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Alberni Advocate 1915-03-05

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 ���- *ri>*i^*tf.if^ir.i^'t><*irff��W  .:��5*.:   '  ��� "'*%,   '  /?  ^8S  V��1. 7  Alborni, B.C., Friday. March 8, 1018  No. 2  80 ACRES  At Beaver Creek $25.00 per Acre  10 ACRES  .' 'o  2$ Miles from town, $800. on &ood terms  J A S ������   R .  Him* KkUiU) mul lnHiinuKM  Phono 111, Alborni  MWItlfJHtJII  P.Oi Box m  / Capital Paid Up  Reserve Fund  Total Asset��������  Ai'OKNKWAl. DANKW. llOHINKSH TllANrtACTPKISt  *    Umd Qttl<*��t L^oatratt  *> 11,560,000  $18,000,000  $180,000,000  $ Bank Department  Banking fey Mai!  DmhmH�� of $1.00 mul tltiwaitlfj ><*iWlv��Kl  and lnt.4in.iii null* nt thtt ltl��fhp��t eummt  (*��!��*.   NolMfty tn \V(tl)i1rt.*��!!)(,'.  l.��l)i)*|tii tiinv bo imuttt nml )v|Unlr*s*i-i)  b}' mtiii.   Vulb-iH i>iirii��ulhr�� will ultttl.  ly tie K-lvt't) by Ivtu'r ivj/nnthur nil tic-  tin H uie iiia-  IO llritneli'e,*. in 11 rltbib Columbia.  Ovop ;iH0 Hi-Rnalx-H ttnd Agoni'loN., 1(11  Correspondent.*; Throt��"��hout tlm World.  Port Alberni Branch  F. W. IJOIHCH'I'V, Manager  Alberni Branch  F. C, HIHKM, Mtt��l*K��.*  liwi^iwiatii^i)*^  1817  EOTAttLISHED 1017  HOARD  OF  DI&KCT0R8  H. V, M#rt��*tHh. K����,., Prsifdtnt,  C, B. art��*ine!tUldt��, E��*j.  Sir The*. fflh��uihn*t��.*��y, K.C.V.O.  A; jLJttusngartiDn, E&tj.  S>. Forb*t) AnfiuH, Eb<j.  Sir FREDERICK WILLIAMS-TAYLOR. Goitera. Manager.  Banker!* in Canada und  f^ndun,  K��tf., for tlm Canadian Government.  Hriinoheti oiit.ttbHt.heil throughout Cs inula nnd Newfoundland, nt each  of  which J* tt  H. U. AnjOtf. Esq.  Mm-i. Rebt, Wh-clKty,  C, R. Hi����ro��r, Eea,  H. R.Orummcnd, ��i*i$.  64if Wm, Ktredotiatd  David f*iorrlc��, ��.*>���}.  C. U, Gordon, K��*-j,  Wm. P-cPInrntet', ��*h{  whore depoMti-i of tfl.tX' and upward nro roooivod nnd tutornbt allowed at  ItlKboNtfOtirrtinbriitoti.  iSnylutf.*. lloparlinont accounts (j-lvon .special attention  O. SWEBNY. . *  ' O. J3L PittTCHAKt),      -  Sinn, of UiItUli(?t)ltiml'bi��rfttWhc��.    . -. .'        Mtoiti^r   ',���,.������  VAN'(X>dVl.lt. AMIEUNt.  CAiWOTFIND-      ,  AN1T AGREEMENT  AttlmluKt rOKUhir inoutlnjf of lho  City Council tbo matter of tho sondlnjf  of I'Uplli*''from Alliernl to tho Porl  btjflt i*ciiool whh uj.;��l�� tukon up. _A  lot tor wait, roud from tbo Department  of .education to Un* cfToot that whon  tho mutter of bttlldltiff n high i-.oht.-ol  wturi ljrs't takdti op ll was njjrood that  nil pupiin for tho hitflittohool entruneo  eltme**, from both town should ntt end  tiio now Port ttohbol.  In roply tbo 0*>uncll Mnt(>d that thoy  httd tukon tho mutter with tbo local  trustee.*, nnd UuW ul tin* Port,. and  could find no record of ��uoh an agreer  moot. Owlntf to this fuot, and tho  fiirtliot' fuot that thoro wan a toacbor  at Alborni who w��tj jjaltJ to do tho  work, tbo Counetl roxolviHl to "jfl-vo  noiioo that nftor Mnirob .'il,, (hoy would  tint bo rujiponslblo foe any oxpnnsoi, for  htdtoo} puriKMsoi. ou-iahlcXu of tl.olr otvji  dlmrlot., oTbo Dopttrtmont will bo  iioiifJcdio thludffoot, Tbo Cunadlnn  Kimm-iiorii woro ft Kit In np)>olnto(l ua  Kloolal Agents for tho Oorporatlon of  Ibo olty of Alberni.  CopioK of all oortiflcat��f) of title for  roul onttifto ti'mnifers, within lho ItculiK  of tho corporutlob woro ordorod from  Ibo dopferimont, Thin will omtbity tlto  City OltM'k to \koop tritek of tbo tr��n��*  fot*.i( and not havo to vi��|t Viotorla.  from tlmo to time for thin purpose,  Tbo coplo* otnSoiHHl will cewt uovftn  oolite oitott.  It wtw rofioivcd to |oln tbo Unloii of  MunlQliialiiitoi, to* li wat. found ibttt  UiU UnLuiu iiiMt- aL^kdtxiu>vi*��(uU ,iuuii�� in  i\ tHwltlon to jrlvo aid In many ways  wliore dllliciililoM ml^ht (trUo In lho  way of lo^'ttl quoatlomi,  ft was unnoimtsodtbftt M��8iir.i. W. I*.  Olbnon und-f.kl'2. Hlandy * Iiit4 bcon ap.  IfOiiHod ns'ldconco {..oiiuiti^iotaiortt, etui  Mo��ttf��. Harvey and Dr. Morgan ot>  Polioo OommitiktaloHty'i,, With botli of  those, boidth. Mayor Uuit will net by  vlrttmyf lila oliico,.  Tho Alltori.. ' WoiiioiiV Patriotic  Boolotit-k. waked tt> btivo tbo C'otiuoll  ui*Dh*(. tijoin by miAttn^ to tho trttin.-  initiation uuiiipuulot. Homuthin^ ns t-o  tbo titundinyof lho Hooloty with u view  w vntlthi thoiu to fi'uo ti'Aiuiiiortutlon  on tbo tfoodn wbif.jt thoy aro uenUli)/*;  to tlm front,  Tho Council rofSpoutlcd very lieuiilly  ]H*>'Ii){f n hifc'h iribtito io tho ovcollent  no rlt .r bleb these Indloat tire tloinj, in  lliolr otroiih to provldo oulufoi'l*- for  tlto bo,v��t In ihu iroiu'bcui,  tHuiitiry Kw'duuw woro puhshhI mu,  bill* ordorod in'ilorotl paid. Tiio mutter  of it phono for the Oily Conmtwbio wiw  (hen iU*ii!tiii)*i*Ml und linully ttirtsed over  to tbo Policy ('omuiix-duti, und tbo  t'ouucil {tdjooriiod.  ALLIES FORCING  MHELLES  London, March I���A despatch to  tho Kxchanjfo Tolojfiaph from Athens  (.ay**: "Tho Allloit havo tlUotubiirkod u  (lotat<!hm��ut of airtlllory noar tbo do��-  troyed fort-i* of tbo DaiHlanolIoH and tbo  IJrltbdi and Froncii ilttg.s uro now  waving uvoi* ttioin.' Tho Hoot continued tho l-4ir.ba.Hliut.nt. 8atitrdu-y aftor-  noon. Tho lloet ban reivobud tbo lljjht  houMi near ft.rt Killd Hahr on lho nnr^  rown. Tlio forts on tlto ISniot'oan tticlo  iiitvo boon ttllt'tteotb  '  Thoro tiro 80,000 Tiirklnh ti-oopN on  tho, Ku rope tin bUb? and 15,(XX) on tho  Attlatlo sldo,  will mam  ALLGER  Mfi��>rkWM<jW**��i  Whist Driv*.  , Tho ostablltihtnont of a blookudo of  hostllo oounlrloM' is Groat Urltaln'��  roply to Oormany'ii ittuwli�� on mi&r'*.  ch tin Ih j*blppln/af u-t announccHl oftlolally  by Promlor Awjulth In a tnomontloua  Hpoi'/ch In tho Hoiino of Com mom,  Tho plan of tbo tilllod ifovornmont*.  for tho rojftilution of Nhipplntf to and  fi-om portK of hostlJo natJonii oonttim*  platitH tlio pi'ot'oiutun of ooinmodltloa  of ovory kind rofiolilnjj or loavlnjf  thoio port* without, howovor, Inyolv-  ItiiT risk to neutral votuiolii or tholr .  crows,  Tho^Alllo,"* wJJI hold tbotn��olvoa at  liborty "to capturo goods Dromtmed to  huvo como from hostilo oountrton of  doomtHl to bo destined for thorli.  Thoy havo no Intontion, howovor, of  ���ruiillMCAtliiff whlpa orcar^oi'ti which aro  war.  Oroono'rt Hoino-llako Bva&A nt Thd  Alborni TnuSlnjf H to row and Thotittton'M  Oonoral titoro,  Tho whUt drive, jflvon by tho  Alborni Woiimn'i. Patriotic tSooloty, In  In tho Athletic Hall, on Monday ^vtu.*[dotuidtsl iinlo����'th��)'y uroTiablo7or*��m  IniT   turnod out   anotbor of Uio bbr flwutlon undor norutnl oondltloik)* of  t.uocoti'io'i vthioh Oils tftxtloty havo to  tholr   o rod It,     Twotjty*tlnvo8   inblos  woro oooupitHl, ivnd about ftlll rowardod  Uio ofTurln* of tbo latltos.  Tho lliot prlxo for Jiullo-i wan won by  Mi',*. Grlllln, whilo Mivli. Frost oarrlod  off tbo high Bcoro for irontlouion. Down  ut tho heail of iim tduj����, counting from  iho foot, was Mr. J, flrlevo, tvhJlo Mra.  Notithwt.lt citptu-od tho "conuobttttm"  for tho hnJk'K, with tlio lowotit scoro.  Quid) u larjsfc numbor from tho Port  profunn, nnd u tfouortil i;*kxI titco wan  tho verdict., A ttoolul tliiuc.ii wound op  tho ovonlnjf,    _,  Si  ���    Th�� Estimates. .' -  Tho provincial estlmatoH provide for  'M3,G0Q to bo wpont In, tbo Alborni District thlu your. ��� No rtni.oiineomont iim  yot has'boon tntido uji to tho method ..of  diBtribining' tiii�� ,..amount- over tiio  DlHtrlot. Cohiox 'irot*' riO.WX); Nun*  alino,-f��,000; Cowlchnn, *.1'��,WX); Now-  coiatlo, $2V**X), and *U��,tX|0 wtw set iwldo  to umtnionuuco ttccouttt for St riithconn  Pttrk. ';.RrWjfr'o�� /r��)t $500,(X)0.  An itoii. of kfJ50,(KX) if* provided untldfr  thiii ffonornl ��i-ooiint fot* tbo purjwso of  iinjltxdvwnco to tiio .Minister of-Finance  on iuxount of  Dotninlon Trust. Coin-  'pany,   ���''".,. '..'.-���...-���: ���'   '  Wtsw Whttrf.  Indian Aj^ont Cox i�� jimi now busy  looking ttlior tho bulldlntr of a nlco  little .vimrf on llio bunkauf the Boiuiii!**  Hlvor Just below iho jn-CKent ono. The  new htrtmturo 1** dn*ii''notl io take tbo  Atomcy bout, uud a numb bttiiuin'j' btn��  boon moved on tlto lot to hold any syr-  pluu oqulpmont, und fut-tiltfh quacter-t  for ti;o eiifflntior whon tho boat Is.in  port. The pile driver la lliUtdU'd its  portion of the work.ntid ihoi-whole job  la rapidly diking: .shape.  -  .  L#0tur��yi�� Comjt.s* ^  Word hat* been ropolvod to the eff��ik  thtti Mmn. M, Hive and ;j. H. Terry  will bo in Alborni on Mondtiy ovenlnfr  next to deliver Jooturew undor tho auts-  |,tloe'�� of tho Farmer�� Inntttute.  Mr. Hlvo In Chief Dairy fnnpoctor  foa tho Province, and Mr. Terry !��  Chief Poultry Inmruotor, ko that tsomo  Jntorehtlnif and vuUmbSo lioituor,*, may  expootkOd as & remJlt of tlieir visit, On  Tuonday mornlnifi at nine o'eloek Mr.  Torry wlil j$rtvn�� it domoiisirtulon on  prt'iiurlnj.1' fwultry for nmrltt-t, Tho  lecture-.-) will bo jfivonon Monthly ��>veu*  Jnjjr ut H o'clock, tn the Court Houtm,  Alberni. The ��ubJ*��o{M t,o ho troutt'd  ore 'Mbdrylni,*," "Poultry," uud ,,IIor-  HottJture.'t All iuiurenieil are invited  to ututud.  <AYnuiii*M-��*i<rf*ti y*^imJ*r***Uz**.m*tri3-*r-MV+*tMtt  third Contingent,  Word wan twoivoil at Alliernl ibit*  week to the offoei that all men dei.fr-  S��>if to join iho Tliitxl Ciinadiun Coniin-  K��nt would have ti .'banco by upplylnif  to the reerulthijf oiilcer at Nnimlmo,  Men aro wtmuxl In both rtm Infantry  nnd onvelry brunches uf iho oorvle.e,  i��;id anyone deair'n1/ to join will havo  itn oxccllem- ehaucic provided Unty wjt  ��t once. ISevoral mon huve already  laken the train tov Nanalmo (o try for  onllottnenl.  Gorman Ketroat.  Poti-ojfnttl, Mai'vIi 1.���Our offensive  nt Prna-inyiix have been yitforcmnly  Iturmied, Wo huvo recaptured tho  town of PrKMnyM, which tho Oortnans  had tom{>orarSly octnipted.  Tho Germtm rmtreat in spreading  ovor.* cou��t*ntly wJdunln{r front, at  ���loino^ioUita iikMumloir tlie oimrtvetor of  ft disorderly ftiiSfbt.;  , .      .     -  s Tho )wHhh$W, 'vH> hftvA-'UftM \tpt "tt>  tlm protaOttt mimtHH' '40'otBtkira &a&  3,tKJ0 woldloiti our, oftpt��j*Oai utre Cf-^n*  Dtatitly IniH-ij-ttslniatf. Our cavalry oon-  tlnuas In uursult of tlio rotlrlnjf  Oormans. ��  KItBttok.  r��ondon March 2,���Tho eaptaln of  the Htoumer Thordv* ro)H)rt�� that he  rammed a German ���ubinnrlnn after It  htul (irotl tk torpedo at hia i-thin,  Not n��3��ed.  x Umdou, March 2.���A newa doBpaich  from Herlln usyi*�� c-truln dejfi-eot of  pei��,ilml(��tu iireva-Hit in J-'-n'.nandy ov��r  therovoriie** tho (Jermtui*i*ro*tiiT4!rlnit  aloiiif the enstorn front.  itm.tT**i*m*v*tamm*,*+tHt*.ii un^vuf^^m,  ..;.'"..'-:.-<'C|a)nIng Grouitd.  London, March I..--A .French, roport  atutci that the enemy 'bombat'ded Sob-  son,, with UOOishellH. In tlie Cbttmpitgne  wo nutdo proj^reas on tbo whole front,  froiii CambreH to Nokliof Pertlto. Our  Ifatns on Saturday, to tbo north nnd  west of .Ueausejour, rojn'osenieil alnjiiit  ���2,0*aH> metres, one and one lhir.1 miles.  The Uolylan Infantry, captured- u  farm on tlio���r.ltfhi bonk of tho Yyor,  A JBok'lan aviator..dropped bomb�� on  the ouymy'iiimrbor tittttlon nt (Xttcnd.  Ov��l' 1,(XKI Oorumn Holdiorfs imye  surrendered In the lum ten dayu,.  CItf k^aletf,-':.''.  During the wcok*��repair!i have boon  In progress ou (be City 8<Ja]o.-(, Tbofto  we're.'rendered- nee'eiistu'y by the'fact  that, the old nil J.** wero rotted ou|^. The  scales tiro a^**''- roiuly for the' u-*e of  tiio genera) iniblio.  At An End.  I^ondon, Mtttvii l.--*-It .i�� Olllolnlly an-  notmeed in Cairo that the 'I'ltrkn huvo  ovacuuU'd the Sinai Peninsula, and  liutt their tt( tempt to invade %ypt i��  tti an end, '������ ... ";���:  Flower G��rt!sn**r  Wiih the eoitiln*/ of tbo briyht  Kprli)i,f vi'iHttiier you wlil want to fret  out and itx up your tfardeu. Nothlnjf  looks more beautiful than tt nice flower  ifardeu, but In ottlor to do the t-*��*titrv*tl  work to brlnK* tho ifardeti to ihta condition you will iiockI U> fontfy your  fiyMein wllh a few of thone nice, juJcy,  louder and (ippetltaln^ tttoaka, chops,  rotitiU*! Mitd joint.1, which are kept con-  tttantly In t��t<��*ki by Mr. A Hoehester.  Th(iy aro tut pretty as a boquet, s-ad  much moro Hustaininj*;.  Undor FIr����. '���'���.-  Northern ; Frwnoo, Mnrob, 2,~��Tho  l-uondiHnN were ' .twenty-four * blojir.-i  tinder fire the first'day tboy were In  the'.irehehe!��. They behaved like vei-  eranm, iHilnj," keen and Hteady. ' They  have been",on ihe Hrlnjf lino tno days,  Auxiliary Hooting.  The regtilur. monthly inoetit))? of the  Alberni- Branch of 'the Women's Hospital Auxllhtr.w will bo held... tu the  KntfJl-ih Church .liiill, on -'Friday, March  Hi,, at 2:3a p. m.  ���-,"    Grace J. Cox,  '��� ��� I'  ' ���' -''"'��� Sec. ' -.  fliMseno's Home-Bake Ureiwl at Tlto  Alberni Trading Stores andTboniuou's  General rftore.  Good Shot.  London, March 4.-,-Thero is no doubt  that tht* sioamtthlp ThordlH Rtink n  German, mubmarlne oif Boaelty lletid  two days uiro. In drydock tlieThotHJlt.'  kool wan found to bo badly tbitiittifed  wiioro shi* bit the ��ubmttrine.  ,- .8.'SfjDtadft'8��te��d. '.  v A French crt'loot* htm sdked the  American ttteamer Dacia In tno Chan-  noi and taken her to .Brest. .ThU  announcement Ik ollielttJly uiodo.  While no ollteial word .'has roacbed  the itato Department a��i' to'tho.aelxure  of the American steamer Dacia, It U  known that'no proto*it by this Government Is probable until, the French  prize court ijiw j)R.*).*<ed on the ship's  ijlntus. Thl.i |itt�� been the "feneral  policy In' all similar cumos. ' ',.  Tlie voyage of the l>a��iu bat boon  regarded as a dint ca*e .upon which  Until deetHlonsv m to tho..rlffhti of ueu*  trans to ptirch.i-He vessels from eitUetut  of bollt/iferent eoimtrlou mlfjrbt bo  baasexl.' THE ALBEfSNI ADVOCATE.  t*Mfel  WI*WWl*iilWW*kT'<k,l.lM  iiwiMwraikWi/ffiianOT.  *-*��-"���  I  TIE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  Tho Alb-sml Advooata Publishing! and  PtrtntiMg ���*��.. UU., ProprUltvir*.  J. V, WUEBt&O��   ���   miter wtd Wuhhj**-  �� *>  P4fe|leti��J.' ut AIIm-tiiI, liritisli ('������nimlibi. hi  (ik* lnt*r*ii��e( V**ueeui-ri'l��l*)nllii��*'i|i,fi*i ��ua  ttt* All>irui W.trun In intiKuulBr  H����d Otticmi   Albttrnl, fi C,  AfMelfi-i Uf did roiliiitt*irr d-*i)fmt f"f  lre����#iBl��*ieu ti��r*>u,tli die iu��ll�� ����� ��r*R>ii*. el����*  ��*��**M.  Sitt.twItnts'Ui. t*�� tKiloti m r"��.i.ti..t. die Unit**'.  Ktu����otti, Au.it'(*lii��. Nt-w ���/.eitlMid. Nowfmiud.  .M-dfttiil otUtr tvmntrlo* with nlmlljr ueiunl  i-��tui��tloti*, will I'i >co��t*��ii ou die folluflui.  itria*;  OimYt-kHr .      .      ���      ��?-��*{  Six Minidm ���      ���,    ���    I-'1*'  roiUi��to dm dnIU'.*) S(i*wi��. Miuiei* utitUll  ��at*)l>����emidoititr luMltjii eiiimiiirsil.lvI'fr  r��-.r ���xtr*.  a*��*r8�� tor ���*.!) Iei/)il node**. -*UI Uo'lii' **m*  tttt tbiM* DkUbliubviI I')' lie* l��. ���V.omul'tl du.i'tlc  nnd taut** bu e*.!** in letntiu'O'a  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  AH ���vontmunloktlena liitrrHtr.W��ii* ntilillcbdon  m,**i b�� Mw*i��-*i>iil��<tl with tin* tiiime (Hid ��U.  ���*���"������� ot li.*) wrJltr. not ttiH*rm()*.rUif ftirtuililloi..  bt��>t ���*��� ��> ��ru��ri*t.l.t*<***f *f*>(Ml fttiib. \V��e*i)iioi  iriitbtto rain io rcjeetfiii eomimmitn-di'ii'".  o r#��iut-��r*��tl'ai) **UI bt* ��'��t*<t fm* I'l'tnio *x.iitri*  lit  wtvti��riitb# to rat ti io rcjeetfiii eomimmitn-tli'ii'"  W�� r#wuMi**U.on will bt* jmlit (or ()()**tlc   tnttiou* pxoe.ii by ���!**Mjlt.l nrrMiiioiiitiiii,  'jT'l'tatg*'"1*1 ." -1 'I'**  Atb**rnl, EL C, Canada  tswi-iw.r"-;!;',--.''^''1:'.'.'-   March  8, 1018  PUKE BKED STOCK  THE activity which luw recently boon In ovldeneo with re*  Hard to Mwurli.fr puro hred M*-,()H  tor th�� <ll.r��.**.nt broodn of furm  Htock In tho DiNtrlot iH un uxeul  lent thing, it appears that the  Dominion Government Ih willing  .to Htipply tho stock provided  proper HrtfinKomcntM nro iniidu  for tho care of lho nutnc. Thin  Ib acoomplltfhi'ti hy forming itn  RHfioclutloit thu uMJiubori* of which  itro plodded to look after tho Imtil*  n'osii of handling tho nnlinalH ��o*  curod, Twoof theso iiHRoelutloni*.  huvu ulroady boon formed in the  valley, nnd &u tho KarmorH' institute has purchftHCMi another pure  bred hull,' thiM tmini.M thnt tlio  uiattor of hotter ntook is roceiv*  inir thnt attention  which It do  HlH'V-OH.  Jt costs no more to keep a tfood  tin I mni than io feed a''Neruh,"  nnd tho I'UNults aro bo much hot-  tor In tho enne of tho bother ktikHv  of animal, tlmt there Ib little nr*  jfiunont fldojifcr thl�� lints, The  effort to Improvo tho grade of  tho locnl farm utoolc Nhould m��  oulvo ovory u��ooui'ntf<'iiiunt, nnd  tho Livn Htoolc ifnu.<;h of tho  .Dominion I>t*pnrtmunt of A^ri-  outtui'0 Ih doing tt jfood work to  tuke thiiftv- stop�� to itNHiKt the  'ftbruutrn In th<?ir tdtort*.,  nnd ofkdi Muotmul, frunh .*��*#*  prodaocd hy the pouUr.ymen of  thu provlncu. * KliffhU'wi toontIim  Hiiro Uio t^aju,l*rti()n Iuul bi'i'i.  told thut Ihu Dominion tfovoni-  munt-wns ready to imisH It'nislu-  tlon, hut nothing hud Ixmmi dono  yet, and hu now uskud the honm*  lo puns thiis I'UHolntkm to urwo  hnmudhitu iiution.  To f;ivu the house un bleu of  the enormity of the Imports he  mentioned thut live million e^K-s  oiuiio in fi'oui tho United .StrttuK  diirinK the pMMt, yeiir, unit'In the  ��iimo period nearly ��ix million  OKKN from (Jhlnu uiimu Jnt-o thu  pmvlnuo.  Amoni*jst Ihoso who spoko In  fuvor of tho rosolutlop wan Mr,  J. G. C, Wood, M.P.P, for Al*  Alhurnl, who suid "thuru wuro ii  Kt'uut many people in tho dhtrlut  lie roprorttmteil who wore niitkinK  tlioir UvliiK on unmll poultry  fnrniH, and tho inuttor of tho importation of CliinoMo' (-i*ri?K was a  RMTICM, P01TERS  EBERN  Allit'j'iil in I'lmelii'it by train from  Yietoi'hi. ���k'..mieetliiuii nro made nilh  Vik'iorlti, I'liiiiiijiw tlirouKh ('�� Alliernl  on evory other tiny. Pa**.-*i'nj,'or�� from  Vanetnivor Cliy can ctHiijeet witli this  ii'iiln ui Nittmimo.  Alberni h also reufthod by .slentner  frotn Victoria, und in die suntnter  litontbii (bur" tu nomoi'(*ib*l(}*rh(fu) trip  (bun (his up tlto woUt eoitNl of Vanetui-*  vor ,1 aland uiid'uten-*; lho pieuireitpio  Alberni eunal.  Tbo l-diitid trimh ilneof tlieC N.lt,  i*t now bnlldlnK* ft'oo) Vlciiiriu-lti Alberni.'  Land prleen m lo tu,reUK,,e Varies  from *.,') (o ��iIiK) poi' uero flu- bu-ili land  and from $100 t-o $((K) for land (hat hit*  been cleared and brought under euliU  vatlou. Prices an*, jfoverninl by (jtitillty  (did location, and bind can ho hntl in  tiny ijunntlty. ,  tr  %  tt hit-i been found liutt mixed farm*  in-f pay�� btiift. On ploti of from (en to  norioun mitltur, all throiiKh' the J twenty aerei* fruit irrowlnif, diitrytnj;,  province, hut (-.'.specially on Van-  couver It-dand. Tho !)rloo vvliluli  tliu poultry men were ruootvinK  had ilecreaHud H5 pur cunt., while  tlio coi*t of fuud had InuroaMud 80  por uunt. during thu prownt your.  DIT0R1AL NOTES.  Tho (jorumns uniMt know now  tlmt  all   hope  of   tho   British  "Quitting" In the prcsont war  i�� at an end. M\hh l-aukhurHt  Huh Htuted thut uh isoon hm the  war Ih over the militant HiilfraK-  ptltiM will roHunm " hoMtilitk-s."  With nucIi a threat liundrlnir ovor  thorn the Brltlnh AuthorltiUH will  continue tho war \i�� lontf nn thuru  Ih tho NlitflitoNtoxuuiio. . -  4 ���> * �� ���  One of tho Auiorloitn -Uorrei*.*  ponduntM, who Ijii�� been MijiuIinK  In a lot of "iiowb" about the  Itnllun Kiimttion, in named .1.  Kkldor Davirt, *7udK*nir from  Homo of hi*-) "Ntdlt " tliiMjuuHtion  urfHim���-why the "DiivImV "  4**0  IMPOKTED EGGS  THIO Provincial (Jovornment  has ad op toil a ronolutJonoull*  Ing upon tho fifovonuuont at Ot-  tawn to take up tho matter of  *(!fij(�� Jinportcul from China and  othor foreign countries Mr. W.  .11. Hay ward brought the mtittor  up by Bj)eakJng to tho followiuar  roMOlutlotv:--" That an humble  ���.addresB bo pre'seiittoil to his honor tho lioutenantigovornor, pray*  InK his honor to urge upon the  Dominion government tho ���'pressing' necessity anil -urgency for an  nmendmont to tho Xnsj>ectlon and  8��,lo act, whereby.''' eggs coining  from, China or other foreign lands  shall bo legibly .marked whon c\\-  .pomodtor sale, stating and showing tho country or placi? from  whence titey came."  In hia spe|io^ hi support of the  resolution Mr. Hay ward ittuU'd  that In it.4*) tour of tho provineo.  tho royal coinniiBHion on agriculture had found large number.*-: of  foreign eggs, the bulk from China, wore coining into the province  and wore being Hold side by Hide,  Thu modern "Queen JCIIkii-  both " nppont'M to,havo mm long,  and rouyh, a tongue um the  original Utdy of that jiaino.  Tho wuy nho n. talUud M t-o iIioho  forln at the Durdanollei* was a  euutlon to i--i.iihvi*   und Turku.  l^auey loading a lot of hungry  "Tommlt'i." Ui it town named  Gnrub.   Of courise they took it.  9t*        *        ��        ��  Now tfiHt the Allluii have concluded io hold that all cargoes  dw��tln*jd for Germany con bo  Ukun wherever found, and no  mutu*r what tho nationality of  the vessel carrying the same, it  is likely tlmt the lCalnor will Hnd  that IlT his "blookude" ho lias  conHtruclii.d a"mine " HHcd with  ati explosivo-. which kicks 'back  much'harder than It kicks forward..'".'  *  * ��� .*������.'���.������'  'Report's from tho En^sinn bat-  tile fronts would appear to indicate that some more German  "victories" of the, right kind  are now in oyiderico. ��� TIiobc  "itussianft appear' to .belong to  tho Como-Ilack family,   .  ���������������.#'#.  Again we i^uwt lodge aprotfUst,  and demand that tho war correspondents attend more strictly to  their duty, it is now several  weeks since Uio Crown Prince  was " killed," and ho most, bo  feeling neglooted. 8omebody  please "slew " him.  louliry rnUin't'i hu^'ttud oadle will all  pay well,  In Alln'rul will he found tiio urinal  (tdv(Uitni>'t''i of a pru^resslvo \Vt��*aern  <\immunl(y that hnt* fitilh.nml tbet'our*  n-fo of its convict torn*!, 'i'hore are ��  number of ���food fUoresi enrryinff a wide  rmt'ce of ���.modi*,. tieboolH, ehurehe'i, ibo  Alliernl Advoeate, newnpttpwr, and a  number of allklelie and soeiit) eiubi,  The climate In at line us ran he  found on tite Paetiie ('ounI, talten the  year round, The mlnfail h lot.*) than  l but of tlio i'liy of Vitucouver, the  frmdJi wre lljfht. Thoro lft tu'ldoto front  enouK'h for mkntlug or snow onuujfh for  sleltfliiiijS', and when either <>f iheite*}  eoutoN It only iitsiii a few days. Kor  tlto Mummer and uaiutun nionths there  Is nothlnji!' la tlio'w'orld to excel (he  Alborni. wouthor.  Alberni la tlie outlet of one tif the  larifent and mout fort lb* valleys on Van.  ootivor Jitlund. lu (he Dinirlet will he  found a vunt wetillh of limber iif the  finest ittnd, eoul, Irmii eoppnr, marble  tmd othor eouinioroiiil ittoniw, brlelt  elayti und otlior inaierhili.  There are ituiimi'iiiDi niiraetivn  opporiunkioii hn* ilie luaiiufaetureraml  invt'iiior. The Ktiltor of thu Alberni  Advontie, Alborni, IJ, (.-., will bo {/lad  lo take fhe>o muitm'ii up wllh yuu.  Write lo htm for iiaHleulMrm.  ���^^Mi^i(*1iVa��*^W>'W*^'f'''*l *-t.6**y|  Aitistic Photograpby  In All  lis  HwnohttH.  Tjjt) New  Studio,   next to the  lA>rd*l'I<fM Building, li* now  Equipped for Ilusinesii  luandseitpeh, Portraits, Groups  and   Comiijercial  Work  DdYdofbg tti frifidaj fur AiRftteti*r��  ;'    Pictttre frflmicg  .    -.' J/" CLE-Cs-'G'.  *Sr  Again we call the attention of  t*  our friends to the fact that we  are now taking delivery of a'  stock of all kinds of ��  * i*, i *  1, t \*  Letter .Head's, Bill Heads  9  All ordered before the recent  advance in paper prices.  Now Is tho time to stock up while tho prices  of this olttss of work remain at tho old levels.  Orders from outside points will  receive careful und prompt attention'.0  Publishing & Printing 'Co*, Ltd*  vs=i  rEAcricAL -r iuMBERty mm  AND HOT WATER TITTERS . .  EtlimatcJ Furnuhed oh Applbtipn  ur;  Phono lb'  P.O.- Box 3d.  Electrical  ingf nx  uppiics  Practical work at fatr prices  ^Estimates'furiiiihed on all Mnfo oil  St and 6th. Ave.,   Port Alkrst  " W��*l'��*>>tW*Wl***����*M1W^*^Olll***)W  Hom�� Production  /  Tho F.  nrnnd Mill  is turning'out,  idt'.iifi'h'i-i nnd lumhot* of nil hinds.   Tho  priced nro rl^'lit.   (Jlvo him n ottll, tind  ���SUPPORT ALBERNI fw-r  wi   *.��>*��� j#*Tii�� ffv-j- -.*, !  <- T-vtbr^mw*. "����Mf*v ^4M*r,irjf.*j>**>* nWHiiT *,���"**�� * **^-*i*iiaj*��f*fA*jaHflW'^  >>��  THE ALBERNI ABVOCATE  ���MNUkK* -Ml Mt* (Mtkrin  ^���.^V*"- ,   ���*���''���"���  ^V.>.:-;'7. -*i./'-  f..., --.-.; ..���",���. * "  ���i. '1  ��� '(*.  '<>jf!-U  'S>5Ba  a .WW.1 ���!�����***��� < ii*, ��w.*>��t|fww  '/;,.*    '  '   ."--'-  '..K'.^'l".--^  '" /  ,?,'           ,"��  a    ��ijy�� ���''**. **���   ' J j,  ' -                .              *.**   ���-,-���  a   '      - yf*   ,  -                      '*                              a          ,         ***'/������       -" ,/V  <     a   I "   t   ,*f   ?    '���   *,',--*  CLASSIFIED ADS.  WORK AND WORKERS.  Until furUior nulico nny poraou do*  ulrln/s** otuploymont, nnd (bono who  winh u> hlro holp of any kind, will tind  lho column., of tho Alhornl Advocuto  open lo mulio known tholr wants U>  lho public without ohtti'iro.  Tho iiorvlco Is froo.   Mnlto uho of It.  Hotel Arlington  ���)**W<*����<V***> WW*, iuul ,��i*n****a.w.  Only white Cooke and help ��mp.oyod  The old and ovor popular headquartora for the High-class Inland Trade,  has boon recently  For Rant or ���Sato.^Kmnll House on  doublo co?nor, -~ Alhornl " llelfflii*-).  .Small pitvmunt 'down and *iu por  mouth will huy It.   J. Host.  Wn.ntod.^-Ejcnorlonccd, iniddlo u^od  Kn^JIr-Jt widow, wttnUi position its  hounolcoopor. Good reference.*. Ad*  drotiu Mri,,, 10. Uryuut, Alhornl, It. C.  For R��nt.->Two room hulldlufC nuxt  lo Alherni Hotel, Apply to O. A.  Smith, Alhornl, B. 0.  Greatly Enlarged =====  And vow contains wlxty rooms, ����n��lt> or en aulto.   The splendid uaw  dining-room contains*.. a line selection of is-thmd  view*  from tho studio  of Mr. Leonard Frank.  ====. Tourists and 3portsmeri==���  Will  find Uio new Hotel Arlington juat. tho  tiling,   Guides  fitrnithad.    ���     *���  rr^^^Sample Rooms =-=*====^^  ������UJ * **kt��OVf t,*kt**J*  J-'or commercial men on kround HoOr.,  Center of tho business,District.  Free Wuh to and from all trulnn and boats. "   l   l  McNIFF A MEAGHKU  Proprietors  mmmmmuvrnv  ,.��Mjmi-*tnn*i***i *.'  S.    EATON  Margaret St, Alberni  PalnUr and P��j>er-H��ng*r  ��� ij rir inrt" '"���*  sire   kopt   In   stock   at  * iow��w*t prtcMMi.  t��JCTURK     FRAMING  ICstttnatat Kroe.  ���'���"���t^tl'l .'*"-',,.. Ig-'fiji1.'^ "'."wiffw  MORE HM!-LESS WO0  ii,k)fli*^*>-V4-<**'Ti| ur *���' ** *****  iiy t9��ourlny; your Wood from  tbo  AJ^ERNI WOOD YARD  Dry Flr.-fl.76 per rick, delivered  Gromi Flr,$1.50 por rlek, ���'   " .  Gtrirudo Eft.      -      Alberni  )*tBik^T!T*WWkl'.'.��i��",.'!','".>'1-"'''"'" ,,��,"l-T.Dj-U-��f,iia'Sil- --".--' "S" "  wft.i^wkWk...��k��i^M.i.inai >u wwiM .iihuim lk^w,it,f.kttf|**lilfki.k.,Mkji,Miw��,kMiiii*iikj>.  "l ' ..    ,.  friend who is thinking  ntttmtm*m��trm.tmmmmmyltoi\a  w*mmamts**m&*wmmJi  |..*~k....n.k,-i.[..r|���_J^J���*-��� r��� ��� ii   in ir" i i     i    * ' uini~~'""TT"T""fc���h"'"iiri(riiviiiiiiitbi.irrw.TiKjipijiLti^iiiiwwij^wiii  iffiww.w.-i.'Mt*^^  M^*m<muMmmm+mmtgi*rwmimjiikmCm\iiS9m m  Ptttmnn'o  Shorthand, Individual In*  Mtructlon, ttvt por month. CIrmk- uf  ihroo jiuptld, or moro, at roduood  terms. Mrs. Clarke (oortllloutod),  Oovornmout al-root.  LAND ltEOISTlty At-T.  ' To Jnino�� O'NolII, roffhitorod and as-  i-n-hstMl ownor of Lots one (\) *��d two (2)  Plonk '!��" ot Wwn httlf nf Went half  ot laKit nluoty-iwo (02), Alhornl Dliilrltn  ?.itip 421, and to Juijiob Portolanoe, roj>*��  iHlo'rrd holdor of Chargo on said Lota,  TA1CU NOTICJ5 thatnn ftppllcnilon  htvi been mttdo to ruyiHtor Jnintw Hub*  ��oll Motion us tho ownor In fuo simple  of tho nhovo lituds undor Titx Balodood  from lho Collftotor of Alhornl Dhiiriot  nnd you ttro rixjulrod io ocntoftt tbo  (*laitti of tho Tux Purchaser  within  i1)iriy(30)dtty�� from tho Unit publlcttilon  horoof. '' '       .  Datkd at tho rxtod Hos-Jntry Onloe  Viot-orln,lJ.C. this 24th day M Fob-  rttitry, 11115,  S. Y. Wootton, ,  Ho^islrar Oonoml,   ,i .. * '  H*��B*lrIn*j,���Hi'i)Alif) on Autos), Mnrlno  ICn^hiOri, unu till klnil*) of nmchinery  by tin oxpot't who lots sorvod hit.  tlino nt lho trmto. Lcuvo ordor.s nt  tho ithoo shop tioxl to IltUT'i. tinratfo,  Alborul, U, O.���P. Mo.turo.  For R��nt.��-Cotlntfo with kockI jfartlon.  Pntiorson Tnvvnaito, Flvo dollnr��  pormonih, Apply to H, J. Darby,  uouvor ('rook.  vfr*T"0,mvri r".' ���- *ci" ..in--"*."mi"." v-^w i;a*iiwa''��m'.i'm  These  Little  ::   ADS   ::  ��� t  Bring Results  .."y'S'l'ICTi!'!, L*l' 1A kl il ir. M VW k" 'WW JH'" "' W1 JMi^WWrMjli  Professional Cards  **jia5Ma.Ttitf^^  G1BO. A. SMITH, C. E.  B. C' Lund Surveyor,   Survoys of  ttmborllmliit, ihlnorul oltiimH, nnd In ml  sutxiivlslom*.   Onitso nt Alhornl. -P. O.  'Box 23.  ���..l'7.-'-H.M/T,-HpDGSpN,;:;:ii  ''..���'.'. 'A. M.'I. C.-K.'.'-:  B. C. Land tiwsrvayor and Civil L'tsaSnotir  OIUoob;   Cermtwr   li3l*s��k, Port   AHutrnt  -li.' ".' Phtwiw Bt    -.  .;���;���.'.:.;H;;H,\  Civil aiid Miniuif Kntaflijoor  :- And. ';  Ih*ov|wJt��i Ijidiiil Survoyor  Atbamt B. C.  CALL, OR 'PHONE 10.  P. 0.  LAND IUvOJSTHY ACT,  To W, J. MoLuod, roKist^t'od *u'd iw-  KOMiod owner of Lot ton (10), Hlook  itfty-llvo (55), of Ktuit linlf of fMl ono  hundrod^und thtrtoon (118), Alborul  District, M��p 4��4.  TAKM NOTICE thnt an appllontlon  Ino. biHtn niutlo to u<|{-l(.tor James UtU��  us tho owner in, feo stmplb of tho uboro  land*) under Tax Kalo dt*(*(l from the  Collootor of Alhornl DJmrlot ��nd you  nro roipilrod to oontoMt tho Ql��hn.i)f tho  Tax PurchiMor within thirty (30) day*  from tho fin-it. puhUoation lioroof.  Datku nt tiio Lund U-DiflutryOffleo  VloU>rltt,��.0. UiIh SltiijlBy of Fob*  nmry, 1010.  8. Y. Wootton,  ' HotfliiLrar Qonora).  MOTION BLOCK  WW** ii n**v ��wu|. *��W4>>*>A<jt *��uir*Mk>j��'ai ���**���*** u  C. GALI  PropHetor  ���Vi**j*t*��*)X**^i*)��**iuiiw \mn mhot  ~J  LAND nKQISTRY ACT.  To Jamof) O'Nollt, rojflt.ii.rod and tv*-  liosKod ownor of I^ot twenty-four (24),  Block ^O'-', of Wont half of, Wo��t half  of Lot ninety-two (112), Alborni District  Map 421. , ��  .  TAKBNOTIOl'a. thatnn appUoatton  Iiuh boon mndo to rojflstoi* Jnmo-5 Hills  ttt. tho ownor In foo eimplo of tho above  lands undor Tax Sttlo duotl from tho  Collootor of Alhornl Dtinlrlot) and you  tiro roqulrod Co ooutont tho oltilm of the  Tax Purohauor within,thirty (30) dayt.  from iho first publk'atiou horoof.  DAi'un at tho Land l.o#lNiryO,.lee  VictoHa.B.O. U)i�� iiiih day of Fob*  runry, BU6.  ��, Y, Wooiton,  ltoifltitrttr Goooral.  M.S,3t.  ws"j B'J-jv."1' v, ui".' i u1, "1, t,-; au v*&&wt$W��t&*xx%sr*~iu��  i  fop *S��rvle��.  Tiioi'ooghhrod IIqIsIoId hul). Tortus  $tl(X), payable 91,00 at tho timo of  aervlon and , halanen wlum tho cow Is  proven in calf.  Poo for non*i)K��mbor�� M.OO      ������  T. a. Orleve.  *t*y)-*?wi'.',,ir..H,i*i 'i'''.''i'*j'ivi>Wa'l|iff'W.*\'*"'���**.?'f'y^'**?'^^^  ,lky.,,,iJkW.kliWkkkif*>kktkkWk*.lf.rtkYkl,fW1fi,  j. Fr#4 gitcltis A .W.'A-triw /L E, Wr^ht  D��aiRie�� ni fri-Tincta! Uui Smeytn  Cm\, Hydraulic t-Qtl Kaaidp.i Inf-mm  Zn&Mm hf Riickk, Ajnsw fewer Co.,  .������''iti' :.-���  , *        * ���  Miinlolliitl  Work.  .Street Ornutrii. Null.  (Ktlfiloi**, Sunriiirtii/ti. Wntomitirii*. ��tu,,  or lainui HiU'vorlM-i'       ;  L��Ctd Office. . fort '.Alberni,; B.C.  P.O. Box 144, Port Alborni,  Having opened a Butcher Shop  next door to Bluhop's Alberuti  Store, I.respectfully .sollclf such  a til in re of tho bualneifjin- a�� can be  commanded by a (-.took of IIrat  cIuhm local meat of all kindM,  ,^lffUJ..IIn.k*kl.kH��k> t*j|iu.kt*WWkW>VlllJI,..falkl1kfllflf  "T"  lOoalar In  Builders Supplies  Saeh, Boovn and Glass  Building and Rosling Paper  Lime. Bricko and Comont  Phone 29  P. O. Box $  ttaamummt  wMMU**i*>ltJ)WMWW����*W|M  TXSSSSSSSSSKt  pMw \*wm>t��m*mi��nvm w*a*w��  piiONiras  ALBKENI,H,C.  wt?t**wma*wm* m  Bricklayer and  C��ment Worker  $****xm*n\  Licenced  Auctionaer  SKiS-vSlSw!Sir*Sl< i��iiiiiii**ir^iWwitii>'i��tiiiiWi^ii**i��\i  THE ALBEi-tNI ADVOCATE.  ���**m'*>,*4*i#w,**ifwk*mm-mmm".u im  At The  l'IIOKI'1 ill -  "AmericaR Superior"  Elertricjad Irons _ -   -   -   -   - $4.50 Each  Going to wire?   Now k the time; you will never get it done more mm-.  afe!y then now. Ijtimatcs Furnished.  GOODS EXCHA^ED^    or      MONEY REFUNDED  The season ia rapidly advancing. Now is tho tint��  to select from our constantly arriving stock, some  thing to suit your particular needs. Our stock is  dainty and up to fate. Personally Selected, the  Cream of the Outside Offerings.  mt  Alberni,  LwdloriVJlome Juurnul I'niteri-s Mlwayp* In Htosilt  lilii.ik.lWff.ll,ifi.k*lt)..llinklinKfa��j**rwikM,klk?.k*ll,l��<*lil ll.kkk.ik.il>'. kklkirk* >wkkfinr,wtkaf���...iii,wii  "*1  W�� invite your inspection of all the, latest shapes  ." * 1 ^  and styles, including Military and Naval Shapes in  ��� ��*) i *  ��� raw ���fywjx���t,����ik-ljgiw��l34*M*knfnc>***f*kT fm��� W1 ���f-.MKkMari *m,fm  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  r  Your Opportunity to secure-  HATS and SHIRTS  ���i�� ROW  SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR BARGAINS  CAMPBELL & MAC FIE  Motion HI oil If, Alborni  I-honottl  K'irol Ave., Port Alborni  I'houo ",'i  Citn now supply order* for First Cl.ts��  '      '!r.'.  , . ." ���'". ������.���.-,'.'���������.'.���'' -'..'���'.'  Sough and Dressed Lumber of All Kinds, SMngIes;|tc.  ��������� , IaK>cul -Order.* will receive n-poelttl attention.  saxemssssstxssssisxs,  i--rc;..-i*i-~  Call nt the Mill on tho .Scotch, Kotllomont I.oud, or I'liono  ' ,..or write to tho'Mnnu^er ,  Albenii/B. C.  ^sw^atssanT  rr^GS^xssss^si  When" They: Ask Questions-���Send ��� Thein The Advocate  BASKETBALL  'J*'\j*J**t^/k^^*^!j.f,^j��JV*i^#WkI^k<��*^  'I'ho Una! (a'liiur. of tho r*'*fu)ur wlnirr  i"'11edulo ��vuti plii'Vi! op .Siiiimuiy I'voti-  lii'f hot ween the s.ilkOilili'i'h (ind tiio  Athlotk'-*;. Tho Uui^bli'i'-'* iiifulM U'ok  llio loud  with it M'oro of 111 lo 7 nnd  ii  lii'iiiunMrnltHi tlntl ihey tiro tiioohttt** In  tlto loi'itl loiiffuo. Now I'otno tlto throi-  ''All ���Siitr*' tfdiiioi. lu'i wi'oii tin* itttinbl-  ixv'^ und tt plt'lu-d (i'litii from iho other  pln.vors, Thin Miouhl ri"��uli In homo  nxrolh'i.l k'iuiick, uiu) ttit ilniiiit. tlio hoy.*  tvlll revolve un otictmrnifomout In tiio  wny tif ht)*���;��)' Hutlleiit'o:**.  Tlie l.utntilor.H woro hooded only omv  In tint M'orinjf during tin* **i*ht*dulo,  untl it, u-iJl'i.tl.iMlio "jili'k nf iiui biiDi'li"  to hold ihcui down,  hul,  will) it  /rood  hOll'Ci lilll, ��iil'ill fdlOillli bi' li  tl'MIl ilni'd  up tlntl will mtitto Uiu Uionblt'i's t*lt up  iiittl take noi lee, Tht* ni��s��l titroe  jlittuiif* should he well worth inking in.  Tho',lri��t of the -'All Ktur" ffaiuo*>  will ln> plf.yod iu tho MrOrtith Hull,  I*ort Alln'rul. noxiHtiitirdtiy, March*1.-.  Ho on hitiitl. '  Writing Jo��,  Thoro wait n tlmo whon Mr. Jotoph  Mitrlln, K U., M. 1'. .'to. ,took a pride  iu biting known all over (..uniidii iik  "Kl^'iiiin^ Joe.". Time, und other  tiling, (ippettr to imvo chituffed some*  whnt tlio Idem* of tho llimoriiblo  ���loieph. Hence ihe "'I'.venlnjf.lournul"  imd iho new ill to of " Writing doe."  Tho '���.���.vvnliuj Journal" hit.** not yet  reitcht'd ut*, itml wo tm�� compelled lo  fi'ly on vory fow comment*, which huvo  nppoured Id oilier pit pom royni'dinjr  the wtme. Front iht*��o It would uppeur  tliiil tho ifoiirim! will tulvncitio �� now.  party, made up of idl iho**e who uro  iijfiilritit (ho .Mi'lirlilo-BowM't' couibin*  (tsion, Tin* ileum til ovldoutly wlsho*  Id he where'(ho crowd U t hit'It est, but  mi fur llio n��'<.eHi��ity,.)f iieoulitlon ifov.  eriiment 1* not so ovidt'ui, Ai'iumllnf,'  to tlto .lournul dm Liberal I'nriy Ih  bndly dtMO'K'iiniz'.'d, ithd "Writing .lott"  proposes to tiilttt njw'n himself the uu-k  of putting its house'.ii o'rder.  Woll, wo otm wild with tt foellnjc of  taOntldence thnt thori) \wlll bo no hick  of IntcroMi Imln* M'rap, now ihitt Mr.  .Mtti't ii. iim* Nliii'd iiis httt Into the rlntf.  nnd doolttrt'd iliul- it�� tin ''lniiopoudt'Dt  lilherul" he I**1 propured to tnko tt  oritek Kl uilitlici -ititttlry,  We venture lo predlet for tlie owner  of tho journal much moro fun (linn  prollt, but titt-ii pinny of m* huve to  Hike our dividend** In this, miinnoi*, ,*.u  thul Air, Martin Im joinht'tf itulto it  hii'tfo fitutily ho fur uh thin pdrllt'itlur Im  conceriiiHl.        ^  !i AU mips.  U I*, couherviiilvitly e-iiltnitifd thdi-Ko  far, tho l-.tu-opi'itu wur hu** boon (ho  d I roe i moitm* ol brhiiflu-u-* approximuioly  ���ia'iKi.Oi'Oi'^i to liii* ciiuiury, nnd litis  not only uvfiii'ti tin luilnsirhil tlfproii*  t*loii, hut hu** k��pi ihoiiHittids'of hundM  oinployod in ilu* In the fuciyrli'**"  IhrOu-i/houl lho i.niiiitihiti.  'i'ho i*xtri'ini*ly illoylfiil tritdtt dlt.-  oiili , t follow Inf.- tin* ititolHrniioii of wur,  did not provaH (or tmy jrroni- Ir-ngdi of  liiiu*, tttul tiui p)-ii*ptui'��� uf ihu HrlUfkh  Imprrhil (.lovi'rnmoni enllloii' on lho  Dotuiiilon foi' bri'iidiiniri* und munition**  of tv.ir, Mum Mint ninny riiproiiouttillve**.  of yrout I'untuiiiin ilnm*, ont Sookiuif  for hiiMlnoN',. This unxiety on tho purl  of tho mitnufHtuurorj. wtt*t not *.*. it rulo  prompiod by if rood. It soeint'd to In*  ihoir ouo iiint (o mieure thoM*> ordor.'",  oven thoii'fh lllllt* prollt- wuh ifleunrd,  it*i It onttblrd (hti'm to run ihelr plttnts  noriuiilly, ttnd ihus minimized tiio  numbor of out*of*u'ork*i. wldi whioh  the country would httvo boon delu^ixl.  Groono'fi ifoun'.llnlu) Breitd nt The  Alborni Triidiii<Tr .Siorew itud Thomwii'f*  C.enoral .Store.  Houmtinla Rosdy.  ���Purls, Kot*. 21. The IJiichttri-Mt cor-  respondrnt.of-the "Matin" wiy's.-Zthtit  Itotimiiulti will join the Allies In April.;  Quaker Brand Specials  TOMATOKH. . ...  l.OHN.,       ...     ,.   .  1'BAH    ,                .  ,,  IIKANK   Tlio Busy Storo  VOll OASU ONLY   a TI.N.H von ,.  . , J'Kit TIN v.;   .PKHTIN   ,  , ,.   .   l-KU TIN ,.  I0o  .I0e.'  J(V*  On tho" Busy Corner  The Well-known and Old Citsbltxhed Qmm, Btkm and frtxluce f.crcbertU  Out' Now S'toclc of Vogotabln and-Flower Soodn now'on  Halo ut our two rttoroH. Hcnnlo'n and h'orry'R iiHi*.ortinunt to  Molpot from.  H-MiruHllH. 44 IfKkn'nkmfckM In  We have a. full lino of Canned Fish, Haddios mnd  Kipper*? tor tho Lonton Season.   ,  L  Victoria Quay Slora, fhene 38  e Street Stem, Phstie 148  Make of Children's Boots & Shoes  is justly considered one of the best  on the market. Various sizes and  styles on display at���  THOMSON'S  GENERAL  STORES  (Jotting Buoy.  London,- I'Y'h. 'Jf.i An ttoropJani*, .*'!tJd  to bo it (.i��rinmi, dropped bombs on  (;loi'.iostt-r, fiO in lies from London, and  uiM) ut JJniiiiLmo but. did no duinuifo.  'i'riilile beiwoon'. I')nifhind nnd .Siverd-  i*n in dl.soonilnued for the presonu  'i'ho ���iiintll Irish jiteuinor -'Dovon  kSbiro" wus Mitilc in tiio Ii-l.sti Hoi1, by ft  (joi'imm fiiibontrliii'.   'jTJie' erotv  witu  NllV'Otl,  . ."��� ,,  ��TUNGLEM- Accordiing to the "Universal   Dictionary," is'a/word, which is used in approaching those  ' subscribers .of a newspaper .who are in^Oarrears.-with  their subscription dues.    If;this meant? you,.'don't'  get mad, but:-; '''���������"���'���':������������.'.:'���':  "':;'''.-  mtiwtmgmit  Vou ��.ret ti Sotnire Doitl from  otir Aovt'rlt.-irtr.'i  ��"���   .'a'  6, ������-  �� ��� v-  f i ��� I


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