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Alberni Advocate 1913-06-27

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 /  IP  Vol. 3  Alberni* Bik C, Friday, June 27, 1913  No. la  n)k.i*..wi.Miiiniii  ���4MSK  For Roughness of tho Skin use  so Rose Petals  nt  25c and 50c  at  CITY GRANT TO  GENERAL HOSPITAL  t   At Ihe hiii  rebuilt'' meeting ul Iho  City t'uiiucll lhat Iwdy   nu*   ji,,'M'j)led  USE DAY LABOR  FOR CMC WORK  Fur tint present, lit leiiM, (he City  Council  will   iimi  tiny   IjiUu-   fur   the  with tl. rcipii'M fur a grain tu tlie West   fueiyiugmit ut Iho i:iunlct|)iil improve'  C. M. PINEO'S  DHVG &  STATIONERY  STORES  Bmatm*mm*m  crea  Kxc<��llcnt buy t)f Hit I ACI.KN, tltict* inih'H front town  Price $12,500  Ternm nf !*;ih> Jc-^.Tttk) Ciish, bul'inri' on inorlHitgo for ."i  yours.    Inti'iyst 7 percent., pnynbh* Imlt-yt'iirly.  KIVK-AtJMK lU.UCKS from Jjrtfi pur A en- ti|i.  Terms,  I'.it My  'jnVICIA'K At'KKkS, ufiirly nil denied, $22$ per Am*.  Somas Heights D.L, 13 |^;M^  yard** Trx-iu School nml Wi yard* from (U',11, Depot,  City wuU.r puHSt'H untl t'liit be luld on, lo thin Hubiltvi-  filon.    I'rlt'i'H from $-(K) up on vnny t-erum.  Jas. R. Motion  Real Estate nnd Insurance  <WHM  Phone HI  AHhtiiI  I'hum* ill  Port Alberni  Const HrniTul llo-pltul, iuul  pmmptly  m>! llttlli* llu* KtllUMIlt   ll-lleil   hv,    A tie-  ptilitibm, consisting uf Mr��i'��, Mntlun,  I'l'i'icutt. (llltl Hll'itnoc, presented the  cn-e fur the hu*pibi|. It wit* |>uhiled  uiu (lint the Institution Wii-noti un it  I'litinln/: IiicU, bin llml I here vv ell'Millie  i*\pt*u*<i"*lu bi>uiel at once, Tlie guveni'  tui'li! Iuul been (i(i|inii(i'lti'il Iti the nuttier ami hail been \t'fy geiit'i-uus, but ll  wa* felt llm! a better cii*it cuulil be  intuit* If It could be nliown thai thu two  mtitiiclpiiliiie-i vumimiImi willing (ut'omc  tu the bum with cniiirfhiillouf. The  I'urt bail already grin led the Mint of  t'toii, and it vvan though! that (ho city  uf Alhfiiil nhiiiitit do the miiiin,  Later Mr. ,1. (i, C. Wood, M. i\ P.,  appeared before the Cunncil aittl Muted  that the (iuveiniiicnt Iuul pruinlncd tu  nee (he hu-ipltal tbruiigh mi fur a*. pilt>  Hug ll out uf debt, hut It nun with the  tmdci'slimdhig that tin* two tuvvn*. also  cunlrlbitte tu tin* good work.  The Council tlem passed a i-enuhitlun  tu grunt thcMim of (pMiotheho'-pliul.  Thin piilfi tlie Inniitutlun on a good  bittln. All tin* ilehincim be paid,, mid  llu* work go ahem) wit limit any burdens  oft hat kind to contend with. Tin* cum.  millet* pointed tint, that, from various  source, of revenue it wan expected that  the ho-plt ill could hold lt-*owulfnturir��l  uif lu the manner Indicated.  ll win. iilnuntattHl that It would be  much lu'i lei' lu have a ret. iilar mini from  ihe two towns provided Jut he cm luiules  that tu In* iilwnyi, running around with  niibucrlptlon I Urn.  Pipe Company.Cup.  The cii)i contributed by llieCitmtdlnn  Pine fuiapimy for local compel It ion  between thu Icntiix ef the Alberni  Volunteer Flrn Hrlgatle. hit**, arrived  dud in on exhibition ut Plnco'n drug  ttton*. The imp l* cerluinly a beauty,  mni. an It remitlui. In tho brigade,-will  form it line trophy lor a yearly nirugglo  between the various- uieiiiboi'rt of the  lire cumpnuy. The Cumidltin IMpe  ('umpany in also pmltng up a nplendld  cup for competition between the  various volunteer lire hi ignite*, on  Vancouver inland. Detail* villi be  given later, It Is to be hoped tlittt tin*  boy*, will K'cl In and drill with it view  tu bringing buck tlti-* other cup tu  pine.* iiloiigniile llu* unti so generously  euutrlbtttetl by the Pipe Company.  incut* Ihttt at.i rouii-mpintetl. Thi*  mii* thu t'unchiiluii iitrivi*)! a; vilu-it die  matter rutin* tip ft>rt'uui>idei'i*itiuu at the  )a*t regular motlng of the Cuuucll.  There wiire "tiine nf llu* buitiit ihttt  Ihuughl ll would ho heller lo give the  illicit out hy cuitiract, hut tin* majority  ivi-i'.i ���f tin* npiitlun lhat day iiil*or  vvuiiti) bring the l*cnt ri'��ulbi. I'litler  Ihi** plan It wiei resolved (n go iihetit!  tilih the wurk ol put ling nuuie needed  gravel un iim Hivcr Itoad, and tu have  tlu* work iUini< tiiub'i'tite fUijiervlnion  of Foreman Scuit,  Heniih'n ihe (.-rant to the hospital,  the Council ugrcitd tu pay Hit* portion  uf the enpiMinen uf Hie eiilerlalmuent  of vlnfturn itt the recent excursion  from Victoria, and the a mount, dim  wa* |w*��*i*d. a fti*��t puytnent wan made  uu |l)e biintl ���ibiiiil, the Cuimcll belmr  no doubt Mtothcd hy thu plouslug  nt ruin* which come from the concert  rendered tiering the session of the City  Father*.,  Mr. Harry Walton was granted per-  mission to Itccp bin jm��)I room o|H��n  until twelve o'elucit every week night,  with llie exception ef Hut tu.lay, when  ihe htroke nf eleven mu��t, witness the  turning of all kc,vn.  ��� Mr. Mt'Ualley, on bclislf ef the Van-  cuurer lulttud Development I,,i<iigiiu��  wished tu thank tht* t'lty of Alberni  for the liosplt-illty dUplayed on the oe��  ciiniou of the roctuil vlnlt. tu tlie-*e  hhorci*.  Tjio Port Alberni .Swimming Club  iVi'iitV miking thiii it clvle hullday be  (.'I'liiiii-d on ihe occasion uf iho xporlf.  ut tin' Port. Thin'will be fonslilered  later.  jk^a��aVa^<rf*<\^#ka4^>Wkv^^  ( HOLIDAY SPORTS J  ���V)'WA*��"','\i��*',*%^  UAKKIIALdk..  STILL ADVERTKWG  ALBERNI DISTRICT  'I'ln* nplt'iitlld iviiult. u|  tbi> ieccnt  et\(i|ir-clon  tu the Alberni   fiMrit-t' In  ClitllilltlitlJ- ill    ill)'    .iii'i    ul    nflCI-illl    tub  veiiUhig tu ni'iirl,v eter.v urn* uf tin*  e\ehtiugen thai re|tcli the editorial  table, "'lie Vli'turla "Spi��ki'��(iian" re.  markn, "Hltoil um wan the pi rlml of the  now ftmioiii Altiernl i*n.*tirn|eii frunt  Victoria anil iho n)��ter chic*.,andci'uw*  detl u* the Ihut* wan with trying tu lil  lu all the luterentlng nnii beatitihil  nifeln* which (hindintricl him to ogcr,  not a few nf (he vlnlturn found time tu  combine htiMineiM vvhlt plciisiin*, and  iiiikilti frmu personal inspection neicc-  tlomtuf lot-* tiiiil acreage In the neigh-  Inn-hood. Further Impilrh's hy imtil  huve jiutiivkd Into all ulllces where Al*  bcrul property In listed, as the result  of after thoughts of the vlnituiH, wIiumi  uxpii*��nluiiM of niitinfnciloit and surprise  nhuwed the ^iun.! (.Ilectsuf Mich orgitn-  Ifed pnbllt'lly at the tvellarraiigc*! ex-  curnlon preveil io be, The ponslb|||tlc��  of the vast horrif-iowcr uviiilable and  acccnsible, wltliin a indoor two of tht)  tewn, (*(i(iriied tu be dKcimi-cd on every  bund, Ilutli llieC|iyi'otinclH'tr("��JK)ii(l(il  tu the call for lluaucltil aid, the City  Hand played up finely, and everything  pinsibh* was dune |u nuiki* the vlnlt tm-  joyable lu im opcnluMidcd nml open-  lieurted iiiumier."  All thin In adilltlon tu a lot of nice  thing)) uliout' llm (rip gt>ni'ralty,  Then comet ihe Victoria ''Weeli"  which carries nut the promise uf it  special "Alberni Kdlliuu" In a most  nalisfaclury niMiuier. The lani. mimbt'r  was HIIihI with kind thliiMn iilxmt the  trip, but this n|ii'oltil In no well llliistiKt-  ed with splendid view* uf the district,  and contains nuimumof wclicomddorcd  Infonnatlou, (bat. h forni.t ,a Inxiist. for  for this KuatlMii of the Inlmiil that is  worth more than all the tuniioy oxpen-  ded uu Hit* iKWiislon of thu visit,  'i'ho following Is a Nsuipiu from �� full  page of tlcsarlptlve iiiattai*.  AUlUCVUVUUMi LAND,  "Thbt wide hiron-h of ugrlaulturnl  land In AHuirni's greatenl u.isci, Ji con-  t*��V^sVAf%^*\j^v^*\^--^^  J PERSONAL POINTERS }  'Jl.t. holiday nporis were ope,.,1 by i.     , ,        w �����  isebal    ,ru,n.;  between the Port and ,  Ihi'rnl, on Tliurntliiy afternoon.   The         .1,.?. ..��� ,,       '  bust  Alherni  ������core uf tl to 11  lu favor of the Port  tells the Mid, sad ntury.    Why dwell uu  the details,   'I'ho lineup tins it�� fob  lows:  JJO Acres llcsU'ltuiS lam), ���MO.'i pur acre, lung term-..     12 Acres, all  Inittmii tut.it, Irviwecn (i uud a acres cieiu-ed  $i'l?t jn*r acre,   IM Acre* {iij-  jtilltlnK City Iiuiiii*,  I'Mi per acre,   '".,1 Anvil frontlli�� on Creamery  Huiid, W per acre.  (iimmI huyw in Vk'torltt (iitnh'iif. und (ih*n��ihiu SiihiHvl-niiniH,  I'MrMt-i'ldHK nelt'ctIon of Ti ami 10 Arn* Tine'lf-i.  Vet ut ��t*t |^#lf, tat t*s wt��t��10X   i hm It.   Ctll c��J fit jurtkvtin.  M M. Stephens, Alberni, B, C.  ll.ir.UV FlltC AND I.IFK INrtl'HANt'i:, Pimittt M.  i*timmV0***HHt*i1*+  ���MnvtSiWMMqLIIMt  m***��*��m*mnpt  CLEARANCE SALE in LADIES' DRESS SRI  '���-,������ A 'Vttrftety"of Protiy Styles both Mack md Colore  Early VisgtstatilsB,  Mr. A. A. la'nn is a re-ldunt of Al*  lii'iiil who titlti'kj a iiilile hi fouling  iirotiud In iiln ve^etahlti gardun ttet ween  the -tiinii ef keeping the tclt'.'i,iphic  lljilni'iibi),' headed hi llm rltfhi tllrcc-  tloit. That Mr. ij.vim mukct irued connections lit both lines witsdciiiotisiriiled  the tu her day when lie walked Into lb"  uillci* with a Hue lot of curly peas, Tlie  Putin were w<*ll lliled iuul ripe fur the  iitblu on iliiue i'lth. Ha iilikU hud a tliu*  lot nt guo*cb(*rrli'n thai wem bright  tind fret! from rust,  If ihe but tun In prupm-iy pre-meii, Al-  iierui null will tin the rcni. ,  rlti'.t Rsglui-sr.  Mr. I!, M. Wltyte bus bm-u appulnted  a ilepulv fur Hn* ptirpom* uf ref/lnierlii';  ill! tbilM* Willi vv'lnii tu compel.* In ll|e  ���.ports being held lu*r��* (hiring tlitweh''  bi'ttiloiij by .Mr, F. ||, Huti'nc, the  commiiinlniier fur thin dlntiict tif tite  H.1'. Aiiitiit'iir Athletic I'nit.n, All  1 liii.e viliu have nol yi'i re'jlsteretl will  have in tin nu, an thu spurt* iH't* belli*'  run under the fi,t'.A,,.,!'���, uiitl it villi  In. iiui'i'ssiiry foe uverjiuiu* wbu dti��ir<">  (u cuntpele lu have theli* tiuiiiti'Mi'  i'iiiiI*, mi that there will be no ib-liiy  uii Hitmitijoit !>iiy,  Purl Alberni.  .Allfcruh-  hew in  H.  Mcl.ctHl  Slnipnoii  C.  ,  Hw*  Hiii  1st it,  Pitxton  (irot'ii  '.'ml II.  l''luger  Hob  .'ttxl II.  Meauher  Hem-ivverlli  Hs.  McKay  Heiuty "  H.F.  Perkins  lallV'CU  C.F.  Huvv-klun  Spruit!  I..|-\  Keufu  Tills mnken ���,  iniiu nnd  gume In the  -erics now, ami  the next wuiiui will tm  a hot one u* uiiu  ���it ilepeiitl  sun It.  .lh*gtdar Price  HAM-: PHICH  lt(t|f!ihti':l*i'lce  HAI.l-M'l'tlCIv  ��� ItegtilBivJt'i'ic.i  KAl.lv I'll ICJ*.  Hegtihir I'rlee  HA t.i'. PltlCK  Hegsilar I'rlee  KAI.I.: PltlCK-  ���M.UU  ���J.U5  t-l.'iVl  <.t.W  "$i."ft  .���i.:g)  *.ion  ".  !''r*i-'  ?*$kfiO  ���xv,  Itcgultti* Price  HAI.I-: PH1CF,  Tf'egiibti' I'rlee  HAl.K I'KICK  Hegulur Price  HAU'3. PltlCK-  I tegular Price  HAMv I'HICK.  Hegulur Price  HAl.Kl'mi-K  Watwiti Hlbek  .Argyll*...Street',  .'Ufu  , -I.7.V  *7.(s.  , .-i.pri  "*i'M  ftM  ifM.OO  !-.���.���(''.  Purl Alberni  Baseball,  Though' there-'have' been neverai  cliishcti between tin* nines fitiiu llu*  Fori and Aibtu'iili tlie iil'st game tu  count'"In the league net-lcs was played  Thiit'sday week at tin. i'nii, 'VU\h iv-  nulled In it bunch I'eluriiliig tu the Old  KllAll HACK.  Tite live iiillii road race finnbilied nil  kinds of thrllli. and wuuutl up with a  liiiinb tlmt wan pntciicitlly "neck tu  nock". It. KrlciiMm tind F. Drliikwainr  tmnscd tliu liUuk ctirnur on the lam tup  I'Vcii all, and rounded the lilsliiipcurnor  In about the name condition. Down the  loity fttrrU'h ihey euiiit) In a killing  sprint, but Kiicltnoti had thu extra  otiiice Iiii-cm-vvc, ami bivasted the tape  a'ntrlde abend, Time ,11 M, h ��ec.  The en!rii-s tverii F, HtirrUuii, N. li.  |ii'ti(l|.'_v ami ,1. lb-sham, Put t Alberni;  H Kriclinun. Hsiidd Wutnlwaid, F.  Hriitkwilier, W, Ih-dfuid, J, Dmb)  anil |>. Fcrtier, Alberni,  Harrl-kiiU *tuii<si sUtuiif, Imi war. rim  till his f.-i-i in ih" "���H-uiit! tsituub uiui  ilin race Iruiii that (Iim* was ait he-  (ivt'i'li lvrlcli��'<n (tiui Drink water.  mur.* Mit't'-hlug away up the naritiwer  valh'iyn. Here Is a unhjim cuiidllhin.  .M ii*l of l lie viilleynuf I till lsh Culumbla  are nai'fow and the ugt-lciiiiural land  extrmuely lluittiHl in area. With the  nlngle exception of the ,1-ppcr Okaitu-  gati lu the netghl.torlioud of Vernon and  Armstrong, there Is no miclt wide  stt'cicli ef land In tin* Province us tjiln,  Nmhlmr hut an uci-of folly can destroy  ihechiincu which Alhornl pussei����en fm'  building up it hfgclty with a blnhu'luud  at It�� doors capiiblu of mi pi toning Iw  poptihttlon with almost all thu noec*..  nnricsof life, la-el miImIIvision* be iim).  ltn.1 lu tho miturnl giMwth of the oily;  let. the ligrlctihutitl land be mild lit  blocks huge enough tn iiiaku u ninuli  farm; lot. ttet tier** ef the farming clatu*  bu encniiriiged to conic liurej lot the  Houid uf Trade, llm Council am) the  Development, Dengue do all in tJielr  power to ("iicuuiagit agriculture, and  then Hie Alberni of tin* fill urn will bt*  a large and prosperous city wjili it  farming cuimmmily behind it which  will ensuiea muderatu^usiuf living,"  And soitu through the vv Dub* line of  the tvMHiivt'-i and attraction ut the din-  irlcl. The "Time* and the "Culi��ui,-.t"  littvoitlwjaddedbtigi'ly lu the campaign  uf publicity, and the iMuliihiud papern  tit'ti iHiglnnhig trt rojiy nuuie nf iheguiKl  ihlugn fruiu those iktmrccn,  All thin P. addi'd lot Im p(ii*��uiittl cllottn  of lhii*e vvhu (iiitilt' (he dip, mid It can  be taken for grnnttd (bat ihe cltvie  w ill go un widening for a lung time tu  come.  flr��wi.ttrr.  The dragnet wit* hauled ill during  the iimli, ami ��li��*ii llu* police cautu  lu iiinlii- the count It. wait fount! that  .imiin.tg'st tint 'catch were onu Ktllwell,  .Naiiiiial, a Jlbttlifti, and Ab'x. Krlmrg,  fruni lite Jiind uf, the'Vikings.'  The magistrate..iiiuughi> tbat about  lifty .dollarn w'utiki form tlie right enn*  (ri.hutlou, anil lllli. wan paid by each uf  tlie'. part ien. .������ ,-������'������������-  (hw |,evl Handberg was found guilty  of Caking Hit a loud that, put bin hull  avv/ivtlown below.the "Plimsoll Murk,''  Town with a.large slice of bat-en, and |���m| ,V1(N ,wked;t�� contribute thu Mini  the "Hiiigu Hoyn", with brottd suillcs, i ,������ dtillarn. towait.t relieving the pre.  aiiiinmitfed" that tlie llgtirivCworc II mj U1,|1( (|(l((IH.|u!stringency.    He did.  (I,   'I'he l'ort iwk the little end of tlsc  ncore. 'i'lul. In)*/. mcoi-U wit** lost, In the  shuliie, mid -we 'are nimble tu show-Hie  Individual hereon who did thu trick,  mid Just bow they' w-nrk-'d Mm Mime,  Arrangement'.* have been nuido fur u  mole '-complete MMrc ef slmse games In  (he future. '  Holiday Bunting.  'Mr. F. <��': Cox, of Port Alberni, tin-  limim-i's llml In* lin*. mi iwiieciul Muck  uf }|itj:* Hnd 'hunting for holiday (h-cutt.-  lion piii'|��t��es, anil that he will,be on  bund vsitlt the goods for the Dominion  Duv celi'b'rittlon.' '     ,  Ct.NVI.Y THANKS-   -  J. F, 'iJ)i-.j��ie, K*ij.,  I'rrntdem llt.ijtil uf .'Prude,  Albi'i'iil, 1|.C,  D"**' Hlr,.  J am iiinlttuMi*! tu cunvev  tu yuitr good naif uud to the mcniberi.  uf your Hoard the beiit .thanks ot ihln  Hoard uf 'Prude for tite kind iiHentloii  received' dtirhig l.helr visit to 'Alberni  on the llib unti i;'ili ,liuii>,.\  ; .'Members of thi* jiuity have npoken  iiioiit   appi'i?cbitivc.|y   nf    the    warm-  heurtiHl   liuspltullty, expi'ilcnccd    on  lhat, oci-mdot), and the goiierttl'denlre  appcttiti to l*u te ielurn lo Alberni <u  tiui  Hint ('(MiVi'nleiit   upper!unity nnd  enjoy the ut tract Sons of your ilistrict,  'tti'greater length...-  Vojirn faUbfuliy,  F, Kl worthy,  Secret (try:,  .1, F, IJIcdsec, Knij,,  lulluu* Allwrnl Advocate,  Alborni, .IM;..  peur Sir,- On .hehulf  of  oyeryono  Mr.   It. tSsuiit, ul Vitiu'iiuvcr, wttaa  vlnltur in llu* city ri't'entiy,  Mr. A, F. Vutcx, ol NuiKihuu, wan a  vlniter in Uu* city un \\'t-diit*s.l��y,  Mr. P. .1. Cji(it|ibel|, uf Victurl/t, wa*  a vMtor In the city tills week,  Mr. (h'Orge .funen, of Vlciuela, wa*. a  vlsiiurlu Atberul this week.  Mr. and Mm, Stylet uf Vielm-ht were  visliurs In the city ihln week.  Mr, .1. Hrudon, uf Victoria, wan a  v|��lt.ir during (he vveck,  Mr. It. Ijcdliighum, of Victoria, wan  a vlniter on WihIiii"kitty,  Mr, ,\V. J. Hiutoii, uf Victoria l�� a  giietil at tho Arllngiuii,  Mr. It. Hrethuur, of Sidney took a  run tu Alberni thin aveek.  Mr. .1, M. Shields, of Vancouver was  registered ttt thu Alherni during tin*  week,  Mr. F, Kelly, uf"Viimwer, was an  arrival in iho eliy on Wedno-duy's  I ruin.  Mr. WatMin Clark and party, from  Victoria, were arrivids in the city tblw  wi'ek tu try ihe llshlng nt the hike*..  Mr. A. Pulrfuil, uf Victoria, spent a  tew days looking over'the district- recently.  ��� Mr. W. W. MeAlllstor, reiurned from  it htislucss trip tuNanaiuioonTui'ntlay'n  train, '     n  Mr, McDonald Marling and wlf.��, of  Dontlun; Knglimd, npent .Sunday in the  city.  Mr. VV. Hooper, uf llm \V. II. Mulkln  Co., uf Vuneeiivci*, was lu the'tdty on  bunlllcss this week.  Minn Virginia Itue.uf Munrei*, Windi-  hi'gton, in u visitor In the olty, (he gttent  of Mlsx Flureiice Miles,  Mr, W. KrltiJinun, of Vlqlurln, Is  spending his vacation tvlih his limtitcr,  Mrs. l-.rioknuu.  Mr, \V. Horny, tif (..'lrvt-oose, panin**!  ihrutigii the city thin week on his way  (oHuoggK, fdaho, lo upend the nimmicr,  .Mi'-* C. A. Cohen, of ihe Wi-morn  Accldtiiil x'o., wm, a visltur in tliecliy  during tlu* wcelt from Vuncuvtver,  Mr, \V, Muivliii.nl, Ciintutiis innpcetur ������=  of Vit'iorlii, wan a vlnltur In llm city  this week on ufllclul hiiNlucnn.  .Minn A. Miles returned home on  .Monday's train, after (���pending iwo  week*, holiday vMtiug in Scuttle and  Vlcuirla,  ��� Mr. and Mrs. VV. Hrown, of New  WeMiuhister, arrived In llie city on  Tuesday by unto, uud are having it  look urutmil thu itisti'lei, *   i  Mi*, J,  K, Hull, the inuii'sger uf the  Vancouver Milling and ({rain Co., was -  a vlnltur In titn city during the week,  In company with Mm. Hull,  Mr. VV. Hansen, of Victoria, iruvellur  for (he Hutunuy iiroM. Confectionery  Co.^vun a visitor lu she city on busl*  lli-ns,  Mr. uiu) Mt'K. I'. Mllen rt'turned from  �� vlnU tn Seattlu on Friday niglil'n  train, iiecumpiinied by their daitghicr,  I'luri'm*!*, vv ho griiiliiated thin y��-ar with  high hotiorn frutu the university.  DontaLWork.  Dr. D. V��� Kerr, drutUt, will be in  AlluM-ul Tiic-wlay, July I to. 1.1; uillco  at Duuiliiiiiii lluiel. Appuhttmints  may be tnude befuru urrlvitl tn J'Sii'S)'.,  Drug Htui'e,  yum****** if tt* mr*iwumtni*n* wptwr-s-i m i' ���*sii*��c��>(iiiMiii iunm%ni*v*tmm.tiMeiiiu*&  whit tltteiitbnl lite imciii-tiuil ttt theltvU  Aibentl", I beg leave tu e.timil my  personal mitt ulllel.-il th.*taii�� for (he i-v-  liettiii Itlitilui-n* vviili vvhicb ini'Cwi)U'  via,, stiStiut, Nothing vvts* (eft uiuionn  tlittt euulil lie diilin tu provide fur !be  mnci'tiitciiiii-iit and i'limyment for all,  and -everyuiiii bits liruugbt avtuyfruni  tiui, dlntrltit the .tiiu-t fuvuntblu uf r��i.  collectlunsi  Tint publicity for live two citb<i In  the dinllh-fiutiS been very censldei-fiblu  an yuu vviili note fiimi the column* ��f  fbe niiwspitpern and periodicals both lu  (Vt'eiurhi end elsewhere, and the con-  titmi.jici-.of the pnbllcliy ��lilch will  resell, froit'i the t'lijoyitii'tst and lust mc  tluh tiirordtid (d-lbusu visiting Alberni  and Poet; Alherni will be tin ndditionsl  sotuve of'bi'nclit.to the dKirlt't,  .-The cKcUrsloii' wits a good '���thing' for  Vieturlu, (tiui for I with' n'f the Alberni  citieN, und i trust in lite future we-may  have a (He)j|fttloll   from   tite   district  vlHltl'tglbnili'ttpliali'liy.;  ,';'',  -Coitilally your-��,  K, McOulTey,  Secretary V.f.p. l^agtn-.  - ,*UM^I��*Mlklllt'HtllkaiWfl>WMintlkW��tl^^  ^Me***HMiv**MH^lB^d&ii3l��>&BiA*j4K^uM<>��BHia>r&.Jmm.t WkWi*i*Bikaiiaiki*��aai��a,^a4.MiiiLa4k4.AM.^��a44 .  IMtffiklMk'kHMMMAMwaak.lulkklilaAaaAMl-il'.a.  im*tfitfli��tfMi*af*MkjMre*����sfifti^ THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE
THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE a '<•*; «■•.««'«••• i^!"71"""1';i
Tti* A«t*,r»i A*~.t.  lMb.U.,me .nd-""*   »"•- «"«»-  ";«"  '»'  tl,U' »'«»I
IVlMllni Co., Ltd.. l-rvprUtor*.        ■ •'   it;   not    Miliicleilt    je'iMin   tor<
J, r, UM.PSOK   •   KdUiir nml nanstrri^'i-'li'-t*.   money nwiiy   iltmi  llu*;
|'vi.„.i,k-,l   ,4    AU.i-.lit,   llnti.t,   l*.4!|.|..i,iH    III) I'lt.V    Wjli'll    It    Cilll    bt'    f*pt'llt    I It'll*, |
lilfa  H.|i-ti-*1*  i-S" ', »i.|-4t*.;l«-t  |»iatl.ii Hit ,'i Un ia.1 iil.ii :   a,.;,, ,      .1 ....     I   .. a ..II I      '
,l„ *i.-r,e, li,r.ti,.*l ji»|.«ms.'.,)sI 'ViUlllMlt    tin*   lllt'lt'lllttlt   ill.d lltlhi- j
llnnd Orti*:**;   AlUf.ii, «. C, - liem* man,   who jti'i* pitying hh.hj
A'..»-ia.i 1,1 »!., i'..,ui...i.-i' ott.ri.i in, ivitU for property, wlmt would j
!i;,i,,Vl*,*',J*'U ,WM'"*h »'■■"*—"• ** •*^"-»» ■■ »•»• | |i;i|*,„.|,   ,<i   I'i.nl   e*tn(e  VlllUfH iu]
'nv,i-n-i't-'"-ti-'v".""ti""iii'*-*»'* *••' r*.ei.illiil'* ''Hy mil, of  which it   lurgi'i
.W.:,^ o,ti.<* people huve
t#(u:»t(."-)> «ul( i*i   tt-.. tifil en Un'1 (,'!.nu .i'i/
«""* v.*) *'»«•        j ni(itii.t' y
i'„*t»#iH'HM.t'l'-.U'i >.tv'.» Mi«ii*i.(.ivi»u mctvlututs tin*  chii-oii**   will   be
fu«.-i«-»i. *Uii ,-lJit'.   leu I.,.), .ntui-iih-f.fi i" 1-ti j ,. , .'   ,
,-,., eiiiD uctmtily putting inoiu'y into their
own pocl.ets.
Royal Hail
The Gasoline Cruiser
tu-i'ti urn, ur** »4till iHitHintf th»'U'•
lly ntnHb.tiii,^ the locnl;
i"litiw«*) fm mil lf|inl (ii.iiiw* '.*it! !-*• (i'i"-*«'ii»
kt llil.il-I ttttt-|iktt'il ii)' tilt-It (' ()lttl'i»|li'.i'.l|i,
• tn! "Html l-i' 1'rtl'l Mi tt'ttnlltf*
Al! tnuiuittuiM'iilfiitii tii.ii'ilfi!  tut liul'ili'ntliiil
UVUll   llf   «tyl«IIH|ll«t|l,>.l    Ulill   Uti-   Ullllli'   Hii'l Ilit
Itl*** (.( llif. v.llli-1, lliil  DM'. **nill>   (til inll'llt-M,
iiyn tfiit •>■• umi i nm. fii.r I'm .tliuii ti   ivi-.'.umi.t
lllltVl iiilli* I'l   IflHlll  HMIS'lnl  UKIiiilleiillHIin
Kit ll'IfHllli'lHUl'll Will   In' I'Hllt |.i|' IliM-IIC i'llllll!
ti'.lllntii .-im-i'l li) -.l-tH-iiti iiiiiiiii-t'liii'ltl,
Alberni, H. C, Ci*ii(tdn   * Jun» 27. 1019
T AST" wook tin* spirit  inovt'il
llu*   PMHoriiil  Den  lo truce
ilu*  iollowinu   Utile piirnwriipb,
intended for tin* fug i'»»d of Ilu*
, t'tlllorlttt columns :"
"When a  'Huslm'ss1 lirni  re
ftistjM to Htippurt tilt* hu'iil |mI'i'i',,
oven by n moili'Ml ttd., tin* prlntt'r
Im sometimes forced to shul up
shop, untl go to u big thy where
In* can  tlntl ti job printing cutii*
logitt'i* for innll oi'tlt'i' houses,"
fj'itis little pnrngTiipli wus hold
ovoi'i »--d i" H"' uii'iiniluie u copy
of tin.' IVliljf!' I.iipi'i't Dully News
reached    the ,. Kdiioi'iitl    Table.
TIiIk ropy  Iiiik it   loiulor   which
int I lout en   tlmtt   oilier   odltoriiil
minds tire riintiliiMT In lite mum*
Uoud  wlmt  thin other editor
lui.-."to say,  und   wherever  llu*
nuine (if  "J'Hueo  Huperi" up-
peiiix   substitute   one  Hint-   will
lit your own i'iim*. Then "look
over Hie columns of your .local
pttpcr nnd mulo* u linn resolve
to "Diuy the {yiiiue" Iiy outtinu
out llu.' "Mull Order IIiinIiiiimk'|
on the ono Imti.l, und uIko cut*
tl tip; out tlu* linn, or IlrniN, win*,
hhow tlmt tliey urn uuwillluK to
tto tlii'lr him re In supportinp; tin*
toeul pttper tlmt \h nt riving with
nl) it*-* power to "lnilhl up the
very district from which tlit'M*
people draw their hiinlueinN.
Willi this remnnibcr llml. Htn-lt
people riir(* very litthj dilTiM'ellt
i'l'oiu oulNltle liotiHi'H, <
They occupy, nearly ttlwitys,
rented |»rtMnl«e*», luitLlmvn little
or no Khttte in (lie continuttity.
They coitu* lu to "cudpje" tt llf-
litp;, uud ciin fold their tents u|
any liine, nml slip uwuy to wmm
otlier pliici* to piny the .same
Kiiui"." Vim Uilu'llt heller K'd
your goodt* from u mull order
ItniiKi). tlitin Iron) Mich-pi'Ople,
for you would tit leu**.! Kef, hotter
VUllieS, Ulld tile IllOliey Npeill.
Would be UO llliii't* lost, to Hie
itpbttildiUK of tlu* pliici*. ||, in
tiDfitlr 10 the Milit-t:tini»il  litiMJ.
Hi"**, plttce** of tin*, tnvvu In (leu!
with tld'» flttMH tij' people.
Thin is wlmt Uiu thi iiy .N'«'Ws
Ulill) tllilllo* of Ills'! -liiii.'Hioi) :
"Vlit'l'e    it pj tell I'm    ill     illiotlier
t-olUillll      U      ,ett«*l'     ill     Cdliilllitilli
ti-iuii   'A   l.oc(i|   Hti-sinenih  Man',
in   ivgurtl   tn   iho   pinctic*   (ifiHittnt-*, ctrntiilitiie   u>  tin* ..up
'ii'liiiliil? lo Hie depiirliueuf hloreti
in Viiiit'onver nml i'i!f*teni eitii'M
Auotlier e**t*nt*o tlmi is ptit up
by i-iouie for tlu'li' net Ion I** tliiil
thoy cttnnol wcure lu Trincc
l.tipeil tin* clus** of '..todI*, they
want. In Miuie ciim'n tlti** nmy
be true, but jii;:iin it b* tpilte tin
iieot'Ksury Hi let Hie depitrtiuent
wlores in llu* 1,'M'ger cilit'M iilmorli
the profili* which rlpjitly belong:
to the lociil iiierclmnti who is
only too will.uk to order iiuiii
Hit* vvIkiIchuIim' or the iuiiuii-
fiictiirer unyllilng In the line of
iiiei'cliiiiiiliM' tlmt Hn* tiio'-l e\
tiding buyer nmy de**liv.
I'tider prt'Ncnt, conditloUK the
liittiit- of sendiuK money lo llu*
dcpiii'luientul Mloron. Is n pernicious Due tlmt works to the
dlmidvitnltiK" not only of Hie
locnl incrclmnt, but. of the oily
iShoutiug one's liend olt ubout
the groitl future of 1'rlnoe Ku-
pert sounds well of course, but
tin* lioht way In wide!) you win
show your loyalty lo the olty is
to spend .with the locnl merchant
every dollar tlntl luu. to bo speul
for mcfcliiindisc,
While llm 'News' deplores Unfile! tlmt so much money Is nu*
nocessiit'lly sent. out. of tlio city,
\h It m»t true tlmt. most of tlu*
uiorciuints tltmiiselv'es lire partly
rospouslbh) untl are in llil** vory
connect Ion open to the. sumo
cliiwges of disloyally to tin,* city
as lire (lie oil kens who send
tlieir money uwuy f Tht* (hf-
piH'tnieiitttl stores who uro K"i"
Iiik the money tlo not lu*aituto to
spend thousands of dollars ttn
iiutilly hi newspaper ntlvertisluK,
They iistj every possible menus
of lU'lllilK the |)Ubllc Uuow nil
alio tit their grooils und ilioir
speoliil Inii'Knlus, The I'rlnce
I{upei'l uewsp.'ipel'M, vvldch rottoh
dully I'vei'y home In llio oily,
convey vtH'y little Information
lis n rule 111 'VKiird to the olTei'i
Iuk's of the locnl tuci'chttutM.
Tin* mot'chtiiits of the city lutve
u responsibility lo tin* news-
pupor which they should nhotil-
tle-r just iim oheUi'ftilly ttnd its
wllllilKly »•* tlu." cltlzeii sliotild
sliouldi*)' his to the ineit'liiilil.
It is uu admitted i'uet tlmt tin*
best iidvertlsemenl tiny oily can
lutve !n a well conducted news*
paper, und no newspaper can
exist tin its rirculiitlofi alone,
It is justly en'tifletl to ti' liberal
advertising pnironitjii* from the
meii'huiiiM of Hn* city In wltich
i| is published,
Prince Rupee., lor the presold
is Jl  hOlliewbltt   Iholllled elly (hut
lor n few yours ul lenst must lie
me 11' MlppOl'tlll',',     l.l*! tin he toy tti
thi'l'elore.        Cltl/.t*!!*;,     pull'tlldsf
your  Inane   merchant*'     Mer-
it  ,      Will leave lite (Jovei'iuuenl Wharf, Aiborub ut
7.30 ,a.m. of the S(h, 12th, 19th and 26th of
Every Month
.To alternate with the ('. I1, Iv. West ("onmt Steamer hi curry
in-? His MttjeslyV MuJIs between
Alberni and Ucliielet
And calling at nil Wuy Torts on Alberni Cuttul and  IturlHey
Sound.    Acooiiiiuoiliitltm for l\iH*»enKi*ri*t und Smtill Krelgiil,
We Control the Sale of the
Following Properties
SomttB Holuhta,  D. L. 13,  Honu.«ltoi.
Gloncoo H«lshD», D, h. 100, HontesHea
70 Acrca, with Rlvor Front. D. L. 7, HomewHcu
Five-Aero Traclu, D. h. 162
FIve-Acro Tractn, D. L. 168
Writo Uh for Particulars
Suite 38-30 Cumuli! Lifo Buildini!
Real Estate Agent
P. 0. Box 28        Alberni B. C
Vmicnuver. Ciinmbi
rnitvwt^^-vifiriwiiiw wii-*i**WMWf)f)f))tawt))t^^^
A Photographic Enlargement
Next to tin; thin)' it.sHf it j4o<mI )>hotn.4rci|-h
will 'i4ivts h htUltM* hh'a tn i»^ I'urolntsor than
any ainoiint of tkr.sfriptiou, ll" yoti want it
well done consult
Leonard Frank   -.  -. -'  Alberni
t ««Vi/i-\^f'*"yi»rfkaY,,*..k^v»^j*^^ ^
Water Noticed.
Por u Lflcenco to Tuke *ud U«o Water,
Nntli'v In iii'iilij Kitiii (liiil .tlntl Wi-i'sli'i
Ni'ltl uiui i|i-iuwi».ii!"illili"ti Miillli. nt Aits-iiil
ulil iti'i'h' !"•- ii Kin-niMi tu latin iuul titn'l''ll(r>'li
lliiinlit-it t'titilr l-'i-i t I'i't-ninsidil mI *Artt«*i nut u|
i-'Miiltliii ('ruit. ii llii'ii !!t'ii» Uiu wi-sli iltttiii-t'
tlmi iiii(iti,..|i Tiiain'r Iji'iim'Su. Isiiml i-ai|)U)-s
Iiiiil iVilu'liil ('itii'il, lifiir liiUiii'll'ifs linltiili Id
ni-iii", 'I'lii' Witli-r ivl!) Im' ilivi'l-i.-.! til IniH'ilmi
ul I'liitllillivt'ti. !< mn! ulliiitiir' iiiiiiiil*) livi"i»l
I, mill nlmill lllii'i* llliji-ti llillll .MIm'IIII!'llillll.
llllll tvlll Is' iisi*I |n(- IlltiiiotUul I'iIII'iim's t'tl lilt
liiml iitki.-tit't*! iik't'iinl-i-r la.-itw Ku. is, llm lill''
inklili't. i'l  III'VlllsllllMINt llll-lflll,
Tills iiitl It-.' mis |'ii*iii> nil tin-.--Iiiiiiii! nil U»>
*slll illll >it,\l-Ul, IWII      'I'lli-Mi-I'lli'lUii'll Will I*'
llii'ii III tin. iitltisi ul tSi**- Witti-f i(i'it*>i(li-f ul- Al-
I't-inl. ,      ,  '
tllf-ii'ltiifis linn* 1". llii'ii iv llli llu* suit! VViitm-
Idi-iHili'i- nr vtlsli (In- t'liMilitpt.lii'l' n(_W.tt»-i
ltli,'lttw. 1'iirlfiuiii'iit llullilliiy*, Vii'i.iitii.KtO
Ainu   Wi-li»ti'|-   fs'iitl.   ti)siiVi>     ftilitittlli'itt
-illllill,   ,V|ll'lll-ll|l*'
Uj.- lltiltiltl VVfvli Itliuuil, Ai;tiil,
Itl'loilK   lilies of U't'ivlllllldtso
ifi'iiii'rii's, clothiuK,
hoiisu furni'i-liiiiKS, etc., u lirat'-
iloe tliitt U adopted by ulioi^ether
loo ' hiCK*' u nuiiihel' nf (In* I'ltl-
Zi'HM of I'rliice Hiipert, Until
tin* vii st territory. -'.urniuiitlliiK
tliU city is more thlei.ly nettled
lllllli it is l\i the present lime,
when most of the uiereluiiitn
liuve to depend almost entirely
upon tin* locnl popnl.ftion for
tlieir tritde, renideiilM <)(' I'l'llU'e
lfti|)ert slioidd spend every tlolltir
KiJtwSt  with  tl.**
locnl merchants.
.Mirny defend tlieir itt.tion on
tin* Ki'omid tliiil pi'ici'H an* biuticr
.here thiov oati bo,-hocurod hi.the
laf|.,c ih*p:irtnu!!itiii   stores.     In
port ol your best newspaper.* !M
Ami   the   Ailvocniti   cries
A men.
For ti Licence to 8t<u'« or l*«n Httck
Niillt-c Is lu'icli) (,'lvfii ■*ifitl -Mitii Wi-lisi) t
.Will untl tii>.>riii' Ailiililiiinlt Siiiltli. nl .Vll'.-liii,
Villi tll'l'tl' lnl- n iltl'IIM' in litiui* ol*. |« li I'.lt'tl
■fiiii i't) Ai'iti li i't "I WisU'i' lli'tit I'l.iiiilllu
t'lH-li, il nlfi-Klll llii«!U|f (II ll vti-nli-tlv iilll'l tlmi
mni ,.in|in llli/ lulu Alln'1 ill I 'iitiui ili'Di' In** I'Ciinls
i lllllli tl  l(l*flll- III)' V1«lit|' tn III In-kllllist 111 It ll'-
*ciutlr nl •>','«•) I'illilit fi-i-i i-iiiiiii'liy. Intli! ni'In
Itnlnilll »t ii tmlnt iilniui li.'Iti'l l«.|ii« iiiik lii'ii
n( I'liinlilimn'li'ti iliul tilliiiliii)' iim! iiiuilii'il It)
1'ii.t 1, iuul lilll tu) usitt inr lintiisllliil I'tlli'in-i*
ii* iiinli.iilsi-i! liv Waii'i' ll.t'i'ul Nu-; WmU-i
l,l|.|'fik*(i Nn„ ni iiniU-f ii iiiilii'i-i'i tici'iu ntli'i) tm
M   ll(-i'll|St   ui   lulu' htlll   lisn  ItHl.T,  IMIkl.tl lll'lli-
v\llli mi till* Imiii ib-st'rtliisl iin'OliiiH-i' l<i lis" .Nu
IS  Itlll'll.'l' lllkllll I,
'|'|||»   Illllill'   11 tl*   IHlStis) lilt IllH UlUllllll "II Hy-
•Jolll lliu i.f A|>lll. liH.t, 'I'lli' ,'t'l'Ul'illiiil Hill'I'"
ll|i-il ill !!n- iilllif ul ill" WuliT lti>vnlt'l lit Al-
iH'lllli ,
lllili*'(|itl-,» tliuV   Ih' tlltnt   lillll Illll kllhl VVilt.-r
Itiimilic ni- «ilit tti.' r.,tii|iii.,ti<r »l Wnii-r
Itl.liiK, i'riilliilin'iit lltttiniiu'k, Vii-tuitii, li e
A|..ti WiH-sii'i- NmIII. liisiiirii AllniltiiiiiU
Multli, Att|illi-itntN
Signs Signs Signs
hunt, and Advri'tlslni.i'Stijiis.eti*,.
'diHiu wllli Preiii'ii IK's|i»li*li
at, l/ivvi-hi I'rit'tis b,v j
S.   EATON.|
■      < '   i
Mnr&troi St., Alborni    j
I'ttbit0r and I'(f'»**r-H«iii(»i' j
Wurlt ditiu* by Praoih-al Men only.
I'.ntbuatt'n Ki'tit*.
II) ti, w
kliiiltil, A|.-|.(il
for « lale«uc« to Tako autt Una Wolsi",
N't.I it n is inn lu- til ti-tl tlmt tlii'lliltlkli I'.ii'iili.
Ibilrn i'liit-liii   uiu! 'I'lvuiititu*,' i.lil, nl   V'li*.
tul|il, lit*. 1*111 ll|'|til' Im n IllslH'i- III tllll'- lllllt
lOl-   IH,i   lllltlilll'tl   kt'i-iitiil   li-. I   lft   11 tllt'l   mil   ill
s.iiilti Ittvi-i'. iiiiiili (iiistk lit n tu-kliil) itiii.i.
iimi tiMtini;ii Niiiiiiiliiiiiitk Irifiiiut Iti-ki-tttt mn!
iliilMii'k till" llnl iilil (Kiiil'l.l. IM'ill' Itttllilli'lil,
IiO, •I'lii' iuiii'1 will Is-iUi'i'iti*! nt (ii nt **,uliti
l,.i|,i', nml uiu in' hm*I im I'livi.n I'uHUM.'kua
lllf  lullit  >llhl iIIhvI   'IS   Vlitllttl  il   Kltlillk   l.l   illl|i
luiiiiiii*! mill liitv mills
Tin* tiiillis. ii.i* ,.,|.»ii.| mi (in. );ititni.( fit ll)|.
li'l I, .in,i n| Mm, lull 'I'lii'ii|i|iliuiiiluu ulil l»f
Illiil In tin- i-lili-i- nl (In' Willi i-l(i4ii|i|i-i, nt Al
In'tlll, li«'
lllilii.Hutu iuul in- (llml n;Uilli|i kiit.t VV'-il.-r
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llf-IH    l.lal  ,    Vl'J'Hl MltlS       ,
III   li    'iljl   il'-1,kill, ,\^llll M-iv   ii'
Hj^lJI-a Dominion Day ceiebi.ition
proudst-H to biftiii ul! re-
cortls for tin) Alherni District.
Tin* prnKruimiie Is uu excellent
one, I here will be Mime close
competitions, nnd uny unmberof
new'features, Kouiclliiu,., fur all
liitmhi, in fitcti
'I'liut menus llml it will be »
Kood tliinu to drop (lie iriires uf
lib) for it shori lime, tmd come
nloiitf to Alberni for tlmi duy.
We will try to iiuihe you -welcome
in every wuy, nml proinlsii not it
nioiiieiit in•-which thorn is not
"HoinotliiuK doing,"
for « hlrttm-ff id WtttF* ttt' (•»«  Hurl.
S'ui:t. i. in it tn- t.Urn Umt Ui*- Ulilli>)i i'lii-Kii-
ibiti.t i itt-liit itii>i 'I l.tiiitikit* t.lil. nl V'li'
U-i|.i )!*' ikill «t(»l-lt l"» s Hi* i>i>-in *tini'in
) it it i.i-i'l.    .null llli'   -In ■• it. ,i)l. t   in Iv   lnl   nl
llillll Jt-ili >' iiilli Kit. I ,1 kill ulil llitv.lt-,.- ill .1
ill.i'lii ilil'tl.iHl liltll I |lt|ill tdt! til llitllill |
•mhiIhI   In nl   |i ill,I'i ill     |(C      '»"(..'   Until   llllllit.
..Im. ,i it: .i it f. null i.( '{'• i«U 1.1■ 11 - !•• I i'.i|-t><<i(i.
In In- tiii.ii ,tt Kkiim I,tliu . inn) will In- ilsiit l-ii
I'll* i-l I'm |if si ii ilk nut It'llKi-il niitli'i M ln'ltiniiil
il|.|il!<'.lll-.ll  (i-l   11  Id < 111 It l.l l.iiit' k|llt! llkl- Willi j.
|iu,ti i! In ii ii itli mi ilii'Ikiiitl tlrtit illMat .it. -Hill-
III ii t'ltilli. nl uiu  llliillll.il unit llil) SlHIi'*
'lllik M"| Ii .    lid*  |iUnli.l  un th" tl,.lllllli tm (III-
Intli tl.ii ill -Mni. luiii Tin1 ni'i'lli nniiii mil l-i'
illiil III tin- MMi'i' if! tin' VV'.iti-t Iti.-tiiili-i'iit Al.
U ll.l, II I'
III.,. I llllll*  lillll    In"   llli'll  -.Villi   lllli *ut«| Wlltl'l
It.c.iiili'l   nl   uiui   (Im   ('iilni'litilli'l   ui   Wiilt-I'
ltlh-!ll*   I'.l! Illllill III  illllMlllklk.  Vli-liul.1    !!•'
'I'Iiii HiIIIaIi C'trllli Iliilni i.ii*'!|li)illii|'t'niill-
tttllik,  I .-.'I , A|'|ill|..ililk
II* .J  (Un, Dmi.ilil, Ak'flit. Mti>'lit
(tiliits unt'
t'itiioow nhviiys
on  Iiuiiii
for sule or hire
Alborni  -
m       -   B.C«
We i.uii"vs ti full nssortmeiu of Men's Wear In the latest
KiiKhioitr. und Siylt»s lor Summer HM.I.
.lust received u slilpmeiit of 'i'ies uiui Hose which eun'l ho
beat uitywiiero.
Wlii'i) .viu'i"''!) mi yuiir vin'iitluii yen want it Suit ('ten',   I'uine iu and
let ti- kbuvv luu utir lint' u( Ibn.'t' --imnI*'.
"tiinuin vs'it ptticj's, ('\,\"r in: lii'.r."
.Mar uii rut .St., Albi'i'iu
Phiine 2**    c
First Ave., Purt Alherni
)'luiiiii ",',i
(Kuundi-d l**l")
Cupllttl Authorised
Cupltitl P(*I4 Up
Rest untf UndlvidetiJ-rolit*
Total Aa»«t«
1 (1.000,000
Hun. I'l'i-slib'iit
Pl'l-kltll-llt     •     It, 11, Al))-il*. Kvj
Ht. Hun. Ijiiitl Stratlifuiiii ami Muiint Povitl  (i.f. M. th
Hand Olllco
Lmiilun Otlli't*
lb V. iMcivilltb
Id iuul  t" 'I'bii-iuliii'ttllti Mb, li. ('.
Savings Bank Department
t)i|,u*|l*   ri'i'i-lvi'tl    htiut   ♦!    ujivvntsl*
t'uuiiii-*,' lliitiui'ss j'ivi'n I'v-i'i-y iitti'iitlun.
jPort Albtiml Branch
E. S; V. MeCllntoek, M^r.
PIHST-t.'i.AKS KKKlHI-'iN'i'lAh
l.o'l's in I'liri Albi'iitt mid tiilmlnliiK
Albi'i'iib tisiiii f.'tki'eai.'Ji, uu i**ai'4<|i.
iluiiiili> I'lisy ti'itiis,   'i'bt*si> Im* ur>*
niiltltti'll   I'itk'bt   lit   Ibt'   Ijllc   ul   tlu'
••runHi id bulb I'iib-*,   "I'lii'i-ii imi
klib'llitiii vli-It'  lllli,iilil kli'rU jji'ilib'*,
'l iiu.v iti ii t'lu-o iii tb- ui'ii tluiiiiiiil
ant! llu' kin* Im- tilt,1 nt-vt Hij;!iSt'|itt4i|,
T)it«i- Im* vi il! mi utjiitlly Im (,Ki,i.
Iiv*s   |ii'U|l|i|'l,V ,     Hill.11   In-  (til llm il t-i
liivu lui dun* 'iHiiii'i'hii'i ur -liuiv liu'
|ii-uin)i'ty nl itu-i linn*.
^■f«f>-*»n^-4aHlpt>n>j>i*i iik-.|i*i^iii,kfcfki[t«i»< «r*a**
Tn).i* iinllii- llii.i  in-, llu-AUi'-ilil I'll)'Si'lin"!
Itil.llll, till |l|'|.IV   llll'lli  imiu'r nf lllkllll't   talM  !i(.
tm tin- inn I li'i>.i nt Un- liillnt. I|tu iili-i't' til Inliil'
Clllllllll-lll-lltl-   III   Ull-   lll.ftll  Mrkt   < lil lll'l-Hi Illll
tui'M-iit ,i«i-liuii.| iti'iiiiiil*; (liviiivi nniiii :i,f fi i'l,
iiiiiii1 in li'ii*, in Ih.- ...mill iii.m tutlli'l nf I'rlli
!-<•*> A itti,.t-: tli.'iir.i i-Hki r..i (i.-t. mni'*- or li'**.
|it(|ni»t.ili ,Vti imi.; lliriti'.. k.tiitli In llif "Viiriiilinti
Itihlil,    liniii-..   (.,Hint in.;   iim   S'ii:il.illl'f   lift,til
ttl'tlll'lll    III   |.,a kl 111    l-l'lllMil   (Ji.inMlft;     tliiiiif-
fiillnw liur  Uiu imilli Uittiiiliit-i'  nf  llli'   |i|itttt")t
Si'lM^fl   ■ if,minis    In    |.ii|lil   llf   I'lflllllli'lkCVIIH'ill -;
{kilt!iiillii),,' (i.ui lii'ii * until' ii, li-nit
-Ifii'Vi""'-'! •* I" I"*' I'lU'lli.l fur for ki-liiKil i'lii'
I*,.! * niilv.
kS. n.'i'.iv'.TMititi'i*,
', .    Allli'ti/i(<,'UvHi.-li.)til.
Mi.y I, nil;( .   ■ ».-..■   •
Contractor und Builder
Esttm<iiQ8 furntefwd on All daman
of Work in the Building Lino
Alberni B, C.
Practical   Plumbera,  Steam nnd
Hot Water Fitter.?.
EmtlmftteM Furnished on Application.
Margaret St. - Alberni, B. C,
Central l-tike, B.C.  "- Jo.? Drinkwster, Freprteter
- ■ Jtut the Ttimj (b« Sportsman is UoUiif Fur ": - "•
KATES -Koom «ml Doawl 93 Per Day
\%   ■     a  '   -
)V    'I. -•
- "-1 ,*
•* .   -»a
*."f  *., ■      1
ir •
•r. .
'■•■■■■' . '        '.      ■'-""'. ' '-     '   *-. V      - V',.    '.',    .'■■        ■;,- I
gM-»»aifa*)«!8iT«»Mai>i»^^ w  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  ��� ��.*i^rtWi*��iv-'iH��Vfi*,%s  9 .     *��  iiuor Mock & fiona lorporation  ���^.������v;^'--:^ Vj.'':'$iGp.^ Eftsy:'T��r��n��., "'..''":'.'.���'.' - '":    .ivi :��� ���-''S'* ^--':..>  RpSSkYN���Lowor Addition,��. L. 0, AlberhK   Comprising lUite Wotcr  Front Loti*.   River Road Rur^  ;;X..:';V . ,.;i^ ^-kvfe'^.-fc  D. L. 40---Acro Block��~-B��a^ Rum* through jProperty,  l-������ -'i * 'V,-Portion: of same Cleared and.-; Ciii itlvntcd^ liois/from :��� $260'.;.-  .;';EasyT^Vms,' i;:'-^5..-;.-'i.v;;-:,;;;;''';t,������;Y:-. .V-.?.. ,;-^:';v^X^J^!^\���. ���'.���!,  irect or to Otir Agen  ii. -  ���s\#^*v;it^  -*i*..s-cf.'-i-^. .4*  T'*'f: ,�����'��?   '.  s.,.<   ' .'..���>.    ".".  t��-   ���:;.'*VV'     '  ���>vf A-' ���;> -3V>S ���'" "v  **'- '���    ���*���.   ���������:l*J*--*'   J\\  ��� Jl ���:.  ft ��'  k.,-.-,,..,,.���.,".r,.Y.,,1"  ,���li4. W.M.-'kn' -ll,kil^^aiaf-**a"a.  ^ki^Cf  V;.!T.*f/-���  ��i- &��� ���', ���       /  Wjfi'/j-: :::'',-:-<f.|  t'V-.'kf-.ji* 4f':-# - ' -..������-. ,A  &:^*i^.:>������;,^  Attractive of the seyeral .subdivisions which have  :pitv*ttie..,m^  -*$c-W,....  ���     - ;".; ���$.������������;- *a^��.    ���    '  ���v'^ "'���!,,  ':xVY';'6J>.'  in^estme:  TUP mahu^  ������th��'prpi)prty^  In th�� fact of a location tho tyconlc boQiities of whkh  Ottnnot be ovor��?stlmote-d.   It is tho ono -''YlYB'^YY'^^-.'  I-" "-���* ���"����*  ,  .   -     i.  .(  ���  "r-tl.        *���  f. "-kk.       ���*.,...�����    ..-^^M      .���.-Ml,,     ,    .-...a.  * , �� _  - f       , THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  .Mill! HN|  l.\M> nc-ltil*  1'  ALItMIINt iaWMDIMUn i  II ('  |ii*iii.  I'm)   t    !,..,! ���  il  1)U,, li'l ..| tl.  VMii'lIM  I.VM) lie* lilll  I  I. 111  I IIM I '.'1  .'!   If  (1  tl  ai ui.iim lvnii ni-i'ilin r  i>,*Hlfl .'I   Si  itlll'lilil    . I  ,      ll.l. t. '   1"  'I tl >-  In Uf.   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V\U iU-tliliT  |IU>,>. 1 i.i li..)'. 11  .till. 1.1"  \ 'illl 4    VV i>"i.t     Vil'.-llt  Vl'lU  .'ill  vi i,\vi)tu>*ii(ii*r  lllkllll I |t| lliKl Jut  i)S> Hull     I'lljf     lli-l'lit k    )'��    V,.,||l|t  *l|l.|l    ak.ia.1.-, |a,   (,, | ...f!!(  i'l   I llliillll 111     'It  '.llllllllt  llvti||il4.* lllt'lll'I-l   it  **  ���I. i*.'n ; il  1 tl,i   l.l I ll*   I'l tl   I   .til    Iiii.,'ii(> tllll  VV  llltl.  .1  I,,  t ..cl 1l<t l.l  ���I tl.,  il'  'I I'Ukl III it 11 .In' I 'I illl* * H||t,  ullili  I    1*1    la'lfl.  1     III     (V  l-i.  i    I | Hill  1 I  ii*'   Hill    I"  . lltlllll    Illl MS    k mid M  1*1      Kill  li-lS     1''l.lil.(      Illl  ltl*l      Mini     |ll   I  lliilllk     111-  I   1*    ill.,I),  Nil  Ali I I')."*),  'Il.lu.it*   lit   u|f|i!l    (,tl    ,j||iin   it")   'n   |",li ll i*>     I'll   Hi*,   ll.l til*, i ii.i , ill,Mil  i' i |i illl-. 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'JiulSilver .Mcitiil  Tuskiiii,'llie i'nlii'1* , , Int Klitor M.'iliil -Unmli'Al.tiU  I'ttlllll'i tlionliot   ' ,, ��� ,, ,,  1'vMiiiiM-iu'ln).! ut �� |).in. kiiiii|i.  tliu* Imi.tlivil yards il.tsli i(      ' 'l*.t   Silver  t'lm   "Jiul.si||vi*'r Meiliil  tine lutntlrml ,i.ii*.Uil.ikli ,liMi'(t]i) I** und under           .,   Mi'tlul ,,          ,,  ladilli's'juiiiiiu i-itf'i' Oemi- Wi.V! (.immIs *l,uU  Two liuiiiliml iimi I tvumy vmils tliikli liultl Mnltil Silver Moiliil  luiur itiilt* inrvi'li* riit'i- ,,        ,, ,,,          ,,  I'illutv   |-'|u|u (linnls fJl.ttl (IuikN *. l.tKI  l-Vttr luiiulred iuul forty viutl tlit*li iiuitl M*il:il Silver Mi'tlul  .-"oiii-liutu'lml mni furt.v   -m.ln tlu*li (IniiiilU  t'��|i) l*t iuul unili'i' Silver     ,, ,,          ,,  Hitnnli)<.' luiii,' Jump ",,        ,, ,,          ., i  Ittiniiioj,*- lil��li jump ,.    " ,, ,,          ,,   .  t>.1t* lullc ivitlkiiu; uiiiU'li. luu'l tiiiil tm* (it.lil Ili-iult-il ('uiu*   l-'iuiiiiitlii I'l-ti  St.millti*.' luiiitil Jump       , Silver    ,, Silver Mi'tlul  I'tile* viiuli ., ,,           ���  t'p*et t'lliliii'ttU'i*               , OimmIs W.ui t.'oml* .'.L��..V!  t'tttittt' rnt'i'i i jnitliili's .,       ,l.*��' ���(,       U.tKI  Alberni Lurnher Company  I'illi   ll.'Vl'   kllpjllV    llllll*l'S   fill*   I'll'fcl   1'lllD.ll  Rough and Dressed Lumber of AH Kinds, Shingles, Etc.  l,i��eMl ()f.ii'fk vv ill let'eivi' npt-rlut uti uti! litll..       i,  I'lllllll   tlie   Mill tin llie Si'itlfh   Si'lllfiiii'iitUiiutl, nr I'l.uiti*  ��� M> llllll' iu llu* Muililiifi-  R. h. FRASER  Phone H40 Alberni, D. C.  ��*-:^Ktt:^"..^'�����^:c:l^^^���..^.^'...'!^���.^���:^���iw  |      PATERSON GARAGE      I  % ��  J��.!'*ltA.^*t **, * *,,*'v'''ii*Ni*.i*4 i* .-".hj r' 1*,���,*..-����� i^��^<>i'Kl',^ 'i,y* *J��/*'*���*. *i-"',,'��i,1Ji^-" *iiv,'ij>*,tK^i**.if,,-,tf^f-JiH^ik  H* V,.J��� >) ,4- ',.|iV **M*./Vt-.v^Ji?* �����,-Jl<*J(��T,* VHti V*(��(%*��S>��ti-?'-',..n>fH��  ���fk,,.,*J,;��,,V#iinW,VT*,��?Viil'fVV��^  Now Open to the Touri-titt Public  Full Lino of Auto Supplies  Cars For Hire m Reasonable Rates  Victoria Quay  Alberni, B*. C.  The Alborni Hotol  first Established and Best Known Hotel on West Coast.  i) , ,  Thi* it th* I'avorit* R**ort uf th* Commtrcial Man, Touritt and Sporltman.  Owning our outtt Dairy and Poultry Ranch  intur** �� Conttant Supply *f  Strictly tr*$h Art/ch* for th* tabl*.   Aecummodathn* of th* But,  Th* Dt$t Sampl* Room* in Town.  l"r*�� Bun lo ami from all Boot* and Train*.  BlUy McAllister, fi/mwrlv of the Hint/ h'dtmmt UoWt. Victoria, I-r��|*rUtot  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  J. .I. mmKI'., iTt'iirlotor,  ."i.txi  '-'..VI  t'iinot* ritoi', u piiiltllen , ,,  Klutiti'liuuin'* ('iiiiiu* Hiu't* . ajlli-iui/i' Mmliilfi,!', A,l''ix. Imi. Ant  One liiintlri'tl tmil iliin.v .vuiiliiiisli tlnimliv<ii|i)   Allierni TiuilUija'SiMU'Sliv't-ri'iip  Swiiiiintiik'  rucu iii'psi** tlu*   river.    J.   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Di'lnlivvittei*,  ,1.   ]���), lllitiuly, K.  Drlnktvitter, W. Wiutli', l*\ II. tllslitip, S. II. Tn*.. ..', m. Wliyti* iuul.1. U. Seutt.  ���  Kluitiit'i* t'liiiHiiiltei*;  W. \V. U. Mt'Alllnior, t\ M, I'lncuimtl.i. W'llldiinun.  iii-i'iinilk t 'oiimilllr.*; 0. Drinkvvtiier, .1. Williliisun iuul Id Mrleksnn,  .luiii,'!** fur I'lillilrenn eventn: Alii. li.   I*'urresi,   AUI.  (I.   A, Spencer,   1>,   II.  Miilriell iuul,I. WllkliisDU.  c     ihuliren fm* (iftcrntHiii oventn: .!,  I*".  llUil-tit*, \V.  Wtulli*. .1.  lU'tlfuitli  l>.  t >wen. imii ll. I.. i'Yuser, ~ -  Tlmeld'upem ;    AUI. il.   A.  Spi'iiuer iuul IV It, l\ llii'tu*.  Stiti'ter Vil''.. M. Wli.vte,  *  rimlrimi|t S, ll.Tuy.  Seei't'liti������.'iTreiisiiri'i': I-., M. Wlivte.  II    '  Tlie cmuytilttt't* i'e*ei'vi>* tin* rl'flil in refuse uny I'UU.v.  Thesi^i'jpitt'is iui' lu'lnit- liulli will) llm CiitiMMii uud siiui't luu uf lite It.t^AtA.l' ,  iuul uilfy iHiititiiiii�� In "uixl ��tiitulltii.' will !u> iitluvvtii lu eutnpi'te.  The Alert Investor Asks for  Something Attractive  SiMiieiliin^' iliiit |s ii siii'it vvlnner, vvltere tite iiiuni'v will tui'ii  tivei- (jtilelil.v untl nt it i,'mnl prulll.  This is tho Class of Property That is Bandied by  --���������?-���������;  -'������-���-//. TEBO     ', i2"��\  t  lit* llitnilles Nu Ottier Kiutl.  A lint uf tin* llnest Fiirin iuul City properties tn Uefound In tlio Allierni  DIM riot.   A t'itll will I'oiivlneo tvuii, untl Until to Inisinoss,  0 Cleared Aer��ti*i'" (or Hunt  P. 0. Box 54        M* TEBO       Alberni, B. C  tAvovy rljajK nf nil IciiulH,    Umiyy tlntyirtur nml fi\*iKhi tlulivory  hkiii   jj.'.i ; ii fiwinmw <t tm *rm^utM*****m>*w*^  mr,m*m*��*,is*mtwmim u^minwm  De��it��r In  Builders Supplies  Building ��nd Rooling Paper  Llm��, Bricks and Cement  Alberni  Phone 29  P. 0. Box 9  B. C.  Om  Send  The   Alberni   Advocate  To that friend Who is Tfdnking of Coming to Alberni  Real Estate and Insurance  o  Atfeiitn for Tim; Kovai. l.NSt'Uai.N'cia i'o. (of hiverpdol)  Tlio liiru'i'*!! l��*iro limnriiiu'e <\i. In llu* wnrltl  Till:   (iKI.AT   WlIH'l'   IjII-'I: AssrilANl'K U<JMI��ANV  Ksttry r��,il!(   CcRYtyiRciit( AlbCHli, B.C.     rhone 86   CO. Ba 68  PHONE,*,  t  V      HBJLEN  *��i'''W'*l'lli|-**��W'W**P1lllll>l^ll*tf  Professional Cards  GEO. A. SMITH, C. E.  II. t\ l^tisiJ SurvoKU'. isurvnyn uf  tiiltliet' llftttU, ntill.-litl i'luilil*. tliiil Iliini  miUHvMutts,   tiillee tit AUierul,   I*. o.  lum n:i.  ll. M. T. HODGSON  Aa M, 1. O. K,  U. C. Luttit Survoyor *i\d Civil Kntiitssr |  OlltccBi   Cttrmoor   lll*-cl*. l'ort   AlUornl J  ' I'ltwt* 07  H. H. BROWNE  Civil iuul Mltiln*; Kmrlnct'i'  llllll  ,1'roi'ltK'inl Lttnd .Survoyoi*  ; n.'a  ^���*��*B'ae��Z2srTrr&,~'W^,M~'''mmT''"r ���Ti.''';'r.:"-''''"**;il'*iV''<''-''"*i*r? **"L' '. ';'rryi''>''.''';'7'p'y>tT."*i.'"'"^''''"'''"  Bapeo Pure Paint  All Colon* uiui Tletttt on Hniut  n��w siock     Wail Paper    n��w 8*mph*  (.oiimj Kurly anil (Je(  FittSt Choice  **Wls^  �� ��t�� .a jb.'V' ���*���*���/ *     ^jii.'ij.��afljj��v��������*  Tlio Ui'sl known  Iiii'iimi un   the   West I'utisi   of Vuiteiiiivei'Nl.'Uiii.  TU�� Only Hotel on tliu Went Count svUU itti own Electi It- Mtfltdng t*l��nt.  All iiiinloin liitpruvoiiii'iils,    lViilnillv luculetl.    Tlto Lost  Kinliinif tttul lliiniluj; <m tlio Inliunl.  Autos for lilru tu Sprout   I.:il<o uud ihe Ark llotoliii t'enti'itl Uke. .l.'uitU'.s fti-ulnli.-il uu siioit nolle- for  Uuntiiil,'I'itrlles ut itioiU'i'Hte niliH.i ,j  ���'. / -..    '���"        Free Hus To and From All Trains  McNiff :& 'Meagher, Props.       - - - -  Alberni, B. C.  ��>vuvivtttiu��vv'ttvivi!uitiiiirtiv��ittii,iitiitivii��uiHittitituiuutituii:nuU)it"��ti-rt('itiJtt  I The Royal Bank of Canada  |       liitxti-ituriUvul UKIO Ifeuul Ofllce: Mi>nti����l  j Capital Paid Up     :      :    JMl.HUO.OOO  I Kri-u.rvc Fund :      :      $13,000,000  | Total Assets over  ;      :   $175,000,000  A Cl'MUMl. H.iNKISH  lU'siNiN*, 'I'K.VN'wAtTilD    :    :    ;  Savings Bank Bepartment SS5S  ing by Mail  ri1�� r��t��iv*tt  f/lirii t'liriniit  in I UK,  |)',-|.fi*l(a lilfil t'tt U'httfi stul ��ltlti1r.t��n  Iff U'ttil I'lllll*! |iitl(l>'ul��t�� w||| k-lfetl  It'   ll"   I.'I if I)   M    It 1 llf f a-k-Kllkilial'   kll  f1��  I'll 11 nlt n( tk  Over .'("(I llifuii'liiis ,-uul Aki'iu'Ios.    i(�� Hriinelii's in Mritinli ('olumbiit,  ,     .l'iMri"S|))iiu1i*lilH Tlirii'f.'fliinil ill" Wurjd;  Alborni Branch Port Alberni Branch  !!.(!, M.hiion.vi.d, -ManutL;oi|. .   S. ,1. M,\(-u:oi>, MntiAfjj'et-  n-nmttmmtmntnmmiHttmn) tiww w iw>vi mwtwM*M.UiWw*Wi*m$mmm' THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE*  tHMMaOIMMMM  SaSSBEBB  The Canadian Pacific Lumber  Company, Ltd.,  % t  is now prepared io uuarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  NEW HIGH SCHOOL  NOW UNDER WAY  i< Vi'IkIi lu announce, to lite pulilie Unit, i uiu now  Ami tlmt I nm romly .to supply the ilemttutl for  unytliliiK lu uiy Hue nt reusoiuiblc priees  W. A. Manser, Alberni, B.C.  NOTICE,  An,* pi*r*iin (ic persons cfiitiud iisim?  ur iiioli-stiiii,' lu uny wui ttiiv Hunt or  ('untie lielontjlnj,' tu uie, tviiluttii por*  niissiuii, tvlll lie |iruM'i'iited tvlilioitt  fiirlli.'r wuriiliiif. c  W, It, t'tuier,  Altu'iui, !(.<'.  3 1-2 and 5 Acre Blocks  ���^rrm^^^^M--^^^^--^�� D, L, 8 ���-"-""f-^-T" ' ���   cavenger  Ttnik'0 donliiiiif tin* nervU'i'n uf, llio  rUySi-iivei.**.*!' u'lll Iimi slates io write  lillil'l-r.     Ill      Mlkltllp'-i    SlOI'l',    (iliOV'l'S*  Miii'ii, imii iliy llttli,  All uitU'i'* piiiinptiy intended to.  WM, DKIIIIV,  ('lly Si-avon/jor,  gf5583>b  Out* und Imlf uiileciivle, on three kooiI roiulM.    Level, free  ft'Otii rtK)!,, eiisily tjlimreti  Price $300 Per Acre  .��� (.'null or ticriiiH very ivasuiutljU*. -   -  las. R. Motion  Alberni  Shaw Real Estate Co.  302 ftmberlon Block, Victoria  ("orniM' fioSuiNtcn (loud  und Victoria (Jimy .   ,  C, GALES        Proprietor  "O���  CLASSIflED ADS.  for (Snl*. Iviiirt'li-iiuvvn 1'Yuilie for I**n.  I.uinielt! iiltit I'l.lip. (iiiktiiliitf l.'ii-*Ui))(  ittii rii'iet itutrine. All jium*,' tu it  iiiuyiiin. Applv in ... i-ieiiln-r, A!-  Im-.nl, it,<'.  I'tir H��l#, Several Stoves, "-.inn- l-'mni-  li.ii., I.liiiili'iiiii.t-te.; |-iiiiif,-ul lunja-ttii)  jufe.-s, Applv Motel AlHtl^UUi, <\l-  iu-t l��l, ti-t".  J'or Hunt. 1'nril* i<,iuiiit>lu*il U Huuou-d  lluitse, t'lty vviit)*r. ,\|i|>i,V .\, A,  l.ynn.  Fpr Service. ��� Tliuruiti'liliisil Hliorllioru  I toll, diiiry strain ; lerius. **li*. Applv  II, II,Cturle, lllver Hell'll.'  . Auto�� lor Hire.    1'liouo ll.'J Mlierni,  I'otuto-Ds for Bait.- 1.1/,'luy cunls per  sunk, ijiir. per tun, delivered, II. I.-.  'ruins, Alliei-iii.  For SdIb. . UuikI Htttiity. nearly now ;  u Imi'ia'ttlu.   Apply I'.O. llox HO,  Wttnltul To Uny u few iteren, rlose |o  l'ort Allii'i'iil, .Mtinb lio elicujt fur  1'iisii, Front iiwnor. I*, * *. HoX luu,  I'or! Alliornti  Fer Sale fienenil I'lirponi* Teiiin, vviio  iftm iuul llttriie-**), Miltiil'lt* for jfriul*  int? or lieuvy work. Any nuituniulile  lrliil kIvoii. Apply II. It. Kiln, I'm!  Altieriil.  A Siiisri, Must sell, two lot* Altternl  lii*ii*}tis, lo vol itnil eli'iir one curlier.  I'rlee *K'i.M) two:, your uwn terms-.  Apply !'*..(> I lux (li, l'ort Alln'rul.  For 8t.li*..Two S,���.(',", Wliit���� I.iuflioi-n  <*ui-}(iH-i,'ln, It! tm-ntlsn ultl, Ui-.-d from  Iteavy liiyli'iif'sti-itlilc I'ue piii'tieuiiii-K  apply I'Voii. lllllrlit,-.Mill-Town, Ai-  liernl, 'IJ.l.'.  for Still*    A   few   rlmlm   itppio   tree*  till*. O Vl'ill'i* tllll,   ill' VVUIlId     I'M-llllllj,'!'  im' White Wiiuidolle millet,*,  l-'urlit.  .fi.rnuiiiiiit apply tu AllWiil   Triulinu  Store, ur liv   it'iier  in I-!,   \Viud*iu-,  iU'iiver fivek I*. ���>.  IS'utU'0.     Will   till'   pltl't.V     nlltl    l.it.lt    it  ifiiir id I low lucks ((tiitiit Uuiu liisUtip  .   Lluu  .the  ttrlili*e  ul   Uu*   miiulli nf  ll.ii.'i'i- t'fi'ek,  Mn'JH   rettiru  iiiiiii-,  (llu) -live (til liter lluillili*,  VVsnltfii I ���livid'/ puuv, Mti*i nui U<*  iiiiiiiil nt iiiutiir I'iu-n, Addri-kk A. ii,  AniU'i'soii. Alliei'iil. H, I',  I'tir ffu|o .'< Aon* Ti*iit'is fl.'tu-4-il l.inil,  tilkii ft ueiv  iiiti'lk   Diiili  tiuiti,     l-'m*  ti-l llu*.   U|(|ilV    IU   .lullll   lies), ur ('.  !>;,  .1. Mi Ulili, AilieriiU  rurWHiu Seed uoliituen. liiirty Hum.,  iaiiie lto*e untl Ittirluilik Ni-r<)lii!;-*>,  l.iitxl Siuek. Apply to T. K. tirleve;  ('Ititrry i'l-t'oki AllHirui.  For Salt), llitliy ('lilt-let, U.v 'tlicjly/en,  lilitek' MInoi'i'its, Brown l.e^itonts,  (loud liiyiu*,'nlnilmri.    I'ltune HH.  For Kent. (--Ivo-roomed ('<il 1 ,<iy.'.. ,\p.  ply lo .liuiies Hills, A'lUerni,  All for S.l��., ,(Im' NLv-roi.tiu-d House  on (full* Si recti, unr Tlil'ie.roniiietl  . IIOUKU on Sovrnlli Avenue, tvvu joft,  oitiltuit-) Si ri-i'l. Applv -ii, l,v. J-'uulk''  ner,Mux U'.!. i'orl AlUenil,  For Salt).:.'. Voting lu'iiv.v Iiui-mi itiuliutu.  ��� lier vvit'pui-fiii" sale, tin!), (Irs.!, tiliiss,  ���'Apply to TV Wlt-kcns. Allintiil,    .  POUND BY-IJ^W.  NnlU'O In liori'liy <tl\i*n tlntl lly-Utw  NinnUer 7, kmivvn us tlio "I'unnd lly.  laiiw," will iki intu forro on tin* liot  dity of .inly, Itl l.l. uud llml from mm  ditto ui) ntritv- iniiniiils fonm) wiindoriiijr  vi'lllilo tlie limits of tlio I'liipor.itUin o(  (iu* City ol Alln'rul. wtfl lie deult with  iit'COl'dll)',' to tin* pruvltiloiin of tin* nitid  Hy-laitw.  I'. It. i'. May no.  riiyClork.  Appeldorn & Co.  Contractors & Birfldartt  AlUeiul, IJ. C.  Good Work at Rctsuonitblo Raictt  Estlmatva Furnished  W1.k**?Wa.n..t4.l*i.lWl4ali| .....  ���f'f i��1, *1J.(. lk|.,|..|Ha.'f.iiik*i).w.H.ki.if*H.  Tiu* itiovt'iii.-iii, for->'.N'iuiui- ii  iiij*U  |* fM-liuiiil for (iiii* ilio'trlt't !�� now v.s*ll  [iuntler ivtiy. Mr.R l|. Toy n-jmn* iltui ]  jllie AJIviul hand tVijiipisn)   Im* ln*i-nj  t'liiiuiiiinU-ttunl VaJtU, and tluit il..* cunt.;  ��� pitny lui* Mittisi lUttMU'*,. wris* tiJllimr]  ; tu I'tifiln duvi li ||) (lio *-|ii|lil|-i*Uii'i)ln (.-. j  ifillkllnj' llm vnlueufihelulililinifwliieli i  j uutiltl euOMMiient lui'iiitlt'U'iilt'tUi'i-l!" 1  , ,\i t\V*\ tlto iMiinpimy (i>i/li I lit* sluiul j  jlliat l|n*,v wuiitil'jfive lliette lui*, viiltunl!  \ ut from tj"*,(* kl in i.il.Ut-ji, jf (( M'liu.il'  , Iniiiillnij' *.vii��i*ris'tti| nutr*)**! ���*' '���'^".�����",.  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And we vvuiiltiitsk lititlit IliuliSeUtMil  In* lillll on HliK'k )1-A 1). f.. U nuu'lki-  lni< of "III lots lu tlioi'itv nf I'liit Alltcriii  vitluiHl nt itiiKUi tn ij-UMKn, (mil ���,'i'ituii'il  !���> tin* Altifrn! laiiiid Ctiitiptiity, for  IlllaltSi'liuul ptirposeiii, (Uis siie Ui'iiij,"  ei'Ulrally sltinited in tltoprnpukt-d IIIkU  SfllOol Ills!t'ict, and mi!Ikfili'f.uy tu   III)  cuneerneit. Siiflt IHj,li .Seliutil, tu ru*,t  nut lens ttitttt "K'tU**!, iuul tve imdei''  stand tiui! llu* IVpiirinit'iii uf l/Uii-utloii  will Ki'iini t4>l'i,(ktti of iliis uitioiim im*  imilintely, uud tin* I'tilon of Alliornl  iuul I'yi't Aliierui will niUo ^'i.titki,'nr  uuo (juiirler llu* i*o*t of tltoM-hoo, vvlien  ('tilled upon.  Wo wifili (o |H)int out tlini tliei'iV arc  twi'iily Uvo tu tJiJi'iyelilldivn viiinUnvo  p'f*s(>d (In* iilj.'li neiiool enii'iuit-e evuuu  inaitun. ii'k|dliif*' in llio jiruposed llii'ii  Selith/I l)|*trU'l, untl ut present nineteen )iilillsl<niulelillili-eii ni'i'tiiiilei>:oliij--  lln* oMimiuulliiii for Ul^li M'ltoo) at the  city M'im.*|>>, We vvoitid nnit you tu  kindly kIvo tliin imiiter your ettrnvnl  ultemlon mi lluu liulltHisji' opertttlnns  fan lii'C'uiiinii.'iii'i'il ut once, to ilie Iu-hI  (tdviiittitj,'e of tlto st'lioiil uud tllsirlt'i,  \V(t WUUltl sl||fj,M*(  (illll (Ul)    hlllltlllltf  lie plitimt'il so lluu ut nn.v (line, wlii't)  tin* nlttititioii ealli* for ll. uvo,   ur p"r*  lllipn fotll'i III llfl* I'tHUII*. t'��tl IiO HttlliHl,  Wti litiVO tile llOllill' tu Ito  Your oUi-dlom Serviuiis,  Tiiln lUft'tiniint Inslitnedliyt)i<'Si'linol  iioittilH of AlUernU uud l'ort AlUerul  im vv'(��ll its Iiy tlit* .Mayorsand Aldermen  of Until pliires, uud luis luuni fiiiwaiilei'l  tu tin* Minlnii-r of ladtifatlon. It in  lliotiia'lil lliut tliero will Uo nudilltcuity  In *ii*ltlnjr operaltoun under way tliin  -���uiiituer, ttnd tlittt die tiej.-limliitf to tins  new scltnol year wiii tv-iitiosn tiio open.  iui*' of a liUk'h solitxi) In Uio newdlktrli-i.  A PJeaeant Bound.  Tin* ffi'in-ilnif ��'' '���e' ������'li' rcmont  iiiIm'I' oil I Uo Motion Itloek tniiken it  very nlouxutil "miiiihI tlieno dayn, and  Mr. Forrest, tvlm lum t'linr'.'o of llu*  vvurk, Mullen as tite yards of I'uiifrelti  nit' lumped into plitco. JI Ik tt luiii,'  tilep in tin* rija'lit dlrei'llo!) In liuvo  tills mticliliio In iJit* city, untl will nu  iltiiilft h!iiiui)fti,t udters lu put tip' a  IIIOI'O ntlUstitntilil i'lllnn uf tittilldlI)���,'(���>.  t*mwmMfM  Royal Household, Robin Hood,  Five Roses, SnowHake, Royal  Standard, Crusader  Pioneer    Feed    &    Coal    Co.  titlifi! I'Uuue ��.'.!u  A, I*All In Msnugor  "He-TTTllk.'r  ���TWIIIWBWffrllllWIIIIt-a  fioom (o RfUtl, siiiUiUie fur iilijlil Hunter  lu'i'pinjfi i.i'ivitli) oiiininee, Apply (u  Hun I,., Ailviii'itto.  akk*VtaM*Wk��Bl^*  malin.aai..u,i.,.l��Wi'i'k  Goneift. T��Ham0a.��r,  D3RY STOVE W000  Alwuyn on lluiui '  Ail   Oi-,U��i"d   l-rmupily   Alloiitlfd   To  Gortrudo 8t,  Aibornl  \\*mnp+imm*m*wmv*>  AND-  Farihers9 - Handy Truck Scales  ForSnlo iii-HtnlnciHl 1 "rltrc-s  General Blacksmithing and Horseshoeing  erm Trading  For the Good Old Summertime  Belfast Ginger Ale        >       -       15c per Bottle  Plen's Balbriggan Underwear   -       $1 per Suit  Tho Busy Store  On the Bu��y Comer  C. "F.  BISHOP  & SON  Grocers, Bakers and Produce Merchant**)  SUNDRIES SUITABLE FOR PICNICS, &c.  Ilrciul, t'liken, Ituiin imd Tjut*; Itullisl liaiii*. i-.'iulv fur iim', inr pes* IU.:  Holtijfitit Hiuisiij{i<, r.'iuly tu n*i*. UV pi-r, Hi,:  lm;i*rnoll ('renin t'iit'i'*e,  UV per id.  We Uuvt" just tu lifttii) ii Iiui,'!' si-Uvilun ul ivitfil .Moiiin and l-"|*n In linn  illiil (,'ltfs.  l-'iikli   l-Ynl'ouud  Ve^etiilfles  all   tlu* tiiue.     (.line .luli-e,   l,u*|i!u-i-ry  -    Vlm*i*iir. Ift'iiiuii Si'iui-di, <ilnj,-er Ale, .Vi*.. .Vt*,  rlj,'ttt-.i Ciifurettes, 'ISiUaci'ii,  Wo  lire  ii-foiKs   fur  Kli'lkclunuii'** t 'oloUiaUil  Voiisl, (wo t'ak*'s for Th'.  In Ltelo Thread, Black and Tan,  nt  30c.     Also  with Wool Sole at 00c, 'and' Lace Ankle at 88c  The very Beat of .Quality.-'  THIRD AVENUE  9      PORT/ ALBERNI  fe  i-v*'  b  l. ;  When They Ask testions���Send Them The Advocate


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