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Alberni Advocate 1915-01-15

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 VfvV.  \tvv  -���r*r*t*^m<*r-&<.nvrs~fiViT*vt'j'i.* -��*x3**t4^&i*Mj^u:tii***i>m.+��ivt Jt*ft*t*.^<*.  Wifr+&(&*v~itf~Zu*v4ilKrw.ti!r*Q*'ri  U^  �����rV��*  ���^  t *tHtlSMW^Ik4kl.-|ll<*S>J W -����tWiSi, ��-"4 W *%*+fi09*dH%n*l��* fc^-.*-j-t.>-**-if*^.*Jt'.W  r-Wi��**��7����MIMii htmiW IMWtfBtflMlpli  Vol. 6  Alberni, B.C., Friday, Jaituwy; 18,  1918  No* 21  BBWtMfl.Wtllt^^-lilW'W  ^  m  Buy a diary and keep your own  record Of the stirring and history  making events of the year.  Diaries large and flmtiU at-  * ' i  - - Druggists and Stationers  ��-Jil^lUIWii��WtMWIWIW*fWI  80 ACRES  At Beaver Greek $25.00 per Aero  10 ACRES  2A Miles from town, $800. on ^ood terms  Until IOmIiiU) nml.lnMir.mi;.'  IMiono IU, Alborni  P.O. ..ox'liH  inoorporaJetl !*S00  Capital Paid Up  Reserve Fund  Total Assets  Hottd Office: Montreal  ��il.S60.000  . $13,000,000  $180,000,000  A GiCNlCUAb HANKINO -HUSINKKM TllAN.HAt-Th'l)  Savings Bank Department  Banking by  Detii.tallH uf JUHUttxl tlliWrtlils I'tM'elVeil  l|l IiUi'IVM tiftli   I'llt��',   Km Delii>' la Wlllittniviltii',  ana inierem iiftlit itl Um litylietit eiinent  ))e|iei,litt line1 lie untile Kiel tvliliilrievii  ay aatli,   PulleM tuii'tloiiliirs will j '  l.v |ti> nlveii li)' ieUer lejfHnUilii  llttliJIlDlliS, <  111*1-  il Iflll'l  nil ite  FACTS  AND FIGURES  At iho clvlo no*!*!Inir (Mi Wednesday  I'veultiAf Mayor lliiir presented an  array of factN iiinl ll^arei eoverlntf tho  ivorii nf tin* council for tin* past your,  ami a', the aaini* lime jjuvu a foren-u. of  what wtis u> be exported In iho near  1 at lire,  It was a chain rut mid husineKslllto  presentation of clvio ail'alo,  and oho  thill,   rollected   prciu.   credit on tlio  NpealaiM*.   Lark  of Kpnca- forbids tiny  est ended   reference   to tho   various  muttoi'-i   dlKCtioM'd    bat  sumo of   tho  lljfuriv* will bo found  below, and  from  thcM* an itlt*a can In* hud of our Hunt.-  el al  hiiauiltin.    Seine of the lintinolnl  liifures Hlvon in mil lino by tlio Mayor  tvoro, rendered In more detail   by Aid.  J'lnco. clitdrtnun of thofFitmnee Com-  iniitee, aial others of the AlderiiiaiiU*.  Hoard  nnule a few i-eiuai h*i ro-j-iirdinjf  tho work of tlio]t* various dopaeimonts:  Tho Mu.vor Muled thai at the llr-tt of  tin* your tlicro  had I icon an  overdraft  nl ^.'i.iH-ii, and unpaid taxes   iimuuulli.tf  to aKr,fK)0.   Since thai   Unto ilia water  Ostein had been  oxieialeil at- a cost of  titer ��]io,000 and ilie electrh* lltfht *yx>  tent Installed ul* a cost el *7,f>U).    J kith  of ihoj.0 system** were jjootl Investmeitt  and worth much  mom  than they cost  the City.   Ah for (lie year  lUifi, there  would bo a better show an,, they would  have In thu taxes for III!;..   Two' years  they hud to run on one years tux oh lit*-  (���uiiMi thoro was no way lo iiiiilui those  in arreitrs pay tip.   Now then* was,and  this year over *I,<I1M of tlio \\i\'A   taxc*  could be foroiMl.ln.   Noxl year iM'i.&OO  SELECT  NEW OFFICERS  Tho Albernl llrancih of ilu* Women'm  Auxiliary of tlio Wot Coast (Jenornl  Hospital held their annual mootiutf on  tho Hth, for the purpose of electing  tillicors for tho oumiIdk year, and hour. Urlvo thoui anothor tonn of ofllco.    Ho  COUNCIL ELECTED  BY ACCIMAHON  Tin* will be no clvio oloctlons In Albernl titJH your. Tho pcoplo ftpponr to  ho so well Hiuitf.li'tl with tho oholco  iiuiUi. last your, that thoy concluded to  Intf the financial Htateinent und 1'renl  dent's rcpuri.   Tho elect Ion roso.iltod tia  follows:  Honorary President, Mrs. IVcm-iM;  ProMldont, Mm.'J. (J. ii. Wood: Vice-  prftiltinni, Mrs. {laxltf-fun; Treasurer,  Mrs. Hurkt*; Secretary, Miss li'raco  Cox. Mxt'cutlvo Committee.: Mrs.  Motion, Mrn. jltiff, Mm, Korroht, Mrn.  tnilllod and Mrs. II. U\\U,  *" I'ltKHlDKNT'.S Htfl'OHT..  Ladles:  "I bej,' to |ire*.ent my report for I ho  M't'imd year's work of tho 'A I horn I  branch ol the Women's Auxiliary to  ilu* W, (!.(!. II. *'  Ite^'iiliir inoiithly ineelinirs of the  Auxiliary iuiye boon Indd In tho t'liurch  halls on tho aci-ond Friday In each  month (except unco wlieu tliat day fell  on a holiday, when the iiietHlntf wiih  held on tho folhswln-^ Friday). Hpi'dal  tni*oi.hijfi*i botli tiencraland Kxcouiivo,  lutvu bean hold when tho occasion ila-  inaiideil, All of these inei'llnj,'* have  been (ali'ly wall attended, anddetiOi'Vodly  **o, for such a worthy cntiao iHtliworvliitf  of every Woman's Interest, and work.  Se��cral of hist yoar'H iniaiilwrH huvo  left town, atultowlni,' in local conditions,  uittny othors hnvo not re��Jolned thlii  year, thmijvh Htlll t*howlnjf Intorusti In  tho work halnff doiiu, Tho Auxiliary  h��.s now a mouiborAhiu o[ 5H.  tho faiiino oIllclalB  worn put back In,'  olllce In it body,   TJiIm ax.iniK.in. to thu  Hchool Trustoe, ami Mr. .f. Mod. Thorn-  fiOli,     Will     KllCCOml     IlllDHOlf     ill    tills  Importntit olJIco,  Muyoi'JIiiir. and Aidormon Plnro,  U!lhC|Iftit*vk*y, IfOM.OIbsonuml Hluko*  tnoro, will for anuther year meat  around lln* initio whoro no many '  things, lni|i��riniit 10 tho, wolfuro of  Albnrnl, iiavo been thrashmloiit.  Tie* Advocate - oxtandH coni/riitii.  liiliotiH, and the licKt. wlshi*n for their  continued succcsh.  ��� kwrrkTW9*)*!!.  would  l,��o In'iirrnRiti. ���   it   wiw hoped "-"ft hnt nut buitti n��o��ssnry to do vory  Ovtir .'IWi Mranrhah and Aifonolcs,    1(1 IJriuicho* In HrltJMi C'oluinhht.  l,'orri��,spoiidi*nts Throughout tin* World.  Alberni Branch  l��\ C IMit.es* Mana'nn'  Port Alberni Branch  K, W, lloiiKKTV, .Muiiiii-.il'  H, tl, An^us, Kst*.  ESTABLISHED 1817  nOAKD  OP   DIRCCTORN  K. V, PS��r��fiith, .:���(,., f*r��ai|ii��it(.  II. Ii. Orot-ntihlclvte, V.m),  Sir Win, HttodouiDlii  Jl��ii, Robt. MMishkiy.      Sir Trw*, Sit*tU||l*.n��-9*y. K.C.V.O,   Ustvltt Mmrrle*, tsq.  C. K, flositosr, l-fti*.       A. i)autti|*irt��M, K��t|. C. It. Gordon, Kst1.  H.K.Drummond, list}.  D. Porbiio Angu��v. Usij.  * Win, f1��MUst*r, ll*n  Sir mimmtCK WILUAMS-TAYLOE, General Mmiaguv.  Hunkers In I'aiuuhi and liundori, Kojf,. for the 1'aniidian <ii>veriiiiieni.  llr.anchoM ostablished tlirou'fhout Omnia ,nud ���Nowloundlttud, at each of  which in a '..���'' .���.'.';  whoro deposits of $1,00 ami upward are received and futen��sl alloweil at  Itiljhcst aurreiit rato'^.   Kavin^s IhipaHiiioitt uooouot-s j/l von special utfontlon  .='������ a. 'i��*.;'i?urr<;i  . Mitattifei'  AMHOItNi,  Staa. "f lilitlhtl Colllllltilit iil'itlielieS.  VAKCOin'KIt.  A itl),  R. A, O. B.  The ioasq.iioi'tido  ball nlvcn, by. tho  H. A. O. H,   in  the   Lord lb; st Hall  proved a very pleasantsucciwk in every  way,   Tho costumes woro  many  and  varied, and 'Stiiite of them very tstrikltifi.  The order of   the'.day  was  "A   tfood  tlmo" and everyone appeared to .have  it.   ' ������ ' ���    ,,     '.  Tho surplus they proposo to Iransfer  to tho (iraijcl Ledj^e of l',n<,rlaud fur the  'HU'ljoso of .0i|iilp|ili.*> -ft jascohd inoiDr  (thibiiliii)ci* flic tho Red Cross Society..  The    coiniuitte    wish   to   talit*    this  opportunity to thank  all those whoso  kindly iomItod In proiiiiitsiii"' the wuccess  and onjoyincni of tllm ovonlnjr.  .   \ S. T. U.  .'.Shoe'Shop.'  llavluu' tijaiucd a  shoo shop  n����,\t to  that ilu* council would in* able hi ru  dure the taxes a Kit Ut thlHyonr. Tho  otUsiuiidlH'' miles and bills of/some $11*,  ���100, wa��taivered by debitiiturox unsold  of over *.'M),(K>il and oittstandinif rcvo-  lines of ���I7.IMKI  Tho general tiKsotNof tho city were  fully $Jf>..iOO ahead of the Itabll'ltles,  and the aiidiKn* who bad Inspected (lit*  civic account*, had Mated that Albernl  was In as (,'t'od condition Ihiattciitlly as  in. any town of tho some hWa) in llrttish  Columbia,  Aid. I'lnnu followed the Mayor," and  jlitvo Miiito detallw In coanecUoii with  the above totals. Aid, Hlakoinoro outlined iho electrh* litfhl husiuess, and  idoKi'd by remiti-Muif that- the a venire  cosi of llyhtiiiM tho city streets would  be ahum Ml per mouth for ilia year  round,  Aid. iiest nmde kuiiid general explanations of ilu* mani)i*r in whieh road  work had been done, nnd the mectintf  e|o,*u*i! with mi annmiuceiuent from tho  Mayor thai arrauiieiiieot*. had been  imtde lo apply to tho thiverniaatit for  a Miiull loiiii In onier to cary on rellid  work until funds could bo secured  from the bniik on current roveiuie.  There were restrict ions iiu posed, by  tho ilovorninoiii.. In iiialtinjf tliis loan  that nutde It best not to eak��Miuy moi'o  iliair wa-i. reipdred. Married ineii  were to bo cmpiuy��Hl, wiijicm cut, and  a,s few teams used as iiossible, .  A few (|a��st.loi)s were, a^ked and answered, and tho uiDtUin^ adjourned  Installation Of Ofiicerti,  At the rei'tilar iiria'tln^. of Court  ���Alberni, .Nu. i^lHi of the. A\ (.). R held  oil .Monday ni.*.,ht thefollowip/i' nei,v.ly  elected ollleers wero installetl Id tlieir  rt'speetlye olllco*. for the I'listiin;.;- tiM'iii.  much sawing for tho HosplUil this your,  thoNtoi'kof llnunboinji'itli now lust, your  and seems to continue In j;ond repair.  Nome neeetomry articles In tho way of  equipment have been puroluu<cd for tho  Uo.spltal, vl/,: u refrigerator, cord wood,  ietwinu' miudiliso, tca-towellltiK', uImi  Chrlhimas donations.  hast year tho Oirectoratt found it  nocossary lo houso tho HtaiT iu a couayc  near ihofloitpltal. and In thu early pari.  of iho yeur this- wan mndc muro comfortable by the addition of a coal Move,  carpet, toilet.sots, und bedroom tublnn,  In May, for the further equipment <w  theoottaye, nhootn, pillow slips, towels,  (pitliti apd drosser cuverri were pur-  clutfced,  Since tho rodlictloii of otnir, the i'OI-  litM'e has beep found otincecusttry, and  iviik vacaied In Hepiuiuber, Honl for  tho last three months wax paid by this  Auxiliary.  Diving to the fact that thorf- was  um a suitable ball iu the be^iunitqr of  the year, m>d later when a hull was  available, owinu to the necensjiy of  I'ntrlotlo work beinjf done, il win.  thought advUiible um to held tlio an*  iiuai Uosjdiijl Hall. A Tay Hay was  Inaugurated on Jhmdulon Ihiy, and if  one thiiy jtidjjfo from tho rt*ady response  and lionoriwiiy of tho public it ivas in  oyery way a��uccess, One hundred and  twenty-live dollar* was collected by  moan* of ten cent tnjfs.. y;  From tiio Troasuror's report it, will  be scon ihttiYtho Auxiliary is In a very  ir   * . . . .   * ,  healthy llnnnciit) cond^hm. \  A lutiupor' of many jjood. lb lugs was  made up and sent'.to i-.ho Hospital before Christmas,  While tlie ���Hospital is not at present  oariii'if foras.many paileiits as formerly,  Now, Quartan?.  Mr. A HoehoHter, who ban bean  carrying on ;t Hutchor Shop on tin*  Albernl Trading Storn premises hIiico  tho llrrtt of the year, lias Wcurcd  quartors next door to I'lnoo & Trun.  woll'ti dniff Ktoro, Alhorni,' Ills new  quartor��ara oxcollontly dcslj/ucd for  tho purpose, and in Mr. Koohoster bus  not. only horvrtl his time at* hl�� trado  hut has followed it for your*, ll can hu  Hilton for tfraitlcd that, tho publlo will  IfuUktlltHl ficrvluo. Ills motto hi^Nunu  but tho Hum," and IiIh prlino outn of nil  kinds of local menu will curry out tho  motto. Givo him it call,  . Tomorrow Ik* will huvo In Mock hltfh  claM homo niado.iifiut.a'/i*, nx well rs  mutton, boof, pork", yott}, oto..; Toln.-  phono 3.H for prompt dol.Vory.  i Farmona Institute.  The annual mooting of tho Albornl  Farmers ln*itltuto waji hold In the  Court Hot-tut on Huturdny nftornoon ��t  Ui.'ln, when tho rotirlntf oillcorti juib-  mllt4*d iheir reports for tho puss, your  which Hhuwed tho IniiUtuto to bo In u.  vory honlthy t-ondltloti Ihutnolally, in  mplto of tho hard times. Tho following  olllcers wore olactod for the onmilnir  year: president, Mr. A, W. Heath;  Vlce.Prei,,, C. A. Hlundy; Hcoi'yaTrr-t*.  Mr, 10. M. Why to, ri*-ol��cied; tlfrootorn,  McsfCh. T, N. <!rh*ve Jt\} A. Touip��oni  K Moro, M. M. H. Vaughn nnd M,  T*d>o,  It w��t decided to ri'suaie tho monthly  maetlu^ii, and tho lirst oug will be oil  Mitt unlay. Feb, I,'}. at i!..!0 p, in,, *-i*hon  Mr. K. M. II. Vrtuifhn, will kIv�� ��. ail.  drost on the V-*/,-omble fJtuxIon,  A hearty vote of thanks was tendered  lit ihti retiriuj,*7 oitli'i'ii* nnd iho iiieet*  jut,* thou adjourned,  Conors! Advanco.  A Hiji'Ve duspatoh datod Jan. 11.  says that Immense prt*paiviUion*> are  under way for n Unocal advau��o of  tho Allios wlilchixuinnot be far distaut,  ''-''Italy'Busy.'" ';:,  Home, Jmii H.'<-pno hour aftor tho  oxpiratlo'ivof the ultituiatum to Turkoy  (lye Italian warships, and n Ilotilla of  lorpiHlo beats, sailed from Tar-jnto,.  under Healed orders, desiir.atlon unknown.  .������London.' .Ian.   Il.-~.lt Is oidclally an-  It ijjls a vm-y  li.ii|it.iriauf place  in tin*hmuccd    that   the   Italbin   council  at  HulPtiC'f/jfirajj'e.'Albirriil, I hope by tfo'od !c, i{.,   A, T.W'alUer;  S. (.'. It.,  'P. S. Ilile of' the eoinmunlty, and should re-! CoiisUuiUnoiilO fias been nK'stlled.      '  work and (noiiipi attention to buslm:.-ss| <;**jevo Jr.; Troiis.vW. .Wmtie:  Sect> jeoivo the wqiport of i�� very  citizep  of j ��� .liomoi-'��'��n. i;t,���Turkey has .'.offered  to ���sccur'o a fair share of tin*  repairing ho, M, Whyl-v;  S. W.,' C, Mills; ,). W, | the two towns, and panleiifarly of ofi'ory jto,salute the lt.al.hin Itair.  trade of the district,  Win, Mi-sure.  i t  i  I, Xkipsey; S. H.  T, V.. Moore:  ,), H., J iiieniber ol'this .Vuxiliary,  l.titheriord;'41udleitl Oli'cei*, Dv. A. i    The Clergy have been most, hind in  I.   Moi'iran.; .���.Tlit* ceremony of. Instiill-! aiistouuelu^ tin* tuoetio-r*. and also In  uiotv was  pi*i formed   by   Jim,   [���).   M.   allowin*,-the Chuicb tialls lor tueciln*,'  \'/by,(.e,   Dlsiciiit    Sub-Chief   Hauler,' purposes.  a'lsiii'd by .J. 1'. <-. U. llro.Mor��ii!i.      jMr.  J.   I'1.   Uh-dsoe  has a^-ttln been  " '"       " | very j-feiierous, iiud i he columns of the  Picture Framing.. I Advocate ���have at. all times''been tit-tho  dauu.ti'ed In a collision in home waters.! SU'' H' l'Mtlm ,IUS **�����"��'��������' H��" picture | Kervice of the Aux'Uiary ; all prifithnr  It. Is esilmate.l that in live months the ' f,l"l"f' buichlno which was openiitxl [of notices, loirothor with tlio tedious  CfOrma.ns have, lost ��*!* war vesseh of .all  , (lormnn L'ossos.  \    .  ��� .��� ���  lAUidon,   .Ian.     11. The  ciuiser,   Von  der Taiin;  is  Ciei'iiian ;  reported j  (io   tedious  by .Mr   V.  Slinver, aial will  b,* In line j work  of prlntiti*^' the Hod press ts^s  cla  for 'anyibliii*,'' In   tla>   wa.v*of  artlstlo ! for, Ilomlnion Day bus been 'rheci fully  framlnj of plcuuvs, bijf and little. .   (continued on pa^e l)  Another One.  ���   ��� .���/'' .    '  London, Jan.   U -ft Js   annolinced  that tlio German, cruiser Kycnl^sbcrg  bits been Hank o!t tho coa*tt of Ka.st  Africa.. '���'.���-��� ���'''.''���  Outside Electionsik  For Mayor. . Vuncotivor, L, I). Taylor; N'ltnaliiio. A. H. I'lantii; Cumbor-  land, Pariinham; C'eurteiicy, Kllpatrlok.  t.  fV-  K  I* "  V ���  >. .  P-.  U.."  i-  ���*.  ���  r..  {  *���  f'...  i THE'AitBiERNI ADVOCATE.  tmutgaHummui  Th��  jknoeod, *pluy footed, spavined,  !s\vny haelted, ooivdiocUed, ring*  Albtnit Advocatft PublUhtn-s and \ j)()m,{i      l,mk��rti    in wed     trimlot,  Priminf Co., Ltd., I'roprUtom. ''iniui,    miiKUt    jit win,    *,iimct,  eyed,    rubber   necked,   pigeon  Kat��oai>��<i,ii��.T��'iiwk;kHa!ta^iiW''ir'��a<��Bia��a*aw  J. F. ULZDBQK   ��   Editor and Konnsir  i��vili)l��ii'si] lit All'efiil. ltruif.li (VluiiiMn, In  llli illl��l����t>< uf Vullinitivei tfiiMIHtlU tfvm-lil ��Dit  tlio Alberto Ouurlol in 1'itrlK'iilnt  M��ad Ofllco:   Alb��rn(, II. C,  ACWOteil   l/J'   Pie   I'.JmiilH.kile**   Uelter.il   /.il*  irnniiKeeiliiii tlmniKli iii**iimilt.ii*i'*��s��iiiiiit��liis*  Ittftttair.  But-t-orliulwm t�� imbu* in Onamlti, in*.* thiltinl  Kinilitiiiii, AiifilriilU. New '/.riiliuiil. N��>.* fiuMiit*  I soil uret iillitir eeiHilrleii with Hlmilrtt* eiiMitl  riofulfUlviUD. will I"' reeelveil ea the follettliiu  toinii:  OiieVeiir .     .     *     Wwi  Six Moatlis ,      *      ���    ��.��'  I'lutDBe id ilu* Uiibeit Sottetf. Metientintt nil  Kuroiiena Mint oilier terefun et����iar)i** tH.(k.i|*i<i-  y��*.r oxtr*. ,  fafi[.VMa��U.M.t., taair.JW.faak-al * n   *��������*��� w|�� Ufa.    ���* a* �������*��� "* '      * * JJ ' **���"*��� A'        "  Clt-4riie��fer��lilt'jitil aeiIre*1 will >���" themniio  iiB ttiojiipiiiiihlliilii'iibv the ii.l'.OffiiiliiHIfWi'Ui'.  ant] mtifit aeinilil In lelvMirr.  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  Allroniiiiuali'iiiliia* Itileiulert f��r i>ui)llei!tloa  iniutt-i* niHviincitiili'tt ttllti tlie nuiim Minimi.  t*r*t)* of tin* wrlier, net lusvuwirllv fer iniblli'it-  (lull Iml its tt iftinriuiU'i����f Homl tmn., .VnviiiiKit  unilurtnUt* tn rnltn-n reJiHitert i��iiiiiiiiuiitt*(tltiini*.  NeVttiieint'ritUiui will Ite I'tilil Mrt'iM'Mi* o-a.lil*  bailout* exis-ia liy ��|its*inl ni-rtuiKtii��i>nt.,  ,  IWfUMkyW���i* WW k* I  I  ereuKiod, hump hacked ttiul gen*  ('Hilly distorted beyond tho pow*  ����r of words U) oxpress. , Hu Is so  low down that ho Iiuh to roach  upward to touch hot torn and ho  could hide behind u hiiudio of  corkscrews, and in'vor cunt a  ���shadow.  Hut w��* must stop or wo will  ho hutrayod Into saying something really offensive,uhout thin  man. Tbo above Ik as mild us  now milk in comparison with tlio  facts of tho (-(.so,  Lot It go ��t that. He Is a  "lCmH-ltor." Tlmt covors tlio  on tiro situation.  PMCML POINTERS  BOUT ALU  Albernl, B, C��� Canada  J��n. 10,   iO.O  T,  A KNOCKER  HKltW is an, individual In  every community who shines  in ono direction, Ho is an ox-  port in Ids lino. Holms, al ills  trade, fow equals, and no sn<  poriors. An hIIwIho Creator  - know tho limits of tho strain  which poor humanity could stand  and so Ho mado only a fow of  tho kind In tho class of tho in*  dividual referred to.  Tliis being, erect on two legs,  and bonring some* otitwtird signs  of having had human ancestors,  has a lino. Ho is a ''knocker.n  In looldutc for fuvtlior langimge  in which to malto tho picturo  snoro complete, tho following explanation of what a knocker Js  was brought to our ttttoution and  It tits thociiso ton '"IV'  ' Tho definition of a "knocker"  says:  "Aftor God hud completed  tho rattlosnako, tho tout1, and tho  Viuuplro, Ho had somo suhstanoo  loft with which homado a knocker. A knocker is a two-lofXtfod  animal with a corkscrew soul, a  water ho*^ko��1 brain anil a combination bitckbono mado of jolly  and tflue. Whoro other people  have tholr hearts, ho carries a  tumor of rotten principles.  When tho knocker comes down  the street honest men turn their  bucks, tho An^cis weep tears in  Ihutven ami the Devil shulw iho  gutos of Hell to keep him out.  No man has tin* right U�� knock  as long us thoro is u pool of wa��  tor deep enough to drown his  body in, or a rope, to hang ills  carcass with. iludifs Isca'riot  was a gentleman compared to a  kiiockor, for after--hoi.riiyi��g his  Mastoid lie hud enough elm rue-  tor to hang himself, and a  knocker lias not."  Tlie microst.'opical soul of this  individual, with ton million others of the same size,.could dunce  a tango on the point of a pin and  have Jots of room left, Therein  comes the wonder. How In such  a small space can be concentrated the venom, spite, meanness  and slimy. Illth that ooj'.es, frbhi  every jxire, and poisons the air  in his vicinity.  Every man ..has-.a right to his  own individual opinions. This  manihas none. Whatever is, is  is 'wrong so far as ho is c'bncorh-  ed.    i't coukt not ho-right. ��� ���'.  His tniiid is as tiny as his soul,j  yet it is warped, cracked, knock-  THE COUNCIL.  EXACTLY the sumo sot of  oDlclals will rule tho attaint  of tho City of Alberni during iho  year IUITi as had their hands at  tho holm last year. The ono Ah  dermun who was Intending to  drop out was, at the last moment  persuaded to let his name go hi  so as not to break the wot, and us  no opposition developed, tho He*  turning Olllcer announced the  election by ucehimaUtmof ail the  civic olUcials, including the  ���School Trustee.,  This is as It should, he. Not  only hud the record of the Mayor  and Council entitled them to this  consideration, but It would have  boon a sheer waste of ^money to  bring on an election at a time  like the present.  Albernl is to be congratulated  on having an experienced set of  ofllclals to look after her affairs  at such it time as that which  looms before us, and we can rest  assured that the present Mayor  ttnd Council will do In the future  what they have done iu the past  work to the best of their ability,  for the best Interest of Albernl.  WHAT HE KNEW  Y, my! But that man,Kit*  chener is a whale when it  comes lo handing out Information  There are some things which ho  knows. He stales them. There  are other things which he does  not know. He announces the  fact. No humbug, .lust a plain  announcement, Take il or leave  it,  Tho other tiny someone asked  " K "'when  the war would end.  Now, jiiNt listen to the large  chunk of Information which this  question brought out. " Don't  know when it will <md. Know  when it will begin- Next May, "  What a blow to those foolish  ones who have not only been  ���'thinking that the war wns.under  way, but ���.'wore; quite free with  their lufonimtton as to just how  it should bo conducted, and who  could .tell, :'al most to a'day, when  it would end.  Here is the one man who  should know -more than any. other  about the situation, and ho plainly states that so far there has  been no war, but .that' froln all  the present indications there is  likely to bo one. He then goes  further than he has overdone  before, and actually sets a date.  The war will ,bc|gm next May.  Now that we have this oilicial  statement, we can go right ahead  find' get rei'tdy for the big event.  No need to hesitate any longer.  Then; need be no further  doubt about the matter. There  .will, bo a war. Kitchener says  so.  Alberni I?. reached by train from  Victoria, t"-,iiinecUons are made with  Victoria, running throtii;!. to .Albernl  on every other day. Passengers from  Vancouver City can couueei with this  train at. Nanalino.'  Alberni Is also r.wchtsl by steamer  from Victoria, and iu the summer  months (horn i-vtiomorodelightful trip  than thb/i up thu wo.it o��a��st of Vanoou-  vor island and ulouif tlio plcluresf|uo  Albernl canal,  The inland trunk liueof Ihei.' SA\.  lit now hnihliiitf from Victoria to Al-  hyipnl. ,     ���  Land prici-H its to acreage varies  from ilsJO io .JllXi por aon* for, hush laud  and from 9100 to $100 tor land that has  boon cleared and brought under culil-  vallum- I'rlcos am jfiH'erned by quality  and looatlon,, and laud ran bo had iu  any quantity,  It has been found that mixed farm-  hif? pays best, On ploU of from ten to  tw-enty aero.** fruit tfrowhifr, dairying,  poultry ralMlnjif, lio^s utid cuttle will all  pay woll.  In Albernl will bo found th.** usual  advantaja'oM of it projrrci��sSvo Wostorn  C'oiumuulty that- has faith, and tho roiir*  iijafo of Ilu couvlotlom*. 'i'horo arc a  number of tfood Htorus oarryinjr tt wide  rautfn nf troials, schools, churches, the  Alburnl Advocate, nowspapar, and a  Duuilter o( athletic and social olubn,  Thu olUualu H as lino as cuts ho  found du the PaciJIu Oaisl, taken the  year round. Thu rainfall is lois than  thatof the City of yaiuantver, the  fronts arc hght. Thoro Is holdout frost  onoufrh for skuthijf or��now* onou','h for  sluhrhiiii/, aud when olthor of those  enmes It, only lasts a few days. For,  ��� ho summer" ami autumn months there  is uo.hluK' lii the world to excel tho  Alburn! weailier.   *  A1 horn I is tho initio! of ono of tho  largest and most fertile.calloys on Vancouver Island. In tho Dlsirict will ho  found a vast wealth of timber of thu  llnest kind, coai, iron, copper, marble  and othtM' oommorcial stones, brick  clays and other inatorlaiM.  '���"nr'nti ii"mriiiifiin 'Wi-wiirTi��ini^<ii*T<it.Nii-i*iiiiiwiji  Some Attractive Offerings  Lady's Tweed Coat  lady's Tweed Coat  Was $15.00  Was $13.00  Now $8.00  Sow $7.00  Now  Mens' Mackinaw Coats Were $6.50  Mese will not linger at the prices  taTrAis Company - Aibenu.HI  ljudtoN1 lloimt ���loui'tmi J'aMwm uI^aj'h In, *uwU  lttqw��iPia��^*��w,iii**iiiii��^ij��rwii��ii^^  Commence the Now Year by ordering your mew  Tailcr-m&de suit. We guarantee to give satisfaction In Style and Fit.  ^v^iO-''B>''*,'+**-*J**ir^,**ir+*ii-l+MitJ.**r j-vtt*M-r*iw *,  CAMPBELL & MAC FIE  Motion Block, Albernl  Phono 81  First Ave., Port AlbornJ  Phono 7.1  <aikH.i wmwi��iikiMiailK-**<Bt)-lwmkkn^i.ik  k^ll**Ua��MkklHkMk  .afwalkali-kilai*��lWg.kaTl  Thorft aro numet-ous atli'iietlvo  opportuaiUoH for tho liuinufaoturorund  Investor. Tho Kdltor of tho Alberni  AdvoiNtto, Albcrtii, H. C, will bo triad  to take then. mattorM up with you.  Wrlio to him for particulttrs.  Can now supply ordoci for Klmt (,'\mn  *��� i '  Rough and Brassed iiunber of All Kinds, Shingles, Etc*  Local Ordoi-8 will roculvo uptwlitl Aittontfou..  Call at  the  Mill on thu Hcotch Kottlo^ont Hoad, or i'hono  or wrlto to tho Manager  JLii  Phone K49  Alberni, 13. C.  ���ffr?-**  T' ti ,.Tm ���n-|ir*MnuiMi--iMk*��i��i��ikili*T'riin  wi-i-ititnitii  Artistic Photography  In All  Its Branches,  The Now Studio,  next to the  Lord-Best Huilding, Is now  Kijulpped for  Business  Landscapes, I'ortraits, (*roups  and   Commeroiul  Worh  tk��%i��f lad ffiatitii fa- Amttwj  Picture r��ifllfi|  il. ..-'C LH'C G ".' ���  Electrical Wiring,  an  Practical work at faiir prices  fjtkales fursutfred on si! kinds of  Electrical Work  ���      * , ���' ; l  Athol St. aud 6lh. Ave.,   fort Alberni  ���|>��tTa*limik*Ta,M��r��f3ft-ill.*t.(*l  "SSflf  Hom��* Production  'J'ho V\. Hr��nU Mill l�� tiirnln// out  dhiutrloM and lumbm* of all kinds. Tho  prleeH are rlifht. 01 vo him a call, and  koop tho money at homo.  -r*~  ��a>iH,a,uajaingkjBjl.a,  j BaaaiawaaMaiaain.  akawm^'-iw-aMjii  o tirange mm m lauiorma  Clou red Land ready for the plow, $100.00 per aero,    10 per  eefit Cash.!   Bitlaheo in 8 years ut 0 percent.  '..'..��� '   ALFALFA. '   .... '������-  ��� A vent go Crop, 7 to 10 tons per aero, In a year  PAliTY NOW I-'ORMING        FOU PAHTICULAHS SEE  Tolophono  LtSal  v. o. ��os jte'  rRACTICAL ftUHBERS; STEAM  '  AND HOT WATER flfas, ,  i ���   .'    . -..'���..   ������.���������  Estimates furnished on Apph'csttioa  Margaret  ' I'hono 18.  ".la*  IWWwc 30.  ii&miMimg&igtiimmwmtimmmmm  Ims^kik^mfmim^w^m^eMtt:  e��ME��i8f8i^^ THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE
wmtowmuu wamwm ■ "* <***«**
t     ■   *-• !^ f.    i
Hotel Arlington
The old and ever popular headquarters Tor tlio Hlgh-claw* island Trade,
has been recently
' L====^=^rcr Greatly. Enlarged —
'   ' And  now contains sixty wonts, tflnglb or en suite.,   Tho .splendid new
dining-room contain?* a lino riotaotlon of .island .views from the Htudio
' of Mr, Leoniml Frank, „
= Tourists and Sportsmen
*: , i
Until further notice any person de.
slrinir emphtvment, and those who
ailiali tu hire help nf any kind, wilt thai
the ciilomn-i of tlie Albernl Advocate
• i|n ii tu make It new t, iiiolr wants to
ilu* puhllc- without, chai'tft*.
The horvlco, It* free,   Miiku Uhooflt.
For Rem or 6«l«.... Mmiiil Houms on
(loublo corner, Alberni lielirhls.
Small pnvmoiit down and $10 pur
month will buy It," J. Hunt.
Wanted,--Kxm-rluner-t., middle njfod
Kujfllsh widow, wuntH position as
housoltoojior, (loud references, Address Mt-fl. Ii. llryaul, Allicrnt, B, U.
For Rent.-Two room buildliijf next
to Albernl Ilotttl. Apply to Q. A.
KmiLli, Albernl, II, V. ,
£Utusi.l<m Waknted.^Ouiiortil Hoiisowork
Appfy tu MIsh Athorton, euro of Advocate Olllco.
(    , i
' Will find the new  Hotel  Arlington just the  tiling.   Guidon |furnished.
--Sample Rooms
For commercial men on' Kroumf "ttoov.   Center of tho. business District,
Froo"Hu« to and from all trains and boats,
Pitmen'* fllwrthon«if-~™Iiidlv!dunl la-
atruction, *ft por month. Clnas of
thrcu pupils, or more, ut roducod
tonus, Mrs, Ulurko (oortlllcatwl).
flovormui'til Htrout.
tmRk(ng.~~tuid ropulrimr done by
j*i«rlqj.cw. * worker.    Terms   two
dollars   por day. Addro-iH
Vuughiin, Clrtindviow Ave
Mr«.  H.
, Albernl.
^'*a/ja^//-^-iwa->^^^AV'**V,**V**,V^^^ •>
The hitskolbuil tfamo on Maiurday
nljdit was a close fast eoiil-est that kept
the spectator* ri«ht up wii llteJr too**
from start, it) Unlijh'. The itnmblors
met their tlrst, defeat, but St WiV* by w>
cluse a margin as to indicate thut tho
bunch Is ntlli on tho mup, and goinjr
strontf. The (jmiin wan between tho
Firemen* und tho [tomblurs, und tho
iiiioup tho taimo us In tho former
lfiimu. Tho score of 21 lo lt> in favor
of tho Klromon wjll Jndlcato jusit how
close tho play was, and thoro was no
time when the least little thing would
not havo tu mod tho tide of victory ono
way or tho olhur.
Tho bust indication of this fact is tho
manner In which tie1* closing play cattio
about, Tho call of tlmo came with
tho&ooro lit all, and un extra period
had to bo played in urdor tu make tho
win, Tho Hi-omen wcru fortumtto
ouough lo secure au odd 'banket, that
gave them the tfaim*.
Mr. Whyto ttctod us roforoo, nnd
nuccooded in cuulng out thin. "rouKh
«tufr" that marred tlio Itrst. jfiuuo bo»
twooti tltoso two toaniN,
Wanted--Export tuiok  sowar*, two or
throe days work.' Apply to Plonor
Feed iV Coal Co.
■*■(•■■*■***■k« II^WIl-t^WM-k-i**-*^
S.    EAT ON
Margaret St, Aiborni
Patntar md B»ej>»r-H*ng*r
Wallpapers   k«Pt   in   »tock  at
lowest prises.
Estlmatoi* Frtu?.
iiDiii.in.ief re-ifvwminiTi"i -|—-■•—
mmtW* mm »■» iiMllliWJieWtiBWfliliMWl
By HCouring your Wood from
Dry Flr.$1.7B por rlek, delivered
Oroon Mr,$J.60 jiur rlek, "   M
Gortrudtt St.
Professional Cards
' GEO. A. SMITH, C. E.
B. 0. r.Cind Survovor. Surveys of
timber limits, mineral ohtims, and land
subdivisions.   Ofllco at Albernl, V. O.
Box 23.-;". .:•■•'
'■■.A.M. i.e. e.^:..'"
a C. Lend Surv-atyor am! CM! Enj-tn««ir
OJHoijB;   Ccrthoor  Bloqk, Port   Alansml
/'.■   l»hone m '■
.: H. H. BROWNE .;     -
Civil end Mlnlntf KnK'inoor
Provincial LundSurvoyor
AiberaJ  '''''■•.. 0. 0.
»mi kmiMtt*irMmimm*
■leiien iriUTi utr mmwuinir n ni u m rr n iirurr imiii f ■ifiiHiTii TifiTTiHr
■Mikniiwrn mm\mm»mMiimimt»*f«timmmm<*mmn *rm»t^t\
END The Alberni
to that
iiiwni]wip.inmiirlii.iiiiif"iifrfTfi    i"'rr i'" '■""'
tfaiikW»we*ie«a>»*<ie»tiM^eiiiie* mwnwnitowi
niHiaWjiii*) wetniUM « w wpM»we,eiP.>i
E. M.   WffYTE
?1U)N15 lfi
Or P.O. 1J.0X 10
J.mRitchie A,W.A|ttw A.'E.Wright
Dcmintea mi tmhdil Uu& Sumym
Civil, Kydrsalic mi Hmup&\ EitfitiMr*
Eajtinwo; far Ritcbt** Asnew Fewer t»„
..-■'■.'■' .ittt  ': \\'
Mtiitijijltiiil Worli.  Ht.ri"ft Ortitlfs, Stilt,
rttvlfilorla. St-wnr-n-o, .Wnu'rivorh*. tmi.,
or r.eti.Ht Surv*>ylRB
Local Office, . Psrt Alberni, B.C.
P.O. Box Hi, Port Albarni.
Dancing .eiaasos
Mrs. Gibson mill open Dancing
'Cpfwes in the Scout Hall, 'every
Monday, from $ to 9 p.m.
A Public Diince will follow. Admission 50c, Ladies free.
■ .  SHOE SHOP. AND  ;,
These   Little
* *
» ©
Dititrlot. of (,'lt.yiH|Uin.
Take notlco thut 1, John A, JCondull
of Port Albernl, li. 0. by oeouputlon
Huh merchant, Imtoiril to apply for par*
mission to ioa*Jo ihofollowintf described
(.'ommcnolntr ntnixist. piant«d on tho
H. K. dornwr of Imi w.\, Olayoijuot Din-
trlot, and M, \V, corner H, T. U, 741)4,
bobiR John A. Kondull'H N. K, uornor
post, thtmro west VI chains to tho N,I2,
oornei* post of JUit fcKKI,AluUH*n south 2W
ohuhiN to ihotf. K. curnorof Lot KO.I,
theuce fullowiiiK the shuro lino m tho
point of oommoufiouionJ, (,'uiitutnlnjf
sixty ncros mora or loss,
tlohu Aloisaudor Keiidall.
Doc. I). 1UW !>«». 11-14
■Mini ietiw»**i**Mit*e«aw>ft'i»w^
Bring Results
Notice T*» @k«t«r««
A kuw Jooof ton cone, per head, will
bo chared to sltntors jfolnif through
my promises. Bo In oaso of » frooi-.o,
don't forjjfot. to tirlnjf your dimes, or
thoro Will bo » frost.
Chlldrwn under 14, free,
A. Vv\ Iloath,
Mo Coy Lake.
^KM^f^t-miimm mp uw*i * mmfm ityu ffl f$y? WW1 V. I'V-.'Sy
Huvlnjjf oponed a Butcher Shop
next door to Bishop's Albernl
Btoro, I respectfully solicit such
a share of the business us can lie
conimitnded by a stoek of first
eliiss local meat of all kinds.
i»HONK an
um I, ..i)o.r,iiii!i^.Miii,jii.iiiM.ii.iiiiM.i i r i^f i' vy," v    ." '■"'' ;-^r."i '.T~rT". '.;^>':\j'\"v™.''*^T"1M7'^'*!MM*^*MWfM******f
mi I ii l. .iiikiii ■■i,*iiin,iiii'riiinriir"li i    -* ..„■...,-..—...— .,         .,,   i,, nmnia ,»m ■ |i<
0«t»lcir In
Sii«h» D&ora m\d  Glass
Building and Hoofing Fepor
Lime. Bricks and Cernont
Phone 29
AlDQTfll      J> 0. Box 9
Bricklayer and
Cement Worker
2nd kmm
Ytti Mhmi
*    I THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  m **rt����*t.i $ *M'ki)it:,ifMtwtm!*>wqm'mi*w***it*. ajjrjt*  ^vtK ^^i^gria^^-Aw*) -ttk^*4f4*.^t-**dji|^-*>*^fr^vjw,i<^i-fc ���s*��wus  "**  At The  ME mims  -���,�����*-.,,����.*����� ,*.,!-.--��������� ^^k-S��a>ma^-*s��i��^,^.��v��,*,��^w��a*>.'--<*>li*4k^  >**W-..��<C>��ka*4M..aa^a,;��k^_t��'��^H-^  BELOW  IMionic n  Extra Special  NITKO CLUB SHELLS - - 76c. A BOX  REMINGTON SHELLS - -66c. A BOX  In 6, 0, 7, ft, shot only   while the present etock laatn  GOODS EXCHANGED      or      MONEY REFUNDED  �� R, PAINE - HARDWARE -  SPORTING GOODS  lk*Mk**-*--**��****CBM*m*��,J��^^  Annual  Will commence Friday* Jan* IS     Better bargains  will be offered than at any previous sale  re  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  i  r  T  Uuwn below,   lathe   above hoatUoK',  ' unjy   means   a   little    further   ilunn  stream, not   perpendicularly,  and  has  to ilu ii lib nor thriving  Meiyhhur,   He  I'orl,  though  from lie' rac-sot   klcki-d  iup there  of iate, wt��   lhott;-hl   bcM   in  'explain the illret*!|ti)i hidicati'd. i  Well, ibeii, let in, i-oiia,iiler ihe I'm-I,  'and (lie cachet.    The   Purl   wo  have  j had   with   u*. for  Mime   lime,   but   tin*  , racket is uf recent ibile,    AecurdliiLr in  i ail accouuih I hi* Ik nimit*   vi|iiabble t>e-  ���lloi'n me, nnd tho end is nui yet.  j    Aieoliiii/s hart*  Iwt a held,   trenches  hate been  lulvcu at ilu*  puiul of  (lit*  | ha,*,one,, an oilltor has bt'eu ihrcalcnod  jwiiii ihe an fui pmii*-huicnl uf having  j In on I. unoiiih'o  i-dli ion nf ht<*  piipi't'i  I without   lieuellt  of   etei'<,',i,   tu��   II.  P.  ! nance, lhui��},h there has been plenty uf  cniiiuaiti, or ifiiitlon, Miuce-.uin-f mutal.  Hald I'dltiip iuuM'iit out us, (>. H, C'ali  fur wniio woll ultllhd "putf" In neod of  > a meal ticket, and a plaee mi (lie Mull  I ii Mtid tn in* walllnj��;  fur tho man   who  j can qualify,   ('urinous have appeared  ! showlajj' mil* stalwart candidate taUln-j'  ithe   count,    from    uiielher    eandidaie  i whom (in*   cartoimUiia hut,   ondu.Vt'd.  i * j  ! with  somewhat mure miwuluT devel. j  1 ojiiuem titan i'Von Id*, fi'leinls Mispi'eted. j  !    This week a 'iii'oiJu'j" nf thu  various j  , i'itiidiiliiie-1 for civic lienor**  \\u* held.  ! It was one of tim-a* nice iiuh*i-��iiii'i*t,iijf  j which resemble u larfre  lailler factory  about ii week   behind  mi   a   hurry   up  'order,   The various   ��uiuhhuf iemarkrt  - inutlc hy the Npfitliers had  iihmn   iho  iMtino ollecl as a can  nf I'latl oil on a  Hirii,     Oh!     It   win,   tu*   we j  W<�� Ijitvi* on hand tho Ilrst e.n'Joml of Ibis Hour over shipped  into Alhonil dirool from tho mills.    This oniiblos us  FERRY'S GARDEN SEEDS  8. C. MILK ��0 QZ, TIN  SWIFT'S    BACON     AND  -      JUST ARRIVED  - 20c. A TIN  ,.��.,.        -.l|la-r,        -/.       J��e *, (���    *^.|.���-_^U *_,-���        .     ,      -a.    .-     -X    f��X  HAM      ON     HAND  LOCAL PORK AND  VEAL ALWAYS ON HAND  Tho Busy Store ���*  ' On tlte Busy Corner  utMmmmnKmnnf  1 2 for  do.  Hi  Empress Pure Jam  Climax Jum  C. & B. Jam, 7 lb. tins  B. C. Cream, 2oz.  St. Charles   do.  C. & B. Pickles      .  Stolwerks Gold Medal Cocoa, rerf 85c  Gooti Quality Canadian Pens, 21b tins  .Best B.C. Surfur, 201b Barf  Good Potatoes, per brt*  ���'���y)Zi&& })W ; hm-nln-,*-  '^'fJisiilil, a nice ijuhi. iiii*ctln-{, and  nil! uf j  'JM[ U oilmen the  ipii*Mliim    Who  Is tfuhi;, j  1.MJJ,'tu he the nosi   iiia.nu'  iiiiil' cnuiii'll   nfi  Ll; the City nl piM-l Alhcniiy     Messrs, J{, J  W> d. Murde  and A, l>,   Mclutjiiv wore Iji '  "[('/(���ilio ruiiuiii','   ha;  I lie   bos*, job,   while  ���!��W i ulileimnnlc  nuiitinatiiiii   papers    \iere  ���p; pui In fur  Mis*,.*,.,  W, S,   llarlun.  *'.  1,'ree, I,. KM*., K. Kxtun, ,l,,A. Kendall,  A, V Miiclie. A. Watson,   L. II. Wiles  and It. li, Wuuil.  Wltoinjii* pull closed ,\eslei-day and  ail iho Huh* hllps won* eoiiniiM," the  <|ues(imi was ausivered as /ulhnvs:  Mayer Huide. by a iuiijurli^ uf sl,\, the  vule i)t*iui/ Uurdo K."i; Mnciuiyie "li,  Km' Aldermen, l-lMini . L'U; Watson  ItWj Kills .\tVt\ Macho Je,">! Jtariou  ��� 101' and Wood I)!. MofKi-s, Kmalall  and ('re:* failed to liieiih within ilu*  charmed circle,  m  w  ���M  fn  Guaranteed Bread Flour. 401b Bujl*  FLOUR HAS ADVANCED  5 only Ladies Rain Coats, Kerf 12.25  Penrrmns Underwetu', rerf 1.50  Stfinficlds       do.        do.  Mens Working Shirts, rerf.-Lao&. l.��fl  Mens Overalls, 1.-�� values  do.  o on  do.  ,75  1.00  1.00  l.OO  ,30  '.05  JO  1.40  1*50  1.65  7.50  1.00  1.00  1.00  .95  1.25  mi  i  The Well-known and Old btiMiilied Gracen, Bakers and Produce Merthants  Buckwheat Solf Raining Flour for pancakoa 33c.pkt  Olympic Self KaiHlrt^ Flour for pancakes 3Sc.pkt  Tin Syrup and Molasses from 20c. por tin,  Us& our Br&ad, Bum, Cookies, and Cakes which art?  the Best made.  Victoria Quay Store, Pfaone 38  Argyl* Sfreet Store, l%\\t 148  M  M  Kitchoner Answers.  Loiidoi). Jau, 11. Loril Kltciiener wie,  aski'd tuilay when he ihuu-,*|it lie* war  would eiitii "iimi'i know, i kiiuw  when it- will cuiiiiueiice  -next-May.  Hospital Affuirtf (cunt.)  duiii* by him free of charge, and tu hisu  ii. due tint tliiurtis uf the AtU'Hhii-y.  J wish to I Insult m,\ fellow ul'looi'ft ����d  l)h\ the memberK uf tlie Aiui'Mury fur their  co-o'icraUott and .sui'ia>rt, In the work  durinf/ ilu* ,Vi*ar, and I tru*��l tluH my  hiicoess.ir in ulilce will receive tht��  miiui* full measure uf hearty iutetoM  ml  ii  w  I  I  ���ffl  M  la  and lo.t all\.  K'i'itiei. <i, Puiiso-rr.  ryispods, Boots an  oes e  H  :'l(����j  m  Jan. 1  1  '1UN  \   ���> !       1  )  V J  _U1_   J "'.  m  ANNUAL STATKAIKN'!'.  lti-i,i:ii"iw.  fiisli in lluiik ... ���IH'.-I.'i  iliierest .'U.L'N  Membership Keti  ,, o-*',(m  Duiiat Inns lt-i.f'e  DIn.ou.I, M.'J'litjiiiMiiiisac, Lilfi  a'lnj. from l>r. Votm*,* 77.JMI  i'nieeetls from 'I'aii'J)nv    l��*t,W  '. US..,,.,.-.,  'I\ilal receipts. *l;hfiH,;!H  jm iii��*��Bifli*i*��Ji'iV^irii-i  st.^a^rHS'^r  When. They Ask Questions    Send Them The Advocate!  Kx.-'KNorruKia,  . Siiilionery itud 1-*����lit�����<?    M.VS  ; I'Niri.Jshhljtfs A ICtjuij��iw'onUaH0..'t5  l)ti. foe Nurses* Home ...  JClectrio U\. exlonslons  Do,"ilxi-ures forN, IJuiue  Weller Hruv.---Kurnl.**h-  jn;f*, fioj l>r. Vniinj*-* wnrd  .1. M.j'j'liuniseti   l.iblifeu [tdr mas   ;,      ',,������  Woittl fi.*i- Iliispiuil   ..-.".���'  Uent- of N'tii-ses*' liouia*.  Tiiial e*,;i<nidituro' ...  <.'a.'��h in iljiiik'  M.vhuAKI.'J' Hiil-UKK, I'l-onsiiroi  (ffiSlaT  "PUNGLE" According to tho "Universal Dictionary." is a word which is m��d in approaching those  subscribers of a newspaper who are in arrears with  their subscription due��. If this means yoify don't  . ge^. mad,'but: "''���������.  MM 


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