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Alberni Advocate 1915-06-18

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 ttUummMmiUmlimimtmmtl  '4k4��*WtfkMKkkllM  ,miiiiiH��iiM-n��  Vol. 7  Alberni, B.C., FHcl'&y,  June 18, 101$  No. 17  Htf ��� r**-i **��i-* i^-i^nWMr.^W'-Wi^iyinii  lc-A FOUND  DELIVERED'  Druggists and Stationers  mmMuamsmmmmmmKwrmmxmr.  From One to Ten Acre  Blocks at Snap Prices  Firo, Life. Accident Insurnnco   I-Kouses to Heat  Html EhIiiU* and InMir.moe  Phono IU, Alberni  P.O. Boa iih  iriiAnTmirf-n^irnnfrr^iTriTrfnrir' ir nr "T  ia5WWBHlpMaW.|1MUM  ��itjHmw*WMPi&*^w*nmmm*t*  ���*kjlut��|kn***#Mt>jii aiMWliX  MANUFACTURING JEWELER AND OPTICIAN  ----- NANAINO, 28, C*  (TImj oltltjKtiiiMliihllKliiul .li-woliM's on Y'nnt'otivt'i' Island)  Wo moke $ specialty of all kinds ot  Our prices ar�� modorato and wo guarantee all work  Estimates Furnished       Prompt Attention  .apianskj,  Ol our Optical Department will visit Alberni .frequently. Make appointments by letter and he will  make examinations and furnish estimates free of  charge.  LIBERAL DEBATE. -"���  GREAT SUCCESS  FM  ALBER1 CHURCH  iy��TAIIUSHIiO till?  BOARD   Of*   DINECTOR3!  II. V. NERKBITI.. ��*,., I-toMmI.  K. 9. Amw, Eh, K. B. Gn**A\t\it, ttt.  Ut Willi*-* l&*<4��*.*\i.' If���*, fc��M. M.tlt.Jf.  !MrU*����.SU��#i'��*����f.K'C,V.O. C. R. IImb,,, Ei��.  A. SUttOk-ttitk, E-��. C. & Cm-tin*', Kit*, ;  H. ft, Di-tumi**!, Kh. 0. fata An'*., t.M(.  Wi*. H��K����l��f. S��,,  ^J^itijwliit WUiUM.JfjiytikM^  Clipttal Pkld"uii   "���    $10,000,000.  R����t ���      -      ��       16,000,000.  Uitdlsrldcd ProflU   . 1,252,064.  TfttftI AmmU (Aftil, 1915) 280,^2,137,%  Saving* Department  De{X>��itao.'$i.oo-tiid inward received  rtini Intcrcatiillowcd ut IiiKhculciifrunt  rattm.   tJitvhiK* Dcpitrtinciit uccotiliU  Klvfii special ittltittli.il.  {>l��l)*V|l��WkMiklll>|BWI>"4il1ik|l��llllia  E, S. V. McCMntock. Manairar. Port Alborni Brnnclt*  G, F. Pritchnrd. 8ub. Ant., Alherni Brunch.  ��l*a*BtaBH*��atfflHf^^  At tho regular uieothijr of tho Al*  hoi'iil Lihornl AnmioihIoii hold hi tho  Million Mock tm Friday ovi-nintf- lust,  llio bii*.liit-t.ki of the ovc-nhijf wiiM. onll*.'-  I'tit-tl l��c ti tlohiiie. Tlio unhjeot chorion  was ���'HtihtiJvt-tl thnt. Keelproeity with  Iho United States mould ho hi the hohl  liitin'iwt". of Canada,"  Am mtfthl have hot'ii expected. I hi**  Mtl.Jeol ifitvti full scope for tho power*  of nil pni'th'"!, and tin* tlchnl thvil ful-  lowod was ol the most, liitcrosthijr  inttut'O.   Mc. (ii-jtwiml opened for iho  llllll'lHIttlVt',  llllll (,'IIVl) n ��,'1*0(1 niitlhio of  the historical end ol tho qiio.sduii. Ho  traced tho various .Mop*, (hut hntl hooii  Hilton h,v tho-Canadian tliu) American  jfvivoi'iiiiH'nIri Joukhitf to tlto end of  t'tvittliUhhiii/,' reciprocity, nml closed  with n hrief ontlliio of iho manner ht  which (hit Conservatives Innl always  worked for tlini Minio reciprocity tint))  they (honirht I hut political on;,hiii  t'lipitul could ho imulo out-of ���;,.!:!;iy  the other'tddo of t|io <|in*stlon. It Iuul  therefore the endorsitduil of hoth of  the political piii'lit'Mtil, Canada ut one  time or unuUiiT, mid iiuiM. httvo soiuu  ffoiid lu il to httvo Iuul ihit Mtpport.  Mr, Sonic followed for tho negative  iuul hroiitflil out iiii array of iiruunioiii*)  to support lilt*contention* thut, it would  lie hotter to confhm tlio hindui'M <>,( lint  Ciintidltin people to*, tho limit?, of iho  Ill-It|i|i Kutplro. Mini lot tlto American*,  truth) whoro they like, tind pot on nil  tho tni*lflu ihe.v pleased, Ih* did not  liilnii tlittt- iht't't) wtis mi',' cliiinco  of  }(-olliiiK"'tho    Ainorlcitiin  to  h*L jfti  llicll* Ith'li Of   KOttllltf   tilt'   ht'Mt-Of   III!)  Iiiu'lflihi thc.v imidtt,' tind ho felt Mtro  thai if tho   .hilled Hi tu on cuiiiii" Into  HtlC-ll IIII IIJil't'1'llll'lll ll IMHllil ill) lll'l'lllltit*  they thoiifjlit. thitt. they wonid uot tho  licit llf (lit) 1,1111%'lllli.  .Mr. Jliirr,v Hills wtti it iiietithoi' of  the uillruitil'.vo  (citiii,  iuul Jinti n clean  Yosiordtiy inot'iiiii*,' aliont' Jh.'JO lire  iJo-struyed the I'l't-tshytorhtn Church  ami .MaiifiO, ,'intl iliimn^cd iho (^htit'Ch  Mall. The KJro Jli'ltfiidi) wi'is qtiicUly  on tlio scone, hut tho lire hinl trot. Mich  it hold liutt ll watt impos-dhlo to wv��  tii Nfivo llu* olitirch, find the olloitt-iof  tho hi'lKwlt) wore illntcicd Jowfiriln tho  Hull and Mllii'ii!. 'i'lin .Manso wax  priicilcnlly tliiHtt'0''od hta tho Hull wan  onl.v *.lltfh��)y diinmyitd.' Tho llrotitct)  woi'lct-tl under (���I'liuL dllllminic.s and  wort* n hly anhlstod hy a lar^o mini Inn*  uf tiitly.oiiH, 'J'hti l'ort Hi'l^ado was  xciUi for and rcxpotuli'il prtntiptly, and  pt'i'lorincd yocniun (.orvk'o, hohijf of  KM'eatMirvh'ohiMtvlii/riH'arhy propoi'iy.  Tho chiit'ch wa.t a loitkl'ltiH-i holti^  vithicil ni iH^KKl mni only hmirod for  iflf,<KM- Tho Aliiliito'WHs hinurod for  *"im. Thu wyiiiputhy ofMhti nntlru  coniintifiliy wons out, to Frofotsor and  Mrt, (.'itrriiihci'ft, ulno U�� Mr. and Mrs.,  It. li, 1-Yiihor, who lust, oontlilorahln of  lliol." pni'Miiinl holoii*fhiffh, Tho lire b  Mipposod to have lii.'oii cutiscd hydc*  fccUvo olci'trlc wlrch. Tho Maivoii  and IjOi'd-Jlo-il Hloclo., the ivhldonco of  8. 11. Toy anil tho UJojof pholu ntttdkiM  nil ciitijfiU lire httl wore i��nt|Jy puloiii-.  The wlndowh of tho hoi-d-liosl llldolt  woi'o hi'okon with tho tcouiondoiM  heat, nnd tt dOotiDii of tho tclcphono  onhlo wart inoltcd,  GERMAN PRESS  0NU.S.  intli) hy opcuhitroni'K'utcs to the nmnii-  facttit'oi.'i iuul prodttcttr-i of Iho UnUcd  iStaio-i, and ntulto t.'iniiulH tho dumping  Wi'Otiud fni' till tho Jiiirpltis produotH of  tho connlry noru*** iho lliio? "Hottoc  loitvo thlnj,'* an Uioy tiro, Kroo tritdo  within tho I'lmpit-o wits ti iiioch hotter  itli'ii thai) fi't'ii U'lttlo with tho United  StiiiOi't.  With llio cltikt! uf tlto uiuin ih)hitt'<  .*it*vot'itl olhci'K tooK jitici in iho iIIm'Uk  iiiuii, and it  vory  hilt'i't'iilii'f ovonlii'f  tnit ar��tiuiom  to pi't-Moiii. nml  /,-avo lt'j,t|n*.od wltli a fot'lhiif lliat  much  ll^hl  in a very tuu'itotlvo utiiiinof. Tlio  iviiuhi idttii wii.i to ho allowed to liny in  thti Iie.tt iiiui'lnH, mid i.t'U ht Uio Miiiiio  way. If iIiIm ootilil ho foiimi ncrii**!* Hit*  line, thou wo iijior ii. There' imiht hn  miiiiiHlilii/f -.''iiihI h) tlio Idoa of I't't'i*  profity foi'all part los In Cnni'dii had  tried to !iriu�� It ahoui, and It .titn'oiil,,  uhciiii wait ftiuiid (hut iinlltlt-itl caph  had hc<*ii thrown on an Important Huh-  jlHIt, ,  ll witkj rokolvod to )told only ono  moot lui/'n itiimUi for iho Miiniin'r, und  tlie-iu wilt ho callod 1ov thtiMocoud  i'Vlday in each month tujiil forthor  mn Ice.  Next iiiooiiii',-- Mi*. .I'l'i'M'oit lni�� pro-  i il I it'll to a | i'ihiii ittltlit'sS on the htiHltionK  tal could  ho imnlc nut. of t-ppo��intf it   ami Ihmnchil ouilook of llio country al  tlmt the coiiM't-vnilvt'S hntl   t.tt Itched J t)io pifM'iiji  lhue.    Thit*   will  lio'wcll  tii'otuid to Oic other ��*-ldo,   'i'htt lannorj tttirth  hcai'lny, and then* n-hojild ho u  woiiM lu*   itttttor   nil,   iho   coii*.uiiii*i' | #\nu\ iiirHuut on thttl ociTimioii.  would In* hot lor oil', and I ho tiiiiy peittoti  uiui would have a Itick fiiiiiliu; would  \h' iho iiinttiifactiirt'i' who uui hohlhi}'  up the ctitinti'.v. i,ot hilii lih'li all ho  Haiti hut jLfivt' im a chance to do hind,  lit"-.* ttht*i-o tin Ihni ll.  Mr. ,Mu{inn thou (oo!< up the nlllriti*  itllvo.   jlitiraeod the cxp'i'i-|i-iii*n ol tho  hiriiict-s in iho luirihwo*.).    Tli.'y hail  jp.tynhluh t!n(,\ lor all   klntl-. of farm  ! iiiitciiintiry, mid at ilit* saino thuo wore  J closed out of tho ureal iiturkot   to tin*  MMltli   Of    tllOlli.        If    tills    Ullll'kt't    Wits  j opened it   tumid  lio  oxchiujuhi'T  iho  j chaiict) tu ti'iido  with no von or oltfht  ; million people,  for tho  same chitnco  | with nhit'ty  or olio  himdrcil  million,  and ho thought that Canada would tfot  the hohl- of Mich mi iirriiuffcmo-m,     Ho  repudiated   the  iile.'i    lhat   Citnaiihtits  could  not hold   thtiir own  in  tradhi/,'  with Aiiioi'h'itiih, Or tmy oilier  pooph*,  and  thoujirht lhat the   ^ii^jfi'^tUmi  wa-*  '   City Council.  At the i-oijiihii* mooiiii*/ of tho <iiy  Ctiuiieil hold iiii Ttici-.liiy nj^ht, Alny����'  linil Mcciipicil the cht'iji' and all tho  AJiIhiiihhi tvtii'o prohi nt tilth tho cm  ci'ptloji of A Id. ti'ihi.011. Iiiijinli Aki'III  i'i.i\, \\ri)|it th" Council stal\tij}' that ho  had received pcrmitisioii from tlto  liitliini Oopai'tmciit to haven hydrant,  iu-ititllod on Iho OpichcMiht No, I lie.  mh-vc, tills wati lt'ft In tho handi* of (ho  handisof tho I'tihllo Safety Cninmiltei'  foi* action. Mr. I',\ M. Whylo waited  on the Coiit'cH for tho noct,����siii,y per-  inlssfoii ui ofiahlo tho Klllo Club to  hold rlllo pritctlco within tho city  iimlis,  Aid. llhi Itt'iiioio (,,'iivtt notice of  motion lo amend lly-law No, Mt Sec-  don -lit to cover thiM hy ftdilloK' tin*  following ttords: "I'lilo.-i.i a permit in  Ilr.st ohtitliied fromlhi'clty amlioridcs."  an instill to 'lo' Cunadidii peojih*.   Tin  .tpciiknt* /-tivo a loiur array nf stai l-tdcsS Aid. Harvey >"<'*."��d''d thUiiml li  was.  inshnw ih,. a(haiUit/,'es(if  reciprocity U'lvon a Hot   and' m*coiuI  i-ontllnK'  and  to tin* Caniuliiii)  fariiie-r,  und  tiiuiiifhi  They M Questions���r-Send Them The Advocate  i dial It would at (ho sumo dim) lii'iii^  i Mime of the tiiiiniifncttirhij,' olouiiini to  j lliflr *ien**ch. 'J'hit t'lt'inoiit had doini-  i iiaied tht* country nhotil lontf enoti';h.  j ,Mr. McMona^le was noxl to tuko up  j tho nc^advo side. Ih* repudiated all  j hlt'it. of tryhiK to trade with tho  | "Vttiikt'CH." 'I'lmy wore a lot thai  would ifot tho ijiost of tho hiii-^aln, anil  i Iuul hotter ho left nloiio, There wasi  i nothing  jn the 1,'tiltt-d  Siiil.c*. thnt wo  )  imi thioH",'!! tho comiulitoo sttiifi* -with  Aid, I'iiioo hi thti chair, The committee reported iho ainotidmcnt ctiiii-  ploto witlioui ainondinont'ii tho hill  wits ihen read a third ihne and will  C0U1O up for liniii' contilderatlon at.the  next, iitootiiij,'.  Tho act hi'- clerk watt Instructed-to  put a notlco ''hi the..paper re the cut-  tinj,*' of-noxlotihi woods.   _.,^������ ��.,���..,���^���,���_  The retflihtr soi'vlcoii of the St.   An-  | wanted, or could not produci' inirnolvos j drew*, (litnt'h will lio  hold in the Hull  1 if wo 'did  want it.     What  had   wo-to ( n.*,vt Sunday.  Jlorlln. Jntitj l."l.��-Thp Hcrlln mom*  In/,' impoi-K ifoiinruljy oommont more or  Ions oxtoiidodly on tho AmoHctui nolo  itloyj,' tlio linos followed hy tho Hutur*'  day ovonhitf piipoi'fi,  Whllo thoro In it KoiiorftJ dlspoidtloti  to i*t*coifiilKo th<�� friendly w>no ot tho  note and tho fact that ll mttiW fui'thor  nef^itlndnn-t potitilhlo, tho proci In  divided. rotiK'hly, Into two pttrllot, ono  of which appear?! to ho (lUpo.'iod to  outer lino itojioiludoiiH lookhiff toward  a cotupromlKo on a now htiulK, whll**  tlio other, hy Implication or oxprotnly  ri'ji'Otti any dopnriuro from Iho cuurito  hitherto followed. Aiiiouk' tho roprt**  Nonla(lvo*i uf the la I tor idea im Tittfiloho  Htiud.-iohau, which hiiy*..  "Tho nolo thcrcfoi'o l�� cnloiilcitotl  to pofdpono tho Kcttlomont of Oerman-  Amoiicaij relation*! und not hrlnif It  (thoul, Tho friendly tone wo Hoknow*  hidtft*, hut tho deoiulon thnt ihtodnklujf  ot tho iiiisltttniu wail unpitrrtllod in  inotlcrn witrofiinr.soouili uppoxtKi to tho  character of tipi'lir/hl fiicndnhip,"  Tho llundmihiui tlofoiKl*. tho ulnkhnf  of Iho I'lisltaiila and hi coiiolunion do-  olaro*tj ,      (, '     '  ���'And thy waUjhword l�� 'Tho torjutitlo.  liiff will fto on.'"  'J'lio Kreiif, '/.oUuutf omphttslKt'K Oor'  niittiy'h rlyht to prevent tho idiipmimt  of iiiiiiiHiijItlon lo itn onstny hy tiny  tiiouus,  Count von ilovcnllow In tho Tugca  Kolllltlff Mtyii! 'r'  "If I't'CNidont WlUon poreUts hi hit  i'ofuKiil to rcflo^nh.0 tho Ooniittii  dochirudon of ti wist* itotio, wo tiro not  liMo tu ooncoivt). of an n^t'ooinoiit or  uvqii a rout undnihtttudlnij'.  "1'ronldont Wilson hrm-hot. bhUIoi  tlio chief part of tint Oorman 110(0,11)1  tmhupoi'Uini. Whoa I'retihlcnt Wiloon  appcalx for tnoruiity mni httuniii rights  lot him o-tctoiid tho*te niodvcti flrnt to  Atiiorit'tti* mtmldouK, Coriuany cunnot  ahiiiidou tho urn ot hoc bt>.**t implement  of war, iiioroly In orilvr tlini AeiierlcmiN  may Mill tho war turn* on Urlthih  sihip.s." ���   t  ..Launch Trip.  Mr. Joe. Orlnlcwniof, iho nwtioi'of  tho (Viuritl MiUo "Ark JlotoS," hum  ninth) an urtanKeimmt which wt!) up.  peal 10 ail who lll.n a Httlo outiofc', and  an occasiomil haVltot of trout, lie U  ^tilnj,' to run his launch up tho luko on  H'lliirthiy.iiniTiioiiliri iuul leave it tltoi'tf  tintlli Mumhty ovcnlii'/,  no  that   UiOMt  ullH   Wli.ll   10   t��till   ItilVHIlUi/O   of   die  *i|i|.'.ndit5 lUhln*/ at the head of (ho luko  can have ui'i etnidii*.- ainl a mornln*/  llsiilui,' at ihut point for the price of  olio trip instead of two an formerly.  There h no douht dint (hit. will appeal  to a hii'tfo Dttmhor who know tho lino  fptirt to ho had ul iho, head of tho  lake,  ilu*it, now iho Ontrit) huko 'port I*  nt its Post; hotter mn. husy heforo all  Uu* h\u onei* arc cutiwht.  Kor those who wl.th toonmp at tlio  head of die lake there 1�� the "Uttlo  Ark" which is snuff and comforuhlc.  Hero, it hid, cookinfkf outllt, Iniat nnd  everything' except (*frith, Is to ho had  for a dollar a day, Hrhvjf your own  K'nil'i cook St. as you Hko, and thou you  will know who is to hhtmc.  Engagement,,  Mr. iimi Mrs. K. \.. (Jill, announce  the enifttj,remr'ut of their dau>fhter,  Kthel J'.t.**(lie, to Mr, Alfrt*d A, ill-own '  of .Mythyr, Wales, Mr. Hrown lu now  with the (M'.H, Construction Corps at  the freut,  Goncort.  Mis�� WrlK'hti a*isIiiitoil hy Vt'cH known ,  local talent will tflvo a c-oncort tonight  in the Lord Ho��.t Mali, under the auspices of the Ladle* Aid of the J'rp.shy--'  tOt'iftii church. Come and nvdst the  ladles at,-M p.m.  f��i��fi!1tll  ^m^mm^S��m^Ssms^��^mmsm!msmmmmmm!KS tfSSS/t't*^1^  THE htMSmi ADVOCATE.  fft* Alb-urn. Adv-wate I'ubl.nhlng nnd  PrUiUn* Co., Ltd,, t*rt*prlt��lt>ir.��.  J. r, BLKDIIOE   -   C-JI.��r nnd WmrsBjur  r<,fclt*.l>��il m All'ftiti. Itrlti.lf Colu'iilil*. in  lb�� iii**roiittiofV*(iifmH'BrlDlMiill(!��tui'i-il *s*rt  Mi* Albtrat UlittriiK in imrticuUr  Hwtd Off let.:   Alben.1. B, C,  Atck-tutt-it ��>r  tin* l,.iMiu��-ti>r   tlt-nni-at   for  ti-ttuttiintmH* litroKifl! tlifi'iiOl** t��* seounrt eliooi  tSfitMf.  Sr*.hwrll>lloli*l��l,ollll*�� I" t?nlli.��.��. in** n��l��eit  KliVclii. Atllll'(til*. Ne*v /cultilitl, Nimft'iiiiil*  !���*��� "ntt t.tlti'r iHiuiililM ���'.iiU ���.Iiiillfti- i'o��ul  r*5��l��tloiii. will ���,�� H'0��*lti*.t tm llm followlHK  i��mi��! ��� <       '  One V*i*r       ....      W-00  MU Moiillis  buslnwas Ability of tho Dominion | DD fif^WKt   PAIWFFfJQ  und Inst, hut not least, tin- keen- I ArtvlILHL   i UMUbilO  ABOUT ALBERK  1.00  �� li> Hid llntttM Klitti'N. Mcxloo mni *ll  n mni oilier leicltfii oniinirie*t*l.wi'er  Pktilr.il  Muroi'Mn  n|,ttf,( fiiFhlt JfitfHl flllllWS will' ill! till' Sflinc  ���� ��hwl ��IMiH��I����- ���*�����������' lMM>��.,'.*i Otu.-tt*.  ' ���net mutl ttt) l>*lit In hiIvkiicd,  TO CORRE8J'ONni3NT8.  All kVprninttidwiloMt �������*?�����?��?>���; ��� ."!,,.!V",1 L",'!  est sympathies of llm Dominion;  must be enlisted in Hm solution. ;  Many settlement projeolM uroi  visionary: nevertheless n reason. |  able und practical project can ho  evolved If wo a iv determined lo  evoivo ono. There id still it eon-  tjidorablo amount of homestead  land and it Ih Horloimly suggosu-d  in ninny tpiarters that this re*  mniuiny: homestead  land   would  Allierni Is reached hy train from  Victoria.. Camicctlons are made with  Victoria, runiiln'f tliroutfh to Alhornl  on every other tiny. I'ltsseii^erft from  Vancouver City can connect with this  (rain nl Nnuuhno,  Alhornl is a No relished by sUouuor  from   Viclorin,   and  hi   the   viunmer  lend ilsolf favorably lo a land i months there In no more delightful'trip  8tHtlonit.nl scheme of 10 aci',*J than this up the west cormt of Viinoou*  farm*, a now homestead policy h"' Mttm, mul uUm�� ��>��' l-1-.turoiiqut  ono might nptly  call  it.    it I**-  **��** ��)��� wooialHtn fd ���*"���� tlie n.miti mi nil-  ^������* of llwwrltiir. nm tiw.'ttkis��itl'- l.ii'iiublii'it.  !.���> tiui MBtruitrtfitt'ii.il need f��an* W*e*"iii��>l  Ma*rt>k��to-"turn iojrot��-rt ��ti.iitanunteni.l*u����*.  KYnmuiVrftMun will I* i��M for I ilo ���"���mrl'  tHtlfont ��wwpi W #l��octhl m-railk-iiiiiiilil.  wut'i" -"i"  ���  A.b������ral, D. Ci Canada  June 18, tt?tO  ostium ted that to him* these mt'ii  ovor tlio period which would  necessarily elapse before the  point of no If support was reached  Alhornl camil.  The lsim.il trunk Ihienf thoC N.I..  is now huildhi^ from Victoria to Al-  ht'i-iii. !  ^  Land  prices us (o ucrt'iofo  varies  would cost, per family, from six j ���".���..�� *-��'�� *i0�� J";'' ����'-e for hush laud *  ,      .i.i)     i    i   ii i uiui fi'om 41V' lo *i0o for hind that hat  toolkit hundred  dollars, or an ; ,���,������ l(|itliml lllMl lm���wll, u���aorwl,t,.  annual  interest charge of  from mi��m  Thlsud'  Prices lire j{ovoriicd hy quality  and Incadou, and hind can ho hntl in  any .'tianUly.  rwrr-'iT*  NATIONAL BUSINESS  JUST now the Hi.ancl.il papers  of thu BiiMtorn portion of tho  country,aro paying a conwiiler-  ablo amount of attention to tlio  general anpoot of the buninoss  Hltutttlon. While th�� tfonpni!  opinion uppenrH to be that thoro  la an improvement in tho,volume  of bufduoBM an a whole, there are  not laolclnK- thono who plainly  pointout that we nw.l HoitiuthliiK  mora than thin tomtit the country  .molt on a haul* where lieiieral  prosperity can bo expected.  Tho fhmnulal l*o��t of Toronto,  opens tho ball by rumarkliiK:  M As wo have been polnUni*  out repoattsdly, Canada no.od��  moro buslnefts, more farm production, more employment, more  8��ttlor�� on tho land, hut the  minlfitoni ronpontlblto for thono  ilup&rtiuonU are not, for various  reusonif, dolnji what In absolutely  ncc-OMMury for the prosperity of  tho country. 1'Vr thewe vory  practical purpoiu-H the very bent  men e-vailuble whould bo-toout'od.  They muMt be men of proved energy experience a.t\d executive  capacity.  Our KovoT'-mw-v.*! aro formed  on tho wrong IIiiuh. Men are  olootod to till cabinet poiiltionK  beuauHoof Uielr party atandlnK,  tho inUuoneo they wSold and the  power tllay have to t'ontroi elec'  torn! lUHtricU and not beiiiiUNoof  their cnpri��lty'toiuhnln!f*u,r their  (lopartUH)iiU etliclenLSy. They  are o^peeled to handle their tie-  pnrtmont. primarily with a view  to politictii iidvtintftK^**) hi sectsr-  lnj< tor their party Use luaxitnuiu  number of volert,"  Coming further west the problem of the unemployed loom,** up  on the lintxncial horizon, und haw  to bo dealt with. Ah the eoitMt  in reached thin pli'oblein boeoiuoB  moro and more of a burning, one  and the ...solution in not yet ut  hand. Dealitu; with UiIm feature  of tho hiialneHH tsituation. tlie  Winnipeg Free -Press taken tile  following view of the unemployment problem: f  "The path of .solution i.i the  land. ThiH is ��o obvionn, ��o in*  Biijttent and ho outstahdlug as to  preclude argument, lint as* to  what form the land-policy to be  decided upon Mlmll take pormitM  Olf a vast amount of dlsetiHslon.  Indeed, the problem i��'soillfl)cult  and ��o beset with dangers and  pitfalls, that the vory 'boat, brains  of the  Dominion,    the  highest  thirty to forty dollars,  vance, not more than a thousand  dollars, all told, per farm, could  in nil likelihood be repnid within  ten yearn, when, after two or  throe yours the men became self-  supporting.     Kor the    lmrveat  they could probably leave  their,    4, .   i . . ,i .   i..    ii.      I.. iii Alburn will hu found the usual  farms and assist in   the  grain    . , , .,   .���   t  " advaiiititfc** of a pro^retslsi* \Vontorii  growing distriolB, Icimmiunity iliuiliai faith, amhho cour*  Tho  I'Vuo  l'rohs dot>s not puM-,fj-u of lo* couylctiouii.   There nro n  11 has heoit found Unit uihsed Ini-iu-  hij,* pay** hOkSi, On plots of front ten to  twenty acres fruit tfrowhitfi dttlryhitf,  poultry rahdn/f, ho^ri and entile will nil  pay well.  forward this scheme as heaven**  sent, adetjuato and conclusive  but jt appears to us to haveiutieh  to recommend Itand be deserving  of consldoratlbn. Moreover, It  would projudlcd other settlement  proposals. One of the absolute  essentials of this or of any other  scheme for placing the unemployed upon the land is export supervision. The occupants of the  forty acre farms we have described would need ihe sympathetic  assistance of agricultural expert  and upon this tho success of the  Kchomo would largely depend/1  Dealing with this tho Financial  Post concludes by remarking:  " MontliH ago when there were  thousands of unemployed In Canada, and when -thousands of farm  ers needed  them, the  Financial  Post urged the Dominion Minis  tors of Labor and Agriculture tti  get together on this great ijues*  lion.    'Wo suggested   that  Mr.  Crothers   organise   the  out of  work, while Mr. Hurroll lined up  the farmers needing  help, with  In each 'ouse, the assistance of  the Provincial Governments.  These gentlemen have let a  great opportunity for the doing  of Nomnthlng practical for Cun*  ltd a and the Kmplrosllp by them,  l)\', Koche, Minister for the  interior, has, in this regard, a  serious responsibility on his  his shoulder*. Hundreds of  thousands of dollars of our hard-  earned money has been expended  iii bringing these ontof-worlc  people to Canada. Numbers of  them were farmers in Europe,  the Free Proas points out-, yet,  through indifference or neglect  of duty on the part of our Mln  I'stora of .Labor and Agriculture,  wo are letting many of these  people; on whom we spent so  much money Iii bringing to Canada, to slip away to the States.  The country is loosing money it's;  long as th est istwo ministers refrain from doing practical work.  The suggestions of the Free  Press are workable, Mint our  highly esteemed ministers, who  undoubtedly lienor their constituencies by representing thorn  lack the ''.administrative .experience and .have not tite capacity  to adapt themselves- to ' serious  executive work."  number of ���food Nture*. enrryhi//tt whin  i'lin^o of good*., M'houls, churche**, iho  Alhornl AdviK'tite, nowi-puper, und it  manlier of athletic ami ���-ochtl chilm.  The ebonite itt an fine us can hn  found tin iho l'aciilc Coati, taken the  year round. Tho rainfall H lens thnt)  ihntof llm City of Vancouver, the  front* aro light. Thorn Ih .seldom frost  enough for tfUiitii.tf oi'mhiw onoutfli for  Nlolgbtng, and when either of theno  coinej, it only lie-in it few day**. Km*  iho tiuuinior and aiituinn mouth* thorn  In nothing In the world to excel the  Alhornl weather.  Alhornl Ih the outlet of ono of tho  ki'tfoM and niOMt fort Ho vulloys on Vancouver Island. In tho District will ho'  found a vast wealth of thither of tlio  flnett kind, ooai, iron, copper, tunrhlo  and other cimim^rcliil mono*-, hriuk  clay*) and uthor m��torlal*i, c  Thoro are iiiuiiormiM iiiiruoiivo  opportunities for the inamifneturer and  hivoiior. Tho KhIIioi* of the Alherni  Advocate, Alherni, 11, C, will ho ylud  to take therm niatterii up tvjlh you.  Write to him for tuirtlimit*rt��.  in the meantime it is tpilte In  order to aslc what our own Pro*  vinclnl (lovennent proposes.to  do to meet the situation, the  growing gravity of which is be*  yond tjuestlon.  Wt* need an answer, and we  need it bad.  Corporation of the City of  Alborni.  v.. N.oxioud Weeds - Act.''.-.  That nil partle*, \ylUiln tlti* Mimlcl-  ptility whoso property itt.Infested with  thistles' oi' other noxioiia weed** are  horchy warned that- unloss iho sanvo  are cut. On or hefore July I., l'i)l/>, that  the City will have ilio-.-iiwu'o done and  ohiirtfo the cost of so doing against the  pi-operty,  .J, Korsyt-ho,  Acting City Clerk.  I  .       -:   Good News,'. '  Tlie many friends of Jack Clarke, .lo  W. Hoasllpatid W". Uedford will be  pleasitd to hear that word has heon rb-  celvod from them statin that they are  recovering from wounds received,  Again we c^ll the attention of  our friends to the fact that we  *     t *  are now taking delivery of a  stock of all kinds of  Letter Meads, Bill Heads  Stationery, Envelopes,  Cards, Etc.,  All ordered before the recent  advance in paper prices,  M  Now is the time to stock up while the prices  of tills class of work remain nt the old levels.  Orders from outside points will  receive careful and prompt intention.  Publishing & Printing Co., ltd.  \z  Rifle Club.  At a well attendod ilicetln'r of the  Alhornl District Civilian Hlllo Assn..  nrrnnK-omont.'- wore completed for tho  con'#l!'iiciioi'i of a miniature range on  the hanks of llogor Crook, provided  permisfiion is tfrithiod hy the CJity  (,'ouiicil to shoot there. .Mr, K, M,  Why to,'tho iSoorotury wan histrucit'd  to wait on the Council and ask for the  nocesstiry permission to hold rllle pi'iic-  tici) on tlie property owned hy Menses,  p'reezo, Spencer and I'atterHon.  Fined,  For creating it disturbance at the  residence of Mr. CO.. Luke, Hohort  Koimlor appeared .before .Magistrate  ICIi'kup on Monday, and was lined $10,  or in'default, 30 days.  Ifijou have goto good thing  WHY NOT ADVERTISE  -;!>.. ��� ���  ������ '     IT . ; 'i '  i * *���  *    *���!  i'  I '  I  rmmmm  mmmmmmmmmim��g!ssm$. sv-  m&  am  **ik#*'  THE.��� ALBEKHI JliVOCATE  w.wmVmiimtrw*imm  U you have not already attended tho Groat, Price Slashing Sale now on at this tyoll known store,  you had better not delay doing so. This Is an opportunity for saving money that may novor occur  again and ovary person in tho District should take advantage of Iho bargains olferod. Wo must  raise cash on our stock and you will reap tlio benefit.   Give us a call and bo convinced.  1 < i  For the Ladies  SUITS,   HOUSE DRESSES,  SILK WAIST,  KIMONOS, SILK and LISLE HOSIEHY Etc.  m��mmutmwam *�� ��� mnwnmum  �� For the Men '  SUITS, HATS, HOOTS anil SHOES, SHIRTS,  UNDERWEAR, TIES, COLLARS, SOCKS,  JJRACES and OTHER. GENTS FURNISHINGS  GOODS,BY.:THE;YA  iiig^'et^^^/f:'^!;^;^'^  <Magi |a> fftM RtS# *  Velvets, Table  *aju<iJif*wt|jii wwaaiwunouii  R aUtt*l&IT,.VmW  S.    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C.  fi*t,^mm*mm**m*>6mim*+mm**#+mt  i^-^>*iV-*M(wf*;-#  END The Alberni  Advocate to thai  of coming to Alberni  Good Work     Prices Right     Prompt Attention  Leavo ordera at Manual's Blacksmith Shop. Afbsrnl  Or  CALL,-OR ''PHONE; 1'8,.  P, 0 BOX  ���  muftrumtL^^tim *<����� i*Wi��wi\'iMi>wi*t-a.  iimmm-iwifnUini  CLASSmm ADS.  '&&**#*$��$���  WORK AND WORKERS.  Until further notice Any pcrr-oii de-  idrlnj: i'inph>,vni'*nl. nnd loose who  with to hire holjiof any kind, will find  the columns ef the Aihnriil Advueulo,  optm to make known thi'lr wauls to  the pulillc without charge.  The .service I*, free.   Make use of it,  WIH Trad* -My lO-acro ranch, 1 1*1  mile*) from (-ooiiile* for doeded curlier  lot uiitl Mhack, hi or itoar Alhorulor  Pori Alhornl. .John Keith.-  J'arksvlUoH. 0.  W��nt,t)d.-.'Kxperioiiccd, middle ujfed  Ku'dMi widow, wantH position iik  houiselteejtor..: Good reference!!. Ad*  dreint.iMr'ti K. llryant, Alhornl, Ji. I,'.  fc'ttp Kont. -Two room htilldhiff noxi  to Alherni Hotel. Apply to U. A.  .Smith, Alherni, 11. L\  *MMM|MfT��*|ltl  Artistic Photography  ���- i        ' *'..   ��� ���-    '-���������'  In All   its���'B,n.inchos.   ;  The New  Studio, 'next-to ..tlie  Lord-Best Ibiildiug,-.-Is now  Kquipp.od' for Husiness,.'  Landscapes, Portraits, Groups  ,  and   ���poun.no.rciar Work  DenMng nnd Gristing for Atnettar*  IPicterc Friminj'.  -'/,J.".CL:EGG"  Dominion Day.  A conttnltioe of citlxejiK have the  titauer of arrnnJL'hi^ for a -.programme  of sports for.the. children on CKuiihiiou  Dtiv. w.'-ll in hand, The .stun of $'i?t.!���*  .retjiiired anil .anyone who fool* .Hit**  comrliui(lui*' hiiiv do m). Any utn.otuit  from . twiuy-live cents tip will ho  gladly received hy Ki M. -Whyte, the  .secretary,. 'Moro pitrik-uhirs will Ik*  Iflven next --'week.  -Service.  Father Weed, of Victoria will; hold  Mans at -the Catholic X'hurch at the  vihdtil hour Sunday .Ituie 2(1.  .(.Jrcene'.sHomo-lbiko 'Bread al The  -Alhornl Tradhi'ji Store.s and.j'J'homsou'.s  (Joneiitl Store.  For fiol��.- S live acre .block.*., ,|0 aci-cH,  away helow.ihe tjovortiinont Ageni/tt  itN*iC!*MiK)iii. In loi 111,   Apply to  ���lames Heck, V. i). llux !:�����>, Victoria.  Rapalrlng Ilepiih'M on Autos,   Marino  Enj.-'hies, and all kind*, of itmchiticry  by an expert who ,hat* .si'rvt-d hlw  time al ihe Initio. Leave order* al  the **hoe shop next lo UnlY'ii (iaraf-e,  Alhiinil, H.a.���K. Miwurt).  Plant* For Side - Tomitlo plants, cith*  huge |iitiut��, red cahhii^re phitil*).  cuitllllowci- plant*), liru>sol*�� sprouts  plunt**. All now ready for xclthiL'  out.        W. II. (lrllllii, Alhornl, li.tj.  Wonted ��� Work hy the day hy an expert drosM,taker and tallomsH, Into  of Spokane."..MrK. M. K, I touch  lleiivei'l'i'Ock Hoad near The Miiplcn.  Witfitud,...Pudltlon  us hoiiM'konpor to  ohh'ily  couple or   haoholur,   Hiutill  salary for j,rot)tl home   tjood cook,  Apply lloutiokeoper, AtlvocateOlllce.  Wuntml l'.itin'K"tHl�� hulv help or yonii*/  vvtiinaii lo help with iioteot work anil  look uf let' hahy oi:cii*iional|y write,  Mitt bur aifOi oxnek'lonce and salary  ex peel ml to U. Ki'imer Hainlleld, H.l'.  MOTION BLOCK  iC, GALES Proprietor  w W .m>ii ja.at*a># i��i MilfcH wnir | Kiam* W<w i-Wi^i*! ti^ 'i ^ rt 1 hW I wa* [w ��� f ill 11 Wfltan Ml i  Uberttl Platform*  1, All   CUaU'ihutiOD*)   IO    CftS!U��tgB  fiiudfii to he open for public. li)spt>olls7a  ut any thiic, iiud thu use U) which ihtf  are pui to he clearly ludieatrd,  2. The appointment of a noa-partt-  /.itn clvi) tiervice cdinmimsiou lu atako  ail .tppelmstKiiH*. to hoth oiitMid* twid  bit-ide service,        ��  3. Tho abolition of patronag'D* In  every form, all purchfttcs to ho ius4��  hi the opi'ii market and ou  rojfular  hllhiiiCNii ICI'llCi.  c  4, Tho puhllcitilon of a regular  tpuirtcrly hulJotln. tflvlvfnjf lull detail*  of all iiiuiiicn expended hy tho Kovom-  lliOllt.  r>. Wo iij.'rco to attic for a coiBtniasioti  to InvestItfatu tho iiXtititu ]'ot iho province thut the real facts may ho known  and the hands of the ,��Ovemiu.��nl loft  free to restore the credit of tho pro*  vlnce und devolop Its Krout resources  for thti honoili of the pooplo.  II. U'lierever tho llndiiigH of thla  comlsslon bIiow thul tho rosiourcos of  thiv province httvo. Lot-ii allonnted by  fi itiiii, to take Miiuh nteps as ��hi,U rt-  iSturt* thoiu to the ptHiple while protoOU  liiW the liiiieccnt hivti.ttor,  7. The oucourutfoiMmt of njcrl-  cuhutiiro hy loaiiK on otiny tttrmn, by  tint It hijr iiciiiiHsililo Hcientiflo Information  as to the imtnro of the soil and olbuatlo  and other cott.ilIiluim of ench rwyloiii  the encount'ceiiient of co-opcrfttion rikS  hy every lejirithnate iiioanii to make  rural life nu attractive nnd protltable  u't pnnslhle, .,  H, The development of inlnen,  foreht*i and othur tfrettt iiattu'iii rts**'  soui'cos of the province hy oneourafflnff  the actual producer and making as  dllllcuit and unprolltahh) the aoilvltloa  of the mere exploiter and HpcotilaUro  iuvchtor. . ,  III. The improvement, of tho'con*  dltloui* of the working chigoe by doing  ail posslhle u> aMuro a roanonahlo  wane, fah* working condltlorm anil  doceiil Hiirrouisdliitf*) for all olntae* o(  hiliur, providing for Qoinponmulon (or  tho Injury or death of tho worker mod  tuldiiif such Mops as ulttUl ollmlualo  the tttilforiiif-r now fiillhig' upon tbo  wurkoi'.s In tlmoH of ihuinoinl doprea-  slon,  it), Loral option for tho control of  the liipiortralllc.  II, I'.mml wulfritffo for mon and  wonten.  IU. Thu fair and Impartial enforce-  nienl of the law.  III. The protection of Innocent In*  vcMor*-. hy rijfhl liiripeotlon of nil com-  piinh'M.  II. A rlK'ld and htipartltil enquiry  Into the llniiucliil position of the P.O.E.  autH'.N.I'. railway*! and tho diapot-  Itlon of die inoneyft nlrendy provided,  and If nocosnitry the govornmonl to  take over the road,s and compieto them  in the hitorosis of tho poopl* rathor  tluiii to contltiuo the present polioy.  **i+��#*<mi*vi4m')i��'  KK!!i��sik'jiaii,wttr-i��iwtfw  M��  Pt*��br In  Builders Spppli  Sash, Doors and  Glass  Building and Hoofing Paper  Lime,. Bricks and Cement  Alberni  Phone J9  P. 0. Box 9  J3.   L/..  k-^w^kimiijiiniiMaw ��� mamtm  U.  ���M-Wr****  ���r......  "ssssmsssstsstsissoi  Bricklayer and Mason  Plastering and Cement  \:   work-        ''  ��� "iVk  Licensed  A'.ictioneer  #>  *;���; sv ���������,;:���'(*- iv;*J,;n(!,.,i *,..;;���,.��� :.f.rl:^r  r-p���.(���  I ,     A  - '1?  *Tr.-����n-"���"���- -"Mc* THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  Mfnti!\t0tmA��mm  ���t4-1����#t** ��wim*aaMm*ijmwifai i��rwme***iito0WMm**+-to���i*f.<m* mutMt^mmmmwmmtMmtmm*mmtrtm  imwittmm**m*m*mm**mmfxmr+  In all sizes for Men and Bogs  From 50c. up.     We Invite  Your  inspection.  Waders for ladies and Children  LETTERS FROM  ALBERNI BOY!  M. L. Holt   -   -   -   - Alberni, B.C.  ,   Ladles' Homo Jourmil Putt era* always In Mock  CHILDREN'S  WASH DRESSES  WHITE and COLORED  Clearing at Half Price  25c. to $1.00 .���  ;-*��# KA  UL  OX  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  I Jl. '  TAILORED CLOTHES for MEN  We have just received our Spring and  Summer samples.    Your inspection in-    o  vited.   Fit nnd style guaranteed.   Prices  FROM $20 UP.  ���CI?"**-* *****        ���*������������*�������".  Motion Mock, Alhornl  Phone 81  Klrit. Ave,, l'ort Alhornl  1 'hone 7.1  fk&***w*t*A *************  OHIMMBN'S HOMI'KliK  C'UILIMKN'.S WAKII DilKKSIvK  HOY'S OVJ*;i(Al.l-H  HOY'S WASH MUTt-S  C'HU.BHKN'H IIOHB, in Tan, Black ur White  fJIUBBiU'.N'S HATH  CIIIUnitKN'S TIUMMW* HAT'S  I.ADIKH' KIliK IIOSK, 3.V., ."I pith*  liOLI-II'llOOP UOSIKUY, (hikbojei,  IfOLHPHOOK HONH'.KY, Women*  IJOLKPHOOF IKiSIKUY, Merifi  ..-'."  ���NKW.BHK&S IJOOD.S Nl'.W HOOTiS  tt  NKW  ���loo,  2.'i(��. to SI,"*)  ���Mc.  ,  l-."'C.  l.V,  '.Vie. to ���i-.eu  ���i.w  #i.nn  'J'lC tind ItiVi  ,'afte. lo#l.bii  ���iV.'����'.Ai%  (Saturday Only)  GLKNOBA KLOUH,.,..,..,,,.,, ..;:.,,:;...'...,  KICK JUICY. OUANOKS, per do.:., -...���..  CiitH. Black Csirratit VincKMt',   , :  "O.& B. Raspberry Vinegar,  Yacht'-Chili IlHspborry Vinegar.  Chuappos Ooi'dhtlfi,., .;........          .--..----     ���    i ���       '       .        - ���    ���  pecial Combination Offer  if i.mi  2/>e.  -10c.  ,-ONK KAl'KGLICNOUA KLOt'H  aiXili. BA(J BlvST';��, c. sccau  KHOM K HI Til'ill Mi.  , This l< iiiadt* up uf oo lo*.*, tliaii four  loiter*, received from Keith (his week,  lit the Ili'M. one ho mi'*< that tho llj-hl  Ih tt html one, hut that (he Alherni  hoy* are in the thick of it, und keeping  up (ho tfood itiuiio of tin* Bis! riot, lit?  say* furthi'f that the hoys ttic ��howhi^  thai tboy can light with the rem of  them. Tho ilj/htlni,' spirit bus j{0i  hold of Keith and ho mi.*-*:  "I don't think that I would ijiilt now  if the' told  nu* to f;o homo,  Iii't'iitifvt'  j wht'ii   1 come hack I   want yuii  all io  'know  that I witi hi tho scrap and did  ! tli.s duly.   Tell Bail   thai If ho ha** any  liit-iil|i palohoK when I oouie home thai  he will have (o look alter tlioni hhn,solf  an I |jfoi hitoa mlxiip with tho (iermaus  In it tin-nip patch the othor titt.Vi and I j  am kind of shy of tlicui ovim* .since,   I  met till tht* hoyn front homo yesterday  and I can toll you it wan "pood (o meet  nil tho old bunch aj.'alii and get all the  news from home,  ''Wo are all foolinjr pretty i/ood  iitfidii after our little puny with the  (���ermttn*i and 1 think that tho next  time we meet wo will tfivo thorn worse  than tboy had .unit Unit*.  '���Won and 1 aro having a pretty  tfood lime now and we will both he  hack to t��oo you in Aiitfinu, .**o have  the duckh /,'ood and fat und all the  hreakahle furniture moved out of the  house us we are in for a jfood time  when we do tfel hack, Aocoitlhitf to  reports: the people muM ho pretty hard  up at that cornor.of the world, hut believe iiki ^ou are lucky to have a whole  house to live in. Where 1 am at. the  present moment every house I*, ���iheiled  to the ���,'t'oiiiid. All lin* hoy** from  home huvo airettdy boon wider lire and  tlitiy are a jftiotl Htcady huncli.  "We have a delbihtful little hind I  over bore which we call a Mlta-dnif  .linny' and It Imi heaut. Tho darn  thin;,- /.Ives you no warning nt all and  the lh>l tiling you know it explode!*  under your coat tall*."  l.'OHI'L. J*. JOHNSTONK.  A letler received this week from  ('olonel heckle ot the Kith Hitltullon  conveys the information of how I'el or  Johnstone mot hit* death. Colonel  Bockh*. Miy*. thaM'orporal Peter John*  Btotii* was killetl In action at the hatile  of YprcHOii Ap"ll UJiid. The chni>fo  wa*' iii.'ttlit at iili-hi in n wt*'itl mo (hat  *,i>ii will understand the il.ilU'oMy of  ohtalnhi/,' moro than utoa^i't, tlotalls of  hiii end, lit* was instantly killed and  Miii'orod no pain. His hehuvior was  most gallant and lit* In j.-roaloly i.il***��t*tl  hy all the men who knew him.  OTIIKMS.  Boilers, luive tiBo ho(iu recelvi'tl from  Messrs .1. W. He'clip. W, Bedford,  Happy Andrew* ainl otlior*. hut luck ol  Mnice prevents puhlioutloo,  Died Of Wounda.  Wo ro'.'Tol to Mate this week that  Pie. I*\ It. Andrew *i, litis died frum  woijiuls received on May M, In Miuk  dor,-*,  Haass  Car of Gasoline, Distillate and Kerosene  Close Prices       Wholesale Only  *mt**a*^K*Mmm��iL*mm*m**mmmm*wmmxgu*mmm*mm*mm #rWwwmwiam***wm#mMMmm mitmmmmKmmimmwmmmmmm��mmm*m  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co.  <mio�� l-lmiit. I,2r, a. PAUL, Maimlor ll����.. H2li  u*+*t*i.k���� mm anii-Mk-H, m.uv  QUAKER BRAND,  PEAS, BEANS and CORN  TOMATOES,  St. CHARLES and B. C. CREAM  IVORY SOAP  The Busy Store  10c per tin  2 large tins 25c  Large tins 10c  20 cakes $1.00  &.  On the Busy Corner   J  Now Vegetables.  'This'is about'tho tb'to when the  linns with tht* hoe h..'jfofnif uround  hra^'intf; niwu'i how hi^r bin lii\st crop  of new potatoes worn and how nice ihe  tfroon poas-tasted, and how the "���.fiii'doii  suits" wiik such a treat. Now this is  Ull very well, hut thlx "VeK'Ctorrlhle"  diet Ih nt its host .'when it ht ..mixed  witli just tho l'ltfht porportlons of  those juicyy^ tendec and fftiNtalhiutf  jointH, steaks, rtaists, chops anil other  things provided hy Mr, A. JUiohesUfi'  the family butcher. lit this, way the  effect of the new vetfetublos \,h '^roally  hupt'0vt>(l, and tliot'llt'cton tlio general  syjitein is line,   Try il.  ,1'Vesh local hoof this week. ,  W. C. T. V.  The itnntiid 'luootlnj,*- of the Alhornl  Womons (.'hrlstian Tetnpornneo t'nlon  will ho held In the I'rosby terhtn Church  Hall on Wednesday June 2.l..nt.'l. p.m.  Reports of the years work will jho  ,i,'lvon, olllt'ors for the combiff your  will he elected and plans outlined Un-  the coiuinjt,' year. A full ineciiii','is  rt'tjiiostod.  ,M. It. Vtuifrhti,--  ' ;!  ��� .- ^ooy..  '��� JL     9  tht Weil-known and Old IjJabliihcd Grocers, Oaken and Produce MurcbfinU  (;hapi:I',himt  OHANOKS  IIKSTJ.KMONS   ..  BOt'AB KTHAWBr.HUIKK  UK-'AB CHKBmKS  NKW POTATOI'IS  FHKSH TO.MATOKS .  .'I for 2.1c.  per do/..      Ilk*., ��(Kj., 2oc,  perdu/; ,';t>c.  at. lowesi market price  at lowest market ri'lce  at Iowim iiiarket price  at. lowo��t inarket price  B1MK ANDOHAI'K .MMl.'K, PiNKAIM'I.K SYHBI' Ktc-  Victoria Qua/ Store, Phone 38  ��� Argyle Street Slow, Fheno 148  You 11 want a cool Blouse  pie Lines. from 59c. to  THOMSON'S  GENERAL  STORES  ���dito-'-fl'r'-- i|P"'k".i"������  ���MMMmmUw  9^**ac**m*t*!$^+^m*wmim>  Can now supply oiilors for Flr��t (,'ht'ei  Rough and Dressed Lumber of All Kinds, Shingles; Etc.  Local Order.*! will receive Kpoclal attention.        ���  ..ti...���...  < .'all at the .Mill on the .Scotch .Sotiloiuotu Boad.'or Phono  orwrlte to tho iMaint^er  Phone R49  ���KWMiktawii^-aotwi  You (.ret a .Square Deal from  our Advertisor.i  H  IS  3**i  I  'i.'ir  %


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