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Alberni Advocate 1915-06-04

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 .-,��.   ���  s  fi  /  mw��mb*tr*mm*Aitn*m whih..wi  tj��i|A*-v��.v-rt-Vrj����iJi*-�� ��������*-��� >  u- wit^ ���mmi'aUf.jrAI���fv���nt  ���nwMiniiiiikaiiwf iiiii  Vol. 7  Alberni, B.C., Friday,   Juno 4, 1016  No. $3  ��M*f������ir��yi'����-*WW��tWllW.t|.l.fW��W*.>*4Uka^ WD-i) JM��atMl)>*l��ka1l.al)��.f��|fi,lll��ll)(l��|t  From One to Ten Acre  Blocks at Snap Prices  Fire. Life, Accident Insurance   Houses to Rent  Itoitl Estnto ftntl Inmirfttu'-o  Phono 511, Alborni '���    P.O. Box 88  iiWiiMiiiiiMiiiifWMMtttviii.iw.*  Kai'AJLUJSHKD HUT  BOARD   Of   DIRECTORS:  ll,V.MeU&l?H.C��(|..)>ml*t<��t.    i       .-,  R, B. As**-*, Kit). K* B, Cmmtil'tih, Eh,  Ut WlUk�� Ihtf ��mM. H����. R<*l. M��d.��r.  ttli-'nii)*,alUs.t.*t4i>��.)-,t.,CiV.O, C. B, H����m, JUtj.  A. lUtuM'tiM), E*��. C. ft. ConUa. Kb*,  II, Ki fr,!***!***, SUns, D, Fftfcs* ,*W<n, Eh*  Sir f r*4wklt WDiim.X*th*i few*! Mut|*r.  Capital Ptld up"      -     *5t0,OOO,0O0.  Rent ���      .       *       10,000,000.  Undivided ProMo    ��� 1,232,000.  TpUlAmU (Oct. 1014) 2SM91,e��83.  Saving* Department  DeiK>*it��of ��r.oy��ud upward received  aim InieratiiUowed ut ulglietit current  rtttct..   Bnvhij?*. l)<*pnrt.u<*ut account*,  given special attention.  )'tiiijiii,f*ml"l,M  E. S. V. McCHntock, M��tug*r, Port Alborni Branch.  G, F. Pritchard, Sub. A��,,, Alberni Branch.  msmsemssm  lkSfliim.ll    *kj��*1.ll��klWIH|,|tf��WlllJtlMlwkl>^kkk.|.at|tkNfl.'Wt.W^  MANUFACTURING. -JEWELEK AND OPTICIAN  NANAIMO, B. C. ,  (Thu oldest ostubliMhod JowoIo.h on Viuicotivor l��lttwl)  W�� make a spocftolty of all kinds o!  Our prices aro moderate and wo guarantee all work  Estimates Furnished       Prompt Attention  i  Mr.  01 our Optical Department. will visit'-.Alberni .frequently*. ��� Make appointments fey letter-and' he: will  make examinations and furnish estimates free of  - '.charge.'.'.''-  ��ma*ik.ikt4*jifkia.ilkl.i,iifni|),t*.ni*iti  :. .   i   ������'  vatawsags  MMeuattutmmfmi  CITY BUSINESS  LOOKING OP.  Hy roii-son of tlio fuel tlmt tho City  KuiMiri'tl it payment of Homothlng ovor  $1,IiM in buck Utxos during tlio wook,  thoro wiut it general ctcnuing up In tlm  various dopurtmontH of tho olvlo bu��l*  nosa ut tho lust laOHHiou of tho Council,  Tlio htthtneo of tlm itutt yonr'H loun  from thu Hunk ww* ordured ptild. Tlio  ikiuito with tiio interest to tho Wutor  Dotmntut'o holdera, und tliu 820.1 owing  as Liquidator's food.  An amount of routlno business was  attended to, untl tnimlry account!) wort)  ordered paid, Tlto result was Unit tho  Olty is now caught uji to tlio yoat* out'*  rout, uud-hitt* a oloiin nlnto,  Tlio City Clarki having'' ox plained  tlmt ho hud a vory Important, und  prosing, biiHinoKr. on^iiiroinont M> attond  to, wus grunted u vucntlou of two wook��,  to bogln on.Juno tltli.  Tho tux notices will nil bo out this  wool*. Tim niton will bo tho .*.fimo, in  tho bulk, un ItiHtt your, but thoro aro  some minor olwtngoH in tho details.  Tho tluti) of July .'11 is not for tho  tluy provloue to wliloli u tllwoount of  ono sixth tvlll tm (Allowed,  Tim ussimainotifc in, lixod nt twonty  mllid, divided mt follow,*,, ton for gon*  titnl purpose,*), two nml ono half for  school, ono liulf for liospUul, untl sovp��  for debt rate,  Casualties,  Ottawa, tluno 1 ���Tho lotulCuniulliui  oiLsuttliloH nro now ot.tliui.to*, us 1,901  with -l.lilM wounded tttul l,.'itl5 missing,  making n until ut 0,(iS7.  Zeppelin Raid.  ..undo!)) .hino i.k��Nlttoty bombst worn  dropped during ii /.eppolln mid on  London last ulKlit. Four porhons woru  lilHeit und Novtirnl Injuriui. No ptihlio  lmilditi'/n worn dumitft-od.  UNITED STATES  SITUATION TENSE  WuhI)1iikU))Ii Juno l,"~l>t'Ot��ldont. WU-  (son intomlN to no i.lmpo tho oourso nf  Ihv Unltod SttitoH Covornniont in tin*  iutornutjomvl oritsitt wliicli Iu.m uriitun  tin U) lotivo no doubt, iibroml us to tiui  country's purpo��o both toHjmak nnd, if  nocoHMii'y to not, for tlto K'ttuso of  humuuity.  Two thlnnd wtifo vjrtully doUn'iulnod  hy tho i'roiildt'ril t-uduy in t.ho hoIoihu  auuOsphorOiWlth which Momorlul Dtvy  onvolopcd tlio ntulontil oupiiul.  '  Klrfu, thut (iorimi<ny',*i avoidumtio of  tho lui'dtu" ([uoHtlouti of hutmtulty mid  tho H|ilrit of liilornittimutt lltvv by u  toonlctti ut'ifumoni on it iiilhoi'to iuuIIh-  putiul point in tlio Mtututoti of nations ,-  tho oxorohio of tho rl^ht of vlwlt nnd  Koaroli by wuronift wlion onoountorluir  ruorohiintmon wliotimr oiirylnjc contru*  Imnd tut, itot���must bo mot promptly  with it noto briotly Hottlu,*f fortli tlia  fimtti it.*, found by iuvostlKittlon . of  olllolnli. horo un to tiio enrfro und ponco-  ful 0(iu(piuoui>! of tho la-m-luTiilit, uud  roltiH-ittln^' tho oitt'tmht iutonlton.of  tho thilt t'tl Button to hold tlio (lormitn  Uovor|itnonttOH"i*iriotii��oountnbilityM  for till vlolntlouHuf Amorloun i'llll In on  tllO lllifll NOIiH.  In tho ovont of u dotidlookovor fucts  in Uio Jfimilunluctt.su tho ,-mMfoailon uf  roforonro of tiio ditmuto to Tim II(i{|uo  for .irbltrsiikm him lioou moutlomui in  .Guirmiui oirolo!)! but tlmt imoh tt courso  would bo imuoooptublo to tho Unitod  Httttoi liiut boon ttHsiU'ted by ttomo of  llio tulvlHortt of I'roisldont WIImou, lu  tlto ovont of unoilmr unfttvovublo. ��ti-  hwoV from tiormuny tho sovorunco of  dlpUmmtio roSutions by tho Unitod  Stilton Is rt'tfimlod Iiy iimny ���� tho  Ulltlll'dl BtO(>.  GERiWLiE  GIVES WAY  Starting Early.  ���Son-tile, Juno l.-.ItfU ropQftod fiHuu  Hurt, Towummd tlmt, hiiIok huvo diiitiug-  od tho hroooh bloolss of Mimoof tlio bi|,'  Km,!* of tiio fortH in tlmt nolK'hborhood.  Notice.  Alborni ('onnorvixlvo An-i-oeliitlon.  A uifotlnjjf will Im hold in tiio A**t).  olmlon room tm Kutuidity ovonin^ uo.**t,  J ttntt fi, nt iS p. m>  Wheh/'-Aey'-'M^ Tliem Tlie Advocate  King's Birthday.  thuirtft* Krodoriek Krutn,t Allmrt,  Klutf of tirmit llritulii nuillroliiud, untl  of iim ili'itlnh Doiuluimitt beyimd thu  Ht'ioi, Kmpnror of ludlu, vvmi bom o,j  ,Miiriboroo*,'li ^iom.o, J.ondon, on llu*  tlilril of .lime, IWOi lis Mn*,, 11)10, ho  Mit'COk-riod to the Crown (iti Cioiirk'i) V,  Yotitoithty lio ptiMit'd thohitlf ot-ittury  inttrk, uud whllo no hpeobtl tuihlio  oort'iiioiiloK mttrltod tlio ovont, thorn is  no doubt, biit Umt. tho heart,*, of bin  loyul fiiibjotattt ull ovor tlio world turned  to tlm nilor wiiOdo I'irtiit.uy is murkod  by tho vory Miit'tiitlt pf tho #rottto.st.  cimlllct. Umt tbo world 'Iuin known, und  vv-ho limit. hlH pouplo ut duuth (,'riptf  wltli a foo who must boorushod in ordnr  tlini J-ilhorty und J\i(-��t-ico nmy Jlvo.  Tho iiio^t (ittiu'T niunnor So which to  murk thu pns'ili),-*-" of kuoIi a blrthduy Is  to join in n lioiirtfoit. wlnl�� for tho puss.  In/if of tho prosont olouds, und that k\rig  OoorifO niiiy Ion/,' bo Hpiirod to ruJo ovor  a uhlted and tfroittor Einplro tlutn htoi  boon.  President Wilson.  At tho prosont niomont Pnwldonl  Wilson, of tlm,Unitod Stilton, fuoon tho  bltrifOHt problom of hit* liro.   It is moro  Uuui Hilly that hiit hoKltntkm iwdtio to  a luok of thut  propor   nourlmlimont  which  brinffH   strobfir  norvoH, und n  dotormlntHl mind.   If ho wmtid tibnorb  Into bin ityDtom ti fow of tltoso (front  bijf toudor und juicy Mienus thut uro  furnishod by Mr. Uoolio.xtor, thofiunlly  bulohor, uo doubt Mr.  Wilson would  imnd tlio KnlHor ono tlmt. would jttr  liiiu rltfht down' to iiiii hoolu.    Good  tuont miiiteh rod blooii, und rod blood  imtlkOf) iiiiii er;..  London, Junoi���Tli�� <'Dtti!y Mall'i"  Rottordttm corronpondont in a d In pit toll  f*out thin ��� morning tuiyn tho lkUh.li  troojw nro (idvnnolnff on St. Julion.  Ho adds'    -  "Tlio Gormmi lino is jlnid ' to, bo  tfroutly . wonkonod and |,'ivjnjf ground  northouHt of Ypros boforo vigorou.*i lit-1  ttmks which Imvo boon procoodod by  mi olTootivo bomburdtnout w thoir  tronolion.  "Tlioy luivo miu.o doxporftto offorts to  hold tholr (!0.sitiomi, nnd nro wuid to  huvo boon ordered by the Gorman  hoitdiimtrtt'r-i slutr to hold thoir ground  ut uny com."  Tlio ground which tho Oorinnns won  n mouth n/ft) i�� ���,'riidtittlly buiug piorood  tmcordin<r to corronpondontK ��si vurioiu*  points. .      fi  ThorOiStKttuico litts boon of tt dospor-  ttto ohttriiotor, overy oottu'j'o, clum|) of  trtio.-i und ovory wall buiti|f hold onto  until tho iu*tt with ifrlm dotormlnRttou.  Tim irrogulur lino in no longor tho  roKulttr ono thut it wuh following tho  udviiniio iu thin ro^'lou, but In now un  IrroK'ulur lino of hittitl.y iiuproviaod  forU pi'dotionlly all tlio wuy hotwoon  YproH und DlKinudo.  MUitm Rescrvo.  According to n roport from Ottawa  ii intlltlii fi'fiOi'Vo in Ctuieuln in to bo  orgnnly,0'.., Mujnr Oouoritl Hughes hun  up])oinUid u commlttoo to do thu work  mid oNpt'OtM to httvo tho burdnoNa in  tiiutpo in it short tlmo,  Thoio who furmorly bolongod to tho  mliltlu. will bo orgi��ul/,t)d #0 us to bo  ftvullitblo for duty in Ctuuidft.  Auxiliary Meeting.  Tiio rug uiui' monthly mooting of tlio  Alborni brunch of tho VVumeu'h llospi-  tu) AtutUiiwy, wi!) bo hold in (im I'ton*  Itytorhtu t'huroh Hull, on Kridtty, Juno  11, ut ..'..in P.)!!.  ���   (.rnco J. Cox, Hoc.  Two Months.  For itiMlMlng tiuudry SIwiisIioh lo Mir*  round u 'supply of llrowntor, tiuitiiiht  tlio film uto!) thoroln nitidound providrd,  ono uiuii Kniidson, from tlio viiolnlty  of IJuhuokloHit, will roposo us 11 gno.it  of tho (Jovorniuout for tbo period of  two months,  Wounded.  According to u toiogrnm rooolvod  tliitt,wook by Mr, P. Chtrko, IiIh noil  Juck luni boon woundod, und it* now io  tt hospltttl. Tho roport gl von uo douils  but pi'oniiHt.'H tlmt ti writton Ntutomont  will follow In ii fow dtiy��, Tho inuny  frloudN of young t'lttrke will join ut) in  hoping thnt thin (tplondld young soldlor  will bo nptirod to roturn to hin Alborni  homo, and thut thoro ht nothing tforlouit  iu his prosont condition,  To tlio list of tiio woundod must bo  ttddod tin) numos of Pto, Won. Hottslip,.  of tho ilUh Huttiiitoiiv tmd .Sut. t\ IT.  {���Uovoiis, of tliu ttli Jliitlullon, Ixith of  wtiom worn injured In tlm rm'tont honvy  lighting nlong tho Wtisuvrn buttlo front.  Thorn nro nodotnU.* us to how siorJinndy  tliotm boy.i nro hurt.  Mlswinjf.  Among tlio boyt* who uro rttportod  "uilrnilng" tills wook wo uuut O10 iiaiuo  of Wlllhin Htowttrt, wlio wiw woll  known St Alborni, wluusj ho Iivt*d for  i-iotiio tlmo, currying on his bm-iuowi) uyft  citiponlot', tit,) douili* us to his futo  woro givon in tho ro|>ort,  Rill�� Club.  A ��pociul ilH'oting of tho momborft of  tho H.lllo Clti'b nnd HomoGuttrd will bo  hold ,i'n tho Court Houko. on Mondtiy  nigiit ut 8,30 o'clock, for tho pnrpoxo  ofdlsouS!*ln;|jthottdvlMitbllit.yof ffliootlng  ovor ti inininturo rutigo, iu. it l�� im-  poMslblo to 'got- itiiimunltSon for tiio iuiir-  vico 1*1116*..    I I '    ���  COME.0NI  London, Juno 2,>~H Ih reported thnt  JJulgitrlu ttnd Houinmnlii iiitvo: rottOilit'd  ft comploto undor*4tHnding. Uomu'intii  will codo territory in Hobrtidjii,: und  the two cotmtrios will ontor tho war  at tbo ��umo tlmo, Roumuubt itguln*it  Autttrlii. utid .Htilgnrhi itgalnst Ttirkoy.  NogotitUlotiM botivoon Hbutnuniu und  Ku'isiii ovor tho linos of Froth 'Rlvor,  ttnd Burnt!, tvro'vlrumlly -comploto.', If,  Russia.ncoopts.- Uoumunitttt jiroposnls,  Rutimitnln will .ontor the 'war without  doiny.    ji  ���..  Alberni Volunteertt.  It in uudortatood that arrungomont")  huvo boon mado to have a recruiting  oillcif opened ut Alborni. Thoro will  bo 11 modlcal oillcor in connection with  liio biwlnosis, and thooo who aro taken  on will not Imvo to submit to any  further examination.  In tbo meantime if tho oillcor dors  not hurry up thoro ..will bo nothing  for him to do when ho arrlvos, Thin  wook nnother batch of tho Iwiyji wont  to try tholr fortunes in an otfort to get,'  to tlto front. Among thorn woro J.  Matlilson, of Uio l'ort, \V. Clarko, G,  Rlnndy, and H. Woodwai-d, of Alhornl.  RocontfJy C. Fawcott, and F. St root, of  Fort Alborni joined, tho llr-st going to  tho BtSth, and tho lattor to tho 11, C.  Hor)?o. Mr. Hidiako tho local vot.haN  joititxl, and loft this wook for Montreal.  Oreono's Homo-lktko Ltroad at Tho  Alborni Trading 8toro��and Thomson'K  General Store. v THE ALBEimi ADVOCATE.  aluwUkHHUilk.  l^llanMM.v  .lT>��IBItffa.W����ia.*J.��ktl.)nkt>kallf.  i.M|l.��kltMMIir.WII|k|t|it<J|kaWtk*aTa)lllMik)  Tht* Alttend Adw*9*t�� i'tiltlltihittit nnd  frt��tlni C*��� hid., Pi-Nttprletem.  Jf. 7. mXOmC   -   Editer Hiid Her-Kger  P#l.lljtl��t| Al   AlllPf'li,   iiritloli   t'DlUtultlfi, Itl  ilk. Int4i-��il(.i>( V*Niitu)u*;)*ri��|f��iiilliii'iifi��*f��ii *i.il  ttt* AI tit rot uiu?M in ia*ii!oi.il..(  Head 0M��#!   Albwrnl, U. C,  A<o��pud l.y ttt��* 1'uKttiit.kitM-  Uoiifinl  for  trttMrelMM) tliidtii/li tint until, nil Ktii)titttU)ltt��H  SubMrli'llom to po I iii it in CAiindt*. lit" Uui Out  KUfatoos, Attiiri.ll,.., Ntiw '/.imltiiiil, N'c��fimud,  ItBtf sail utln-r iHtuntrlufi tvitlt nlmlltir w<H*l  r������le:<ou��, will tn' rcci*iv��..l on tliefiillif-wliu.  lartnoi  ()B#V��*r      ��� ,      .      .      t..����  ate Dtltintlu. "      ...    1.00  aPuiUtre lu llio tmlKiit suit'it. M'islon *!i��l nil  S&roti**.-) un.. otlifr (urdliiu ouuntili-oli Ot)[ior  t*��r��atlr��  rmmt .���).�����'(i-Wihu-i i mi mm  Ottttrsoi for nil lot/il iintir*c*i will lin tint t* ���vine  ..��� *hpi�� eiUtillilit*)) tiV  tta-1 tauit Ofl unlet In hilf alio*.  it *hpi* eiutillsiti*)l Iiy Hio ll.O.Omeliil tlititrlir.  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  All0CMU)ti(ik��Mtoiit*li)ti*n(t(-i1 for |nit>lii'ii<l(ii)  nil tn iiotxunimnltitt will) On* numi* unit ml  tt*o1 Did wrluir, not iHtof-tnirll*.' f(*r |*ttt>lh*a  ��Hil tn neoojtnmi.loiJ wWi llm numi* unit ml  twof itidwrlU'i'. not ii(H!i*��#��i'il)' f��*r ����nt��IH**��-  lUt-but��s��trueniMiionorimoilfund. wrotiiiiiDt  v��na��rt*vk��. m return r('|w)i��*tl Odiintiuiilvsiloim.  Wo wmiuwatlori will lio I'ltiO (tir .niello fiiattI.  bunion* won't Uy mx^ltil (.rrttumumioi.  t*f+*rm**t*nf*n*iif***+****-4-9  <&-��<���'  ��� .  Albornt,  E), C4  Canada   ��  June 4,  1919  ....     ^ .  - -  GERMAN REPLY.  THE, Gorman roply to the  American nolo ha a boon ro-  <��� coivod. As was expected, it w'us  of tho iiiOMt unsatisfactory nature  and tht' despatches tutrvy such  heads un ''Washington aroused  Over Gorman roply," but at the  same timo no immediate stops  aro expected on tho part of  ProBldont Wilson. Cabinot moot*  logs aro how Ih ordor, and tho  iikuiiI diplomatic "Hub-dub" will  . bo Indulged in* but thoro up-  puaru to bo u rapidly njrowin#  aontitnont In tho -States to tho  offoct that tho Gorman bluff ban  boon carried about far enough.  Tho note states clearly that  Germany   ban no   Intention of  submitting neutral ���ship.'* In tho  war /.ono, which uro guilty of no  hostile acts, to attacks by sub*  marines, or aviators. It declares  that tho   Gorman   forces   have  ropoatodly boon instructed most  specifically to avoid Much ships,  Taking thin us a foundation,  the noto proceeds to clear away  thu remainder of tho American  protests,    Tho acts complained  of  woro either   "tulHtalcofi" or  "Justified" in one wuy and another,   .  Tho suspicion of "Culpable  behavior" on tho part of man tors  of ships appotmi to bo MUflictont  justification for the sinking of  tho nhlt>' and tho uiurdur of tho  piiNHOHKorM, bututtho same tint*  If uny "mlMlttlciifi" are made, tho  Gorman Government Im willing  to "oxprt'wt rogrot," and offer  indemnification**-if Justified by  condition.**.  The ..inking of tho Ltmlumla  wan, of course, a" case of "otilpablo behavior" on tho part of  the ship ownoi'M. The note  repeats tho fiction that tho  Lusititnla. was- armed, In fact a  .���llotitlnjkf foriross, and carried  great stores of ammunition, "In-  totided for tho (leHtruction of the  bravoi Gorman Hoidiors:wlio are  'fuliiliing -tholr. duty with self-  Mitcraflco and 'devotion to the  Fatherland's service."  Tlio German Government is  kind enoutrh to "withhold it liniii  decision," .pendinffthe receipt of  furthor answers from tho Amor  Scan Government, and winds up  by throwing the entire blame on  tho hated British Government.  Meantime Wilson meditates.  I/ot us hojie that it will be something short,..-nharp and bitter,  'when it eora-OK.  LABOR SITUATION.  T'l 110 problem of thounomploy*  tu! in utiU with uh, Within  tho Iuul fow years it fippi'iirK  that over ��ixiy.Hvt�� per cent, of  thorn* who otiuio to Canada remained in th-' citieH, ami luivt*  isitioo in.a uroat measure only  served to swell tho overcrowded  rnnlcis of the unemployed.  in thiiS connection tho Victoria  Times n.marks:        ��  ti-  Fortunately,,iim far aw Kurope  its concenit'd,    I in migration   ut  present is at a standHtill,  but  accortlln-kf to a recent dt-Kpuu'h  from   Ottawa  the   immignition  department Ih  koIiik  to  try to  ��ncourapo an inllux of Anterleau  fiiriners.     Until economic i conditions K<M��ernlly in Cnniida nro  Improved,    the best   tiling the  immigration uiithoritleK can do  Is to dliscontlnuo their activities.  Ciiuada does not want any moro  immigration  until   nlw- absorbs  tho immigrants hIio has.     l��'or  years a population of less  than  eight million  people has boon  endeavoring   to   asMimilate   an  annual Immigration, one third of  it speaking foreign  lungutigOM,  larger than that which flowed to  tho   United    States   when  that  country    had   a population   of  thirty   million,  and even   that  big melting pot has  been ��� only  moderately sueco.sufnl.  There aro tons of'thousands  of fanners now in tho Canadian  cities,   and   until   thoy   can  be  Induced to go on tho land wo do  not wttnt any .more.     Hut then  people) cannot bo   expected.to  embark In agricultural pursuits  In tho face of obstacles deliberately placed In their path.     Restricting, tho markets, increasing  tho cost of farming implements  by running op a protective tarrlff  encouraging speculation iu farm  lands, aro not successful features  of any agricultural policy. , Out,1  reactionary  member of   parliament not long ago  offered the  itnkjuo suggestion  that the export of  Canadian   agricultural  produce to uny point outside tho  empire bo prohibited during tho  war, Government)! should assist  people to go on the land not put  barriers in tholr way.  That thoro may be something  hi the way of relief In sight is  Indicated by the fnot that thoro  is it demand for nldiled labor In  tho Old Country thut will have  tho oltoct of drawing some of  tho surplus from Citnanda, it  anpeai'M that .10,000 more men  are needed to work in the production of war munitions, and  there  Is  uo  good   reason   why  PRACTICAL POINTERS  ABOUT ALBERN  Alborni H r-i'ttt'ltt'd by trull, front  Victorlu. t'lj-iitit'oliomt 'tiro mad.* with  Victoria, running ihroumh tu Alhornl  uu ovory othrr day, I 'ii>*.*;i��ng(*rN from  Vutii'oitvor City can oontu'ft. with ihi��  train at Nauaimo,  AI burn I In aUo reached by !,tt*amor  from Viotorla, and lu tho Msmtut*r  nmuthii then' Ik nomorndoll'ihtfui trip  than ibis up thu vyonI coml of Vniioou*  vor Inland nnd along tho piiUiU'OMpoi  Alhornl canuln  'I'lio Island trunk lino of thoC N.lt.  is now building from Victoria to Al*  liornl.        "���  . Lund priors tii to nrivage varies  from #20 io iM(K) por aero for btitth land  and from ifl(X) to i?tOO for html that hat  boon clt'tirod und bnmght undor oulti- [  vntlou. 1'i'iooK arogovuriioil byipisllty  and location, und land c.iu lu* hnd In  any ijuantlty,  it liai boon found that mixed farming ptiytt bom. On plotsof from ten to  twonty iicrnn fruit growing, dairying,  poultry raising, hog*, and rattle will all  pay well, c  ln Alborni will bo found tho usual  advamngr'i of u progro-VMlvo \Vont9rn  t-'ominunlty that has faith, and tho oour.  ago of Its conviction:*'. Thoro arc a  niiiuhorof good stores oarrylng a wide  ritngt! of gotikU, schools, ohtirchii*., llio  Allmrnl Advocati'-, nmviipaper, and a  number of nthlotlo and liOciul club.*).  The cilmato i,** iih lino us can bo  found on tiio 1'aoiilo Const, ttt Icon tlto  your round, Tho rainfall i.t los.t than  lluitdf tho City of Vancouver, tiio  frosts tin* light, Thoro in seldom frost  onough for skating or unow,enough'for  i-dolghlog, and whon olthor of thonw  coint'.i It only lu>ts a fow days. For  tilt* t-tiliiiut't' and autumn moullis tbora  Is nothing in tho woi'ld to oxoo) tho  Alborni woutiior,  i  Alborni in tlm. outlet of ono of tho  largest nnd inont fortllo vnlloys on Van-  t'ouvr-r bdand, iu tho Dlotrlot will bo  found a vast woulth of Umber of the  llnost Icind.'ooai, iron, ooppor, marble  and pthor ooihmi'rolul stoiuts, brlclt  oluy.t ami othor nititnriiil*!. .  Thoro aro nuutcrouH nttraotivo  ojiporttuiitloi. for tiio iiiitiitifuolurcraiid  invO'-Uor.0 Tho Kdltor of tlm Alhornl  Advocuio, Alborni, H.,C, will bo glad  to talco tlimto umlltirc up with you.  Wrll�� Uj him for pnrtltmlura.  rsi  Citnadit mIiouUI not bo   able  to  supply these men.   Thi it  would  relievo tho situation  to tt great  extent.    Men who can  operate  lathes of all kinds, and assist in  metal  work, uro to be  found in  numbers.all' oyer the coast, and  some of these could not do better  than to respond to the call from  the Old Country,;    Jn tlVis   way  they would bo doing just as good  work us  if they    were  in  the  lighting  line.     .In'.'fact- it  has  been  shown   that there is  not  enough of this spirit of service.  Tho .desire to get-to the front  has-somewhat overshadowed tlie  fact that the man ut tho front-is  handicapped by the lack of  war  munitions, and the man who can  assist in tho production of those  is just as necessary to our Until  success as tho man in  trenchos,  or tho man I who assists in  feeding the troops, ,  It will be a good thing if this  fact becomes more iu evidence,  and it body of men secured who  will take their places lu the  production lino, thus leaving  moro room for those who are  not able to till either of those  positions, but who can also do  their "little bit" by keeping  things going at homo- and producing (ho full dinner pall for  those who are with tho colors.  Limited Catch.  . Thoro Is a lliiilt to dm number tif  flub that can ho logally caught In ono  day. -..   '���' ���-'.-' -.-  Ifluhornion will do woll to noto that  spcckil Itehork'S lOgiilittiouH. promul.  giitt'd by Domlnibn ordor-ln-cotincll  and gitr-ottt'd In Kiibruary last, arii now  in foivn. Tlioy coiHitiii tlio 'following-  -cliiurio-'-  ..,-".'  "No ono kIiiiII: ftijio in yno day by  liugllu'g or trolling or .by both moans,  mon* thiin 'J.') i'iii.*i-hrou'i-. rainbow, or  Dolly Vai'doii ti'oiit, Hiilnmn trout or  Hooky Mount ftlrt vvhlto tislij or of-tho  din'oront. itpoclt.-H iiitmcd ilmii in tho  aggrogatc*. will, amount to moro than  tivonty-fivo il,'.I)."  Tho (uinuliy for, tho infringimiont of  thin .ordor' h* a tlnn-up to $i,(X)0 or  t'volvo months Imprisonment, or both.  No changn.liiiH boon! mndo in tho  wolght limit, undor which it Im unlawful to oxpo'Ho, hport-lug JlNh;'.'for nulo,  liatuoly ihroo potimiH,  Tim pro-iont limit for sl/.o of llfdt hi  olght liiohos. That romaJns uuohangod.  mm*  Again we call the attention ot  our friends to the fact that we  are now taking delivery of a  stock of all kinds of  letter Heads, Bill Heads  Business Blanks,  Cards, Etc.,  All ordered before the recent  advance in paper prices.  Now is tho time to stock up while the pricos  of this class of work remain at tho old levels.  Orders from outside points willo  receive careful and prompt attention.  Publishing & Printing Co., ltd.  ^Q'  ' rl ���' ,��a��n,k    ���          .    .I,,,,,. ���, -,,.,,,-.���. ^rjr  tea  PRACTICAL PLUMBERS, STEAM  and hot mim rnims.  Mxmtii FurnL?bd m h^lmimi  fmi'St: Albe.  PhoDO.16.  P.O. Box 30.  If you have got a good thing  WHY NOT ADVERTISB  IT ���'::  m  I  m  "I  Or*,  m  m  M  I,  J Mi  SftsiiiXias&MMSie^^  Am 1  I  \  I  ,i  t  ���t  If you have not already.'attondod tho Groat Price Slashing Sale now on ttt this well known store;  you had better not delay doing so. . This is an opportunity for saving money that may never occur  ittfttln and every porson in tho District should take ltd vantage of tho bargains offered. Wo must  raise cash on our stock and you will reap tho benotlt.   Give us a call and bo convinced.   ���" "���"'��� '   'i"  For the Ladies  SUITS,   HOUSE DRKSSKS.'SHJr WAIST,  KIMONOS, SILK and LIBLIO HOS1EUY Etc.  For the Men  SUITS, I1AT8, HOOTS and SHOKS, SHIRTS,  UNDKIIWBAK, TIES, COLLARS, BOOKS,  ttUAOJ'JS and OTHER GISNTS FURNISHINGS  For Hont or 8��l*,-.Hmall llmn-so on  donblo cornor, Aibomi HulKhlt*.  Small paymont tlown and $10 por  mouth will buy it,   j. Host.  Wani��d.~~l',xmM'lonoi*d, uiltlilln aj(od  lSiijciliiu widow, wants* ])ot*ltlo�� an  hotiftokoupor. Good ruft'i'ituw.., Ad*  driun. Mm, 15. Infant, Alborni, H.C.  For Kvntg.a.'j'tA-o  fooii, tmlldlnjf noxt  to Alborni  Hotol.   Apply  to U. A.  -Smith, Alborni, ll. 0".  For.fln.tt.-8. Uvo noro bloclts,  10 noro.*,,  away bolo.v tlio Govtii'iiiutMit Affoiit'H  aiKcuHinunt In lot III.   Applv tu  Jttiiju.1 UuisU, I', O. Hex 4.18, Vtutorl...  MW��VW'lt)W*Wff>'**T>tr*l��'tW  Linens, Cashmeres, Curtaining, Toweling  iPotrtng.-.Hi.imira on Autos, Murliui  iSu-fliiim, una nl) it I mi*! of muuhincry  by an oxport who Um Himvod lilm  tlnitj at tlm irucjo, Lt'ttvo ordorw at  tin? ��>hmi nltuii nox't to HutT's ..Surajfo  Albm-nl, ii.O.��K. Moauro..  LEDERMAN'S STORE       PORT ALBERNI  .* 4Utt If*. MtMtMWWXMlW ft I  I  mmssmmmmmMfflmm  S.    EATON  Margaret St., Alberni  P��tnt��r and Paper*H��n,jor  Walipujiors   kept   in   stock   ot  lowest prlcea.  iMCTURI.     lv R A M I N (1  E&liinntoi* Krco.  Pttmiy*mmtrin*wfmiHiM'***&osMiism*mi  t****mm(wm*i>m**m,w��im *UMHnnm*unmt0nwiHM*u*u  m.-.t��kjt*iji-����V]Mj*pw  MORE HEAT-LESS WOOD  Uy tii'curti.fi; your Wood from  tho  ALBERNI WOOD YARD  Dry l*'lr,$1.7n per Hole, delivered  Oroon Flr,$l.ri()perrlek, "   n  w mmi**f%m*��immwm.vmt  iiiinfiiiTiiiiiuii>iiiiiniii.iiiwwi.i>  W*W*r*W**~ MCWUlllM.lllUfcM IMlWWl.Wli.tMl'Mi.aWlt-a'lfMlW  ��**-^mtt it>m*mo*'*��t**Bi*H&**r*itnmk**********  f *��>  coming to  m^ntumkmiM  m*mm**mt*iHm*  **mmm;mtammim  *0tvm*mvnjmiuw  Plant* For Sol** ���Tomato filuntu, ottb-  1-iitfi' plitnts, rod t.abbit'itt plnnta.  ciitililluwiu' planet, UruMMtlii fa|irtmts  'liiuiiii*. All now I'oiuly fur Kuttlnu'  out.       W. H. (Irllliu, Alborni, ll.C.  f ��4**P*��^��|I��f ��� w �����.)*  ���*s����i*��if,--i-��inrft w  W��nt��d*-AVork by tho day by an i��x*  part tb't'tumuiUor and tuilurutti-,, lam  ot Hpo!.uuti. .-Mm. .M, J5. Hutich  ItuavurC'rmtk I toad near Tho MnpU't..  kl.l-1����-4*��''i*^r.|.lt.(W<W��'l^*re*r*^^l.*lW^  Wonted- To puroluiHt. a tout, 8x10.  Must Im in mid.i'owlitloi*. and cheap  Apply Koyiil Hank, Alborni, IJ, C.  Wantftd���Kmu'tfotlo Indy holp or yountf  tvmuan to holp with liouim work and  Ionic attur bntiy ocmutiunally���wrUo,  ttiaiUuf itffn. oxporlniuso and (.alary  nxfiuutod to 0. 1-Vui-iur litoutlold, U.U,  wmnwii������ n����������� iiwiMinnriaifiniitiiiiiMitwiitjifiifaii*>��� wiinT^itf.i.tnurifii.iif j^mhif twt���iitf mnn  Gertrude St.      -      Alberni  Professional Cards  GEO, A. SMITH, C. E.  U. C Laud Kiirviivor. Burveyi. ol  tlmlmr HniiWijniimra. oluluiK. and land  aulidlvUldiiK. Ottlco at. Albnrul. Iv. ti,  Bok 2,5.  H. M. T. HODGSON  A. M. I. C. E.  MOTION BLOCK  C. GALES  U**r*mHM**mt^t kdWHIWii). HttTM��  1. All contrlbutlomt to csmpRl^H  (tint!*! to b*> open ifor publlis JoapiwUou  at any Hum, ami tint urn to whi-oLi thay  am put t<i bw cbarly Indieuled,  2. Tbo eppoiMmmit- of a non*p��rtl**  y.an civil KtM'vlct. conunltiglon u* mak��  ull appulnimmiiki to both outstdo and  imtido Kurvico.  'J, Tlm abolition of pntroimgo in  yvory form, alt jmit*ha��tea to b�� m��<So  In tho open nutrkol and on rojfulnr  bui��itm!t>i torimi,  4. Tho publloatlon of a regular  quartorly bulletin, jflvjvinff full dotailn  of all moult*., expomlod by tho (fovera-  umut.  5. Wo ajfroo to ask for a oomtniaatoia  to Invi'iitljfflto tho atralrn of tho pro-  vlnco that tlm roal facta unty bo known  and tlm huitdsj of tho yovernroottt loft  frro lo roiitoro tho credit oftfthe pro*  vlntm nnd dovtrfop im jfrcnt r<?80U��Qos  for tho bonuiit tif tho'pooplo.  ��. Whnrovur tho tbidltijf* of this  comlwdoii ��how that tho re��ource�� of  ihojirovltico httvo boon allnnatod by  fraud, to lako such mop* as aboil re*  Mtoi'o them to tlto poopin witllo protoot-  in�� thu innocont invoatur. >  .7. Tho : otiimuruttomoni of a^rl-  ouituluro by loan* on oa��y tonns, by  n!iiliin^iiocu*i��lblt)sol��utlll<iinr<>rii*fct!on  hh to tho naturn of tho noil and olJmiUo  and otlior 'eondltlotis of o��oh rcjrion,  tho tmcouratfoment- of co-operation ami  by oyory iDgltlmato moans to matko  rural Ilfn aa attraotlvo and protitKblo  a*i |io��i!)lblo,'.  & Tho dovoiopimmt of inlmmi,  fnroKta und oihor , yroat natural re-  suurmtK of tho provlnco by onoouraglujt*  tho ncittiNl prtshmur and maktnir *��  diilit'ttlti ami unpi'olltublo tlm aotlyltlon  of iho moro oxplottur and tipnonlatlvo  invrntoi'.  o  f). Tlm tinprovotnottt of the con.*  dltlonM of tho workltiff olaj.ie�� by doln��  all poitiiibio to nrnturo a rtmsoMtblt*  wiiKo, fair working . oondltlonis and  doouut !Vurround|ii}ftt fur all olaniiei of  labor, providing for oompoiuiatlon for  tho Injury or dottth of tlio worker and  tttklruvr huoIi ttUipn an ��hall olimlnatfl  tho tmtTorbi{r7 now falling- upon the  work,).'!, in times of ilnanoial doproi*  itlon.       , :, l  10, Local option for tho control of  tho liquor tratllo.  11. Kipial. ftulTniffci for tima and  wouion.' ,  12, Tho fair and impartial miforcii*  timnt of tho taw.  13. Tlm promotion of inoooont In-  victors by rl^ld inspectlem of alt corn-  pan ir*,  H, A ri|arid and impartial onqntry  into tlm tlnanoial position of tho P.O.E,  and t'.N.P, rail ways and tho dUpoc*  Itinn ot tlm mounyi, alreudy provided,  and If, noooj��i��ery ,tho fj-ovornmont to  utltt* over tlto roadu and com pint�� thorn  in tlm intt'i't'sts uf tlm paoplt* rathor  than tu t'ontiuuo tho |��r��iM)rit polloy,  fiood Work     Prices Bight     Prompt Attention  Leave ordory at Mimud'eJ Biadcumlth Shop, Alborni  Or  CALL, OR *PHONE 10.  P. 0.  ^Witlrl^.i.'M'f..*.^^  i^iiwii^hi.ii^rt^if-'t.w  "rwrrfas14??���!!;^^  T  uamtwiwtopm  xmnetw  1  "8.'C. &��&& Surwoyor and Civil Enain��flr  ptiftoouj   Ctartncor  Block, Poirt  Alborol  Phono 87 ....  Oltril B��d Mining: Engineer  and  Alberni  Provincial Land Surveyor  '.ii. a  Artistic Photography  In All   Itx  itruncliCN.  Tlio New Studio,  next) to the  , Lord-liOKt litiUdinK, in now  Equipped for BimineHH  LnndHCiipeM, Portriiit.s, G'rouj>M  and  Couimercial  Worlt  .b*wl��pl��'j tni PrintifiS lor Ansfitears  fkim ftmiii  .     ���' J/'; CLECC'"''  Summer Sale.  Tbo Ali tSiilnls Cbutrh flu I Id will  Imiii ilinlr Humnmr Halm uf Work In  I'liflitli ilail on Wt'tlntiMlny, .hum itkli  blliVlutlilll,'' nt ���( p. m.  Aftitruoi-n toils htrawbortlos and let*  crmim win lot itirvtiti, alno a li^hi, sup-  ���per at Op. in.   TIhii'i)  will   Ik;  fun   In  llm ��lilltln��n'ti r'uriii't' uh in-iutl.  , All ai'o wficumo,  T  JD^abif In  Dr.'Korr Coming.  \\'(< huvo a iiot-o from Dr. Korr Ntnt-  tnj;'that ho in.'about, to roHiuiiO h\n  regular visits to AI Intent for thti pnr-  pii-iti uf luoklutf nftor lilt* doiital  pruct leu In iho two towns,  (ivc(iiio'i* riomo'llako liruitd at- Tin*  Albnrul Trad I n*,'" Htoros andThmnym's  (iotiivt'ul ^loro.  MUB  S&hU, Doom and  (liam  BuUding and Roofing Paper  Lime, Bricks and Cement  Alherni  Phono 29  P. 0. Box 9  it^t-^fWiraiiaWHi  <y.  , Bricklayer and Mason  P'lastering and ��� Cement.  Wa-*.��lta"    ���  X.1& ��V.  .  .ltfk>.|li;f*l.l*lr,li),4MM.a.l|l||.  xssssegsssesraetm  *Wlfa*)lariill��TflllMf|ltl*l.lMtll|M||ii t  Lictmmd .  Auctioneer  2nd AfSBUft  "^s-^^Vf tn*k-��'T��***-i,t��iH'*f***��- -  In1'* I '*,���'*     I THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  i-l*. i*t limtm -fittnAM. it �����. ���  mtumui  r*m*\*maM auk*mmw*M'itm*nwiWm  if rhiiitiiTiirMf>iri.w^riTri)frnrw-.M  il III.HI    . )f.Hlllin,��,ii��  Towelling Mats All Shapes   $1.25  Childrens white and natural linen  Hats   25c. and 35c.  fi. L Hoi  Alberni, B.C.  L?uik*y Homo Journal Pntuu'tt* tilwa^H iu HUioli  >fc|tff.iWi*f'..lJiltolTO^ NWWWt^.tWlltt)*i  m imwii���nirtN  CHILDREN'S  WASH DRESSES  ���������An Vk��l4l*lk*L*4aVH *, .  WHITE and COLORED  M -^Tfi.lf.f'l'u-"**  Clearing at Half .Price  25a to $1.00  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  WMiMmimm*>mM6*>t*mimtfjtoAUm  HW  r  TAILORED CLOTHES for MEN  We have just received our Spring and  Summer samples.    Your inspection invited.   Fit and stylo .guaranteed.  Prices  FROM $20 UP.  CAMPBELL & MACFIE  Kuan.  Motion lltook, Alharni  Phono HI  Kit'Mt Ave, Port Alberni  IMion* n  tmtffAfrmmMrKMM&ifriv  Can now Htipply older!* for l,,lri>t t?l������i��  Rough and Dressed Lumber of illl Kinds, Shingles, Etc.  c  laioi'itl Ordoi'p. will ropolvo ttpmiial itttmitlim,  Wt��*).IIWl��fal|.|tfl. "*��' ��r*A*' <- a  Call at tho  Mill mi tlm Hr-utrh KottUuuont Hunt,, or I'luiim  nr wrllo to tho .Mii.ingisr  Phono R40  Alberni,. B. C.  iMM...*^.tt��lli,*tll.lM.W  (fVjpl MWW^w*wl*)Wl��Urj|*i^i  New Postmaster.  On Thurwlsy morning ot tlilti week  tho Alborni Post Olllco wa�� turnod  ovor to Mr. Vs. M.'O'atheart whino-mmi*  oil tho dutii-H of l'oMma**itor in phtt'it  of Mr. II. I-Ynuk, rcs-lgned.  Mr. (a-'atheart hat boon a ro-ildont of  Alborni for No'voral yours and l*�� welt  known io tho general public. Jin will  no doubt, imtko a capablo and, obliging1  ollldul, iim Hoon as ho niii��tor.*i tho rout-  in*, of his now position.  Summer Sale*  Tho All .Kitlnw Church Guild hI1|  hold tholr fSt'mmor 8ulo of Work In  1-arlHh IfaHon Wotlnctiday, Juno tilth  beginning lit.'! p. m.  Aftornoon toa, Mtra\vborrl(!8 and lot*  croem will bo tiorved, nlw* a light j��up-  poratdp. m. Thoro will bo fun in  tho ohlldron'u coinor as limml.  All aro welcome,  Orftono'i* Womc-Hako ih-oad'at Tho  Alborni Trading SIoioh uiidThmmio'u'n1  Oonorai Htoro.  New Fish.  ���Jiiist now tho trout Hnhlng at Ontral  Luke it. of llm host, and wiirtu good  bitikots havo boon taken by tho local  li-ihorman, l.t.-.t Nundny it now visitor  ut thoHo waters wuh takon In tho shapo  of a "Dolly Vardon," or char, trout.  .It. In u woll. nmrkofiJ specimen and thoro  is no doubt tin |,o Uio vurioty. Thlsi  ttpoeliil trout Ih not common In, local  wttlorH, though found In groat munbori.  further, up tho count of tho Inland, und  all ftlong tho Mainland.     '  Mon whohuve boon il-dilng In local  watoi'M for tho pa8t twenty������yoar.i atato  that thoy Imvo novor takon a tlsh of  thin variety around Alborni.  -..Lumbar Tmde.  Tho iitppol11t1n0.it of ft Canadian' cuh*  touiK oillcor in tho city of Now York Im  ono of tho ilrat titops toward!, bottorlng  condition!* for tho oxport lumbor triido  of tiiiH province, .nm. hioldontully to  bring about u miieh neodod improvement In t!,io othor. export indiisttrloft.  | C o r r o s p o n (J o n c o |  j X   - - ���/..-'- '������   ��� " ���.    -���"      . ���, - y  It Tho  AilviaH'iitt' thi'**  not   hold .f,  y ittit'lJ rotpiint-ibio iyr sht'opiiiitiii. ��  v. t.,xi)i%')>'ted hy eiuTi-Hpoiideutv v.  �� Tho full numo imtM. In* furitin.1). w  M mi for publication with all matter M  Ji ol a political uaturo. X  Ahltmtil C'ltKAMKItV  I'Iditor Advooatt),  Hoar Sir;*  Your odltorlal of May 21  liiti'iv-ited mo m much that J am iu*  oloilng it little fkorood, hoping you will  kindly publish tho m.ihc,  Nu   t'roatiiery you   hiiyV     Wrong.  Siii'it we have a orontui'ry, itud uuiohln*  (u-y too, till bought, ami ptitd lor, al-m a  boa isi uf di roc tor* that has given  sue!)  ttpiondld t-int-it-ifactltm   that  thoy have  boon olt'Oti'd and ro-olci'tt'd  with  ni*.  liltlo ohangi) as our own City Fathers.  ISo Kir, w,o art* giving the uiaehlliery  tlmo to cool 6IT whiio tlie  hoys are  hunting tho oovvn. ' Hut Ju*.t to* nooii uk,  tiitty Ibid tho cowis, and iho furmi'rt,  docido   that a llttlo money   oiico.a  month  would coino In hiuidy ortltai.  tlioy pn.'for tlio'eatih to bartering fiirm  priKluco for ton tind tobacoo, ttntJ  tho  morchauti' dooldo that rash Ih prefer*  ablo io truck and trude, and all make  up our mind*) to |>ull togothoron tlio  grade an woll nsioti tho level, thon Sir,  you will .sou biftLormillc iiiiitoiui of ��oap  Hnils flowing from tho old Mnnd, and  fool iioiuo of tho prospority wu felt tlm  liltlo wliilo our plant wm* running.  Tho troublo wm, w�� Ktiirted with too  fow enw.-i, making our uporating- o.x-  pomfo** high, dirit-'ouraglng tho faint*  heiirtod who quit, with victory In night  nt condition.'' worn Improving and our  output Increasing. 0  Tho.!ni*t year wo ran wo shipped  over *2,(-tH> worth of butior, betldf  ������upplylug tho homo demand. Then  wo got our little choipios ovory month  and 1.01110 ftiir ��l/.t*d on en loo, 1 used to  tiign all oIuh'Uo.*) ami S have xigneil a  ft��w with throo iigiirmi and thorn woro  no largo hortla tlion. And now you  Miy wo aro M'mling out about **"<W  ovory month (or tht*i osiy Horn,. Think  how jttiiL that linlo fium above would  otisn tlio priwniit utringonoy, yet ovory  nmmd of that; butter oould and sliould  bo produced right bore, What are wo  going to do iibotit li-Y Mopo nrotimt  and oi'.v im tti Unit.'* ur huekitt to and  Improve mutton.. A*, you Miy thvro Is  enough good liii))it)vi'(l laud Uniting to  Mipport (jiilto u number of i'ow>-4, nuioii  which could tw doubt. Imhtuifora luw  rent, pos-tiMy for the ImprovomontN  fucroHttlug tho vultio of tho Iliini,oalid  oiiabilng fiouio tamlly to mako n dooont  living.  \'t% llio wholo Idt'M Im woriji oomtid-  tiring horiuusly and now, hu hn to be  ready tn*xl ��pi lug If povilblu.; Hut wo  tiitihl httvo not it.itt*. limit ln*i envst. or It  would only moan another Wince. . I  clionid like tu know how many oown  aro available mi a** to mo wimt the  eh..'i,*,'f- are for ro��iiiii'tulng wlmt we  ull know wb�� ilto lu'i! working |iartm*r  tho Alhoi'iit farmer ovor had, ami  would im unlay a mUI gruaior Kiitfijti*.*,  ih Mn tthoulil have a betu>r Immo mar*  kvt, wing fi'tiif-ht, haulayo and coin>  m|t<jon elmtgitHf iimmi (hat mean  Mtvcml i'iilit!. ii ptmud,  t him}! fcid glad to gist in lotiolt witli  any parth*ti who may bo intoroNtiHl in  tii!.*, to my mind, important tjmtMloti.  1 am not writing tot a dlreoior but  thought your editorial too Important  to go unnoticed.  Vtnii'h very truly,  A, W. ilonlli.  ���tfn -mimm/vtmi*** twm&*\txlfu*mvt+t*vw,f/rt  tvvtftrwfr t^^w*t*wwi*'*^i.^j��^tw^x*ii*��)***<i��-~iVTV-w*i,-r**\.,*>>xiii  0n$mt*%mtn>ahMiim*)��h%mmM\ nhwnu%tnt mmumwb  l��,lWH��*fi ���**t***)^**l^lglM*jW?  emsiWjKMi-a^^  To Encourage Cash Buying We Offer  Royal Hoiisfiold flour;  cash $2.20, credit $2.30  filenora "      " $2.10,      " $2.15  Tho GuhIi Pi'Icoh ttro vory cIoko nnd'moan Htrictly cash with  Ordor.  n��T).).i.k���� ��i�� ii mm ii i \mim*mm��mmmmammmmm.  mmmmmmm��*mmKimm��MipmMMmmmmmmmmmf.Ktimmm*Mf-  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co.  Ofllctt 1-hono L26  A. PAUL, Manager  i..*>$., im  itmwmx  0  For the Good Old Summer Time���  eGrape Fruit, Bitter Oranges for  Marmalade, Lime Juice; Lemon  Squash and a fine assortment of  ���Half-laf,,  ��   JD kk.l-W.MM  Th�� Busy Store  On the Busy Corner  Thti, Well-known nnd Old Established Grocoti, Mm mi Proiiuw Msrclnntt.  f-m, **r ��� i-�� i*!** irtfiai. d.i��"��, *.,��>.���-����j*.i.i*u. r�� <^> ��*   <��� m ,to.'i. jf,,^ t,-r>*> iw-* i*>.  ** *i <������ -������          okini u.u,   ,.<.-.   n t. u.-..t- .v-n m*- t n  Ma,.fta wafiinafVfvwnHa  *��������>*��� iwt^Mfi Hv-A.iVaf-vTtir-wfwtifi'^fi'k-^tp *Ut*i-r-U-Mi -wwukm"*.*!*--.���*�����*! .itl,Liw**iit-'* -f�� ��u��*.iu. ������..iiahufira, n*��.r    ��� ' in in' in mi���   j> ��� k<mj*&*m*umt*g���*���*����j..>i����.titp^a  OUR BREAD Av made of the BEST MA TERIALS bo a  PROFESSIONAL BAKER and keeps FRESH end MOIST.  It therefore Is the IDEAL BREAD for home and campers-  12*Lorge Loaves for   ^ $1.00  BUNS, Fresh every dap 15c.  COOKIES^ 10a. per doz., three doz. for 25c.  CAKES, IiaUGMUTS, ETC., at prices to suit ail.  Victoria Quay Stm, Phono 38  <*llWMlV*a��flj4*HH�� V  Argy.0 Street Store, fhm UB  ��v* .J  300 yanis he@t quality silk ribbon, aasortod widths  At 8c. per yard  80 Strong wc.b boit.y, with whlto metal clawpy,  At 8c. Each,  100 Navy Listen ���oikr*a- Men'.* S.Eoa, 2 for 0 mnt&  * H f-nwet-Vr-f Vlfv Ttttx:  UiMnn'T  Sad Accident.  Tho itinoriil took pluco this ivoolf of  Winnlfrttd Mny, two year old nhlld of  Mr, und Mr.t. T. I'littint, lojf Boavor  Credit. It iippiiuri* tlmfi- ft fow ditys  iigo thit .'iltilo girl got po.'jfVWfsion of  sonio iuttr,��;hi)ti, und nvvfillowedtho pt.ios-  plioniw from Hovenil of thorn. No  Jipociitl ithirnt wftjii folt. us tllio child  itppofirod to rot-over from tho slight  Klokuosx thut followed. Hoverul 'dnyi*  Ihtof uliiruting ��yiiiptoinrt doveilopod,  ttnd tht* d(ioio)* vvnt. culled, but the  polHon httd Ktrucli too doop. mid tho  child <li,*d.  Tho fiinei'iilstM'.'icifs. woro conducted  by Hov, JfttjK'.s Cttrrtithora, on Monday  of thlH-wopk, ���''..'���  The Hytnputhy of tlio ontlrocommun-'  ity will gc> out'to tho iiorrowlng  piU'diiti, over tlt.lH tintltiiojy death of  tholr llttlo child..  THOMSON'S  GENERAL  STORES  t��***> \[imm*m*M  tk<pmii***'ii*l**t'*i*M  "PUNGLE** According to tho "Universal  BictEoxi-  ' is 'a word which is uisod i��i approaching thoe��  eubscribere ol a' newspaiier.who are'in.'arrears,.with'  their subscription ''dues.' If this meaif.�� you�� don't  get made but:  xssss:  ^���wiwi.wwtt**fii.Miitai  You got. a Square Donl from  ���ol a ho  our Ail  vortisors


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