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Alberni Advocate 1914-01-30

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 1ll..l*M*l.l**S>L��iM*i���111  mm* mmtiKvtmim  1.-11 lo Vi'ifi'l'al......  Abiioiiii I-iii Ct'eion , . .  Violet   llll'iui* I'l'I'IIU* .   .   .  Wlicli liii'i'i I'n-itiii . . -  Shaver's, Hi'lmlu ,,,'.,  'I'oi.tb Wieli and dm dor  Fflt'i' i'tittder .,,,,,,  NEO  DRUGGIST &  STATIONER  ���im  TSSS^msmmmmsiSimt^^^mtxmKttmmeamiM  Aiberni, B. C, Friday, January 30, I0!4  hmmir*tifa&w��rnmM*WK&m*wr*nm#*f* immnmtpv&mmmum  No. 23  ^���w Mtmw3mmmJmmm*i'^**m*w*Miomm**'*m ^m\'*��m*mm  CITY FATHERS  VERY BUSY  POSTiSTRESS  If the members of (bn Aiberni City  Ciitliu'il are not more I'ili'i'ltil Ihey will  eeiliitnly I'd in biid with (iie Honor-  llhlo tiltb-r o! the "Soil* of Host"',  'rite maimer in vihieh liu* nlieoU wotil  l-.nuiil oti'l'tti *diit evenlne ��'�����* rerttdn-  HAS RESIGNED  After wime ttteniy two ye-art of see.  vice Mr*. Krtcbsiiu, Hoatnilairoioi of  (he Albi'ini tllliee, lots s.-m in her  re��lj{iiii!liin to Ihe I'opiirimout. Till*,  is to takeelfeel on Apiil lb-si, uud ll  I* tmde|^tt><*i! that Mr, Hot nurd   Flunk  l.t it cioiliiiti to suttke-i und oilier  semi-   is slated foe the p-idliuii  nitide   varum  BIGGER PRIZES  FOR FARMERS  We Have A Few Cheap Lots For Sale  From $180.00 to $200.00 each  ���frwHMMrtrM-*  THK.MK OK SA1.K   $UMMi Ciwli;  hittitiico,  #10,00 monthly  Two ruoiim in iMuUi'M Block iu rout  OTION  ItVnl Kitnto nnd liuutratio*!  t IH, Port Albornl  in sld o!  Splendid Jhtffmm provided by the pick oi the  If you miss it you  Rtneffllrer (lit plsw and <Ufe  pen  Wlat-'aVllaVa'Mat'a'lIMm  Here will fee a meeting of tlie Aiberni liberal  Association in Brand's Ball on  Thrift csiitemplatjfig joining the Amdatisti nit specislSy invited  Sudden. Call,  Mr. Ooor/ro it. illrd, one of the Al>  liornl pioneoi-**, was nuddonly ended u>  Midvorn, I'nj'lrtnil, it fow days uj,��o ow-  111;; to tho receipt of new*, tn tbo effect  thttt his father wiim horlously 111.  II Wedding  . MF.AtWKH.-injN'F.OAN.  At the MiiiiHii of .Ml. Andrew's  Ciiurch, Aiberni, on .Inminry i!Htn.,  ll'll, by Itev. Jnmn.iCttrrothei-H,   .bihn  Victoria Weather.  ' A llott-o ttnowstorin, Kales nf wind  cfdeiihited to remove tbo hulr from u  ciisi frun duK'i iiud ti i���� littlo siimm  like tlutt. murked Iho hist week end ttt  Victoria. The whole formed u cum.  bltitiilou which went, fur tovrorti re-  uiovlnj; the .iimitf lintnnor In wlileh  ninlvos of the ftiplud City io-e wont to  boum of their "Fine Clhiittto lloit'i  V* KnowO, Kovoi'itl Albornl res.ldeuts  ciime hnok from tholr trip t*lnd to return tn tho mild nud -.hollered wenther  idortiiuul itisei-ts, otitl ttheu the lime to  adjourn t'liine ii ttus ufU'i' li Vtiitlllie   of  j i,hh|iii.,,s hud ii.'en irnnstn-leil 11 tut- wim  jeeiljiiidy �� eiedit to till i-iini'i'i'iied,  I,el its i it It it u .dunce ti| ihe list,  j     In Ihe lli>t plitee Ihe Ctiumilun   Huh.  i her i',iiiipitu> tttis p/tli! till (or tint   tire  ho*,', reels I'll',,    Ulil!    tlllll    ItiUtlCl'    in  tiled,  The lliijiui'iiil mutters iu cuntiectiun  iv lib she C'tniidhiu I'ipe Ciinipfiny woro  uiiiineed so its is�� nteei the next ptiy-  uii-til duo ihut compitny.  ThttCiiiiiidluii Fliianolei's, of Vim.  coiner, ttei'ii up'KilnU��d Fincu! AtfotlU*  for lite lumdllnt'of ciicli Hoourllien aw  the City niiiy feel like turning over U*  I hem.  The document* hi connect Ion with  the lunk she wore nil Used up, uml  the ptu'ohiisn la profccdhijr in due  course,  in tlm mutter of iho I'olh'o Mutf!*.,  I run*, Mr. A. W. Nell offered lo till tlio  position for tlie nuin of ten dolhirti por  tiioiith, nnd lh!t* hid will bo furwioiled  to the Attorney f loiioi'itl'i. Depart mom.  Tho School F.sihmtUtt worn turned  over to ilio Klnitiii'o Commlltoo for  I'dthiilci'iu Ion ii ml ropurli  CorilUfitti* No, 1 from the ttrolilti'i't  lu connection with thu orootlon of tho  new lire hull wits i tinted hi. Thin  culled for the ptiymoiit of VHt), Tlili  will he htii'di'd over when It in aww  ttiluod iiuil tho men who urn workln*,'  oil tin- bidliiiii'i  itru protoftt'd u** tn  Wlli.'1's.  The ituitlor of tho olty ntidll wim  iiri'tiiitfctl, uml it llrm sflven the eon.  tt-iict fur lite >utit uf #'iV>,  Mr, I'hik'tT iful ilm omit raft for tho  wli-ln1*1 of u iiortiou uf the lirn hull for  the ttim of Vi*,'li\. Ills wm the otd/  reply to the cull fur louder*.'  Tin' city Jut* tflvim notice with re-  yiihl IntiSl reins now runulliff. These  will end iu thirty duyn, us by tluil tlmo  tlie Council expect** in be in their own  i'im ru-rtf.  Iu ih'.s ci'iiuci'ilnii St with rtiHolved tu  etiise the pinmd for tlio winter iiioiiilis,  The Con��tiihlo will urrest Mrnyitoii the  eoiiiphilut of elthens, ut, the Hotmd ily,  I .iitt is mil '-.impended l*,v tn*,v itti'iittt,'  Hiindr.t uccoiinta worn urdered ptiid  nit the report Uf (lie Fliutitce ('otnniit-  tee to tllltt elleiU.  Mr Wilkiiisitu will be inforniml thut  i'llm ulisii'tit'iIon to lili* pitiperty luia  j been ordt'i'i'il ivinuved by the Cminoll.  Aid. Ib'st, us i-epri-M-ilflittt'O of the  Council on the lliiapitiil thmrd, bilked  the miitter of the coiiirlbiuhut tto tho  ho-pltitl over with tbo member from  (be Hurt. It wus M'tived tt* pity to tho  Uos'pJtuI it rule tiot rumilni; lilulier  ihim one linlf mill on tho iiitseNMueiu.  Tlie l'ort will iiitihiibly not-be tvlllhij,^  lo (fo tlutt blub, but in tiny event, tin*  Albenii Council It* wllllni/ u> Mrlko  the stnne rule for llm hospital to* the  1'uri prov ided it rutiu no higher Hum  thennehidf mill,, This should pro.  dure between two iuul three ihuiiitmd  dtillurs lor tho hosidtitl fiom tho two  towns.  |ty.|,t��w Nil, 'i.'i, knotiii us the "Cur.  rem Itevenue |.y.|.iitr*, wu* tiilop'.id  ttlut Ihiidly pitUeil,  The ilebellllli'uHfor the Wlltor Wol'lth  purebiiso tioni oideri'd printed.  Tlie City Clerk vtn�� given pmvor to  pitivlifi-.ii' ul) needed atuthmery fur the  ouris'iit jeiif.  Thn II. C 'I'vlophotie liei'lit'o tvitu  cootluiicd fur ilio tvcnr ��l the old rule  of W��. per lunitnu,  The police iillicer was iiiatriictett lo  ���it-t ufter the Cliloks over their Ui'^leet  of tin* "i^iumlry lly.LuV, uml ihe  Monjjolhin* will bo uiven ti tuste of  wiim it uii'ttus Ut luimltey with tlm bti-v  attw.  The tueotln^- (hen itdjourned. Kome  stunts.   Whin V  hv thin reslt'itutiou,  .Mi-it, FricloMin in �� li'tu* pioneer'pf  the Aiberni Vnliey, iimi her eotmec.  (Inn with the |Kitl otllce diites: buck In  it lime it hen n slim mick vtoidd hold nil  tluti there wit* In tho \vu_v of instil for  the entire vrtlloy. Littnly (he sires', of  liit'i'i'ni>lntf work, which hits come with  the ntttnrtil Kt'ttvvih nf the phteo, >kih  phictui >t hettvy istiiilon on Mm. Hrii-lt-  Mm, und she felt thut, il would bo hotter to retire, mid itllnw the work to be  tftken up by it younger perttoti. Old  Tiimu'-t wilt lotu'ii with regret tlutt  Mr*, t-.t'lokcon, (tonti'iiry to the ifeiicru!  belief, it* not entitled to (tnythhiti hi  the wny nf it depurtmeiilitt poiistun.  It oortuhily uppeiir-* thut tuiyouo who  bus sii'rvtH'l tho publlo In tuit'li u  c-ttmcity for ho lon-f a time ahntdil lie  entitled to nKimn comtldemtinn in ibis  lino, uml If ltii>tbltii' ctm bo dime, we  frnd eoMiibi thut iho Old  Timer.-*' will  Unite ill till e(10l% 10 IlltV't*   tho   lUULktr  intended to. - ������  Mr**, I'rloktioii bun hud the unit tor of  i'(��tlremerit in mind forsoni" time p-tit,  und when the now post otllc'o up|*tiitt-od  to bo tin uviuroil (inn. thoutfht best to  k'ittMipUie |Kiiitbii which nhe lutt  lllloti for Mi many yettri.  ES  MEDOUBL  Oitiivvii, -Jam. IKt.-In ti itittoimmi  hiuided out by Hen. >f, ,0. Ihuen,  inlnlritoi' of ijuhnrle*, In rej^iird   io  itio  At lite iidjiiurued Annti'it Meetbt1'  of the It, C, At-rSi'idiiintt A��*mio!uI1uii  held lu Vlcloi in on Tui'sduy, (he  btihinee siieel lor the jour wti* presoip  ti d, sbiitvhiif it btiiiiuee of over ^uoO,  for the pit*! venr,  The prlncipid other blndnoss of ih,i  iiieeilni' wus (o itp|Hilm the vtn itne?  eiitnuilHeiM for the cumlny Homiiilou  i'xhililiioii which Is jxi ho held In Vic-  loriti lids j cm-, diirln-f the montii of  Septoiiibor, uud uIho u> rceeivo the re,  port of iho District Kxlilhii ('inutiilttee,  tvhtch wits nppointed .ut tlm Aiiiuim!  Meetiiijl lodi'iiw up ntoro compreiieii-  i.lve 1'iilea for tbe nutimk'ouseiit nnd  Mtoriuir ut these oxhiblM, uml for  which Mi',,K. M. Whyle wit** lliocliulr-  ui'iii.  Thlt committee revised tho ruhw for  tho t/enerul uiunii^ement of tho ex-  Idtilot, uml iilw iidopU'd it Mcoro curd,  whit-it wii* Hii^'CHtod to them by tho  A'frlculliir'il DepiU'iment. of llm (Jo-  verniiieiH, mid wliloli hiyt* down just,  hiivv the titlloles _**hnil bu jiitltfed, tit*  ihm no mutter wim duos the judtfintf  tiiey Inive (ho sumo KUtitilitrd in work  tOt'thm* olhliliuilliiif, Ut u very iuri/o  e.v.toiit^ the micorttiliity m* tu how the  oxhlliits wore to be judjeed, which hut  prt'i'iillcd In tho putt. ���  Tuko i.'1'iiliif und tij{r!otilturui aeedn,  for Insttinee, the polub* tire tiwurded to*  fuliowi*:- Oiitw itntl coi'ii score .'I."- juilnbt  ouch if they tiro it(* tu the ��uudurd;  pens mid bin-lAy otictl 'At \ whritt-, voU'liiis  tmd rye! ouch 15; uluver iuul ulfttlfit,  eiteli 'Jfi; but ttt h'UM 'iilii-i. of etich  kind must hu shown, In seeds, j/rtiHsfii  sent-e 2�� for numbor ut kinds nhovvii,  uml 'Jti for (pittllty; tilfulfit, kubittutl  t'lini, ouch fit 1; olover, Iftt voiclnvs tint)  riipo, E."*t mixed fodi)et-M, ,'lo und mmih  down tlie whole list,  A oIiiiiij-o wus itlfii itiitke In tlm  prides for tho Kttmti. FIrtil pri/.e t|ds  yem- will ho who, necond ���j-.Vw, tlibit  FIERCE STORMS  ON THE COAS  rci't'iit jttil|r'i!miit of tlio i'rlvy   Council [���''t'l hnu'lli t.V.\\ ttnd to every dlstrhal siipi'i'luit'iiileiili,  Tniltle condlthmniiixt  Meuuher toNont A|"ne��l)imii(,'tm, huih of thin fuvot-ed Mictloii   of   Vitnooiiver  of l'ort Albornl. I Jnhiud.  The Ifeautiful.  Albornl hut* uu Kpecltti need foi'Mimv,  und little use for lh��> hiiine, It luukos  priicth'iill', nolhiii'* in tlio vtity of  iimusement, mid i-eiierully "iocs lino  slosh ut short notice n�� the dlsifitst of  the t-iif,/.ens ifonornlly. These fuel,-,  tiro ciilltd to tlie ttiicnthui o( the  Weuiher 1,'lorlf, who lu-d, for the littler  end of hist week, shown wmiohilwiiliiu  iilon*,' the lilies oi '"I'd" Hciiuiiftil".  Wo Imvo escupod with Micli a tine whiter, take il till together, tlml ��'e were  In liopei thttt thtn-eiutilnder wotild Is*  tip to MiHiidiird. unit it uiuy be yet, if  tllltt titlUW hllsllicss i�� cut out.  rej"ttrdli:|' iho iviidllutlim of Die pro  vlttcbtl uud fedentl jtiriMllutbma oyer  tho Itithe'rioK ol Hr|t|sh' I'tdtiuilitti, he  siiys the iloolitton hiti forever cot tttrowt  tpieslltmi ol'ilshorh"* rltfiitt thut Iutvo  been out*t*indiuK- slueo tlm pievlous  Hi-Ivy Cmmcil dcHsiou of 1HIIM. The  diH'laioii sity-* Mr, llii/eu, IcitvcH ex-  elusive jturMie-tlon over jlnhtu'les !n  tidul wiiun-i, livers, huyrt, eti'. in mil-  wu,t bi-it, und In territorhd vvutei-s of  the const In the htiiid-i of the fedorui  l*ov('riiiut'Ut> so thuthoroiiftorilconai"),  except possibly its tt more iniutor of  iiiciii utxuthm, will hooht'itmihlo only  from tliut i/overiiment, !ie,m!d-t tlutt  In view of the iui'iio eiipemliimO'* hy  the federal depiirlmi'iit in ndiiiii)|sior��  hi*r uud pri'iectinj,' lUiii'i-ioK uud muitt-  iiiiniiai; initv!tei'i'.>, ithteti )���> nmre Horn  dinildo tho iimuimt.nf revenuti rocelV(*il,  It'Inn* been decided tn i-estnlM loon on  Httlmon, trill uel lieeiiM's to thenrli.fhsti)  timmuit nf ten diilltir*, in, it with lie lorn  Hie provinehil ���,'ovcrniiient reducod it  tu live dnihii's ill ltrt)'/,  It liiii ttUo been decided todoubhi the  tSte fees on trap netn, pur-to M'hiec, iuul  dm If t-oinen. In cimioIiimiou, Mr, Hiireu  nutt'h thut the I'rlvy Ctiiu-cll ex-prensly  rofrttlned from piinsln*,' any opinion  upon the (picstlon of whether lite  province could levy uuy tux in leapeot  of tldttl iUhorir-t.  Booxa Foddllnj,  Within tho piist fow dtt)s there littve  been two wo.1'* of peupln on I lie Ijjtoi'-  iJlotitl Ibt tfutdutf thpmr. A flue u(  ten dnlliira ��*js ini,*(*-tm| hi eueb t-nsr,  mid hi one nf them, wlimo Ho- littinoof  the portion simpl'lnt* the boo,e wus  know in u wio-uuitt wii.-. tflven by the  iiiiij.'U|iilte v-ho piiduly atitUnl thut this  Wim it foi in 'd nifeuiM iij-'ihisl the ittvv  thut would tie muio tevnioly deult whli  hi the biliiri'.  i-iiiii|ietliiji thut wwrca ut letetl. IU jmr  cent, of t!'i> 1,019-1 pi��w��5hh'i,point*, not  iv'limln}i'*ii price, tho mini of ftioU will  bo tflven to help thoiit Ul meet t'loti*  expi'iiara hi I'liiitii'i'tlni) with tho -fltow.  Further th Uilis of iho uu'lhoti-i to- be  udnptod nt tho Vicioritt show wl!l ho  Klveil liitor.  Iltive vnii !kmiii inelhii'd K> jjniM  tibotii lht> little shovici-s thttt w.e biive  tii'i'it litit-iiii' ttt Albi'iniy If io* plettM'  feint iibtnit the times they uie hiiv'iti','  further miuiIi, find be thiinkfol thut  .von live hi ii pli,ee where audi thhi'i-*  do not liiippeii.  ���' l**i*��im Hon l-'��-iuiclsco|lie t'eputla,*��U��to  tliut the whole (-oust. |n just t'ltioi'ii'ln'f  from th" Ki-lp "f tt storm tlutt Ima  dreuelied tlie entire re-'loii from thn'  CiUiuiiiun tn ilio Mexican Hue. I,,u(<'*(  reportx plttce tbe storm's dofith toll ut  eljjhi, h!|*-h witter huif ctnised ifit'iit  ihiuiui'd to property, pitrtlituliirty In  Southern Citllfurulit, imt) ttio ml bond  service ill Cullfornln Itlld Nevttdu hits  been crippled, Trolllts cuiidilioiis vvtu'e  expected to impi'ove ttHltiy. Tlm ruin-  full yoateiiluy in tho (Kiuiht'i'it purl of  the suae wiiw tretnemliiits,  'J'he hiickhi-uo of tSio ntorm bus boon  broken north of tlie Tehiiehtipl, nnd  the Hucruiiietito imdSuuJoiiipiln rlvei-n  huve oh'iired tlu'tiiMOlvcstif uiiuvortihiM  nf wuter tint! for tt while citiiied fell!'  for tlm itifety of tiovi-rtil Uiwiim, At  Kiicrunii'iilu tho river climbed nlmutt  to "W foul, tho hlj-'hest xince H*iH. Tlm  IowIuixIh of the NtterittuenUk Vidley ore  cov.U'od with n V41II of shidlow wuter  fin* iiiIIch,  ih-ldtfo troiiide-*, wiishouts mid , envt-��  Iui. liiiv-o disrupted ti'ttln aervlce in  various purl-* of tint Mute. Through  w'l-t |cn helween Sun Fruuelseo und  l^.sAnijreleK hto* htmii impossible tor  in hiiui'K,  Ibuivy MiuwfulW und wushuut* Imvo  tied up Iraltle lu - vftrlomt purls of  Nevada, Hot'try 'down t'teurotl the  Sutithorii Hiti'liiu i'1'.'den lino Iriieksln  tho hiifb Hlorriis, am! snowbound train*  went I'tdottM-d.,   ,.,  o A cunfiiiiHl Idou of the tremenduiii  iliuiuif.'o doite to (he raiiivtt.is ol Ctilb  foriilu win* retilliti'd slowly io dtty fiom ,  Ihe reports' lo heitdipiitrtm's of dividon  Good Check.  The ''Hi'lxitm. Huadurs" inttde u j-ood  bu tt) ut Uie Hint, itml ns a result of  tholr t<iTur|.** for the two ii|i*ht.t hud si  inn isniotint of irbl-i. to turn over t-n tlie  funds of tho Weal Cnttk-t (jcjiora) Hos-  {dial, Tlie rnculpt of this Amount is  iu*knowloitl''t'd witli tlmiikH by the  secretory of that, institution. More  ���mtver to the "Ilur^lurs" and the jolly  bitiid of first clusii urt-lsts who compose  tluil bunch of fuu mtikorti. l^mu may  ihey tvitvo.  NOT A HIM.  ���'Have you ��ny empluyoo who doesn't  talk btisob'ill, ltoi'i.0 rttciuif uml pi-bo  flKhiln-,' itll.iUte tlmo, to tho nxcltislon  of luisbiCMiV"  "Yes."    ���  "Whom did you jjot hhnV"  "It isn't, ti him, li'ti u hor,tl  Liberal rteotlus.  Thb* evoidti'* ihei'd will be u liinet*  ittfe nf tho Album) Idbei'iil AsMuoittlltm  for the ptirpuse of trnmnietlui; the  trenui'iil litishiesu of tlm Assuoltitinn.  It. hits linen, found noeossary to 011II  tlienn speciti) m*!i>tlue;s hi order t��i keep  up with Hiii timer; In ,tho importunt  iiiultor of oiuvllhii; member*. A mim>  hoi' uf mtiiii"* huve been proposed nince  the hist hiiNinet-s mociliu*', uml it la  felt thin it it* better to keep tho *>ut!liil  und liusdiiosH kUlnH of the Asnoidutlou  distinct, The tU'M uf llm tsotdal i*0*s:Iooh  whs 11 pruiniiifiond mit'iti'M*., uml uuirkml  11 dlMiut'i iidviiucu In the miuuir of  theae fiiuolltiiiK- locally, A lino pro-  jKi umme uf loi'id uiloill vvitt pruvldod,  tiiid nil piuitet! it most rnjoyuble ovim.  hik'. A number ol hidles werii prexont,  ret was tjttbo In lieepluitf with the meot-  hij.f of it party which him un "Ikpml  Soiriirtiuo" plunk in it* platform, nnd  it can ho ttt ken foe t-rautod that tlie  next of tlioao eiiiorluluuiouts' vthleli  tlie Coiiiiidttee provides, it 1)1 bo mot  with ii ciotided house,  In tip) iiieiintjiiie turn out thK ovcii��  i(>K' hi foi'tv, iuul K(Mi  (hut   your mono  lH OU (tin roll,    Tilillijh Ul'tl ahllplllir   Uj*  io n ehtoi'-'o, midh in vt<i! to ^m In  line, Me-ior*. .1. Hhtford, J, lb Mutton,  K. M, W!��,uo, |i. illlJN, M, Cmuplioi),  .1. Witt unit nnd t��, Hull have received  their roiiimtstdoiia lor' Hie titkiui* of  deeinrtitiiiiin Sit eoii-u tMlutt v-ph the  vnMi's list*, mid no itppllt-ittlnii lo any  ill ihoi.0 ���ji'iitlemoii tv|l) emible thosii  whtnirc notyot un the lisi to not their  nuiiiitt totfistci'i'd. Attend to thl-s  miitter ut once and feet ynur uiime on  tho list, Then come ulon1' ttnd join  the Aiberni Idbenil AsnoollUlon, no  thut when the 1 him comes we tnuy  know whoie ui lind you.  still doinorullml tmd promlso (o be for  dity** to oomoi Hrldjfe-i iii'*\ hull truck*  tiro blocked with nltdoif und j{iililod'by  wiishoub*, ytutU tire covered with mud  and mi,)id, tmd irahilouds of through  |iiisseni��orh ur*i htalletl where limy worn  euiij-ln StUut'dtty und Sunday nlt,dit��,  em nil from tlm innsldo world, Hum it  Murhimt is i��ill) out oft from l,t��  AiiHolea.  Scout'** Council.  ,  A meelhiif nf tint memher-* uf llm  Scout*. Council will ho held in ihu  Kcuuli ilttll, Suttinlny itftei'iKHiii M ,'f  o'clotdt, (  liusltiessof impordmco incoimocttoit  with the bull will ei'iui' up. mid tt k  dr-driihlc Unit mi luiiuy utteml iltl*  moot bi1,'as can Uud It eoiivonletit to  do Mi,  Big  0o!r,ao,  The Viciorhi I'ixhlliltlon thia your  will be "the lilwiioal ever." Itlx Ottl>  eiihiud tliut ���MtKl.UK.l will bo Mpunt on  the show, and every eilmi made to  puss all rorortin, Lot'a, nave up our  dimes and n^dtiwn,  p   Creamery A����oclatlon.  The itimuiil nteetliii,' of tho Albornl  Crofimory A'Miclatlon wJJl tu' held on  WodlleMltty, Febritttry -Hit,, tit 'J.W p.m.  iu iho 0>uri lloii'ie, Aiberni, Htisltiohs;  iho otts'tluiiof onii'ot'i*, und any other  imuiortt of concern to the   Association.  i:. (ill!  Sec rotary,  "It Hikes tin old timid to lie always  huiiKkilnir ihere'Mii imtn in the liouso,"  heid tint lonely wife; "married women  soon Jeiirn to know bettei-'1  Ax-3 Ready.  Lull-si re|K��rts fi-om Viciorhi nppeite  to iitiilctUo thut the "lltK Ajie" K  reitd), and about to full <m the iiuoU*.  of mniti ihtm one of the huhloia of  I'tiblnol |iiisltk'iis tinder (he Metirlde  (���nvermiiciM, This is a *m\ eondltiim  oi ii it it I ra, loit thi'ie is etiitifiiit (11 the  sil(i'IOi.f of l tin sit't'ot |,liiiOsi,|ihnr v> iteti  ho reuuii ked "WoKlitniid Worry,"  Honey rfBtk-,*t��,  The hirj-e amoiim til Viciorhi City  Htdieuttueu that mdil rt'centl.t U>v  higher liifiu-tis (bun huve boon outlined  : for a loii|f tbno p,*st -Aoulil uppeur 10  Intliciite tliut (he tfrip of the money  lenders Is nut ipdte mi liyht ol hue.  Business Change.  As will hit observed'hy the ltd vert bo.  ments this week, Mr. F��� M, Wli.vto  bus dls|K)M'd of bis bhtekMidth bte.bn-'.s  to Mr, .lolin Mttuuel, und ihi'i Ititter  l.'t-nt!oiuun ull) t-ni-ry tm tin- bn-duovi  from now on. Mr. Mtmttol U well  knnwti ns about tho best iiorseshuer in  ihe Albenii Ul.str'icli and litf it con,  nUittt cull for work In this'line, u-. well  un the more genera! work of 11 shop,  lie can lio depended on t<j- j-lvti aitlltt.  fitotlon hi ull lliii'-t of liK work.  An oplimhi Is a man who not onl'  hopes for tlio best, but in-iti'dlv expects  It.  9  ���fe/xw^a THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE
ki9*W tWa* »<*»*»*«* -t*»» *s~n*
•a-Mrc-MWF i   *"  "   in   i   inaTinpfllJ
Kdlior taml t1«iwi*rimi.|||iti   rmsou*"  by om- paper,   made   with   wiiliu   private   coin-jOn Johnston   Komi  tlioiv ui" H \ffitf &)»t"$^*!$
O.tlt- „(„.«  „»   All*,i-i    llilUsli   t'..(niiO' -., Hi Kill  111" t'tll*
(|„   1>,I, ,»••> -I V'411,,.1 ,,. I I,' lOlll'l »,-' I" I,,I lint !     > ,
I,,.-An«-i„ti>..i.„-(n,,..iii,.ii»i jtunoiiiiH  ri'u*--unis
(laud Oif.wi   Afton-it. II. C
Att,t>ti>I   ''t    lll«   I'l-tUii *te»    Ol ■■'(**    *"l
iiaion-e-.i'-ii (l<ii,(i.!i Oi-i'i .ils,.- i.,,>..u,ti'ia»*
niatti i
*..,il.«.l,i-llni.i-(ti|si|iils hi l ii'iila III'1 I'oU'sl
|{|i,,..I ,n, .tuioialiu Si ii /.i i* .f'l. *.t »«"iUnl
tn,,,! ,,...( till,, <• ts.mmn ■ « 'li simi'Mi |s.*ln|
ti-rfillmiu'ik 'AOi In i.»j.iti»l <-ii 10i'Ii'll""!"!'
i u.,t V, 'r *      If"
to* \i,-i.tli» K"
'•„*fHKV!iiil.i-l'ili!l'i 1'lil's- Mi-»i"«in«i'lall
i-:(ii,.|ii-<iitHiuiiii'n'» I'm .en isi!|unii»in«nHi
ti-ar cii|M
dlil'KYa lor nil It t-'nl U"Uis-k t ill )»• llll' aall.f
Mk ll,,.*,,. ralnlillsliisl lit llll'II. t' Oltti lall'.i'1'lll',
Hint iieiat liel'iiul in mit'on'i-
.MIlMOIIIllOltl-tlllll'tktuli'llil'-ll fur l'l*li|li'li!loil
iiiiist I't' <iis--iiiit-nl>litl ttltti Ol"' Uiioii- Mini nil
•Iri-mif llii'tviinT. IH ii.ss-s»'ii-llt fin I'uliUt'ti.
it,.111.ot its » ifiiuiiiiilit'iit «'"-il fiilto VV i-i-iiiiut.l
Olllli'lOlillMi'   I-1UUI  fl'ils'ii-'l |i.l!lil»lll»lli'*lO('l*»
.•*'.. iiiiiaiii'iiKli'it ulil U'lmlil |.ir|u«'Oi' emiU-l.
Iillllliilk i'Xts|il 111 kl'l'l'llll 11IIIIIII--I llU'tll.
IMiiy, iuul rtiwli the Hilm. along jnunher  uf  s»u»*,  uml vjo«t <»ft r":-^.,;;.^n^it ^^t^^« ♦.*.■,'
„•* foMi iih wi. con. IthU Hii.«..t thoro ,ireu ituiiil.fi-.oi^^X^:^^^^^^:,'::^^
,,,, {,'l'Atun liiTtrt-,  Html tft"
uy t,unn»«-i<.i.(ii«u (i*i« »
ovoiH tin attempt-td,ould be made!™'' »»..*•»••••> imhu-h
riiuup puwur iiiniiiK ini.vix.iii.. iitiii'ii* Hun wiuiui do. imt in i« uy i v,,;.";:r«?.-".i.**;*» «r,^t^ ^{".Vi'! i*?.^;;*."™!
MiURFRNf     ARVOr/iTF ri,v <Jit' mA  f("t'1 iii,U'  '" ''n,''r:<0 <'"' 0'*>'''' ue<-eHu-try buiine.*-* itiul yet in the lino of tlio pro-
rlLDLlMU     itUVUt/itIL jh|^ )j)iv f(4).(|1(.,M.„,.UM,'UU.|it of.'-if tho city,  tlu'U h'f  tm cut out. h-iiMi* jimgrewstve enlurgmenl or
Thn Albfitl Adviwdt-i  1-ublUhiiif tun!  (,s   41,. | /t. on   tho  **IU*   hand,  uud jthe sentiment,  ulul }'«'t  down l«>; therity.   A comer would ho bi'M, j
I'rbitiitji Co., btd„ J'l-oprlt-eor*.        -from  what are ipioted ii*- "si'iitl-1 III*' ho**t agreement  llm!  ciiu In'jhtlt    u*»t    itlmoliiU'ty    neeeSMtr.v.. j
j. r. t)bf;u*»oi:
These "ru'll
woro hi  fitt'o
Jul she fit**! Shut the city engineer
of Prince Kupen iimdeinh'flnrit'jttinl payroll* «e iiuoU. Imvo,
(inn  lo the fll'ocl  thut the pro-      It  If Hum llutt  ihe^ fact   tlutt
potted contract would out dowujwo Imvo p-ctoit Iho "<4onl (^11"
tln> (d-si of the li(,-lit to tho con-j-diu'o of otir inunluipul tiovt'lup.
Mtiiiior fnun !**> i't-nU \H'V K. W. |iiioiit hhutthl hu JVt'UKUlj'.otl,   Th*'
hour  to  «   coiilH  for tho  ■niuioi'uhi dity* of MUlt!   Tlutt'k koimI
Mi'i'vlctb    Nuw,  thut. )h '{oIiik n iououuh,*' uiv lu Iho tlimthin nil
luitfi   way  fur  puru   Hontiinoui, jovor tlio  Itslniul,  und   wit iiuiHt
uud thoro uuikI- ho other reit»oui«j follow tstilt with otirw.
hi   coiMhluiilion   with   hiicli' nnj    Thowiuiiurthlnfiict punetruloK
itloti  lo Iutvo ctttiNi'd the vijlorsjilio niindsof tho "(Joint Knuiiuh"
u> turn  thu  venture down,     {fthripule lliu hotter. It will b<< foi
thoMo  reiiKons can   he   nrrlved till pitrtlea.
nt  hy   till  ini'tin*!  let   un   hnvu
tliein  to )4iiith- us iu iiiiittiiip; our
Coal nnd Petroleum Act."
Ahtu.iiNi i.anii invntitM'
o-.ut-'i «f n»i-i,i,
Taltriuil lit- Oial VV, Jtnlii j( Krii«l|<S'"« of VV,l»,
ton.'II  ('. i*«'U).«U..!t l-H-lil'l,
< i\n tn* ,». »'i<i|'t,tt]s»,-i fur t>'»|
"1 Ifn- S-.!|ii»nv ,(,-«•, i!**} I^tut*
Afbnrni, U. C, Cartfadn    -   Jan, 30,1014
ITU iho piiNsluix of the
"(Jriinil Old Mil.." of
C'nini'ilii. Lord Slnithcoiiii, the
oflU'o of lliijh i'onunlsMluuer fur
t!;inudii iiecuiiioH vuouilt, and the
urnltor of h KiHTUMKor to tlio
(lend »tuti*r<ii.itn Ih now to the
foro. For Huinn time iho fitlllnii
foiveH of Lord Wlrntlicuiin khvo
rlno to cuiiMldenihlo ^peculutlon
iim t<i liln prolmhle rtticcuHhor, und
of tin* Nuverul nuitie** that have
been su^H'oslo'il fur the puKitlon,
that- uf Kir Klolmrd MelirUlc, ot
course, appeals with the wren torn
force to British Cnluiiihlnns.''
Hwpjunlle'sH of pollth'til  loan*
litjcs there   ai'o   few   who   will
iiiititilitln   Hint,there   If*   hotter
iiiittorlal iu tho Dominion  than
Kir   Ulchiird  for (his  position.
Ills • ithllity.Toi'  junt  siii'h   an
olllcu Ih loo well-known toiiuudj
uny  deUtlled  dlscuHsUin.      Dlp-j
loiiiutiu to it decree,   with just
that polished uiiuu.er so ticedotl,
und   the   posHWHor of ttuusiiul
uhillty hoth a* a speaker and a
"Mlxor,r"   .Sir  ItMoliard   would
inuko   un   Ideiil   man   for   the
place,    ll would ho n source of
the Iilujliesl Ki'itiltlciitlou to tlio
ontiro poplihttion of   this   pro-
vJucu u> iltul one of hor nittlvo
sons olovutctl tu such a pot-iUiou
of trust uud lloiior.   At the .mtino
Mine It Is to Imdouhted If lu nil
thu Mast thoro is n niiin who Is
avttlhihlu for tho place who could
Itntil' n   ciindlo  hi   Hlr   l.lcluilil
itloiiK thusu siuiu* t|imlltles.
.lust how wlllhiK Hlr liluhitrd
would ho to drop thu I^-uiuler*
ship and hu laid away on oven
siteh ul. ulnyiUuil shelf us that
of tho Biuii cBiinniNslonorshlp
ritumhiH Ut im seen, lull-cerUilnly
if ho will Uiko Ihootllco It is up
to British t'oluiuhln, iik ft unit,
to iiittUe every ettort to hack
hiiii for the rtutnluu.
T KT io* hy uu iiieitiis wet sidt"
triteked iii coiiuectiun" with
(ho (picNtioii of provhlhuf the
City of Alhorul with elof-lrle
IIkIiI. uud power, This light
und power wo imiht- huve, iuul
lint! at tin early ditto, or it will
ln< un for the hi'i'iip hen p. It In
not, uud should hot ho iimde, tt
mutter ut sentiment, hut of cold
By nil iiioutm lot. us Iutvo nil
tho dtitti which etui ho gittSiored
on' both sides of tho vexed' *|Uos-
lion of iuuuli*lpul ownership, but
ut the snine tlmo "out out Uu*
p,iitT,. .und gel down to hrnss
tucks," iih - tho poot litis so
beautifully ox pressed It..
Much hits boon initth* of the
fuel thut the pi-oposed contract
with tho liitchlc-Annew Coin-
puny nl Br I nee Kuperl. wini
turned -down, but,.frou'i.nil tin*
reports that iiro com lug' in It
'uppoitrs'■ thttt tills was not from
n '."business'- busts, so fur ns tlio
conlntqt. was ('onireriK'tl, hut
rather, from  thii fjict tliut the
OlslKlH'! Ul'l", !l,
' Tiilif u.ipto llial Mii»al.*ll oul|i-n. «f 1'i-iS
|laf.l|,.ak-tl|M0i"4 |a|fm c IU4t Hits |u ect'l* fi>r
li,v!,t.-    iii  ..r,>*iavt   '.'r ts'^l   kiti-l  |« !i,i-t i,in
HO HO- J"it<mMi,'lti »i (ll«ti l,„,,|*
t-tii;tlut ;i|.(c(f *,| ,1 |s,i.l |,Ji*io«sl al Iiii- awtitlt
r»*l ts'llli r Of *i< 11*1(1 \f (lmt.s ri->tM l'l,„0'»
Om-Ims-ii'-iO, so ,-lwir,*,   !tn(«v   takllti 4'IimI>i>>
11", Ir.V S'iuli" *>l   lll.il-, *ll    |vlWt �� J    (4,11,11m ius
I'll 1,5. I't *.llf,4''*i n*   t-t ItV   *.,»!:..', (|   -l-»i-  *.i
lllkt del i-f'(v,ttt
Uiti.ioO It^Ufif.!   Ki'hi\
(Vtols'f U. iVtS J'tsi  >iat
VV   ItnU'll   l'l«lt>|'!.>ll
l*,t- vH
So seciuv tnu' nt »n «,.;trly dnte. j  i-wwW'1 *'- iw*
n** with the (ipunhiff. <»f i-.piitu:!
there Is illd'iy to be another ;o|- '■
,<■,,. nt   lit    ,1,.1,.,-u   4I--.4    -,-!!•   i-, -i,i, ' »«'•!■ tsflil ntinti ur'lilliitiaii. i(.n tula luto-i
I ith-e  ii)   Pii(*-S Hint   '.'••In i*,'«»«»,,ii,;i_,M„i,,l...iktsw_i,.i„,hUiui|«o,..'.'iiu
in  the  elly   huvhiM:   to , pay   u
l,i,fiv,i>. ■>,.!,.,, ti,,' ll,.. .l,.^i,,, 1 I,., • lis! <*»l«i i «» 5*.*ln;i) is Ou#vsM«t-i *>» (114IH*.
"IltKOI pi ICO (01,1110 UeSllOII IOlJ||„.|HS, a„ml, Miilialu*. 11.1'Ui' t*i-kl*kOli»IUs.
lloio     il     ,',i ul. I     Ink     .,,.,..,..,.,!     l,kii   t'i"»1'*' *l"i i'l **" i'li*l(ia *n l^iloi Ji|»s»nnii, lav
titan   it   louiii   ue   -tcouieti   un i„„,„, j„ ^ 4H» ,„,,,«, ,.,<. ,<.l,,4f ^, , ,„.
AMU-.ifSI f.ANn Ol'-'Ttlii'l'
ll|i-i»i..| .-( I(ii|v,,-|
'iVkitt i«,|l.s'Hiat W'lltati.l lini.t.l V^tit'.uni
J   H (' ,   ,»«>,||l»(l..,|    1,,..(;,-,       llll, H,U    |.lll(|.!J     (■<■
1  '" -
i ||.I_ f.Ui.italo,! ,|,.u.ti:u.| /o4..)»
minds up us fo what Is Ihe host
thhlK to do, H K however,
tpiite loo 'oou to jump at uny
Until conchisitoii with regard to
the iicllon of Prince Kupoi't,
thoit^h it uiiiNl he iidiultletl that
(Ills gives n stroiiK iti'giiineut to
]\T()W that (he promise of u
new posl olllco itpiieitrs h*
huve been coiiilrmod In ipitirtors
Iiuil iiiiiltes the building prnc-
I leu I ly ii"-*ui'cil, ii would tie il
good thing for thu City leathers
those  who are not In favor of u* begin looking nroiind font slh
the IfMohiO'Agiiew contract. On
the oilier hand it will ho noted
thut the Kltehlo'Agnew Company Is selling out Its Vancouver
Inland business to another com-
puny, uml it may he that with
now, It, might bo tlutt *siiino of
lliinio who are hi the habit of
talking big about their hilorc»t
hi the progress; of Allieinl could
be induced (o come down off
their "high horse" and ipndo
Mime reiii-otiuhle llgure** lo thu
elly in order to enable the conn
ell to do htlsltiesis Willi litem.
In any event, the mutter of
providing ti silo should he intended lo with us llllio delay <e*
liiiNsihic,    mid   un   elloi't   made
alui'iim i.i."tin nivriiii'i'i
"i'at.COMUt.'lOft  !Vl|tl«Wr J*4«,S,l.l„li, I.f M„(,t   J     « VnUH*. laMnjl al   M  l">»l  I'l-Otl.si «l   O.,' -H.-O,
-    ' - ,,,,], {lirj«f'.t ei>|-t»<V ■•tt't.'lli M t(, (l.tla. i4i*l h.l(l,dll>*
llOlu- * Iii*"- ■- *,,U0» sii »'li^I.,«   (lu ,„*- „,-*( ,*,, |i,ii,i^
liiili'HdVlt, *.,<.Oa*tl>ilk.!*' }lllf«llti  »l>l»lll KI .>|t„ll,k O.  |i..l))!,i|  iVilllllU'illi-
4-.M|iii,»i4i',i„i'a( a |«..-l !>)nii!iv.l «! Un" liuilli \'.\"'w- "' "«''•"»' I'**. I"'""' ""'II"" U *l»|i  O'.
i- Utl|^ H "la*!!!.'',,
.. -jiViiiijiLui.iafiii^—
. "iiii'iinfiTT^ir, lit,.»,-, ,o
|    iVtelsi li, !C!X ii,<. Ms
Al.lll'IIKl I.VNU liOsTiUi'l*
lll.lit,-( «f |t'i|.fn
,    'r„l,ii„,i||,s' Mi-o J,'i,n | Villi' i, i,f I'hi | lUi.ti
IUC, Ass'iii-iilinii mini,. liiM-iiii,. i,i „|.)i|»   f,„
IllK'UtS-   (SI   |l|ll.|ht'l   1,-1   ISSl!   Hi.,|   )4 llttllMKO   till
II)-' l'>)ll>Vtl!l^l|<M'!t!stl !,ll,ll*>
[     l',-l),lli-iitiiin ,i|  a (nisi |ilMi|liv|a,| ti,,, li.,,Hi
I ,.1*1 (-,,,,„•, „l >«,,.M,,I| |H, OM-]its<fl<i<tlll*(l<-i,tll!lk
0,,'in''. «,.i so ,<i„,n,k Oit'iiis- ii..ui, «ni'i,din*
inn on I "" '-*i'i'"si kOt'linli's (ti tin' |..il|(l i.l ts.iiiiiii-nt'.
j un ill. Ill till ilhMU'li-*. Is'ltm H'tll"iiM. 'I'tiOi li'
l(l||<«'H lltklllfl
'i«r t*!'. ti'ii" u liitiiii-t.
WititMiij r,Hii-i>i,,it,
Itl.-ltslil l.ali^il •   ,\g,"\
(S.liils » II   IkH.l im* Ail.
AMU.IIM l.tSIt OlsilOi*!'
J'i*tIIH i-l Ituwal ,,
'|'h'hi-|ii,|I,4< IIih! CrlaC lim>i. of 0-0! 11,11,1,
II I", >*S'ii|,flM.>i, (mm.,   ohhiiU (ji ,«! i'l'   |.i(
III,'lUS- (li |"i,,»i»,i I   t,i,  >,m1 ,ii,i| ,-, l|,
11,1' (ull.otiii, ill s, i|l»«| iiOtils
I\,i,iin, i,,-„,,t *| ,, |M.»t I'lritiK-^l lit l!„> a,i.<!l,
«t™t is,ti« i i,| Su.'lM.i ||i (|„ ii, I'd-.nlis,., li,i||i>
llil-lu,' tithl Si-I'lmini Hi, ii,,. nujll, *i|.||Mit,»,
On Itt', tt,'*t nil Oi.llisI."(-.1,11 i,t|s,ii,o.i Hi* Hi, 111,
iii siini-i,i.'H * it,-n-,it,vi i,m iii r«i> -ii- itni*,(
U|kU|i'l, ,
i:*H4«' llaoi,
Itii'liatil l-,Hiiiit   A ,;i m,
Oi'IiiIh'I il, llii'l l,.si ,'. li
.ti.iii.us'i i.a.'iO iii'-:j;iii
MlBltll I   111   1(11)-,'II
(VOiis'rll, tOl.f
J.ilio |'*itii,i,'r o
UtlllKMl |,«l,w)i'l. .Vr'-'lll,
Lund Act Notice*,
Aj.imitN'i i.tsunivriiuT,
IliiUl.-l ul llNit'lat.
i,-i„i tliut | '|',isi|iuiiY«ii-twii.ft'k'liait
for the hi mo. ll Is not always
done lm! It call he tttkoii as a
custom for the oily, in which
Niieli buildings nro'erected hy
Ih" I'V'tlornl (Jovernnient, to
muke   a   dounliou -of   the   silo.
lliis other company  there will The   result   of   this   is   io get
ho ti chance to do hotter htisi
iH'ss. In any event It does not
prove that tho city Is In any
hotter Klittpe to limine' a muni*
ulpal plant than It wus before,
and this hurt must In- Hilton into
consideration just the snine as
It would havu boon.before the
Prince Rupert people votod down
the contract,
Quick action Is whist Is needed.
If the elly can do tho htisluoKs,
well and good. Lot us Und that
out and get htisy. If, on tho
other hand, It Is found that wo
cannot build the plan! ourselves
without putting u hurdon on the
ratepayers that will iiaittlUmp
thorn when ll comes to attending
JtiMt thut much heller building.
There is generally a curtain appropriation for the purpose,' and
If any considerable amount of
this has to bo spent ou the she
it resiilt-t in just that much less
of a hiilhling, uud the credit nf
thu town Is reduced In the eyes
uf tlio world hy just Unit- extent,
Then, on the other hand, It Is a
fact that the contrlhution of thu
site generally lui-dons the forwarding of thn business,,' When
a post olllco,, Is promised, there
Is lens chance for delay If the
I'Vdonil authorlllch know that a
site Is waiting for ilium to begin
operations oil.
The locution should he central
On lnt> si nil it si ,-i.i.lti* l<> !«.|i,|_ -In- Hill,. ,i..'     „,„.(,.„< ,».ul„|  i|„.,Mvfi.li,.tiO.(Hl..- kliii'li-  fitli-
-ttfftwiiii'iiBiHfMi wm*v*m*mmf**mM»
kClonri..g ttt Grently Ruriucotl Prices
Stanfield's Red Label Underwear
selling for $2.50 per suit
Campbell & Mac fie
Motion llioi'k, Aiberni
Kind Ave., l'ort Albornl
Flnmol.'l    '
llirnl, lit MllOiOm'lis, In lliu >*is-|ltiit fl '1 tt|,   tfi.
ItillH-U illstlil-l,
UU l(Hlct l.tiltt'li'l
IV'ilttlMi'r il. I«If Oil' A II
Ii,    I'.-iiil   ul  ,Miioot-iu (-limit   -out  isiiiiamiii^
i-l'l-iMt tnmlrli I tit'iis Ituiie io  liso
'l'rt«oli,v VntiKwl,
Net   1». IlliS 'Nut   l| l',l
Practical   PJumlxtrn, Steom and
Hot Wator Fitter*.
Estimates Furnlnhed on Application,
Margaret St. - Aiberni, B. Cj
Hri-eiie'*.  (lomo'liitke  llread nt Ai-fj
lierii! Trudlnj;' Kioro,
IllWHkl.HII I*,. H**^^*W*1W*HIIiSimiHHlMlllllHWI Mm*IW.H
K. tl, ArtfjUd, K«q.
Hon, Hobt, Mttekay,
C. R. d&orwer, Lv«a,
H. V. Hvrftdiihi K***.. Prctitdent,
K, 0. Gr*fnahlaWa, K.q. Sir Wm.  KucdetuiitJ
Sir Tho«. Khnujhneaay, K.CV.O. Pnvbt Norrfc*. Kaq.
A, Jidum.arlort, Cit<|, Cr B, Cardon, Kt»q,
If.iR.Orummonit, fcmj. D, l-'orlso** Ait|ua, K*«}. Wm, i1en«*(«r,*C(H|
Ilmild't's hi C'littulit uud i^mdim, ICii'if.. for Ihe CiMiudiitn (hivei'nmetit.
Ilrutu'iios estlibllshrd throughout (''intulu mid Netifoumlhtnd, ut eiteli of
tv'ldt-li ii ii    i „
Sa-vings Department'
ivlioi'o (Ji'iinslth of *l,oo nnd nnwtiitl uie reeeited und Imei-eat nlhiH-ed m
liii/lii'*t current rates.   Savin-/*. Deiiiit'iuteut iici-tmnia yiven sp,iri,il aiteiuhm
l\ K\VKKNI-:V.     .   .
StlOl  of Udtlkli CiiioiO-lii lllilltt'ln-*.
tl. K, I'lUTCII.Vttl),
,.<>**M]Ln*l>^*4.    vi^  van
nmwmTi'Tiv-TTr i, 1,111 I'l   rvp'—
MWHJHWManiM ,^|y,iw*if,ifaiy
Alhorul If reiifhtvd bv triiin fivn.i Vletorhi, (,',iuiiH'llim-* ure mude ivlih
Vli'torhi, runnin**' tlinmi'li to Ahiernl mi ovory oiliit'dtt.t, HttsM-n'-ers from
Viiurou'vor t'lty can connect with iiii* trttlit in Niuuiimu,
AllK'i'ui is rtlsu r.'iielied h,v steanier from Vh'torlu, uml lu the miiiiiuer
iitonlhs tjioro Is no more dolli,'blfiil irtji tliuu litis \s\\ (he ttesi roast of Vton-nu.
ver Ihluiid.antJ iiltSiiki the jileiuri'Mjiie .Miiorol citi-uh
Tho 1*1 uud iruiili lino of the r N, It. is now buildim,- fiiim Vh-toriti to Aiberni. ' *-'
H-.^t*>rt»     L)*WfK
Jjind jniees us (ii uertMij-o vioies from fiH to tl*-1 (ser neio fur bush bmd,
and fitnit *l<»' to if-UO fur liiud thut bus boon oh-iired and bro'nilit mtdm- culilno
don. Hiiei-s are |s'overitei| h.v ijuidh)' midliN'mlou. Hud lund eitii lie bud In any
It lias heeit fiiiiud tlutt niUitl farmhl'i |ni>» be*(, On ploti of fiiuu ten lo
twt'iity itoi-es fruit ij'itiMhi'f, did!,vih,.r, |n*u!tr,v riilahiv, hoffs am) rattle viill alj
Jill)' vvell,
in Aiberni will l*e found th" usual iidiuntiij-ea (if a |irot*rot>slvii Westeni
t.'oiiiiiuuiliy tliut Iui" fiillh, mid the ciiuriij.ro of Its eosolctioiis. There mo a
isiimber nf Kontl Morct* ('iirrv'iiiif it wide raii».'o of /.'nods, seliools, ehuivhe.ii, the
Aiberni Advocate, nou-hjiajior, and u ntmiber of uihletio und mh-IiiJ rlulis.
Tbe eliniate Is as line as can bo found on the Hiiclllo Cm-it, itiken the year
round. The rainfall Is less than that of tbo City of Vuneoiivur, the frosts are
ll|{lit. Tliorc li seldom frost enough for nltmiii','' or snoty enoui'li for flel^hlu',',
and when either of I brio conies It only lusts u few diiyn, l«"or the Milliliter tout
autumn uiuntlitt there Is nolhlng lu llm world to oxen! iho Albern! weather,
Albornl Is tlio- outlet of ono of the largest and most, fertile valley*, on-Van-
eotiver Island, in tbo iJlstrirt ivf.!l. be found a va».t woidtli of timber of the
lini'.si kind, con), i.rsin, t:o|i|it?r, .imirlilo tmd other t-onttiteroiul mohoh, biiek clnyn
<md other niuiorials, '
Theh'' ure ntuneious ititr.itotlvo oj»|>drtunities for ihti mioiofiu'turer uiid In
vostoiv Tlio Socrottiry of the Hoard of Trade,.Albornl, li, (',, will bo jfliul to
Udte tlte-to unit tors up with yoti.   Write U> him for |iiirtii,Hilarii.
market at 'Figures- that are
For particular® apply to
'^Kk " r"» *JW I-1* -W7-!  I
"      *.'     *     *     ...     's.   *"    **■    a     >.      *
o -  ' t n r.   ,„',-■
'    f   -,   !, • 'o.A
4,w       ll*  l|«j' ' i ^lf
■ JJi- r', I,'    -
i»^i^    •, .
IT"- l->   •     •
"   -    » -i*
'   .-  h
.    f     ' ^mi^^^^^^^smm^isi^^^^smimis^f!mmmm  JO  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  LIBERAL LEADERS  MECTMG SUCCESS  i'evi'ivtoiie,   !l,C  .The, Jdbor.U*   <d  I'let'eMnfC- Sued' iVit->*ui O' be j.ivnd of  the n.i-i-ttnij held  ben"  h**4   "iifht Mlj  tiideon.-e the nafiy hmders.   J-^mie *dk  humbis!   |nm|il(��   filled   the' lluijov  'I bf.Oie.  Hot  It  VittMtil   si-it!   ����Inj-r h'U j  lo Hi,' time 'he I'luiuiiini, W, M, l.-o*.  reiitv. und He, Soibei hind. ��'**-4iitisl tin,'  tl*llor��  to the 'liiitform tim'd  Iniol.t j  eheei-s,     Atnuiij,'   the (in.lit-nee  tut*  1.1! ye  lisilllb.'l- Ol linib-s. Iil*tt|> of V il'IIU !  wei***  lieiiiiii!,'   Mr.   Hreit��tei'  lor  iliej  1.,'t-iiud I Inn', i  III  the llftei'lliMii the le;itlt'l' v|nilti- Ui i  n nti't'llnn ul   ihe   Woiueii's *'.in.idtiOi  i'lull ut  th-1 home of  Mrs, |.,ittri-uee,  nnd inet j* number ����l the nieitiliiT* o$  Ihe  I'oIuIimI  I'^eiaiitt   t.,��,o;t!"  Ilnie  Atldresslnif tlie eluii. he a|nilo* on Ihe  ji.ul tuiitu-il have jiluv.sl In Hie hltlort  nf t'liiiiolii fi-mi ii�� eiiiJIcM tints, nnd  look iidwintuj'o ����f the occasion lo sk*  a ft"*  wortls of i!|i|irechittoii of the Ilf**  it mil of the hue l/iidStrtnhi'otiu.tthont  he tlcaerlhctl   li��  one   id   the j-Toutot  uud in the iiiiiie time int��st un-drM id  ' t'lOitidiuu uud eiii|dre builder*,  (ireiit Interest l��is|,hi��ish  The lorn   of llie louder* *o far bu*  imiiii   lliiin   jit*ti(h-d   (I hrisioii   to;  ellibtllk   ��|*ol|   tt.    (Ill  tlie one aide,  It j  is (.'ivln;* them an oji|i<i!liuiil> 0* meel j  lo eUs-luis of the 'isovliiro imt! lo leuru j  l*ollll('iil cnudlifiiiis, wlilit'on the oilier j  .     hitm!  it Is iimtbllut;  tin1 i'|et*tt��r��, uoi '  only   l.il'i'iiiis   but   Cousorvutiles,   to  meet  the l.thoiui teiidora nud see-the  eh*** of iiititi't'iid iitailitbte tor iho (ut-  million of It  lllinlstl'V   V. belt till-l.i"i'(��l>'  t'litl (belli lo |��ilvt'4'r.  Al  every jaiint  t (sited the inti'test  Itllltilfoitetl hi the lemSolaof thel.ibertil  |��urty uud what thuj  Imve to otter In  the vta.v of I'oitstru.'tlvit indlcy In the  llitereMs of the |ieo|'le, lilts been'(i!o"t  unuifyhin.    ,Mr.��� Hrewster  ttnd   Mr.  Mai'dniiulil   liiiv-e  hud  llielr time out-i  wide uicctln''-* fully owuiiied. 111001 In-flJ^i  chs-hn'*, aii\l(iii< lo see und m Ik uitlij  them.   Nut the !i-u*f sltfitiuVfint IhlnifS  tt!*tMit th!<�� geiioritl desht' h�� thut ihoen-*  of lnd��|ii-it(l'>ni��'niisttrvml ve*. hnve i��otiM j  tu   (lie   trouble   ��d fidlllUf  uJhui  Mr. j  Hrevvsier to-oissuro  him ol their ho.  iristlun to r.n|i|-ml a I'hum.'t1 of ifuvcrii'j  tni'iil. Tlie-iiiuiilii-r of ������otetiuui'ni son-1  ���(oilers who tire In-md of u* hroitltlnii;  n��v��y fnrni their puiiy ulleyhtiev oa- j  nittin^ a ifotwl ib'ui of die ii��it-u*ltie*> i  felt  by tho in'ciuler mill !il�� lululsier*. j  Sill)  tiuite luvittitimis io snout*  hat,-;  been I'tveivid by Mr; Hi��vt*ter In (he j  I.tst two ilttys. j  At  tho tueetlmc  Mr.   Ilrendec re-*  ferret! to tlio (ileiisitnt ri't'ollecilous he  routined of Id* flr*t  "visit   hero   hist  Muuiimr.   On  Hint ot-fiision tbe, 'ilut-  fni'iu ol tlie !��,irt>  hud bi-ed redrawn,  und ttio* now iiefore tho |iei*|de for roll-  sSijentiion, mid now, ho stilih be tmd  hit oolSettjriies wotv .,'ohitf tliroiifc'h the  jmivluco to ask iho elector* to calmly  itnd eurofully consider tlio  condition  Into   which   the   |iroviui<e   had   ix'en  jdonk't'd by the Mcllride govi'ttiiin-nt,  und the only romedy whlt'li hiy In the  l-olley advociiUs! by tlio Liberal '��arty,  Mr. Mitcdomtld reviewed thn recotil  of tlio ������ovoriimoiu for eleven (.cm-**;  und found It ono which hud ouruod uo-  tlililj' but t'liiidiiuuuttlun it* expressed  iii ooudititiiiM exlstlni," to-day.    li wiu  found that thevo were nm-d uiisiuU.  fat'lory, not. one jihmk uf tlie |Kilio*  ��u]ii|*tott by tlie dnsorviitlvo jutrty ill  the eonvt'itlioii hold in thl�� city In Htui  Iuul luu'ii fiorled Into nlbH't,    111  two  tilfcfttiii'cn iiliiiie nf j-i-i'in !iiilti*trle.s tho  isoilon of the Koverniiient hud liroiijfln  tttxnit   condition*   which   wen*   very  koiiuun,  ttud  ll ooiild  mil  escnue  re^  *i;KUiaib|)(ty.   it was tt MU'lou* tiling hi  tlieao timed of Ituiutt'lut ftrhi'.'eney tlult  f^i.lKKi.UKl should ho M'ui out of ihe  uri'vliion every yoi*r \n jiurchiiso IimkI.  Mull's, tlnu  uii!>hl  Ui Imvo  been 'ire-  dticttd at home.  , A��s|atiie.co in ai/rlcultuiv titts  uri/etiily retpiirisi, but jtui'-liit' from  tit* iwon.! h, tlio puM It tiottld not bo  wtdl to allow tbo Moliride tfiivornttiout  to curry nut Mitdi it |m)h'y for h would  moke the tfratil nf Hss|*iiineo eoiulb  thmu) on *ii'i),ioi'i of * ho i/overitiueiii,  Tlie luuilier Industry wus of the  tfreiitesi value to the community, lm!  tbo fact wits thut tho t>otiH<tid(.'i)|ioraior  tmd lltiilt-lioldei' wore not |in*��i>orinK.  l.tuuhormon'h l.itiblllties,  Where sucli lui'ifo eti|llta! hud to bo  M-curcd !t wiif neoeasitry ilmt lbt< Ibi-  btllty of luiniieriuen to tit" |irovinee  must lio llxed, liihti'ud of tUiii)',' this  . tile ndiiintot' of lands had been llddlho.'  .'with tho mutter. ,Tho nolley of llm  Libera! jtitrty Indttu: to font or and do-  voloii oH it'ifliltunto Indiou'rlos, lieneti  it-, (*u>od - for fixity *d teiitire, with  ground reiilK imiltdttes llxod for fluted  ��(>r!ods.   '���'������������.''' '  t'onoiudhijf. . Mr, Mni'dotiulii t��a!d  there was K'"tht'rln}f to��olh(��r it lli-htliie;  ���foi-ou of jiro/fiVKi* lend Llbiiritllsni t>i|tiii1  id the ituik of ifovorniii},' the ju'ovluco  should tho I'oopl.o ihltik It- tt-uH'iimti.  for o <*liun,��o. 'J'here wus* no doubi iho  pober tumso of .tho iteople lx considering  whero tliinjs'** were drifting, und would  defldo io end tlie nroMiiH. regime of  tnitiiiuutugemoni. i  Hotel Arlington  The nhl and over popular hemhpiarterK for tho 11Igh-chtsi* Uland Truths  has boon recently���  Greatly Enlarged  And  now cnntiiins sixly limins, sluglu or en suite.   Tho splendid now  dining room, contains a   line selection of  Island   view** from thu sUulio  of Mr, 1 Leonard Kritnk.  ttWIMIW rt. 1��Wl''*��  ��� Tourists and Sportsmen  Will liml the m'w  Hotel  ArlingUm jtwt tho thing.   Otildos furnished.  ���....���- j-.- .-.-^---Sample Rooms=^^^^  l-'or commerelnt inon on ground Hour,   On tor' of thu htismusM DlHtrict.  I'Vee Bus to and from nil trains and hoitlH.  McNIFK A MKAOi I Kit  Proprlfitori.  wwm*km**wn*  mns owns  Lund and Atlvcril'*lin'Sl*'n*. me,,  ,   ihuie with Hri'inpl Des'Mteli ���  ill l/*��vve*t Price* by  S.   EATON1  Mi.r^urot Si., Albornl  ft-inur and I'��pf'r-ll*��nt**r  Work done bt  Hractleid Men mit,v,  r.stbnutes t'rie.    ,  AH  General T��mn**��t��r.  DRY STOVE WOOD  Aiviuymm thuid  Orders   I'muitnly   Atteiiiled  Auto supplies and repairs  Cars for hire at reasonable  rates  The tout'liitf intblie will llm! here li  lilimi ,tvelbeiiulji'itsl to ultend lo  their various (into needs at jirlcert  o thttt ure rijjiii t  G. A. Hulf, Prop  VICililtlA t'l'AY       ��� AidlKHNI, !��*('.  w>tv*^��<iij*(t|ajaniirii'if'���i|-jii|j! .;*~T1m  PI^WalLI'fMi^lnaMalltl h*mmk**JHr*mt attWa l��*W-��4ffli'ika��a-atla|  NUnia-vtMian;  Tn  Gortrudo St.  Aiberni  �����a-��i).igii.-awi��*��i,iww*j|��-k fjv.��t��mffmf  Professional Cards  .-    ���       :   ���       ' . . - ,,-.,,   gi��;  GEO. A* SWm*, ���. E.  II, *.*. Land Hnrvovor. Surveys of  ilmlter limits, mlnurHl claims, ami hind  HiilhllvUlon*, OiUeii at Aiberni. V. <),  Hex 'JUir  H. M. T. HODGSON  A. M. I. CJ, ti  tt.C. Und Surveyer ��ntJ Civil-��.ei*1.n*��r  Oltl*****!   Curmeor  Wtt*k, r��H   AtUntt  Ph��t�� tt  H. H. BROWNE  civil uml Miuinh' t-Iiuflm-ri'  ttnd  Provincial l.tmd Surveyor  Albornl ,   Ih 0.  OAViNti dltspoaod of my blacksmith bualnoBts  to Mr, John Manuel thin notice is to inform Ova publlo that ��U account* awing to th��  business up to date of January &4th, *0t4��  tiro duo and payable to E, M, Whyte, and mil  billti (s-jnimit the buelncaw to that date will be  settled by mo.  E. M. WHYTE.  faralaajia*  CLASSIFIED ADS.  For Rent.   KlvcwHim ('oiui*."'-  .1. Hills, AJlii-rni.  ijbdl T*�� Han(. I'm- l>.mi-.-s, Piddle  j Meiiios'*, iVlviit" Part it-*, IIJiH-tt'le  htliHoj*; tiH^uelbd'Hiii,'for luitiito  i laciii'ii nnd dKiit'o-. r'oi' (-(tiiicidui-s  '    weT- Itotn'iis, phone ml.  j WerUed^    Irom'is,  ul   Aiberni  Steam  il.aninb,!, I 'leuiner; Hoinh  . r��rl>��lt>ort:-4tliiin-'��i,   ('hh'li.'iiiiud Phr  |       iM'.il.   Il-Olll   *\.'i;   I'j'l-  4-tt I, I    Ml-    ktill  t'Ai'h.m*;!' lot- i>lj,'s, |Mitij oi- ',"n,d nilli'h  (���Hits        ,\.   J|.  Atllll'I'MKl, t'lti'.  For K#itt."-I'uil   l/'in'ii'-lm! 4  |to<oii'��l  IlllOfcO,      |*l,Mt"f-JU|     '1*4414 l,s|(i<,      j.'oih|  gmxleil mid  liU'i-o lm.    Acjdj  Aditt.  rut** * Ulli'o,  . arKn-nt.    Iitiliilhi|i niiitntile fm eibee, ��� W��uit*i!.    Vmms/ Mjui.Ih itt.-ei'ii-*.-* of  ��u��   Uvluy   loom*,   on   tilver   Knuu J    J'.' out!  |U, to leuiii b,ih|i���-v..; .!< .i.h  A|'l'l>  ltn,uj uettr h'il*i(ct*(i* ibiilj;.!,  ihvi. A. Smii'h, Aibeinl, Jl. t".  VvrSiU, I/O a., Hloek 1, l*,i.. !(>*'.  (Ueiii'tte ll''ii',h��, Owner fViJJ| eon.  aillel- itjl) li>l|>t,||���bi,i olb-r, AJijdl,  It, Ailuu, vino lii!|ioi'i!tl llitiilt, i'^b  3(1(1104111 M��� Aim, *  Wtotted. H,v ,tii'oi|f man vtlih eon-  slilerahle ex|iei'lenei' ol i-uuhri, |m,s:  (in A-sistmil on t'hiel.eii Ituui'bjhiir.t  or Mlsed Kuril!! hut tt aires to het/ln  ttiih for fiiiiifoilitlile lioiin-i Mux  "H,*' y\dvoc*Oe. -  0**W Filing. Am preput-etl lo I'lle uud  (Join ('r(ia��v'ii( Hiihv. Kir��| . ebtss  tvurh. (ilvome nt t-lub T, Wli'ltoiix,  Alliernl,  A Bimp. Mum sell, two loin Aiberni  heiKhl*, level itnd clear one corner.  Print $XiH two j vniir own toi'ins.  A|i|*l> P. O. Hoi- in, Port. Albenii.  Wtuitad >To buy u tew Mcroi*, cltise (o  Purl Albornl, Musi lm cIioiiii for  Ciiali, From owner, P, (>. itox Km,  I'on Alhorul.  Ail far Suit,- Ouo Ktx-rootned llou-io  o'n'lltite Mtreet, one 'J'hi'eo-roomeil  ]louse on Seventh Avenue, two lots  ou Hum HI reel. A|*|d.v(>. W. r'uulk*  in*!", lhoi ir,.,i I'url Alliernl.  For Sale. * ^if. niomliiie Lutiiich, ,'! It.ji,  t'lijo'lne, ul! hi ootid conditio;!*, will  ink*' -ma.  Mux Nil l'ort Aiberni, IM!.  Huy tho b st-Hi-eeno'K IbmiO'lhsltn  Itreiul.   Aiberni Ti'ildtng ,Store.  ��  am a.ia, .*.ai.  t 0,'i'tit lllfill lol-iljjht I'.tt't),   All'lH-j  !t,   OU||   j,itnd tt I'll io;-, ^ Hl.lle   Mltlit  t'Aiiit'iod.    Hhiiit-r a  Co..  Ho*  ii,  Alin'iui. IM".  For Jtt��u( vr ��>��do, Kiiiall Hote^o on  douhle eoioer, Albenii H-ii'Ms.  Huudl jiutuo-nt (town mid *flo |ier  lot-lKb till) buy It.,   ,1, Itet-.t.  For ��*de, one 'I'em, M *. 10 J.'J, |^.,i-,  llOt'ltl one Plow, Oollli.' ul a hot  ���lirurc. Apidy to il T, ItleJuud",  Hnioiis Heights, Alhorul, Hi'.  Ftii* H��d(ii. Tlioitiii'.dobj'od (-hlekcni*,  Hliieli Mbiotca* nnd Pl'inoiilh Itneli,  ltKiis|ileiidld Kumilyt'otv, W, Uoitald,  I'url Albornl.  Huy the best- (irccm-V Itome'llako  Hread.   Albornl Trading Klore.  y 5cavenger  Th*is(t doslrliuf tlm Mu-vlce-i of ihe  HltyKritv-eiiif/nr will litul njale1* to write  order-* at- |li*dio|i'h Mtme, .tlrlovex'  lltirn, mid City 1 hill.   ,  All ordet-n |ii-oni|ill,v iitletidtd lo.  WM, DKHHV,  City Hoiivonjrer.  )��4m W*|. ��ja^l1.i>j*��l|jar^t^aja.a^^a*ai  Aiberni Livery and Feed Stables  ,��, .!. IIHHKK, Hri'in-h'tiir.  v**m��ir*if*!m*rMmK*m^^  *w*tuhuva*.mmim\:  Llvury rigs of all kinds.    Heavy tlraying iuul fiiight doll very ���  ^���*Mftatt^y>^<*3aJIWa^*ill.it��*V;y^  ���������>  "yiyM'i*  ta4-aWa#y*^i^|ia^*rt*tai*Mr*a**ll��il  IWi^B'Wii-<r��,-H4titWk*aaM't**^'Wi��l*a^^  *��W^ffk*>Wa^|kti|W'-i i^aWkiaWyp-^-jt^^ a ��*W*j a-f��fpm WM iJt^Wyjakay**f$fiftHf  J.rr^-Xiu.le A.W.iU��w A.C.Wr(|kc  RITCHIE, ASNEW SCO.  ikmialtiB isd' i>��flrtv.fil bufl Surteyw.  Ciril, Ufdrtslic tui .Hinidptl Esginctre  EgjiRKra fw Ritcklf, Aiaew f��wcr ��>,,'  ,.."'Ltd.:-:''-  v;'.: .'"'���  Muitli'Itia! Work, Ktit'ct Unnli-a. Suli,  Hnwera    .  or Srfiiiil.Su'i-vt'j'iti*'  ttlviaituta,' Htiift-rattti,.'Wttterworkw. itu*.','  '    la.Slti"  Lectjl OfSce . . Peri Allwrni, B.C.  'P.O.'Hok Hi, i'on Albi)rnl.  MK*t-a*****a*t��a^****araa��  orres  TteaUr In  Builders Supplies  Stttih, Dodra and,  (klms  Oulkling and Homing Paper  Lime. Briekt* end Cement  Aiberni  Phone 29  P, 0. Box 9  b. a  We Control the Sale of the  Following Properties  Somas Heights, D. L. S3, Homcaltos  Gluncoo Hulfthte, D. L. 100, Homesltee  78 Acree, with Klvor Front, I). t>. 7, Homcaltoa  Flvo-Acro TrocttJ, D. L, 102  FIv#-Acro Tracts, 0. L. 160  Write Us for Particulars  >i.*4,>( tie*st'.'.tii'T-*"���..*Wi'f*   l-f"wi,^n.swmpM itf4^a,vai,H  *���#>> ���� *��,tj..K��.si ft  STEWART M. READ & CO.  Sulto 38-30 Cuiiiidn Lii'o BuUdlnit  Vancouver, Cnnmlu  J  Bricklayer and  Cement Worker  'III    -  r  Licensed  2nd Avenue  Pert AJIieral  IL  -i  lupurp��ra.U(4 IBIUJ tUad Offb*: Kwitr��al  CnpKci! I��iii<! Up     :     :    *>i 1,500.000  Rtjsorvo Fimd        :     :     $13,000,000  ' Total AbkoIhovor :     :   $175,000,000  A <3*:NKU.*.i, HaNKINU Hi,'*lNr'.s ���J'hans.vi"  Savings Bank Department  Banking by Mail  i'ia��  |)t'iKit,!t,> uf Jl itiHlul ii|itt��li!�� ii .villi,!  iuul init'K'st etoii n! On, i>itiiii-*i otnii'ix  l.ltl',     ,S',I Ol'llll   ill WllltlilMuJtltl.  )>t'|��ii..,IU luitt Is- o.sttn enn! tt it tul lit till  io' in-tit l'-iil|i*l oaitlt'iiUik will k'lMl  !>��� I* a'ltt'lt l>> lullt'l-tt-tltilillili' nil i't.-  e��r!i|>tiil��  Over ,'l:S�� ilrinit'het tmd A(,fottcles,   40 Hrtmches in HHtlsh (;o!umbhi.  tWsvsixitidonts Tlirooffliout. the World.  L  Albenii Branch  I'\ (J. UlttliS, MaiiM/ier  'rri;i-<ii��>iiin iiiiiiimnpirai.iiini iriininaiiiiii iiiiiiiniuiiiii  Port Albenii Branch  lb K. HoHAUi'-v, MtOiaj-jer  -Send  To that Friend Who is flunking of Coming to Aiberni  If t|i 41,-IWi    -   -���.*�����'���-���      ��T"  ��� ��*|-    -,�����-*"'r���v���-������ **r,"r#" r" ���*,"*��*  ���'���f. THE ALBERN! ADVOCATE.  ^a^l*a��IBaW1JI!a^iai��MWIWtll'ainill  I GOVERNMENT GETS  MP CRITICISM  Tito Hardware Store offer., for  your approval u full lino ol  II Aliiminiirn ware  PRICES   RIGHT  aja^a-|^a-a-aWiay|a-a^-��4-4fc>(aaa^*��%1t'#i.|tW��'^^  AUSER & PAINE  I'iKiNKIil  Somo Pointer*..  I'Vu-v 11, t". Hin;w-*'ii:if'is Sn ia*h ,vr'  AMiritoi-r.  In -Itm*, an coitt-nilnitiU  to the  hunt  'ltd  ninth* it  ho* mi*s,ih',t> j.ii  ,1 it dti'tit  V.'t'.t'i bi���  ,btn.  >     !^i" ������'���'!  '"  die! (��� hM',,1',4 H|i(| atiiltn |,,iid,  'blo'-iii''!,   The stem-.-.'(�� *d tbr ��'������.*;    ....���, .���,,,������.,. |,i ^nidi  U  l,md��  |i.,f��er�� of *he rtVH. ' I" ' "'t fi n��'���� �����*��� Ul; |,av��� )��� ������ ^lieiia'.eii is ** M-'Olibtl '  (ho   i.ii-uJ   hsi-"1     "������   '�� stuci't' juti-lnvi     ,       ,,        ... , ,,        ,      . I. i     !  V   . ,,,     ,...���!,     r,,.'    hiiud liiui-ht (('"'Hd" ho m>'iH'liik. I  when   th-' !"'���> . toin    ui-.uilii (*���   for- . j  h-!h   Coboii'..! '.i.i.l   * bllbtvriel.   sub,;     I'io-ii Jiiiimtry   J,  ll��w, to lio.-.-iiiberi  j ,'^S ������,, i il .i-l'i'tioeols ol  ilto ��,..(-l-'b   ItMO,   I,UH|."!"M vteie   >o|d   to   III  telll'-n-'il    I^Jlc.t    t���   f.Kislle   Of Ith'Jsli*, j ����� udl.'Ute*. lUld II.UIO of   Ihcae llC'llllid  "i'h"  m-'-'it"!' i"i  fhhn��MieJs"d.-*ill  ',, ]'���'** than tt-n >MjUtoo u,U.--,  HHkSSWSBW  JUST IN  ��li**||*^a-aa>(aja|*ir, a-a^ia-aikt.l***-**!*-** f*W* .lnWatr* **&****���  Saturday, January 31st, Last Day of Sale  Special-White Flannelette, 10 yards for.. $1.00  Fred   G.   Cox,  THIRD AVENUE  PORT ALBERNI  For This Week  Udles' l-'tir Hot*, -Mli.tm for 4d.oo  ,        H.ui ���    fi.to  '        I.to  ..    2dft  .Mi'iiV Hiiro HUk Knitted Scurf-*, ���M.ftUfur tl."**  Mfhsos' Aviatloii ("uiit. Vie for ."(He  Children'-, t'oittf, fj-'l.o* for f-M.**  ���     n,m ���   .a.itt  J ���fc**Mi*W/i*"��*��*'***  Lnilluh' Home .hmriuil i'mteru-i itlwuyn hi ���.lock ut  Somas Trading Company - Aiberni, B.C.  I  Aiberni Lumber Company  >                                                 c  ('un now Mi'in))' orderi* for KlrM t'ltni  no   uue,-i turn    niuutiet-    ttllh   ihe   bo  edii'jetie.i    ol   the   liind  ��-e''e.ti''   ol'tee,  ,ind 1,'octti tin- ninii|i'i|i.H eiittiM-a net,  'Ih,' ni,-iiil-,-t- lor I'oluuihbt  sliui'i'lt  llll-n'lnil ihe liililtllll"! i-O loll iui- btiblle  to I'oiit'ii I hind dmrli* lo oven Jill-, hi,  joo'iisi on it (nil lhet ntti' the jU'ov luce,  ' tt lille. iif tlie smite lluie l!n>��e i-Ul.'il'oii  tn tin- Uitnbi'!' bitlinir.v, tthleh i> ,v|�� lib  ! Iuj,' n VCI-.V I'irjit' ���ii(i|eirl)nii of the  j iv.rittte mill tslvlui- i'Ui|dii,vmeiti io  ; ihoiwttoils of uii'ii, Is inset! out ol  jnvioeiteo almost, Mini which is imii'e  j b) need of tlie t'tivei iioient's eon*  I -iileidii- iit'itloii-nt than jovb.thlv itii.t  ������itlier   shiele   hli!llslr,l    Ill   lilillsh   *'o  j hiiuhia,  ! "At lb.' I'iiiiie lime vte see llioi-e  , jieoj.le tthn slili-ly should |iiit tili,t"s  ieve!ll|i|Oli," said Mr. |''(is|nr, "tie iuul  'the |iiini- oltl liiuhi'C,iiiilii*tr,t lased ii|-  lio the Mnill 'I'lie ln>it"-t Is luide I but  Ibe iiiilu-irv |i,its the |iir;,'i'i |ir,i|,ni'.  lion id   tunes ol any   indusuy hi   the  1 juiivince, uml it I, (there :oe (he hirjio  lm J'ill)'-  thai   tve ���|iotil(l n,tiiir,ilh e\  j ju-t't to see |!,-o|ile 1014I.I1!!' ou! ot 'ill  Inihi-ti-v 1 hid ��� ernrTfiTTlirsooh n lienv.t  share ol luuttlou,'  "1 'o ti|iiO'iii'{ this hidioviry tt ithoiher*  vie Ilmi' that in the land dnj'ui'tni��-m  there ore 'M'.txa.M'iai ,,( delerred juiy*  iuetil vthieh only Dear interi"*? at 0 |ier  cent,, iuul ,vel tlio minor of u timber  llei'iieo, If he Is a day lilt" tilth ids  timmul jiayuiciit, is i;i\ed tmuMrii fA'i  oil t'tii'h Mt'eiii'e.  "When >i;n Veull/e lliese ure fact*,  Mr, Kj'inikoi, you   villi  see  thut   the  ] lumber industry is t-vtihiir a jin-iiy  hard deal, I'itrlieiiliirly in the imerlor.  jAi the coast, ithoro there are many  M|utiro miles ot dense timber easy of  Most of it |s aold ns sei'ottd'Cbis* ttlud  5    Money due to j<ovetni|ieui  not  col  '. olid   *ihSie MeHtide, Ifotos ll.'aU.Oi.t  lllli'l'es! iirJII'Jtl;- t!-4'l|s|||'\ notes (tl Itn'i-I  ob)il,'lllions.  H| (ho hist i-itir tears otet'doe III.  leli'stol hmil njieesihitoi's aioinmls to  .'.VVIU.OIM,  "Thai is tthv ihe Liberals have  I il 10'iii in ihcle 'ilaiitiim ihe ileeliiru.  'luu ihm iiniler ilo'ir rulr< there ttiil  lm on more lino) for the siieenl-tinr,"  The hirjL'est eo|ish;ijtoi-o! eter brotij'!,', Inio Alboiid id,  White Kelowna Wheat  Nm n J'n>*uti <balii or \V*��*.i K-etl to the ahole lot,   ANH the HKK'K  ,    is \,*ry tetit-i!! |l��i'��.  We uie id-n olf.-thii.' w'r* tU'Va! value in NO. I NoitTHHItN ��N(*, I  )\',t\j which iv��' ure bi-ilin-; ��t tin* (itice tisuislly vltitt'i;c��J for No, 'J Feed,  Holl* the-e linos are i-M't'inli'iud vmUu* mtdtuo cttriliMl b) Altt-uil  Tnidiuif Since, r>ituii. Triidlni*'St'ii-o, Thnmwui'* tlenora! Store, *', i*.  iliveii ,V i'o, und A. I't, WtOt'ilioiise A Co.  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co.  Olllco I'hull" h'.'.'i  attGBMatflfiBttMMHaa'l  A. I'AUL, Mttiutgor  ninjiawik-wafiaiaini-iir  U flirtfat". 4��a��aa. *��� *V  Horseshoer and  General Blacksmith  Aiberni, B.C.  All work exocutixi neatly and  promptly  K*aep Your Room Worm With A  , "PERFECTION"  =OIL   HEATER=  tJtt^t the filing for tho cold weather  THE ALBERNI TRADING STORES  The Buay Store On the Busy Corner  Try (ireen'�� Home Halted l��reiid  i,ii��fisir,i,iHi*i*w*wf.i*|iia��i*w'*i*'i-ii*iiii*i'siiwii.-��*ti��i*wisa.  ,**iw*a'nafl*ii***Mwtiiiiiiiiiiiii ilium nil..,* ,-,,a,w.-*iiiia..tiww,i-   1  ii.ii,ii.,i�� ��*��.y  WATER NOTICE.  t-^ojjr'-fiwwsi wim  For A l.tc4suc��i To Tttk* And U��*�� Waltr.  1. 1  Nmliti la lii-ri'lo- flvt'ii that Hie Ciitmrafion  of Oil'I'll)' ol All'i'int. Illitlali ColtlUiiilii, ulil  ni-l-l) fur ii lltt-rivSi. in lttsi' ami ti��t<��mi.ut.lt' frt-l  J   "       o" '   ,    , ��� ���   ,        * ,, n ,     ,,'n.. i i"'i sfOttttit oi ttiiifi' ii'ii ,if siiuoiit Itltt-rot *!!'!  access . and of such   aidmidld   i|tiiillit'  ,,���. ttj,(,,, m *���i,| ,-it,-,., ttaiiii iiiit,��ii>,ia���iuu. i  'iii��(   li   Ik 'f.oiiitii* llm tvoi'lir.it-ni'   nor. !i'<i*ti'ih'tllns'llmi Uil.uuli UilaMI. Wtt, IW a| iuul  Hint  ii 1* unions 1110 vtoi iu otei. in'i-   (,_,���,���,,,,���,,���,���,,,,���,,,��� n���1(ll,,|,n���,. ���,,,,'.i,,,,)  hups the lumlierimiu t-tin "litud iiiivIiil-   n>   iiii'itini'i ulil oKtiitcrndai tin-nutii't m i  ,     . , ,    ,      , spiiMl l���tfo'. uml ulil !><< Hs,'il f'li'.i.itiii'.lli' mill 1  the tn\i s, luu the iti'.itiiitahi Imuboi-miili   1,,,1,,,-r |i,oi.,.si-a ut) Uu- IuihI tii-M-iiU-ii io, tin-'  '.lis Ui he content ttllb Iblllls lltlli  t'.ill.j,''.J.;;^��'j;��,,ll��a |'0*Hsl .mi tlieiinuimlon O.-t  Rough and Dressed Lumber of All Kinds, Shingles* Etc.  Ux,'!il Order*, will recolve a|ieelul utioiilion,  Cull nt  the Mill on llieSwileii Settlement Hoiid, or Hlume  or Write to tint Mtiuuji'th'  Phone R49  Albornl, B.C.  tain ���fi'iiei'idly u much smaller |iro|ioi  lion of ni.'ivhitntith'ii' tiuibor on ihe  uveru'/e, und Itu*-. ihorofnre, lo itcijnire  ni-ii-e iici'tMiiu to sujijdy tlie lojfs to  k<i'|i hi-* mill jfohiir.  Mr.   Cuttle'    aUO'lb'll    the   li��s"mbl,t  with a sliii|'i> ei'iilcWtti of condiliiniw  ubtiiinlii'.' In nriivlnciiil land rej'I*try  otlli'CN, doiiliitir esju'olally with New,  We.studnsior.  Heitlitiif tvilh moneys due to the nro  Vhieo In  resjiect  to alleiiilled hinds, he I  >tiiUl, "In a shori tlitie I under*!uud tie  ure io lie udied fm- ii|i*irot-ut uf a loan]  lu cmthlc'us tncioi'v out  lmblic ttoi-lis, i  mu-li ii* iho t'oiistriit'iloii of roads ntidj  iiridife-4   to   |itovi((e   lmjuov-eil   trims-  |ii,rtiit!im (aeliities, tmi) 1, formic, shall  sU|i|Ki|-l the bill, siithat tliesitneci'ssai'',  undeitttiiio','* may lm curried nut,  Then ciuito the bniiitisholl, "llm I  boHove," In- lidded, "thut if iho ���jo.  vernnient itiiuid enitijii'l lui.tiiicnl o  llitt't'est ttliil '|iidi|i'l|uil of imouiib' due  nil hinds tillomilt-il from the crown,  us should lie done, iheeo ttoiilil not bo  this noocasily tviih tvhieii no are now  coiifronied, of btivbi',' to i/o to the  llnitiielai et'tiiros of ihe ��oritl foe us.  sUtuntv at lliu |ireseiit time,"  fr'll, .lit*- ul.lltlOllllt, 1011.    Tin' ��l'll|l-rlll"ll  tt|||  tki Dint in i||t' iiffitsi ul itte VVatiT lit<tsiitli>r at  lb" ml IK*.  ti!)|-i'lli,ii* lino   U> Hint \��lilt lliu*nM Water  tii,',iiiii'i' m a uu On. i\iii!|'ii.-l!i.r ul  Wnti-f  l(t..-iii*, IMi'lliiini'iu iitiilttiti*'*. Vlcioria. Hit'.  Tin1 l'i)ii<iiiutli,tti uf tin- I'ltv Of Alls-nil,  Al-t'llcniit.  II)' lliu., Tt4>-li��i', Jr., Aki'UI  s*a,waps,.iBm**��� nwaiwkiu^myiit!.  ���  Atlvtuifo shipiuunt livru  lliivo that Dining Room  I'liporod fur Xiniui  Pojniltir prlcoH ut  TheWell-bown *nd Old Established Groctrc, Oskcri and n��duco Mfit^ati  Just to hand carload of  ley; Chop, Shorts,'etc.  Quality Is There  And Prices Are Right  Victoria Quay Store, Phone 38 *   ���   - TMrd Avenue Stow, Hot�� 148  tt^nmmn,mmmmtriQwn\imt mmmtmmtmmM  Hollywood  Nurseries  .'.DWAKIr M. II. VAl'OHAN  OHAIIAM MAUlNKY ,    ,  ' Rate*, for Orchard nnd (oirdost   Work S3.00 per day  Ili-et. l.tdi, llttiU'iinti'*(od l-'loti'Mi' St'iHls, Vei-eUibh- Scud*, Ihdb-i,  ou��.  St**W****Hf��*B-i  Vou t'et n Miititire ibml finui  our Auvei'liaeif*  vacate  ^maa8tM��^Ba��^^  Mai W^^llWt*((��l|Bfa1*a^^ -|g*al>M<i��J!3>a*>*lW  The Canadian Pacific  When They M Questions���Send Iheni The Advocate  ';; ls;:now' -prepared,: to: 'Guarantee; :*  ���;��� ���,. Prompt delivery.of���all;orders;fbr /  Rough and'Dressed;Lumi3^  ;:;i?v^'--';\:;:':^j^ ���'^������^  Port Aiberni Branch  (ii'i-eiieV  lliiiiie-li.iloi   Hreud at  Al-I  tiei-nl Tradlni'Stuiki.  mfW^^^msmm^m^^m^s^^^^^^^^^^^^


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