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Alberni Advocate 1913-07-11

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 11  ProTineUl Librarian  '^,  Vol, 3  Alborni, B. C, Friday, July li, 1913  ..���.���  .**4p.. '���^-ji-ti-Trr���ii ��� itu lu |i"��'i:wa''ii  Ho. 20  For HoughnoHftj of tho Skltt  ue��  so Rose Petals  28c afiid 50c  '���v -''-W' ','.���--.    ���''..-.:.. .,>.,..-���'. .-,.,.,*       *fct        ** ���"���-���-'-   '"���.-':v'.,,-t-tk,'.i- -:...   ,..���..  r-.-.-rBi-..^  ^-.���.I..v.w4^'ua--' -t^*        tSi'        .v.-'tw ,,-��.>,*,.-,-.��� .-.;,,-;-.-  ��.-_���-���-*:-,.    ���.;��� I.,,,.!-  PINEO'S  .excellent buy of llMl AC'i.tiK, throo iiiIIoh frtnU Uiwu  Price $12,500  Toriun of kiiIo $*J!,rdK) CiihIi, bahineo uninnrtiLUi'.ji' ftir i*>  ywvH.    Iut4*rc>it7 porcont,, pnyublo lialf\Voarl,v.  I'MVI.-ArKK l.l,(K-KK fi-Oiii $"Ti  TofJIIH.  por Aero up,    IOiih.v  TWICLVK ACKKS, noarly till chmml,' ii��, por Aero,  Somas Heights D*L. 13 l��Jm���  yards from School und JH) yards from U.I Mi. Depot.  City water ptuutt'H and can bo laid on, to thhi Kiihilivl-  xiuii.    Price* fruiii,!?i!<K) up un I'luty toriiu*.  ii  Jas. R, Motion  Real Ifctmu nnd Insurance  Pboim IN  l'ort Albornl  *t��*jr*l|Bikj|fta-��.a��a1a1  BARGAINS-  ,'tn Acres llrat'i'iiiki litiid, ���III!'* per uere, lone; terms, I'J Acre*, ull jftitul  hotttoti laud, hcttt-i'cn *1 and K ucros el 'iiu'd. ���f'J'���'*. per acre, ti** Acre* ad.  Joining  Cli*   limit*,   -fal*.'ati per iicri',    LM Acre*, Icuitlne mi CreHuteiv  I load, **��� per ��ere.  (Hood buy* lu Victoria {iui-den* und Uloiutldo Siilnlivl'duuN,  Klrfd-uhu.*. laottH'tluu of 5 aiul 10 Aero Trinit*.  Y��8 fit tut {iwlr. vVst fM wiet t LOT   1 h���� it,   Citl tut! pet jrt.Hic.lm,  M. M. Stephens, Aiberni, B.d  lloii a.'*, Flltl-l AND I.IFK INNt'ltANCK, Plmim W.  |C. N. R, SURVEYING  RIGHT OF WAY  DRUG &  STATIONERY  STORES  .Mr, (leu. Smith. !', I,. K., ami ptii-tt  tire nun ut tt'.tirk mi the -uricy of the  C. N. If. I'leht uf till! frtiiuChina Creek  lo Ifie bead of Ctivt'lehtot !.like, Si till  lithe about .It iiHOilIii to complete III!"  ���.ei'llnti of ttui'li. and by ll'in end id (hill  (Illicit U .".peeled thai fiulher will-  true'.* nil! be lei fnf ):t-|iilliij' (hut tt'jll  ciiuum'l it lib the Cumberland vallo)  llirtm��li ihe Albenii PUtrlcl.  Nn furl her news bin been received  un lo tbi'*'*i'*c| rt*ti((��(if ihclbmlhroujpi  Aiberni, dud the rcjttiit Unit the C. N.  It, would n**o the liueof the I!, ,V N,  thciiiif'li ihe Itovn tippcuiK lo have died  a natural death,  The recent, applleulIon*, for foreshore  rh'hls iiltmif the itioiiili of the Soiuass  Itiver, I till el i with (he fuel thut the  uett ttliitrf in ihe l'ort hu* shown ���dutis  of Ihe ravujL't's of tlm icredii already,  has been m>ti) tm an urjfiuiioiit hi support of tlie KUiletiieiit Hun the C. N. It.  hiicml-i in s|yciii',i u freahw-atet' barlHir,  und lhat alt tin* rumors I'lij.'iirdhi'f it  cmtildlititloii betviecu the two railways  arise* mil of (he fuel that the leipdred  fronUitft) had lo be sec tin si from tlm I*.  A' ,\r. I tin*, it may he I hut, the real coin*  binatfoii thut Is uiuii'd at In one Intended (iiM'imrocommon whiii'fiijfe hi fresh  water.  However these things may mm' Om  hi the lonir run It certainly uppi-ur* hi  tliut there is nn inteiiiloit to j��lvi* Ab  hern! tlm ifodiy, but lliul We vvill hi  the ni'iu* future couie In for umiie hire,'  develnpmetit**, The ���,'eoyraplilcui -thu.  atlon of Alliernl h* such (luu hep oh b  xoninced mil fear bin tlutt the elly  will comii In fm,' a liii'ife share of Hie  rapid development of Vancouver Island  llittt Is now ifolii),' i��n,  TREET BY-LAW  15 CONSIDERED  FARMERS REQUEST  central mm  Tlm   i'lirmerV Institute appitumhtH!  tin- City Coimcil ai  the lust, r-cjfuhii'  iniieiliij/ ofihat body,  with a rei|iie*-t  for ulil In estulilUliliiK iiceiiiraluiiirkei  foi' ibe liiiiidllui-'iif tlie produce of  the  district,   Mr, .1.  Host, president, und  K. M. Wh'te, stmretary, ol llm hint I't ntu  put the matter before ihe Coimcil, anil  pointed out (hut there was a (.'i-citl dlf.  lieulty hi i/etilu',' ihe fanners and (he  aloi'ti-keepei-ito wurk toifi'tlier in  Hie  mutter of hiiiidlhiu'Hin produce,   Swim  of thellim* the fiti'tiieis would allt'oiue  in mid *tviiin|i the local market, ami at,  other times Hmro ttntild he a demand  for supplies, and none of tin* ������rowers  Ui bo found,  A central murket,  when*  I lie piitbice of Ihe district could bo re-  reived and. caret!  for, am! whore tlm  furi'iier* cnujd have wiim* notice of the  limes when the produco tt-utild be re  ipdrrdi ivi-tilil be nf ������real help Ui Hm  iiii-rtcullurul  ilevi-liipmeilt  of  Hie  ��IU>  trtol.  Iletull'i of just whitl tvan rt'iptired up-]  peurtilto be luekhi',',  lliu!   Hie  mitlter  was i-eferrml back It* lln*  liniittiU*  In  inxler toltuve a miituri'd plan �����iibitiiitcd  it* Um Cmuii'll,  The city Pound 1* dohur such a KtiiHt  luialncMi that the order went foiUi to  buvo Hie place phife put Into "fond roll-  tiitinn, Smiie of ihe anhutils,. tiitich  have m��4*t'|i(tHl tlie hoxplialbt of llm  City a* ttiit'its. (i)i|iciir to be ipthiv tm  etpi-rt In ticttiiitf old iif ii h'lirditu kk|  they vvro in i.'-'itiu^ Sntn utie, and  sirmii*er fence* vtill'liitve lo be junvb  de*|, ao tliut limy vvill tint be able to yo  Al |)iespecial liu'clluK of Hu* City  CoiUici!, held hi i ho t't'ttrt house on  NfUinvlii- eteilinj-, the C||t, Council j-yt  hti*y tilth wliu; nil) be ktmtvu at* liy*  l.iivvniiiiibi'i'l)oi'lhe"Streel lly.l^ivv,''  1'iidur lite pitivislous of (Ida bydaw  there are u nuiulier of thiiiM* tvhlch  have been a eoiutuoii prnrttce hi Hie  elly since Hie Hum the lir-i while man  luavisllhe dan^mrs of thn ttildeiueas,  and piichet! his icui nt Hie mouth of  Ifoirei-Creek, llitbbish. i*itd how not  to let it remain oa iho nt recti, It one  of tin* thine;* set forih In tills by-Jute,  People vi lm wiiiidor on Hie-i-outh, keep-  lute lo HicHiiimhdiliiid-nlile, will I'eiider  tliemselves Halite to all kinds of pains  penult lei, mid other dbtressi))^ Ihltij.--*;.  If you keep to Hie left you will berlifht  and If .ton keep to Hie rli,dit vou will  be left, for the cop to jurtili, People  lettlntf vehicle* stand too loti-T while  thoy "see a man Inside", may return  to Ihesidotvulh only io Uml Hie outfit  iii'iidlm,' Its wtty to (bu pound.  When a trallle ollleer Is placed at any  of tlie busy comer**, a wuve of his hand  Is ul! thut It* tierosMiry to rojftilnU' the  passli)'.' of velilvles'. He will not be e*j.  peeled ioyell Iii" head oif in order to  flop Hit' festive Joy rider,   ,  People who wish toplueeawnhursiM*.  fore thelt'Mtirc-i vvlll have to put lliciii  up where a full,i*i'o',vn man can puss  under ilioiu withom **(-ttluir down on  Ills bunds mid kneet��.  ' Kome of our lucid speed arHsts are  warned that they will have in pi out.  of town to warm up their steeds in  future. H\x mllesaii hour Is all ihe law  allow*, ami there are a few In town  that can pus* that mark, if pre*M-d,  The Miuill boy who in pasuiu^ u|k>ii  ''IiN hot fill OJ.'eas|uiiH" will he pleused  to leiiiii that It will lm tij-adiiHL tlm law  - ttlien tliirtbyduwlii p.in-tid |o erect  any fenee of barbed wire, bill It In Joy  will lie ri*s|rh'.ted tvhiin he learns thai  "no -ii'iiion ttlntll llifht *n.'M)t lire m any  Ih-eworks, or ll|<ht or throw any lb-bled  lii'eeritckec, *,(|tilb, orexpio-dve unite-  ������iiii" anywhere, In tlm city,  People who *��lu*w (**mtompt for ,our  nh'ii new oldtiwalkh l*y (������tpectoi'iUiiit/  im them, wilt be sorry,  Nu person will be allowed to carry  coticeuhsl about his person, or |o tils,  cliart'ti within tlie city limits, tmy euti.  non, K-iin, air nun, cutapiili, slbi" shut,  pistol, revolver, slmt ifinu or other ill*"  liriii, or Mtiitla to Hint elU'ot.  In slioi't, lly.f.aiv Number II ileula  wlili Hie. sii-eets uud sliletvuiks, and (be  (ruHie Uieiven, and the safety and cum  vetitence of llm pitblle ill tlm City of  All'ernl.  POWER COMPANY  ASKS QUESTIONS  The iHichc.Ai'ncii' putter Coiii'iim*,,  which Is elitfiilv'nl ill ptlUltie; In :t |ttivt(i|-  plittil I hat' will hiiriie** up HtumpV  F.ills, has coiiimtmlciiiid tilth Hie  Hoard of Trade tilth ivu'iiol to some  iiiatli'i-a In t'oimemleii nil ha pn**pec'  live market fur any surplus, power  which Hie ct'tupnny muy develop. The  lullei'cuine up ut the regular omntlil'  meethi't,' of the Hoard which wu�� held  In the Court House on Monday t'leiiliij,'  and it-ml as follow*:-  lloiird of 'i'l-iiile,  Aiberni, V,!��� !t,C.  Dear Sli-a. We are Interfiled hi ibe  development of olcctriii power on Van.  coiiver Isltiud mid ttrtnlesliimsuf seem'-  Iii)' hdormnUon coiieeriiliij: the varhms  potter murket��. To this cud we would  appreciate your foiuviit'dlii}- to ms the  fotlntt'lujir foot'* In 'our own city :  1. Dine of municipal Incorporation.  ��'. Pre*ent p(��|.iilailon,  :i, Nuiulier and kind of liabisiries cv  Ittldlslied In your elly, loj*eHier with  itl/.e of pay-roll,  ���I. Power used by industries, vi-liothor  electrie or so-uiu, am! Hie umouui of  ���Hitvei* I't'tpilred for opel'iit Ion of pliini.  ,.*i. Komve ol present supply of (Hover  and rntos iu which power I* sold to your  municipality or industries therein,  We villi certainly- tipprerlnto ynur  ('o.o|ii'i-at!oti In m'Ctirhor Ihe ubove In-  foriuuiion for un, and staml ready to  bear any i-easomilili' e*ipen*.e In con,  nectlmi, therewith. If, howi'Vel', Ihe  ti*t|K,'tidltiir*' is likely to exceed tin or  f|A klntlly advise u* liefore liii'iirriuj.-'  the same on our behttlf.  Vt'ty truly your**,    c  The Ititt'he.A'.'imw I'owerCoinpuuy,  it wiii rotmlved to hiMi-uet Kieivtary  Whyte to couiplie the ivi'iih'cd btfor-  liitttlott, uml fiirwiirii (hi* siune,  VICTOHIACAHNIVAU  f*V  Not Result**,'  AND  ��� a-  -Farmers'-: Handy ...'.Truck'..'.Scalps'  For.Hale ut f'tedured I'rices  General BlackamithSng and Hoitsesfhooiiig ~  (twiiy witltoiit tlm foumdli,! ol tliunk-  in-f the l'iitiiidkiii>|ier for hts eare and  ui lent Ion,  Keverul aceotmts wore approved und  ordered paid, i-tv.d|ti|-' of the aide twill,  from tho end of the nett MSlea i-em.-iit  f-ltleutitk ttiia ordered, Hint ihe t'otmeli  turned io Ihe emialderfiiinii of (lie unit,  tei' of Um forcKlior" iipplictiiloiis. It  appi'iii-n that soiiitt of (heie woulilcitiitd  Ihe clntnni'l of tlio river tvlihln the  limils of the City of Alliernl, und till  j cffiii'l will be made tu m'c thai touvtido  a scope ii nol aiiowcdto tlieiipph'c.'iu(��.  Tim Council iiteu adjourned.  L��w Office.  Mr, A. T. Sander*., a barrister, solicitor nud notary, of VictorJu, litis concluded to open a law o(t.!**e at the poi'h  and fi-oiii now on will be. In line for  busines-i, Mr. gander* vvill';|*lyo personal in tonllon to Ull leiftil hi'islm>iiH intrusted to |ils care, and from tin* fact  t hut he will be ii nrsldent of the district.,  should ttdd irreaily io the t-onveuieiice  uf tltos(* win* Ittive mii'Ii altairi tiiti-iin-i'  act.  VVImn a miin iroes il*hlna' fo tii>nti!��  It Is sometime-, html to say just what  the net result*, will he.   The other day  Flshceleii   luapector   Wood,   louklny  down   Into  the  clear   water off  the.  mouth of Andeooii Itiver, at tint head  uf I'rhuckh-sli lltiri-or, wits lioiiiiied  lo dial liu.it the poor UltUi ilslien were  bohi'f idi-trucie*! hi Hieir  ''Horn*  to  unUl act'es* to Hie hdo<,   A eliiaei'In*  ve-tiif-ittJiui of Hie i-atiue of tin* ohitruci  tlnu develops! tlte fuel thai untmiber  of tmis ,'iirimst tlm hurrlcr to Hie pro*  Kress of the llitny iillwrtms.    U|s duty  ���iemitml'N! that tlm net** h** remove*',  They were.   Then, shade* ul It'irono  tmct'iim-e! *, etiuie tho ott ner of | |,e netfl.  A  Idlijc', l**W, ruklkh t'l'ilfl eiMipl iilofii**  side llm'���overnmciu, hoiti.   Uiupiillni*  iron* itei-t'euil, und tilUi a l.i-id *e)| of  *i*��.HI'i�� wlee,  Hie ciniv  nf   the, rakisl*  [ei'iilt  m<I  mil  down the Cimi-iI.    Nnw  Hit- -,'iiveinmi'iit malt bud iMmii hemli-d  tun tod .'tlb.'i-nl, and �� iabiHl.Ui so cui-  tlnue.   MlfopY 'Weil, Mimu.   Thii--Ii-,  Half   Ititch's,     Sheet   bends,     rluve  hiU'hea,   limits' cut it lib knives, and  utiliselled (bat ot'dv tbeeotirl can ujitie,  und the end i�� not .vet.  The nets it re now at the ���.���osernmeiit  wharf   at   Albei-ni,   and   Uu*   voiiou-t  The next hii|iortant miitter to rwelvM  eoiisiddrutioti ivui Hml of Victoria  Ciirnlvtil Wtvtk. Two letter** to tlie  Hoartl e,\plahied thesitmiHtmi  1%. M. Whyte, Kmj.,  Secy, iltiitrd of Truth*,       �� |  Aiberni, IVC.  Dear Sir, Fiinn Ahi,',' lib to A in,*'.  UHi lio.M, Itll.'l, Vieiorla wilt Indd tt*  Carnival Week, and Hie Carnival Committee Iutve miHiled Hie Homo llruueh  thut there will he Iuul' cash ptdxc*  ���j-tvoit for Dlsii'let Flouts slmwhiji; the  resotnvt's and coaillHiiiis on Vatti'onver  Isltiud, provldtsl ten districts cmnpute  for tliese prices, The iiutterlitl fur  Hunt* unil Hie arranifeiuein, of Hmin  will be left n* the judgment of etteli  dislriei, and I heir piuce in I he Carnival  W��"*k ptiiHdc.^tslj-iii'd !>y the Carol vol  Committee, Tlie Home llrunt'li of tho  licu'ruo is e.vpccUi)',- io inito a llt>ut hi  the pat tide, but ihU vv|)J not lm in  t'ompi'tltioii for any prl/e* all district  prices 'provided ten districts coiiipeie)  to ho divided belli con .'hie*'other than  Vlclorhi.  'I'lie honorary secnditry of ihe Car.  tilvu) (lomniittee, Mr. HaiidolpliStnarl,  will eomiumili'iito hnther with ymi In  reiraiil in Hm pitipti>iiiIon.  FtilHifiilly 'iimi.,  K. MfHiilfoy,  Set'y. V.l, Di'velopiueul l.en//ue.  I-I, M. Wli.vie, INtp,  Neey. V,|,D, l.eujfiie,  Aiberni, II.C.  ftear Sir, Wt*' hope thai your ills,  (i-h'l will In- rc'ii-fsonictt by f.sjiei'ia!  Itiitit In our p.oiide durlnif Carnival  Week, In tidvi'iUai* (he lesotlrei". of  'our dl*irh't, it* a branch at the Viti*.  ('Oliver i.tiiiid Devi'lopmelll Leuifiti',  We are j'lihi'e ii special ca*!i pilci'  for liiMis ttiiii'li vtiil bejiublNhed later,  Unpht},'  in iieai' himi  'uu,  inn!   ��-ee  (tou heie ihirhi-* Cm nl nil Wt-ok,  \ otii"> um*! Iruly,  ttiiiittolph Siiii.0'1. Hon. He!'  It wan I'l'.MilVetl to appoint a commit  PERSONAL POINTERS  Mr, A, D. Hothorhtnd, mritctl bi the  I'liy ou Ti|i-ar.!ny from \'aiii-tmvi-r,  Mr. M.' Wilkliianii/tif Weillni-ion  cpi'iii a few itut a In Hie t-liy Iiii* week.  Mr,, iiml Mr��, W, t��, I'lnijer, of  Tiit'oma are'.'iM-fis *|i th" Alborni,  Mi'.S, HinUett, of Victorlit is In the  ('liy lookhiif after hi* btishies* huoresi-i (  Mr.d. P. Mctlllb of Nunalnm was hi  ihe city un busiin"," ou Moiuiuy.  .Mr. !���'. darett, of Wellhi'.'lon was un  ���irrlr'tl In the City by Monday's (ruin,,  Mi'. W. M. Fi'iiscr, of Vlfltorlu w'tet  u'jrNit'riHl ui the Aiberni on Sutuixlay,  Mr. O. II, Wall, ol Vuucouver wu-*  hi the cll.t   llllh Week on hll<.hiess,  Mr, M. Fitrr. of Vuiu'oiivci' wus tt  visitor In Ihe City durhiir the week,  Mr. W. T. Ctdlluiii, wits In iho city  diirliiir She wwU nieetlnt,' old friends  atffiln,      /   ������>   '  Mrs, A. IbKihester, rc(iirti��'d honieuti  .Monday's train after huvliijr t-petit it  shurl holiday in Victoria,  Mr. C. II. Cutler, of Vancouver was  reylsu-red at iho Arlhigum on Mou-  day.  Miss Murjfiiroi. Wuttle, w;*** apusse��.  ������('!' on Monday'** irn'ln mi her way io  Vaneonver, lo upend hor vm'utlon,  Mr, F. U, I trow is, traveller for Hudh  if*���!��� and Jiiiiliiii ��r-VJtfUii'lu=,��V.4*��- 111 Jin*  ('by this week on hunluc-m for ills llrin,  Mrs. A, McKay, wu<i it piUKi;ii**er ou  Wedni'Mluy's train fur  Viuitiouvi'r in  visit her dtiuwhter, Miss M, McKay.  c  Mr. (1, Fhih, of the Ditntup Ittihlmr  Co,, of Vancouver, wit* a'piis-itniifi))' for  home on Wednesday's train.  Mr. K, Cliiimberbitn, of Vletorla In  In tliu Clly hmkinj; around, with it  view to sell linn mid utufcitij-' Ids home  hiirn. v  Mr, lioherl Lee, {tuoldliiuerivtldent  of lids dixlrlet spent a few day'* hi the  elty diirh'tf tlm week n,'iiewln��uo()i!Ulti��  ti'lltV**.  Mr. 4\iidrinv Wt*nd, of Victoria itc.  eotii|iau|i'd lo his dauj'liter MissHrimle  It upci'dhi1*-it week hi Ihe eily an the  Ifimsi-i of Mrs, A. IhK'hi'stor,  Tlie iniiuy friends of Mr, Wm,  Nicholas,, Si-., will lij' pleiiMil lo learn  that he' Is recoverhik* from his,recent-  serious nines'*,  Mr T, Wilson, nf Vancouver, Inaptf-  tor of Indian Orchards for IliltUh Co-  luitiblu, |s in Albi'i-iit lo iinoflli'iiileii|Mi.  city.  Ciipl.itnd Mrs, tl. ,\. Huff, accuiu.  putih'd liy Mis* May Patersiiiii left for  Vh'ioria to spent! u short holiday tilth  friends there,  a Mr. W. K. r'dwurds, who Is Inchiirfc'e  of the work belli1,*-dmm at tin* lllif Interior Mine, arrived on Tiif-titiy'**train  from Vaneonver, (lectimiMUihil l��y C,  .ItieobsDit, (I, MtiHieson, p. McKnmde  ami ,1. Mei.eod,  K. of P,  At the Port last nielli Ihe fiilinwhiif  titlleers w,nv duly itistiillml hy P.C.(,\  llarie, of Arrtiwiieadt^xlwe: !'.(',('.,  llro, A.Kent ; c.*'��, llrti. F, M, Whyte*.  V.i'A'., Il'ru. A, ���I', l.iieen; 1'ivhiie,  llro, W. Ciiiiei", M. (if W,-llro. W.  Ilnddclli M. at A., Iliti, ,1, Orime*;  ,M. of F��� llrti, II. I,, Men/; M, of F���,  I lm. F, (';. Um-leii'h; K. id it. imd S.,  Jim. A, W. Storey: j.U��� Hit*. <!. Wb-  ili'i'i U.H,. Jin*. A. II, Kenli  .Mrs, dual Hilnlt, Henry, we've never  hiid a dm** word, He No Mtiuie,  Ain't I (he piobiti cii*-V  |ii<*HM'��WW-a'aawia*a>*-iiQa.iii^  kiiuta, It'ji'ul ."tnd otlicrttlMt, are in iho{u*e i<�� look inui Hiu miitiur of ��ccurhie  baud-, of ulllchil evperi*.  A, 0. F.  Tlie rebuiltr mecthij,- of Court Albern! N��. I'-fO, will la* held lu Wliyte'a  hall on Monday nljfht whet; Hie lii"tal-  htllui) of llie Olllt-ei-M foe the cniultij,'  leriii will lake place, A tniinberof the  Oltlcert bl tile FtJi-ealeis of Ntinahito  wll! pay.a fritternal yWtt on this oo  cn-ihrn...' , '���'���'���''.'.'  Piano Tuning, i  Mi-, D."'A. Thomas, Piano uml Ortfti.n  Tuner, Is now ui tlio,Albern! Hotel,  where orders for any work in this line  m III 'receive prompt; attention, 'Phone.  .'IU.'.-������,: ,        ..       >:   '"���'  iiiatt'i'iiil fur such a jloui u* that mik-  jft'siisl, und Mi"i*ri Telio, Clarke mid  Fri��-.l ttiil take a run over the district  for that- purpose, mid rt-jioit to the Fx-  I'l'illlvt' of tlie llimrd hi a ipi'idai meet-  lit); lu be held on duly ���J'Jiiil.  A letler uttsn-relved from the tmuni-  jj>cr of tlm Dominion l-Jxpt-ens Compnny  to tlm clTot-l thai ul. present (lie I't'tii-  pany did imt- Hite Jut way (dear to piit In  it local ollico and tljfciu. The lloui-il vvjl!  iiiiik*j forthin- ('iToru alpui/, the lino*' of  weiturbiif such an oHlee.  The matt*tr.0f M-eiirlni,'. of llm foi-o-  shore I'lifhtS'idm.ii*' tlie lower ivaches  of IlieSoimws; Hlvtir was dlseusse*!, nnd  MFcHFATU'NdlbiHNDM.  Mr, M. Tela) Mated thut he bud been  lookltiy over ttio niatler of a imw iv.  t'l'eiilloii ���'rounds, unil Hint (hern did  not appi-ar to lie an'thiii!* hi sii'ht at  tlm present thin* that' was cli��*.e in o*  the city. He bud u proiiosltiim to Mil,,  niit, and would lilo* tho (limitI to i^*lsi  In tlie unitter. He was in a pDsltlon to  make an oiler of a trade for (he pivscut  Aiv'ilctiituritl (iriniixls, Thc-e were  small, ton! would not meet the i-eiptlre-  nn-iits of Ihe place fiiuch hu!i��ei', Inn  by K"bi1*- oat it Utile further mom  ���.'rounds could he heeinml. In fact lie  hud IIfteoti iteros of etear leVtd 'jfi-oitttd  within ii U'2 miles from the chy that  lie would trade for .the live acre* of the  Atfi-it'iilitirui Soelety, and let thut Imdy ���  take ��t!l the present. bu|!dirii*'s ��� tjtl the  jfi'tittnds,  Mr. Telh* was promised-ibm  a com.  It' wa*< polnttsl out that t}ie ('.'liy Council ink urn from the 'Atfrlculliiriil AhsihiIu  was Investlifatliur this sU'inHoii wlilt a ii(m would take the tniuiei- up with hhn  4 lew to snfi>}-ii'ird the city'-i   liiCerdNts,   The (iit'i'tlii1; (ben adjiiurni'd. THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  TBE ALBERNI ADVOCATE'! "V'.';"4 'V 'V ^T' y  'tbo   world   for   fshiuh'   ami   or* j  The  AJkternl   Ad vocal*-  Putdit-hhtf ��ocJ ,   i    .. ,        i,    ���.-��.���. .. :  PM.tlli.-I G*,. Ltd.. |��t*,.rLtor..        ,iunm*Ulnl    J Hi rp< �����*<������.-      Ittfmvt*  J. l'.ttLi:i>S0i:   -   Wlior (*ml M.naear 'PH.'kly,   and   tnuo-pkinN   with;  i'oi,',��i,��,i ��>. Anipiii*. iiiuikii ��\.i,iin'.ia ui' vory 'Huh* nimble,      , ' ��  ��l . i���l��,^.<,k ,)(V#IHVllitl��, Iklul,'!,,, *'i 1,1-1*1 a',,1 . , .... .,    .. ...,,. I  ii-������ttiri-,Hi!k!iii'ttni-ititii-Miki ;     If tbo I 'jty- l'itllo'l> would poj;|  !<��.��-* G!*if��-   Alton id. tl. C '*����!   Iho o��.*'l   et.tfe of  tho   pro-1  jaiMi'd   k>it|i'iv,'i!li(*,   itnd establish  A-itrli'-i j-i'' tin- I'.��*tiitk��(p(   (i.ti.ial   I.i* ,       .      ..,���',    ...���.,     i-... i  i��kti*tie**it,i| lli'tiiia-ti ttifuiaila *�� .��-t-t-'tiiv-'.*�� . it    -*ttlt|llll I'O     HlslailCU     itpitl't     lOt'l  M,Mtf' r 'llu's-i* tit'o**,   thoro it no dtnibil  aWzrw.'s.i ^i:;,;'��.���� <��<,*<, m.i���y or ti... vm��.,.m>  l:^,^ hit *{��l1 ����>��"Kl�� thooaoi'l  p:ih��n t��f live plantlut?.   Ah thorn';  laimi  t*u Muiitiik     '      ,       it"        JI I't v* tft'ow it yvoultl bo only  it  t'u.lBfi-lit Un-CilKtsI *���!��!��>*, M��.��-.i*i��(w5a*l*  Kuii-lMf.it ant!     '       * ....-..,   ...I alii*  -���-"���-- ,    . . .    >      '       ^��.... ., P. *-..,-,���        ...-        ,'.ir,, ���,    I  Itu-Coiltsl *���!��!��>*, Mi.|'.i*i ��!��5 ail 1 . r ,, t     r '  ii.oi.i r,.i.'nfu 4siuuifiesU'��'ii-t]*pi*��i.tiuu of a  low years before  in** would havu ono ol tho lines!'J  Royal Mail  Service ~  The Gasoline Cruiser  ('lim*-,* i��'l ��H I'-fil li'itli'ra fill Im' Oii'*km,��  a. |lii,����4'alal>ll*lit*i l-1'lllft* (* ll|*ti'l*Ula-,*lr,  aii-i inti.l t f |<altl in a-liain a,  TO CORRIJSI'ONUKNTfJ.  All tS'iiiiimtilt-ailull. liiO-iiilnl (ur i��til��liiMiii'ti  mu.I lu. ims-uiiiliaiilfit m Hit tin- itaie,' six! ail  tti.m of (In-ttrlO't', mil inss-**��i,lt' f.ir inil-lti-n  |l,iit tmi �����* a'liaraiili'f-i.f k'tuat fall!." tVfi'uUiiul  iitiiti-liaLi- ti, ii-liun H't'fli-it tsxiiiiiiiiilt'altiiilki  Nil inllillllriall.-ll ttlli tw> l-ulil fur ftM-llii ei'tllt*.  I'-llltjii- li, *|>t<ilal airalikti'tiii'ltl-  l-li-k  AlUrnl, B. C. Canadu    -   July II, 1013  THE WORLD'S END.  WHIili, Woll. Hor.^ wo mi*  Just, tho sumo, iuul tin* old  Itrhul icoes on, despite tho find  that some wildoyed idiot, with  a tunic fur nutoriety, predicted  that on July iih thin old twb of  liuid would ftot tho linking tl.utl  it hits ourni-'d for so lonn; u tlmo  past.  This "Kiul uf tlio World"  twatltlli' is Kottln*.*- played out,  since iho thno when a little baud  ��� of "MiUoriton" laiiltiMvil in ihelr  nlKlit ilroiou's to, i'litoh the llrnt  titMind nf the Truiiip of Doom  about furiy yosirt* iiffu. Thounly  thlnu thoy cuiiifht was it series  of very hud colds, ami some uf  them arc nut through siiookIiik  yut.  In the (lliu   ami far oIT.uijvs,  when tho world wWyiitiittfor,  ll  - was tpilto tin* thiitt,' fur uuy iiiaii  who   hitpponod    to    wake   up  with  a rich pea ijTocii flavor in  Iii** iiiiiiiih (ho iitoruiuii after a  lurlil  Oriental   ,,NI��hl  Out," lo  {owns in- tho Province so (nt'l  io* nut lira I bounty is concerned.  There Ik no ono Investment thut'  would pay better limit this, for  with u little outlay of ihiieuUil  inunoy wo wouhl incrt'itse tin?  value uf vv^t'y lot iu tin* elly  by innuy humii'eils of dollars.  lu order to utlr.'uu people to Uie  city we must tiuilce it pleasant  to live in, uml there Im no inure  pleasant shfht than a tmvu with  neat roads itnd *.idewitll(K bordered by trim row*, uf lluo trees.  It luu* been tried lu California,  where thoy have to Ktrtiiftth* fur  every t/reeu Kpritf they have, ami  there it is foiiml that jimt as the  various plucem huve upeut money  aloiif; tht'M' lines ho have ihey  Kix��wn, It will bo tbo'wtmo With  Albornl,  Lot um have oMtuhllMhi'd IIuch  ami disbuieeH, iiuil IiokIu the  ploitMinl titrtlt of phtnthtur our  main MtiyoUf with wluulo liven  this coiiiluu itutuinn, It will  pay, and pay him In the Ioiim;  run, -  Will li'iive tlm f.ovoriunont Wharf, Albornl, at  7.30 a.m. of the 8th, 12th, !9th and 26th of  Every Honth  To atieriiatu with the t,\ P. K, W��'i��t t'oiiHt HU*ainer lu carry*  luu; Hih MuJi'Mty"** Mull*. belwe*��u ,  Aiberni and Ucluelet  And enlliiiK at nil Way PortKon Atherhl ('anal ami lturlcle\v  Sound.    AccoiiiituHiuJioii for l*ahsenj{i'i>i iuul Snntil l-'rciKii!,  eal Estate Agent  P. 0. Box  Aiberni B> C.  J  KECREATION GROUNDS.  Th' ihere it* any one lesson that  wus burned in liy the Dominion Pay celebration, it Is the  fuel thut ihe i'My of Alhorul can  no ltiiij't'r tfot itlonp: with her  sports priij,M"itiiinies iiiuler pi\*-  ,st<ni ciuiiiitloiH, Kvery year thn  crotvils ki'ow hu'i^er ami laruer.  We Control the Sale of the'  Following Properties  ��� ii  Somas HelfhtN, D. L, 13,  Hoino��tte��  Glencoo H��l|!its, D. L, 100, Komeudten  79 Acr*sa, with Rlvor Front, D. L. 7, Homusitc*  Flv��*Acre Tract*., D. L. 102  Ftvc-Acrc Tract*, D. L. 160  Write Us for Particulars  i^.<K*a*>llf l|W*ii�� -'  STEWART M. READ & CO.  Suite 38-39 Cunndu Life Building  A Photographic Enlargement  Next to the thin/4 itself ir&mti Hhoto^rnph  will i4ive n better Idea, to n PureluiMer than  uny amount of deHcrlption. If you want it  well done oonmilt  Leonard Frank  -  -  -   Aiberni  Vitin-otiV'tr.'Cnimdo  Land Act Notices,  .M.IU'ltS'l I.ANU UD-iriUiT,  l)l*tt'!l'l*llltl||M'l|,  intilv'o tt hit, uml sipinii�� hiiusolf, fl'lnt str*'t'ts itd'ord mi phit'o fur  hy predictiuj{ tlio oml of the  world, Itut, witness tho canny  iiutiiro of those oht'tluiot's. Not,  (imt of thorn hud the itdilletl  brain thut- led thoiii to put, any  oxtioi' ditto for the ld^ show to  heiHu., They left It- us m\ open  1'Veni, uml L jcahioit , whutovor  credit they could, lived loupr,  ami probably dh'il happy, hi tlie  tlrm belief that they had put une  oyer un their neighbors,  It. \yus reserved for the motleri)  Idiots tu limit their motiiisti'ueh  predictions to tiay ami (Into, so  Unit the world could wait with  an altmtmtu In one hand, ami a  , brick In (lie other, ami when the  fata! tlmo. had passed, promptly  hurl thn said brick ut, the prophet hi question,  As a mutter of fact wo have a  local prophet who can kIvo them  all cants ami spittles, He dopes  tilt' pi'otfm-sUfUlltiiiK tint, hi n  churl, that looks like tt cros�� between shorthand ami a mil way  thnoiahJe, ami when nuked whiti  it- Is all about, li'jtitkly mlmM*.  that he does not know. This  local iuiiu has made a series of  hit** on future events by uoiup;  exactly uppuslle lo the predlc  tions of hi�� brother prophet**,  ami this b�� about dm safest phut  to tube.  'l',iId- tttillts   Hint AiriH's Ittilititkiih. t-f |li*-i|  anil, Oiiluili!, tt-viil-iilioii *|il(,Mi't-. iuti'iitl*   tu  aii|ili  till-SH'rilUkatiUI tii|i|l|i'llM*4'Uli'iu||ilttlllif  .ti'M-OUit liuitlat  l'illllliH-llt'l!(H HI 11 |UI*| |l|ii1tll'<t,tluilll SUClllllltW  tti'*l (ititii Ui-aiitillii'itkliSiiiU'r ul I, t!l. Ulklili'l  tif Ktil-i'il, III'., Olniiis. (-a*! sii |i|,u |ii��, ii,,, us,  aunt!, mi eliiiliih tin'iiisi wi-kl mi 4'ltniliK, (iit-titsi  mulIt **i tiittltik (���Oii'i<iiliil ittt'i.iaiiM'iiii'iiit'iil,  iititl I'tiiitnitiiii^ ei-i tii'ic* lain,' in it--**,  Ariies Idtlilnw.n,  Mm in. l-..t����� .lull �� i:i.  AbliKHNI b.t.N'l) msTHIi'l',  oi*iii-i ur itiii'i'ii -  T<lli<> lliiliisi Unit I'ltitli Mm) lilielik, nf Vie-  l.ttltt, II (���.,<*v!i|ti!liiui -i-l,i-.lt i, la|t'iiil*liiii|-|i|)  fill- l-t-lililkklell |u |MI|,'ltit��t�� Out lnlliittinu ,l,i  will tit iiiliilM  ('kIIiIih-i.i'Iiiii ill H|.u��l (-l.iatisl ittutiit sii'IhiMi.  ttfkl     III,III    till'    *.Httll I'slal    ttillll't    111    I,     ft.  Kin tllii'll II it oi'  llti'ii.-.. -null >��i i In-Ill*. II,flu ii  ��,>!   tti |,||1U|I*,  (1IVI IIH-   till,III  M.I , ItuHlh   tll-'IM'l-  (\ii,(  Nl i-))isiii* If- luiltit of > iiliiiiii>iiri'l|i"lil, itti.E  tlilllllllllllk' HIH lli'll'* llllll����� HI' I"**  !'.-lltil MitrV (lili'lu  MnvH 11*1.1 Jiibyitu  .VMU'IINI I.ANU IllS'l'lUcr.  Oictrli-i nl |lti|i'n, <   ,  'l*,4ii(t.iiti(ii-ii iiml m.tiilt'ii Snntil ittli-iiv, tif Villi.i in, li,4'��� lat'll|t,lillll| ilt'ltllt'llKlll, llllt'llllk 111  ll|l|llV fill' lu'llllisktllll til I'lllVllUM' till. fil||l,ltlltH  tlt-kflllieil lMlltla'   ,  fiilllllti'lli'tlVit lit 11 |in*t I'llilll'il liliiltll .lii'lliilM*  Ill.jllt-Ml'kl   fiuill  till' llllllilll ill till' Wllk* llllll',  unit itiiiiiistluii'ii miitli ul I,. HI. ui'itr lln' iiuillt-  twit iHtOli'l', ll < Hi.' '-i*l l*> i llHliia, llii'iiiS''i,i.|Ot  III I'tiilill*, llll'lll,' -'I'fci (��t ('lltllltk. llM'lll-lialllllll  III I'liiiiim lo tilt- e-ilM (if eetiaili'iici'liti'iit, tti-t  rtitlliillllllkt ;i*l Hl'lt'a llli'lii "I' less.  Htillly> Sniltli l.ii.'tlfc,  MhV!*'. IlllS, Jllh'll:!  .M.IUiltN'I I.ANU ms'l'UICl'.  1)1*1!Ii'l ul liut-i-r!,  T,il>l> ll-illtsi i)llll Cllllllr* Willi! fltlll.ill, ilf  OitH.ll, Sl!-'1���.,.ui��. t'SA.. i��M'm-utlii!l a,iiuil,  r.tetilf.-**. Init-iiil* iii iij'l-0' im ikiiiiUkIi-ii in  jitiri'llhcn III,. f,i)!,ivtlliu tft m'iIImhI tilth!" >  r,.iiiiiii.n,'lii^ Ht ii jhi��! i>!*tiii*! mi *jimil luiitii  nf III" lil�� lllU'ii lilt i'l', iiIhiii! l��it tsli.l ,t i|titiillT  inl|,<�� ttialiTl)   lOilii Hie titiilti tit'M (siiai-i  nf  I.  ft*, linn,*' a-it'tli mi i'UuIli*. iiit'tiee ciui ���**  . , , ,     elmlitk. oii-nei" itnfOi im I'fiula*. Oit'iits, vt,-*i s-i  (.rounds,  and ,a   tfntudi-.tnml, ��� imiii** �������� ��in* imhih ��*i*-imi��n-n*'*'iiii��m. i.iitii*��ii-  .      , , ,,        ,       ,. IKllllll|J iMIUt'ltia HHUf ul It'**  (���|l(l|jt-�� VVtOtl (lllllna.  Atul iM, fvi.*. Jub < i.'i  tliein, ami the sports huve j<��  lie piiiieit oil lu placuH whore  there is no clittiico to lutmllo the  mtiwds. The result is Unit many  of tho events nro witnessed hy  only tin* few that can secure  (IrsI. places, ami the remainder  of the people hayo to do tilt* best  thoy cun lo catch a ulhnpse here  {\iu\ then*, Then nun in many of  the most intorostlnn races, such  us the mile, and over, eyeutH,.  itro run under such comlitioiiK as  to milieu' ll impossible to see more  titan n few feet, of the hctfltu.hiK  ami em! of the races.  Signs Signs Signs  Lund and Advct'ii-dnicNIk-iK etc,  done tilth Prompt Despmch  al |��owet I'rli'i's by  S.   EATON  Margaret St., Aiberni  PtihtUr snd P��|t��r-Ht*rtg��r  Wm k done liy. fVurili'td Men oniy,  !'Ntlmni��*N Kiee,  aiv iieeded, ami needlyi badly,  If we an* t.* continue tlm mde.  brtttlou of Dominion Day on  itnythlnu: lilfe the N<mh' that htiM  been In order for the pus! few  years, Tho'e are (wo pluces  tlutt have been mentioned. One  i��t the proposed now school  ������rounds which it is hoped will  be secured ns an itibllthni t*i the  pi-i'iaont Ki'otindN, This luldliioii  would make beiweeii four tonl  live acres, ami mluiH, wlih the  .Miiii'iiSi i.anu nivnuri',  11,1*1,101 ,if Itlli'i-M.  'I'ulii' lint nit- On,! t'l.im Kll/uls'lli hskii.. of Vie  till).!. Ill', im'til-iill-ii li-itikittif,., llll,nil* In  lll-l-IV   l<i|'|lt-|lli|b*ll>(i  !,, t-lltt'llltlM- Oil'l-'ll'i�� lilt/  itt'U'll-tH-tllllllll*'  I,*.,lliiii.|i.'!ll4l ul il |-tikt l-liilHi-t illK-tK s-lctiiitiik  enm IliilliOii'liiillli i'H*ti'i,ilift uf I, t/1 Ida MIK'll  It 11 ft-, tln-IHl' tti'*l Si* el,,una Otflu'/. t,,iill It *.!  fllilll,* lill'IKS. ,.-l*( 1*1 lllllitl*. lllflll.e (l-llll, 1,1  I'liillll* (<> llll' 'ulilll Ilf l-oltllllt-IUS litt'lll, llllll IMI1  (litlllUlt (Hu l.l'li'* llii'l-' HI1 ll *J  limit l'.ll,'-tlu|li t*ut(i.,  Mar SI, Iflti Jul) I I,*  TREK PLANTINC.  JJHW that there is a welt-  foundeir hope l.httt the  Streets will be kept clear of the  wiunlei'iutf bovine tntiup, and  tho: equine. Utrrors which, have  initdo' life niiserablo for soTnitny  yoiirs, tlior*,' is a Kood ('iiiince to  ^!!t busy with tlie tusk of -plant-  lilj> tlte iiiiiili st roots wit li sluttlo  .'trelis.".^  In this favored section'of.-the.  lslitml -there Is no ' illllieulty In  Ki'ttlUK ul'l kinds Of line simile  trues to ffiow, am) the very .best'  of the lot Is to bo found in any  (pianttty all'through tin* woods.  The  local  soft .maple is one of  ,vi.io:um i.\Ni�� invriui*!'  ���'Mlli'liifUli'i-il    0  'I'ahn nullit- llt4t NiJiiluti l^i'ila Smkc til   V It-  ttioa l*-i'. iak'ii|iMti.ni i.itiiii-i    iiiii'iiti* io at-iii)  j.-i |tt-ii,iik*iiiii in i-itit I,,.*.-' Oi. (..llutitii^ tti-wi i  |h��! lain!*:  ('tuiilllFlii'Mikl it! * |*i��l l-l-Hiltit iil-ill! *uelmlii*  expenditure of soitio inouov,   be,1*11 inimnm wmii c.i*i eniui 1-11. it, iti��  , , ' iiliuli llii'l   Oil HI * liri.1 S-l 1 (llllll*, lllflllH'  IHillll  iiiiule into lulrly Komi ifi-oumls   fur all iilhh'tle purposes.  There is illso it cllltuce to Kid  an .iobhliomti live acres of f-rouml  In ('oi)iioctioii with tlie |ii\'Ktiiit  (j;i-(M!uds of the Ai-d'h'tiltui'iil Association. This would make ii  i^ois! recreation pnrk, and while  uui so convenient to the oily ns  tlie other, presents some attractions over the school KrouudN.  The school grounds must bo  secured'hi nny event- m they ure  needed' for the growth of tho,  (list riot. It- iliiKht be iih welljo  have the live acres atoiiixsiih* tin*  fair ilrouiii'lk If this iinilb.r is  delitye*! too Iouk it only'iiieiu'iM  payhiK a hiuhi'r price 'for-what  wo must lutv*�� in the loii^ run.  I Jon Is ami Canoes always  on limitl fur sale or hire  Aiberni  B.C.  EN'S WEAR.  We carry a full assortment of Mon's Wear,In the latest  fashions and Styles for Su'iumer lllUl.  dust received 11 shipment of Ties ami Hose which can't bo  hoiiL anywhere.  When ,toti itu nn 'our vacation ton utiiit a Soil Case,   t'oiue in and  lei ti* shotv win oiiv line of llie*e (.'isnl*.  ������(liKin't a\u Piiiei.t, Cas't iu: Himt."  ��� CAMPBELL & MACFIE  Miit'ijiirel St,. Aiberni  PhdUe'Jt'  Pli-st Ave'., Port Aibeinl  ���Pliiiim ,:i  Th e  tPimml.'d'Pttl)  fapll**! AiilherlMd  Cut-Had I'abl Up  Kd��t andt tfmJlvld*d I'rolitv  Tom! Aaccts ��    -  920,000,000  10,000,000  lo.ooQ.ooo  *a3��,��27,000  ALBERM1.  �� v��  PHOHt  113,  It !h tip H> the eltizi'iis of Ah  bernl lo p't husy, am) site.-ihat  III, IlitU,�� 0,*i|i-6', hpI * ii-littllla, On In i- ktiytls IU  .-)i,t)ii* In On- (nillll ,-t tvillllieiiiiiliilit Hli'l i��'ll  (litltlilk- H*-' tit i"�� im.,,��� in  lr*u  N'iiliii,,li l,.UI��M-t,','  Mut VI MM Jl-ll I 11  Al.il* ItVI  I,AND OlK't'ltJcr  O-.ill. (el Kuri'i!  'I'liiti- ii-iti-. il,i>i -Viimiiti Ui'itniilii  M-I,i!i<m  t>(   Vjt(..|i.i  li <-, i*<'H(,t,l(tiii *!, a,-u-n.|4i-1, id  ll'lUl* 111 'H'l-ll   |l-l   |�� HI, l*��|IHI    Ol    I'tllttll!.,'    Oil'  (llllilMlIlL1 lll'M'tll-iil l,tlllt*'  (!l,)lll|ll ���11-1111/ I-l I, |l-,*l |l|.tlt"ll ktll'llll Oil illllli*  I'-lk!  fl-'til III" n- -11 li k'il*|i 111 lll'l nt i,   V I It III 1,111 ll  lltrl   Hit Itw r,t*l   -1  ,-liuilt*,   IlK'ltii,   a.iiitti M  I'lluld*, On-Ill.   Wl-kt Mifllltfll*.   Oll'lll','    luiitii   ��i  11,iitii* tn ilifi-i-iiii iirt-itiiiiifiii t'liit-iii ixiiiiiniiiiib'  i.-|ti 111*11 a llil-li- ,11 ii **  Mlitlili. Oi'tSHiil" Meli-'ll.iil  Milt, ft, ll'M Jill) I 1.1.  Aidii-iiNi i.anu nis-riucr.  UlktllCI ��f l|l*|M-M.  '('.ih.' iielii*- Uml On11* llidli lilielik, of Vli'ter  III, II. (.',, ih 1 ll|ulli,!| k|il||k(,-|-, iritilitli, t-l ill-l-ll  tut |--iiitlB>|i,1, |ii|iil,t<!uiMi Oi-. rii||i,u)lltrili-at'll.  1M -.1 liillll*"  CiMii-lM :,' I111: ;it 11 (Mi*( i-litlltcii 1111,-tit htli'liiilila  iinrilt fmiu Oil ai.iiiili.i'aai is,rni"r uf l��,-*i, liii'iht*  liuilli 111 t liiilii*, Oh-iii-,i tt'4'Mt mU'litillia, ttit'tii'i-  MiDlli *" iiuillt*.llieiHsi.i'iikl H'lt'lihiii* in imlnl uf  i'Miiiiiii'ii(s.'iiiciii inn! e-MKitiiiliitf ;tiS) m-rt-k iiunv  ,ii- li-a-i, .       ���      ���    ..  'D.irrla Ituili. Mli'iia.  MiH Si, IUl:t. Jul>- 1, ri.  Hon. Presideiii      .      Ill, Hon, l-nixi Mriuheimii uud Mmilil Itoval  (i,C. M, H,  i-resltb-m   .   It, li, Ani*iis, K*i|,       1     Vlee-Pce*.       .   '   ���      'll, V, Men-tlllli  Head Odlce      -      -      -      Mont real  l*mdoU nrili'e       -       III.uud 47 Tbreiidneedle St,, K, C,  Savlnj.<M Bank Department  Uejitisltf   ri'Ci'ivi-d    from   #1    tiiitmiitU  Country Huvlnevs (���iven evm-y iitlciiHoi).  Port Aiberni I3n.i.ch  E. S. V. MeGlintoek, Mrfr.  KUtKT.cl.AMH HIlKlHMNTI.M,  liOTrihi Port AlbeHilitiidiuljiilnlni*  Allieiitl, frmn ��������*> eiu'li, on eM'��'|)��  Hoiiiilty easy i.'cm*. "riieae {���(* me  ailtlaled 1 it-lit, ill Hie Hue of the  ".'i'tivt'tii of both eiiie*. Tlteee t�� u  aldi'lidld I'lci*. without kteeji k'iinli'��,  '2 boy l-ii'. I'biie o* Hie lii'tt li-ii-|i|HiS  umt iiii* -lie lor Hinlieu- ltl--!iSehiuij.  'I'liete lol> Villi el fit! dull-, lie iuiM.  lie*-* |i|"��)i''i't,V. Nilidl be'j.b*l*id to  jflve fiii'ther {lai'tleiihti's 111 -.htm the  |u-i|iei (i ai, an) time.  ii-ji*h-i,i luiiimim. ,i,  i-.i*iTiin.a*nii aw.,.. ���,*ii  w,p,i^i*,^*^-wiwi*a-*i.i'*iM**wi--u*'yi'fl'-"Ji|i*i''i|'i'i**ia.i  R.   W.   HEASLIP  Contractor and Sulkier  WilllMltl**l|��*a'*Wla*'��kt<i  Estmtot&s Furnished on Alt Classes  of Work in th& fiuilding line  Itttt'OHOItlK  Albenii B. C.  AND  Ai.iu'itN'i i.vs'o iiis'rimrr.  OlKtlU'tllf ltll|.,..ll.  'I'tttin n-iilt"   it,,,'. .Mm, |tii,-it-,, ,,f  Vlt-teilu,  ll.tJ.i i-eeiii-titliiii iiuiiki-it'lti', iiiictiiiai,, ii|i|ih' fur  lii'l'Mltakjuil .(11 litllt'lutM' llll- flillutt lllil lltlMfltMSl  ImihIi- , ''-..:  Ciiiiimrtit-da' ut i, |i,in|. |iiau(i-il ticitr Ilia iii,iiUi>  ii,li���ill-ili�� i',.,.|'p.!,l lint iMvfcimilt, ,. ,.r, I'"* "itrilil ,.| I,, -fit. ilMMuni Hi.fOi HI 'cliHllia,  ll'teqtlUlO   IO( If'llllOtt  (.fiOUmiS.iirU   tltt'tHH* i-ilsi'Mi VliMiiii.. Hh-ik*.- m,uOi-dlt'tiainu.  ,,',��� ,,,!   t,.|*l|   ,w   lillli.   ,l,.l.,,,   ���^,   tl'"!"-*";1-1 "��.i'!i<ilii* ii. ttii'i'iiliit iifismiini-iits'  set .tiifti   wim   as  i.i.ttie Ui.'lliy   its   uh-ik, mw)ctm-uiiiiii,,,mii���-i,.��i,h,h, urit-N*,  ,,i,u<il,l,. I       .   ' .    j , ,Vllis| lilli-Ua'  pOS-alUlf. J     Ma>-tl, IHljl, ��� -   Jllll-.M*!. ���  Practical   Plumber**,  St-pam and  Hot Water Fltturt*.  EetJmofatf Furnlwlaod on Applied-  ..'- 'tfoni'-' .  i,-'B. C.  ��� Sw Drinkwaler, Praprietsr  .Jairt Ibe Tfeinj lb S?��rtiBiiri it IMnt jFer -~  RATES   Koem ��nd 8<����rd t?3 ����*r t>**tc  $ 1r
Land Act Noticer*.
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u*rMnmvm*&IUMW>*iUtM*mf*ut,m an—nit i
*MM*fa%43MKhl'*m&ti,iiBtl<&'to*i*tsi!d£ THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  1-    i  I:  (onunion  orDorauon  i ,        !  LIMITED  !��    !  We Are the Owners of  ROSSLYN SUBDIVISION���D. L, 0, Aiberni, Upper Portion.   Lots from  ,   $150.   Ett*y Torino.  ROSSLYN��--Lowor Addition, D. L. 0, Alborni. Comprising Largo Water  Front Lots. River Road Runt* Through thin Addition. Loin  from $250.   Easy TorniN.  D. L. 40���-Aero Blocks���Beaver Crook Road Runa through Property.  Portion of same Cleared and Cultivated. Lots from $260.  Easy Terms.  Apply Direct or to Our Agent, HL ft Stephens, Aiberni  Winch   Building-,   Vancouver  ? i  hi  ': f  ul  A  SURE  INVESTMENT  Tlie main Nni.nlmo Road aiul City Pipe Lino passes through  tho property.   Close to school.   Woll located ami Hue view lots.  ROCK BOTTOM PRICES  ...; .KASY TERMS.....  For further particulars apply to-  mance  *  73tf Fort Street,  Victoria.  VENJDBYITE  LIE ALBERNI  'I'ln'* t ItrUlliiii Si'li'iicti Munltiir, tt  |iitlilici*tliiil wlileh Iui**' llu-doii. Mil**,,  it- It* |tlin'i' nl  lUililli'iillull, iuul nliK-li  U I'llJ'lt'.M'tl   III   "U'I.IIIIhk"   lilt' (li'llllu'll  ���I'lliiir |ii*ii.** id tin' tt,it'll) in i'i m'i ul,  it He I iiii. t'tilti'tl St nil'-, In |iio'|ii'tiltir,  hits, In a i'1'i'i'iil Imiii*, tlu> fulliMi liij,' tu  -ny ft limit AIhernI;  ���'Alhi'i-ii! Iii'i inili'i ni'invr I!|i*Oi'li'iil  unil Atnti'iitlii iiiuii Vitni'oiUMw-, V-in-  cinivi'i', Imtvi'vi'i', in tm tiif -*tritIt**, iuul  ilil-i- iinni  j nt *i it  Iiiii):  unit nvlitlit''  jiilll-lli'V   llt'tiU'i'l)   |lill't   lilil!   llCi'ftll,  inn!  I Ullllil   t'(t|l(l   |i'|||t ||I|'>',      (I    U  lllll  lllllii'l.  (iiitcd ilini AII'itii! will t'i|tiiit Vim-  i'iuivci-. Nn ��iii�� oxjii'i'i* lliiii. Vino  I'ouyj'i'  la ilio  tviiiiili'i' of die t\i��*i, ii  tllV-tl) llllll h|,I'llill* t!|) (lll'l' illli'llll *o (*���  ���"I'l'llli,    llllll    '-I'l'lt     fl'lMH    II    lillliili"    ill  niiiti'lt* in a mli'litv I'ity ul .iktu'i'it'ii-i'i  mill uiillliiliiii, I lili AilitTlll itlllllit.c  II*. I (Hilt tt |t|| lll.i *,>I|))iiMh uf I'.tllUlIll,  illlil it- ljil,'j'',M -.(in,iitin i|ii,ii|i| I'tiliiii  tt n!i Uie n|ii'iitii(: nl i)i<* t'itiniiMii cumit,  Nili   nil!*;,'   i*    Alli'-llll    tin<  Iti/lt'lil (II*-  II llilitll)-,! j-'lilil lit \'itlli'inl\i-V litiiili),  tililU ttl|l in' Itit* tiiillH nt (lit- liiiiliiii)-  (,f   1)1,.In-)*  ()(   j'l.lill   fti.-HI   A llii'l Ol   ton!  Nialiiitt'ltt'it uu, \Vliil<' 'i rtii-'*-* iuul*in1.'  nun til|i in Nl, ,(ti)i|i itllli Allit'itii  mIu*;i<, I! i't|)| Hit!In' fiitil' l|i|n in At-  Iniiil.     While   ii   i-itr   li   ���fitiiliiiii'*   mil'  lli|l   l-i   ill,    ,|uh,i    llllll   titi|iloilc')l|itVitll  t\!it<m, H i'iiii tiuiKi- I".i- oi Alhernl.  .Mm, tin* iinitc vlit Ailn'iiii iititl tin-  I'tiDntiiit i'ioiiiI i* tin nil.ilit'.M'iir I'liiiiti,  Aui'iiii; niiiiiritl ii'*iiiit-i'i"- nf V-i��.  I'dttvei- liliiiul, It N in In' inili'i! tluil  Iti It'll (In1 i'iiiiI iuul inliii-riil |iiii(ii!i'is  It-l-IV lllllilltt   11.11,00(1,01X1,      t'llllacl-l-llllsll  fhtIiuiiii*-, (linen tlii> 101,niitii nf Mum!In;*'  ilmlier iirnimd Alhernl ut I'J.ikki.oho.ikiO  feet.  AHii'l'lll I* III the ci'illi'l* ul tlie  Itrltl.ih ('nlliliihlii llilii'l'lt'ii which lil-l  t'l'tir iirndiici-d   .'tliiiint  *l 1,00.1,1x10  imii  ^iit't* till** i'iiiiiiic(i. |iJiii-i' in the iirit ���  llfcher.V |iriit'illl'i*    ill   (lie   titlllllnliiil.    III]  itiiini-jil tint! iiiiiniifin'iiii-i-d iirndtii'is, tliu ]  lit'tii'lttt'.i, lu-ciirilliiif t>i KfitiTiniu'iii ll/,"--  . iti-i-h, ttvi��i'iij,'i.*i ii iii-udiici Ion  pel-  lii'itd  nf |-)o|)ii!ii|.loiiof. tiiiiri'i tiiii'n iy.'io-i.  Alhernl K iti llm lu'tid iif tlio ADii'irni  t'jiiitil, il.io nitiiuiil -iviiti'i-tt'fi.v tt'lilcli ul-  iiio-fi ctitiVuiirotivur ihlittid in titn, iivm-.  ���ttlft'-ai li iiiilc iiiiiI it Imlf In width,,mil.'100  Practical Aiberni Pointers-  1 Allii'i'iil li I'l'ui'lu'i! lit ii-iiin fiuiit Vlcitii-lii, . '.iiiiii'i'iioiiH iti-t* niiitli' v�� hit  Vli'tnrlii. I'liniiliiif t!irnit;;h tn Allmriil mi .Muniiiiy. WihIiiomIii'- uml 1-Ylilliy, I'll*,.  M'lini'i". from Vitiii'iiuvnr t'lly run euniH'rt ii'lili lltl* I lulu nt .N'mtitlinii,  Allmrni !���* ill mi ri'iii'lu'tl hy Hi'itiui-i- frnin Vlt'tnrin, ttittl in tin* miiiiiiut  iiinlillia llinre I** i>n more ileH^lilltil il'l|i Illllll till** ll|* lliu n't'*! cniiil nf Vioii'mo  \t'i- liliiiii! unil tilting UK* jili'itircat'dii Allii-rni cioiiil,  Tlie liliiiul lI'ttiilt lltii'nf tlie I.' N. It, li tintv litiilillnir from Vlvtlorlit to Al-  lit'i'lli, ���  .-Mill ,timim*tfmB*mmwm* i -man -11 ��***.  I.iiii(! |irli'i<t in to in'i'i'tij'i' vut'l-,-* fi'iiiii >*'.(<I tn flui |inr tir-i-it for Im-di luiul,  (did fitiin ��lo<i tn -flu*) fur Iiiuii ilint luu i.t-uit rlitiii'4'il iiml l.i'tni��lii utiiiiti-ciiltlvii.  linn,   Ci-ii'c*, iitit K'lv'i'tiiiil li"* i|iuiili,v (tliti lut'itiliii),  iiiiiI lutiii cun hit Imd in un*,  iltlHIItll)',  It linn In't-ti fotiini iiiut i-i1m'iI f��riiiln(.' iui'-- lie*l. Oil (iim** iif (mill t��u to  i tt cnty iii-i't". Iriilt ������I'nti liij.', iliiiri liij,*,   iiuiiliry  rni-lo��. hn^iiDti rntiJii will oil  ()ll,V  Willi. c '  'I'liui'i. iii'i* ii-i ti't'tt htiint'itt'itili In liii Iiml,    l.ttiHl   will lno'ti in hu |)t)ii'hitaitd,  In Aliit-i'til tvlil he fiiitiid  lliu  ttxuui  titluititii'it'i of  li (iHj'.i're-t-tivii  W.-tlcin  t 'iiuiiiiniiit* tilt-it  Iui*  fitltli, uml  tin) I'littriij'ti uf it���*��� entii ii'tinn*..   Tiii'l'D itrn it  i ititiiilii-i' nf jiu-iil -ilorc* rin'1'tii)}. tt ttldi* rimifit nf K'nnl-',  hi'IkmiK olnit'i'lii"*. Ilio  Alln'inl Aittnt'Htt', o.Mk'>j*nj,tu. luhl h ttiiii,licr uf nil,It-till mt,) mr'In I rliitik,  i  '('III' I'iiltillU) !* K* Illin ((�� *��1,U In*    liHUht   nil   itii' I'tU'llll'I Vkrtnl, (HlUMlillt' jeur  jiiiuml    Tin'ntliifii!! i* le**-* tliiin iliiit  n( tlui rity  nf V,ifii'i)itn'r, tliu frni-t* ton  illtfht.   'J'lirri' l> hi'IiIdiii It nn! eiitiii'ili fur k!(iilliii; nv -iiiiw ((iniiife'li (ut-*)i-l|;lili)s,r,  Uliil u llro fill,ei' nf (iti-��e i'iinii'1   It  tiiili   lit*|i ii leu ilti) n.    ji'��ir tltti afiiiiiiiur urn)  (oil iiiiin itniiilti* t liei n (i inti hiuf- tn tl|t�� tt'tit'lii In ini'i'. I hi* Alht'rnl tviintlitii<,  Ailn'llli I,* lite imlh'S nf (Hie nl llie Ittt't-i-'it iititl ii!tt>t fertih' vulhi*,'*- llll V��!l-  eoitver (iliii)il, In lliii ili-'lilt'l ttiil he fiitititl ii tint tviiiiitli iif tiiiilini' nf tlie  lliii'ii liiinl, i'tiiii, ii'ut), i'i'|i|n��)', iiiiirhie iiittl nilier i-iiiiinieu-lul  iton*'*, hi*iok elit-a  lllllt itlllfl- lilltterllil't.  'I'lii'i-e (ire mniieroii-i uiti-iirilin ii|i|iitrliiiiitles fi,r iim iiiitiHifiirtiirer mid ln��  veiKir. Tin* SiH'ri'liir.i of tl)n lltmrd nf Triiiin, Allminl, Ii. i',, will !*ti j;l��d to  llllu* tlinsn niuttei-i li|, ti llh villi,     Willi' tn lllllt for linrllt'liiill'-i.  i  HE" owner   is  offering   a  number of the finest  BmMing Lots in the Aiberni  District at  .  c  particulars apply to.  Office  feel ill depth. 'I'lierii !*��� it i|ileiidiil ;iti(o-  Dliilille liiiltlevitl'd fl-niti .Mlninl to V!c>  lorlti, riited it-i oil" nf I lie'urcist. n-eiije  hiiiiillei, All'eriil ii n tin-it lii'f rltv  unil* ivllli lillliili, ii'iniiili, cliutvliei  lli'VVS|itH)err,lini! IIIIIK'iit-i* h'i,ilil nf ti-ttde.  '1'ltt* )il(ii)i'(-l"-i illm |)Hl (ill inure lll'l It'll.l'  iifti't- ihe riiilrniid ln*n(iii i-iiniii^liiini!-  reili nf now leuler*,  Itellll.V Alhi'l'll.ll-i tiviji til'wi'li'.'ln i,;i(i,  Ono |iiol I-* fulled Alhern.l, ti'lille llm  nlhi-r Iini Uilteii the iiuiiii- nf |-nn. Allien)!., Tlie,v lire   |ieril*teiil   llille' .-Iviils  tt'iliii', htiilt reiirlilni,' tint for irriwih  tidil (lit'i'li.'tiiiieiit, Smne day it- Ulio'K'd  mu! i'\|u--.'leii lln, itvototviii wll! Join.  11 I* unit-it fi*i'(|iteiii siiyln-;: -'A Jmii-ney  In the lm) jfieiii Weal i-i nut i'uni|i!��U*'  till hunt ti irl|i in Alhiiriil,'"  What Dooloyunys.  "Mr.   Iionle.v"  sitld:   '"Nitttire   in   u  "rent iliniiiiyeriit.    'I'lte i.tntn   tliut !lti-**  ten diilhn-1 ti..week Iiii-*  Willi ehlld, ihe  iiiiin Unit, .llii'l .wini diilljir it week low  ten t'hlidicii. itnd llie'"mllllotiitlrit Ioim  .it niiitni' em*," THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  Winter Notlece. ,, , <-- Finishing Touch-ci*.  .,. ......  ... .,-.,.4   -., . ...   .1    ���    "' ,t  '       *       '���)     'j'!,,, |iiii-.hlii|i  tt��il*.-|ie>i ,ii-e li*'lt>K *(itll  I'or -tt U��*ftc# to Tain* sr,4 V���� VV*��U>n  I'm lio* lno new how) tu'ilHlmi-t in Al*  Nulle, I* Ml,!'! k'ttit. 11..1 Alan lVi^M|^^'i''*��f,ns ������"���"���? "'lii'-Unii nf )t few  -y.-ii! ttiut i ii ui. t- Aii'uiii'ii'i *���**,,nit I'l Aliaid! ttiii-k iin-it iijie)! iMitli lit tlifMi (i)fu'e,.  titi t-i'i'lii f'-r *t (tt.'liit* (iilA-ie-ui"! i.*i *nt".tiir ' ��� ,,, .  ,      . i,   ,    . ... ,    i    .,  |,��I,k!-;.a,^i.:i.l.,l-��rt'.*��./til.if ,V.<.-'.!Hi **����.l.  , -*IU  '**' It"'***!*   III '-lit   *-(), .U ill tlii'lietf ,  vIlUI,   It..**   *,l ��  *.��-*!.<, I.    tlll-vOu'l   ��'**'".'�����; I-,.!'',.)-!-.,'- -lu-U. ..s.!4,l,l!*l���|���'|4t*t,  '{'(Kili'l  i^'ti**'  -i-i   I-i atv* ill |,iU * (iil.i ,t*l�� in) .-��     ' , i  fituni t,.-��4   lu**t*iia<k Iit'linii  *ii*-nr-     Mi,.-!      Use .\II*,-Mii  Jjntel   i**  I'viileln'.   MMli.  *��l,,- niit )*   tHi4,l<4* 41 Ittlattiit t-t Ifatitliiti i tt . ���   .i i      1  ��� =,%-(.-,i44li..l,tii����i ii.ut.iifi.H'.ai I *ni.|';*-i.rti,-niO*'''��n llMjii'iteittetii*. (till t!i������e mIiii  ii,,,,. )i.i(4. li.***.* ���Mi"*"!! fit'-i   ���***���� viU Ji'l,,wf  -,,,, ut  -iJija   ,,'�����.,,  ,.��,,  !���,  (i*M|isitl ���  >lu��l   ill.    |lit,'HUM,it|    l'uljU'M*   f��l,   ll,t'   lllllit *(t     (   ' *t ,  a. ill,lln* -��!0,:ii�� I..1IU* nl-.Iim).* I ilt   Ulttittlft),"   ll\ill!   4!   a|ll*,'|i��  ttvt-at)   III (Ol  Tie* ('"ll.-.- -nu* |i��lti| "ll On-,i/.iillliit uli llm !    ,   ,     ' .    ,      ' j,,.    .,,!.,   , l.il.. ,  ���ji.,1 il*,, uf '���:������ 'ill -I'lie ..in.ti. -titi*.* *. ill ���������� ���! I'lUi-fH-tttO *>U-Jl*', tt Hit |��l]V��U' altt llltf  illttil in On- titll.*. tt On It ..nt It'.".!-!''* m A* ] ,,!,������ tt,,4( |,j,(|, jO-Hirii,-,!, i:|,>4'l||H  I* nil   IM" i ,,   , .       ,     . .  ii.iii.i ti, ti* ii-at !*-��� iiini ktitiiM-'i' Hi-id VV'tii i j llitlt* tii't! (i')t'|tl|i<4ie-i In tni'iv Hktiiii,  ItM-'i'lii  it  -AlOl   nn- t'���i��!|u(.ill'-i   1.1   Wit'fit, - tt'i,-1 ,v  tliyl.l*   l'��ill��-iMil tluilitliif-n Vf't'Ol  ll��'        i Knti'C i>l*ltll,     Vt Ilitl T  "'     ""'"'   *",(lH ���      The AtUii.��lti��i lintel J*.r Halu iii lite  I'fii'ti �� Itii ihe ' Aih--r;il ' tn wi* ttlilt-ti  tliiitl iie lit-it iti- (1(11=11 the iied t(imi |ei'��,  ion! t'ouii (ire-cut iodiciitl'iu* il ttiil  ni-iivt' ii dead lien!. 'I'll** new diii��ti|*>  j'iMitH nl-iln> AtlhicltAjt >* it ��(ieiidi(!  ���.'iiiiii)ii(* of it I nit t'ttti lm ilmif v, lit*  nnilte tt iuul*, unit llie I'lmtim lite lijjhl, j  ult-t, tout tiny i-miifiii'Oihlt* In fiery  ���ui,*.  The unifiM tv In,  hI-Iii".  nn  11111(111,'  ierm  V'lll -*��*l �� f-killiitr*' Jl><'.'i! ffnili  mil' AltV��*lii��e-j-��  Ivocat  ll*',,l*-  A*,*,    tlt'1-..ii'i   Neili.  i*i,jjti, tri'iiiu'iik  lit ti (iim iii-nwl'l, A*'i-l  '('hi* iiuiiiv I* 111 kttii.itMiOi'K ul One nl On1  ��*-!lulu, '-'! Al'ill   I'lll, *����� *.'Hii'a|'('|I.Mlll��  fur * Lle-aiif*-*- tti ���Slur*- ur t'��n Uattt  Wtit��r,  ���tt'ulli-.- j* Iti'i, lit ,flli-h Illttl lli.'i VVi't'.li*,  Ni ill 4tl.1l (itvituu ,\,|ii||til|ul hhiltli, i.lr'llli nil,  Mill ��t|',-,| fu) II III* urn In i-i.iit n, )i(i lun'tt  Itflt tlliiltaiilul at'H' Iii'i uf ''Hli'l* limn rialiililli  I'll'. I,. It *lttali' tl-'-AlUK III il ttikii'lO iltuftlull  Hint. tii|itVlii,- |hli,.tll>i-ii,ll-)-Uii-l it. mi latitii'lial*  tll'llull  Iii i-i III*     'tin. uhIi'i  wlt| I*' -,tl>|!ll It, A  i-hM itiiii uf .'.ititiiNi'it'fuel fiii'aii|it, iiutn ui in j tt ith   nil   ihe  eninftiiii   nf   llril't-ili'-ii  ,,*aUii.^ ?Au!;i..M:rv^,��'L^'^.MV;A*.^ ^'j i.o<..n, &��* *,m,*,, t\tw ���,.,.-. ���,���i  .*va"/ jvoti* s\,^H^Vh...,'.*.��,v'iiJ!,;��.,i,. "���"l"'i,,JM ���������������".�����������.����� ri��iu ..inn*.  ImIiu ��l,il Hat' Hull,. |iii*ili,l Iii'i I'll till, ullllil''  iniiil ili-x'l Halt II* ttiliiln 11 tinlliik.if Vi mill*  '('ill* IIIII 111' Vtilt, |nk*ll>ll nil iiiu tliuitlit nil till'  Mill itu) Uf .llllll-. IIII ( 't'lH'HI'lilli iilttill llllt )��'  lllct fti Om l-tllii' nl tilt' IV til i'l lliti.n!" 1 ill Al  l-t-liii. Ill'  (llhi'i tl'ih* iuul   I*' tllnl lllllt tin-kilhl Will.'t  Mil-null,    I.)    Mt'll   lilt'   i'|l|li|i|ttilll'l    Ilf    IV'.ltf I  Itlfhl*  |'iitllitni-->i! Itilll.litit**  Vli'lmIn, IK'  Al-lll     VVil'Kri     Nilll,     Uml j.'c    Al lull Illllll  Simth, Al'l'lli'iililk  IU (I. ((Hit O111111I1I, Atii'iit,  '11(1*   ih'ltll'   I*   ill   *hh-.| llh! lull Uf lllllt Illllll'  (-111   ll'lll. lllllt, li) *illl|i'il|l|'|luill|k  Lund Act Notlctots,  lo Alhernl,    Wo too nil rend.v  for Iiini,  nt- theiiit in tiny i|ii;oiiily,  Wet Her Malcis.  Krom tin* Niiliniitil Mtnitlil*,  A fen duta iii-o tun i'?mitn,**  iiniiien  eio  tei't-t! 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C.  ^3K  I* -tour iiii��iivv����"  POUND BY-LAW.  Nut ll'e in1 Ix'l'fhy ull I'll tlilll I l.l* III w  Nitmlier "��� knnvui ���� the "I'mnitl \iy.  l.uw," will u'n Into fnn'e mi ilieili*".!  diiy nf .Inly, III i.i, nnd thut ft mil (Imt  diite nil airiit' iinliiuil*. ftiitiiil' wtindt'i'li)-**  wiihiii ihe limit* of tin* t'iir|im-iitl(in nf  llie t'liy nl Alheitil, nil! he dealt with  tti'cnrdliii' in lln* |i!'ovl*lmia uf the atiiil  l.y-l'iiy.'.  ,, I', it.��'. II11.1110,  '    l it.v I 'lei'k,  Al.lil.-IIM I.ANH l)l*iTIU(T  HlMliVt l)f ltlt|M'l(  ���I'alti* iiiitlif tti.it, Mill) Ak-'SU'-i Unit,m, i,| l)i<(  mil, Mli'lila.iil I". H. A , lat'tijisiOiiil k|i|iiklri. tli  I,"Hit* 111--tilill fur |M"iiiil����!-'il in |Hli4'llti*i' Ou'  'illinium?, ilt *- riI**it Itthtl*  l-iillilhi'lH-llhi nt miiikt |i|utilftl atnlit .Idcliitin.  iiuiiii ithd *��'i'!t.iiiiN -itt.*!   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I'llUIII*,   O.tifi*   at*t   HI I'llHlllk,   aMiltl*  aniiili tv-,'luniit.   Oii'itm- i-idl I'.t'lu.l.i,, H:u in i  ktllili, !*������ ��� Illllll*   llll'llil" t livt  -ui l.4ill|*lii|hillli ��'l '  i   ���  PATERSON GARAGE      |  *^j'ir<4A'ft*ttij't��'f��s*^^^^  Now Opoti to the Tourhn* Public  Full Line of Auto Supplies  Cars For Hire at Reasonable Rates  Victoria Quay  Aiberni; B.C.  Professional Cards  GEO. A. SMITH, C. E.  It, l'. Iiiiiid Hurvi'V'or. Survey* nl  timber liuilli. iniuernl claim*, mid land  MiUllvUl.nn. OlHi'iHU Alhernl. I'. O.  II.IK   Ii'l.  H. M. T. HODGSON  A. M. 1. i-', K.  ,  19. C. Lund Surveyor end Civil Un**!it��or  OfflCoB!   Cttrmoor   Block. I'tirC   Ailxirnf  I'lipna 87  H. H. BROWNE  Civil llllll Mllllll'l- I'lilKilieef  mid  o  I 'im lift'liiJ liiititl Sin vt'-i nr  II. V,  The Alert Investor Asks for  Something A ttt active  Kiimi'thlntf tlnu .la it inn* vilnni'r. wli'ere tlm iiinnny will mrn  iiver ijiiicltly tun! til a irund jirnllt, '  Ttiis is the Class of Property That is Handled by  " ��� ".:���"���/:.;;:. m. te&o     , ':::..::  Ho lltoitili'a N'o Other Kind,  A H*l,',..f tlio Iiiii'-! Kttriti mill l.'lly jinj|ii'rllen to hnfoiiiid in tlm Alhortil  llliirli'i,   A cull villi cmiviiii-e 'nu, mid lend to htiaiiK"*,  Cleorad Acr��n��t9 lor llont  P. 0. Box 54  Aiberni, B. C.  Th�� Aiberni Hotel  First Established and Best Known Hotel on West Coast.  Thl* I* ih* t'aVorit* Jttiort of (ti* Commtrciul Man, Tottrhtand Spardman,  Owning out etOrt Dairy and Poultry Ranch Insure* a Cvnttant Supply of  S(rktly l'r��*h Articl** for tfi* Sabl*.   Accummstfatiomi of th* S**t,  Th* S**t Sompl* /Room* in Town.  /V��-d Su��* to and from all Boat* and Train*.  Billy McAllister, formerly of the kitty liduutrd itowl, Vhtotln, I'roprlttoi  Aiberni Livery and Feed Stables  J. .1. lintKI-:. I'roiirletnr,  Livory Hkk uf nit Itliuls,    Honvy tlmyliuc uml fi'i'lurlittfolivory  D��a{ar iu  3tiiW��rs Supplies  Sesh, Doors nnd Glass  Building and Rooting Paper  Ume, Bricke and C��m��nt  Aiberni  Phone 29  P. 0. Box 9  1j* c  ilw*>-��j^jwi-#*tp'*i-a*i*|  Send  To that Friend Who is Thinking of Coming io Alborni  i.��K.*,Matiiiiii.*  '-iitiiiiii in i un nt  ut |i,**,  Mu) n. oi-*.  allhl iklilttillllill' .Vii I t I' a Hi"it  i it ut, I tin<ii'i *<-i't <"-  llllll I l.l  (jctntsral Twambter.  DRY STOVE WOOD  Ahiu-i mi Iliini!  All    OllJiMf*    I'lmtltMlv    Alt.-lided    'J'n ,  Gcrtrutio St.  Atbernl  Real Estate and Insurance  AtfoiitH fur'I'm: litiv.vi. Insi'iianci: i'u. (or lilvurjiunl)  Tin11 liit'-*i>M Kin* liiatiriiiu'e t'n, In tho itnrhl  TlIK .(JUKAT   W'KHT   fill-'K ASSt'HANt'U CtlMUANV  W��l.rrf.bllc   C��avn*rt)ii�� Albemi, B.C.     ��*����   P.O. Bsx ?8  it***w jw-awt^tyti* mi**m  i-|lll|a*aaV<k*)aJO Mall  l)lllW*ai^*��a*aalll.  8Mi'V*HW��ki>it-*#a-W>  HELKN  Bapco Pure Paint;  Alt Culorn and Thttt* on H**rt,ti  i '  New stock     Wali Pai>cr    n^8����u^��  Come Kurly ttiui Get Mrwt Choice  *}t WMlH *Wl|j|a4Mt^ .t>-aa^*-i|  ��(���* 0 M. ta'**^' -4*iV.'<tW&       &~m,&   AaAA^��,-V/i>fi9VR  I    +-* t   ., I  The  heti   ttiiiiwi)   Iniiiie (iii   (he   Weit  t'lmat  of Vioicmivtn- l-tliiml. ���  Th*�� Only Hotol on Ut* Wmot Coast with U* own Electric LUIitlng PIbiiI,  All iihkIi'I'Ii ittijirnvmnmiti,    t'mil rut! t- Im'tited,    'I'll" l'i".l  Klslilni*- mid 11 mil hit* tm tint Inliind.  Amos for hire tn SpiiiiU   Ltike tniil the Ark Hotel it! ('eijiritl l.tike,    titildei fti-iiMicd ins (.liort notice fur  HiiiiUitl* I'lit-tl.'i iit iiniili'i'iiii* nitiw,  /���Vt'<? Iht.s To am'From Ail 7'ra/fift  McNiff & Mea^iteii Props.        *- -��� .-'���-;     -  Aiberni. B.'-C.  ;oya  fiu-orrKiitti-ott tItntl  Citpititl Pnid Up     :  ,   Reserve Fund        :  Total Assets over  :  A   Ol'NI'ltAI.   11.1 NKINO   Itt'.MM  ank of Canada  ih-titl Ofllco! fjontr-sel  ��11,500.000  $ l ;j,ooo.ooo  $175,000,000  !'itANs.i(-n:i>    :   :   :  Savings Bank Department rH-SSHi-SS  LO^*.!....,-    a...    ftl?��!l Oi*|..,'illt (Kit   In- lllii-.li- ildil ttitliillaim  iJanKin?   OV   PiSli ninhul    fnlli k lui.UftOiii-. ��(IS tflatl  VOUIUll'j   Uf    tntlll it  I.,- ".'itu, l.t  liiurN-warillni. nil da  It   hi' I'll l ll   lit  |i'lltlhi'lllu  Over ,'i lit I llj'lilii'hi'i tuid Au'-lli'lcv     I" Hctlii'llt'i 111 MrllMi Cnllniihllt.  i'()rre-i|ii))ideiits 'riii'iniiflioiit tin' Wtirld.  Port Aiberni Branch  ���S. .)., MAt.'i.Kiin.'-'Mrtnnii'tiir  Aiberni Branch  11.  (V MAOOO.S'.il.l),   MllllH|;ef THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  The Canadian Pacific Lumber  Company, Ltd.,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  *  CANADIAN PACIFIC LBMBER COMPANY, LTD.  Port Aiberni Branch  i-'nr thut, Jnli of jmlntliij���' me  Leaf P  They ure jitiiiruiiti'i'il  Phono 34  ��     9      ��  Aiberni, 8.C,  ******  caveng  DARMG HOLDUP  NEAR CUMBERLAND  j    NANAlMo, Ihc.y J.tlt i.   Adit'Sinf  i.o!<Jtl<) ntHHII'lv-.! ti)lilj,'lit U'tta-i'-eil t'nltHi  Hay una t'timhct'laiid, Jt. t',  Tho Itu-itil flank of t'iinitdii. I*itfjitt,'  nnly ii n!ili4/|iini'li tit fntmi !'*i��v, tl'-'  rlerlt* iiiv ��ltv��y�� neiil dnwii fivm find,  heiittnd tmi'** �� wniiH to (riin*(*t't lm*!-  tie***, i!ii*r',��.  TlllmUftrrilOOl) tl* III" twi*''lelk>it\er"  returnlti", to <'titii!*crJtoul (ti iti-ltf lift*'!'  t''in-\'!iiillittr tlio tlit)-'** hiiiiiies-i nl I'liimi  Uny, they ivnt'lnsl Trent 11 ver brltl*,'",  ii!m)i)| live illlln* frmn t.'iiiiilH't'litiiil,��t lien  Ihey Wert* h(,H ll|��Ml liy ti (until**f fore!),'-  )ii'i-i, tvhtini tint (iniiil of (heir i'iiii*,  inlilHt! tlimn nf id! llie hjitilt'�� t'iltii,  Tlili** umntiiiKt), It K Mtld, to over  t'-'.ui��>.  Pupltu Pawned.  The foltowlit'*- int|iil* Inivi' |'ir����.e*l fur  Ihe i I tali School.  Allierni I'eniri'i  Alhrrnl Ntimher of I'liinlldnlei, ,*i;  (iiivu'd, I,   ('eii'livy \V. Itltitidy. lili.'!,  I'm) Alhernl Niiiithoi'ti! I'tindtdiite*,  .'it I'lihied, I. Hill) II. l.'ii|)i'r, iiiut:  Tliiniiii* It, Itlrd, lUHi; Kiilhleeii M,  Wuthiiii, tldl', .liicoh I .It-Ill er, .'i'.".',  Nmi-Miililfl|iii! ScIkhiIm,  Hciiver frock      Niiiii!n*r of  einiill-  tint en,',': jmixed, ll.  till!       Nunitiei'   nf    ciiiulidiite*,   I;  (liiinsl, I,   l.lllinit Nli'liollis tlliii.  I'l'liielet    Numhi'i-of I'lindldittei,  t;  (iiiHied, I,    Alum !,,vi>ln*,'it>l,  Tliiwit diitilrln'' tlm iici'vli'eK of tin*  City Sriti'i'titrer vvlll Iiml jdiite*, to write  niilorrt ut UI*,!io|t'�� Slori'i tli-Jnvi'**'  Kuril, mill City Dull.  Al! m-di'l-M |)liiiii|itly lit tended to,  WM, DKI.MV,  City .Sfiiti'itj-nr,  Tor Rent. rNiriiUliiil !tnmii*. I'nurd  If itunlrtil. Duy, tteeli or month.  Term* i-i'ii-ninul'li'i Mr*. II. Viniifltiut,  l.iitliioii Itntiil, AIIh.i-iiI, II.t'.  For 8*i*��. - A (��!irii(,'(., ul n lutr-vuln', "in-i*  in x It! feci. I 'I'll'** Mo. < (f*i, Sont-vr.  AUxfi'iil, I i.e.  3 1-2 and 5 Acre Blocks  1 i""" " ���" "���""��� D. L. 8 "��� ��� ""���������'"��� -ni--*���"..-* i-  Ono itntl linlf inllo t'lnslo, on throo wont! routiM.  from rtxtlf, oRslly Hon rod  Lov/ol, fit'ti  - ��� -*L'imh *nt' tonus vory roiiMonnblo �����*���-  Jas. R. Motion      Shaw Real Estate Co..  Aiberni 302 Pemtoion Block, Vktori.  wm**mm*#fihmmdm  Appeldorn a & Co.  Contractors & Builders  Altai-itl. U, 0.  NEW RESTAURANT.    .  Allmrnl, .ln!y l��t.l.U.'l.  1 wli.li to Inform tlio tnihlii' tluti I  lm ve o|*ened u Nlinri Oriier M on I und  l.tiiii'h t'miiiter In Allierni, next door  in the t'nnrt llniikiMMi.ltihiitaUinSirei'i,  nnii will try to -n't'Vi' unyililiu? tliut may  he mileictl.  My nlijeci will Ik* lo (iIoum*.  II. T, Mo.MONAOM':.  ST.tll KKWAUItA-N-T.  Good Work ot Reasonable Raton  Estimates Furnished  mrmg*m!��******im*m,\*, mm*t>****a.n,��*>'it*f*'  City-  ('oritofJulitisUin Kuiul  iuul Vii'lui'ht Qtmy .    .  C, GALES        Proprietor  Ifrwmmmomwmtmi  CLASSIFIED ADS.  Vt>f S*i*. Seveutl Ktovi's, .mite I'miil.  till", l.ln-tloilliM'U*.; l*"IIH.'itl i'll'l.'dlll  ju'ii'ei. A|ijilt llutti A)'li))(,'imi, Ah  lii'inl, IU\  Tor Salts, ilrlviiiu Mure, i|itlet, not  iilriilil nf uitiD-i, Apjily to e. N;  Aalietv, Alhi'i'iiJ, HA'. ���  WaiU-ttil   'I'd  Imy irfinv .icrrw, cIok* In  I'nri  Allu'i-nl.'   Mum In*  t-'lit'iij) inv  t'ttkli,   Kitiui owner. I', t). ilux lu'i,  l'ort. Alhernl,  o "-     '" i-  Tor Saht tieiH*ritl t'tirjiine 'JV11111- ttit-  umi mu! Hiiriii"*-!, n,iiitulilo for ^riul-  Iiii,-' nr liimvy tvorld .Viiy riiitinnulilt'  tritil te I viui. A|i|dy !!. It. ICiln, I'tiri  Alhernl.  1*01' fJ*le A few i'IkiU'i* iliijite tiee*  three tviii'pt ti|d, or wonld exi'lnni^e  fnr Willie WyuDilntloittilli't*, l-'mhi-  fmtitiiiliitl uji|ily t*i Allu'i-nl Titidlnif  Htoi", nr !)��� letter to K. Wini)*(i|',  lieu ver i Vv"ti l'i O,  RoDim (o R��nt,*itii(itl)|(* fnrld'-iU. Ilniii.ii.  ki'*��|)!n-r(i)i'tt'nt<i('iitritni'i'.   Aii|ilv lo  '�������� Ailvot' '  litl.x I.  I'iltt*.  For Sorvlcd A  linn,  mini hred   I ted  I't'll Mtill. Teniis *�����, (.ity-ilile ut  time nf M'l-vlrt't Ajiiily lo l-J. I.. OU1.  Liu 21, Itt'ttvor t'riu'k ituml.  For8#l��orKxch��n****, .tllitokoiiuiiil J��!��*  I'VcU, from ���l.'i) jittr nvt.: or will  "���o'liini1.')' for f)lt*x. puny or tfotnl inili'i*  fotvn.   A. U, Aiuleraon, t'liv.  NOTICE.  Any (lei-.-on or iH'i-mn-* foiini) tultit,-  or tiioii'Mtlnd' In uny vvuy uiiv limit or  ('imiit' heionuliitf lo mo, wit luiul (nil-,  minimi, will.In* |ii*t'M>iMitiHl vvltlintit  further vvurnliiK'*  W  Jt. t'lirtor,  Alliernl, I i.e.  Wot*��r Act.  A few Voiintr i'lir**, (I iviiolo.  For Ktttd,   a n*w voiintf I'lit ,    old, nt. ���."���. ctirli Cn.lt. Jiiiuiliiilil.   I 'etei  Mlo!i(*!)ieri, llitnilleld, IIA',  No(l���� of Ajitfllcation lor tlto Approvul  ol Work*.  Till*!' iiiiHin* lliiil lln* ItiUdT ("i'lilii Water  VViit-li* (1)ilt|t.ill), l.llilllrii, Hill Hi-l'lt 111 till'  Miiilali't' fnr l.mitl* Iui' Itu- iiiuiruvtil nf ll* tun  ill'lllllilllK unit Httlli* lutllvtil't ttHlt'l-ll-ulli Itugi'i*  I'tt'cli. it irlliil(iii')' uf AliM'inl UiHiial. itii-nMNicr  kiiiiiill fin* lilt'liiiiiiiiui'iitiil ItMiillts' nf .Vllu-rnl,  Tin* in'illltiii it'iiiiiitMl In* l-ktyilmi ��D uf Uie  "VViilt'i* A t'l," iih iiiiii'iiili-il, Inn* iHi'li liltit titlli  t,'i,i ('uiiiiuiull,',* nf Win i't* Kli/lit* tit Vlcloitu  iiml milt Iiii' Witier iliM-untnr .it Allmitil,  Diift-ciinin, in tin- n|i|i||i'itilut) tiiiiy l-e lllul  ttltll Oil* Cniiiiitmlli'l' til IViiti'i'lllklllU, I'ttlltii  llit'tit llitllillitua. Vli'ltirla, 11,0,  llcrnm-il I'Vintli,  I', It, O, IlilVII"  I.liiiililittiKkiif ttiii Ui'i-t'c l,'itn*t< VV'tilur W'i'ilt*  l.tUlllllll  -n, l.ui,  (.  {iittntl itt AlU'tiil, 11.0., Oil* fill tliiyuf Jul-,'.  IHIil,  rw?  irirvj-ji!1!*-*;  For Mtoit.    I'ltrllj  (''tttiii-ilied *1 Hi-nnied j  limine,   *'ll*>    ti titer.      A|i|d>   A-   A.  I.>nn,  , V#r Smrvtri*. 't'lnii'mijk'lilii ed Slmrl Inn n  ftnll, ditlry itiiiin i tnrni-i, "J-L*. A|')'l,v  H. It, t'lirrtt-, Itivt-r Wend.  Auto** for Ulif.   t'linnn ll.t Alhernl.  I'litatocs lor Me-. I-.IkIiI.v i-eni*. |>ei'  hurli, *lfi inn' tmi, deiivcred, It, i'l,  Tumi, Alhernl.  A Sfti-p. Mttit ot*!!, two Inti, Alhernl  bi'k'.iti, level ion) I'h'iir line rnriier,  I". n'e +.WI Ivvn; vtiur own tei'in-,.  Aj)|)!*. I', o. Hon tn, l'ort Alliernl.  For Stti��, Two S, t'. Whim i.enhni'ii  t Mckei-elo, 1'.' llinlltllh old, hied from  hwivy liivlntf i't ruin. Ktir |ui)'t.li;i)lio*a  ti|i|i!y Kt-ed. Itliifltt, Mill Town. Al-  Iii*rili, !.!,.<.;.  WU! Excliaii*,*), tiiitMt Alhernl.I'txi(H>r-  tlrx for .Siis'oiU'liewiin I'Vii.-tn i/iiiitl-*.  VVni, Fmnk Oili-iiin, All�� rnl, HAV  For Suit),   ('nod   Jliiu'try,.'nciirly' new*.  ' - 'u .li'lr*,'!!!-).    y\|)()ly !',<),. Hon dfi.  iNmt-f*, Will 'lie (iitrty it ho ni'di u  jiitlr of Itoivint'lot frmn it txi-ni ll<'d-ii|i  litintt tin- i)i*ld|,:t' tn the mmnh nf  Hnii'er I'reelt, kindly return aiitiiit,  mnl --me fulllit-s- trntihlti,  WttiiltttJ Uiivinjl (Kiny. Mti'I mil he  nf ni Id nf iimliir I'lO'N. Ailtlri'ii.i A. II.  Ai!tiei-.mi, Alhernl. It, (',  For Mulct fi Arre Triii't*. c'eiti'ed litnd,  ���tliM) f) ticre triii't-i int*li liotd, J.'nr  lerin-t ii|iii)v to ilidni Heat, ��i't', I-..  .1, Mllllm., AJl*t*i-iil.  For Salt* Si't'd |)(jl)it(ies. I'.tirly Itme,  t.ule HiiMt iiiii! Hni'liunli Seetliin^h,  tliitid Slock., Apply to T. S. tirlevi",  i'herry t'leeli,  Allierni,  |*��r fttdift. ,lilithy l,'hlrl(n, hy the do/on,  flliit-k Mliiorcti'*, I ii'iiu ti 1.01,'liiirni*,  ���Unixl lityitn* Mruins,    rhono Ull.  All lor Salt). Oint Six-rnuined .lloti-m  on Itnfu. Stl-eci, ont* 'I'iireiM'ooiiii'd  Ilon-iii on Seventh Avenue, iwo (ntn  (in HiiU.�� Street; Apolv t). \VV Kuiilk-  iler, Itov il-*,- ('mt Alliernl.  For Sal* - - Y'o 11-�������:*" In-uvy hor.ie mid linn-  lier.'wtt|fi.ni for side, lioih lirit clmw.  Apjily loT, W'leken.**, Alliernl,  'E propose to follow the lino that our experience indicates. We think there is a  greater demand for IIIGII-CLASSDRYG00DSthan  we can at present supply.  W& cannot enlarge this end of our business and  continue to handle groceries.  Therefore we propose to close-out our grocery  lines and go into HIGH'GRADE DRYGOODS ex-  cluswely.  In this closing-out process we intend to give  the pabltc of the Albernf District the benefit of some  extra special bargains. Our DRYGOODS are ordered, and our groceries must be cleared out.  Keep your eye on thin spams for Sptclal Bargain,,  1st Grade New Zealand  Somas Trading Company .- Aiberni, EC.  Royal Household. Robin Hood,  Five Roses, Snowflake, Royal  Standard, Crusader  Coal    Co.  omci'i'l.ntii. i-���jr. a. PAUL, Manager l��.*-.. UW  sue mmrm iraciiitg -Mores  SECURITY FRUIT JARS  Pints SS.25      Quart** $1.60       1-2 Got. $2.26  Try NON-TO.V, I.V I kit Id*  Tho Busy Store  On tho Busy Corner  C. F.  BISHOP  &  SON  -Grocers, Bakers and Produce Merchants   0  Aiv iMtiujjr ti Mtumly wiipply uf  FRESH FRUIT and VEGETABLES  t  From lnooitl (Ji'tiM't'in til! tlio.tlino,   Tlio tjuullt.v thin your in  uxi'i'litioiuill.v Kotitl iuul it way nlioiul, tif ontslilo Innini'lutltins.  S-tti^ui' In n tfooil liny ; In ohoi'ii now, but tliu otitMlilu uutrltut  pi'ico in lulviini'ln*^  Ti'y u piu'ltct of DookitJiijIoToii, ."(kt oiit'h.    l! Is iii'ln-jiii-k** uh  ftiKUniioi's.    Wo iiru tho noli' UKontH und pack ItuiifHnJvi'M.  a(OSB��tBS��S*45iS3k^  f^MMMt^��#^t9KWm!ti!mM.\hmimsmpfi  WM^nlsi'Wmt-'t'S^^


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