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Alberni Advocate 1913-04-11

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 ���0T  Vol 3  Albonilp B. ���.�� Friday, April II. 1913  No. 7  m��jj<iwwwtij>wiin  ���^�����ia��MWWMl]MfiMW<W��l  www<MWi)tiiwitf*nmi HWgBwwnmai  wsmasss&smsk  & &^f Jn&k \j ' JL  ymtimmm\Mtmimm  m4o��wini<aimi  Wo have a GOOD RUBBER GLOVE ut a  very low price  Mecure a pnlr, Xtudam, and spur,! *mip (minis during Hie Spring  IImam Cleaning / '*  75c a pair at  C. M. PINEO'S ""<**'" '?-v.��"��-��  ARD OF TRADE  ASKS QBESMS  STOEF GRADES  ARE CONSIDERED.  pi,��^Wf.��j|l-��,<��.,.||..M(^|,^.|WW))WKt,yi��,WH,>.liyWim<^igi|l,t|^,lW..MlH.l  iv^-:i-.p-v,'-' *** X* i> ���"'.v*' .' i"i t ��� *'w ������*.-, ."-"-  D, L. 13  HPHESE magnificent 40 foot lots--  opposite C, P. R. Depot and ad**  joining School Houae���-are now on  tlio market, Every lot guaranteed  high and dry. Tho ui roots are now.  being graded throughout this Subdivision  For further particulars and prices  apply to  At the reguluj' tnoittbiy meeting H  the Alberni ��� I toned of Trade, held fn  Hut Court limine on Monday evening,  ihe member* made further attempt* to  ���mlvo a nuitiIter of ue,-.icrir�� that have  confronted them for a long time, in  the first place they wauled to know  Jtlnl why the H, C. Tebnume Company  insisted oil colled In*- fee.* monllc* }u  advance even after Hie IIik-i had boon  estttbllhhed, unit (he phone* in forever  �� year, fit olhcp citfiv*t,�� muuthly !'�����<���  In made, with the muml fllseouiu 0,1  bill..* (bill ore paid before the IMth of  tho mouth. Hero wo have (epay'id*;  mombs In advance iu ordoe to got the  samotliM'oiiiits.  At lh�� Mend tlmo the focj, are being  charged for just half of tho nepvlco,  ThU plan of slmtjlng down the exchange alt during I lie night Id n big  dlMidvuiitago, and If the company does  mil, iteo iu way clear to give iota night  kupvice, ilictk miiik.1 djttepeneo < -dinoid  bo iiiudo in the charge* to cover tiiut  fact. A coimnlitee was appointed'to  look Into these matteph,        '    c  Secrolury Whyie reported that the  matter of a hotter express norvico had  been (akon u|i, und that the. onmuger  had Malod tlmt If (witKi one could be  ���UHUired (o attend tt) the ex'ppes* here'  ("ww r��wk wt'i1***"  At (he regular mee!big, stf the Al-  bepat City Council, hold on Tuesday  evening, ibe aiiloi-uiank' iioard took up  the uinttop of tlio street grades. Homo  lime ago (he City Clerk was Instructed lo lake (hi* mailer up with several  of the local civil engineers, ami get 01.  tlmatca from (hem a�� (o ibe post of  locating ihoM'gpudos, I,��Kt night the  unswopM woro received, and a* It appeared that the oder of Mr, HaynoK, of  tiio Port warn tint lowemt, rho vvdl be  H��h��<d to uiettt Hie Cuuuc'lt fop it eon for.  i"Wi> in thl'< pomiocilnu.   ,  Aid, l-'orrest (mil (Jrlevo woro up.  pointed to toko up the mill top of local,  big the pliu-o fop tho bund Maud �� hich  the District lira**- Hund litei **ked /op.  This will bo,.ui tin* Vlutorla Quay,  somen here neap the foot of John-Ion  Hoad. ,  .  Mr, K. M. Wh.vte was asked lo tntiko  a repofi on the coudltloit of tho Plat*  itcpois the Sumo* Kivop fop pecrentlon  purpose*, und the mutter of a bridge  across the river w'a* tabled for the pro-  went.  Mp. Dan Clark wrote offering to open  op Ids ground's for rrcn'atkmpupJMjsr*,  and was asked to^joot the Council  for  ht Albornl tho company would be glad  to have Alberni express pot oil ut Al- Hlver Head properly, nod tln-*o plain-  boptd, An effort will be made by tlm pepoiiccciiicd, nubjoot to 'miiiu minor  board to arrange for a local'agent who ultopiiilmu,  MATT McGRATH  MEETS DEATH.  The bujuli' Imoth" death of Mat-  ttitnv McWrnlh, which was beld befopn.  Coronet' Morgan on   M,unlay,  re#ullvd  III tho .following    veidh-t;   Wo,  tho  jury, llnd that the decease,)  Matthew  McUruth mot, his death  between  the  bmii'K of midnight and oiieo'eloek a.in,,  Satuislay, April fun   IW.'I on  the slip,  flllime on the north end of  Kendall'*  tvlmrf in ihecHy tif Popl Albctnl. It.C.  by ileotvlng, having ncelihoitly fallen Info (be wilier   while on   (fm   way   (o  hi*  boas,   whilst, uudep the lulliieneit  of Intoxicating lltptor, and  wo rccoui-  mend (hat step*  bo taken  to provide  life-siting  eituljmieut at   till   public  whtipvoi, and landing pJiscen, Immediately tuljeceiit to theClty.of Port Albornl.  We   fupthep   pecmnuiond  that   (ho  law* rciiiting to (ho Jhinor act5  o*|iec-  lull,* ilpuo governing (he rtajo of Ibjuur  to Interdicted por*.ou�� bo rigidly otiforo'*  ed lit each and overy piirileiilup, 11*1 tlio  ovklenco before (he jupy   ppovo��,  ihn^,  at tin*.present Urno, lliono law-; mo not  iHH'ognUinl as they dttmild be, and that  by nomo mean* or oihot*, iidertllcted  IH'r.ions can procure Intoxicating Ihpior  at any time they may so desire.   Signed.   Ucop'ge II. Hltxl, (Foreman),  Prod  C. Cox. Po(op .lohustoiio, Tho*. (Poland Clifford  LIGHT FINE FOR  SOMAS HOT  An Ait outcome 0f tho death of Matthew MeOrath itomo da'.* ago, ttut  ownoi-h of the Noma* Hotel, ut Port  Alberni, iiad b�� face a charge of sup.  pl.vhig Ibiuor to an Inteixllcted per��on.  On ihlw count a verdict wem rondi*rml  ogalu-t tho Imlol, and a fine of dm  dollar* w���� jusohmhS. Tho charge of  allotting an Intordlctcd person to loiter  lu tint bar w��k thrown out of emirl,  and the mitilor of tho BlIogtHl gambling  was wlthdi'iiwu for tho timo.  a tutk   itlong theso linen.     Mr,  Chirk  ftlni iitibuiltieil a plan of (he of thoppo- tltigc'o, Wllwm Paiilkliei  |toHO<l siilKtlvlslon of a  portion of  hi��  Wise,  The evidence wan of n morn  op. |onm  coittllctlng uittmv, but  tho Md/stance  ^?~J^��&i��^&Z��Z��ZJEr3;'&X.**  rr "~i?> r.v.-  -MM��H*1W-I.j*l��.��>, fl  Jas. .R. Motion  Real Estate and Insurance  Phono 31  AtlwiU  *ti(*;*��r^n!Sii^'n^;^^.''T"''^'*V'~fT''*'"  1  f*��irmgtiE'jaiistiti��Kt^'t��^  ,  Plionw 18  Port Albornl  ��� /7r-l-.*i: :  A!K'<\<?t,*ti \\t  ssnssw  *ar*8s  rwiss;  tTT  ALDER BOTTOM, CANAL^  LAKE FKONT  K-ffiE-^-swaT^s^st-iarjCT^^jait^^itWJ^si^'r  < .  \  Wm. Frank Gibson  Hew* l*e��04�� h BS   . In��mr��n<>�� Offfpa S*Jkmi�� 34        %  EMM*MKM��C9��WK9tia6f^^  t!-B8s-s*asESfflB-mes*-��^^  "Wvrr^-sc  mupimt  r  GLENSIDE  Thv lnUst Subdivision  CJoio to Town and C, P.'H, IVpot,    Welt Iwstod nnd  all cleared  lot*, fmin $ltR.   Topiio*-. tmee-oarter cH*h; l��Klanco,  <t, If'��*, I*, 'U and A�� mouths,  ^  ��� Cftll la nnd Abk for PttpilotiloiVi of <J^hI Ho** ill Aereagit ��t��d  City Prt'ia-rty.  Phon�� IS��  will collect and deliver Alberni  ex.  prt'K*. ��� ' ���  . A com m indention was im vol veil from  tho City Council matting thut they  woro (nklng up (ho maltm' of hot!op  posmi fiK-uiiioH with ilm muhoptttc-i,  and aiklsig that tho Hoard co-opopute  with tliviu In thin otlorl, Is> tho lottep  It was'pohutHt mitVtluit the ��iiuio office,  hitd.booti UD-xlfop koiiio twenty year*,  and that tho dh-tilct hud completely  omgiMiwn tho piMtsout ���jutti'top*. An  ap.to.dnto' punt olllcc building was re.  i(tilm). The tloitixl pnfcyinl u po��ol0(lou  complotoly oudopstug the attitude of  tlio,Council.   ''  Tho  following comnumictttlon   wtis  Pti'tdvtHl  fpom the Hticpetapy  of tho  Hoyst Cominls.slon on Agriculture .��� ,  Hccrotary Hoard of TpiwIo,  Alberni.  Hoar Sir,, dt ban been derided that  (Ida Commlskloa *hu)i hold a rmttslon In  Alberni on April iftth at 10 tun. uml  "-..:����jt.ut.. tindoa April Hhh'tit 10 a.m.  Tho v?i,��!oi�� will bo held.'it l�� oxpec*  t��.Ht, at (ho court iMieuu lu Alberni.  tt wtll, therefore, be gpotn!y upppe.  eii��te<| If you w||| kindly glv�� t|d*  matt or the fupthoM posnlhlo jmbtlcitv  In your vicinity thi-oUgh tho Hoard ol  Trade and odicptt us, mid m!m> take  t-tirtli -tlopw an you luay doem conducive  lo tho fulickt and tiiost ro|ipttsent.tnivo  ovidebco la-liiy bfought. before tho  Commlaston,  Thanking you In advance for any tw*  nlstaaco you nuiy bo abhv to rendep.  Youru hlnooreiy,  C, H, ChrUton-ioii, Kee.  Iu thlfi coniiectlou it wan |>ohiied mil  that tho tlim-ti of holding tho meetings  ut Albornl wore ��ueh (h��( it whs v^ry  doubtful if it large auadntp would turn  out,   Tim n-a-ititttpypwu-t lt)-apmie��l (o  try to fc-ictU'i) at least otm of (lie mee(.  lag* for (bo evening, -.0 thiu those who  hpo working during the day can ��t  tend,  be put tip minouncfug tiio fact.  A itmubep of rouilne niattopsi vvoreai  tended to, nnd the meottof- adjouniod,  in coimeetloa with the winding up of  the nll'idp*! of tlu-'Hogop <'roelf Water  Work* Coinpuuy, it was v--ptirlod  that  the hum of ^Ii7,'l"< liud boon turned  over to tho Liquidator* for (ho pur|��o��o  of attending (o tho draft presemed tiy  (he Pipe Company In coimeotlon  with  work done Op to date,  . Ah it is imdei-biood (imt ,Mp,, HwIjom,  tor la golilg away to carry out  a , contract for the Canadian PIpo* Company,  Out matter of a Koreaum wtut brought  up. and tt U understood that, mi vorfort  will b-ttmuh*  to  aooupf   tho ^epylcoit  of Chief ScoH, of tlioKlpoHr-pitPtmont,  fop llsiw ptii'iNiin.   Tho t'Jiiof has  hiai  a coti��iderablo cxperlauce along tlowe  linei*, tun! would make 0 good man  tor  tho poHHIoiir  Hundry ttccoaiibi woro otdonnP paid,  and the tuemtng itdjourned.  ,   JlcGrath Funeral.  Tho -funeral of tho late Matthow  Met)rath whw held from (ho Forrest  Pmlerlaklng IotttblUliinent on Weil,  liemday afteriioou', Hov, H. II,, l,owlh  Kettle otllclated k(. the nepvleos wliich  wtipe held til (ho gcntM'sldc. Mesupt.  Huff, PiiitipMjn, Hpinkwatep, MoCratli,  Foppor-t and Why to aoU-tV m�� pull  beapepft. ���-    .  Voters List.  Just jiiiw the luotd Covopnment  Olttoo la v^vy busy getttnj* the now  votep-J lint Into Kliapo. Tito tlmo given  for the foptmithm of tlio' now IUt vvat.  so shop! that the ottlco wm deluged  right- op (o the lust moment with (he  names whioh kept dropping in by the  do/cng,  Whoa (be IU|f* wore closed It was  found that there, worn tUAnamoi-t hub-  mltted,-a bleb Is an bnireitso of noino  'JI7 over (be Itist  list,  counting the  If thU 1-* iirrflugod"|ito(er7vt'iil  <a��"'^ ubieh  have boon  added *\wv  printed JiM-t wore pro-uo-cd. It can  bo (iikeu for grunt ml that niiiio a  tiumh-.-r huvo not, boon ttbio to ^et  their itrtiitei. in owing e* the -.bort  imHce. mi Hon thedUtrlct ban nvidt'iit*  Iv made �� subnutaiirtl  advance during  Meutln-f Pot3tpon��d,  VV.���  ���k-M-J*****  |MiiawiiajQiiMikiwTi>i*^i>ii"ya-*f|Tk-ni��i  �� *>'!�������� wa* 11 a��wvit��aivrj#i  ARCHITECT AND  .   ,  PRACTICAL BUILDER  Pllano Prepjursfjd and Eotimatos Furnished  It will pay you to consult a praetlctd man before beginning your building oporatlonw  Post Office Address  Albomi- B.C.  The meetbi-; of Hut holies (lf the rff*,. I ''������' Ui*x  u:"-  (rlel ChIIihI  foe Wrdutisibtv idtoi noon j  at the rouu   Hmistt u> cVuikitlop Hu��i  iidvlanliilny  of  forming a    Woim-n'*!  Uislltoiti /,��i>  Albornt   ��'����, posiiMint-d {  (mtJi i'Yfmiy, Ibe |Kth, hi ,'( p.m., t-heu  It i�� iiopiHitbat h better (urn out of ibe  Indies will result.  Tbe t'tttiri ot HovUion will bo bold  on Mnrv Jl'tb, and a* tblrli clear dti)*  Imtit-e of object ions to oaiut-S bits (o be  tuado lu the Heptstrae, it will b" tvyli  for the va.ploil* t 'ouiiid-'kioner!* to b��ek  tno list--, ovi r <u once,  i��-a-4t-***lj *n��utn*n*w**-ia  of It wiit; ui tho effect that  tho dead  muii wn-; tirouml the Homas  Hotel on  Krldiiy 0vetting, and  was ut the tlmo  more or lor.s undep tho hiflu-mcu of In*  tojtli'Mtlng llijuop.   \h* got at leant, 01m  drink in the Homas imp, despite tho  fact that (ho miiuagep pointed htm out  to (lie bapteudet-it, and told llmiu not to  Mtrve Idni with Ibiuor,' Tho nuuiagep  Btliatii��*4l that ho did not  know of  the  ppovlklou iu ilm Act agnlntt, allowing  Intcidiotod |iot>ons to hang around bap*  raoaiN.   Tim vointlct of tho jury lnvepy  iitiMUig along ihoho  linos, and should  provo Nulltckuit to cause further probing Into (ho whole matter.   Tho man  Mctiinth wm*n welt known (.bat (hop,,  can he little ��xcu��o to offur for allow-  log him to be hi, op around, a bap,       [  Thut tho unfortunate man win* help,  leiei when ho foil  into  tho  watop tva*  proven by the factthat.Mp. Htone, who  hearil htm fall iutiiid vvai on tho ttpot  almust Imitiediuiely, huw  him   ittrug*  gllng.   Hefot'o a boat could bo uecured  and  InuiiolitHi,   McGruth   was   fcwopt  away hi the darknvKN, und could not bo  located.'  Tlui lUvoaitH) w��* a strong,  nwiimmn', mid had he boon capable of  handling himself would havo been out  of the ivutor In a fow atrtikca,  Dp. Morgan iiiadu 11 careful Mimmlng  im of die ciitto, and Improsuwl upon tho  jury the nooni-iliy of bringing lu a voi-*  diotoa tlio ovlduaco, and without fear  or favor,  Tito wltiivMCN wci;o handliHt by Chief  Suai|Mon, of tho Provincial Police, and  (Im Chief of Police of Port Alburn!,',  ' Tim cane wan watched clonely by  Mayor Hurdo, ��d the Port, ami aevopal  M'lipclilng ijuostiiiiison hUpuctbpotigltt,  tint evidence tbm .will pr��ibably bo  heard from later.  Matthew McCrath �� u>f tin old  timer  on thoctuiDt, and a   man   well   known  from one cud of tbe Island tothe otlior.  A* n lUbepimm   he  bud mope than  local ivpoitdoii.   Tiioitiiighly at   home  either on or In the water,  hi�� siad and  auddcti death can only beuttrlbnOMl tow  foiidnosa fop ino'siciinis,   which  was a  wt-iikiitiaM of un otherwist- gmainatuiMMt  and obllgiiigitnllvidua),    Plue.-d tiiidup  Urn re-trlotluii net iMimo   time  ago,   it  wr.h hopod that by (h!�� moan*- hoemild  be gruihiully w, ul>ed nwtiy fpoui ihe �����*.  eov>tvo use of llip.mr, but   the em-eloN,  miiimoiin t�� bleb tho pr,ivis|oiis of  the  tot wit iv etirrbsl   ottl,   rolBblnoil   with  the mistaken    Wimbles*   of   those   who  aiMi loo 1 i-tidy wItbdm "IIeei o 111IpJnkV,"  brougiit an end   (o   bo regivtled,   but  <|iilt�� logical,  Will give 10 por cent- Discount.  :   : ON ALL CASH SALES :   :  jju*s  Bird Block  First Avenue, Port A.bwil  Diafrlct Tour.  I Vtetoi'lrt, 11. i',, Appil 1th,- -J. ��. <.'.  j Wood, inomta-r fop Alberni, will leave  fnp his coiikUlucncy 011 WtHtuosdity, 10  UivestlgiK-u iimltei-h iiirectliig the dth*  tpiot. Ho has been In the city fop the  past two wiit-kh In coiifvpt'i/co wit)j the  provliiv'lM) <*ovtii'umont in wgaivt to  public worka connected with tbe dls.^  (plot.  W, \V. /'\>.*ter( who Is ut prc-ont  away hi HttvoNtoIco, will make, a tour  '/of tho Albcpui couhtltimney within tho  ttoKt two weokn In company wish Mr.  WoikI and the read loromun for tho  dlstrlci, 'J'lm party will j-o n.* fur north  in. Cape Scott, taking in the iivttor  communities 011 tho way, with tlio-���*.'  j-"cbtt latentbm of Invest brat big tho  i.vedsof that M'Cttun of tho Ulsmi.  PERSONAL POINTERS  Ai^v'W'W'VVW'W'W'  Mr, J.H, Motion, reiurnwl on Friday  from a visit to Victoria and Vahoouvmi*  on business,  Mr. A. Hoik), the auditor of tho Public Works Depaptuiunt of tho Ppovlnci-  al Uovormiiont, was In iho City Moa-  bay und Tuesday, on huidnettu In con*  uoctton with hit departmeiit.  Mr. H. A. Leo, tho HoiidHupcrltiten-  dant, loft on'Ttiimlay'n train, on an of-  lleiu) vlwll, vhylt, to Hlilbbor Hay, Tex*  ada Island, and oxpooU to bu away  about 11 wook.  Mm, Withers, loft on a vlalt to her  diuigbttjp, In, Victoria, by TuouJayV  train,  PtMifeitMip sad Mm, Cnrruthon, left  fop vin��couvop on Ttieadtty, when* the  Profwop wliriiavo ohapjfo of tho  Ppesbyiop'aa 1,'ollego, during' tho absence of Principal MaKuy, who la away  on a holiday trip, niiritig.thc almonco  of Mr. Curputliom the pulpit of, tho  St. AudpowN Pposbytoploti CHuimjIi wtll  be occupied by (ho Hov. John II. Cain*  eioii. of Vancouver. Mr. Carrtitliora  expect-* to be away, for Alamt two  months.  Dp, Htii'llng who had been paying a  cisJt to-hh place at Hproat I.ako, left  fop Victoria, oa Tuesday. Tho Doctop  e.vpoiHs to moviHjb nhoptly ami apond  thoHummopiit his beautiful homo at  the Lake.  Mp, T*oo tho Houto Munag'jr of tiio  Dominion V.xprts<i-j Comimnyr was a  vUltop lu the City duping tho wook a��d  tio hold out ovopy hopo of being wb'te  to makti aprangemeiitM for tho outab*  IWng of tin office of Hn-ir Company lu  Albutni,  Jvlishi Nollto Purben, of Vaneouvor,  has openod 11 dposm inakiiig ontabllnh-  meni, ovor Tiioiatoti'a Oimeral .Store,  unit l�� propupod to do all kltuli of dpess  making.  Mrs. .1, M, ThouiKim left fop Vancouver on Thursday for a hhorl visit,  Mp. Wliittakor, of (ho Stewart M,  Head Co., at rived iu town on Wodtio*.  liny on busbies,* in connection with tho  viiriouit propeptb'-K held by tin? company  in (ho Albornl diKtpict,  Mr. ,t, 0..C. WimmI. M.P.P., fop tho  DUtrhM, tipplvisl In the city on Wod-  nt-Mbiy'* (rain.  Mr. Vielop it. Harrl��on, of tVanaimo,  wit* a vlkll,op hi uiwn on Wt)du��t>day  and TiniPMlny of this week,  Mr, M, Mctfiadi, a nephew of tho  late M. MvOnuii, arrived in tho.��ity  liy (ho niuaniicp Tees on TuoMlay night  to attend (be funeral of Ills uncle.  Me. H, H.Clarke, ropresenih-g A. P.  Sbule find Cv., of Vancouver, wtuj in  the city this week on hmdnotf-i,  Mr, tt, Iv*. i'Mwhriln of thn Hlg ltit*r-  ivip Mining Company, hits, arrlvtHl in  ihoCUyi with a view to making arrangements fop the eornnionet'irnmi. of  the Mtsinm* oju'ratiou*. Mr. KdwaitU  j U Acooiiipaiilod by i'sijiI, Apchor.  j Albert Johiuioi), nbu ha* be-iii away  jiiu visit to his home in Hiehinond,  Yorkitldre. Kuj-Jand," lotumod to Un��  Ci(>, on WrHlnc-nlay. Mr. ifohmmti  spy* slutt 1 hope Is 00 place ilko Allwrol  for bim.  Hobeit Kplcksun, who ha* been lo  Victoria on .1 visit, t-oturinHt homo on  Wednesday,  Mr. and Mrs, liodgiiim, whoJiad been  to VlctorJiion n visit roturnodhomoon  Wi-iliiesday,  S.   Petch,     representing    hcsllo's   ,  Weekly, wn*  In ilm oily during iho  week on business connected with bis  papor.  W. L. ('larkifun, of Mackay, Kusiib,  Hlulr it Co., was in the city durlr.g the  week doing butlnosi,  Mr. ,i, t'limmlngH Infi by yostoi-day's  tndii fop VUuoi-la,  Mp. H. I.. Young, who has been  intending the la.*t two weoks in Al*  b-tpiil, llshing, left for boine yentepday .  Iv. Townley, of Welior Hros., was a  vUktop iu tlio city duping the week.  '     : THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE
TJi»  AU»»rnl  Advocate" fubllnhb,;  ami
I'-mting Co.. Ltd,, Pf«pii«t-iir. ;
J, I". l)bi;i)SOE   *   IMittir mid 1 .n-ietr
IMIi'ijU.nI  ,U   AMm'miI.   fOMI-l,   • -.l.wi.i.iji    im
O,*. ii|!,'h ,',- 1.1\ moi'imII-'I 1.1.'*..I 0< v1 J- '•'=' 'Oi't i
tli» ASJ'Vllil UiWUIi'l !l, |'|lll,.",lrft ,
H««d Offl-;«M   Afli«ini, tl  C.
A<>s,<|i'l   l-V   I lie   I'okllilKtl,-,    l/sh-1-,1    (u- |
|l»lt-.:,U--i.-ll fIO"ti,'i. il.t inn,ft «» »*t'u'.il i-'k**
lt,ki'rl t '
Hill *n>ll|>ll»<l* H, |..>II|IS Ol  I'",ll*l1s   U.I   I'tUO.I'
Kll'tf'i'l'l- Attkl'u'i*      ,\.'H   /, Hilil.,1     *,','H(.,.|.„I    ;
I tod m.iV nilu'i ooiiiiti.,'* »kii sum) u ,..,»lni ,
!*.*,iin!',l:» ulii Iv in'i-lii'l en *•.< *.'II.j»»!■-( ,
IkfHlk ,
ii(,r v.(,i-        , ,!;••' ,
m« Mi'iitiik 11" ! ami
|*.i«ik«>> iu tii>< I'mivl -onus. Mi »i.-..io«l nil
Kmepi-kii unit ••i'ii'I' l-ui'Ufli e«„jii!u, s »I •»'('< J
The idea of Maudinjf on one
m|iIi« it lid lotting; these hiuni-
*«U,'ii|{et. liyhi out  tbtdr t roubles*
tlnir own men und money,
tjiiit  when I hone ore all
ai.iu.iin'i t.v-.e i»i*-iuiot,
ttt»l,;, l III f*-|«l|..H
'Pkllt- U.Uiiw l|»U i;il,,*l !>.•«•*. nf    VI* 1*«l I* 14
, MS lltitfllo;, ,-!.i-|-.fr,l. |l,l. -i-l" |.< i>p|>|»   I'll I" I
f,U, ■,,,,,.,-   Uil-   l""'<.«H'rf     ' '
ai.iu.'KNI oanii I'lvj iiiep, j
I Ol-lilt'li-Jflioi'l-'i' ;
)    Tnhrniiltiv Itotl A,   V    tutitJi-*.   "'   Srktllr, j
e„ ,*■« ii|i»i|»i. i-:.r(i.fi>i. no. -ii« i.< in-pe f.ii i" i-1 M«nli. tni*!»t-!ui *t(r>-iit.  lou-mik sn -,|>i>it   Mr j
Ifilkxlnn le   l-,ll« „»t,-   U>i-   !""'<>i*'i'rf   .lv«'tOs-il j prunlinli-d In y.UIVllkM, Oil- li-llml IU.I   llr-vUlK-'l j
; lai.-U i lutul-' !
>    f-'iiiliieitoiit* M it (>.'vt j-lf-ini il fl-.'nl K>t-|.«liit) j     I'iiI|)iiii-ih-|ii|> ttt u   j-vH |>l*nl-->l 'ill   IliC   l.nttll j
.      ! twill li ..ri)i«- vullin.st   nrllwll'li   I.    »V lli.ll'     kllm-' o| TkUkinl l,»tin *t  111"   *iin(lli ,e»l   I HH.T j
II) ! lilill Ills, itM.,,-!.,.)),, AIM-  !!-• '»(*• ««*Vkr*» 1-,-iil.-., J ,,f '|, |, hX> UiflliV m-l -Ueiiu'.Uk  tlirSHS- fc-',IOI '
j tin IMS. ILH Si, t-lei„,lfl* !.' ill,'   k><(ill>«-aCI     • c-llM'l   j »'«•< llHtlU ,(K,|i',,|' I, -». I,, »ll.,|<-,.'   Irfl.l'      11,1 (pi-'
' soap IpMi*, dues iit»t- appear'of"i. i. in, u.«.,». »••' i'<-»«u.. unn.'«-».»uui j f',o»wina»ie,|., c-ii*i>,mh'mih'«'(iiiiIs t«>i-omti'f i
1 J ,'<i,i,n,ii»  IIh'Im.. -w*l S-'i (.*■ its.   |l,(iii.'   kd-itli I ismuiU-llu'flii'til.euiUi.itilli',' .1,.(   ki-ii'k. limit* or J
ll'IVe   n-'CUi'lVli   (O tliO-slt   iiiOlit- ( l"t!-aoi« l..,.i,-..t i.fi.<u,P(.<rl,-. niii-iU,e,-l-.(#(u)(itl    Kim.
' ?«.. .(.|l f. I::l.l)' ,/,  I, ,«
i   HW -.1   Si-.'W< .
ecti'l it .l"!J<'i>, AI (Till
On    a, I?!* Jki,  If 5-t
in,lifer «if  foot   there ai'tt
ibirton men In the world
who could hold  ii)i their
that war, would -.top
!radio hlopa on u cpo-k'
{•intu's.    That In they
lo   hove    the, w«,» |.{
are  helple,^.     Hut
•»*i r,IIM
I'luiU'is r>!' oil Ir^nt lint(eeia Uiil
■it ,<»|»til!»,!,is| In |l,i- |l I
c« Hi
(0,-1 I
i!i»t he pslil III mil lilill
It (In-fc«nii»
lillli-l ,iUu,-> Ill-
All I'tiliiiliiliiti'ittliutii liUvliili-il lor |i||li)li>iilln!i
mutt In iiis'iiiii|<ii|il>'<l "i'-li "I-' iiiouc nlui ml.
iltt-'kiif lli» uitl.-t, ii'il ()(*•■ s»n*i|y f,<p|itilil|en
Hun luil akitifUHi nun i-of ■.'mil (nilli VV,'i-niiiu,|
lliuli'ilitlo' le K'liiiu o-J.vo-ri eiiiiiUi'.|Uli)i,lloiic
No ll'lllllll«,IIOK'll « III   '"' 1'Mlli   flirlMM'tlH I'lHltH
llllltllllk 1'J.i'l-tU !■)' «pi-«ll',l lO'lltlk'l'lllt'lU.
Albar/il, 0, C, Canada   «  April 12,1010
nptj theiiver.'iKe editor (to whom
the word /'wealth" In best
represented by the idea of two
weeks holiday on full pay,  if a
city uinn, or Old .Serofrpjna brln»"r-
hip; iu enotte-h woimI to hoop the
otllee Move no In i-r for a mouth,
If' the "(Jivaf Moral .lotirmil" Is
located in n town of Ionm iluui
l.tKHH,  there is <<ometblne- \-rvy
hmvildei'lnp- in the pri'Mi'-nt short-
nesH of rt'al money in the money
imtrld.'t,    In  (lie first  place the
very   name   "Money    Market "
HuprnestN mimothiut-T Mdmtantial.
'J'he sound of oolnn eliuhluu ux
'they    are   counted    Into   «.-roal
Mbieltt* - The KlJUeu I'uatle of bin
bills, not the kind w<« not ovi.ry
month, but orlsp bank bills   The
fat  futfh  of  pondorouM   ledniM's
opening and ehmiun   AJI those
are iirotinht to mind when the
"Money .Market" in mentioned.
AJli'lOHt.,, ijiiU   we   nee   the'busy
MM.'tfMUiK'.i'H hurrying uuek and
forth,   bemlhin   benotith    loatU
of stoeks ami  bonds',  and   ihe
tliounht   of   haviun  to  clip nljt
those coupons: gives I hi* editoVhtl
thumb an aehu.
Hut Mtiddeuly tliin sweel roon-
cortl of oleitninotiH sou ml l«
hrokenv I'Yoiu far ueroNK the
wild waste of waters eomes walls
of woo. Under the orescent moon
there la the mound of a Htronjjf
man beatiuK carpets with a Hat
board, it Is -It Ik-.The Turk.
Hut, there Is no,use iu ctillliiK
"ToArms," for the train passed
that station some time »uo.
Abdul IIukwither Is K*'ltinp;
Now all of this is as it should
be, und eerUilnly no eause for
eomplalnt awuy over here on
Vancouver Ishtml, That'is His-,
torioally. Hut Klnunelally.'my
brother, that is Indeed nuotlier
N'o hooner do the«o sobutls of
strife full upon the slnntod t-ar
of the Hold Hank Maunder thai!
the ruddy hue of health forsakes
liis cheek, the hitter of, course
never forsakes him, and the pale
oast, of fear beclouds his brow,
_._ When Hill Smith brce>'.es in us
usual to pay Veen dollars and
renew that "diliw blasted" note
Is he Krasped by the Imud, siup
pod on the buclt, and told Unit
is the  piiht-word
Us a
a half
as the
nn when
oliooinnn wave*- it back,
Hut while there are discounts,
and hinh rates, and Idir per
cents,, not a liaml is lifted, nor
would it bo if half the world
was Hnarlinn' at the throats of
the other half,    c
And t-d Hill Smith is Informed
that "Money is vovy ti'-ht." and
that he li.'id beiicr hustle around
and pay iiji that note. The
money is needed where men,
mi'ol with the lust of killing, are
wlltiii|.f to pay mom, and mort
i/u^e Hie future for a few more
round* of. shot and shell.
So   tin*   "Money   Market   is;
At.nius't *,-*Mi i'e*tita*r
Cmii.-I iif S\«;i«ia
•|VI,(»,|.,(il »'tlirlt Iff fill il-' l>n|ti, t,f VllU'litt
A. V
It,-'. i». itfi-.
Ui-iitici, ,   .
Mkitlii V\<*>.;, ilvuU
J«n IT li
11,'      ll   (■ . I,! , U|.al|-!1 l«)u!lll«U. till, ,V!» IU i|,i,U   f>ll   j       I'.-IIIUII lll'llltl Ml -, I--IKI     I'lrtllll
'    I 1>, ,l|ll-»ll,ll to ''UK ll'4S>" tll« fuUnnlU^   ll.'tK'ltlHll j-.|„.l,->,l   Itiitlftl  1,,-Ul.,   *|u»«l    I
M   i I in.fi.' ' Ire,ii Uii> Hilllirti kl ,wiu.-i nl T
Public Serviced.
,lnst now the Albornl Hoard of Trade
i* busy ir.iing (u llnd out it by Ilm cl(l>
^ens of Albornl have n> pay six uioiubs
In advance for telephones, Wb.v the
sitilie uiulli'.t Is chitrio'd for a one half
s'ori Ice u» fop the full service otitsklo.
Wb.v no attention is paid lo our iv-
prat til p-'ipiests for a bigger post
iilllce. Wb.v the' Hut wliut is ibe
iiioY hot p.* have niiswepN to -Ha'so
t|iu»stlons belore a*tdug mhei's.
AppUciilloux'for the position of Police
(onstablo lor Use MuuEclpfdliy of Al-
bi-riil are hereby eulbti fmv oSald up-
plleiill'iiis staling ago ttud «|ua)ilh'iitiou
lo bo lomlepeti to ilie on in- before .'I
i*.in, I'Viday- ihe •olii tlay of April.
lUIM.   Siilapv, *'io pep month.
P, It. c. Havne,
Cuv clerk.
Water Notlcow.
For a bicuncu to Tmko und Mho Wator.
.S'lilli--, Mil ie|iy isiw u llull I'lliOrli'li l'li»'lu'
liiioiii, ot Ui'.iu.r Covli U'l.nl, Aii.e|iil. "Ill no
,-lt f>il « llciii'i- lo in In- unit iim' li.ii vii'leiis ui
ii.iti-r i,ut ui 'I'liiCiumiu's i'/'i lis, itlilt'ii lennilit
tl Si.wlli tt.vtci'h illiillllitl Itlliill^ll .lull 'i'llin
loitiui « liiilii tun! iiiielh «. lulu Miuiilin Itltei,
lli-.O Mt'hi'iirli-s Idllii. T(0' HUUt ill,1! Iu> ill
It III i! ill 'I lilt luiiuii -, Ml IiU'i, unit ill!) Ih' hmiI
lei- i|iiiiiis||„ ,.i|,| Mm, lUii-niMSoii I he liilul ill-
MUllist ,is l.ir! i:«i.
'I'M* Cutiia mi- |-.,»l',l ,.i) tin' ,;ituiiul oil |l«*
i.l.'iilui >u V|,io-|i In!.I 'I'll'1 liei'l'i'i'lleil Hill l*'
lllt.l ui tin- ullii i< el tin- Wi.li'f l(it'.i|il"|-hi Al-
iii-iiil, il. e,
olilceu.uis iii.ii i.e iliini null itioNhlil Wnii'i'
l|i>.-iilii ui- mm Hi,- i'<iiu|iii<ii|i-t   ul   VViiIit
ItUiiis. I'o'li.-im nt lliii|il,ii,i». V',i-i,iil,i. 0,i',
I'll, illi,-li l i.H'lu iii.iiiu, ,\|i|i|ie,o,l.
Al'il! I !.I
i wiitiu,'".ii-.k- m k |"u-l piMi.iiul at   Hi*,   w.i.ll,
; ni ki e,ii'»-i ii||in-iii'i'|li'<ilie't"> June VVi«i!;-.|eii,
' kllllnll.! I'll On- !'*»! »til.|«* liut'tif Mil. Iidlio   I Mil,
0.1 IkV t itfat S(I.'imIii»    Un ills-   n.iiilli <f<i  I'li.il'i*
. l|,if,.V >,l*l     JO   01, li'"l-l    IO   «•»•-..•    liUt>,    llillu*.
1 ...i|..ai„., |l,,. ^i,,,.. li, h H'U'.l'.i'!!-.'   tllll-s-l ::«i   1*1
|mi|UI Ut   • "'lllllt lil-Jllt-Ilt,   tiilliliUllll-.'    I1'   (K'n-J
1110(1' US lit*.
II. k'!ll»lfl   riCKII,,
Outl'i I. J..iti-», Ai'i'Ul
l>i*< 3. am*. ' dim i; i.t,
Ai.ur.iiM i,e.'n iiisriui-i'
MlkUlt'l "I .N'.willlfi, 4
T'lilP (i'llll*' Unit l.'ti'M'll ('*>1«'", "f   Vli'toH*
II   I- , ikHM,|i|||||ii, .'twill      IMtl'M-1*    lO    Hi.pl>.      (<•<
Killtlktlii-l I" puieli-k.' Itif {iill'OtlUK ilisi'tll>t-tl
Ci.iiiuiiUi'lMtf >it « jk'-iI iilmii.il iull-.<< tlciuui
e| Hi,' -.null,,. i\ i mm I .if 'I' I, 11,'. Ml uiil,-1 "U
llli> mil iiiiiu Id I.-1, Mil. lid 1*1 Al iu, llifiiiik-iiiili
*■>, li-lll* llu-ui'e eisl -icIihUis. Uii-lieo li.-illi In
lllltllliin Iflti'l, '.( lilokliilHIt-lP faU'llMllls lli( iu c
IK KI .'«l,«l.,0(IS ill ulilOlt'l'kl ISIIUI rot'i'     t.   Oil.
Un iu <• Ul,i III lieluiluslo   sotilio'usl   (Sillicl   I'f
'(', I,  II; U,i'iu#i tirsl .»ii'li.iln»ln|ieltll ut ,*>Hi
llll'IIICUII'lll   CMIIuUllllk' ,'<l'l|(C|.'S (IlllltlOl |i'«l)
l,l< It'll   'I'.it I'll',
Hut lit 1. Jotirk. Ak'il'il,
|l,-,. .!  IUII ,1-u   I. I i,
Illkll'li t lit NlllUli.t
Inhi'iiutltsMlial Wallet t'*m**f. of Vvi.uiii
lie .u.-iii-Hituii i.mi'Ih'1, Inirii'!" lii iti'iiit i"i
!■• iliiiskioa in I'liu Im*' llu'f-illewliik" ilimils*!
IIO'lll,   '
('iiiiiiiii'ncloM Hi a |.iMl I'laiiOil on I lip msi
-In,It, ef C|IIU{i JIHV, lllnllll II t-loiOI-i liiilUl nti'l
fi'sl of III" tiorliinrkl isirut I ol llir  luiliioi   u
urivt", Uo'iu-e uMllIt w» cl,,ilii»   tli-iu «-i  -"
I'liuIiiN, lluiiH'e Uiillll f*i rllill'i*. tliiliei' "est In
1'iist-.litui-olCmup Un), iviiiliillilim iV,'\i ikii's
litiilt- or it's*
Wflllr, Cillo'i.
Ihv. s. an*- -I*'' '■ i;i
, Ai.niaiNi i.anm ms'i'itnrr,
iMxIlli'l ,'( lillliell,
'Piilu' imUei'  licit   I,   Alfitsl   McCkUoiicIi,  et
lliitiit Itny, iiieii|i4tiell UilH'lli-l. Kill Hit* 10   "0
l'l> In, I I'lllilssleii  lo   |i|lielllo.i'   Dili   li')|ei»|li|.'
.||-hl'l|li(St Illlllls'
t'lilllllli'lli'llUf lit il Post |il.')H'-«l   Hilliiltllllt!   Ull'
iii,rUii-n»i I'oiiioi I'l'ki ol 'I' I. li.-i*. m*'ii-'ii n.
(iOAli»lo|i V, Itiiiis'il UMiii'l. Ilii'lu'i; -10 tloillis
imrili, llii'iit-n I leludiik ivi'»i, llii'iiin i" cleilus
Mitjlli. liiiiliif lui'lmllis I'lisl lo imllil ol I'elll
iiii-iiit-iiifiii, I'lumiiiuiii/ oil'' luouli^l itit'l sUty
((•ill jU'l'ck mm*-of   1,-Kfc,   lii ll>k'   OH'   *J'llllli'ii-l
>|llltl1fl  Ml S,H<| 1,111 ltt.'!ll).tllUI»   («ll    'iMtt llklllll
NtiuMVl Itiil'i'it liuiilvt,
" Allea Mii'tilliuitili.
O, ll;i,'ill|i'll. At/i'lll.
Ucii. :ia ivu,        - j^ii. i;.ia.
Iliklid'l "f jliinl,,).
Tnln-niMH*' tliat i'liiuilr l». Oioip, „f l«.iiit!it.
Witsli.. mliiliM i-ii-'iin*'i'. Iiii'-tfii* in (ti'i'ly.air
l>iuui|*iii>iii lu 1'UH'inisi' lln- |i>llie\itikr Ui'-i ill'i'U
l\i||lil,i-ui'llV "I * I'"*! I'HUUlsl (Ul llH' liiilUl
sll'ih- ol 'I'mixl.e l.)llil> OH On' Di'llllJuillllilillV Ol
l^il. It,, Uii lien .1,'kl I'd lliiltls, »il"l,-in lv*». (o
Ul(i(|iittti"i>.| rtiriU-rOI tfiiHU. Iluuiis- iiu|ll|l«l
elliiliis, llli iii-et'iist fil'lnilllk lo sliiil" ol lalo'i
lllilhe li,l|ii»'|IIK IhIO' Slliui' s.nitlntikli lit I"
Onllil ef enltillii ill*'ll|i'lil. I'-illlMilillKJ •*'•'' I'Vli's.
IIIO-I'UI li -«
CllillitP It. Ill'iti'.        . .     .
SliOlley Woml. Afi'ltli
I lis.'. It, 1UI*. ' JiWi.UI'.l,
M.UKHfit MMHHS'tllllT
lii.i'i, i ,if lux ;,o
TrfSo-tnitlis* tlmi A   V   II'-'-!!'. J ..'r   «i|Sr«Mi'*
Warn . t-ii*ui,'imt, lutein'* ,,. ^i-i'|t lor |<iia.ii> ,
h|.ll| |l< lUIIOllkkll Ull' twill.Ml,,,- 111 M'l IU-1 lill'llk      !
|.|rtlll.v|*i,t    III.'    IIIU'll J
t'lll.llt-1    IHJlUll i
I. »,,•.,   Ulillir j
h 1-4,1 (',(l{Uj|ii. tlii'lnvkiiutli l-'ihiltis   MiOle   ,»(
U-« lo kluuii el lkltt'.Uicue.' fiilliirt 0„-!,iIn'•Imli' j
!■», Un tiki, II, In |u,llll ,.f   «*,II1UI,'I«V1-(1(' ul,  IS'II   i
llilhUltf M I>I<||.«, unit,' "i )".« !
A   \   lli-iillit. J» ,
'.> Mnlli.) VV.ust. "ii-nil      I
Om< It. IVIU, J«" I,' IJ
At.mm-M j.a.wu ne-Tiip'r,
OlstiU'l of i'lk»i-.,i|i,l,
'I'slo' imli,*' (liul I'llselllii Alf«mnlifc l.lsiin'.
,if V'hii,''hiu-r, II C. ikS'Ul'iOl.ili liMilllf'l wo
iiiBU, line ml* in n|.|'t>   Lu   I'l'iuiU-ii'ii lo |uil.
t'likh(l III,' I,>)!,,« Ill* ill'-n-lll'ISI Ii.ihU-
i 'iiiimii'iu-iuc ui s (misI i-lioiii'.l ut lily!. «*(,'»
uimli"ii kiiiitlo'iii IsUUi'luO lll'i'ef'I IUiIh'I 0"t
',>,! Ilii'ii.'.' i-.-e.i >«i elmllis. Mil u**i "MHli in
I'lialti*. liinie el' Ii-k«, In iinil/n mi iHiiunlnii Iim-
of Hivl'nll  ',-U, '!',>»llklil)-   ],',.  t'luli,i,l|,i(   |e«l,li'l,
llll'lll*'    «l'"l     *-l    I'llHlll*   (II    llU'll     ««|.'i     IIISlll.
IIk-iii ,' f,illti«lltk' lilt-'U   HMli'l   ilmtli Ui'UluUlt in
< llillla, llltl,l,|,|   I,,-. I.l>„l|llt l>( >.IU'|ll>'IHS',lil-||l,
( lUllllllllllV ;iVO K.'ll'-, IIHMI' Ml  lt"K
I'uwlll-i AlesnnO,it Ijltli r
On   Hi. IVIV, .IftU. 14 l;(
Illxiili t .i| lUit-lut,
'I'dMn linlli-o tlikt t(i'<<i*>- liiii'lifmi Kktiueml,
,if V li-i<uln II i',, ui* il(i«ll'MI -rillllrlli-l!, Ill
(I'UiU |n ii|'|i|| fill' 1','lllllkklt'U In |ili|i'l|iOt,' llir-
lull,in\]ig il, ki<iJ|i<M l,iU<l-.'
(iriliiui'iii'lu-l Ml • imil |i|*,|i1'm! iiu (li,, ni'Kll'l
I, <tti.ni'of »u Ulliin) Hi'lliel.li.v. m,.iiii,1. I, |n,>
ulhiiit Illi'liktUk l» llie uuilli o( Uo> rn-bilt
kliiiin of VUIhvi' IsIhihI, siilil Ulullil I.. I-., liil.Hi II
ilk lUHIiiili'l U|«ll-l, Uii'iiie fnlloHli.ji ll.» kli,.|i-
lllli' ul Ull* SHiil Ikl-iUil In llli' IkiIIIIiu ,'iilUUii'liisi
llll'llt, |-ll|ll|i|lklll(f tliu M lllllt'   Iklklllt,    (SllllklUllltf
H urn* iiiiiiioi lest,
llmiltfii K- Itktliiiunl,
.1(111. II, 11/11! .Ull. *! in
Meal Estate Aaent
P. 0. Box 28       Alberni A C.
* ■* *!g y.yjjjm msmssfjssiu
Wtlllt-I .-tUi)(ll*uliBJ
A Photographic Enlargement
Next to the thiiu! itHoIf a j^ood Photograph
will i^tyo n'' biottcr Itlou to i\ Purchaser tlum
any amount of description. If you want it
well Uono consult
for « Llccmro to Tab*) and Unn Wsttr,
Nmli'i' in liciilit' uiti'u I Inn tliuCllv ol Al
t'l'l'll, ,'f Alliytll), II ('.. it Hi iip|>tV I,-lll luVllsr
in lulu' -nut ii».- ii'iout Inni'iOUi1 lii't |n'i ussiini
itildiu.' nil lli>< iiiin-i' Mii't-i Is III llli- lltir. ol
t.iili'i mil u| Sluo.il Itli'i. Hlil'-li II'IMS In II
-.Hiilli i n«ii'ih illi'H'll'ni ftiuu Mutuil Mlo-milt
,'|U1,IU-* llllfl SulllH-i'UlVt-l1 IU'1'1 li. I,nl !*•. 'I'lu-
m:i(i-i< (till Im itltei'tiil ,0 !>. but SUliilul Mill l">
Uhi-it Im UHlllli'llii'l iMlil perti'i- |ii|iiius(-kii|| On-
i,iu,|,|i ..,-illi..,tiis O, t/iiu;«i, itsiiiid III* AllK-iiil.
'I'lllS   lluilll'   Mini   |KiSllll   ,'11   l!IO)i|SUII|l|<'ll Un-
->lli i<i|t ul M.iioll ItH'l, Tin <i|'|illl'il!!oi| toll l'i-
llltlll III Ull' Kllltli of Oil' Wllll'C (tis'iUllil .'I
AUi'Hil. 11 C,
diijeetpiua iiiiiv l>e lUnt tOOi ilie Whim  II.-
IS'ltli'l,   HI'   VtllU    OH-   i'eiii|'!i.i|li'C   of    Wnli i'
li'l'll!*, I'.lllll'.llil-ll!  Il'lllllllil'. V'li'li.llll, U   C
'Pill'Cm ul  Vll-iuiil, Ai'Olli.oil,
Ul   0 If C, Until,', A-ii'Ut. I'll J
Ai-iil l-|:l
.M.unusi i,ANi»nivrmi-r.
Olsiiiet o( Uiuelnv.
'I'll 1(1' ll.llllO Hint   I,      0.    'Plll.llISS,    llf    S.'HHl,.,
W.ivli , lluu I It'll tietiliiii. lUO-ll'l* Ul nJ'i'K fiu
pi Ullll.i.ll/11 In |MIH-Ii,ist' Un- ('lU'Olilltf Ui m-iiImsI
I'.ltlUlll IH'IIIK ("1  ^ t"'«t  I'lllllllsl lllllllll tslClllllllk
1-iU.l llelil lliPkiiullu-ilst istllim' ut l,nu'i.i, Oii-uis
lliil!l|-«li'!i,OII». Ill'Ih'<"*ii»I '•' elWOIik. lluillS'
Mitill, Siieli.illl* ilirlli*'tlfsl M eloillik lu Im.IIiI
ot tsuilllii'iiei'llli'ill, IsMltiOlllUW I""' Bt'o *, Uliili'
el' ], iu,
Ii. V,   'I'lliillliis.
Miil.li'l' VVim.1. Aiu ut.
llir, l-i. IKK- j.iii. it »a,
ai.iicknj i.ANi>ois,'rnicr.
OlhU'li'l nt Iliih-liO,
Tulti'llulli*' Hun Ollti'l Umlilk i.f Meni.41 to.
W»»ll„ Kiilut*, Oil,'lull ltitt|.|i|« fill- |.i'lll|l»»lnli
!,i|>llo')lrtsi-llli: fi.ll.rkOlitf ili'M'lllMit iMliilk'
tNililll.i'llClllil ill ii i"'»l I'liillli'l utkUII li'l'luilllk
iKikl (liilll On- Miilllli'Uki cuitii-Mif Lot VOt. Kleins-
-oiltlilklphiiilu, ilirlU'i' i'.i*l tal i'f|iOH», llli'llio
tii.ttlltluollilill*, llli'lli*1 IK'»I SH'!l*lll» lo imlUI
iif i-iuuiiirup-uiilll, iiuitiilllill^ IH' tu-n « lliom Ul'
tultlM Omdlfc,
Sluiili-y Woml  Aui'iti,
lire. III. lull). v ,l»ll, IJIS,
for the
Not  much, itKo
and   hiiK'K»rd
Im at  tin-   wicket
whij-per   informs
orders have just
.     A
" Money
■up over
from the
Nay, Nay,
A   lira wo
meets h
that the
to close   in  all outi-tuudiutf oh
The louth'r-hearted
Market" is all broken
thu nouuds of isulferlnn
Hitlkans us they chain the Turk
all over the lot,, and with tears
demand that he stand up and
talco what is com inn to him.
At every report of another
buttle all the hunks shudder to
their foundations, and all the
•little loan sharks snap their
■tooth in anticipation of the coining feast, for whore the iinnneial
''wrecks'.nre there will also be the
l*oun ShurkH-
Land Act Notices
.iMii.'KN'l l.VNli I'lsTltUT
|!(»|H.'l I'tlOll'iU
Tul-'i (nUI.'i-Umt    VVtiliiou M   Willie uf   V'0<
IVIiltl,' il I' IH>'llp.,ll,UI ttllllln'ltllkU UUi ml* lo
kl'tilt lot |«|||||kt|i-l| It, l.,iv|.||iit ftlljlltt ,«b-- ,lo
k, im il lt...<lii
I'eiii-U'U.'lii,' <tl ii i'.'*t iiliiuda! ;il On' N r
Ol-M.M ut l.'U Yf> K'll'i II IllklUH tin W** k..Ulltl
mt'ill; fi'lli.llOl,' llliltl' U'lll'l IIMtli t<> Oil'
l.,.lllluik< -lllUil    l-l    s-ll.it.l-!    %!•    llllltl'l
ai,im:i(SM i.AN'nnncnoi-p,
lllktl'lollif IllOt'lkV'     ,
Tului imiitsi Uuil 'I'lU's. WOirli-v. «r Uuiliti'U.
llelil Uui-UlUl, lisllk lil!l(|iii»i'|-. Iliti'iul* In JU'I'IV
I'M i*-iiiili",i,iu |o imu'iniiii' llir tiilliniiiiij Oi'k.
eiUnil Louis'' ...
CiUllln UellUf ill II l'H-l|i|lllll(il 111 ut-tilt' -Uillli
--,,s| t',,Mii-i ol ji>l r-i.>, Ue-'ieii  ipnOi  Sri  ili)iiii», J
Ull-IIH-I IH>1  MI(-(llliUk. Illl'l)l*l    kllllltl    •"<   I'lllllllK.
Iliiiut'ti nt'si -u i lutvik  In  ji-ilui   of  i-i'iiilui'Oi'i'
llil'lll. istlltlilllllln l'-r-Si'-vi'-*, lll»l-» Ol  ii»
Tlieiu.l* WUl.'li'V.
Miiiilny Wiiisl, Avciii.
jt.'i» m. i^iv. J'Ui. ii i;i.
AI.1ICUM l..\?s't) nisTUU'l",
Unili'l uf llmi'ln).
'I'klniiiuliis-llidl It C,iii|n-f Wl!l!6, iif Si-kllli'.
Wiisli, i>'ul i-MMi' iik'i'iu, i.iifiiil* in hi'ply   I'.r
llPIIUllklllll M lUIHVllll*'1 Oil"   •llUllttllllf  lIl-kl'lllMll
ISO'1*" ...
<-.,!isiiii ui'iii^ »l h pii*l |itBti|t*l mi (lie mil lit
•lltiionf 'Ul.-llil 1..IM)'. Ht'.'IK (tin (titli* fli'lii
liemlef |«1>.-, llii'i.ii «.*! w.i-'likliik.llii-uis'kiii.ili
llllllillli* (1,1 Hi*1 I'ml ,l|„Ull t.l l liMllH. l>! n>l,i|i-
of 1.1 l|i' On *i>v f.i|ln»lli-/ ItltU' kl.Ofi' UiUliiriikl.
ill) In |. <!u( el ikiioliifiiei un |U. i-.llUali.IIUU   ,"»»!
iU'(i-* |ll|,I,   I*I U h>
|(   f.u.lf.1   Willi*.
Sl.lUliy WuikI, A||iltl
li.e I* id: Jju. M l.i
Olklili'l el .VeiU'KS,
Tiik'ii nutii'it IIH1 llelil v Mm I. uf Viel(>il,( II
IV, is^'UI'Sllen fct.i|..|,i'i|>ri. uill'll'tr. 10 kOI>l> fill'
IK llllll.l>!lUI (ll |'HM')lil».' 11(1- (UllllHIUlri lIl'IM'l UmU
IVIIIIUl'lll'ilU! Si tl |M'Sl |i|H|i|lS| oil llln kUlltll'
Hi tl tsuiili'l'dl Die OiiIIhU  llr-illr'    klltlkliol (Hi
ilu< ^,ii.(|iikht  kiitue mil' ef  .Miiiliklm   A to,.
Ull III*', «-ltk| JUl'lllllllk   Uil-lllS   kllllltl iu. Iisllik lu
Iiuii,mu llhtr, tlii'iii" iiiiiiiiiuik- Ho' hlioiti  Ilm'
(I'll III llllfl Vit'kt |i, |l'l|lll uf i-Mllllllt-IHTUlt'lit, von
lillltlllt' W ki'U'k itliil,' ut Ii ts,
IliillV  Hull.
0<*t. V. IVIV. Jnil, I? U
AniinuM i.vsjnoeiTuirr.
'  '      nu-ui!iiu((uit'K,
Wio notlci' Hint Clmrli'k Ciiiiiill. uf Vnitisui-
vtu- ll C. ix'i li|i'Ut,ut i'l-i.'lliei'l ilitt'iulk 0) iil'l'ly
iur|wuiiUkli,i) lu luitt'lii'*it lllV- I'JlltiwlUK ile«
COUM litlldk'
('luiiiiifiu'liii,' «( u l-»M ii;miii',| s.ii'li*lu* wrsi
Irom iim iiiiiut tt«>*iiMfiiivitf 'I'.'-"I l.mi.ihi-iusi
(lullI) rtlvtmlll'. Illflll-H ttl'.l •»' I'llrtlll-. tlO'll'-l'
SOIItll S' I'llHlll.   Ull'lltV erlkl Mlll'lllllllklUldlllllOf
(■iimluciii'iilii'UI isilUiiltlliitf (Un ki'ii-s Iluui' in-
)<•-.->, isik'uiii! uiikunt,')!*! kfi'liuil it.1, Toi*ii«lll|i
Id. OlMllri of llut'«'il ' '
ctlnili'* Cult rill.   '
NoV.V-i. 1VU. Jsll, II'1,1,
Ai.inatNi bAS-n.msritic'i'.
IllklOi'l of Kdl'l'll.
'i'lllll'llulll'l' lllkt ill'lll) KlIilHllllU.lll V'toi
I'lUltiill ('., iHVUI'illlull ti.illrl'. Illtcllil* 10 »|i.
|.|y furpi'llrtl-sliill In I'llli'llMre' Ilm ("ll'inld*
ill -filti*.! ltliils-
riiuilueiiclUii ul m iluui elmilist iii-itr Om l\"lIII
,'iu.l ivilH f Ml 'P l,n| (dUi, UuMK't' i-,ikl (Vlcliulitk
liiois'i'l less in vii'»l luimiilKii of 'P. I^it Mil,
UK'Ul'l' (HUlll *'l-|iallJ- llllllt- Ul' ll'** Ul ll. VV. M. i
Clikllntli' SiukuI. Itieiu'i' Vii'»l»llr mtil tiorltitu'ly I
in tlllliUS lli'ilU iu tt">k. 10 il   0'ilMt. IfllUlliiUll'lt
ItlKlll ,'l P'lllil lltlsUUIIIl'llll'IIK III, Illl'lllV   kOltlll   I
(iily ,Ki<toilii» iiiiuk or le.* lo pmiil of isuuiiu ii-
IS'illMU. inllt.Illllll-I lUl.lt'll'k Ui.UkOI U*kk,l*lVI«l'.
II1K seillllMI it full lli'lllll (MUlli'll Ul   IHJStM »*»' 1*1
ui ui'iiv.'.'riotuviiiii*-, ii)»uliHei ituiu'ii il I.;,
Unity ICiinitlinn.
Nm. I*. ttl|', -lull. 1"H
Ai.imuM i.Asn imvrituT
liuitlciiif Kllpeil.
'I'lihi'liDlloi liuil AiMlrvit Wllllmil  Wm,iu  ii|r
V'lllllt'MUl 11 0 , Wllpllllllll iKlkllpr, Ulll'lM* |()
■ltl|>b '"I lli'HIIIkkliill in |iUll'l|llk(i ltit- Mluwliiif
ili'Miiitvl liiiliU;
Ctui.iui'iu 1UM Hi it post I'iuulnl 111 cliitlltk lull id
fiuiu llli'lli'l tint i'iiI tsiils'tef UillVVI. llit'liiNt
liiuitii'*i('iuiluki(uiit'iu'li"i*i tu'P. I„8.W, lUmic-i
i>u*ttni«'liuir.k iiuueui' leu* in tti-ki imutnUry uf
'I', I, Olitl, Uii'lii'ukiulUltiiio|iHlo», Ulfllt't' »u-M
IMi'lllllllH   >IUU"   "llnSllI   I'OHIt Of   VOllllllrlKS-.
nielli, (siiitioiiiui! i(Vuu'(i-kiiioi*i ni-le»»,  eiivi'i-
(OH ftiudoilkl kouljittikt onillnU uf (1119'Hi">Wl
sistliuii T, luuiiMUii «l. DiklttiU uf ItuiU'tl  li, C.
. AiMu-u VVllllsiu VVlltiui.
Nut. IK. IMIV. J«ll   tOia.
lllkllli-l of Kiipcrt,
TitUit nutlet'Unit llkio Kntiwluin. of V«m*ui.
se-r, II, C, ikii'tiptiiliiii IiiIhiu'C |lt|>llii<k |u R|-nly
.'or pt-nulk'.li.-li in pu.'i'lifite l!u' />-'!!(•« !«W lie
kl'ltlitsl Inllilkl
i\uiiii|i'i|iili:w «l ii luikl |ilnlUti<1 lit luutliwi'kl
tsiuipi uf 'I'- l*Kt "•**. llii'ftt'i' *o->l M elniliik,
llu-iuu'iioillt iu (•iiiiuk, itiDut^ t'kki in ,'liiiin.,
iiiuK'oi' |i>*. m rtem  liiuiiiilioy of o. it- ho,
Oil III*1 klllllll til U|lltlll».   ill   klUllllltC'kl lHUIll'I'Uf
0. it sit, ttii'wv (yllniiliiM kuutli t^uitiiUry ut
kulil 0. li, I'li'liniiik ?k»ti't|y to n«ki iHiuit'lHiy
ul T, UU ill*),, llirltil' -.HUlll titk'tutlllk in pcllll el
jl'illl-Ull-IU'l-llir-lll, (SlllltillllUtf tlU Hl'll-H, IIKUdUI-
1,'kk. eiiil'lliid lulllliriikl uiuoli'l uf lliislll s.')*ii|
Kivitliitt t.'l'nittlklilp tl, PlkllUliif Itlipi'li, (Kill
fl'ni'lli'iuii mu Dim ctrt untoo'i'iif lliuuuvcyi'il Stti.
lion n. ,l'i.H|ikbl|iH, Oi.l.'lcl uf llill'i'il.
tlNtt) KlllOI'ltOII,
Nuv. 15, Itflt, .Inn, IU 1.1.
for Spring and Summer
Felt, Straw and Panama Hats
Tlw L?,rgeet and Batst Showing over shown in the
III tldh? U.Uoa( Hlmpt^ wmJ 8t> Km-
PI ltd
Mni'KHivt St., Alberni
Ave., Port Albm-iil
. Phono M
(Founded 1811}
CsttlUl Auihurivod
dpittd P*U U{>
R«mt nnd U*tdlfbl*d Profit*
Total AtaatB
■ifcl-. r!>
i,,,nji In lint u.,ti ( Oi-U|.   ■lti.(H,>i'!
li,|<i,talHU Int- lintel    lino It   <n   un   UUi iwillnll I |iI>(1 j
»ll|l H |-I'l0lll lllllllll'"   Inn 111 nl Un'   I llfcl  ll.,i|ltlt   '
t,lj ..I -.,i.,| (,'.■('Vvt  Un (Ui-One l...lltli i..|>iiili( nf
, uluilii I" l Ul, ill
'A Hlli.il) tl  VVtiJie
It il   'IVji'ii    •*.«< '•*
I.  'si |,il i M..|i-I. *'s ' I
UlnKii'l i-f ltU|:ril
'i*lili    ll.UI. ,      (il-l     '||,i.|IMJ«    WlUlllll>Vl<l(l    ef
i,  !,.>'   ,1, > i.juoi.n, u,'H irtii.;mu in'* (>■.
,j|.jill (.., 1', .,1111.-11.(1 t'l |Oli* Ilk** Uiv fullOullM j
ill '-i ,lt.| .1 Me..ii.
AI.IIMKN'I l.XNIi DIB'rilli;!'.
UlMflCl id Ituii-Ul. C
'Pal!,- iiuiii*- Unit Alli-u !■:   OMjliy, uf Vioinri*.
|l, (' . isi(U|ikllul| lUlllllHM. Iillnil'lk |i| keply fill
|.i<iiul««|t,u lu pill- liat'' .tin f-,lluu|uu ilckCMtHsl
I'<U(iI|vpiii'|iv K( •> I'i'sl |i!«IUe,l iiliuiii «VI(-1ih|u»
,-«!,! (lulu tin- innliotpkl eoiniW ef Irf't II, 'I'.inil-
ktuii ie. utvi ll«im  ilm'. !i  <'.. uiiiiiue*«i(vi
i lisiUk. Ilu-iu e ll'Ulll d i-lutlllt. Ilirita'u tt.-»t tit
i tuillik, ilii'ms- kinilli It ,'ln.lu* (u |iuiut of i*uu
un litvuii'ill' aunt t-iuiUinlii^ *! *i'M*. hum*' nf
It's*      '
Aiusi i;. tiktiiv,
JulUI OaII'I, Ain>l'l,
|l.vi IS, Itllt. 0«s' H.*. HI
Hon, Ppesideut.     -     Ht, Hon. Lord Strtitliconu and Mount Hoyui O
PivsldetU   *   It, il, Anj-us, lis,,.       j     Vlc»..Pivs.       *      •       li. V.
Head Office      -      -      -      Montreal
London imice      -      01 and 47 Tbiet-ctne'cdle Ht., K, C.
Savings Bunk Department
Deposit-,   received   from   $1    upward*
C-uuutry Hutdness i/ivcu every «tt<ttutoti.
C. M, O.
Port Alberni Branch
E. S. V. McCHntock, Mtir.'
ui ■ nfju^ymmrmfrmtmn
Contractor and Builder
AMIf'liNI  I.A.S'O IllsrlliC'P, I
lus((|i ( ef .S'e'll'ii ;
'IV.lvi' (u'lll'l' lliiil I, J<-In,   Au-t. >■"■'■> sp'-uts- nt i
Viilii.eiti'i. II. I'   i» i-U|iiiIImii i'l< lii,   UUi u.lt Ui,
•li'l'lj    lilt   l-l lllllkklllll llf |l'l|.'llHkl'   (III'    tllill.riilll'
,li-s,-,l)-ifl li.liilk'
rmului Hi liv m li l">sl |iliOiii<( mi U.e », .(
klnus-„l llii'MulOii'usI |.ii|ll"Uiif Miii-'nil.it Anil
N'i"lli-i Si.iiiiiI,  ion'  klklt elmliik mute ni   i, »t
h iv»l  Iluui   Hill   hl>tllll«,--l    . i-IIIU    •■! 'C   I.     ill.
|li< iu. went fix It ,'luilli*, |1iii,i-i- in.(Ui tlidili
|.),i,nib. (In in i-eiisl O'litv i'!i-ill.'i (null' .ii- li s^tvi
(In-»i ,-,'. nlii'K-llln-nl tin-i-'il-l   Jliieli.iliil    An
\|II'(I\<1 k lillil), (111 IK'.'JU .1 -'< UI-I-.I si'iKil,, i)
i ic.li ill itluvlli.ll iilnli,.'  -in!  -.Inciv  iim- (n  ll.i-IU
Imllil    nf   f.illillli In^'UU'lll    ('Hi!   i-^-ni ill.II,i;    tisl
ki It ■> llii'le iu li »i
J, A   h  »S   l.'.l'eiuel.
.liilin Aui)i'i--"ii '-I-11"'«'
VViliiiiiu Mniii, At'i'Ut,
M-ivlif  UUI, ,Mm, •.*I■ JM      !
AbioaiNl i.AKH ms'tioep,    .
OUUii'l nf Kupeu
'|*ls,*iii|UisMllkl UlUli M   IXilln.of Vti'tnil*.
II, (' , i-.nuiMlll.il li.iilii'1',   lull il.I- liiit|'|i!y |.,,
imiuU.luli I'llUirtliiiti Oiti folli'Mllirf iti ki'i,lull
1 i'j>ii,iii,-ih-Iii^ »i k pn»i j'!*i0i'ii iiii.«ui ni«liMiim
i « -ilium".' I iif' »( n )M«I |il,ili!,-'l -.tui'il Jiielmltl. | ,.„,,( (,,„,, um iti>r(lini »l isuui-t of l<*nl O, '1'dhii
j vu„Ui .,1 Ui'- ••iiiiliiDkt rei'it-i "f J<-'t <«>(, (fiipi'H j ^ui,: iii, |i,\u lliw.ly Un, IV C, | lieui ii tii'-l «Vi
1 iiikliiel, ll hiw iip->l Ki i ImlUI, Ho mi' ki.uili mi , [lrt.(l„ On u,v imiUi U I'lielln, ll,iui<r IrtKti'
] i l„en» Uii me i ««l   I-' I'lmll.-.    UnHi'i' Uultli -■> | , ),„(„,, Ui>'»> V uuuli l.i (|i...u. In p.-iiK «f isuil
I'llntllk li'l'i'llll    nf    .'lUIIIIHtln-HU'lll,   I'lillUMllllrf     IUi-llf< llll'llt.   Hlt-i   (SillllllUlll-l   *1   dtlik, llllllll  vi
tile hi',.
Uiiii.-   ill   i.'-i,.  iii.i'lliirf   Ullhiu I,->»<l
'I   'I'ji >i  i(ii|id(i Itlsuli-I
,'l   ItU-J
'tlii'iliivk WoilliluutiiU.
I'.'11 OH
V,.!.   |
AS.aiaiM i.a.n'h tiir-riiii'i'.
.eihtiii'tiif ion", ii
'i'tlld- Uiitlt'i' lillil I. Willi.iiu Cull, II nf lluuli
liny, iii'i'iUHKl'iu riuu-lii'i'. iulimis. In iipply fiu
|ii-|IIOui>illil (U |iIIU-)iiim: (In- fiillOulUvr ili'l'-lil'lNt
IiiihSs; ...
(Siuiuii'lielili; ill il |hi>| |,|,i.n(r-i iilmiil !»ii'l«!iuk
Mist friiiu llu' ti'ullifitsi t>nt<i'i'i'( sii-Uun %?,■
|i,ttt|i.l,'l|itieisU'li'l n( !!ii(»-|(. llii'Ui'e  t'Ji-letiu*
kiuiiii. (iieiii-ii iiU'iiiiiiiM iK-si,  iiii'i'tt'.,. ill eluuti-
liorili.■ Ou-|'(s> iu I'liiuus fji'-l  I"  pcuil of  euue
t'lii'dciiik'. fuiidiiiiliiii. uiiii'ii-s' omit- oi !•■»».
Wiliiiou I'lilleii.
Jiu-li Lntikim. Afc't-lll.
l'Vii,-ii, aim,' j-'i'if- toiii.-
Ai.maiN'i i.ano mi-piocr,
lilstrii-i nf Id'i" i|.
'I'lilli  linlle.   Illhl Jilkflill   UlKllfkU, "I  l^illlJiUI.
l-i.rf , mm.il'kiti.it luiiiui'C,  llili'lfilii  tii(t|i|'l>  for
|«'f 1IHS-.I.1K ti> pint'lUUr' ||iu fnllilislllk" lU'ftilllU"!
l'.>iiii,H-ii<|iiif nl il post I'luiUl-l »l lln« lliitlti
»,">i i'iiitii-ri.1 'Piinl.tr l*>\ -V-IS. Itui'i-u liikOiei.
Hi'.'kwiuli Ni nlikiim, llieiue wi'kl 111 I'llkllis,
llu i ei- Hindi mi i'IiiiIiis, (lu me i-nitl tdi-liiiliik in
I'iuu: n| muiiiu-iK cirii'iil, t-oiUioiilnir W wu-».
nun,* iu |, t,n
Jiu,i-pH UoilKH".
.inn i. j'jit i-'nii. i|.i:i.
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iii.'ilfl uf N'Killm.
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I'DiiiiiKi'i'iiig pi ii |ni-.| jilaim-.l «lk>it| ^Oikluc
l«»l  f(OIII (ill'   flltlll, »l     U'llUll-aUl     IMIUI')'    fix.||(
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Ihriusi »i>kl -ilK-m   ."'.'•  I'll-uu*.   Ui, hi :■   ittn Ui IW
I'llHlll., Illl'lllV l-tlkl tlll'UII    >l\ l lllllllti (,l ,.|,lilt    of
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H|'|i|y fur |i#ri!ilk*t«l> l" I'llM'nfiW? Uif- fnlloulUB
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|'V«1»'» K. I'rpsn.
VVui, .V. Ollnuui, A.iK'UI.
■ ncv; 13, nut. Ow. tJ-it,
In the uinttep of (ho ("oi»|i.tnloi Act,
»iii! In (Im mu(top of the l(o}»'or ('peek
vYcttcrwnrlo l'o,, I/td
Noilco Is heroby kI^'^Ui that nl »
meetinj- of tho -.nareboldtirs of tbu
l{oj.'ep t'reek Watervtorloi l'o. Lid,
held ttt Albornl. it. t * t on tho lihh day
of Mimh, llibl, u pesoliKliui iviut wm*
lirmcd toenSer Into voluntary wlndlnj,'
MC of the business of tho ruild Uui^or
I'reuk WiitcpwopltM l'o. for (he (MiPimte
of (ruiiNforrine; (be UHi/oi.-dUHiUslidlllos
of ihe Nidd (.'ompany to tbot'oi'isitBtlou
of the City of Alhoi-iii nut! the undflP-
"ilfiiod wii\\i «i|ioolntrd 1 Atjuldntors for
tllllt jlll|-|M,)SII,
Wo tborvfop cotivtom ft moethi'-of
nil crcdiioi* of the Hoeer 1'ptwk Wnlep-
tvorluCo., Ltd., to be bold at the
re'flHt'orcd olllce uf- sold Comimny . at
Albornl, H, C, at the hour of 7,,W {>.
in. on (be "ih. day of April, A- l>. IM-*-
liernard 1'Vimk,
■ /   ,,. V, U.'iJ. Jbiynis,
,..   Ouuldators.
D*nta? WotU.
Dr. 1>, Ki Kerr, d«mthtt wilt bo at
the Dmnhiion ilooil, Albfirnl, on Mid
utter March ;'&, for t<m day*, Ajn'olnt-
ititiiitA may bo mado tlio jirevloim tvettk
Hi Plueo'H dpog ntori?». it
Tcnfiem Wnntud.
'i'enders ape wanted for tlio cbxtpliiff
dud rou^b •fi-stdinu' of till llin ittreei*t In
Mflt'lehiirst. toitxllvlsiloij of Albornl,
and tbe cultlui", idasbbi-r and Imndnij
over of tho renmiador of tho itrojierty,
oncimt ntundtn-r maple tretm. Also
icuderN for ilio Inyinjf. (if plank, stde-
widk.i oi;i one «kto of tlio litrcewi. Tiio
iilantcN (jo be two Inohe-i tldok and one
root wide. Particular* CAi-'bci htul by
Tho J.' ft. Moiinetto Co.
■IWI Cuntulo Life Hutldini,',
.       Vttttoouvopi lb C. 8I��& l�����All Cl��f*r��ii Lou, Tlttf majority of lot** In thhi block are *uld, but  Uiore aro a few -/ved lot* available,  from W25 to #l(X,�� por lot,  Rkofc a.-All Clesrw? Low, Fh;<il-  elfuot lots may bo tied In thiit well toon,-  tod block from W2& to M7fi. No trouble.  about fj-ottinir ready to build luiywhora  in this upload id icotlon. This ia no  ndvtttufluo not- to bo overlooked,  Blc��fe 8.-~ Practically alt Clonrwl.  Tho lota in thin block an* axrcptioimlly  wall ItKMitod and some commend a lino  view. Bqmiro low from tMSOO, Inside  lots from *3i!5.  Stack 4..-8oiiio choice vlow lot* In  thin block M7fl to WW, A portonttl In*  speotlon will eriublo tho purohuimr to  r,ppr��wl��to tho fuel thut the charm of  those locution* cannot boovortfitttm��Uwl.  ftleok t?���Thl* block is a desirable  location for a homuidto, uluiated on  rinlnjf tfpound and commondintr a tine  vlow of tho cabal. I/>w fpoiii *M5 to  Ut <K*M.  Blank 6�����Great euro . huvini/ boon  tttkon with tho Jocftttn<- ��nd Mipvoyintf  of those low, each otic. In provided with  a dcmlrablo bulldiiitf site, tho lot* ��lo|>-  Infi'down to tho crock on one tilde and  fttco on Giontdtln Crcsent on tho otliur.  On account of dm di'drubllUy of tho  location and tho tine vlow of tho bar*  bor und Murpoiindltijf scenery thcuo aro  lou thut ctuinot fall to appreciably In-  crimm la value in the neap future.  Ble-sk 7.���f>arj'0 bullijlnt" nlten tilth  j-ood vliiw mtty bo hud in thin block  at price* rnitiriny from MOO tip,  Sleek B.���Thoue loin are Urst-oloM  buying at $26<J p<ip lot, nnd oonnidoVitiiir  their proximity to (bo depot thoy aro  ��� SNAP.  Block 6WL0W la thin block, oloio to  tho O.P.H, depot, bpo priced from (IIU  up, and compare very favorably with  Soot on tho udjolnlnif tmbdlvhdoH which  tO'M bclni/ sold st a comddcrably higher  rate,  Th��B�� lots, <jult�� & numb��? of which oro cleared, may ibe bought on tho ��xcopiicmaliy amy t��rms ol 0gt��Hguart��!' Cash, the Balance p&y&bla  Hsd��*y<aerly Payments at 0 Per Cent,  e w per cent  JttHve  t it  This pr-oj&rty may be- purchased at tho mm�� prices cither direct from the owner*���  = Or tough K PI. STEPHENS, C. E. J. MILL1HS, W. F. GIBSON, or other Real Estate Agents in the City. =  MOTE���These prices are subject to change at any time, and sales to confirmation by owner.  V.  ESCTSraCT!ffi&^^  ���:��� ..���','���,��� :il THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  ft  J'��iC  '��*,  VKSBg  SCHEDULE,  Provincial Elections Act  .Notice St hereby uii en OcV. (be ilit <��t uteri, for the Albem! Klfc-Uifft) Oi*.  trb-t bus. been fUfici tied, ami (ht-t .i|.plh'i>lt*'tss to be placid on the- Vo"��>i-'�� J,b,(  will Im tVCi-lie-l at 00 -abei. ;��t AlinTili. wlu-to pi'in'eij fi-|-|ii* c-f Afliriiivit to bo  used, >n <.up|Mip( of tin (ipjiMi'iilioii lu vote ttiji tu�� supplied. Tho Jim of penum*.  cbdmlni.* lo vol*-win be niispeniti'd fro?u ttittl1. fdter tin* aavr-niti dsy of April.  MM (, t-iid n I'nupi nf lb-v|sbuv till) lu' li-dd on (ho nlneU'etub day of Mtt.v, IsU.i,  Mia) notK-e o| objietion 10 die liikm-tioii t��f uio. imiiiio mis the itoj-K-M-rr vA Voters  'must be ({Svefi (nine thirty civnr d<i>'i tu'fore tbe lioldtnif of the Point   *��.'  Ut ���  Pmeil this foiiiih duv ol March. H'l-i.  j tipi'ly fur i-t-(-iiii��iMu<i to |ittirl.��*<- !(���<���  fellow ln-r  j Ui ��')lti��.| UuuV  I'lxeii'i-iu-Kta' m s i-iu,t   i'Ui.u.3  ut ilie  (until  twit (witii-ri'i tiuliuii K*'M-I��i' mi Oir ii.cuili ef  I tlu-ecait rl��"'��, .Ui^m-i-   M��t ?i tlmuik    tui'Uisi  ! -.null, 1,11 li*,io> Ui-isi'i- i.,��l ��0  ilicuia.   Onlus-  iiwilli H'eUkOu. ile-on*   ���*.�� ���-, ni-'iiaiiis lo -.Imre  liter lli('ii> <��� imiiilii',l, |ini( i ^l"i|) iil.iiirf -.iim.  Ill,,, (l�� }��.!!(�� ��.| (-.Jlluu-ll;.. M|f III,    eimiillljllk,-    IK"'  I wit-a, tieur ni lew.  j       ' �� m|"(((ik n:,.ui>    i N ���*, fcnnie Atfe'it-  "���*.���(,, in, fit Id t'.ii fr-i;i  At.iociiNi nteii* np��TKH'p  Dlr.llll'l l-l 1 l*ktl>jU*'(,  't'ftbi;l,iilti*->li|K|'i*<-kf hfffibkOII, i|( I'llUflM,  U C., mt-t,|'*l|i<it *i>tu so, lut-ii-lfc te Jl'l'lv fm  lrt-)i(,lekii.|i (>o pun lotso. tlu> It'llei- Id*' Ui m-i Jtn-,1  ikii'U-  1 \''J;(,.t,1'(-i<ty -t i! |-t}��l 0(m((0i| *>ti |l,r ��UMIIIt*|ll  t*i��ib .if It'll ,i.<>fi iiu-i   l.t,niiii*o dinliik  enklef  0,1' * WI'HI lnl.|,ntrt|l   llf    '('.J,    SA,    lllt'lllC    <���*>.(  si(��-i(i ,-r,,|Miiin ti, Umiii,I��(> el l|< m'mv,   Ileum-  *lltlt>t I-U-UkiU.. tlii'D,v H.'��l **0t Imlllk. |tll'UI1> l-l  t fe-ms (./ jieosi i.f enOuof'H--tlU-llt, (-nj|t.i||ltu��'  VU' ki-n �� (OeieiU 1ms, <>  t(���.(�����(   Kilobkiut  W, K. Nlntte. Ak*��'IH  ivi,, ii. nus j'Vii, ��*i.i  ai.uj:kni land iiiN'piiior  fn��uii'UifUii|Hit  ! Tube nnUiv Unit Mtlti-.-y lliiiU. i.f V'liinuu I)  I C . ihi dilution t lob, miiu-i* in .'i-iui i.-i����t  i Hiikkliui to pif i*. *iafc*> Hie fiill.-nut ,.0--��iii"'l  I tuttilt' ,  iVxniiii-nrln/ail a |s.��( |i]��u|.-|.;ti tin- lii.tli  ���mi- wUei'iikl nl {(it, kiiiillirn.i e-ii'i'i ,.f ly.i'..  T- I". "I. Oh'Im ���> k'Ullli in, luiluk llit'i,!.' mil"  lilnltm, Itii-iu-t- tmrili |n iiiu|n*_ (inn, e,i'-l ��'  I'MlUl* In III,- |-wSlll i,| lotlllll' (I, ,'U'l o, i->'ul.,ui  10*' MAI iii'U'-j iiiiirr U| |i-k*  sidni.> ftuni,  Ai(i->i>-l��il.,>   li'nl  jttu, \��, iius.       ' ,  c�� a ii  {KiKiifil)  J. K1RKUP,  Hurfjltdri-r id Vot��r�� lor the  Aiborol KI*e(or*l Di��trtct.  Ai.UKKN'l I.AM* ttWHUVi  Olklt^l n't Ui,--)i-|  j    'IkSe- ti-ill,����� ilinl ,tiiti,i,tn .uiummi, |,_ nf V|,>  . (litis  11, t*. iM^-uiiitii'UlitlkJi,'-. luitiftkln kpplf  ' fxt |i lliiiksivri   le   I'mvunie   tt��'  lull'mltltf tl"  v ili^sl loii'lM  ���    C'liiuu, witif s( k |i-,k( s-Jkiiti'it *t*mt .i(ip -utit j    - ,. ,  * ���I'laili-ruulTkt.n^lIt ftiuu tfu-*-Mlti*-*��ie>it<iir{Oi*i0iii (��i �� ��i'-t<lu-tb .UitvUi'-i fivte, Itii'iHi'jtt,  et t<.-l'k>l, Ifumrt Ulk|(,,-i lt>t hx-oakf t-.'l't'��i,>k. j ii.iiipet U(v-i,l,* IVuKmyl-i #ih( k|��.rj( ��� itilW*  (li'invk��ui"ilki ihklitk -iiium.l li ���� lu fjitrtli ,|i.iau( --u j, j,-?l^,"+-!i lb OiK-'lfa-U OwU, H*U(t  i,��(,-.i,UiU,j t,| f, |/,( WW, llu lii-*' ��"i|<'��eif Jul., |��|*1K,( tie It.*'(Ml ll| *������ fhklUk Oi-.|KiB r**l  l i��.(,i���i���f, ��rj| -,,_e!,-it,tl uiriMS' HwitiuA; kooli-in*, Oirf��**k./u0, ��>4-fa*i',t. tiKr-i-r *i-��i hi  Al.lfHICO I.A.VO OlWTHiOT.  lii��!,,el i,| lim^-��(  Jr��l.��ln-liiV Km I M-ii^i-l- lluiKlli* Cum-rlitJlie.  <-f Vii-i./ii��. 11 I*, <*vvjmUt,ii r|'iiM,i��<r, liilriMlk  t"��l'l<|j f'Jl l', UtliktllKl In puivl-kftp tho f(iitu"��  l"Vii<��-,(U-'��l iKUlH'  I'.'iiuei-iu'lu,' ��t �� i"��-sl t-Utiind alK-ut "Of-nelti*  lu-tb  l lillil,.    llr.lfl- (,f   IP*.*  j.viifditiit-ji   |f��- ti-m,  t\ .'lilt ut t*'Ull|i"ff ��*��.W||  Illl'M'   01    UlU,    ���������l-'llll,'  , uwiiu ti-.il k��il nnrtti io,tf iifkin.it, iinMi-t i.uiui  1 ti'liO !��-C|l">l j* 'luikllslilp JV, ��-.-���-,tt OI��tOi'l  ; Aulttuiu AliiKmIU'i  |    IkM.w Ullll |Vii -l-l*.  We Control the Sale of the  Following Properties  Soman Helfhta,  D. {-. 13,  Homchiteu  Glencoo Halfiht��, D. L, 100, Hcmetdtca  78 Acres, with Rivor front, D, L. 7, Homositcw  Flvo-Acre Trocts, D. !��� 102  Fivo-Acre Troctu, ��. U 100  Write Us for Particulars  STEWART M. READ & Ca  ' Suite 38-:fi) Cimudti Liio Buiklliiti  Vancouver, Cnimihi  SEA LS  MOST GO  itoccnt   dovelojimetiis  point   to   the  poKsiblllty ut  Milne  imiikual   buntliKf  before lon-f oil the ivpst cmutt of tho  Islmid,   ('ouipluliii* liuve been reach*  Inif  the  I'overnnaml   for  *-ome time  about tho rapid iuorcrtso iu numbers  of tlm seu-lloim, remarks the Hmunlay  Muijmh,    Now, be it  loiown, the sea-  ltott'ls  ulatost   as  hlj-b-cliiss  a   fish-  dostro.vop ui, (ho awful hhioll-.li of the  Atlniitlc,    Ho Is of no partlcubip m��",  to fnp at liai boon di-cov��ivd, except  that It Is sjdd tjiat be wit" M|��iili* (up ii  chfeneo of diet now iiml uj'idu, ami lldn  helps Nome beeuo-io Mpiid* aco worm  than ustrb'ks^tboy too harmful,    llotv-  eti'p, Ihe priiicipal count al'iilnsl .the  M'itdlon Is that be I* iivei'-foiid of bur*  rliie   and  salmon  nnd even  ludihni.  .Moreover, be ha*) no enemies that man  broi ovep'imide note of, mid lib* fop him  |m tun'It it vraad htveei -one ijiut he ii  bccomluj:   loo tittick   on  hlmselt alto-  tfotlter,   The llshorinea say thut  the  killer vvludes ,, which, Klplino, bus told  us, uro "bad for baby e-iiids"   ure like-  wise  bud  be baby nendlou> and that  ihe recent InenuiMo iu luualiepx id the  mH'-Uoiik in duo in lar^e puii to the decimation uf (he whales,   The ffovorn-  meat   linn undeptakeit to conduct  tin  cxlm'uHlivo imiuicy lino the, numbers,  rookeries und ImbltK of dm tvesi cotct  MiB-Ilont. for (he purpioio of nspoptrvln-  Injr whether liitflr ()oprc(ltillo!>n wiippiuit  a death imunmao ami, if ?��o, what will  be the mutt ruiUs-uctury form of partlai  oxiluctlon.  'piiiiimr-f-n rp-in r rriiT rri���r"Ti r i ' iruv ,-n ��� ' mtv  ���  Gonerat Teamstur.  DRY STOVE WOOD  Always on Hand  Orders   Promptly   AKoaded  Gertrude St.  Alberni  Al.llKiiS'i 1.AS0 l)li��'i KKrl',  i    ,'       lltMU. I III N'vi'ltiil  'i'tOip unlliv Unit Cle-Mi-r lto> Kmru-. uf'l'ullii-t  U C UiVUlutttnil ifkki-o^liiri-r. Illll'lt'U In kpiil)'  fil| |M-ltulkklli(l {,, |Ul(l-lun,(. l[\v fnlliiM 1(1,1 'I-'--  C||Ihh( IaouV,  t '"lliuii'lit'ldu kt * |mh( iilmtlHl dlkiul If, (likliis  iiiutlt uf Ilm itoillicMki i'.u(U'i .it !,"( II. Uii'i'.i-e  iiifci 7U(<)n,iit��. Uu'Urii kiiiiiii \t, i'Iiuoo.  tin in---  Mei.1 TO.'lldKik. SlitUii-i- ((null 111  I'tllilllk IU   ("'IIU  uf e"iniiii-iKv.|iii-ii( i-i.iiuiiiiifi) '.in lu'ii-i, limit' iu  ll'lr*  CilOktl'l ItOI' miuiM  ,* is. *i Slow, Ak'i-lll.  P-'b le. mil ivti in*i*  Ai.lll'IINI I..VNI1 ins't'ioor.  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Itubidi't- *ln  Vi<v Mmu b  Thb  i Is a |''o>i.c!as  > Hit','  SftfSlWSfijw  Nursery Stock  For SeJe  SitmoiV Welllui-ton Nursery Stuck,  Pitll uf llll.'l deli very ,0 PiuiOtriitimeiitiil  und Sianduiil ntock, Prult Trees,  ."-���brubs, Klowepw anil Small Ppuitu of  ilIj-h (,)ua!ltyi all delivered tit the  door.  I will call on tbe pestdentsof Alberni  PlMrlPl to book oilier*, durinj- (he  -mmmcp.  J. H. WOOLSEY   -  At.llllli.VI i.ano ois'iiticr,  Oikllli-lnt NiietUk  Tubtniutl,-.' linn J, Vleim- J. II, Wtfialiiir. uf  Vll'tOllll,  11   C, <l'l|l|M!lll|t('l(7(b.    illtt-llllk III Up.  I'ljf fur I'l-uiiisiiiuti te I'liiviuiM' Uu' fulltot iiiir iu*  wilumi imiiiM  t'nllillll'Iil UIW   (0 II i'HSl   I'llUIUl)   (tlkllll ttUltli*  liiiUlieiiott-ili l'"in (Iiu luullii'io-i euuiirol 'P.  I,  iu)),-iii'.l no m>,Kli  (ittlill ��f llu'iltei, llielicc   ,w   ....   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Itttriid* iu  upply fur  unuiilskluu lo I'uielii'ke (tie luljuHlni; (li'��irlt>*<t  Ill(|ilk'  Cnuitliriu'tiii* ill a is>kt I'lnliletl iilstut S mllia  illklttlU (OH |tuiltl��'��*lerb tllUs'Unil frolii *ia|.  miller JMiillit. Ullit (itmilt Kl ollaitis tilnUlll In a  Dilitlu-lll lllivetlutl frtilll tint WilliI) kliuu- Uf  llrtw>bkOii(iliikti|ti, Ou-invunj-Uiftieliiilus.Usi-iM.*  ue>>| -.lelmiu*., tlifciii'-i-MUitli noi'lium*, tlirru-*-  fiikl Ki ftiklnii lo fKiliil of eeuuiu'iioemeiii, uuu.  ItdltliiK* tY> *ur��.�� Hiiiro lie tef-k,  Jiiiih'h llei-li.  Ila.ll K, Ottrvli-n. Airefll.  Jhii. 11. m\ I'Vli. IH IS.  AI.IIUItNl I.ANO lUSTKICr.  liKtili-ltinuu-crt,  ���Piibn nolle** ilml riiiii'itin itiiko (luntner, uf  Vli-tiulu, II tl,, eii'iUwllnit ustirrle.l tumiftii.   In-  1,-nitk (o iiuiily tot in-ritiltikluii iu iioiwlikku  Oi*��  Cljlluu (utf ites��**il��'*| Inililk; ���������...������  Iji C��in>.iieiiuliiir ui ��(Hwi i-liiiiieit kt ttjuli -('fcier  mini, on tlie miiiili nlinrn of llnvibv Ceiiirunila,  nltni.t'f inlir-. itl-.mut In it i)urtl|i"ii.ie;ly ttltrt*  (Inn friiiu ^uliiiitlt r Iklsiul, (In (MM, iturlsi to  ebnllis Uu tinti ��ril Kivtinlua Uli,i'ie rtouiii <*")  i lialt �� niiiii tu ji ,*, tu tiiti klior* line, f 1 crw*  iiii|nti|rik' ilm kiiiire Ilm* mt lifi-li wiKli itutrb tu  l-i'lut nf (SiiiiiUriits rut lit, oUKMltlltitf (Ml tiVrva  inert nr it*--,  i Inn lit-e Itoao 0>n1itt r,  lluull ii, Uanltx) Avrnt,  Jmi u, tm - *��� ���-���> ���* *��t/o, ��**m  ��*- ���  ���t   I  i  I ,  l��  *��MSSf^^ THE ALBERT ADVOC.ATE.
;-*-Ju»t arrived a Frettf* Cojv*Slsfimtciit of «
s wagons*
Ineptsctlon Invited    ';■ v.;:■";>■>;-?: "^-,'•'.:. ';■ '/'■*'.'-';"■''■ Prlcer Right
s-sssssa G-sneml Bluckfjmithlng and HoraeRhoo.ng fe?
J;:i ^^ATEg^R GARAGE -,-; J
Now Open to the Touring Public
Full Lino of Auto Supplies
Cars For Hire at RenSojiab.o Rates
'Mberm§ Company
- Qui mm Mippiy witler* furPirsi rimi-i'.        .'.
Roup and Dressed Lumber of All Kinds, SMjRjIest|tc.
■''   Iaks! OoJer« wilt rwolv-i -.peeial, ationUoti. ;    ';',■
("all at the Mlllon tboBcoich KetUement J.yad, up Phone
'■���\ ■'}':: '. or vrlto to the ^tniiiiifep .; ■ '■■■/•'*'''"■" t ■
■' ;SR» JL» ■ FRASER.' ;r
Phono M9'■■'' ■:" '     :'-■ >Aioerril,B.; &'/';
Aiberni.B. C,
..; »ff^','l!UlUlliai»J!i!«B.
'r. ;;r.';.';..'^;:vv';!cii*rih< i/p/..' /;"'-J :.'■ ''.';.
Tho fln»a<J|ftl tikle* of Kurimo and
North Amt*rlc«,«ro i*mduoliy clearing.
Tlio ecrnpurice of tho lornw of ponco
submitted, by (ho Power* to 't'urkey
wiu unconditionally n^-oed to oy Turkey, and fwtm it Ik *'Xpoct-9d a truce
will occur pcndiu«"the settlement of
UtrinW Whllo (bore is bound to be rij-
currences of Kiiropenn v> kp ^carfiH,
th«*y will bo mostly jilmuer, with ihe
attempt of what European diplomacy
eidl* haJtuici's of power to be adjusted,
Nolle* hi hereby *rlv«n that immt*
Inifs of ;tho Ppovltmial   Agricultural
C'ommlMlon will be hold *t Urn follow-
■■..iiiif plftctsu:
Niut»lmo~.ApHI  IHh,  10 a, m. and
.8(30 b.iO', City ilali. - ,    ,
Park-svillo^April tilth, 10 n/in.Aj-rb
cultural Hull. .*> •   . ,
Atbopiii- April 15th, 10 ft.ni.' -.IK.3.3U
p.m.) April Itkli 10 a.m. (,'ouruhouio', .
CourtH9y~-Ajir{l Uth and i*, in a.m.
and 2::tU p.m. of both days, Aj-rlcuUurid
irnll.    -■   ■,■.".,■.. .   ,   ; ■ ■
DunearwAprll iltiit and ti, Id ami.,
1 nnd 2:30. p.m. ol both dry*, Court-boUM*.
Tii» eoiiuwlMlofi will hour ovldcnco
on all mntuirn affeotlntf   u-jrlcttlun at
ootidltlonii In the Province.   All portion* Inun-OaUKl tiro Invltwl to bo pro-
urnl. '■'
W. ih Hay ward, M. 1* A.,
O. tt, Christonwm,
. ':j*j*K-r«i,-iry.0- .' 4t;;■■•'
i!.'.;^'!^'.!. j"j"i '.■'^''^'JfJl!■l..>lL,l^!^v.^.;l'J'v.J"^i'lJtL^'""'*?^^''''■'^^^Jwy'i-'''1' "^
Professional Cordis
.■ ;'. .    ..■       ■■   it ■.,' ■
■" v&- " ■•,':^-:-•;'.:■ ■...•-.-??■•
II. (', Lund Kurvevor.   HupveyiE of
timber limit*, ni|u>v'&) claims, and land
MiWlvbiionii.   OHIeo at Albornl.  P, O.
■■:'«",, ':"-'v';' %Mi:i-di:!s.':'f-v''-.
Again OpftniorBuslrtess
.'.'' ■ fi&w Machinery; -
Good Work Prompt Delivery
lutes Reasonable , \{';::\
\&&,Ti 4<-»Sl/>Mtiuua JI !*i-Ji,-JiiajU, u*' 4i t"ie*v»
l'-^(%(i*l^^t^--HU-ll'i-!«n*-*ll^»i^ 1 >k^.VI_H f.^-1'.
S. C, bind Survnyor -tod Civil Eti.tfiW
OfIleum   Dirmtxsr   Block, Pert  AtUrnJ
■!,:■:*. -■ ■'-'."-::-'-; "' l»hwt«. 87 ' i ■
--.-•*-T**HM*»i-i*«*i*v*^'--*-r-.s*. t-n -j«T»s wi;
1 Hk t-Vi-nV-Kji.- FMr-w*i.H
Civil and MlnliiK l.aKlnccr
".;■ and ■'
a^-bW*-|iri.*aj(*a|*W>-1 -WO**-*
Me ,4 ferif ■ '"'Itiffisidf- U &ki for
Provincial Land Hitrvcyop
'.;;i';; "'•' ■ '■::-':/:ri...o.
Sige^; Sign® 'Signs
L*nd and Adv«rtl.iiJ»ir.8l|ft»»i..«|W.->:".''
done with Prompt l)o»p*t«h
avt,-£f0.w.oit Prtctm by
Margaret St., Albornl
..:-.'|»*l»l»r #wd P*t>«r*M«n|«r. :;: ■ c
Work doriiv by Prftetlortl Mt>n only,
. ■'KiiUiH*W*','Tr<i#.
iAtppeldom & Co.
Contractors & iJutld$r$
■'.•■   .. '..■ *•,■. ■   ■: 1."!" ■ ■■
Alb«rnl,'li. C.
:■ Redford
'■■:::::;;;;:;;;;::a e r cb £ x ::::::::};;;;;:
J^ob Jleof,  Mutton  and  Pot-k
0 ftlivnyti on hand.   Onlers ;
. uketi for Poultry,
■.■ato. . •■ ;
Phono 37 P.O. Box 18
'     '.''I'Nmuothln'if that l« a fiiu'o vvlnnep,. wltoro tlio money will turn
1 °-   '   over inilckly imd nt a t'ooil'.ppoilt- ■'•>   -   ''^       • >"
v'V. .'■■ '  ■'-!.'    .■ .   .. ■     ■.-.^y.' ■ :-.    ■•',..-■■   ■■■■■'■-.■'•• "■ - ■    ,,:'.       ■■•'•''■• '••"•'''■:'.'■■ ■     ••■■.•"■-;  ■;■;..-o. .
Tfiis is the Class at'Property That''--is Handledbp
. '. BJt-c4-t j *«j/(->--iaii*ki«t*jk.*-*'ii-a ■iiiii-.ii'a-a*-»aJ^-.   HJ-*  ''-,   i^mmfo J*^^J*^*\"^.v******Mi*&*'*wxm**t^  '."'■
.'".'.      ' .v!'-i»l*'-*-t--i*----1HWtt*Tt^^ in  '■ ' .   /. r-  n S M*>r.<r-Mtei™<&^™*^wW'^>#-<*-vt#tK>: ■■
-      .-'''..'.;."'.<'..    9**t*mu^m*«^*^+mt^r>OMWf,^tA #* ,■    * -alat &£ \J ^■,.n«.*-.--,*n«!i-iJ.-*-*,.M, rtTW.,™-,-™, j;.''
:'     .;';•"■';!i ',■>'//_■■:■,      Uo ifandlos No Other Kind,     ,';'.':-';;       ■■ '■<<::■ '<-[.
A list nf tlm tlnma. Pttptn and City proporUoK to bofound in tho Albortit
Dlmrlct.' A call wjtl convince^ yon, and lead to buiilnm*».; . ' > ,
Ci»«r«Ml Acr#*<« for E*iU       '.'-.'■':'.. -::'".,.
P.O. Box S4       M. TE30*:    Alberni,B. C
Alberni Hot®!
First Established and Best Known Hotel on West Coast
'   Thfoi» tht faooHt* St*$Qrt of th* CommtrcM Mm, Tourhtand Spaiiimnn,      '
>;;■;'Quitting our ouin Bairv and Poultry Xaneh Imurttua Conitani Sapp/p #/       <
Striefltf /h»»h Ankttt fer tht (abUtf   Accommodation* ol' (ht< fint,
::.:s:•:■Th* B*H fampfr fieim$ <n reiitii,".[pS..'.', .-_,;"'V.^ .,> ,,^-   ..;.',C'-:''
^'." rr«9M*»(t9'and .from aU, poa(t arid Tiydnr.  '',..; .. ,-to ;;.,>;/:.
Billy McAUistert/^mtr/i; <>^CA« 7f//i*7 mvanttfot«lk Victoria, Fr--.jtH-.Ui
/:'' "i>;'.'-.' .-:"■'■ '^'';':;"V' ■j./d; aUHKK,'i'iviip!ctor.:; .j-;'.;.j^ ' '".'.■■
IW'H'11 ".  ""   '.'I'      I "I     '. ..I-MI...*,'—-
SH<'>*»li'*  ■*•-' ■.•y-M.'ii'-'iV;!*
I^K'ory rij^N <)f (tiritlivdH.   Hoiivy^^^d
l| .ll'^IU.II-W.^W-^.M-^M^lwp-MW^pw^nilk-IMI.IM. .
.    0o®l«r In ;
inWers; Supplies
Sash- Doors and Glass
Building and Hoofing Paper
Lime, Bricks and Cement
Phone 29
P 0. Box 9
B, C.
lie/ Alberpi.';
To that Friend Who is Thinking of Coming to Alberni
Frank & Dehruyrie
.'■■.• ; ,   ■'•'':.: ;.: ■;.■ '    '''■.■    ■ -!?1-     '..■'' '■-   ■
„ Real Estate and Insurance
A^/af-y Public
'       ;   ■                   .'. " ''   ' ■'..'■."     .'. '              '.''■  '..   ■,■',:■'.".
0.te ^      -      Alberni, B.C
Coifed Work1 at ^easojiable Rsttci*
EMlmatm Furnished
■ (Wi^WWJni*m*-»-**,»4,^','''l»^^^
•and ;.:
Pristctlcai  Plumbers,  Stoam and
,     Hot Woter Fitters.
Estlmotoa Fumlmhctd on Appllcu-
: ''"■.■        .". ■tioi,. ■ , •••-"
Bapeo Pure Paint
All.-Colors ttrtd Tfnt» on Hond
*st--i*Ai^,r'WB*-^r*j».*.-fc-..rtW.^.*-.--.*^ A   If        '     1t 1J     '   *ff'H'\     '" C'l'«rik-^i*S-i-''*»-«'*™^
Hwsiwk    ■■•■Wail.'Paper..'.- nw®mw\m
■t'k'i~5.l'*.'-i:i'--. .V',*'ri*itf-~"l*J-'I']V-:v>.r..ui.i>«i,..i.N*,'!s 1 A L-iMniaii-«-j^fty-*«3i-Ni4Ji*U*^ Han***« 1 la***-.i*-"-li
Gome 'Early and. Get First Choice
'•ttttiA.AVI'.'aV^MA  ;.^m» A A*'AJgr»-VJ'.**» ••..:..-
The ti-ost ktiovvij liouse on  tbe  West Coast of >*tmcoayi?p jiilnnd. \
Th» Only Hotel on «h*i W-j*tCo^
All, modern'lmpt-ovorao«tti.   Centrallv KK'ati«d,   The best Pl.diiiio and IIuiultio; on the Island.       ;
Autos for hire to Sprout Luke and the Ark Hotel ot Central Lithe,   t.uldo* furnished on shorMiotlce for
..■■.'"■ ''.•".■■'       '   /■Himili)',-'PttPtie*. at imtdepttto ..rates..■ . ' ' .   ;
lnco*jKiratt*d IHdtt H»*il Ot!lc->; KmOn-al
:.: Capitol Pai,d Up : : ^1:1,500,000
Reserve Ftind : : $12,1)00,000
Total Assets over; :     :   $175,000,000
A'-(..liNKl'tAb llANKiNO  ItUfilNKSS TllANHACriill     I'..    I
Savings :>fc;»^^
Baiiiing by Mai
I'\ee Bus. To ami Ftx>m All Trains
McNift & Meagher, Props.        - -
Albornl, B, C.
i-tld r*o«lv#4
:li**»t eurrsnt
/■ 'O,
, llepuiiUk may ti-, warta and willidrawn
!')• mail: i''utlriit ji«n|i*ular« wtllBl-4-
ly be .-iteii.ti*. ki;*rrtK»n!lr>K all il*.
Over 320,lb'8»i.'li,es «i»<» At'oneles.   'tO'Ilranchct In Hrltltth ColumbU.
'■ tofresiMindeiits Tb'rou/'hout. tho World. .
Alberni, Branch Port Alberni Branch
• A. 0. FjiKWiWk, Mtuing'tip   . '..-«.. J. .VtACMSOD, Mftasffop.
FwMh ,1-0+tm. *---A-^'--��U<--*--l-��-v--'WJ  t*. h. ^->.ni*"'<-via*ik-'r i-mi���tf  V -jw t. -*lc4 J**"- ���* -*  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE,  mnownn iwwmmmaTH  mmmssssgi  y I'  The Canadian Pacific Lumber  Company, Ltd.,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of al I orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  '^i', **'"' j7*'   t m ... ���  CANADIAN PACIFIC LUMBER COMPANY, LTD.  Port Alberni Branch  mmmrnmmmmmmmMmmmsmi  *    ��  -omiMon  LIMITED  Are the Owners of  ROSSLYN SUBDIVISION���D. L. 9, Alberni, Upper Portion.   Lai*, from  $180,   Etiey Terms,  ��� , r,, '  ROSSLYN���Lower Addition, D. L, 9, Alberni.   Comprising Large Water  Front Lots.   River Rood Rums Through this Addition, Lots  r o    from $280"   Easy Terms.  D. L. 40���Acre Blockw���Beaver Creek Road Runs through Property,  Portion of same Cleared and Cultivated. Lots from $250.  Easy Terms,  Apgly Direct or to Current, H. li Stephens, Alberni  loney in Keat jds  luying an Uncertainty?  lying a Real 'Certainty?  Of All the Real -Certainties  The Seaport.   The Railway Terminal, is. the Sure,  Safe, Sane Real Estate Certainty in BritishXolumbia  Pm iioiti-uii'iit-y ha.> ii ccctahii.t.   Tho liuic (o  miiko  nmuey. hi rout ,>s��ti|e i��  wlit'l'l (bill eeptiiliil*   I* vioiil'.',     AMiet'ill Is siiiiill   mm    utml, loni e,*=(��,!.e liepe Sn  t-beltp, bill  ivlltt cinl fiiii-tt'li v*,li:i! tl.'e mui two, tlueo ,v.'lie.   tviHduV    An(ii'|* .  pine iln< fuitu'o,    Vi.u will sei* ii }*ij.��(nitteilevolo|>ui.*in nf tin* *i'ti|mipi. nnd t-iiilr  ptiiui (oi-mipil),    I told I'M.'lli' fit lies '��111 mill'�� III) tiled, -v i-lo|illii-Ut,     I >i.i|l'l |e( tfiu  outsideps eotne iii itiid liiuKe nil the mime,*,    beep Mime ii! the |iiti!lts nt Junto-,  IP  Is hound t<�� beeoiuii tho choleo rosldoii*.  tliil purt uf Alb-'i-nt. Tho blj�� buiui ��  will .ill kh (bore, Pol ytine mwnov in  Miiph*liiii-*( nod wiudi It ���jiuvv. Write  (���-d.-iv fur bill, free informuihui. We  print tho eonp.m for .it'iir convenience,  Pf.it the C'iU|M.in.       , '  Clip |{��*r�� tmd Mull Today.  45-6-7  040  . B. Monnette Co.  IJMtVKD  8-9 Canada Life Building  Hastings Street, West  Vancouver  Tito J. ii, Monnotto Company, Limited  40-a-7*d.*0 Cam-da Ufa Iti-J-J.,  (MO lUtriiiiit'o {*Ur*ct, Wont, Vancouver, 0. C.  Pli'iiso send mo,'without ohlii'iiihin on my purl,  complete Infoi million itboisi. MjiplehurM."  N:inio ........ ..."  Address ������.;.'.,  .,,'.,.   m^-^-*w^.��w.,.,iwii"Ii ���'��� -��m.ii��h....��'i.miiw��.,.,iiii..i> ul Ujiln ...il.Mii.MIW.W.I**.-'.111  MILLINERY  ,   'Full Jtli!-*. of l,,U(|li**.' and Ml***'"-'  Trimmrd Hut*.  l.nieM St tie-  ,  ArdMie J.fbvts  No need to send "outside  for High-ciasn Goods  t "nil mid iitapect mi Stuck  Miss ��. Forrest  *���**���*���#  I t**r*--"  ���***'->  �����**���*���  -xs^aa*  AI the  SOMAK  Carton Seed Oats, Alberta  ^  Seed Oats, Seed Peas  Timothy, ALsiko, Red Clover  Pioneer   Feed   &  Coal   Co.  3  onicoPliwmi.w     A, PAUL, rt*m*t{#r       '    liw., Iia:  ^  i TKAWNCS  STUNK    *y*J j i j j J | [ j j J j > j i j | j j j j f j j j * j j j J j JJ J H j i I i ii i ii fiS   J r 4m 4U Ui Ul ��M Ui Ui U* Ui ui m m m m miii  :rr;  Jfc-s-l'-s  ST;  .   *<a*||��|ftt>M*>WIMIf<W*Ha|r��l<lal**ll  j . Half H��lld��y��*  The btndiiesK men nf (Im imva ape  iHw'ii*sbiK' (ho i|iiostloi| el it bull loll-  dil.V (Hie dn.V lo (be week dm llitf (bo  stuuiiior imiulbi. In/1 no eoin-liis*luu h��s  .vol ln'i��n nrrlved nt.  TemilitfJ Up.  PtlPhltKlit (ii (tut policy lldtipll'tl b*  1 ho PiiHt Ht'U'iido nl toitJuj- till (ln��  b.vdrliiils, In ibe pity, Die uue ut dm  Pi'esb* terbiit t biircb eoroer tsiis irb-d  ul the pe|>iilae drill held on Toi-mIm'  oveiilnir hist, when itilileleni priissiipo  vt 11s (iviilbilile to (brow it s|i',>j*m ���f  wiilpp niton! (vvoiil.v feel wvi-r (hi* (up  of i|ii cbei-eb Ptvier, (bus timplv lie*  immMi-jiiiii^' (bill (here Is Millli'lout  pressure in tbpn�� tho ntiter over the  utri'oM biilliHni* lu (im cit.v,  CourtFaltiVA. 0. F.  The regular meet in-; of Poitpt Pultb  ttill bo bold In the A.��>. K. fitill on  Tuesdn.v nbiht ul ",J\'.K All uiembeps  him roijuestrd Hi be preseiil if pus-.ibl��,  Glonsido,  The hitesl addilidii InthestiUllvKlonti  lu (be vlcluitv nf Alberni  Is (dens)de,  ti |Hipitiii) nl (be Speneer IStiito.   Tld*,  oM'olloni ppnpei'tv |�� splendidly   hiciit*  ed, I'timiini* as i(   dues  (rom   neitP  lb-  I'. P. tt. HciHil over  tu the  bunks o( ���  (be KlisuekMi* Cieek.   'The  view' of  die sni'i'tiiitidlni.' emmtt'v fioiu most  of j  the lots Is linn, mid lis (lioi'poiiterilciire ;  bus beim ittkeii   with   the  plitimhli;  of  tho survey, there aiv a  luree nutulicr  Of rte-irablc site* btr pesldonUl  bur-  pont'i.   'i'here is no reawm  why (lieu,  side should not heroine on�� of (lie must  succrotfui uf (he siikllvisions   within  (hecity limits,  WI>a-fa��'.-^l-a***WaVdlta>|^,*'u-  ���aaWala^MWaWaMtaaWa-MWaaaaaa^^  THE ALBERNI TRADING STOKES  WH��R�� YOU CET THE BEST  a.' ' i+iztr j*-*��i  Just unloaded another Car of  Baled Hay Al Quality  ( * ' t  -��� �� ���  Sole agents for the Victoria Chemical Fertilisers  rXr.. -^ ^uaftitwiSCti  The Busy,Store  On the Busy Corner  i.r-^-TOr.J,n.i j a- ujasitisujum ���  C. F.  BISHOP  & SON  Grocers, Bakers and Produce Merchants  1  CLASSiriW ADS.  Per Ks:.C. ��*�� < Vs|tr,tf*!--��r,--��'r��Tcraaiom  Hi reel (pivai'iii)' occapieil by Mr,  t.yie) in pent fisjin At ay 1st. Water  liiidtVa. muilo jfiiislen. ' Apply A. W,  Ni'lll.  Tor Side t'lienp i^its iiud Choitp Acre*  n��o tin easy terms, Apply Frank  (iroentird, Albopni P. O,  Wmtted ^Tii buy it few tictvs. close (o  I'til'l Alberni. .Mu��l lie clieii|i fur  I'asb. l-'llllll ovvnvp, P, O, tlox 1(KI,  Pupt Altierid,  RedllCtiOIf ill    3 Large Loaves for 25c  4 Crusties ���   2$c  Price of Bread 4 ryench. Rfz ������ "1  ���  au i-aa *--M.a^*t v��iA��r*aa**W**it ��*<��*aw#H  Hiv,  Wheat, OtU, Barley ��r Csro Ctep, Sbrig, Brao,  It., U,  ��-ni..r...|i.i..,i,i.��.���.,ii���r.',i M.i.n .1 ,mi,,3.j...i,.iii:ijj. iigj ..Biiiniyii.ij.��i.i��i��)����ii y-a��.*wn*-^*^.tff ���������ffg'i-^'K^  !  ��> ���* -   /,  ! pm and get your SUMMER DRESS chosen and  ijt ^ have it made-up* A Dressmaker has opened  I an establishment on the premises and will attend f  to your wants  For Sain - K|,'K* for hiitchlaif (rum In-  dhin Hunner Ducks, tlnat Jii.vlui,'  ciitdiii &! for M'tiinif, fertility {,'uur-  utiteed. Fifty l.ti.thu/ ileus, mostly  vearliit'r, from ���fl.,.!.V (u *l,.r)(�� each,  Miiny pure bred, Two whilei"ornl*h  lodifin jf-imi' PoeUeivlH, from l'.ii(,'ll>h  s((n'l(. W.,*t<�� c^ich. ,1'etep Micholneu,  lliimlleld,  For 8��lo * (Jenciat Puijium!' Team, wn.  uoii und liitrness, hiifiable fop jfrad-  iiiL" up lu'iivy wiii'lt. Any reasonuble  tiliit ��lveii. Apiily li, It. Kiln, Pert  Albetnl. * '  PorHalii, A few choice apple (pecs  three yeap** eld, tip would oAt'limnfe  fnp White Wyandottepiiiltn*.. Ftipln-  iiipiniitiim ii|i|dy to Albei'iil Truiuai,'  Store, tip by lotlop to !���!, Witulsm*,  I leu vor l'rook P. o,  |! W��mt-id   A   tirsi-i'iiihs   Mllldiitf  Piiw.  link 1UI, I'opi Albepiil. II, P.  , (,  W��nti*ii IMvinir jMiity, Mtut not be  afrnld ut motiip curs, AddresiiiA.il.  AiiiiopHoii. AlbornU |t, (',  I'a-rthda Vuiiiii* heavy hupao ttodluin-  tiei" ivitj/dii for siilo. both Ib'st cbi*s,  Apply u* T,   \Vlek--iis, Alberni,  Pop Sule ��** Acre Tritets c|erii,>d bind.  idsu i"i urre (pact*. bu��b bind, l>'.ii-  loriiis it|iii)v t-> iiobn Host, or'.', )���:,  .1. Milllus, Albertd,  For 0��l��   A fen clnileo lots  tt,,>   nibt-  1     iites li-tMii Alberni di'iMil, front��17is,i*<J  nil i'iP-v   terms,    Adjobilnj,'   )o|s   kM\>  bil�� ut iK^XMiii.    Applj (������ M. M.Hiep-  bt'M" Ibis d'i> Albei'ii,  i-^-r'rT'-'is^swt-sss'siasia  8  THOMSONS   GENERAL  I ::  Pi  ���^'**.rr:'g.';'*'jj^r'''rJ!"''ii'''iva''i'a.,'i'Mr.>iu^  For Kent    thielline buiise, .six   jitou-H.  ,\p|i|> tu Mr. J, Hills, Alboinl, M.P.  F��rNtd�� Seed put moo*., l-.uply Idise,  litiio Hose and Jlnrbuuk Hc't-illtivf-'N,  (ioml Nltiek. Apply to T. H, tSrievo;  ("bony 1'reek.  Alliornl. .  W��rti*al I .nnd iietir Alhopni, suititblo  for K��i\h*ii pupposps;, ,1111)' ,-iren from  I to t(��l tieres. State bittest jielfo  itiid best terms, II, A. (btrbtad, U  (ipundview Ave,, Muoae .tut*, Sn.sk,  For Sale. Mmurt 1'rlviui,' Puny 7 yeiirs  old, viuud: ,Miit(d le fnp buj-i/v or  tlebt |..\pPO.ss.     A. \V. Ni'lll.  .wmw n,n-��wi*i,��airiwYia..i-.ii*--w->-l-*iwiw--irtawiiw,...-a.*..a��i��iwMi^  Bodstead8*"--A *-?����* nf Httmctivo pattormt In all ftitw.  ChlSdrenT8    CrlblS-*���Moth with ��*iw' and ulidlatf Mo* In ttevoral  deali-m..  Bed   Springs���piiuhI with lnvtb the Woven  Wlro and Diamond  Linked Fnbrics, incluelm* the well known Nm��"i)<wilnloi(i;KprlHjr In all  sl/esr  MattreSMCB -**ln nil uli-es and �� numki'Pof *|T��de��, fpoia Ol.fXl to lift.  Also nil othor kinds uf llousebtdd and Pomp Kupottare,  ('nvUery, (Jlssswuro, ('ur\w\Munit Linoloimifc in Htuck al'  innsi refistiimblo prices.  Port AlsM>ml  .m\.if**,n-,iii��n'i.ii**ii  V*      A*  Pioneer Furniture Store  Phone B2  -4--H-li*^-��i*iMMNM--i-��M-l��lN-a4n-*.M-anwi  ^*"-^.-*n .i';'niii-i. ii ii.im,*f".'^���,i.,���'���-������'-.,,  "I'l'l W"j["'}l"'.*'l"lliaj  Pvr Mv.   New Foup-rnomi-d Mutiso, 2  cleiirwl Im-i, fruit trees,   SmnU raili  iiivnieni,   bidimce  iim rent,     l-'rank  J.  jiiivnieni,  (iri'omipil  For   Lu(Iic��   ntui    Gentlemen    always   in   fctock.  rmm avenue  PORT ALBERNI  Wanted. Tenders fop PmeiivuiiiJi.*- und  (iriidbii; und Miisoiipy. t'nrl Kiiomi  Architect, Motol Arliuj;t��ii.  ,. V LI      . -���-r   ,  You ifd it Soutts-e I'leiil frein  our Auvcrtlsorn  SSSSS^^SSS^asMWSS^L^^


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