When asked how long the  war would Inst, M. Hanolaux  replied:  "A fortnight ago, 1 thought  the war would htsj, a year, per.  hftpm a year and a half, Today  I think it- will not I ft at so long.  When CaitNtitntinople falls,,and  that will come noon, the circle of  iron will have dosed about Ger  many, The Haihan *SHntos and  Italy wilt join the AUie-��. That  will hasten the inevitable end."  The Gerjnan dream of world  power Is ��t)on to end hi a rude  awakening,  Alhernl U uUo ruaohed by nienmor  from Victoria, and lu tlio summer  mutitli*. there Ift no mortt delijflilful trip  than this uji tht* w*-*.il coast of Vnnooti*.  ver Inland and ulunjf iho jilctui'tijtpio  Albornl ettiu.1.  Tho I-thuid trunk llm* of theU N.H.  Is now hulltlhijir frum Vluiorla to Al*  bin-ill, <   -  Land prh'-o-t an to uorouK" vitrldp  from $20 to -MOO per mire for bu-ih land  nud from -9100 to -MOO for hind that hue  bi'wn ol(ut!'0d and brought under cult!*  vniton. J'rlciM uro kovoiwh! hy quality  and location, and land ttan ht* hud in  uny quantity.  It hiiii boon (mind thut mixed (arm-  hitf pays* host. On,plots of from ton U)  twonty acroti fruit growing, dairying,  poultry raising, hog-i and mitt).* will all  jmy woll.'  num**--* **��� *J f*��m*  In Alhernl will hn''found tho usual  aitvnntagon of a progrefiitivo Wostorn  Community that hits faith, and thn oour*  ugn of it* convictions. There* uro *  ntunlior of good sloron carrying a wldiv  raugo of good*, schoob, olimtiti**, tho  Alburn I Advocato, nuwHpaimr, ami a  niuubttr of uthlotlo uud soeiRi clubs.  i.  Tho cllmuto Is us tluo us can he  found on tho Pucillo Coiou, I ft It mi tho  your round. Tho rainfall is Ions than  tlmlof tho City of Vancouver, tho  frost* nr�� light, Thoro i* eoldotu frost  enough for skating or snow enough for  iblolglihig, and wlmn olthor of the����  comci It only hint** a fow days. Kor  inn ttuuuuor and uttittmn months there  U nothing In tho world to oxcol tho  Albornl woathor.  ^  Albornl is tho outlot of ono of th��  largest and mo-it fortllt. valleys on Van**  couvor bland;' In tho District will ho  found a vast weulth of tlmbor of tins  finest hind, coal, Iron, copper, marblo  niul other comnmrolftl itwimn,, hii**.k  oluyii uud other miitorlulH.  Tlior-a aro ntimoroui, atiraotlvo  oppiirnmltloK for tho immufuottifftrand  iuvostor. Tlio Kdltor of tho Albornl  Advooitto, Allmrnl, ��. C, will lm glad  to lalm these muttorir up with you.  Writo to him for jiai'tlotihirs.  ,vpm*#***^ffiil*M****$  I  MTEHOME  (Continued from Pago 1.)  riflefiro. It wan just lileo a half Htortn  I nover hoard tlio Hko. Von can  hardly iuiitgim*'whut it wits like when  you .worn not. tlioro. Wo mtido a .'groat  charge, will) tho bayonet, , Wo' could  not t*hout ��t> vvii would huvo killed our  own iii<*i]i Our men woro 'falling thick  its we went "along but Hill) thoy .wont  !iheud,ithd drove tho CivniiitDH hack  w.iih' tlii^ hayonut.'��� Wo oloured the  lie-it 'Hin) and/lhon wont, forwaid and  look another lino of lronoht'-t.   !  f got wounded hoforo that and could  Dot get further, 1 got a htillot through  tlio log, a very -lucky wound us it miss*  od tho bono, f aui gutting along ihu*.  litm in tlu* hfmpltal at Cardlif,'' WaloM.  Tho llr-it '-day .wo camo to ,St. Omor  und vvo KUi.ycd thorn ono night, und  then wo cain'o to tlm Cauudlan .hospital  I-  at iht* count!, ut it plui'e. cuthil l��*' f.un*  ���ult. Wosiityed then* two day;* uml  limy li-enO'd ni groin. Wo woro llm  tlr-hi big lot of Cuiiudhoi-i that cunio  down wotindod. Tho next movo wa**  neroii** hero* I i'siieev to lm ImtU'i" in  it -.Imniiun*.  Ht^KH HIKLK.  J will wll:''*>'o\i uh MlKiut; tho Hos-��  rifle lituir on. Wo *>i.b *"i>i thorn ttt  tho front, und thoy work alright, ft  Ih uil .llmi uhout,them hoi eg taken away  fi'umiis, I iiotiid mit witiii for a hottor  rlllo. l.iuay u>lt you that ��U this fight*  log took place'at,V'pri.*�� anil, thoy aro  'mailing. rttiiiH of, iho town, i will  write you ailttlo litter uml toll y<*m all  tho netvii n** npfiico wiil not allow tii to i  thno, A-* isotm'1 us 1 he��r ithout tlio  foiiow.ii I will let you know. Wrlto to  tho sumo adii'iss.  your utrmnlonato .brother  'M,lM), l*to. CCamphell.  Allvo And Kicking* j'  The next butch is from our frlond  Keith (Mil, iitul is inittli! up'of tlm ��ub-  Ntanco' of throi) IctturH roco.lvod from  hlm tlilri wt.ii.-k.  Keith ���lippoitr.s to' he. right- in tho  thick of things, iind to bo (|olng woll.  Uo begins by stilting;- '  "I uupposo you will ho watching tho  nowspupors jirotty close these days to  tmo what 'happened to tho Camidlun  Contingent.''��� Well, we had q ml to "a  tlmo alright, hut I guess tho Ccrmans  found tlial wo are not im nlow um vvo  .;'(ContlntiiKl on'pago 4.)  *3r  Again we call the attention of  our friends to the fact that we  are now taking delivery of a  stock of all kinds of  Letter Meads, Bill Beads  Cards, Etc.,  All ordered before the recent  . advance in paper prices.  Ui  Now is, tho time to stock up while the prices  of this class of work remain o't tiie old levels.  Orders from outside points will  receive careful und prompt attention.  *n  J  AND HOT WATER FITTERS . .  ���p  Ettimflteg furnbhed c.u Applic-stien  Margaret St  Alberni, B.  Phono 18  P.O. Box 3��.  '-ji--'. -*v  ,         _ i "���-��       >��_    _     J~ m_        ...    * r  1      .-���J.PI^**��   ^**  ,��� f"k      >"s',v"*-4.,~t    ^t    4  Ifyou\ftave got a good thing  WHY NOT ADVERTISE  IT    ���  MlJ��Utiii,��tiita*> *miMfMa��A*umitH (.in. tVWoti litiiM,  i^[iil^ii��rfM^SiJimi^&1^^ THE AJLBEWS AW0CATE  iff  ���rtW***!l,|. *f--* ,***ta^4wWt *�� ftf .!�� M*^,**,*,*. **-��*��> *,*- If*-.--,^.**.,.!.*.. tttttlM ^*l,lll| llM.,,||.-tTrt*lll*-..rnWMf��  imnf-iwimi  If you have not already attended tho Grout Price Sla-shing Sale now on at thlM well known store,  you hud better not delay doing ��o. This Ih an opportunity; tor Having money that- nuty never oceur  again and ovory person In the District should talte advantage of tho bargains olTered. We must  ralao cash on our stock and you will roup tho benefit,   Give uh it call and ho convinced.  gaii-**-a-��i*W'*t-*'''-^^  SUITS,   HOUSE! DRESSES,  SILK, WAIST,  KIMONOS, SlUC'and  LISLE I10SII3HY liJtc.  w*mm**m***tfwitmmmr��m  For the Men  SUITS, HATS, HOOTS and SHOWS, SHIRTS,  UNDERWEAR, T1KS, COLLARS, SOCKS.  BRACES and OTH10K- GENTS 1'HJRNISHINGS  CLASSIFIED ADS.  laWttt W !*.*�������� ���,., .,',. ,  WORK AMD WORKERS.  Until further notlco uny nnrrton do-  string r.mph>ym��*nti niul UtoNo who  wish to litre help of any iiinil, will Und  tho coiimimi of tin* Allieriil Advocate  upon to inula* known thoir vi-mus to  tho pithliu without, r hit run.  Thu Hurviru Js froo,   Muko use of It,  for Rent or SnIt>....Hninll flini-ui on  double corner, Allmrnl Helj/lns.  MmuII pavmont down und fid per  month tviti buy It.   .1. I lent.  W-unfed. - Kuimiitmt'od, middle ��j{od  l��ti/;ll-ih widow, vvuiit-i position tin  housiilimipor. (lood rt!fiirtmot��!i. Ad-  dromn Mm, II. Hryiiut, Alhernl, ll. C.  Par H*itt,.~..Tvvo room lmlldhij,' next  to Alhernl Hotol. ,.Apply to 0. A.  Smith, Albornl, 11. 0.  For SuId-K ilvo uoro bloukH,  10 noro**,  ntviiy below tho (lovorntiiont Ajfiint't*  ussohjiuuint in lot III.   Apply to  Jiiiuut* iJcok, l*\ O. JJtk -1'W, Vlctut'iii.  *mm*VM+iXK>M  GOODS BY THE YARD  vets,  Sheeting, etc.  *  rs  S.    EATON  Margaret St., Alberni  Painter, and Pfl|wr��H��ng*r  Wal!pap��r��   kept   In   utook   ot  lowest  prices.  PICTURE     FRAMfNtl  KstluttttoH Freu. ,  ("���i-iiian��'iK"'iik"i"T*"y"'i*"i"'"i" '���" '",i"*" ."nn'i",'" -��� "���  MORE HEAT-LESS WOOD  By weourhiK your Wood fro' -  the  ALBEHNI WOOD YARD  Dry l��1M-t.7& nor Hole, delivered  OrMuMr-*��.50 per rlelt, "    "  Gertrude Bt.  Alberni  *tmmqwmu*i*mm*m  -TTTWIIiiriri-fHIM un  W*M^  >ms*nA9HvmmMwmw*m,  rsm BiMMim��� nnjiawii  ttmmmmt  coming  iSftpwIrlnj.���Ht'iiuiru on Autos, Mitrino  It.ni'liioti, una till III mis of muchinery  by iiii oxpurl who Iiun norvod IiIh  tlmo ut Uio trudo. Leuvu ui-durii ul  tho Nhui-t'Jihup noxt lo HuIt'ii Cliiratfo,  Albornl, H. C.^R Muslim.  Plente For Sale-*Tomato plant*-), cult*  lm��f<�� plunti-i, rod eitlibu^ru , pluntti.  tituillllovver |)lunti*t iiriiioml.H KprimtM  phtnttt, All now reitdv for Hmilnif  out,       W. J). (Irllllu, Albornl, 11.0.  Wanted- -Work by tho duy by un ox-  pert ilreNHmukor nud tullorosi, tutu  tii���_tL,iiokuno.-"Mr��. M. 10. Iliumh  Utitivor Crotdt Hond nuur Tho Muplo.1.  Wnntctl-t-To purohnso u tout, 8x1(1.  Must ho hi 'food condition undohtmp  Apply Hoyu 1 Hunk, Alhurni, H. C,  W��ntod���Hnoi'KOtlo htdy holp or youim'  vv'tmiun to holp with nomm work uml  look uflor bithy ucoutilonully���wriio,  ���MHtlnjf njfo, oxnorlonoo und Mihtry  oxpeotixl to C. Frusor Uitmflold, li.u,  Professional Cards  tvamma^murVAR c-,  cseo. a. snith, c. e*  IJ.  0.  Lund Hurvovor.   .Survey,-*;  of  thnh-tr limits, mlneriilojuim-i, mid ltmd  subdivisions.   Oflltsn at Alhernl,   I.'. O.  '''Box 23.."'.  H�� M; T. HODGSON  A. M.-.L C. K.-'  fiood Work     Prices Right     Prompt Attention  hmv�� ord-are* at Manuel'is Blacksmith Shop, Albornl  Or  City-  CALL, OR 'PHONE 18.  P. 0. BOX 16.  MOTION BLOCK  C. GALES Proprietor  Liberal Platform.  1, Alt contribution* to ��ftmpitJjpp>.  fundi to bo op��n tor public inspsotloa  ut any itme, And tho use to which they  uro put to b<* clearly indicated.  2, Tho appointment of a nou-ptrtl*  r.nn civil aerviee commlmion to mak��  (ill uiipolutments to both outnido ftctJ  libido iiefvjco.  -'). Tho nhoUtloii of putronoeo lo  ovory form, uh jnnvhwes to ho mwSo  in the open mitrkut und on regular  btndnuH.'* terin-n.  ���f. Tho publiontion of a roguUr  (|imtioi'ly lmUutiiu, irivlvhiff fulldoUlU  of nil moult,*** oxpondod by tho (jovtrn-  immi.  4) '  fi. Wo ti|fnm lo ujik for a comn��l����lon  to hivoKilfv'uto;tho affairs* of tho pto-  vhieo thut tho rent hiou may bo known  uud tho hand.-, of tho ^overnmsnt left  frim U> roHtoro tho crodit of the pro*  vinco und duvolop itn (front roiouroes  for tlio honuilt of tho pooplo.  0. Whorovor tho llndlngu of thin  comlsisUin mIiuw that tho ro��ourooii of  tho province huvo boon a)ionat��d by  frutu), to tnko Mioli utopn nu shn.ll re*  si to i-o thi! m to thopooplo whllo protoat*  Intf tho hmocont Invoitor,  7, Tho imGuurttftQuiooti of Rffrl-  oultiitnro by lotuni on ou��y torim, by  timldt)<*riicoo.*i��il)lo8i)lontiflcinfoMUfttlon  uh u> tho nnturo of tho noil mid oliiuntlo  uml othor oondltlomi of ouch reg-ion,  tho onomiru/fomont of oo-oporatlon udd  by tivory tojfltimuto iu*?uns to m*ko  rural llfo nn iiLti'iiotlvo and profitable  u*i poNslblo.     ���    '  ti. Tho davolopmont of minon,  foroNlfi und otlior //rout natural ro*  Muurcoi-t of tho pruvtnooby oncottra-jrinfr  .tho notmil produoor und making M  dlflloult mid unprofltiihlo tho aottvition  ofthtimoro oxpioltor nnd ttpoaulatlra  inventor.'  U. Tim Imjirovemont of the condition**; of tho wnrklnif oIiisrok by doing  nil poMKlbJy lo uiittiro a roattoaable  wntro, (tilt- working- oondltlom* and  dooont tmrrotindlnjin for all olnnsci of  lubot'i provldlnir for oumponnatlon for  tho Injury or douth of tho workor and  Uiklnir Much MtopU its ithall ollmlnato  tiui -uiiTtniiiff now falling upon tho  workoi'ii In tiinou of ilnimoUl dopreo*  filmit  10. Local option for tho control of  thn llijuor ir&Olo.  11. Equal tsufTruijo for mon und  womon.  I'i, Tho fnlr and impartial enforcement of iho law.  l.'l, Tho protoatlon of imiooont tn*  voHtors by rltfid innpootion of all oom-  ptuiio**,,  H, A rljfld und Impui'tlitl onciuiry  Into iho tlntinolul position of thoP.O.K.  tmd (..Nil'. rnilwuy,i und tho dlipos-  lilon of tho moneys ulru��dy provided,  nnd If uocostmry tho {jovonimont to  tuko over thn roudr* und complete thorn  hi.thn IntonwtH of tho poopla rathor  timo to uoutintto tho prcsont polloy.  mkimiqmfK+mim��  li. C, Land Surveyor and Civil Etigltitser  Ottfl������:   Cmrmoor  Block, Port   AlWrnl  Phone 87  Oivll r.nd Mining Knjflnoor  und l  Alhorni  I'rovinoiiil Land Surveyor  B. O.  Artistic Photography  ���,  ;. In-All; Its  Hntnehes,  The,Now  Studio,   next to the  Lord-l.k'.-sl* Bunding, Jh now  10(inh>ped for IUihIiicsh  'Lantlscii pe��, Pertrai 1;h, G roup-i  and  Counnerchtt Work  D6��lo?iti| alad Prialifig fpr Araakun  tktwte framing  J.    CLJBGG  mm tntm**v*,wm  Holding'.On.  A H'tdrk'novyti' bi**liop on'o day wont  wont, down to his old 'Vurrdty, nud'-uiw.  lit tho elutreh im eltlt'iiy verier whom  'hoi'immmborod to oeeiipylnit**' tlie sumo  pofnlion in his ���own 'uudnrj/rudiiuto  duy.t*  'Tbo bishop lold   tlm  mitn im  wus  ptm'tsed lt> sou. him,.li.i(.jklnjf ho vvoll,  MOh, yes, my lord," replied tho old  voider, ''I huvo lunch lo lm���-thiulkfiil  for, I huve heard ovory Hoi'iium  proiu'hed in thin church for the lust  fifty yoiti-jt, und, thtiuk God, 1 umu  Chrhtlun still!"  l^ll^#tillktlJIW.IIi,lll*f>l.ll*.'TI>IWM^ttll  D����!��r In  'f*  I  Stiuh, Doors &nd  Glam  Building and Hoofing Paper  Limo, Bricks and Cement  Alberni  Phone 29  P. 0. Box 9  K  k  ssasssssssstmm  ���fJrotmo'**' Hoiim-Huko l'lroiul ut Tho  Allunrnl Trudliij," Stores um. Thomson'x  (lonorul Storo.  Bricklayer and Mason  Plastering and Comcnt  work  tn<& Avfiirjt-  *tmmt&A THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  "'���"'" ' - ''_ -j '            ���'    ^���u'.tf'.-^aU.&'.'M*^  wmMmiiimw^^>*,,.,-^.^.,.*..,,.*��.**>t~,w-, l|i'!lil  ��pi*,*llr>    d|  lilltiill-    *?     bill'ejl    Ht'?* ,^       r. -  f (,'ii|',iiU)i-i tmrhit vvh-tt'i* thrt Iimi nt illj*, p    ,*s ��  |  it tti'oi'h.    The-I'i'iili'tlildei **f'In* li'l!***''*'  ffiPtJh.   *&��** ^J?'*^      if I* luit* ii 'ni* villi ihe th*!*: ->!��� "i   lii*��it- M    kl  ���? $^|ftl$  ftVi  Hi**,"'  ��Id ri  re     ?ii-*s> ititj*   k**, I--, n   >a  IMM��V1M1i>M>M>*M4->>^^  ��*>wp'^wwBKgf'jeBiewi��j>i'��<w  To welling ffats All Shapes   $123  Childrens white and natural linen  Hats   25c and 35c.  '���������*���$*;      if I* luit* ii iij. villi ihe th*b; !��(��� "i   Iiioii-  ��J     W  BF*!%      I* inj: h pvi'tiiitir   JdMtCl   (irn- i-  ii   I'l'ti-t.p  jji holtvci'ii   tin*   il.  C,   vuil.'tt   uut!   tbt'jjjj   ,r '*    "  "^ ��'����������� ','li   To Encourage Cash Duytnv IV* Offer  *'&,  ML L. Holt  Alberni, B.C.  LuiUo��' IIuhu* Journal I'lUiui'ii* nhvayM lu Ntwk  ���W*��qWBI?JW'-tW<MgT>W*nl')^^  J  shapes  75  nn a un. EH l^-mAMA..  W  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  imnmiwie wwniMnniw  TAILORED CLOTHES for MEN  We have just received our Spring and  Summer samples.    Your inspection in  vited.   Fit and style guaranteed.  FROM   $0  UP.  Prices  Motion I Hook, Albornl  Photm 81  Firm. Av��., Port Albornl  Phono 7.i  mww ���mmw*wfmt+*i*fimiHf*)i  Cun now tmpply onion-, for Kirn. Clat��h  Rough and Dressed Lumber oi AI! Kinds, Shingles* Etc,  laical Onion* "-till riiimlvo t-p-Hihtl itttmiihm,  (,'itll itt  tho  Mill on tho HeoU.h  Notllomoiit Itond, or i'hono  or tvrho to tho Mutuijj'er  X. I. FMAS��lt  Phona U4B Albornl, fit. C.  I'VeJiell -��t��K'iia     Hi' Ml%t*.   tilt  of liui!.  Il^-lit uml   bite.     ill  vvilh ii huddlo*,,   mustache K ileic'-ibeil,  uuil tho tvhoh* t'orroniioiuleiiet' I*. In un  itiuusiu*,; vein.  Wo eeiiiiiiily  i.oii|frttttilut*-  Keith on  i'omiii,*r ihroujfh  tho  lij'hi   iu sltoh it  lucky manner.  Ntvpler Bnrracku.  Tin* next lo!lli*i' Ih fi-oiu Nuplc-r Jlur*  rucks, und in friim^jfl. \V. t*. < iurke,  of tin* It. A. M. l!,, uml i*> 'ilvt'ii be*  ciliise it. (louts vvilh M*vorui of the loeiil  boy** who uro now on tlio llrhn? Hue.  Ntiplor lliirnu'kK,  Shurni'liiru  Muy Z llliri.  lOditor Advocate,  iJeurKlr:-  I wrlto to toll ynu fhiit I per-  sunnily Idil tfood by to tlm Jteibord  buys, \V. IIdiisIIp, .I.Chirko. 1>. !',ei,r!or  und .1. limits' ll>If* Afternoon, th*.* ,'ifilli.  Ihiltiilhm hHvhijr lnfi .Sliormiill'o on Its  wuy io iho front.  I muy Miy thut thoy uro nil well und  lit und loft with us linive u fueo un tlm  ilex! ono, Timi thoy huve" hucomo  Noldioivi jifoort without, saying. Tlio  misfortune l.i thut thu whole* btitlitlhm.  doos not ko tojrothoi', but us rolnforco-  nients for ihotm who fought so well ul  ���Si, .Itilltui���tlm Canadians,  it In my Jot io riimiiln bt'hlnd for tho  pri'Kont, il." A.M.C, |(ohw lorwurd in  drafts us wanted.  Thorn will ho t��,��HK> Ctinudluns ijoinur  forward ihi.s wo ok uml "n.um of Ivltoh*  oner's army. It Is it sltfhl lo .see thoso  men jfei rouily uud mureh oir, mostly  ut ub.ii.i with orders for quietuile und  no Kinoklntf.  Well, I imkod tho boyh If uny hud  luoMiitfroH to i*onil, und thu itnswiu* win.  In eueh rase, "loll ihnm tlml wo an*  alright," so I ask you, Sir, to convoy  lln* (.umi*. incMti;!')'to Mm. Ih.cht'sior  und to Mr, t.'lurkt*, and ku.v tliut I diked  Major linioo I'tiwloy, tlm ollleor of  thoir tiompMiy lo look uftor thorn h\\l\  ho unnworod "Why ntiro, Clarke, ihoy  are all Rood S?uIk,'-  (iolliuul iilso wont.  Kxprohslnj,' my rii^ret i hut I huvo  not |.fi)iie with them,  I um, M(r,  Vonrrt Truly,  W. C, Clark*  Royal Houshold Hour;  cash $2.20, credit $2.30  Glenora "      "  $2.10,      " $2.15  Tht1 C'iimIi I'l'ii'i'H iii't') vory oloso and ini��nn Hli'lc-liy canh with  Oi'iloT.  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co.  Hen., IV2(,  onhm I'hum* i.'.Ti  A. PAUL, Mnmiger  manmm  mm*  I  for the Good Old Summer Timer���  i i  Grape Fruit, Bitter Oranges for  Marmalade, Lime Juice, Lemon  Squash and a fine assortment of  On the Busy Corner  Th�� Busy Store  Tho Well-known find Old faUbiished Grocers, Bakers end Produce HsrctanU  Tho Supply of  I'Yosli   l'Vnlt In now  Llinltuil.     Hvn porn tod  Krnit is a tfood fcjubstituto  KVAPORATIC1) Al'l'lil-.S . .  MVAPOUATK!) PJOAOHKS .  lOVAPORATlOl) APR1COT8 .  obRIKI) PRUN108 ........  OaniHul hViutn of all Ichuln in Htock.  .2 llm.  li'OR  ������rn*  i*r\t*  .'J Ihu.  FOR  Xw,  .LMhfi,  FOR  ��r��o.  .'J'lbM.  KOR  ^5c.  ��� ���p*'-*r.\-*-ntxfT*n.~*i>r:irtiU \,  Victoria Quny Store, Phone 38  ArgySe Street Stor��, Phone 148  fkirM��V|-|W ���!  (Continued froih  l*nKt�� 2.)  look.  "I can Juirdly lielioveihitt I um iilive  und kleklnjf. / 'JMie Germumi ^m. 'ovory,-  thing- f hud hi tho, bijr fltrht, and I um  wrltlntf thl.-i lotier In a trench, iniltij,"  my cup <ui �� vvrltlnju,''de��k,M  To his father Koith writes before  tho U\k butt!*! tbouj'h the* letter Is not  posttxl until after the il-jiit. In" his  loityr ho fflves his Impritssions'of tiio  country, and the wuy they uutmiK'o  thinj,'H in Krunco. Keith does not up-  provo of mmiy things over there, but  lot him toll ft.  "Tho bid ,. furuioi-H bore ut-e busy  putt-inir'in'tl.iolr'crops, and tliey uppeur  qulU* happy, though tho flrlnjf Unit h  not far, iiway. It would muko you  Ittiijfh to tmo lh*> wuy they do tliitsji-w hi  thin country. Thoy have souk* line  horses ho to  but tin?   way  they drlvi*  thorn Is tfimm.ib.ihjf awful. Thoy hlteh  thom up uhout t-wimty foot away from  tho loud, uod tlio driver hits to st.mtr  by Imuliiii/ on tiio toii<>m��. I tell you  ho earns IiIh money ulrlffiil."  'After tolUn'jf'.of-���bttylnir t^'K'Mtt* <(('  cents per dozon, und .spooiilitttnj,' 'on  tho chanooM of a chlokon ranch, Keith  conliuues: j  i' "We runiieross somo rolledouiw Inii  llttlo town over hero, and vvo livt-d  ltljrh vviilU* thoy lasted.  "Tho tron'fliios'ttro'ji vvhoh* lot.bourn*  now than., thoy ��� woro whon vvo iimi  ���camo ii'viDi*, horo, as* thoy uro j*rottJmr  nice and dry. We do not huvo such a  bud tlmo in thoxo tnmohos unloss . otir  Corman frlonds -vet to idiolllnj?, Muid  then you havo to duck, bollevo iuo,.bii-  cttiiso tho��o, hi{,�������� iihiiln tnouij business  whet) they oontoovcr. Wo aro ^otthi),'  tjulto -tiKod to thn tide lire uud don't  mind it f.t all,.. butit will tako a lobjf  tlmo to jrot  used  to thoso   \>ltf  Bholls.  Tho only udvuntatfo h tliut you cun  hour Ilium cumin,-,' a lontf tlmo before  thoy'ifot you!" ���'..'.'  Other Lottors.  I .til ton*' woro reeelveil from Hifj.'t.  Ki'utik Hti'von-s who *4U|),N "Wo aro olf  for Ilu* front." ThU wus written from  ���Napier Iturruok.**, ami itppuarK to liuvo  been sent iho duy hoftjro tho .'KHh loft  for lln* Iiiiui/lln**. Sojil. Stovenw will  ri*im*mhorod u*. a formur ompioyoi* of  the Allu'i'iii brunch of ihe Uoyul iluiik.  He M*mls hi-. ri'ifUi'd** to al! tho boy.-*. '  Our old Irlt'iitl "ilitpii.v" *.i*nt a fi*w  Ihiei, Ju>��t to suy tlmt lii* oxpeet!* to j,rt*t  hi*, breath luiek iu abtmt u mouth, Imi  in tlm meuntimi* he I*-* iiil.tlii*^ in tho  bout MM'iety.  1 hippy'�� Idea of "m|,'ti(i|>'-" In loo tt,*ll  loiovin in Alht!i-iil l*> ii��*i| any <>*k|iluu��  atioii, Ho ti|i]ii*ai"�� tu liuvo heon thorw  or tlitn't'ulKiini., lu i,ev(*ruj uf (lit* Utth)  i>(j|iia)i!)h'*t that imvo htien jjoiii't:' -">  uloiiji tho western hat do Jront, so fur  ho Is -ttill wtiuriitjvf the smile that wont  come ott\  wma^iwmamm  ���001  English Indigo dyed Prints and  Chambrays   -   -   12 l~2c, a yd,  Mens' Baibriggan Under Vests  and Drawers   - 4Gc* a garment  Ladies'   Black    Lisle    Thread  Hose   ------    35c. a pair  THOMSON'S  LIBEREASSE  LiiMt .Siittmhiy eveiilnjj- tho district  urotuid Coombs for mod a Llborul -Amko*  olutioii. . Cnpt. C. A, iltilf, J'ro-ildent  of tins Alberni District.Liberal JAssn.,  mudo'ti upoolul I dp to Coombs for tho  purpose of as.sistliiK tho /-food work,  ami Ids report of the proceedInf;.*) In  vory Inter'estluif,  It (.tjipoars tluit. noiiio two dozen Llborul h woro on liaiiil, and tho ihootinif  was a i'l'Diit .sticcitss. Capt|': IfuiT de-  livorod a short, tuliitess on tho history  of LlhoraUam, and procooded io 'tflvo  uh otitltiio. of tho method of foi'iultij-f  such an association as that for which  themieeilojiC wus called,  lluvluff ptiNsod tho hocossary roMoln*  lion us io tho formatlo'n of an association, the follow in/f -ptllooi'u ��� vjmro  ulocuid:  I'res. .fames' Lowiiry,   I'a'i-kw-  vllle: Vlce-i'res,, Cupi. H. W. Johnson  Uooiiibs; St*c*'lieus,, Allan AV, Koiil,  Coombs.  'J'ho MNocutlvii Committoo consists  of Messi-H, it. II. Loyd, Kri'lniftoni\'(h  W Horniutl, I'lirliKvlIlm John West,  Coomb!*; Thus, Kincaid, Qualli'tim; W.  Ford, Coombs; ThOiS. IIiillor, Hlllior.  Afiortho olootlon of ojllciM'n iimi u  (fonoral discusMlon of tho sit tuition, tt  vote of ihiinkiS was passed to tho freii-  idont of tho Dititrict' Assoclftllon for  his klndnoss in itttondlnj,? tho nmotlnir,  and it w'au resolved to inoot^'iiifitln In  two tvooks, The ^uthorlnj; wan ti vory  1'nihii.ihwllc one, and t.l;iero is no doubt  tliut, in licit*'Kood'will result from tho  formation of the new ussoclutlon.  Dontql Work.  Dr. J. C. Morrison will bo in Albornl  to'attimd to tho wants of thoso,lu need  of work in tho dmilal lino, llti will bo  at thi* Hotel. Arlington on Monday,  wherw itpjioliitmoiils can bo untile.  Cireeho's 1'Iomo-Httko Hroad itt Tho  Albornl Trudiiijf Stores und Thimison's  ("bmorul Storo.  Spring SIiow��ria.  I*.von tho most oiitltiisiiisiia iidmiror  of Aibuiiil .won tii or will itdmitthut wo  huvo hud. uhout. iiiiim'���<ii ,,��howori>1"  (luring tho pusi few vvuekN to do for  ijuito utv'hiio, but' even this wouthor  ouniiot dump the oiUhtisiuHin of the  wise* ohos who insist on'fortify Jiij,** thoir  systoius ti;-!iinst ('liitii|fi*s lii ivtuitlior by  a Jtidlcioiis Miloo tlo'n (>f tho ''.'many  tmii|itliU!' ()irt*rlrij.'s of Mr, Itoohostor,  tlio family, btiiehoc, With n ftw of  theso tiikitnin seitiioo, ofon the. moat  confirmed "vv't*athori.frouohV takos on  itisitillo,'-        '.','!.���'  if uneral Sprvico.  , 1'i'iic!Scully tin) entire town of Alberni, us well iti ninny citizoim of tho  I'o.'i. i-iirmtl out to pay a lust trlbiai'  of rospect to ihti memory of Mrs.; Wm.  Frunlf Gibson, who lost hor Ufo In an  uiiHticcessfiil uttoinpt to savo tho lifo of  hor Huh) daughtor Mao.  The Mayor and Council of Albornl  acted as liiiHbearor.s, and tho floral  oiioriii/,'�� ;..woro'.'both' numerous and'  bi'tiuUftil.  'J The funeral soi'vieo*-. worn cohductt>d  by Hoy, Junius Currtithih-N.        i  ������J  -  I  ���?!  i'i  .s  mtiikmsSimmitmmmmsUi


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