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Alberni Advocate 1914-06-12

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 im^^^^^^^^^^^^mM^^m^m^m^^i^mmm^m^^^^m^^^  Provincial LlbrarieR  IMMMMJMM  VoL 5  AJbernl* P.C., Frl4ay�� Jtma 12, 2924  ��c, te  ��J��W��lKfiTW��*gWiaw^xAw  _^��MV4*n��vM|WW>��M' WMMWM 11 W*aM  fttities  ���aHWiniirHtWi  !H��M��J(mfttt*��Wli> n WTp if i  MOt<pMMWp��||a����fca|  tommmmmmmww** miyvmwmwi  START THE SU  RIGHT���D1SINFE  KRESO-Thcldnat! Disinfectant for General Purposes  Hound  lkitlh-n,  JU) cetiN  (Jallon   ipiantitloH, $:},uo  KRESO DIP for animals, destroys nil paraaitco and  keeps tlto ekfn and coet in ejectiont condition  Ptntnd llotth'H, fiOcentw  CM. PINEO  ������ITMI-; 1'Inko'h puisp. ici-: cki-jam van pkkskut��� -  CITY COUNCIL'  ORT SESSION  ma urn  With Small Houmo, two tnllox from Town, closo to School  Price, $10QQM0 on easy terms  Koonoi, furniwhod or unfurntahcrf, Suitable for Ofllcos, in  Motion Uloclt,   llouMou lo Uont  JAS. R. MOTION  Kuril Estate nnU liiHurartc-o "  Phono 81, Alborni ' l'honu'18, Port Alburnl  The Royal Bank of Canada  Heat* Offteot ftofttgfMd  ln��0rper*i*d HMJ��  Capital Paid Up  Reserve Fund  , Total Assets ov<t>r  �� 11,560,000  $13,000,000  $175,000,000  A Gjmkhai. dankino UuMiNm Tuanhaotki)   j   ;   :  I)*'��*li*i>.tl.'0etui ufiv��hl�� m*t��iy��<t  ���nil ti>tvrt>iit c��Ut si th�� lit*!i��-u eui-fviit  r��i��,  ti�� {>*!*����� la WittiiKtentii;.  ItolttHUt* K'f* ����> kvkU' wid wtUirtfvwri  t.f tuntt, I'ti 11 est t>httt0ulani wlUiUd.  I>' Im, Kivutt ij)< |��ttur n>t��r0UMt nil ti��.  C��rt0H<liU.  t'> llraut'lu** In PritUh Columbia",  Savings Bank Apartment  Banking by Mail  Over 3&1 Ib'Bnobojt unit Atfcitcltt*.  Oumi$|>oudi<nia Throughout tho World  Alherni Branch  "#. C. UllttCtt, Mnunger  Fort Alborni Branch  V. \V. IXutKhTY, Mauager  Lord-Best Hall, on Friday, June  c  Both Mualo and Uolroshmouhs will bo of tho boat  It will be the event of the Season  ADMISSION $1,00  *   ���   -   Friday, June 12  I.UHM*,��,��l.mwW��MW. >'.��-��  Short, ��weoi( ami very much lo iho  paint, *aii*i the htsj oenskui of tho City  Council, A* tin* worthy Mayori who  wan n noa-vaplaln byfnro he watt a  mayor, remarked, "��fu<r the sioru)��.  emtio* thu valni,"  The only communication was ono  from thu Hoard nf Trtttbk rotfurdhig the  prn)Ht'imt tultlh but to tho promtut oemo-  tery, As joint action was pmiMMi'd  with the I'urt tbo communication wtw  laid over 'wtiitlnj,' a reply from thu  tiof-fhlmrhttf city.  The Public tfitfcly Cmnmltloti wit*  iiskcd to utteiid to the needed repair*  ws tin* pipe line tk'borV it pii��.esi over  tin) bet! of Kltsucksmt Creek.  Huntley account* wore pitM��ed,  'i'ho City Clork wtw pi!.trtt��u*tl to try  to uwiikou iho ''Icjfal lights" from  llmlr sltutiber lung enough to got  anion on iho recent bydaws, .  And tlto Coumtil udJourntHl,   ,  MUSTAVOi"  RASTiC ACTION  The Hccontl rotttlhiH' of tho O. M. It.  Aid Hill dovcto|tcd tho ttentlmont of  thu Rcatuti to bo that-of uiuklntf ati  luvfj',utt'tttloit Into the tvlfalrtt of tho  coiiipuuy before ���,'ritntbtjf Uteubl iwlctxl  f����r. '       ,,    c  Kenator noittock *itk3 ovm-yonc would  iif-rcc. thut souiethln',' should btt tlou^  to avert Out ctttustraiiho whltih wutikl  umetit.* tthoukl tht) Cumuhtttk Northern  be loft to Uk�� euro of Itself,   Tho  dllllculty,   liowovt-i*,    was    with  tho  method hy which the jfovcrnmicm-pi'o-  |h>!Hh1 to ���fritnl aid,   Oil,January 7 this  your, Blr \VllUaia Matiktmilo gav�� out  up. Interview In Vuuftouvoi',  In whluh  ho deolttred that ropttrU that thu Canadian Norlliurii was IliitttielttUy  otnbar.  rasttt*d wcro ttbHUixl.   J lo sttld In tho  intorvluw that tboy hud mtver had tiny  diftkulty In K'utiluif all the moh��ty ibt*y  wiinted for tbolr work.   Yut, on hUitzH  tt, Mackcmtio ,V Mttnn   npplU'tl to I lie  Kov'M'iim.'iit of tbo iKunlnlon for lu>lu.  Then* win* souieiidu'f tttrautgo about  thu wity they i.ltl biuilnoaH.   Hlr WIU  ISain MtiokcHfle wiu�� ^etkkin^ IdqihiiimhI  aid frutn'tini ilrltiult Cohunbln ��overu*  moni whoa be uttulo thltt sttttotiumt.  Kertittor lluMook held thut under thu  Ukrtnii of thu unreemtiiiL Mttokcitxlo d  Mauu could itt��iio fresh *courltlo�� mt  bvbttlf of iht) icibiddiary oumpttaicti.  He did not oomibler that  the oectit'lty  which tho tfovoriunoat wan gtatluK' for  Its u��t*oinmtHltitlitu wk�� ��utlloituiU  - The Hoiittn* wits put in a monifttllluult  position by this bill.   In the present  staut  of  tho money  mttrkttt uYntllo  action  talnht. prtxlucu1 tno*tt   Horiutia  eon��e.(Uenctt��..  'J'be setuuorii on bis  sido of tho houHO rtH'OKnUtHl their ro*  stKti)��l bill ties,   llowovor, thoy obJofittHl  Ut thu ���.'ovornmeiii bofntf placod in tho  poitHloit which tho bill placed them.  LIBERAL MEET1  NEXT MONDAY  .Mr* II. l\ Uivwutor, Lltxtral f>������doi',  will tuliift^N -Jin pulilh* iti a meeting lo  be held In tbo Lur-tUoi Hull itext  next Motttluy evuuJnj,'. If it- can bit  arrauK'ctl* Mr. Mttc-dtmuht will comtt lit  with Mr, lii'.'ktxi.ir, ,si��l |u thU cu��tt  the bi*opbt will lutvtt tt cbiiut'tk to beitr  ono of tbo Mont eio-mout nam in tho  WusU'cn JjitM*rid ^tttiku.  Alt thin It) tiui busy Vcttsoi) In tint  busiiKMK lit which Mr. Un*wiiu>r l��  ittt|-it^i*d jt witK ut sttnie jwrsunul In.  convenience, to lilmst-'lf thut. tbo prc��cnt  trip was pittuutHl, but usit hud been  smnu time sbou the ^olh! pnui>lo ol thu  Albond Dlslrlothiul a chaucn lo heitr  the Liberal It^iultn*, liio Iwitl iisnociutiou  askint hhu to come In, uml Mr. Urews-  tor readily rcs|��i>ntUid to th�� call, It  is okviuff to luck of time on thiiiaocusluu  that no imiuthitf will, bo hold at thu  l*ort, but ttiiiVln) Jtrrnn^emeiiiN hitvo  livon iitadtk for frco ��ttt|;tn* to carry  UtOHO who kviwli to OOllll) up to AltHU-Ul,  No doubt a InrKO nuiubcr will take  ttdvaniaifnof tliU chutu'o t�� hoar Mr,  nrowMUM* and olhttrs oa tlio iwlltlcal  (-uoktloiiK of thtiduy,'  Wo htsard ono side of tliosvi qucktlotii*  on ThtiPMluy ovontoj,', lot u��i turn out  on Momhiy ovoislutf, and huai* tlto  otlior dido.   .  ���     ,  Flag Poles*  Han Francisco,'Juno 0,���After dlflb  culti��vt und tlobtys t* ylant Oregon ilr  tree, hlinpiril Into what lu *(tbl to be tho  Sargent llajj iwlo In tho world, wn��  rttiM'd 'Onlay on tho ground* of tho  I'timimii-i'ijoltta Kxpo-*Ulon. It U tint  /flunt of ANiorhu Oro. From the butt  to the lip of tho ffoltlfiti Kinr at It* pi-alt  tlto polo Htrt'tclitw M2 foot hit.i iho uir.  It hu^o weight, HA ion*, and It* tin.  tfatnly length, citilml for oomtlderabte  tiklll tu lift lay It to tho porptnidlouhnu.  , Hay) Whittdoyou know about thatV  "Larffcut Ittiff polo In tho world." Walt  until you two that, Krtw Oerdtm pol��i  Otttt l* comhik' h*om tlu�� Allwrnl Dltt-  trUn,  Why, Htiant'tO'i wit one polo* llko  that Oregon tlttU|l/ to tttlek our ��wt>ot.  potts around Alborul, and at tlittt wo  often hhvo p> trjut tho tops* otT tho  vlin-s,   Oregon papers plcuso copy.  POLITICAL FOT  WMERING  HIH. 1UUHAHD (3UB8BK8.  . ContraotH for tho Alb<*rnl����eO'  tlon of' the C.N.H. MAY bo Jet  within u few Would*, Thy work  MAY bo coinplotod wilhin tt fow  inonlbu.  HUT*-  NoihjiiK doHnlto will be known  until Mi-KKrt*. Mttckonxlo A Mann  roturn f<"otn Ottawa.  AND-  No ono ItnowH whon they will  return, '    '    ���  'i'hwH tho iirnwl nnnounccincnt  of Hlr ltiohtu\l Mcllridn, Prcmior  of iho Province, at tho Port  tncotiiiK hiat night, no unnounco*  montjjernldml by much blurliitf  o( truiiipotM.   MAY.   n��\   HUT.  That'll it.  While tbo --1'oUticttl Pot" Nhows no  present lutJIcittlotut of boilhij; over, yet  It bttn certainly set tip a slm?unrlri<1'> in  thbi vicinity Unit nitty bo taken In  uhuotit nay way you like. Ltott nltrbl  Hlr lib-hard MoHrido, l'rcunlcr of tho  I'rovlm'e, tultlrosikcd a hirtro iiitdlence  at the Tort Albond Tboutro. ttud tmxi  Monday ovcnliit; Mr; H, O. HrowMier,  lA'ittbii* of tbo Liberal l-urty In tho  Provlnav, will adtlrutot what will pro-  bably t>t�� ipilio'tut htryo u���ima>tln(r In  Iho IjUiiMltmt. Ilttli ut Alborni,   ,  Whtin all this In ovor theru will Im��  a #ood ohaneo to look tbo ftU'uiillui-  over un ull nkles, andahitw your own  conclusions,  Hlr Uiehaixl wan ut htti happy best ht  bin tutdt'es*. Acoordln^t^ tho nmllb)(f  I'rcmim' UrltlHh Columbia htul come  throui'h ttio tost of tlto  "lato"  haitl  FEDERAL BUILDING  CORNER  Tbo corner Mono of tho now Dominion Ouverniueni build In-? at tho  I'urt will bo "well and truly laid" hy  Hlr Itichaitl .Molfpittik, JVomlcr of tho  Provhict) of HrSHsli Columbia, thin  inornhufj Tbo oepomony will bo'.do at  ton o'cloak. so that by tbo tiiao you  rem) thif It will ho time to hurry, If you  wish to h(t oa hand, it amy ovoo bo  Unit ii will be nil over but tho shouttnjf,  bat ut that. Itt'-wJlS Ut sotuo ceremony,  for tho details aro hi tho handi of  Mayor llnrdo, ami f hat {.'(.'ritUunan la a  pitNt niaoU'i* In tho art of boosting  ththh'K tml tho -'Dettr Old Port.*'  Tlio Advocato ItM alroady eon-  irrattduttHl tbo Tort on mxa-t'lnjf thla  udiliibai to their ptibllo bulldlni;M, and  <m this, ilia occasion of tho formal  layin'tf of th�� cormo* utoue, lake* tho  o|t{*oritin|ty of rouowln^ tlioso con-  '���ratulRtkinn lu a vory Inmrty inannur.  Tho bttildJajf will lie ono to bo proud  of, and kk'U! form < a splendid addition  to tho thrlvhiK j'ort, Mayor HurtJ* U  alao to bo JoIiiimI In tho "toast" to tho  new bulkllnjf, for not only'U It lo bo  orncted durJnir hlii.Wrin of oflloc, but  it can bo tutrllmted In no small utaaiuro  to his otfortit tbitt tho bulldiny has  imttcriallr.cd attill.  CANADIAN NORIBERN  PASSES SENATE  O'ri'AWA, Juno ��l~Tlio Canadlau  Nortborn itltl bill rocttivod a titled  rcudbiM In thu sonalu Utbt aftcrmwu,  ami tts sotm its formally itsinmod t^i by  tho KOVtirnoi'.Kelioral will become 1&*.  Thh'UkOtt Liberals voukI In favor of  the bill oh tho thin! rowlhiN'.    Thoy  Sal�� Of Work.  wore; Uotttook, Mltttlmll, Jkvld, Ittwa  tlmes'.pihtt at) well, if not a little j(Mw��) Jaw), MoHiifch, Front, Thhw-  biuicr, iban any of tiui other pro* doau, KdwanlH, DcrbysJiltro, .Younjc,  vlacei.   Kvorj thln-r wat ull rl��hfc, and Vobor, \Val*<ui antl.Talhot. s  HWHt  Now ia your chance.   For a tihort thno only I am prepared to  Absolutely give away an 8 x 10 Enlargement  To ovory purchttHOir, to tho vttluo of $0.00 up.   NKT CASH  Portraits, Child Studies, Groups, Wedding Parties  Photographed in tirst-dass manner  ICnliM'KlnK tlono for Amatcuro to any ftif.o, at outside prices  Joseph Clegg   ;  .Alberni. B.C.  ModalliHt, Plnt'uo Winner und other prlJioK in London, Kng.  rx>cal Viow PostttlH on Bale at Alborni Trudini-r Store  1  Olflclal OjK��nln��.  Thti now J/ord-tli'��l Ffull will riH*��lvo  tts "OIHclsd 0|u)nln��" thli* ttvenbitr,  tht> event, beliijr tho annual ball of  Court Aiburnt, No U^IH), A. O. K. Tlw  -tow hall U kitrtfe enough to hold a hltf  ntiiwti, ami tbo floor will bo In ont'ob  lout ��liapc. Mmtlo *\\i fci) ftirnUheil  by Mr. Orhuett and aMtoclutoii, uutl tint  meuibcrbtkf Court Alberni liavu left,  nothlntr otiprovklod for In tho way of,  rcfro-diuiiniU.  Now when you takt) thttt ooiubliiat  lion Ii ttpelU a "(���ootl titiiu" fur every,  one who itUeodtn, and thut will ho about  all tho Junobtj,' bkuwh lu Iwth uiwns,  Tho Mayor* oMtoth towimi will In* tho  Ifuentti of hotmr, ttnti will h�� ai��ki*tS to  ���Wtitt*et���� a few woiijk to iho tftiesiLs  during iho evoidnif,  The owuslon In a tipitclal one, beluj,'  tho lait of tho��o oveiiU before tbo  00111(111? of 1 ho imiomttr tieaton, ami  everyone idtould tako atlvmua^o of iho  opiwrluulty to turn out itiuj oujoy  tbomwlvt't!!.  Tho IimIIok of All Haliittt Oalld aro  urrtiu^lnj,' to hold their iimnml Halo of  Work iintt Ktraivberry Fentlvnl In tbo  Chui'ch Hall on WodnoMlay, .luuti'JItth.  in add It km to tlio xlriiw.hurrlc*, and  other rcfittMlinimitM, uiuaV bljfit ten  will bo hsU'vih! from ��lx to ulKbt. o'clock  In tho ovviiliitf. A nuaiber of vory  attiualnfr oompoiltlonii havu boon ar*  riiiiK't'd, und Muuto batiilMitiie prlxo^ will  bo awarded tlio winnura in tho vui-Iuuh  oveiiitt. Vlotroltt uiuxlo, of a hi>;b  class, will Und a phtco on. tho pro.  gramme, and other arriuijfoinoiitN have  itotm .mado till lookiuif to'a vory  piftotttitt and enjoyable occasion, ��� Tick  Isultt'i* httvo tiuuU) npt<��|it) offot'ts ami  arcdtworvhi-fof tlto Htippoii of tho  auilro t'omiuuiilty. Torn out und show  your appreciation by liberal ptitiouu'jo.  Juno Sth.  mtfo Hungo.  ll��H  A. 15. Prliikwater  J.l*. Di'tuUvviuet'  A, V. Cotton . . .  (J. Driuktvatcr, , .  VtU  atw  . 'SI  1  w 1  Yd* Yiltt  ,V-l   (UK)  :i.t  31  ���JO  Fmrmera* Inatltute,  Woddhnf Bells.  Tbo many Alborni friontli of Mr. R  Ibtrold itbihop are waltbij,- to extent!  to him tbo rl-fht hand of ooiijffititilti-  tlon, tbo occtclon belu{f tho amrtbi'fo  of that j��entb��mit�� to Jtian Helen,  thiuj'htcr of Mr, and Mi*. Alex, DtitT,  of Vauoouvor. The cnvinoiiy took  place at t;hahi)0t''M Church, Vancouwor,  on J'tiio Sth., Hev, Ilcjiry ottloliitin>f.  Mr. lllbhop is ono of tliou)0*t |K)|��ultvr  of our yotm>r hu->hit">s men, and tho  Advocate joln-i with hN li<��t of friends  lu wishing tbo newly ikeddod oouplo a  lonj,,' llfo of ht'itlih, bttppinosa and pro*  aporlty.  Hon'l fiii'tfot (tie rci'ttlar timet|njf ol  tbo Alberni i'*iiriucr*i' laotiltito, which  will I hi hold lu Iho Court HottMi, N.iuip.  day, Juno tlio ��Uh. at 8 p.m., when  Mtvetti.. 1). Mooi'C and W'. A. WilIIlp*  a 1)1 road papers which they ore pro-  pai'iii*; on I'ractlcul Market Chtrtloitiuc.  A wiillal Invitation b�� oxtouded to ull  lo bt> prontutt, If i*OM��lblc.  Sorlourt Hinotia.  Tlia tmniy ft'lcnilti of Mr. I<\ MoDonukt,  jolty foromitn, will learn with petrol, of  his tttki-tuiiM llhii'tii. It appears that on  Tttuiiday of this week Mr. McDonald  wat working In' lib* jrardoii when ho  was* ftmjil<��nly utrlokoii down by tin*  rupttiro of tt hiiiall hlootlvcbiiol In the  btttln. The oiifoi'ltmaic tuun was dU-  oovortHl lybiKl uncon��4',l��us on tho  ���remind by Mr. T. liny no who citllctt a  mtii/bltor, and went for medical us-  Kl'i'viiiice. Whllo ho has sltKhlly ro-  covertxi from tho llrst offom of the  nelKuro Mr. McDonald U still In a very  tKtrlous condltlou.  ftuuld #0 t'outluut*. 'That'll., of Course,  Just m> lontf, ami ijg bm,'er, tot Out  jflfutl bunidi now lir olmriro of pro-  vlnclitl aiTulra uhould bo allowed to  retalti that cbtnvo. Not that thoro  v.'dt any cbuttce of a chaui;o. PcrLsb  tho thcujfht, The pvoplo '-woro too  well (ttttlslttHl *Allh what had iwenilone,  Tho umifti "Diplomatic Dopo" was  pa*>M*d out tot only Sir Hlchat-tl can  pii*!* iu. Alborni Dlt*t.; ita wonderful  growth j liNoiki'taln futuro prosporlty {  ha jfrantl harbor; ltrt fturromulluif  iftiinral rcKiUpct-si ull canto lu for a  juM aimtituro of upnroolatlois, Homo  t'llfht years hud panned nlnco tho  ]'rt>mit't' wan hint In tho Von, and tho  prD'a-rotoi hlnoo that  time  wan  llulo  *llOft of UhtOUIKiiliir,  A fc'tmontl outlluo of tho political  pro|!roMi of tho province watt trlvon,  und you can root montrcd that It lo*t  itoiliiu'f at tlto handt* of UtSu expert  Ju((tflor with Jaw jargon.  In ro rallwayit, cttmo tho ntartllri);  tttinounrement outlintHt above, lu tltln  conntviton Hlr HIchurd bliutnl that ho  bopinl Una the two roads would bo  "laV oaou{fh to j,rct toj,-etbkir and  build a uubm depot at Alborni, Could  ho have foully referred to tho 1 ��orl-V  Then caiuo Urn blow Joy of u number of  raiiilniw Uuttkd bubhle^, a little, yma a  wvy little, )l��tlo>.�� upplaiiMt, ami ultout  tho turnout mootliiy in local hlMory  OHiiie to an oath  TUitritANguK'j;,  The ittuupiui which pro\n*<bsl tho  meetluj,' wa�� a *uoot*\��ful function, A  ostittl thinir whoro Mayor Huido pro-  ntdett,  All tbo Coiixorvnt4vo"��.t,tmt<sMi voted  In fitvor of tht* mt'tipurtk, tjtxvt'pt Bijnawr  MonpbtKoi*. He U oa�� of tho oldest  uioiuboi'iiof tin* upper ohaaitiur, bavlnK*  boon appobuml tu ihu��ot)iito In IBul by  Hlr John MuoDouald. Ha voted for tho  bill on Mooo-it) I'tuutlnjf,  Four Libonilti, who voted for thu bill  on ttocoml reiidbi(f but voted nifalnitt It  on tho thlrtl retittlnif, wcro: l^Uol, Hatu,  llelth, ami Dexiiulioii,  Thu nnnlyalH of tho veto thorofora  1h thut ihlrtooii Llbttrald and twenty*  two ComtcpvatlvoH voted for tho bill  on the third raatlinff, with nlnoU-ou  Llborttls and omt Coatuii'vutlvn it{fahi��t,  In tho ab(\^ oftihnsta H\v Lytnao  Jono" Is co mled uh a Conservative,  Ho le��v votwl with tho h'ovemtsiont  hlnoo 'ii1- ���itiioui.oikiuont tliat ho had  loft'ti, ��� Llbi'i-ttl parly *  'I'll 1 fjio on tho tbinl rettdlny wa��  ^������, -oil a motion by HontttorChotjuutto  th. < v >IUbt>t'ttporUki)loat)ou)iidUvo  for lnve>tti,'itlIon, tbl* httlnic rt'jtwttid'  .'15.-to -H), Tho third t'om)bi|f win* then  thu'btroti carrhtl "by the HamotHvlidou," '  At thu ovojiIuh* idtibiif, on motion of  Hon. Mr, Loujfheed, (hit  bill   t-uai^n- ,  teelntr Crand Trunk  Patttllo Utudu to  th.�� animii'.t Of $ltl,(WC),tKX) was gltott  thlrtl reiulltki;.  The B.C. Horse.  For Alherni,  The Alborni Kim Hcltf.'itlo in tbo pre-  tuait bolder of the bly cup tflvoa by tlio  Ccnatllan Pipe Company.   Thin cup r��-  pieMUtiu tbo Atimleur ChtimplooNblp  for   vobmteer  llru tiriKOdosi oa Vun-  couver Lland,. It was htipposed thst It  would have to bodofoinb-tl ut Courtney  tbitt ypar, but thoro i* �� rumor that nil  h not just rlpo for tho content -at that  point, ami at oitoo iho Joottl boys camo  tt) lint front In an effort to biivo tho  cuntoKt hrotiffht off in tho town whore  tbo .iitp Is now held.   Thoro h ���,'ootl  reason forUiewotforts.  It Is a common  tblutr for tho cup to bo defended In tbo  town where It in bold, and them in all  the ehunee In tho world for iho Alherni  luiy/t to tako euro of any number wldeh  tuny httvo tho Idea of llftinjjr tbo  big  cup.    Uoro itt boplue; that the content  will tin held at Alborni, and that tho  cup will remain just v.ltero It la now.  It lookw all  r!j(hi at. Alberni, tmd It  would tut tt ahaino Ut ctirl It all over  tbo country whon tbo boys aro willing  to euro for It right horo.  CaptHln Nu|<h>i' and twenty luombur*  of the ll.C. Horwk ��\'ti now in tho D|����  trlct, Tin- Intent Km 1m to m&ktt a  thorough Mtuly of tbo r*��wlt and tmili-  of Vatitkotivar l*Iatu1t uml It in undor-  mtofid that atkout a w*>v��k w||J bo spirit  lit ihifcilMfiot,  Tbo Idea h to *father *U<*h Inforina-  ton ���� will oiiublo tho moinbor�� of lh��  orcnnbathiu to act tt* "-uklcti in ��a*o of  military operation*!, and for tbitt pur��  po-,o u-t timt* fu^ on all portions of tbo  Province will bo vUlted, and auch data  tfiilhfi'fi] tin will enable a <*otu)>i(tl��  knowb*<l-fe of lOtulri, u-alljt ami trans*  |K>rtutloii tnolli'Kl*t who ttvttlliihlo to tbo  War Department. It ts also rtnn<ir��d  that an etlorl will bo math) lo nrganlxo  a troop, or portion of otic, in thin  locality, but no detail* hava yot boon  obUtlnod,  Tho troop arrived In Alborni thta  munihu,'.  Milk.  Tbo Hlvor Pond Dairy la now In a  posltlcn to supply a llittitcil number of  miatomorv wttlt Fwith Milk.  Mornltif-'f} milk (Iol!vori��t,l d I root to  Port Alborni. ICvonlng'n milk to Al-  horul.  Phono No. I/ID.  II. E. TOMS,  SBSESSSSSiBSWSSaMSKIII THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  TBE ALBERNI ADVOCATE     ��w>vincial politics.    ;  Th. Alb.r..l Adv**t, FubM.Mm .rid .HP"-*   I��-*>l��i*��   ��f   Al's'liO   and j  Printing Co., Luf��� I'rofirl��lor��,        ;   **���      the Port ait* having a good ���  1-.��'. BLCIWOE   -   Mltor and Mui��f��rt <'->-*-���<'<'    to   g.M    jmwUmI   on   the  IMi.il.)...> .) Alt��ml   hritur,  iv.m,m>.!... in j *'f,ml''!*''- *,f   Provincial  JHllltical  !�����lK;mM;l1w*l^i;':^l',*"'***nU|��f.��i��* th"*" day*.    Ihwn at the  H.rtd Office   A!b��r��b tt, C,  I  took advantage of hi* visit  i Port tin* J'lt'injer wn* her, til on  I the general Ih*md-<* t)f the ttay  A"<^-|"l��t   ii,    |}|��   |,i.��t��..l.vtt.��l   <ln.��Mii    fur'11 lit  lr*ntiiiUoii,ii iiif4>>t|iii tiwiiiioik ��m.����iv-tiuei��.ni, | , , ,, ,,  n.*it*r, , ! tt) unsure iht�� public generally  "".',,     .     ,..',  ,,    ,  .,   ,,��� ,; that nlbwuH well, and llje "<.*on  J��u).��t'fJett"��IH to lU.llllH ill   I'll-^ltU, till- K'|)!l...l !      ' ' 13 ' ,  Koirfij..m. Ai.Mfi.in. v.*. /'"*}����*> f*"*'"'!^* Utirvittive (hxiMk" wwhtgliitf on a  nitfylmtiHi*, rtiii in- .<>.<..t.u,) <��>i tiH'ft'll��wtitaf<U;nt>i-luliV hit-'ll limb.  H��ri��fV I     ' "    ,  itiii-v,��f       ,    . trot On Monthly evening m-xt, tin  tOLUHGWAVE  GETS TIRESOM  STEAMER STORSTAD  STILL PRISONER  i  A'Hoitg the *iiiuph-�� ;<�� the l��c����a **,'j    The applieatiou of ibi��own��'r* >-f tht��  ltluduv.au oa the Ko'teu'uM M,itts .�� aj Norwegian coiMorKtioi-Mi-d, which ��<��"l<  dark (add Mhiu  v. ith t( I.ij; h-t��W no***] the  I'otin'.x..  *if  l|,*!ami   Jrt-,1   I'Vlil-tyj  that plough* Oioitiramt tt beard like a JOu'rnin-.". lw hi* permbtnt *,e put up it]  rodeh,i��|i,   lie kn-ar* it uti Otrbatii ��t| b"tut In connection *ltJt  the iM'.lll  tui-jtiuinc ring iittit the Imhu* of a .u*i **>*���  C.itiumiti'a claim (tsr'tiJ.tMi.Ooe, and bi<|  ALMOST.  Join'* Think* hVt�� tho ��lmlo tiling,  tloc*> h��* V  Smiths Well, fit httt-dly go b�� filial  OistU^iiitshiMWi'tithily t'oti>,iUi-i> hb,tt��  ��i*)f a ;{Uoititii.  DIDN'T LlKli IT.  bean   never    won  tt   fair  "Krtlm  lady,"  "Why m*��"  "J t|eU'*t thut pi\**eib!M  "I coiikklef |i t�� Map jm bmut'tt��'*),>  Si* M<��i>Oi*  I IM  r^u^.i..u..-1'i.ii.-a sue-.. M,'*il��.*i..i��u! people  of, the   hvo   town*   will  ���^��;T;'?;;B,,'1!',,',"M,,,*',,',, "��������'''������"�������� "���'���'-'| lorn* u chance to hear Mr. 11. C  HretvMU*r, Ia'ttder of the Liberal  ��t>>* in un tie r*ti) in nil am'��,  TO CORHniSf'ONDKNTS.  AI|.*"nitiiuiili-��Ui.titinti-tidi<tl U��t |Hil>li,'*(lott  toui.t '���.- M��siii>|iKtUi>U Willi (he ncniM iu��l nil.  drr*i��nhi. Mllli'i'. fml IHM-*'i>millk' f.>r|>tn>l<Ott-  llenl'Ul fl���� ��ti��t��ot..<'iif t:i,iHtn,li)i. iVi-eriittiet  eadfriake t<' return sv/CHit<>.t i<.iuiiiiuiili'��tliiii��,  No r��.jlltllt>'f��tleu Mill lu* IMiKt Ut |m��.!(i- i^Mllll-  butluil*i.mvel Uv ��eiit!��l Brmlirfiiiiriit.  ����o  Alb��rnl. 0. C��� Canada   *   June 1% I0M  (!lt��r��-e�� fur nil Im**1 jiutltvi will Im* (In* kniin1, ,, ,      it       ,,        , , ,,     ,  ������thiwi����'��t��iiii��ii��'.iii>'i��)��'��M*timi-ii.M����f.>ui",| I'arly in the rrtivlnce, while he  given the other side of the nrKii-  merit. Thin ineethiK will bo held  hi tin* now Lord-HeM Hull, and  as it \h Koine tbno mIuco Mr.  Hrotvnter bus been heartl in thix  locality there will, no doubt, bo  a big turnout from tho Port to  attend the Alberni mooting.  Tin-He occasional vinitH from  those who aiv at the head of  political affair*-nro good thing*.  They uh*t�� all htinilw u chance to  keep pox ted on the genera! trend  ofiiffalr.t, anil to get Into Mime*  thing resembling n perHonal  touch with Ulnae who are run  nlng thing*, or would bocalletl  on to <lo ho in ciote of a cliang��*  in the p,)Uti('itl conipoiiitiou of  tho government,  \\y all tneau.H turn out anil  hear what Mr, HrcwMer will  have to nay about tho mannor  in which the piv*��ont govorn*  moot i* httnttllng the tilttilra of  the people,      .  ICven If you are, quite waUlled,  conic anyway,   it may "ItUuplo"  LOOKING BETTER.  THIC outlooh for summer bu*i-  nt'K* all  over the Alberni  DlKtrlct In looking much better  than it ha* for Home time pant.  A comtiderable amount of money  {r to be 8peut In a manner whlrli  will  circulate  It where it   will  do   the   inoht   gootl,     At   the  Port Homo thirty or thirty-five  thouHitnd dollar* will b��' *pent  on   tho  new   Federal   Untitling.  QuiU* a   lot of money  will  bo  used In public work* of one kind  and another, and tho punning of  tho by-law to ratify tho contract  with tin* Ultchlo-AgiKiw Powor  Company will mean , that  thin  company \Vlll havo to got bu*y  at Ktamp  Kull* und  put  In  a  plant that  'will  come to   noiihj  fifty thon*antl (lolhir* or more  ,   before it i�� complototl.   Tho now  polo lino from tho Port power  v|iouno.to tho bounthtry botwuon  the two town* will i>o needed to  carry out the lighting arrangement* between Alborni and tlio  Port;  At Alberni the water Hyxtom  i* to ho extended in a material  manner, tint tiro )u\\\ to bo  comploted, Etut! tho town wired  for electricity. in. nil this  moaiiH Ntimething over twenty,  tivo thousand to bo wpent in  thin city just an noon a* tlto  debentures nro aold. That theme  will noil readily Ik hIiowii by tho  fact that Kcvcrul in<{Ulrica liavo  boon recolvt'tl with rogtutl to  tliem oven hoforo tho by-laws  pawHcd. Thortk hurt boon a.  change in tbo financial situation  to such an extant' that thoro  HhouSd bo no trouble, in dl*-  powlng of tlioso (lebonturcH at  an early ditto, and having tho  money in hand to go on with  tho work.  All this 1* tpiito outHitlo tho  usual amount)* that nro spoilt  ovory year by tho government  In currying out general repairs  and Improvements of a public  nature.  In the building line there has  been a small revival hi both  Alborni ami the Port of lute,  and tbo outlook along them*  line* is batter. Husinerm men  report thai collections have been  looking up, and the general tout*  of the whole bushiens situation  huB improved,  It. now only need* xomcthlng  definite In the way of an announcement regarding the work  on the Ajlberni section of the  C.N.H. to bring thingK back to  the level of two year* ago, The  moment an announcement come*  to the effect that there will be  no more delay in completing the  CN.lt. to Alberni and beyond,  there will bo a jump in every  line of husiuc.wH.  Meantime there is miilldent in  .sight in,the way of general bu��l*  nOHH aotivity to make the outlook far bettor than It ban been  for a long time past.  Thoro .hits been no better tbno  to Invest in the Alberni District  than right now.  itum. M<i w,-it}����. op iifttJ tlytk tt the thu-H*.  vt tbo steamer placing pibroeh* on a  gout'otiti k> |ssd-)��tg itmt three uttiodiitg  pljH��i., ^ IHimitttt' kllld of S'lltf.jil'K',  AImi 00'. iumi of iho Punjab mono-  lain nine fotv��t> idu>�� ptntnral ah* on  a wirt ef flageolet. 'Tho other dark.  htSiidt'd nteu on Uuml tho Komagotti,  Mhlch hie. a big**!*!' cttbbk tonnttge ut  t*hb.kepM ulHuiid tlitin po����-tl>)* atty  other vi-biwl ttjiico the early thijn of  ititvigiitlou, are ovUentl.i *.(irrt*tl by Hie  uiurttiil mm.lt' of tbi�� piper, and kwtli.  the deck* iiiun* brl��kty \t hen be Legion,  lo play,  HI-.KN* TIIHOt'ilH <;LAKSr.N.  .some   tumtums.  WHO. said   tl  Navy" wan  tho "Canadian  tt* on the bllnlc r  What with tho new Klshoric-s  boat, tho Firt* Wartlen'* cruiser  and now otlie "\VekeninnitshM  for the Indian Department, we  can feel that any, foe who comes  by sea will be met with a firm  front--and tisltotl for his licence  number.  * *   ,    *     '     ,  WILL tho man, or men, who  takes the electric current  from the Port, ami resells it to  the City, bo equipped with nonmagnetic pockets, or will Chief  KorHytho bo given an ammeter,  and from time to time slip up  on them and teat them out for  hidden current J1 Gentlemen,  thin I* Noriou*, ami Hhouhi be  attended to tit once. They might  Mwlpe it pocketful of electricity  any dark night.  # *        *  MAHY had a Itttlo lamp,  'twas 111 led with kerosene-.  The pewky thing it smelt so  rank, that Mary turned pale  green. She tilled and filled the  little lamp, and trimmed it many  days, until at last there came a  chance, to try out modern ways.  Then Mary took that "John D,"  junk, ami hid it in the grass, and  gathered up her lady friend*, to  help the Hy-htw pas*.  Ami It did.  *        *        +  WIMN it Tutor of looting la  tutlng to toot, the Tutor  l* tooting at so much it toot,  whon the Tutor quits luting,  nml they give him the boot, and  for all his swent tooting they  gave him no loot, the Tutor of  booting can only .atari milt, the  law is tpiito plain���admits no  dispute, a Tutor of tooting must  be paid for bin toot.  The Union sayN so.  ' For   further   particular*   ftee  Mr.  H.  A. (Jray, late leader of  the Alberni District Jirm-s Hand.  A near v|i��# of the steamer'.. Inhabl-  unit* I* only jtoM-lhlo to the nuked e,k��t  m hen they come to the j-lilo of the i>hip  to gti/c ut it piecing ti-Nvel, or *kben  they are tbhbig fpdttn the raih Hul  Oiruiiyli tt pulp of lleid uhtxjici,, aimed  ut the tb'clth, nitieh muy be seen, tit  letiKi, enmigh iitatt be ob-��'rktsl linn tite  emlutrgo of On* Imtuhirulitm ullicfiv.  bte* '-polltHi hek'ontl goott ttexethalve  *imie*i. No triivelling memti'eile wit*  t*vep lutlf ii-, pletureMjue to. tliutllt  Slut-li ami lib-ii'lheMiit'ii. ' '  The ibt'I,* of tle> KniitH'-uia are I be  at��>tte ol Iter pithheugei-N thiring the  day. t'M'ept when they are ut their  pniyei'M in the temple which bte. heen  iinptovlkit) in the 't.u'oi'tt deck* of the  t>teamer. Tht*re iire ahouttl the Koiiiit-  gAiia u half de-eii or morn holy nteu.  who arc roHglm;* voiitrle*. of a npeele��.  never M'en in Canada hefoii*. TIipm*  tlcvntA'Ci are inoinhet-* of tt'Klkb pt*��  llgknti. order, which >*��ttl'-ti miilotry In  it�� chnraeter, Mkinetbiug like the old  MM'lety of Tcmplarx, and ttbulbo* jilote*  urdttro.  The temple on tin* Komtigtttu hit* a  full equipment of eecle��lai>tlcal pro��  pcrllCN, r-ai't'ed bouk*., goag�� und oyui*  bab, etc, The Sikh religion in not  liutltlblKto, but (t h fouitiji-d en the  phllOMiphyoflludvlbit. TheSIhk monk*  on tbo xti'timcr aro a itlmi of dcrvUho��.  The lahy on tho ��hlp ait* callnl o>  ppa.M'i'N and woiithlp wiveral time!, it  day.  till the Mt'ttUter there In it great deal  that would delight tho ������nlnr-MM-no,' If  tt fttUr rcgiikttton did nut ��tuud lu the  way, Hverythlng on board K pit--  turt'Mpio, though dirty. The hi-aa*  twiklng pot�� vt'ittteretl about tbo dc(*kt��,  and tint w|kl looking ptthM-ngerx ihoin-  helve.'* bring back lite (litys of the  Arabian NigbtK, the dii.t* of Hitrouu a)  Htthchltl.  )  All the pitssciigci'ii tiro not wild li);  apttiHipance.    Many upc lino ItHiklnp:  Mlkhn with hiindMtiiic face* and tlt'owd i  In clean t-lutlion.   They appear nut to ���  find On* jiKuiiibat'dull, though they are I  nick of being on ���dilphmird.   They int-*.'  the hotin. In convet-Mttton, Hometlmi".  animuted, with voU'ei, rained lu argti-  juotit;   in lUtening to the mirniilvt^  of   -.tory ��tnllerM,  In. their . religiotti,  (���Kt*it*!KC!>, and In/'ooking ami outing.  Altai they ctitch Hob from tbe^toamor'  rail.  ��"!0W��'d   *0   l!tk|Htt*t    ftMIII    tin*     j,U!t     of  Moutival, ti��N j*i>Ntjw.ied by ug-wim-nt |  It- e.ioit��el for tHilit*tiKf>, lit thotm-<tii.  tbee UiofrMoiirtat! rn:t:jtlti��r, "prlv.oer"  tmilcr the ot*ttep of the atloijroltj cmirl,  "There never I* u illnaM-'r of tin)  kbitl," *ald 8b> Arthur I'oitan'jieyle  i.ttlay, In wniniH'tiou ulth the le��i, of  On* KHipro.il, "In **liii'l�� ��me i*. not  ciioniii'tmly tttrueli Im the l����n��iiy of  b.tmitn utitiirc, PiMtpie talk idtoui the  tU'lgluul Mu, the iititurul scakite** of  mttnklndi but I think It I*. pet feci  ltlic>p|ioiiiy in talk In tbut kwiv. I think  thai man te full at the itw-t wtuntetftil  tiiiM'ilUline'.*, of the moM beautiful  tpuilliiieH, tihtcti me onl.t revenbsl In  the llghining flahh of t-iuin* terrible  itiiiiiti-ni, tttieu tboy ftpriug in tho  ���mrhico, I think the mif-i ktoiiibufiil  tbtng tttxmt hntmiikit,! \- lt>- un-.-UUIi-  lie*.**. It�� power0 to give ever(4iiiing up  fur the Mike of On* eomnitiu weal,  "I knew Liiureneo Irving *.ko!l     lb'  kkll>   it   lil'lll   of   It   be.'tiultill,   itleuljsOe  i-trit tif miml. it mttn timid by nature,  lux a mini with ��plrh in him lo meet u  gKtit ci'UIk,"  WIHKLKSS MAN,  Itttmtld l'*i'i'iftt*.oti, the Kiiiptv.* tilts,  lei-t tipeitsior, bud only elyhi minuter  In which to call fop tixuMiiuce beloie  the dynamo fabetl. ttceitrtilnj,. to lt(->  Mop> io.��bty, Directly alter the colli.  ������Ion, I'Vrgu-'m t-ay*. be "��� ��u tail n  ine����it((e to ll<ittb"r point telling the  ttiteratur there to ���Sumd he, n�� the  Mmprem. hud'i>iiti.'k Mniiethtng," A  M'cond later First tillleer Htviule ran  Into the room and fold him to di-.ptstch  the "H.tl.S.'Vcatl!' l-'atbei'' Point an-  i��weiH��tl thut iiolp wit*, coming und hn.  tuettbitety the whvlowi of tho Hiuppc*ii  *top|uHl. I'Vpgtihoa went down with  the Milp and after ���.tvlinmlng fur three-  tptartep'. of an hnur, wan picked up.  Tbo body of Mir Henry Setnii.lwtrr,  the noted big g.'tiue himier, hh�� hurled  lonltty with only a handful til mourner*,  In itttunthtaotv  BANK OF MONTREAL  ESTABLISHED 1817  hoard or' !>nu:cT0Ktv    H- V, WoreaOh, Kwj.. I-r��*ht��nt.  ���� ��, Gf**ii��hlMii*. K��j. SO-  Wm.  H.tJtmitljJ  Sir ThM. tiU��utlw����t' K.C.V.O,  f>����W KorrlP#. Ita.  A. |5*uio<��rl*i��, E*q. C, ��. Cw^w. V.*q-  R, R. Anjofr. ]'#i|,  Kea. ftott, Kmtkay,  C. Jt H��*����n*r, Cm.'  H.M.Oruatmwod. I;*^|. 0, IV"W* AttjuV. Kit-, Wj��t, Hffiaaicr.'ki*^.  Sir FKEDERICK WILIJAMS-TAYLOR, General Mane^r.  itanker* In t'auada und Linil.m. l-'iig,, fur the Cnmttllttu Covermneitt,  llraiu'liDh t".iiiblb.livd thivtigbotn t>mtdit unit Not*.foiiudhfCd, tit eiteb of  which i* n  Savings Department  whore tlofto��in. <if #L��i aiid iipiitii'd are lepeSvcd ntiti Iotere*.t aboard at  hlghi'ot currctu ralei,  Having* Department iiceountH given *>pm*lal attention  KWKKNV,  Stll'l   til lt|ttl��ll Cii||IM|l>U |t|*tll'lll>*,  VASlliOVI-ll  C. K. Pltl'lVJIAHP,  MHiiniit-t  Al.itt'UNI  WMtl^CWCl   lk>  Ho hi'ekh tell.f lu k.tln vthtt vtill not  follow ailvk't*.  DO   Vilt:   KNOW   ilKH Y  The Alberni Billiard Room  equipped with the Peerless mHtHrilT.HKS & WATTS'  TA1JLHH, nntl ^{o^h���rn in Kvery Detail, is now open to  the Public from 10 a.m. to 11   p.m.,  Sunday excepted,  OC  YOUK l��ATKONA<JK IS SOLICITED.  in   the  Alberni  ��HMX>QmmtK^*ffa  HEAVY LOSSES  BEING PAID  "ANOTHMIt NATDltK KAK1-:."  It--'might bo itaturo'faking, but uS   I  travel on,  I'd   like 'tho,   kindly   vIMou,   to   net*  tlio gctwo a�� swan*  It Hmtmtr not   one   whit   wiser,   and  roitlly what's the toioV  To go atwut '.tuM*.lh.ig that Komo*swttR  Is a gooso. J  <>v����p '.t^i.OOO mnmdtt w��nvpii(d out by  London untlerwrSiiii-ala katUfacilon of  KngliMi hit>tiruii''e Involved in the lo*-*  of the I'mju'ttM of irohtnd,  "Now that the vennel hasi been abaii-  doiiexl to the imilot'wri'ct'M," the  ;'riutinct��l TliiioN'Sa**, "thepo li��lltt!��i  doubt thut (lu* hull will bo dyaamit<*d  Hi fOott no tint Mlver and copper have  been rocokeiwJ. Tho,total amount of  thc��t< uteutli. t�� etttmttted ut ten  thuuwdutl pound*. Under no chvtim-  stitut'ev *.��yt> tb�� iinderkvrltoi>, can the  Iwttt Im pp-covor<*tl at a co-i which  would pay for iho Milvuge operation  and the only object in once moro pal**  big hep to tlio MU'luro would bo to  place on record iho fact that Mio was  recovoivtt. Their oj��lnlon Is Uial the  nooucp Mio In blown up tbo butler It-  will be for the wife navigation of iho  St, Lawrence."  Montreal, June -i.~ The llrttt cbi|ui  arlMiig out nf tho Milking of tho Km-  pro*.n of I retain! was i��olOeil In Mon-  troitl totlay. Kobert HaittpM) -V t'om-  lutny, Limited, the inailne humrttiteo  agents, puId on behalf of their print*!'  fitt^., to a U-utllng bank a claim of over  ��1-1,000 for }';ogltaercd mail on board tbo  Kiiipresii, ��� The IonI packages contained  commerchtl boiultf, whk-li tho bunk win.  tsendlug to Kugbtnd,  'Tin), habit of taking thing.*) its they  como.'-ihay loud to itn unpleasant llualo  If you tako them toy fur,  ���- We have on hand  Which, by instructioa of the  1  For particulars apply to- di  THE ALBERTO ADVOCATE.  SOFfMGEHE GAINS j  ROYAL PRESENCE!  The Kin)? i����!iJ Umvn held omnt m>  Heekb'.gham Putac.* hv��l ����*<���&. and lu]  *p|o> i��(,i*U piVH'tHtt I*'***' a ��?0}laiit ���.uf-j  frugeite j'ule.iHiutH-i^t t" their l-'i'*-*''fiCt��i  ami eii-fc.-d tin'laterrapilou to the piv  ,   ft.-|ltUtlOI-��.  Am Mn* ptiMi^l ttho   King  iln* huftVii-  gette    Uroppeii    mi    her   Jsiiei". 'and  nheuled,   ''Your   MajvM*.   Jur   limJN  k-ikc tin eoi iimi tort-e,"'  The tkomaa u tut ntttmlht court (be-*.  . -ijtd per lo'Sjun citti*..tl pr-ibmntl tiatoit-  Lbtneiit,   She eoittltnieil  to udmimWi  the Kbig, hut her  ��nr��N were liiatul*  Pile, us the t'ODiltiCloi' *d   the   htoiti   in  '   lit*- galb't.k, tpilt'li tu   ol'o.'i'tc the  bt��  cltieiii, Kigmdied lu the  titiud   in   |iltik  binder, und   the   woiiiiiiiV   voice   mi.  drowned,  She kins removed from tho mmo am!  handed over to .he police. 'J'lio ttiimt*  of tho wiiimtu P. moi kno��n. unit clu������:  iniptblei are helng utittb* u�� to how t.ho  obtained a card of lidmUMmi, The  M't'iie, uhlrh gave u tdtock lo liie-e hi  (lit. himieillttto vicinity of the iiiutl  elivltij kt'te. very brief, itnil thi* it����em-  hinge generally had M'im*����l} any  know lodge nf M but tktts happening,  \Vfieih��r the ttoutun �� ��*��� <me nf, the  incited gtt'.'Ht* who -t.wupuihi'otl w it It  tttt* Mi'lrtu'c mmoitti-iii or an lutptnler  mIio u.illii'tl iultuK'loii tic forged cind  U still unknown. It \�� (tltlleuH, lan\-  eker, to btiiiuine liii^ ttit.k jiri miu putilil  leave ^iibiisl act't'sH to lh>* runrl on it  f.irgui iiiiiiniimi, t)i* the police bud  knowledge "i a cun��|ib acy' to approach  the iii,�� id ptvtence, iiitd every gm-M  ami every ciirruijfe inritlng at Murk.  higiutiu Pallet- toolchl bud b.-en miu>  , jeoi (iietot,* Iti^jiectlnii tiy iteteeiikt.H ..  ' a unltpm pit caution, umi one that  ciitiMSt vuiiMilcrablc delay and not u j  lit tic hullgnuilou tu court chvh'��.  Touiglit'* lucideitt U calculated to  produce tt feeling ��d "Oil greater okhv,  perailou hi the public mind ami re>  nowtH* ilemtnuls fur hirotig uteasurt*,s to  ���appro** the tttiilrttKutto agltuikm.  Accmdiiig to "The Time." the  wtuiiau api*itivntly aim ptovlde-t wllh  a proi er curd of iiiimKMon. Who idi  on l*->th kueon uml cried lu a Mtriil  voice, tshlch wjttt audible throughout  lIts' thr<me room,  "Vour Majeoty, kion't you Mop Mr*  luring kkiiiiienV''  Mir lluiiglin. Itubliihiiu, comptroller of  lite cliiiiubcrhiln'*. tlepttilmcni, iiasImimI  ht mirylng her nut, K'0 tcIiue-.-.e-  ib'M'tlbe the hearing of their Maje��tie��  und the ceremony a> it uittMorpioce of  dignity ami comjioMue. Tho woutiin  was kitting und rather cuiix-pl��*ut>m>ly  th'i'used.   <  Hotel Arlington  The old ami ever popular heatltpiartoia for the High-chist* Inland Trade,  bus been recently  Greatly Enlarged -~������������  Ami  now contains alxty rooms, Hinglo or en milte.   Tho Nplondld  new  thnlng-rtsmt oonttthw a  line selection of  Island   vIowh  from the studio  of Mr. Leonard rYunk. ' (  - ;--;::. Tourists and Sportsmen ===:=:  Will  find the new  Hotel  Arlington  Junl. the  thing.   GuIUon  furnlnhcd.  r: ^:z^zzx%==r~-.Sample Rooms ���-  For cotntnereial men on ground Hdor.   On tor of tho l>u��im?Nnt District.  Kree Huh to ami from all trains and boats,  McNIFF & MEAGHER  Proprietors  LAND ACT NOTICES.  Ai.llltKSI I.ANU DIHTKIt'l',  UUtrli't ul Umvluy,  TiiJtM malts* Itmi.otiu W, Aptitnierii, i>f A|  latriii. II tr��� mvtii>Htii)tt euiiM'fiter, fitii>mt�� i��i  BtMily Mr tK'l'lllt��uluu tu li-i:*n U>() (clin*IIV  iWril.wl iHtiditt  t't.uinii'ticiiiK ��t �� |��i>( (ilmitist ��; itie> K.W  <s>rii(<r uf l^iv in, llit-ntsi tli|w,��t muttti. ItiriKS*  vh*\ k<>t-ptl>ir Hit WIm'I |mwlli?l viltd 0��n *)mrr  lilt.. t��i �� |i"iiu nl��ml M irH wnitti uHhuN.VV.  I'Mriwr .It Ult tlM, tiil-llisi b) til* N.W. DiflMTOl  U>t ��4H, ilii-mv. nf��t l.illuwlni* Oic utioic linifte  pUtltt lit   /Ulilld-liVflliOtll,  into WillteiHi AtU'vlilsirii,  M��y If. li)U. Jumofr 14.  o  AUinitNi i.ASn msTiot-r,  itunli", t.r Imrt'lH^  Tsttf niittts. tt>m Mtirir MIi'Iii'Immi, ur UHiiiltfUi,  |<0. i>ivti|iutiuii iimjijiyt ��<>(iiftii, Itut-iiitti lit  &|>|il>' for ecittUi.tiiii t,i )f����t? lliu folluuliitf  iUimyIIh*! Iienl*:  i,kut��ltirtlt-itiK tt) k lu.<��l UtHlklni ut tlio (*.)'���  txrintf o| ��ttl'ti-)isl J,��it ttl,\. tlicttc?. i.t h*��  nmtli, ltii>niK> m4.it 11-11*11115 t.tft-iUiti,' tat* ti* listt  ..nisitcl- ulih On, *hiit-<< Itiio t<i n eviiit Mtt<v<  ���dull, tif tlitt H.V. isiiiii.r.<(llii* Ji'mlini Iti-fctrvi.  No, 10, Ou-iks* t<lfi-i<l.t>i>|tliti. t-uiil i'lul, tlu'iiw  i>ti��i Mimin t< ciitiuii. in tH'iiiit i.i .Himnii"HVj4ii'nt,  Wery MU'li.'lM'tii  I'Dlcr Mli'ltfU'it. Am-M.  Signs Signs Signs  i        (       ...  Laud ami Advert btng Mlgrtt. t*U'.. ^  thtae with Ppiinpi Despjttch  ��l l>)we��t PrlciiK by  S,   EATON  Murtfurot St., Alborni  ���   P��lrtt��r ��R��J Pa{*4)HJan<��r  Work tto'ue by Prticlit'iit Men only,  rVuhuatt"- S'Vou.  fm.  t��>  l  Qan��ral T��amiit��r.  VliTiMHA gt'AY  Auto supplies and repairs  Cars for hire at reanonablo  rates   ,  Tho touring public will Ibid hen* a  phmt    tinibetinipped   to   itili-'ntl   tu  their vitrUnin auto DvtnU nt   prleeM  that nil' ilj;lii  Huff, Prop."  .ALIUWNI, li.f  m*n ***u.toMm/m  DRY STOVE WOOD  Alway�� on Hand  All   OrdurM   Promptly   Altctided   *1V��  Gertrud�� St,      -      Aib��rnl  CLASSITIVD ADS.  Wiiftt*.!.    tilw* tllii-lntk. t'uttikttt.ie MOO  |     Ilu\   Httk-'-    Mo*!   1��*  in p����M run'  dltioii.,, Appl*    D>'*   '"M"  Ailn��v.ii.'  t Ifllce,  Tt) Hunt. l-'iiriiiMnnl Ibmn.- iui Ihitepit.  Itli'-lit N(<li-el tieM Piotn'.f Koi'ilt ��l!tce,  Apply A, W, Nelll.  I,  IVi'   K*ut.   l-'iv.-.|��iom   t'oiLige,  s>ltb  t.;it-n,   ijoeatii) o'ii Piitepson Town  )>ile.   Km-  |iiti'!li-ohii�� apply  lo  'IV  I'iitop>.iiii. Allftcrui, ll.t'.  fur H��nl. Dtiiltlbig '.ubabh* for ..Mice,  up thing rot.-ms, bit ttlvec l-'mut  Ibutd tii'itc tfltMickhti* llrlilge. Apply  i.'iH), A. Hitilib, AUicrith It, t*,  Far H��nt or Hn\��. Huutll IbtiiHe on  dhmble corn-'P, .Ubern! Height*.  Huutll jitiMiik'iit duwu und #10 per  month will buy It.   J. Itest,  For R��ttt, Kive-ronm I'otUtge. Apply  .1. Itllli., Alberni.'  For 8clt��, ��� Iloi>o (three ye��r> old).  VViigoii, Mowing Miirhlne, Disc  Harrow, Double,burrellwl Hhotgun,  Huggv, t.'routu Separrttor ^Shuriiies'l,  iimi Hem., A, II. Audot'Mm, th'totil-  vjntv limit!, Alborni.  '  '  '17 '  (iieetie's   llomo-llttko  lireittl  at Alberni Trailing Store,  (Corner .lohmdou Uoad  ami Viclotlil Quay.  ��*���(* �� ���> "*w- *  C. GALES        Proprietor  Will lint piihlli- ph'tiMt note that  J. G0LOMBECK  \\ht> It cioove,! Ill* p)(ieo����t h��.;Mlie*s     ;  i*�� bin     '  Hw Store to (It Htmlma Ket4  Near the t'lty Hall  Wluit it will U Imi mil 1* (trot*  dll ff?8in U Bwb ial Sb�� amtlf tM  | ��� ^itktr  t,-, nf4Uf-*n>*yi* i*����fc*u*m  y*w��-"-"'1'"i'il"��>'��" *��*n<ii^iirsiiiMpiMiMi*i��iiii��iitlitii��iiwW����WM��WWWWWI'Ji��WHW1 WWBH  H'IBBITT  (Si  GERRARD  PRACTICAL PLUMBERS, STEAM  AND HOT WATER FIHERS. .  t  L'jtimstci rurnuhed on AppSicttinfi.  Margaret St,  Alberni, BX,  Ituy tbo bc-it- iii'eeitii'rt Homti-Hnko  Dreittl.   Alburnl Truding Htoro, ,r  Alberni Livery  and Feed Stables  ,b .1. HDHKH. Proprietor  Livery rigs of all kinds.   Heavy drayhig and freight delivery  MI��^l>Ml��limnil<lllh��,��W|i>��>����>����i��*J����it^^  M��yiK, istu,  Jiim-Mi  JwmwwrtfwW^vMpfw  Urocno'tt Stome.lVtiko  Ilrcad itt Ai>  berni Truding Ntot-c,  ^���t^.'wr&'irw&evyvTr'r"  iiwi ���>��� ��itmifvi\WA��**T*sM.��V-a,t��^wfc��*,^i  Tboso ileMrlng iho aorv-icat) of Oio  t;lty Jicavoiigor will flml Mule* m writ*  orticm at IIIMiop's Storo, Cirlovo*'  Warn, and City Hull,  All e-ixljM'ti pruiiiptly fittonded Ut.  WM. DKIirtY,  City Scavenger.  Profmsmonal Cards  GEO. A. SHITE* C. E.  It. C. Laml Btirvavor. Hurveya of  timber llaiitit, mineral otatuiM. and laud  KttbtllviMloiu, Oflico at Alborni. I*. 0.  Uok 23.  A. M, ��. C, &  HI, C. lUantl Bur����y&r ��tat| Civil ^ifttrtrr  OflJcs��:   e*rs������r Kiosk, J��wl   AltwinJ  f*tS��rt# ST  Who will b�� tho Lucky Buyer?  This is a Bargain  Aleo Farmor'o Handy Truck Scales  Apply to E. M.�� WHYTE  PI ION IS IS  Or P.O. POX 10  "U'T1"1' .iiii.wi.mi>  HfU"!*! l��.);"-  Ji^n,..J,.HI.q|j i  Ii. H,BHOWN)B  (;tvll and Mining Kugbnw  ami  Albft'nl  ProvlnoJal l^awd .Surveyor  II. O.  J. rrcj gitdk A ,W. A{a*w A, & Wrickt  RITCHIE, AGKEW & CO,  3E)eaJcr In  tea  Sash, Doors and  Qlmtt  Building and Hoofing Paper  Ltmo. Bricks end Cement  mtlH"' ��r.����,1.*i��T**l *��*" M. ����� V�� u  ^<   ��l  "kM..-,'  if.   l.lV��M���**k->l Ii*. ll   ^��"IPI��Wn#��*^��*��t��<  ir" ' 'AJr*  I U'W��V��fi*nvjj| T��(r.i'iv* i.f t!< t'l'l^.itvtt'M?  ��(t��i4IAtMM��aMtMU��frMmnK^��  We can deliver a few Snaps in Acreage in the  Alberni District on very Easy Terms  COLUMBIA PROPERTIES CORPORATION UNITED  Suite UOI North \\Vi.tTnM Pulldlng VANi.'OUVlM, H.C.  Alberni   ft*,  aJ ���   1^.  Huy tbo bcst-Croimo's i'lomo-Hake  Broad.   Alborni Trading  Storo.  D��mtBi}R attd Prttiadd Ltui Smtfw  Ciril, Hfdraeltc ned PittaidjuJ ER|ictt��  Ivimm Ut Ritckle, Afatw Tsmt C��.,  LU.  Mittiti'l[iK.I Weill,  ficrtirt  (lra<J<i��,  .'lull.  (ilvlkiuiiit, Ke��*rntto, \V��lrr��i)rt(a, Ho 4  or I.nnil Mirvvylnu  Leal Oltice. . Pert Alherni, B.C.  *\0, JIok HI, I'ort Alberul.  MhNiMnw i��Mi mtm fmm  -1  ���O  KinVAUO M, H- VAl'l-JIAN  Owlnj; to the fhmnchtl etrlngwtcy our r*te�� for Car<l��ntnS ��w  r��duc��ul to 83.00 p��t day for tlt�� pren��iit.  llot>��, Ltd., <Juttriuile��lod l-'luvver K<'t*d��, Vegetable SetvU, Pulhs,  oic.  "TT!  Bricklayer and  Cement Worker  J  Licenced  Auctiomser  2nd Avenue  Port Alberni  tt*m tm*,w*m*mM***M*<** THE ALBERKI ADVOCAI&  At The  1-HONB a J  What could In* more invjlbtKi on thea���� lucy .SmmioT-ifhrr  U-riMMtiiK tiiau a (U��nl Hook nod n HAMMOCK Y  You furnish the Book  We furnish the Hammock  1 Vim! at fl.uti, *,MX), *5,��)0, ����.��., f IO.OU and HIMO each.  Good* cbt'ei'fully oAchangcd or money refunded.  E. R. PAINE    .    .    Successor to Htxuacr & Paino  La dice' Black and Tan  Lisle Hose, 30c.  80c. and 60c.  Ladles' Black Cotton Hose  26c.  Children's Heavy Ribbed Cotton Hose, all  eizce, 28c.  Fred   G.   Cox,  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  Summer BIouboh In great vtirfoly,   While, Stripes, Colon*  MittorlitlH ranKO from MuHlinit to ItrttlnuH, ami tho pricoa aro  apcolally attractive ��  Our utoclt of iilUldndH of Bummor Wear l�� calculated to twit  a wldo ruuKOof UiHtoN, whllu "up to tho miuutoMa�� to fnnhlons  A fow Shtidd Hutw to clear nt vory low prlcoM.  Somas Trading Company - Alberni, B.C,  i V ..  Luili-V Homo Journal PiimwiM ahvityw tu stock  SECOND TIME  FOR FIREMAN  Wild Wi'ii.'n tier*; Mltite��M-d t\\ xiw  Kin-hangoKlatloiiat l.bei'i*uH��l ��u the-  arrival of the *urvjv����* tt| the vn-w  of thtt I'jnpri-kc* of Ireland, who had  n.ivli hi*i)iigi'.t buim* on the l,'oi>lcau.  Thu -tatiuu Itud been parked by a di-i****  email for -.I'V.iral hour*, amJ wln-w the  train Meitmed in from (J|a*>guw at 7  o'clock tliefu it a* a ru-h lo tho c:>r.  Hugo door*.  'i'ho jtolh'o and railway otliolnl* at.  fernj��*d to hold back tho crotkd, but  Ihey well* iMiMorlCM and Murumtng  wouiuu with lutblt'M in their arm*, were  cru*liwj"iij''/ili^t iho train.  Tim welctimo wit* wehtl lu iho ox*  Ircme. Koine of lh�� women had I be  good fortune to��eo ihcir hiihbami* ai��  they Mopped from the train, but  Miventy otkl Mirvivortt were won ��wab  lowed up in Die rro��t! ami ii w��*  only'iiy their kit bui'ille*' thut they  coult) hodlflSuguif-hotl.  I'ltlftll I'out'ivn* vtero nltnesifett  Women threw tbom<clvoi byntcrjeally  into tlto arm* of their huxhuikN. t'bib  tlreu us tltey caught night of their  father* la the crowd struggled frimtl-  cully to reach thorn, ami eten the big.  gruff tlreiueu could 1101 tonlralu lliolr  ctmiliouK.  A lining the Mvoi*|tool ntirvlvont who  reach homo wan William Clark, who  lutK hud tbo torrlbh' tixperlencoof pa*t-  itbig through two of the groittont ton  ti-agi'dft'n known, Ho was tlr��mitn,.tm  tho Tituale ami IIlied tho Hiimuluty on  tho Kmprei>>> of' Ireland. Mh llrwt  thought when they went at ruck wont  back to ibo.io torrlblo MJonoti on the  Tliunio. k wa�� bin Una voyage on  tbo r'mpreM of Irolaud itud of course  on tht) Titanic, which was tin her  'maiden trip, lie added "thoro In a  hsH of mipomlilon iitiiong nullum and  1 believe ii<nppllO!t on laud an well,  that tbn ilibti time It fatal, but thut  doe* nut worry mo. 1 am going back  tu Liverpool tu Itud a job on uoothop  kicaimtr," ,  ' i'l.trk witld, In reply to tpiontlon*, that  ho t*aw tiDim of the crow neglecting hit  duty or win.) wan not trying'to mtve  ntiiL'o htimrdl��tk*ly uftor ihi) grout  phmgu en tui*.  WIIXR0IEM8ER  WH, S. BENTON!  I^mduu, JuinjO.^Thi�� Daily |:��j)r����*j  s-.iei't'* thai H\f J'iittiard <bvy, :lio!  ilrhbh forn'Jgtt tccrciar.), ha�� jjoMtlt^i  IVe-.idcot WiSaun In frJeiitPy ami ��n<  wiult<��i'ai t,*r��i�� tliat If Oeueral VlUtt  ikbottlii bt'4*yioit IVettldcnt of Mexhv,  ibt* tirUWi giivtbtnuent W'Wid denmfltl  ami oxatrt nutUfuctiuu for tbo muider  of Win, p, ISoHtum, Mhowuti kclb'd la*t  February by tho (WillJilomdM*.  Tin) Ihdly Ks|ni*ii!f. aay* that, Hitf  eouimuotcatlon, "d��H-.)ral<*i,l with all  tho frill** ftitd oiubroldery uf dlpSouiutlc  tuiftgo and couched in langmtg.* eat.  pbat,|/.big tlfetti Itrltahi'i gouptjll to*  wa>\l Iho UnbedMinto'*, place*. I 'rc-klrju  WIImjd hi mi awkward |i*)*||t��ii,"  An editorial la tlto Dally l-**pr��-��*�� tin  tho utiiito nuhjeetoj(pro*.rt itatKfai'tiuu  and aitonthhmoiil tlutt tie* guverumeni  h��t- at Ja-it piit.Jl*! fool ��Iidvm. It din.  ohilimtihiitiitiy attempt to subvert lbe  .Monroe dn-'lrlno b being miule, and  Kityit ll wtmld bt* luipie-sUilo to extigge-  ratt) the fraternal tn*��lbucut of tjretit  llrltulu fur the United StatcH, The  t-tlltorlitl iti't'bii'fx, however. Ih.-ii  tint whole nation it III itpjuove Kir  I'tlkvattl (IivyV hti'ttlgliiforwanl ih  ohtratloa that If the United St nteu  falltt to exact vopttrutlon tJreat ilrtlitiii  will exact. It. .  REDUCTION   IN  FRIGE  OF  COAL  W����h��(i Nwt Coalt the Most  Suimblo Fuel for Summer Vtrn  $7.60 . . Per Ton  ��� /C;u.*Au'WKi'��t  it-G��*.iiMir''J*iirr*JrZ*A.nrtWb&ttM*i*M.i.**.j,.*.  Pioneer Feed & Coal �����������  A. PAUL, Htmttv  Oltlcrt Phono VM  Itw., Jt&  Can now supply order* for Flmt C'lttn*  Rough and Dressed Lumber of All Kinds, Shingles, Etc.  Local Oitlurit will roeutvo ��p��olul attomlon,  r^i.v+,^-.,��,rji?v,w.,  ' TWIK-'.SifJKi  L^iwrjff*,*1.* i. *;&  Cull at the .Vtli; on tho Scotch Hottlcinont rtontl, or Phono  or wrlUi to tho MunBgur  o  i?* I. FRASER  Phono R40 Alborni, B. C.  Till'; MOHT UNJCIND1MT CUT.   .  Cholly'-J'WhiMi I way a boy, you  know, thu doctor Mild if I didn't ktop  kiiioklug clgurt'ttt'M i would bocouie  fiHtblO'iulmled," (  ,j  MIm Keen���"Well, why didn't you'  HopYV���UiwtoH Traiiscrlpt.  NOTICE.  I  have boon limtriictcd to Hei! by  Tender, either in hIndoor In part, tbo  nutotMOf It. W, lli'RHlhi, Imiolvcnt, con-  ftlxtlng of :-~  Team, Wagon and Uiifiiintn,    1 Com-  blmitlon Haf����, ttlnumt now, '  I LoT_4.ot No, If. block 2, nuUllvbioa  of DUtrlct l/ot 11,  Ivpilty In HotiKo tmd I/tt���i^ot No, ^,  Itluck 2, dutallrlilon of D.L. II.  Throo Vi'ttm l*ciuni on Iwt 2 and 3,  lined a^ a I.tiiulicr Ynixl. Mibdlvl-  hlon of Djntriot hot II, Including  Hulldlngti, t.'arpoutor Khop, OlSlce,  unit all Lumber und ^ouldlnga ht  yaiti.  All book Debt* of tlio SCtiato.  Tbo high cut, or nny. tender*,   not  nccoiu.itrlly ncccpuHl,  TKH.MH CAHJJ.  rmm  '���?'ii"  ,��ttvAi*"a->,iu ���Aturjuwftj'wiw*-*'***'  Local Strawberries, fresh every  . 10c Per Box, Cash  ��.50 Per lQOlbs.  Sugar,  Tho Bu��y Store  On tho Buoy Corner  Tender* to bo rccolml by 12 p.tu,  Juno futh, IU14. " ,  Km'|l��rth��uhtrksu|i|.|y top. Jb ttklttcl),  \lborul TradingHuiivn, Ato.ignoo.  Vl'-TO-DATM.  Tofteltor���*"\Vh��t U tho porfoot l��uno  of tbo vorb'to lnvc��t'V"  ���  Johnny���"To luveKilgatoi"  "St1"1 *JiSPJf^'SS'fflS  Hanging Baskets  Htit Ic ttitr, lt!U witfe c��!tiute4 fijsb  AKoTuliorou* HogonhiM, I',u��n*hht*,  liytlritnguti,   CaruulUms   Ahtcru,  I'Vrmi,    All kind* of House and  1 Garden J'liimn,  V. ROBERTS  l*^B^��1W^W^9^^JWtfittl^W^^II��^l��i'jUt-|i|W''IWfW^  FRESH FI6H.  Wo propo/it- to supply the (Jit v of  Alberni with Kreoll VM\ everyTucMlay  unit Krklay, on which dayo the wagon  will mtiko the jvuuiIh from K> a.iu, u>  2 p.m,  JOHN KIJNDALb,  Ut WeU-bovn tnd Old fcUUiibd Gmert, Mm and Product RmliARtt  REMEMBER OUR CEU3BRATED  DAIWKBUNO IthliNIl TKA   .   .   .   fiOo |>or lb.   .  DKCKAJI1MK INDIAN TKA   .   .   .   Neper lb.  KK1NDKMH TKA, Jllb. Jlo^  .   .   .   ,   $1 per box  Tho tibovo have our name on ottoh packot.  Lipton'ft, Totlwy,'  ljluo Ribbon, Voonht Tohh, olc, ittwuyj* in stock  Our Hroad, Huuh, Ctiltcfi, otc, tire unequtillotl In quailiy  Vkism Qasv Simt thm 38  Tfelrd At?��a* Sim, Pfefit 146  it  'J  PIRELLA CORSET  A Typo for ovory Flguro  SPmELUi BONING  JU'tulttB lltt klutpt*, titipremt) comfort iimi Dtub>fuctlon  Bu��t Improvers  Children's Watotc  AppolntiiUinttt ul jour own homo  MRS. WESCOPIBK. . ALBEENJ  GOOD OLD SIMM  l&JL    ,  WWWWMWtalWWIilPiH^ii I  So nrt* our  STRAW HATS &  Motion Block, Alburn!  Phono 81  Klrat Ave, Port Albohit  l'ltono 1��    .  vxsraas?:  ���KWWM��WfWW>W^WHMIWIWiWNW*WM��g^.iffWI,WlW>IWIW.MI.i|��..P*PliW��.>W.J.W��W^MW^^  aaw^iiaai,Ti|!ia!a^c'aar*^'TO^^  JBBSB!MS*S*J��^KS*a��3SSSSi!!a^^  You got a Hquaro Deal from  oar Aiivcrtbmru  ���Miwwi tun lommmimmm  HifMMViiBtfirinrtfmTn-ri^'"  mmmmmmsmmmmssmssm^  The Canadian Pacific,  Company, Ltd.,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  ough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  cmmm pacific mm mwm, ltd.  Port Alfoerni Branch  nun ami" ri'i  WW, ���i;.miii,Ii1WiiW| -in   in iiiin u mi mu i l mr u'ruvuLnn ui ilwiimi iiji   n 11  n   n i r i n iniir��iiiliii-  it i" ir"���hhWj.ihibim.mi.iI���miii>nyVn^miMMimia.,.iMT*i>4 Ww��l>  When They M fiuestw���-Send them The Advocate j  wotjwkWifcmif)iwi|^>ii<Wtfit��itaiiii-��k��i��|iiitawT  misi!mm8smgmm38g%mmm&  ii  '���^���i i


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