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Alberni Advocate 1912-04-06

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 iKxertitimn Tfu-a. **�� m-in <  .--MJt*yjM*��*t.-ir^wrt.*-. u j  i-   -ar.-!*^aat** aUtl/kJ**:^"-  L*��i**-*'n-g��l|ifW)" M  I     ^,a.    Jn-f^^J-v**,*.,*..  "T t*-**-*<-->^ttr'i--*"'*>fa^^ -O-^rt**-***-*"*-'<*(  -**II^'r*e>*t\tVv M  Vol I  Aibemi* B. C. Prfdtsy, April 6, 1912  No. 0  ***^y*-��  ,, ^��.��   iihi t���w jm-r - va^*.ii,l>j.am*i,Wi.H.a>ii.i ���>'  mmjfmmonmtsnutiS  i*  M^en #i# New Wharf is Finished Alberni Freight by Boat Will be Landed at Alberni  v TbU week we have M'lectcd photograph*, thai terve to indloulo Ihe varied Seeimty of the i-cowry around "Alberni  tin* Heuutlful." Tlie Hlver Honii Hrldgc I* throivn ovet* (he Sdiuats Hlver ut, a -eolnt about two mth's from the town  of Alborui, From ihU bridge tho eye moel*. a ���.tuvi'sidun tif view*, in a-hauivei' direction Iff U turned, that il would he  dl'tlculi Indeed io excel In uny port of (be world, tlu*t under the bridge tho j.otii.dlngs of the river -.how a depth of  over Ul feet, and a few yiii,Jei downstream from tit Ik hjnil there U an inland front tho bunks of whluh the local lldhermen  are now making K"-*11*' caichee. of -.pl-nidid largo trout,  -*- The opening uf tJie new Rtratlipona 1'ark will brln�� wlthhi easy reach of the vletllor to Albornl places like the  beautiful Delia Lake ahown tn this jiloturo. Miniated at nn elevation of .TiCO feet this little luko Is set within a ring  tif rugged rocks aad Klm-lal |K)aks that form a fitting frume to the cold blue beauty of this itiiii of the mountains. ' Tho  ���freat broken olitTit are txiflocted In the mirror like surface of Uu* hike, while more than one "mass of per|)olual rmow  crowns tho distant sumiiills, No visitor t-o this spot could,over forgot the eton-nttlon of aatotilidiod delight with whioh  he 11 rat viewed this charming spot In the wilds of Vancouver It-hmd,  as  ATIWriON GIVEN  TO SOB-DIVISIONS  B-w-i of TrsrtJc Cess&w Maey ItajwrUitl  Platter* tt R^-alif MsntJiIy Metliig-**  rwfrnst to Plant th Part.  The reoular tnontbiy meet till.*'of the  A ibe ml Itoatxl of Trade wa-. hold In ibe  Court Houseim Monday evening. After  tbe uilnuies of the preview-, meeting  had been ivtttl and adopted (hi* Hoard  proceedetlto the i*out��lih*rt��iion t��f the  rt��t*u.t�� of (lie meeting* of ihe r'xti'i;.  live of the Hoard which had been held  6l.it"0 the liiAt regular meeting of Uml  body.  Tim KXceutlvo reported ilml In tbeir  opinion many of thesulKllvlslout which  were being: put on the market were mu  being- handled In a pixija*!* mitnnor.  Where iheae uuhdlvl-tlon-. wore loi'iiied  HoinedUutnce from ihe pre(>em ceiuer  of ihe town It waik felt by the t-'xecti-  live that (he bus should be uuide not  Jest than tW feet, it want rckolved (o  sustain ihe actio-) ut iho t'secullvo in  preparing to gather data regarding  thtine inittU'i**i tor the jiurjioso of iryiuu  tu aecure i'oticei'14-d aeilon .with other  Hoards of Trade on Vancouver Inland  along theci* Unci*.,  Tin* same conir.1' was taken with re.  gaixl to the up|Kiliitiiienl of nn enier*  Ulniiicnt comuilttee in conncetiiin with  the planting of the wi'Morn f��o*l of the  Canadian Highway,  Me-uu-*, U. Stuart Si'iinm and l'bll.  Aa WalMHi were olecltHl iw'tidiorti of  the J ton it!.  In tlit'inad.-rof pre*.'till��)i,riiiechtlm-'  ef Alberni In regard Uirallway maliere.  the following letter wit* r-'itd (111m (tie  ���secretury ot   the Hallway Ctmiiui-ftim;  "Mtiivb t��, llii'.".  "J. IC. Molimi, Fi-tj.,  "Si*e, Altiei'iil HiKted of Trade,  �� ib'iu- Sir File IU.-170, Coiiiphiiut of  the Alli'iyl Hoard of Tnulc.  '��� Hcfoiriug Ui -iiiiii' lettt'i- of the Nth.  inst,  "I nine (ximi* lUiioment (lutt yun  ���artitu (.iking ��hculhel*t-iuiiiil��lon v-it-i  expected (4i iiii'iu In Vancouver or Vie*  toriu, bin ihnl no reply bfti* been m'ui  vo joe. 1 ilw mil ri'collei't your h'tu***,  and tlie ilie on which i( .".mid bo placed  In wiib ihe llotud during iu* preaent  Wostorn alttii)',''*, which, however, do  not extend lieyoiid Cnhfiiry.  "With reiiiml u- a sltthiK In Vim-  couvor or Victoria no dauit have yet  been fl-i'il but (be mafter will lie  brouj-hl to tbe attention 4tf the Hoard  un the rotnni of iho Chief Comintern-  or te tin* city curly in April. K In Im-  prohabU'., however, tliutMtiln*,-'n will b��  hold In 'UrItilth Columbia before mid-  aummi'r-  " With ri'ivfard to tho eomphilui re-  feri-4**:! to In your lottor 4if the HtJi.-, {  would KUfftfcM thi��tyoiipi-ep(i!"oittoi-iiiat  .'complaint,'. In aeeoislanc-e ��� with tbo  'Hales and Hirlftdatlona tif jtlio Jluitrd, a  copy of which 1 enclose, und serve 'the  railway companies,  uml  then Ulol-he  eti-une whh the Honrtl, inifetber with  evidence of Mich service, Your ciue-  kliiiuldi of ('iitii'Mi, in (he ilffi in*uniee  be pie*enu'-il In wrlthiK' " You will ttlw^  note dun under the tlt-h-^ of ihe Uuai-d.  the I'lunpHiiiee- have thirty duyn afier  uet'vlce within which to Ilio (heir reply,  " Yoiiri. truly,  "A, 1), C.M'lwrli>ht,  '���Sfcreury It. H, C."  The ihiiinchil rejiiirl ol (he past yenr  >*a* tvitd and adopted. Thin report  tilioit* iln'i'i* |<-_n ktiutU bitlitiii'e reiiililn-  ini.' ouliiiiiil lifter alt iilll* of the year  had been paid.  The ijtiet-l km of havlu*,'u telephone  provided for ihe local tch-tfraph olllce  wi|,*4 il|*cti*i.(Hl and It was ivsiilviil to  place llii** iiiiittt't' before Mr. t'lomi-itt,  ,M. I'., on lib* arrival hi tho (own, which  Is expecdtl In tt few days*  Tin* next main-i* which t'liiuo up for  (.llM'tif".!!!!! win, thut nf the Koycrniiient  whiii'f, TU.* fiii'i that the sum ef five  ilioUMtnd ttolhu> liud been m*1 asdic fur  the purpoMi of builiilui*-u new wharf  wne. viewed tiK 11 stop lowuril brtniftnjf  Alberni iij-tihi U�� the front. With tliir.  wharf and llu* river properly huoyiil It  wto. felt thut fri'lj-ht coiiitl be handled  iu from il.fti ni fi per ion Icm. than ut  the pri'sent time, It wit* doicrtnliaod  tii jiUkli ilui iiiuiti'i* uf tbe buoylnir of  the river, nnd ul (be end of the dlemus-  -,lon ti i-oiiimhtee e-otinUtlnir of Mchhi-k.  J, G. C. Woml, M. 1'. J'., t), Hiddt'll  iniif W. I*\ (ilb*ou wn* appointed lo wait  on Mr. Clement ��i'*h ivtuirtt lo telephone, whtiif iiiiii river uuttU'i's,  Mr. Heauin niiule it few remarks In  which he ihi.nl't'd the llu-trd fors'lecb  litlf I1I111 in. iUtt.'iiili.'i'c lie had ulwity*.  been loyal 10 Alberni, and uon Hint lie  wiim nUnit to take up re-ttilence In I lie  (own bo hoped to I"' fotmil alwuy* In  the rtitikii ief' tho*e who were wlllln*'  und irmly ui lij'lit for the bo-it inter.  e*t�� of the place, lie Itopeti lluiVv|<-oi*.  ouh atop* tvtetili. in' Uiken lo j-el Mime  ineiiMiiii* o| jij*(ii't. litem tlio ruilwt-y  t'oiiijuiny iiiih iv-furd n�� Alberni. lie  rctliuded U H$ tli-elea* di appeal Iodic  cunipdiiy tmi thnii'.'ht ll tickl lo (��(("  ttiitt(ei'Mhiect Uithe ComiuUkion.  The f((l|owli!*�� huiei- was, then n-sd  from (ho I'l-oj'i'c-.k Hub of Vuncouveri  "Tlie SivreUiry, Hmn-it of Tra.de,  "AHrt'l-Uil H- ��'.  "Dear Sir: It hati been eii"v*'-.'*t''tl  ilml (he I'lM-fi-eeta Club (which It* the  hurcotMii' of tlio Ti)url**il AHMat-lallonJ  mIiomIiI ettiubllsh here it pOruttiuciit ��'�����  hilitiliin of tin* rt'Miurces und tbo pi-o-  ducthof tbeCrovhice, The clutilH fully  nlivi* to the value of Mich to diaplay and  in pi'dpartxt io provide for It in c��*��o the  jiovot-al coniuiunities of tin* 1'ixivuice  will tij-ree to co-operitte In the uiulor-  taking, und 1 wriie to fe-i'in-tahi the  vjewt. uf your lloiuxl ujiou iheijiH'Stbm.  "The elttb uiidortukes to lu-ovido  upace for each city or section of the  {'.���evince in which Ui di**jilny -.iimplcs  of Its ntt'itit'iil riiMiiux*es mui prodttcis,  phimi/kM-ujihs of Its streelw, pixmilnent  bulldluifs, beauty .spotti, etc Tbe club  will keep (be e-.bll.lUi in oixler, und It.s  Ktaff will iinswerumpilrhts and-{five out  hifurmatlon 'r'ctfardlntf the cities repre*  senteiia'' In lw tidyortiseijienta the club  will refer to those liK!itl|tlo�� and wtll  Btmtl U> its roproscritallvo-j abi-owJ their  primed mutter. In short ths chit) will  act us their representative and will du  whatever should he expected of an en-  ei'Kctlo and etltcient ��}*erit. In offect  this iirrauj-emiint will hu aleout the  eoime itei if each oily wertt U) ojnm an  elllce here**, the chief difference bctf)/,*  ihnl ihe eo��t of the latter would be  much greater for anythluK like an  iHjtttil amount of pebiielty.  " Will you therefore  kindly , hrln*��"  ibis io the titletitionof your Hoard, and  a*, mku) as jftMslblu (ulvlsii us as to lie  UHlHiiJe hi relation thernto.  " Yuura truly,  "Fix-jfreaiiClob, "  "Per KlllettN. Howe."  The neces-iary intmirles will bo made  atofii,' (hose 11 niti and the matter dl*-  poeiiHl of at the next nmetlnifol t'(e  lloiuxl.  ,  It witoi then resolved to arrantfo fur *  speclu! edition 0! tlie Alhernl AdviMftta  to bo publUhed at 1)10 lime of tlui  |ilantli)(f of tho western |H)>t of Um  Ciimidliin llltfhway, and thn matter wtis  left hi tlie hands of tlie numdlni/ eoui"  milieu on publletty. '  \  The meeth)-** tluu} adjei*rni*d.  ���** ark a/vn-tftikii-i ���# ���*..�������� ��*.**-a-Ma-*i  JlvfiBJM    VVi'M'-UOk^VfiVi-j  MUST BE REAC  Effort! Wili k Midi* to Pot Cm hs &<  o  tarai Mm Bm& Wltiutat W&it-  t'ag Ut Wtfttrn Sitti-iJ.  othiir hand as iho freiKlit is now bnti-  died It npjH'unt otlkdally en Itie books  ef the compnny as if all (best* shipments  woro business of (he Fort, when as u  matter of faet the majority of It is shu.  ply hauled past our doors, and has to  l>e froij-hted back to Alberni hy wa--on.  Fassenifers are told tn .souio instances  that there are no tlclcelM to A! be ml,  and that thoy must i;o to Fort Alberni.  If (hey Ineitst on u ticket to Alhernl  their ieolonfflnK'S o.rc hauled (elite Purl,  aud they have to tfet them bauk to thin  place iu best they can.   Tills has boot.  (,'oinj" ou aver siiuie Uiuralltxutd ojienedi  for busine-*Sf   It may  l>e r>ohiiod out  tiiut- all of thi* hus  t��>nn itstd Iwfoi-e,  That is true.   Hut it will he em Id aj-titn  anil iif-ftiu, until eoinie iiicnstire of relief  I- hoeured.   The cltUens of >Alhcrni  cannot atfoixl to  remahi  r-Jlont under  this injuslleo,   In  season 11ml out of  scamui the Advocate projKwes to ham.  uier at this oubjeot utit|l a  uhuuKe In  made.  Mr, W. fi, Thompson, of tk'luelet,  and A. O. Audt*rsuu,of Ciityo4|uut, were  visit*)*** to Alberni din-hit- the week,  fM&M I &WUIUIlT��lTl��i  "   ��� T8E SUMMER  be reached (lutt are now Isolated,  I/oeally the work on Feinberton mad  is iteitriu-kf completion and eoiiii-uctor  OlliMin in, certainly uiakhj*.,' {fiKsi work  of It. That purt of ihe town-wHt -*04in  make simm of the older part-* nil up and  take notice.  l'��n'tluuu road Im recolvhi*** u splendid  top dre*i|ntt* tif {Travel, nnd {food stile  dUchi's. When this ixiiul Is finished il  will he one of the best In tho dintt-lct.  All thiit Is now lieedoii is m iiietliln**  that we eun call ii Hint ion without IiIunIi-  hi NT.  MesMi-s. H. II, Thomson, lUumtNirebHil  for Victoria, \V. W. Fuslor, Deputy  .MiuNler of Public Wtirks, and J. U. C.  Woikl, meuilmr elect for Alberni Dia��  trlet, liavo itrriuwod 10 profotnl to  Ucltielet by way of'11 htunch trip on  Monday noxt. It is the purpoi.,*, ul  IhoM* {fenilemen to lunpect the work  (hat has been ouiiined for the Uulueiet-  Cluyoituoi Wilson roiuJ, and (ako such  other -.tups astippearni'ceeisary Inuixler  to furihei' the pro*cnt projiriiiiuiie <)f  ���-Ivliiif this not'ilon of the Island 11  series of much needed ixmds. It Is by  lilts close uUenllon lo the nocd-i of the  entire District that Mr. Wood hopeet to  ahow iliut he meiuis to put In practtce  the kt)owled<-e which ho Iiiih ri*)rardlnif  the ix)ad noeiUof the Alliornl Dlnlriot,  CMADIANN0R1B.  WILL TOUCH ALBliRNI  a 1  Rumor Thut the Ststion Will Ik btxtet  on the Hill fnm to k Witbct  FeiJiidjtkti In hct,  Now that it htiN Iwon dlsoevotxxl that  the Hallway Coniuibsion will not hold  a kltti!)i4r In Western Cainula foi- some  time It boeoniea iitvehsairy for the Hoard  of Trwte u> attempt seine oUi->rm��i hod  of -afetllnir their complaint-i lw*fore the  \'>muiilM>t.��i than th-* one fh',st ae^ifest.  e*4. Thedaia whtch lias iuHni eul,eoU>it  ithowK plainly thut Albornl has bern,  ��liil is now bob)*?, subjecied lo tho west  petty of nil petty canipal{,rns of siitthl  anil ammytU'ce on the part ef the railway company iltal 1* suppo-ied to lie  built for the benotit of tlu�� public, s-nd  nut to furibor tbo indivltHimt fiuis ul a  fow ortli'lul*. There may have bevo a  iiim* when It was tmwl*-) to voice a resentment ajfaimet suy of thoioailu-ds of  the C 1*. It., no mutter itow arbitrary  UiMtkO iiU'thofls may,have be-on, That  time Is pant. Wheu u i-ompuny wnio  forwuixl ctnhnin(*, and ���v-etilii't', what  amounts to pruclical oxemptieu Irem  taxatton over u vit-it orott of tlielr, hold-  !nj.H, It l��i rlKht tr, roi-utro tli**t> this  company show ��ome Ineltnatian le listen  to tin* just thVmaeds of tho publto ?t>r  servlcu thai li soutetlihijf mere than a  name,  This ilui K, it N��� owi-cd'by lite C. 1'.  H,, bu*) 1101 done, and does net i*ji)w*v'ir  wlllhuf to do. 1  The volume of huVinesui which Is dorm  et AltK*rnt Is reitlly greau-r tlifib that  of Foil Alberni If proper credit was  {���Iveu for ihe shipments as made. The  railway comp*ny, however, does not  soi', t't to {-tve,,us w. a-jent.   On the  Frtttst flam Wili Mali in a Belt Line  KmA tb North End it Vmmm  hk&l AH Ccenectd witli Alberci.  When the pi-eseut platm of tint* j*ov*  ernnieat are carried out there w'jll be  a trunk w-ii-on tx)*wJ all round the West  C4***��t and the north end of Vancouver  Island w|(h a number of laterals to the  imjvgrtanl )k)|iu-i iilent' tho route.  Two crows are now at work On tin*  ISfafiatmo-AH'orni r-oiM* for tbti.piii-jKive  of whit-nlDi,' and hiiptxivlm,' (he nuub  bi-d fitmi the Alberni end of Ctuiim-on  laiaketothofootof thi moiimalu. When  this work to tln|kliiiit the road over (be  lueuntah) -a 111 bo in f1ii*t--��'J***-�� sliu|ie,  The mad from Ucluelel U> Mtt^jv/ie  f^nke Ir alt*o under way. Thin txitul  fynii-i part of the Iiitfhwuy fi-om Alltor-  iit to Ci-iyov'juot by way 4if Uui|f Heaeh.  A donkey t-uj-lno has been sent up io  llii-4 part ef tho work and a Jar-jo {*aii{:  ef timi  will lx) kept bimy till Miunner.  On 1 t* iiorib onduf thu Island auotb-  t*r i*oa. Is belnjf built from W��*t Arm  Ui Han fi>"*<'f Hay. This ix)tul will be 11  Un.', cl-tki one, and later will be cunt lulled by way of Luke Hrhik uud Lake  Wllllauii to Cap*'Scott. Jhatiobe". wilt  lie furnished to Otter Cove and the  liiljoon.  , As pari of (his -feneral pro^nimme  work will be undertaken IxHweon (.'ape  Mc*3it and Cache Creek to eonneet with  Un* read to Hbti'-chii'.rtltt and on atxnmd  by way of Kalnc's 'fa*!iko to Fort Hnnly.  This will oomplete the Mt Iiim around  Uu) mirth eud of the;-'Island and nuike  many much ne&lod connections In ihnl  ijoaiter.When thtn work Is llnl-ihiMl  many jjimxI jxirtlons of Uie Inland can  As (he regular thitn for puliliwuitiii of  the Advoeate bappens U> fall ou (b-od  Friday this week, and as that day has  heen set toddo us a lent! as woll it* )��oti.  oral holiday, llu* paper wiu jirhiUxltlib.  week on Thin-mlay, This cut out *.ov.  oral elimiKi'S of ndei, but the siiilemuiit**  of the fuels will be found in (hi* new-.  llOte-i,  lu ihe meantime the F/lltor will com.  ilium* with nature, ami thonii who are  over ready to judj-o hastily are warned  that the lonfk'thln piiix'el will mu ncrot--  ourlly ftiut'iln a fbhiui,,- ixkI.  Hy tho ttey, what bit* bitcomo of the  tiMiul Mimuier ���.(!{,'{.'I'Mioji of ti bulf boll-  day for the bti-iy clerks of iho IowiiV  TbU U ttlwii-.". a "jooil thlti"-, and l( I* to  bodoobu*d if nn)(lilii); I* lo*t by the  td-|ef relaxation (ht>��, e>i*eui'eil. If te. up  to the bti��iiie-t* men of (be uumj (o he  {���eiierou* iiliiiij- ibeikii ihleu, Clv.i the  t'l��rke- tt eh.tiu-e, Von will |��(*t all tin*  better it-ervlee for It-  Will Open OlGco.  Mi*, il, Stuart Hettton rotunted ��i M-  bernl thlt- w**t*k. Mr. Meaum, while In  tho town, tiiT-,ni,---d for anollle.i iiud in*  ICfiil*! iu u'-then (hue to open for bn*l-  itt-M ii.t tt general ��b>aler In real e*.uu.-.  Mr. S-aton Imt largepersonul inti<r.*k(*  in iho dh.tr-ku, and ilie-ie will occupy  ihe greater pot lion of bin time, Tbo  new otlloo wlil be locatett hi the .Mar-  con block, corner of Cortrttde street  end JobitNUm Komi,  H. Maritole, Vloii-1'rc'i.ldentuf (ho "���*,.  t*.' N. railway cotiiimny will be tt j)a,s>  '..'tigei' over thi*. endof the rouil durlni;  tlte week. Thuete n.l,odi"ilre maysteud  on trio pliintform of ihepahuhtl statlen  at Alberni and-'sot* ihe great man go  by. 'Ile.eauacd that station to bo bull!.  Don't fergitt lo be duly grateful.  , For -4411)141 (hue past there has bi-on a  rumor that tho statton of the C, N. 1',  It. It, would be liA-atoil on the tiench  hack of Alberni and some dbiUaioe from  the eenler of thu < lid Town. On Iraves*  tlgiulon tllle. re|H)i-t M*i|e(i*it-f* tu huvo  abetoluiely iiothlug In It, The rumor  iviis in ull probability Hint-tod by a n*��.  (Ion Of the sulMltvlsion booinera who  it!*.' fto ready lo simp at aiiyiblujf that  will help'tlioiit to itell ion. to Uiot-o who  are too far uwuy to know tlie truiti of  the mutter.  On h.(|ulry It appears that a trial  line was run on ihe bench In question  but it wiih found litter that a pa*** could  sitcureil around Copper Mountain that  was fully throo hundred foot lower than  tiiut used In (he running of this It rut  trial line. Tin*old line wits then abandoned, nnd im* one seieouii in-ings ihe  ixmd right through ihe level of tbe town  ef Alhernl as ii now cxleit**, not as it  may be In the fevered brains ef mxnae  towut-fto dreamer,  This lufuriiijttkm comet, ftvjtn wurce-  that uro authoritative and can be rolled on us correct. Thoro would be no  reason iu going tip over three hundn-4  feet jiiiit for tlie e.ake of coming down  thut dletUtuco hi a few miles. Great  railroads do not do these things even  lo a-tslnt some s|iecululor to sell a few  hit*,, Little roads sometimes do little  thing*., build llulo ustation*," and put  In million llulo methods of utmoyt.m'-o  when llulo ultlehils have little axes lo  grind, but Aliieini will wxjii have a,  road that Is mu In iliix cinis, what-ever  may he foiIiI of (he 41110 we new have, or  railier "huvo not,"  AHioiiil will bo on the main line Of  the C. N, I', It, H��� uud (hero In vvory  lettMeii to illlilli llmt till* will Im*-.elect-  oil (it a (lli'Momi) polni on thm lino,  In (bo in..unilitivi |i*t the heathen rage.  Wiui Pra��.  Hi (he VaitCieiiverHniallUixK-i'i". Ho.  vl.'W for Muivli we note Mr. Kdwaix! J.  l\ Huriieet. of the Allwrni Trading  Store*, wn* iitw.mg-kt the Miccctaful coin-  pellioi-H for the bo*I o*-.ay on "Should  (iroeory Clerke. be lU'i|iiii'iHl 10 Merv��  un Apprenticeship." Tim coui{H*tltiou  wn** open foi' ginx't-ry clerks in tho  whob* of tin* ."tiivlnce, nnd Mr, Humes  succeeded iii winning third place.  This In the second aueeess nchloved  by .Mr. Hum.*** li-cently. In tlio Do-  comber competition he Miceeethtd In  winning #>' for aue**ay ou "How I obu  HcNt Hotp the Ho-.*."  Mr. H. K. (btrvk'o Is back in Altierul  after tt trlji to Ut" Old Country.  Mr. Vundecnr came In Thursday. o  o  ^jy  o  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  -Wa.'-a*-  n  TBE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  Th* Albtml A4v**<ot*> IVtt-tSrH ��'���*-  FkiblUhUii txa., ��'r��rrl��U?r*.  ���J.r. m.��V90E  ���  Wllvr mtl ��#���***��������������  t'lllsllkliMl ml Ail-pii'i It.iliaili tiiituiiil'ti*, !n  lli* |lil*-ii-4f(. nf Vfciti-uiiii'i UIhoiIIi.-ft n.'ial M)  Ihr A(l*ttl��( Uikieii-i io (nni).-ui*i  Ihw-i OffUr* (   AtWnl, II. C  A(*|>l'<t**iUuu Im* (-"'l"!. IliaiV l.i Hie* fi*tM'.li.**l''f  Ovlitriat fur l��al)ir��.lr��M<l (|il*n'i,(i  llli' .11*11* a*  (H-tWlt**)1 ��i����aj ������>*Mf',  t*atj,I-*H*i l|>liottt lit t-v-llll* 0) i'ana,,*, till' I'litl-*"*  K|4la/Auitl, r*tt-��H4tlitt, ****����� y.ralatvl, ���*���.���)* ftlllltil  1*11*1 ��l>'* ill lift iviiiiuilr. -alii) .Initial |M��!��I  tirtlUlkU***.*, t-illl I* ikkVttitl mi tin- lulli,��lut;  l*l*Ok'  Dlfti Vhi .       ,      |l(��  eu MieoUia .      .      ,    I to  PtM.lk'*** to title Uiillfil **4*l.*��, Mf.u*, tutd all  KiJIUi-f-iH eiLKjnll'i'r  flllk'1-ffl **til((ll|i*�� II l*Ht'��  ;ckt fiir*..  kh-ay-k a**-fi** t ~"  TO CORKI^H'ONDUNTfl.  AUiXiiiiiuuntiMtUini* iiiifitili**) for |.uli|ii>ittli>ii  Uillki l'l- aik.vlli|.itlil.-*l Willi Kit* t.illDti al.il Nil  illf���� nf tlit? ttt lui. tint ii.HM'fifiaiil)' fur ('ill'll''.*-  Ittiit l*Kl**-t ,'(i��rti(it(;i"i'l".-i-'*l fall" iVt-nttiiix't  .iiutaHabrt tt. ii'luin rf)i**t<-tl iVHiuininli'Htlt'.ik  Ni Ktt)U!lri��tii*ll -till li**|��*li| ��i.r i��M*l.e fttiiitil.  liulli'itl t"i"��*t'! 0) *|H>i*ial -siraii-jvliit-lll.  AU-sret, 1*. C, C��it��da    -   April 8, 1012  Kivct-i'd tint offfiriJ* to turn the  country uwuy from tlio rnilwuy  policy of the* (iovenumml.  I'jvinior MclJh'ido Iikk the country In Ills IiiumIm to do iim lu* lih4'**  Wltll.      it i��   (lltllcUlt   tU>   **��*4* juwt  who in* wilt blame if he luiilio-i  inihtnltOK now,  Ihuriu-J* UU   (K'CitKloU H   KiitVUH  tie llhiK from I'mkor WilliuuiH  tin* way uf tin4 (lUVt-i'Diiu'iit tutu  hoon uisSilo exceedingly ��'iiMy nolo**.   Go to U, Klohurd, no *���> it.  n Wlioo-oo��� ���/,*������/,"/.-,(Joo w|tii-aV*.jiii��'t  it cold/  The political barometer hull-  ciiti'K extreme deprohtdon ovor it  lurKuuri'U.  NEW WHARF.  fUE appropriation of live thou-  mind dollar*, fortius purpo.so  of rttbulUUntt tint* Kovomment  wharf nt Albornl wits much need-  txi. Tin* old wharf Ih uhcIcnm,  find li un boon u lonx Unit* punt.  Tlio tiling to do now in to be^in  it determined csimpulKU' for tin*  proper buoying Of tho river, und  with ti now wlmrf wo will noon  bo nblu to get fivlKht laudi-xi at  Albumi. There are Mteuuiiship  ooinpiinloH ready und willing to  huniilo IIiIm freight us soon uu  tho rlvor nnd wharf uro In Khiipo  to allow of making thu approach  nnd litiiilinK tho freight. Pur-  htipM 'it few CUI'KOOM nf freight  hiuullod lu UiIh umniicr will make  tho hiuiKhty K. & N. nit uj) und  take it llltlo notice.  You can't play In Our Yard  Or tho OppoKition Yard olthi��r.  fornia to Cntw.bJlNh  cut* ropublle-  uu imU'poudi  '' Can L have ti bite of your po  litlenl apple? ���'  "You can't."  "('an I huvo tin* Corey "  "Thoro ain't -.coin' to hi  curt*,"  no  FISHING SEASON.  ���THIS tiHliiuK HtuiMon lu tho Al-  ,, bvrnl DiKtrlct Iiiim oponod  vory unrly thin your and oven on  thu IlrNt day thuru woro Movi-rul  nico cittclu'M ruportod. Slncn  that time a munberof MportHuicn  have boon out, und In tin* iiuijor-  ity of ciiHOM have reported fair  HtlCCOHK. It upp(*ii.',-i that the  uhallow rouchim and burn of tho  rlvor uro tho ht'Ht nt this proMont  time und will probably mo con-  tlnuo for a couplu of wooIcm yut.  After that tltnu took for tho blur  .���toUowN In thu poolH on tho wIko  of tho whlto waU'i*.  To thn tourliit and tlMhonnim  who itru wftltliiK foi' tho nowu  that thoro aro trout to bo hud at  Albornl Itcun nowbouitld "como  in any tiiijo, tlie ilrsli \  for you."  Iklil 1 i t lli to  IT I* J VOU ft*  THE BROOM ACT.  "THli. manuer in which thu Mo*  IJrldo OovormnentHWopt tho  Cjountry loavoM llltlo to bo Htiid an  to tho outeomo. It nppoun-) that  thouo who arc wllllnir to f-rlvo  half of tho country uwuy In order  to huvo tho othor half to null  rltfht now, urn in tt majority no  vuwt um to loiivo all oppoMltlon fur  in thuuitaku'ro.intl,  In tho inountliuuitUHiwt not !>o  ovorlooliod thut thoro tux* many  who think thiit Premier Mo Hrid**  hllM   OlitUlHHl tt policy I'.llluulut.'d  todovulop the count ryiilotitrliuu**  thiit in tholr opinion will -jivo tin*  b<*��t rtmultM in tho uhorU*nt tiuu*.  Thorn*) pooplo huvo a risht to  their opinion, nnd an ull tin* nr  gumenttu of thn vory t-xenlhmt  Libontl Plulform did not nppi'ur  to liavo (toy wi*U-ht with thoin,  wo iiiuut ovou lut it r-to ut that,  Thut ino. many of tlyi nmUi wiuit  by ucclulnution waw ouoiikIi to  foronhttdow tho ouU'Oino, Froiu  al} (tccountaB Mr, DrmvuUir could  huvo dono qviit-o um woll .by-��t4ty-  Ing in hi�� lioino district. That  ho ylolded 'to tho'llladvbcd nolle  iltttt-ionB of the Victoria liiboruls,  and made tho running in that city  it. to bo regretted, its thoro'Is' little doubt but that it will hurt him  Bhoutcj ho ovor chwdro to roturn  to the Alhernl District,  Tho dopoMltu lost aro another  indication of the land ulide which  "Lift up your IioiuIm, Oh yo  ukutoM, and bo yi�� lifted up yo  ovorliiHthiK bort'H,"  WORLD SHUDDERS.  CCOlvl)lK(f to Information  from California it uppoure  that Uu* 1. W. W.'m aro about to  do somothlnif that will mako tho  " wholo world " ko, Into HtronjJr  convululonM.  Cun it bo that thcMO doMperato  mon, driven to extremity, are  about to really koIo workY Such  a MlKht would Indeod be too much  for tho HtixniKOrtt nervuH. We  " .shuddern In anticipation of  mich a dreadful (state, of uffalrH.'  The Ban KranclMco report MtittOM  that uctiH of violence of a nature  that would "make tho whole  world j-ihuddor," wiih threatened  by n couiinitU'o ropn��HontlnK In*  diiMtrhti WorlterM of the World  that called at the oillcoof Mayor  JuincM Kolph, ,Ir. Accompany-  litK tho committee were nearly  il(X) iiieinbernof thoorKunlKiiUon,  and they crowded Into tho iim-  Mombiy Mwin of the board of  MuporvlMow, whero tho mayor  and a few nieinbet'M of the board  were In dlnefU.u-.loi..  The committee demanded work  for tho "thoiiHiuutrt of men out  of employment In .thin city," and  violence wum threatod unlCHu thin  work wum forthcoming iinmedi-  utoly. William Contoly did moMt  of tho inliriii'kf fur tjiO OOOiiuittvO  PLEASE CALL.  TATIiAT ha** boooiiM'of ll.** wuk*  ���*roHilon thai the Alborni  " Mtntton " of the ft, Ut K. rullwuy  be phu'4'4! on wheels no thut it  can more eiutlly be moved out of  ".he way when tlie hotel iSkm ih**  wire to imn around. The con it*  U-r Hii-kf-KCMtloii of phicliiK hundlen  on tlu'coriu*��'Mof tho " HuildluK,"  ho that it can he liflvd out of the  way, Iiiih been made, liul there  Im little to recommend ll. In the  tit'Ht pluee It would ��� it'tpilix* four  men forthiM purpo*<(��, one nl eueh  corner,' while by having tin*  wheels one- man I'onld luuuaKi^  the job <iuito nicely.  In any event one or the other  of theise mitfKt'MtlniiH Hhould be  put In practice ut nn early dale.  Am tlie Company Ik too pour to  carry out any Much ox.oiimIvi* nl-  teratloiiM, It In NU,*-;i{0'-,tod ihat  tin* sumo method l)i* tmed uk thut  which provided tho "Miitlou"  with it ftlk'ii, iiuiiiely n public nub-  Mcrlptlon. Will the Committee  plcane call around for our contribution Y  lt|sl idTertitetaeitti In tul matter* covtr-  tit( ih AJbtrni Diftrict, fill ol Ruptit  District, Ntttb, Clsy^uet, Birclay District! and tbe W-iodj mt t\ ih nortli  ttiij ��f Vtinc-JSTsr Wand. Thtt h an  otficiii rttlidg Um thi GaierntatBt Oltiw.  AI.UKKNI I.ANU i)IKTIUivl>a  l'lktllCI vf Itiitx-rl,  'I'alti' .iiitlcB tlikl Ot-toi/o I'dii* Ktvnlef, ul Vetii-  i*.ui<-r. 1), 4.', wvurallt.!, eli-rK. Itid-ml- lo ai't'ly  Im I" nn laalufi to ifUlt-liaw!  tliir  fullutt Ina" ilr-  WlUkll ll-aftllal  (V'l|ill|r(li'|fjtf kt (��� |M,t>,l i'lantcvl yT tat*) ��*liallt*  *-nitli if* llu* ���MKMItiiki.kt  (kiinii   taf   tkik-tluli  IS.  '|tf A lkkl.il> ti. UlflM-1*  tl M -tlklllk   HAlHIi, llitlHyi  ".i.'liaiii* nrai. liif(��*i' aie eiialtt* aiiuit), tlniHv.  *!l*l,i!   1*1(1,'  allllll)   tlV imllll   ���f 1*411111114 )|iK',lki-|l(v  t*4)iii��tiiii)*- "H��i iii'li-.. >i,i',v ur )��**. Ih-I'i* tin*  ictUii'iti I'ael nl **u*4('i(( I*. 'r.i*i(.t.iii|>��l.  (vf^-a-lllll I'n-lt* llkCk'll. ),  Jtfl'k IrfkltiMI, Atfttilt.  1*1* t'l tim > Si). |t,il>,   �����-  AblOUtNl  I.ANU  UlHl'lUC.*.'  , UittKlcint lUlit-il,  'l'|kB,'(l,,Ul'n (imt I, 'rill'dltt* M 11(4*41 I'lalK, i.f  Va'MSfUtrl, |i 4', !k*i'iiii*Uiii| iKMi'M't, liili'ii.tk  ('��� -ii'll' fui t<rt��nti,��nm to initt'imti' tin, It^ltm.  Suit lii-n-r 11**1 lam).  ('"ll'llll'llt'lil^ <tt t. |*4akl ail!)lllli!|lk' llli-|>lakt <l!  |*4*'tilf)t   "fi,    'i'llll (llillit     -|,    4,(,    T��!>*it*ti||l    lil(l',  ilii'l-i** ftiilni'ii. knjili. Oi.'Hiv )*i dialuti *4i*��t,  llsi-iMH't*f'il|iiinfi i."!(*i, tlieiuvMi i li,illi�� i-ut-i Ui  IH'Uel nf i-.iiii|iii'iii-t-iti,'iii, 4*'i)tal(tiiv l*ai'iii*n-*,  l)��i(4',if I'.a*. Ii'llik- -ieellini 01, 'IVuiuti||i f).  'I'li-.'iiiH* Mii((i(i riH.-Vi,  * J*i*'k I il-". l   Aifl'iit  J-VUlUttlV SfU. UU"-.  ai.iikkni i.a.vu nn-TKier,  ))ll.l|)l'l  llf ltl)(M-|J,  Tiilif lit'lli*' llmi I, Wittiei I'OIiISmi *4|i.iiil.il->i,  nf Viirn*iiiitrt, II, .!,..*<eiiiiK|ii.ii liiiiln'i, loi.'t.'U  In a-Vt.U tut |,i-inil*��li,|| it. Ciilt'lniM'llli'f,iliut*  111 ft ttl-tl-rlt'ikt Illllllk  I'.'iiiliirtit'lnt- nt ii (ii'nl |'|i.ii|,*l -iliichaioii ttt'til  4)1 Ull* llllliill*'*';'. I*)!| lll'l !���( h'Vl'."!! !S. 't**.*rk .lk.tji'1  *ll, llll-IHH **. i'llllillk IIIIH(1., llll-(H*l��l(')|lll||k l-f.k|,  llil'lll*' (HI I'tltilll* .killK ll. llll'll,'.'e.li<t|li|llk Hj'.t. (il  |iii|()t Iif iHiltilni'llivilirul. i*ni(Hllili)w tiiil iil'li-l,,  4(1(14**1)1- )>'-.��, la'Jl.'" HcCtli.K "*��, 'i'lll* ,lkl|l|i ��-|,  WitlK'l !''l(itl|it)' Ktn.ill.lli-t,  -    Jfkl'U   1^111*11(1,   Alal'lll,  Kciiriiiirv ttti. li'lf.  '        "   AlatllillNl I.ANU DIMTIllin*.  Illktlll'l n| l|li!��tl  'I'tlilf'" (lillil*' tllHl lilli'll tallflKlll ttf VddlVllltl'd  II, l�� , m*'ll|lril iilll t'lKlkt'l, Illli'llilk (ll !l|l|l)t 111)  IU', llllkkllill Hi tUIMllllki- (||k' |tll|liM|,|l/ itl'kjk'l ItMll  Illllli*'  I'tiliiiili'licIlK* id i. i'i.*! chill.*! Villl'lialli* ttt'til  111 II..4 lliii ll.l'rlft! Iklllll'l III tkll'lll'll I', 'I'llll llk|| ||l  II, llil'lll'" tkl I'lmliik kildtll, llil'lll*"l*vk(i')tul(lk ttl'al,  llil'lll*'Hli'lialllk iluilll, (lli'llm'ftil i'liullitii'iiki, (ii  |i.illil nf i*iilHlin"..i'.'in,',il. i*'l|lti|.||Hv( Hill un).**,  It{i,)l'nr ll'k*. I'i'llifc' "*lH'(lll(l III, 'l">lt>|lf,)i|'>*|  tlucu l-attkiiti,  ft'l'imo) w, mi;''  .M.III'KN'I l.ANI) nisTiUCC.  tiiktiit'i ui Itmn'ii  'i'ati.< litilli*.'llikk I. 1.1 uiii' I'.'lt'V Ciillli'V, nt  Vl.lliitiiill'l', it, (*.. .H'l'UiKKiilll I'lllll. Illll'llllst lu  ti|'|i|,t fin lu-llillefM-.ti.lt In |.illt'lin*(* Ilie tiillntt !!l)l  ill-aktl ll-Hl Illllllk'  ('���llllllli'lll'lllai lit   It   t">*t   IllHIItA*  III)  tl)H()klll|i  The Albtrni Ad?��*te can be urt for -���ir^VJt';;*';.'/.'.''*.''" '",a,",,tM ' ,"" *"   WATKR NOTICE,  Wd. liiiiiii K.|i|nitlvi'*, l.linllKd, of Vcmiidicr,  IJ. 0��� li>' tf4"4)i)ti��iluii a l*oi"tfri*��iiii|iiiii>\ (-lie no*  |l(*4ttli��l if Inlaiwl nn tin* "Illl  (lav ol  Ai'dl  licit, at I'luvrii ii'(*)(H.i|t In till1 (nri'lnmii, tn a|i|ilv  Wainr (Viitimlkkliiiii-r ai tit* ntttiH'at Al  1k-MII, It, t.'..  for tt lltK*l(*.*tt  lu IHMO   kill! iiki* Uni  ���I- I'm k.**imiJ (mm Kiifdlt.li-  (tfVtllllMl (tt 11 IMlllU hImhii uk)  of live.   The other four Hald tluiy  camo here recently from Los An*  KClcM,  While the burden of tho  HpeeobeM wum that tho men iiiuut  have work, and that they wore  made doMpemtti by empty Htoin-  ucIim, the upoakei'H abtiKed the  city Koverntnent and ivfumett to  credit, the inayor'H itHMurtlon that  the problem of the unemployed  wum belli*.; kIvon coitNldotttllon.  The ineothiK in the city hull  wum preceded by a mum* inectliiK  held In a vacant lot, after which  the men inarched to the city hull,  i\ few hlockri dit-at'int. lied ISukm  w��*re in evidiince but there wan  no violence, A del-achment of  police wan on bund but no ur.  roistu were made,  QueeitlouM um U) what the actn  of vloioiH'u would con-tiMt, we��v  met by uvuulvo roplloM and r��*lt*  erullon of the thivaUs,  Mayor Holph und the public  wolfar-1- committeo of the (-super-  vie-or*. met tonight to dtacuHn. the  jitJbjiKtt, but no announcement  wum nuide aw to plant-; decided  upon.  Another report from Loft An*  jjoIoh iu to the ofi'ect that Federal  authoritlOH have been informed  Unit the lion'tof InduMtrlal Work*  er�� of the World, onKitKcd recently in'Ntreet Mp'oaklnft," denionutra-  tioiu-s at Sun Diogo, which htw ro*  nulled in the arreut of inoro than  a hundred of them, were iiw*\lt-  ln�� an opportunity to crostu the  Mexican bowler into Lower Call--  OUlll.l |t**Hl  i��f  we>t��|-  ��l��ti'�� UliiTi le Im* i  r   fWt ataivit tint* ill'liri- fklt* i.f llu* liter alMiill  two ���nit ri half (illli** m-ait'iiy of MiirrUnir*t  rtitu'li,  1'lltt WlltlT Villi Im< (IklHl lit! K, ,V N, t(r*illmi)'  (.'.HIlI'MII'i''* IkDtl t*r��lll flit IMDIIT |ii|l|H>H.a,  1 I lit I'ltd I.) t4|i,il)/ kl III"* kiillll' Illllli tier I'l'l int.*  .liiti lu ktdMi -^ a.)rt*-f.*t'l el Hit'��ii|i| h��t��'l in  * n>k��rv.)|-��(tklit ij|'(h'C Ml-*  ilfaitt Kililiinltt**, l.liitlti-ilr  Datdtt iltl* villi, tiar nf ivliiuar), nu��.  Land Act Notices  ALHKHNI LAM) DIHTItllT.  DUirlctof i'|it,vi��jittit,  TiiWe notice thm I'.ll/.ubi'th A. I'lie-  UM'imui, of Tnllno, ocoiijiiiiion murried  woiimn, Iniembi to (tjiiiiy for |iiii'iitU��ion  to puix'htteie tim folbiwlnjf dt'ttcrlhed  iundw:  Cummem'ltiff til �� jh-m, iiliuued nt iln-  (iotubc-ieil cornrs' nf l/U 'iMH,  I 'lll.V0.|U4il  V..'l|, theuce  Oihtrict, thence -imiiii to Imi  Wdtit' m u ("illil directl,v ".inilli of aKiuth"  wtmi corner uf Uit 7,'H, liionci* north in  ttouthwcM curlier iif L>1 ".'II, Ibence  ettiit find north itlont,'-  bouudurv of Iitit  73i   i��   Miuibitrnt   eofiiiri5 t��i ' '*4at !/"���".  thence cihi iihinj,* Ixiundury of lx)t .!KK  to point of ciiiiiiiumcomeiit,  I'll/iibelh A. Chokteriiitui,  .Iiiiiu (.'beitteruitUi. Ai-viit,  . Mitrcli l.'l, IIU'I, -  Alhkhm land dikthkt.  District uf t'lH.vo(|ii(it.  Ttike imi ion ihnl Truiium S. Ititxicr,  of Vitncuuver. ix'cupuiion uieivhtint,- hi.  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OiX*tu.ittiiiil Kiari'li-Kl tvititiHti,  m.  ti'dil* to k|ni.ly lor jwiniiUiiiiXi io inifviuKtB Oii>  fiillovi'ldiJ il��**M:rliK*l laltitfii  l^iiiiniifirlii-t (tl a |*4)��l|iti(li!***1ul��oui liVlcUitlD*  tllMklU, Mini li) n t-caUMiy tllrm.'tioll from,llu'  niiMhi-tiiai  iMiroiT ol 'r.��v)'ii��liii> ***.!, lloriic-*  40  fllfilll- kl>Ul)>,iUl(lftC'4l   it) ('tlkll)-t   .Vlk��t,   tllHllIX! m  olutjii* nortli. ilitHHi! hO vlmtnk* "4-i.aV lu i'oini of  ��.*4*ii)iii(!i)(>ii*i()t*tit, t*it(Uiiilttif !��" ace*'*, tiiott* or  lt*t*��. Ik-Shi- tht* north Intlf of Ntteiloo 31, Town-  uhlli (��,'  IStllili M��nil( Oi-illlor,  Jkfk  laltWkOd, ACfllt.    '  JaliUkfy IS, 11)1*.  AtaHICftNl 1.ANU lllftTitlOr, ..'*'���'  UlkirJiit i'f Oluyiaiiiiot. -.  Tltttti tlOtlLV- tliwt 1   laOttlt) l)|l(l(ll*l)lil,()f nitUllli  vliln.N. IJ. .x*4.*il|iatfou BiitHejUtr, (lUnorta to Ri".  ply for i>4irttilit��lou Ui iiuivlm-ad ttin followlou rtt*.  fXirtltt-il UiKift! -..'..    i i ������  (;omtm,aii|ti(j;rtt it root iilaiittxi��� rtt thn N, W.  ctiiDtir iii(U>4.*r utnlt 1M.1, tlikjow mnitlt *jo.i*i)a(o��,  the'ioo wpxi m oHitiot), ihiMicc north utiout tA  ("Uliilli 0) Ui��" ilill* Of ttltlU't- llutllV-l, (fiiiciMt **(t"*t  aiHiut 10("tinIna 10 0l)n Of lllti COfOpr** of tot Wi,  Shine  f��m  Up  Why wont'ninthly boot*, when tin*  Alberni Shoe Shining  Shop  will inalte tht'iu l(K��k like inSrroi'N  HIioeK t'lilliHt I'or mid l)tdl-*ortHl.  UTANUATTUrJ  ALHERNI HOTKb ALBERNI B. C  F. LIGHTER  Practical Watchmaktr '  JtWtttr and Optician  A j-owl line of Watcb'e* nnd  ObitinK nnd till iilnj-t of  Jewelry. All kinds of Ho-  pitlr work.        ���       ;       ;  Alberni Port Alberni  'At Albornl After (J P. M.  v.  9  iHmMtiaMtHtlI��>tii ^  9  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  t*  =  I!  if  f  (":���  .. Great Water fewer.  The niri'tumt within u few lullr-iof  the (own of All-crni huvefoil* iiim si-isil  to wu*i4i iii-Hiiy tlinut'UKl-iof bui"*e power  every duy. This *eowt<r e-lioulil be httr*  noied up, **trun>r tm wire* hi ihe form  of chtctrh* cneiyy und hrou,-hl in Ihe  town for uiiiuufucturhi(rpiii-|iii-ie-4, Tbe  vttllcy could bit iiuuli* tbe center of  mtmy buay millet unit tiiornifni'iiitliiK  phtiiOt If thin wii**u* 'tower wu* uilllmi.  It let the lnlentliiu of the llourdo,  Trude t(> -,'et butty, und-tee If ���wimotlilne;  cunniit be dime ti|oi.|* the*e line* to he  tot i ��it tliote who could nan tbU piiwer.  The "puy roll " li tlie foiiiidtttloti ii|iun  which iit!|*hly eltlet. lire built. It It* the  itii-k of (liix ettitue puy roll thm keep*  them buck. Alberni linn tho numi vital  pint minimi, power in I'litmihy und  of the cheiip.i>i( kind.  The lnd',i*( rliil i-uiuersnf (Ju* country  tiluiultl be iii-iii.* itt'i|iiitliiitHl with till-  fuel, and the *'Mini*r iht* lielU'l't  Such Wliet (lie iitdltltle titken u( tt  -.pcclul mecthi'v- nf the (*xeeuilv(i of Um  Alberni Ibiiuil of Truth* reeejtily,  lu order in entry out iIicm* pltue* It  wit* ri'solvi'il to pt'iiptiro it report re*  ���/-irdhljf llltti |n>w.'i" mui otber ivxoiiiveei  of the (ll*lrl('t, uud Imve It primed.  Tbt* will htive the (.iidurtitttliui uf (lie  Ikeiti-il of Trmli* nnd will lee i/lverunu  In itinwcr to (be nuun'*'uu-4 hiquirlcr.  thiil uro eiiiiihl-a* in ftHtiitttlt pt.ru. uf She  world i'f|,'ii(\!liiif Alberni mui (he niir-  itiuiiilh){- dl-tiricl.  Thin in tm hiipuriiini Mop in the dl>  reel Ion of i"lvhu* itreatc-r mid mui*<i nu-  (horiuillve- publicity  to tltv iiittuy ml*  vnuittifi,*". of (III* fnvoretl  ret/Ion.   It l��  uhmii inch llm'�� thiit�� Itourd of Triuh*  ittiiiiifuki*" Itu |-r(iiue��t ulutm fur t'onmld-  eriitlon.  !Hr$t1 rr#$.,.  It I * underiiUKeil thht liter.. In n move*  ineiit on toot Ui musure. ti oitrj-o of  fruijlht direct to the town of Alberni,  The river U In Khttjiu for t-tich h curifi)  to be brouifitt to Ilui wlmrf, (Uid It in  thoiiifht ibut tbU ttothiii mlKht brlntf  the railway uuiijfiU'itUi u* .1 ivftllkuilott  4if iho fimt tltut there lu'ii otlmi* pub.  bll'i. ' It   in    roj-uHeii    thiit   tiii'- I'tilon  HleuniNhip ('oinptuiy will lunidlo Um  fi'tdjflu. The only dinioutty no fur mil**  {jri'died Set Um fact ih&t thn river Ih not  yet buoy til, but no doubt nn tn-pert,  lutvlli-.ttor could overcomo ihi* dlrtlcul**  ty hy Iim uid ��t ft chart of the channel.  i- ��m i* *fi��iiaT3\iiiMfiii.**�� a*'-��j��,  r. aji<*t*aa-f*-X-ktT**.��.  mmmmmssmm  In the matter of Clearing Lots or Acreage  Consult  Tho CLEARING SPECIALIST  He is Always Ready to Submit an Estimate  i Of,--.*.*.-  ,���    ' >,... S   alii'*     f  ......V'v'-l  r ,���'������;   *,." ���'...'*,,. -?.*>.-.���*.-*���--.*---* *"....'-��� ,."':���.. ���y-^''- ���������..'���..... .���.".���->-���   ������ ..-i  ��� .   * ' . ������'        1 ... . . . 1. ,'' -     .. * *        fr       -     ���      l a _        *   .a.   "...a     "    ,       .  - ]  k     " .���     -     ")    ���   .     " ' -���     ���-.        -..     .t    ..%���*.       , ������      V , 'I     .        -     ,(.     j-      -    ,.     .,", '    ��� j. I  -.'������.-.���v./.-vY*^^  ll.k.J.^^^U.lJ.^1. a^.-.'l.' ni.' *A - -' '"SI .-. .J ^l'-'...'. ���-'_'^.  ��.'JL .I.*'.'-, -v. - *> I    ."I f Jv J.'���! .'  ik. JTi"    ..  \J~.'Jl/S rjLlku >��lvkSi  &BIB&fflffltHBBSBf88&&  i&..c���Lfry-:���L ^gen'  erql tine o^  nection  with ������mp}}  I ask the people &f the Alberni  District for a share of their Patronage*  Plumbing Estimates at short notice  and all work attended  to   Promptly  by Competent Workmen. THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE*  =k==$k  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  J. J. HUKKK, I'limrl.-tor.  ajif-i*-W*rfJt*.  m&2k  - ..'-rf-sSa^i .   Aci'oinmodalion for AutoiuoblleH  Livery rigM of ull klndK.  Heavy d raying and freight delivery  J  -u��W*IH���,  l,,,,l���|l,lllVl  <��mtMti.w-i��Uiiiimii\uw  The Royal Bank of Canada  In*-or"f>��rtiUd 1800  Capital Paid Up  Reserve Fund  Total Assets ovor  1-tf.d Oftle-i! Montr-Mi  $0,250,000  $7,430,000  :*$110,000,000  A (UlNKK.Ma llANKINO  ItUNlNKKK TllANKAiTKU    '���    '.  Savings Bank Department B^iSS^S^i^  Ivetl  eurirnt  Banking by Nail  Di'twikllti may let* met.li* Mill) <ailUl.lrt.vvil  di mail I'u 111-�� I iiaMli'iileir* will -tlad,  It I* a-ivcu i'l' it'll!*! let ariliii,' (til llf*  imitiili'ilt*  Over latin llrtiiii'liek unit Atfonelo-..   'ID Hnuu'lu** lu lli'IlMi t'otumhln,  i:iiri(.*|iiiiHlentei Tliion-fhont the World.  Alberni Brunch Port Albornl Branch  A, tl. Kiikkki*, .Mu ii.iif ei- K, *l. .MACt.raiilJ, Mmuufi'i*  i��,*uMM.uuttnuMmoiiuiMW��mwn-^   i.Mii.iiit,.iiiiif��|-ii'��('l-.itiii��i'i.ii,tA,'ll'IU'|.''j|..��'''..|l4*!W  l*j|-f-*-*��*rt|'"*' ,"���***-"  Fletcher <Boat Yard and Garage  Mullder* of (.iitinchi-* uud liotv Himiik-. AccccetkOi'le*, lloul Fit*  tlni*��, Oiii-M liud Piulilli'k, li/iiKlon kpeclultlcni (IumiIIhc,  Lllbrlciillui/ (III-.. I'lo,,  will be kepi  iu  Much   llll*  NetikOt).  Itept'i'Di'iit l<'erro .Milline mui Hlitttomtt'y Kuifhiei*.       c  A (font* fur (be laiiiuli Kour Cycle Miii-trin Kni-iiii',  First ChiH8 Work Guaranteed  ��   Alberni Opportunities   |  k B-r "���%i-,t*r.w k  POULTRY.  Thut jwullrji i-awUlu-f etm Im* utt-d**  profitnbh* il pru|H*i'i)ti-lbt*i,!m'ai,itd proper  lit tent Iim |h {-iveuto tht-uiMh*r,ttkiiiV l*  4-ei'Utin, ThUl All��i'l"lli Ik 'li eitll(*itel(,e  diktHcl fur {-thttl i-etull*. lit p-mlti-*  hrr-ndlti*/rttti M'ju*re)-i tie tiitid'ittlk'Uil,  Now, ultbuiiii'b much bu* be��n writ*  tell to induce -*�����((Ict-x Ut iry thrli* hnnd  hi iMitiltry ftiriiihij-, uud mtu'h hifor'itti'  tiou cun l���� j-iuhrred ��*i*4iiii ������fi'hKlh'.U-.,  which iitiil(i'|Miii)try their apeclttl nudy,  Mill   ihei'i-   1*4    I'iiMklderitbltt   room   fur  ufA'i* entlitisl.'iMii tuul ImprtA'ed rcuult*  |u%is enterprUe. i'otiitip*. the b*'M  utlvlW Is, tulle ibe mutter up in tilt  N'rliewjiii'**.; be oiii-iient tit��nui l(j be*-hi  und co-tMblue with it ileteimlinuiiiii lu  Ih* -.ucc\*fiil. It (a I'tiite ti'iit) Unit in  liHwlnliiirMiiSliiieii-iiritiif Micceei*there  limy be u fo^dniitppolulment". id your  ciili'iilmlout. itm-aa^lll luck, Imt then mi-*-  tulies ure {k-oitoriiNiV bi-ini)*liti iiboui by  Ciii't'lee-aueki 4ir iieiMt-ct. When M'trl-  h>{* In try Ui fiillowYuiilurn. Vim run  (���Diiiiiifi'i'ewith HHiiiiiVl ti)ithty,bu( (U'lHl  not -*top lor feur 4if (lovt'l.ipuient.  An itlterntitlvo pluu It to puivbuso tt  ���settin", of 4��(f-fi4 fiiun -.0(114. Hell known  unit rt'lhible breeder, then borrow or  buy it ben th.it wuiti* to *-.<(, und let her  hutch mu your brood.  tucubuttirn uml itllmoilernitpplliinct'*  for IiiiU'liini' uud re mini' cblelu'iiet citu  In* biiiti-fhi Intte yiiur tudu*tr,v it lieu it  bilk udviinecd uni* or I wo fii'iiMiu*.  * lie( a |*4hhI, Ntrtiln. A dfooili wi��II>m'(  li|i'initio Itlcd, it few well tint I hen*  (yu'U'liii'kfMfi any three or four, or per.  hup*, pklx, Tin* k|irhi{r l" <) '{/nnd lime  tti tttiii-l. Mitke upti piiiii t.f their re-  tjulreuieiil*!, look itfler the bird* cure-  fully; build thorn .ii'iiiiVi'iueiiS uud nub*  nt uni Iti! hoine with plenty til nil- but  friio (ruth driiujfhtt. Allow ��� for exef.  cine, bin don't imcoiuiiju' loo much  liberty or troulilc will entile. Truiu  the I-i el* hi(4) rei/uiiU'luihli-., then with  proper fecdinif und, ii'tfiiltU' uud puuc*  tuul intenthm inilllil!'" litis (���out) re��ulif>  t'tin follow, Alwiiye. (*Ivm your hli-d*  plenty of freah, clciut nliter dully, uud  *co llitil (hey  uro kepi   hcul.liv   with  frct.li ut** uttiS. leuitftblo fn*-od, All bird*  like plenty of tiunnhlni*, but you wilt  mu Ire, lou, thtu they iK)iu--thi)*)�� want  to **vnSl tbeiii94'lve"v uf **, little -*IiiuJt*.  Theydellj-hl iu tM*t'*l ball). Tim w*  tivit t.li-d thut ifct'r��*j('h-*�� well, -.how*. ��,  rud 4M;ii)i��, 1-vKjVh-i w\m u-^sl bfuhby, jicn*  ci'ttlly Juysi her �����,/���--, more n-ji-iilwrly uttd  moic pb'iii (fully than -me tbttl ti/ltcr**  ttlxiiit and --eciii*) dull.  IH b|vi>tl(, I*>���*htii-Ufi. Mlnoi-CM-i tbldctt  m* bi-iwii), Wymidott.'*, t>rph))fU>u**f  I'lymmith HiH-k*. ithinte l��litud Heti-,,  thnriiit es while), itli* nil K4Hh1 htynr*. of  cifltift. Tin? Ilr-ii itiiii (st'coiid eh)*-* are  llj-ht lu ���t't-l'.'lil: the reitiiiiulii-k- throe  uro heavier bird*, wiiui ut*.)t miiro fiit.  ,>|Ui'ni)y und lite better Miiu*d for Mllhtk*  ftir ititde purjioteK.  High Cwt  ���loliu Itiive* lliiimit(irii),i)ddii'"iihi{f ihe  Nntlomtl ('Ivie. fetlei-titUm iu \Vn*.hIii{f*  Uni, J), i\, ilii*4'u-iHi*il the hl{-li 4-u*i ol  livliiif. ������ The 4tver piiKhii'tliiu of ifidd,  ihi'ili'Cit'(i*i> of cereitl jiiiKlucdeu ncrc-  ui*'!*, (he liifreuao in tirbiti, |W)|iiibttlon,  uud the higher llviui* -.Kinibtixl were  utiioii{f (lie ri'HNim-<l'lvrii by Mr. Iliun.  moud for ibe ti*e bt (o.hI jirU'es.  ,'t'he fiilcrnt Ion njipinved the pnijeo*-  iliun of I'i'.'kldcni Tttft fur it coimulee-tiin  ou Iniliikirbil i'i<|iiti(iii*eiulHMliiH) In Mil"  ii'i'i'tiily Introihieisl Into tin* **euit(i'tiiul  Initial* iitiit (timi tin* re|Kir('of tin* eiii'  pltiyur*. Il'ihillty cuiiuuliisloii,  lleciiitli!** tiiiit ({Uiirrcln mooui* iheutt  M'hc). ni,i|'(* ihttii imvtlili)',' elae, bud  prevented pi'iiMon '.('{-b-lnllon hi fuvoitr  nf civic 4'iiipliiyei'��, r'riinklhi .Muc.  Viniifh, -.ci'i-elury of the in*u��.i!ry, niild  hi��cfiivt*tir-i' ti ictltviueiit pt*n*lon for  "���upei'iinnuitiiHt employiieeiof the {.ovc run  innul,  He ib'eliired thiit If the {afovorimieiil  Interpret ei! *irh'tly the civil hi.tvlce  rule* it {-reui iiuiuheruf "half eltleient"  employecei would be (uini'il mil hume-  diud'ly,  The  Cycling  Season  is   Here  -a**y*i>e^n-.-r---r-** ���.  ���--t^ait.Ar*  iiJll"���-i ���tii'L^t'--iL '  *��� _���*- ���"��� -csr^aiK, js  I  K VOl' iue i'4iii'^?inpltitin't' tin- pur*  chuke of u bb'ych., tbt* tiprtuif _*���*-,*  WOUtttl  111*0  I*) dl)  lUlklltl.aaj.   V-ilb .tOtli,  TliU in ��ur C'lfih llh'ycle V*.imm in  Altevi'tit. W��> hiive nlwAiy*. ��.iitl-.l|i<d our  t,<UhUmier*i ittiil wc'iihttll coiilhme to do  h4).  Wu cun Mipply y<iti with utmokt tiny-  11)1111* III tt he,-U lint. ni'i. led! uill) j- the  MlNH'CHKIa UAE coiuplfle y. tilt  1/ttilip, I'ump, Moll und ('(irrlcr ul  #t>*.."  I'lllnltijv'iie fur the itsklit|",   ,  ���*  CM. PINEO  Your Drui4UiHt  und  Stnttoiusr  AbltKltNl        : : :        I'OUT Al.HKHNI  "'  f  ���a-**t*s*a.*^esM--.��P'i'  Send the Advocate  O      -  to your friends.  If imt* whlettli* aim filitiulit blow, to (.iiu'IhiiuiI thctiymir bow iuum i/o,  And u't-i'tsHii-/ on'iii'iine. iho (Itli*; nhu'll pit-m tO'|Mir( ttltmif your *i(|e.  if two whikth'-t khe khutild blow, (hen lo port your how mm<t jfo,  And If thu etpuce Ik fur unit whin, you'll piietei uloti}** her utui'Umiil  Hide.  For three hhort hltiM* 'tl* yourn to leitru, (hut flu* Ik d'obitf lull upet'd  U'iterii.  Alberni      E.   FLETCHER B. C*  ���ik*i.i.iaiiiwa***  ������ji''tr4**i-ii*tii--fl'jaMJlJt'^^  Lee Yuen & Co.  (. V O'  *.. .Chinese ilorchBt'.tiK,.,.  oi'iicery Hlore uml Kmphiyuieni  Ajfellla, I'oiUfttCUir for ull  kliul* of work.  Block 115        Arilylo St.  Port Alborni  Wall Paper  Colon. In Oil, tliifiuu ('oloi-n, Dry ('.iltii-R,  White l*4itul, Untied uud Huw iaUweisI  Oil.  Aixtbastino  e  Forrest  Contractor and Builder  Sash, Doors, Glass  Frames, Moulding  fXff> ������   ���       ��� ��� �� ��  ���***��� liVa** ��� ��� . * .  1  Alberni  Phone 39  J-j ��� L***  ICiltniutett   Ktirnlkhi-il   on   fti*ti!e  Ouiitlde limine th't'onttinif.  null  Pnrtelow Miles  Joseph F. Banna  The British Columbia Cruising  and Estimating Company  HAN ll.'J'.N^I'imMl'O COIl Till. VUlll'Oi'UJ w  Thorwuiflily cru!-*lntf (huber uml mher hmil*. within (he I'rovincii  of Hell li-lt ('oliiiiiblii, tind hiruiklitni,"  GUAfiANrMO ESTIMATES  hy ndS-tlih) expeil,* wilt) huvo Jnul yum-, tif iiK|itt|-ieil(*n in litis Unit  of hii*liii-.vi.   The i-oiitpuny cttn, utstS will, pluee tit y��'iit' liitittU  un e-t(iiiiuui t'urrtHK. 1st t*v,u-y diiUti)..(htt kind you cun hunk ou  find do hiclnc.** with.  Rtftrtnctt  HANK OK MONTltKA!*, I'orl Albi-rol branch.  M>YA1- HANK OKOANAOA, A.Ih-iiiI branch.  For prlcits and ii*rm�� apply to  British Columbia Cruising and Estimating Co.  Albtml     \ S. C  Box 42  SHAVER  -    Alberni  9tKnvi��<3i^^tt*ftt  >JiJ��-*eiJ*-*|l'****ttk**W  y**-*al'Ai--W*i*t,*-a--.-t**<W  You Get Ail the News in  rni     Advocate  ARROWSMITH LODGE  V. D, A. r. & A. M.  ltej-uhtr I'oiiiuiimlcutlon** llu* (bird  Wi-diii'kdity lu eueh iiumth, In the  .MtiMiiilo liul), Alherni, H, <*,  Vialttni/ breiiu-eii cuiillully iuviied  ni tud'iid,  I), Htepheiiion, tv. M,      I J. Kunio, KUt*,  Tim a rrsNTWN  Hiit|tttttHit\t��ttutt\ttmtti)t|  of Iteeildi-ut-i and hitciuliii",- Hi.ttler*  III A lli.'i ill. I'.ul Aibi'ilU untl (Iii'lil***  U-let {fi'iieiiilly ,* invited to tin* fuel  llmi lie I'ION'���'.������!{ 'l-'t'UNITl'HK  K'1'OHI'a.S, Alhernl uml I'mt Alh.-rnl,  curry I'AHOKKTIK'KK ol ul! kinds  of NKi'IlSSAUV llot'SKMOi'li  KUHNITt-'ltK lit price* which'cum.  pure fitvoi-iibly with iliiem prevalliu*f  in uny pluc�� in Itrltl.sh ('olinuhlu,  lN'JTNDINO KKTThKUK, i-.jM--.*iit)ly,  will liud ibU kiiDU'li-iljii* to iIii'lt* nd.  vtmt��>*:e ItutMiiuch u*. thi'v need, nol  j-o to tho trouble it ml fxpctivn of  brliij-liiif with iiii'iu tliilr buii-u-hold  ,.-t-lttcict-4'Which Only ciummber tbeh"  movententH und freetliim of notion'  while looklni- fui-ti'mtilubht locathin.  TBE BRAN!) SAWMILL  Will Ktippiy you wiih uii kindu  of h'lrst C'Iiihh I-uuihur.  f  Stock Sizes or Cut to Order  Mull Olilerti uilerided (o  *^-.i**vt**>af*ir***yA|iw^^^ rw*1" '."ivnt mwfmtn *-^-**ii**t**--***4iiT>jtati geu < W!mmmmw*>immiwm!��  i**>*4a-l*A��^*\f>^***4-'M^  Advertise bij Photography  Noxt to tho tHiiiU itself a tfood  0  Photograph will jilvo ti bettor idea  to u purchaser than any amount  of .description. If you want it  woll done consult  ,-**-aflr*-J'*|--|l*|W''*-    *'  I tytvr* ������**-**4-f**IT ���   *t*i*al,-*  Leonard Frank   -  -  -   Alberni  g-rf**i!r*^***-^^  ������ ' "'iii���naiMaiiii��aiii   i ' |    -       .' M   M|.. ',    .mu     ^ ,  AddiVMi  F.  AI-IIKHNI. It. O  I'. O. ik'X.VI  ��^**i��*^-*f-*-i,'��-*(--*-*��n-(iM��*-*ii��i-*t'�� i*--*i-4)��-��|i-**i  IIM  '..'*A;-E BIND  Ptaeer Furniture  Alberni    and   Port Alberni  EXPRESS   SERVICE  lleiwceii   Alberni   nnd   Tori   Alberni  (wleii dully.  l'*irveU uud lifrfht frel{(lit cttrrled.  Delivery ttjfenl  fur (Kunhibm  KKpit'tn  < 'ompiiny,  A if e nt fur, Niuuiimo   Iiiij'.erlttl  Hteuiii  Liiiiiitiry,   Meat-ion uppllrudou,  W. B. Criffin  Phoiiu  Th8B����n'* Store Ctortcr'j St^re  Alberni Port Alberni  *"-"**���    -   '   ' "'  ' "."'I*-- .,;.'��������� |'ft'ij,.  If  R. W. HEASLIP  Contractor and Builder  Uvettturtttitr  Estimates Furnished on All Classes  i  f  of Work in the Building line  oimwimtst.1  Alberni B, C.  ��**M>ffl��w^'T**tyj*y*^ wi^v^trwvwm&f*  I<*OIt ANVTH1NO IN TIIKWAVOF  '/.'StOVEWOOD;    ;   '  .  ;���);��� ���.���" ��� ��� ���,  |.'.V ''OO TO'" ���'���'��� ' , ���'   '  '    JOHN.' GRIEVE. .'-.  |)HV V'OOD A HPKCIALTV  All   Ottdors   I'txuuptly AttcuikHi  To  e 'aJl:Esiut e-A-g-e nt  **ms*<****M*maimiK*Hiti����mm*&i*it, -> f���iiui>iiifii--iiiii-iiffrtiT---nir"rrTiTrriiiti THE ALBEEm ADVOCATE  "-*>,;:�����  ���X!? ,; '     ���  i -  1*  8.    *  MSWE8S TO QDESMS VERY  OFTEN ASKED ABOUT ALBERNI  J Correspondence *  IS  zstBsapejdTea***!1*  AIImimiI |�� rencht-d by iriihi fitim Vtcuirln- fmuisvltouk im* uittdc*i*b  VicUnin r-iiitil��<f,��hr<��0'.*h b* AU��-iUl �����)�� .Monday, \Vi*d����"*lu,-* tuul l"rid**y. *'**���  wnKcr-i <mu Vnuvwuvcr fit-- cun v-uiomt't, ���*hh thU tiuin in Nttuniuto.  Alle-'liil !������ ii***' n-uebed by *l-f��nm-r f> i-i V.'***"*'l��i unit in I ho *umt��i*r  muiuh*. liieixt 1* no moid delightful (j-lji (bin tbl-* ep ��!��* **e*t (vm-.fr ol Vuitwm.  ver, Ikltiiid and ithjtijf ibe {ticiui-i'^ue Alliernt cunut.  5  i  l.-md price*)* .** lo t-ri-fit".*'* vtule* frmu t'S* t-i fft'O per nctv for hte-li land,  Wid from #10*1 to ���)<�������� for I tout ihnl ht��* tieeu eldicd imd biuii>-b. under eullivH-  lion, price* tuv^lfot ern'ed by i-U'illly mid lut-itUmi nnd 4',ui i*t* iiiiti lo tiny i-uuu-  ttty. "'"  It bit-, bi'iut fiiuiul thai mUiil furmluif puy* brit. On |,!ut~. of fr*,,m U-n ue  twuiny ttcre* frull ��rti��* lui;. tliilrylsi*-, |t*iu|iry iiil*iii|-. tit--,"* tuul cuttle will till  puy well,  There lilt'no fie.* IkkiiunU'IiiI* lo be hiul.    hum!  nil) hii*,t' in lie puichit*odi  III aXllnuiti m III be J.iiind the u*util ii.tMinUo-e- of u piii/*ri'>**lvo \\'i.*tesii  Community (tun hu* fiiuh, mui  the eoiiiui'i' of it*. ('(unlet Ion*.   Thorn urn it  llUlliber of-".Nid still'.** fin l> llll" i) Mlilo   Illil'*.'  uf   {.'dial*,   n*."hitiol*, I'hiU't.'hex, ihe  newnpiipur in �� bleb you iir.' leiutlo,.' thi**, mid it number nf (tihli*ile iitid mm'IuI  club**,  The cllmiiu. I* n* Hue u* etui b** fmiiui uu (lie Piiellle i'iihm, liiken tin* yeiir  round, The ruliiltill I* It".* lliitit llmt of Ilm I'll* uf Vuiieouter, flu*- fried*- tu*c  lijk'hl. Then' 1* -.eldom f)'"*i <*iiiiiu-h for a-kiitlm* nr tit'tw vnou-'h (or Ht*.i--lilit|;.  mid when either of the-n* t'ome* it only lutt* u few .luy*. r'or the *nniuier untl  ntiiumu month* titer.' i* iioihfu,* hi ill" world to excel (!���" Altientl wi'itlher.  AlliiM-ul Ik the millet nt ttm* uf the bui,'*'*! mui ino*t fertile vnlley.iou Vuu*  iMiiver tahinil,    III  the  OMiiet   will   be  found tt I'list wcultli of lliuber of the  tine*! kind, mill, ilnii, Clipper, imublu tuul ulher t iiieti'iul Moile*, brick clfi).-*  nnd ulher tmitcrhiK , ' ���  II you iti-.* it ii'tirlM or *|Mi|(��itiiiu 4-iiiiii" In. Alhernl ** ill pi-c*i>n( lo you n  ll*t of wuiidei lui uitrui'ibin*- lu the wuy of tNhliu,', almoiui-,-, ifrund -tceiu'ry,  ik-ieted i-4)i(d* iiiiii .'ic.'llent bot.'l*, The ��tiiui(,i*��t Itickle itiid the hhfhe*! "kill un*  ivi|tilri*tl lu luki> llu hu*'.' und huiil'lii-huiii' irieiit iluti, iiie l.e h*�� found iu (lit*  lilk.'* uud mi-eiimi neiir Alhcrul, "Huio-uu iih>mnd, it ml the himiiftf- in yuenin U  of llin bl"*t,  Then* un* nuiiienuik ttiiritetlvi* u|.|Mir(uiilt!e* for,the uiiuiufiiciun-r uud iti>  ve*t4ii'a Tin* All-ernl llmtrd of Ti'jid.'. will be {*liu( in Hike, (|te*u mtilterx up  with you,   VVrlU' lu them for piirileulut".,  ai..kkt.w.'a.iMiiiwiij.ii*-iawiaf*a**a*.ilt.ai.a'il'^^  iii-ii jkJt'f'H."! UH�� 'I'1.' "' .iiiiaii��iini,i)��t*'i��i,-.i.i��l " "'"'1 .I'mmi  wfcttwn.iMmtrttu-'iMttMW  Here We Are Again!  Wh* h /fort- A0otnf...Whv tht ENTER I!KOTilt:R��  Illicit- tu (he Htuiiip Piillinif llu-li)i'*f with u lilt/ Pluul of  Modern Mitchluery.      We t'h'tir Aiiyihlii'i from tt hot lu  ii Towiulio     ,l,i,     : : ! t .      I  iai'uvi* utili'O or u*k for .'"���(liuitlea lit II.i.Vuc .V  WllkiiikOiiV. I'mi Alhernl,  ENTER BROTHERS  H.VTIKKAiTOHY I'ONTH.MTOltM  l-uijMtiiiiitmtuuiuiiiuHxuiiHuutiuwuututtuutuut-tuutiumiiiitmiu  -f-g-fM��"aB-**-i-".i^  *-**-vf-*��*>-jft-l^^  Dominion Hotel, Alberni, con-  sisting of 15 Bed Rooms, har^  Dining Room, Office and all  Modern Conveniences*  ^ataS^^ajSJi/!^  Apply Mrs. LaBelle  m  tmtfemusfJM  k.ariiliaiiit*^aiiy"lillirt'ff*:ii-*ltlll*iii^  m'l'j-^WIIIB'f'allrtU'^^  ���-g**--!*^*.^***^**^^  To Contractors and Builders  V -*���*-** J--fvVa��-.'*l ***���-������'  We wish to atmounca that our Sau> Mill Plant  will he In operation in a few daps, and we wtll  be In a position to supply the requirements of  the Building Trade in Rough and DressedLum*}  ber, Laths, Shingles, Doors, Windows, Mould-  lags, Finishing, Etc, All orders given prompt  ami CarefUl attention     :     ;      :  ���i ��� ���^.*hfa-^rt*&v*t}*>a*t*<  jt^kav^kaffjiuj*., iitatit^kEpii*.'  The Canadkiui Pacific Lumber Compny. Limited  Kl.vti Ai-re UltMikei fi*0|n $"i<"*, 'jurr hci-o up,  Uneleured {yiuid from "?i!6.- per tvcri! up,  C'leiiri'd laitnd lu Five Aorii'.'HhMikH olaip to  . town rJi'lOi) tuul iVWl per ticri), i  UuKitit*K-i nnd Uttwidiiiitiiil. lot�� in Port Albintil.  The Adv4ix;t.t-t doer* ru-t  hold  It��t*lf rwiwmilbb' fur thi�� optntoa-*  ^  ��X|��rewn-d by iH)riviif*iji),d'l*tit*,  U     The full imnuf tnunt bi�� lurtiWi- g  f| s-d tftr nubHcetioR with t*.H mativr S  ^ of l��a,teolittf*l iwtur*4. 4  Nr. G��rr*rd tm W��IUntt  M-kklfV t-TW-lk- ttaVkt-JV 1* MU  Knrroit amikumi AuvtKAi'it,  Ih'ttr t-ilr.-i 1 bttve rm'-einly (*k-iiiie4  ���miiiu* iviiumintfuilul)-. to lh�� Port Al-  iM-rul Newi*, but s-u frtrc-Uihsixtly *-l*1in  it -tympuibeiio receitttim from Ibtu jour,  nu.. t iiepts ulr, thut my pl&lntivc cm  iti'itvoiik will receive ttt your hund-- ft  more,, ronfcldcrnut iretituimit. I um  lUixknu* lo titititii) the iilltorlul nupiHilt  of u publlctbiHt re|Hit"i of our member  elect intiiiuloiit rt'Ktiidltitf (he kevorsl  vi'ttuiH of (he dlktrlet, uud the (-li-nd he  in {folni* ni tnke. The .MlnUtcr of  Wt-rk-i, w|tom I believe in one uf the  ln'*i Juli)l*t��'i-*i thla Province htui over  bud, cun buiitly lee cxiici'ted ui know  the precl-tu locution of the rottd* uud  ilmlr pttrdciihtr neeea*Hy In nil thu different illkiricui, M) we iiBtuiKlly look  for the thoititti-b t*x|)himitli)n nf the  unit ler io him by tbe tfovernmenl re-  prckenunive, A No, by lhl�� time ouo  kliould liiivii heiu-d !hrmi**h (lie Iircw of  un iiitiu'k iiiiute with en(li!i��!iwini tm tim  li'iuilnii't'a P. It. ottlululM by ttm wlf  Mine 1,'i'iitli'iiinnr. tu the tnu'rent** of  litei emiNtldienb-. One would like to  know why the t,'. N. It. dtid nut go to  Itiircluy Huuiul.' nut Imhkiuim* ihe preeicnt  rouie Ik better thun the cimnt, u*. the O.  N, It. hint not run u Uliil linn on thn  cun*! ut'ttitd iiiii that llu* comit line In  fur ihe eiikicr,  Tin* Port .Mliernt Nown uny* " woll,"  <\ w'liiltu'iji-uuiet'iriithfirunhitiiritittnif,  nml it iwelley of lively tutiton appDitU  iiitiri* In tutrt ion ln(4're*(4*<l ihui) A pettei*-  ful coiidlthmot lexpi-t'-i'itton. Thn *Ikjv��  IHiltcy of courtte Mitl* a Kovornitiont- -it  liti* nulled tht* prceutnti-uvurnuumi very  woll m ivifiu-dn Allwrnl, ttnd thn nuuilt  i< liuit I (uid Jimny moro feel like *�� roal*-  ,l-��ujTrii(ri>tio.n' In wrluoij'to you()drt  my dcttlro In not to pimli mynelf Intothii  luliil limi'llifht (flow of m-w*pa'f--r puti-  tieily, I, liko the violet, ilotdro to blu��h  unseen, tioplii{.'lh��t your tit tendon mtiy  bu culled ui it few misiters thut you will  MipiHiri hi your eohimiin.  I ufiiti'i-ktuiid thut the io U no (fruiu  for the t *luyiN|iit>t->AIIkuciiI road, (buujrh  muiie iiumtiy uill prolmhly bu ��penl on  aurveylni* the route. Now, thou-fh the  Ntrtttheuiift Ptirk ruttd will b�� n f/rtuit  ihliuf for AllHUiii, it will itiM) bii m for  the Ikhiml und Province tti hvgti, but  the t'loyiHjtioi riitul cumumts etevernl  (���(���(tlcddlitrlixi with Alhernl tuul Um  P. P. It. turmlmil ie4'ki(h*-i ofTerliifaf tho  llneat.kind ��t M'enlo opiKH-UmUle* fur  itmriftUi, heticu I hopo (hut our member  i'tii) hi'hitf thu ifoverniiieiit to rnuke tt  i.itlhiCHitli'll (.frcnt for till*- ro��d thi��  yeiir,  As* you am Btvetr'.*, I mu it support-fr  (ur wuuld be if I vottnl) uf tho prc*<��M  {fovernuieul hut Mill coiuildiir Itopeii  to iirhlcbiiti on (tlifei-etiliiiittiecti, rio'-sb-  ly theutfovereferi-edlo. 1 comildtirtluu  the AlUtrnl l.'()i>M'rvallv(i(*AH(wliill()ii U  en) pitlpubly coiiiutoki) ihi*t It uiIkIu Ik*  hurlcii, un tho two mtUUirs ttbovc, If  uikuti up by Uml uotj-iiM tm-yiulily is  uny liplrti of tusilve lx)Oathi{-, would  hitvu by thin tl (tie hiul rtueult-i. .  Anuiher mittuu-, rcttiMm-ilhlllty uf  which re-ilk on ulher 11111)111111*1*11, Recently .*�� wid1 uccldent uci'tirivd nt-ur  Uchti'lel to the life-bom lliui'ii, und 0110  of the .crew witH drownud. !( (ft-uin-i  thtit thu ctiinpiiuy or oftlclulK who pro*  vidod the Mt--<a��tli-<l iift-buitt, tut ��ucb,  tliould corulnly puy hcuvy di*>u����*i?- u>  tho rolativ-*** of tho uufortuuul** tunn.  Tiu> t*oni lo t|t)��-6ttun did noi ful till lb��  r^uthr-mrinlA of e Hfelwiit In noy nvnw,  ta In Uu* =i��His*>=but-^'i-uit,, um. *#f -..-tf.  rlghtio'- It wu mwli4*)), rf ��w, tho mem.  bt*r�� of tbi* lifttboitt crew* ou thi" wttM  ���aro wtd h-AVt* b*-*?�� wlllhii,' to rl��k tlmlr  live* to thn <*k*WB4D of tlsmiif) In dlttrei.*.  It "-ei-m* an outrin-fo Ibut tho oii*fv ��a\i-  piled nhoutd tm of tbo type llmt il tt*,  tuid il tliw *-i*#ieoa#li��lo p��rtieii wuld W  hrovgUi buforti thr* publlD eye ll uuiy  t��i ut U*t��.  Tim jKiwer Itoat t��t Uitttiileld w��-*i 11*.  Uuirt-d, twltwi Itt c-me-ii-uiie-,', -jiul eueh  tlmo tim tm-j-hm bwkt) down. Neither  tbo Cloyoi'uol or tbo Uoluehu llfelMi**!**,  itvi'ti If tlmy weri* projHtrly wmxtruclcd,  fi.-u!d Ifi ifiull.H} out (o sea H'-uhiM u  (-bii' of wind ou fthos-o, whli)h In ubout  the only thtm that tt vi'k.v*i k*u���� uhIidi-i*.  IIi-ihmi trnth of the" lioubi, Itutddefi evl.  dctitly tMiiri*,* dle4{*rumiful)y uimuitoil ffor  rutiKh wember ot any kind, without  jKiWi'r would be ohoI-*-*-..*  Tim hImivo view* you will llnd kub-  kUuitltkted by ihtMu) wholuivehcenmuch  uf the we*ty co,if.t, but I bellevt�� IbtU-  ymir own kiiu*vhHl<fiii)|i tho mnilor will  Amply betir me out.  I huvo trenpiisxiMl on your njmce fur  iituie Utun I ou{*ht but believe my object hit-i, U) n imrUtin extenli excuxod  It. ' My roforimwH to Mr. Wood*) uro  not In uny uptrli of anituo��lty, I h'uv��  uui tin-d tho plciikuro y��t ot iiii'otlnir  him, no my riuiiurknutr*-* Imppr-ttmul nnd  would bu dl)*4H'U"d to uny in(��m)>i*r oh-ut  for thu dUtrlct ttt thiw time, If my  r,ifeiimo4t to ilui OonnerVBllvo -Juiftiwin*  tluu I* ImpuluUtblti to the Kentleiiiiin  4*tiui|Ki!ihi{f It, ttnd in t'l'nentiKl tu un uu*  warranted Intruniiiii on furblddtm  {-round (I lM'Hevu my nutni* it on the  ���tkuKjikiitoii ibtt) run only nUtU) thut 1  huvo 4*v��*ry ri'iwim U) iKdhtvo tho ��>itio-  ci-*tlun l�� Miffis*rlnK- from ttm torjKir I  siilflv-eeiU'ii, ��nd thtit If llu* combined  iiieiiitfCiitliip wuuld do mtv thd tumour lo  ft'til unnuyiHl ut my vlow�� It will prove  Hint tin* HWttkcnlnjf projfrei-vf) hue bit*  Your* truly,  W, llunh'tt-Ourritrd,  aammmmmmmmmmmmmTnmK  eftif**-*-*'  ��5   \ Peas  Produce  Profits \  *'��*' V    V        tj* W-^Jt^-aWilJai^WAlM,*--.--^^ ' e-|--aW-W)*l*i-fr--^*,/l'(-q>^ .f    \  ~ Plant Only th-s Bont  \f      Prsca?^ freta th<riONLtR TOD COWANY      jf  J-*!-**"-  ti-ffkk-k,  ttkl.'.'l  #-*-*��  ���St*"**-**  -*��-*<***���-'  '^***t.:  ���t>*��**l��  *-***S'  ? ��'���*******��  ���**>**--��  iii.iA  f-*��*f*aje;;  Skaak,  �����**"��  ^a-'in-'- "  ���aj**���******-  a-kkf-ri.  ���a-******,,  -a*)*****-**,  IK  -:<-:Mt UmnAhtMtui&ip^ ^y:  m^masmmimmxmiimmtlf f mini -Or*'iW��ws����ww.,.  rAWitv whf coal i�� ^���'.���i* <r**twii t-fi*��. t^v-wttf'"'.i***:  y':.'-}.'"j' '';.:':.;:     V.';.V':'':-''i��:s.i4K"k   .'���'���',.'"-���,;       '': :v.  '���*^3"'  '- <-*��  -��*-*-*|-::  w��*eV*i��*lm(m<U#OtA*W>i+  ioneor    Feed     Co  ��k*-*>*f5   '  ������-��-**tS  *-****���  %imiimmmmmmiamK  "^m?Mw*yf!*$*wv:j  We Are The People  '��*)**^*,��f-^ojia*^^  E. M. WHYTE  U KN Kit AheW.ACKHM ITU  ]Ior--f*-4luielu{f 11 HiHtolrtlty  Now (.'Bi'(-|iiffe��.of till Ibiftcilp-  linn* tlitllt to Order.  uiuo  Publlo littll to if*in.   Huitnble  lur Dutuioik, Meiiihaifv or  Ktoiiptti Ituoiii  auekki    ui    roar aiserhi  #:  Who cun wiiMy you wiih ibe Ih*"! vuliio lu flt*nt�� Kitrnbthlnfra,  Iiiiiu* nnd lry ut. We niuke euiiti. U) uiiler itiul jfuiuuHUio  Hiyb�� und Kit. Or we i*lvi' you 11 Heiuly .M.ule if you urit tn it  hurry. Or perhupi yun wunl your uhL tult jiro-iiuil und  ctctimtl.       W41 rtiii do It.  Campbell & Macfie  Tnllorti und Oouttt riiniltihorii  Mni'tiuret Ht.  Phone U*<  Alberni  KlritL Ave,  I'ort Alberni  Photirt 11  f��-aia*l>ll-*-f*l��l*M��Mkal-^  iijeatjita-ami*-*^^  f*',^B*til��W'(ll**ittlMW  ii>-i.��i-i<ik*ikkMi��*v.��<.'��ii'i. 11 imiin, mi 1111 minium  milialki ���i.ia.nlllji anll.ilia-aia-a*i-aala.kka����a*a-��ia  WHEN LOBRIHj FOR .  1 �� *  First Class Acreage or Well located  <^fown lots at Prices that are Away  " o  Down, consult ?  T. PATERSON  0     **  "He can Deliver the Goods."  <$>  Albornl  B.    C  *l?*ft.l)|l-)!-^ll-i-vjv��-*--*-lf-^  Back Into Business  HUrr'S WHARF WILL 8E THE SCENE OF RENEWED  ACTIVITY:  MUHIO  fvfn.wmutfHf  KMXtKNOH lb WKIflllT, AmmmiIuio  Hoyul College of Mimic*, I*ondon,Koj:  Tftuauher Pinna form, llnrmony nnd  Tlmory. Lentionn itcoonllni,' to iii-*j  i-iin{feuiuiili   Albtirnl, II. C    "J..-1 in  tg%gggsmw&^��vmmfi!!<i  sbiw"  ���^^ix?��&v>^.K!;wmv^v*sxuAfi,  u:SniSSi*^s&^'!?S<Si!i.  *~X.��tt.lkaal4k ���ataaW-a, JkkAlil'  lam tnttructtd by Nr. A. 0. Strvtet itt Stll bg Auction at hit Sanch on Monday, tht  ISth tf April, commufaf at Ont O'Clatk, nil hit Stc-ck, fmpttmtntt and rumliurt,  itc, at talleuitt.  Jas. ^.:R/:.;M..o.tio:n,  Real Estate and Insurance  Albornl i      Fort Albornl  Phono 31 -      .. -.'���'.������ ���'���>���'.���' Plioiiii 1ft  Ono Mtirt!        ,  One Colt, 3 yi*sir*i old hi 4une  Two Jeriey OriMlti Cywe��  12 Wh-lto Wytmdotlo lUm  1 Whlto Wyundoiti) ItooiiUir  J Wu��im ttiid 11 By Hue k  I set Dotiblw Udino-iH  I sot HltigU) Uttrncs*  I Csmx)  l*lp->-^'0-**-?*ie*f*' *��i 1 i|j*i(ivi-a*ial, -t.-m-m tx#wriHtM<t<nf#*i*N*t��i* ***st*-*J *>f-**Fn- * * vs  I MeJotUt Hepitrutor  I Mitnn'ri. Oreeu Ilorio Cutler  ��� I Htciil Kitchen Uuitijeiltu-d with Hot  Wttt-n* Pipe*.  I IJiot Witter-Itoilor imd btund  J Kmnmillod Iron Uttth  I Witablnif Machine und���'Wririirer in  jftjoi! order  Inlaid Linoleum  r*-******-*-**!!''*-*1'*'* *��f*iti ^rt^fmm-  Ciirifou-ioK'tml nmlCeiimiit will be broiiKht in by bunt  for Ihe iii'tv ytttxl on (he Witter, Krunti  vTheiiublhi will jfiit (ho benefit 4if thin -uiviiijf In frulKht  cliiii'jfeii ' '  B|*4t��o fur imi-HU'Luut Aini'JLUi^uueuUi  G. A. Huff    Alberni, B. C.  *)'i"?fl5*i  .'i"ll'".' ,���(",������'  ���tmigsiitsfims^pmsiitafsgst^  iSSSSVSISfff^^lSSStSSKS  TojfiUSmr wlth>ll Ajrrl-jiiUurflil ImphuncnU), Tools, Household Furnlturi) in-  cludlntf '.Uodn.;' Tftbhm, C'lutlru, Kltclion UUmnti*, etc, Inut-* Hubbtsr How Plpo,  Iron Wtxtrtr Pipes, Wire und Wlro..Nt-ttlri-jri Hco lilveji, Bprity Pump,' Timothy  Hay, Oat ll'^y. Itlflou, fev-jral donm Fruit Jury, Plough, OultlvnU-r, t-Jtuuiphij*  Powdor, uto,, otac, ���'        '''��� '. ���",-.'  HOTEL  ARLINGTON  Thi) lK*��t known hotiiio on  tho We*t Count of Vutic-otiver Ittlfuid.  All iimdtirn hiiprovoinentet.    Cwitrully Ittcitwd.  The bo*.t Klithtng und lli)nth)|* on thi* h-land.  Auioii for hli'o 10 f-sprout Utko nnd tho Ark llutcl  tit Cenirid littke. Ouldiw furnlxhed on sbori.  1 noUco for Huntht'."* Purtles itt mtKleritte rftto-i,  Hciul Chtif, formerly of King F-dwurd Hotm, In obai-'-i) of tho klujheu  Free Bfa To and From AU Trains  M* A. Ward, Prop.  Alborni, B. C.  fWt*aira**teal-��*irj*��W THE ALB.ERNI ADVOCATE  '' PORT   AlBERNIl  ��� fi.   1 _ ....  Hy H, C. Pitatt ji,'  I  Without doubt (hi? tni'��t Imji-irl-inl  ->ve��t-*f iho week wui when, i<aOt*xit'dliii?  t�� -ir-oetaiiiaituni the HrM t-oriwruiluii  tneetlnif Ot the new cily w��* held on  Monday itt noon- HI* \Vui>hlu tn ti  brief hpitecb (.'oiwratului-.'-d cmmvlbii-K  on llielr etectltm and triiktod thut till  wuuld work out In utility und unity for  tho city'H good.  Thn ilnd motion brouk'hl forward wtw.  tbatof hu oMIcl-al eit'ttl, nnd (be followhu-  ���mb-comtuitUi were Mppoltncd, I 'mui-u'l*  lomA. I>. Maolntyrc, It. M,   F.11U,   I.,  H, Coo-Hi r.     The urgent luniici*,   of  ���trout btvel-i wu* then dUcuecicd, und  the following j-ciiihuneit wen* tvitki-J t*��  report tm the name, (i, il, llird, .1,   II.  Mactnlyrc, F. II. Hwu-yne, ,'J'liU term.  0 Inattxl ihe brief prwet'dh>Kke.o*,'d,nnd  the Ilrsi official phoU)*-rftpb wut uikeu  of the mayor und round! by Air. Fritnk.  In the iluyM to come thW mutt  prove  of hi-Uorio Intercht but l could nut help  iMieinif the humor of the hitcrlptlon  '"Pcrmuncnt l*'Klilhll"'dec()rtttlni* our  . town hall which fippcured directly over  the heudn uf thuaKM'tuhliHl ifroup. .Mny  thin Im n huppy omen. .-,'   -  On ���Monti ay l>l);bi ilm tlr*>( 1hisIiu**k  trunttftcU'il by the uutyor und eouii*el,  lorn wtu> the re|eort uf Uie tiettl iiuh-ctmi*  nilttco who d It piny cd two d(".l|*ni due  to tin* clever touch uf Mm. Tim*. Co|.  lli'-fo. ('iiDHlderitlile illicmi*lten unit  mum* Niilxliied htiiimr truti'ipired, Finally ncoiiibhiiilliiU uf the two dritw.  Iiij-h Wtt-4 uKi'eed on uml u Mib-eouiiiiii-  were a-ikcd U) nee tlutl I hi* wti* duly  executed, Tht* motto of the new cliy  wan nt IrMt uifroiHt mi, "Prt**ervitnt'!'  rmd Primperlty", und I only triiki (liul  tlilii muy lie in. Ol her mi-******! Ion*, were  Klurlut Albernlu, ulwi N'lhll Him* At-  bl.l'lli*",.  It wet-i (hen mi j-weeded (liul Mi'v-i-i  Hoy lie iV Wilklnuim lio i<ii{-ii{-cd oil tin*  road prellmlunry level work itiiii' thi*.  who <M.I,-plrd umiuhiitiiikly. Ill** Wor��  ' uhlp mid Mr. A, I). Miti'lntyro wore  thiun holecU'd (ii {|0 to Vlcldi'hi to meel  thu Premier re1-iirdl.IK the tux If-***, unit  lo uiuke itrrunifemeiiUi with him in re.  the water record mi China creuk uud  aJkti ll ���>*., nbUpere.1 lo link for u ��llb>  nlity. The roimcti (Inully decided if  )ki��e,ib|e tu mt'i't the iniiUiUflUK director  of thc'l'. P. Iiumher Couipouy uml (o  rumtiilt with blm on the nuttier t)f ihe  i)ur|Kirutioii mipply tii|* (be "few mill uud  lu vicinity with water.  Tho iiuetllon ttuft iheii miked tit tti  (he npiKilntiiiniii uf un ufliclul cliy  elfirk #ti(| ilih'Wnr*hl|i ifcniiy Itiiited  thai If the (it-eah would Hjtlidriiw, Ibe  dl-atUi-ikiou would he mtich freer uml ��  oonchikiun mure i-ufckly arrived at, At  (hi* Mr. Hurtle, mil lor uf our ('".teemed  rimltimixnury. cuurtiuiimly ttnd humur.  otikty ri)flie.ed io do mu n* he debtited  thru nil the coiincll'ii bu&lnctv-i won Um  bii.lr.rsk uf Ihtt city and tbe city1*- biu-l-  mutN wiiit thu hu*diu**>N ol the pre*.*, This  belli)- ttllowiHt we jvfttve him mtr mural  ��iip|Hirl And I't'inulnnd, Klnuily it wuh  dt'cidcd llmt an udveitUt'ineut be pUc*  ed In llu*. city paper Inviting upplltitt.  tloiifi for Uilii potit. The moitilnj* then  adjourned till Wwlnewluy nlifht. -  val. -"A ri-kllt Ui Any Cliy," wn* tho  ikulu comment. t/xjUinj- ul iitdihau  Impartial eye, "A I-lfir on ilie Ocean  W#vt." wwuld t>*�� ni) wppruprlifitt tut-no.  HI* wot-kblp ibr'ti kftld be titui tvir.*,.  (hcTremter for un uji{>olu(iiii-iil, but  hud riHS'lvcd no reply.  Tbe foliowini'npp'di.tmeuu. wi'it'oW-  dally di-riariH*] t>y the mny or:  Kluttiici* , Aid. Cou-ier, Hwuyuc and  A, MelnSyrtt.  Ptihlle Hufeiy  and I'llik,  Public 'Work*  IJItxJ jilulJtkVt (,>()(',  Ily  1.u*a-4 Kub'Oommitt-ne-��� -Aid.  Mctniyrt., C(i.o|��*r und Kwuym*.  Tui'itlity wn-. thei) apiHihited for ibe  rt'K'ulnr cui'iKirttiinii meetiit*;-!, and the  cmincil tuljoeriKHl.  -Aid.   Ow-M'tv   lllrd  Aid.  A.   aMi'ldiyii*,  jr.  ii*Cf*^l������i*ytn��,--ty-(.un  Hotel Arrivals |  MJ.UmtU*4W.lUU*JvlvU*v^  Arllin|tf*n  (leu, laitHochelle, Mm, .1. Mrdwm*.  N. Ib Oivj-moii, tf, McKltmon, Vitucuii*  ver*. I). M'irrlHon. II. tl. Hllherlii, Nl  I*. Kitt��ler, J. .McKhne.v, K. Mritnyi I).  S. MhcIiiIh, It. K. Nervjce. T. M. Htone,  Vlctoi'lu; S. Olibiixl, latulykinlth; (its*.  W. Nhctrnl und wife. I amnion; K, J.  Itnrvey, Clu,\iN|ui)i: .1. <\, OrinkwiUer.  Ceutiiil 1 alike*. A. Iteeti und wife, CM.  m'-o', I), KtepbeiiHieii, Nttm-.lmu; .1, P.  tliillep, Nel-ueu; A. N. Ilhiki'iiiore, W.  K. Pelie, Ouk llitys J. ItolierUi, 'Knjf-  liiiid; I.. Ileny, Pchticklettlt,  Atb-irnl  W. II. Ilor-ferund tt Ife, Arihur Kro*t,  P. Mlihs'ley, It, It, Ktirri'tl, ViUicoiivcri  Hobi. Perry, II. M, Ilerhert, ll.Curler  und wife, Vli'torhi'i P. .1. Hiilltiiitfer,  Hi'tttiles Thu*. Walker. Port Atteoriil*,  Itll'hdlti lliiiuiii Alfred Onvney, He*  churn T.,W. Mitchell, Koitut, Oniitrloi  I*, I*. MntthewH. OreciiwiM-d, 11. C.s  I'Vituk HhiiIi'II, W. A,' llourne, .1.  Ulven, J. Teinlm, C. N. P. 11.; W. II.  I we, French Creek; .bilm Huht-oii, Web  llniftiin; W. H- Chiuidli'r, Cftuierun  lallke.     <  At Ibe ��it until meeihi'f of ibe AI Ik* r* I  ol OUtrict Oivlltmni Hifli* AtkOctfAllon, I  held ou MoiMluy vvenhnit tho fottowtntr i  oflU'cm wet-**,-��l*H't*'d for the t^imuliiif |  yc-a-:  II H, Oarrtifd, cttpuibi, P.Jtuhti-ftou-',  -44H*reitiryitr*ii'*ur-"i'; l., Fn-nt, hriituur*  rr; It. \S'wj4, li. C. Uny two. 1>. M..N  Iv-ovt<* tmi) M. Camptt-i'l), 4'itrcuiive cum.  mltU'tt,  AfU*r t-uuie dlki'U-wion il wtt�� reimlvttd  llmt Ilm a-i-MKlnlii'U would elite*- ihe  lXe(uhtloi�� -,<(iiii|>**illlon, itkUti ibe fohuw-  itiK dm*'*) wejv Miilunim-ed fur tliet*t��  ����veni*.: May "1--7, June 21 sW, duly  Sift-SH, AuKum ',��.#>. nil dated tiichiktvt*.  The prim will -.'�� Ui tbe be��t tuftfiv*  j-��u* for (in* four evi*nt��.  An htt'i-eiiAe wii* mtuh* in the  ttttnuitl fivei, which tire nut* *���", uni'  tt c*immllt*'c upjeottittHl U�� uri-Hiiiie f"'  h ferry ucite��*. the Humu**. river. Thti' ���  in uriviir** w eii�� Vciiue'attsl lo puy tip i*  the Rk-uK'liitli'ii need-i the money Ui me.'l  cm relit 4'*i|)en��e-i,  - If r    ���-*. **- f-n��*Ct*v i     i-��    <*�������*���    *  fitssiofi falim.  Under the new htahop Aii��lit'nii  church ilitttti'i-i uppeiir to lie ��el(lii{;  I letter iitU'ittltm mi fur ut the north end  of VttucotiviT ledund t* coiit'ermili A  uifdlcu) tui-t��lou b. Ui be i'*(iili!l*hi'(l iH  *.*llt>4K|Utll, llllll llll llkkieatlllll Will lee  4j*lv4*n Ui Itev. 1*. Henic for ihe purpm*e  uf liiokliij,' itfler lul-ikliiii imiKeik tu  liuiiillcld, Pchnckle*ll, l-ieahiirl und  Pciuelei. Title. u**ie.(tiut will be pro.  filled with ii luiiiich. 'I'he muiiey for  (lie piirpo-te N in huiHt.iuid tlieiiulliui'l-1  lie* uis* now looking tor ihe rl|;b( tiiiiuj  for (in* iKtiliiou. I  Hov, ('t)llt...!i.ol C.diu- Ilill PitrWi, U|  prtipiirlnj* to muke rt trip to look Inln j  the iiu.tier uf Imllun M'bieob in lliej  niirllt t'lid of VmiiMiuver I*Iuik1. It Ui  pio|)i>Keti to I'kUtbllkhit mik-aiiiu ui Ali'il'  titty, and the Hut inn* ull tthmif (lm( j  cornet will be locked ufler u* never Ik  ftirw.  For Salo and Rent  Wanted, etc.  FOlt KAUC- It, \V. lii-Hali-il-iik Whllo  viisd Hitik-ti  I^f-buirn l*e-**ii lot  t*i*(-  !((){;��,     Plirtebl*H|kU^*<. If  WU NA1.-I, "IU Inch Wotf-I Htove, Um  pattern, new ��nd In flrdt clu**.' coikH.  lion.   Apply AduK'nieoUice, Alln'itd .  V   a  |   Something of Interest to the  Ladies  n  dl  ,iJSa>,  l**OK Itl'NT " i-ootii hieiw mi Hcuver] A  Civck road clo*e to Alberni. Ap{il.v jx  O. A, Kinilti, If *jl   S  COHI)WO(il) for Mih*.     Dellveriil iu|fj!  niwnjdor in bi.'h Iuiik*.    Apply lo V-  Fr. FJutt'ki'iiitinii ur Alt-**i-t*i Ti'ddtn*.'  MUire, if  Wa are ntnv Shelving our Spring  Shin Waists, face JaltoUt. end a  AYa*   Um*   In    A'itA'    Finings  -*.,��� ���*i-v'(3Yft��-r'-**--i**.wv-ii--*>  FOH HAKK IIiium* uml 1 L'i ticrei on  Ileiiver Ci-.��*k Ibiittl aUitii bull u mile  fruiu liiwii.    A|<ply O. A. Hmlili;    tf  llllt  Kc(  new  .���liiiiitkkia  ���SAiiK One *v/i*te*| ruvv, J(��r*ey,  etlli|;le Iikiim'-*, IJt**��-.��� v tieurly  ,    Apply Mr*, I .ul idle."  Jt Redford  ,   ��     ou raits  Fiv-h   lle.'f,   .VttiUiiii   Ittni   Purl.  nlitnip, uu hiniil,    U|iiii*  litkt'll for Piiull ry   .  4'U*.  Phono 37 P. 0. ox 18  THOMSON'S   GENERAL  :I?v-::T:/. STORE -'../fZEHE  *,A:!k^tt*a��������**;'t**i*��-4j*  ;-* *.f! res- r':* i.l.V-X'l.', t-rtlw^tt-k***^--^',^^  The  Bank of Montreal  Capital, all (talc* u|>  N����(  Toi��l A����*->(m      '   .  Hun. I'i'.'kliti-iii ��� Itt, ilmi,  Pr.'tith'iii ��� It It, Aiii*1i*i l.*.j  (..���iieriil .Miinii|*''i' ���  Head Olllco      -  Uiiiilnii l iilli'i*       i.       Id uud   I.  Tin  SnvlnMs Bnnk Dopiirtinont  Pepiikii*   riH't'licl    from   +1    upniii-l*.  4. .nuncy   Ibiklue** |"h i'il et't'i i utli'iitlui),  Port Alberni Brunch  (I'liitinliit 1-*I7)  . - .        910,000,000  ��10,000,000  .   *��:it>,0O'i.tK)o  I a. ml Stiiithei'iiil (iliil Mti.iiii Ibiyul, (i, C. M. U,  ���. i     Vli-i'Pie*.. ' ���   Sir i., K, C|uii\i��iii, Hurt,  It.'V, M-u-edlth  Mont roit  lit uud   I,  Tin iiuiili tilli' St., C.i'.  1C. S. V. McsClintock, M^r.,  NEWS NOTES  Mr. Ileleiuti, of PHrknville, hu-i {fomi  to lliilllnx to put In a period of tmunie.  tiou jii'lur !oi��kliii�� niMiitiiouMkirnlmtr  ui ilm N, W. Mounted Cwlel Corpei, IiIn  )ip|eol)Uiiu*ii( lutvlnj/ iHum riicenily ru.  eel veil ilirouefh Col. Ham Hut-he-*,  Fall WeSehl,  Surveying  &*ifmmi*****��H****m*i*i**e*  iiik...i|i.i.afaff---fyifa*..iw.iaky--*i'*^(  Mr. P. A. llovelni|tie, of Ciuy4Hpi4)(,  U kpeiidint- u few (luy* In Alhernl. lie  report*, tllll)),'* t��*huiiiltili){r��>ii tim Went  CoAtt, and that every one over llitm**  cK|*(-f let tt buiiner himliirioi lili'l uiikiiom,  Tim public will ri*Kriit Ui Inarn of Hut  retirement of thu ever popular Mr.  Hydor from the mtttiaijetiit'i'it of the  HoiuaftJi hotel, which jio*t he h"Ut r.0 tub  mlrahly fulfilled for over two year*.  Howitvfir, im dot'n not iiii-illuite liiitvln**:  tho city, but In Kotoi** Into piirthor��hi(i  with Mr. MoKim for thu |iii'rjkuiii of  opnnhit/ Bn^rohlteotottloo. Thny huvo  .ftlroftdy. ooiiMii**nt*'i)d opcratlon-i In Mr.  Motion'*! oftlcii and now httvittwohoii.'.*'**  Iti Hand.  Mr. 0, W. Wolititt, �� nuilvt) of PorW-  tnoiith, Kniflund, )k Mr, Hyder'K rtiuv  ce*w>r In th��* rntuiujfeinent of the Ho-  mo*** bond, und ho inuy ci'iruiliily b-j  df)��)rllx-d ON (to "old ilmer," for m  maoy ��*i t)lj-hti**m ymfn uj-o h'ti.'i'i-iitd ui  run down to Port AllNirnl on the HH,  Maud In hor early duyn, and the *umi��  waat prior to ilui HK, Tceet, tiltu'o when  htt htu huen tm thu (". P. It, txmt, DJid  htwi but recently left ilm Prlnec'i'i Alice  whoro hu utriclnted ��* chief fitowurd.  Cupi. th A. Iiiif  ti vle.li to Vlcuirlti,  hat  returmt4] from  Mr. Phil. A. Wat-ion hft�� aeeurwl iho  a{,'f*iu*y lor the HuLava) Cream Hopara.  tor* stml MeCormlck Farm Miii'lilimry.  He propone-- (o put In u line uf w*t|'Ot*-et  and {feiitu-ttl funn liiiphmieutn In tuldb  tluu to hl�� reia'tilur llnu of bardwar--, ,  The dance j-|ven by iim Alherni I'lik-  irict Ih'tum lliinti lu Whyto'a hall litut  Friday uvenlnj- w��-i it very enjoyajiht  ulftilr, und ihov-it pi't'eiciu upeut a  jiieiitutni i(nu��i inn ihe  rather dltutpp4>tn(hi{{.  i,*cry  lurnout/wue,  Alpi*.e Ciafc,  ��� t>,�� Montluy iaxt, befor** n **in��il inn  rcpreuentatlve jfatherln-f, the (Imt {-eii-  era! ii)4i4)th)|-- of the year of the Albornl  piktrlet HI lio A^oclfillon wm held.  The prenent inf-mbotiii-lp of lln-^dub lei  ftbout Kixiy, but wo trust thtit with the  rapid ifrowth of tint city tholr number  'willbo jfrcatly augmenti-d thiii yc��tv  When ono retlwt* on splendid work ao-  6oni|)lli��r/it*4 by thi* Ca-uadlan contlnu-  f*t-t In filouili Africa Um iini>orttMictt of  rlflf- clubti cenuot iM-.ovcroiitlmttti'd'liiid  tui the (KHiit happily put--, it,  ���" K��oh mftn b-oni in the Iktund,  Hrod and .broktvto tbo gfimt*,,?  A glofUi from tho Houi)i��.'4 b��r.~-"Vii,'4  poor cbap, hiet end wtw auddiin, he went  to IkhI out*. nlj"ht and the next tnornb)/  be'wt-ikd up and found blmaolf deHd".-  brok**j/  Tbo thhxl corporation meeting' wtis  hold on April 3. Tho altcrtxl d4*.��i-t-.n of  the official seal bad  onaniuiout appro-  At �� b��n(|Ut)t rcctmlly jflvon by the  Vlctorlti brunch of thi)Can��diuii Alplmt  Club Hon. T. Taylor and tf.O.C. Wood,  M. P. P.. roeifMmdt'd to the toant "Ilrlt*  htti Ciilinnblti." In thu couriui of Iiln  reiiiarkti Mr. Wfiod jwlntiHl out that  thert) were two niid-i to Vancouver 1st*  land, and thai htt hoped tluu thu club  would inuko ��n efTort to dhteov-n- tim  north end. There wan. Mount Arrow-  eunlth witHlnjf for them, and all the  riiffifi'd .hiiautl.iiK of the new t-Jtralhcona  Piirk. 11 oiM' 'limy . would ftttd ���frotiud  well Worth u irltti, nnd -aOiuoof. It, would  put- the tkUiuttiKt*' ui their IwKt 4��ffori*4,  Hhould limy tttilect Alhernl for ihe sum-  mer djuiip l)4t could ��**t,ir4* them of a  whi'iu withsnnt* and On* t��e>t of ajMirt,  il in tindesiiUMRt that (he club how bits  the itivluit'iou under eon*.!der��i|on, attd  that thm-e h it k<kkI i-fliane** that ihey  will come hi wim�� thnod'.irintf the Mini*-  mer..'  Tin* Pioneer Feiil Coiiipttny Im'*,' t����  announce lh�� urrlvul ul u new cur of  hay, Titmuhy ami Aiiulfu, ulao a curol  HoukohoU! I.uuiji Cmil.  In I'ouiparliiif price* remember ��-���  {fuar(UU4H'-4��VL'ry xuek, i*Ace|it poultry'  Mippllcx uud cruilicd Dijti, to W4'i|*li��>ii��  htindciMl iKitmda.  Thorn U it new cei'iltied m'iiIo hi our  warehmiki', ittid uny ciikioiiier who cun;  (hut a kurk umlfi- wcli/ht run Imve it  fur noihtiiy.  Tb Niw Mill.  The new mill of (he Cimudltiu Puelllc j  ImiulM'i' Company U {feilinii domi toj  bueilni'iei tit {.'ooil edittpe.   The puyitil) |  thin month wll)  run ovue ��4l,(��u, neni  month it will (ouch Ihe tt(>,("U0 muck,  and by Um tt'th. of Muy ttm uiami|fe<  ineiit prouilm'*. ihui ihepityrtdl will run  tu #9.1,(10(1.   Thiu U Ibe  kind uf thitii-  that ihe dUtrlCt rii'i-iJaiiUlVUilll illlilli*,  A payroll, and then koine more puy-  roll*, will form tin* ftmndaiiun for llu*  future -aro.perity uf thu i-ntire dlntrlct,  It ia undcnfUKkil (tiu( ulreody it numhi*r  uf order?* Iiuve luuin rtHmtved front (lit*  WentOiiutit, and that it will Iw only it  'vvtitiui't tlmo until nil tho' huiliionit alon^  iheim linen thut liio. iH'en goln�� to Vie-  tori-*, and other otiUtdo jHiintit, will in*  kopt neiirci* humc. o-  Tim ,eoii)|)ttt)y hrou'trht. In ihit*e pith*  of horuen and it donkey .���i>j��hte on ilio  Ittit boat, uml utKither ettj-lne bt on the  way for Um purjii)**?-! of curry Ini/ on Um  luj-fflfajj* biulncikM of the mill. Two ctu*  lomjw of .Mttiifi und &oov* trom ihe oiitaido  factory ol ihe inlll httve been iecjiIV4Ml,  and ibhiff-i aro ikw in shupi* to iuuidlu  tho ortlerk it* (ant un I hey,come lit,  .t.^iBiif-ijia''m.tta,y|ii*tii��^,..i)i^  UiiOKOi: A. HMITIi; C !.., UrliWi;  Ciiliimblii iitiiul Hiirvtyor. Murvny* uf,  tluihcr lliultft, niliii'iiil t'liilui*. tim) iiiiid,  -uiUilvlkiiiii*, (Utlce ut Albi'iiil, i'.s.i.'l  Itu-i  -.M,  //. //, imowNt:  t'Mvil uud .Miuliiir lai)|.'hii!'r  ii ml  Piiivhii'ltil iaiiud SurM-yor  Allierni It, C,  S.   EATON  ���itt! Dfcsittsr : : :  Murtjlarot St.* Alborui  The Alert Investor Asks for  Something Attractive a  '     Htiuiethitiif Ihnl I* it cure winner, where rim money wlil turn  over .juickly unit nl il iroiH! pintlt.  " This is the Class of Property That is Handled bu  '���'  m. tebo ' ��� :���'.'**r:j3  Hi* lliuiill"* Niiinhv-r Kind,  ,a\ ll*t iif the lht(V*t Fnrni ��ml City piiiperile* to be found In the Alberni  lllktrict.    .\ cull ttlli i'u?.','inei' yon, tuul leiul to bii*h)e>>-(,  P. 0. Box 34       Mt TEBO       Alborni, B.C.  iiif-MI-ftlWi  ���******������ *���*''>' vt^-yw  ntpmaftfmfmipmuiimwiqtm  |li-*l**iH't*M! i^*,|i|l WftV����i|**,riiii*'*v|^lii-**��i^  Barry's Pool Room  PIONEER   BARBER   SHOP  ���.-"      A I* II 15 UN I *- '".  Oennrttl Touwrltti Ai'(l*>0��  i    Hot and .<'old Hutlin   s  When fi*i*lhi{f n Hub* hmeMmu*.  or hiivh){f u touch of (he blue*,  drop into tbU pojiuhir rcMirt,  If nu hour here doe* not cure  you���better into the doctor,  C. F  SU7 & &h*t JB, fS. -%JP &  To   Hand  Thin  Week  Carload Flour end Food  ���*      . \ I     -v  A...IU..  ���*4<u.mut*Y  Ki(h����t Qroda jrewn In Cunarfa which ��*��� arw ��--llbi*i at Vant-auvt-r prt-wu  tor CdbIi In Ton and l-'��t Ttm lot*  '.'i ih iiii-r-n  411!It U.igH  IM lb" liiti/".  bMlb   lltl-vr-i  R��yel  Houkdlioid,  Itoblii liooil Fl.mr  Itoliln Ihual Flour  Htihiii IIihmI Flour  Mudltim Fhiur     ....  Allowuiice nuuli. for liutrri JdU,  I'lva  Hte-iot,  Koffat'ii  ��#*(,  Onowft-k* ami vlh-tr  branda alteo In ���tociV.  ��l.un  #-.M����  *.I,S*>  ***-t*^*-*g*4*****-i*w*��it��nii*^ 4m  ?-ifUIII��-*-l  ffl.-i.lKi..  im*mii*tM*M4tt!*m*m##mmic  Gterp* DrlnkoMittr  i^^f.^^.^f'l��mS^>*i!il^J.!W'.  Fropritttr  ****?''g'T^***>JW>'.**'--!^*-*<l',>'  The Alberni Trading*  With   the -. cotnlnff of  Hprln-f   every  ���thrtf,l.y  Jiotisowlfw   ttike-.   di'lilfht   in  hriffi'it*tnihg up the .homo.  W*�� aril sol** aifCnUs for Ihi* Martin Ren-  our upt-cialtliit.   OuUidty pelnt-s Klotn*  paints,. Varnish,  Woo*.! Htttln, Aiaba-.-  lino, cu-i.   In fact every t lit it*,' tbat.ifO'in..  to iK'Uutlfy ttud fiiiiai'tt-u up thtv liouic.  Call   p.nd   inKpcctour .varied,  tttock.  The Busy Store on the Busy Corner  W  Mfira*atf��aial!iM,<a��>��^^


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