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 If.  1  f:  With whlich is incoxy^^eC "The Huntingdon Star"  ������p.  Vol. XII., No, 22.  A.BBOTSFORD, 13, C.  FRIDAY,    SEPT. 22, 1916  ^11^8      ?1.00)per Year  GAZLEY BLOCK  mBsmmsm  ABBOTSFORD, B. C  fo  Your Ad. in This Paper  BECAUSE THE EIGHT PEOPLE ARE  LOOKING FOR YOUR AD.  If you COULD (although, OF COURSE, you  can't) stop every man you meet on the streets  asd ask: "Do you want to buy a pair of shoes?"  (Or any other kind of goods) You might find  half a dozen who would say "Yes." Perhaps not  one of these, however, would want to buy the  article you want to sell.  If your advertisement, however, were to be  printed in these columns this week, it would  "stop" EVERY. MAN IN TOWN WHO WANTS  TO BUY SHOES, OR CLOTHES, OR ANY  OTHER ARTICLE���������and it wouldn't "stop" anyone who didn't want to buy- That's the beauty  of the advertising way of finding a buyer. The  ad. finds the buyer through the simple process of  being easily and readily found BY the buyer-  And if, among the prospective buyers of goods,  there is one to whom your goods would be a bargain, and your ad. is a convincing one, you'll sell  what you want to sell.  t "  ���������HILL'S STORE NEWS  A New Line of BOOTS and SHOES  'Men's Heavy Work Boots, sizes (1 to 10 at HW.&O  Men's UniM Calf Heavy Boots, per pair $-1.50  Men's Box Kip Lace Boots, per pair, ; . . .' .$4.00  Men's Fine Velour Calf Blucher Cut, Boots, per pair. .$'1.50  Ladies Dongola Lace Boots, per pair  .$3.25  Ladies' Box Calf Boots, per pair $3.00 and ;...... .$8.50  Misses vBox Calf Lace Boots, per pair " ..-. v.$2.1)0  Boys' Boots, sizes 1 to 5, $2.50 to $3.10  "'YoulhlrI-ie������^y"S"cliool Boots, 11, 12,13, per pair ....$2.90  Child's Box Calf Boots, $2.00, $2.25 per pair and ... .$2.50  Child's.Dongola Boots,, sies 3 to 7,'sper pair $1.00  Soft Sole Boots, per pair '..,-.!" (>5^  HOSIERY       ^~~~~~  ���������v - r  Men's Heavy Work Sox 25f, 35<5, 40^-per pair and:. . .50^  Men's Black Cotton Sox, per pair .--.'  25<-  Men's Wool Cashmere Sox per pair .45^5 and ....'.'.... .00^  Women's Black Cotton Stockings, 25^- per pair and . .-.85#  Women's Black Cashmere Sox, per pair 50p  'Boys' and Girls' Ribbed Stockings, per pair ..... . . . .���������. 25^  Children's Cashmere Stockings, per pair, 30^, 35# and 40^  i  ���������S������\  MATSQUI COUNCIL  The regular meeting of Clio Mats-  <|iil.council was hold In Iho .Municipal hull on ,Monday September Llfh  with the Ttoovo In I ho chair and, all  (.ho itioiuIroi'H In a(,(.oiulanco|  Tins infinites, of tito meeting* hold  on August. 21 sL woro road and' a-  dopfud.  Coininiiniciifions lleroeiveil  . l''roui Langloy council suiting that  a sum of .$175 had boon npproprfa-  tod for gra vol ling I lie Intoriiational  Boundary Itoad. which will put the  Langloy portion of tho proposed Ru-  ral Mail, route in good condition.  From tho Bank of Montreal advising that the -interest ^charge ou the  loans amounted to $90.S0 for the  month of August. Filed.  ��������� From Mrs. G. Fperharf, on behalf  of Mt. Lohman R. C. Society, thanking the council for the donation of  $-1.00 for .'J.uly; also submitting list  and value of articles.made up, during  that month, the total "value of which  was $35.05. , Filed.  \-From Miss L. E. Cruickshank, submitted'similar reports of the work'oil  Matsqui circle, Maple Grove circle  and Clayburn circle. The work of  Matssqui circle was valued at $ L<>.d0  of Maple Grove circle> at $18.60 and  of Glayburn circle at'$-23.,4Q. Filed,  1 (Peardonville-'and Bradner did not  report.)        . '  From Muhro Ferguson asking that  stops be taken to improve the drainage of the road on the north side of  his land, also stating that some brush  was growing, oil- the White road. The  council viewed" the road in question  during lunch hour, but declined to  take any action as it was not apparent'that any water flowing on his  land was not so directed by any action in connection with the construction or maintenance of the road.  From, Canadian Financiers Trust  Company, asking as to any future  issue of debentures or treasury notes.  Filed: '  From J. II. Hill secretary, provincial returned soldiers commission, advising that vacancies existed for returned soldiers in the R. N. W. M.  Police.   ' Filed.  Also, that the Royal Trust Company of Montreal would be pleased  to learn of returned soldiers who are  competent and desire to obtain positions as clerks.    Filed.  Also, that Military Hospitals commission desired information as to the  best method of presenting kinemato-  graphic films of the nature and scope  of the work undertaken, whether a  display in moving-picture theatres or  film exchanges would .be vmore suitable.    Filed.  Also, certified copy of a report of  MATSQ17* FAIR UIO SVCCU8S  the awards given  held last week at  ���������1,  -I.  dispatch received  downe, president  (THIS SPACE FOR SALE)  s/;  the Committee of the Privy Council  approved by his Royal Highness, the  Governor-General on the 29th June  .1916, establishing the scale of pay  and maintenance for men undergoing  vocational training.    Filed.  From the Lieutenant Governor of  British Columbia enclosing copy of a  from Lord- Lans-  of the British Red  Cross Society, advising that with the  approval of Their Majesties the King  and Queen and Her Majesty Queen  Alexandra, an appeal is being made  thoughout the Empire for contributions for the great work of the British  Red Cross Society on Thursday the  19th of October "OUR DAY" In  connection with the forming of a com }  mittee to take charge the Reeve v/as  authorized to call a public meeting  at Gilford on Tuesday, September the  26th at 3 o'clock in the afternoon,  and Councillor Elliott was instructed  to have 5 0 suitable posters printed  and p6stod in conspicuous places  throughout tho district.  From U. A. Wills & Timber Co., enclosing cheque for $20.00 as deposit  in connection with proposed crossing  over the Harris road for their logging road. Verbal agreement had  been entered into between the lo'ial  representative of the Company and  Councillor Owen, whereby permission  was granted for the crossing, the  Company agreeing to have a watchman constantly on duty during work  hours, and at all other times the  crossing was to be planked over, and  at no time is. traffic of any nature  to be retarded or impeded.    The a-  (Continued on Page Three)  The following is  at tho Matsqui Fair  CilTord:  division a.���������iiojisrcs  Heavy Draught,ioOO lbs. and  Up.,  Broodmare,  with   foal  at foot���������-1,  Percy  Smith.  Colt.twoyears old, gelding or filly  ������������������.1, Percy Smith.  (Jolt, one year���������1, A. Cruickshank.  Suckling  foal���������1.     and  2,    Percy  Smith.  Span horses, mores or geldings, in  harness���������1, Percy Smith.  Agricultural,  Under J 500 lbs  '  -Brood mare, with foal at foot���������  .11. A. Baynes.  Colt, two years, gelding or filly  1, 0. Ebbson; 2, C. F. Kunzmann.  Colt, one year���������1, B. Ebbson.  Suckling foal���������1, R. A. Baynes.  Roadsters  Brood mare with  foal at foot���������  C. F. Kunzinannn;  2. 11. M. Benson.  Colt, two years, gelding or filly-���������  1, A. Cruickshank; 2, C. T. Mynor.  Sucking foal���������1, C. F. Kunzman;  2, ft. M'.~ Benson.  Saddle horse���������1, L. H. de LeSalle;  2, Percy Smith.  .    Heavy draught cstallion, pure bred  ���������i, Wm. raiiiott.  Singel dri'Vin'g' horse,'iii harness-'-  1, L. I-l. de LeSalle;  2, Percy Smith.  DIVISION IS.���������CATTLE  Shorthorn  Bull,pure bred, two years old and  upwards���������1, C. Robinson.  Bull, pure  bred,  under two years  -r���������1, C: Robinson.  Cow,any a������"e���������1, C. Robinson.  Heifer, one year���������1, C. Robinson.  Hols tei ns  Bu::, pure bred, two years and upwards���������1, J. Olsen; 2, Percy Smith.  Bull,  pure  bred, under two years'  ���������1, Pte. Geo. D. Peter.  Cow;   any   age���������1,   L.   H.   de  Salie; 2, J.- Olson.  Heifer, two years���������1, L  Sal if; 2, L. Boaz.  1 Tei for, one year���������1, L.  Salle.  Calf���������1, J. Olson;  2, L.  Salle.  Jerseys  Cow,   any   age���������1,   L.  Mrs. L. Hendrickson.  Heifer, one year���������1, T. J. Aish  Calf-���������1, Mrs. L. Hendrickson;  L. I-l. de LeSalle.  Guernseys  Bull, pure bred, two years and  wards���������1,  C.' F. Kunzman.  Ayrshires  Cow,   any   age���������1,   L.   H  Salle.  Eieifer, 2 years���������1, R. A.  Calf���������1, L. H. de Le Salle.  DIVISION C���������SHEEP  Ram, two shears and over-  Robinson; 2, C. T. Purver.  Ewe, shearling���������1, and 2, C.  inson.   ���������  Ram  Lamb���������1,  C.   Robinson  Mandale & Son.  Ewe Lamb���������1, C. T  Robinson.  Three ewes (pen) ���������  Robinson.  One ram, three ewes  (in pen) sweepstake-  Robinson.  DIVISION D.���������PIGS  Yorkshire and Chester White  PERSONALS  a  Le  H. de Le  H.  >le Le  H. Je Le  Boaz;      2,  up-  de   Le  Baynes.  -1, C.  Rob-  2,  Purver; 2, C.  -1  and  2,    C.  different ages  -1   and   2,   C.  Mr. R. J. McMenemy was.  visitor in town last week.  - Air. John McCallum and Miss  Robinson visted the parent of  the former; here, last week,  Mr. Morgan has enlisted for  overseas service.  Messrs Robert Gillen, Walker Wallace and Frank McCallum who enlisted recently are  now in Sydney, Vancouverls-  land.  Miss G. Davenport has been  visiting- her aunt in Hope for a  week or so.  Rev. J. L.. Campbell and Mrs,  Campbell spent the week in  Vancouver.  Mr. and Mrs. McCray of Su-  mas are moving to Vancouver.  Mr. and Mrs. C. Bell motored  to Bellingham last week.  Mr. George Blair left for Bellingham this weekend where he  is going to work.  Mrs. Allen and family are going to Washington.-     -���������'���������:. r.  Mrs. Barrett was visiting her  parents Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Anderson la'st week. ���������  The C. N. R. work train that  has been busy here for some  little- time is leaving on Saturday for the Delta.  Rev. Mr. Ross of Vancouver  conducted the services in the  Presbyterian church last week.  ' The True Blue Concert held  last Saturday evening was a  grand success realizing . some  $30 There was a nice little  programme of songs and a debate on "Which gives the greater pleasure, realization or anticipation." Realization won  won through Miss Simlet and  Mr. Dougherty. Those oppos-  were Mrs. Walters and Mr. Wol-  ler. The ladies prize was a hat  brush; the gentleman's was a  nail brush. After the program  refreshments were served b way  of a basket social.  Apples Boxes $1.50 dozen at  Hill's store.  CALLS A PUBLIC MEETING  Boar,  pure  bred,  2, C. F. Kunzman.  Sow,  any age���������1  Kunzman.  Any Other  !     Spring  Store  pig,  any breed���������1, T. J.  DIVISION E.���������  any age  and  2,     C.  13 reed  8   months  Aish.  POULTRY  1  and  F.  old,  Leghorn, S. C. White���������1, T. J.  Aish.  Rhode Island Red���������.1, Chas. Chris-  tianson.  Orpington, "White���������1.  John  Pace.  Game, Brown Red���������J, C. T. Mynor.  Game, any other, variety���������1, C. T.  Mynor.  Bantam, best pair���������1, C. T. Mynor  2,   Miss   Edna   Bates.  Geese, male-���������1, C. F. Kunzman.  Gese,  female-��������� 1,  C.  F.  Kunzman.  Rabbits, best pair���������1,' Harold  Bates.  Hen eggs, best 12 white���������1, T. J.  Aish; 2, Mrs. Wm.. Bates.  Hen eggs, best 12, brown���������1, Mrs.  (Continued on Page Three)  The reeve of Matsqui municipality  has called a public meeting at Gifford  on Tuesday September 26th for the  purpose of appointing a committee  to take active steps for collecting  funds for the British Red Cross Society on October 19th.  All interested in this work should  be in attendance.  October  19th  is THE  DAY.  CROP PRICES  Matsqui Prairie, Sept. 15.��������� Councillor William Elliott, of Matsqui  stated that he had an offer of $29  per ton Cor his twenty acres of barley, delivered at Mission City. He  says that while some oats have been  sold for ?25 per ton, that some farmers have received as high as ?2.$.  The best average for yield of oats on  the Prairie this season is reported as  2 4 sacks to the acre; this is a little  better thau last year. On Mr| A.  Nelson's farm, where 4 0 acres of oats  were threshed a total of 105 0 sacks  were secured, this averages, slightly  over one ton to the acre and  compares favorably, with the Delta.  Saturday's' Specials  at    Hill's  Store: Canteloupe, Ripe Tomatoes, Peaches, Eating Apples.  Cooking Apples, Pears and  Plums.  Washington  in Chicago at  fancies.  Jonathans are selling  $2.25  to     $2.50.   for  n  y  ie  e  d. *        THE ABBOTS-FORD POST, ABBOTSFORD,  B. o.  ���������Stf*  THE ABBOT SFORD POST  Published'Kvery FHduy.-by TheM'ost Publishing: Company  A weekly Journal devoted to the interests' of Abbot&ford/.&nd district  Advertlsiing  rates'made  known   on   application  Our ��������� Shibboleth-���������Neither  for   nor  agiu'   tlno  Government  J. A. BATES,  ���������Editor amf Proprietor  SEPTEMBER'22., 1916  The ' results   of   the  elections  last  Thursday would indicate that the electorate of the provinco carried out  the   idea'  which   nearly  overy  voter,  whether Liberal  or'Conservative,' in  B. C. lias said to himself more than  ��������� once during the past year���������"we want  a good strong opposition in the legislature".     Whether it was .the    in-  Cii'Jifion  in voting  with  that, end    in  view, to put in. a Liberal government  few are prepared to say, but that is  the result of the civilian vote of the  province���������not even the soldier vote  is likoiy to change the final results.'  Tnii soldier vote may give a few  y.uoro Conservative candidates a' seat  in the Housej but it would be contrary to general opinion ��������� that the  Conservatives would still ,bc left controlling the reins of government after  the soldier vote has been counted on  October 12 and is made public. The  votu of the sosldiors generally will  probably bo tho sasme as the civilian  vote.       '  Given a majority in the House  Premier Brewster, with a good opposition, should be able to carry'out Liberal idoas and principles ili B. C,  and a government ���������such, as' lie-deems  in the best interests of tho provinco.  The Conservatives, even if in tho  cold shades of opposition, should'not  worry, as they have had thirteen  yoars in which' to carry out their i-  deas, almost without 'opposition in  the house. In opposition they have  ��������� at least one consolation���������that the  Liberals did not as completely obliterate them'from public life as; did  McBride on several oceas'ions carry  everything before him.  The. women have the vote,'-, given  , not by any party, but by popular vote  ���������the onyl instance in the British Em  pire. After next March the 1st the  women wilhhave a voice in' the'affairs, of Dewdney. It may not be in  time for the Liberal by-elections, but  in the meantime they "should ' get  busy and organize.  ..Prohibition sweeps the country, and  British Columbia after July-1st, 1917  will be numbered among the "drys'\  The majority is now somewhere a-  bout 8000.  Why is a newspaper like a pretty  woman? To be-perfect it must 'be  the embodiment of. many tpyes. Its  form is made up. It is always chased though inclined'to be giddy. It  enjoys a good press; the more ropid  the better. It has a weakness for  gossip. Talks a' good deal. Can  stand some praise, and it's awfully  proud of a new dress.  "What is your idea" of a political  leader?"  "One who is able to perceive'the  way the crowd is going, and follows  with loud whoops in that' direction."  ���������New York World.  The government of New'Zoaland is  building a five mile tunnel at a cost  of almost ?5,000,000"to" give close  connection between-tiie'east and the  west coasts of South 'Island.  The Apple Crop in the U. S,  The apple crop in the United States, according to the Government report, in 1914 was 84,000,000 barrels  in 1915, 76,000,000 barrels. . The  estimate at the present time is 72,-  000,000 barrels. However no "producing sections are " reported with  bumper crops. A'"great' many districts are already reporting poor  quality.  Lives   Up   To? His* Name  "For the first year' of his married  life, Rounder came to dinner in evening  clothes."  "What does he do now?"  "Now he comes to breakfast in  them."���������Boston Transcript.  Wanted  the   Best Terms  At a certain college in Iowa tho  male students are not permitted to  visit the rodent female- l���������boarders.  One day a male student was 'caught  in the act ( f doing so, and was  brought before the president, who  said:  "Well, Mr. Jones, the penalty for  tho first offence is 50 cents; for the  second 75 cents; for the third $1.00;  and so on,  rising  to  $5.00"  Said the offender in solemn tones:  "How much would a season ticket' i  cost?"���������Burlington Free Press.  LIQUOR ACT ,11)10  '(Section 41)  Notice is hereby- given ��������� that  on the first day of December  next, application will be made  to the Superintendent of Provincial,police for renewal.of the  hotel licence to sell, liquor by re-  mtmkt^m������mmmmmmm������Hmi  ���������v.-  Iq ������������������,:������������������  JJM*  Funeral Director  Furnisher of Funeral Supplies  Phone Connection. Mission City  tail in the1 hotel "-known as the  Abbotsford Hotel, situate is.1 at  Abbotsfordj in,-the Province of  British-Columbia.  Dated this .14th- day of Sept  ember, 1916. '  ,   'A.J.HENDERSON,  Applicant.  A  BUTCHER  Pork/Mutton/ }*eef, Veal, Pork. Sausages/Wieners',  and Balogtia always on hand.     Fish every Thursday  ������������a������t������i^U i-..-rt...|.fr.������r������>~1~Aw^~(,.^ :M,x.ii,iq5asaBFag||V'.-'.''' 1""=;  , If an advertiser could make every advertisement, and, every word in it, do its best work for:  him, he would make a record and invariably hit  the bull's eye; Perhaps such a score is not possible, but the rifle with which he shoots, may be the  best possible, thus enhancing- his chances for a  perfect score.  The one best rifle, the nearest to perfect in advertising, is the newspaper. Others have been  tried and are .being tried by new and inexperienced advertisers; but as they watch results and  grow in wisdom, they put their faith primarily in  -the newspaper. The example of these experienced ones is worth following.  gasssMKui    _  IJQiUIWillllUUllllillllllllliUiUll  pi!iHl!lf[l!l!!ll!TOir������!li  i>riCLI:    SYNDICATE  ������,<1.U.>������! IWUraUMHUHIUUPJUMIIUILVH.'lllil irft'-k C""^..���������''     ,1*1111 WW   IUIUUiiHUIULUiiJ:.'JIIUI>JUlUH:U  nan  illt  <fl  ABBOTS FORD, B;. C '������������������"  Strictly, first-class . in- every respect. ,: The bar :<,is  stocked^ with 'the best of wines, liquor and cigars,   ���������?;  '.'���������-  ������������������ RATES;.-$1jSO  TO  $2;0CTPER  DAY  A. J, HENDERSON & SONS  PROPRIETORS  ABBOTSFORD  DISTRICT BOARD OF   TRADE'  -     ���������    ��������� -' T     - i ������������������ ������������������.������������������ ������������������      ���������     . ������������������������������������    ���������   .���������  President,'Hope Alarison    Secretary, N. Hill  of Abbotsford, B. C.  ���������>��������� Meeting Held First Monday of Each Month  ": Write'the secretary regarding.manufacturing sites  with unexcelled shipping facilities and cheap -power  . or information regarding the farm and fruit lands of ���������  the district, and industries already established.  ���������n]  J.  How About Your  A FIRM IS OFTEN JUDGED  BY ITS STATIONERY. WHY  HAVE      CHEAP     PRINTING  WHEN -.-'WHEN ''��������� YOU ���������' CAN  ��������� GET NEAT ' PRINTING DONE  ON GOOD PAPER AT THIS  OFFICE, ALMOST..AS' CHEAP  AS PLAIN PAPER. BRING IN  Y;UR ORDERS FOR  Nothing  will  ~"add more' to  the pleasure of the friends and.kinsfolk  at home.  as this' plant'ls'.the>'on-  ��������� ly up-to-date plant-in  the district orders can  be filled whetherl big  or small, and at; prices  as. reasonableas:inx.the  cities -just, as-" good .-as  work too. if you have  A LARGE  Poster or Dodger  IT CAN BE DONE AT THIS  OFFICE ON SHORT NOTICE.  HAVE THE FRASER VALLEY RECORD    SENT  TO YOUR FRIENDS.    $1;00 Per Year.  <.-  THE ROYAL STUDIO   TTl���������������.  Printer and Publisher  ission city;jB; c.  >ee me now about that Insurance  9 ���������  0 ���������  JL-ACej    J_LtC������  I have a large and splendid supply of  Raspberry Canes for sale at low prices.  Finest quality.  [eCallom  Abbotsford  VS  raaskaoKiHWjUiMsiMasH  wtmmmmtjmsmvm 3^  THE ABBOTSEOHD POST, ABBOTSFORD, B.  0.  MATSQUI COUNCIL  ' (Continued ,from ."age One),  ' gremoiu was ratified  Ijy l.iie council.  From City Council, Cil.y of Niagara Pulls, Ontario, with copy ol" resolution passed in session asking  1.1iat in the framing of the Pension  Bill privates-he accorded equal'consideration with oflicers. The resolution was endorsed by the council and  the clerk was' instructed to forward  copy of similar resolution to the Sec-  rotary of State, J-lous's of Commons,  Ottawa.  From Sunt. 0. N. Hail way, stating  that the crossing over JVlarsh's ,road  and the one over the Glonmore road  would bo given attention.    Filed.  Tho collector presented a report  as to the outcome of- the tax sale  proceedings.?' Of one hundred and  '��������� eighty-three parcels' of <laud advertised twonty-threo had been redeemed  thirty-seven had been disposed .of,  twenty-two belonged ' to soldiers  which are being held in trust for the  owners until six months after the  close of the war, ami the remainder  reverted to the municipa,!ily. Wofer-  oiioo was made to .1 !i 11! amendments  to the Act whereby these parcels may  be re-sold by the Municipality if such  sale be made within six months from  th date of the tax sale. The sum of  $ 'I, Of. 7.2 (! had been taken in -of  which fl 100 0.(1(1 was curplus over  charges ���������on (he lauds. The report  was accepted ami (lie surplus was ordered deposited as a. Trust Account  iirtho Savings Department, of the  Bank of Montreald subject'to cheque  by the Hoove and clerk.  Attention was called to tho large  amount of arrears of taxes which ha.fl  been paid In previous to tho publishing o( the list of lands on which taxes  had become "delinquent. Payment,  Company had, been removed.  Councillor Melandcr'reported that  Messrs R. Butler and .J. -Campbell,  boc-.n chosen delegates from the Pa-  could bo arranged with Colonel J. D.  ">rii.'-) was excessive, as 75 cents was  sulliclent. Conn. Melander was not  sure i.hat the council should bo called upon to erect a I once una:,'..;- a  fence existed prior to 'he opening <������l'  the road. No decision was arrived, at  and the matter was laid over.  'A bill was received from the Vancouver General Hospital for patients  treated therein, but was. not passed,  being laid over.  IJe.soIutions  Mela'nder-Owen,''that- Conn. Phin-  noy be allowed an appropriation of  $100 for the Sharpe road, and $.1.00  for- the completion of the screening  plant.     Carried.  Kills 'Presented   for   Payment    '.  'P.  It. Keary, police duties in eon-  ,(i  nection  Avith  .Hindoo  trial  -12.-I I  William Merryfield, fees and expenses as Justice,of Peace in connection  with Hindoo trial $8'.'75; George Kerr  J. P. $7.00: A., 1.1. Burton, .Hindoo,  interpreter $9.95;. Govern men',-. Agent  board of Hindoo while held on'remand $'1.00; The Clarke & Stuart Co.  stationery, $5.50;  printing- $2.75;  G.  lug weeds on road Ward 2., $1.00;  B. (!. Gazette, advertising tax sale  $86.50; Thomas Thomson, road work  in Ward 2, $5.25; Vancouver Machinery Depot Lid., gravel screen $.100  use of motor $50;   Peter Keay, work  The Arrow .Press  L. .1.  Birnie/.cutt-  Taylor, ' M. P., as to the proposed  road on the International Boundary.  Me reported farther, that he had  been informed that Mr. Warner had  been chosen delecgate from the Pa  tricia   District,  gates Avas now  remained   only  appoint   a   day  could interview  one!,' had  been  The quota of dele-  coniplete, and there  to have Col: Taylor  when the delegates  him. He,' the Col;  invited to open the  .Matsqui I<air, and it was left to the  Reeve to arrange for. the interview.  The clerk avouIJ I hen send uotices  to Langlay and Sumas municipal  clerks and to tho c.istrict delegates.  '. Coun. Melander has taken a dee,) in-  ��������� t9,%est in this proposed road since jrs  inception and Avas anxious to hasten  ��������� its corr-pletion.  ' ,R. Peardon made a Avritten offer  to construct the fence along the road  through   his   property   for   90   cents  , per rod of Avhich .the length would  be G3 rods and to erect a 14 foot gate  Avhich Avould cost $9.00.Coun. Elliott strongly protested . against pay-  . ments ' for fencing where the road  crossed lands, stating that too much,  money had been so expended in the  past. When asked Avhy payment  had been, made on old loans, Avhich  had been'reduced to $3,264.17, arid  taxes collected of the 191 G levy had  heen applied towards the. 1916 advances which had been reduced to $6,-  603.66. The collector estinlateed  that of the tax levy for 1916 'of  $28^000.00 the collections Avould be  $17,000.00. In the discussion of finances' which resulted it was manifest  as on other previous occasions, it  would' be advisable if some different  ' method could be devised of financing  the operations of the school board.  Even if the taxes levied for school  purposes were not paid, the board always expected that their bills should  be promptly paid. It was. felt that  taxes paid in on general revenune account should be applied' toward r.hat  end solely, and that if school taxes  were not paid the school bills should  remain unpaid until they Avere collected. Either that or else the school  board should be empoAvered to levy  and collect money required for the  schools. It Avas suggested, also, that  one body should be elected Avhich  would have .-jurisdiction jointly over  the municipal affairs and over the  management of the schools.  The clerk Avas instructed to request the B .C. E. It. company to  lav planks between the rails where  their spur crosses the Riverside and  Clayburn roads at Clayburn station,  Councillor Phinncy was instructed to  level the road where th tracks of (he  chosen as delegates when a meeting  was now asked for fencing when  the road was gazetted and constructed over twenty years ago. Coun. Melander stated that Mr. Peardon was  acting on a promise made.by the late  reeve, Mr. Win. Merryfield. Coun. Elliott stated that too much of the  time of the present council and too  much of the taxes was required to  bring to a successful conclusion botch  ed and uncompleted work of previous  councils. Even if it devolved on the  council   to   pay   for   this   fence   the  on Cemetery road $(1.25; Clerk's salary for August $80; general postage  $ 7. (i 5 ; ��������� I ax sa le " postage $13.00; 5 %  commission on tax sale $1520.48, -less  thai on soldiors' ^properties $30.60,  $583.82; expenses twice to Abbots-  ford $l.'l'(); Work of erecting bunkers and. installing gravel screen and  material used, Clayburn Company  Limited $58.05'; 'Shearwater $Li,i'!l;  Thomas Bradner $17'.00;'C. Dlondin  $1.7.20; Loth Svard $12.00; II. S.  Phinney $48.70;, ..total ' $161.56;  Cooper Seldon $6.84; The World, advertising fax sale $118.95; advertising date of payments, to��������� avoid fax  sale" $40.00; advertising re soldiers'  properties. $8100; P. Jackman, powder, caps and fuse $72.26, less taxes  $45.65 $26.60; Walter Tow Ian, work  on Towlair road   (alloAved on'taxes)  $54.GO;   J.   Nordin;, refund   of' road  tax under age $2.00;  Harold .Bates,  bounty on Muskrafs $1.10;  E. White  jr., bounty on Avild cat $2.00;  Bank  charges- on' draft   from   Abbotsford  $2.50 :   Joseph.Catto,    cutting' - and  destroying' Av'eeds, at cemetery '$7.5 0';  digging grave for W. R: Ross $5.00  W. Higginson, work    on    Higginson  road $7.0 0:; Knute Anderson,- repairing   Walter. &   Aish   Dyke   crossing  $5 0; Josiah & J. E. Israel completion  of contract on McKay road $280.00,  less powder $54.25 and previous deductions, plus $20.00 extra for cutting down  hill  $192.10;   Nels  Bunc-  land, repairing Riverside Dyke crossing  (cheque to be made in-favor of  W. Elliott)   $4 0.00;    Joseph ��������� Smith,  Avork on Smith &' Jones road $50.00;  Guy.and yictor Gibson,  1  day each  cutting Aveeds on roads in nortfnvest-  ern portion of Ward' 2 $2.50; R. M.  Pihl, work on the LeFeuvre road as  per contract $150.00 Jess $25.0.0 held  back  less   $36.00   for  poAvder/    iess  $16.50   on   account  of  W.   Flengal's  taxes,  less  $11.06  for taxes  $61.44;  Work   on     McCallum     road:'    W.  Bourke  $7.5 0;  L.  McNeill $7.50;   T.  the.,approaches for the safety of the  travelling public. The altered portions of the road and the,new bridge  would be off the road limits as, now  established and it, would be n'e.'es-  saiy i.o ���������canoe!,thai, portion of the.established road and gazette the new  location. He had promised' the supervisor that.this matter would bo  taken up by the council, and in accordance with this understanding, the  clerk Avas instructed to communicate  the'Minister ol! Public Works as'to  the preparation of the required plans.  Council Melander gave formal notice  of his'intention to introduce the,necessary bylaAv.. '   .  ��������� Jn connection with' the roads in  the fraction N. E. 1-4 -of Sec. .14, Tp  1.4 the clerk reported that in an interview with the Inspector of municipalities' lie. was informed1' that, it  would be necessary to seen re; the! writ  touqcousont of the owners of. the  hinds, affected before the -Lieutenant  Governor in Council would accept  the bylaws. It would be necessary  also for the clerk to certify that the  lands, mentioned in the bylaw wore  the only ones affected. The council  gave instructions that such statement, should be forthcoming. ,   '  In-connection  with   the collection  of (axes the collector was instructed  to   be  in  attendance  at  Pino  Grove  (Mr.   Prey's storo)   on   Monday,   tho  , 251.11, at Matsqui village on flie'2lith  j following which by the usual attend-  lanco at ML   Llioman  on  Wednesday  Llio-271.il.-  The council adjourned to "meet in  the-municipal hall on Saturday, October 7th at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.  MATSQUI FAJIUSIG SUCCESS  SCHOOL U'OKIt  Best exhibit of general work from  any  school   in   Matsqui'Municipality  ��������� 1,   Ridgedale school;   2,   Glenmoro  school; .'!, Matsqui school.  DIVISION   I.���������FKCJITK.     KIXIWKHS  Apples  1 .Gravenstcin���������1, ,lt.   Owen;'2,   13d.  White, Sr. ��������� '    '  King   of   Tompkins���������.1,   C.   Chrifl-  (ianson; 2, D. Nicholson.  Wealthy���������I, It. Owen; 2, L. Boaz.  Northern   Spy���������.1.,   C.   T.   Purver;  2, Ed. White, Sr.  Grimes Golden���������1, R. Owen.  Ben Davis���������I, Alex.  Bates.  Golden Russet���������I,  I2d. White, Sr.,  2,  Merryfield   Bros.  H'ubartson,   Nonsuch���������1,     E.     (.}.  Phillips.  Wolf River���������1,.D.  Nicholson; ' 2,  E.  G.  Phillips.  Blenheim Orange���������1, Wm. Merryfield. (   <\  ..Jonathan���������1,  R.  Owen.  Baldwin���������1, R.    Owen;-    2,   Wm.  Merryfield.  Rhode Island Greening���������1, Merryfield   Bros.  ' Any other variety���������1, P.  Conroy;  2,  Mrs. J   13.  Miller.  Cvuh Apples  Ilyslop���������I,  P. Conroy;  2, R. Beaton. '      '  Any other variety^-.!, Ed. White,  Sr.;  2, R. Owen.   '  Pears  , L. Boaz; 2, R. Beaton,  variety fall���������1, Merry-  Pa rflett���������  Any other  field  Bros.  Any other  G.  Phillips;  Yellow-  Bates.  (Continued from Page One)  A. Tj.*. Hates;  2, Mrs. Wm.  Bates.  Duck eggs, best'12���������1,- Mrs.  Wm.  Bate's- <  DIVISION F.���������Dairy Produce  Ten-lb crock dairy butter���������2, C..F.  Kunzman. < ''  . Five lbs. private dairy butter���������1,  Mrs. J. Olson.  Dairy butter,  special,   5   lbs.  ���������1,  Mrs. A. Cruickshank.  DIVISION G.���������V ECETAKLES  Cabbage,    round,    tAVO���������1,    John  Pace;  2, L. H. de Le Salle.   '  Carrots,   red,   short,   five���������1,     P.  Conroy.;  2.-..T. J. Aish.     -. ���������     ~ ���������������������������--     -  -1, R.  Taylor  $6.25;   W. .Reeve  $7.50;   W  Hickmutt $16.25  W. Kennedy $46  cases of powder  Kennedy $39.00;' H.  D. McKenzie $5; J.  less $4.09 taxes; 2  $15, total $150.00;  F. Baines, Avork on Ross road $2.50  powder, caps and fuse Avard 1, $50.-  70; total $53.20.  Work on Ross road: P. Ross $40.-  97; Arthur Ross $82.62; L. Sinclair  $50.97, less $71.76 taxes; D. Sinclair $27.7 5; W. Bailey $53.10; J. T.  Addison $11.25, poAvder etc., $34.10;  total $300.76.  E. W. Mouldey, contract on Clear-  brook road-$'275, less powder $50.95  less Duncan's taxes $1.78, less taxes  $2.92, less order in favor of Alanson  $14.20, total $205.15.  Repairs' on roads, general: H.  Peardon $10.20; R. Peardon $7.50;  R. Peardon, contract on Huntingdon  road $350.00, less powder $22.45,1  ess taxes $5.85. $321.70; Nels Lars-  en contract on International Boundary road $195.00; less $19.95 taxes  $175.05; Nels and John Olund, road  repairs $8.5 0.  .Aberdeen-road south: James Ste\r-  enson $39.05 (taxes and cash) Alfred  Gledhill   $75.30   less   $35:82     taxes;  less 5 2 6.95  Carrots, red, half long, five  Beaton;'2; T. J. Graham.  -  Beets,-half long, three���������1, P. Conroy;  2,.T.'J. Grahams  Beets,  turnips,  three���������1,  P." Conroy;  Citron, two���������1,'Chas. Christianson  Squash, two���������1, L.' Boaz; 2,.R. M.  Benson. "-  .Vegetable marrows,  Boaz; 2, R. M. Benson  Onions;'red, five���������1  2, T. .J. Aish."  Onions, Avhite,-five���������  veiv  Onions, yellow, five���������1, C. T  ver; 2, Chas. Christianson.  Parsnipss, five���������1,   Mrs.  N.  quet; 2, P. Conroy.  Tomatoes, five���������3, R. Owen; '2, P.  Conroy.  ���������: Cucumbers, five���������1, Wm. Bates.  . Cucumbers,    pickling,    twelve���������1,  Mrs. J. B. Miller; 2, Wm. Bates.  Corn,   five���������1,   C.  T.' Purver;     2,  Mrs. N.  Crouquet.  Rhubarb, five���������1, T. J. Aish;     2,  Mrs. J.  A. I-Iargitt.  Green   beans, -in  variety,   winter���������1,   E.  2, Merryfield Bros.  Peaches  -1, C. T. Purver;  2, Alex.  Plums  -1, Merryfield Bros.; 2, R  Damson  Owen.  Italian Prunes���������  2, C. T. Purver. ���������  ���������  Yellow Egg���������1.  2. Frank Farado.  .Any ofher, variety���������1,  2, E.  White, Sr.  Blackberries,   half- box,  1, Mrs.  J. Olson;  Merryfield Bros.;  R. Beaton;  any   var-  T. Purver;  2, T. J. Aish.  two���������1,    L.  C. T. Purver  -1, C. T. Pur-  Pur-  Crou-  iety���������1, C  Special     plate  Bros.  Special largest apple���������  ianson.  Special,   two, boxes   of  Owen.   .,.,.,  , Flowers   ...      .  Specimen , Geranium, ' s"carlet-  P. Conroy;  2, Alex. Bates.  Specimen  Geranium,  white���������2,  Conroy. '  Specimen Fuchsia, single���������1, Mrs.  Alex Bates. .  Specimen Begonia���������1, Mrs. Ham;  2, Mrs. R. Owen. .  .Specimen   foliage "plant���������1,     Mrs.  O. Sorenson.       ' r  perennials���������2,     C.     T.  fruit���������Merryfield  -C.     Christ-  plums���������R.  ���������i,  p.  R. Owen; 2,  ������ Collection  Purver.  Collection  Solloway;  2,  Collection  2", Mrs. L. G.  annuals���������1, Mrs. L.  G.  C. T. Purver.  roses���������1, C. T.' Purver;  Solloway.  KVKIIV   FRUIT  CiltOWHIt  SHOULD  SEND   APPLES  TO  THE  (,'AL-  (JAI5V SHOW  The above is the heading of an article in Market Report No. 13, which  reads as follows: IJ very fruit grower  in British Columbia has something to  gain, by making a display at the Calgary Soil Products Exhibition, Avhich  is to be held in that city under the  direction of the Calgary Vacant l^ots  Garden Club, on October 17_,_18 and  _19th. This slipw, will be thi-mecca  for a large number of Alberta farmers-who will be in attendance to buy  stock at the Live Stock Sales which  are to be held at tho same time,  and as they are more prosperous  than ever they will come from all  parts' of the; province to look over  and to buy the many fine animals  that will be on sale.  This'exhibition will afford British  -Columbia fruit growers an chance to  show these farmers and their city  friends just Avhat Ave can produce in  the apple line, for apples will make  up the principal part of the fruit  display., Advertising of the best  kind, which will be supplemented .by  newspaper copy and other forms of  publicity, will bo the result, and the  farmers will forgot about thoir pre-'  judiccs and will buy British'Columbia apples, much to our material advantage.  The full committee of the Exhibition  met on  Friday night and went  into   many   matters   of   detail   con-  'nected  with  the show.  There Avill be vegetables    of    all1'  kinds on   display,  groAvn  in  Calgary .  and  Alberta  gardens,  while Ave  will  have the only showing of fruit. Many -  district displays  will  be made.  If, behoves every fruitgrower to  do his part. There is nothing to lose  and everything to gain. Tho fruit  committee of the,-show, of which W.  111. McTaggarf is chairman, guarantees the sale of everycbox of apples  and will remit to the grower the pre- ,  vailing market, price of apples in Calgary less tho freight. .If yo'u pack  choice stock, which everyone-knows  you will, your apples- will no doubt '  sell above the market price, and  then you  will  be that much further  ahead and   will  also  have the satis- -  faction   of   knowing   that ^you   have  done your bit in advertising British  Columbia apples to our biggest purchaser, the prairie farmer.  Write to the Market Commissioner  today and tell him that you- will  be  making a  display.  Read last  week's'  report   again.     Let   us'   all   put   our'-  shoulder to,the Avheel and-make the  display  of  British   Columbia  apples  surpass   anything   of   the 'kind   that  has ever been shown on the prairies.  Can-Ave count on you.  DiKihess of  Connaiight's  War Fund  Prisoners of  DEWDNKY   DVKE   IN   COURT  12���������  -1, R  12���������  R.   M.  Arthur Gledhill $78.00,  taxes; Alex.    McConnell    $37.00; F.  Naylor $11.25; John    Catto    $22.50,  total  $263.10.  G. A. Patteson Blacksmith repairs  to scrapers ward 4 $4.00.    *  School accounts $1097.00, and incidentals $4 58.18.  Phinney-Melander that the bills as  read and signed by the chairman of  the finance committee be passed and  '���������heqties 'issued in payment thereof!  Carried.  Coun. Melander reported that the  provincial government road supervisor in replacing a bridge on the Yale  road west of the Mt. Lehman road,  had considered it advisable to alter j T  pod,   twelve:���������1,  P. Conroy; 2, Mrs. J. B. Milleer.  ''   Wax beans, in pod, twelve���������1, Mrs.  ���������J. B. Miller;  2, Harold Bates.  Pole beans, in pod,  twelve���������1,  C.  T. Purver;-2; Mrs. N. Crouquet. '  Green peas, in pod, twelve���������1, W.  Bates;  2, C. T. Purver.     ���������  Potatoes, Rochester Rose, twelve���������  1, Wm. Bates; 2, T. J. Aish.  ���������Potatoes, Beauty of Hebron, 12���������  1, L. Boaz; 2, Alex Bates'. "  Potatoes; Empire State, twelve���������1  R. .M.  Benson.  'Potatoes, Gold Coin, twelve,  1, R. M. Benson.  Potatoes, Gold Coin, tAvelve-  M. Benson.  Potatoes,  Scotch  Champion,  1, R: M. Benson.  Potatoes, Red, twelve���������1,  Benson;   2, T. J. Graham.  Potatoes, White, tAvelve���������1, C. F.  Kunzman; 2\ T. J.' Graham.'  Potatoes, collection of named varieties���������1, R. M. Benson.  Potatoes, collection of five named  varieties���������1, T.- J. Graham; 2, It. M.  Benson.  Field Produce  Mangolds,  long red���������1. and  Boaz.  Mangolds, Tankard���������1, C. T  ver.  Turnips, Swede���������1, L. Boaz;  Nicholson.  Turnips, any variety���������1,    T.  Aish; 2, Ed, White, Jr.  Carrots, Avhite���������1, Alex. Bates;  LV H, de LeSalle.  Kale���������1, Mrs. N. Crouquet.  Corn,   ensilage���������1,   L.   H.   de  Salle; 2, Chas. Christianson.  Special, .garden vegetables���������1,  Purver.  The character of construction and  efficacy of a canal or ditch built by  the Dewdney Dyking Commissioners  was a question in suit in the Supreme  Court in Vancouver this Aveek before  Justice Morrison at Vancouver by  Mrs. Ellen M. Morrison Avho is seeking not only damages fro rnthe commissioners, but an injunction restrain  ing the commissioners flrom continuing to operate the! ditch in such a  way as'to be a nuisance and a damage to her property, part of which  she claims has been Avashed aAvay.  Mrs. Morrison"s contention is that  prior to the year 1911 water flowed  in a natural navigable lake and river  along the Avesterly front of Jier land  and iu a southerly direction to the  Fraser rvier and that in that year  the cramissioncrs built a dura at-.d a  canal and brought on her 'iaml large  qr.c.nr-.ties of water without providing a proper outlet..  The defendants deny any negligence in the construction of the canal  and urge that by reason of the automatic opening and shutting of the  gates in the dam constructed by the  C. P. R. the Avater in question Aoavs  at a proper level as the volume is  regulated by the waters of the Fraser river.  After hearing the ' evidence the  judge asked the engineers to go into  the matter carefully and make a report to him.  2.  L.  Pur-  2 ,'D.  J;  2  Le  WEEKLY LETTER  No change in the market with the  country trade.cone. Shippers please  note that we are closing the Medicine  Hat Branch. Prices are so low there  on all lines that it does not pay to  operate there any longer. Shippers  will please send to Calgary instead.  VERNON FRUIT CO., LTD.  Calgary, September 16, 1916.  Teacher: Johnny, can you tell me  what a hypocrite is?  Johnny: Yes, Ma'am. It's a boy  what comes to school with a smile on  his face.���������Ex.  ���������We print a telegraphic message  received "at Government House from  Lady Borden addressed to Mrs. Barnard, which is self explanatory. Mrs.  Barnard will place the matter in the  hands of different women's organizations and ask them to co-operate Avith  her in making a substantial gift from  the Avomen of British. Columbia to  the Duchess of Connaught's "Prisoners of War Fund," in recognition  of her Royal Highness' Patriotic  work in Canada, and- the sympathy  she has ahvays shown for the A'ar-  ious organizations, and the good  work Jiey are doing.  Ottawa, Ont, Sept. 11, 1916  Mrs. Barnard,  '   Government House,  Victoria, B.  C.  Three months ago- Duchess of Con-  naught was informed that women of  Canada desired to present her on occasion her departure, some token of  appreciation of her deep interest in  all that concerns the welfare of the  country." Under present conditions  Her Royal Highness decided that she  could not accept a personal gift. The  suggestion Avas made that in memory  of her association with Canada . a  fund might be raised, for some patriotic purpose connected with the  war. This Avas declined on account  of the numerous funds being raised  The women again brought the matter to the attention of Her Royal  Highness and she has graciously consented to allow us to present her  "Prisoners of War Fund"' with a gift.  As the time for apepal is limked  would you kindly place it as early  as possible before the women of  your Province as worthy of their  sympathy  and  co-operation.  LAURA  POTATOES A GOOD CHOP  Mr. ,E. Bond, .who has a farm on  Matsqui Prairie, was in Mission City  on Tuesday with a large load of ���������;--  tatoes which he had just dug. He  has a fine crop this year, and that he  thinks the potato crop will be' good  on the prairie.  There should be money in potatoes  this year. THE ABBOTSFORD POST, ABBOTSFORD, ,B. C.  !Sii;iiil!illlllilliiiliiiiiiinf!i  WAR LOAN  Issue of $100,000,000 5% Bonds Maturing 1st October, 1931.  PAYABLE  AT  PAR  AT  OTTAWA, HALIFAX,' ST. JOHN, CHARLOTTETOWN, MONTREAL, TORONTO, WINNIPEG,  REGINA, CALGARY, VICTORIA.  INTEREST PAYABLE HALF-YEARLY, 1st APRIL, 1st OCTOBER.  PRINCIPAL AND  INTEREST PAYABLE IN GOLD.  E   97i  A FULL HALF-YEAR'S INTEREST WILL BE PAID ON 1st APRIL, 1917.'  THE PROCEEDS OF THE LOAN WILL BE USED FOR WAR PURPOSES ONLY.  The Minister.of Finance offers herewith, on behalf of  the Government, the above named Bonds for subscription  at 97|, payable as follows:���������  10 per cent on application;  .   30     " "   10th October, 1916;  30      "-        "   loth November, 1916;  27������    " "   15th December, 1916.  The total allotment of bonds of this issue will be limited  , to one hundred million dollars exclusive of   the   amount  (if any) paid for by the surrender of bonds as the equivalent of cash under the terms of the War Loan prospectus  of 22nd November. 1915.  The instalments may be paid in full on the 16th day  of October, 1916, or on any instalment due date thereafter,  under discount at .the rate of four per cent per1 annum.  All payments are to be made to a chartered bank for the  credit of the Minister of Finance. Failure to pay any  instalment-when due will render previous payments liable  to forfeiture and the allotment to cancellation.  Subscriptions, accompanied by a deposit of ten per cent  of the amount subscribed, must be forv/arded through  the medium of a chartered bank. Any branch in Canada  of any chartered bank will receive subscriptions and issue  provisional receipts.  This loan is authorized under Act of the Parliament of  Canada, and both principal and interest will be a charge  upon .the Consolidated Revenue Fund.  Forms of application- may be obtained from any branch  in Canada of any chartered bank and at the office of any  Assistant Receiver General in Canada.  Subscriptions must be for even hundreds of dollars.  In case of partial allotments the surplus deposit will be  applied towards payment of the amount due on the October  - instalment.  Scrip certificates, non-negotiable or payable to bearer in  accordance with the choice of the applicant for registered  or bearer bonds, will be issued, after allotment, in exchange  for the provisional receipts.  When the scrip certificates have been paid in full and  payment endorsed thereon by the bank receiving the  monoy, they may be exchanged for bonds, when prepared,  with coupons attached, payable to bearer or registered as  to principal, or for fully registered b.cmds, when prepared,  without coupons, in accordance with the application. '  Delivery of scrip certificates and of bonds will be made  through' the chartered banks. ���������      ���������  The issue will be exempt from taxes���������including any  income tax���������imposed in pursuance of legislation enacted  by the Parliament of Canada.  The bonds with coupons will be issued in denominations  of $100, $500, $1,000. Fully registered bonds without  coupons will be issued in denominations of $1,000,. $5,000  or any authorized multiple of $5,000.  The bonds will be paid at maturity at par at the-office'  of the Minister of Finance and Receiver General at Ottawa,  or at the office of the Assistant Receiver General at Halifax, ���������  St. 'John, Charlottetown, 'Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg,  Regina, Calgary, or Victoria.       .  The interest on the fully registered bonds will be paid  by cheque, which will be remitted by post. Interest on  bonds" with coupons will be paid on surrender of coupons.  Both cheques and coupons will be payable free of exchange  at-any branch in Canada of any chartered.bank.  Subject to the payment of twenty-five cents for each  new bond issued, holders of'fully registered bonds without  coupons will have the'right to convert into bonds of the,  denomination of $1,000 with coupons, and holders of bonds  with coupons will have the right to convert into' fully  registered bonds of authorized denominations without  coupons-at any time on application to the Minister of  Finance.   '  The books of the loan will be kept at the Department  of Finance, Ottawa.  Application will be made in due course for the listing of  the issue on the Montreal and Toronto Stock Exchanges.  Recognized bond and stock brokers will be allowed a  commission of one-quarter of one per cent on allotments  made in respect of applications bearing their stamp,  ���������provided, however, that no commission will be allowed  in respect of the amount of any allotment paid for by the  surrender of bonds issued under the War Loan prospectus  of 22nd November, 1915. ��������� No commission will be allowed  in respect of applications on forms which have not >been  printed by the King's Printer.  Subscription Lists will close on or before 23rd Septembers 1916. ES  , nsea������t  Department of Finance, Ottawa, September 12th, 1916.      .....'.-, E=i  UOlHliinilillllW  Bazaku  I'MflXTY OK lONTKIKS AT  TIIK KAIjL IOXMIISIT.  - _   (From  Frasar  Valley Record   '-  There will he a good displaay of  agricultural products at the Mission  Fall Fair today and tomorrow. Visitors to the- fair ' tomorrow will be  delighted if. the day is line.  Secretary Catlicrwood informs us  that he has been busy all week talcing in entries and.getting ready generally for the fair. As much if not  more interest is taken in the fair a-  gfiin this'year than has been in the  past and with nice weather tomorrow there should bo a large turn put  and in sueossliu! fair.  Sports will be provided in I,lip afternoon as usual and (ho boys and  girls will go homo with a little money'as (bo result.  Kverybody should go ami do their  bit to'nuilxc: the fair a success.'  Al  HQ  FOR  DVERTISI  Wo wJN devoto this opaoo  roffulatrly to m eerie* of adver-  tUoment* to utlmulato lntor������*t  In our Classified Want Ad*.  Wo are pubftefty advocate*  and practice our own procopt*  bocouie '.������������ appreciate their  valua.  This morion will foa pregnant  with pertinent point* of ffoneral  interott, whether you wish to  buy or soil, to employ or bo  omployed, to bprrow or to lond,  to find a finder or an owner,  4 It will pay u* to run these  advertisements. That Is tho  best proof wo havo to offer that  It will bo profitable to you to  use our Classified Want Ad.  Columns.  ��������� J  HUGH McBRIDE  General Blacksmith  And Horseshoer  Carriage and Repair Work of  all Kinds  Automobile Repair Work  Satisfaction Guaranteed  Next to Alexandria Hotel  HUNTINGDON B. O.  LIVERY, AUTO and  FEED STABLES  The editors of thhe Calgary papers  were the recipients a few days ago,  of a box of crabapples, through the  generosity'of Mr. J. A. Slater, of the  Dominion brokers, who had these delivered to their homes, as a slight  token of the appreciation for the  press notices given for B. C. crab-  apples.  LOST���������KOPAC between Glover  Station and Abbotsford in the  road September 17th , 1916.  The finder will please take  to the Royal Bank at Abbotsford  . and receive a reward of $10.00  J. R. Berry, Sardis, B. C.  I). EMEKY, Proprietor.  TEAMING and  DRAYING '  WOOD and COAL For Sale  Orders Promptly Filled  Auto  For Hire.  Give us a call and you will '  be used right every time.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  Best Grades  ALBERT   LEE,   Grocer   and  vj


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