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Alberni Advocate 1914-06-19

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 ?**r��  IfccUl WW  *;- ����.  i.  ����  u,* ��rff. fin |  W 0  A .tonsil B.Ci Friday, June 10, 1914  CROWDED HOUSE  EARS' BREWSIB  No. 17  IW.yjlium.iilK)..  ��rMMSni**��i*V fir VeM ��1��  With Hiiinll lloiiMe. two mli**w from Town, glohft to School  /Vice, flOOOMO on easy terms  *  Itoofin*, fundsliiHl or titifurniHliiHt, Hnittibb* for Otllctfn, In  Mot Ion lilouk.   Houmom to Kent       *&  1.4'fil MritaW and ItiHUrtnico  1   , Phono 81, Alborni  Kit'  iiii-lotlHl   Ml'JIl'kti' 1*.   ju)   tiHAfOUtk  fm* (lie iniix-i-'tl, Pailf. lo h��vu ti *,iixs1  \ tklcuii'j ii|i|��.i<liliu) nt llu) neM ��*hvilon  jlliMt h��* hu�� hci'-ii it I ting  l)i��l-r<i.'UtHi'*  to lie? Ubt-rtd Irft'Hilot. to* to Imw io  Jiiltltilh  Oil* >'|i(l.    Hit' lUt'lmcd *t-iuMl  th;��) l>i*t Thintuiuy ovonlnir.    inn* of  his fcu-trutttlfiit* Mtt*V'u> tbo effect Unit  1 tilt) iiStH'I'til Jrf'lldt'l'lh liuii It-oMor kttty st  jhomo tun} net do wiiiidoflnif ull ever  tie* Province in'liUo*; tm-n-thitf*.    Hlr  Hlchsiid wUtid Ull*. ��.w��t    tftniti- rutty  have woniiorod at. (ho Onto Just why  ho j-ttvitthW advice, hut audi H��iiiay  httvo womii'i-ml liini miiiio ll^ht nil ti .  ro^aon *v hy Hlr iUcliurtl woujo. Iiko Mr.  Hivvttiter, uiitl oilier*, id may at homo,  uiitl not hn runttliiK nltoiit tho Provbieo  toll ili'i t��tl��'�� of ilio manner hi which  Hie ilntt'sor-Mcth'klii CombUlMlon la  ninnhiK  tlio iiffalrit of the country,  This liitlit  win* mIuhI ttt the Hrowatoi*  itiOothiMr on Monility cvonliijf. Certainly  Hlr HU'liitrd * to lie hlntntil for  trying to hen*. ,o|i mootlnip..   Mr,  Ift'ewnuir wuh i-ii.,i tm kind in IiIh re  vol.itions, and It h no lender html to  Hfikl httvo (o-joi it lar^o lout) tin vi��P.  Tint tcnt-oii they wjv-AnOv lit Ootl Hit*  Mutiny wis*. i;oo(jh*d for thv lailltlln^ of  rot-vd*, trail*, brld'W' cie. Tho piddle  OApcnitKnii.**- httvn not hooit iV> |**-i'  (l-oiHj 4'.I|i*I<'ii1. I do not knew o- tho  I'-uiidiOot)*. ht Alhornl. hat 1 kite**  tthcroof 1 jij-mtk. Id ivaiiltoieli. whtn-o'  I lived for throe 'oar,**, tlio impi'iidl*  inro wte. itttoiil it li��H �� iioiImmi ilulhe ��.  Tin* coat per mile wh-ukoti.i-.thii.i*'awful,  yott tumid think thin ihny ttotv littllif.  Jiitf riihrond*. litnii'ttil of hli,'liwit>>',  Thoro have Won vitrioim t'omittlMieiti.  ���.trolli!)-/ ihroiijiffi tlto Provhii't*/ tail I  venture to nay,that If tnte on Public  Ktipondlturo ttero appoint! it h would  revnitl �� almo of tttliitri* that Mould  ilnxjk the moral* of llio people, I hove  iHitnj told that my poroouUtjjo win* too  hljfh, hut I win*", to ��:,'* nifo, wi that *����  can mIiow how iiutn,**' uillc* ef rotnl have  hoeii tu'ttmliy in bu  If ihe people will i iiy connldoi' Uielr  own hueiviiw, at. U>v next .'lection an  end will ho liroogit") io the ineit itHtest  and tjiiM ��� pi tfovurnnitii)-: hi nowi-rnineo  Cu- fcrt    dtloii,  With rc.mrtl to tho laud viioatiiutlon,  wc ttrv ',oldlhat thepo I* uhout  k-n,(*:<ii,Mr mill owlnjf ii��,hii|��i'ofhicoi  "���ki-ikf-liiir 'oteroht at ll |��-��- coin,, hut tlio  CITY COUNCIL HAS  LIGHT SESSION  P.O. Box m  o*^kk^i^((iwiawiiiif..Wii;fiit.rii��iiitir����i^.iitfliii#ini  tinder*!and -why Mir Hit-hard l�� #mlly  lishi),'' his cfT'irtu lo (,'t'l Mr. Btowstor  tonttiyiat home.  hitor.r,t even Jh net piittl,f,n<J ihoexcttso  Cixpltel Paid Up  Reserve Fund  Total Assets over  hy Mail  rt  Hftittt Ottitxii Hiwtrwd  -> 11*500.000,  $13,000,000  $178,000,000  Oof.'iit.Uti/'jt.tOiitiii ��t>������U nwoliijdi  m��tt��M"rr��t ttukJ At Out !M<*iin,t-kii  rut*.   Nu lK\*f la WHltfratt-lml',  mni l��t*rr��t lmld At Uui !M<*iin,tkiuriiiI|t  No Mtfla'   ik*l��A��it�� mi*.}* li# itt*M}f ��tMl wli?��.trn*(i  ii) mull. Kulluflt initUmUt�� vsltt ulMlr  ij- t�� ��nC|, v.. tuitin-Kpntu-aitii- *U do  lwtrti��K>n��*-  Or��ir *W0 Hranch���� tsntl A^onch'N,   10 Ht'tttifhos In BrltUh Celtuabla.  LN>ir*)it|*ondout*i Tlinnijihoiit tho World.  Aibomi Branch Fort Alborni Branch  F. CJIinKrt, Manaifrr1 K. W. IkniKHTY, MsitBifcr  Imiii i mini i inirmi i��iink��'iii,iin,l.<ii��iM-��..l4iii.,k,iiir.kiii.iiii'iiiiini�� m nnnmrni   i    in in \ "��i " ���" >m  r  iriinaia^^Wff*<**i'fi������i.**i*'i^-i"i��^  mm  Tbo Larii���� of Atl Sitbibt' OniUl beg to announce) tlioir  Annua! Sale of Work beginning at  4 o'clock in the Church Ball, on  JUNE   24TH  y,  In Addition to tbo Strawborry Fowtival, Mon'i* High  will bo Hwrwd from ll to M o'olooic  Tea  Tbo iiro^rAmmo will Ineludt? HHrb-obiKf* Vlotrola MuhIo,  N��morou�� Aui����1hk Comi>.otUlo���� will bo bold,  aii me mvitm  HANDSOME'PMZES  ii��v*>*HW-iyw'k��*.*i*��<r*��'������''**��Vi^i^*i^ ^^e^^i^iaafi n**��u*. kMMi^itA^nkAki, ���  Now i�� your chance.  For a abort Uum only I am prwiHiw-tl to-  Abeiutely give away an 8 x !0 Enlargement  Tq,ovory purchaser to tbo valuo of p)M tip.   NET CASH  Portraits, Child Studies, Group, Wedding Parties  Photographed in first-class manner  EulnrffiuK done for Amateurs to ncty uiao, atoubiido pricon  Motlallist, Pluqtifl Winner and other prison in London, Kntf.  "f  tjoaisi Viow PoBtnb) on nalo at Alborni Trailing Storo  **Mtmt9wvtwm*Mit***rvKt*>*>  Tim Inrji't'sl anil inoul, onihtinhiHilo  miHiilnif of any kind over held, In Oil*  oily, wft* tliitt whlfh ' yrcfletl the  J^'silorn of tho l-ll'i'Mii I'arty Intliln  Province, Mewis, II, V, BiHi\t*-H't'iind  M. A. Mitcdomdit. Uvkldon iho iv!itli*i'i  there wore on ll". pint form Mr. J.  lltHlfonl, l',,'-.*"idot.t of the loci*! a*,��o*  clallen, Mr. J. Kin;,', awil I'ttpt. O. A.  Holt, thu ,'ji't.ldcnt of* the l.i��(.!of  Lttierul Adxoolatioi)., ;  Mr, H"Hl--*rtl hi ojwnlnif tlio-*a��odftlnjf |  i*aitt thai in* wan nu* Koiu^ to t��ko un!  any of the thneuji tho pooiih* had not  Mine to ht>arfe.lm hut to hoar Me,  Jlrtiwittoi* ami Mr. Wutxlonttid,  Mr, ItciUottl told Oio uiDotlut'tliHt nil  IllViltilloii hud Iwen oKtoisdwl to Mr,  \Vih��1, the Meetihor for tint Blmti'lt't, to  appi'iit* on the platform, lint that Mr.  Wood hud tettiil that ho did not, tiiv>lro  to wy utiyiliuij,' tit tiili p��HlouJ��r thuo.  Tho Chttlrattin ihon ciilh-d vpon Mr.  Mai'dotiidd to atJtlri'i"*) tlm atitJlonoo.  ,  Jilr. jilucdenalii, In lii�� opcnhiii' n*��  lintrkM, mated that it met a >;rotti  pleaxiire for him to he tilth* to niooi  the in loll I {font olootontto of Alhomi  for tho llfst tldio, hut he hoped that It  would nit lie the hint. ��� If ttnyono hint  lllttitlipttd to tiisiunhh, Miinh'it niomhlff  iih tliW y few yearn aifo.c-ipeiilalJy when  there v its no olcciloti In idifht, they  wutild fiavo foiinil h a illllloult niuUt't*  to do At), Bui ovt'iu*, net chani'hi'i'i it"  tiilw uif|it'nlilO(*iit (..-uthei'lnif to-lii-ilti  piv.vtw. A few year* tiffo tho people  -,.(*�������� more or lens ImlllTiii'oiit, hntmiw  Ihoro'wttN a ttiuttii moit*ilotilih'd h)lci'i*ht  Uiiioy taken Iiy tint pooplo lu the itlfitli-n  of tlto Provhtco, u  Wo have un nlftviiiinif titnto of itffuh'N  nt the |)ro*ient lime h: havlnif it (.'ovet-n-  mt-nl hi power wiihoet a good t>iroti<,'  oppiit.ltIon,   Im   undoriitoed   that tlio  Prciiiloi'iidmlttotl from hi*i t-lund'M'lut  thut an ��� oppo*l|ii)ii   watt noodi-'d,  hut  wlntt wo really nood  J*  tt  oliituj,'o  of  yovertiHiont,    Tliom aro  two  ihliiifa  tlmt we must rtmliyo, and Uio first is  thai, wo iiitist not. lay auyihhij*; hcfor.��  bo ttiitll'-m'o thai is  not   tfiMxl  tii'tnui  huHlnoMi and uorondly M-methltij,- wo do  not tmllevo   In  Otirsolvon,   I   do  not  know of  tiny   hot lor a**.toin  at the  pt'ODointhut) for (fUhiir "xproimSoii |o  tint   will  of   the  i-ooplo  than jmrty  OovDi-nntt'iit, hat we   httvo  nut   lioi,*a  havlnif Party Uovcrnnieitt,  wo have  boon Iit4vhit�� ono man (lovormuvnt,   if  Urn niftih-jiof tho I'l-ovim1'! uio  to  Itn  ran Iiy th��> Piii.iiih>r ami the Attocnoy.  Or-aoinl tuirostrahitd (hoy aro tfohw in  thij,'eiioi'��lo.    I hope thut .it tint next  ch'Ctlon yoit will oust a-��ldc pany pro.  dullctlufiti, and iflvo hyni'-it  oxpi'i��b��lun  io your own vIowh, not those of your  /oi-ofttSlicivk,  There is no urentor hii'onllvii to  loose Kt-vcr time in, iliao If the ���fovorn.  inont fool tlmt tltoy can depend on the  people to return them to power rotfiml-  lois ol whethtu1' they too doin*,' i-ljfht  or wroiiK, By dohijf thli* you are con*  dnnhi'ir the Land I'VatuI*. itud the Uiaft  Toll**. I wtts ���find to hitvii hud the  honor and pi'K'Mojfe of Miif,' with Mr.  Bi'uwsloi* on hi*) i-uceut tour throngii  iho Province, Wo found the spirit of  revolt nhi-cad tif.'nlusl uiaclilni) po)lilc\i  and Mttckoiii'.lo .** Mttnn policies were  totuirln/.; to a fail. Tho Blherul puny  doi'tt not appeal to yoti on rmi'row puny  bnofi, tiuton ffootl hiHind Inmlnws i>rlo-  ���alpleti and hroad proj,*T.'*>,*lvt' linos. 1,-i  thoro any honost rc'ison why thoro  tvhotild ho this k-liiunro fro'���� nlHttenot.* of  two yearn fijju to a tloliclt of S13,00(},00t)  the ^ovornnu'ttt muko for thin is thus  owlnjf lo the lined thnCw tlioy don't  want to pross anyone,  ' TAXATION.  11 Id not #o very tonic ajfo t-lwo the  ^oiornmcni told totthoy hoped to tnko  off direct tnKntloii nho'/otho!', aw ihe  rnvonuo from tlmhor xalos and oilier  ntitiit'itl t'onotucos would ho Minlt'h'llt.  Bill what il& we (lnil���~U'o are tlto  hltfhctkl   titX'-d   pi.    oce   In   tho Bo-  JOttlloi!.  Tbt' 1��* on wild laud wit* ruined lo i  pel* cent, hi an omleuvor to hrlnif thN  Jitiict under milUi'iitlon, It hu*) .dono  mi to it cot'Uln exttmi, hut jur&ntHy  enough the tanrei. roniithi uupttlil,  In touching on the rail wuy ipieMlot),  ho *tt,ti*d I hat the elector* were juwilfiod  in looking henotith tho uttrfttet* to nott*  iWsir Utti )*o��hion of ihe 1-rot-huii* hi  thU iitttUor. Tho tot^l ��*i.l��t(i(H.'o of  tho Province to ihoCN.H, (oiiintiitMto  over ��nao,tnm,nU).iiita io the I'M,, ,v H.  iiniHlior 9.'n,iK'��i,u-o, Jn loo;-, at die  HevoMako (,'ouventioiii tlm t'onnorvu*  llvi's wont fio record (lit hi favor of  (Jot-io'iHiiont owfiorsolp of ralUay*),  hut what do wo iliul tonlay . railway  "ownorxhlp of the Oovorniai'iit, ,ltt*,i  m> Iiihk tm Hlr Blchard .Mollrida It. In  |K)\tor m> Jtinfc'wlll Muokou'loimiiMaiin'  hn in coulitil.  ,Mr. BrowMor, Mild , It wan a viu'y  ifVcttt pi'lvilctfOt after �� coai��l(loratilo  thno to come hm'k and ttppuni' hoforo  an Alhorni niidli'iice, It win a very  t'rt'di pi'lvih'K'o to njicitk to tlie chhtcn-j  of Alhornl not in tho hoitt of an oleu-  tlon, hut at thh thiui when you will  lutvo a ('httttco to ehoi'k up our tl'riiro't,  and if you (hid them wroiitf vout  itfrttiutit un, hut If they are rl^ht, don't  turn u*. down clonl int. I tint pU'ttniHl  to Mm ko nmny of the ludlo,i pi'DM'tit, nu  llilii ot-cii'.liiii, when, iho ItKltt-K hoifhvto  attend the inootiu'jMi ttntt lako tin in*  torofct hi politltvt it shows thnt tho  tuuiiliij,' tpifntloilit of tin* dity lire ln**liijf  dikouikM.'il hi the homo eirelo, Wo huvo  tt noHoiin uhjooi hi our v*J��l!, not too  many xwoot**, for I hoitnvo you hud tho  uwootn Ittut week, and notv \ am ffoinjr  to tflve you tho hhtor��, th'oy limy not  (at plottiiunl U> tako. When you oloct  tns*ii to rept'onout you* hi your purllu-  went, you nloot them to ho, jmmi*  KOi'vitiu-i, not your ho��<*o!�� uw   tlio tnoM-  llOi'M Of tho pI'OiKHtt   k'OVHI'tltOllItt    httvo  htrn-n.   I tttu not fii'i'o   to  I'lititi-  Into  IHii-hoiitdltioi., ttntt 1 do not luiotal to do  wo.   I am hore to ��-rltJpI**�� tho anion*  of thti (Jovorntnt'ut,   No Kevin nnioni  that husi donoiwhat Im t'lKhi- ni'ml  ft*nr  jtint crttU'lMii,   1 io>k thU titnlluiiou to  i.Miii*iidi*r what wood ���.ovommom uu'uu-i.  Tho tidiuhdidji-ittlon hut. hoot, in jiowt-i'  now for II yottrsi  hoiio!lt�� huvo bi-mi  ithoworod ���.hroti^'h lit that  thno,   that  hi-ought iiltout  KotKl   tliito!*),  iinul>rti  tho.*iM tfood tltnotJ, ttntlNco wlKvihui'thoy  ftro   |>oruttiiu*nt   or   of   ft    Mi|H'ftk'lii!  chunu'ter.   Tho  pre-miit (Iuvt*ri)tiii*ui.  ohilinH tlini. whon thcycniito intojiowor  tlioy wore ju*<   In   time  to  *ntvn   ihe  country from bankruptcy, hut IdMory  iiipoHis Itself, tho  trcii*>ury   It  empty  (.(fain.   Thlti wa.*. viuiind l��y hnvhiif to  build'so tiietny i-oitd*��  to  iho outlylntr  jiot'tJoiiM.    If the j'oViitnnit'Vt Inid jrono  to work and Ktirvoyoil   the  htnd-*   uiui  put tho pfupltt on ihoMt, intitoadoffdlow.  Injf thorn to wcatii'i' all ovor,   whero It  would break tiny   ti-ottmiry   no  nmttor  how rich It wits in try lui** to jflvo every  hottlor a road.   After ull you nro  tho  VcftiKWihll'li' ptti'lloft, becmitti* it wtis you  that put lliom there.   It B no uio your  litylnj,' hji'ik nt your oiw, isttyhnf "tvlutt  awful intm Htotio jwlltlchms nrtfi",  for  (Continued on Puyo 4.)  At the rt��(-tilttr uicotiiii; of tie* I'oun-  ell i����'li, on Tui'Mluy iii'-ht acomtuimik'tt-  linn from I In* t'itintit't-)ni)i) llloi'trlc  libfltt Ciiiii|i-uiy wrtk is*('oht*iJ with repaid to --i'IIIiik' foitio -iurplii��i plant  tlioy huvo to the t'oimt'll, i.'lork wat.  luktrtictoil io itcknowltHlK.' letter mid  inform tht'iti Unit tho Council in nut  roi'tly to i;o tdioitd yvt.  ln%|it*ctoi' of iMtltiiolpiiliiion wrote re  H, M. Bi'tJtJ uppoiil iiirahiKltho ��ik*tt��ti��i.  iinmt, 'J'Ju* Council oiidorolMl Iho iieilmi  of iho Clerk lu roplyinjf to the hi*  hpot'tor, Clork plionod Innpevloivwlth  reforeiice to what ttollou wiw ln'li!^  tokou iim ho Ik ho U niixioiin, to^etuui-  tho ttsM'iiinoitt uotii'or..  -j The iiiKpootor til mi wrote ro And I torn  .report for #IUI.'I, The roj-ort wutt for-  wiirdi'd, ^  yuoKiiluiet on pipe unit other Jixtuiv*  wt��re rocolved from iho I'nclflc Const  Pipe Co., and clerk iiiithoriittHlto mttko  cotiiparatlvo mtatemonl of prtuc-t with  other compMiilcii who httvo, t'OoUnt  prh't'i,  Cupi. Cothittt, of U..M.H. Al^erlno,  wry to reivrolthi'f Ii|k hitthillty to bo  horn on Dominion Buy,  Bettor from Vancouver Inland Kire  Ihidorwrltera, re rate* ftttd iual|or��  coiliit'ctcd with witlor ���.yt-iU'Ui, Thhi  wtiii Juki on the tnhlo fur further con*  ���Itlt'l'lltloili  ThoKitfct.vt'emtJiltlcowti.'iiiMlhoi'isri'tl  lo httyii therluht-of.wity t��luii>f iho plpo  lino t'lotiTttl out, ho liutt h-^tho ovoiit of  a hroiik ht the Nynii'iit it liormi could ho  Ifot nvt��t* tlto lino,  It twin ih*o!tltid to in*>ort< a notice In  tho paper lhat the cltixcui *<ho huvo  thlxtloii'igiowiii^ on Oiuli* pittpoiay ho  i*t��ipit-*tml to have k.,'iihi�� out hoforo July  Ul, othorifUti Otey will ho out hy the  city uiitl chur^ml to the owner of tlio  property tm which they are found.  ' The City *>olluitei'u wasted to know  IfVi'iliiln ooiidillotiit hntl hctincoinpllctl  wllh hi nu/urd to W��tor olid KIciHi'loj  DOMINION DAY  FR0GRAK0OT  'i'ho oftlchitti for the h\% colobt'stion  on July the Im. tiiport jrotK. proyi'ot.'i  ht'hitf miulo hi the ttrrMitfouioula for  thin tkci'ii-iloti, Tho pro-^rttoimciii aro  now t',t-iiiplou', ��ml printix), nod tho  Kt't'i-otiii'y htm uitiih'd coptctt of Uio  hitniii toj-other with theontrauco fornin  to tho VitrlotiN clubs in Uio Dlutrlct.  Any furlhor hiformutlou wanted will  be ehi't'tftilly mtpplled by tltoHooroury  Mr, It. It, Uoiiior, *  Tho II vii itillo roud ruco will be ruu  ottoi) Hiituiduy uii'lit tho 21 th. inmant  tit 7. Iii j and the ollinr prinulpal ttvont^i,  ����iit*)�� ��** tho hundred yardw diuh,> two  hundred and twonty und four hundred  ami fuity yard danhoK, the polo vault,  tho rtiiinlitfi* Jtlj-h end runnhtff Umg  jiiiiipni i-iihoi' to-irihiif and ultot put and  etlior ovontii taklui-'pliu'c oa tho flruii  an oiuial.  All that reinalntt now In for a kochS  dtiy, to mukw On) t��i��r event a huocoh*.  Ai'i'tttiK'oiiK'ntJi.itro bulntf mado to huvo  llio Alborni 1)1*0,riot UrttnM Dund hi ai>  telidttlice, '      '   -  'I'ho full projirftmino will ho pub*'  lUliod in next weokn Itmus),  Juv��nll�� Offendffrs. '  On Tiiondtty afl-ocr.oun In the Pollco  Court, ihrot. juvenile "olftuHlcrri ��p*  intfii'od htjforo Mitf'lt.trata Noll), oliai1/*  od with lii'oakinK Into tho cabin oouu.  plod hy Mr. And row Huthorford, oil  Huturday niuht tho i.'itJ*. hininiit nnd  itj-ttln on Monday nltflu, mid Bieallntr  hoOio lltdttnti* tucklo, 1 Inert, flio*,' canta  uiiil a reel, nnd iiittlltjiotisly dostixtylny  a vitllwi coid varioim itrtluloa of oioth*  bar.  UwIom to ihcir.oxti-oiut) youth tbo  Mii^lntruto nwittdtid Mr, Huthtirford  diui'iiffo'i t-o iho tot-uint of, twenty-two  dtilliirtt mid ttttuiy-iivo ooiiW, to lw  ilivltl��,l_n,',uiillv ! otwocii 0i<) pnr��ltit�� of ,  tho IwyTr ithd n'-* I'ttvu the Iwy-i it jtovcro'  it'yt'liiiii��M.,( and nuked tho  naronUi  U)  l.ife'l'ilHy-lawi.'h'ohirViViiT)^  to tho j.!i*u<-<..it,i-.'iwr In cuuiwll. Tiui I'blWroB �� ��ootl thrwililnr wlnmi Upa*  oioik  httd Informud ihe||) that ll|oi��o  t'Oiiditttinn bad all hcou etmip)li*4"wlth)  A petition, wnn rei'lved from '(},  Taylor, Hr,, and other*), juxkliijf tlmt  the lltfht tiyiitoin bo t-xtondml mi an to  ��lvo thoiu llirht. Potitlon tiled for  reloroiiiiu when an-iiiifftnitoiitM , are  miitlo fur iimtullli)^ nyt.toiii.  Petition fi'om J, WIlkhinois itsitl  otimirn recoiitiDiiinloi) of Uramtvltiw  ihkiiI down to Honvot\ Crook - road,  Thin wiiit hi Id tm Out table, uhd tho  clerk watt htiHructcd to iiutko etiiiiliott-  tlon to the Indliin Aj/oin for road ah  lowiiitco throuj,'!! llio rctvorve, Ptihllu  Worlta Coiniuiltou lo hitorvlow ajfont  In rofot'onco to tho mutter.  Mr. CtiOu'iirt Intorvlowcul the Council with reference to tho rul-ilntr of tho  ���ildowitlk 1ft front of tup,|Lot*d��l.i>'it  block to tht) ntrctit ift'udo ttt Oil.*, point.  Public Work�� CoininUu'o to act,  Plau*. ttuhiiiltUtl hy U.C. Telephone  Co,, for oxttmtiloit of lino up Om  llt'Hvor Crook roud to city litnltii were  approved on condition that thu hulhl*  i��tf Hue ho adhered to, and whon roud  in widened ihiis tho Company move the  poll'* bark at their osvn esponho.,  iMumlry aceouniti worn pit��*.i*tl,  Puhllo, Kafoiy ('oiiinilUoo rejtoruHl  that lhat had boon unable to #ot the  ���'{pi- tlxoil ftcro** the KIlk-iuokmiNCroidi,  owhij.'to tho lldod but that thoy  wmild ho, it hio Jo Jmvo It (ShWukJ  alwut the mni of tho wook whon the  Odou would by toiitublo.  Mi*. W, <,),   l'liiffor   wan   u.sk��}   to  Mibiiiit hln papfc-   an   an   olinMrlostl  oujfluool*.  Tho incoOnjf thon adjourned.  *.i** kW,iik*^i1Ti(ir*v-.ilkk**** ���.-* -mu-ckii** i*l  SuCCOSH-fttl 0AttCt��.  Kotthum homo.. Tho.M��glgtmto'*!�������  wiM'jund^l^pjliui Kh'iniitl thoy *������i**  uppo'ar hofott- Ulnl'iilrtHf) ||��*?fjouJ^)Mtvo  toMotid (Intm to tho roforiiu,tory, and  thut would iitoitn ut It'iut two  yoars  OlMtll, '  Monthly Meotlng.  Ho miro and'attend thu rm/ti!fcr  uiotithly moi'llnif of the Alhornl Kenf-  uier't* litHtltute which will ho held la  the Court HouHtj tomorrow nl/fht nt iii  Pitit, Mosftrn. K. Moore nnd W^.A.  I'hilllps, Mill road piiperm on Market  Oimlciiliiff. which tlioy arc preparing  for tlib* o^ciimIou, 'J'hoso whohavu had  lite ploiikjure of attondhi'f tho laut  two aicotloKii of tho ��H*.oclatlon httvo  boon a tisntttttid totuon-owa utuotlnjr  will hn no except Ion.   Ludloit woloomo.  Coino  al on,,'   whothor you   aro & -  uiomhiM' or not,  nokvm^-iu* i���niwf im  oyo-hlyhl  Carmoor  Eye Sj?*vclalltft.  Hi*. It. N. Kllhurjrm',  cpocI'dlM, will ho In the  Block,,Port, Alhornl, on Thursday itud  Krlduy, ,luiutt.5aiid 2i), tmd will iat  phutnod to have pornon*) with dotocOvo  oyi**tl|'ht cull and ooimult htm. t&>i��  not i ��w on putfo 2,  Kiflo F^ngs.  Tho dunt'o hold in tho now iUird.HoH  Hall,   htat   Krldtiy   nik'ht    uudyr  Oio  HUMplcct of Court Alhornl,   J*."w.   UJJW),  A. O. K.�� wtts ono o| tho boot of tho  kind over given In  Alberni,   and   lit*  commit too In chitr^o of tho ovont aro  W ho con-j-ntttiittU'd  upon  the suiwomw  uf their efforts,   Tim llwi'r wttu hi KOod  coudltlo'n, tlio mtttiu wum of   tho  boht,  nod tho hnvfo crowd of diinocni enjoyed  thotiitiolvii-iity llio very  Ittal.    Jtofrc-di*  nitint�� were  sorvod   iibotit  ilitdiil^ht.  Jurti provloiiit to tho borvhitfof refrcili*  mcntN Hin  Wei^hlp Mayor Htiil", do-  chirod tin* hull olJloiitHy  open   tu itho  public, in u few   well   chotiou   words, j  (H.)ii)pHmonih)(f tho owimift In  httvinjc  so iiiut'h fatf.lt. hi tho fm tiro of tho City  to) to put- op nueli tt  *iploiidtd hull, tin*  hulldot-H nnd   Uio   S'ocloiy   liutt   wort*  i-et-poiiNtblo for tint ovonhi|;*i entertainment.  The troop of llio Corp of (Juldwi, Omt  wore hi tho olty on that day wore thu  Ij-uttstf of tho Vorcniors at  llio dunco.  J, P, PrinkwaUo*  I*1, K. Prhikwivtci'  W, H, Carter , ,  A, H. Dfinltwiitc-r  M, CumplMll , . ,  .��, l>. Hi-dford .'. .  A. Woixl-Loo , , ,  (J, Hriukwwtor , ,  H. Wi>��|<> , , . , .  .1). Mointov-h .   .  ,  Yd*.  '.IK-  SU  tt  lid  Yds  6t��  SI  3��  27  2t>  31  fl  Yd*  000  '��1  n  20  24  SS  18  1(1  13  I)  t  HP,  Hi  n  w  m  m  43  Runaway,  On Tuesday forwiicjon otinvldorahio  exciicmcnt' was cnuNttd by n rviuttway  tram holoi)Khi(f w Mr, T, Plaunt, of  Hi'avor Crock. \Vdjtllt? londlntr lumber  at tho corner of Jonimton aiitl Oortrude  Sir-iottt, the teiutt took fright and  boltod, I'linniiiir do*v*?n Johnston ��nd  tilonif Mhr/,*-jtri>t Mtroow. and collided  with n doiiiooiiu Ik-ihin-j-hiif to Mr.  Midler, of Sprout Laku,, which wti��  Htttmlinir In front of Mcst, JImIimd'b,  Ktiiu*.hhi(!r It protty badly. Mr, Lynn's  hor-ie, which wrist htamllnj** nottrby,  bulti*d .-lino, hut wiw (ltiu^lib l*cforo any  dttiaaKO wnadont). f  It in niosiJy downhill to thtjiaftn who'  i�� "jfolu-f back."   ^f/r  *���    uywiw  "&  W!fRMfc,. THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  Whi'ii Ibu fall coiiicw il will ht'juioro  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE,, ,���,,,,,���,    ,  -it dtiJl and *tU'l(i*nln^ tbtni,  and  ,  ��� ���.. ���<       .... ^ ��� death of Ito'.vseriwit) will ht* ��*t  '  |\ tttCPiSOIL.   *   W t#r Mid HohIw ,���, ,   , r.     :ti i      i .t  ptt;n|t*Hf�� un il will bodi-servod.  i*ii'i!ikt..*i m Aiiti-tn. tiotlk'i ivii,i'!��i!*, it'  O.i jffl.-/.��i. ,i| VhIiiv'iiim f*l��i,(liii ^tJn-l*l *l*il  ii,*. Ail'rt'.l JlikiHi't t��< I'Kllti'iiliO  Mei-4 Otlkti   Altar-Ed, If. C.  t T      mimieu  It nnd Mann wen?  men, and wlnhed  Aiik-niM". mo. .*.-.��.��.,,. *u..i mju> truv''' ftu'- l,,p*y *'ou,d not ����U  ll*ll��-mi��k|<)|| llll'.li^lt   l(.lClili>l!Kl��Hi*ll"'Mii��l)li��.l  ni��mi,  >����ii��i"fH,|It'll* Hi ticllii* Hi I'miUiitk, Oil* llhliiil  Wili.-'lKili, AiikKiitU,  N'i'H /t'ltimii!. .Vimtfiitiua  (till)   Mill)   .llllll    ISIUIltll4-k    Mltll   klltlllkj-   IKikUl  Ii-|/u!iOI<iii., will   I"'  I.k* I in! nil ll,��i fiiiliiMtlik'  tuniik* %  tin.* Vi-iif .       .       .       .HiO  .    SI. Miml'i* ,        ,    .,   ���   l.tM  {'(ikfsgi* I.f Hit' I'lilO-it Mtilf*. Mnlmminlt.il  jCioti|,cisti��int Hiiit-r tiirclun 1*1.11110irk it i*ni*f  H>k:t-tfllllU ���  t'luoui-k rumll Ictftil IWlll*.'* **l'l !'<- Oit't'ttl*  ��->ttitikpi'*tnlill>!ii*ilti)-lli*-U.e<<)l-1i*i<i!Oikfft!('.  kin! uiukt li'i'6|.l In Kilifcijlii,  TO CORRBSr-ONDKNTtf.  Alliviiiiiminiiwill(.ii��iltti-il''liit fur 11ul1lU1.tl.1n  ltlU��t   !'!> H1Villll|Mt->l*>0   wlili  tin*  intuit* tnfl kd'  iltrm nf ill" wrlt'*r. iiitt Jimif����iirllv fur imlillivt.  Iiiiil lull n��ii fc-UnlHIiti-i-.if k-ni"! fnllil    W.*(wltmil  mi(t��-i��i.t' t.i frturti f<j;��witini (��niiin(iiiili'��i/iiriii  Mn |<-iiitliii'*mltin *i||l'��ii> imiii fiiMnit'llr iviitlrl.  huilc-iiii faoi*i>* l/i' *tit*ki|itliirf��ftK��iiii��'fi!,  ���W  All����ml, 11. C, Canada  Jutta 19, 1014  PROVINCIAL POLITICS.  WlilA/, now we huvo bad n  ohnnet* lo bear both Midori  of the (jut-rUlon. Wo have bail  'tbo ono nm! only Hlr Klolmrd,  and that fionttoinnn ban told un  Hint all \s well with the country  at hii'K*) nnd tbirt Dlntriet in  particular. Tlmt tbo Howncr*  AlelJrldo oomblufttlon wtia tbo  only "itiiii tiling" now nbqvo  tbo iKilltlc.al horlxon, nnd that  Hboultl anything happen to eituno  UiIh mIiIjiIiik Htm lo net, then  would'(Jiii'lc night full on tbo  country! nnd tlto people thereof.  Not that' anything "would, or  could, happen, Why I Tlmt  nldiilng mm could not lio budded  with tt tdinitfoof tbo bout qualify  of tittiiiipln.tr powder. And ho  on, iuul mo on, And then mimo.  f)ti tliootbor bund Mr, Hrow-  titer, 1.0,'idnrof tho Liberal Party  with common folic, but tr>oU n  prlvitte cur. And tbon thoro  came thnt **tw.l, xttd dfty, when  tboy plnuued tbo CJ.N.ft. We  do not know just bow it wan,  but JtiNt hear thorn talk, their  "moiM-y" took tho "privnU*  cut'," and tboy were loft to  will It. They trudged' nlong tbo  wenry wny, buck to tbo "Commons" folk. Their feet wen*  Hore, their clothing soiled, and  both of tbein were '"broke."  Tbo C.N.K. was under pur, In  fact it wiih in "moiiIc." Their  Niid, mid wong. H wiih not long,  It wiih 11 U'lirful ronr. "Coino  on yon lllolrn, tintlo your poke,  five nnd forty inllllon more."  And tho end in not yet.  +        *,    , *  I THINK, by 1Iou1.m, tills writing cIiocUh, l�� the thing that  keopH iih poor, ho in my pnln, I  wworo iiKtiinrtnSx^i wotthl write  no mom. Hut then, mehrtp,  cttine in �� chitp, with it bigger  cheek thitn mine, und then iiwrtln,  4twn�� very plubi, tlmt wrltliiK  nlieeltH wtiM line, ��  Wlmt do you think r  * '  �� .     ���  THOMAS A. EDISON fidvo-  catCH the btilldlrtK of tin  ulrMhlp on the phut of it btiiuble  bee. t^et tm hope that Mr. Edition will not try n lilghton tho  IIrut one built accordlny to thit*  bleu.   Ho mlitbt (jet "ntuuK."  * *        *  N(  ��.*�����  jk��y~  (��*****"  AM***".  (��Jk>~,  Which hat. juet arrive?*! for the  Jk��ik^-  |,       t        ,, ,,,, .1,1   '***^^^^^^^^^^M**W***',-|l'l|.|'|.'wkW**k��*.^- .IHlkULlUlH.. ���!!������m^mm. ,ww*www*��kM*^^aM^WW^^WW.WMk^wi^M,W*^WB^^Wk*^W|W��k��.^*W^WtWW��*^^  fully rorerretl   to   Hie   Kis'hart|   -��� - ���*  WluOhitf SUttUiu. lie will Ibid  there jum what be iu*��'dn to tone  up hlrt mentnl mtu'hirn-ry,   ,  +        *        *  OW th.'.v tool the big tin  trumpet, now loud the  heru-hln nIuk'i "'Heboid tho Great  Sir Kidomi, the only Heal  TIiIiik. He will tell uh fill nbout  it, ju��t bow the phini* nro inld.  He will Hoivo the O.N. pusr.le,  explnln the perfect u-nuto," He  took a little biulii, find a little  piece of Moap, nnd blew some  Nhlnhi'i bubbh'H, lilled with the  UMtuil "dope," but of nil the  C.N. neen'-U, rljiltt from the  lniti*? Kiiiif, of When, or How,  or Where, he failed to Ntty a  tiling, So the inyMtit*. uiNr  puxxle, t pi I to like that old mire  thuiub, In uti 11 on bund, tind with  iik ; the solution yet to come.  Anil you can  do  your  own  tfllOMHillK.  kkiw.kl.wLWPiywwMi.iiw.1 im m  $��k^k  ��*k-~  aE****-*  Cornar Ston��.  0:  NOB upon ti time M.   Del-  ctiKHO wan Milliliter of Wnr  in a Fivneb Uiibliiut, He offended  ��� , tlie (Jeriiiuu niitlon.    (Jermuny  In tho. Pruvlnwi, drew tpilto ��v Lienmnded bin dl��uili4��al. Howam  dark plot tiro ,of ull the awful  tbltUi'H which IknvHcr, and bin  iiMsisiuiit, Hlr Klehtird, wore  Kullly of In tho wuy of thlngi*  done, und left undone. It nil  uppuiu'N.lo bo tjulto 11 mutter of  viewpoint, but when nil the  Ninoke hitH elenred nwny there  ftppottrfi to bo little doubt but  that "HowKerlKin" bun about  run Hr* (toiirna In the Province.  Tin tun-* uttt- rnthur htttte In the  tiocorntive lino when they tiro  tnken too fur. Thnt Howmer hnt��  played the " tin btft " k��������  itimoNt io It-H finish there ttppoara  to be but little doubt. Hoyond  nil t-blH, iiowovor, rouinlns tbo  fact thnt hit* fell tfrlp Im ��, hnrd  ono to uiiclitfip, und It Iri up to  every initu in the Province to  tuke the enrliuHt opportunity to  ftlmke it off. Thin nutii Howitur  hnx Itihted too loiif< for the mood  of nil purlieu concerned, nnd tho  general demand for n change la  Krowinft, Not, perhtip��, at the  tit��xt election, but noon, n��  piirtlen couiti nnd w<>, IJowHoriKin  intiKt be downed, and downed it  will be. Mr. Hrnw��ter mttdo it  Ntronu eitMO Htftihiiit the preisent  iithuiiiiHtrnMon, und tbo intuiiier  in which thti rotwureoH of the  country btid boon, nnd nrebelnK,  turned ovor to bnndw of MpciMi'  bitoi'M. The manner In which  the Kood hind of the Province  but! boon ^iven nwny; the borrowing of millionH when even  Kfrentor amotmh'i were owing? to  the ttovernmeut on tbo very  inndi. ffiven lo tho npcoulnton*,  win* unother of Ufo point-w  iiroiiKht out.  Hut wlmt J�� the use. The list  \h too Umu, and life 8a too itbort,  to hope to cover tbo whole run^o  of the t-hbiKH which the present  (fovorumeut. will be culled upon  to answer for u*. thu nest ���.renerul  election. 11 (inn be tnken for  ���jf run ted thnt the tbno la near  when tbifi nccoiiutbift will be do-  inundiHl In no uncertain termu  by Ihoso who Jmvo boon blinded  by u Utile temporary ilnnncinl  jtmKliuitf into thinking that the  country wuh in safe hands.  **���* "-**  Mb��kM.  #��*��"���  tjk���.  ��*���  |kk*wk.  ��"*��*-  flb*'*.1 '  4f**k��-  Ok)**".  fetWk.  Rkk',.-  tV*V>.  A��*vk,  promptly ''Jlrod," Now thit,  Nnme M. Delcne*jt�� hm been nji-  pointed MlniHtur of W��r in the  now ltibott'tibhiot,, Now Knitter.  No hlltluu: In the olhieben, nnd a  clean break when the referee  tflvoft hiM ortlera.   '  + ���      *        *  THE Utlllor of the Colonist  NtntuH tlmt the solution of  the problem of tho "hitfh'eoKtof  lIvinK" in to be found In "ontlntf  k��,��Mi.J^Jkll^Jl��li|��IMtMljWli|^��IJ^  &***  ��k��*��*��  fkkk*.  ��Kk��-  tW*v-* ,  Is the Finest ever brought to ���  Alberni  Wts can show you something attractive  ��ithoF in Commercial Lined or lor  Person-it CorrcKjmndenc�� ,  Embossing, -and Color Work; at ���; sg  Vancouver Prices .. i -\' ���  At Port Alborni, on Friday hiuriilitff  Ihe CotiHT Ktono of the now Dominion  Oovornmont htilldtnif w����i Inltl by tlio  Hon. Hlohard Molli'ltli* In the pro-toniM*  of a largo ���,'iitliorlnit' of the <-it|y,i>n*i,  .Mitynr Hiiixlo, after hitrodtit'hi'? llitt  Piviutoi'i ttiad un addreioi, ol wolcoiao  on behalf of tho cltlxomt of l'ort Al*  h��Mil,wlili'h he then pronentwl tii 8lr  ltioliard.    ' .7  "It wa* with n'irreat dtml of hi-'  tt'ioRt," .aid Mir Hli'liitrd "tlittt I heard  Ihttt tho poofilu ot llilN Iohii WOlo  mmiouii thai 1 ttlioultl coiuo and lay Oil.  conitir mono. Thin wan followtHl hy a  teU'tfram from Mr, Clemt��nt*i, -your  rttprvMiiitativM in the' fWdut-al llottae  tut Ottawa, Pitrniuimliy I um jflrtd to  ouiiti) baok to thin purl of f it'll ltd)  CohimbU; and moot old fHondo." In  iho i!our*ti of hla HpotMih ho ii-fortwl to  0��o woiitlt-rtii! dovt'lopmoht of tht)  Weal Ctm-il. during Out pttnl few joitr*.  Hlr It loh it id kuid (hut ho watt ylad to  nee Mt iiiituy proHoiu on OtU ooca-ilua,  whh'it wtitiitl no tlotiht ifo down hi the  nimul*t of hlittory. Ho Otcil OtunktHl  the pimple fur thole pathiiu't* Oinmi/h  ���fraphx, iitiwupaperit, and other iMii'.'n {mitm ������������������.,������ .,.������.���������,���;,,.,,,,.,.,.,.,.,,���., ...��,���������.���.   of hl.torlo value, In llm ravhy pro-  pared for Oto rtH'iipilen of tho Rttuir.  The "hiKlnif of tho National Anthem  b> it hwnil ��hotr, bruuKht Oiln ttnortiit-  Untf oorttiiiony to u eloin*.  ���fr*���  SkW*.  ffll4��V�����  �����****��  vocate  A.0.F,  The ri'fc-iihir inoiiiluii* of Court Alborni No. U-AH), A.O.P., will bo hold la  ilie Hliuvor llttll in On* P��t*t<i>oii  Towiinho on Mondtty lllgltl. ItutdiiON'.:  Kieethm ul oftloera for tho vnmilm,'  toriu.  ' A kihhI iinonihtnoo Id r;o>(pie*iU��d,  ���*��-?WW*��*i--*  hwiwiyaittwim ��ma,��j'''WTiPt'B,'g'?��w  ft, B. An|u��, Eb<j,  Hon. Rett. Haoliay. ,  C. It IHocmer, Ee��J.  H, R.Prymmw.<t, Ewj.  OF MONTREAL  ESTAUUSHED 1017  HOARD  OF  PiHKCTORfi --���^  SI. V, Ker*dilh, E��*Ti, Proeldcnt.  E, D. Qr^anthleltlc, E��". Sir Wm. It��Mt<*fii*hi  Sir TJi-w. 0hau*|]Kntw��Y, K.C.V.0, D��vtd Ncrri����, Kvq.  A. Saumtartan, Ectj, C B, 0��rdwt, Cat],  0, Pei-twa Att|U��, Cat}. Wm, WsWseffir, Etn,*  Sir rREDERICK WILUAPXS-TAYLOR, Cioneral Henagor.  o . '  liatiknr-t In Caoadt* nnd I^ondun, Hi)*!'., for thu Canadian Oovormnont.  l!rtii.c)iv'�� obittbllidto'd throui'hoiit Cn!iiMltt mal Nowfoundlamh at each of  which Ik ft  L  whore dt'iKisdln of ��I.P0 and upward aro rowlvml and fnuui'ifi (illowed at  hltflioHourront rtttfit,  Mttvitij*-) Department iiMonntii K*vtfii tt|*oei(il .itu*ntIon  v  RWI.KNV,  Hum. Of lirlllalt Coliilltlil* JllWWllrit,  VAKCOWVKM.  <i, i", purrcitAiu),  AUIWtNl,  5W?  MMfcrkM,  ��ywiik.j;k*^k.  ...,l',.i.1���.B.  wi.'k.Mw.inik.,ikk wk.iii.nk  ^Wi,lk��iitjtki,.1.-.Wj}ilw,��.  ii iinwi.iVMk^^i^iM.k.ik.wnin  ��i.i."..| .;iy����  ��..��k,k..|(i..|fln  Will  EYE-SIGHT SPECIALIST  727 FORT STREET, VICTORIA. B.C.  be   in   the   Cormoo-r  Block.  Port   Alberni,  Thursday and Friday, June 2S and 26  \  Dr, KilburKer will come thoroughly pn��pared to undorlnko  nil the opemtlonn pertuinbiK U) the practice  of modern lOyeidtfht TewtlnK  If you are troubled with hondnchc-i or your eyea nro In any  wuy defective, do not fail to commit hhn  AH work is guaranty tut o Imi lute ty as tested  Hawmiumim  y.kll^klkTkk'WIlTPMkl.  HHIBmu-HkHkM Ilkllkllkak^illMQWiBtfilai  |k,kl*|l,.Mlll|i*|l|kl����k>,i||k'l"��l'li��l|l"l'"'����^lw'l''l''''1ffl|.''k|lll'lll|l*i|*"''''1'.^      IHIHIII      i I I lillll I   il' 'II"'TH**"*'!*.  ii..- .i.BimMiiiiiii^iiiiMn.ininniiiii.J,i-', in ii.i iiiiiiiii - j..i ii ii im.ink n i mil v i in-���it"-���i ...���..  Bl*i*..MlkWliikki  0)  market at'.Figures that are  *Mm*t*xmku iHKnam  *W*>W*lW  WttyiwJ.  For particulars apply to���  a,. -,���  f -i ���  i ���  t:  !���:  f.  r 11*1  THE AJUBERM ADVOCATE.  It  PAEIMENTASY  sn[CLOSED  Ott,i��i*, Jims 12,-Aff-nr a dtiy of  tttiit-uiil oAcltemetit tin* third ti��**��>ion  of tho ivKilftli Parllami'ti!��� ft��xt>m-ti��l In  prorounloi: to-dny ouo and tt half hour*.  iiojiiott tin* w-beditlrd thtn*. Al i.'*\  ltt**.u<ad of 3 o'ciovkk ���� orlKhtally  '���tanm-d. ll.H'll. the Duke of Con-  tmutrht arrived on   Parlltitiiont   Hill,  , ��i"t>imi'tKOlixl by iiitlllary en'otl-t, while  the jftui��t U-ouiod forth tbo imuat mIiiIo  fi-um Noirt'iitt Point, ti) Ute* Somite  ChtuuUir tin-re *��*- a fair ntti-nihuit'e  of wit'loty pi'oplo, while Iho tfitih-rlt'S  <*,.r�� t-rowdoii, Tie* delay in piwoxtj-  lion ��tt*��5tltie entirely to Hie jiK'ht*>&iiir  t***twcou th��> I*i��v��oi- atsil I'pjior llotiH*^  til rofcimt to tho nililii��mw>��, to the Imperial Parilatiiont nvlthitf for an uinond*  . mem to Uio Britl��li North Aiiif-i'lt,**  Atfl, providing for hternaiml ropie-  ���.tint ttt ten for tho Wi'Morn iitiivlut'i**.  In llin Upper Itotim*.  ,  . H'KIIIsritllliri'U.N. AdllKKI) To,  '   W'lii'ti Out H|M*aki*r road a uiowiii'.-e  from the Kotiate anm>ii!u*hnr the He-  dUtiilmtioii Hilt had hi*t*n .wood to  hy tliitt body, thoro we* mimo rt)iplttUM<  frOlll Up|M)��iOt)*> tlltlilllM'fK,     -  Hon. t.eorjfe Ko-uor, In a reply to a  tjiiory to* to whon On* lllj-h Cum. of  Mvhitf CommlMlon ��uul*l tvtmrt, M.i.1  thut t��hon the eouimitti'o had .hilt-hod  llu work and ***-, rumiy it would, no  doubt) do no.  Kpeiiker Mprtuilo then ns'-olv'i-d und  rend a tin*.*Mi|t'ci from Hit* Senate rohiOvi*  to the tttOtude of that body an roifard*.  lo, uno'tHiiio'iiU to tin*. Ho)ul Addi'i**-*  itad the Coniinotik' n��}m*tlon Oioree'f.  Members of i hi* Huiimt ���tt'twmiy iimUti'd  tho evitieuoe ef tlioir our* when thtjy  hoard the speaker rend a Iiii**ii��m^o to  tlio oiTocl lhat "Out Htfiialo dooit not  ItwUl" on lu ttiiwndnik'nU.  A few miniito* Inter, however, an.  , other mo**,n*?iii an hod from OioHt'iiato  and thU lluio It -A (*> the Hourtto "do*?*  li.*tb.t" on lu aiikotuhitoiU. The Kp.-al*,*r  . iixplalijtsl Omt tin* tlrkt'itie^iijje mtiiit  have been an error t-lnrti the hut one  had boon huiulot. to him by oitlclalu  dSriwi from Uin Mt'itaK*.  fki.iy.yBi kia-K*  ?*���*.  ."J.*-., **ol-  ���'',-,,.;if|.��vfM  .*   i^*i   ���*-.,--'.  ' **.*   1 'I  .-t '"�� i*.k-'E  .*t-,-*--  -i,!'.  *S��*  w  ���a*���  '-Wi'  Hotel Arlington  The old and ever populnr headquarters for the High ehttw Island Tr*d��,  htwi been recently  Greatly Enlarged  And now cental nr* sixty rooinn, ttlnglo or en suite,   Tho sptondid new  dining-room oonttOns n fine KOleetlon of Islnnd view* from tho .studio  . of Mr, Leonard Frank.  ======Tourists and Sportsmen  Will (hid tho now Hotel Arlington just tbo thing.   Guidon furnlabed.  r=^======s^=^ Sample - Rooms =============^^  i - c''  For commercial men on ground floor,   Center of the t>buatnot��a District.  Frtm Hum to and from all tmlnut und boata,  MoiyiFF tt MKAGHER        ��� * ��� ..  Wo proiwo to kiipnly tho Cilvof  Alhornl with Ki*��'i>h Kithi��Vi*i,�� Tu*"��ihi>  ���itul Fiidey, on whlt'li dayti the ttn-j-oo  Mill make the roiituK from in ti.nt, to  U pin,  JOHN KCNI.ALU  9*m*m*0+  mm*mm*V)9mmmati^i  Signs Signs Signs  {.and and AdverthtnjrHlgmt.nti?,,  done with Prompt PoKptiteh  -    nt l���owt*kjt Prlt'D* by  S.  EATON  Mnrtfaret St��� Alborni  t'��lnt0f* a**** l��aj)#r*!fiKiftr,  Work tlutie by Prauili'jtl Moll oiil.v,  U-ithuait^ Pi-tu*. -,  ^l,W.,k'J*,|lW,k^.*H.^4,MI.,|.tll..ll|. iil^lk. WlllMli4,k....k..��w.��W  Proprietors  nr***  teral Bhckimi  t*MB-ifc*Mlt^m*l|trltW*a,  Alk��mlf B,���. -  '   . J k   ��    ' k. ' *���*     * *   pl  AH wor& eKftimtod mtaUy aitd  pyognptlf        "    *  ���UtowisI To��nift��r.  my ptove wood  Always on Hand,  All   Onltim   Promptly   Attended  To  *  Auto supplies and repairs  Cars for Mrs at reasonable  rat&s  . i  Thu loiu'lntf ptibiltt wiil find Imro a  plant   wt'll-etpiippoil  to tittontl  to  thtilr vni'iitUk cute noods at  prlrt'N  thnt un* ilylii ,  6.-*A. Huff9 Prop, ���  VICTOIUA IkJl'AY AI.HKHNI, 11.0.  CLASSiriED ADS.   ._.<.���,.  Want*! . Ui��c llurrott1, CttlUvaior ��ntl  ,  Hay lUtkin,   Mu��t  l��ii In -food <*uh-  diifon.   Apply Hox "M" Advtn,'Ktt��  , CSIetti  r  Tu gtrnCk Forai'hod Homhi* on Ot-wtn*  oioitt Hlre��*t��**><l l*k��nw��rKw*IOlTlo��i.  Apply A. W. Naill,  "  ���"-,������.-. ,������.^.i.���-.:-���,.-��.  F#r - lt��(it.i,. fivtviotmi CotUi��,'i��, with  i'litrti, I^��*iftrs3l on puter-Miif 'town  tkile,   For i����ittt.'i)l��f��i ��pply  to 1\  ,   Pitler-ion, Alb(Util, H,C. '  6"fft- Kan-ti^ HitSlilhiK milt able for (i.Tlc-o,  or llvlnir room*, on Hlvwr Kront  l-toiwl near Kiit.iiok'.on Hiktifo. Apply  Ono. A. Hmitli, Albortih'il.- ��,:���;',  Far S��nl or Salt, .Hnittll Hoiiho on  ttotibh* tMirner, ,'Alhornl'-'" Ifoltfhta,  Hiiutll paymont down: o��d MOmi'  iiionlh will,buy it,-.'"!J..UtM��U    ��       ���������:<  Apply  Ft��r Jtan^^l^ivo-roiiiii 'Coltago'i  J, imih>, Alb*rnl,       :  *-!',"W***''(i'?*|l**:�� *��� 1 kV" **1k*l-* w*  fV A*U (V t l-1��-4��kK m*  T��r MkCk-r"llo'Wkii (throe-:-yt*ai*a oltl)i  Wauon, Mowinjf Maehine, I >l*o  iinrrow, lloublO'liftrrolikHt Hnotgtin,"  Htitfi/v, CYt'tini Hti'iBi-Btor (HharjiitiM'),  ' und YtooH, A. ll^Andeiiion, Oraud-  view Hottd, Alborni.       r v; ^    *  I'kjMjii mM-^wm*wwmmwwmmmm*mmif<t:wmm  Gr,'(*np,i�� floiuiD'Ualto Bread at Ali.  bornl Twdlrijf'Wlorc. -Vx'v.'-t:';;,:;;':-,;;;.; J --!;;'  (Writer Johnston li-qiul  nml Victorln Cjutty;.  Cfi/tV ����fj -  k UAJUt4&  Will the public, ph-itst* note that  J. G0L0M6ECK  Haw removed hltiplaooof butihioMt  to llil*  New St��t is thit NcGiiitt} Kw-1  If ���  Near the City Hall  Wler? Iii wiil h Imi mtj tt txioftt  til itftlni ����� tfett* tM Sfexsi ��m)r is!  fvirlty  ���������������*JJff��ff'��*Wlk^ ;  fi;i::B:B;l-:.T;T:  GERRAR0.  &0BOI water nras.  w  Estimste.  ec  a.  St^ Mb^ni,; BXr  >J*B��l'MW'.V,,'BWi)**W|S��i  ���ktl"^'^.^-^...!!  buy Ute ho��t"-pi*��*o*��o'iii Hoimidtako  l}read.;;VAibemi:^ftdlniif'Hiorp,��5v.^  IWWWailkkWWkkkkwiwiklliWIIWIIIilkll*^^  Alberai|.<liperp^  ''JivJi-'ilUHKI'im^  !��W','*'.''?*}B'��WW  *)),!M^I'S'WI!ffitflt'*l��a  OrinpTKi'sj Hoiiitv-nako llroad at Al*  barnt Tradinj}' Htoro.  �������iiffli*miui^^  .nit imi  !  ���maMauiiaiMif wx wcatw  , I '*  IIangliig gaskets,  H$A$ It (t��W, tHl��l>Wit|i oifittlsril aiiritt  AiaoTubepou* Ktiifuiilaai Kto-fhlnn,  -Hydrantfa*,   I'Hrnailonii   Aatora,  Fos'iik,    All kimln ,of Homoi and  Uftrdeu Pliinu,  ����: ROBERTS  l'hllll* IiO, t-f.iH-1'iM.'ll TuiHwlK', AliwrUl.  0*��li*.-ui (iiilj*4��i(nit.  t  irfi|--iiiTi I ii ,in'rrr-y~[ni'iirrir-~n-niinni.,in>gifiiju        ,    . *lf,..,---,   ..   ...  iKirtil, li U,  (AX'til'iilkii* (v;vk-nitfr. liiU'r-ili m  M'tily   fi>r  |>ti|'it|il.al(ili  |U> lt.kM.-o \hf i'llitinlua  miw*i>MVmr*PMlHt/**&��VKatgioA ywt k*.'iii.ij..w't'>itsi��iiwiMi-��w'li  land "act Notices.  AiniiKio-ti i,Aivi) ontrnurr,  nikutt'i ot iiktiviiij?.  Tiili(> notUv Otftl IMIO W. A|.*i)?.l��)ii, of A)  ilTtll,   li U .   "WW  j|ijily  for t��i|itt!l  0,'ki'i'UtMt UniiiO'.  l-��i!imi.ni.-|i)a et t> mmt itUtilevl m tin/ H,W-  ivortici,' i.i toil tii, tin'tsiio wjwi tifitii, tJinitw  -tti k��*ii|i)ner Hnm lOfrtttieiicftlli't *>ti)> tlip Mtnra  tttus tn n |K>li��l n|t"Ui io ft**�� fciieili of tli�� N, W.  c��fr,,ir nf lji>l tlifB. ttomw? M Ui* N.W. ��M��rttrri>,t  Irot iiit, iliriHXt wkiiI fi>ilo��(iii! tlit'"tiiirt'line id  t'Dliil f>{ ck;miiii<iici>iuiitit,     i I  Oil* Wfl'icltrt M'li-iiiiiw.  Mtty Id, mi,     '. . 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C. t&mS $unr��y��4* wtd Cl*ll E��n|lii<>��j'  Otf��*x������i   C6rstt��*if  HU>k-k�� Peri  Alb��ml  Phts*f�� 87  'J*���*** **i wuromiHUi ������������si*'-"  H. M. BHOWNE  Clvli and Mluinjf Kntfhe.fr  mid  ��irutii, tb��i��ii(- yic*\. U rlmlii* Ios��j'l0|h' t!s*- Irtfi-ni,  |i��ra}|(i) ivll.lt tit'* i>!iiiri* IHw lit u imiiil 111 fttrl  nuiiili nf On- K.K. inirti*tr of tlio ItnlUn ltt>Mii-��R  Ko, 10, tbt-WKi tO f��*l llliltll til kklll IM.'t, IIhhkw  <*����! bboul il libulua u> imlut or oowmnMic-ttirnt.  MnylD, !!>!<,  Me, i-yMfiilu Imn.  I'ntiT Mictit-liwi.t, Attpnt,  Jutjo ft-M  . l*rovlni?lal J-.i*iid Hurvnyoi*  l��. 0.  Ihty thi) beau-OroflDD'a Ilomo-Htiki)  nrottd.   Alberni Tradlnj,*' Btoro.  Allt^rril  mm, ktm & co.  llllll Mmiik null nm Hklilktiiiil ����� I mo-UOl**,-t ^*lk.l*k��k*l*ek. *fkfTtkyk,*^k H" ���*<***��  P4tsJsi*B iii-i rrorisdisl tUntl Swr*yc��  Ciril, Bjtlfts'it, nasi f?tmidj*i Et^teKift  Eg��js^m Is? Rikkle, Ag*i;s ttmt 0>*  UL  Mtiiiloliml Worlt.  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'wa-toit'jftlam^iM^  j'*- '..'.Kt>WA|U>'MY..}l, VAUallAK,'   ���,  'Otwlnl'-te-thtd-flnfh��tetatHn|*noy,\our rtt*i'fer, Cl��.r��i*��nbig..'9i.f��-  .'" ;r��dwii}��4l to'��8.00 p^Jr tf��Tf fer iK�� -pnanent��'.'",;:'  tjlftos, Ltd,,'0��'trtt��t*t!,k*d Khmer 8eod*,'' V��?jfit��tiible H<-otS��, Biiltw",'..cit��.  il,,.llii.i.wtwl>kik.pllil,,t  (IMMkCMlUHMk  ���^fSit-  Bricklayer and  Comeht Worker  Wl-Whl'WaiH.ilaa <lW*t.au>fcWUlii  Lic&nowd  Anctione&T  tui Unmt  iaa>it*f*i��Wau'����*4^,��**k1i  ffi  T + T-  ��� ���^l"!* i    -������*�����   kna^*.-**  vtfji*atHi*y��*W��i.f*wW'aiwW*^ii(.M ^   *** {���fj/MfcTVWla^^  if,      ���"    ("--i  We are busy moving to our new store across the street  -   Coniiuiutcin*/ vYiihictda.r luomhitf there will ho tt Hprvlal Salt* of  Aluminium Tea Kettles, while they last, $1.78 & $2  See our window* for other biir^atuK  r.  (toixK I'lit'iTfiilly (*xohiini,(-d or money rofundod.     ���  E. R. PAINE  Successor to Hauser & Paino  Good Style and Daintily  fin     ��� J kmM1  �� rimmed    -   -   *   7oc  Ft 4*"* 4<1  red   G.   Co  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  Suiiiiiu'r lllotiheH in grout vnrhdy,   White, HtripeN, Color**}  MhU'HuIh riuik'i' from MiimIIiih io lintim-M. uiitl tbeprleeM tin*  Hueelnily it tt motive  Our Mtoelt of nil itindrt of Hummer Wenr Is unlculuted to null  u tvhb* iMUKt'i'f tiiHlon., while "op io the inlmittV'ttN to fnsbions  A few Bhnde Jluht to clenr ut very low prices,  Somas Trading Company - Alberni, B,  l.tidhV llttiito Journal I'ltttrrni. fcbyiiy*. In nook  Alberni Lumber Company  i Cap now -kiippiy order*, fm* Y\x%\ Claua  Rough and Dressed Lumber of A3I Kinds. Shingles. Etc.  Ijooul Ortli'rti will rooi'lvo *pci'lid uitonlloii.  Cull nt  Oik Mill tut Out Hootch HotOio��ioiil llutul, or Phono  or wrlto to tho Muntij��*or  Phono H49  Alberni, B. C,  mm&mm  ANTICIPATING   THE  COMING   SPORTS  We have laid In u lin�� of Boy's and Men's  Sleeveless Athletic Vests 430e to 70c ouch  Also Running Shoes in all sixes  Note our special vuluos in Ladies' Black Cotton  Stocking, nt 10c pair  f?  Successors to A....I. Bind  Complete House Furnishers Port Alberni  'PJibn��82'  . - . ��� . ii .    .- ���    .. ��� .-'��� -  When They 'Ask fiuestions-^Sefic! The�� He Advocate  (ContititUkti frtim I'lik-v I.)  nftor all It J�� you iliiti  Oioy ii'prcxcnL  Voii wuM -jot, moil onto you*   iij-rlciil-  ttit-al luntlMt h.M'iiuio ���tj-rlctiliuro l*. tlio  iiiikin nn-,1 h,'U'kl��)u��' of  nl} Inihihki-lti*-.  Jt you want a  j^oimI   piiikpoitms   town  tfot the iitaii on tho  itjfrlonhttrf' luml,  ami ho mill tioni- out  hi�� ���*hoi,(*> in  foilowhiir tin* pltiw. iht'ii ho will oomo  to town to hiiy tt  now   -.air,   auti   tho  Kiiirol<oi*pi-r vi ||J httvo to *.>tid   to  tho  iiiutiiituctiirtM' lor moro, and lit*  tu ,tht*  sanucry fur nmiv h-aOiormmnko thorn  nnd !>o on down until it t-ouion  hack to  On* fiit-mor wito ralt-utt  tho calf tn 1,'ot  iho hltlo for tho tannery.   Av-cortihif,'  to tho land act of iW.-,  it  wit*,  lmpo**.  dihlo for one until, to  purohtoio  moro  Outii tl-SU iit'i'OM of hiiitl,   Now  Oil*   itel  Wnn not, put Oinro for iioijiinir,   Im*.,  to  provrnt ihii huitl liohii' ttllenfttod from  Iho  Crown.   Wow  -uidor   tln*��o  coil-  tiltioiin wio* your Inw*, lirokon.   Spoon*  laitirn t-iiiiioali))i{kfM>i*hii; llttil. owhi��,** to  tho hutltlluir nf llio   viirioun  riillt-oiithi  tht'i't* would ho n #(>o(l cliiitii'i* to iitiitit*  tt fort tint*, tii t lii'-iii litiuli it mild htvoiiio  vi'iry vnhtalih-, uiui hiilunil tho j?o\ on*,  mout. toumoiul tin* not mi thtii  It   wiih  liobkihto t*i Mako hy tin H*p>t*t, it ml hIm*  thut thoy cotilil is'iiiut it  (imi.'j*  of  nt.  lornoy to Miuto poi'Miu Ut ilo  th.i   Mt.ih*  Iiii,' for thoiu,' Tliroii'.'tuMit   0k>   I'ro-  vliit'o wo Iliul sumo Ul xtiullcitti-H wliu  t'oittnit itoiirly iliroo mlllmi,' urn**-,  or  tin avorfli;!* of iiiiirly Itl.nnehcioi ouch.  Tlili jHtwop 6f ttttortioy ffiivo tho ono  huMttitr Htii-h till   itl)   Iho  rl^'hi.  iuul  pilvlloiii".,   Tiiuohhi'.**on On* roatlK in  tiio-rTovTf.ro Mr,  HroHiitoi' roforrod  to tho lli'lln Cooht OUtrit'l whoro nftor  IK)   yi'Ui'H   M*tllioiit<iti ili**y   huvo only  Hot ihit-ty-llvii uiilon of louil*, nnd on  tlit'oii),'h On! Ihoit'ltoui   IliillOoy,   No*  t'hnoo   nml    otlior   tllntrlcii.   iti   tlint  vii'hiily 4.inl  von   t-ttu   not   tlntl   oSo  uilit* of tftikkil loiitlk, itnd yot tlioy httvo  ���.pt'tit iiiUllon** up thoro,  At it convontloii hi 1UU3 of iho (������  t.prvttOvo pitri tlioy mloph'-il, n pisiform with It planliK In It, not ono of  which thoy huvo Smnlomt'tiltit ttntt  thoyohavo Ikhmi vlovon y��nr�� hi |Kiwtir.  Aiiion*��>t olht*!'* thoy promlinsi �����l��tc  ��lil to njfi'li'ullure, uini'lho ��M)umi|'vii*  tlon uf nmnrtil i-oaiuitviifc,  A portion ttf tivory ooitl tiroi. wtm to  ho iwr.'OkJ for tho INuvlnt'o, hut whin  tlo no nml, that il.imsi.iit'Onrroit of m^iI*  otihitriti, II million tu'rot ot tltiiborttuii  h.'lto.inti iii'iiot of ooii 1 ttnuoi huvo htion  iilji'miti-tl, iuul not out* fclnjOo muo hn*  hot'H rotit'i'votlforttmoitld, Mr. Ilrutv*  oliir W(*nl on to tthuw tlittt On* royult.t  phiotil on himhiir wu*t ��iu-h��* lu j.|��e��*  tt protuhim on titinilhii,' riaii'ii Itimht'i  out of tho provinco to In* IhiUhtHl.  'Pho (/ovi'i'tiiiuTit Iuul *>tuc-t< il t*i thu  wrontr I'-nil III-*!, Iuul thoy fitrtoyoil iho  Inotlit ami phietHl thu M-tilcnt on thl��  html you ooulil not huvo liopt, i-npitii)  out of the proviitoo. A l.tihor Cum<  ininvlon that tliiii't) not iamioui'U Lit bur  Tomplf, un Am-Umltttrul CiHuiuinkUin  I hot ki'iil Itn iih'iiiiKn'R all ovor On*  woilil, into, to Kiit.��hiiul iimithor to the  Onttoii KtutoM, unotlior to Auntritliii  untl m> on to ouiiio liiu'k untl explain  to you how io d'l'ow toorti poluloi'*. tii  the aero horo In Alht'in|4 Wo won*  toh] tlntl Uio Ohio watt ��horl until tin-  (liroot tiDOitlon would ho wl|it'il out,  thoy hntl tukon Uio   rovonuo tti*i iuul  llt'lttl IHX OlT tlltt Ul-ll'llUtl    tlllll     lltltlt'el  tho ���ftiti �������* onto you. 'J'lio pitivhifi'  htuK had u> ptty uui *l 17,ct��* for CottMi*  tutlonttl ililiftttlim, nml up to ditto On*  piiivlnoo hun not, wen it alnftlo cn*��i*.  IIowkci' had told thoiu thit I ho wnx ti  yowl hiwyor, It would hnvti htvit  much ohottiHir tolutvo huvo hlrotl a  (i!0(Hl lawyor Outii to huvo pitld out  ���Ijtt.OtK) to U'tu'h Mr, llowiior low.  Dowf.nr ii. ready to woyoi* that wtion  tho Lltntrtd** tX'ol into pnwor thnl iiot-  ono of hit) lawn will ho ropi'tOod, hut If  ihoy worn not, Ih'ittvt.tot* will HHhi On*  LlUontl Party. Thoy uttld thut thoy  hud ollmluuU'd tho Llhorul Party on*  thidy. Thin win, tkoiuothhiw llml Sir  lOehtud, Ntn*o!i'nn llowaor, nor ttvou  Klntf Hlr Kiohiml Htntlii oould do,  Thoy hitvo not hurt, tht* j-roat Uborul  Party, thoy huvo only put thorn In  lltfhti'i)* trim. Mr, lir*'��*ior totn*ht*d  lifh'liy int tho irouhtt) at Nttiiulitto, iho  railway poilry ami VHriutit- oilstT  iiuttloi'kj atlortlnj} tho Crovint'it, htii  hirIt of uparo (irovontef un l/ivinj," ihisi  hidotittl thin titmit,  Jn hi-�� o-om-littiliiK r^iiiarki. Mr, IJrow.  titor Mubod tho iittdSt-Uk-o hi all Mii'lou*,-  dcm. w ��t*(,'o|it. tholr ohllijiiOoiiD ttod  Mind mon down to VU-iorhi who will  put. ifood hotuiil lawn on tho Kttitulc  iloolo,. In tho uuuiuthiii* otillcliton  *otu>olvon iih to Out cotidltluna of tlio  Provinco. Howyour lantlniiml ni.tural  rouoiircot. nro holiij,,' itlkinatod, and your  itionoy tt uhtotl. If you cannot voto for  thol-ihonils void for yood olonu Covrrn-  uicnt. I thiinli you till for your ut-  toudanco vu micIi tt wiirni nl^iit u��  thi-i.  ��� 'i'ho mootlu-,' hroko up with tluvo  eiioor.*) for Hrowsior and Oio filogkij," of  tho NuOotmt Antho'm,'.- -,  Totally Destroyed. j  Tho lioiiito on tho old |4t*a-*on ranch!  nt C'horry Crook nod occupied hy 'M1'-  T. Kouwh-s wtt,"�� totnily dn-(.tri��ynl hy  lire on WodnoMlny afu>niou)i atitut *��  uVlock, Mr, Kuowhiii <*&* ��oal>!(. to  Mtvo unyOilU'T httt tho clothe*. In* ttU^nJ  in, .  IWIIl**Wlll,lllltll1BIWIIMMW.-i*at*^^  ,11 I 11,1.1111111, JUlMl I ."JJ^'lll*.   l.lllt II  TENDERS.  Wantud for iho Hinkloj* of a Wrll til  tho Chorry l.'rook Schwtl,  'i'midort* mttr.1 i��u hi the hand*tof tho  tho Koorotitry not lator than noon on  WtxImWay, July IM. U��U.  Kor full pttrtloulurti ��.pply to tho  ."���ire rotary,  MH. J, WATKtiN,  Chorry Crook.  EDUCTIO  RICE  OF  COAL'  Washed  Nut Coal, tfio Most  Suitable Fife! for Summer Ue���� *  57,75 1 . Per Ton     1  mwrai M)kiwma*Hk)pHki  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co,  Olllco Phono I/.'*)  A. PAUL, mmtw He����� U2ft  niwirrownw -wumfwiri MiiwiTmunwi ainniiiamiiBiii  CORPORATION OF THE C1TV  OF ALBERNI.  NOXiOl'K WKKIJM ACT.  **Vntlo(i In horohy jflvou to all whom  it may ooiioorn, that nil Thlntlo*.  urowlnif >tlthlii tho Munli'ipitlliy munt  in* rut on or lit'fotv iho lit tiny ��f July,  lull, If not ho tluno tho City Cuunt'li  u ill httvo Mtiiio out, itiitl tho com will ho  I'hiii'ifi'tt iiMiiliml tin* pitiporly holiloi'N.  P. H. C  HAYNK,  City ClorU.  \*mv*w*r^��,\mwmi*9im>mmw**���*��*t?*  r~>  Save Money  On your  Paint Bill  For iho Hunt \Witk .ton will ho  ith|o to j/ot an Imporlul Cullon  of pulnl for M.B.'.. ���  Klrnl Como- Klrot Morvwl    ,  erm Iradin  --*.,...  Local Strawberries, fresh every  . 19c Per Box, Cash  >5.S0 Per lOOlbs.  On tho Busy Corner  momifi]  Sugar,  Tho Busy Storo  gkitwwi  Tlii Weil-b��Wfi and OH EtUkikltd Grtcert, Mm fend Tnlm rtwstoU  ��!*��T^,i*^**u:*xX*"tiri,.siSi4*j^ii,-v.-A���"(��"  .-,s,s-t\\-;\\xj^>^;y^&,:,z'tf^/:m^vs2aMi  Tlto /niwrui i'ftlm Htoro.  WfMll'ililllWkWia-aUiifnffiilWiW-**^  ���ewMt-mikf iimv v. ���p&mvr ^^ifmvn i, w��"' wimi y*v*> miitW-vf*r'*��***ri*f*if  NOTICg.  l.havf hooii hiHtriuiitxt to Soil hy  Tomlor, el (hot- in wlioloor in puti, (ho  HNnotkiof ll, W.'fii'iivllit, hiholvoitt, wm-  (���Uilui; of :.-  Toiim, Wairon untl llitrno.ii,    1 Coin-  lihiitthiii Hiifo, rthiiokt now,  I i/ui- Uu No, il, lUork �����', MiWlvislon  of nUtrh'l IM II,  l**titilty In Ihitiki* unit l/n|..I^it No. 8,  IIKh'H 'i, tiiiUllvlkioti of I Mi, |),  Throi) Yoara l.t-u-o on I^ot- 3 nnd 3,  itmod tti ti l.umhor Y it itl, t*uli*|lvi��  ���.hm of tiiku-uu. i,ot ll, Inrludhitr  Huiltllnj;*, Citrpi'titor Klit-p. tlllleo,  ituil ull Ltiiuhor.uud Moululnj,'�� hi  yurvl.  All Hook lli'lithtof tht) K*t��to,  Tho i��l>*��l*i*,*t, or  uuy  tondora,   not  ni*ot'fc!��arliy iiocoptod,  TKItMH CAHU,  Tomlfra to ho rttoolvod hy Vi p.ia,  .luoolNHh, IMH. ,  For partIruhir-,uppiy to l>, II, Jtlddell,  Aihorul Tradhi1*Hiori'K, Awllfiioii.  REMEMBER OUR CELEBRATED  iiAlUKMLINU HliKNI> TKA   ,    .    5   f>(k�� p��r lb.  .DKt'KAJUMK INDIAN TKA   ,    .    .   MK> por lb.  1U-J1NI3KKK.TKA. Dili. J��i>x '.   .   ,   .   fl per box  Tho nbovo bnvc our nnmu on oitoh pnekvt.   Unt-ori'si Tetloy,  Dint) l.lhhun, Vimnln Tu��MF,ut��., nlvvnyt* In stooit:  Our Ilnuttl, liniii., Calu*n,olit'., nro unutitiitlltHl In iiuallty  TMMW ���>!��������� M*111H**l  Vkieria Qa?y $\m< Thit H  WW  MMWtm  wwi'jkiMikiiiiiikMni k  n��m*��  t  manwWMH  THE GOOD OLD SUMME  Ha ai*o our "en  <nn��i.nii��nnnkTiMik<ffi  MoOott lllock, Alhornl  Phono HI  Kim Ave, Port Allwrnl  Phono IS  I.I illl.ll.t.l,>flllliM|j.ii|iiril..'iBi'M[l^l^^  aiig��*B**��li'��'*4i'-jei!R*iiik*^.^  fflM��SJSiftStr.-.isK-jn:i...3  +*c v*> * i^e(Mi.idi>.  You ifot u Ktiuaro t)i*al from  AtlvartU��r,*i  our  lui..  .. ^w*4*'k,",.ft,  -  nkny  ��,..i,iii��1Uf4|.��ji��y.,ii.*��..<iwwk����i  ��||kM|^ll*^*kl��U��kyk-^p<ijjl��t��<kJ(||  mmmmmmfflmmmwmmm8mmwmm$mammm&  kaA.1 kMUIIkilKiIki  ���P  A WUITRU'H HIIYMK.  Of popn-and poiiclltt thoro Itt-'quito  A lot tliitt 'cudho Mtid ;������  To drlvo a pott'may ho nil rlijht,  ilut poiici)!, luimi ho l^itd,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  .ouldingsn, Shingles  and Laths


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