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Alberni Advocate 1913-08-29

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 At this season a .dose of FRUIT SALTS in the  morning is a spatially beneficial. We have a large  variety of, Effervescent Salts for your selection,  \\'4<ddk Mnllui', 1,'sm Nadrttco flallm*. .'Viet Kim'-. Fruit Nab*, 1*<V:  HealthKul(s, tfafs KlYi'i'Vcucciit Vichy, Mud it I'hus, Aspii'ln, e|cF, .'A'*  Heidlll/ PtiMiiera, 2oe,  wwii agnew co.  SUBMIT OTATES  One Five-roomed Moubo, furnished  $15 per month  One   Seven - roomed   House,  furnished, $ 15 per month  un��  Two other Nice Houses, at $15 ami0..  $20 per month each  Two Nice Homes* for Salo, centrally  located.  Tim lUtoh'e.Aii'itctf Power Company  jns* MthtulHod a ruii|;h draft ef their  pru|tukii<t (ihttik for Ujjiht utid "tower Uw  ihu two (owns,   The teH Jsitsfollutvn:.  Tho Major uud i 'omicli,  City uf Alberni, It. C.  dentlemeii.'r In ttccurdnnce with my  promise, I In'rovvltb. submit general  tint lines uf I he pro|Ht��uit ajfromueni fur  the cutii (tii'i for mipptylnif j'mwcT trout  lite Hlli'lile Akuow Power Company  site ul Kiump FalU, This KohtU'id out*  ihie vtll) be billow tti at the curlluH  |44issiblti tlale by an Hi/renmeni. druvjn  up In It'ijiil form imvertiitf till jiobiu  emlHKlled in the centritet.  Thi'ifenertil |Miluts In llio coriu-tust  will he its follows;. Ibi!e*i( up tofMK) Jl.  P. 9t,U) |ii*r tl. p, month fur mttxltiituii  roimrried haul phi* I. ft oonl* per K-  \\*. hmti' for nil (tower used,  fltmtu ifi<Ki n. p. *i.w per If. p,  nmnth for ouch ll, I', nf'tuKxlmitmftuv  imclct! In'iul phiM ll-l coin* per K. \V,  hour for nil |mwor uii"d.  'Over iftito ll, p, #l,nn pin* month for  each II. P. of mtulnnim connected loiid  plus I ceiii per K, W. hour for, till  power luted.  Tho maximum connected load to lm  ju'tivrd nt every month by faklnc max,  iiieter reiulln^'s. over it (Wunty inln-  ule peak till |Kiwer used (o lie measured  on ii witiimtnei* liKslM,  (Then fellows a Mdnnluhi hhuwhttf  total cost per K.W\ hour for diffurviit  load f no iocs.)  Tie,. |Hiw't��r to be delivered lo llio City  ri(ib***tullmt, The position of the md>-  station lo be arrived at by mutual  aiO'ooiiit'ni, or tu be placed tit the City  Imiiiidury. Tho (tower lo be di'llvercil  to (his Milt-slndon by the Power Ouiu.  puny nl 13,4t*Ki velti. up lu out) 11,, P,  If imu'o is lukitii the power will bo dt,v  llvored uUW.UHI voltx,'  The City to recitlve jiywer nt Oil*  vulture and distribute tho power over  die liM'iil district. Ptevor condwt on  the alsivu rules'and descdndhiif wmiIu  tu be for �� purled of diirty jenr*.  Tint I'umnuil tu Ml ve t lm (!ity nlii*e|.-U-  (Niutiul uf Ihe City million mat itUowhijj'  die (MmpHiiy no rltvfhi.s to my*<t power  Hues' oriilslrlhillii'u lines of uny iiitiurt.  mm mmmm ask sidewalk  AT LUNCHEON  within (Iiii City limits other thun tim  Hue ucciissary in (rsnsmli powur to tint  City suii.ntalion, provided this |s in (ho  City limits.  The meters: tor (he iiieusiireusi'iH of  thin power lo lm mtihtlnSncd by dm  City uud tu be upon fur InspotMion at  all times by lint Power Company, Tltn  City will UKreo to maintain at-all ilnius  uif I'llltdctit stair for (ho dlstrltuldon  tuitl sale nf (sever,  'Jlie Company will iiifivo under the  mrniH of (his contract- tu detlvct* power  tu Ihe City up to .'le't II, P, within nine  mondis ufier tho approval of tht'tm  plans by (lie Provincial (Jovoriimi'Jit.  tt is estlumted that' t-ln* upjiruval uf  tht'M' plans will ho obtained within  three months from the present-date, .  Tim (.'oinpiii.y will ii^rou t�� employ  local hilaic lu ttvory jKissible ease mid  also to ptirchiiim .supplies and building  material from local luorclimiuiii fur its  powdblo,  Tin* vvlioln uf the abovo submitted tm  bfhalf of the Hluddo Atfiiow, Power  Company Limited.  Hy its A��ont,  A. W, Ajfntuv,  -  Bruin FlBhlttjj.  The KVet'titfe bear In fond of fhilt, He  ulsu ijuile u ilshurmau liititself when  ha lu put ui it, and Uio mitiumr in  vvhich he will Mvoup wiliiwn 'nit on die  bank tuul ifrab ihi'in is' well limrwti (o  itu>it old tlmerb, Of lute huwtivec It  rippcta-. Ui��t (ho JiH'ttt belli' (l-Sbe iuiVe  brim I'etdiif/.hunchcu. They may have  joined the I.W'.W. utxnu and, owlnif to  it Itick of higher cductition, have trani..  httvHt those iulihtltt into "I vvtmiworii"  In any won', they tippenrUdiaveNSrucK  a far better uuinncr lu which tu neciirc  a Miipnly ot fish.   This was tiviilcitt die  The visit onion, .1, IK liuKim, Minis.  <er ef Marine and l>'i��ln*rti's, to AllHan;i  dtirhijf the 'pruMiVM of th�� \Ve-.!ertt  tour of that iv'endcniiei, was made (ha  lU'cioden ot it piiblie cnterdtlnuient hi  tho.wBy of u lunchiHm leudered by tint  Alk-rnl Cu��)��ervatlv��* Aski*e|mtiin,  Anionic (he Invited i/��i*��ts wow thu  Mayufh nnd Altlermcnof (he two tow nn  and the Presidents nt Up' local Jlotmls  ut Trtide as well m the Kmh��iii1v(��i ol  thehe IknIIcb.  lit. A, I). Morgan, tin President, uf  tim CunsorvKtlvi! Assocladuii, ncted -us  cbiilrmun of die fiuictiun, uud Intro  dui'iHl tlu< various sjieitkerH. Hi) web  coined lion. Mr, lltixcn in n Meat lit (It;)  s|K'cch, uud !>oliittst mil tlmt such wm  the Imjairbiru'e uf (he AI bo ml District  from the Mtaud|>uliii, ttf many things  which cnniit dircptly In tbcDcpurtuicnl  uf Mr, lln/.on, thnt li win a nplemlld  tldnij ti> have Nilm (muu' (intl j,'itln ��  llrst hand knowlitdifo of the Iwul i*Huu  klotl.  Mayor HIhIidp extciided it wclcoiuo  on behalf ot the Oily uf Albornl, uud  hoped that the llotiurublu (hmtloniiitt  would pay parllcular attention to suiim  rather lui|MirtUnt uiutd'n* whhdt vvotttd  In* htsnii/ht forward by the llmird uf  Trnde.  J, I'1. Ulrdsw, Preildent of (ho Ah  Imrnl litkii-d ul Trudei thmi ;irestintt*d  tt diH'iimciit which had het<n pieiiat'eil  by the laiard stittlnjf forth (in* uoeds of  die Ihslrlcl so fur a�� duty fell In tie*  OepttrittieiU of Marim* mul Kbhorb's,  Tim tt'��l of this dtKumieni wan fflvcn  In (nil last week. Mr. lllcdsoe sutrd  tlmt llu? piimi'i'rNuf ihe we��l i��oiwt were  ton iiuiiy rbtttrin',' out trnlltt and umk.  ItiK rtntdtt fur futuru wimtH'ullotiii, lo du  lunch Ittbbyhijf, tuid no tttpy hhd t<,�� A$.  iN'iHl on (he wood will and eoinmon  ���miiisuuf tboko In hlifh olticti to jam that  thiiUt'jt weiiti cari-h*d ���� in a pivipor  manner. Cidi-.i'mi ktiutv vmy wull wjmt  WHuiumded but often they were Iihi  tnwy lu aUend to wire pulllli|.', ��|)d bljf  (������oiupihliw wnllciHt tt,way with diinj/w  that did not bolntitf to ihruti. St wk-4 lo  limn like Mtvllmien tlmt tlmy Iwftisl  (u see dial I hesu things did not hitpi>en,  Hun, Mr. itn/en lit reply stated due,  uf all (he province* of dm Doiulntou  Hrltlsh t'oiuiublrt rtpjn'artwl lu lm the  richest lit those tutiura! rcMHtivcs that  jfo (u dm uutkbij,' Of a. prti)Mirous country. Other pruvliii'iu vvtii'e content to  point to their iidnuriil wealtli, or thtdr  dmlair, or their ii^ricullural - jkisklblll-  lies, or (heir Ushcrles, hut lutre was  lb C. with all nf (hese in an itbtimhiiu'e  that wasalnuMt hewlldorlii'v. lie ��'ie  Ifltid lu hnvo hud tt chunee ut ��o over  such tt. piHtvlncoi ami could say that he  was nt(iriii<f tip iuiich useful knttwIts!ga  ui taUft buck home with him. Am tu  iiK'td t'uiiillthtiiM he vyoiild liltmiistt tlust  ihe very closcut uttenllon would lm  litild to tho Hiitteiuiints imuJe, mid lb at  every tufurt would bu mude Ut liieet the  vvhtlit'H uf the peopln in regard to (heir  rt'ijiilrtttutMVU.  In the party with Mr. lltitmn vvero  It. H. ti'letner.lM, M, P,, Kumttoi* Thome,  Krunk Kln>phurd, M. P��� M, MHiiwon,  M. P. P��� J. 0. C. Wood, Mi P. P., C.  WlUon, K*.Attorney (hmoret nf Jl, ('���'.,  Wm. MeJ*.ity,('ot Mttrkhwii tsud itmini.  bur of utlierit,  An uxtiuridoii duvvn die Ciinttl on the  N. H. Quadra, and ii public ineelbi',' al,  dm Purl hi die evening, wound up (he  visit, uud ul u bit" hour die Mlnlstttrliil  pMity t'eciinied tu Nanidintji by union.  TO STATION  At (he lust 'Vfc'iihir mt'AUhtf (tt Uic  t^Uy Council ���* pel (thui wus presented  from a laiye, number of cld^eiis asltbtjjf  for it jptldewttlk fiuiu the tnistncMi por-  tlon of fhoi'Uy to the K, A; N. station,  This iiintU'i* wa�� turned ever lu the  Piddle Work* Comnditot* fur a i'e|mrt,  h��it jud(V*hi|f fisiiu the (enor of (he tils.  otikttUm it appeal's that' tint Colmcll Is  tsaiistlrd that dm work iri otii'thtil must  bit ittleiiiltHl to soon, and in ail probn-.  hllliy mi uiih-r to (IiIn ifftvvi, will no  foi v.ttiti al tin eatly datti,  A putltliin was i��|s(> prestniliHt by  Mime of the mtu^wbo nee dobn,- rnud  wurk for the City. TJiU vena to ilm  itfreculnii'. they wort> buliiff ��,sked to  work too hard, itnd, llutt Koremun  Thompson ��pjmared to have no rei/aid  to their ht*ridlti^ In dm Friil-omlty of  the "Allmrnt Hon* (if Hust". They  were willing and iiblu to do n is'eod  dny'x work but ohjuetcd lo Mnti iiuidu  "���diiviw'' of. Tim winter will ho looked  Into. J  The l'..'f��V N. Conipany will bo asked  to allow I h.i City tti lake jmtim of the  earth awtiy fiMiu tht* curnor of tltn  lower erosslnji whore the railroad e��.  teiuls Into the tttttn on it* way to the  Port. Thin Is a daiijfoi'tms c-rosslsK,' In  any event, nnd the projiosfd removal  of (hist d!rt would bit prove It j.'1'catly hi  ibis rc'iiicct, And nl ihu ���iiune time jjrlvu  llio tJlty tt. ebunce to llll up die bolu  in front of Ihe Motion Mock. Kneb  iieur liayim will bo linkixl to mcasur*'  tip thl* ��iiiiit! oftvl^y, and jfiva tin tadh  umttt of tho numbf.- of yard* of dirt  rcipilred to llll the naitie,  it wild rt'iadved to Inform the Depurt.  incut (hut If dm Hues id dm foremhoiii  appljcallmis were kept (o thuse idiowu  PSHSONAIii POINTERS %  *%^V^A����i^^A��i^��i*i^Vv*W^W^^  Mr,  tt.- J,   b��*��>ij��ts:l, of  Victoria i��  ���pending it. few dwyi hi tie* City.  Mr. l% U. JjHiwr ef Victoria, Is <m.  joylu/f a uliurt hojfduy hi town.  Mr. and Mrs. K.  MP  Varwootl, are  liueiiW ��t the Jloitd ArlhiKbm.  Mr. itnd Mw, W. II. Oitrntrd and into  tire vtiddutf Alburnl this week.  tMr. Jutok f/UWHOH, Jliu*dy I Jay,  ht hi  town,  ^r. <;. H, Hodges of Vcrmm, j�� span*  dlnif ft few days In Ihe city,  Mr, H. Oot'hor of Jtfuw York, wujh nn  hitere.sUHi vbdioi* In thot;ity,hi��t wook.  Mr, and Mm, Unvlisof Nhjjrjiijo, wi>m  1,'ik'sbj tti tlio Allmrnl during tlio weak.  Mr. mid Mr*. 0. \V��� Ourront.of Vun'i  ��ouv��r. urn rejflstertHj at. dm ArlhiL'.  ton.      v      .  In the report of Kiitfiimer Hiaiihir*! dit  City would wiilitlrnw ids opposition to  (hese jipiilJcadtms,  Hiiudry bconvuttia were oi\lm*i*d p��!d{  mul the Cotiticli iMljouriitHl,  *l l)VV*-H>*s-����iM��*.f 1"  MLY  A, 0. F. Convent Ion.  Accoislhuf to u who wt'ivud this  wt-wk it appear* tlmt tltn next ttmiuttl  (*i>iivt*��tii'tiuf ihe A. O. K, fitttvrntly  wIHIm�� held ��t Alburnl. ThU will bi*  about thU ihuc iu'M vear, Tht* emuc*.  a-, a rcault of die doieriuinod "IhhisI-  hi|f" for Alberni as dm lovntfon fur the  iieiit convention which" wm, done at  Vloiorla thli* jeiirhy die ASImrnl dtde-  trait** and (heir friends.  Ktmutiimt Ante. -ti. (Kpecinl to dm  Advocate) TheM'vereitt blow thnt hint  la'cii sirnck nt (he con I Industry of this.  |Mirlluuof dm Maud in many yearn  cnnio when the mtleix were |,'lven to  IIikkI No, I Mint', It uppettrii tlmt dm  liino ipctit siimt) the dcmoruiitradons of  over ti week itifo'htm iflvun the tiro in  No. I it (ditnice lu ealn such lutudway  that, liolhlut; would save ihe si Iiml Ion  lull (he liiHidiiit,' of the entlra work-t,  Thl'i mcuiiM tt very heavy lo*x to tho  rnmpuny, uud will retjuiro ut least a  year to put'die work* hi condition to  Km uiit'itd widi takhuf nut eoul tinulu.  At ivxtiinslun the ordtvr hits been  given to dlwiumtlo tho untiro works,  mid It Ik imdi'mtoed that till work will  lio ahuiidsmed Sudcihiitoly, Thlw will  striken inoitt morloiw blow at I .fitly,  itiiilthi'nnil wimn taken in conju not tort  with the clo-dotf ot Nn. 1 will bo dm  worst utilamity that thti di-nriot ban  ���*uff('i*ed hi yea ni,  The Provtitchtl Police itrtu'ontlBuhi';  ticroHM for "UnSeivvful AM.umbly''' and  not tt day jf��e�� by but f,"otu half a de*-t*n  to a doron iie-u tiro jfathcrcd In, Home,  llilijjr like two humlrvd wttrmtit* httvo  hi'ou issued, ufid over onu hundred ��nd  llliy of tbrmi fmvo nimu wirvt-d up to  ditte. The j��d!�� ��r�� ovtifrtowlnj', and  tt.lhrufo numht'i- h(iv�� hi-nn sunt to Vh*.  btritt, Jbiil htt�� Ufi'is I'ef uned in pi act !���  rally overy fnno. Tho iHilU'ein-oouiuh*  big dm town for truus ttiiii (tiitmunii)on,  an woll uu y>,plu*lvi's,  Mr, K, riot*her, I'ttturtiedhomoonl'Vl.  day, nfter Imvlnjir Hpoiit aliOut, dnun  weokw btiiiriib*' iho iiiiihiliiud.  Mr. .bilin Itolwrl*on of Vunruuvtii',  win* In the City on I'VSdny mi biishtcw,  Mr, nnd Mrn, ll. (;, Driniim'mid, of  VhiitHMivcp wero nuost.* ut dm Arlhij/*  (on for tho wooU t��id,  Mr. K.' O. Twyiur uf Nitnuliiio, Kislpi.  f'h'N Insimotuf wm n.vlxitor In tim City  on Friday.  Mr, Inward Onihitin of ncmiinn U-  hunt, snout dm week ond tu ilm Oily n(,  the Albornl Hotel.  Mr. Oeo. I^thx-hello of Viiimouvar,  wim ri'ifUlontl f*l tho Alburnl Imtt weak  end. -  . Mr, II. II, .hihiiKon of llnnr Hlvur,  *wu* iiiMirrlvnl In dm City tail Hatiii'.  dnv.  Mr. W. Ch'tftf, rtiiirmtunthiK tint ,!>��.  Iitivnl CYwiin Kepfii'��tni"(\)., of Vtm1  rnuvpr wan a vlwllnr In the City, (Ids  wuok In dm lnu<roN!-t (>f dm firm,  .Mr. M. Kitrr, re|<r(��*u|tiihlir dm John  W, Peek, of Viimvuivei*, wan In die  City mi Friday doln-f bmiiriiwii with dm  local iimivhiiiits,  Y(M!s<tFt. M, Penn. the Sik*u! wlmut  icimlu'r, iHilurnml homo nit HttttiWlay't*  tridn from a (wn mutitli'* vimtidon  which she *pfi��>(. vhtlltltff frlunds In  Knirhtnd,        v  Anmn'/st ilm tttiliv pnrtliwt to ��ptmd  the. w**t*k end in Um City a ml District  wwe Mr.A^O. KlummerfoK and ptiplv  from VltHurlu mid Mr. J. Wiiimnn uud  party from Pitrkuvillo,  Mr.  Pim raprcBonihiif the  llrlllith ���  AKsoaiadnn Pi-cm, wnH In dm CKy on*  dt'itvorlntr lu Inlcrevt. the locu! hmducM   ,  mul! In itdvcrtlsbij,' In ilm publications  of his company, on Ntmmluy,  FERGUSON TRIES  S  other day when a llshermun put down a Labor Wav  thmctttch of trout on dm Imnk of   the  river, and went it   Hide  wuy   up   die     Tim Lalwr day  Held .sports at  tho  mit-'itm So try unother likely phum.       j I'orl will beK'in with  a  football #1111.10  When hej'l'iurned ho found a bltrbltM'kj hotwucn Alt-end  and   (ho   Pert at U  bent* just sitting down to his luncheon. joVlook.     Ibnmbnll     follows   botween  Tim man puii-unl.   The heur tatid, "No  Thiink you, no t-ea or coffee. Just tls.li.  Pull oilier plttaso." The 1111111 retired  (o (htulc (ho matter over, and tho bear  concluded his inctil, wiped him mouth  (.'uroftdly, placed u .small dp undtu* the  plate, hail JiIm tlcitet puuclit'sl, and wi'jn  away for (uiap.   Next Oentlomun,  W��nt��d^. Good .milk  row,   fresh, in.  Apply to- Pox.102 Port Alburnl.  lliiy tho bt*Hti..(,��ri*ctie''i Homo.linkb  Oread.'  Albornl Trad Int.'.Storo.  Duncans and the Port. Afternoon  (.port.** will bcfflu at 1.30 ruunhig*  liirouilh an oxoellont piti^ramme, and  a dance in (ho evening1 will wind up  what promises to bo a v^vy enjoyable  day.  Recovering,  Mr, 'O.'KUUi.'ll l�� gradually rower-  bit,' ftiim ibe .shoek of landlnji-11 hovoij  pound-ti-oiit at (JeiUrnl 'f4��ko, and tho  Dtictor saya that ho will pull through  if th ��,vc is no rtilttjisi).  Choral Society,  At 11 moi'diijfhidd in (he City Hall  011 Wednesday Auj,*. 2v>, il wan decided  t4j fiiriu an Alburnl Choral Noddy.  Mr. J. O C. Wotiil, M, P. P. w��*  eluctisl tw lloimrury Ptvildeni and it  wttt pro|H>s(*il (o invite Mussi> liltnlsoi*  ttlid HMiopto be Hon, Viw.J'resldum*.  Mt*. .1. HtoveiiH who bad. but'u largely  rcKponMbb* for y'thn' 'ho memln^  totfother was nppoimed President with  Ml". A. '1\ Walker as V|ee.pres|donl  ami Mr. C A. Illnudy tw totuuoriiry  HcureUry,  AkcI of rules luul been driiwuout by  Mcssrii Htevottsdiul Walkur and wore  adoptis} by tho uioi'tliiKi The uiitin  dllliculty was to M*cure dt^hurvlceii of  a coiiiimtoni conductor but this has  sfni'o been dona in tb�� perhtm of Mr,  Hiohurd* and with Miss Moroiur'o Miles  n*<.(ic��oiuptinlNt and the ,1'resbytoriun  Churoh Hid I l�� which to iiold pnmiicti.s.  Tltot'o PooniB to bo no reason why (be  now .Soolety, *ihovtld not soon bo In full  Kwlnj,' and a usuful adjunct to the social  life of the City.    -  ��� Word bus boon mudvett from Nutmb  1110 to (ho effct't that \Vui/mir, itllnti  "KcrtfUMm" idliw "Tim Klyintr iiuwli.  nitni", who was hanjfed on Thun*4ny,  tmitlo a de*ipurato atutmpt nt oulcidtt  just itefore. Waijfniir . wtw itwnitltij/  uxcaudon for Iho Mtihh't* in April of  Provincial Conslablo Wesdiway ut  Union Jluy, wlmu dm hitter atiempb-ii  to arrest liim while In the act of isib<  biilK1 the more t��f Pi'ttHer mul llhhop,  iuik.1i> an ttttompt to kill him��o)f hi hhi  0(i 11 t*t dm tfoai Wttlue-Mitiy. Htnlhij,'  hiuiseSf itifttiusi dm himii' wall of dm  death vvl), Wtik'ncruttetupled tobattur  out hi* own bitibis,  One of the tftiurdit, wlto lift* beted un  wfttcl.t cositinuousjy slime the pi*l��,oii(>i*  wiw (.cuienccHt, was bus'ihti,' himself  with prison dutail and VVaem-r inttk  ttdv��iMlij,'e ��f Ihu htci (hat the yon J of.  ((rial's attention wmidlvertmi to make  his Httotupt at snlf��d.'��ir��elion.  On Thursda) Warner ended a care.  er of crime which mude lilm 01m td the  intM notorious t'l'diiiitttl-* of tim West  Const,  Severely !3urned.  Younti Miisler .bnrnvM Harllnj*' wait  rather severely burned by She Itfiil'.lujf  of Kii-soline at die PhIci-mid (5ar��Ko  t bin week. The lioy was helping  around the ^lit-ctK-.* and lu some *.vuy bin  clodiiiif,*- became .splttsbed with t* lltdo  IfHsollno. < )n coinlisur near the torch  that vctt'i bcliii,*" u',.'*l iu the repair do-  ptirtuiont the ^asl|>uited, and In a mo-  inoiit the youth' was surrounded by  tlaiiit's. Prompt ri*scui> o�� the part of  dm'hy-fcttmilorct saved what ml^'ht havo  been a very ���icrlmis miiUer,  (Jmeiuv's Jlomc-Oakt'  burnt Trildinj,' Wtoro,  Wrmid at Al- THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  I>o,t, tin   hope ttiiit  ihe cimten-i  thill  Unit- the strike leitdcn* iter;  Tho  AlUrni A(i*/oc��t��  f'uijJIshlitg t>itd.    ,      .        , ..      ,.       .... . ������,  *  Printing C*.. Ltd., I'mprttlor*. ,l''��.Vlll�� rt {tame lor the e��l |��m j  , ��* ���,,.,,,.,,,.      ,..,.        im     ,   '(Inei'i'h nl'Ui��'Si ite* Itu* ntntlilim!  iln il.    Tin* itle.i (h iiMi i'4'pnls.ivej  I'lttillkl-t-i!   nt   Ailu-tlli,   (llillkll    t'uliiiUMn    '������ ! , , ,,,,      , .     ,���.       .  ,1  iiit!eil��irtik<>(Va,*i'-'ciiii'|-JsU.itlli.jit'i,i(��i^*.<l I [it ('on*��*JM|dlt<<'.      I Mill |ll*M| ttOtiJU J  |!|�� Att.fll.t,|ll(t>a-l l!M"*lWiV!>U ,     ,,, .,.,,(     ,1,  ....      .|,������,     ,   .i  (h'jibt>i'iit��)y   lend  Iliennu'lveM  to;  l  Html Offlw:   AIU#rnl, It, C.  tllOU.SHlHl.li'-t* lltltHliill  tllt'fltliUktit, kti'ulitt t'lkkk  ���ItlUUI  tttul *iMt nt tin iMniniiti-. ��iili ni'iiilm I'ukUl  t��gvl��ll4.ii��. will It it.vui'.t mi llii" Mi.ni.iiiy  ifiiiij  One Ymr . .   -U'e  HIl tillillliik .     I HI  ei>kl����n In l'n't'li'll-l! KliOi-n Mi ��lf<i iiiul nil  Kurci-i'Mi ��ii.l iiiiii.i Ii.i.fii;ti ismntiiik (1 uiim i  ��� cur rutin  Mieli �� M-lietue 1ik'nliiuj��l hryomi  belief,   lite!   to   ijike llll' methotlM j  (if the Hirilt(�� h'litleiM for xuch it!  iniriKisie would in* to pluee thvtn*!  NtAl**Kflli��limii|M4t(,(*lli (Vi.Kitit  (In. t'.uitil I ' , , , i  _i|iu/,ifi*i Aukimiis, nv** y*44i4tii.i, s'l-Hdiiimi   M'lv.'s (iitlnitle lie* pule of tnodern i  rivillwdhm. <��ut of It all nitty;  come it heller iiuder.-dnndlnj-f till \  round, timl when tliii< t-ouiew il j  vviii he found tlmt nu>b t'tile U;  not the hi*nt ���khort'Cut- to jin-lice!  eithei' for coitl mlncrx, or any,'  other body of men,  Royal Mail  -Service-  The Gasoline Cruiser  i  Clmitfi �� fur��t| li-iTdl niilWk will l��* li:t'kinn��  K�� llK.k|i4i*.lltliUl,llls| tu'llu. II (' i KHeltiM ,���..(.-Uf,  kin) nui��t Ii^jibIiI Iii mltntiii-.  TO CORRCSfONDh'NTS.  All iiiiiiiiiiiuli'Mliiiir luti'iittisl fur |i',iiillt'nl|iiii  M.ifl lm kitinii:(.iiiil.Mt unit tin* latum H'iit ��nl  (Ume llftlli? Vlflli-I-, lllll   lltVt'kknli!,'   (|i|'|.���ll||CilT  llt.tidut mtllKliiMsttO'l'nf Ktiikl Istlli. VVi*i'H|iitii(  unit,'itNlir in tr-iuiu ii'its'lisl i''iiaiti'.iiiii*itiiiiiui  tin ffiiitiiii'ittilnii nil) in* I'slil f.ii |n4'ili> .villin  titltl.illk CItV(i( tlf ��|HV|B| tOt..llw'.''itt'lli.  *\kx  <AViVV*��  Alburnl, II. C��� Ct��w��ti��    ���  Avi(. 30, 101.1  NANAIMO STRIKE.  WITH the entire dintrh'1 or  yY the "Strike ,^mol, in tho  linn Krlp of the inillhij',\sinithorl'  ' tieM, mul the poliee rnundhuf tip  IhoMc who look wirt. In the rhitw,  the Hitiuilltm now appearis to he  well in hinitl, The ukiijiI tulew  itro now to the, front., According to the union lenders nil tho  trouhlu wttH cuused h.v tint Htrilte'  ' hrditkdi'N, nnd,tin* Ntrlke breulccrK  are c<'imlly piiKlllvo Hint thoy  were like hrtnbw, ChartfeM of  "unlawful (iwneiiihly" foi* the  \m\H\ purl coiiMtitute tho In-  forinutkmM tlmt. have heeu, htltl  to (Into Hamuli there lire not  wiintlniif tlioKt' of it iitore Hi'i'lotis  iiiiltinv, ruiiKiiiK tip !������� utteiiijiU'tl  iniii'lh'i'.  It Ih not. tho intention of the  Attvoeitte to take cither Hide In  the matter to* fur u�� the orlKmil  (jidiHC of nil "'lift* tcotihle }n con  cerneil, hut one lliliitf iiiihI ho  ovldent- to nil )mrllt��>*. Thore \h  tiothhiK in llu-i.!eiii|tf to litfht u  wi'tuttf hy couiliiittliiu idiot her  wrotiK. Winiton (h.'Ht runt ion uf  properly only MervcH to iilloimtt*  the Nyiuimtliy of the puhllc from  itu.v caiiKe no mutter how Jtint.  the citllHe nitty hnvo ��� been in  founilutlon, Moh rule tind cluli  ��� law tiro poor arKitinnnt-H at best,  and now tlmt the Hush of pitHKlon  liiiH.pitHKcd, thtme. moil who have  tried to nettle the utrlke (pies-  tlon iilonK tluwn llnt'M inust. face  tho fact that they have not.  advanced their eittiHO hy such  mothodis.  Tho Ufn of thn minor Ih a hard  otic at h(��Nt. Ho workH tindoi' clr-  ciinmtant!t>N that are iluttKorotis  to a dt*^i"4*t), Thorn Is nnver a  tluit. when a man koc-n down InU)  a mine that ho linn any cerUilnly  of soelnu diiylluht iiKaln, Not  alone IiIk own nt'tlottK, hut those  of othern over whom he Iiun no  control, ii'iuy at uny moment cut  hint oil from any chtmco to  regain the Niu-face ,alive. lie  workn literally with IiIk life in  lit* haildK from day to day.  tSut'h a culling Nhotild Im> well  puld, ami M\y precaution that  can hn taken to render less  dniiKerouK wicli a umIIIum: shoulU,  III  the. ilttei'Ct*t*i Of our common  - humitnity, he taken. ('ar����  Nhould alwi he taken to' m*e  that h<�� not compelled to work  with tho.se who, from lack of  iixperienett, may render lib* own  curt' of no avail. Tim primary  object of hit* union J�� to u��v  complltsh junt the.-ve thinKn, and,  in no far an It worlds tilonfc Uh-'hm  i   hum, la rl^ht and K<x>d.    It Im  ==vOnly when an appinil|to reiiHon.  Ih drop|ied, and an aiipeal to  arniH taken H�� place, that tins  public sympathy A��: killed, and  tlnvKtorn. hand of the'law. muni  fall upon the 'o(!f(��ndei'f(, Too  of Ufn thewj arc only the U)o1h of  : di'.*ilK��|'*K U'ttdensi wlto have? not  . tho, bcrtt inU'rc.stK of tho men nt  heart, but'.who think that in  diHoi'der aiid Hot they Had. the  best Gxouao. for cojitintiine; hi  their positjons.  HON. MR. HAZEN.  ���pin-: vi��it to the Albend Dis-  Iriet of lion. J, l>- Jla/.ej),  Minlaterof.Marine mid Ki*diei'lcN,  wan ait excellent tiling. In uny  sectioilHof the Went the hiisiui'ss  of "I'iiuplre Build'nitf" Ko'*m on  with Nitclt rapidity, and eluinmroK  are often U>t Mitch a drastic  naturi', that only hy kecphiH: in  close pet'isonal touch with local  condition's can the heads of the!  urcat Dominion Depart ne'Hiis j  hope to have that wrusp of ,the  of the Mlluation which the needs  of t hid r oil ice demand. It has  been" too often the cast.* that  amiii'K or Ht'ltlsh t'ohuuhlu have  been mliiilnlhleretl by men who  acted kk If the Kooky Mountains  cut oil' their business ns well us  political horii'ion, ami beyond  that point there was, and could  he, nothing I't'ifurdintt wliltfh l.ltey  needed special information. So  lontf as the 1'iiiHt was tiiitlslled  the West could "k��> 1��u��Km '����'  all thoy cared.  Tltc Department of Murlnoand  Fisheries deals with many UiIi.kn  that are of the iiiohI vital hn*  jiortance t<i llrltish Cohimblu,  and the vi.'*it to our province of  'itlm otllclui In-all of this depart-  mi'iiti can not help but result in  wood, He was told of local conditions hy those who know, and  such chiintfi'rt as wore su'wi'ded,  or linprovi'iiusnlH ivqulrvilt came  from tlioHo who have miidt' a  study of thcMt* particular matU'i's  from it local and persona! stand���  jioiut. Hon, Mr, llit/.en up-  poured oiiKtii' to learn, llsteiu'd  emu'teoiiMly, and promised to  jflvc I hi�� reprcimntnlioiiN most  careful consideration. This wan  all that could hu expected for  the uumum!, and there Is little  room to doubt but that much  tfond will result, from thin vinlt  to tho Alberni District,  In particular It so happened  that tho Oily of Alberni was  rhtht hi the midst of a slniKKlo  to preserve (he channel of tho  Holnas Kivor from a systematic  "Ki'ab" ou the part of ttm 10. &  N. Company, and the forcHhore  rliditVof the city were hi ixrent  dnnp;er from Un�� samn source.  The ontlro detajls of this move  ment wen> put bel'ort' Hon. Mr,  JJnzen, and he promised to look  Into the mutter olosely, but .even  lm hits a much bettor idea of the  entire situation than he. could  poiksfbly havo had without this  personal visit,  ^IMIiMIJCIllMlllirilll^llltWW^  Will leavo the (Jovornment Whnrf, Alheiul, nt  7.30 n.m. of the 5tht 12th, 19th and 26th of  Every Month  To alt(��rnak�� with the (*. P. K. West (,-oar;t HU��ainer in curry.  InU Uk MitjCHty'N Malls bctwOeu  Alberni and Ucluelet  And cullhiK iit nil Way l'ortnon Alberni Canal and Itnrkley  Sound.    Accomiutslatlon for Pusseiiirers and Small I'Vid^hl.  eal Estate Agent  P. 0. Box 28        Alberni B. C  We Control the* Sale of the  Following Properties  Somas Height*,  D. b. 13,  Homcsltea  Qloncoe Height*, D, In 100, Honteulte*  75 Acr��o, with River Front, D. L, 7, Homenltoti  Fivo-Acr* Tractw. D. L. 102  Flvc-Acr�� Tracts, D. L. 106  Write Us for Particulars  STEWART M. READ & CO.  Sttlto 38-30 Cumuli! Life Buil(llit|4  V/iiivouver. t^tiintlii  Alberni Lumber Company  1   t'nit now Hii'i'ily oitlor*. for l-'lrnt Chik* ���  Rough and Dressed Lumber of Ail Kinds, Shingles, Etc.  JiUK'lll (lllll't'it Will |*(H<(t|l'H *.|li'i'iltl Hllt'llllllll,        . ''  full nl   tho  Mill on llu* Hi-oiclt  Hctilnini'til llo.'ni, or I'hoite  or write Su (he M��mi||ee ,  R. L. FRASER  Phono R49 Alberni, B. C.  Grocers, Bakora and Produce Marchenfca  Flour and Feed  Buyers of Flour  and 'Feed will ihui our runjjo  of hrnndH unuxcullud'.   Our prkicK are riftfu.  A Hubsumtiftl reduction miulo on ton lotn.  ProsorvinM   Peaches   aro   duo to arrive noxt  weok  iww��wwi*��wwi*n<n  mtwtjimtmmi\  Appeldorn & Co,  Contractors & Builders  Alberni. ��. C.  Good Work nt Reanon&ble Rates  Estimates Furnished  Signs Signs Signs  !>uiiil unit AtlveriUiui/Kiiru'*, me.,  (Innis with l'rniii|tt tliispsit'li  ut iktjwcai I'rliH't b,v  S.   EATON  Margaret St., Alberni  '   Pointer nnd P*{Hfr��Kbfts��r  f*(tlif!q��iu��(y ikkt-M-ftytjia ifM^^fnip;,  so mi-; fOMHiitr.  She "If I'd Idiovvii .Veil-wtrtiltl be  hiit'b ii brute to imtir Fldo, 1'ti uover  buv'e murrieil .vou,"  lb* "'riie ittitlcljiHlitl (ilfietiU'e nf  Idelihijf (but iilUeritbio Hide heict vvtr*  0110 of my chief ii'iikoiinfur iirojiokinK'."  UA1TY.  i      ��� ��� ", '���������.".  "Mu," itn|ulred Uobb>^ .''hteiri't I'u. ��  teioor Itlea'uf l|eiiv*e*iV,v  "Why do you fti4.lt ��"  e ���{"ituMu | beintl liiiti toll Mr. NiiylHn*  tliitt tbu 'iwe.uk you K|>i��itt .lit the *��t'i��-  shoi'U si'ttiiietl liie* lleiiven (o biui;'*  The- olthwt, ilisUlk't* in Seotiiiiiil is  (lt'iul, Hut his *>nii*lt>"Ki>i'H niiticbijiff  on.- '  Whtvt the lite In the foil .of llying  jri'iilly uiuun* Isthat- the viilue of hiluiit-n  bi*h)f;!> l�� K��.h��Jk' (lovvif. .'.'...  ThtiM* tlehlrlnif the M-ri'h'oi of, die  t.'lty Km von j,*-!'!* villi llmi -.hilen m wrilo  urderii ul Hlnhuii'i Store, Urle-vei*.'  Hum, mul flty Hull.  All otilcru |H"oiii|illy ittteialed (<).  ���      VV.M, DKHItV,  flty Hi'iivi'nfc'ei'' ,  Stevens  AND  ��1  JKt*  Practical   PJutntortf,  S!i?am ��nd  mt Water Fitters,  Estlmutea Furnltthed on Application. .  Work ilnnii by I'l'tnillcnl Mnn unly,  I'Ndiuntini KrftUi  t'orner Johnakm Hoad  and Victoria Quay .   .'  C. GALES        Proprietor  Our Bread and Cakes are baked by a professional baker in our own bakotshory  3 Loaves bread for 25c  4 Rolls or Crustiest 25c  Made from the best flour  WtKtfagWWtnwMiflWmMllJ  lllpllltffifllllEi^lpll'^ll^^  The  Bank of Montreal  {Koimih'il H*nj  Ccpltel Authorl����*i  C��pllo�� raid Up  Rest ��n4 UndlvttJed Profit*  Taut A��b��i��  938,0(K>,000  10,000,000  10,000,000  $339,837,000  lien. I't'.-klib'iit      .      Hi. lieu. Unit Kinilht-onti nnil .Mount Ito.vtvl  0,0, M. 0,  I'rt'kititni   .   It, ll, AiiKiik, Kk.|.       1     Vit'.-tVuk,      .      .      ll. V, Moi'iilijh  I lead prtlce  l/tilliiuil  Olllt'e  -      -      -     'Montreal  -hi tin.)  H 'I'hii'uiliii'iHile St., K. (.-'.  Savln^B Bank Department  l)i.|iiikltk   reeelvetl    fitmt   91    (ipwurd*  fountry lltislitcti jftvtui (.very attention.  Port Alberni Branch  E. S, V. McCHntock, Mgr.  .Tt(yi...il��,.)l.ii.,w.  uii��.��iiijiiii([��i!��ii��i.!1,'��iw*i,wwii"I  Mt.w.lk..wi��"^illi"iwmtin��i.w.  (.'reoue's   tlouie-llukti  llicml   at At.  benil Tiailliiff .Stern.    ' ,  Margaret St. - Alberni, B. C.  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSKIP  The |iiu'tntM"!.hi|i bei'i'lofore uJdtaitn,'  lit'tvv-f'tiii lOtnt-Ht 11. Debiiiytie mul Albert  Hlclnuoml, ilohur bukbuiKS tuuliu* the  (Inn name-nml style of '���The Alb"inl  Shhudo Mill fouijwny," bus liuen tbh*  iweni-i'tltfih tbiy of Auirutii., 101.1, til*-  *iotv't><J by imuimi eon*tt'iit,  Tht* l.tuiilni'*,s wlil in iiiiiu'e'becttrrled  on in tho nuiim of Krn.'Nt II...'OebruyiK'  to wbom nil iiPfouuts iniititbi*' rendered,  nml who nnxiiiiic-i nil ihe Itubllitlos of  the bitsineK'ii from this dine. -      "'���'.''  ,-' K, II. Debtuyne.  i(,lbei-ni, H.f;, AiiK'iwtafith, 11)13.  R.   W.   HEASLIP  Contrecior and BuHdlor  tt  Estimates furnished on All Classes  of Work In the Building Line  Alberni B. C.  20 ACRES fine Mack  loam, rivjr frontage, partly  cleared.  CiOlNCJ AT A RAClUKIfK.  00  o  Is  .**,.��� *" i. -  '*. *���. ���-'-*]  Li  f*    V^.        1\*mM.*.i^mimm~* *  '1  <  .J  Centra! 'L&t, B.C. - Joe Dnakwateir, Pirepmter  .'�����=: Jsrt tk�� TWaj tb# SpftftoftB li LwMbi Per ��~-= 9
e      •
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We Are the Owners of
&OSSLYN SUlU.DiVIS.ON-~D. L. 0, Alberni, Upper Portion. Lota from
9S0O.   Ea«y Ternm
ROSSLYN—Lower Addition, D. L, 0, Albornl. Comprising Urgo Wotor
Front'LoIh. River Rood Runt* Through thin Addition. Lota
from $260,   Easy Tcrwo,
D. L. 40—Acr* BlockM~»Boaver Crook Road Runt* through Property.
Portion of warn© Clottrod end Cultivated. LoU from $260.
Efttty Termir.
Apply Direct or to Our Agent, M.,H Stephens, Alberni
Winch   Building,   Vancouver
Tho main Nanalino Road and City Pipe Line |\ui*hob through
tho property., Close to school.   Weil located mid (iae viow lots,
tand Act Notlcou.
Ai.imitNl t.Af.'t> invrajfr,  ,
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T.il.r ii'itltki tlitti ,1,ilm K.iiMlIn'. uf AlU'itil,
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June -ft1. »iH*l, Ann. lis,
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Tiiltt' ii|itlii* Hint \"M/n Jititi' IlilU. ..{ AlUiiiil,
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M|i|il> fur iH'iliiUnliil.t to |iti|.'l||iM! llli' *ijI1i«'.*1hm
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.1 llllll'.*i>. IlilS Autf. Irlil.
!HE .owner   is   offering   a
number  of  the finest
iuilding Lots in the Alberni
istrict at      "-,'■'
particulars apply to Box X^ Advocate
™\***»#*<*i#fcr The City of Alberni B.C.  N tho banks of tho Somas Rivor, ot th�� heed of the Alberni Canol, thin city, known far and wide as "ALBERNI THE BEAUTIFUL/' offer*, splendid attractions to the  tourist The best auto road in the Province run�� to Nanaimo, and on to Victoria. Tho scenery along this road id unwurpaBBed.  The E, & N. R. R. runs through from Victoria, by ivay of Nanaimo, every week day. Vancouver connections with either Victoria or Nanaimo. Albern, la kino  reached by steamer from Vancouver and Victoria. The now and splendid S. S. "Princess Maqulnrta" rnftket* the run up the West Coast and in the summer month*  there is no more delightful trip than thie up the coast and along the picturesque Alberni Canal. Launched can be secured for tripe* to the whaling ��Utton at Sochart,  tho mammoth plant of tho Wallace Fisheries, at Uchuskloslt, and tho construction campa of tho C. N. R. on the Alberni Canal. Sproat Luke, five miles from Alberni, ie  reached by an excellent rood, and the tourist will find this beautiful body of wgter, set amidst tho towering, tree clad and snow capped ranges, well worth a visit.  Sproat Lake Falla are creased on a high bridge on the way to the lake. Central Lake la on the same road, eleven mllea from Alberni. Here the Ark Hotel awaits the  visiter. Boatti and launches can bo hired, and trips taken to the finest fishing to be found on Vancouver htland. Tho old Beaver Creek road leads up to the head of the  valley, passing Stampe Falls on the way, and running to A��h River. This i�� the country of the "Big Fellows," trout running from sis to twelve pounds are taken in this  eisctlon, ThoMo who wish to range farther afield have Strathcoha Park in front of them, and rugged ranges that will try the hardiest mountaineer.  The Photos in this paper are by Mr. Leonard Frank, Alberni, B. C,  &s  Installed by the Canadian Pipe Company.  Dam and Intake.  IK you (liu down U�� Um foundations of almost nn.v success,  ful Municipal attempt ul ivul progress, you will llmi  Ihlit one of Ihu Jiutln foundation stones of (intl progress  coii-oIhIm of' nn adequate waier supply. Tlio citizens of  Albert,! \vi��rn itllve to this fact, and ut u this* when in  rorpontllon was yet In Um tup of Um future u number nl  llu* leading busiimss ini'ii of tim community begun u> Pike  steps toward 1 li��* we tiring of u supply, ll wits fell Unit  some linn* must elapse before tho red tape of.incorporation  was till unwound, tutd why not have u witter system all in  shape lo turn over to the lirst council elected lo lake cure  Of tho iafnir.1 of tin4 young city.  A meeting wins culled nnd enough i��toe|c subscribed to  mnlie (Sic* witter supply y certainty. Ncvei-al surveys were  mude looking towurd semiring' it low level supply ut it  moderate cost, but. ut Inst- rcaiildng. tlmt the pilnitiry lm*  pnrtunce of a wilier system It* Uie protection ugninsl lire  It affords, till thought of u small pipe Hue under low prestm'  was abandoned,, nnd u very representiilive compunyorganised, with (t citpitnll;'.iit!(iii of ^J.'i.i'MH), which uuiniint. it  wuh thought would bring in nn tunt>le supply of water umler  suflideul pressure to splendidly eipiip our town for yours lo  come. Quite ait amount wum expended on engineering ami  n suml! percentage of the stock wus subscribed, but no  di'thillo data its to ti mount, of water available tlmt. could  be delivered to our town for the ciipilul provided. Plans  for approval ut Ooveniment Oftiecs in Victoriit were much  questioned, nnd di.seotii'iiging dtdttys hud stopped progress  until the Canadian I'ipe <V>,, of Vancouver, sent, in their  representative, who looked over the situation thoroughly,  nnd at ti meeting of the  Wii.'-r Company outlined such a  The Big Cup.  *.  Muvnlvi''J'co|>li)' jitit nji bjt tin't 'iiitiuliiin J*i|���**  l i mi | ui ii).  Clever Engineering.  Main Pipe Line.  system us In his judgment would fill our I'eqiilreimmts for ii  li'l'in of years, Us follows;  The point of diversion or intake on Roger thvok, ottr  source of supply, being nboiit :!{,oiX) feet, myity from tho  waterfront lirotir town, we \voiv advised lo hulUi a concrete  diiui high enough lo give it velocity hetid of foiir feet oyer  inutile 1'iitl of pipe, umi Id feet long. A�� the iireolc is subject  lo Miittti'ii itiid very severe Missis It wns poiuh'd out to us  thnt it rock'Hllcii log crib iliun would nol be advisable ut the  point selected, nor wuh the Impounding of it large body of  witter necessary, the How of the stream nt lo\ve*��t��� stngo  being fur more thun ample to operate the. plant or system  to its lull ciipiiclty. The four foot dtuii would hold .���ftO.lKk)  gttiions a concrete intake well was built on to one end of  dtuu provided with screens, and whh two 10 inch pipe  openings to provide for doubiing the capacity of the plant  ni; uny fulure dale, {''or ilm Hirst iNKKI feet it) inch pipe vv**w  itdvlsed, with ti gate valve well proteutod clow tothndum -  ti well secured bridge overcroHslug forming part of this  portion (��f tin* line.  As this stream is exiiemeiy crooked, winding among  shale bliMfs (which clearly Indicate vast deposits of coul)  sis crossings of the creek !n the lirst mlle'of plpn line was  necessiiry. Two of these were avoided by it clever piece  of eiigiiietu-lng the pipe Siring curried around the face of  an overhanging bluff, on iron rods driven into holes drilled  in I foci, above high witter umrlc. ,  In order to negotiate the many short vertical and 'lateral  .���ingles, this pipe company manufacture wood sleeve coup-  lings milled for Ideg. and Meg. bends. They also insist on  a plentiful .supply of flic best air valves", one on each  summit, Willi large blow-oil' valves at low points.  After the 10 Inch pipe- H inch wan continued along the  mount ain sldo ou n bench pre parts I to ti .point Kl.CXKI feet  c:  I  *4-  m  zm ff  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  ttMMMMMHlMimmMI  ^^3&AJW&&-J'T I1 n ��MW*^H  Installed by the Canadian Pipe Company,  Continued*  from inlaid* nnd nimui To feci lower, where  u |O0,(km} gallon \mhs1 stave tank lor re  sei'volt* was adusi'd, thi�� being (lie highest  point closes! ttt the (own, KIH*U feel away,  A by pass and overlloW being included In  the lilTuugi'liti'Ut to give perfcel ivstllls.  The system lo this pttint us figured out  after (silting (he nature of the ground Into  coiisideratinu Would handle ulioli! .'i<K��,(KK)  gullon-i of water pec day, and with a  lou.om gallon tank fed by such a supply,  would give good lire protection under tin*  elevation available.  l,,roui tank lo town we were advised lo  lay 1'JiH) feet of It! Inch main, I KH) feet of  10 Inch and the balance rt inch, under  heavy pressure. The survey line ulso was  changed, from a buck street entering town  to a straight line from the reservoir down  otic iiinht business street, giving us the  full lire lighting capacity of the system  where most needed, our principal hydrants  being located on Ihe, M in' itiuiii, which  brings the lii't* service up to underwriter*  standard in our business section, and the  maximum of reduction lu Insurance rates  result*.  Tho Pipe Company's represent al I ve gave  us a good word picture of the system com*  piete. Including our Volunteer Fire Coin*  pany hi action, miming �� very consistent  ilguie feu; the undertaking with a reason,  time limit for completion. Also Ihe Pipe  Coin puny assisted very materially in .hum*  cing the enterprise,, allowing payments to  be made on the Instalment plan, thus enabling us to proceed at once, and although  extit'tnely bud weather conditions prevailed durjng the latter part of the work,  water win* turned on and in use 'tuimn  weeks before contract time expired, which  was duly appreciated,  A very commendable plan on Ihe I'ipe  Company's part Is to present to each  Volunteer Fire Company of two or more  hose teams, In . eiteh lown where they  itihtall it complete system, a handsome  liud valuable cup for local competition,  a set of rules accompanying eaeh cup.  Also for Vancouver island n perpetual  Championship Cup of large sl/i* and  beautiful design, also governed by. a set  of rules administered by a hoard of iimik*  jees. Ah was' fondly hoped,, our team at  ihe Victoria Carnival won this trophy.  The successful0 defence of I hi* cup will  entail much hard practice, ami our Kite  Department deserves every * .ppnrl pus*  slble from our elth.eits.  in conclusion  we  would  say  that out'  A fter the Silverware.  ('ompctiflon at Victoria,' II.C.   The Alburnl Fire Hrlgudo in notion.  MMMNflMM  M^tHMMMMMn  BWW?��WitjBBIWTItfcWil>IUMJlX  esc  Some System.  Throwing four big streams over the highest building lu Alberni.  best to be had.  wimimiwMiMiiiiitmmsm  IMH iiiii WUMBIITIMMMiMili  ijwi^maattJiMftqiMijHMHha  wain.*- system is one of which we feel Justly  proud Nature putting it fo the severe  lest of tt five foot flood over the dum  before Ihe concrete had fully hardened  or the three undoreroswiugs were settled  tli'iuly, Die design and workmanship being  so well executed that no thiiuiige whatever  . resulted,  All pipe ami material win* expertly  handled from the time it arrived at the  railway station until put In place ; no  damage being allowed, nnd consequently  no leaks or dofectw developed, Kapld  systematic work prevailed all through,  'iind a well balanced plant Is tho result,.  Whon ttm reservoir is ,oomploied Urn'  city inivlnn will bo capable of supplying  six streams for over two hours con- ,  soeutlvoly with n combined capacity of  about 1000 gallons per minute, reaehlnic  a height, of HO feet or u horizontal distance  Of* feet, This, with our ample equipment  of apparatus nnd energetic Klre. Depart*  mont, affords u feeling of security against  loss b,y lire that is pleasant (4) experience.  No account of tht* progress of furnishing  water to the City of Alburnl would be  complete without,.n tribute to the energy  nnil eilldenoy of the foreman, Mr. A.  Rochester, who had the work hi huud,  and who, certainly completed u Job of  which he may well be proud,  The same may he.Muld of the services of  Chief Hcoth of the,Alberni Volunteer Fire  Department,  who   has  drilled   the   boys  until they are able to hold their own in  the fastest company, uud left theui com  lldently expecting to defend   the  (Jrent  IMjw Company Cup against the best Um  island ciin send after it.  , The further dotullMtof the wtory of tho'  Alhentl Water Hyslu'iu Is host told In l^e  series of photos which are found herewith.  Thotue show a nuiiibmr of the engineering  dlflloultlcs   which   the  compmoy   hud   to  overcome, and It Is a faet Unit they were  able to meet nil of these, nnd solve flic  problems, one uftor the  other'     At no  time was the work allowed to drag, and  the faet that there has not been a single  trouble of any kind with the system since  It was Installed, goes far toward demon*  st rat lug tlmt it pays, and pays well, to  put such  work Into tim hands of  those  who have tho materia),   equipment nnd  experience, to carry any and all kinds of  suuh work to a successful completion.  The Albornl Water System is now being  taken over by tho Corporation, and all  hands tut) to be oongr.ilultited on the sue*  eessful outcome of the original plans,  The Canadain  furnished it  $  Worth Working for.  Presented by the Canadian Pipi? Co.  ���  Alberni Firemen.  Tho Team 'which now holds tho Big Cup.  if "T'~ ���~T n (���"["-��� mi- 'r inrinrnini imnniiiin. iHiiTT^iiVn^iViiiitfrf^rnitiiiinTiri  *amt+Mm+*immm****��l*'������m*����**+i*  m&'*mmWaSZB8Sa  -WWMlV��M"l<W*^>��^'lllM^��WMWW|)|'W<i'  *****amft  **wnm*mmmmmtmmm*lmm  \---i  -l THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE
Water Act.
NotIru «il Application for tho Approval
ol Work*,
■j'.ii, i- iiiiHu.' tiii.t  tin' it"i"'• *'4i» 1.  ia ..ii'
Wm'.k t\ lijimit    MtiiMtit    ml!  nnilt   ti.i,..
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Mll'l'll   t"4  14|ll||,<1l||uitnl.l1 Ilk   I'll*   "I    \'.l«l*.'      >
'H/i,-   |«littl^r-RVi^n.'l   l-t     SM-H.-ll   *',.(    |,„   <
"\V.tl«'t   A I'l, '   it*   IU|I> ll'li'l    (ink l-t "ttll'-l «llll
(ll.i  l'..|fl|.tlt.lll'l   nl   W..S. I    III, 111'   111    tl -I'l* Mil
Ktl'l Vlltll l!i<   \V«!«'J  »n»n*V * M   '.II*'I IK
(lliill il.illk   tti   tfli"   IH.jillflll-.il   llll*     4"     Mint «
UMII liiii (*ii|ii|,lIt'llt t  1*1  M -il' < Ilt.'li'"  I'niliii   ,
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i"<  "I'Ulliill  lll.lll ll„S  HI'UM'i    HllJ-       '    lU-ll   ("I
l« 9lllikkl.4|t   |ll  |.l|,|i|lu,., |l.     ",.,,.1      .     i|iM'J|l»il
i l*>lk'     (,.>! 4HA
I'l-llllll. (it'll,,.- ,.t ,, ,..„.( i-
I ,,lt l„ti|l-| ill !„,, |l|t t'l
H   lllll k    III   1.1 I .,),     U      l 11,     "
y» it*.i.k liiji.,.i ii.,* hi.i,,,' , i
. t i.,. ti-i,i i|,o.t.,.' ti.	
*1,   *».iMl! 1 .1*1   .mill   I    nt   I
it, v\ tlli'ii,i|4|h *,'. Illil '.    l'i
ll'-ilm in   (in'It   1...,,     I
ll.«l|...i   nil,ill   !!,!,   llfli 1
tti. IH* till ill    4k*i|l   il.l '    '        '"'I
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j, ■.    *' i .1 '"i ii \ynii
Mdi    i   I'll j|.l|i-(i
,i . ,   in Mt-11,,,1,,1.
'        t   I il t  II'B
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I  J. .Li ',
i |,. '„. i .,'   51,, i,t,
n.i ll   11 nn.* ,-
-i    'it i.jli t. (nl
*    i>"..''l tUlVilt
Olt-t^lft i.!( |la««-|li|i.
T.l.!'   4ll.lt.*!'   ,1ml  J.OMU WUttl 2111 Apt I*
nt   l!-!,,tll|i|   t»vtiJMtl|.lt Jrtll/li. e. )|,t. !(..! I-'
|m    t-,t'.l»kl..|l   t,i   pUfl'i •,„.*»-   til,.    (, 'lint!,
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1 '-  l,'i .l| Ik nl li. Unlfl' -JiM'tiHil.h il. --I    »(,» '
I'l.    (Ul-   ,1.1,11,     t lit'!.if   I'll   I Slhll.ll , H-t  l..f
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■ I* i.
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,i i   )m, i.it., 1
Oil     lull
II, I,.
..(., 11
Water Notice*.
For o Ltf#sw to T»k» and U»» W»l«r,
NulliH' 1» liilfl.y fc'lt.U On'    1t<m   Win«.m
Nfllt iiml Hi.mil* Altiiuliiii'l '"'inHi "1 *"""»
Will IHU*!*' '"I It Utk'tllt* I" l.'lii   .Urfl Ilk.    ..'fiil'lf
f, , I  (V. I   MMMttlldl llltll-l LIU nl   I'l-iUtil.'l  I   I'kll
IttiUll    llutth   III   M   «l'«ll'lll'    illtl-4lll.il    lltllitll'll
'J'lHllH't    l^'HM'   Nil    l*«   Btiillllll'lcik illtll   VilljiJUl
4',,l|.l1    III lir    (llttiU'llitlk    llllll III     Ill-kit t>* 't'llt'
initi'i  ttUI  In*  Uln'M.-il (.1 iiili.'llininl I'lMtltl.tt
t'tiH'lt mitt tiiiuiitiis iiiiiiI.imIin'1'i'ki i,.mil ni*..ut
Hutu, inllfk tliiiu .VIlH'itu t'.in.i), .itiil mil ««'
llw*.l (ni- (ititltklilitl Citii^iMk iill lilt* tii|t>l ili>
in rlHkt tik ttllliMlu imtlilk ill "ii' illiil".
Tlilk  Until 4*   H4lk  Jkiktt tt Kit llll' I'll'llt'iUlHI llli
DSKt itnv t'l Jinn', I'-U.'l, 'I'lif ii|.|.|l4'iillttil Milt It.
Ilt.kl III lilt' uNiff ill Ui" Wtilil-llikl'iU'.lfl til Al
Oli/nl Hull* unit In' llltkl Hlttl llu'hiiM ttrtti* I
Ititvittti.r lit **Ull Oil* t'4«i|i|'liii!lfl nl ttn.i'i
Klulltu, Citillutlti-ltl Uilititllii?M, Vli'lmtlit, l»l"
Alwtl Wi*l*k|i"i iS'i'ill. (Jii.iii.i* Xilmtliitnl
Sum It Ai'lUlt'Jtlil*.
lift). OliiV Ut'U.ilil, AUfllt
Tlllk liiillf*' Ik III kiiliklUtUl.iii nt Oi.it i.lllii'
tlHtl ilHt tif AI'lll. HUH. l'i" klilttr lUH'lliVlilk,
Ttr « !.tc«;tce to Siorw or Pen Dock
nl llikli'nl ll-it lull, l'i. 'ii*' I- -i'f
'I llli! till nuilt iklll. It l,l,l' k "'I I"
L. ,1* |ii.|lil I ( tl 41|,111. til , ,1 I Ul 4V,1!
i  * llui,.I 1,1   1. «,«
All.nlllK  \illl-'l il i. '
I-   (HI I .liilt
t,i I'm!    (.1 Miti-il I i. Ii-.llii.   itlii
|4>.Il|| I -1'l.t I'l.llH I i'l l,l'l O
'.'' 1' ll'l*, lllitHi int! *<! i-linltlk
tl*M ll lllin    tl,. |,^i III l-l   ■*-! f i»,.ll|» Itt
Kill, lift till ul   |i-.'i'i.i*ii"K 17-1   in It k
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Land Act Notices.
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Tuiu* iHiUrtMliM Ipiro' W, (Utflllit. nl Jit*
tili'llUill.'  Allii,.' ll'Ui.iiUttll   lillilKir,   ItiUltild   to
Hppiy Mr i«"it(il«us: va^sr^*t£i#..iliitf(iilov.liih'
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ttitiiiv  Mitilb■■«•.' cIlHUm 1<i tin* ptiltit n( .-misi'
Itlfllt'l'HJflit,   lllilf tlHUtilrtllliJ  tSW HKiliill   IM>m  it
Uiirry WyclillCc HKolilc.
Jmiow, lull ' AualtflJ,
Lrl |%- THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  /  CLASSIFIED ADS.  IVr Ssl.*. Ki'Si'iiil }^i4i*.i��k, ttiiup* {'"ttriti.  on-,', t,liiiiit*tiiii,i-ic.i *,*itiii),-m I'titfiiiu i  I rli'ik,     Al'|tl,i   lltUi'l   A��J!ll>k'l4iU, Al�� I  Until. IM\ J  r*��r Ktmt.  v��nu {-"iiimi*-i��"ij n itintiiiifj i  liiiuti.',  cii'   mUcr>     A|-*i��l,*   A,  A.i  S.tuti.  j  A Swap.    .Mukt mi-Hi  t*M l"t*> AUwi'iilj  In'lljlll-k.   I.*��i'l   Uilil ('li'ttl' *.l��i't'.'l'llfl', j  I'ilt'l'     ���  IV(    tlSU',       St.Ill'      4)(t|t     ll'l'lll*.  j  '    Acjil? I'-1��. It'". <M. J'*ul All.*'iul.     ;  Wan I cut   Tl   *>��.* ��-i li*** in'i.t'.. ctti*.,' tu,  }'i,pl, Allti'iiii,'   Muit lm   i'ltt*ii|i fsii'i  < itklt.    I'oiiii 14SSH1 r. I', u, lite,  In.',,  I'm t AlUi'iui   ���  Kitr SnU. Tss.. H. <\ Willi. l.'*lituit  CtH-iit'i. U, M int.ull.* ii|il, Iiiiii ii.iiii  IliVltl   !.|i ilu'ill ,,in       |*i.|* p,,, Oi'.illll"*.  iii'i'ls   l''oi|.- lilli'lit.  Mill '{".iuii, AlJ  Ifi'iit. H-i*.  WHI KucImi.C��.   dixit! Altii'iiil I'tsip"!'.  (ii'i  (tit* iSllkliHtt'ilflllUi   JMll'lll   I.Ill,ilk.  Win. 1'oitik IIIIkmui. Allii'ini. IM .  f'er S��l�� fi Awe Tr<u'l,*i elfiiml luiitl,  ttlkit i'i iti'ii' totuti Iniiii luiitl. Kitr  ti'tiiik tt|iiil> tn .luliit Ik'M, tii'l', Id  .1. Mtlliiik. Allu'iiiii  I'ortfoU Ss'iil [MiiniiN'i., I*.��rl> Hum*,  I.iiii' Sliikt* iiiul lliiiluiiik iKi'dUlii","*!  lltKntlSUvk. Apply to T. Si llrli.icj  * 'liei-rjj I'ri'ijk.   Allit'lill.  All for tut*, (ttu* KU*tii4iiutil iltitiki*  tin Httiii Stiei'i, i.ii'' Tlitfe-roiiiiKil  ll.uikit,. tin fv-vi'ittli Ait'iuu', luti lut*.  nil lltun Hltvt't.    A|i|>l,v U. \V. I'\iulk-  Slur, Hun Wi, I'tul Allvntl.  .*  The Alberni Hotel  .A-h-Aft IWHT*      iM**  W��rtt*<t ��� OiUitnf |**.ii>. iM.iki not Ik*  itfrulil nl tiitiun* ciii'k, Atlilii'kk A. II.  Auili'i'kiiiii AUh'MiI. H.��".  r��r 8*1* w ��x��Httn|y. (*M��*kcti mul I 'k*  l-Veil. fsiiiu ���l.ii I't't ewt,', or vslll  i-m'Iim��im lui* iiltf**, i*��iiy or kimm! uiilt'fi  imwh,   A'. 11. AiuIci-miii, cliy.  tw Rfnt."'l'ur( Kiir.il'*liisl i Heututil  UiitiM*, l'mioiiktiii TiiTViiklle, *.'��imJ  ��rti\lcn mul lm',*,'.' to*. A|��|��l,v Ailvo-  end* Ollli'i*.  f4*u����t. -A Kuuiititiu Pen. ��>*-viii*i'T��u  littvt* ftiiut' liy ini'.iii'k' ItU' ililt* (itlvt,  I lux J I., AilvtK*att',i  Rwtm t�� Rent, Mtluiltli* forl.lulil Hon**,.,  kpu'ihii*', iit'l*. at*�� cut (iiiuv,   A|��|��ly lo  ItlUi I*.,  Alh'tK'BfC.  ' Fer S��l��.   ilrhhur Mtnv, tjulcl,  um  ,    iifnikl   ef   ���itit('��i, '   Ajij.ly   <<�� *'.  Sj  Anki'Wi AHm'I-iiI, H.t",  Fur 8#l*.'lioiu'itil l��ui|Hiik,i Team, v.��.  jfnti mul llui'iu'iki i��iiini*il*�� t��r urit.1-  tntf in- Itt'ttvy Hdrk. Any t*i'ii**4i����|jlii  U'liil jflvvii. A|.|.l> II, II. Kiln, I'.in  AIIm'iuI. ,  Forftttle    A   fuw   t'tu.lci*   iinjili'   I n't".  Illl*(��l�� XCIll'n illil.   ill-VHtlllrt    l-.VclllUI'k'l'  fur Wlillc W,uu>ilutti'iuilli'|i*. I*\u*lu-  {iii'iuittjiiii ti|i|ily tn Allii'iul Trmltnif  Sunt*, 4ii", lit Idler Ui 11, Wliitlktip,  lienver rivfk I'. O.  Motlerti In every ren|)ccl,    I'tlvnU* Hailis,  ICIeciric Light, ami Hot WmU-r  IleittluK I li it hi (,-;l a mi I,  :   r���   - The Favorite Resort ^^^=^  ( '        4  of the Commercial   Man,  Tourlat  ami  Hjiort-iinnn.     ItoouiH jn'ivaUi   or  en milto.  Rates from $3,50 to $10 per day =*  OwitliiK our own DAlry ami Poultry Hunch lni*un��H u coiwtiuit supply of  utrintly Ovsh artleleH for tim table.  r,;.--._-.������.���... Hot and Cold Water =^r=====:  Ami IVivalo ami i/0��K DiHlanw TelephonoM in every riKnn.    Kivo Huh to  ���*   ' ' and from nil, Hunts and Trains.  HiliLY MeAliiUKTKU (formerly of the Kln'it ICilwanl HoWl Victoria) Prop.  f.iliil'lli.lllliiU'lii  ,.���.ll  ������'ill,-.' '  ���{ V  ,   .'������J.&'i'r ���*�����*-  Mi <����im���ir ��iMttaii m  Hotel Arlington  The old suul ov��r popular heHtlijuarUfiH for the H1|{Ii*c1iihh Islund Trmlo,  , has bifon ifcently     ,*���  "���-r^:���-���:Greatly Enlarged ~.~~-  And  now contains sixty ixkiuih, siiiKlo or en nwiw.   Tho splendltl now  diuluK'-room contnins a line selection of ImIiuhI  views from iho Dludlo  of Mr. Ivconard Frank. ,     _  r^==: Tourists and Sportsmen =  winr-V   Oi-Iwmii-.  Will  llmi tho now Hotol  Arlington just the  thlnif.    (Juides  furnished,  r^=r^Sample Rooms:  M#*Ai��iMii��tM-*wiMiirtn'4*-i'��w*T*,iMr-iin^*k-jcw  Por commercial men ou ground Hoof.   Cent*ei" of tho Inismess District,  1 Kiijo Bus to and from all trains and boutn.  NioNlFF it MKAOHKK  Proprietor  N��tle��,* Will tlin |i����'t> i-vltti liMtk u  iiitip (if Uttss ittfk,*. (iimu u I *4 nt I iliil'tiji  Ii.'Iiiss- dm luttlL't' at tlin ciuiuih ul  Heift'r I'reok,  kIikII.i   i.'liiin ����iiu',  llllll ill Vl�� fill") lll'l" (IHIUlilti,  NEW RESTAURANT.  AilH*i"sti,.li|l> Ikljlil.'l,  t sslkh ui iiif'Uiu tin' iiul'll'' *ti<n I  liuvc (i|H*!ii"-tl ii Hliuit Otilii!-,M.*iil mul'  l,iitirli ('(itiulcr In Alliffiil, utiict (ItHii*  ut ilmI'litnt lltiut.ti,titi.iiilai��iniitSir*ft,  mul s��lll irv t.�� w>rvi. mijiliini.' dim uui,v  lx* itiMcriHl.  M> lllljl��4'(  Will In' lit |l|��H|kt',  n   II; T, McMONAlJUi:,  KTAII  Itl'.lCACIIANTi  NOTJCK.  Any'V*'I'mm nr |i.'i'k(.uk f.iuiul tului,'  up iuii|i"*i Inif Iii any ��ny unv Itt mi or  I'tinim lu'lnltl'llIK HI (in*. ttltiuMll Jti'l1'  lliikkltill, SlUl III* jl|tlkt'l'U|l-tl tyUliittit  (lll'l lll'l' MiU-llillff-  W. It. iiiil.'i.  Allh't'iil. II**'.  Far R��nl. - RvccKMiicd Ituuie, tvutiv  uf tutvn, A|i(il-i A. *\, l.yiui, Kllnn-  Imilt Strvcli  r'*��rt$��t*��.   Or tr-mlo jfiwil Oivpiii nnd  Wlikllllltftiltl ttlUtt'lll'*i, Mill l*V('lutHlf4t  fl.l' AUn'I'Ill |l|-41|ll'llj' III' -t'lKitl IllM-M'N  lll't'llHk,      M, J. t'itlUjllll'tl AlfK't'lit,  forSata. .Muki.-nl liiklruiiu'iiU rimiu,  Vliillu, Jliiuju: .ciiinl ,iu new. Jilts'  "C," AilvuftmmiSliv.  Ci  Wftnt��ii. A UiKin Milk I Nov. 'Apply  A. W. lli'Hlli, Kiitiuy Hill.  For K��i��l" A IV.* tuiiiuit'N wulk (imu  hldiluu, Nicely Kui'iiUIhnI ft iCusuiuil  SJiiiiM*, I'm per iiuuitti.   A(li3ri'ik*> M.  4. (,'BUt|lln'l!, AU't'llit, ll,(4.  For Rant. (iOiM tu��w4 HiNtiurd U..iim��,  Ailitr*"**  M, .1.   I'mujiU'll,   AIIh'iiiI,  Wsnl*��4. Vuutiif Mrtti, Im*iwi>oii iikuhiI  l'i mul pi. in I.'iti'iii liiikiisi'ik', M.'iiily  cniplOyiiieiU fur rlk'lit juiily. AitHMcr  ill   Uttll    lllllitlst lllilln.      Stilts'   kit I ins  l'Kp4*4,'|(*0,       HlttlVl-p   ,V    til,,    ItitK    ij,  Allicnil, HA'.  It ay (In* I'lM-llrei'tii'V H'jou*-Hiiku  Ii(i*it(..    AHu'tiil TrwSlnir Ku.re.  ���jdnif^yi^iitij.iinnu'-* wwi m*1 w w��w -^fw WV( t<w t��* w-mi x nurtotrmvinwimm^ mjk  NOTICE.  No li}IU HKtiiiiki ilin Aliiciitl Khiiijflti  Will i.'kiisiptuiy nilllii' jiaiil uuli"*!, iliry,  hiv isotn rtn-lxit imtlur on iiinli'i' i'l>fiii*ii  liy �����:. II. tit'iiruyn.'.  I'uliHo und tl.'iili'lik uvncriiHy pli'iiM*  ijon*.  AUhm-iiI Shliii'Ji* Mill i'utH|��mj.  IVr I-i, it. Hcliruyiir, Mniuufer.  Gunerftl Toamator.  DRY STOVE WOOD  Alsstt^kiui Uuiiil (  All   Orilui'i*   I'tHiitiiulv   AliendtHl   Tu  f��&*��*3&"|ftl!��i'i^  I      PATERSON GARAGE,     ]  *^:,,4>����*;SR*i}:��o*��o����<i)i��^^^  Now Opon to tho Touring Public  Full Line of Auto Supplies  Curs For Hire -at Reasonable Rates  Victoria Quay  Alberni, B. G,  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  J. .1, WHim I'HiprlnKir. .  "T ""kT  l.4kliHlllll.f|ll,'tlkl'*1  Gertrude &(,  Alberni  Professional Cards  f  GEO. A. SMITH, C. E.  II. (J.  IjiiiuI Surii'Ver.   Hurvi',!** nl  tlUllu'P lltllltl, UillU'l'Ill ('illlillh, um! Imtti  kuUllvlkituik,   onii'i-ut Alln'i'iil,   IM),  Hoi, ��1.  H. ML T. H0&GS0M  A, M. I, ��. K.  B. C L*ind Survnwr ��nd Civil Engln***"  0t(lcfi>i   Canniktsr  Blimfe, l'��*rt   Alberni  H. H, BROWNE  t'ivjl iidii MiuiuK I'lu u I in t*r  uiiti  The Alert Investor Asks for  4Siuiit'tltlii(�� tlmt In n Hiiro wiunni", wliur*. tin*- ittoney will turn  tivt'C t'ult'tiJy mul nt t itotkl itrutlt.  This is the Class of Property That is Bandied by  inf.1. ."'i J...i.i Ii'i   ������-*   ��� f    "rti-n.iiriTT    *~ -ff  *��� M   WfViKf' *^ ,  Uts HnmlU". NuOllu'r Klml.  A Ilkl uf ilu�� Ilni'hi Kuril, nail t'lty |iiHi|UM-ili'M'tu Irufomul In tin? Allwrni  I llui iit'l.   A pull tvlll (xuivltu'i* you, iitkl Suml lu InittlnooN.  CImixkI Acr4��tt((i lor Rtitt  P. 0. Bex $4  Alburnl* B. C.  Uvory rjjf�� of nil kinds,   Heavy drayinw mul fwlKlttilollvory  ��� llikM��j_.,k^r��yiWM.kini.iii^��yi��|inniM|k_.iiiiii.j.��.'��� ^..^kik.iwii  I .iWi.iihh.Iiili .ii,.nwwWk.i"T.4'Ji|kki.k.lfiiJI  ���tr  Allu-tul  i'l'-iivjiielnt Uitiul Htuvpytu'  11. i\  S, Ttti KuMt A.% Ai-arw A. E. Writ kl  RITCHIE, AGNEW & CG.  Doctiibtt isd fteWedil Un<i Suntrm  Civil, ilirdftttlic ui Hnm$i\ Uthttn  Efifittwre far Ritebtf. /l|8f# f��utr C�����  lil  Ml!ltlt'il'i*tl   Wiiitt,   fn||trk-(   Oinilin.   Still,  lllSlklllllfc.    Jkl'ttrilllJI',   \VM!l-lt.il(lVk    t-U',  nr l,.ill'1 Milti'��IHk'  bed OtSce. . Port Alberai, B.C.  De��l��r tn  "Builders Supplies  Stttfh, Boom ftnd  Qlcw  BwUdlng and HooHng Paper  Umi!, Brlck�� Rnd Cement  Alberni  Phona 29  P. 0. Box 9  JD>. \j*  ������mrn-nikiiii'" vnr  Meal Estate and Insurance  O^JT^'A^t'I "l;>I.*"il.'*.��  Affcntm for Taw Kovai* lNHtiiiANCi; Co. (of Liverpool)  Tlin.liii'tfi-Ht Klru limurui'ei' Cu, Id (lip \s��rlil  l  TH14   GltKAT   WKHT   IjIKI. AkhI'KANOK COMI'A.NY  t!Ji?as."Bisswv- ���Jiws^^arsi.-iurvrvw-jis t.?TmTi'-~->- a-,  Hiltrf Pttdiir  dBv^fBtisf  ���"jr--iKrvaf.'K;ri��aK  UmU   r,0, 3��8P  wwwmNMnawrti  t#th*in4u#t)iiatwanmmvm**w<f[m*Bm  Bricklayer and  Cement Worker  ���k4Mfl��UMMMktW-��w<  ((te-frr^itttit IMQ HmiI Office fftwilrcal  Capital Paid Up : : M 1.560,000  Reserve Fund : : $13,000,000  Total Assew ovor :     :   $170,000,000  A (Ii-;ni'IMI. HankiNU HuminIiiM* Ti(ANK.M-i'h(��    ;   :   :  LlconKod  Auctioneer  IVp..|.itk li( |l <��l Itltl  lU'WlflliJ"* IWHStuklt  );.,���.( CUMVIll  i."ifit*mtf,  (ittptthllii msty Ut* ttitiiV mul t��Uliilr��*��u  i'k iniiii. ("ullikl pHttli'Ulki* vrllt >m4'  l>" In' ��IISi'|l ti) )r|(4*l'ICliliritl|>-j nil di*  pklllliintk,  Over .VJd lliniu'lii'i itiuJ Ajft>ju-l0"s,   ^> llt','iilt*lu*k lu HciUiilt OiluuiliU.  I'vUTONjmjliK'llU'rilllHIli lllllll tin* Wtipltl,  Savings Bank Department S?3S5  Banking by Nail  Alberni Branch  H. d*. Mai'(K)NAM), Mnn��|t<M*  Port. Alberni Branch  It. 1-'. JitillAh'ry,  MaiiRKdS"  2nd Avenue  T$rt Alberni  hlMM^IWHWIMM  Send  To that Prfand Who is Thinking of Coming to Alberni  M*mmmmg��Sffl��3SB66��mm THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  PURITY  PURITY  At Aoium/n/itAi. kihiw, onHi:t*Ti*:.Mio-:it mil, **  mill iirti'i' ;i St^ht <if (III" 4'\t'f lli'iit ��m! well knuwii lipmul n��  ���- it I'liil 1'fliii*, Hittt two ikui'k* nn (tHm-d'ul l-vi**., lor ttivtul  uuul.'wIiSt 1't'IUTV n/*vn.  Make' s'lilrli-* whit (lit* wrs'turji', Mr, $, ,M. \Vii>u<i, itm  Ifiti'i* Ujmi Weill. Milt. ruieiiH'lUiipii. wilds 4'iitciiinf, fiiiKi  ���khuw ilittt (Ihh liiiVi' |nuvli��iiil (fiitui ����ii (t,,i|i,ii)f(jn in Al*  l��'tnl up I'upi Alln'tuU �� "*��'"li t*f ��Mii flour m Wlilu 3 tuoiitlit*  ,llt(lltt" yf kllOW,  WtJfUern Canada Flour Mills Co., U*i WM��*ii ktpwtifiUn  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co.  utiiiv j'ii.iiiu!/.��;. A. r*AUL# ��*ntt|#r IU*. H36  inwiiiMffliHiii'i'wiM'*^  3 1-2 and 5 Acre Blocks   B. L. S~  erm  es  Om* nnil half inlloctlrclo, on throo ��ootl ioiuIn.   1^'vcl, f��v��  from rot-k, easily Hcuii'd  ��� ���;��� ������������ Price $300 Per Acre  ���������Canh or Umnn very rciiNonalili'   ���-  M R. Ite        Sliaw Real Estate Co.  Aikrni      ^        , M y 802 Femberton Block, Victerii  *JMn****M**w**mu*um  Mercerized Foulards, Reg. 12Sc lor 15c  Cdored Muislins - . - 25c %, ISc  White Vestings -   -   b 30c  ;; 25e   W&ZyflB&^iife  ��>  ;s     i    n^''[,': JittHt rifCdlvMl a titnv *��lil|itiit>Ki;of Kaniiy    \ -       ;  ���'-A;':, A        l.-it'oll.ii'i*,;. Kllk'*,Lti(��pi, (intl Hllk ni(M��o*(   (;y"- 'il.  All kinds of HoutieholJ Furniture  In Stock at Mainland Prices -      -  ���*^M*OWI4iC��*Wll-a*k*UW.14.  Piohoor Furniture Stor����y^  Port Albornl  mtpmiimumm iftwwpwii^'W  NaslVadingCompany - Albehii, B.C,  Fresh Fruit and Vegetables alway on hand  Juat opened out Fall Delivery 'A, ;:%.��i,'  Men's mnd .'Women's Bootw and Shoos  ThcBwsy Store  i-*-V,i*V<r-J-'V'i<'---'i>-';'-*&'<'S^^^ ���  ,0On;th��'Busy, Corner  A liirgo itsjiorinHjnt in 8t��n,jk��d  '������OwiHli:;nnd;WhltcrJJliHmA;A:;t'.A !'  ��� H.r-*��^y..��� i.,yivi|l��l'l^','��k(;>Vf''''l'^"r''��"l'K��*'n:'-1' ���.l."7',jli><)r ���>  ;ra .i���itkiU'V-!'!..-*"��-.��*���.-�����.'iky Ti..-- w*.--fi.*s.ii��.'fl''-'S'"i' -.MA**^;>��:'iV'T>-vi'tSl-��.^',Jsif.ji. kuFssti'jti  ;^.d^^  THIRD AVENUE  ��ORT ALBERNI  ^fa^^k4  Our Fall and Winter Stock of  X'pimfin^uiul:^  ^.qA*''A;,AA''A"^  '��� .u'--rl,.'4i_-Ti"jk-.kT'  t^^.|-jf*i|J.^Wkki-'|i.-*..*,-^,> ,:^L-|yfri^jir>tt^.i,l> ���4'.r-.r^��<i.."-T'ft-*>ikk*.L-i-?'r4rt;'-llc--tf 3mi-;Yil>^''-Ttr^--ur4ki,iii.i4=ri 4nki,��l>ktf4V tfk,j--i>,*; ������ ���.,ks- l-k *.k.*,��k.���'���^luni'lk'.* *��*�������, Ik. "k,. k*.ik^wf ,\   -  ^���^r.*,'^,1W,,e,f^,��l^k;:^']-��<.-li4.S.'t"��i:-.4^,.  -J-��W'i*^-M*lkl|k'^'^'"4-W.k^ ,|J . <  Mitrjrdt'itii HI ,-'AlUt'i'ii)';.-  v>';r/ i��iitiiii��;iw,:,:.,'';:i;-':  Mrsl, Ave,,' pijirt AllMirfil  i.,.;\'y'(:^^i!i'llkWO,^K^:'V4jinr'**;:  .1  ���il' 


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