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Alberni Advocate 1915-06-11

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 V**-  Tff^  ittt  ^  nk3amitf*i'4> >* ����*�� )V'%i��t') *"*t' *>w^  HHV *����������*  * OTWM Hk-WtUfy'WMIlWTWft ���" h****** W��*M ���#��**-9*��  Vol 7  Albcrn!, B.C., Friday,   Juno 11, 1015  No. 16  mnmrnm/mumtam  *hmm**rv&&wvM%w*m*iw^**&+&*******'**"*****  wcmvmtotommitiM&MmWM^&umtamxmikiMimmmfimwMwmivm  ���unuk-hLUmu B ���  ; From One to Ten Acre  Blocks at Snap Prices  Fire, Life, Accident Insurance   Houses to Rent  If on I 1-Jsi.nto ithil Inmininoo  Phono 111, Alborni  P.O. Unit JttJ  UNITED STATE  MUST PREPARE  J'hiladolphla, .lun�� (I.. .A warning lo  link United States to bo prepared for  military ovonlunlh ion at the ct)nclu��lon  of ilie war now oun voicing Kupopo win.*  Muiniiled by ltoac Admiral Wlllluui .S.  Hom-un, t.'hhtf of Naval Operation of  the United Stoles Navy, at a dinner  given bhn last. night by a group of  Uhlhululphlu oitl/.tois,  The Athnlral oxprowt'd tbo belief  tlittt the nation would bo prepared to  to uicet any crisis that tirlso, but ho  Insisted thut Uiu surest way to prevent  trouble wasto he, ndotjuiiioly bulwark-  od against it,   He said:  "When the'war lu I'.uropolH ended  there will bo tremendous ludomnltloit  to bu paid, Our national wealth will  remain undomlnlshod.' Already thu  oyes of avarliH* have been turned upon  uh, What the result will bo Obd ulono  known, Hut wo do know tlittt If we  are properly prepared there Ik no  nation on earth that dttro attack tw. I  do nut lutlioviv that wo will have trim*  hlo'ut UioMMiut dine iho best safoguai'd  Iti propftrednos*!, Kvorythlng In thin  direction thai should bo done, I r am  aure, will bu done-  SOUTH AMERICA  SUPPORTS WILS  JSWWHH  KSTAUUSIIliO i��I7  ��OARO OF  DIKECTORSs  II. V. *EKK>irH, *�����., ft��U����l,  R, B.AftgM, ������. 6,B,C����iU.iM*,E��(j,1  Shr WlttUu UttitMlL lit*. R��H, M��fc��,.  SlrTW.SUwl��t*tf,KX.V.O, G. R. H��mtr. K*|,  A. &M*girt"< Kt>��. C. C. C��t^��c, Km.  If, it, DruMBtsJ, 0h> 0. F��it*t A��**., ft*.  Sit frwMtlt WUto����.r>�� fr. lLD,,<UTrtJtt-Mt��r.  CfcBltftl Pftl��i"ui>      -"$!0,000,000.  Ratt -      -      ���       10,000,000.  UmllviMcKl Profit*   -        1,202,004.  Total Afitttta (April, 181S)28M05We.  Savings Department  Deooiiitaolf Jti.ooniitl upward received  ami Interest allowed at hhjdieiil current  rates.   Having* Department Hcvotiutm  t��lvci) special attention.  4&L  ��  "���Ci  Atlantic Salmon.  Thin' wook sumo 'AM*) fry of the  Atlantic Salmon were placedI in Cum-  epou Lake with hist mot Ions lo grow biff  ami ull'ord future )H*,ormcu tile sport  of tubing ibem on it Ity. The Atlantic  variety of salmon bus u weakness for  the lly which brings libit tinder the  nnilee nf iiiuuy iiKiutrinon who pa*.-, up  our local Mibn.pc wljih a Millf of cnti*  tempt, hi (act, It bun been <-ahl that  If tho Pitcllk' Mtlnuin biul been in*  tireedy for the lly us tboh'.Atjuntie, or  Old <4111111 ry, reiuMnn*, tbo Union  .lack wuuid now be Hying over country  far to the south df iho present Inter-  tiuilonul llnundry Line. Tito luck of  this i|uallly In the 1'acilkt miIiuoii wits  one ��if tlut chief reasons given u.i to  it has been thought by tuany that  the (icriiian occupation of many parts  of .South Aiiiorlca from a commercial  standpoint would cause those places to  loan to tbo Ciortuau alibi of the present  discussion bt*otwen that country and  tbo United Status. Such does not up*  to bo tbo case according to a report  just, received from Chicago.  President Ihissitno of the Aasoulatcd  Ctuntnerce 1'lubs ol Arffcntlna, In an  hitorvlntv ut Chlcit},'*) declttred thut till  South American Countries tviy stronfrly  tuipport President Wilson's attitude,  lie said, "Oeriuany's habit of ihoiiffbt  Is like that of a New Vork ffuninau.  Thu Ciiu'tnun tnhul has ncvur Kraspcd  tho real .jfeujrniphlcal', or political  tuuuiiliif,'of Auit*rlca, dcKplto lbs tbor*  ougbness bi most intittoi'H.  "It has nover undei^tood that tbo  countries of South America, inacrhls,  will stand absolutely behind the United  State* In all thut. |�� for the Interest  and porniioieiioy of American lustltu*  tluus and theories of f*uvePUUieiiL,  Irrespective of any minor tllsiiffrooiuoiit  hi lhui.'s ol pollen,"  Machine Moving.  Lotulon, June 7.--''At lust 1 boilevo  tlilujfs ai't* k'olnir till rlffht. I fuel tbo  iiiacbbio bk'^lniilitf,' to movo."  This Is tbo statement, mtulo by Ut,  Hon, I hi v id Lloyd (bmrgo at tho new  ollliic of the mlnlsipy of munitions.  11 ntfM orders luivo already been placed  for hljjh explosive shells, but a tro-  tutaitlmts amount of work must bo  iiccomplUhcd yet. 'i'ho minister's  stateiuent Miys that tbo now depart*  mmtt shoulu have more direct, control!  ok/or labor mid must bo able to move  bodies ol skilled workiirt whore they  are ri'i'iiirod Uiosi.    .  Mr, Lbiyd tionrffo was vory much  impre^t'd by tin* luttpciMlon at Liverpool. A UuektM*^1 battttllon llmre  iithiht bo tbt! solution of tho greater  problem.      in   an  oMoiillun   of this  RRY BRYANT  I GERM  Mrs. J J. Bryant, of Alborni, has  hoard from hor son Harry, who Ik a  prisoner In Gopumny. Harry report**  that bo Is ttlrlght do��plU> tho fact that  ho Ik kept in a place known n�� a  ''KrlegsgefangeunnluK'or," and bi com-  liellcd to use a thing known u�� a  "Krlogsgofaugmion-Hondung" In ordor  to conuiiunicato with bin fanilly,  Ho In In "Gofungononiiigor" uumUor  *J, Minister, I W, fformany, and occupies room 10 In b loo It Laud this addrosa  will find him if any of hU fcioiulM w'IhIs  lo scud lilin a word to clicur bis oxilo,  Harry Hryant Is: Just tbo kind of a  Induvlduttl who taken life as It comoH,  and ho Is not likely to glvoohl*i captora  tho sllgbtoat excuse to nilsuso him, ho  that in liino It 1m almost curtain that  bo will7 Und hl.t wuy back lo Alborni.  To thlH happy ovout wo look forward,  wishing Hurry tbo bust of look in tho  meant lino,.  why the country  wan not worth  Jh��bt- "'hoine, skilled men might bo enlisted  E. S. V, McCUntock, Manager, ^on Alborni Draach.  G. Fv Pritclmrdi Sub, a&u, 'Albt-rnl Branch.  tn#m** f ^f***m**K&*i**#**bfi**i��#*e*��**** -*a***iv*iiviM (wwwVtirtm  HANUFACTURINC JEWELER AND OPTICIAN  '.NANA!MOv-B,C.  Crh<�� ohloMt t'Ntubiished .Ifwelerrt on Vnnctiuvcr itflnntt)  W��> make a apttclaliy ol (all kinds of  Watch Repairs  Our prices aro' moderate and wo guarantee all work  Estimates Furnished       Prompt Attention  tig for when claimed by the'.United  St mow, dohplie hs long occupation by  the limbonV I lay Company.  In any event we are lo bnve u lly  titklii^ sttlint.'ii in local walert, und a*,  fry come fi'uoi the hatchery at Cow*  Iciiitii LitKc (hero appears in bo on  good roiiMiu wb.t.U tbc> tiu \ki>l) hi  t,'irm<*r<)u Lulu-, ibe vumi c*.porhm'tit  ��i)iiohl not !n< te-itd in suiue of t!n< ��\U  bet ni lulic-,  and  given  tuilforuts In an  liidtistriu  unity under the orders of iho statu.  Mr. l.o,td L'eorgo hopes ami btilieves  thut bis povoltitloii tif tht* truth ami  vital necii.st.|iy ,��f i!����,�� nation will swoop  away all tllnictihic* tbo omployon*  might have rulsi'd.  Successful INcftlc.  Tint  plcule  to Spinal   Lttko given  uni'ler  the   direct but    of  tbo    Ladles  'airiotle  Hoeb'ty   wits a  prououueed  Will HotUI'lL        ' j io'ccris bt  over>   way,     to   tho  lln-t  ,, ... ,        I place tho vteatber  wasitM  that   could  lie,  Mtml-nji;   wild    uu  t.t'on  busy ,    ,���   ,     ,,   ,     .,       *,���   ,i   .  ., ,  ��� f be dthiivd,    fit.m   (bo   fuel   that tho  Wounded.  Word was received at Alborni this  week to the cirout that both Kolth  (Jill and llonry Dime/ liiivo boon  wounded. No thualls', Tbero In cor-  tttlnly no doiibt that tbo Alborni Intya  have boon In tbo think of thing;) lately  as it imiubor have boon reported  wounded, or missing, Lot tut bopo  that tboy will all have another ohnuoo  at tho Huns before returning, und tbnt  they will till como buck to Alborni  with moduls galoro,  LA'l'lOH.  To tbo llstof woundt'tl mu��t bo udded  tbouamoof Willlo Uodtord, A post  oiiitl was rocolvod from him Utltt w<a��k  Htuthig that ho ht In tho bowpitnl,  wounded, but doing wall, This came  an a surprise to blft fatnlly ti> tbo u��ual  olllclal uotlco of b|�� wounding did not  come along with tho t)tborn, Itap-  pourx that Willlo was woundod atwntt,  iho Ntitutt tltutk as Jack Clarke rootdvod  hitt wound. In any ovorit it rtppoam  that Willlo is recovering all right, ft.  fact which will gjvo groat Hittlsfaotion  to bin many Aihnrnl frlondt.    l  At the Port thoro Is lo bo noted, tho  name, of \V, l'\ Wlngato wlio is atuonsr  tho v.untitled. Wlugato l�� wtkjj known  as he at one time, bud an Interest in  tbo moving picture ho��lnoKx at tho  Port.  I:  H itb (li'til'tl  'Ol;  kkbn   ItitA  . In   Albetnl   fuo   the  pa-ti kkt'fb, I't'i.oi t>> ibat-bc Inn. buti ��n  tnncb tkot {< to,'itti'ttii to tbitt howUi  Oioke letitrn llh'> dttrhlg Un' Siitnmepl  Ut hilorv.lib, nf it tti.iiilh op hlx rtrijlin,  j ami tbftl these who wUh to uiitke up-  ) i>oln(iucutni umy tit) so by divpjtbig a  $ tine to ('ortruu.i II. I'. A number of  j patient*, have tt*siilled to tint \^n')'  jMilisfactory oat me nf the treuiment  ! received lit the Jwior's hiitub.-, mtti  { will no doubt lie pleased to >,oo him  return for further practice.  Otour Optical Department will visit Alborni frequently. Make appointments by letter and he will  make examinations'' and furnish estimates free of  ; 'charge/ ,._ .  Victoria Crotii),  DUiLWii.Jono H,. -The Victoria Cross  has been bestowed open Wurnnfoi'd,  tbo brilthtist ('aiuullun- aviator, who  blew i.i Zoppoliit to plccoftover: llolgitiin  'yesleriluy.   '    ;-\-;a-   .'.'  J  Rit'lo Rongo.  A spcobi! meeting of tbo KSIlo Club  MW.a.wl��w.,n-.  shower ol ihoiha)   beftiro bud put the  I'oatih in llu<' shape fur tbo motor pur-  jthni.tf the Hip, ami  the  btki    win. at  Ilk. bt'-,t.  'i'lio tt'lji lutin Aiberui wan mado in  \UilpiKi aotu-s dniiuled fup Die ucctts'.oii.  At tbt�� bike a hfuUcb took tin* part,1  over to .Mr.-..' WitchN bouse boat, und  thin point nil IiihiiIk kvero tintoptabit-d  at tea, am] a j>out:rat goml time.  The vote was ptthseil oounhnotisly  tlmt H was une of Iho most pitutMtja  out bigs of the season. 'J'he Intlitvs l*o��  purl that a substantial Mint wai secured  for I he ptipptises of tbo Socloty, so that  all haiitirt were hutisilcd.  r Closing Out.  The plumbing firm of- lllbbitt und  (bvrpnrtl, of Alborni is about to close  busiiioss, us Mr, Ulbbttt is: Intending  to Jiiako an uttompl to join tho- Hoyitl  Knginoops, and Mr.- Ciorrurd Is going  to the Old Cooiitpy to take up work hi  his lint) there.    .The   business-will bo  Signed Oil  The Advocate j>. ht reotdpt of a pout  citidfrom Pto, !���;, K, Wom!want of Alborni, ftii'iueriy of tbo Advuoalu stalT,  who Mute* ibut bo ami Willlo Clarke,  Cool!, I Handy, and duck MuihiMtp,, tivn  now all itieiubers of tbo ���***<(!�� Ktis||oi*rs  ami urn located at the Willows Camp,  Victoria. Thefti* young uiou ouproMi  theiie>olves as well stitMbd with what  tboy hnvo m'cii uf soldier llfo ����o far,  and Jito looking forward to tho 11010  when ibny will bo ftlijo uj takt> Uiolr  phu't's in tho llriug Jhto ulongsido tho  other Albttrnl buy,-;, Wit nil know  iho*��o bids, and that tboy will give a  a good account of themselves when tbo  iltmt comes. Wo will wish thoiu tint  best of 'luck, a gootl time und u safe  return.  Grapo Julcti.  William Cirapo Jtilco ..Hryan ha�� ro*  ���dgncd owing to tho fact that bo wan,  afraid that President Wilson would do'  sometoing.that would hurt/jUio foollnga  of tho Germans.-'' Well, what could you  expect from a man who,feeds on grapo  jtik'oV Tbo thing to m'tikc strong men',  men who vvlll not stand the tnothodft'of  t.bo.so ihotiorii' Huns but will call thorn  ���Whit - Ttey Ask .Qaestions-f-*Send TkiR the Advocate  i will bo'held In tho Flro Hall  on  Mon  day night at K..'J0 o'clock for tlfo pur- j.dlsposed'of as gtilng.concern if this can j strictly to account,, is lo build up both  peso of coinploii.ig tbo arrangements ! be done, and if'-nut' will-ho closed' u/jifj bi-aln and brawn on the big tonitor and  of forming a Miniature  Hlllo- Club, in ] in detail.    Tbo  town will In-  soppy to j sustuinlng cms of prluttt mmits Ktich as  apo provided by our local butcher, Mr.  Hocht'stor. If Bryan bad eaten a few  of those ho would have declarM war  un Germany long ago, Choleo local  tieof oil Suturdtiy.  i  I connection  with tho Alborni   District   soo'tho' departure of tboso young men,  | Civilian Hllb: Association,   A soluble! but both ofitbom   fool that tboy can do  ; Might has  been  secured  for a range.' Ivtter  work   whom thntiood'ls  nuiro  All iitombeps of tlto club arc rctjuosted   pressing, ami will- leave   with the bust  U> bo-.present. | wishes of all who know thoiu ��&8&EfflffiSM  THE ALBEim! ADVOCATE.  npni .mmii.fctliioiiMWmiwm.iiqn  IBE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  Tfca Alfc*nt4 A4m'��t* Publishing *nd  frh��ifc*| C*��� LtiJ., Proprietor*,  jf. r, sussmt ��� &m��*r and M*n��**r  y*fr|ii>.tft m Alutoitl, tirlibm I'uKum.is, la  tbi lBMr����l* of V*ttDou>i>r l��l*m' lit itriict*i *>"��1  t*># AlMrnl OltOiet la pariloulur  K����d Off.wt   Albernl. 8, C,   ,  �����l.ir,).^��llllMIHMi��llE<>M*l.ldWII^.Ml'l��l1**l||.W*"l^  *��otf.t��(J by Ota l'(i*tmiiii��r Oeu��i��it for  tr��Mwltr��Um ifiioittfii tite oiulh) an "vcend oIm������  M��tl��r.  jt��t*��rirtlt>ii�� n>|Mil/iu|ti i'����i��i1h, the OttiOiS  tSliMtt'OH, Austral!*, New /.fitlsml. Niotfeitiiil  Ub<T mid other commit-* wttlt slmllttt' t>-.'��tt>]  r��f��lsth>����. wil! t>n inwlii'1! on Hie folluwinu  t��r��n��!  OtioYflttr .      ,      ���      fit"'  HU Month* .      ,      -'   M*1  ytt��lRB�� to On) OaMed Mntun. Mexico totit ��ll  H��rep����n AntSoOior f.miltftt ooiiiiiilnsJJ ui|.oi  y��tr *str��  '"An farustmr M-**Mf*oh emtldj  on����������>', -wo eotdd r*et�� tho white]  hui'hU of  shrapnel,   tho   Much  hlll'sK     t)f   llli-     (Jot'OMO     Kl*G��t  ^tuiN, i��r the feathery, Ihmthttf  I'ioutlM of tin* niulmlrerufl ��ttttr��  which broke, m the reverberating  <!t)ino of tho Mity, where hot It  Cormnn nod BrUtali ureoplanox  wmrod. Tho old (heury I hut  Hhootlntl oituwoM ruin wits (Kh-  proved, jforthoxnn whom* bright-  MCTICAL POINTERS  OUT ALBERM  f-  Alborni is peached by train from  Victoria, t.'minedhum are mttdt* with  Victoria, ptuinSug through to Alborni  on evopy other day. I'uwMtgtfp* from  Vancouver City can connect with thl*  train at Naoahuo.  >>  Alborni Is alio roughed by stfimuop  Ob*r��** fmvttli Juim! mittcoM wilt ho tlie ��niu��  tt�� tho*�� eilatillahatl Ujt Uit* H.i'.OfflolnlUiovilf.  and aiutl l>�� i��*lil hi itilrimre.  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  Ailooikitnuiklcntlomiliui'mhitt for |i<iltlioiiU��u  nttui t)�� twooiumuUi'il with the umnti ftmJ ��tl-  4r��ttof tb�� wilior. nut ticwumrlly forpali'a'h-  lion but f>* it ciaitrMitcetif ttooit Inttli. Wcoitunut  eodtruaeto return tclfou-il eitiiteiiinlemii.iiK.  Mo r*tnun<iiittiiin will tm i����lit for pumlo oontii-  button* *ict>'a to* ��tM��liii itnnntfcuiviii.  <i*<  ��J��  ���arw't-1. :t�� "x.             Albernt, &. C, C��o��da  ���������wr��jT~Ttr~,*i*~���?*~''**~'~���  June It, 1050  I.V over Iho indescribable  acetic. jf,v���,   Victoria,   and  In   the  .itiuimer  The   wind   wtm  no   sti'ODM   Hon   immihs thor* In noiiiorottellghtful trJj)  ALBERNI OUTINGS.  'UltlNG thopiiKt wooIck there  have boon a number of out*  insf pitrlioM In tho nolyhhorhood  of Alborni, and what with iho  dolltfhtful wouthor, the nplondld  Hport with tho hitf trout, and the  Hoonory of a thouH|ind varfotioH,  thoro in not ono party rutnrnod,  but hart tnndo an enthuHiiiNtio  report on tho hiiccowm of thoir  trip.  Now Ih tho thno for tho Visitor  t> tnalto that run to Alborni.  At tho Ark, Contral I^tlco, will  bo found ail tho oh��troi�� of tho  ,wiiUoriH-R��i with Iho comforts of  a hotol. A launoh and boats  can bo soourod and ruiiH inado  ait ovor tho1 lako. At Sproat  Litko tho coiulitioim ttt*���� rihuilur  ��o far am trlpw on, and about,  tho lalro aro conuornod, and  Kood Himvi may ho had in many  dlrootionw that aro within ottHy  i'oaolilng tllftanco t)f Alborni.   ��  l)onvt worry about tho  Alps.  Woo Alborni.  tlinu this up tbo wc*t coatt of Vancouver Island and along tho jiloturostjuo  Alborni canal.'        ,  ���  Tbo Island trunk lino ol tlfCN.H.  It iiimv building from V loterla to Alborni.  i  Land ppicot its to acreage varlci  from 820to fcllh) per acre for bush land  and frotii$!(K) to if-UXt fur html that ha��  boon cleared and brought under cultivation. I 'rluo* are governed by quality  and location, hud lam) can la* hud in  any tjtmullty,  B. -Wtr* [1*��W Hit-  tho iireopjtiitt'M tticin); it tnuih* no  heitdway, and  standing into Hie  wind lilfc ItitcM, tho Hritisli urt'D-  phitit'H ,*<ooine(l us  Ntttllonary  as  tho   top  til   tho . Klflol   'I'ower.  l.'i'ONiimai)ly tht*y wt-ro dirt'i'tliif,'  tho lintinii Kiinllro.  "hVotii  behind   onr  hill   two  Ih'itinh    iMonoplanes   soiiretl   no  low ovtM' un  tlittt   wo foultl   sot*  tlioirtfttnK.   Thoy o!hnht��tl  info  iho why to tlrivo away  a  Tutibo  hiphuto which   was  Hying ovor  thu iiili  Kidowayw in   tlto   hoavy  wind. Tho Tutibo looli lllght at a  hoight so groat" that   it loohod  lilto a dot in Iho sky.   .Soon tlto  whito i)ttlfs of the German  anti*  ulj'enift guns und  tho  inutldlor  whito of the  British  sky-gun*  punctuated the sky  above and  below tho glittering dots whioh  'wore,tho   aivnplunos  gloaming  in the sunlight',  "Hithlntl our hill wen* Itelglan  poitMitnts ploijghing. Ktiriher  behind them \ve,.ooultl see men  pinying football in a moudow, i  dlsoovored htter that some of the  men in the mutch wore lo march  live miles tlmil night and outer  tht* trenches In tho maelstrom  of lire which wo wore beholding,  I spoke to ono of these nion who  told mo that he was ono of the  lirst to he Kent to tho war lasl  August. The umpire iinpatlont*  ly called time while i talked to  tho goalkeeper,  To night tilt* glares of the  battle Illuminate tlie siiys of  Belgium for many miles. The  tower tif tho <;ioth-Hatha Vpres  and two church steeples Wore {opportunities for tint manufacturer and  visible In tho rays of the evening Uivostur.   The Kdjior of tho Alborul  ^  It bat boon found that mixed farm-  lug pays bout. On plott nf from ton to  twenty arret fruit growing, dairying,  poultry raising, hogs and cattlo will all  I iay wall.  In Alliorni will be found the usual  advantage* of a progressive Western  t 'ommtiulty thut has faith, and tbo courage nf Its convictions. Thoro aro a  number of good stores carrying a wide,  range of good*, t*eliools. ehurcluet, tho J  Alborni Advocate, newspaper, ami a  iitiuibcr of athlotlo anil social club*,.  Tho ollmttte it* ��s  line tti can   boj  found on (ho Paclllc Const, taken thoj  year'ruiuid.   The rainfall h Just than;  thatof   lht<   City   nf    N'aucouvttp,   the  frosts am light.   There U seldom front  enough for skating or snow enough for  sleighing, ami  when cither of  tbeito  comes It only lasts a few days,   l��Vir  ihesumiuor and autumn months mere  is nothing In tbo world to excel  tbo  Alborni w,ontlicr.  Albopul Is the outlet of ono of tbo  largest and most fertile valley* on Van-  (���uuvor liilaud. In the District will bo  found a vast wealth of timber of the  IhtcH kind, cotil, lr��m, copper, marble  and other titmimerclal stones,, brick  ela.ks and olher malerlals,  .Then*  are   iiuiiiortuis    intructlvo  GREAT BATTLE.  GKIOAT local iutorosl hast  boon aroused in iho tierce  battles that are raging ulong tho  woMtorn front owing U> iho fact  Unit several of Iho Alherni hoys  have boon killed, wounded or  cupttirtjd, during tho progress of  tho lighting. That tltoMO engage,  mentft wore of a si an and tlercn.  noHn ttloiost beyond tho power  of words to oxprmot is well  UimUr.ttod by the descriptive  mnttoa' that 1�� now coming In.  . "This is tho g-'outest artillery  battle in tlm hl��tory of the worltl;  tlto expendltoro of ammunition  Is fabulous," writes tut observer  boiiiud tho Hrillsh linos near  Ypres.  After descrihing tho almost  continuous cannonading that had  boon going on for days, with  .'literally'.thousand's of guns in  almost continual action, the ob  Horver suggests that the intensity  of tho firing'may bo judged by  tite fact that'at ono small bridge  twenty German guns fought  oightoe.n Ih'itisli and French  guns .all night, until finally the  German guns wort* silenced.  "Tito French 7.Vs," he notes,  "wore iijrod so rapidly that they  sounded like an endless roll of  thunder multiplied' a thousand  times." "'���';  Describing the artillery fire  tho writer says:  sunset, hut many llros wore  horning in tho town, it ml my  glimpse of the rtiiiisof tho beau*  tifnl Cloth Hall may have been  my lust, for the Gorman shells  were fulling aboiit it incessant*  ly."  CKEArfERY RETURNS.  TI1K matttM' of reviving the  creamery industry at Alherni  is receiving coutidonihlo noliee  in tho valley ju*.t jiow, ami wo  were pleased to ho ahlo to pttb  llsh a iettoj' from Mr. A, \V.  Month on this subject lust week.  We hope that, this will not he  the ItiNt to bo hoard of lids business, and in order to Steep the  interest alive, the Advocate has  been looking for outside inform*  ation on the Mtibjoct,  A recent issue of'tho'..Chilli*  wuo.lt- Progress contains tho  following, which will give some  idea of the . hnportauco. ,'of, .the  creuinory biisine��s ut that j)o|nt,  4Mt is beinggeix*rally accopttnl  as a fact that' ChillJ'wuok' residents are feeling Hit* iinancittl  depression much less than any  .other .part of-'British Columbia.  Where some of the uioney comes  from to "gveuse the wlieels" is  shows in a statement made by  tlio' Chilliwack Creamery Assn.  For.'.;'tho. months,of. January,  February, March and, April,  this year,   they have   handled  Advocate, Alborni, H. <!., will be glad  to talto those matter!.- up with you.  Write to him for pilPtlcular.t.  Itnw ���iimirin -i mi( nwT-n~TTrr-r-f- ttiiin���r n ���rir" -r r~V" ���-���������--���'-������ -j-  two and a half million pounds  of milk, and nearly ono hundred  thousand pounds of cream, and  pit id out to patrons ix\ul for rail*  way tickets hauling and other  expenses, over tfat.WKMMJ.' Tlie  foregoing Mntemeni Is a striking  example of tho value' to the  community of Mich tin inhtitution  us tite Chilli waelc Creamery,  and the wisdom of according the  creamery und its- directors all  tin* local support possible."  Fire Protection. '  Victoria, II, C. June u. It has boon  said that us a fommmili-y the settlers  of Hr.itl>h.Columbia co-operate hi (or-  est protection work to a groat or degree  than in any other part <���)( Canada or  tho United Wi'ait.'rt.--  In view of this, tho .N. mister of I^tnds  has.luKtrucicd tho'district foresters to  distribute a Circuhip. lo.t'tor ttmbodyliig  tho rcgidat Ions' eon, eroing lire por-  uil.ts,'giving rulesipr' guldanct* when  horning sbisb or brush In laiubclcarlng  operations, and Information as to what  should bo dune if ..lire: breaks' out.  'I'ho importance of unvo is clearly -not  out, together- with an ��� appeal for tho  help of every citizen.  City Council.  Tho lit^t'scNifon of tho City Council  was taken op w.'th tho transaction of  routine business,, (tticl was short, with  nothing of .hupupiuncru .to rt.'cord.;'  "53<  Again we call the attention of  our friends to the fact that we  are now taking delivery of a  stock of all kinds of  Letter Heads, Bill Heads  Stationery, 'Envelopes,.  .Business Blanks, .  i V  Cards, Etc,,  All ordered before the recent  advance in paper prices.  Now is tho time to stock up while the prices  i  of this dims of work remain at the old levels.  o  Orders from outside points will  receive careful and prompt attention.  Publishing $ Printing  Co., ltd.  S^  PRACTICAL PLUMBERS, STEAM  and hot i��l^nTTmL.  Estimates Furnished on Application  Margaret St.  Alberni, B.C.  rimiio 18  i'.f). llbx M.  try  Ifijou have got a good thing  ' !������     " ' -    ��� ' '  WHY NOT ADVERTISE  IT ���.'���������-  I  i  i  CJ  U  I  4  1  m  m fflQHBBSBSBHffl  KEF5  THE  ALBE8N1 ADVOCATE  wto/at>WWi*tK*<HO>***viii* wwmmmnv* iM'���mwmtf *mi" <*him+mw*** "*** �����  H*>   <kh-*4*'**'-'W   *n^***l**^*rf-��*lf * 1<-��^A  iui.nii*wiiiftM�� um itHMw wiKHimfiMiKiemni  --..-*\Tl*-*��-*r.    t��  CLASSIFIED ADS.  WORK AND WORKED.  <.  Until further- notice any pernon do*  *lrlng employment, ami those who  wUb to hire help tif any kind, will ibid  tho columns of tin* Alborni Advocmo  optw to make known their wnuts to  thu public without ebarge.  Tho sopvjco 1�� fp<>).   Make two of it.  for Rant or Sal*.-, Small lluuifo on  double corner, Alherni Height*..  Small payment down und $10 pop  month will buy It.   J. Host.  If you have notalready attended tho Great Price SIuhIiIiik Suit? now on at this well known Htoro,  you had bettor not delay dohiK ho. TIjIn in an opportunity for Having money that may never occur  again and every person in the District kIiouId take advantage of the btuwnliitt ofterod. Wo must  raiMO chhIj on our stock and you will reap tho benefit.   Give us a call and he convinced.  SUITS,  HOUSE DRESSES,  SILK  WAIST,  KIMONOS. SILK and  LISLE HOSIERY Etc.  A   tM     Lilt?   AAt?It R��olrlim.��.lU.nulrnon Auttw,  Marino  Knglnos, und ah kindx of muohlutcy  by an  export   who  bus1 served  bis  tbuo at tho trade.     Leave orders at  ���hA��,,���      lAiiuitiii/MivuMi. niTnitiiuMu^i     the hljipo shop nuxt to UuIT'n thirago,  IMAGES and OT11EU GENTS KURN1SH1NGS     Alborni, II.o..~r". Mokuw "  SUITS, HATS, HOOTS und SHOES, SHIRTS,  UNDER WEAK, TIES,    COLLARS,   SOCKS,  Wanted..���lOxitorioncod, middle uged  ICnglMi widow, wnnth position as  houKokoopor. Good rofeponcos. Ad*  drcsK Mi'N. Ii. Hryant, Alborni, 11. V,  For Reftt.���Two room building next  to Alborni Hotel. Apply to O. A.  Smith, Alborni, H. O.  For SuIb-.K flvo aero hlockN,   10 acres,  away below tho (lovornniont Agouti  assessment in lot III.  .Apply to  .houoN Hook. 1'. O. llox-l.'w, Victoria.  ��r<iW��a  GOODS BY THE YARD ��� Velvets, Table  LEDERMAN'S STORE       PORT ALBERNI  mMM��   r��AlJ  S.    EATON  Margaret St.. Alherni  .  Palntar and Pi��p��r��H��Jiier  Wallpapers   kept,  in   stock   at  lowest  prlcsie.  PICTURE     FRAWINQ  Kritltiiittux Kroo.  **v".r'J'" ' "' """ "'!"'"  MORE HEAT-LESS WOOD  Hy Reotirlntf your Wood from  the  ALBERNI WOOD YARD  Dry Klr,#1.7fi per rick, delivered  Green Klr,$LD0 per rick, "    u  r  wtumavbmmi  l'W��WIWIWI^W>iWiW>W WUB* WW  nwaawii i wutm ,wuw wawtta iwwiitiWWtiiwH��)wli*tiifc  M��MM*M|W  whwijuhibmi  mmmi iMMiiwwiliMi  mm KnmammmmmvfWi  Advocate to that  coming to  tumw*mam  Piatt t/t For Sale-.Tumult) plants, cabbage planet,' >xh) cabbago " plant��.  caulWlower plantm, Ui'usmiIk sprouts  plants. All now ready for sotting  out.    ���   W. H. (JrlMii. Alborni, I I.e.  Wanted - Work by tho day by an  export. drt'SMiunker nod tnliormoi,  late  tif   Spelean ...Mr*.    ,M,    [���),  Pouch  Ileaver t Jrtiok Homl near 'J'ho Mttplct*.  Won(��(I���To purcluiM* a'tout, 8x10,  Most bt* In good condition and cheap  Apply Uoyal Hank, Alborni, IS. 0.  Wanted- Knorgotio hidv help or young  woman to help with house work and  look after baby ocoaidonully���wrlto,  Muting age, oxncrloncii and stthtrv  ox pouted to ('.', Kriwnr Hamllold, ii.li,  Gertrud* Bt,  AHwnl  Professional Cards  -*TiJ-.M��, .*,-  . GEO. A. SMITH, C. E.  II. (.', Land Surveyor. Survey* of  timber limits, mineral el alms, and land  ��uilallvi��|i)iiH. Olllco at-Albcrnl. P.O.  *!ox 23.  Good Work     Prices Right     Prompt Attention  Ltmve orders at Mamid's Blacksmith Shop, Alborni  Or        :  City-  HOTON BLOCK  C. GALES Proprietor  Liberal Fist form,  I. All contribution*) to etmpatga  fund* U) bo upon for public Ir.ap&ctloo  ut any lime, and tho urns to wbiob tbay  arc put to bo dourly Indicated..  '1. Tho appointment of n uon-partl-  /tttt civil h.ipvlco commliMlon to mak*  all uppolntmoutH to both outsldo Mid  hisldo Kcrvici*.  ���'). The abolition of pntrouayo Id  every form, all purchit.toa to bo made  in tin* open market and on regular  busino.ss toriuri.  i. Tho publication, of a regular  quarlorjy bulletin, givlving full details  of all monies expended by tho government,  l't, Wo agroo to usk for a oommlBsloo  to InvoMigato iho affair* of tho province that tho roal funis may bo k��ow��  and the bauds of tho tfovornmaat Joft  free to restore the credit of tho province und dovolop its groat roiouroo*  for tho bcnollt of tlio poopto.  0. Whenever tho Hndlngs of this  comlsslon uhow Hint tho ro��ouroo�� of  tbo province have boon slioimtod by  fraud, to take wuob ��tops A3 uhall r��-  Ntopo them to tbopooplo willlo protoot*  lug tlie lnnocont iuvostor.  7. Tho encouragement tif ��gri-  oultutiiro by loantt on ca��y tertni, by  making accoHslbloNolontinoiuforw&ttou  a�� to tho naluro of tho wuil and clhontto  and other condlttoitn of ouch region,  tho encouragement of co.oporM.lon and  by .ovory legitimate loottnj to m��k��j  rural life m attrnotivo und protlubla  as poKtdhto,      ,    , .       ,,  K. Tho tlovolopmont of tulnoi,  foroKtH-ttutl other great natural r��*  fiOtircoH of tho provlnm* by enoourRiflojr  tho autua) producer and making sa  dllllcult and unprofltablo the aotlvltl��K  of tho moro exploiter and tipooulallvd  InvcHtor,  II. The luiprovcttiont of tho condition* of tho working clnsucn by doing  all pOHKlblo to it'tnuro a reasonable  wage, fair working condition* ftnd  decent hiirrooudingN for all olataes of  labor, providing for compumtntlon for  tin* Injury or death of tho worker and  taking tuioh ��io|i�� ut�� shall eliminate*  tbo HUlTuring now Jailing upon tho  workers In times of financial doprcn*  siou.  10., IjociU option for tho control of  tho liquor trnlllc.  11. initial nulfrago for men aud  women.  J2. Tho fair and impnrtlfil enforce*  mont of tho law.  1.1. Tho protection of Innuoont In*  vcNtocH by rigid Innpeotlon of ail oom��  pan leu.  H. A rigid und Impartial entpdry  Into the llnanclal position at the P.G.IC.  and C'.N.l'. rnUwtiyn and tho dlspou*  Itlon of iho monoytt olroedy providkjd,  and if nouo&toiry the govornnipnt to  Otltc.ovct" tho roBdii and complete them  hi thnI.hitcrt��M��i of tbo people rathetr  than to eoutlnuo thoprosont policy.  ^  m>t��Mia(m\mm^fmm  TStt'.'v.Ttsr'vtmismft  CALL, OR 'PHONE 15.  P. 0. BOX 10.  H Y T F  U. M.-T. HODGSON  .:'.' . ;"A,'M. I.p.,.B. '���  . H. C. Lurid Surveyor and'Civil Hnglncor  Otfloeu;   Carmoor  Block, Port   Alborni  Phone 67 , ;  L  ���  /-H.'H.-BROWNE  Clyll and Mining Engineer  and  Alborni  Provincial Land Surveyor  '"��� ' B. C.  PMography  In All '-.'its  HrauchoH.  The New Studio,   next to'-the  'Lord-.liest HutldinK, Lsnow  Ktpjipped foiv'HuKlncss  Latul��<Jiipe8, PortraitM, Groui).s.  and   Gommorcial   Work  Dsrolojitij tjBd /Printing for Amateur*  Pictare Frsolnj  -' -oV XL EGG   -,:  Summer Solo.  The All SahiiH (Jhurcb (mild will  held their Kmnmer Sub* of Work In  I'arhh Hall .on Wodno>.duy, .June Itlth  beginning.at','I p. ni.  Afiorudon ten, sira\vbeppIo,s and Ice  cream will be .served, u!ko a light Mtp-  pep ut il p, in, 'I'h/jre ' will ito fun In  the childron't* coiner its UNUal.  All arc welcome.  Mbtmiiap ���hwoHmMh  Dealer In  Or. Korr Coming.  We have'a nolo from Dr.. ICorrNlat*  lug tiuit- lie. is iihotii/ to rcHuni.e IiIh  regular'visits to Alborni for tin* pur-  poso of looking uftt��r bin dental  practice In the two towns.  '  OrfoimYHomO'Huko Hroad at The  .AIbcrril'Trading Sku-on aml.Thoniitctn'H  (ionoral Store.  Sash, Door^t mid  Gfam  Building und Roofing Pcp^r  Limo, Bricks and Cement  Albemi  Phone 29  P. 0. Box 9  -O.  L/*  SSKSSBa  ay��M*i  Bricklayer and Mason -  astermg and Cement  work  Auctioneer  Ertd Avenue  Per! Mbm.i  WIWM^MWrWBBHamMTJJ  K<  f V  V i  ��  ' i .8  I. -  f.-./s  r  -m^MiW"^ f.   ^^,  -*     LV/V-f ' ���W*i��W'��-s^��'~'��**,S^^rfD.;.<'M^.W-^  THE AIJJERNl ADVOCATE^  at��h*��^a^J*����natiMiiMW*r)W^  r"  Towelling Hats All Shapes   $1.23  Childrens white and natural linen  \  Hats   25c. and \5c.  M. L. Holt  Alberni, B.C.  Ladles' Home ihmrnal Put torus always In Mock  CHILDREN'S  WASH DRESSES  WHITE and COLORED  Clearing at Half Price  ��   25c. to $1.00  >V*ril*jmM>t*r+ief**i**1W  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  i  TAILORED CLOTHES for MEN  We have just received our Spring and  Summer samples.. Your inspection, invited.   Fit and style guaranteed.  Prices  FROM S20 UP..  W��n**��uw4mli'<*��tt*����l  CAMPBELL & MAC FIE  Motion lllock, Alborni  ' Phonort]  First Ave., Port Alborni  Phono ";i  L.  20 )h��, Jl<t��t I j, C, Sugar  lit IN. n*-hi h, i.'. Sugar  Streaky Huron, Side ov Half, Per Pound  \V�� \ 0. Hulk Tea.    ft-unl \�� no,-. tens  Poplium'* Sodas,  Per 2 lb, Tin  West India Lime JUsico.   Pop Hottle  Hobtii < "attain,   Pep Pottle  Ivory Soup.   Pep <;��ko  Cream ol Wheat.   Per PSo.  <;riM.o.   Pop Tin  St, i.'barlcH, or II. <'. Milk,. I'vv Tin  Talcum Pot-dec-   i^'v 1 lb Tin  Malt Vinegar.    I'or Pottle  Oloiioru Klour,    ill lb Hag  8^^^^^5HJ^v^-t��^��(|{-^!{��'t:if's  *l.��W  ���l.fio  ,l(l  ,tr>  .20  .:io  .50  ,'itt  .lo  .* vrfrc~.s.v v��,, nf Br-.'S? jfj  ���r  ...  5,(  MORE MEN  ARE WANTED  Montreal, IJuo., .Itiue \ Thirty ll'te  iboteuiuti mure income unwed in go  from t'aniula tolliellrlng line In Frunce  ii^uulttkly it** they run bo trained and  otptipped. , MujoPrtSeni'ial I login",  imitlc tho anuoimivtiioni hurt* to-night.  This note ftuvu is to he composed of  tws'uty-.teven regiment** of Infantpy und  six bttttitllons of artillery. With Its  tirgttnlzuiitiu the uuiubep of men ralM*d  hi I'aniithi fttp war service will ititul  nearly loO.noti.  The new reghneuiN are to be ralM'tl  n-�� follows:  Four Highland regiments, one re-  embed from Vuncnuver, Vletoria ttuil  Winnipeg, a second from thttariu'aud  two front' the province of tjnebec and  tbo Mttpitlme (ipovlnccs.  Two regiment* from Alhorla. two  from Hrllisb (.'ohimblti, t��o from Saskatchewan, <mn from Manitoba, (we  from Winnipeg, two from tint I.omlou  division, four from the Tomato division  two from eastern Ontario ( thedistllct  botwenu Kingston and Ottawa, ) four  rYourh-i'uniuihiii regiment.** from Men*  treal and tht> province of Quebec, be  chiding tho "miIi, and doth, battalions  for which recruiting commenced a  .short tiiiie ago, and two regitueuts  from the Murithno provinces.  Tbo six now butteries of artillery,  according to tho ttunomicomont, will  bt* organized us follows: One from  eastern Ontario and <��.tiol'ioo, one from  tilt* London district, two in the Toronto  and HumiUou district, one from the  Maritime provinces undone from west,  orn I'unada.  ...... ........... .    ..       .^  KAFFIR CORN .  COTTON SEED MEAL  QUICKLIME  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co.  onifii Phono i;j;t  A. PAUL, Manager  Hon., H26  *Kxox&T$aM#,mitiK*mmimm!*4*i*m  V  Nice Dry Onions, 20lbs.  $1.00  8  Fancy Vyiiite Beans, :id lbs.        $1.00   |  Fancy California Butter, 3 lbs.   $1.00   $  ,20 lb Bag Best B.C. Sugar  Will Make Sheila.  From   Montreal   come-,  the   report  tluu   iluv Angus  locomotive   and cur  shops of tbo i'. P, H, uetir  that, city  apt* being transformed Into one of the  greiticsi. ui'st-nuls In  tin* world.    The  plant is working   night  and .day In  three shllts.   Tho  force of employees  wit bin,t lie next  ipiuricr of a .wisp will  oo   J'i.noo. men.    This force   will  be  engaged almost  wholly on war muni*  tions, only tt comparatively small  proportion  working tin locomotives und  cur ord'jrs.   The tram-format Ion of the  Angus shops  i* one of  tlio stops by  which the t��'   I', It. is being  made lutii  the t��,"utii,*it single commercial unit ol  the IP'-thh Kmpiro, the tluttl puuis for  which ,will   be taken    tin  ttith   Loid  Kitchener eiirly  iiom    Week    hy  Sir  Thdmas Shitughncssy, president of the  road,    Kvei,*   rejiulr shop, ever.v   tool  iihttp, every pianl-of tin* routl, i�� to bt*  transformed  into a  pun nf the wur  uiuehinery,  Cord Of Thanka.  Mr. and Mrs. T. It,, Phuuu wish tu  e.\pri<<"i tbuii' !ht'<itk>> !<��iil| those friends  who siikindly estenibti their sympathy  nut) iielp ill tbeir ttt'tutt taireuvemmii  In the luvh *-f their Hub* dunghtor,  WhuiHred Mat.  Mr. and Mis. T. It, Phiunt,  Heaver t'peek, It, (".  Lino's! Buoy.  The gentle "Hbig'g*g.blug-g-g" of  (be telephone which w��s Uttieh in ov|.  tlenco hi si WethifMlay morning, was  caused by the eilocis of "tVntrul" lo  learn just how many of the subscribers  kvni'o out nil by the falll.ug of a tree  items* tht* uiiiin eubje- between Alherni  and tie* Port. The tpoo got busy wltli  tho lino on Toe-day evening, and it  will be it few dtits before tin* tangle is  unwound, but In tbo meantime, every  olTort In being'.'thttdo'to untangle the  mix-up, and establish ''Conlr/H" in  command - once ufor'e..''   .". .'    '  CANNED GOODS  MM*  PEAS, BEANS and CORN  TOMATOES,  St. CHARLES and B. C. CREAM  IVORY SOAP  Tho Bu��y Store  L  Victoria Quay Store, Phone 88  Argyle Street Store, Phene 148  ��� wvmmsttmimmmmi mmmkM mMn anaawi arfUfpawWwinwiEW n ��� n����i l a; i inn m. iiwii < i  ������'���������������       ������,  " ��� r  Sugar must be in general order "for   ^  f ���''��� $5.00'or.more |f  M^fra����tH��*Hji{^i^;^i^  W ATERHOUSE & GREENE   ' "TT-Trnrrrwnrr i in*.��' Wttmmmim i ������no  Bryan ReeitJns.  ; .Wttshington, .lone lb. Secretary  Hryan hits resigned. .Hubert lyanHbig,  Uotiust'llor to the State Departusont,  lias been appointed Sccrotary of Stale  ad Interim.  Tho Pulled ��� State* noto will bo sent  to Hcrlln this afternoon, and will hn  mitdo public on Friday.  Won'tod..  i'osltlon  as housok-copor to  elderly  couple  or   bueliolor,    small  siilary fop good -hoino- .good cook.  A pply I lo'u.si.k'et'i'ii.p, Atlvocait) Oftlco  THOMSON'S  GENERAL  STORES  Iteami8��K��n^^  \t\%,iHvm\\\����1mm}m^t  Can now supply order*) fur First Class  Rough and Dressed Lumber of A!! Kinds, Shingles,  i ;       Local Orders will rocolvc special uttontion.  V-^.r .��KTSM.i.X :;Si-;::-  (Jttll at the  Mill on tlto Scotch Sottlontcnt. I'totul, op Phono  or wpito to tho Manager  .j.  Phone R49  Alborni, B. C.  lOe per tin  2 lar^ Urn 26c  Largo tins 10c  20 cokes $L00  '    v    '    -       T i* L ���    K   n"  On tho Busy Corner  Tho Well-known and Old fotubluhcd Grocers, Bakers und Produce MsrchanU  OUK HWAD la mutlv of thu MST MATERIALS b�� a  PROFESSIONAL DAK1Mami kovfM FRFSff. atut MOIST.  It thvrufom la tlw IDFAL IIRFAD for honw and campers.  12 Large Loaves for SI. 00  BUNS, Fresh every dao ISc.  COOKIES, 10c. per doz., three doz. for 25c.  CAKES, DOUGHNUTS, ETC., at prices to milt all.  ssaw  ���You got a Souare Peal from  our Advertisers  m  rfi  Si  )i  )i  18'  Mi1*  'I  m  m  , a  I  ^.^L*^"^:<^^.,L^^k''^*i��^^


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